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November 23-December 14, 2003

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free love park. r.i.p.
travis word, dallas, tx [12-14-2003]

free love park and go skateboadring
enrico pensabene, bologna italy [12-14-2003]

paul moore, sardis tn. [12-14-2003]

kris kelly, lexington tn. [12-14-2003]

love skatepark is skate paradice.
jonathan smith, sardis tn. [12-14-2003]

robert wadley, sardis tn. [12-14-2003]

randall leech, sardis tn. [12-14-2003]

adam gailbraith, sardis tn. [12-14-2003]

kyle gettings, sardis tn. [12-14-2003]

Dylan Pearcy, sardis tn. [12-14-2003]

derek pearcy, sardis tn. [12-14-2003]

krystle, warwick r.i. [12-14-2003]

i neva skated there but i really want to
matty j, warwick, rhode island [12-14-2003]

It's no good except for skating!
Carl Ekerot, Sweden [12-14-2003]

open it up
Richard Dalton, Cordova TN [12-14-2003]

Kyle King, Carmel,IN [12-14-2003]

I remember when I was a teenager, some of the best skate trips I ever got to go on was the ones to LOVE PARK. Four years ago, I made a huge descision to move to California to live the best life I could as a skateboarder. Seeing the latest On Video made me realize I should have maybe stayed closer to LOVE PARK because now I realize I had everything I needed back east. I truly do miss skating LOVE and I wish I could have gone more while I had the chance. "FREE LOVE PARK!"
James Rooney, Costa Mesa CA (Originally from New Jersey) [12-14-2003]

jarid depuy, barrington,illinois [12-14-2003]

Robert Fanchiang, Fort Lee, New Jersey [12-14-2003]

Ben Moran, Baton Rouge, Louisiana [12-14-2003]

Sarah Moran, Baton Rouge, Louisiana [12-14-2003]

What kind of idiot would close love park. Ed bacon 4 ever. Old fogies suck.
Brandon Bentcover, Bothell, Washington [12-14-2003]

free love park
xabi, spain [12-14-2003]

the destruction of love means the end of an era. a huge part of skateboarding will be gone forever.... love park, R.I.P.
rafael tayag, philippines dasmarinas,cavite [12-14-2003]

skating rulz we should be able to skate any werre we want so u guys rule and skatng does to so f* every one else who doesnt
chrstopher stewart, elk grove, California,95624,usa [12-14-2003]

Zack Johnson, Gaithersburg MD [12-14-2003]

i'm with you
Simona De Luca, Catania [12-14-2003]

i wish i could skate it i heard it was fattt
jeffrey maichle, Claymont De "USA [12-14-2003]

I've been to love park once and it was just to walk around but seeing the ledges and all was like living a skate vid it was a wonderful experience. I want to go back to philly only to skate and meet the pros there, but if its taken away the many people not just me wont get to meet the famous idols that dwell in the city. The only reason many people go to Philly is to meet the skateboarders they've watched in videos for years, and be apart of the culture there and try to learn or just associate with other people and many people from different countries come to philly just to skate LOVE. I was jsut one of the thousands of People who brought revenue to the city just to skate there. peace
tim proudfoot, Baltimore MD [12-14-2003]

free the love, peace!
kathryn, la crosse, wisconsin, usa [12-14-2003]

too many pulic youth places are being attacked by legislation. let the youth (and everyone) congregate and have fun. im sick of seeing the parks and clubs shut down.
sarah, la crosse, wisconsin, usa [12-14-2003]

free love park back to the skaters its the best park in the world! skate (4) life
david, ont [12-14-2003]

I skated love park when they started putting rangers there it is hard to even skate there with out the pigs coming in like 30 minutes
Johnny Milen, Ocean City NJ, [12-12-2003]

they need to free love park cuz that was the best place to skate and meet some pros like bam margara and meet and interact wit other skaters...
Barry Craul, middletown, pa [12-12-2003]

i broke my board at love the place rocks
mike, norristown pa [12-12-2003]

Mike Jones, yorkshire, England [12-12-2003]

I think love park should be open for skateboarders becausde it was a good place to go and an awesome place to skate it attracted a lot of good groups of skaters. It should be re opened because it was better than us going out and getting drunk or high on drugs, and it was an awesome place, it had everything smal staris big stairs long ledges short ledges small stairs benches kicker ramps and all that good stuff for skatboarding, i think it would be wise to open it again because most of the skaters would be there instead of other places geeting busted for not being able to skate there. Thanks
Taylor Edwards, brookfield WI [12-12-2003]

Love Park is only a place where skater have the chance to skate. It is the perfect spot. By tearing it down you will be ripping out a part of skaters all over the world. I have not skated here but when I turn pro i will just like every other kid who wants to turn pro. If it is torn down Philly will lose a great amount of its population.
Raul Rodriguez, Fort Worth, Tx [12-11-2003]

matt smith, thompson ct [12-11-2003]

Dillon Martin, nc [12-11-2003]

love park rules not that iv skated it but i have friends that have skated it and told me its one of the spots wear you can skate and not have cops getten on you every five minits. even though i heard thay took the love out of their know problem will just bring up another love park in memory of love. may love r.i.p.
anonymous [12-11-2003]

LOVE should just be left alone, skating doesn't need to be controlled and if whoever wants it to be wants LOVE park to be shut down to skating, they need to relax. It's not a big deal, it's a piece of wood with wheels on it and people rol around and jump with it. LOVE has no hope of getting it's ledges restored, so just let it go, don't put any rules or regulations on it, just let it be.
Dave Brown, Albany, New York [12-11-2003]

Why hate?
Alex Carmona, Natick, Massachusetts [12-11-2003]

Philip Goldsmith needs to be stoped. He is the Devil. His pure evil is ruining our skate spots worldwide. No handrail or perfect ledge is safe with Philip Goldsmith still breathing. Oh yeah, free love park.
Brandon, Mustang, OK [12-11-2003]

LOVE Park the name brings a tear to my eye this part is off the hook
Robert Nieman, Toledo IA [12-11-2003]

Free love park
****, lumpkin georgia [12-11-2003]

I think thats messsed up, and they should bring love park back to skaters. iv'e skated there once and always dreamed of going back. there is so many kids brought down because of this. Peace
Randy Battaglio, longwood FL [12-11-2003]

listen to this simple equation to make money skaters + run down love park = regeneration
jose, england [12-11-2003]

Grayson Foreman, Hendersonville,TN [12-11-2003]

whats the point in a park if you can't use it. isn't their purpose to be used for recreational activities. and what ever happened to bmx.
austin, ohio valley w.v. [12-11-2003]

skateboarder's need this place back!
Eric Payne, Beaverton Oregon [12-11-2003]

love park is skateboarding
Todd Zimmer, Charlotte, NC [12-11-2003]

There are too many reasons why Love should be freed to put on this page but here are a few. One, the park is an icon for skateboarding and Philly, as well as America. Two, the park saw some of the greatest times and pros while it was around, a young Tony Hawk or Bam Margera could be walking around right now but since Love was taken he will never become who he wants to be. Third, the park actually made the surrounding area safer for residents, it would take an army to put down a pack of die-hard skaters. Of all the reasons above none is greter than the fact that it was ours and we all loved it. I've never been to Love or Philly but the stories I here make it sound like heaven. Love was, is, what it name entails, Love.
Drew St.Claire, Winston-Salem, North Carolina [12-11-2003]

Love park has shown love to the young for years, by prohibating skateboarding, they might as well be saing"Hey this is Philly and the sk8 culture and all who dwell in it and love it should go to canada or hell. I love Love park, though I Have never been there personally, it has always been a dream of mine to skate there.I know how it is to have a spot, a community recreational zone, a symbol, of how things should be- in one- takin away. A spot such as "Love" is irreplaceable and damn Mayor Street for his actions. He might as well be taking heavein away, Love Park could be rencarnated for the Sk8-Community, lets not give up!Mayor Street, here out the youth-be hip!
MIke Wollenberg, Brookfiel, WI [12-11-2003]

WHAT THE F*..... free love, it holds a place in all the skaters hearts. all the memories people have there, just goin to skate and flowing.....who the f* has memories of eating lunch or just walkin through love. all you stupid f* council man need to realize what the f* your ruining. stupid b*.
jonathan wilt, baltimore, md 21222 [12-11-2003]

free love park because it is the best place to skate!
James Green, Baltimore,md 21222 [12-11-2003]

LOVE park must be reopened to skaters because this one of the famous spots of the world. I never been there but i saw videos and i will go there soon. I'm ready to do everything to can skate one day at the love park,so please contact me.
Jimmy Turcotte, st-honoré de témiscouata, quebec [12-11-2003]

Patrick Albury, Op,Ks [12-11-2003]

love park rocks open it
andy bretz, nashville tennessee usa [12-11-2003]

Please un ban love park, ive seen so many cool pictures and i would love to skate it!
Josh Stevens, England [12-11-2003]

LOVE Park is something that's apart of our history.. It's essential to street skateboarders on the east coast and if you took that away you'd be killing one of the greatest spots of all time. This is not the way to go about it..
Brendan O'Shaughnessy, Belton, Missouri [12-11-2003]

Someones got to save love park. Skateboarders cannot loose the battle against the law. Skateboarding is not a crime.
Travis Longo, Lawrenceville, Georgia [12-11-2003]

you dont understand how much this park means to skateboarders think of things u value most and now take them completely out of your life!
bruce abraham, omaha ne usa [12-11-2003]

I would like to visit Philadelphia when Love park is open to skateboarding again. Please keep an open mind! Thanks, Jason
Jason Marshall, Chrlotte, NC [12-11-2003]

Skaters want love park back
Joseph Budd, Gloucester City NJ [12-11-2003]

Love park is one of the best skate spots i have ever skated and I think that it is a buch of crap beause pro's and myseif and others loved to skate there and I just think that they should reopen it be it is lovepark and every one even skateboarder's need love.
matt rickert, fayette, ALABAMA [12-11-2003]

i think that love park should be free.
Mike Gerken [12-11-2003]

free love!
Cody Leighton, Madison, SD, USA [12-11-2003]

I have only seen LOVE PARK in skateboarding videos and from what i saw it is a wonderful place. If i can i would do any thing to bring it back to us the youth/"skaters".
isaac trujillo, tooele utah [12-11-2003]

LOVE Park is an awesome place to skate and chill! Skaters in philly need a place to skate and LOVE is that place. Street is only doing what he feels he needs to listen to the people who visit LOVE Park!PLEEZ FREE LOVE FOR THE PEOPLE
cam kurtz, kalamazoo michigan [12-11-2003]

f* people who want skatin banned.
Ted, missisppi [12-11-2003]

i havent skated the love park, but it looks to be the best skateboarding street spot in the world. it should not be taken away. FIGHT FOR THE LOVE PARK
david trenchard, england [12-11-2003]

why else would I want to go to Philly?
Connor Levy, Canada [12-11-2003]

James Hildenbrand, University Park, PA [12-11-2003]

Brings people in, makes local happy, whats not to love? (maybe thats how it got the name.... jsut a thought)
Matt Sieloff, State College, PA [12-11-2003]

Joanna DeMarco, Philadelphia Pa [12-11-2003]

If love park is lost then there are no words to describe how much that would suck
John Sahadi, Glendale, Arizona [12-11-2003]

Keep Love for the skaters not picnicers
brockk davis, alma,michigan, usa [12-11-2003]

Yeah i think that Love Park needs to be re-instated...people there loved to sk8 it and i have always wanted to since the days i remember seeing those pros do what i wish i could and now they closed it all down! i really hope someday soon the park will open again for those awesome ledges to get tore up!
Stefan Myers, Lewisville Texas [12-11-2003]

I skate LOVE and city hall all of the time and now that it's all starting to be taken away where the f* are we supposed to skate we have to fight for it LOVE feels like more than just a spot to me it's my fukin home and now this m* STREET is trying to take it away from us f* him fight till the death and don't let him win!
David Stiles, Rio Grande, NJ [12-11-2003]

I think that Love Park is a great place were kids of all ages can go to have fun, and that they should not be shuting it down over skateboarders, Love Park is in many skating videos all over the world and people from many differnt countrys want to come to America so they can visit that Park, I live in Mass, and i know that if I could go to Love Park again then i would drop what ever Im doing and go. Iv only been there once but when i went no one was mean or anything, everyone there was just cool, it was awesome, I meet Stevie Williams there, hes a pro skater, its not everyday that your walking down the street and see a pro, i think that Love Park is awesome, and that the people that want to shut it down are stupid, it brings life to Philly!
Jimi West, Hanson MASS [12-11-2003]

i hate men i need a fun wild crazy women
matt neber, mesa, AZ [12-11-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK! its only fair to the next generation of skaters!
ben greene, cary nc [12-11-2003]

Free love park, save skateboarding! Save skateboarding, Save the world!
Daniel van Cadsand, Eindhoven, the netherlands [12-11-2003]

voglio lo skatepark cazzo
Dario, Italy Squinzano (LE) [12-11-2003]

Ive been to philly a lot of times and i skated love park and its awesome
Justin Bonstelle, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan [12-11-2003]

I think that the city had know right to take a park a paradise from skateboarder. Skateboarders made love park what it is today. I think that skateboarders need to go in front of the city and say what "right do you have to not allow us (skateboarders) to skate in are park. FREE LOVE PARK Cameron Chicago IL.
Cameron Favoright, Chicago IL, USA [12-11-2003]

free love park!
Josh Clement, Winston-Salem,N.C.,U.S [12-11-2003]

Without Love there will be no Love
Adam Phillips, Bethel Park, PA [12-11-2003]

free love park!
parker smith, chandler, Arizona [12-11-2003]

I never got to skate LOVE park... so let me! and open it to skaters.
Jon Graney, Wilmington, DE [12-11-2003]

bring back love!
Shawn, milbank, south dakota [12-11-2003]

Free love, embrace love, skate love.
Sasha Hallock, New york [12-11-2003]

whats so wrong with giving us one area of free skating...the city bitches about use skating everywhere but if they would just let us skate love or not charge 200 dollars a second at a skate park then maybe they wouldn't have to bitch and all would be dandy..
Dave Hatcher, philadelphia, Pa, United states of america [12-11-2003]

this is a crime that -they- want to close love park
Nathan Volker, Toledo,Ohio [12-11-2003]

I don't know much about the infamous Love Park, but losing it made a big impact in the skateboarding world. i know what it's like to lose a spot because some d* says we're making him loose business, but L.P. seemed more like a places where friends become family. I just think that tearing it down was completely unecessary. I would have like to have visited there one day myself. Even jus chillin there and watchin the local heros rip would have been a blessing in itself. Love Park R.I.P.
nick crisosto, stockton, ca [12-11-2003]

bring back the love of our life.
Mike Gallego, La Habra, CA, USA [12-11-2003]

its so dumb they did that they ruined a legendary skate spot wtf....
branden davis, st peters MO 63376 [12-11-2003]

the Love Park is the best spot that i've seen ! please give to us that spot ! FREE LOVE PARK !
giacomo, trieste (italy) [12-11-2003]

we will have love park
Derek granieri, Glenside pa [12-11-2003]

true skateboarders will not sue anybody for there injuries, certainly that must have been part of the reason why it was banned. What an inspirational story it would be for the world if Love Park was free for skating.It would clearly be an even better environment because personally I know that I wouldn't take Love Park for granted anymore. Scott Kip is the man!
Kenny Luby, Rochester N.Y. [12-11-2003]

love park should be open to all skater it is so great to skate there i snuck in butt i got kicked out
chris, new jersey [12-11-2003]

LOVE PARK's a bust.
billy coulon, hilo hawaii [12-11-2003]

by resconstructing love park, they are not only destroying a huge piece of skateboarding's history, they are also losing the purpose of love park. FREE LOVE PARK!
james kimmorley, mackay, QLD, Australia [12-11-2003]

Brian Tucker, Chicago, Il [12-11-2003]

All we need is LOVE.
R., Fr [12-11-2003]

I'm much to old to skateboard but as my son does, I have been to Love Park several times. Never once did I have a bad experience from any skateboarder. What I saw EVERY time was kids enjoying themselves skateboarding. All I can say is shame on you Mayor Street. Shame on you for only thinking of yourself.
Pat Johnson, Wilmington, Delaware [12-11-2003]

The kids need somewhere to skate in this city. If you go to any city in Canada, you'll find wonderful, free skateparks. it is just crazy that we have so little for the kids here, and that we make them into criminals just for skating.
Sherie Ernst, Philadelphia, Pa [12-11-2003]

The reason Philly is on the map is due to LOVE. One LOVE, Skating at LOVE. It's the best thing in the world for everyone. C'mon Philly, show your LOVE and bring it back to the world of skaters. Give them something to dream about. Thank You.
Stevie Williams, Philly Baby! [12-11-2003]

F* all you guys trying to destroy love park
Alex, Parkville Missouri [12-11-2003]

save the love,becouse the huge part of skateboardin will be gone forever.modernizam bejbe
juri slivar, croatia [12-11-2003]

Ive been to love park and i go to america now and again and love park was the best place ive ever seen for skateboarding
Carlton, Australia [12-11-2003]

I know about LOVE park as a great skateboarding attraction and I'm from way out here. LOVE is a nationally known spot. When I turn 18, I plan to move to Philadelphia just so I can be one of the locals that gets to skate LOVE. It has become and icon to skateboarders everywhere. If LOVE is unskatable, then it won't be LOVE anymore, the skateboarders make LOVE what it is. Ask any of the local shop owners from the street, the tourism of skateboarders bring them the most business. If anything, I think the city could make a replica of the park that is meant to be skated if they don't want the original ruined.
Matt Dorschner, Neenah, WI [12-11-2003]

for most people who dont skate but still go to love park I bet that a majority of them actually like to watch the skaters.I mean who doesnt like to watch skateboarding....when it is on tv a lot of people watch it who dont even skate so please free love park. Long Live LOVE
Coleson Mayer, Philadelphia PA [12-11-2003]

free it!
Jace Wade, Williamstown, NJ [12-11-2003]

CJ S., WIlliamstown NJ [12-11-2003]

Love Park is every kids love and dream to skate. Now its gone, BRING THE PARK BACK and let some kids live their dreams.
Dj Desfosse, Jersey [12-11-2003]

Love Park was how all skateboarders knew Philadelphia. If you were to ask a skateboarder about Philadelphia, the first thing to come to thier mind would be Love Park. Its the same thing as tearing down the Phillies baseball field. Baseball fans would hate it. FREE LOVE PARK!
Mike Dewees, Clementon, New Jersey, USA [12-11-2003]

i think its great people want to skate there and im a skateboarder and ive skated at love park many times before and its the best don't take us skaters out of there we LOVE it...
scott barry, edmonton [12-11-2003]

long live LOVE park
lee thompson, limavady, N.Ireland [12-11-2003]

I have never skated there but i would like to. plus the pros bust there to.
Ryan McEntire, La Habra, CA [12-11-2003]

free love park!
mike Voss, u.s.a. [12-11-2003]

LOVE park is world's most wonderful place for skate. I hope some day, to visit Philladephia, and see it myself. I will be very happy, if i can skate there too. Free Love park.
Bobby Georgiev, Varna, Bulgaria [12-11-2003]

Aaron Herrington, corvallis, oregon, [12-11-2003]

bring back lover park, i planned a trip to philly to come skate love park but i was never able to.
Alex Shepherd, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [12-11-2003]

i dont live anywhere near philly, but love is certainly a monumental skate spot. If for nothing else keep it skate friendly so kids like me can enjoy the great photos that are sure to appear in every magazine.
matt mckeel, paducah ky, usa [12-11-2003]

Joe, Parker, Co [12-11-2003]

free love park
charles illes, hampton, Virginia, USA [12-11-2003]

i think it shoud be allowed ive never been there but i plan to in a couple of years and i would love to skate their
Nick Babenko, United Kingdom,Manchester [12-11-2003]

nicole fuentes, järfälla stochholm sweden [12-11-2003]

DICKS!i was planning on going to philly to go to skool and live just because of LOVE but now ... might as well stay here. philly is now like everywhere else.
Sylvia Ramos, Brownsville, TX [12-11-2003]

love oh love why? i dreamed of skating there one day. skaters lets get together so we can all live our dreams of skating there someday!
Alli, Coral Gables, Fl [12-11-2003]

Never skated Love, but just the premise of what happend makes me sick.
Patrick B, Victoria BC, Canada [12-11-2003]

This Is cool
johnzoolan, LAs Vegas Nevada [12-11-2003]

i have never been to love park but i think it should stay this park when i first saw sum movies with skaters there it got me to love skateboarding KEEP LOVE PARK!
im ben seguin, im from canada [12-11-2003]

Love Park should re-open. Love Park is probably the best place to skate in history of skateboarding. RE-OPEN LOVE PARK!
Sebastian, St. Paul, MN [12-11-2003]

mike bruni, boston [12-11-2003]

My dream as a skateboarder is to go to LOVE park. FREE LOVE PARK!
TRAK, Winnipeg [12-11-2003]

i love love park and i skate so get it back
Sanni Wehbe [12-11-2003]

Free Love!
Andrew Hanson [12-11-2003]

vincent rivera, Ontario ca 91762 [12-11-2003]

people where skating there for years and now all of a sudden the city cares.
dane meloan, manhattan kansas [12-11-2003]

I used to go to Love Park all of the time, and when they took it away, I was very upset. It was like losing something very important to WAS losing important. I want it back.
Sara, Philadelphia [12-11-2003]

I dont know what this is but it needs to be said on national television if you really want this to happen.Also i had to stoop all the way down here to find this web-site.
Jennifer Edwards, Homestead FL,33032 U.S.A. [12-11-2003]

taylor harper, galveston, TX [12-11-2003]

I have never skated love park I intend to on a future visit to the states after it's reopening to skateboarders.
Stephen Keable, Beccles, Suffolk, UK [12-11-2003]

free love, its the only good thing for philly to do
sean baker, seaside heights nj usa [12-11-2003]

i think the people of philly are overreacting to skateboarding in love park. all it is is a peice of wood with wheels, how much harm could it do?
david joachim, new york city, new york [12-11-2003]

The great thing about Love park is that no one is scared to walk through it alone if you see a ten year old skateboarder shoving around, it promotes community and gives kids a chance to do something healthy and productive, and they can also see theyre favorite professional skaters come and skate. - thanks, Margaret.
margaret pickering, worcester, MA [12-11-2003]

love park is the best place for skating, although ive never been there it would be cool to go, my friend said not that many people even go there for non-skating reasons, but yeah lets make love for the skaters
Brett Tozzi, md [12-11-2003]

If there was only one place for skaters to be allowed at it should be LOVE Park. It is the greatest place to skate in the world. Why does everyone try to take everything away from skaters? All we want to do is just have fun and skate. Were not hurting anybody. Don't worry about us getting hurt and sueing if we had LOVE our skills would be to good for us to get hurt.
Brian, Auburn New York [12-11-2003]

Ian Millard [12-11-2003]

Free LO Park VE
Mike LeClair, Doylestown, PA USA [12-11-2003]

make love skatable!
dustin venuto, doylestown, PA [12-11-2003]

i love the love baby! let me back in!
bobby Vasile, Elmer NJ [12-11-2003]

Love Park is one of the greatest land marks for skaters in philly. It attracts thousands of skaters every year and you just take it away we don't want a new park we want the old one back
Gary Meiser, Philly PA [12-11-2003]

LOVE park definately needs to be opened back up to skateboarders. I'm not going to get into all of this now, but I will say: If it all continues to be a problem, and the petition fails, try and get funding to build an actual skatepark based off of LOVE. Just an idea.
Matt Miller, Bernie, MO, USA [12-11-2003]

i think that its so stupid that they banned skating from love park cause thats what love is all about. its widley known for its sklating so bring back love and let us skate
chris martinez, berthoud, colorado [12-11-2003]

ryan dommyan [12-11-2003]

stevens mom,7 [12-11-2003]

steven list [12-11-2003]

andrew elliott [12-11-2003]

ryan westkamp [12-11-2003]

mary anne hammerle [12-11-2003]

steve morrison [12-11-2003]

justin lonaker [12-11-2003]

yea i think love park should be open to everyone! if they didnt want anyone skatin there then they shouldnt have made it so ppl could skate it. yea so they should open it so ppl could skate it. aiight well im out. peace.
brandon hunter, gainesville, va [12-11-2003]

glen hammerle [12-11-2003]

I haven't been in the LOVE-Park yet cause I live in Germany but anytime when i move to America I wanna skate there.
Nico Narth, Esslingen in Germany [12-11-2003]

The authorities have got to realise there never gonna stop people skating.
Rick Dewsbury, Nottingham, United Kingdom [12-11-2003]

Joe Rose, San Francisco [12-11-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK! I was there a couple of times over the passed 5 years and it truly is amazing, awe inspiring even.
Alan Little, Melbourne, Australia [12-11-2003]

i was at love park it was dissapointing i heard so many great things about it it wasnt full of love when i went there please reopen it
Andrew Roling, glen burnie MD [12-11-2003]

Ive been skatin for awhile, and love park was my dream place to skate. I wanted to go take a trip this year and skate love. It looks awsome and ive seen it in a lot of skate vids. I want them to free it so i can finally go there.
Kyle O'Neill, Columbia, SC [12-11-2003]

save thy park!
Jenny, Edmonds, Washington, US [12-11-2003]

i never got to skate it, it has always been a dream of mine.
Nevin Andrews, 413 W. Commercial St. Appleton, Wisconsin, USA [12-11-2003]

Paul Jurgaitis, Canada [12-11-2003]

free love park
dustin, vincennes, indiana [12-11-2003]

Alex Tyler, Fort Mill, SC [12-11-2003]

I loved that place it was a free place to skate with awsome things to try and learn
Dan Hohn, Arvada, Colorado [12-11-2003]

Alaine Taylor, Philadelphia, PA [12-11-2003]

skating love park was one of the main things that i wanted to do since i began skateboarding cause it looked like skate heaven and just the best spot to skate.... FREE LOVE PARK
Donny Sonnefeldt, Lindenhurst, IL. 60046 [12-11-2003]

I've never skated love park. I've never even been to Philly. I live in a small town in West Virginia. Skating is more important to me than most other things in my life. I'm sure I am not the only person that feels this way. Love park, so ive heard, has been a refuge for skateboarders. Love Park, for some, is like a home. Once it's gone, they have no where to live. So taking skateboarding away from Love Park, is like taking someone's life. Im all for bringing back Love Park. -Sincerely, Scott Ellyson. Weston, West Virginia
Scott Ellyson, Weston, West Virginia [12-11-2003]

john street is a *. love park was more than a place to skate. it was everything in philly. i mean think about it! i've skated with kalis,getz,wenning,adler,o'connor,pappalardo etc.. almost every day at love, until they ruined it. i had soo much fun just learning tricks an chillin with kalis that, when the messed up love and made it so-called "unskateable"(yea right),ignorantlittle bastards. but kalis and all of us will get it back....really soon!
devin bickel, philly [12-11-2003]

what's wrong with a little bit of skatin'. I say fxck the people who are trying to stop people from living life, having fun, and doing what they're good at. FREE LOVE PARK!
Megan, Philadelphia, PA [12-11-2003]

Curt A. Lennon, Bowie, Maryland [12-11-2003]

Legalize it
James Buchmann, Nesconset Ny [12-11-2003]

This place is the cream
alex, Bilbao (Spain) [12-11-2003]

i haven't skated LOVE yet and i won't die happily knowing i never will.
Austin Head, Norfolk, Virginia [12-11-2003]

I think that the written comprimise to the love park issue is amazing. Instead of fighting the city, skateboarders are taking responsability and creating what I think is extremely realistic proposal. This proposal if passed may start a trend in the building of bridges between the skate community and the state. If we are to truely live as a community we MUST be able to commnitcate and comprimise with one another. I urge the city to take on this issue with an open mind and open ears.
Kelly Nixon, Sacramento, CA [12-11-2003]

steve duncan, santiago, chile [12-11-2003]

i want to skate love park but i cant because its not there morons
david shubat, toronto [12-11-2003]

Mckay Pruitt, Fort Mill, SC [12-11-2003]

they should leave love park for skatin,it a tourist attraction,and they arnt harming anything
matt mackay, nova scotia [12-11-2003]

skateboarding is not a crome
brendan croft, tacoma [12-11-2003]

the Love Park is there for everybody..including skateboarders.everyone can have a good time at Love Park.
Gael, Netherlands [12-11-2003]

I had always wanted to visit Philly and skate LOVE park. When I heard it was closed down to skaters, I was devastated. I just hope this petition can help bring LOVE back to the skaters...
Adam Brookman, Huntingtown, MD [12-11-2003]

Love Park has survived the test of time as being one of the sickest places to skate anywhere. It represents brotherhood among skaters. Just the fact that they're tearing it down makes me sick. Free Love Park!
Patrick Geagon, Lacey, Washington [12-11-2003]

I never was able to skateboard love park, but I do feel that It made the east coast scene seerate from the Cliche'd california scene. I cannot believe that all this was done, after all the years of skateboarding, it was renovated, not suitible for skateboarding, as it was. I feel that without LOVE park as the crutch of the east coast, well, we will never be the same again. As skateboarders, we are mostly a collective of our own, and without LOVE park, I would have never went on to professional skateboarding if it was not for the inspiration i caught from seeing notables skateboard there, such as Josh Kalis and Stevie Williams. I think, that it is great that we are again making an effort to make it happen again, because if we do not, they won't either(government).
Rafael Andino, Florida, By the way of Boston. [12-11-2003]

Free love park
erin grunstra, philadelphia, pa [12-11-2003]

yall should let every one with their free will skate and if yall dont they should close yall down. sincerely, Samantha
Samantha, Port Arthur [12-11-2003]

Skateboarding is not a crime!
Renzo, Italy [12-11-2003]

i own and ride for a skateboarding company named Non Entity. we would love to become affiliated with any form of freeing LOVE. please email me information about possibly partnering up with you guys to advertise and promote these petitions and other related things and urge others to voice their opinions. The creator of LOVE park himself stated that he thinks that LOVE should be open to skateboarders. That should be reason enough. If LOVE isn't open to whoever wants to enjoy it, then the name itself is contradicting what the park, as well as the "city of brotherly love" stands for.
Tyler Rullo, davidsville, PA [12-11-2003]

IM a 15 year old skateboarder who has been skateing for about 5 years now and ive seen footage of love park and one day wish to skate there but i may never see my dream of skateing there if it is taken away from us .
Willis DeYoung, El Paso TX [12-11-2003]

wilma [12-11-2003]

LOVE Park is an amazing place for skateboarding, not to mention a huge tourist atraction because of the skateboarding that goes on there. Free LOVE Park. The youth need to express themselves in philadelphia.
Matt Barth, Medford, NJ [11-30-2003]

Never been there but free that s*. i wanna FSU there
Greggy, New york [11-30-2003]

Man cmon it's just not cool to take this away from us. It's like taking a toy away from a little kid. It's just straight up wrong. Just put everything back were you found it...FREE LOVE PARK!
Andrew Armit, Waconia, Minnesota [11-30-2003]

Andrew Callander, Pottsboro, Tx [11-30-2003]

justin ouellette [11-30-2003]

love love love love love!
derek smith, roseville,michigan [11-30-2003]

Love park was a public park and just because skaters are going there it should not be banned. This is going to cause more problems if you close it down. Just let the skaters be who they are and let the skate.
Carlos Ruiz, Dallas,TX [11-30-2003]

Kaanan Krueger, Green Bay, Wisconsin [11-30-2003]

John Street need's to open his ears and listen to the thousand's of complaints about shutting out skating from Love Park... or is it Hate Park? Vincent Kling should have a big subsequent say in this dispute. P.S. I respect John Street as a person and as mayor of Philly, but I don't get what he's done to Love Park?
Isaac J. Brown, Barnesville, Georgia [11-30-2003]

skaters should be aloud back in love park because it is the greatest skate spot in the world
kate kremers, charlotte north carolina [11-30-2003]

i think skaters should get love park back because we didnt cause any problems
george kremers, corneilus,north caroline [11-30-2003]

hey man, free love park peace
Brett, Lincoln, NE [11-29-2003]

We have no blood in our veins, we have urethane...
Matteo Vigani, Orio al Serio(bergamo) italy [11-29-2003]

I would love to see LOVE opened to the skating public again. I have watched videos and seen my favorite skaters, or even roll-models, skating the great LOVE Park terrain. So please Philadelphia leaders, follow the the name of the park, and show some LOVE to the youth.
Shawn Dempsey, Kennett Square, PA [11-29-2003]

The police should not be permitted to create laws, only uphold the ones that already exist.
James Gallagher, Brooklyn, NY [11-29-2003]

allowing skating in love park! its the best there!
Danielle, San Francisco, California [11-29-2003]

rock on, guys
mindy isser, melrose park, PA [11-29-2003]

free love.. what more to say?
john rose, bridgeton,jersey [11-29-2003]

since i began skateing, 2 years ago, all i wanted to do was skate some great spots. i would go to downtown portland and just cruise, looking for somthing to switch flip or crooked grind or whatever. when i saw love park i thought to myself, "now thats a skatespot. all they want to do is skate and have fun." well, i wanted to have fun at love park too, untill this ban was put down. now all i want to do is help out the philidelphians get they're spot back and have fun once again.
tony church, redmond, OR [11-29-2003]

As most all have acknowledged LOVE is a very important part of the city that has breed a lot of top skate talent. While it's not your typical "skate park" it's a natural "real street" skating mecca and with all of the buzz it creates for the city as well as the way it drives the youth of the city in a more positive direction and away from a lives of crime. As Tony Hawk has already mentioned public skateparks through out the country get more use than public tennis courts and baseball fields. While there is FDR, there needs to be many more with a greater variety of obstacles and terrian. Each park should contain the full realm of obstacles from halfpipes to handrails hitting every spectrum of the skating realm. These parks should not be made by cheap prefabricated manufactures such as SkateWave, etc., rather built by true skate park builders in a concrete or wood framed structure. The future parks should be placed at every public park where you would typically see playgrounds, basketball courts, baseball fields and tennis courts. The numbers prove this and the actions should be granted. To the ones in denial you need to realize skating is not a fad and is going to be around for a very long time. Actions need to be made in favor of allowing skating at LOVE ASAP for the good of the city and for the good of skating.
The Doctor, [11-29-2003]

We need to bring back the life of what skateboarders really want and NEED.....a dream come true....
Steve Staffan, Toledo, Ohio [11-29-2003]

JUST DO IT! Make all of our dreams come true....
Steve Staffan [11-29-2003]

What would happen if we took away there football feilds or there Baseball Feilds? What is a matter with these people! I have never been there but It is still such a big part of skating that it affects the whole skating community..... there just a bunch of old foggies who steriotype skating and Don't want to see the new but stay stuck in the past. By the way You guys rock for that rally to bad "They" had there heads up there butts at the time!
Noah, Bothell, Washington (state), USA [11-29-2003]

jonathan miller, Brooklyn, NY [11-29-2003]

Why destroy love? Just let us skaters have it as a free park. Thats what it was, and it kept us out of the way of cops.
dosen't matter, Philadelpia, Pa [11-29-2003]

it sucks really bad that they shut down love park! free it right now!
John Kelly, Tampa,FL [11-29-2003]

Free Love Park!
Michael Crowe, Tampa,Florida. USA [11-29-2003]

Wes Adamski, Lancaster, NY [11-29-2003]

singling out one group and making problems for them no matter what race, age, color or descent is RACEISM. is it not? i thought this was the city of brotherly love.if you oppress a certain group for too long a revolution is ineventable. peaceful meetings can only go on for so long before people relize they aren't being heard. actions speak louder than words.
mark brandstetter, philadelphia [11-29-2003]

i would deeply like to see love park return to the great skate mecca it once was. it would do so much good for philidelphia and image people have of philidelphia. Thank you.
Mike Baccari, lancaster New York USA [11-29-2003]

I have always dreamed of skating love park and it makes no sense at all to take the park away. Love park is more than just a place for young people to skate but its history,when i see it in videos i just get so amped to skate. My dream is to one day skate that park and if i dont then that will be very sad. The cops need to think about our point of veiw not just theirs.
Chris Shelton, St. Louis MO [11-29-2003]

I hate who ever did that to LOVE PARK! I never got to skate there but i know people who had.But what made me a little happier is what Rod Dyrik from DCSHOECOUSA is doing in Ohio.How he is makeing a street park.not a skate park a skatepark.Strictly for skateboarding.That will be ver y VERY good.Well the point im trying to say taking Love Park away is like taking someone's life of skateboarding away.That is all i haft to say about Love Park....
Matthew Mozzoni, Clairton,P.A [11-29-2003]

Pat Hughes, Rutherford, NJ [11-29-2003]

David Rousseau, Amherstburg, Ontario. Canada [11-29-2003]

Ryan Gutzler, Drexel hill pa [11-29-2003]

i love watching people skate it is cool
Maura, Philly pa [11-29-2003]

i love watching people skate it is cool
Maura, Philly pa [11-29-2003]

love park is one of the greatest skate spots it should defantly be open
eric, illinois [11-29-2003]

i havn't skated it but one day i wil want to. keep love park
ethan [11-29-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK! I love your guy's suggestions for reinstalling love park as a permant and important and not to mention famous skate spot! But one thing I don't really understand is why you guys don't just push for a skatepark with ledges and stairs identical to those in love park? wouldn't that be easier? or even make a contained skate park in the perimeters of love park? maybe even charge a bit of admission to ensure prompt and constant reinnovation of the various aspects of love park..? anyway If i can make it up to philly, to visit my uncle buck in dub town, Imma be sure to hit up love park, 300 bonez is a small price to pay for a trip down memory lane AKA LOVE PARK! FREE LP!
Jack A. Murphy, Albuquerque, New Mexico USA [11-29-2003]

ok, ive never really skated Love Park, but some day i sure do hope to. i see it in all my movies, and all the mags. af they keep us out of LOVE, they're taking away a HUGE part of skating. free LOVE PARK!
Jake Katich, queen creek, AZ [11-29-2003]

free love park bc it is a thing for the community n everyone should be able 2 enjoy it with what ever sport they like
Gregg Hetherington, Ardsley Pa United states of america [11-29-2003]

The skate world cannot live without LOVE Park. Bring it back
Michael D, Cali [11-29-2003]

i think that destroying they park is a waste of money and not only will it make kid skate other place where you dont want us any way they should just let us skate it. i relly get mad at all off the cops that wast thier time with kids that skate
chris stone, highland michigan [11-29-2003]

i love skateboarding
westley jukiewicz, euclid ohio 44117 [11-29-2003]

reopen this spot u rich fat a* b* all we want to do is skate
jared whittle, sacramento california [11-29-2003]

closed love park. i skated there. it hurts... no love...
Krystian Maj, Poland [11-29-2003]

love park f* rules
rob jackson [11-29-2003]

Free love park!
Miles Boylan, Wrexham, Wales, Uk [11-27-2003]

I had a chance to skate love park in 2001 before I joined the Air Force, and I loved it so much, it was better than I imagined, there is nothing that I would like better than is, when I get discharged from the military to come home and be able to skate love park again.
Pat Hickey, Boston, Mass [11-27-2003]

let people skate love if it gets taken away that is so f*cked up
ryan, san antonio TX [11-27-2003]

I haven't skated Love Park yet but, I want too! Keep the cops out and let the kids enjoy it!
Ryan, Baltimore, MD [11-27-2003]

Love Park, as you already know, is one of the most famous, places to skateboard in the world. I live in North Carolina and I know about. I have about ten posters on my wall of people skating in Love Park. Love Park meant so much to the skateboarding community, but now it cannot be skated. Love Park was a place where skateboarders could be creative; it even kept some kids out of gangs and off "the streets." But now young kids have to grow up without such a positive place to go. Building one Skatepark or even building multiple skateparks cannot replace Love Park. Love Park is a place where skateboarders can use inanimate objects for creative and beautiful purposes. Skateboarding was born in the streets and on the sidewalks and ledges of America. This is the best place for it, because this is where skateboarders have true freedom. Skateboarders may put wax on ledges and they might chip the ledges as well. A small group of skateboarders might even vandalize or smoke in the park, but this is not true for most skateboarders. This is especially for Love Park, which almost all skateboarders love, respect, and therefore want to continue skating it. This means that almost all skateboarders will not vandalize Love Park if allowed to skate it. Love Park was one of the centers of creativy for skateboarding, but now it is dead, and the entire skateboarding community is hurting because of it. -Jeffery B. Burnette of Rocky Mount, NC
Blake Burnette, Rocky Mount, NC [11-27-2003]

i havent even got to skate it yet and they already tore it down.
derrick spangle, lee's summit [11-27-2003]

I think that is stupid how they had a really cool well designed park for everyone and took it down just bc of skater that is really lame
jeremiah hilbert, lee's summit, missouri [11-27-2003]

Who ever wants to ban skaters from LOVE Park is g*.
Evan Simpkins, Atco, NJ [11-27-2003]

summer of 99 i was lucky enough to witness and skate the infamous Love Park spot,i thought i was dreaming about this spot but it was for real. all locals were friendly and it's by far the best spot ive ever skated. re-build LOVE and put this underated sport back on your map!
Kristian Skeates-murlando, London England [11-27-2003]

Free LOVE Park! It's such a great place to skate and needs to be opened. Skateboarding is one of the greatest things in the world, if not the best. And Love Park is one of the best places in the world to skate. Skateboarding is one of the hardest thing in the world and gets no respect from hardly anyone. It really needs to be respected and one way to give that respect would be to open Love Park.
Matt Marino, Boston, MA [11-26-2003]

Love park is a extroardinary skateboarding facility. It makes people feel safe with the constant activity and people can exersice freely. Please let us SKATE. SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME.
Andy Devoss, Klamath Falls Oregon [11-26-2003]

Free love park and give it back to the skaters. people dont undrstand that skateboarding is the essence of being free to those who skate. without Love Park where would they skate, what would they do. skateboarding isnt a hobby its a way of life. it keeps them off the streets and off drugs, because these people who skate are adicted to it, and thats all they need. before love park was just full of drunks and homeless people, then the skaters took over and made it worthwhile. give love park back to the skaters and let them be free!
michael huerta [11-26-2003]

Love park needs to be reopened to skateboarders because there is a whole new generation of skaters(including me) that have seen this place in videos, magazines, etc., all the time, and might not get to skate it ever. It seems like it has been the most historic spot for skateboarders everywhere around the world. I hoped to skate it oneday, and I still hope to skate it someday. Skateboarding started in the streets, don't let it die in the foodcourt.
Austin Payne, Richland, WA [11-26-2003]

Matt Ward, Richland WA 99352 [11-26-2003]

david pool [11-26-2003]

free love park
Kenny Mullins, Lakewood Wa [11-26-2003]

If nobody IMPORTANT regarding Love Park has a problem with skateboarding there, then what is the problem.
Anthony Mascio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [11-26-2003]

man thats a drag ur not allowed to skate love park u should be able to they always build new tennis courts and hockey rinks why not skate parks
mike [11-26-2003]

I need Love Park!
Javier Rivera [11-26-2003]

I think that you should free love park it is one of the most skated park around there and i love that spot!
DREW, Bellingham Ma [11-26-2003]

why did they close it down skating is just a hobby something to do theres so much worse things poeple should be wrring about
josh klink, sheboygan Wi usa [11-26-2003]

why wouldn't they approve skateboarding as any other sport? I mean you might think is not a sport but at least makes us happy so skate or let us skate...
betty, Silver Spring MD USA [11-26-2003]

free love park
shane [11-26-2003]

Let's save Love Park for everyone who loves skateboarding, philly, and freedom of expression!
Ryan Fischer, Chester, NJ [11-26-2003]

free love park
Kevin Warren, Virginia Beach [11-26-2003]

Ted Moran, Oxford PA [11-26-2003]

Skateboarding is like love except with a board and not a body. Free LOVE park!
Colton Vander Vliet, usa [11-26-2003]

Frank Hadley, Long Valley New Jersey United States of America Earth [11-26-2003]

Brian Huffman, Madison Heights Va [11-26-2003]

Let us skate in love park, its so cool.
Erik Hansén, Enköping, Sweden [11-26-2003]

free love park
Paul Yurick, Laurel Springs, NJ. [11-26-2003]

thomas rossini, toronto on [11-26-2003]

Please free LOVE PARK! We never hurt anyone while skating it! Have a heart... keeping LOVE from skaters is like teasing a crackhead with a pound of cocaine! Free LOVE!
Anthony Taylor, Elkton, Maryland [11-26-2003]

by closing Love Park, the city of Philadelphia has closed its eyes and turned deaf ears upon its youth. a foolish mistake to make in politics, the youth will be the ones who will be taking your positions, and denoucing the thigns that you have done. they will be the ones who will vote you out, and vote in more suitable people. Everyone still remains dumbfounded and outraged at this atrociuos descision. The city of Philadelphia has done nothing to help the city, but rather it has wasted tax payers money to destroy something worth value.
alex gartelmann, Philadelphia Pa [11-26-2003]

Skate parks are a great place for kids to spend time. They keep many kids out of trouble. The stereotypical "bad boy" image for skaters is horrible and most of the time, untrue. Kids need places like these to keep them busy, and to keep them off of the streets. It's proven that skate parks and other recreational facilities in communities help to keep crime rates down.
Morgan, Va Beach, VA and Harrisonburg, VA [11-26-2003]

full support...kepp it alive...keep it real
jeff, waco, texas [11-26-2003]

Free Love Park
Debra Brown, Barnesville, GA USA [11-26-2003]

I grew up watching all my favorite skaters skate there. I have always want to skate love park and I will fight till I get to.
Scott Darr, Reno, NV 89506 [11-26-2003]

Hayden Murphy, Kingston, Ontario [11-26-2003]

we really eed some where to skate, i really hope this will help the fight.
Mark Wilson, Roslyn, Pa [11-26-2003]

i never skated love park but here in edinburgh we have a similar space called bristo square where skaters are tolerated by the authorities and the police. as people today aim to make the modern environment increasingly exclusive rather than inclusive, we know first hand how precious a place like LOVE park or Bristo Square is. Give some LOVE back to the skaters!
scott walker, edinburgh, scotland [11-26-2003]

my friends and i go to philly at least once a month, we used to get to skate love every time but now we get lucky to even push through it with out getting a ticket
Ryan Talbott, Newark Maryland US [11-26-2003]

Represent for love!
Craig Schulenberg, Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States [11-26-2003]

Jake, china, zhenjiang [11-26-2003]

Skateboarding is a way of life, an art and a expression of self. You can't truly understand something if you've never experienced it before. I have a passion for skateboarding and a strong love for it! People are so ignorant when it comes to skateboarding. They don't really understand how huge of an impact skateboarding has on a person. I've experienced so much criticism and arrogance from people in the years i've skated. I've been hassled and threatened by cop's who say, "if they see me skateboarding in my local town again they will arrest me", it's as if a person who skateboard's is automatically committing a crime. It's not right! Skateboarding is a culture and will never die. As long as there's skateboarding there is always going to be people who will try and prevent us from doing what we truly love. ~~"WHERE IS THE LOVE?"~~ OPEN LOVE PARK FOR US
Isaac J. Brown, Barnesville, Georgia [11-26-2003]

john hood, nashville tn [11-26-2003]

Keep Love Park Alive!
Tonya Columba, Allentown, PA [11-26-2003]

LOVE park rules dont let them shut you down
Ben Hawkes, Austin,Texas [11-26-2003]

chloe gilnsky, oceanside,california [11-26-2003]

i have never been to the love park and i would love to skate there, but i have used it in games and seen vids with it. please allow skating in the love park and ur city would improve and show that u care about the youth of today!
matthew purchase, winnipegn manitoba canada [11-26-2003]

i havent skate this park but i was bummed out when i heard it was being closed because i really wanted to skate it but it got closed before i got to! if you let skaters skate in this park then there wont be as many people skating in the streets where it is illigal. if you re open this park, then it will no only be better for the skaters but for the whole community. think about it.
neal lewis, huddleston,va [11-26-2003]

I have always wanted to skate l o v e park ever since i seen it in The Reson but now i can't. But if all gose well i think i will.PS Hope to skate their soon with friends and most of all (kerry getz).Keep fighting.
kevin purcell, county kildare ireland [11-26-2003]

i live in the u.k. northern ireland. skateboarding isnt popular over here but it is a growing sport. people dont respect it over here. i think love park should definetley be freed
nigel, northern ireland, belfast [11-26-2003]

free love park, its one of the best skate spots in the world
Alan Greenwald, New Orleans, LA [11-26-2003]

I hope you get LOVE PARK back. it's probably the best street spot in all the world, it would be a shame not beeing able to skate it any more. All my sopport from the BASQUE COUNTRY.
Dani, Getxo, BASQUE COUNTRY [11-26-2003]

Love park is should be brought back to the skateboardering public ....As Bam Margera Said "Yeah so instead of a bunch of kids skateboardering there is a bunch of bums taken a s* in the planters...good job Mayor Street... F* idiot....."
Rich Butler, Philadelphia Pa [11-26-2003]

i loved lovepark more than any skatepark i have ever thrashed in the US i need it back. Now they are trying to ban skateboard possesion in my town. What next possesion of Shoes.
austin wells, cape mayNJ [11-26-2003]

mike decourcey, Northfield NJ, 08225 [11-26-2003]

LOVE is a legend and should never die . Think about the youth of the city who will run it in years to come and if you keep it closed they will all hate you. Start a buy LOVE PARK initiative
Thomas Palmer, U.K., Northern Ireland, Belfast [11-26-2003]

Cole Zachman, St.Paul, Minnesota [11-26-2003]

whenever i watch sk8 videos i see love park and i always want to see it and sk8 it but now i cant
Devan Miner, Squamish BC Canada [11-26-2003]

LOVE park is the very essence of skateboarding. not giving the skateboarders of Philadelphia this place to skate would be an attrocity
Sam Scott [11-26-2003]

love park is the only real skate spot where ppl could skate, but now ur taking that away, building things like skate parks wont help because they will never match up to the real park is a giant peice of skatebarding history, so much progression and tricks went down there, and if someone takes that away ur taking a huge part of all of us skateboarders away. free love park please.
adam zajac, wantage, new jersey [11-26-2003]

If LOVE park is freed, skating will be accepted worldwide
Loz Stanhope, F-Row, England [11-26-2003]

As a skateboarder i see the need for love park to become legal to skate, without it the skateboard community would have no where to skate that is REAL street unless the dumb ass goverment make PROPER parks for us to skate. also as i live in england i intend to skate philly illeagal or legal. see you there.
Matthew Hager, Derby, United kingdon [11-26-2003]

love park has been the owned by the skateboarders and skaters of phili for so long i say lets keep it that way
jay, pa [11-26-2003]

Save the LOVE PARK !
Jelle Andriessen, Belgium [11-26-2003]

It scares me when the political powers that be are just unreal. MY TOWN WANT'S TO BAN SKATEBOARD POSSESION. FIRST LOVE NOW THIS WHAT NEXT
bryan jones, cape may new jersey [11-26-2003]

free love!
bryan bankoff, wynnewood PA [11-26-2003]

Tienen que abrirla porq
Diego Beltran, Rosario, Argentina [11-26-2003]

LOVE Park is a skateboarding icon. It should never be taken away.
William Wend, Ft Lauderdale Florida [11-26-2003]

Im doing this for the cute sk8trs! -Eunice Cruz
Eunice Cruz, San diego, CA [11-26-2003]

Sean Alfred, Scranton, PA [11-26-2003]

Cody, Prescott, Az [11-26-2003]

I think if you choose to let skaters skate in LOVE park, it will get a lot of them off the streets, where it is "illegal" to skate. if you want to have off the streets, open love park. also, there rerrrrrrrrr
Evan Friedman, Asheville, North Carolina [11-26-2003]

love park is a great piece of skateboarding history. love park should be freed.
Jeffrey Wentz Jr., Bethlehem PA [11-26-2003]

i think its stupid that love park got taken away from us. ive never even been there before but i was planning on going there one day. taking it away didnt only affect people in philly but it affected everyone thats ever seen it or heard of it. also im tired of those people who think they can do anything so they go and do something that will effect a hole group of people. like taking love park away. U JERKS!
Pat Kelley, Chicago [11-26-2003]

i want to skate at love park before i die please
jeramiah lankford, norman ok go sooners [11-26-2003]

I've been skating for 5 years and in every video theres always been LOVE park the people trying to close this to skateboarders don't realize that what they're doing is affecting the whole skateboarding lifestyler not just skaters in Philly.
David Sharp, Paducah, Kentucky [11-26-2003]

chris dolan, media, PA [11-26-2003]

skateboarding at love park was the best time i ever had and when i heard that we couldnt skate there nemore i was very upset by this i think that we sould b able 2 skateboard there as long as we respect the property and the people
justin smith, enola pa usa [11-26-2003]

I am comming to love in a few days and It would suck to get a ticket for Skating but i probably would not pay if I got one.
Terry Hamilton, Arlington Heights Ilinois United States of America [11-26-2003]

NO SKATEPARKS! Keep it on the streets skateparks dont fulfill a skateboarders dream real spots do. We will form a group to skate there and ignore police orders and arrests. Skateboarding is ment to stay not to be ignored.
Rob, NJ, Hamilton [11-26-2003]

ive allways wanted to skate LOVE
Nathan Huffman, memphis, TN [11-26-2003]

LOVE PARK is a monument of Skateboarding! LOVE Park is well recognized internationally as one of the three best skateparks in the world! FREE LOVE PARK!
Daniel Fowler, Cocoa, Florida [11-26-2003]

Let the children have fun they need something to do!
Leanne Williams, Hindman, Kentucky [11-26-2003]

M.A. Hoffman, philadelphia, pa [11-26-2003]

I wanted to go and skateboard thereone day but not anymore "Bring it back to life".
stephen cowart, 19605 rathbone cir monument colorado [11-26-2003]

Love park should be givin back to the skaters to keep us off the streets. Love park is a spot every skater has heard about. Love park is a symbol of skateboarding.
joe andrews, Galion, OH [11-26-2003]

I think skateboarding should be allowed. It keeps skateboarders having fun instead of doing drugs or even doing nothing at all. i see no harm,maybe some damage but hell,that will even happen at skate parks. The stupid thing about skateparks is they are built by somebody who doesnt even skate. They should be skater built and not have to pay for what they love to do. I think love should become a skatepark.
Mike, Livonia,Michigan [11-26-2003]

skate boarding is not a crime and if fat people can sit on benches and walk down the satares and brake them i dont think we are do ing any harm
dylan forrester, camden, south carolina. [11-26-2003]

skating is radical
ryan rgerbgtthght, el paso, texas, iraq [11-25-2003]

The irony of the Love Park is that when I started to skate there in the mid eighties it was full of homeless people, drug dealers and a bunch of kids swimming in the fountain during the summer. It was never all that nice. Once skaters started showing up, some of the other less then acceptable people found other wares for there "hobbies." I felt safer there in the late eighties then I had in the mid-eighties because of the increased skater population.
Matthew McGough, Edwards CO USA [11-25-2003]

daniel martin, decatur,TX [11-25-2003]

I think Love Park should be legal because skating there never hurt anybody. People just didn't want skaters going around and ruining everything, but all the skateboarders from around the world go there and that makes it a big tourist attraction. If they were smart they'd make it legal to skate there because they would have more tourists and more money.
Tim Prescott, Sanford, Florida [11-25-2003]

gregory naylor, leeds, england [11-25-2003]

Keep up the love let us skate it i travel every summer to go skate there keep i goin
Jared nichols, san antonio Texas [11-25-2003]

free love park
cameron boris, doylestown, Pa [11-25-2003]

what the hell is up man keep l;ove open thats where i learnd mot of my tricks hoe
Phil McDonald, Louisville Ky [11-25-2003]

when i read that love park was like shut down to skaters i was shocked. when i see videos of skaters being interuppted when skating by a cop it bullcrap. it like skating wasnt illegal back in the 70s or 80s but now i cant skate anywhere with people telling me to get off the proporty cuz im holdin a skateboard if we can get love open i think many other states my back off with the laws of skating.
james baldwin, cocoa florida [11-25-2003]

I never skated there but i have been to FDR park(philly park). I have seen love park on many videos such as cky......and others i cant think of. i think it would be one of the best things for skating. love park is like a momument for skaters all around the world. newayz i hope its reopened to skaters.
Greg meyer, Flordia [11-25-2003]

To everyday pedestrians Love Park is just a plaza, but to the skateboarding community it's a legend. You can't underestimate the importance of this place to a whole generation of young skaters. It's beloved.
Cindy Hu, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 [11-25-2003]

Lewis Garcia, england cambridge [11-25-2003] homepage

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