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December 15, 2003-January 25, 2004

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whats crackin homeslice
Eli Smith, Colfax, Washington [01-26-2004]

This park is the the best and so is skating i love it i practice like every day at are skate park dont close it for skating we need a nice place to skate
zach, morehead,ky,usa [01-26-2004]

As a skateboarder and a concerned youth I wish only to see acts like the tearing down of love park to end. If only the people who are in charge of this could open their minds a little and see how important and positive skateboarding is to kids and love park.
Darryl Collins, Norway, Maine USA [01-26-2004]

Isn't Philadelphia supposed to be the city of broterly love? What about skateboarders?
Brock Palmer, Chandler, AZ 85225 [01-26-2004]

Free Love.
Cal, North Shore, Massachusetts [01-26-2004]

free love park!
kian karamafrooz, sarasota, fl [01-26-2004]

skateboarders made love park what it is today so....let us skate it
jon b, philly [01-26-2004]

Keep Love park alive for all the skaters that have not got a chance to skate Love park I know I would one day keep on fighting and maybe we will all experience Love park and its greatness.
John Hyde, Surprise, Arizona [01-26-2004]

Love park will always be in hearts of skaters and should be for every skater. HAVE LOVE FOR LOVE PARK!
Karol, Poland [01-26-2004]

let em ride \________/ O O
chris speer, mesa arizona [01-26-2004]

I think the love park gave the kids in phillie a good basement to hang out, to chill, to enjoy skateboarding and to keep away from the streets and away from criminal activities. I do also enjoy skateboarding and I also dreamed always to skate once at the love park, and I hope this dream will come true. Because I think, dreams are for living, not for dreaming...
t. hauptmann, hamburg, germany [01-26-2004]

Free the hell out of Love Park
Bailey, Bristol, England [01-26-2004]

asa [01-26-2004]

Mike [01-26-2004]

although i wouldnt have expected anything more from mayor street, perhaps he'll learn to rub a couple brain cells together and realize what a big mistake he's made... free LOVE
john vohn, philadelphia, pa [01-26-2004]

Tax payers in Philly pay all the salaries of the goverment employee's(the mayor too!), so how can they tear down a place that their taxpayers(salary payers) want around? Sounds pretty childish on the mayors part. I think the mayor needs to grow up and listen to the people.
derek deac, phoenix,Az........Kansas City,ks [01-26-2004]

Keep Love park open for Skateboarders to enjoy!
Mark Carroll, Mesa Arizona [01-26-2004]

Love to skate, Skate at Love!
Trevor, Hilliard Ohio [01-26-2004]

Umm...I've never really skated ever...but like ALL of my friends do...y should't they be allowed to skate there?? People need a place to skate, like skate boards are getting taking away all the time cause people skate up in town, so y shouldn't they be allowed to skate there???
Rachel Belcastro, Doylestown, Pa [01-26-2004]

Kurt Saracini, Doylestown [01-26-2004]

Lovepark is the s* tell the pigs to f* off
Jesse Christie, St.Stephen N.b. Canada [01-26-2004]

Love Park just has an awesome skateboarding atmosphere.
zack sanner, Olean, New York, U.S.A [01-26-2004]

EVAN VERDINI, yardly pa [01-25-2004]

ive seen the love park and i think its cool
christopher, north carolina charlotte [01-25-2004]

skate love!
slawach, Croatia [01-25-2004]

Bring Love Back
Mark [01-25-2004]

Béla franklin, Poylestown PA, USA [01-25-2004]

Scott, hanover, Pa [01-25-2004]

LOVE isnt just a park in a city....its what our skateboarding community has gone by for years now, all we want is to have LOVE back. At least if people are skating LOVE, they wont be everywhere else in the city. If you care about people's thoughts and would bring and show the LOVE....LOVE park R.I.P. - Nick Knott
Nick Knott, San Jose, CA USA [01-25-2004]

i have a lot of friends that skate and they need a place to skate.
annie Sullivan, Doylestown [01-25-2004]

Hey I would like to see these skateboarders get their park back. I was very happy to hear that the Mayor was open-minded. As a skateboarder living where the nearest park is 1 hr. away, and not always having skate spots I know how much the park must mean to them. Thank you
Tony, usa [01-25-2004]

IM tired of everyone getting fines when you skate.... i have been skateboarding since i was 9 and i have gotten fines and i think its bull s*.. i want to skate in philly and new york with out the fines.. i say FREE LOVE PARK and for the cops to stop being p* and taking away kids fun and skateboards and most of all taking a way some of our lives.. -SK8 for life-
Ryan Nawn, Furlong, PA [01-25-2004]

i have never skated there but i have a lot of friends who have and i think it would be great to give them a spot to spend their time. its very pretty too, and they would learn to respect the park and the land it is on. :) .. thanks ` sophia
sophia migliorini, doylestown [01-25-2004]

Love park is a park. Its for the people to use. Our taxes go to help build it. Yet we can use it!?! Why should something we pay for be forbidden to us. And isnt a park for everyone!? People think skating is just a bunch of immature kids who wanna be assholes and piss everyone off. Well we dont we just wanna enjoy what we like to do. Why should we be forbidden from our park. That we paid for!
Greg Gant, Furlong, PA [01-25-2004]

natasha, ventura, ca [01-25-2004]

I started skateboarding a few years ago maybe about 2. I been to a lot of places in my life to skate and I didnt even get to skate Love Park But i been there by the time i even started to role on my board I was hassled by the police. That was even at 1 in the morning or something. I went up there for the Xgames 8. So many people are against skating around like I was at this hotel down the block from love. Right behind it was stair with ledge on the side it had skate blockers on it. Love park I heard it was made for skateboarding. I was walking around there and I was really amazed by how good it looked for skateboarding. How could you do that to the people of philly ruin love park for skateboarding. I asked the people around there at night what they thought of it. Some said Yeah it ruins the stuff but still Gives kids something to do and stay out of trouble and away from drugs and others said it looks really cool and fun. They are right. Keep skating alive. Dont let the cops tell you what to do. You tell them Skate or Die gangsta
Mike, Medford, New York [01-25-2004]

Casey, Bayport, NY [01-25-2004]

I'm 11 years old and I've skated love and it's a dream. Please let skateboarders skate in love park. All skateboarders will be greatfull. P.S. Let skateboarders skate city hall too.
Ryan Thompson, Doylestown,Pa [01-25-2004]

Adam Sprenkle, Mays LAnding, Nj [01-25-2004]

love park rocks
Jordan, Grandville, Mi [01-25-2004]

Love park is sweet
Ty Weaver, Grandville, MI [01-25-2004]

There are no places for skaters to go and skateboard. So why not have love park to be a place to skate. There's no harm in it
Iris Matthews, New Jersey [01-25-2004]

Kerry, Hi-nella, new jersey, usa [01-25-2004]

zach boyer, michigan [01-25-2004]

If Love Park is destroyed, it will inflict a serious wound to street skating. Skaters visiting Philly will go around searching for more privately owned spots to skate, ultimately destroying them. Keep Love Park alive, and give it to the skaters!
Peter Donohue, Richmond, VA [01-25-2004]

bring love back.
who cares, i just want love back, collingswood, NJ [01-25-2004]

hey im Zack, i think love park is a great place for skaters to go let them do it
Zack Brannon, east hampton, NY [01-25-2004]

Yeah well i think that thay should open love park up for the skaters again because thats were all the s* went down.That's where i learned everything i know by going there.Well good lucky and i hope we get it back
Scott Araujo, Philadelphia, PA Kensington [01-25-2004]

Rodney Mullen,Kareem Cambell,and Paul Rodreguiz kick ass big time for sure
Macivan, 5401 old nationall hwy college park, Ga [01-25-2004]

This kicks a$$
kai, Salem,OR,USA [01-25-2004]

Free Love park!, or else where will pros get their sick lines?
Matt Lev, Emerson, NJ [01-25-2004]

kevin, d [01-25-2004]

Wayne Hannon, Lawrencvill nj [01-25-2004]

Chase Manley, Arab,AL [01-25-2004]

Please open Love Park for Skateboarders! Thnks
Amie Hopkins, Huntsville, AL [01-25-2004]

Love park is known throught the world as one of the best street skateboarding spots. Before skateboarders, it was filled with a few pedestrians, but mostly bums. Look what it has turned into. Love park needs to be donated to the skateboarders of the world.
Spencer Hawkins, Oak Harbor, Washington [01-25-2004]

aric hondel, sacramento, ca [01-25-2004]

we need a sk8 park any where in new york by perry
jon goodwin, perry new york [01-25-2004]

perry is so gay because they dont let us sakte any were with out getting in trouble and they are putting skate stoppers every were and not letting us skate any were any more.
vinny lopez, perry new york [01-25-2004]

it should be legal to skate at love park cause more skateboarders go there in the summer time than any other normal tourists. You could ask any of the businesses if they wanted skateboarding banned, they'ed say "no!"
justin caniglia, omaha nebraska [01-25-2004]

This place has been the only real refuge for skaters in the Philadelphia area. Though I've only been there once to skate, it was an experience I'll never forget. I think it should be reopened to skaters and everyone. The park is based on love and segragating a specific group of people from it i not showing the love.
Tomi Ketcham, North East, Pa [01-25-2004]

it should be legal to skate at love park cause more skateboarders go there in the summer time than any other normal tourists. You could ask any of the businesses if they wanted skateboarding banned, they'ed say "no!"
justin caniglia, omaha nebraska [01-25-2004]

well i think its f* up how they city took the park away from sk8ers i mean look at all the different places that they could go and build a bigger or even better "love park" which in my mind means the best damn sk8 spot in the whole damn country i was wanting to go there after i graduated high school but that got f* up so i say we keep trying and one day we will get it back
Justin G, alabama [01-25-2004]

thank you guys nice to see someon cares about our art
phillip, washington [01-25-2004]

skateboarders made love park what it is, now they want to take it away, have you noticed no one in the park at all since they rebuilt it. Plus love has been a skate spot for the longest time so please let it be what it was and not what your trying to make it. Thanks
Alex Hogan, kent, WA [01-25-2004]

hell ya. love park, lets dig up the grave and skate Love again!it used to be "dead" cus it was always swarming well just give it back mother f*! FREE LOVE PLEASE.
classic [01-25-2004]

**** the police skate love park
paul, ca [01-25-2004]

I know yall have to let the kids skate there every day.they use to have a lot of fun skating there,so please let us skate love park,Please mayor let us skate love please.
miguel cruz, DAllas,TX [01-25-2004]

Love Park is the most PERFECT place to skate.nowhere in the world can get better than this place. Skateboarding made this park more famous than anything else. People came from ALL parts of the world, just to see and skate Love. FREE LOVE PARK
todd yurick, lake ronkonkoma NY 11779 [01-25-2004]

Where is the LOVE in Philly?
JAMES ROONEY, costa mesa california [01-25-2004]

free love park now! us skaters need a place to come together because if you think about it, we're all a big family and love park is exactly the right place. free love park cause skatebording is not a crime. its a way of living and its our job.
joey kekaualus, fortson georgia [01-25-2004]

Jon McCormack, Concord, NH [01-25-2004]

Michael McGettigan, Northeast Philadelphia, PA [01-25-2004]

bring it backkkkkkkk
nate, va [01-25-2004]

Love is recognizable due to skateboarding! To take away what has been given to such a glorious art is a shame...
Justin Matthews, Knoxville, TN [01-25-2004]

f* eveyone who dosent want Love park to be free!
steven brice [01-25-2004]

keep love alive
kyle gudbranson, bend, oregon. usa [01-25-2004]

Carolyn Funke, Ellicott City, MD [01-25-2004]

love park is the bomb boyz let em skate
colin (NATE) murphy [01-25-2004]

love is a place wit lots a love / love is a place from above / if we cant skate we will die / love gives us life so we dont cry / i <3 love park and love is my life / to the people that do not care / you should be ashamed from ripping us bare / free love park / cause i wanna skate there
gage jacobs, King of Prussia Pa [01-25-2004]

Brentley Broughton, Conway, SC [01-25-2004]

I live down in jersey and come to philly almost every weekend. me and 3 of my buddies drive up just to skate the world famous terrain there. Every time i go it makes me sick seeing the piss stained planters and nonsense renovations that were done to Love. Bring Love back and show tomorow's leaders that there is some regard left for them.
Chris Harris, North Cape May NJ [01-25-2004]

some black guy sent me this uhm...i support the park?
Christina, ny [01-25-2004]

Kamau, Columbia MD [01-25-2004]

i love skateboarding omg! lol!
George Dudley, Ellicott City, Maryland [01-25-2004]

Just like Vincent Kling said: "I built this place so that people could enjoy it. And that includes skateboarders." everyone should be able to use it in their own way. He's the builder of LOVE, so he has the decicion.
Becca, Pittsburgh PA [01-25-2004]

love park 4 ever peace
nicolas hautin, lille france [01-25-2004]

love rocks! |_ 0 \/ 3 |2 0 [ |< 5
Alex Skreen, Gresham, Oregon, United states of america [01-25-2004]

Free love park b*! Love is 1 of the best skate spots ever all you cops and b* ass security guards step off and free love O_o! Catastrophe Crew... F* THE POLICE :O
Nathan Hill, R.P.V cali usa [01-25-2004]

skateboarding is not only a sport, it's a healthy hobby that keeps many kids and teens away from drugs and violence. what's going to happen if they are denied local spots to skate?
Jessica Hill, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA [01-25-2004]

brandon, Torrance, Cali [01-25-2004]

Trey, Walton,Ky USA [01-25-2004]

Chris Davis [01-25-2004]

Dylan Chase [01-25-2004]

I want love park back so every one can skate agin together as a family wathin getz wenning kalis and of course stevie just f* kill it give us our love back R.I.P LOVE 4 EVA
tyler judyski, New Jersey [01-25-2004]

jorge simoes, lisbon, Portugal [01-25-2004]

I go up to philly 5 times a year to visit family and stuff like that. two years ago i was in philly skating love park and no one gave a crap. Some ppl even liked watching. now the most recent time i went there I started skating and some cop told me i had to get out. Theres nothing wrong with skating. And no one pays attention to the black stuff on the edges of the curbs. free LOVE
Mike Ward, Manassas,VA [01-25-2004]

kevin, middleton wisconsin [01-25-2004]

can we have at least a time limit to skate like 3 to 5. I dont see that being a big problem.
neshaminy, langhorne [01-25-2004]

I've always wanted to skate LOVE and now when im finally going to Philly they close it I dont understand why or what reasons they have put we should all put an end to it. FREE LOVE
Matt ********, nj [01-25-2004]

just let us sk8 there. no one else evr seems to use it! y build this great place, and not let people have fun on it? it seems pointles. It's so perfect for skateboarding, why can't we just enjoy life a we bit?
Ben, outta philly [01-25-2004]

Mike Sexton, Keego Harbor MI [01-25-2004]

love park attracts all sorts of skateboarders tourism
cory woods, portland, or [01-25-2004]

open love park to skate
kyle mason, waterloo ny [01-25-2004]

open love park to skate
aaron o'connor, waterloo ny [01-25-2004]

open love park to skate
jim mcgrane, waterloo ny [01-25-2004]

Skating is a very positive thing, it keeps us away from drugs and other bad things kids my age could get into, it is a release of tension and a harmless way to deal with a little bit of anger, there is a very very small chance we would break anything and if i did i would pay for it as soon as i could, besides what would happen? We would put a crack in the cement? I dont think so.
Blake Pena, West Chester, PA [01-25-2004]

I will be traveling to Philly this summer and I am looking forward to skating LOVE, so please reopen it so I will not be ticketed because I'm skating it whether or not its open.
Ryan Flowers, Richmond, Va, United States [01-25-2004]

Love Park is what true street skating and freindship is all about! Although i have never skated there personnally it seems to appear that way in videos. We can't let the cities take over places like this! FREE LOVE
Corey Seitz, Muskogee, Ok [01-25-2004]

Love park is an asset to the skateboarding community as a whole.
Neal Donnelly, Riverside California [01-25-2004]

Opening Love park to the skateboard community is nothing but beneficial. If is a perfect place to skate and does not harm any one. The ledges are already waxed and cant be fixed so they are not ruining any thing. It keeps skaters away from other illegal spots. It is beneficial to all stores in the area. Skateboarders are not a threat. Love should be legal to skating
Brian Rice, Woodbridge, Va [01-25-2004]

There are few places for skaters left to...skate. There are even fewer areas designated for skaterboarders to make a run, so what to do? Go skatin' pretty much wherever its clean and smooth, as long as it doesnt hurt anyone. Now from what I understand, skating LOVE park was only spreading the LOVE the skaters had for that spot and the LOVE they had for the sport. I am a skatboarder. I dont want another area to be taken away.
matt o., maimi florida [01-25-2004]

I went to LOVE and i freaking loved it, In columbus you get kicked out of all of the good places to skate it sucks but we have a decent park well... I hope they open it so i can skate it again. Free LOVE or else
Ethan, Colubus,Indiana [01-25-2004]

You guys need to let them skate Love park because their the ones that made it possible for people to walk trough there and not get jumped by drug dealers.
Luke Sowka, Indianapolis, Indiana USA [01-25-2004]

james pratt, waynesville, nc [01-25-2004]

freeloveparkfreeloveparkfreelovepark freeloveparkfreeloveparkfreelovepark freeloveparkfreeloveparkfreelovepark freeloveparkfreeloveparkfreelovepark freeloveparkfreeloveparkfreelovepark freeloveparkfreeloveparkfreelovepark freeloveparkfreelovepark
colin a, cary, NC [01-25-2004]

Tyler Trowbridge, killingworth,ct [01-25-2004]

Dane Miskowicz, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [01-25-2004]

Daniel Ardekani, Boothwyn, PA [01-25-2004]

i'm the only girl that everyone knew from love i sk8ed there thats were i broke my leg i cant remember what i had done but it was crazy i sk8ed there for 3 years and i was involed in the protest to save my home ans john street cursed and told us my son is upset to but do i care ha this city sux now we have no where to sk8 but dumb white hall where all the white kids get beat up and the we have teh stupid u gotta pay sk8 parks s* we dont have money yeah peace sk8r for life R.I.P. love alwayz i still have a peice of you (i stole a rock thingy) alwayz janis
janis, philly [01-25-2004]

I hate to see LOVE PARK closed because i have seen it in so many skate videos, and have seen so many ill tricks go down there. I hate how its closed and we all have to fight to try to get it to open again for us skaters... i have been skating for 3 or 4 years n its like the best looking place to skate an i would love to see it open back up so i can take a trip down there.
Nick, westfield, MA [01-25-2004]

I have been skating LOVE park for over 3 years and it is the best spot in Philly by taking it away you have taken the one thing that makes Philly more special to skaters then anywhere in the U.S. The skaters of the world made LOVE famous to the world LOVE is ours and we want it back!
Rich, Philadelphia, PA [01-25-2004]

hey i wany love par to open up i saw the love story dvd and it was so great so i want it to re-open so not olny i can one day skate it but every one should -03
brandon williams [01-25-2004]

hey that park needs to be freed seriously its a place to enjoy yourself not be kicked out of whenever we skate its not like were disturbing the peace so open it up again.
sean dougherty, Newport Delaware [01-25-2004]

Yoooo Filson i am with ya on this one for once!
Jesse Minnick, Harleysville Pa [01-25-2004]

you know why the reason i started skatin is? So i could be like the guys i saw at LOVE park. I always dreamed of bein that good and bein able to use the surroundings. Unfortunately...i moved to NC before i could. Finally i get my liscence and am syked to go back to LOVE and i find out that its gone. Don't just sit on u'r ass and hoped this s* passes! Do somethin about i and the rest of Philly can skate.
Colin A., philly [01-25-2004]

I think that skateboarding should not be banned anywhere. It's as much of a sport as rollerblading and that is allowed. Skateboardinng should be respected as such. I am hoping that one extra signature will send this petition to the highest authority. Thanks for believing in us. . . Frankie
Frankie, Killeen, Tx, USA [01-25-2004]

LOVE Park was built for skaters, then taken from the skaters for a stupid reason! it is just not fair, at all
DJ Jury, West Palm Beach, FL [01-25-2004]

I've never been to love, but I've always dreamed of skating there. I wanted to go there with some friends of mine, but the 300 dollar fine scared us away. I'd be willing to pay to skate love park, but not 300 bucks!
Peter Skittersbynakulo, Crofton Maryland USA [01-25-2004]

Open love park because it really means a lot to us. Its really one true LOVE!
Blake Denham, Rowlett, Tx [01-25-2004]

OPEN LOVE PARK! Thats all i have to say!
Ted Burns, Rowlett, Tx [01-25-2004]

bob [01-25-2004]

jeremy farrow, Jacksonville, fl [01-25-2004]

Free LOVE park, exploit us and draw people into the city so you can make money. whatever, as long as its legal to skate LOVE again.
Scott Bell, Medford, NJ [01-25-2004]

Matt B [01-25-2004]

Russell Torres, Orange County, California [01-25-2004]

"there is nothing like love park...lines for days, granite and marble, Love is incredible" I love LOVE PARK, the best thing that can happen to a skater
Justin Magdule, North Wales Pennsylvania [01-25-2004]

free love park ! holla!
Holla, [01-25-2004]

skate or die legit rox troy i agree get loads of kids and skate the s* out of it and sho them how much it means to us peace out legit trix
andrew burke, north bay ontario canada [01-25-2004]

I think that LOVE Park should renovated again so that it can be accomadted for the skateboarders. It was keeping those kids from making bad mistakes, like drinking alcohol, smoking, or getting in trouble with the law. Give these people what they deserve! They never did anything to hurt you. This is clearly where older people want things to be like they were when they were little. They don't want today's future to be happy and having fun.
Marissa, Pittsburgh, PA [01-25-2004]

I'm originally from Philadelphia and I can't imagine LOVE park without skateboards. If no harm is being done, then what is the problem? Skateboarding is an activity that keeps kids from interacting in other harmful activities!
Lauren Wellock, Rochester, NY [01-25-2004]

Free Love Park is an awesome place to skate at. It wouldn't be as great if no one was allowed to skate there.
T. A. Coats, Richmond, VA USA [01-25-2004]

free love park ....skatin in philly needs a spot closer to teens that dont drive
Jamie Olkowski, Levittown PA [01-25-2004]

Hey, love park is gone again......thanks a lot John Street....hypocrit
Kerry Getz, Philly, PA [01-25-2004]

for love
zach howton, orem,utah [01-25-2004]

free love park!
[PL]piecyk, Złotów, Poland [01-25-2004]

ive skated love park and its truly the most magnificent piece of skate art ive ever seen as well as skated
Lucas Carroll, Lewiston, Maine [01-25-2004]

we need to be able to skate here
Ryne, wisonsin [01-25-2004]

rehman zada, H.A/109 pathan goth malir karachi no43 sindh,75210,pakistan [01-25-2004]

marc-antoine marcoux, montréal québec canada [01-25-2004]

i have never been to love park but who needs to anyone who knows what a skateboard is knows that love is the best place on earth to skate and you will never take it away from us!
Brandon, troy Oh. [01-25-2004]

tom lindh, Sweden [01-25-2004]

messed up stuff man
Tyler Hinton, Greensboro, NC [01-25-2004]

free love so i can go fly up ther eto skate it lol hahah
nathan, dallas tx [01-25-2004]

Luke Morgan, Alexandria, VA [01-25-2004]

Its Bull S*** what they did to us! We got them so much money and then they threw us out of there! X games helped destroy it and people shouldnt be treating us like were rebels. DSC...
TJ Gonzalez, Rowlett, Texas [01-25-2004]

That's bull.What else are we suposed to do,we're told videogames are bad.We can only do so much school work people.We need fun stuff to do too.
Theo Guillory, El Sobrante California [01-25-2004]

My boyfriend's dream is to skate at Love wasn't hurting anyone why would it now? Make another nature like park somewhere else!
Kelly, Saco [01-25-2004]

There is no true way to explain LOVE Park. All i can say is, the skater's deserve it. Love Park is officially the greatest skate spot ever.
Jimmy Foudos, Baltimore, MD [01-25-2004]

free love. duh.
katy, millersville, maryland [01-25-2004]

Free love for free!
Ian Burke, Washington [01-25-2004]

Tin Nguyen, Boston,MA [01-25-2004]

love is sick
ANT, Douglasvlle,Georgia United States [01-25-2004]

I think they have every right to skateboard they are not hurting anyone.
Felica Pinckney [01-25-2004]

Everyone in America has been given the right to have freedom, so why not allow the skateboarders to have the right to skateboard in a park. I'sent that what parks are for to have fun and enjoy the outdoors.
Melissa Wankewicz [01-25-2004]

I think they have every right to skateboard they are not hurting anyone.
Felica Pinckney [01-25-2004]

kenny apperley, calgary,alb,canada. [01-25-2004]

skate boarding is gay and the park is way better to look at then some ugly skaters!
Angel stewart, 34th center city [01-25-2004]

Love park is a landmarkfor all skaters who have experienced the friendships that skaters feel for each other. to put a ban on frindship and healthy activity is like outlawig skateboarding all together and i believe that everyone who has skated Love Park in Philly will agree with me that it is the strongest sate spot in the entire city. it has inspired me to let go of my prejudices and let everyone be themselves without me bagging on them. I also believe that a skatepark is what you make of it.
Dwight Gordon, Upper Marlboro, MD [01-25-2004]

I have skated Love Park once and it is the best natural park ever. We skaters need a place to skate without the pigs giving us a fine or arresting us.
Justin Dauby, Santa Claus Indiana [01-25-2004]

Bonnie Kelton, Trinity, NC [01-25-2004]

I've never skated love park, but i have always wanted to. Save love park so others like me can skate a place so well known. SAVE LOVE PARK, save skating paradize! cynosure
Nate Jones, Aurora, Illinois, United States [01-25-2004]

Skateboarding is a very precious thing to me, it's my life,but when I hear that one of the greatest, most well known skate spots is no longer skateable, it sickens me.When I heard Love park was closed I got pissed because I wanted to skate there,that place brought skateboarders together and made skateboarding stronger. If Love park were to be re-opened, the tourism of that city would be incredible.The amount of money the city would make fom tourism would me crazy.As a skateboarder it would only be right I speak out against the city for taking down Love park.It was a mistake.In a world were we want to make peace this city is doing the opposite, there making a lot of people mad, especially skateboarders.ALL SKATEBOARDERS AND RESIDENTS OF PHILLY WHO READ THIS: SPREAD THE WORD OF THIS SITE AND LET IT BE KNOWN THAT WE WANT LOVE PARK BACK!
Joseph Aguis, Poughkeepsie,New York [01-25-2004]

Please free love park. Thats like a monument to skateboarding. All old school skateboarding videos are bound to have a few clips of love park. Man...i just can't believe there tearing down another skate place. whats so bad about skateboarding. People ITS NOT LIKE THIS IN OTHER COUNTRIES. Just check out Brazil. There people embrace skateboarding in public places like shopping centers. Ya know if people got smart they could have their cake and eat it too. I know theres got to be some way to make this a tourist attraction, intsead of some despised park. I mean really they should. Its not like the Liberty Bell is haulin in people from other states. This could be good for the economy too! More tourism more jobs etc... its a sure shot! For skaters everywhere please dont shut down love park!
Alesha Killpack, ST.Louis M.O. [01-25-2004]

It all makes sense to me. Free the love and give your people the "freedom" to express themselves. Keep on grindin'
Catt Moggins, London, England. [01-25-2004]

To 'The Man': Listen to the people for a change and reverse the unpopulat decision you made. Work WITH the users of the park, not against them. To the skaters: Barge that sucker. When you see the authorities coming to bust you, run! Post lookouts. Do whatever you need to to keep skating. 'The Man' can never stop you skating, just make it harder, therefore more fun!
Rich C, England [01-25-2004]

yo i may not be a skater but a yall need yo spots to get big man i know cats who crazy but got noe where to go so go head and let dese kids ride and hit it big and inspire more kids to be skaters and make adream cum tru
neil, saginaw michigan [01-25-2004]

free love park
alyssa, philllllly [01-25-2004]

bring it back for sure. I know for a fact that everybody around the country looks forward to visiting love park, that was until it was shut down! so dont be stupid, its better for everybody if its open!
travis evans, overland park kansas [01-25-2004]

I have been skating for about 5 years. I can remember from the very first time I saw a skate video, dreaming about going to love park. I have always wanted to try some of the ledges and other stuff it has to offer. I'm not good enough yet to do the fountain gap, so I want it to re-open so I can try it someday. I don't want to give my e-mail to avoid all the crap that gets sent. I want to help.
Trevor [01-25-2004]

Our town has no good skate places around.So me and my friends decided to go to love park and stay for the weekend.We decided to go up once every month,the place is the best.
Bruce Emerizy, Highland Falls N.Y. [01-25-2004]

skating should be legal at LOVE, atleast its better then everything messing up your streets
Danny, Pompano Beach, FL [01-25-2004]

Richard Pugh, Waldorf, Maryland [01-25-2004]

Joseph Gilson, Wilmington, DE [01-25-2004]

We are the one's who really LOVE the park!
John H, Brick, NJ [01-25-2004]

yo ive never been their but...Todd told me 2 sign it.haha
Nina, in da hood [01-25-2004]

come on man, let te people skate if they want, what else is it gonna be used for?
richard tyler, uk [01-25-2004]

I love LOVE, keep the love.
Kevin Mangold, Rogers, Arkansas [01-25-2004]

John Street, I voted for you to stop the onslaught of conservative Republican agenda. I believe the Democratic party to be the party of the free-thinking and open-minded American. Please adopt a blended policy regarding Love Park and open it to skateboarders after 3 p.m. on weekdays. We need your vision and leadership. If this ban on Love Park is still in effect come next election, you can kiss my vote goodbye.
Martin Garcia, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA [01-25-2004]

stupid john street. free love park!
nicole yates, philly [01-25-2004]

Ben Myers, Greenfield WI [01-25-2004]

alex bayer, wharton nj [01-25-2004]

Free Love park u sons of b*, i was dreaming of skating their one day. Is that what u want to do destroy dreams?!
Sean R wadey, Sydney, Australia [01-25-2004]

LOVE Park is a place where future skaters are formed. Doesn't matter who you are, if you skate, you know its the place to go.
Jeremy, Owings Mills, Maryland [01-25-2004]

love park its a great place to skate and is a big part of skateboarding culture.
arturo, cd.juarez, chihuahua, mexico [01-25-2004]

todd gesler, irwin pa [01-25-2004]

Alex Turnshek, Irwin, PA [01-25-2004]

free love
Aaron Johnstone, auburn hills, mi [01-25-2004]

dude, just let them skate.
BS, philadelphia PA [01-25-2004]

If you kill love park you kill a big part of skateboarding
John Donohue, Winter Springs Flordia [01-25-2004]

Please dont shut love park down. I dont say please too often either.
Chris Hicks, Farmington NM [01-25-2004]

The Love Park is a very popular place for skateboarders, and I kno my brother and al lhis friends go up there to just skate there. LIkewise, i always hear of all different types of people who enjoy watching the kids skate, seeing them have fun and staying out of trouble. SO why not give them this option to do just that, stay out of trouble?
Brandon Lenzini, Newark,De 19702 [01-25-2004]

They put thps instead of love in that park on thps 2
Tim, Austin, Tx [01-25-2004]

brent, norwood [01-25-2004]

Free the park
Matthew Lacoix, Toronto Canada [01-25-2004]

Fight for LOVE park!
Luke Morgan, Alexandria, Va [01-25-2004]

It all comes down to city officials being scared of what they don't understand. The funny thing is, they wer emore than happy to make millions off of us witht rhe x-games. We all know why we skateboard and it is innate. Have you ever tried explaining the feeling, lifestyle and attitude to someone who doesn't skate? 99% of the time the receiving end doesn't understand. It takes a petition like this and action to open their eyes and free Love Park. It's pretty sad if we have to rely on Tony Hawk Pro Skater to experience the beauty of Love Park.
Bekim Sejdic, meriden, ct [01-25-2004]

you complain about "us" destroying stuff. we'll let us have LOVE. don't give us any more of that skatewave bulls*.
Derrick Rosado, myrtle beach, s.c [01-25-2004]

free love park!
scott, united kingdom [01-25-2004]

share the love
alan, Charlotte, NC [01-25-2004]

kyle "the yellow dart" smith, san jose california [01-25-2004]

I'm not a skater, but I have a younger brother who is one. I love watching his friends and him skate. They're always watching videos too and it's a kick. Apparently LOVE Park means a lot to many people, and I hope that we get what we hope for.
Christina Chin, Fresno, California [01-25-2004]

Jeremy Tinianow, Columbus, Ohio [01-25-2004]

i think sk8ign in love park is history the first time i saw a sk8 video it was bam margera sk8ing at love and it inspierd me to start sk8ing i think you should free it for sk8ers so plz consider
gary rice, cumberland md [01-25-2004]

This is unreal. I've always hated what skateboarders did to the fountain and stairs in the park. They ruin architecture! The marble was black and rounded because of all the skateboarders. I'm glad there's a ban.
george, around [01-25-2004]

Love park was love for skateboarding made it what it is nobody ever went there or anything before skateboarding we found a good purpose for love park and they took it away like takin candy from a baby.I think its the saidest thing that ever happen to Philly
Nick Bliss, Barre Vermont U.S.A [01-25-2004]

Skateboarders were the only ones that used the park, it should be ours to do with it what we want.
John Anthony, Exton Pa, USA [01-25-2004]

keith bonte, middletown pa [01-25-2004]

who ever shut love down sucks
Gage Jacobs, King of Prussia PA [01-25-2004]

All Skaters, wether good or not so good, need an enjoyable atmosphere where they can just skate without worry from the piggies cuffing them and stuffing them. What a better place than Love Park? I personally have never skaed there but from the pics I've seen it is pretty sick(good). Besides if you say that we can't skate there we'll find other places like private property. If we ain't got no where to skate we'll find other things to do that the cops most likely won't agree with. Think About It! Sincerely Tim Steen
Tim Steen, Tomah, Wisconsin [01-25-2004]

I live 3 hours away from the park and have been there to check it out, thats how famous the park is for skaters. I thought it was sweet just cuz of the tradition, location, skateability, etc. And for all the old people, atleast when teens are there theyre not out doin drugs or wutever. PEACE
Adam Triesler, Wheaton, Maryland [01-25-2004]

mathew coop, fort drum ny USA [01-25-2004]

i rember the first time i skated at love park it was awesome watching and learning from better skaters love is where i learn how to lipslide hand rails free love park
matt, newport delaware [01-25-2004]

I have never got to skate Love Park but my friends have told me about how awsome it was. It must be reopened to skaters.
Travis Smith, Denver, Pa [01-25-2004]

matt, newport delaware [01-25-2004]

Never skated Love but i always wanted to go there been skating for 15 years now and I really want to go there while I can still grind and slide See you soon LOVE Better be ready for me STEVE ODK
steve de clercq, oostduinkerke Belgium [01-25-2004]

love park was great. i used to go just about every day. i saw much of the filming that went on there for movies like the dc video. i've met josh kalis, kerry getz, and bam margera (bam at fdr). i hope it gets up and running again. free love park!
Joe Cappello, Philadelphia, PA [01-25-2004]

free love park
Nick Salatino, Philadelphia PA [01-25-2004]

I think that the city is extremely retarded for destroying skateboarding in Philly.I,myself have had the privilege to skate Love Park and let me tell you,I was amazed that it was so better than what I had seen in videos.Restore Love Park,we will never stop trying...
kyle draper, rochester,ny [01-25-2004]

love park rocks
bob, charleston [01-25-2004]

Love Park is a center point of the alternative community ... its the highlight of any trip I take to Philadelphia.
Ian, HBG Pa [01-25-2004]

Donatella, Milano - Italia [01-25-2004]

Drinking and f* all the time eki Vainikka käski kirjottaa ton.
Ville Kirves, Lahti, Finland [01-25-2004]

i love the way it feels to skate a good spot. thats why i would LOVE to one day feel the breeze in my hair of a good session at love park
alex dowswell, mesa arizona [01-25-2004]

Daniel Lee, Fairfax Station, VA [01-25-2004]

I want to go to LO but I live in Ajax Ontairo... VE
Alex Prentice [01-25-2004]

reopen love. the city is dead without it. Open Your Eyes Mayor Street!
Chris [01-25-2004]

I think skating should be allowed at LOVE park because skating doesn't hurt any civilians. So why should the mayor be worried about skaters at LOVE park when he could be worrying about drug dealers or gun control in the city. My point is there are far worse things the mayor should be worried about than skaters at LOVE park. So please, just let us skate.
Stephen Collins, Newark, Delaware [01-25-2004]

Free LOVE park!
Nicole, Pittsburgh [01-25-2004]

Zach Newton, Memphis, TN [01-25-2004]

Stephen Wadsworth, South Brunswick, NJ [01-25-2004]

Sucks Dude
Ben Wetzel, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio [01-25-2004]

Free it yeh
Simon Holmes, England [01-25-2004]

Sean Papinchak, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [01-25-2004]

The skaters arent hurting LOVE. its something they love to do. let the kids be kids, why ruin a good thing that keeps them out of trouble???
Kate Lecci, Bethel Park, PA [01-25-2004]

Emily Dietz, South Park, PA [01-25-2004]

Tommi Hyyryläinen, Kajaani, Finland [01-25-2004]

i dont skate but i wish skaters and bmxers could get along better, (oh i ride bmx) me and one of my friends made this tizite skate/bmx video. and i would LOVE to session LOVE park some time.
andy, knoxville,TN [01-25-2004]

Love park is skate heaven for street skaters. This park has given some professionals their chance to become professional. So why not incourage skateboarders to go there? Wouldnt you rather them skating in one spot in the city then everywhere. You are never gona crack down on it so lets help incourage kids to become professional at what they LOVE. Give them a chance....
rhys starkie, Brisbane, Australia [01-25-2004]

I've reviewed the facts, there are more pros and cons in this situation. Love park serves many purposes, most importantly it serves as a positive environment for kids & teens.
Alyssa, Orange Park FL [01-25-2004]

Rhys, Aylsham, Norfolk, England, UK [01-25-2004]

Just open it back up. Even the man who built LOVE park said that he wanted it to be open for skaters. Don't just say get over it. This park changed the view of Philadelphia worldwide. You shouldn't just take that away.
Casey, Swedesboro, NJ [01-25-2004]

free love park
fintan, ireland [01-25-2004]

allow skateboarding in LOVE park, so it doesn't smash the dreams of the young people that ONLY have a future in skateboarding
brandon hamma, hoffman estates,il, usa [01-25-2004]

Sarah Sharpless, philadelphia, pa [01-25-2004]

When I was no older than 14 my best freinds' mom would takes a group of us there, park for 4-5 hours on the side of JFK Blvd, sit and watch us skate and then round up the crew. Peace, reassurance of somewhat "safe" conditions and the most memorable summer of my life.
david hunt, West Philadelphia [01-25-2004]

I have never got the chance to skate love park but I hope that one day I can.
Matt Ryan, Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA [01-25-2004]

yo dudes, open that s* up for skatebording, but also man let me get on stage with hetefield and play the greatest song of our time ONE. You label me, I'll Label you
MattallicA, Compton, California [01-25-2004]

since i started skating i have heard of love park and wish to go there. taking love park from the skate comunity is like taking hawaii from the united states. its every skaters dream to go there and see there favorite pros or to go with friends, and its also a really great skate spot. Free LOVE park.
Chris Farrington, Ft. Bragg, nc [01-25-2004]

I just can't imagine watching videos without sessions from LOVE in the future. Bring it back pleeeeaaasssseeeeeee!
Cory Smith, Phelps, New York [01-25-2004]

Collin Shipley, Hilliard, OH [01-25-2004]

freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3 park!
andy poland, ohio [01-25-2004]

Love Park is a SK8boarding landmark. It brought tourism forom SK8ers all over the world, it also brought a lot of busines to the area when sk8boarders where there. Taking it away from the SK8ers was the stupedest thing the city could have done!
Anthony Hicks, Norristown, PA 19401 [01-25-2004]

good place
eric, tallmadge,ohio [01-25-2004]

you should free love park it is a big skateboarding place and you should not take it away
Kellom Greenway, Cotulla, TX [01-25-2004]

bob gasse, menomonee falls wi usa [01-25-2004]

open love park motha truckaaa
cormill, Philly [01-25-2004]

Free LOVE PARK no questions asked
Jeremy Walin, Las Vegas [01-25-2004]

love is free
Jamel Robinson, N 21st Street [01-25-2004]

Get LOVE back! what ever it takes...
Janne Pölkki, Finland, Seinajoki [01-25-2004]

yea love park should be so free it f* kicks ass me and all my freinds go ther every other saterday and its the best man i f* love every second of it a bad day at love park beats a good day anywher else man!
jenna, baltimore md [01-25-2004]

lets get this done!
Jenna Costello, Hilliard, OH [01-25-2004]

free love park
beth costello, columbus oh [01-25-2004]

Free Love Park
Corey Rogers, Grain Valley, Missouri [01-25-2004]

hey, love park is the best, its so dumb u nasty people take away peoples only dreams and dont appreciate our opinions of love park. LOVE PARK IS THE BEST! together we sk8rs stand!
emily, arlington nebraska [01-25-2004]

save LOVE Park
Travis Hooks, Columbus, Ohio [01-25-2004]

fell the love baby!
stephanie danyi, dublin, ohio [01-25-2004]

All Skaters need to have a chance to skate at love park!
Joey Kasouf, Columbus, OH [01-25-2004]

love park has been a part of the skateboard subcutlure for years, all skate boarders should get a chance to visit love park, and love park will always be a special place for skaters, a kind of messiah, please, for the sake of all skaters in the u.s. free love park.
blake daivds, dublin ohio [01-25-2004]

skateboarding is gay
Justin [01-25-2004]

free love park
Nathan Tweed, Hilliard, OH [01-25-2004]

Love park needs to be given to the skateboard community as a skatepark. It wasnt used for anything else so why was it taken away?
Bradley scott Costello, hilliard ohio [01-25-2004]

where will our children get to be who they are anymore.
Tantra Maat, Delaware, OH [01-25-2004]

get rid of the fines so we can rip
Ryan Nichols, Tallahassee, Florida,united states of america [01-25-2004]

i never skated there but you should be able to skate there.I would love to skate it someday,well i hope.
Aaron Macleod, nova scotia- stellrock [01-25-2004]

keep it open pleeeeeeeeeeeease skating is my life it kept me out of so many things having love park open will make so many people so very happy it is the right decision.
alan patke, Reading, Pennsylvania [01-25-2004]

and they say america is the country of freedom?
Cliff Woodley, london, uk [01-25-2004]

Derek Reviello, Scranton PA [01-25-2004]

dude i got skate love park, theres nothin left to really say. i wanna see those stairs again, i wanna pull some lines on those ledges. even if i just got to sit there and think about all the history that has gone down there would be good enough for me.
steve corcoran, hilliard ohio [01-25-2004]

free love i want 2 sk8 it when i had a chance 2 go 2 philly 2 sk8 it it was closed i was so pissed. FREE LOVE
chris rodriguez, toledo ohio [01-25-2004]

I never got the chance to skate love park, because it was already closed. I think you should do something, there is so much history there its famous and your taking it away. Skateboarders can be smart people why cant we figure out a deal instead of fight.... the eaisest way would be to make a replica of love park or something like that with things to set up and maybe some refreshments or something and you would be set
Tyler Grohowski, New Jersey [01-25-2004]

Love Park is a great place where skateboarders of every race,sex, and religion are free and equal.Let us be united as one!
Kim McNellis, Phiadelphia,PA [01-25-2004]

Cari Curtis, San Diego, Cali [01-25-2004]

Free Love
Aaron Thompson, Salina,Kansas [01-25-2004]

Free Love park. The park was used so much more by skaters than anyone else. I'm sure the stores around Love would tell you they would want Love to be opened to skaters because the skaters go to there stores when skating Love. It makes so much sense to permit skating in Love park.
Timmy Kellenyi, Maplewood, NJ [01-25-2004]

i grew up sakting, i dont anymore, but i always wanted to go to philly and enjoy the fruits of the city skating. let them skate.
brendan, Lansdale [01-25-2004]

Suzanne LaRosa, Philadelphia, PA [01-25-2004]

When aproaching this situation rationally, there is only one obvious answer.
Brian G. Kiser, Abilene, TX [01-25-2004]

Whoever this old hippy is who stopped us from getting to sk8 here is a madman. I've been here twice, when I'm free I'm moving 2 Philly and by then that dude better have decided right. FREE LOVE!
Alex Avey, Washington DC [01-25-2004]

love park for everyone
lucas martin, ellensburg washington [01-25-2004]

Wow I love this place. The round stair set is amazing.
Alex Avey, Washington DC [01-25-2004]

Its so f* up. Just elt skaters skate. Most of em come from all over. wtf ahs skating ever done to them.
Omer Orman, Clifton, New Jersey [01-25-2004]

dude, there are very few places people can skate as it is. Skating is a sport, and we are going to do it if you close the places we skate in or not. It isn't like we were hurting anybody by having fun.
Cassie, Sierra Vista AZ [01-25-2004]

i htink u should reopen love i think its kinda stupid they would shut down a skate spot but they woudlnt close lieka basketball court or baseball field
Hampton ass Douglas, Va [01-25-2004]

Auggie Winter, washington D.C. [01-25-2004]

I have never been to Philly nor even live in the US, but Love Park is a legacy, keep the kids in the park, they are keeping themselves busy and not doing something illegal or to stupid, well lets hope.
Kayla, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [01-25-2004]

Drew Hultberg, Wilmington, Delaware [01-25-2004]

free......f* love park us skater made that s* what it is wasnt for us philly be boring thanx to pros that start this s* for to skate there but no the f* police s* and f* f* george bush and the mayor od philly that did this s*
jimmy ranallo aka kickflip, union beach,new jersey [01-25-2004]

I am a 24 year old civil engineer living/working in the New York City area. After growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs I decided to study engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. When I started school my dream was to return home to my beloved Philadelphia, refining the the city's infrastructure while enjoying the great skateboarding Philly had to offer (particularly Love Park). However as the years at school went by the treatment of skateboarders in that great city became hateful and brutal. Upon my graduation last May I realized that I would have to abandon my cherished city, where my grandparents grew up, for a community that offers the freedom I require to thrive both personally and professionally. It breaks my heart to say this but I am now New Yorker. My new city is setting the standard while Philly is floundering in it's attempt to catch up. Kurt Levins Jr.
Kurt Levins Jr., Rutherford N.J. [01-25-2004]

first i will say im not a skater but my brother is hard core and also my dad and uncle were back in the 60s-70s. i watched the love story video and this is so wrong! skateboarding is not a crime and it should be a respected sport just like basketball etc. you dont see signs that say no ball throwing or anything like that?? i was raised in colorado and in downtown colorado springs there is a huge park that people skate also (not as cool as love) and it is a huge rush just to sit around and watch. free love park!
DESARAE, las vegas nv [01-25-2004]

free love park
jimm nostrada, capinteria,california [01-25-2004]

Alfie hanssen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA [01-25-2004]

Love park is an amazing skate spot. Taking it from skaters is taking away there life. Im sure there can be something worked out to please both the skaters and the city...i mean the park IS called LOVE after all
Nicklaus Walter, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada [01-25-2004]

andy roeser, philadelphia, pa [01-25-2004]

stephen cohen, United States [01-25-2004]

I would drive all the way to philly and sleep at your city's hotels and eat at your city's resteraunts for weeks just to skate LOVE PARK.
Andy Maddux, Waterford Viginia [01-25-2004]

never been but dreamed of for years cant wait to skate it at the first oportunity FREE LOVE!
chris banz, delaware [01-25-2004]

Love park is an awsome skate spot and people whold be able to skate there.
Rob Mickles, Fairless Hills, PA [01-25-2004]

Free Love, skateboarders made it what it is.
Sean Nguyen, San Diego, CA [01-25-2004]

I have gone to Philadelphia for the past ten years to stay at my aunts house. i have skated love park many times before. i love love because love is good. love park is love! this is an outrage why they closed it !
Tommy McNamara, Port St. Lucie, FL [01-25-2004]

Love park is one of the best park to see and skate it's what makes phillie so great to go too skating is what we do and it's not right that its taken away from use we need a spot to be free and if you had a little kid you wouldnt want it taken away from you that the way i feel that the park is beeing taken away its a right and a freedom of choues to skate free where we want and when we want
Diego Vargas, Providince R.I U.S.A [01-25-2004]

I have been skating there for years during the summer. It is an outrage! I loved skating there and now i can't. It is crazy.
David Gray, Port St Lucie, FL [01-25-2004]

I remember the good old days of skating Love Park and the Police would watch us skate and there was no was beautiful. Come on...Free Love Park...there are more important things to worry about in the city.
Jon Crans, Coatesvile, PA. [01-25-2004]

Brian DeRosia, Portland, ME [01-25-2004]

I dont see why the mayor wont just let people skate in love park. The skaters have just as much love and respect for love park as the govenment. They dont hurt any thig when there are there because they dont want it to be messed up becuase they love the place. I hope they re-open love park to skaters!
Aaron Luke, Houston tx [01-25-2004]

Of course opening LOVE would be the greatest thing for the skateboard community, but it would also be a positive move for the city.
Russell Muits, Philadelphia, PA [01-25-2004]

donna fireoved, philadelphia [01-25-2004]

formerly of philadelphia. love park, yes.
jeff moynihan, chiang mai, thailand [01-25-2004]

Skateboarding - A positive activity keeping kids off drugs, in shape, and always having fun. As places to skate diminish in philadelphia, more and more kids are turning to mind altering drugs for lack of a better hobby. Keep kids happy, healthy and always striving to improve themselves. Free Love Park. Thrash it up. Love, Jake.
Jake Falkinburg, philadelphia pennsylvania [01-25-2004]

whats better to look at, the youth having fun or piss stains on those ugly pink planters! Free LOVE Park!
Charlie Foote, The Dalles, Oregon, USA [01-25-2004]

man i always wanted to go and sk8 there
julio garcia, california [01-25-2004]

leave the park!
Aaron Davenport, toledo, OH [01-25-2004]

Set love park free skaters love it and it is suposed to be for every one and skate videos wouldnt be much with out its awsome skatespots
Cody Chadbourne, Calgary Alberta Canada [01-25-2004]

I never skated Love, but i think it is wrong for you to close it off to skaters. I visit Philly often and every time i drive past Love park all you can see our homeless people. I think the skaters gave it a meaning. Please reopen it to them.
Jessica Baker, Harrisburg, PA [01-25-2004]

I think that LOVE PARK should definetly be free. LOVE PARK is one of the most popular places to skate and has been given so much credit through skating and thousands of skate videos an magazines have covered it. Almost no one outside the city of Philly would have ever heard of it if it wasn't for skateboarding. So much has happened at LOVE PARK and there is so much history there. Everyone that hung out at LOVE PARK became a family, not just the skaters, but the bums that you saw there everyday. It's an incredible park to skate, hang out, meet up with friends, film videos, and just enjoy life. There is so much love at that park. And now the love's gone, all because the city council didn't want us to scratch the ledges. LOVE PARK means so much to the skaters that even after they fenced up the park, skaters still went there. I really hope that we can win back LOVE PARK. But until then good I hope no one gives up, I know I won't. "FREE LOVE PARK"! -------------------
Cory Trayer, Cuyahoga Falls OHio [01-25-2004]

I was one time in love park after that what happened and that a place for skate that every skater would love. those mother f* that looked up that place were dumb. it was public park for people and they had been doin what they love the best skateboarding. peace
jakub cieslik, Poland [01-25-2004]

this was a great park and i loved to watch it in the competitions on tv! by far, this was the best sport to have in the park and i am ashamed that it was closed down! what is this world coming to?!?
Kevin, usa [01-25-2004]

Love Park is where its at, One of the best skateboarding scenes that ever lived, Hopefully one day soon we can skate LOVE without being harassed by the cops. FREE LOVE PARK!
James Homan (dookie), Palmyra, NJ [01-25-2004]

i wanna skate love. never got the chance. free love = more money from skate travelers.
greg king, gy borough, england [01-25-2004]

Philadelphia is supposed to be the city of brotherly love so tell me why Mayor Street is making it into a city where no one cares. Ithought the job of a politian was to make a change for the best well all he did was take away a perfectly safe activity and aloud dooors to open for us kids that we shouldn't follow. Everywhere I go i get crap about "Us skateboarders", well folks how about giving us some love! FREE LOVE PARK! PHILLY HAS NO LOVE!
Dave Erickson, Upper Darby PA United States of America [01-25-2004]

I've watched skateboarding at LOVE park since I started skating 3 years ago and it just looks like its a fun place to skate cause everything looks perfect. I mean ledge, stair, benches, gaps, rails you got it all with love park.
Dustin Zigmond, San Antonio, TX [01-25-2004]

i just want to say i volunteer as much of whatever it is you need that i have because im all about doing whatever it takes to do it, lets not give up my email is if you have ideas im in
brandy quinn, pitman, nj [01-25-2004]

I've skated love park after its "renovations" and it was by far the best place that I've ever skated but some day i would like to skate there without any pink planters, stupid ugly benches, and constantly looking around for cops.
Greg Poli, Exton, Pennsylvania [01-25-2004]

Free Love Park
Chris Mathis, wallingford PA [01-25-2004]

they should alow sk8ers to skate that park cause with out that park where would skaters go like bam margera he always skates there and if they shut it down that mean that there r gonna be skaters everywhere like in front of bissness buildngs and coffe shops and they dont want that so they should just keep letting skaters skate love! man it would suck so frikin bad if they shut down my favorite skating spot acually it would suck really bad....the love park is all about skating that what love is. love is skating so keep leeting skaters skate there if u guys dont want skaters skating up everywhere down town philadelphia and distroying benches and curbs and pissing people off and comming to u guyts if u dont want that to happen just let skaters skate "love"..............
keagan williams, chandler [01-25-2004]

Ally White, Hyattsville, Maryland [01-25-2004]

LOVE park is an amazing place for skateboarding ...that is all....peace....
taylor, bucks county PA [01-25-2004]

this is ridiculous!
Shannon Tobler, St. Louis, MO USA [01-25-2004]

Monica, Massachusetts [01-25-2004]

For my first time i came up to Philly from Md an we had found all kinds of spots but we had gone to Love last an we actually got to skate there for 3 1/2 hours i think thats impossible to really ever do there again....we had so much fun an i was killing it....i also wish i had seen the way Love used to look. I do not understand why we can not make an agreement,because pro's an all kinds of us younger people come from all over the U.S and even places out of this Country just to come to Love and skate its really set up perfect for skating an it had become to the point where it had almost been in most skate videos now a days .....i really wish something can be worked out i really do.......when i was there i had felt like i could skate this all the time an never leave an have the time of my life....i even had 1 of the best skate days ive ever had when we went there because i knew i might not be able to ever come there again because they would arrest me if i got caught or if they just totally ruined the place....i want Love back and we some how will get it back.
Dave, Baltimore, Md [01-25-2004]

I think love should be freed and until then we should skate it anyway
Sean [01-25-2004]

i hate david k
Brian Norris, Snellville [01-25-2004]

LETS KEEP LOVE PARK FROM GOING EXTINCT (or howeva u spell it lol)
BT, Near Albany, NY, USA [01-25-2004]

I think that the mayor of philly needs to realize by taking love park away from the people of philidelphia he is opening a can of works. If people cant skate love park that takes away a childs fun. If Mayor Street can ok skating for ESPN and then tell people that they are destroying a park meant for the people and not just him I think it is kind of hypacritical. Maybe instaed of worring about money and having his democratic head up his democratic ass then he woulld probably realize that he is destroying the future of kids and adults and a beautiful city. When skaters were aloud to skate LOVE PARK no one was affraid to be around, but when you shut it down people are terrified of drug dealers and bums. PHILLY HAS NO LOVE! Change it
Timothy Powers, Upper Darby PA 19082 [01-25-2004]

It's so stupid to ban us, it's all sk8ers dream.
Cat, Delaware, USA [01-25-2004]

please let us have LOVE park back. We made this place alive
rob clough, england [01-25-2004]

Jesse Wright, G-Ville ohio [01-04-2004]

dude we need a dang park in winston this place sucks for skateboarders no good street places or anything
chris, winston-salem, NC [01-04-2004]

Courtney Denham [01-04-2004]

Andrea Stratton, Auburn, Ny [01-04-2004]

joe scopelliti, mount kisco, Ny [01-04-2004]

Love Park is an intimate part of skateboarding culture, and it brings lots of revenue to the city from all parts of the world that consider Love park one of a vatican of skateboard history. Thanks
mike blomquist, boise, Id [01-04-2004]

I skated LOVE twice and i thought it was the best skate spot i have ever skated... hopefully it will be open all the time soon.
Zach, Sicklerville NJ [01-04-2004]

I once traveled back East with the central goal of skating Love Park. While there I spent money, stayed in a hotel, ate at the restaurants surrounding the area, and then toured the entire New England Area as a side-note. But I would have never gone there at all had it not been for the fact that Love park looked like such a great place to skate. So my concluding statement would obviously be that Philadelphia's decision to take Love Park from skaters shows a great deal of ignorance on their part- Free Love Park!
Chris Madsen, slc ut [01-04-2004]

i have never sk8ed LOVE but when you guys in philly get it running again i plan to go there and hope to meet kerry getz and anyother pros and i hope to just shread with those guys and well ya FREE LOVE.
chris rutt, windsor ontario [01-04-2004]

keep it there not all of us have skated it
ryan richard, red oak,texas [01-04-2004]

bam margara man i watch your show all the time and it is cool I was wondering we don't have any of your skate boards around here and I was wondering if i could have one of yours Thank you
Cullen Lance Casey, liberty, TX [01-04-2004]

jack haired, new york [01-04-2004]

Dan, East Providence, RI [01-04-2004]

colleen, england [01-04-2004]

ive never skated LOVE before but i always wanted to.I still do want to. thats why it should be reopened so new comers such as me can enjoy it, and so that locals can use it once again in peace and harmony. GOD BLESS
kyle white, Chillicothe ohio usa [01-04-2004]

ive never been there but a am hoping to go out to college around the area and i think i would probley go out west if love was not there so keep it up.
Casey, mn [01-04-2004]

Me and my friends saw LOVE park in skate videos and pictures for years and dreamed of one day skating there. Just to SEE those historical spots that we all knew so well would be worth a trip to philly in itself. Just before they made plans to tear the place down we planned a trip to LOVE park for spring break. We were finally old enough to make the journey and then they took it away from us. Still, we will be going to LOVE park, fully skate-able or not. Thats how much it means to us.
sam griffin, west bloomfield, MI [01-04-2004]

Show young adults Philadelphia wants them! Show the world we can work out solutions that work for all.
Dan Roth, Philadelphia, PA [01-04-2004]

So many people have come from all over the world just to skate at LOVE. It's a great city attraction for skaters and non-skaters. Philly City should renovate LOVE Park for their own good.
Joel Morgan, Detroit, Michigan [01-04-2004]

I've watched skate vids for 2 years, Chomp on This showed you some parts of LOVE. Tons of skate vids show you people skaten LOVE. It made me and lots of skaters dream of going there one day for a session. Anyway, the city has plenty of money just make it a skatepark and build another JFK plaza.
Carter Harris, Franklin TN usa [01-04-2004]

I believe that Love park should be open to skaters and other people because it the coolest freaking place on earth and I have been there every summer for the past 5 years. it gives idaho skaters a reason to leave and go find a better place. i love love, loving love is the only thing left to love. i can even love my own lover anymore. so i just love love, i can't live without loving love. ok i was just trying to make a point. but seriously though open the park for my home boy snoop. he really needs love to love, unless you want to. but love love, don't get mad get glad. But seriously, even as a last resort you could put up a fence or some shit like that and charge everybody to skate, that way you could make tons of money to close your legs because the war is over and people will always love LOVE.
Rick Bodley, boise, idaho [01-04-2004]

cops suck dont tear that mother down, all frosting, no cake
bobby psenka, Fox River Grove, IL, USA [01-04-2004]

It is something people enjoy and you are taking it away.
fred boone, Houston, Texas [01-04-2004]

that park is a part of skateboarding where it should stay
nathan bryant, bryant, ar [01-04-2004]

free love park!
rob, Landenberg Pennsylvania [01-04-2004]

Kareem Campbell kicks @$$!
Anthony Johnston, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada [01-04-2004]

The skateboarding community has done so much for Philly. Love Park is one of the most famous skate spots in the world!
Shawn Baker, Harrisburg, PA [01-04-2004]

Lauri Köresaar, helsinki finland [01-04-2004]

james higggins, vacaville,califorinia [01-04-2004]

I <3 Love PARK!
Mike Bumgardner, Seattle [01-04-2004]

chasen holden, california [01-04-2004]

i dont know much about love park but i know that every true skater knows that what has happened to love park was wrong even if they havent been to it its something that has effected us all who know what will happen next but RIP love park god bless
MARIO OLDANI, Red Bank New Jersey [01-04-2004]

Yeah, i have never skated there before but when it opens back up, i am going to get all my friends and go skate there. Skaters need love park and we will fight for it until they open it back up.FREE THE LOVE!
matt w, monroe nc [01-04-2004]

matt w [01-04-2004]

I want to free LOVE park because I want to skate there sometime even if I live in Sweden. It`s so famous that skaters from the hole world wants to skate there, so I don´t want them to close LOVE park. Free LOVE park
Jocke, GBG, Sweden [01-04-2004]

hannu juvonen, Finland [01-04-2004]

FREE THE LOVE PARK ! Ive never been there but that spot looks so perfect. I just watched on video THE LOVE ISSUE. To be honest.. i cry.
Jussi Turunen, Varkaus (FINLAND) [01-04-2004]

I have never skated love park but i wish i could if they dont want us to skate there they should not have made it such a good skatespot
Tristan, surrey bramely [01-04-2004]

free love park !
Antti Pisto, Lahti, Finland [01-04-2004]

i love it!
Chelsea, Bellevue, Washington, USA [01-04-2004]

As a business man, I see city officials who are closing down what has been and could continue to be a prime revenue source for the city of Philedelphia. The X-Games, for all their faults (skaters know what I'm talking about), brought ten of millions of revenue to the city in a matter of a few days. If Philly were wise, they'd milk that kind of attention for all it's worth. With the revenue brought in by the X-Games Philly could afford to replace any chipped or dirty ledges at Love every six months and still have $75 million left over. I'm sure the skaters wouldn't complain about having new granite or marble ledges on a regular basis.
Joshua J. Steimle, Salt Lake City, Utah [01-04-2004]

Philip Goldsmith is nothing but a s*. Who does he think he is now trying to take away city hall. Streets is a s* too. SIF "A GOOD VIDEO SOON" Hi Robby
Scott Quintavalle, Holding it down for Pompano Beach [01-04-2004]

Love park was skateboarding we made it what it is and they took it away assholes
Nick Bliss, Barre Vermont [01-04-2004]

eric acome, winchester, virginia [01-04-2004]

i really love to skateboard and i no around where i live there is not many places to skate . i think it should be open to the public but a different times like say 2 hours like from 8-10 on weekdays and . on weekends from somewhere around 8-10. you no so the tourists and stuff can still look around and . the skaters and can have a chance to enjoy its naturally perfect architecture
bobby mcaneny, columbus g.a. [01-04-2004]

love park is the baddest skate spot and they should let us skate there it's a freakin' park for crying out loud... PUBLIC PROPERTY!
nick eakes, amarillo, texas [01-04-2004]

Laine Joseph, Virginia Beach, VA [01-04-2004]

Public park payed for by taxpayers. hmmm, skateboarders over 18 are taxpayers. WE'RE THE ONES PAYING FOR IT.
Stefan DeZarn, Winchester, VA [01-04-2004]

justin white, virginia beach, va [01-04-2004]

Public property, huh? Apparently not for everyone!
Philip Larin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [01-04-2004]

we travelled 7 hours to skate in philly and when we stopped at love all that happened was a cop stared us down so all we got to do was stare at love. R.I.P.
steven picken, cornwall, ontario, canada [01-04-2004]

i think this is a really good idea, let skaters use the park.that is all we want is a real street park to skate and a lot of skaters would donate money to keep the parks maintnence.
sean henry, nyc [01-04-2004]

Never been, but have seen may video's...would love to go if anything ever came about from signing this!
Adrian Seumptewa, Flagstaff AZ 86001 [01-04-2004]

Love Park defines what skateboarding used to be its part of our history as a progressive sport and should be left as is
Henry Deibel, United States [01-04-2004]

open it back up!
andrew max, wayne pa [01-04-2004]

love is one of the most popular skate spots in the world and to see it with all that pink s* in it just makes me sick.
Ry Schwellenbak, illinois [01-04-2004]

I think that love park should be turned into a skate park, or it shouldnt be such a big deal if people skate there. They had the x games there which is pretty much supporting skateboarding, and now its like illegal. It means soo much to skateboarders and i dont see why people dont realize that. It should be put back into the condition it was in. People should be able to skate it when ever they want. Its a public park, but like everyone but skateboarders can be there. Skateboarding, having fun, and enjoying life isnt a crime.
Andrew Scott, louisville kentucky [01-04-2004]

i think the love park should be re-opened for all the skateboarders because it is the best spot for skating that philladelphia has and also for that reason in the world of skateboarding philladelphia is famous and well known
juan muñoz, Quito, Ecuador [01-04-2004]

Love Park was a place where a person could have fun, especially if he was a skateboarder. A skater of any age could go there and skate. Skaters had lots of fun there and experienced some of the best times of their lives and accomplished a lot of goals. I think they should let people skate at Love Park, if they won't, then they don't care about people at all.. Free LOVE PARK.
Josh Shurkin, 2001 Bonnymede Drive, Apt. 179, Mississauga, Canada [01-04-2004]

i think that we should be allowed to skate at love park! FREE LOVE FOR US SKATERS!
Michelle, Croydon [01-04-2004]

yo. i'm poo head. free love park, peace. ;)
Poohead, Bellevue, WA [01-04-2004]

Amanda, Bellevue, Washington [01-04-2004]

share the love. free love park.
brit jurkowuitsch, new jersey [01-04-2004]

Love park is better as a place to skate, than for lovers. Virginia is for lovers, not Pennsylvania. Peace In!
evan, Virgina Beach, VA [01-04-2004]

Love Park Kicks Ass!
Otto Winter, Pasadena Maryland [01-04-2004]

Austin Weiss, Lehighton, PA, USA` [01-04-2004]

keep the park open, it rox
josh, irving,tx [01-04-2004]

LOVE you are always in my heart
andreas [01-04-2004]

lovepark must be free.this is special place for skateboarders.LOVE PARK=skateboarders" house. i had never been in philly, specially in LOVE PARK. I know that spot just from skateboards films. this is my dream to show this spot on my own eyes. I must do crookie monster on one of the ledges them.aaaa greetings from POLAND holla
amadeusz, Torun, POLAND [01-04-2004]

ya one time i flew all the way to philly just to skate the world renowned love park and oh, what did i find, a large gate around the park which i had heard so much about and seen in all my favorite skate videos. Needless to say, i was very very angry, irritated, vexated and mad. I went to FDR and wished i was skating ledges. IT RUINED MY SKATE TRIP I HATE THE MAYOR. SKATE EVERYDAY
chris bradt, az [01-04-2004]

Free that s* man. thats my dream
Nazar Baghlani, la [01-04-2004]

free love park!
Frank, Philly [01-04-2004]

Why would you want to ban philly's largets tourist attraction. If Philly didnt have love park there would be no reason to go there.
Jared Davis, Riverton, Uah [01-04-2004]

Hello. My name is Bryan, and I'm a 15 year old street skater. I know from first hand experience, that skaters can be real assholes when it comes to authority. I also know, that this is because the cities are quickly diminishing our beloved skatespots. The City of Brampton has made.. Poor efforts, to atmept to fix this. I think LOVE Park should be kept the way it was.. With skateboarding allowed. If you ceased to notice, the community around LOVE park respected the skateboarders that dwelled within.
Bryan Gaines, Brampton, Ontario, Canada [01-04-2004]

I think John Street and those ignorant people at city hall should be ashamed of themselves. After letting espn have a contest a city hall and graciously accepting the money the x-games brought to the city, they ban skating completly at love and put those planters and benches. I think that kind of destroys the meaning of love. and also i think it was wrong of the city to waste tax payers money on banning skating,policing the park, and the "renovation". as soon as the park is cleaned up and its safe to skate their i'm heading down to skate one of the worlds best skate mecca.
Alex Hereford, Conway, MA [01-04-2004]

its so unfair to take love park away, skateboarding is just another sport and its the same thing as taking a football away from a football player or taking a baseball diamond away from a baseball player. why cant skaters do what they want for once without getting haslled by anyone? love park was perfect.i bet more people want skating in love park then not any at all.nobody understands this unless you skate.
Tim Barth, severna park, MD [01-04-2004]

Jonna Tiainen, Finland [01-04-2004]

I unfortunately never got to skate love however, i would have loved too.
Luke Allen, Brooklyn, New York [01-04-2004]

Free LOVE PARK.....please
Adam, Poland, Opole [01-04-2004]

Bart Wilmsen, be [01-04-2004]

Just free the love park, i've never been there, I know it from skatemovies, that's what really made philly famous, I wanted to visit this perfect skatespot when I was older and skate there and having fun!
daan stijnen, Belgium [01-04-2004]

I've never skated in the love park myself but i've seen people skate there in movies and stuff like that. I skate myself so my opinion is let people skate wherever they want to skate because i don't see why people hate skateboarders and why they always kick us. We don't destroy spots because than we can't skate there annymore so just let skaters skate wherever they want to skate. sorry for my crappy english and i hope you know what i mean.
Vincent Hens, Turnhout-Belgium [01-04-2004]

Just saw Love Park in movies and stuff. But I wanna see it when maybe somewhere in my life I will come to America. Then I just want to skate the sm00th Love Park I saw in the movies... Hope to all our dreams!
vda, belgium [01-04-2004]

STEPHAN WEEMAES, belgium antwerp turnhout [01-04-2004]

even when love is soo far away from where we live.. it's still 1 of our dreams to skate this perfect spot
mathias Lemmens, Belgium EUROPE [01-04-2004]

love park must stay !
diet, Belguim: Antwerpen [01-04-2004]

Philadelphia's news media evidently isn't inclined to report that the same person who banned skateboarding from LOVE Park is also the person who killed Philly's chances to create one of the greatest ballparks in American history and also killed the idea to provide a spectacular plaza as a focal point for the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The sum-total loss (ie: damage) to the city of Philadelphia, on just these three situations, is easily in excess of a billion dollars, when taking into account all factors. Mayor John Street wants everyone to focus on the tip of the iceberg as if that's the part that sunk the Titanic.
Mitch Deighan, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia [01-04-2004]

They must reopen LOVE. My friend lives there and I would love to skate with him there. Skateboarding is somethimg that should be legal it keeps kids off the streets and away from drugs. I have annother friend who was on the verge of commiting suicide and skateboarding saved his life and I am shure it has saved many others. Skateboarding is a good sourse of exercise and a great way to let off steam. Please leagalize skateboarding at LOVE. It will help everyone. Not only will it help skaters it will also help the government. It will save them money because they won't have to pay for a security guard 24/7. Thank You!
Harrison, California [01-04-2004]

shaundra hopkins, del rio,texas [12-27-2003]

love park is an alsome spot i skated it for hours one time it must b re opened
will, columbus GA [12-27-2003]

free love park
dj, midlothian virginia usa [12-27-2003]

lovin is all i got. growing up around philly and skating love park has changed my life. i am a recovered drug addict, and the only thing that got me threw it was my board.
billy gould, warminster P.A. [12-27-2003]

Ummm... If someone does graffitti or tags,bombs the whole city, what would you guys do CLOSE THE WHOLE CITY???? Like we aren't doing any damage as I know of!?? And I have seen this park in skatemags,videos, tony hawk game hehe but anyway whats the deal why can't we skate there. If you "city officer" or whatsoever wanna stop skating you can't! CLOSING love park will just make people angry not stop skating. And hey are you going to close the streets too CAUSE someone are using cars there! Not just that guys doesn't polce officers have any other hobby rather than carrying a hell of a lot skateboards they've confiscated? Closing love park will just make skaters go any other place, as I said before YOU CAN'T STOP SKATEBOARDING! Skate for life....
Håkon, Drammen, Norway [12-27-2003]

Don't you people realize that banning skateboarding from love park is like Jennifer Lopez without a big butt.... it just doesnt work
Brian Bollwage, Flemington, NJ [12-27-2003]

LOVE park needs to be open to skaters, cause i was walking thorugh there with a skatebord the other day, and put my board down, and blow! a cop, "ok son, your getting a $25 fine (then started to curse simutaneously)" Thats bull s* and u get my point
Kyle Knoblauch, Levittown PA [12-27-2003]

Kt, Delaware [12-27-2003]

Nicolas-Julien Bougie, montreal, Canada [12-27-2003]

This's the best place for skateboarding in the world and I would like skate it .
Wojciech, bruxelles Belgium [12-27-2003]

I want to skate in LOVE PARK someday
Kamil Kontraktewicz, Poland [12-27-2003]

szymon Sierzptowski [12-27-2003]

I am so sad that i never got to skate LOVE before they did all that shit to it. I live so far away that it was tough to get a trip together....well anyway FREE LOVE PARK
Chris Nieman, Woodburn,IN [12-27-2003]

free love park!love park was skate heaven if they free love park it would be every skaters dream.........
patrick Hofer, severna park, maryland, 21146 [12-27-2003]

freee love
Eric Capone, drexel hill, pa 19026, usa [12-27-2003]

i never skated there, so i cant really say anything but a lot of the skateboarders in philly that have told me about it make me want to do something about it.
jason carroll, wall, new jersey [12-27-2003]

free love park!
bobo, goleta,ca [12-27-2003]

it's one of the best skate spots ever . it's historical place for evry skater in the whole world !
stefan, poland [12-27-2003]

They need to free Love Park. The people, will, not might, they will.
Nicholas DeChant, Bellvue WA, USA [12-27-2003]

Kevin Raymond, Pasadena, Maryland [12-27-2003]

L O V E park must come back - clear tubes for life
Vaughn the stank alien, Severna park Md [12-27-2003]

free love park !
Paweł Walczak, Opole, Poland [12-27-2003]

yo love park is a place for art and skating is an art so allow it
kyle wilson, sp, md [12-27-2003]

Free Love Park. I wann Skated Love Park, on tome i my life free love park.
Łukasz (yogi) Jaroszuk, Poland [12-27-2003]

Alotta Poosy [12-27-2003]

Vivan Phan, Connecticut [12-27-2003]

I don't skate but my brother does. I think that Love park should be turned into an EQUESTRIAN center. Horses are great. They could turn the other half into a great street spot for all the skaters. Love park reopening would make tons of people happy. Many more kids and teens would be able to enjoy Philly. They should make Love park an Equestrian center/skate spot.
Vicky Castens, New Jersey [12-27-2003]

A skaters dream, a mayor's nightmare. Free LOVE Park.
Mark Raymond, Pasadena, Maryland [12-27-2003]

free love park!
David Weiss, Severna Park, MD [12-27-2003]

free love park so many trcks have gone down there but none of mine i never got the chance to skate love park and today s christmas and that is my christmas wish free love park
justin, maryland [12-27-2003]

skateboarding doesnt hurt anything. skateboarders need love park back. FREE LOVE PARK!
john jackson, severna park, MD [12-27-2003]

i know how legendary LOVE is, and i want to have the chance to skateboard there in the future.
mike mann, Severna Park, Maryland [12-27-2003]

Born and raised in Philly...FREE LOVE PARK
Tom, Severna Park, MD [12-27-2003]

My dream was to always skate Love Park, and now I can't. I want to skate it! Free Love Park!
Alex Szliwoski, Cheshire, CT [12-27-2003]

~love park was made popular by skaters so let the skater be part of love park~
Brett, Windsor Ontario Canada [12-27-2003]

Calvin PIcje, cincinnati, oh [12-27-2003]

Its practically a national landmark, i mean we watched the X-games go down there a few years ago and now its being ripped away. It seems ironic that the City of Philidelpia would take in millions of dollars from the X-games, but when it comes to giving a little bit back to the skateboarders that brought them money in the first place, the city wont do it. C'mon a little LOVE
Sean Meeker, Dublin, CA [12-27-2003]

dont tear the f* love park down it is awesome i havent skated it but i wanna take a trip down there its a national landmark for all skateboarders why tear it down?? skateboarders like me and all the rest of the skateboarders have no! and i mean no spots to call a national landmark and we have one which is love park so dont tear that wonderful skatespot landmark down!
sean teifeld, fox river grove illinois USA [12-27-2003]

Where is the love? I am student and skater at UPenn. Let me know what I can do to spread info and gain support around campus.
Jillian Tuck, Philadelphia, PA [12-27-2003]

Let people skate there. whats the harm is it doing to anyone?
Dom Till, Uckfield, England [12-27-2003]

MSN, poland [12-27-2003]

LET LOVE PARK OPEN AGAIN. because people will be sneaking in and people dont want that. people want just to skate there know that they are not going to get kicked out
Jorge Davila, houston, texas [12-27-2003]

let us skate!
dennis, sweden [12-27-2003]

give them back their park how could you be that mean SOB!
johan yolandah, sweden götene [12-27-2003]

free love park! please offer something for the youth who dont like fotball or ice hockey! please do something to keep love park alive! please! please i beg you!...
Markus Simmingskoeld, Sweden, dreaming of LOVE PARK! [12-27-2003]

Free love Park!
Gloria J Haag, Maple Glen, PA [12-27-2003]

free love park. i'v never had to pleasure of sk8ing it!
Elton Polacco, Toronto, Ontario [12-27-2003]

free love park
cody albea, greenville nc, usa [12-27-2003]

i wish everyone could have the chance to experience the love like i did. free LOVE baby!
Wes, toronto, Canada [12-27-2003]

I saw A lot of skateboarding movies that were filmed in the LOVE park. And all the cops and security came. That sucks so much. Save the love park !
Jelle Andriessen, Essen, Antwerpen, Belgium [12-27-2003]

bring it back! FREE THE LOVE!
chrissy johnson, north brunswick nj [12-27-2003]

free love park. i wana skate there sometime.
Brendan Clark, happy valley goose bay,Labrador, Canada [12-27-2003]

Hey Love park is a great place to skate why did you tare it down you dont relize that all thoes other spots it philly that you dont want us skating at are being skated because you tore down that park and if you rebiuld it it will get the skater of all thoes spots you dont want them at.
Jimmy Long, Okinawa Japan [12-27-2003]

Rich Benedict, Old Bridge, New Jersey [12-27-2003]

Hervé Rouleau, Québec [12-27-2003]

Ivan, Nashville [12-27-2003]

i think that is is better for us skaters to be in a closed street skating area then out on the streets getting fines and arrested no matter how much they try to stop us we will skate love park
brian lutz, refton,pa, [12-27-2003]

Ray Crawford [12-27-2003]

keith, ontario, canada [12-27-2003]

Matt Mignone [12-27-2003]

Matt Newsome, Long Valley NJ [12-27-2003]

The Love Park was so perfect for skateboarding, all the ledges and stairs etc. I could imagine those guys feelings who skated love park everyday, those who loved that place when love were closed. If Love could be reopen, I certainly will visit there in the future. I hope that this message will help. Love...
Joni Räsänen, Finland [12-27-2003]

Ross Kelley, Bow, NH [12-27-2003]

i will probably never see this place, but i will support ANYTHING that has to do with the wonderful hobby that i love. peace. BRING BACK THE LOVE
Alex Dodd, England [12-27-2003]

Lyn Elliot, State College, PA [12-27-2003]

Free Love skateboarding is love.
Kodi Ganci, Las Vegas NV [12-27-2003]

Hey i think that love park should be opened again to skaters because love park is one of the best places to skateboard and its bulls* that we cant skateb in one of if not, the most legendary place in the world to skateboarders so please! let us back in
Josh Palmer, knoxville,TN U.S.A. [12-27-2003]

F* tear it down NOW. SkateBoarding sucks
wes hartman [12-27-2003]

I come from Poland and I have never skated in Love PArk and probably I will do that as Poland is far away from Philadelphia but I've seen this place on a number of skate videos and it must be incredible feeling to skate there so I hope all you real skaters will finaly succeed.FREE LOVE PARK
Arek, Poland [12-27-2003]

dries, 9900 eeklo, belguim [12-27-2003]

people come from all of the world just to skate this spot in philly. its featured in a lot of vidoes. itis a skateboard landmark. its perfect with ledges,sets anything a street skater could imagine.destroying this for skater is liek destroying a pyrmid for a archologist
richard hanson, vancouver [12-27-2003]

i have never had the chance to skate love park but i have heard very good things about it by the people who have.thats why love park should be free and open to skaters world wide
Jesse Ewers, Keswick,VA [12-27-2003]

let us skate!
zach sykes, Baltimore [12-27-2003]

free love!
someone who cares [12-27-2003]

when i skated there ona holiday a year ago i had thetime of my life whilst i was there thats a memory that i will never forget and that i treasure,if your going to rip that memory and happiness from me then u arnt human u definetly arnt in tune with who we skaters are and you have no souls i thought PHILLY was all about freedom,well right now kno 1 is feeling that, FREE LOVE!
asa, england [12-27-2003]

my friend is strong on this and really enjoys skating it for him and other aspiring skateboarders.
claudia, canada [12-27-2003]

DANIEL SEVERSON, san clemente ca [12-27-2003]

Free LOVE!
chad ridout, issaquah, washington [12-27-2003]

Free Love Park!
tijmen de bree, Adegem,Belgium [12-27-2003]

Just open LOVE Park, it is one of the greatest street skating spots in America.
Chris DeCosimo, Watchung, New Jersey [12-27-2003]

i'm from belgium and c'omon there not breaking anything with skating let them skate
ebert, eeklo oost vlaanderen belgium [12-27-2003]

koen de neve [12-27-2003]

i have skated there before i skated there for a while until a a man told everyone to leave the park that was the best place i had ever skated. we didn't harm anyone or anything some let up skate we love that park we want to enjoy that park please
ricky, timberville,VA 22853 [12-27-2003]

Niek Van overberghe, Belgium [12-27-2003]

i skated the love park! and it must stay! i love the love park, its just a great place to skate!
kevin verbeke, eeklo, east-flandres in belgium [12-27-2003]

David Aguirre, Santee, CA [12-27-2003]

i skated it once...mindblowing free love
captain sandals, longmeadow ma US [12-27-2003]

Lauren Meade, Philly, PA [12-27-2003]

love park looks amazing and i promised myself that i would ine day go there, straight after barcelona
theo krish, great britain kent [12-27-2003]

When the end comes, skaters will be able to skate where ever they want without getting hassled by the police. I promise. And those who disobay my command will be bannished to eternal torment in a Micheal Bolton concert. Sincerely, God
God, Mustang OK [12-27-2003]

derek debetham, san diego [12-27-2003]

ive never actually skated love park but now theyre makin it to where i cant ever have a chance plus half of all the skate teams putting out videos arent going to have that place to film like getz bam stevie kalis the point is they should f* have a way for us to skate it.
Gabe, colorado springs, colorado, u.s.a. [12-27-2003]

KARL PECK [12-27-2003]

Lyle, Olympia, Washington [12-27-2003]

Christina Coats, West Deptford, NJ [12-27-2003]

Free Love Park NOW!
Bob Margera, West Chester, PA [12-27-2003]

edd kwiatkowski, new jersey [12-27-2003]

ben, baltimore md [12-27-2003]

I've never skated Love, but ever since i got that TWS with Wenning switch b/s 180 down the Fountain Gap, I've always wanted 2 go skate there. I wanna get there sometime before 2007, and i hope i can skate there still. Thanks and never give up.
Rich, Chicago [12-27-2003]

free love park!
chris franssen, busselton western australia [12-27-2003]

hey i used to skate love all the time but now we got assholes tryin to control us which i really think is f* bs for real cause dat place was so tight they had everything, i used to roll up there with my boys on saturday's and sunday's and idk that place was just so nice, it brought soo much attention to the danm city i mean everybody was going there from i mean all parts of the world and if your all like me and feelin what i'm feelin that place should be back! and back for good! the only thing left to say is....FREE LOVE PARK!
matt enriquez, boothwyn pa, [12-27-2003]

LOVE park is one of the best spots ive ever been to. its not because ive skated there but because of the diversity of people. when you close off LOVE park just so that people who want to relax van go there than your defeating the purpose. we (bikers and skaters) come there to relax. that is our peace time. it is one of the funnest places ive ever been to. more fun than any other ammusement park or fair. because it has a special something for everyone. and that is why you shouldnt close off LOVE park.
SHAWN BENDER, levittown pa [12-27-2003]

Dave Gray, United Kingdom [12-27-2003]

Mike Flanagan, Darien, CT [12-27-2003]

Im 17 years old and have been skateboarding for years. I have friends that have been to the LOVE park and they "love" it. Why do you have to have restrictions on the weekdays? c'mon your trying to close the park after 3pm on the weekdays. most of us "skaters are still in grade school. Many schools dont end until 3pm. Its a nice place to skate and I understand that you dont want it messed up, but can you at least keep it open a little longer than 3pm. its a great place to practice and improvise our skills. thank you for your time.
kristopher kimble, 33 seagull dr. beaufort sc, 29907 [12-27-2003]

free lllllloooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Dan Conover, Buffalo, New York USA [12-27-2003]

they need to just lets us skate there, we werent hurting anything, we wouldnt bother people
jim hager, manahawkin nj [12-27-2003]

skate love forever
Dan Ditaranto, Three Bridges New jersey [12-27-2003]

I never got the chance to skate love, I wish I did, we all need to fight for our common love, skateboarding, we need to take love back
Sean Rash, Horsham, PA, 19040 [12-27-2003]

LOVE: a poem from the heart

What is love, if it is not true?
If it was love, then why after do you feel blue?
When they took you away, it made me cry.
Not being able to see you, I wanted to die.
The four big letters that spell out your name,
What you stand for, why you came.
The city of Brotherly LOVE, where you once stood,
I would have helped you if I could.
Although they say that one cannot do much,
Then again, it is hearts they can touch.
To spread the word, and tell it well,
To bring back a friend, a brother that has fell.
One day, once word gets out,
I will see you again, and I prepare to shout,
“There is LOVE park, it will now stand to this day!”
and after that, nothing more is left to say…

Vinny Bustamante, Bend, OR 97702 [12-27-2003]

support the cause, sign this, and then go skate
steve swyryt, vernon nj home of dan kass [12-27-2003]

Corinne, Pennington, NJ [12-27-2003]

Free LOVE Park for all the kid's
luis hernandez, hermiston,OR 97838 [12-27-2003]

When you killed Love, you killed a little part of every skateboarder in the world. Sure there's other street spots, but none compared to Love Park. You bastards are going down, you might as well give it back.
Max VanBlaricom, Hawthorne, CA [12-27-2003]

i love skating. with out skating i would be lost,and in jail. skating helps you relieve pain,and pressure. skating is not all life, but it helps you live happy. i mean it helps you stay off drugs,drinking,and pills. FREE LIFE! FREELOVE! HELP PEOPLE!
derek pearcy, sardis tn. [12-27-2003]

love park is great and everyone should skate it
john barbiero, milford, ct [12-27-2003]

i think love should be more than just aplace to sit,and watch bums. love should be more than just another park. i think love should be like it was before when it was fun. before cops chased you off,and the stuff was in the way. skate for life. love is important. it was a place whier people freed thier problems. the park keept them from bad. opening park would be less problems like drugs.
derek pearcy, sardis tn. [12-27-2003]

Skateboarding should be returned to love park because love park was the greatest spot ever.
charles auerbach, 100 CSUMB Campus Center Bldg. 205 Rm. 116 [12-21-2003]

you should free love park to skaters if you care about the youth
Robert Begley, Ireland [12-21-2003]

skateboarding at love park should be extremely legal. u never know what could happen if skateboarding is banned from love park
Brock Rieker, 21 Ethel Ave. Leola, Pa 17540 [12-21-2003]

Free Love Park. YOu hypocritical city officials. De drug us and take away our reason to stay drug free.
Timothy Huffman [12-21-2003]

Free Love Park! Toodles.
Travis Gabbert [12-21-2003]

shawn omalley, phoenix, az [12-21-2003]

It is obsurd that you can just take away what you please. Is there anything you, mr. street had as a hobby or something you loved dearly and some jerk took it away from you? I bet you would have a fit. Please give the park back and let everyone be happy.
Gina Rossell [12-21-2003]

Why don't you just make it a skatepark of sorts? Of course, not a real skatepark, just the idea of one. Skateboarders could go there to skate, hassle-free, for as long as they want. Nobody is being harmed (for sure) or offended, and if they are being offended, that's not right. There is no reason to be offended by people doing what they love at Love Park. Bring back the love, and don't stress the hate.
Justin Roe, Milpitas, CA [12-21-2003]

You cant stop it Why try As long as Love exists kids will do anything to skate it
Mark McKenna, Bucks County PA [12-21-2003]

Skating Love park in THPS2 is just not enough.
Luke Wright, Greenville, SC [12-21-2003]

Skating is my life i wish i could have been blessed with skating at the infamous Love Park
kenny S., newport, Ky [12-21-2003]

Open that s* up
Bobby Toland, Philadelphia [12-21-2003]

Let the people ride it is to a sport
Ben Ratcliff, Brownsburg, IN 46112 [12-21-2003]

R.I.P. Love Park
Michael Crowe, Tampa,Florida [12-21-2003]

I loved skating at LO Park and now i cant so bring it back ve
Buddy Patridge, Warminster Pa. [12-21-2003]

man it sucks that they did that to love park.i always watch vids of skaters especially stevie.w that always talk about it and im like man i wanna skate dat place so bad
chase landry, baldwin,louisiana [12-21-2003]

I believe that Love Park is not only a monument to skateboarding but the best place to hone in on skill that are needed to become Pro. You cant be the next Kerry Getz, Eric Koston, Mullen, J thomas or Dydrek without being able to skate rails ledges and sets. S for the kids chasing a dream love park is perfect. I hop that the city can get there heads out of the ground and let us skate there again. and one other point, its not like there is anything wrong with biulding a new park a new park for people to stroll and turn love into a skate park strictly.
Sam M., nm [12-21-2003]

If it reopens just let it be a walk thru park just like always thats what really made it interesting.
Rich Schloendorn, Audubon,NJ, [12-21-2003]

There's nothing wrong with skateboarding. So why does everyone pretend like it's some big deal? It's just people that love skateboarding, and love skating AT love.
Matt Wright, usa [12-21-2003]

Lo ve Like the phoenix you will rise from the ashes
Ruairi Mythen, Co. Clare Ireland [12-21-2003]

Zach Freedenberg, Waterville, Maine [12-21-2003]

Free LOVE Park
Bruce [12-21-2003]

Dont close Love Park.........So much history cant do it
Kevin Falk, Barnegat, NJ United States [12-21-2003]

Free Love skatepark. I have never had the chance to experience the love that comes out of love. If they never re-open love skatepark, they should call it Hate park. Hate park seems like a more appropriate name for a place that banned an individuals right to freedom of expression. I know that for a fact, business owners around LOVE park enjoyed the skateboarding talent and the profit they made from skaters. Skateboarding is a positive outlet for many of us who are underprivalliaged and those who are not good enough to become anything greater. Life is about being free and enjoying the next day. For LOVE, there will never be a next day...
Vinny Bustamante, Bend, OR [12-21-2003]

free love park make it skater accesible it keeps the crime low and the poeple happy.
matty lee, sydney [12-21-2003]

free Love Park.....the best spot ever ;]
Piotr Gutowski, Poland [12-21-2003]

I think that closing love park is one of the dumbest things the city could of done. We skate so that we can get away from drugs, and trouble and crap that that so i guess they would rather have us do that.
Darin Mast, New Buffalo, Mi [12-21-2003]

Brandon Rost, Lansdale,PA [12-15-2003] homepage

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