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Feburary 26-April 7, 2004

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keep the love keep love park
david gorman, monrovia, california [04-07-2004]

I've never personally skated Love Park. The reason being is that I'm only 14 years old and I cannot drive all the way to PA to skate a park. I would like to do so when I do get my own car. A lot of Skaters are attached to Love Park (Ex. Josh Kalis, Kerry Getz, Ryan Gee, And Stevie Williams) just to name a few. This would be like someone taking your personal home or the place you like to be the best. I support skaters skating at Love Park and hope that you will reconsider what you have done by taking it away. Fight for Love Park! -Tyler Cairnes
Tyler Cairnes, Tennessee [04-07-2004]

Love park is a place to express our skating abilities. taking it away is taking away a part of every skater who ever landeda trick there... free Love Park, Free Our Expression
Chester Rallins, Gahanna, ohio 43230 [04-07-2004]

I like your website. I also think that kids should be able to skate were they want! I like to skate!
Emma M., Fairfeld Elementary School,Maumee,Ohio [04-07-2004]

john b, maumee oh [04-07-2004]

you nob city hall give break jonh street
eddie hammelbacher [04-07-2004]

when love got taken away, it was like my life being taken away. love is my life and it means so much to skaters all over the world.
britt, west chester, pa [04-07-2004]

I moved to Philly from NY in 1998 to attend The Art Institute. When I had first visited Philly and saw all of the skilled skaters at Love Park I grew even more excited about my move. I mostly in-line skate, however after frequenting Love Park and South Street and being captivated by the cool tricks the skateboarders performed I began to skateboard myself. I give skateboarders imense respect for their talent, having spent almost every day at Love Park watching them and trying to learn from them. I moved back to NY in 2000, and upon visiting Philly and seeing that LOVE PARK WAS DESTROYED I felt quite sad and disgusted that such a wonderful place no longer existed. I think that the city officials are ignorant when it comes to seeing "the big picture" about the importance of LOVE PARK to to philly residents as well as to the many tourists that visit Philly just for a chance to skate at the historical Love Park.
Elyse, New York [04-07-2004]

free love park
Andrew Smith, Pennsylvania [04-05-2004]

tamara miller, philadelphia, pa [04-05-2004]

Yo L0 should be free the council should know that we will ve never leave love and it is not are falts that everything is f*ed up like the ledges and is the stupid ass biker's falt so i say free love or you will regreat and......... mayor john street has no L0 VE
Disaster Skate Team, Philly A.K.A Abington [03-31-2004]

Tom Roeder, chicago,Illininos [03-31-2004]

iv never gotten to skate LOVE PARK and i would love to have the chance to skate that. FREEN LOVE PARK!
rob allan, yorktown heights ny [03-31-2004]

I've never been to it because I live in England but the architect wants people to skate it and he designed it and is now in his nineties so it would be respect to him to let people skate it.
Billy Wilson, Norfolk, England [03-31-2004]

f.r.e.e. l.o.v.e.
tatom [03-31-2004]

skate on
makena watt, h.b [03-31-2004]

love was one of or the best skate spots in the country love has inspierd so many people around the world.I always wanted to skate love but never had the chance. SO FREE LOVE PARK!
Tim Woodall, Port St.Lucie FL [03-31-2004]

I skated at Love Park about four years ago and had one of the best skating experiences of my life. It would be a shame if others could not experience it.
Jacob Rabatin, Pittsburgh, PA [03-31-2004]

X-treme Addiction Skatepark, Goldsboro N.C. [03-31-2004]

skating keeps us outta drugs why would you wanna take away the one thing that actually means somthing us.
sarah bogan, howell michigan USA [03-31-2004]

skateboarding ROCK!
stevie jarema, howell michigan USA [03-31-2004]

any skatepark is worth saving
Jodi lusk, howell michigan USA [03-31-2004]

i lived in philly for awile an skated it a lot an like not even a month ago they nobbed city hall thats mad s* and i loved love so much there was not one bad obsticle i cant belive its gone. R.I.P Bruce
Bill Knight, Brig. New Jersey [03-31-2004]

courtney, maumee ohio [03-31-2004]

Let the kids skate! I can't skate but love watching them. It really is quite a skill. I will be moving to Philly in a month or two and totally agree that it sends the wrong message to kids....GOVERNMENT=RESTRICTIONS ON FREEDOM
Tom Sauer, Lavallette, NJ [03-31-2004]

i once saw love on a video and saw how much it meant to the skaters i wish they never shut it down love park R.i.p
chris zimmer, yate England [03-31-2004]

I would really like to come there and skate in love park someday!
Simo Luotola, Äänekoski, Finland [03-31-2004]

skateboarding needs love park to survive, you must open it back up
Kyle Lindgren, Ft Collins, Co [03-31-2004]

ace2192 [03-31-2004]

Love Park We Love You
Braden Ransome, innerkip, ontario, canada [03-31-2004]

love is the best i have never skated there but there would not be any skateboarding vidios without love park. i would love to go skate there with pros. that would be cool. yet cops ruend something special. this sucks i will never forget love park. when i come pro i am going to move to philly. FREE LOVE PARK.
adam lampshade, baltimore md. [03-31-2004]

Free LOVE park, w/o it skaters like anthony pappalardo, josh kalis, ricky oyola, stevie williams, and brian wenning would never be where they are now. LOVE is an international skateboarding landmark, and it holds a place in the hearts of all skateboarders and fans alike.
Ryan Ash, Virginia Beach, VA [03-31-2004]

I Have only skated LOVE Park once, but when I was there it was the best place ever. Its not like people go there to mess s* up. They just want to skate!
Drew Hammond, Bel Air [03-31-2004]

i think the ban of LOVE park is the dumbest thing i every heard.i've skated there once and in the time i waz there i learnd new is the best skate spot ever and whats the diffrence from having x-games skateing there from us skateing there. we cant skate there because they say we destroy the stuff. the x-games did the same stuff we do there. john street just paied 7000$ to try to stop us it aint going to work the only way to stop the madness of wasting money is to free LOVE park and let us skate there plus it keeps us teens off the street doing crime and off drugs so just let us skate there and make the people happy
steven gilmartin, westville, nj, usa [03-31-2004]

let us skate love park its a way to express ourselves
josh futter, columbia maryland [03-31-2004]

Fre Love Park because that place is the s* to sk8 but joh mayor streets has no love and wont let us sk8 there so0o0o0 i think it should become legeal so then those fat a* p* will leave me and my team alone...
bos, Northhills Pa [03-31-2004]

i've never skated the place, but i always wanted to. i know what its like to have spots destroyed. so u know what i say f* the pigs, f* em. i hate the f*ing pigs. f* u i hope u all die. sk8mafia4life
ELI RINCON, whittier california [03-31-2004]

i grew up skating on the east coast now i gotta go to california to shoot photos and film because to me with no love park the east coast is city hall is gone also? at least give us one of dyrdeks skate plazas..something to keep everyone busy ...excuse me while i kill myself
brian wenning, the gutter...aka dirty jersey [03-31-2004]

Badger Denehy, San Antonio, TX [03-31-2004]

yo wut up?
Melissa Mcmaster, Pennsylvania [03-31-2004]

Jason Lippa, Moorestown, NJ [03-31-2004]

its stupidly good 2 skate we got a hole video finished there
THE IRS, england [03-31-2004]

ED, england [03-31-2004]

Sandra Minarik, Vancouver, BC, Canada [03-31-2004]

break the chains off love park! FREE IT!
kuesoneudmk<<<, los angeles, ca [03-31-2004]

we will never give up! x-treme addiction skatepark skate team
X-treme Addiction Skate Park, Goldsboro N.C. [03-31-2004]

Curtis Helmer, South Carolina [03-31-2004]

dude wat the hell were u guys thinking that place was legendary, even little posers new wat love park was, i didnt even want to skate after they tore it down.
ADAM, Aurora Colorado [03-31-2004]

Let the skate for christs sake. You can't ban something people love to do. If people love to do it, and it hurts no one but themselves occasionally, why ban it? Remove the ban and let us skate. Theres no ban on invading another country and slaughtering innoncent civilians and desecrating their homes, so why ban something as innocent as skating?
Justin hawkins, Kirksville, MO [03-31-2004]

Reed Carter, San Anselmo California [03-31-2004]

aaron allsop, eau claire wisconsin [03-31-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK! we weren't hurting anyone exept for knocking over people and giving them scratches!Thats a low price to pay to keep our kids off ofd DRUGS! Sk8'ing MY ANTI-DRUG!
Steve Hewitt, 132 East olive Street Westville NJ [03-31-2004]

I love to frontside flip love gap
Andrew Reynolds, u.s.a [03-31-2004]

My fondest memory of Love was watching no less then 30 kids tearing down the street in all directions to avoid park patrol. The scene was so surreal. Pros you knew and local heads who shredded better then you could, would just trick over everything in the midst of a police chase: Just to meet right back at Love about 5 minutes later. Seeing that made me proud to be a skateboarder. Nothing could hold us back.
Nicholas Nazario, Jersey City, NJ [03-31-2004]

here ı m
atinc, izmir/turkey [03-31-2004]

they should let skateboarders there
evan isaac, fenton, michigan usa [03-31-2004]

You must think of skateboarding as an art form. It is not really a sport in the same way other sports are. Rather it is all about expression and style. It is for this reason that I believe letting individuals express themselves through skating at Love Park is really a free way for Philadelphia to add to its municiple art.
David Rajfer, Chicago, IL [03-29-2004]

I went to america went to love park, and what can i say, it would be the sickest place to skate.
Luke, Australia [03-29-2004]

I live in Jersey and Back when iwas 12 1st started skateboarding, my friend keith is about 8 or 9 years older then me, he always drove me up to philly to skate with him at love and city hall, so pretty much love is where i started out learing how to skate, so i have a lot of memorys there, now 4 years later im kind of disapointed i dont get to skate it with the new tricks i have learned over the years, and it really sucks that there will be people from other countrys even other stated that probly wont ever be able to skate love. So pretty much im just trying to say that i was blessed to skate there when i had the chance to even if i did suck then or not, but love was the heart of philly after that was taken away from the skateboard world, we all felt it in a big way espically the skateboarders from the northeast like jersey, new york and espically philly area. If there could be some way to get love back it would be i know i probly wouldnt be the only skateboarder that would try almost anything to get it back. It would be a great day for skateboarders everywhere if we could get love back
Dave Mathias, South River, New Jersey [03-28-2004]

Burnadette Shipley, Philadelphia,PA [03-28-2004]

free love
adam sattler, bismarck, ND [03-28-2004]

henry cumo [03-28-2004]

Love park is the best skate spot and if it is taken away from skaters then there way too many skaters will get in trouble for skateboarding at other spots that arent even as good.Skateboarders should be allowed but damn bmxers just ruin everything for skaters!
Peter Furey, Niskayuna NY [03-28-2004]

i wish this was happening in more places, more skateboarders should come together instead of letting city officials role over us
jc regh, san luis obispo, ca [03-28-2004]

Love Park is the best place for skating who ever built it had to intend to build it for skaters. Free Love Park.
Zach Rivard, Rochester, NY [03-28-2004]

free love park i luv watching skate vids with those big stairs in it
oliver, scotland [03-28-2004]

I think it's wonderful and should be used! Skating and Love <3
Isabelle Hooks, Fort Walton Beach, FL [03-28-2004]

I hate NO SKATEBOARDING signs and they only put them up if so if u get hurt u dont sue them. I think they should make a law that skateboarders cant sue if u get hurt. FREE LOVE PARK
Adam Petrie, Waynesboro, Pa [03-28-2004]

keep fighting for LOVE! :)
Piotrrrek, Warsaw, Poland [03-28-2004]

Skating LOVE Park has been undoubtably the highlight of my trip to Philadelphia.
Tom, Melbourne, Australia [03-28-2004]

Love Park could be called the best skate/communtiy park ever. It is featured in all the great skateboard videos. I know that if i ever came to philly (which i want to) Love Park would be the first place i would go. But what would it be like without the skaters... Crap Free Love
Andrew Whiley, Sydney Australia [03-28-2004]

ive never been to love park but every skater ive ever talk to nows about and when i go there i wont to be able to skate
tripp, ga [03-28-2004]

Ive never been to pennsylvania or Love park but from what it looks like it seems like the perfect spot to skate hang out with friends and o yea, did i mention its looks f*ing sweet to skateboard there?!
Jared Adler, Novi, michigan [03-28-2004]

keep it open,it is the greatest place ever
bob john, south orange N.J. [03-28-2004]

sean, canada [03-28-2004]

WTF, weve skated there longer than people went there for recreation.Screw the cops.
Dan, Philly [03-28-2004]

free love park!
cory espinosa, cherry hill, nj, united states of america [03-28-2004]

If i ever get the chance to visit Philadelphia, skating at love park would be the chance of a lifetime, because it is such a tourist attraction for skateboarders, is so well known and is perfect for skating.
Andrew Dorn, Melbourne, Australia [03-28-2004]

chelsea heagerty, Escondido,california United States [03-28-2004]

daren davis, edmond,OK [03-28-2004]

Tim Morrissy, usa [03-28-2004]

free the love
Dylan Lefevre, Moosup, Connecticut [03-28-2004]

free love park!
john d'amico, glensdie [03-28-2004]

You have to allow skateboarders to skate here. Everyone still has negative feelings towards skaters... skaters are respectful and just trying to have fun. would you rather having kids doing drugs and getting introuble... skating is a positive outlet. you can't destroy such a powerful landmark in skateboarding history. please
Christopher McLean, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia [03-28-2004]

just let us have a bit of fun
Nick McKenzie, Perth, Western Australia [03-28-2004]

free love park
nic johnston, western Australia, Australia [03-28-2004]

how can u hold the x games, cash in, then close love? i'm sure the skating brought more economy then not having the skaters. as for getting sued america's stuffed, move to australia were sane we don't go sueing everyone
Ian Murphy, Sydney, Australia [03-28-2004]

Love Park is a legend. It's an icon of the greatest street spot ever. They tell us that we should go skate the skateparks, but are they that braindead. Building prefab ramps and 'x-treme' metal spines with rusty coping is just not good enough. Philly, you are killing a great part of skateboarding for no reason, you stingy ass pricks. Closing it to skaters means that you get 7 or 8 tourists strolling through per day. Doing what? Admiring the concrete? Put it to a good use, let the skateboarders have it. WE NEED IT!
Boden Hurst, Australia [03-28-2004]

keep it open yo
Ady Smith, Melbourne, Victoria [03-28-2004]

willrobinson, sydney nsw [03-28-2004]

Kareem, Wilkes-Barre [03-28-2004]

Hakeem, Wilkes-Barre [03-28-2004]

Imran, Wilkes-Barre [03-28-2004]

Peter, Wilkes-Barre [03-28-2004]

Artie, Wilkes-Barre [03-28-2004]

Cuck, Wilkes-Barre [03-28-2004]

Dan, Wilkes-Barre [03-28-2004]

Cory, Wilkes-Barre [03-28-2004]

Mike, Wilkes-Barre [03-28-2004]

Eddy, Wilkes-Barre [03-28-2004]

Bob, Wilkes-Barre [03-28-2004]

Jae Schilling, Wilkes-Barre [03-28-2004]

Steve Schilling, Wilkes-Barre [03-28-2004]

free the love
Brandon Paquette, Canada [03-28-2004]

free the love yall....
tim cotton, melbourne australia [03-28-2004]

let it love1
john st, australia [03-28-2004]

I hope by signing this petition i am contributing in any possible way to keep LOVE park alive. Love is part of skateboarding history, and there is no way it should be kept from the skateboarders of modern socioty. thank, Eamon
Eamon Waddington, Melbourne, Australia [03-28-2004]

Zach MAlcom, Elkhart Indiana [03-28-2004]

everyone needs somewhere to skate.
dave, australia [03-28-2004]

free love park, i never got to skate it and i realy was looking forward to until those asses tore it down, build it back up and the world will be more peaceful
jason, pittsburgh, pa [03-28-2004]

Free Love Park.
Dylan Tracey, New Zealand [03-28-2004]

Ben Smith, melbourne, australia [03-28-2004]

I don't want it to go because I've never gotten to skate it yet...
Johnny, pearblossom california usa [03-28-2004]

Free LOVE park.
Julian Franklin, Albuquerque,New Mexico [03-28-2004]

they should free love because the only reason it is famous is because of skateboarding
matt barker, ky [03-28-2004]

whatz up dud!
kendra, [03-28-2004]

Free love park man.
Chris, Tennessee [03-28-2004]

Free LOVE Park!
Richard Barrera, Texas [03-28-2004]

i have never had the chance to skate love park...but i know how it is to lose a skate spot.....bring the s* back.
kyle donegan, N.y [03-28-2004]

kyle donegan [03-28-2004]

josh kidwell, martinsville, indiana [03-28-2004]

re-open love park .. spread the love! love the skaters increase the peace decrease the violence use police force for violence not to stop kids from having fun.
michael, stafford Va [03-28-2004]

open it again its my fav place to skate!
jason pennington, reno nevada 89511 [03-28-2004]

Philadelphia truly blossomed through Love park and its the skateboarders that made Love what it is. People came from round the world to skate and to watch the skateboarding and skateboarding has brought millions (if not more) to the city and turned the city into a landmark. If any members of the goverment are reading this then please think about what you are doing. There are a lot of reasons that you should re-think your move to ban skateboarding... BRING BACK THE LOVE TO PHILLY!
chris white, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England [03-28-2004]

" in memorey of patrick kerr " free love park
X-TREME ADDICTION SKATEPARL, Goldsboro N.C. [03-28-2004]

Love park should be open to skateboarders other wise you reverse the meaning of "LOVE"
matt lincoln, robbinsville, N.J. [03-28-2004]

my Dream was 4 me and my friend to save up all the money we could from us working so we could move to philly and sk8 LOVE,please try to restore our Dream
Dean Palmer, sydney,Australia [03-28-2004]

love park!>>
austin, australia [03-28-2004]

bs man bam has probly skated there besides dude thats ****** up man bs y tear it down for wut a parkin gerage
lucas, meridian miss [03-28-2004]

ive skated love park it kills it got a great feel to please let it be to skate,R.E.S.P.E.C.T
Johnny Rotten, sydney, nsw, australia [03-28-2004]

love park is a public park, for the entire community to enjoy, i want to travel to philly one day and beable to skate love with out being hassled and i want future generations to apreciate what an amazing piece of skate history love park is.
sam stephenson, sydney australia [03-28-2004]

please open back up love it was the best let it be free skaters made it famouse and that is the truth so let skaters skate it in peace and bring back the love to philly
tim phillips, sydney nsw 2228 australia [03-28-2004]

henry belot, Australia, Melbourne. [03-28-2004]

FREE LOVE park for the skaters i havent skated it but i like seeing the fooage of it!and want to see more...
Alby, Launnie,Tas,Aus [03-28-2004]

free love park
Matthew Hughes, Melbourne, Australia [03-28-2004]

Simon Kibell, Melbourne, Australia [03-28-2004]

free love!
Justin Smith, Sacramento [03-28-2004]

LOVE park means so much to so many around the globe who have skated it or who enjoy the photographs and video of people skating it. It's basically like tearing down a historical building or site. I can't understand why skateboarding is such a big deal to people. I tend to believe that people who work against skateboarding are lower classes of life and are incapable of understanding how it is so much more than a sport or whatnot. They will never stand in our shoes and will always be lame and the sad thing is that they will never know it. Free LOVE Park you heartless bastards.
Rick in Salinas, Salinas, California [03-28-2004]

Joseph Carter, Austin, Texas [03-28-2004]

I have never been to philly but all i know about it is skate love park and thats that.........
Matthew Buyak, Redlands California USA [03-28-2004]

i think skateboarding should be allowed the park was nothing before skateboarding was the least you could do is let them skate there for a small admission fee and you would make a ton of money because love is one of the most famous skateboard spots there is and to take it away from them is wrong and the need to open it back up to skateboarders
CJ, Austin, Texas [03-28-2004]

someone needs to buy it, Bam or someone please buy it so i get to skate there.
nathan mabry, texas, and little town named bandera [03-28-2004]

keep it real...
nathan mabry, texas [03-28-2004]

ive never been to love park, but ive seen videos of it and i really want to skate there...were i live there is almost nothing to skate, other people are lucky to live somewhere like that...well everybody who reads this, skate hard and dont give up... oya arto sarri kicks ass.
Nathan Mabry, texas, and little town named bandera [03-28-2004]

I think that you should open love park becaus people will most likely start to skate at buisneses and schools and then the cops will have to keep chaseing us off of places that we are not allowed on.
ryan alamo, cedar city utah 276n 400w [03-28-2004]

No skatepark should be closed!
Paul Keeffe, Seymour, CT [03-28-2004]

Skating rocks i have been skating sionce i was 7 and now i hope on going pro.
Sean Ting, Glencoe IL [03-28-2004]

Nicole Jacobson, Philadelphia, PA [03-28-2004]

Melissa Mcmaster, Peach Bottom, Pennsylvania [03-28-2004]

i reckon they should free the love park so i can have a phat skate with my mates
nathan atkinson, england bexhill-on-sea east sussex [03-28-2004]

i think that Philadelphia really needs to take a step back and look at why the population of the city declines every year. i am not a skater myself, but i love watching it just like any other sport and i believe that it is an activity that takes the same level of dedication and passion that other sports require. Philadelphia, why are you turning your backs on a whole section of your population? instead of worring so much about the tourisum of penn's landing and other projects that are meant to attract visitors, why dont you do something for us? we have such an amazing set of unique qualities in this city, why dont you help us celebrate it instead of tearing apart our communities? i am about to graduate from architecture school and my senior thesis is dealing with these issues,(proposed skatepark and community art center located at 8th and market). long live any activity that brings our city together and provides teens with a culture and identity all their own. keep fighting guys, if you love something, dont let anyone take it away from you!
liz, south philly, PA [03-28-2004]

Love park rocks! we cant live without it. and anything that gets into a tony hawk game is definetly a skateboard landmark. open it up, or you kill the skateboard world.
Adam Drysdale, Canada [03-28-2004]

bob, phoenix,arizona [03-28-2004]

I think they should give it back because locals are being taken away from their home.My town is banning more and more places and I know how it feels when your skate spots are limited.
Tom Payo, Clairton,Pennsylvania USA [03-28-2004]

Thats bullsh*t that they closed it. I didn't even know until I checked up on the spot. I'm sick and tired of these cities banning skateboarding in the best spots. I wish ppl would realize our point of view. We are almost always looked upon as vandals, criminials, and any other form of law breaking citizens just because we have fun. Hope this works out. PEACE
Zach H, Waynesboro, PA [03-28-2004]

Dylan Odbert, Arroyo Grande, Ca [03-28-2004]

Eric Taft, Potomac, MD [03-28-2004]

Cory John Stoffa, Trenton, NJ [03-28-2004]

i think people should skate where they want to. there for SKATE ON. Hope you get enough people to sign.
makena watt, h.b [03-28-2004]

well i think its a good thing that the park is closed. i mean we spend all this time being slefish and only thinking about skaters. what about the crack heads and drug dealers. they need places to sell and an easy way to get to our children. they needs to make a living too you know.
mark, fort collins [03-28-2004]

sk8 or die!
Charles Frazier, Suwanee, GA [03-28-2004]

free love
justin white, virginia beach, va [03-28-2004]

ive never skated love park but ive heard and seen the things that have went down there, taken love away is kinda like taken our lives away,reopen free LOVE
brad bentz, va beach virginia [03-28-2004]

I love to share my life with forigner girl . Cause I like to be happy and taake care the girl . SOmewhere in thailand can maake yo happy wwith me . Just you like to be happy and want to be the true love . You got me.
BEE, bkk, thailand [03-28-2004]

free love park it is part os skateboarding history. why ruin history
chris sauter, santa fe, new mexico [03-28-2004]

Give skaters a chance, let them have fun. If they vandalize or damage property, then ban skating, it will their fault that they can't skate there. Or give a good reason not to skate there, but just give skating a chance, there's plenty of kind and concidered skaters out there.
Mark [03-28-2004]

love is sick we need to skate......
cody, canada [03-28-2004]

free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park free love park
Joey Kniestedt, Olympia Washington [03-28-2004]

mikey Diebold, Morristown [03-28-2004]

we love you LOVE PARK.
francisco rodriguez, tucson, AZ [03-28-2004]

i have gone to love park before and tried to skate but there are cops every where and if u do get a chance to skate your luck
Derek Graham, Brighton Michigan, U.S.A. [03-28-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK!FREE LOVE PARK!FREE LOVE PARK!FREE LOVE PARK!FREE LOVE PARK!FREE LOVE PARK!FREE LOVE PARK!FREE LOVE PARK!FREE LOVE PARK!FREE LOVE PARK!FREE LOVE PARK! **Please free Love Park, it is not only a part of the skateboarding culture, but a place for us to hang out, and stay out of trouble, I am hoping that you will free it, I have always wanted to visit the park. The fact that you may not Free Love Park, would really kill a huge part in the culture of skating. I am hoping you consider this petition, so we can get back to skating at one of our most loved places, Love Park!
Jack Clark, Moosup, CT, 06354, USA [03-28-2004]

they should let people skate there because they should danm it
Ryan webbber, ringwood nj [03-28-2004]

yeah its cool
colby, goldsboro,nc [03-28-2004]

Love park is on my top ten list of spots to vist actually numero dos after barcalona
Cliff Pruitt, Ohio [03-28-2004]

free love park !
Bradley Davis, goldsboro [03-28-2004]

free love park..
Richard Amezquita, Jersey City, New Jersey [03-28-2004]

aint no love
beau larson, calgary alberta canada [03-28-2004]

you guys might as well give up, the spot is not only ruined but there is no way the mayor will let you sk8 there anymore
fsdfsd [03-28-2004]

We should be able to skate there because where else are we gonna skate for free there aren't enough skateparks for us so we skate what we can when we can
Mark Griffin, Bear,Delaware [03-28-2004]

To you (politician) Love Park is just a park, perhaps somewhere to eat lunch, but to us (skateboarders) Love park is so much more than that, Love park is a part of history. People come from all over the world just to skate love. Including myself. Why take that away from us?
Kiley Hawes, Newcastle, Ontario, Canada [03-28-2004]

We need love park back. One of the greatest places to skate!
Chris Dobson, claymont, DE [03-28-2004]

The first time I ever skated love park was at the LOVE rally I was doing this gap and this guy was taking pictures of me doing it I 180 it and kickflip it was the best time I ever had I hate not skating LOVE one of this days I am going to do do the LOVE gap if there's a cop or not I am so addicted to LOVE I just can't stand it any more just free LOVE park I am going to be move soon to Florida I want to skate LOVE one more time
Andrew Pettolina, Westville NJ [03-28-2004]

Let them skate in the park again.
Michael N Mitchell, Durham, NC [03-28-2004]

skating love was the best experience ive ever had, and i still try to even if it means getting my board confiscated and a fine. i appreciate what you guys are doing
Alex Blaise, Langhorne Pa [03-28-2004]

Free the park, god damn cooperate f*ers ! money has not got a price on everything, FREEDOM that's what we want! Love Park, the name explains it all.
Paul Griffiths, England [03-28-2004]

love's sick
kevin kochis, storrs connecticut [03-28-2004]

free love park!
Michael Gooderham, Canada [03-28-2004]

skaters made love park ... no one would give a f* about ... it was only a place to eat lunch until skaters made it something .... and u they took it away from us
dana rolles, calgary alberta canada [03-28-2004]

free love park because it is good to skateboard!
Alex Hutchinson, Yardville, New Jersey USA [03-28-2004]

let us skate love park
john hart, national park nj [03-28-2004]

free love park in philly there is drug dealers all around but when they see use skateing city hall and love the jump right out there car and lock use up but when people are selling drugs on the corner they dont say any thing r.i.p love park
FREDDIE HESS, national park nj [03-28-2004]

i 3 fliped the love gap by acadent and landed it then i ollied all the 3 sets and fell on al of them i met chris cole and kicked his ass in skate then the same with josh kalas
darrel, national park [03-28-2004]

I think we should get a chance toshow off our skills to show the world what we can do there are a lot of us that are good skaters but they are outspoken
Basim Miller, Brooklyn N.Y [03-28-2004]

chuck o'connor, west chester, pa [03-28-2004]

i feel that if the park was made for all people it should stay open to all people
Bill Crane [03-28-2004]

I live in Rhode Island. There isn't much to skate here except Skater Island, which is alright. Every since I started skating, I, like many other skaters, have had a dream. That dream, was to skate in LOVE park. Thank you, those who closed it, for shattering my dream. I live near Fenway Park, and Yankee Stadium, and neither of them have closed down. Every year when you watch the superbowl, which is one of the most popular events in American history, that is in a permanent stadium. But skateboarders only get the bare minimum coverage. Even with big name events like the X-Games, and the Gravity Games, skateboarders aren't observed enough. Both of those events are held in TEMPORARY skateparks. The only skatepark that has been covered in nearly every magazine, and STILL REMAINS, is LOVE. But now even that has closed down. When you turn on sports channels, you only see things like baseball, basketball, and football, the typical jock sports. You hardly ever see shows on skateboarding on t.v. So all we have left to hope and dream about is skating LOVE. But without that dream, we are just going to die out. Skateboarding will be forgotten like it has been so many times before. So free LOVE park, and make the world a better place. I am sorry I may have wasted some of your time, but I had to get that off my chest.
Chris LeHerissier, Hope Valley, RI [03-28-2004]

Keeping kids physically healthy and active requires thnking out of the box, conversions of unused tenniscourts for roller-hockey and drop ins for verts and ramps is essential. Our association "LET THE KIDS SKATE" supports you. Go to our website and read our story. Your goal is to keep skating, skateboarding and playing roller-hockey. Keep skating. In juvenile justice we spend $26,000 to $35,000 a year now per kids so it seems logical to build and reuse sites to keep kids out of trouble. Our projects have revitalized many locations. Sincerly, Iris Levesque, LKS

how are we sposed to stay off property when you take it away, since people have been going there since forever to skateand just now you kick us off
Trent gresham, Texas [03-28-2004]

Free love It means as much to skaters as money to politiceans
MIke Nugent, Salisbury New Hampshire [03-28-2004]

Diane Hartman, Collegeville Pa [03-28-2004]

without skateboarders its not going to be L O V E park anymore.
Michal kopsai Kopecki, Krakow, Poland, Europe [03-28-2004]

i never skated love but i want too
mike, nyc [03-28-2004]

I recently went to the city I was born in (Philadelphia). I haven't been there for awhile before this. To my shock LOVE park (a famous monument of fine architecture to skateboarders everywhere) was not able to be enjoyed anymore. This is not right. Skateboarding is definitly not a crime. Sincerely, Robert J. Bonaiuto
Robert Bonaiuto, Bradenton, FL [03-28-2004]

free love park man this stuff is stupid noone cared about till everyone started skating it just leave it! build a lunch eating area down the street!
dave, toronto ontario [03-28-2004]

Love Park lost but neva forgoten. R.I.P Love John Streets a hippocrate
Sean Lee, Philly [03-28-2004]

i think it is perfect coz sk8as got a mini street course there and its also a nice and smooth surface.
Kevin, Great Britain England Newcastle upon tyne [03-28-2004]

free love park
chris charlton, england [03-28-2004]

dont cram us in to small skateparks and make us where pads. its not comfortable . skateboardings not a crime its an outlet and its a sport just like football or basketball. how would you feel if everytime you went out to practice what makes you happy you got fined $300. it sucks and skateboarding not getting any smaller. its getting biger and bigger until they have xtream sports in school. please think about it!
mike frank, south carolina [03-28-2004]

let them skate!
buddy, maine [03-28-2004]

andrea, umbertide (pg) umbria italy [03-28-2004]

love park has been a major cornerstone in just about every sk8boarders life, to go and skateproof the architecture would be a great loss to the whole skateboard community and to philadelphia aswell. skateboarders over the years have made love park into a social gathering spot not just for skaters but the entire public aswell FREE LOVE!
Sean Tracy, newcastle, england [03-28-2004]

I've never been to Love park. I live in California. But i have watched the evolution of the skating at Love for 16 years. It's a staple in the skateboard community. I don't understand how the city administrators can justify ridding their city of a world renowned icon. I never had a desire to go to Philly until I saw Love and FDR. They bring people to the city. We on the west coast support your cause. Keep fighting. Save some LOVE for me.
Matt Varney, Ridgecrest, CA 93555 [03-28-2004]

Free Love Park!
Rebecca Friedenberg, Philadelphia, PA [03-28-2004]

LOVE park was one of the best places i have ever skated. Everything there is perfect for skateboarding. We should be free to skate the park and not have to worry about getting hasseled by cops or security guards, or have to worry about getting fines or getting our boards taken. Skateboarding is the one thing most kids do to have fun and stay out of trouble, but it seems now is all that we do is get into trouble for it. Please allow skateboarders to skate freely in LOVE again.
Anthony Cocuzza, Fairfield, NJ [03-28-2004]

craig rooney, scotland [03-28-2004]

chris banz, lewes, de [03-28-2004]

Evan Sinclair, Winnipeg [03-28-2004]

Jesse Walker, Winnipeg [03-28-2004]

Brandon Rewuiki, Winnipeg [03-28-2004]

Derek Friesen, Winnipeg [03-28-2004]

Andrew Lubimiv, Winnipeg [03-28-2004]

Jared Carrington, Winnipeg [03-28-2004]

Mack Jefferson, Winnipeg [03-28-2004]

I think it is completely ridiculous that the city spent all that money renovating LOVE Park when they could have just held a few meetings and given the park to the skaters. Also, extra money is spent each time a police officer stops at the park to give skaters the usual boot and skateboard confiscation. As political idealist Michael Parenti said, the cost of two cops chasing down a couple of bank robbers is most often more than the robbers stole from the bank. The city doesn't look at the needs of the people, it only looks at the needs of the park. And to think that 90% of the people who visit LOVE Park daily are skateboarders, I think what the higher authorities of the city are doing is absurd. Free LOVE - Give back to the community what they deserve.
Pat Countryman, New Jersey [03-28-2004]

f* the cops free LOVE park
justin morris, newport, Delaware [03-28-2004]

Bob, usa [03-28-2004]

Free Love park, them pigs just dont understand that this is the kind of stuff that makes us destructive and rebellious!
Matt, Faith, N.C. [03-28-2004]

ive signed this thing once, and ill sign it again and ill continue to keep signing it until they re-open love park
amanda, chillicothe [03-28-2004]

I'm soo physched on Love Park, I never skate it but I played in it with Tony hawk pro skater. I saw in every skate film Love park and now it's gone? Why? Skateboarding has become huge and everywhere you can skate but even for me, I collect all the photos of love park, all the videos it's like a dream to be there.. We gotta get it back, I live far away from Philly but I wanna skate there live sleep and die..Sounds maybe idiot but for me it's like the best! Greetz from a local skate from The Netherlands p.s is it already completly gone or what? I don't get it completley some one let me know ma mail is: thnx. peepz SAVE THE LOVE!
Reinier, Dokkum, The Netherlands [03-28-2004]

free love park
brian hetzel, philly [03-28-2004]

rhys yeomans, newborough, victoria AUSTRALIA [03-28-2004]

love is love? what is love? FREE LOVE PARK
wacky [03-28-2004]

I want to see more Kalis.
Lucas Cleeland, Australia [03-28-2004]

free the damn park, let us skate! <3park 4eva
Arto, Suomi, Finland [03-28-2004]

Free LOVE! your taking away our freedom!
Tristan Strong, Melbourne, Australia [03-28-2004]

love park was made famous by skaters let us have it mofos
timmy, newstead australia [03-28-2004]

Keep love park accessable for all the skaters
Jamie Dell, Melbourne, Australia [03-28-2004]

Keep the Dream Alive FREE LOVE PARK
Owen McMahon, Sydney, NSW, Australia [03-28-2004]

Iv never skated LOVE iv never been to philly either but it looks such a sick place to skate and it would be crap to close it because then i cant skate it when im older!
Matt Beare, England, Birmingham [03-28-2004]

Its for the public? Well skaters arnt private, make it public again and let people skate it.
Luke Webber, Moe, Victoria, Australia [03-28-2004]

keep the love alive
andrew peters, Sydney, NSW [03-28-2004]

love park looks like one of the best spots in the world! i would like to visit america soon and skate love park
josh barclay, melbourne, australia [03-28-2004]

love park is what skating is about. its not just a park, but a bringing of a community, a community of skateboarders.
patrick parsons, melbourne [03-28-2004]

its a major place in skateboarding history
ryan david dougherty, torquay australia [03-28-2004]

free love park now now now now now now now now now now now or well go destroy something else mmmmkay huhuhuhuhuhuh ok you better open it up ya you better
MICHAEL ROWLETT, spokane wa [03-28-2004]

free love park
Bowen Rees, Australia [03-28-2004]

free love park
Tristan S, Australia [03-28-2004]

i love the love park i come over their every year to skat it
alex touzel, australia [03-28-2004]

skate and destroy
dylan skewes, australia [03-28-2004]

jade, melbourne, australia [03-28-2004]

Never skated it, only in THPS
Angus Bell, Austrailia [03-28-2004]

Dude keep street sk8tin stong and alive .this park is like a dream to us sk8terz every from california and i stillhave love for this park park
Karl Eshaun Bracy, Daly City,Ca,Usa [03-28-2004]

well all i have to say is that love park is a monument and and one of the best skate spots ever and i think that we should have the freedom to do whatever we please on it and if it closes down then all of the skaters across ameerica will mourn for the tragety...thanks dsdc 4 life
blake denaham, rowlett,tx [03-28-2004]

I want love to be free to the skaters again, after seeing how hurt some of the skaters became after seeing love go,i might never get to skate love but im doing it for the people who loved the place, FREE LOVE PARK.
jeremy, Melbourne,Australia [03-28-2004]

sun, nantong [03-28-2004]

set it free...
Dave Venneri, Newtown, PA [03-28-2004]

billy james [03-28-2004]

mannn this is bulls*, your fighting a war that will be going on for ever, you cannot win. Skateboarders will not stop fighting. This is a PARK 4 everyone including skateboarders, its named LOVE park, show us skaters some love and open it to us, or at least a set of designated hours, for example 6:00 p.m-12:00 a.m on weekdays, that would make all fo us so happy and we would be off of your back. In recent pulls, 29-40 people we interviewed in love park have said something like " The skateboarders are part of the LOVE atmosphere skateboarding seems is just a part of LOVE." FREEEE LOVVE! :) thanks for your time. Sincerely, Corey Ryans
Corey Ryans, Erie,PA [03-28-2004]

open LOVE park to the skater.........look.... "I built this place so that people could enjoy it. And that includes skateboarders." -Vincent Kling Architect of LOVE Park just please open it to us skaters, whats so bad about that, skaters dont bite!
Jacob Oswald, Toledo,Ohio [03-28-2004]

MOLINARD Guillaume, Vence 06 FRANCE. [03-28-2004]

hi, let us skate Love Park, its the best skate spot in the U.S.A Dont try and stop that. FREEEEEE L0vE!
jake oswald, Toledo,OH [03-28-2004]

i've never skated love but i've always dreamed about the fountain gap and all the other spots to skate there and i've been skating for 7 years so free love park and if O.J. can get away with murder than why can't we get away with skateboarding.
Cody Lonchar, Battle Creek MI, USA [03-28-2004]

skateboarders need somewhere to go
Lauren Hoot, Aston, PA [03-28-2004]

let this skate park live(i am french and i am very bad in english)
pierre, antibes [03-28-2004]

They need to free love park cause its a hell of a skate spots. And be sure to keep skateboarding a crime.
Sam Dunlap, Raleigh, NC [03-28-2004]

webmaster of
Alexandre Carette, Juan Les Pins, FRANCE [03-28-2004]

LOVE PARK IS LEGENDARY... if there was never skateboarding there, then it wouldn't be a tourist attraction today...
Luke, Montoursville, Pa [03-28-2004]

Zach Hamilton, Battle Creek MI [03-28-2004]

Well i have seen the love park in many many skateparks, it looks awesome i hope to skate it someday when its re opened. FREE LOVE PARK!
Joe Sheridan, Mansfield Ohio [03-28-2004]

free lo ve park mayor street l o v e has no
Michael Dougherty, Glenside, Pennsylavaina [03-28-2004]

I am from right out of philly and I hate thoes stupid pigs who kick me out of lllllllllll oooooooooo lllllllllll oo oo lllllllllll oo oo lllllllllll oo oo lllllllllll oooooooooo v v eeeeeeeee v v ee v v eeeeeeeee v v ee vv eeeeeeeee _________________________________ _________________________________
Kevin Dougherty, glenside Pennsylvania [03-28-2004]

Randy, Charlotte NC USA [03-28-2004]

free love park
Miles Segni, El Cajon, California [03-28-2004]

We need love, to share the love.
Alex Buening, Cincinnati, OH [03-28-2004]

i have been to love park and i think it sould be freed because if it is not than people will have to find other places to skate and bike this will only destroy more property free love park!
rob finney, monrose ca [03-28-2004]

I may never skate it but im signing for the good of the skate community.
jacob gehnert, glendive montana [03-28-2004]

free love!
scott hoelzel, rsm ca [03-28-2004]

ive never been to love park but its one of the most renowned sk8 spots in the world and for my fellow skaters out there in philly, i feel for you cuz you have a place to go and just hang and skate and its getting takin away and for thier sake i want it back
calvin eisner, winnipeg, mb, canada [03-28-2004]

love park is one the best skate spots in the usa i think who ever wants to shut it down is a big skater hater and they can go s* something if you know what i mean
bradlee putney, usa [03-28-2004]

it's all about the love. free love park.
mark wells, canada [03-28-2004]

Laura Passante, 608 Ridge Avenue Kennett square, pa [03-28-2004]

LOVE park was a pretty cool spot to skate, it had a lot of different gaps adn stairs and stuff like that
Eric, Baltimore, MD [03-28-2004]

Yea mn Love Park is one of the best spots around on the east coast, and it needs to stay open for everyone to skate.
Matt, Baltimore, Md [03-28-2004]

Eric [03-28-2004]

LOVE is one of the best Skate spots Ive seen and it should be reopened with out a question!
Carl Tank, Albuquerque NM [03-28-2004]

I <3 Love Park!
mike, Nuernberg, Germany [03-28-2004]

free love park, its the best s* ever. the everson is the skaters of syracuses, love park.
brad alfreds, syracuse [03-28-2004]

i love to skate but it is not legal to in most towns they think we are tearing up their streats and parks but in reality it is the bikers they want to grind and jump on everything its just not fair to us
james hurst, bainbridge [03-28-2004]

Mike Jaggers, New Castle Delaware [03-28-2004]

Dan Reilly [03-28-2004]

free love park
john elsid, nyc [03-28-2004]

It's simple, you give kids a place to skate and it promotes not only anti-drugs but it keeps them off the streets and skating in other places that would probably hurt by standers or the skaters them
Humbert Fleitas, Miami, FL [03-28-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK........why shouldnt we be able to sk8 at LOVE People come from all over to sk8 there Please free Love park
Mike Irwin, Magnolia Nj [03-28-2004]

Love park needs to stay.. skateboarding as not been the same since i mean brian wenning: f/s 180 into the fountain. that was crazy...basically love park needs to come back!
Payton Rogers, nashville tn [03-28-2004]

I have never been on a skateboard, nor do I ever intend to be, but I think the closing of Love Park to skateboarders is a totally irrational decision that is indefensible. It was a much loved, self-chosen place for young people to have a good time - without any other drug than the thrill of the challenge! In addition to its value to skateboarders, it had the distinction of being one of the few things for which Philadelphia was known to young people world-wide, and as such, had economical value for the city. I often cut across Love Park to get to work. I was NEVER threatened by any of the smiles I saw on the faces of kids there. Restore skateboarding to Love Park immediately or risk becoming a city that spurns young people and contains only us old fogeys!
Judy Mathe Foley, Spring Garden, Philadelphia [03-28-2004]

I love skating more than anything. Love Park has been used more by skaters than any tourists. Skaters bring out Love Parks full potential and make the park useful. Without skateboarders being there, Love Park is just a big waste of concrete.
Bryon Ciotti, Huntingtown,MD [03-28-2004]

all i ever dreamed about growing up and skating was to skate in LOVE park. now i can't. that sucks
christopher smithling, vacaville ca [03-28-2004]

Free Shotgun! and Love park!
Mike, Burlington, Vermont [03-28-2004]

James Cowles, Westfield, MA, United States [03-28-2004]

im in ... me and abbie are in (shes some girl in class right now) i want to skate it soo bad and i think we should have people sign a potition so love park could raign a gain
stu, oregon WI [03-28-2004]

dude love park was like a gift from god and the fiiping government took it away dude thats like a sin so I hope that this peticion words so we can get it back.
Jon Hepner, Oregon Wi. [03-28-2004]

i would like to skate at love park someday and im not gonna if the close it for good. IF tourist go there they wont care about the scraped up beches and ledges in fact the park will atract more people because skateboarding has become a big thing there and i think the tourist would love it if there were a bunch a people skatin there. Ive never been there but i understand that love park is a part of history for skateboarding and if they take it away its like taking away a piece of history. Skateboarders at love brings the city to life and excitment. Love park is like a skateboarding monument and its not like anyother spot were if they take it away they just find a new one its like a part of skateboarding. Skaters come form all over the world just to skate there and thats amazing. Love park is like a dream to skateboarders. It has little stairs big stairs little ledges big ledges, its just the skateboarding dream to go there. If they take love park away they'll be taking away a huge part of skateboarding
Ryan McCarville, Brodhead Wisconson 53520 United states [03-28-2004]

I have never skated love but I'm really looking foward to when i do
Martin Quimby, Argos, Indiana [03-28-2004]

The Skaters were the only people using the park and ocasionaly you would see a ped. walking through. It helped progess skateboarding a lot. With out it it won't progess any more.
Phil Waugh, Grand Haven MI, USA [03-28-2004]

free love park
Brandon, North Carolina statesville [03-28-2004]

i think love needs to be open.
adam humphrey, snow hill, nc [03-28-2004]

free love park or i'll open my greatest wrath upon you mayor john street! john is gay!
George Harrison, Heaven [03-28-2004]

LOVE park should be free so the whole world can skate it! By the way the people on this site who write in as pros better not be faking...
Ash Day, Dorset, England [03-28-2004]

sampo smolander, Finland [03-28-2004]

Growing up skating in this generation, you cant not know about LOVE PARK.I mean almost every skateboard video has a few scences from the infamous Love Park. So it has always been a dream of mine to make up there to Philli and skate at LOVE. I dont understand why anyone would want to close it down just becomes some kids are trying to have a good time. I mean at least they aren't out doing drugs or something. FREE-LOVE!
Mark Monana, Jacksonville Florida [03-28-2004]

Love is the message, afterall.
Margie Borschke, Sydney, Australia [03-28-2004]

Mike Fares, West Chester PA [03-28-2004]

love is the best place ever, its all good until some p* has to sew or tell
matt price, new jersey [03-28-2004]

Love park is the s*** why take that away from all the people. Its ridiculous.
Jean-Simon Lirette, Quebec city, Canada [03-28-2004]

let them be free and skate man rock at Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and AE
taylor, fresno Cs, USA [03-28-2004]

Sean Cunningham, Kenosha, WI [03-28-2004]

let us skate!
Jacob Chilcote, Mechanicsville, Virginia [03-28-2004]

Free Love park! Skateboarders gave the place a name, give it back to the people who cherish it more than others.
Dominick Bryce, Darwin, NT, Australia [03-28-2004]

best place for someone to skate. this place closing has made a wound in every skater. love park R.I.P
kyle gordon, calgary,alberta canada [03-28-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK YOU f*ING A*!.seeing people rip at love in videos like photosynthesis and TWS's the reason made me wish I could go skate love but now I'll never be able to because some dumb f*s shut it down. Thanks a lot a*. BRING LOVE BACK!
Cameron Garcia, Hilo, Hawaii [03-28-2004]

free love park
X-treme Addiction Skatepark, Goldsboro N.C [03-28-2004]

yah, that is pretty g* a*.... sounds like a great place to skate.
Michelle, california [03-28-2004]

If love park closes skaters will rebel and cause chaos. Free love park, cause nowhere else has such a nice big 4 and such slick ledges. and where would kalis skate?
skate4life, usa [03-28-2004]

I think it should let skaters skate there anytime they want.
Michael Mullen, Woodstock, GA, USA [03-28-2004]

i think this s* is f*in bulls*. if we want to sk8 at love then we do. i don't know anything about preps or f*ing unimportant things but i love to sk8 at the f*ing love park or whatver. i guess i'm f*in glad that the f*in petetion worked out okay. i h8 the f*in losers that messed up our f*in sk8ing peace in the first place. i love to sk8 at love park and hope the f*in losers who made the petetion start in the first place should DIE!
Mellisa, santa cruise, california, usa [03-28-2004]

I have never been to love park but when I see it get in the mood to out and skate. Though I haven't even been to Love Park, the energy from it is so great it influences people very far away, such as me. Therefore I think it is a horrible idea to close Love Park and it only brings down skateboarding and the energy involved with it.
Travis Morgan, Salisbury, North Carolina [03-28-2004]

Mick Bursack, Philadelphia PA [03-28-2004]

I just want a relationship.
Stephen Mccallister, Hamlin WV. [03-28-2004]

skateboarding should be allwed every where we shouldnt be confined
david santiago, fort-lauderdale [03-28-2004]

don't stop skating in love park
pensabene enrico, bologna italy [03-28-2004]

Free Love Park... Make one of the world's best skate place available to help skateboarding progress...
Mathieu TOURNEUR, Marseille, France [03-28-2004]

First off the mayor is complete backstabber, pretending he was down with skating in love then destroys the spot for everyone, all i gotta say is what a complete a*. I doubt Love will ever be the same but i'll remember it from the tons of videos i've seen it in.
Rio Bissell [03-28-2004]

never been there, but if someone shut down my spots i want help to free it.power to the people.
dave millard, england [03-28-2004]

free the damn park you losers why the hell would they close it in the first place skaing isnt a crime so why bother wasting your time telling us to get lost when there rape murder bashings and drugs all happening as you read this so get this out to every one FREE LOVE PARK!
A.H., Australia [03-28-2004]

i just started to skateboard and i love it. i have always wanted to go to the best skatespots. i heard about love park just about a few months ago by a friend of mine that loves it. after reading the articles about it being taken from skaters...i just thought to my self how could you take away such a great park from people that all they wanted to do was skate and that was there life right there. It was like taking away skaters lifes by taking there talent away. in my eyes, i seriously think that they should reopen it to skaters. don't sit there and say that you are going to build another skatepark just like love cause there will never be a park that is just like lovepark. just let people do what they wanna do best and that is to skate the best parks ever, just like LOVE park! FREE LOVE PARK!
Kirsten "Pj", Baltimore, Maryland [03-28-2004]

free love!
frank paola, cranston,rhode island [03-28-2004]

I live in st louis and if you think any other big city has famous skate spots that even compare to LOVE park then you are wrong. I understand that some of the park might be changed from teh skaters but its not intentional it is just kind of what you do when you skate. All I am saying is that i heard of philly and not because of cheesesteaks or the flyers, i heard of it because of skateboading and LOVE park and i can gaurantee if i ever went to philly the first thing i would do is walk straight to LOVE park jus to look at all the crazy stuff skaters did that i saw on videos, in magazines, and on TV. There are some skatespots that get ruined such as Embarcadaro and they are missed but please don't ruin teh future for the rest of us skateboarders who want to just look up to their idols who skated philly before us. And, think if you want to classify skaters as dumb or druggies or whatever, and then look at every kid's petition and time put in to getting the park back.
jake pratte, st louis missouri [03-28-2004]

one love one park one many skaters let us have it!
Ryan Gledhill, nj [03-28-2004]

if i had one wish it would be to free love park because that place is like my life!
Eric Johnson, philadelphia, PA [03-28-2004]

mayor street sucks! free lo ve!
berta, philly! [03-28-2004]

love park is a symbol of the perfect natural skate spot! if some one who didnt skate asked you what you like to skate just say love park. peace theres only one love "where is the love philly"
anthony hibbard, syracuse ny [03-21-2004]

the X-games made the city 80 millon dollers by skateboading and you still closed it down and that is not right you had dirt bikes runing up the stairs at love and that was doing a lot more damage than skaters did I have naver skated there but I wish to if had one wish it would be free love park it is in thasands of skate vidios and iwish i can bring that back.
jodan gesko, NJ, readington [03-21-2004]

Scott [03-21-2004]

Free Love! Or some a*kickin is goin to go down philly!
Matt Marlatt, Canton, Ohio [03-21-2004]

love park is a skaters heaven and surely that vincent king (achitect)should free it from the law and give back what is rightfully the ours,love park
alex white, jersey c.i [03-21-2004]

For God's sake let kids be pro-active and enjoy an innocent past time, in this day and age they either have debauchery and death or they are locked up. Let them have this.
Rachel Lynne Smith [03-21-2004]

connie, 409 byberry Rd [03-21-2004]

i simply skate becuase i love it and theres nothing else in the world that can match that feeling. Theres places to skate all over, some amazing, some just a fun little session. All of these spots in the end mean something to you after you skate them. You just seem to get a vibe from each spot. The first time i skated love, way back, i relized there was something sick about this spot. Everyone seemed to be there for the same enjoy skateboarding. Some to kill it and get thier sponces or whatever and some just to do thier own thing. Either way it was sick. Everyone just sessioning the same spot. A beautiful spot in the middle of the city where stuff just felt right and skateboarding was prime. I skated love breifly the day of the first X games contest that was held at city and relized something changed. It wasnt all about the vibe and just sessioning it was hostile. Everyone just tryin to get their lines in getting tackled by lame. After that i stayed away for awhile and came back to scope out the construction i heard was goin on, thats when i knew we lost something big. Something that brought us all together just to skate for whatever reason but always to have fun. Shame it had to go down that way and nothin more would stoke me out but to see it all come back...FREE LOVE.
Scott Kuchinski, Stroudsburg, PA [03-21-2004]

love park should be re-opened to sk8ers cuz it's the best street park in the nation!
mason mugnolo, bristow, va [03-21-2004]

I am against using LOVE for skating but not against skating. I would like to see a new and better park made for skaters in or aroung Ben Franklin Parkway. Although there is a ban on skating in LOVE, there is no ban complete ban on skating in Philadelphia. Please, if you are a skater, encourage your friends and or parents to open a facility designed for skating. LEt us not confuse skating in general to skating in a specific area. Skaters could free Philly in a new park and attract just as many young people. Thank you
Daron Phillips, Kensington [03-21-2004]

Stephen Huenneke, Boston, MA [03-21-2004]

Chelsea, Michigan [03-21-2004]

i think that skateboarders should be able to skate in whatever park they want to. Skateboarding is a sport, you can play baseball in a park, football in a park, why not skateboard? Why..becuase it damages things? Look around that park, you can see cigerette butts, food, trash all over the place and people are worried about cement that isn't supposed to stay in perfect condition getting a little damaged. give me a break.
Jenna, philadelphia [03-21-2004]

Love Park is known all over the world. It influenced the way skateboarding is today. If I hear Philadelphia I think Love Park ...
Xavier Thill, Luxembourg (Europe) [03-21-2004]

Yeah,I skated love park a few times.The ledges were fun, but i think all those gaps and ledges were a little to small for my flips down big sets.But love park should besaved so sk8boarders everywhere have a fun place to skate.If I lived by love park i would have to show all these playas my amd skills, and my p**.
Andrew Reynolds, LA,claifornia [03-12-2004]

i saw the on video love park issue and it looked real good all the skaters talking about it just seemed sad because of it.i think the council or whatever are stupid, people came to whatch them but know its all a load of bums hanging around there and fighting.please save love park,it would be amazing to skate there,i would love to go one day if it is still there
sam greenup, weymouth/dorset/england [03-12-2004]

Alan R. Huffman, Mars, PA [03-12-2004]

X-treme Addiction supports the freedom of LOVE PARK, WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP !
X-treme Addiction Skatepark, Goldsboro N.C. [03-12-2004]

damn kooks, took it way to far! THEY CAN'T TAKE MY FAVOURITE PLACE TO SKAE AWAY!
William, Reading, PA [03-12-2004]

do it
jordan, hanover pa [03-12-2004]

Please mayor Free Love Park and let us give Philly life again. We sk8ers make philly seem less gray. Philly is famous for sk8boarding because on Love and City Hall, if you dont let us sk8 you will take away the spirit of Philly. for all the weird ass people who think we are wrecking the side walks you are crazy we break our boards,trucks and other stuff we need to sk8 wat more than a crack in the sidewalk. how could rubber wreck concrete? mayor watch habitat mosaic or workshop and count ho many times love is in those videos. a buch of pros even made a movie called the love story that is how much we love love. we sk8ers get kicked out of sk8 spots enough but love is so good you have peope defending it, it that good of a sk8 spot.
Ryan Thompson, Philadelphia,PA [03-12-2004]

free love park
Marc Hall, Glenmoore Pa 19343 [03-12-2004]

Erin Butler, Coatesville pa [03-12-2004]

i think skaters should keep love park cause its one of the best spots to skate at and everyone thinks skateboardiiing is destuctive but its not. if it was why does love park look nice.
zach kendrick, plano tx usa [03-12-2004]

i love seein stevie and josh skate love park of skate vids!
josh jardine, ponoka alberta canada [03-12-2004]

robyn, sheffiled lake ohio [03-12-2004]

I've never been to LOVE park but i'm a skateboarder and to hear about one of the best places to skate in history being closed for, from what i understand, almost no reason at all. I understand skateboarding may not have been what the designers originally had in mind but it became a symbol to all of us... closing love park ended an era....
Dylan Miller, Lompoc, Ca [03-12-2004]

I started skating 4 years ago, i never even heard of LOVE park untill i started skating, that just prooves how much skateboard covers it, nothing else has ever covered it. I have skated there last year, i got chased out, but was not caught. and it was the funnest 20 minutes of skating ever, haha. we have got to free LOVE park. DO NOT GIVE UP!
dan scheib, white lake, Michigan [03-12-2004]

Free LOVE Park for Ed Bacon
Caleb Fischer, 49B Pownal Rd Freeport ME 04032 USA [03-12-2004]

i went to LOVE park only once in my skate career when i first 2001 so i wasnt so good then...then we decided to make a road trip back there again because i fell in love with it the first time i visited it and much to my dismay there were making chenges we heard so we cancelled it...LOVE park is not just place to skate it is a very large part of the history of skateboarding almost as much as if not more than hubba hideout... FREE LOVE PARK!
Sean Berrie, Mohawk New York USA but currently sweden for a year... [03-12-2004]

Free Love Park "In Memory of Patrick Kerr"
X-treme Addiction Skatepark, Goldsboro N.C. [03-12-2004]

Love park is the s* ive skated there and its not just a place to skate its a park of the sport itself anyone who has skated or watch a kate tape knows about love park Free that s*
George Strahm, brodheadsville .pa [03-12-2004]

the love park is philly, with out it we ain't nothin
Beau Feger-owsley, phoenix, Arizona [03-12-2004]

My Comment is that i see Bam Margera in the Cky videos skateboarding at the famous Love Park. Not to mention seeing Kerry Getz and Steve Williams and other pros i look up to hitting the gaps and stairs and leadges. I know i am only 15 but mi dream is to one day skateboard at Love Park but since it has been sadly closed i will never be able to live mi dream.From a skateboarders point of view it is one of the greatest looking places i have ever seen. Love Park is more that a skate spot it is a icon in the skate world you don't hear the skaters talkin about their local parks they talk about Carlsbad and Love Park.I heard storys about the tricks that went down there, a lot of great stuff happend there, why end the endless tricks?? Save Love Park, R.I.P. LOVE PARK!
Brian Frost, Waupun, Wisconsin, Usa [03-12-2004]

this is a holy place for us skaters, i wanted to go one day ........unit they closed it more sweet ryan gee kickflippen the 5 or whatever in Chomp on this!
doug harding, Michigan [03-12-2004]

After I visited Love Park for two days after I graduated, I planned to attend college in Philly, strictly for the use of Love. After I had signed up for classes, the skateboarding ban was put into effect and renovation of the park began. Needless to say, I dropped my classes and decided rather to head west, where there is a bit more accepted attitude of my one Love in life. I'm 21 years old now and have been skating since I was 7. There is not a person in this world who could make me step off my board. I have lost a girlfriend of 5 years over her misunderstanding of what it is I do and why I do it. Really though, when I think about it, how is she to understand what I feel without feeling it for herself. Some people go their whole lives never really passionate about anything. I have had this fire burning inside me since I was a young child. Now that I'm older and see how people who could never understand skateboarding are trying to tell skateboarders where they can(t)ride their boards and caging them in like animals with full pads. People who know nothing about skating are making the rules. Marks on the ground, wax on the ledges, a few injuries, a small price to pay for the youth to express themselves. Trying to condense skateboarding into a city-funded full-pads $10.00 a session ride is going to create an enormous backlash on cities. Skateboarding came from the streets and the streets is where it will stay, regardless of laws, tickets to children, and overall making the youth believe that something they have taken to with all their hearts is wrong and against the law goes against every possible idea of what Love Park should be.
chad puhal, sacramento, ca. [03-12-2004]

Skateboarding made LOVE PARK what it is. Now nobody goes there except bums and its empty at night. FREE LOVE PARK!
JIMMY ARNER, Pennsylvania [03-12-2004]

lay off our park weenburglars
rupert, duluth [03-12-2004]

LOVE park was a gift to the public, and presented an excellent urban playground for skateboarders. The idea of banning the sport in the area seems unfair when the architect himself said that he designed it for people to enjoy. Putting up skate stoppers will only give skaters new challenges, and prohibiting skateboarding in an area will only move the problem elsewhere. You can raise the bar, but we'll only jump higher. You can slow us down, but we'll never tire. Skateboarding will always find a way. Joe Coleman Weymouth, ENG
Joe coleman, England [03-12-2004]

Ash, England [03-12-2004]

I dont see how everyone is so afraid of a piece of wood with wheels, and how skateboarding can be banned from somewhere that has already been skated, the ledges wont get much worse. P.S. youll never stop skateboarders
Josh Monsaas, Duluth Mn. [03-12-2004]

i think that the government should free love park and stop discriminateting agaisnt the skate population and let us do our thing. To me it seems that the government would rather have us sell drugs and get in trouble than stay out of it bye skateboarding and it are passion and our LOVE so i dont understand why they would do this to us.
Darin Mast, New Buffalo, Mi [03-12-2004]

Kiang Wong, Houston, TX [03-12-2004]

free love park! ahhhh!
Jim Moua, Minneapolis, MN [03-12-2004]

I am not a skater, but I ride BMX. and I ride at Love park sometimes, not often cause we got FDR, but when that is filled with skaters, we go to Love park. just keep the park and let the skaters skate and let the bmxers ride.
Wayne polkus, philadelphia, PA [03-12-2004]

Barry Petchesky, New York, NY [03-12-2004]

love park was made to be skated i dont understand why cops let little kids playing watch drug deallers and thugs sell their drugs and do all there other "illegal" things. but when a little kid sees a skateboarder skating a bench or set of stairs the police are on them. what is wrong with that picture? we dont hurt anyone, we just skate to have fun. it keeps most of us out of that lifestyle. FREE LOVE PARK
david drapal, chicago illinois [03-12-2004]

free love park!
Victor Johnson, Colleyvile, Tx. [03-12-2004]

Free Love
Peter Egan, columbia,sc,usa [03-12-2004]

gee i always sk8 at f.d.r. cus i cant sk8 at LOVE if i do il get tiketed now i cant get any good footage for element.guys please make it legal
bam margera, philly [03-12-2004]

god d*** you f***** cops take down all those god d*** signs all we want is to f***** skate
brandon, texas [03-12-2004]

justin, spring, texas [03-12-2004]

Free the park.
Eric, Illinois [03-12-2004]

LOVE park is the best skatepark on earth why ban skateboarding???
mattijs Op de Beeck, putte belgium [03-12-2004]

let them skate it!
david devier, ridgefield washington usa [03-12-2004]

free love park! i love love!
Austin Plante, Minneapolis, MN [03-12-2004]

release the LOVE!
Jonh Humpermoore, Gary, Indiana [03-12-2004]

Im goin to sk8 FDR next month but i want to skate other places
Mark Laney Sr., Maine [03-12-2004]

ryna [03-09-2004]

I'm making my first visit to Philly and Love in may. There will be a tear in my eye.
Jake Sweet, Cambridge, England [03-09-2004]

Free this s* so i can go skate it!
Chris, Huntington WV [03-09-2004]

Bring back skating in LOVE park.
Brandon [03-09-2004]

LOVE park has been a big symbol in skating for years, and it should continue to be one.
clay brady [03-09-2004]

Jim Kelly, Blackwood, NJ [03-09-2004]

I've skated at Love Park before and it is the perfect skate spot. It should be legal for people to skate there or build a skatepark in that area just like it. It is an icon in the skateboarding world. There is no good reason why we can't skate there.
Anthony Sarandrea, Philadelphia, PA United States [03-09-2004]

fr lo
ee ve
Doug Hess, Blackwood, New Jersey [03-09-2004]

free love park
nick barnett, az [03-09-2004]

Andrew Wills, Southampton New Jersey [03-09-2004]

Ronnie, southampton [03-09-2004]

Free LOVE park
Clint Cox, Goldsboro, N.C. [03-09-2004]

im signing the petition because L0 use to be only drug deal- ers VE
buck chuck, philly pa home of love park [03-09-2004]

shane baker, nemacolin, pa [03-09-2004]

I skated LOVE when i was about 13 years old I am now 16. and I drove past it yesterday when i was going back up to bloom and i just wanted to jump ouot and go skate it but i could because of the banned of skateboarding there It was the funnest place to skate and just to go and watch the other skaters that were better than you I really hope they bring it back I wanna skate it so bad
Devon Swank, Bloomsburg,Pa [03-09-2004]

I think that the park was great skateboarding icon and its a shame it was tore dowm.
Chris Ricci, toledo OH [03-09-2004]

show love! free the park!
X-TREME ADDICTION SKATEPARK, Goldsboro N.C. [03-09-2004]

f*IN BASTARD COPS!f* those f*ers for taking the best god d* skate spot in the world! so yeah thats all i got to say.
Mike Timperio, perry ohio [03-09-2004]

The skatepark has kept my brother out of trouble. I fully support skateboarding as a sport...this park means so much to people and brings in so much money to the community! Don't take it away!
Phi Nguyen, Tampa, FL [03-09-2004]

Skating gives kids a positive thing to do, outside. Throw in a skate park and you have given them a safe place to have this activity free from the harrasment of store owners and police officers.
Charles Meseke, Al Anbar, Iraq [03-09-2004]

I cant believe theyd do such an atrocity! We bring in over $80 million dollars to that place in one weekend and then they want to take it from us? I know im not a LOVE local, nor have i ever attended, but i had aspirations of skating there with the best of them. Bring back LOVE. Much respect to everyone out there fighting to keep this going, from everyone down here at Skates USA and XLT Krew, good luck, and we hope to be skating there shortly.
Chris Coons, West Palm Beach, Florida [03-09-2004]

i think u should free this damn park because that is where every one goes to hang out and stay out of trouble from other places and it used to have big time drug dealers now you see little kids on skateboards and that doesnt make you scared at all so we basically stoped all that s* and i have skated it and i didnt even see one thing wrong with it (it is not damaged at all) so just free the damn thing and all those people will come back to the cityand be happy and thankful that our city of brotherly LOVE cares about the lives of young and old people...
nick plebani, bristol,pa [03-09-2004]

Never sk8ted there my friend just told me to sign the petition so "FREE LOVE PARK"!1
James, Fort lauderdale, florida,usa [03-09-2004]

Matt Martinez, Boca Raton, Florida USA [03-09-2004]

Keep Love Park for Skaters!
Andrew, Pheonix, AZ [03-09-2004]

Free Love Park
james, florida,fort lauderdale,usa [03-09-2004]

Skateboarding keeps kids out of trouble. Instead of them going out to deal crack or whatever, than can be having fun. Why take away these kids' only way of not becoming a criminal?
Kevin Kray, Phoenixville, PA [03-07-2004]

Chris Liu, Media, PA [03-07-2004]

miguel gutierrez, luxembourg [03-07-2004]

there needs to be more places where everybody can just chill together and have a good time. Love park is a mecca that everyone should be able to enjoy.
Dave Kessler, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 [03-07-2004]

I think love park should be free for skateboarding, pennsylvania isnt s* without love park. Now a lot of people hate penn state for destroying it.
DJ Daniel, Bethesda Md [03-07-2004]

i never skated at love park but i have had the experience of skating in philly and i love it.. i would still like the chance to skate the legendary love park
stefan schulz, marlton, new jersey [03-07-2004]

I have skated love couple years ago and it was so amazing. Love isnt just a park its a symbol of skate boarding. Free love so that younger generations of skater's can enjoy it as i did.
Kelson Helbig, Oakland, Michigan [03-07-2004]

Please re-open the park. It will give kids a place to go and maybe if you can save at least a few from turning to drugs, I say re-open and give them something besides that to do!
Trevor Worrell, Goldsboro N.C. [03-07-2004]

city hall is next (:^(
Jason, New Jersey [03-07-2004]

Iwant to see a movie now
sabiiti, Uganda [03-07-2004]

free love
jon bartell, philadelphia, PA [03-07-2004]

im not even a skater. but i hang out with skaters. i see that skating is something where troubles can be released into something that is fun and challanging at the same time. Yet the gov is trying to turn us all into mindless drones. KEEP YOUR MIND OPEN! FREE LOVE PARK!
Parker Bond, Lansdowne,PA [03-07-2004]

free love
jon bartell, philadelpia, PA [03-07-2004]

For skaters past, present, and future
Ed Sockol, Philadelphia, PA [03-07-2004]

I just dont think its fair that they have stopped people from skating here...skating is a sport..its not like people are sitting around getting high on drugs. People should be supported for doing athletic activities.
Katie, Ottawa Canada [03-07-2004]

Love park forever dudes . Peace keep skateboarding
Pablo DESTREE, France [03-07-2004]

f*ing free the LOVE!
effie, coral springs, florida [03-07-2004]

Free Love represents skateboarding and brings profit to Philadelphia
Daniel Sousa, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates [03-07-2004]

i wanna shredddd NOW at love park
matt fetters, Wilmington, DE [03-07-2004]

that sucks, it just makes kids hate cops and we probabley shouldnt but its like what can u do when they act like they hate us
Leo C., sydney [03-07-2004]

I've seen LOVE park in skatevideos.. ((chocolate tour, 411)) I think you should show those videos to the people who shut it down.. where is the world going to if even LOVE ISN'T FREE!
Tom, Holland [03-07-2004]

dude, closing love park would suck a$$. I have never skated there but would like to someday. I saw videos with Stevie in them and he loves that park, it was home for him and many other skaters alike. Closing love park would not show love at all, so come on ya'll save LOVE park!
Lee Haywood, Nashville, Tennessee [03-07-2004]

free love park from all the skater's at x-treme addiction skatepark. no one is safe from the blue light skating in the town of goldsboro n.c..we feel your pain..karen irwin
X-tremeAddiction Skatepark, Goldsboro, N.C. [03-07-2004]

I looked foward to visiting LOVE oneday, then it closed. but i hope that it reopens so i can fullfill my dream.
Clint Cox, Goldsboro, N.C. [03-07-2004]

Karen Irwin, Goldsboro N.C. [03-07-2004]

kattie bonsenor, new york, NY [03-07-2004]

i cant stand this! skaters get kicked out everywere and dont let us skate. they cant expect us to just quit what we love. I skate love usually 4 or five times a year cause the rest of my family lives there and its one of those places that is just perfect, and its public property so there isnt a liability issue. FREE LO VE
mike ward, manassas VA [03-07-2004]

Neil O'Brien, Meriden, Connecticut [03-07-2004]

Ryan Knepp, Northampton PA [03-07-2004]

do not open love park you crazy skaters just mess it up with your kickflips and your fifty fifty grinds afkajflakfjlka i f*ing hate you all do not re open love park :] ryan fournier is also the biggest goofiest person on earth josh house is hawt
nope, nope [03-07-2004]

YO im just in here to tell everyone who is ruining the skating in love park that they arent only affecting people and sk8rs in philly but i live all the way out by chicago and i am pissed off about that. i might be visiting philly some time and i wanna sk8 love sooooooooo bad. i also have a petition kind of thing in my website so people go there and im gonna sign this petition again with the guestbook in it to show the people who r closing love how it affects people around other places too. laaata
Pat Kelley, Naperville, IL [03-07-2004]

I love skating and I would like to see all the skaters happy when they open Love park back up ! Please do it for the love of skating !
aka Rere Phillips, West Virginia [03-07-2004]

Love is the best place ever.
Michael Boen, Jefferson, Texas [03-07-2004]

free the love
brandon, new brighton minnesota [03-07-2004]

Love park is skateboarding
Eric Shaver, Boise, Idaho [03-07-2004]

love park should be freed its a park to have fun and having it closed down to skaters when it not destruction of property is not cool. FREE LOVE PARK !
sean dougherty, newport, delaware [03-07-2004]

free LOVE park
Samantha, Bowie Maryland [03-04-2004]

free love park
erin, bowie [03-04-2004]

I came to philly once hearing about how great love park is.I never expected it to be like it was it was heaven nothing like it at all in the world a one of a kind place that people like me go to to just have fun and skate.There are many people from all over the world that even come to skate LOVE and i dont think some people realize the importance of LOVE free love park for all of us
Nick, Bowie md [03-04-2004]

Freeing LOVE park would give skateboarders a free and safe place to skate. Come on Philly! Show some LOVE!
Stephanie, Suburbs PA [03-04-2004]

i hate cops and i love love park!
james pitonyak, new jersey hamilton township [03-04-2004]

there is no love without love park being for everyone. if its the so called "city of brotherly love", why cant skateboarders go there? the mayor spends the tax payers money on a police force who is amused that when they walk up towards people skating, they run like it is hell on earth. police should be dealing with real crimes, not organizing task forces to give skateboarders fines and take away their boards. the ban on skating is a joke, and we will never be silenced. know your enemy.
dan bergman, red lion, pa [03-04-2004]

reggie l. [03-04-2004]

krista brueno, philadelphia, pa [03-04-2004]

ive never personally skated love park but i heard it friggin rocked! its a place to keep cats outta trouble, if theyre skating at love park you dont hafta worry bout them skating in other places like in front of banks etc.
joe mele, springfield, va [03-04-2004]

love park was great i went down there with my sponsor simpicity and we skated till we got kicked out it wuld be great to c it open again
curt sedgewick, westland, mi [03-04-2004]

Free Love park,I just started skating and i hope to skate it one day...
Nick Gilbert, Philadelphia PA [03-04-2004]

Love Park kicks ass
Aaron Becquer, Plymouth, MN [03-04-2004]

FREE Love I still ahven't got the money to come over
robert hernando, Salisbury England [03-04-2004]

love prak is such a good place to skate it has the greates stuff to skate there dude come on let us skate
joe kralle, Egg Harbor twp New Jersey united states [03-04-2004]

this new skatepark coming in is a step closer to love for skaters but that doesnt give them the right to still keep love closed. They need to get off their lazy asses and open it back up already.
Thomas Winter, york, PA [03-04-2004]

This really sucks the big one. There is no god dman reson to shut love park down. This whole country hates us. its ridiculus. We need everybodys suport on this if were going to kep our beloved park open to skaters. I love this park i went there when i was 13 and have been back like 10 times since. We will prevale.
thoams winter, york, PA [03-04-2004]

skate,dont hate, freeeeeeeeee love park!
dan leech, adelaide south australia [03-04-2004]

love park made such an impact on what skateboarding is today. it is the cream of the crop of skate spots for skateboarders. people have come from all around the world just to see what the big hype of this spot is. FREE LOVE PARK
mark belcher, ashland ma [03-04-2004]

not letting people skate at love is like not letting the yankees play in yankee stadium. love was meant to be skated(even though the builders didn't know it at the time). so much money is being wasted on skateparks that are horrible for skateboarding and here you have the perfect one. people think that skaters destroy the property, but in reality it's more precious to the skaters than anyone else,even the designers. skaters aren't trying to wreck love, but instead they are useing it to it's fullest potential. besides why would skaters wreck it, if they did they couldn't skate it. freeing love is such a great opportunity for philly to lead the way to the future of skateing and skatepark designs for years to come, it's a chance to be a leader and not a follower. love has already launched some very succesful careers (josh kalis,stevie williams,kerry gets,brian wenning,anthony pappalardo,ricky oyola,ryan gee,mark brandsteter,dan wolf,vern laird and many more) so think of how many more it can launch. think about that kid whose only way out is through skateboarding and what love's role could play in that.
heath brinkley, anahiem,ca [03-04-2004]

ive always wanted to go to love park, now im afraid that wil never happen
Garrett Friedel, Madison Wisconsin [03-04-2004]

i skated love park it was sick it is the best street spot in the world i dont care what those suit wearing b* say i am skateing love
john renninger, pa [03-04-2004]

blah! free da park!
Andy Anderson, Netherlands [03-04-2004]

to destroy, is a factor of hate... notice the big sign that says "LOVE", to leave it be, would be a factor of love.
KC Ahlburg, Sacramento, Cali. [03-04-2004]

jimoua! free love pizark! werd, werd indeed
Jim Moua, Minneapolis, MN [03-04-2004]

free love park!
Zach Saulter, Plymouth, MN [03-04-2004]

free the love!
Ally Saulter, Plymouth, MN [03-04-2004]

free da m.f'n love!
Hugh Jass, Minneapolis, MN [03-04-2004]

Banning skateboarding from LOVE park.... HA! FREE LOVE PARK!
Jessica Lyn, Orlando, Florida [03-03-2004]

I forgot why we were called the city of brotherly LOVE!
Bobbi Cain, Philadelphia, PA [03-03-2004]

you should let these kids skate!
katelyn, hopewell [03-03-2004]

i miss you love. i will skate you one day. no mtter what.
ches, Sycamore, GA [03-03-2004]

If it wasn't for LOVE some people might not even have any kind of symbol to look at in skateboarding. FREE LOVE PARK!
Nick Del Bianco [03-03-2004]

sick Love story in the OnWinter DVD...,...,...
Curt Daley, Needham,Ma [03-03-2004]

john street sucks
Taylor Galloway, Mt. Laurel, NJ, USA [03-03-2004]

yall should really re-open the love park!
amanda farkas, eglin afb, florida, united states [03-03-2004]

cory milam, loveland CO [03-03-2004]

Why don't the police stop wasting their time busting skateboarders out and go get criminals and people doing illeagel acts. Love park should be a place for everyone to have fun at and enjoy. Love park brings people from all over the counrty to go skate their. Not letting people skateboard there is like not allowing different races, religion, or sex. Skateboarders don't vandelize love park or do any harm to it at all because it is such a perfect area to skate. So skateboarders should be allowed to skate their freely without being arrested for having fun...
josh mccue [03-03-2004]

love park great skating environment and great for the citys business.
ryan, macomb,mi [03-03-2004]

justin greene, new york [03-03-2004]

Love Park is on of the best places ive ever skated and i really want to do it again some day
Brad Munyan, Baltimore City [03-03-2004]

Who gives a s*! Skate where you want as far as Im concerned.
Mike, Snover, Michigan [03-03-2004]

i have only been to philly once and i got to see love park for the first time a couple weeks ago. i have heard a lot about it and i would have loved to skate there. but unfortunately i couldnt. i would love for them to allow us to skate love park the next time im there.
jake lee peters, easton pennsylvania [03-03-2004]

AMY [03-03-2004]

Love park. Yeah thats the name... where's the "Love" Mayor I hope you lose next election.
Kurt Rush, Pittsburgh [03-03-2004]

free that s* b*
john tyree, chino hills, california [03-03-2004]

Allie Jordan, seattle, wa [03-03-2004]

charlie vakiener, fairfield pa [03-03-2004]

Nothin' but love for Love Best SKATIN place in the World Save Love Please
Willie Carpenter, Rock Hill, South Carolina [03-03-2004]

i personally skateboard and i dont think they should band us from "boarding" anywhere, we have a right, its just like walking, driving, or any other means of transportation... if they ban this shouldnt they ban every other mean of transportation as well?its only fair!
Megan Brooks, Hickory Grove South Carolina [03-03-2004]

cymone sarzuelo [03-03-2004]

just let us skateboard, we arnt hurting anybody, the damage is done, let us skate!
Todd Kitchen, Wilmington DE [03-03-2004]

to whoever this may concern. Congratulations to the Philadelphia city officials for destroying love park! Yep thats correct, you've managed to do a good job, and I'm almost sure that the handful of your ageing piers are very proud of you, well done, give yourself the day off! Infact, you don't even have to worry about the millions (thats an under-estimation) of skaters that are not only sad that this monumental pillar of skateboarding has been turned into a "bum" mecca, or the fact that probably a larger percentage than not has lost faith in how a government provides for the youth of today........good work! just to shift the subject very slightly. ESPN X-games. The two events held there generated $80.000.000 dollars for the city, so what better way to embrace this success by, you've guessed it, outlawing skating and (sorry for the harsh term, but...) raping the skaters of the one spot which has served as a home for so many years. Possibly the most hypocritycal act I've witnessed in my life time, seriously. But, you know, the mayor has probably earnt that pat on the back from some suited ex official that he emulated as a little kid, so well done mayor (you kook), It would have been funny if Kerry Getz, when frontside 180'ing over his head, would have just clipped it! probably would;ve knocked some bloody sense into him! FREE LOVE and make philly worth it. jase
jason beaumont, oxford, England [03-03-2004]

never skated there but ive always wanted to
luis aponte, middletown, delaware us [03-03-2004]

Free love park, it might not have been made for skateing but it sure as hell is one. Its prolly the best skate spot in America, park or street spot.
James, America [03-03-2004]

i dont live in philly and i've never been to love park, but i can relate to all the skaters there and it just sucks, i mean, come on!
Luke, needham, MA [03-03-2004]

Free Love Park!
Justin Smith, Baltimore, Maryland [03-03-2004]

i am traveling up there this summer to check it out man butchered or not i am gonna skate and if the cops come F'em i`ll run, keep LOVE alive
Josh Robey, West virginia [03-03-2004]

free love park
skater [03-03-2004]

its such an awsome park
eddie liddy, michigan [03-03-2004]

Crypies,to all that stand for banning skating in Love Park.... stop caring so much about the apppearance of a damn scraped up bench. I mean i don't really know the exact reason why they bannned skating there, but how big of a problem is it reallly?
Jeremy Zaiki, Almont, Michigan [03-03-2004]

well I FEEL GREAT! WOOOOO man i love that place.. especially when i nollie 360 flipped it..OHH YEA I FEELGREAT!
joey hamburger, valparaiso, florida [03-03-2004]

free love park. even though i live in canada i still cant see a perfect skatespot not being skated.
josh jardine, ponoka, alberta, canada [03-03-2004]

y doesnt the city and police oory as much about the drug dealers and druged up bums breaking the law around the skaters as much as they do care about a positive thing like skating? i have bin ticketeeed at city hall while being able to c a person moking weed about 30 feet away from em and the police officer. instead of stopping the man he gave me a ticket and ignored the person smoking.
Adam suchecki [03-03-2004]

love park is the greatest and skateboarding made it was it is today, it sucks for all the people who love skating there and had fun there everyday and I hope they let skateboarding back!
Mike Wilkes, yardville, new jersey USA [03-03-2004]

free love park because i haven't skated it yet.
Peter Mazzoli, plymouth,michigan [03-03-2004]

open love park again!
Robert Madewell, Dallas TEXAS [03-03-2004]

You should reopen love park because the skaters arent harming anyone.The police and you should be fighting real crime not just people rolling olong on there board whats the harm in that. Hey you should start it up you just might enjoy it thanks, josh ransom skateboarding and love for life
josh ransom, uckfield,eastsussex,england [03-03-2004]

EFREM, italy [03-03-2004]

Im 13 and wanna sate love park when im older and i dont want it to be shut when i get there.
Tom Cutts, England [03-03-2004]

LOVE park forever
Cliff Pruitt, Galion, Ohio [03-03-2004]

please do not erase love park from our skateboarding population, if you have a problem with us skating there then make us pay for it. if we fall and break our backs then make us deal with it. For example, you could put a big sign that says, "skate at your own risk" or something like that so we cant sew you. it will be just like a skate park. Also, if we run into people then you can just make us pay for that too, but usually, skaters that have the guts to skate at love park then they are good enough to not run into somebody. Finally, people that skate arent always punks so we will warn people before we skate somewhere so you guys should nt make the assumption that we are all freaking punks so if u could just get to know the skater, you will realize that we are not all punks and we can be polite and wait for people to move before we skate so i say give us a chance and you could be surprised. In conclusion, i would like for you guys to allow skateboarders to skate at love park, i give propps to the creator of it, he did a really good job. I am asking you this not as a skater, but as a citizen that has a right to skate, and i will take that right, and skate.
tpny san felice, jessup maryland [03-03-2004]

it would be so sick if they opend love park again cuz its likes the best skate spot
justin anderson, north port, fl [03-03-2004]

LOVE Park is such a good spot in Philly. It has sick spots too. I'm only 13 but I really want to skate their and my friends said it was a sick skate spot.
Ryan Jackson, Lebanon PA [03-03-2004]

caleb, henderson [03-03-2004]

Free love park....or i will poop on your face
John Coyle, drexel hill [03-03-2004]

Give love back. Or else there will be more crime going on ..
steve homick, shelton, ct [03-03-2004]

I have never had the privelege to skate in love park. I have seen it in almost every video I own and I hope to get down their and skate it. So dont destroy it!
Ben Padilla, Haverhill MA [03-03-2004]

Free Love Park! John Street needs to realize skateboarding is a stress reliever to running a corrupt city government.
Rob Cowie, Philadelphia, PA [03-03-2004]

Dennis Brodsky, manteca, ca [03-03-2004]

Lou Greengard, Woodbury, MN [03-03-2004]

skaters rule
Joey Jamison, Cape Coral, FL [03-03-2004]

We're spending money on highways and the military. Re-open Love and make a new park for all the old people to walk in with that money. I've never been there, but I don't want to sit in my room and look at pictures of it my whole life, I want to go, and I'm going to go. Closed or not. Skateboarding will prevail. Free Love Park.
JC, Dundas, Ontario, Canada [03-03-2004]

Kevin Lee [03-03-2004]

Let them skate, it kept me outa trouble.
james smith, stationed in Japan with U.S. military [03-03-2004]

ash merris, hbg, pa [03-03-2004]

parks are for public use, now let the public use it again.
Rob Kline, Philadelphia, PA [03-03-2004]

just let us skate god damnit
Phong Chung, albany, ny [03-03-2004]

I have never skated Love park,but I am stoked to skate there.
Carson, Indiana [03-03-2004]

Hey all you skaters out there this park was crazy i went to it a while back for some exclusive skating and that let me tell you was one of the most crazy and fun times i have ever had skating so i hope that the Park Administrators will open it back up because every kid who skates should have a chance to sk8 the wonderful ledges...stairs GOSH it is a skaters heaven and nobody can live without having sk8ed that spot so consider making a trip one day to there and tear that place apart just for me!
Stefan "Miz" Myers, Lewisville [03-03-2004]

I have never personally skated in Love park but Ive walked through it plenty of times. I think it's a great place for inter city kids to hang out and just skate. The majority of the kids who skate there are not harrassing anyone or infringing upon anyones space. Isn't that why you banned skating pretty much everywhere else in the city. Now i dont know the exact size of the city but it seems like a pretty well sized city which is why I dont understand why we cant seem to find just a little spot for these kids to skate somewhere like Love park. Now you want to take this from them also and instead fill it with a bunch of benches that will probobly for the majority be filled with bums and drunks. Now there is an issue that you might like to focus on the number of homeless people occupying your lovely parks, bet thats not to great for tourism. Skateboarding is not a crime but yet your treating it like it is by banning it from virtually every public place in the city. Isn't the point of public facilities that the public get to facilitate them. Wouldnt you rather these kids be grinding down the hand railings of the park then defacing stores or shooting up drugs in an alley. By giving these kids a place like love park where they can be free to skate it keeps them from being at other places like on the street. It also gives them an outlet for everything from boredom, agression, depression and even gives them a way to express themselves and their creativity. Many pro athletes have attributed their love for their sport as being the one thing that kept them straight. Times are changing and so are sports more kids are turning from traditional sports to more extreme sports. Take the X-Games for example I'm sure no one complained when the X-Games decided to make philadelphia the host of the fall games twice. The main reason they chose philadelphia as the hosting city: LOVE PARK. Im also sure no one complained about the thousands of spectators, tourists and the most important of all, money it brought in. Its funny how quickly
Amy Franklin, Hainesport, NJ [03-03-2004]

As a non-skateboarder in the UK I guess it was unusual that I heard about the problems faced by skaters at LOVE park. But I have to say that I think its appaling that people can be banned from using a public space which laid practically unused until skaters saw its potential, interpreted the landscape in a unique way and then used it positively. I definitely have a new respect for skaters - not only for their skills but also their persistance in working towards re-opening LOVE. I will be in Philadelphia next June so hopefully by then it will be skated again. FREE LOVE PARK!
Kerry McMenamin, Edinburgh, UK [03-03-2004]

free the park noooow!
Lindsey Mooney, Phoenixville, PA [03-03-2004]

It's ludicrous that skateboarding is outlawed in Love Park. I am not even a skateboarder myself, but I realize how ludicrous this is. No wonder kids turn to drugs, gangs, and violence when society makes everything fun illegal.
Benjamin Kreider, Narberth, PA [03-03-2004]

joseph andrews [03-03-2004]

Dont take away love park from the skaters,free love park,cops that hate skater should not be on the force. the cops are messed up.
Cameron, tha blessed USA [03-03-2004]

dan nelson, royersford, pa 19468 [03-03-2004]

Don't let our LOVE sour to HATE!
Joel DiLorenzo, Coatesville, Pennsylvania [03-03-2004]

i think that love park should be open to skaters again to give all skatersachance to skate one of the most popular and greatest skate spots ever know. PLEASE FREE LOVE
scott wolf, franklin mass [03-03-2004]

Philadelphia seems to be "the city that loves to hate itself"...when will it learn to listen to its residents?
Elisabeth Scott, Phoenixville, PA [03-03-2004]

yeah free it
Justin Marlette, birch run [03-03-2004]

Josh Brown, Victoria, Australia [03-03-2004]

Lou Perseghin, Philadelphia, PA [03-03-2004]

I have never skated love park, but in all my years of skating the only place i ever dreamed of skatng was love park. Please dont take it away it means too much to skaters around the world
keith white, novato, CA [03-03-2004]

Love Park is more than a skate spot/park, it's a national skate monument! FREE THE LOVE
Shaun Miller, Lufkin, Texas [03-03-2004]

Love park is a thing of beauty and was ment to be skated on. LOVE
Jordan Singer, Iowa City, Ia [03-03-2004]

hey! even though i havent been to phili or skated love ive seen love story and its really sad to know that one of the best skate parks had shut down for no reason at all and now that there is no love park and no skaters cant skate there, the park is dead and the only reason why people came to the park is to see them skate. if love was still there id probley come to see the pros and cons do there thing and to feel the love of skating at love park!and if there not gonna open love for the love of skateboarding, like bam said i just think theres gonna be bumb s*ting on the side walks if they dont do anything about it!
britni kualii, hilo,hawaii [03-03-2004]

yo i like that park but th cops are f*ing g* and then i was gonn get a ticcket and im from ny with myu day and dont know the pa address lol guess how i look, i like that parka nd always wanted to go there but i was the only one the lo that s* was funny now one was there ol ly me withmy dfart a* lol getting kicked out lol laters man
kenneth gilliam, ny [03-03-2004]

Where is the LOVE? Not in Philly that's for sure. Let's get some use out of Love Park.
Matt Villegas, Boise, ID [03-03-2004]

why take away skateboarding? that means you have to take away all the people eating their lunch in the famous love park. i live in nj and im 16. i was looking foward to gettin my license so that i can drive a half hour to the worlds most known skate spot, but now philly took it away from me. just give it back skaters still have temple and the wiliam pnn ledges one love park wont stop skateboarding. GIVE LOVE BACK
jeff, nj [03-03-2004]

wat the councilmen has done with are freedom and dreams is simply the rudest thing anyone could imagine. it was a second home and now no-one can step within 3 feet of that wonderful place without being eye balled by the nazi police that have nothing else to do.
Rocco bradley, newark delaware [03-03-2004]

every skater who had skated love and will still skate it skate april 10 and show the f*ing suit wearing b* there aint nothing they can do to stop us
john renninger, philly pa [03-03-2004]

dude love park is heaven for skating. i still havent gotten a chance to skate there so i still want to . you better free love or else
dan stockman, toms river nj [03-03-2004] homepage

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