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January 26-February 25, 2004

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Please free it!
Aaron MacKay [02-25-2004]

come on guys!
Anthony Aldridge, North Woodstock New Hampshire [02-25-2004]

Love Park is a symbol to skateboarding. Everyone needs love, Philadelphia wont be the same without it. Free the park, and give back to the skateboarders the LOVE.
Patrick Prekel, Wayne, New Jersey [02-25-2004]

Dear Sirs and ladies, Skateboarding has been around for so long that nobody is going to end it. Instead of trying to stop the skateboarding why not set aside the most frequently used parts of Love Park for skateboarding. This way the safety of others is taken care of and also the sakteboarders have a place to go to skate. Most of the skateboarders I think would respect your comprimize and settle for the areas that you set aside. Being a skateboarder myself I obviously have the opinion that the skateboarders have the right to skate in Love Park. I can also understand how someone that does not skateboard whould not be quick to give in to what seem to be "little punks on boards destroying the peace and everything else around them." I feel that the issue of where skateboarding is exceptable has been argued way to long. Instead of keeping it going and insisting on having skateboarding ban from Love Park I think that you should go half way with the other party and set aside specified places in Love Park where the skateboarders can go and skate. With Hope, Gabe Grant
Gabe, Rockford,Illinois [02-25-2004]

love rules and im sick of being fined and treated like criminals there when we are just having fun
justin mariano, philly [02-25-2004]

I would love to help out the cause more than just signing the petition. I am a music promotor in the New England area, and would like to throw out the idea of a benefit concert this spring to help generate LOVE park supporters and send the message to "THE MAN". Thank you for your time and I look forward to getting this concert off the ground.
Kenneth J Bennett, New London,CT [02-25-2004]

I've singed this in July and ill sit here and sign it again and again because i beleive it is important for skaters to have a place to skate. Basketball players have basketballs courts why dont skateboarders have somewhere to skate. It wasnt like people there were destructing the park. ITS CONCRETE. the only thing done to the park was wax and what is wax going to do???? LOVE park is a big part of the skateboarding industry and one of the best and famous skate spots in the world, and now it is ruined. Cops and city officals are g*, they have no idea what is like. In my city, you cant even ride your skateboard in the street without getting a ticket. Its so g*. But hopefully a skatepark will be up soon, KONA is too far away. Skateboarders need a place too skate too not just a skatepark..... FREE LOVE
Nick Cutler, Atlantic beach, Florida [02-25-2004]

Love park is a part of skateboardings history. It always will be. you can't tkae it away. It's just wrong.
Tayllor Grove, San Diego, CA, USA [02-25-2004]

Max Pope, Kansas [02-25-2004]

i feel skate boarders should be allowed to skate at love parke people seem to think all skaters are thugs but i know quite a lot of skateboarders in my town and nearly all of them are quite well manoured people. they will stop what the are doing to let people past and generally try to not be a nuisence as they know it will get them in trouble. the only con i can see to them skating there is the wax they leave on the curbs and ledges but is that really such a big deal when skateboarding can help bring tourism to philaedelphia
martin gough, uk [02-25-2004]

Love Park is like Mecca for skaters. We make our pilgramages there from far and wide to skate this legendary place. Its a traversty that it has been taken from us. We made it famous, give it back !
Dave Davies, Auckland, New Zealand [02-25-2004]

the 3 oclock to dark rule is a step in the right direction but it needs to just be opened up for the whole day, why don't we ahve the same access to the park that the crack heads do?
shane watters, Philadelphia, PA [02-25-2004]

Derek, Lavista NE [02-25-2004]

kasey sinning, sioux falls [02-25-2004]

Ryan Hoover, Mifflinburg, PA [02-25-2004]

Where has all the LOVE gone. LOVE PARK FOR LIFE
Jeff Frystak, Waterford, Ont. Canada [02-25-2004]

Bring back the LOVE
Eric Goodwin, Waterford, Ont., Canada [02-25-2004]

love park to me isnt about bitching about whose ruining what or who goes there i havent skate3ed there but its a symbol of just everyone comming together to have a good time and skate it up its a land mark for all skaters and i think it should just be left to the people to decide what they want to do
Dane Thumser, east dubuque il [02-25-2004]

Free LOVE park
Randy Smeal, Pennsylvania [02-25-2004]

I Totally think that they should let the sk8ers use The LOVE park its like the best place in the world to sk8 The creater even says let the sk8ers use the park. The people don't go there to have lunch, they go to see the sk8ers bust out moves.
Cameron Jellison, Valdosta, GA [02-25-2004]

pigs ruin everything
max rubinstein, yardley pa [02-25-2004]

Vandalism as beautiful as a rock in a pigs face
The Real Seth Dowdell, Yardley Pennsylvania [02-25-2004]

Love Park is LOVEable
Seth Man Dowdell, Yardley, Pennsylvania [02-25-2004]

Love Park is possibly the most perfect place to skate in the entire world. If skaters can't skate it, it's just torturing us to look at it and not be able to use it. FREE LOVE PARK!
Austin Plante, Minneapolis, MN [02-25-2004]

i was planning a trip w/ a couple friends 2 philadalphia just to skate love park...then it got closed
Massimo Contreras, St. Louis, MO [02-25-2004]

I lived in Philly for more than four years. My husband & I love it! I just did a project with my two girl scout troops on the city. I showed them pictures of LOVE park & told them about the skateboarders & how cool it was to go & watch them. It would be a shame to see freedom squelched - let them skateboard!
Tracy Macaluso, Buffalo, NY [02-25-2004]

I dont know what the big deal is...there is about 10000000 other skateboarding parks in a america...just go a hundred feet the other direction...and you'll be at a new one...Whats the big deal.
David Kolwkoski, allegany, Ny [02-25-2004]

free love park now! let my people skate!
Robert Hurt, Gary, Indiana [02-25-2004]

let love park be free!
Jo Dunham, Minneapolis, MN [02-25-2004]

i hate the way every single skate spot around here is like yes it perrrfect then every few seconds you end up with a fine so free love
haley, canton ga [02-25-2004]

I'm 14, and I used to live in Philadelphia. I loved the love park. Even though I couldn't skateboard at the time, I used to always go there and just hang out.I was a great place for hanging out. If you ban skateboarding, that's just like taking a piece from Philadelphia. Young people used to go there. Grown-ups always complaining about the youth getting into trouble, well if you take the place where they used to go and stay out of trouble away, where are they going to go-the streets. Please consider my opinions. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH, Kiera Quick-14 years old
Kiera Quick, Hagerstown,MD 21740 [02-25-2004]

Where i come from a good spot is hard to find and we need more spots like LOVE with lines for days and endless oppurtunities. FREE LOVE PARK!
Joshua Crumrine, Mesquite, tx. -----------U.S.A. [02-25-2004]

Ray, Summerville, SC [02-25-2004]

nic smith, portland, ME [02-25-2004]

More tourists come to Love for the skating then to actually see the park. Take it away & Philly's skating youth has nothing.
Keith Krajewski, Lancaster, New York [02-25-2004]

I strongly support Love Park being open to all facets of use. Whether it be skateboarding, rollerblading, or BMX bike riding, the beautiful public space gives kids a place to go that isn't criminally involved and urges recreation. Put up signs denouncing liability for the city and lets kids have fun.
Tucker Kulp, State College, PA [02-25-2004]

i started skateboarding a couple years ago i guess when i was like 11 or 12 and were i live there isnt all that much to skate. there was 1 skatepark but the got rid of it atleast a year later. from what ive heard love is a great place to skate. i dont see why the city would stop people from trying to skate there. phila had a a good reputation from this and they completly ruined it by not leting them skate there. now who is going to go to love park other than skaters?
Jeff, willow grove, PA (suburbs of phila) [02-25-2004]

I think they should re-open it to skateboarders, its just a place for kids to skate and have fun,like a playground,not all kids want other kids playing tag where they are playing basketball, but does that mean you should ban when people say that its a place for sitting and pondering,they are wrong,its a place for people to have fun and do what they wish,skateboarding is not a crime.
Mitch Gideon, ft.walton beach, FL [02-25-2004]

love park will be free
Derek Reed, fort walton beach, Fl USA [02-25-2004]

Free LOVE park! Skateboarders are just trying to have some fun and people are starting to ruin the street skating world which needs to be stopped.I wanted to skate that s* since the first time i saw the spot in anthology.
Duane Hase, Vancouver, Canada, B.C. [02-25-2004]

Yo Love should be skateable, so people who haven't gotten the chance to skate it will be able to.
Rio [02-25-2004]

mike morrow, french lick [02-25-2004]

I would like to se the plaza and skate it as well without having to be hassled by cops. Because there aren't many meccas here in Toronto, I would definitely want to see one in the states, particlarily LOVE Park. Free LOVE Park.
Eric, Canada [02-25-2004]

WE deserve to get love park back i went just recently and it is a waste not to be allowed to skate it .
Mark Laney, Maine [02-25-2004]

I LOVE to sk8 love park. Philly
Jesse Wallace, Maine [02-25-2004]

free love park. skateboarders are the only ones who have brought life into love park. FREE LOVE PARK!
Boyer M. Brady, denver, co [02-25-2004]

OMFG take away the greatest spot in skating...what a shame....bring it back damn it ...LOVE PARK 4 LIFE!
Ramsey Hurst, Fort Walton Beach [02-25-2004]

love park is a place were skaters live dont take that away pleas bring back the love!
COREY DOLAN, fort walton beach [02-25-2004]

yo im kerry getz im sure youve all seen my skating going down in love park, if you notice 90 %of my video parts are in love park, and thats just with the camera on, theres hasnt been a time ive actually not wanted to skate the LOVE, so to everyone of the cops thats teken my board, or given me a free ride in the back of there car, i recomend you open love back up, or ill straight up do it myself, keep it reall all you kids out there, and thanks for all your support
kerry getz, philly [02-25-2004]

ok love park is where i figured out about skateboarding, that day i saw all those guys jumping down the stairs on skateboards, i though it was the coolest thing in the world, if it wasnt fo love park i wouldnt be skating today, and i would hate to take tht away form any other kid, for the past 5 years skating love park has been so amazing, i filmed my hole first spnsor me tape there in a wek, its that good, and no skatepark or even skate plaza can compare to an actual street spot liek that, for crying out loud its ben put into a skateboarding video game its so good so you can even skate love park on rainy days
keith gibb, phat ass philly [02-25-2004]

I was born and raised in north philly. I came from a very broken home. All new was to be a bad ass i was so confuesed about everything. Like why was my mom on drugs why was my life the way it was why woudnt my famaly exept me. But then i found skateboarding to be my total cmfort Zone. Lovepark was one of the first places i ever skated. If the city takes lovepark away that would be like taking part of me away. Im sure the other skaters that skate there would say the same.
christopher l cruz, muskegon, michagan [02-25-2004]

Skateboarding is not a crime. Just ask that to all the shop owners near Love Park they will they you that most of there customers are skateboarders. Skateboarding is not about destructing, skateboarding is a way that young people express themselves. Skateboarding will never die even if you decided to destroy this park. DON'T DESTORY LOVE PARK!
Philip Mastrocola, Montreal, Canada [02-25-2004]

tom janssens, belgium [02-25-2004]

you guys should definately re-open the park to skaters i goto philly every summer and i would skate love all the time. please make the park skatable again. thanks
Chris Buckley, Roswell Georgia [02-25-2004]

needs to open.....its a place to skate so open *aNgEwA*
angela, ft. walton bch., florida [02-25-2004]

uhh.. yeah go out and skate some
Mike Cillo, Bloomsburg p.a [02-25-2004]

Plz open back up it is one place where skaters can go to just have fun and skate and not worry about getting hassled by the cops....It is a part of skatebarding history..don't shut down this spot like many other spots have been shut down.
Kyle Reed, Fort Walton Beach,FL,USA [02-24-2004]

the more skate parks the better it is to skate
james douglas, queensland australia [02-24-2004]

i always watch skate videos n the skaters that skate there always rip it up so i thought i could help get the park reopened so hopefully one day when i come to america i can skate there
bill hart, melbourne australia [02-24-2004]

Matt McDonald, niceville, florida [02-24-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK ! let us skate!
matt mcdonald, niceville, florida [02-24-2004]

I can't live without love, so I can't skate without LOVE!
Stefan R, Holland [02-24-2004]

free love
jesse gillies, canada [02-23-2004]

Derek Nichols, Madison Wis [02-23-2004]

I live in FT. Walton but i visit my great grandparents in PA and I was hopeing to sk8 love park and i was very let down when i heard it was closed. So we as sk8ers and U.S. citizens need to do something about it and try and free LOVE PARK.
Ryan Fournier, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida [02-22-2004]

I think Love Park should be made open to skaters because that is probably the greatest skate spot in North America and the government just kills everything else skaters have so if it's going as far as closing a national skating monument, what's next?
Zack [02-22-2004]

Dennis Burdick, Minneapolis, MN [02-22-2004]

love park is more than a place to skate it's a sign of peace and love and that sjhouldnt be torn down. also, let the peoples sk8
Joey Conn, margate, fl [02-22-2004]

corey c., yuma arizona united states [02-22-2004]

Banning skateboarding is like banning bike riding. We love to skate and it's a great activity for youth to excell in something they like and also to chose an activity to be involved with. It keeps youth off drugs and other harmful illegal activities. SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME!
Hallie Ratliff, Fredericksburg, Va. USA [02-22-2004]

When I read about how there was a petition against skaters to skate in love park, I thought that it was stupid. Skaters don't bother anyone. They skate all day and night if possible with out causing any harm to anyone. Let them skate. That's not a crime!
Melda Bashien Sangare, New York City [02-22-2004]

Hubert, Warsaw, Poland [02-22-2004]

I have never been in Love Park but I heard a lot of this problem. I am 18 years old skater from czech republic and I would like to do something for open it again. I am so sad about it. peace
Friz, Czech republic/Europe [02-22-2004]

Ryan Geller, Springfield,PA [02-22-2004]

Kenny Lamb, Rocklin, CA [02-22-2004]

Emily Storm, pennsylvania [02-22-2004]

love park is totally cool and should stay free
ryan mills, tucson, az [02-22-2004]

fernando soares, ft. myers,FL [02-22-2004]

I am signing this petition in hopes it will help all the sk8ers to keep enjoying...
Chelle Hondel, Sacramento Ca. USA [02-22-2004]

i watched the On video about love park and it made me almost cry. i think we should free love park and that the mayor should just turn it into a skatepark
john f, aurora il [02-21-2004]

I think this is a great place from what I hear. Alsomy other skatboarder friends might be signing the petition soon.
Stephen Davidson, Dennison,Ohio,USA [02-21-2004]

yall needta bring back that park, because you need to have lots of places for skaters to skate, it is their sprot, and if you dont want them skating on city property like in front of city buldings and in peoples ways, then you need to make other places for them to skate, LOTS of other places
hanna, madison WI [02-21-2004]

Although I am not a skater...(I'm a so-called "fruit booter" that you skateboarders hate)...I still support the idea of opening LOVE park to skaters again. However, I have seen many skaters and rollerbladers often being extremely disrespectful to people and I urge you to please remember this is not a one-way street. You need to show that you are responsible enough to uphold the prestige of the park and Philadelphia and maintain that responsibility everywhere else.
Matthew Pineiro, Saylorsburg, PA [02-21-2004]

i did not leave the great minneapolis for free love park.
Joe Korich, philadelphia,pa [02-20-2004]

Chad Rose, Cape Coral, FL [02-20-2004]

Joe Barry, Cape Coral, FL [02-20-2004]

Free Love park........ I havent even skated that famous spot yet don't mess it up for future skaters... Peace
Jay Varela, Irving Texas [02-20-2004]

I skated Love Park back in '89 when visiting Philly. It was so much fun, I couldn't believe it when I heard it was banded there now. Bring it back, let kids have fun skating.
Alan Card, Parsippany, NJ [02-20-2004]

Mark [02-20-2004]

i think that skaters should be able to skate anywhere as long as its not affecting the peoplet that dis likes it.. i have seen the love park in many videos and i think that people shouldnt mess with you, its a skatepark just like all the others.
David, liberty, MO. 64068 [02-20-2004]

Ian Geiger, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA [02-20-2004]

I have never been to LOVE PARK because I have no money to travel to the United States. But anytime I will be able to go there and then I want to rip it. So, f**k governments all over the world: Don`t destroy the skaters' residents!
Arne Klapproth, Hannover, Germany [02-20-2004]

I know as a skateboarder my self too what it means to lose place like love park.I saw a documentation on love park in skateboard videomagazine(ON Video,Winter 04)and the way the local skater talked about the park was so touching,they described loosing love park to a feeling when you lose someone close to you.I would never known that there is a JFK Plaza in Philadelphia if I wouldn´t be a skateboarder.What the locals said that the LOVE sign would not be so known around the world without skateboarders.I hope that skateboarders will get love park back someday and if that day ever comes I will come just to skate the park just because everyone has fighted so hard to get it back. Keep on Fighting!
ville mikkola, Finland [02-20-2004]

i went on vacation to philadelphia, and didn't expect much. but the first time i laid my eyes upon the almost perfect terrain, and perfect setting of LOVE park, it was like magic. i've read about the renovations that are in the works for the park, and not only would they make it imposable to skate there, but it would change the sense of community and magic u feel when ur there. FREE LOVE PARK! u kill love park, u kill philly
Eric Schmeling, Berkley, Michigan, USA [02-20-2004]

Alex Gurule, Alburquerque, NM [02-20-2004]

I've never actualy skated LOVE Park, but i really hope to go to it one day when i visit Philly, and i would hope that it is still open to skaters when i do. And for all who oppose skaters in LOVE Park closing down the park would be forcing skaters to find other places to skate and would just spread the so called "problem" that the councilmen are trying to get rid of. And really, if the person who actually designed the park agrees that skaters should be able to enjoy it just as well as any other citizens, then obviously it shouldnt be a problem to see why this park is an important part of the skateboarding community.
cory carroll aka "keebler", Muskego, WI, USA [02-20-2004]

Joe Conlon, md [02-20-2004]

Tyler J. Britt, Chicago, Illinois [02-20-2004]

LOVE is heaven! Love is the best and sould be free
Ryan [02-20-2004]

Love Park's legacy of skateboarding were the major factor for Philadelphia hosting the X games two years in a row. Those games brought a huge boost to Philly's economy. Skate boarders are not a group to disenfranchise. They are a group that should be encouraged for the good of tourism and culture.
Stephan Tsapatoris, Philadelphia, PA [02-20-2004]

all these cities banning skateboarding think they are solving the problems and hide behind liability issues. look, I have insuarnce and no matter what rules or laws you set for or against skating it will not stop us from doing it. snowboarding is like skating, similiar tricks,style,concept and it's an olympic event so is acceptable to snowboard Love park? No matter how much you deny it skateboarding can't be stopped as long as we don't let it
toby warpup, bluffton IN [02-20-2004]

David Grijalva, Tucson, Az [02-20-2004]

we need a skate park in tennessee
Robert Mcswain, Knoxville,Tennessee United states of America [02-20-2004]

Love kicks ass, many people skate there and its a chance for them to get good. I havent been there in years but it still pisses me off just the same.
nadz, Florida [02-20-2004]

let love park be free skateboarding is not a crime
Joe DAndrea, Camden NJ [02-20-2004]

free love park!
Abby Saulter, Plymouth,Minnesota [02-20-2004]

free LOVE
Tanner Castleschouldt, Conroe Texas USA [02-18-2004]

man i'm going to skate LOVE in april, and i don't care who tries to stop me, love park is skateboardin just like skateboarding is LOVE PARK. PEACE!
Craig Gorton, Burtington VT [02-18-2004]

Tom Raichle, Spring City, Pa [02-18-2004]

Please return Love park to a sanctuary for skaters!
Krystal Foley, Covington, Georgia [02-18-2004]

Yo man i love that park and closing it down is like closin down philly. in my opinion that is philly.
dylan, Doylestown, PA [02-18-2004]

free love park
cory carroll, muskego, wi, usa [02-18-2004]

FREE love its the best damn spot in the country
Hunter, jacksonville,FL [02-18-2004]

love park is the best it gives all of us skaters a place to skate and stay out of trouble
kevin kesecker, spring grove pa [02-18-2004]

I have taken several kids in my neighborhood to the park and they really enjoyed themselves. Even with the freezing weather i had to drag them away. The kids are doing something positive, getting exercise and staying away from drugs and alcohol.
Deborah A. Tomlin, Millville, Nj cumberland county [02-18-2004]

Geoff Johnson, Omaha, Ne [02-18-2004]

ive skated love park and it was the best place ive ever skated. everything was perfect and it should definately be re opened
Tyler, libertyville, IL [02-18-2004]

chris niesen, burlington [02-18-2004]

Love is such a good place to skate,We should try to set up times when skaters can skate there so it can work out with the business hours of the companies in the city because i know a lot of the business people enjoy eating lunch or taking breaks in love park. if we can get to skate there from like 3pm till like whenever. and they can set times that they dont want skateboarders to be there. If this is the only way, than its better than nothing.
matt thomas, lansdale, pa [02-18-2004]

dude this is f*ed up tell the city to stop being g* and give the youth something they can use. just think there in the position to make desions that will effect or lifes and when were all on the city council will be in the same position to make descions on the old f*ers and we wont do what they wont us to do cause they took LOVE from us. peace
nic ellenberger, norfolk ne usa [02-18-2004]

Skateboarding is not a crime..
Amanda Picazo, Salinas, California [02-18-2004]

its love park, plain and simple.without LOVE, skatboarding wouldnt be the way it is today, it needs to be brought back. One of the only things that united kids of all ages genders and races, you take it away. free love.
taylor wilson, salinas, CA [02-18-2004]

free love park
joe catrone, Hazleton PA [02-18-2004]

Why try to ban skating in a park that is known for skating. if the park is properly maintained there is no reason to ban skating.
Spencer Flynn, San Diego, California [02-18-2004]

free the f*ing park you a*!
Kory Bonk, Chesterfield, Michigan, United States [02-18-2004]

they should just make love park a skatepark, because skaters will find a way to skate it, no matter what they do
nicholas, salem, OR [02-18-2004]

I feel that Love Park is a community place. An open environment for all people to enjoy. Everyone has a hobbie, no matter how different, and everyone has a different opinion about other peoples hobbies. Just because you might have a problem with someone's hobbie or the how they enjoy their free time (skateboarding, biking, etc.), doesn't mean you "ban" them from a PUBLIC place. Skaters recieve a bad rep from adults and elderly people because their looked at as juvenile delinquents mainly because their different and participate in a "new" sport/past-time activity. However, most skaters that I know are very respectable of others and just ask for respect in return. Its common knowledge that if you treat someone badly and look down upon them like their nothing, thats how they'll feel. So, inconcusion, if people start paying more respect to others, not just skaters, but all people, then we actually might be able to share a public place like Love Park which attracts both young and old.
JenaRose McCall, Media, Pennsylvania [02-18-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK, thats all i got to say.
Jordan Holt, Newtown Square [02-18-2004]

free love park
Vishon, Mexico City [02-18-2004]

free the love
mike, ny ny [02-18-2004]

free the park
steve, Vancouver Canada [02-18-2004]

free love park
Derek Jones, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [02-18-2004]

let us skate
erin, philly [02-18-2004]

i think they should let ppl skate love park again bc it was dopeee
Tim DYSON, grand rapids mi. [02-17-2004]

free love park
ian taylor, newcastle upon tyne uk [02-17-2004]

I think love park needs to be free from all this bannage. It's a great place for skaters, its got everything we need. If you ban this location, like everywhere else, people will give up on skating, and turn to other things because of boredom. They will turn to suicide, drugs, and criminal mischief. This is what happens when you take something away from us. Skating is my life. And I dont care what authorities try to stop me, I'm gonna do what I like.
S.Y., Staten Island, New York USA [02-17-2004]

i think love park should be skated becuz it kept kids from doing drugs and s*
allan doubtfire, calidonia ontario [02-17-2004]

Ashley, New Jersey [02-17-2004]

I think that skateboarders should be allowed to skate wherever they want... to a certain extent. If some of them are harming or bothering people, then those specific people should not be allowed skate at LOVE park. Dont punish all skaters by banning them just for a few people.
Monica Kendall, Clarksville, TN [02-17-2004]

When kids are old enough to go out and skate they want to go where they see the skaters in movies. It isn't fair to let some people skate at a place then close it to future skaters. It is like giving food to some people and saying that there isn't enough for the other millions of people.
Mike L.T., Pompton Lakes, New Jersey [02-17-2004]

Tyler Freas, Kingston Pa. [02-17-2004]

Melissa Quigley, Cinnaminson, NJ [02-17-2004]

I think skateboarding should be allowed in LOVE park, as long as it does not destroy or deteriorate the surrounding structures (peeling rails, broken concrete, damaged buildings/monument, etc.) Many kids have no place to skateboard, whether they have unpaved neighborhoods, restricted skateboarding in communities/neighborhoods, or parking lots/sidewalks that ban skateboarding.
Samantha Davis, Waldorf, Maryland [02-17-2004]

i dont live here but ihere its great ya know if you bane skateing there you you ruin some other type of property
trent gresham, mesquite,tx [02-17-2004]

Free Love, I haven't skated it but i get my lisence soon and im going to drive down and skate. Free Love.
Brett McCartney, Canada [02-17-2004]

Love Park is world renown as a great skate spot. It brings in a lot of tourists who spend their hard-earned cash around the city. With the right regulation, everybody could be happy with a skate friendly environment.
Shawn Mayer, Point Pleasant NJ [02-17-2004]

Although i live so far away from Philadelphia or USA. Losing the lovepark still touched my me.When i started skateboarding one of the first spots in videos,that i saw was LOVE. I'm shure that much more peoples came to love park for skateboarding than to see the than to see architecture or something...And you should remember that those guys who skated there were professional skateboarders.That is their job.Just like you are greedy politian or something like that. Luv4LOVE...
Ville Jokinen, FINLANd [02-17-2004]

i skateboard and i love it i do it everyday when i get a chance. i have always seen love park in movies and it was a dream of mine to go there and skateboard.
matt fluhr, glastonbury ct [02-17-2004]

i hate the fact that we the skateboarders made that park able to go into because before their were big time drug dealers. and not even a thirty year old man would step foot in the park. until skateboarders started boarding there and liek little kids teenagers all people who skated at that park are the reason that love park was accesible for the community because we the skateboarders drove out pretty much all of the drug dealers and some of crime away from love park i just want the city and all the other people say like the cops or the citizens anyone should know that we were the one's that helped love park able to be accesible to everyone younge or old. we the skateboarders should get our park back because if it wasn't for us the love park of today would still be the same with all the crime bums and drug dealers just think about that. I think that it is bull that they will shut down one park for a "city ordinance" that is barely a crime. Love park has so much coverage that before it closed i was thinking about flying down there just to skate that park. FREE LOVE
kevin j. faris, tualatin,OR [02-16-2004]

Skate boardin is like my life and kike i love it so yeah i think i should like be able to skate at like love park
Brian, Philadelphia [02-15-2004]

I think the LOVE Park should re-open and STAY open. I don't really understand why they banned it in the first place? SKATEBOARDING RULES!
Heather Roman, Shaw AFB, SC, USA [02-15-2004]

free love the park has neevr got more use then thru skateboarding. people came from all over the world to skate that park. bring it backkk
JONAS BEVILAQUA, pompton lakes, nj 07442 [02-15-2004]

If other people can trash that park with soda cans and stuff, why not let us skaters do it with our boards?
Drew Spear, Memphis TN USA [02-15-2004]

Let us skate
Kaleb Yetter, Havana IL USA [02-15-2004]

I think that it is bull that they will shut down one park for a "city ordinance" that is barely a crime. Love park has so much coverage that before it closed i was thinking about flying down there just to skate that park. FREE LOVE
Matt Gottwig, Olympia, WA [02-15-2004]

i am not even from philli but people have to realize how much this effects skateboarding! banning skateboarding has become the latest trend, why not condone it? baseball is a past time, it's past its time and its showing that alternative sports are on the move and have been and will not stop! if there is any way for me to be further involved i am all for it! email me away with info on how to help!
Robert T. Du Bree, connecticut [02-15-2004]

skateboarders should absolutely be allowed to skate here i dont get the point of this harassing us skateboarders alls we wanna do is get some runs in and have fun we would never deliberately destroy or grafitti anything and to all the jerks who mess it up for us yopu can all be executed for all i care
tom, mckeesport pa [02-15-2004]

Although i've never skated love park i have heard amazing things about it. anyone who has ever skated knows where love park is. but wheres the love in philly if they are killin love park?
Nick Harmon, Ashburn, VA [02-15-2004]

we should be able to skate at love park because it is not hurting anyone and skating is not a most parts of the world
caleb davis, Aroura, Colorado [02-15-2004]

I was there this past week with my Fiance'... It's a shame there busting skaters and ruining the joint, I'm just glad I got to see it before they really tear it up like the heathans anti-skaters they are.
Kyle Gerardi, Raleigh, NC [02-15-2004]

i have skate love and it is so smooth and real. keep it alive!
chris knipp, baltimore maryland [02-14-2004]

it sickens me and i just dont get love
lina, nj [02-14-2004]

faris sayar, tennessee [02-14-2004]

i think love park i perfect for skatebaording
mike, washington [02-14-2004]

Free Love Park!
Tim Forsthoffer, South Amboy, NJ [02-14-2004]

FREE LOVE PARK! I skated it once and it rocks! I WANNA GO BACK SOMEDAY!
Dan Quinones, New Jersey, united States [02-14-2004]

i skated LOVE park once, but Im not going to get all freaked out like others and show how impressive I was. I think its bulls* what happened and eventually the native philly skaters will get their turf back.
Davey, brick, nj [02-14-2004]

don't do this!free the love!
kamil, poland [02-14-2004] guys gotta give us SOMEWHERE to skate! my god! if you dont want us ruinging public property like benches, curbs, handrails...then give us a place where we accually can have fun! would you rather us go to drugs and killing? or have simple, harmless fun skateboarding...think about it
kari, havertown, pa [02-14-2004]

nathaniel cardoso, ontario, [02-14-2004]

love park is the best, it brings a lot of good things to philadelphia and very few bad ones, it brings business to all of the close stores and is a great place for the youth today to express theirselves.
shiloh francis, west jordan, utah [02-14-2004]

Love park rocks let it free!
Ashton Scarboro, Knightdale N.C [02-14-2004]

love park is all phiadelphia has that is a actual skate place where you dont run over people all the time,if they would to open love back up and set it as a skate area it would help everyone.
gary bartnik, red lion,pa [02-14-2004]

Love Park is a landmark of skateboarding. It should belong to the skaters and I hope to one day skate there myself. I think its time that America stopped taking its anxt out on youth instead of addressing the true issues that concern America. You dont see people outlawing basketball or hockey, skateboarding isn't any different and wouldn't be vandalizing if there were places to do it such as Love Park. So in the words of Suicidal Tendencies "I'm not crazy! Institution! You're the one who's crazy! Institution!"
Idan Beck, Ithaca NY, Cornell University [02-13-2004]

free LOVE.
spencer ellington, Victoria BC, Canada [02-13-2004]

Rebecca Friedenberg, Philadelphia, PA [02-13-2004]

open it up dammit!
Dane Pierce, Lake Worth, Fl, USA [02-13-2004]

dude love is an icon. open it back up so we dont do bad stuff
vinnie, california [02-13-2004]

Love Park is a skateboarding monument, should never be closed, free love park!
Mark Smith, NF, Canada [02-12-2004]

stop the hate & let us skate
Danny Carlson, Batesville, AR [02-12-2004]

Man your taking away there life let skaters be skaters if take away LOVE PARK you take away our lives. Love to skate, skate to LOVE. skater 4 life
Brandon Kilpatrick, Batesville AR USA [02-12-2004]

Shane, Spring Lake Heights, New Jersey, United Sates [02-12-2004]

we all need somwhere to skate let the sk8ters keep this park
michael C, Fallston N.C [02-12-2004]

hey man i like what you guys are doing and hope you guys succeed because if i dont there when im better at skating im going to pissed so power to the people
colin manuszewski [02-12-2004]

When recreational activities become crimes, participants become criminals. DO NOT criminalize our youth. Skateboarding is not a crime. -Concerned citizen and mother
Jennae, Tucson, AZ [02-12-2004]

LOVE park ROCKS it needs to be freed LOVE
Thomas Contarino, Mickleton, NEw Jersey [02-12-2004]

lee hunter, crystal falls MI [02-12-2004]

I am the father of Stevie Williams, the skateboarder who helped make Love Park famous. He and I are in the process of finalizing the creation of a skateboard foundation that will purchase skate boards for under-privilgded children in the area to be donated. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
steven Lassiter, 4153 stirling st. Phila, Pa. 19135 [02-12-2004]

Hmm, what I wont to say ?? Oh, I know, just FREE LOVE PARK !
Lucas, Poland [02-12-2004]

I've allways dreamed of one day visiting love park and skate the same piece of history that i've seen so often in videos, and i know there are thousands like me that feel the same. Skaters make love park safe, go talk to one, there the nicest people u'll ever meet, cos they have such a posotive thing in there lives. Free Love park.
Ben Tupper [02-12-2004]

free love park because the goverment belives the only thing worthwhile in america is a gun and the willingness to kill on his order. free love!
John Mullen, Basking Ridge, NJ [02-12-2004]

i think some time in the near future, hundreds.... hell, thousands, of us skaters should gather at LOVE sit there and refuse to move until some kind of compromise is made. how about february 28th? i dunno just a stupid idea that probably wont make a difference or even take action. o well.... share the LOVE, free LOVE PARK. SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME, so why are we being punished for doing it. where is the love?
brit, jersey [02-12-2004]

the controversy over
brit j., burlington, nj [02-12-2004]

free love park
matt hager, england [02-12-2004]

i can not believe what they did to this park! for what, to give bums a place to drink and smoke pot in peace, whatever! free love park!
sharolyn stanley, spring, tx [02-12-2004]

just let the skateboarders skate and have fun they are not bothering anybody
ernest lane, florenc s.c. [02-11-2004]

free love!
jarid depuy, barrington, illinois [02-11-2004]

rhiannon, philadelphia pa united states of america [02-11-2004]

I have never skated LOVE but have seen lots of vids and pics from the park. Some of the best i can think of is the Habitat team and the Alian Workshop team. I would hate to never see more fotage from there!
Keith Lyons, 3519 Hill Forest TRL Acworth GA 30101 [02-11-2004]

Love Park is one of the most awesome places I have ever skated.
Anthony Sittenauer, Las Vegas, NV [02-11-2004]

let em skate and bike its neat to see them do it
andrew [02-11-2004]

Make love free you guys!
David Gratiot, Traverse City Michigan [02-11-2004]

i say love park should be free!
Geena, horsham [02-11-2004]

Ben North, Niskayuna NY [02-11-2004]

Tim green, Shrewsbury, England [02-11-2004]

ive nvr bin to LOVE park but u dont really need to to realize that love park is a symbol to everyone who skates its one of the best spots out there yeh ive nvr bin there but still if i cud i wud f* pigs tryin to stop me. a pro can go skate there an AM can go skate there sum f* random kid whos got a hobbie cud go skate there free love park cuz its more then a park its a symbol to everyone who rides
Graham, Toronto, Canada [02-11-2004]

skate in the park any ways
michael cheslock, blanco, texas [02-11-2004]

i heard mayor street is a f*.. not sure but one thing i know for sure is that hes a f* idiot.. closin love is one of the worst decisions that d* b* made i hope it hurts phillys economy by haaving less tourists wich it will so he finally gets convinced to reopen it.. he has the nerve to have the x games in philadelphia act like hes into it,, lettin kerry 180 over his g* a* sittin on a scooter.. and then and turn around and slap all the skateboarders in the face... THE PARK IS STILL THE BUT WHERE IS THE LOVE???
RDG>>kyle, reading pa [02-11-2004]

love the greatest it brought skatebording where it is now
dillan pierce, albertville al [02-11-2004]

yo free that s* up...chill
Bill, Upper Darby [02-11-2004]

Free Love Park! its a spot for the people all over the world! It was so great there!
Florian Bräunlich, Erfurt, Germany [02-11-2004]

I think you should let them skate.
Jae, ca [02-11-2004]

Skaters from all over the world wish they could live here. Why, you ask? The answer is LOVE Park. Once they take away the heart of Philly, they take away our spirit. We must skate LOVE!
Fred Meder, Philidelphia, PA [02-11-2004]

Let us f* skate!
Davis Kane, Jamison PA [02-11-2004]

i love love park i grew up watching bam and kerry getz skate it.
alex ridlon, georgia [02-11-2004]

open the damn park because in the end skaters will win
Raymond Zane, East Greenwhich, NJ [02-11-2004]

love park is a place where skateboarders are entitled to go why not let them do there thing
kuba rygal, canada [02-11-2004]

John B., Oklahoma City [02-11-2004]

sk8 at love park it is something to do for thekids
dope smith, mesquite,nevada [02-11-2004]

free love b*
Jake Humes, Hudson OH. [02-11-2004]

LOVE park has no love unless you can skate with out gettin a damn fine!
Jaron Cassidy, nyc [02-11-2004]

free love park b*
Elliot Stobart, leeds [02-10-2004]

skaters mad love park what it is 2day. it used to be all drug dealers and crap and then we cam along and made people able to walk by wit out bein afraid. people some to love and city hall just to see skaters. and now that love is gone to skaters it is even uglier then it was. now its a bunch of ugly ass benches and planters wit piss stains all over them. so i think all the ugly junk should be takin out and i can really picture the tourism of philly goin up just by openin love back up to us. FREE LOVE!
matt fisher, roslyn, PA [02-09-2004]

just let them skate
dylan, melrose, MA [02-09-2004]

Bryan Nadrowski, Spring Lake Heights, NJ [02-09-2004]

antoine coutu, montreal.qc.can [02-09-2004]

I think that people should be able to skateboard at love park. I see so many pros there and just kids that have fun there. For some its a hang out and for some its a session spot. But I think that there can be some sort of comprimised worked out so that we can all skateboard there. Ive always wanted to go there and hopefully see Kerry Getz or Bam Margera. I think it's a lot better to have children skateboard in a safe envirment that is in a well section off part of philadelphia rather then have them on the streets. I hope this can be worked out because I for 1 would like to skateboard there one day.
Alan Sencich, ontario [02-09-2004]

yeah i think y0u should def. make it..
Niki Nolte, Clarksboro, New Jersey [02-09-2004]

Marie Wufsus, Drexel Hill,PA [02-09-2004]

they shgoudl reopen love park becuase it kept skateboarders out of the streets
lori smith, bristol pa [02-09-2004]

David Daise, Upper Marlboro, MD [02-09-2004]

Keyana Kirnon, Florence, South Carolina [02-09-2004]

free love park!
TREVOR YPMA, grand rapids, michigan [02-09-2004]

trevor thompson, milford CT [02-08-2004]

i skated love park a few times dont do nuthin to it
nick accordino, clarksboro [02-08-2004]

Zach Britton, Spring Lake Heights, NJ [02-08-2004]

we should be able to skate there
Billy Aromando, spring lake height NJ [02-08-2004]

Jamie, New Jersey - Penns Grove [02-08-2004]

Mike Skoptsov, Seattle, WA [02-08-2004]

Amanda K., Woolwich Twp. New Jersey [02-08-2004]

James Bender [02-08-2004]

free love park
Ruthanne Hillary, Abington [02-08-2004]

free love park!
Shana Katz, Abington, PA [02-08-2004]

free love park, let them skate
Nina, New Jersey [02-08-2004]

Free Love Park, It is one of the most recognized spots for skateboarding, Making it illegal to skate there is not only unjust, but also very stupid cause of what they are doing to the kids and people that skated there everyday.
Sean Rash [02-08-2004]

Jackie Aiken, Thorofare, NJ [02-08-2004]

Caroline, Spring Lake Height NJ 07762 [02-08-2004]

Krys Gallgher, Mickleton, NJ [02-08-2004]

skateboarders use love park more than anyother visitors, its one of the best places to skate and it shouldnt be non-skateable
Anthony Cocuzza, Fairfield, NJ [02-08-2004]

Im not a skater girl..but i heard free love is a great place to go in philly and hang out and i dont think the mayor should shut it down..FREE LOVE PARK! <3
Bethany, New Jersey [02-08-2004]

free love park
Hannah, Nj [02-08-2004]

Free love Park!
Cait Walsh, nj [02-08-2004]

free love park
Myrissa McAndrews, Woolwich, New Jersey [02-08-2004]

free love park
Alli, Richmond Virgina [02-08-2004]

KYLE WOODWARD, usa [02-08-2004]

i love this park ive only been there once but i know tons of my friends have been there way more then me please keep it! for the kids of the USA!
Daniellle I, nj [02-08-2004]

open the park back up so we can skate. i love the park it is such a good place to ride.
joe haney, harrisburg pa [02-08-2004]

Love Park should be open to skaters because if it isnt they are just gonna keep coming back and hassleing the police. Street is a weiner.
Brendan Magarity, Oreland, PA [02-08-2004]

Rob Feeley, Boston, MA [02-08-2004]

Skateboarding in Love Park was a wonderful thing greatly appreaciated not only by thousands of skateboarders from all around the world but also by many citizens of Phillidelphea who loved to spend time watching and enjoying the skateboarders. Skateboarding in Love was a positive constructive athletic activity in a safe place. It's better to have kids skateboarding than out doing drugs, which from what I hear drugs arn't to hard to get your hands on in Philli. Doesn't the city think thats a bigger problem than people hanging out, exorsizing, having a good time? Mabie the city is just to lazy to deal with the real problems! Baning skating at Love shows the world that Philli does'nt care about it's tourism, does'nt care about kids, and does'nt care about it's own citizens!
Alex DeMarco, Chicago, Illinois [02-08-2004]

free love park!
Shane Olsen, Mickleton, NJ [02-08-2004]

I used to take my son with me to Philadelphia on my business so he could skateboard at LOVE park. But he doesn't even want to go anymore.
Christopher Kliefoth, cabin John, md [02-08-2004]

The only reason I ever went to philly with my friends was to skate Love.
Tyler Hagan, Roanoke, Va [02-08-2004]

Love Park was the whole reason me and all my friends went to Philly all the time. Now it's just some stupid place for people to sits, no exercise offered.
Campbell Kliefoth, cabin John, md [02-08-2004]

i may only live in wisconsin and just about every place here is illegal to skate. skateboarding to some people is how they make a living. if you were to close this park to skateboards then thats would be like taking away some peoples jobs. and love is one of the best places to skate ever. so if you think with you heart how much does it really hurt to reopen LOVE park to skateboarders. I would be very happy if you were to reopen love park, but not only me all other skaters around the world.
Peter Balow, racine, wisconsin, U.S.A. [02-08-2004]

Some of the best photo shoots and the best skaters come out of LOVE park. I've never been there, but its a dream of mine. The best is yet to come. Free LOVE!
Declan Dyer, Brookfield, WI [02-08-2004]

please free it!
Tom Gorelik, Amherst MA [02-08-2004]

Just Kidding i am actually really good, free love
Matt Komar [02-08-2004]

free love kids need a place to skate away from traffic and danger love park is perfect for that
pat zuzulock, national park new jersey [02-08-2004]

get up there love park, i will skate there one day
Grav Vincent, hampshire, England [02-08-2004]

Just read Noel Weyrich's thumbs-down assessment of allowing skateboarders back into LOVE Park. These four quotes strike me as particularly stupid: "...half the thrills come from messing with something that doesn't belong to you." "In an incident that went unreported in the papers last spring..." "...does anyone seriously believe these are the young people we want to keep?" "...none of the people who actually use LOVE Park are clamoring for the return of the skaters."
Mitch Deighan, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia [02-08-2004]

keep rippin'
Emily, Brookfield, WI [02-08-2004]

open that s* back up yo
Joel Mueller, brookfield, wi USA [02-07-2004]

Skateboarding is my life, one of my dreams was to skate LOVE Park some day. So thats y i signed this. I'll tell all my friends...
Pat Alberts, Milwaukee, WI [02-07-2004]

i looking for love in va and cant find it
danny lee, 2419 aragon st lyncjburg va 24501 [02-07-2004]

Peter Rescorl, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [02-07-2004]

Free Love park man! I have never been there... But i want to go there sometime,So Free love park! Skate for ever! laters. . .
Lasse, Norway Drammen konnerud [02-07-2004]

I would like to learn how to ollie and then skate their.
Matt Komar, Edison, NJ [02-07-2004]

I have never skated love, but I would like to.
Joe, Edison, NJ [02-07-2004]

mike capotrio, maple glen, PA, 19002 [02-07-2004]

not sure. but love is better than hate
Howard Moran, cincinnati ohio [02-07-2004]

chelsea, lehighton, PA [02-07-2004]

Love Park desperately needs life! It has been open to the public for like 40 years, and over that course in time, it has only been influenced by skateboarders. It would be most world-renonwed now, or some time shortly in the future, if it were to re-open, because then people would take advantage of the park in a positive way, because we would finally have a chance to skate there again. And hopefully they would remove those s* pink benches and those shitty wooden benches, flower pots, etc. and clean it up and make it look the way it did, back in the 90's, again.
Pete Baraldi, 336 Derwyn Rd. Lansdowne, Pa. 19050 [02-07-2004]

Im going to be moving to Philadelphia and I want to skate that s*
luke carmignani, san fransisco, ca [02-07-2004]

Free the park. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain... skaters spend money too. $$X$.
Kevin Elam, Torrance, CA [02-07-2004]

jason, pe253py [02-07-2004]

free love park! its only a f* skateboard its not a gun u p*
JEREMY SHELTON, sunnderland ontario canada [02-07-2004]

Skate everything. Its a free country.
James Ivey, Lutz Florida [02-07-2004]

I skated love and it was the best place ever untill i got my board comphensated free love
Paul james [02-07-2004]

Free love! This park brings skateboarders from all different states together and if skateboarding was legal there would be more income in stores in that area and it would be good for the tourism.
andrew tumbusch, aovn, indiana, USA [02-07-2004]

if you take out love park skaters will just go different places and cops will have to do more work. Love park is great for the skateboarding community.
Myke Dennis, cleveland, ohio [02-07-2004]

free love biatch!
dave despres, montreal qc [02-07-2004]

f-r-e-e l-o-v-e
Chris Schaefer, Charlottesville, Virginia, United States [02-07-2004]

dont destroy love park, its a non-living symbol of fun, happyness and most of all "love." tearing it down would take all that away from the world and also the skateboarding comunity. the best example of this is the "emb" that was in san fran. we lost that because of the law. it was just as important as love park. dont make the same mistake again!
mike yoakum, delaware ohio USA [02-07-2004]

Free LOVE park so i can get my friend sponsored god dammit!
Tim, Jersey [02-07-2004]

I hope to someday be able to go to philly and to skate love park. I also hope that I won't have cops crawling all over me and me and other skaters will be able to skate it freely
Ben, Virginia [02-07-2004]

I am 13 years old, and one of my lifelong dreams was to skate LOVE. And now its gonna be taken away? yeah right! IM FIGHTING FOR LOVE PARK!
Aaron Pennington, Hickory, NC [02-07-2004]

I'm 15 & don't skate but this sounds like a buncha power freak cops hasslein kids that just wanna skate. Free Love Park
colin barnes, richmond, virginia [02-07-2004]

First EMB,and now LOVE? What the hell is wrong with these people!
Eric, Florida [02-07-2004]

i myself have even been to phili but its part of phili's history and mine to as a skateboarder, LOVE to all free LOVE PARK
jimi vickery, richmond va [02-07-2004]

love is chill, u can go down there and jus bust out whatever....
mike galanti, norristown pa [02-07-2004]

Brett Goodyear, Florence South Carolina [02-07-2004]

Geoff Rowley, Huntington Beach, California [02-07-2004]

Micheal Lane, Florence, South Carolina [02-07-2004]

Jeremy Gibbs [02-07-2004]

Chris Cameron, Florence,South Carolina [02-07-2004]

free love park now!
jorge vazquez de la montaña, spain [02-07-2004]

Petition LOVE PARK this is a legend to us all and a dream for every skateboarder. i live in texas and it brakes my heart to here this is hapeening ! Free LOVE PARK Free LOVE PARK FREE LOVE PARK
Brendan Roberts, The Colony, Tx 75056 [02-07-2004]

i dont what was the point of takin love park away i mean it was our place to skate and be free. these cops keep on invading our s*. everywhere we go to skate some bodygaurd or someone comes takes tells us to go away or interupt us while we are in the middle of park was ment for us skaters.keep skateing alive,dont let it die
Devin Reinhardt, essex MD [02-07-2004]

Love park was a mecca. a mecca deystroyed. thats like taking away the muslims mecca, so skaters must do soemthing to win it back . i have had the chance to be in thepark presence. i will never forget it. Please restore LOVE Park
Josh Padarathsingh, Richmond, VA [02-07-2004]

open this place back up. LOVE was a gift to skaters all over so dont be dicks and ruin it. I see this place in soo many skate videos all over and one of my dreams is to skate this place.but i guess, philly aint got no LOVE
patrick pearson, virginia [02-07-2004]

yo who give a f* wha they stay we will ride in tell we dieFREE L E P A O V R K L E O V
james obd, burlintontwp [02-07-2004]

Love park defines Philly in the skate scene. It needs to be open .. its tons of spotlight for the city and a tourist spot for kids that love to go around to the best spots.
Chuck Daniel, East Stroudsburg, PA [02-07-2004]

Free that $#!*!
TJ walsh, Fort washington, PA [02-07-2004]

let it be free once again !
Doug Smith, 118 Chalfont Road Kennett Square PA [02-07-2004]

Tyler Steele, Philidelphia, PA [02-07-2004]

William Blew, Bridgeton NJ [02-07-2004]

Skateboarding in LOVE Park should be not be banned because it keeps the skaters in a good environment. It keeps many us out of trouble rather than being on streets doing some else. Be a skateboarder is a way of life and we need somewhere to do it.
Miguel Monge Jr., Los Angeles, California [02-07-2004]

ed bacon is my hero
Mike, philly [02-07-2004]

Love Park Should Be Free
David Ferreira, Tucson, AZ U.S.A. [02-07-2004]

let them skate there
Ben Hazzard, Bedford, Texas [02-07-2004]

Sandy Jose Almeyda, Bronx, NY [02-07-2004]

i love love
donovan campbell, 1201 midland ave #23 scarborough Ontario [02-07-2004]

dude ive never even been to phili but like every1 says its part of history and its part of mine as skater but you'll one day we put all you in nursing homes when you get old ''We The People'' of the future takover free LOVE you damn conformist ''LOVE'' to all
jimi vickery, richmond,va [02-07-2004]

This park should be free to skate
Kent Nelson, Detroit Lakes MN [02-07-2004]

I think there should be allowed skateboarding in LOVE Park
Mary Drennen, Lancaster, Pennsylvania [02-07-2004]

let love park free..!
Enrique Mendez, Dallas, Texas [02-07-2004]

I have dreamed of riding there and you've taken that away. This is life for us. What if someone took your family away from you,your love. Its the same for us. Skateboarding is our love and being looked on as criminals for doing what we love is wrong.
Hunter Reece, Centennial, CO [02-07-2004]

Love Park is a great place for the skateboarding community. You should let skateboarders use it for years to come and they will know that these were the grounds that their ancestors road on.
Mcfos Mcfos, Seattle, WA [02-07-2004]

Ive never even been to love park but i want to go and if people are able to go there walk, ride a bike, rollerskate then damnit we should be able to skateboard, skateboarding is what keeps love park safe and clean of drugs. Skating in love park is the only thing that People have traveled from all over the world to Philly for. They are destroyeing a world famous icon, it would be like tearing down the Taj Mahal. Come to your f*ing senses philly.
Colon, ct [02-07-2004]

Joe, Glenside, P.A., USA [02-07-2004]

LO GO VE is NE.....bring it back
andy sheldon, Ambler, PA [02-07-2004]

free love park!
bob price, vacaville ca [02-07-2004]

Good luck!
Messina Avants, Austin, Texas [02-07-2004]

Instead of building a new skatepark, why don't you restore love park and use the $800,000 to build a nice park for people to have lunch in.
anonymous [02-07-2004]

i don't skate it i bike it i love the ledges [free love]
steven, burlington twp. [02-07-2004]

Long Live Love Park. Don't let it die. This spot is a symbol of skateboarding history!
Andrew Martis, new york [02-07-2004]

the mayor sucks
Bryan Sears, Derby, Kansas [02-07-2004]

Lived in Philadelphia for two years and loved it. My 15 year old daughter was born there. My two sons are skaters here in California where we have MANY cool skateparks surrounding our neighborhood. These kids are athletes and it keeps them from becoming another FAT american kid!
Christine M. Tillemans, Laguna Hills, California [02-07-2004]

In all the best movies and magazine clips have had love park in them. After I saw Kerry Getz kick flip the philly fountain, I knew I had to skate there one day. Now it is just a pile of concrete. More people would skate there than walk there. Free love Park! Or ELSE!
Daniel B., Chicago,Illinois [02-07-2004]

I have always read magazines and saw dope skate videos with love park in them. I have always wanted to go. Now that i got my license it's closed. what kind of s* is that? FREE THE B*!
George Flannery, Chicago, Illinois [02-07-2004]

dan [02-07-2004]

iv never skated love park but iv seen it on lots of videos so iv seen how good it is to skate and i want the opertunity to visit one day in the future
dean scutt, england [02-07-2004]

open it back up!
zack orenick, louisville Ky [02-07-2004]

Jan Hetman, Wroclaw, Poland [02-07-2004]

I love this place.
David Schrimpshire, 15 Stonewall [02-07-2004]

i hope hope love park gets free i one day hope to shred it
Jason Edwards, fesdericksburg VA [02-03-2004]

I remember taking a road trip to love park with my friends the day before it closed, i will never forget having the chance to skate that great place. free it up!
wes hulstein, san antonio, tx [02-03-2004]

Daniel Razny, Queens, N.Y. [02-03-2004]

Love park is the best park ever made. Why do they take it away? I never skated there but I've seen lots of videos. The park is too great for skateboarding. Skaters who skate in the park really have a better time than those tourists that come for sightseeing. For them it's just another park. For skateboarders it's the best park there is. They only have to build another park in the area and all the people are happy. Free love park.
Lammert van der Wal, Netherlands [02-03-2004]

love park looks like a great place to skate and it would be hella cool to skate there one day
sean watson, renton,wa usa [02-03-2004]

Im doing a research paper on skateboarding in public places. I am a firm believer in the statement that skateboarding is not a crime. I have an interview with Steve Schneer in a couple of hours. Wish me luck.
Sarah Creamer, Boise, ID [02-03-2004]

Chris Zecco, Oakham, MA [02-03-2004]

free LOVE park
Jeff, phoenix, arizona [02-03-2004]

What is the first name of the park. LOVE! let show some and let us skate it again. SKATE TO LIVE< LIVE TO SKATE
Dan Bichsel, 3804 Dueber Ave Sw canton ohio 44706 [02-03-2004]

please free love
Joey Percia, RR2 Box 4031 Henryville PA [02-03-2004]

Free love park for skateboarders that arent old enough to drive there and havent been able to skate there. And for every skateboarder that goes there way more than the tourists.Love park is a skateboarding tourist attraction. We dont tell people that dont skate and are at the skatepark watching "GET OUT OF HERE" .
Josh Miller, Ft, Myers, FL [02-03-2004]

Nubbing Love Park is like nubbing by toliet, I need it.
Will Bobert, New York, NY [02-03-2004]

you should keep the park because it keeps kids off the street!
Eric O, baltimore maryland [02-03-2004]

douglas young, england [02-02-2004]

free love
liam hodge, england [02-02-2004]

james elliot, england [02-02-2004]

david woods, liverpool,england [02-02-2004]

love pak is a skateboarding landmark to us your destroying a piece of history. i've never even been there and i can tell you that love park brings way more skateboarding tourist than anyone, if you destroiy it the community will suffer a serious loss of profit because the percen of tourist would go way down in the area oflove park thank you vey much!
Joe Croteau, Sacramento ca [02-02-2004]

Love Park has become a big part of history in skateboarding. It seems that you cant find one skate mag without some skating in Love. That place is a heaven for us skaters. You have to understand that if you take that away from us, skateboarding will never be the same. And skaters are gonna skate there anyway so that just means more tickets for you guys to issue out for something that shouldnt even be considered a crime. Look at this petition and the people that skate. If there are that many people that care about it then its gotta be good. Just let us skate!
Jonny, dallas, tx [02-02-2004]

love park is nothing but a pile of concrete w/out people skating it...
mike callaghan, binghamton, NY [02-02-2004]

more peole would skate there than walk, use your head.
jeff stevens, glendale, arizona [02-02-2004]

Fabian Dagayday, Stroudsburg, PA [02-02-2004]

you seriously need to let love benefits the whole community because more skaterboarders come to visit philly to skate it then some out of country person form japan or somethin like wtf
matt, eaststroudsburg PA [02-02-2004]

Open it up again. I've only heard good things. It was closed before I could skate it.
madalee haines, coopersburg, PA [02-02-2004]

free love park!
cody voorhees, maplewood, new jersey [02-02-2004]

NICK [02-02-2004]

Jenna, hilliard ohio [02-02-2004]

Love Park should not be destroyed. It is a great tourist site.
Phil Waugh, Grand Haven MI, United States Of America [02-02-2004]

Make love park free
michael davis, Greer SC [02-02-2004]

let us skate its like the best skate spot in PA. all the other skate spots are okay but this is with out a doubt thee best if ya dont let us skate there were skate there anyway so just let us skate there everyone that justs sits in the park goes there to see the skaters.. i've made my point
Henry J., downingtown [02-02-2004]

Sean Coates, Montclair new jerzey [02-01-2004] supports the love all the way
Chris Maggiulli, Albany NY [02-01-2004]

Michael Hudson, Davisburg,Mi. USA [02-01-2004]

reopening love park would be the best thing in the world! so many great things have happend their.
jordan olsen, portland OR [02-01-2004]

Keep love park.. if you tear it down, you are ruining skateboard history
AJ [02-01-2004]

Love Park is g* and it is gone. Accept it. Maybe if your f* kids would throw away your little "sk8er thug" attiude people wouldn't hate skaters so much and the park would not be torn down.
Does it matter, Canada [02-01-2004]

Karen Jasinski, Philadelphia, PA [02-01-2004]

Being a skateboarder means living in temporary freedom. The first "LOVE Park" of my town is banned and now the second is being threatened, if not already banned. A skate spot is a place to build memories and enjoy the freedom of skating but it can be taken away so easily.
John Forse, Baytown, Texas [02-01-2004]

if u take love away ur not just taking concrete away ur taking dreams and fun away. skaters made love park safe. if someone sees some scrawny little kid skating around not afraid then why should they have to worry about drug dealers and violence if they want to cross.
stevie genualdi, morristown NJ [02-01-2004]

hey everyone assotiates skateboarders with trouble. thats not true ya know? skateboarding grew to popular to ignore so what? this is what: we take it away, we take the very best of east coast skating and destroy it. selfishness. just because the skatepark doesnt help you or you dont gain some profit from it you close it down. selfishness
Maycee Duke, west palm beach [02-01-2004]

I remember when I first skated love. It was so sick. We skated the double trashcans off the high ledge thingy, it was so fun. Man that place was so good. Then when I heard it was closed, I was like wow, these people are really that gay. Just open the god damn thing, make it a skate park if you have to.
Kyle Knoblauch from G-spot Skate Shop, Bucks County P.A [02-01-2004]

Michael Stevens, Massachusetts [02-01-2004]

a regular public park made world famous by skateboarders. thats gotta be a good enough reason to freeLOVEpark.
david mccabe, northern ireland [01-31-2004]

i have seen dozens of skateboarding films featuring the legendary love parks and I think its a shame that just beacause some idiot politition doesn't like skaters he will cost the city of philadephia 800,000 on an already stretched out budget causing local skaters to go to local skaters public skaters to get fined for skating on public property.
trevor brader, tacoma washington usa [01-31-2004]

Yisrawayl Goodwin, Philadelphia, PA, USA [01-31-2004]

the best footage is made there andother stuff
colin, fort lauderdale florida [01-31-2004]

LOVE rox it out man dont f**k with it man so many pro skaters go there peace out LEGIT TRIX IN NORTH BAY
Andrew, north bay ontario canada [01-31-2004]

While the skating of Love Park was loved by the skating community, it was well-known that it was not allowed. Skaters were kicked out of the park daily. But this was definitly not a legit reason to destroy the skating heaven. The annialation of this defenceless park was a crime to the skating community and world. RIP Love Park
Jimmie Hendrickson, Columbus, Ohio [01-31-2004]

although i'v never skated love park before, i am determind to someday. with the considerably large population of skaters in Phily if love dies skateboarders will seek other spots and them companies will hire more security cops, thus costing the city money. if we are forced to skate elsewhere benches, rails ect will have to be bot and replaced. There is no good that can come from the destruction of love park .
JOE-age 13, phoenix az [01-31-2004]

This park is significant to skateboarders worldwide. FREE IT.
Matt Shumaker, Dublin, Ohio [01-31-2004]

LOVE park is all just a big gathering for people to see what skateboarding is all about.
Mark Weatherford, Fayetteville, NC [01-31-2004]

free love for all!
Becky Solomon, Philly, PA (currently CO) [01-31-2004]

Will Didier, Platteville, WI [01-31-2004]

very good moment
budi Juanda, indonesia [01-31-2004]

Love park is life for the skater! Go big forever!
Marco Silvestre Pina, Modna Italy [01-31-2004]

Rob Kay, Chesterfield Mi [01-31-2004]

kristyn, il [01-31-2004]

Reopen LOVE Park to skateboarders. NOW!
Eric Pitt, Chicago, IL [01-31-2004]

The park would be nice without you hooligans wrecking it with your skatboard. Geez! :( :(
Natalie Keene, Fairbanks, Alaska [01-31-2004]

love park was very sick place to skate....i learn a load of tricks there....the best part about the place was that u could find a professional there just about everyday...i just dont see how they can take the love out of love park like that... peace
matt moran, bridgeport, pa [01-31-2004]

the amount of money that the city gets from skateboarding should be used to make a park elsewhere and reopen love park to skateboarders
alan bird, australia [01-30-2004]

Don't close love park to skateboarders its a part of our history present and future.
marcin, Chicago Illionois usa [01-29-2004]

Sterling Cole, Blackstone, VA [01-29-2004]

LOVE park isn't just a normal park, its a home to skaters, FREE love park.
chris, albuquerque new mexico 87112 [01-29-2004]

yeah iskated here when i was like 8 and i just wanted to skate here becuz i saw all the pros skating here and i wanted to be like them so i went and skated there it was probably one of the best places i've ever skated in my entire life(im now 11) but when it was ripped up i was so mad..... i couldnt believe it. i want the mayor maybe some stupid volunteers that wanna get paid a nickel to help fix up love park so it would be both good for skating and for a hobo to eat his lunch fix it up! make it possible for us skaters to skate here cuz i wanna skate here so bad......
henry JOnes (mike m.'s friend), downingtown,Pa [01-29-2004]

free love park mayor street should give us love back . when people walked by we got out of there way . FREE LO PARK. THERES NO LOVE VE
greg miller, national park [01-29-2004]

the park was a wonderful outlet for young folks and skaters .....
doris gough, national park, nj, 08063 [01-29-2004]

Rob Ewing [01-29-2004]

Jason Bertone, Trenton, NJ [01-29-2004]

The city should do whatever it can to aid the youth. The city has been known all over the world for the Love Park, bring it back!
John Alexander, Doylestown, Pa 18901 [01-29-2004]

matt stankey, dublin, ohio [01-29-2004]

Closing Love Park to skateboarders is like closing the Vientam Memorial to Vietnam Veterans in Washington D.C. Love Park is like a symbol for skateboarding! Every time I see the famous Love Park sign I instanly think of skateboarding
Anthony Merrell, Lubbock, Texas [01-29-2004]

free it, skate it, rip it
ben hobson, portadown, northern ireland [01-29-2004]

The city is taking away what has attracted many tourists to Philadelphia. Skateboarders made LOVE park famous.
Art McAuliffe, Columbia, IL [01-29-2004]

There are so many other problems that dwarf skateboarding. Try and use your problem solving skills towards teen pregnacy, the homeless, drug addiction, or even heath care. With all that is taking place in this world, removing a band of skateboarders seems trivial to say the least.
Eric Lantto, Reno, Nevada [01-29-2004]

All we want is somewere hassle free to skate. Is that really too much to ask? Plus, any skate park or skate facility is going to be in use all year long. There is no off season in skateboarding. I can't even begin to fathom how many baseball feilds(which probably cost a lot more to build than a skatepark seeing as how we have no use for a big fancy light up scoreboard) Iv'e seen sitting idle in the middle of winter. Please bring back love park, it's stands as a beacon of hope for the most artistic and energetic youth subculture in the world, SKATEBOARDING!
Erik Turner, Puyallup WA [01-29-2004]

Tom Vincent [01-29-2004]

Spencer, Doylestown [01-29-2004]

If someone gets hurt from skateboarding, it was there choice to skate there. Therefore, EVeryone shouold be allowed to skateboard at love park.
joyce lee, Doylestown [01-29-2004]

free the parks! let them live!
Becky Goeller, Doylestown Pennsylvania [01-29-2004]

Andrew, doylestown [01-29-2004]

Kristie Parcel, Doylestown,Pa [01-29-2004]

LOVE park is a world wide skateboarding icon, it appears in so many videos and magazines. Even though i live on the other side of the world it still sucked when i found out that they shut LOVE. This legendary skate spot should stay open to skaters. What would the city of philly prefer - bums or boards. Free LOVE park!
Alan Daly, Adelaide, South Australia [01-29-2004]

the demolition of love park was completely unnecesary, that park was loved by so many people and now it's gone because some people had complaints about it it's completely wrong send my love to love park
Owen Valdez, Bellevue, Washington [01-29-2004]

Noah Winkler, Waterford, Wisconsin, United States [01-28-2004]

I've never actually skated love park. Infact i live on the other side of the world but Love Park is such an important place to skateboarders. It is like Mecca. It is legendary. To remove skateboarders there would be like taking cars off the roads. Skateboarding was made at Love Park. Skateboarders have claimed it as their own and they should have the FREEDOM (what america supposedly fights and stands for) To skate it. Riding around on a plank of wood hurts no one. Skateboarding is no crime.
Woods, New Zealand [01-28-2004]

love rocks bring it back be cool peeps
brain mcrae, havertown pa [01-28-2004]

i basically lived in love park cause i was at love like every day and like ever since the rule was made that you cant skate there ive got chaced out more there than every were else i skate put together. well they got to understand is that kids are never gonna stop skating there! so they should just let us skate it again legally.
Andrew DiTomo, philadelphia, PA, United states [01-28-2004]

free love park
kevin bowie, ardmore pa [01-28-2004]

Show ur love, let us skate there. Its better than having kids out of the streets selling drugs and stuff. They're doing something positive and the city is just taking it away.
Tara Vopper, Philly [01-28-2004]

keep up the good work love will always be alive it will come back
tristen moss, sacramento,california [01-28-2004]

be reasonable, do the right thing, try harder-KEEP LOVE ALIVE
todd reid, sacramento, CA usa [01-28-2004]

have love for love park!
sean stout, Sacramento CA [01-28-2004]

Me and my friends were gonna skate love once we turned 18, and obviously we can't do that now. But we shall find a way. FREE LOVE PARK!
Mustafa -=-AKA-=- Ryan, h-town [01-28-2004]

Cristina & Emily [01-28-2004]

skateboarders need a place to skate where they are safe from traffic. SO REOPEN LOVE PARK.
joshua dixon, okc,ok [01-28-2004]

Love park is amazing I was able to 50-50 and crooked the ledge and kick flip off the ledges, so make it a skatepark!
dnc, Ny [01-28-2004]

Romek Garliński, Wroclaw Poland [01-28-2004]

I belive skating should be any where and the park should become a fultime skatepark because the skaters need a place to do that just like football they play on a field and basketball player's need a court and skater's need a skatepark.
Zach Henning, Delta, Pa [01-28-2004]

I would one day like to skate LOVE park but due to someones lack of democracy i will probably never ever skate in the one place i dream of skating. Thank you America
Tom Wilkinson, Jersey, C.I, United kingdom [01-28-2004]

i think we should be aloud to skate love park ive skated it a couple of times and got three 50 dollar fines but it is worth it . it is aganst the law to skate but the bums are aloud to smoke crack use herion and piss everywhere but please do not skate. f* the city cops and we shall prevail love will be freed.
dave gates, ocean city maryland usa [01-28-2004]

My first time i skated at love was my dream come true...i landed my first 360 down a 5 stair there...also my first b/s tail slide there down a bench slanted on a four...R.I.P Love Park.
Alex Prentice [01-28-2004]

Love park is in like every skate video ive seen its a legend save it!
David Petrone, Ajax Ontario [01-28-2004]

ive been skating for quite a while now, and i havent gotten to skte LOVE park... it loks wicked and i think that for all the people that skate should have the opprotunity to skate it, its a historical spot in skateboarding ... i just hope one day ill be able to skate it without any hassle form cops and securtiy gaurd... only 4 words FIGHT FOR LOVE PARK!
Drew De Luca, Ajax, Ontario, Canada [01-28-2004]

FrEe LoVe.
Mike Stales, philadelphia, pa. [01-28-2004]

Bob Ellis, Havertown, Pennsylvania [01-27-2004]

I skate Love all the time, its not right to us skaters for love to be taken away from us. Its not our fault that philly has a gay ass mayor and only understands his way of looking at things but love is a legand, it is history and to take that away from us is like taking away all of the famous art musams in the world. To some they can care less about tem but to others they mean the world to them. Thats how love park is to us skaters. FREE LOVE PARK!
Rob Ghisu, Philly [01-27-2004]

In 2001 5 of us set out from Austin Texas on a road trip to skate Boston NYC and Philadelphia. WHen we got to PHilly, we went straight to love park. We drove by and people were skating. BY the time wwe parked the car and arrived at Love to skate, some park/security/marshal type had cleared the spot. We moaped around looking at what looked like the best spot that I never got to skate.
Jacob Borndal, usa [01-27-2004]

LOVE is a skate mecca. it needs to be freed. FREE LOVE PARK
James, phoenix, AZ [01-27-2004]

LOVE PARK was just plain sick to skate,it was the best place i ever skated
manny@csk8k, Camden NJ [01-27-2004]

settle the problem and just charge like a buck or somthin ta get in
JOHN ROSEMOND, ga. [01-27-2004]

to skate at LOVE was one of my goals for the future and now that probably wont happen all of me and my friends alway talk about goin there and now we cant that SUCKS!
danny m., canton ga. [01-27-2004]

free LOVE park!
david, ireland [01-27-2004]

Mary Bratcher, Humble,TX [01-27-2004]

skate=love=open park
Joe Kahler, New York [01-27-2004]

I have watched several skate videos of pros, Skating the famous "Love Park." This seems like a place that cant be gone to ruin. I think that it is a very good idea to have cafes, or some type of small business (the skateboarders will support i.e. buy food). Skatings isnt going to end people are still going to skate even if they get a 50 dollar ticket. Thanks : o
Jamie Nowell, Vienna, WV 26105 USA [01-27-2004]

The City of Brotherly Love? "Love" Park? The city sure doesn't see it that way. Love is a place where skateboarders can express themselves and the love that they have for their sport. If illegal activities increase, such as drug usage and violent crimes, I can understand that the city would be concerned about it, but its just skateboarding.
Thomas Bogle, Chandler, AZ [01-27-2004]

daniel, california [01-27-2004]

Love park should be open to all skaters its a historical monument in the skateboard atmospher. Love park is the best place to skate
justin zora, pittsburgh [01-27-2004]

Love park should be open to all skaters and not fruit booters. Love park is a dynasty for skateboarding, its the greatest park to skate.
john mcfarland, south park, pennsylvania [01-27-2004]

what would skateboarding be without LOVE park
James Broadard, millbury Ma [01-27-2004]

I think skateboarding at love park shouldn't be illegal because it causes many problems for skateboarders. we have to pay tickets or get arrested which takes up time and its pretty much pointless. its a piece of wood with wheels on it and its considered a crime for using it. the philly government should worry more about drugs,murders,etc more than giving skateboarders a hassle. i can understand that people don't like it when they are sitting in love park when a million skateboarders go by and make a lot of noise but there could be set times for us to skate there.
Andy Schmidt, Morristown NJ [01-27-2004]

i think its great could u send me the insurance information on the skate park so my town has an idea what to do
ed kelly, northern cambria [01-27-2004]

Yo, I got the same problems where i live. Nowhere to skate and a township that wont do anything but call the cops. Im all for a skatepark anywhere.
Jonathan Lamet, Dryden Mi, United States [01-27-2004]

Free Love Park, its one of the best places to sk8 and i wish to sk8 there in the future
Stuart Saunders, UK, Plymouth [01-27-2004]

Free Love. Let us only live once. Please let skaters have fun with our lives instead of deciding to preserve a few chips in the concrete.
Chad Gardner, Columbus, Ohio [01-27-2004]

let 'em skate. i've never skated love park and would love to be able to go there someday. i don't see why we can't work something out. hopefully someone will come up with some kind of middle ground soon.
Kevin Brooks, Glendale, AZ USA [01-27-2004]

This is bull s*. All we wanted was to skate. But again the cops hve to stop use its like ther sick pleasure or somthing man bring back love and any body who fills the e-mail me
billy harless, philly [01-27-2004]

love park is a place where skaters should be free to have fun and good times. the mayor says he doesntr want the park ruined but doesnt see that hes losing the sprot of skateboarding. it doesnt mater if theres a ban or not. people will still skate there, but its better when you dont have to watch your back for cops. i skate love almost everyweekend and have a great time.hopfully soon love wiull be free and well be able to skate its smooth surface freely
brian ohara, woodbury newjersey [01-27-2004]

brian ohara [01-27-2004]

love rules so does ricky oyola.FREE LOVE PARK.It a very good place.
aaron forjan, phoenix [01-27-2004] homepage

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