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October 20-November 11, 2003

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I have been there once..that was my best skate sessions and after that day i just wanted to get back there.
anssi langstrom, Hameenlinna Finland [11-22-2003]

I think love park should be reopened due to how many skaters it pissed off. They have everyone against them right now. Why not just turn it into a skatepark or open it with insurace?
Brion Draper, Charlottesville, Virginia [11-22-2003]

I seen this park on hundreds of skatevideos and people are always riping in it i just thought id help a bit bye
Christian Spero, Rockland Canada [11-22-2003]

im not from philidalphia but my friend is there right now and the chance to go to love park is one in a million the butt heads who closed it down need to reopen it and let people skate away.
aj lanning, boise idaho [11-22-2003]

i need a free spell kit for love supperlove.
ashley, nh [11-22-2003]

ashley, nh [11-22-2003]

Free Love Park!
Greg Eberhardt, Jacksonville, FL [11-22-2003]

love park is one of the gnarliest skate spots in the world u should take that totally sick place from us rad skaters
blake doty, maryland [11-22-2003]

Although I have never skated in Love Park, I do agree that it´s one of the most legendary spots ever!
Viktor Dancza, Szeged, HUNGARY [11-22-2003]

LOVE Park has it's place in skateboardings roots. So much happened there, it helped the sport evolve. Why hold a skating population from it's home.
Dylan Cleghorn, Dallas, Texas [11-22-2003]

free love park or live in disgrace
jesse hayes, san diego california [11-22-2003]

Ive never skated love but i have drove through philly and there were people skateing, didnt seen like there was anything better or any park worth skating in town. So please free love or make something WORTH skateing.That doesnt mean a 4ft flat rail in a fenced in area, town ships try to pull that one in howell it sucked.
Ron Rattai, Howell Michigan [11-22-2003]

free love!
Ian P. Milard, Doylestown PA [11-22-2003]

Love park is the mecca of skateing. It has the best street skate spots, its perfect, and is a way for the youth get out and have fun. The best skaters have laid out some of the best tricks in that park and have been making the best videos out there, such as stevie williams. Taking love park away from skaters is like taking someones son away, or some ones brand new lambergini. Skating is the only thing i feel free doin and lets my mind off stress, and the thing that makes it better is goin to my favorite spots. But takin love park away, you take away the skaters freedom. Love park is our life and the perfect way to express ourselfs and to keep blazin da industry.. Free Love Park!
John lewis, Grand Prairie, Tx [11-22-2003]

free the park!
Justin Roe, Milpitas, CA [11-22-2003]

Save it!
Mathieu Prévost, Jonquière, Québec, Canada [11-22-2003]

i just started skating and have always
spencer bramson, glencoe, ill [11-22-2003]

spencer bramson [11-22-2003]

Ryan Thompson, Dempseytown, PA [11-22-2003]

Bryan Leddy, springfield pa [11-22-2003]

robert myaing, washington dc [11-22-2003]

seth fleming, Glen Burnie Maryland [11-22-2003]

Love Park is a mecca for skating. Every true skater must go there once in his/her life time in order to be "complete". I personally was planning on going with my friends when I turned 18, but when we heard it was being closed we were really bummed. Every skaters' dream is to have a great session at Love and feel the vibes we really want to be part of it. Thats really what comes to a skaters' mind when they think of the East Coast.To take away love would be taking away a corner stone of skateboarding,to take away a dream, and to take away part of a lifestyle and more so part of an art.
Mat Richards, 24305 cane bayou ln. Lacombe, La [11-22-2003]

You cant stop skaters from skaten there its stupid its what we do for fun.
Vitaliy Morgun, Jacksonville Florida [11-22-2003]

Please open it back up as it is one of the most prolific skatparks in the world. Skateboarders love the history of this sport. Otherwise kids will learn to love other cities.
Spencer Ellis, San Luis Obispo, California [11-22-2003]

love is the best park in the it or we'll just have to keep skatin it with the bacan there
alex churchill, bedford, nh [11-22-2003]

allie, united states [11-22-2003]

i think Love Park should be open to skateboarders again.
Tony Puccella, Exton, Pa USA [11-22-2003]

free love park
Chris Mathis, wallingford, Pa, USA [11-22-2003]

if the city cares about its youth and its shuld open love...but john street and some other @$$'s wont do it...skaters arent hurting anyone...they are having fun... Skaters made love park how popular it is today...and now they cant even WALK through the park with a board let alone skate...OPEN LOVE FOR US SKATERS
Dan, philly [11-22-2003]

free love!
timmy, louisville, ky [11-22-2003]

brett, woodridge, IL [11-22-2003]

Will Ledden, Maple Shade,NJ USA [11-22-2003]

iv'e travelled to philly especially to skate love park can't believe its gone! bring it back!
brendan carlin, derry, ireland [11-17-2003]

Free LOVE Park !
Christoph Nowak, Kassel,Germany [11-17-2003]

Cody Wurzer, Warden, WA [11-17-2003]

i have never even been to philadelphia and i don't think it's right to take love from the american citizens.
curt hennager, jordan, minnesota [11-17-2003]

Nothing 1, Richmond Va. [11-17-2003]

free love FOR US?
adam hollender, woodstock [11-17-2003]

LOVE park is the BEST skate spot in the whole world! IF DAMN goverment have a problem with money im sure every skater would dontate money so that we could buy out the spot thats what we should do buy the PARK hahahah sounds good to me and i dont even live in philly
MATT FORMOSO, naperville, IL USA [11-17-2003]

Alex Kolankiewicz [11-17-2003]

mathew collins, new castle de [11-17-2003]

I went love park on holiday and its so SICK but i was so pissed of at the police men i couldnt skate and i hav been lokin forword to skatin there for a year.And England sucks for skatin theres no good spots. age :13
Arto Woodcock, England............. [11-17-2003]

LOVE Park is one of the countrys most famous place to skateboard!
Rob Murtagh, Phoenixville [11-17-2003]

Love park is ill...everyone who helped take it down is goin to hell in my view...peace
Dane Collison, Vernon B.C., Canada [11-17-2003]

A while back I was gonna go to love park but then i found out they banned it then I was like there is trully no love for skateboarding in this world. So now I here there tryin to bring it back and I say be strong and a skateboard will once again be gliding across the floor at Love Park.
Tony Nunes Jr, Elizabeth, NJ [11-17-2003]

Ben Hedenberg, Mullica Hill, NJ [11-17-2003]

Pete Fielding, england [11-17-2003]

An article in yesterday's Philadelphia Daily News (not yet posted on this website) reveals the LOVE Park "compromise" which some believed our lying mayor and his cronies would support has now hit a stone wall. That wall is their inability to think outside the box. Here's hoping the federal government's investigation of this corrupt administration will nail them all inside that box and file it under "D" for Dumb.
Mitch Deighan, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia [11-17-2003]

i think it should be reopend to skaters, because when im old enough, i intend to travel down there for that one reason, to skate
james whitener, temple,texas [11-17-2003]

Brad Kerwin, Hampton, V.A [11-17-2003]

i was in about 4th or 5th grade when my family went to philly, it was the firt thing i wanted to do when i got there. I could barely ollie, but the atmosphere was great, i had never seen anything like it before. all the people were nice, and it was great skating. all my friends are jelous i got to skate there. thank god i did. please let people skate there again, so more kids like me can enjoy the great comunity, friendship and thrill of skating LOVE park. peace, Frank B.
Frank Brittain, St. paul, MN, USA [11-17-2003]

Come on citizens of Philly, put the LOVE back in the City of Brotherly Love. RIP Love Park(not for long).
Ryan Shorosky, Manchester, NJ [11-17-2003]

Hey, I lived in Pittsburgh,PA for the first 13 years of my life i knew about love park since I've started skateboarding and always wanted 2 skate it.....but they shut it down or w/e you call it and i got pissed...well now that they are gonna open it back for skateboarders im goin on a lil road trip this summer and have a blast
Jesse Charlier, Tarboro,NC [11-17-2003]

you should reopen love park to skaters. i have never been there personally but from what i have seen in the videos its the sickest place on earth. its like heaven and you guys took it away from skaters. what did we ever do to you. i mean how bad would it be to let us skate there. just let us skate in peace and we wont bother you. o yeah... FREE LOVE PARK!
alex bertheau, illinois [11-17-2003]

Jono Blake [11-17-2003]

I've skated Love about 3 times just visiting my Aunt and the skating that goes down is just unbelieveable. History is made everyday and the skating just gets better. Love needs to be reopened for skating, not only for the skaters but for skateboarding itself.
Konnor Koch, Laporte IN [11-17-2003]

its the best ! u destroy- u are dumb ! stop thinking just about ur selves dumb cops !
georgi pavlov, 6185 ladauversiere ap4, montreal,qc, canada [11-17-2003]

Morgane Hayes, Haverford, P.A [11-17-2003]

LOVE PARK is one of the best spots know about when it comes to skateboardering around the US today, i was there just the other day and everytime i went there, their was the police just walking around and trying to kick us out, the cops need to get a life and do their job, their job is not to bust skaters but to stop the real problems that are out there. I wish that they would just open the city to skateboarding and let the youth of America do what they love. LOVE PARK
Andrew Scanlon, baltimore md [11-17-2003]

The City counsil should allow skateboarding at LOVE Park. The government is always trying to get teenagers and young adults involved in extra-curricular activities to keep them active and out of trouble, what do they think skateboarding is? It's almost as if they are against the sport inself and not the fact it is taking place in LOVE Park. One day the world will accept skateboarding as a legitimit sport, but until then, we have to keep fighting. I just hope I can make a difference.
Kristine Wilkinson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [11-17-2003]

Curtis [11-17-2003]

jayne surrena, philadelphia, pa [11-17-2003]

free love park!
Joey Semas, Manteca,CA [11-17-2003]

Love is a beautiful thing.
Kevin G., West Bridgewater, MA [11-17-2003]

I wish you every success!
Byron Brill, Menlo Park, California [11-17-2003]

I think that banning skateboarding from a public place is an outrage. Riding a peice of wood with wheels on it isn't a crime. Skateboarders made it possible so that other people could walk by and know it was ok. Free Love Park!
brian ferguson, Pleasant Hill, CA [11-17-2003]

i hope that the park will stay alive even thought i have never skated on the premmises i enjoy watchin proffessoinal skate rip it up in videos at the park
chris steiner, tsawwassen,Britsh Columbia, Canada [11-17-2003]

Ive never been to love park, and ive always wanted to go. So whoever closed it come to your senses and keep it their and make it open to anyone who comes. ****with love to love****** ROB LALIK-MD!
Rob Lalik, Abingdon, MD [11-17-2003]

Love Park is as important to skaters as Disney World is to everyone. Both are locations know world wide. Both serve a purpose of enjoyment to those who visit. Both bring in large revenues of money for their location. To take away l Love Park from skateboarders is to take away one of the many symbols of America. To ban skating in Love discourages young people from following their dreams. If they are banning skating, well then I guess that means what I'm doing (skateboaring) is a bad thing right?...why else would they ban it...right? Wrong! You see how you are corrupting the minds of young people. We(Skateboarders) are not the enemies here. Just give us our beloved park back. I love to skateboard and I alway dream and hoped I would get to go to Love Park one day. Now that will never happen thanks to the ban. I hope they are happy about what they have done to people...people like dream shattered. Really what is next? A national Skateboarding ban? They can ban anything....what is stopping them? When will it end? I ASK ALL TO JOIN AND SUPPORT THE UN-Banning of skateboarding in Love Park. Skateboarding is "Love"... and Love Park is Skateboarding. RIP
Ricardo Ostolaza, N. Massapequa New York, USA [11-17-2003]

let sk8ers back in love we r in love with love
joey dellapina, queens new york [11-17-2003]

yo free that s* -peace
Andrew Martin, Ottawa Canada [11-17-2003]

Yo, im just writin in to holla at the Philly boys, and hope one day LOVE is free so i can come down and bust out CANADIAN STYLE. PEACE
brenden conquer, Ottawa, Canada [11-17-2003]

tyler oehmler, cranberry twp pa [11-17-2003]

travis, san diego ca. [11-17-2003]

love park is the best spot ive ever seen . its ridiculous that such a perfect spot for skateboarding can be wasted like that. i think making love park skater friendly will be a great way to encourage tourism to the city of philly and also somewhat discourage skateboarding from the financial district of the city.
steve, toronto ontario canada [11-17-2003]

Skateboarding has already been banned in so many places in the world, and indoor skate parks still cannot bring back the tradition of "street" skating. LOVE park isnt just a skatespot for skaters, its like a home. They live there. They learn there. They grow there. Its a place where people can leave any worries or fears behind and just skate. The memories of LOVE park will never be forgotten, but if we can bring LOVE park back, even if for a few more years, these memories will continue.
jake kilbane, Madison WI [11-17-2003]

Colin, Madison Wisconsin [11-17-2003]

free love just let us skate love
Gregg Hetherington, glenside pa united states [11-17-2003]

Just wanted to say that a trip to Philadelphia is not complete without checking out the local action at FDR and Love Park or stopping for a cheesesteak on South Street at Jim's... We made a special trip from Virginia to skate FDR but we had to drive by Love Park - it's a shame that it isn't open to skateboarders. In short, we drove 160 miles because Philadelphia's skate scene is a national treasure that is alive today. Embrace it and welcome all who visit and spend their dollars supporting the vibrant urban scene that is embodied in the skating subculture that has been marginalized and criminalized by short sighted policies as demonstrated at Love Park... Free Love Park, Free Yourselves
Steve Kelley, Leesburg, VA [11-17-2003]

never skated it but hope to oneday
tim healy, baltimore maryland [11-17-2003]

joł how did you get love park what can i do to have something like this heaven
Rafal, Nowogard, Poland [11-17-2003]

yoyo this is philly baller again and I BET YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH A FAKE SKATERS. you never skated the real LOVE and you punks don't even know that it is re-opened. you wannabe skaters might "say" you've been there before and even if you were, you probably SUCKED it up n didn't pull anything off and went home like the quiters you are. SO STOP BITCHIN AND GET BACK OUT THERE, but only after business hours - o you punks wouldn't know when that is so I will tell you 5PM. HOLLA BACK and i'll see you in the streets.
philly baller, phila [11-17-2003]

Free Love Park!
Ian P. Millard, Doylestown P.A. [11-17-2003]

Skateboarding has changed my life for the better. Keeping me out of Drugs, and also to help set and achive goals. Watching pro skaters skate love park and know that was the ulimate skate spot ever. One of my dreams was to go to Philly and one day skate the best spot ever but now it is gone and hopefully one day Love Park will reopen to skateboarding again and that i can one day travel to Philly to expericance all the great joy that it has brought to all the skaters that have skated there.
Mark Barahona, Burnaby Bc Canada [11-17-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK. How can a city spit in the face of skateboarding after what it's done for them? Skateboarding in LOVE brought the XGames, which brought millions of dollars to Philadelphia, and now you've shut down the one thing that got you that money and recognition.
Brett Mielke, Los Angeles, CA, USA [11-17-2003]

Save LOVE!
Colin Crane, West Chester, PA, United States [11-17-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK ! R.I.P. for now
Bretton Dufresne, Edmonton, AB Canada [11-17-2003]

skateboarding isn't a crime!
roy ponce, peoria, Illinois [11-17-2003]

Where is the Love?
Jason Michael Bracknell, Orlando, Florida [11-17-2003]

Jennifer Sherrard, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada [11-17-2003]

love park is dope
cam, canada [11-17-2003]

love park is an icon for skateboarding. the designer of this park made skate history without even intending to do so...and now - we are fighting to keep the love we have grown to love! love is the symbol of this park and the city of philadelphia...brotherly love. please show your brotherly love and be sympathetic. You wouldn't want your favorite play spot as a kid to be stolen by "grown-ups" would you? LOVE
Peter Nichols, La Jolla, CA [11-17-2003]

Yeah, if Philly ever wanted to meet the definition of "Globalization" it did with skateboarding. Myself being a skateboarder for approx. 10 years being 22 now, and still engaged in the industry, overachieving at UB (world trade, urban planning, & environmental studies major), and parting harder than the bulk; can clearly discuss the benefical impacts LOVE has had upon the world's population. Philly was once on the top tier of world cites, however today must focus on regaining that status. Unintenionally Philly was conquering that task, however by banning skateboarding, and thwarting world travelers to the "City of Brotherly Love" has negatvely impacted its own commerce. Skateboarding is here to stay, be glad that your city is one that will remain in the public's, and more so skateboarder's minds forever. ONE LOVE. MC
MC, hardpact (upstate, ny) [11-17-2003]

when im old enough im gonna go to philly and love better be there for me to skate
tim, wisonsin [11-17-2003]

Its only my dream to skate LOVE park
Corey Miller, Airdrie, Alberta, Canada [11-17-2003]

Love Park should be free to everyone. It is because of the skateboarders that it is a safe place for people to walk through and enjoy.
Adam Said, Munising, Michigan [11-17-2003]

love park should be open to skating dont take away what someone love is
Andrew, Virgina [11-17-2003]

love park is on of the best places ive ever skated and them takin it away is the stupidest thing ever they say they dont want us on the streets but then they take away the place that we love to skate
Blake Corbitt, roanoke va [11-17-2003]

Amber Caine, a [11-17-2003]

rent a cops suck!
jordan regan, canada [11-17-2003]

Love park should be re-opened due to the large attraction to the skateboarding spots. Skateboarding is a job also!
John Yocum, Allentown, PA [11-17-2003]

i have never skated love park but i was pist to hear they shutit down but now i hear they are bringin it back i would travel all the way to philly just to skate it for 15 minutes the place is sick they really need to bring it back
chip smith, portland oregon [11-17-2003]

I think that LOVE park should be freed because it has been one of the biggest and best skate spots for generation.
Tony Derrigo, Syracuse, New York [11-17-2003]

Karl Riechers, Wisconsin, USA [11-17-2003]

The times i got to skate love park were one of the best times i can remember skateing. I recal people comeing into the park to watch the skaters. Now it just dosent feel the same even being in downtown. Free love park!
Ramzi Mantoura, Houston,Texas and Phila, PA [11-17-2003]

Love park is awesome! I gotta skate there more! Fines for skateboarding are not based on anything but a way for the city to make money. they have only deturred a few skaters. all of the true skaters still skate even though there are fines. SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME!
Sean Bryan, Cranford, NJ [11-17-2003]

i knew nothing about philly, except that the fresh prince was from there,,that was untill i started skateboarding, then i found out about love park,wow ..i was so blown away by it,it was a perfect park setting that represented street skating to a tee. This being the best way a city could solve the problem of skateboarders on the streets ...give them everything you will find on the street in a park with benches and grass,trees and water fountains...WHY WOULD YOU GET RID OF SOMETHING THAT WAS SUCH A FAMOUS LANDMARK TO A LARGE MAJORITY OF NORTH AMERICAS YOUTH>>>>>makes no sense
Sheldon Hyatt, Dryden Ontario Canada [11-17-2003]

love park is the greatest
rudy gomez, palmdale, california, los angeles, usa [11-17-2003]

love park is skateboarding history at its take lo;ve park away from philly wouild be like taking fenway away from boston..
andrew drummond, syracuse, new york [11-17-2003]

joey meyer, port jeff station new york united states [11-17-2003]

love park is just as much ours as it is theres we should be able to skate it
Evan Schwab, ma [11-17-2003]

free it
korey, stevensville,Mt [11-17-2003]

i have never skated love park but it is a shame to hear about it closing i have always wanted to go there but now it seems like i wont be able to
Danny Cheatwood, Ferris,Texas [11-17-2003]

Love Park kicks ass. I have never skated it but I see it at least once or twice in every skate video. I hope they never close it out.
Brian, ocala, Florida [11-17-2003]

Whats up, my name is steve scalia snd i have been skateboarding for 1 year and i am good at doing it. i went to love last weekend aned i nevered skated there. it is cool there and i like it. i wanted to know if you can open it up again. because every where else i skate me and my friends get kick of and thats not right, so if you can do this that will be cool.
steve scalia, Wayne,pa [11-17-2003]

They can't keep doing this to skaters. They can take away our skateboards but not our love for skateboarding.
Jared, Indio CA. [11-17-2003]

Danny Cheatwood, Ferris,Texas [11-17-2003]

I have never skated there before, but I see it on skate videos and ESPN once, and it looked pretty cool to skate. I think that is pretty stupid how they have to take away the spot that keeps kids excercising and off the streets doing who knows what. So I think they should STOP taking away the spots that help us do the sport we love and the activitie that keeps us off the streets.
Nick Voderbruggen, South Saint Paul, MN, USA [11-17-2003]

Love Park is one of the best skate areas.. in Hanford all of us kids always wanded to skate there. The Pros been there Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis made me want to skate those areas.. cause of
Johny, hanford, Califorina [11-17-2003]

If its world famous for being a skate park, let it be a skate park.
Amy Clark, Salt Lake City, Utah USA [11-17-2003]

Jeremy Nemeth, New Brunswick, New Jersey [11-17-2003]

This is childish b*s*, the majority of a nonskater's opinion on the Love Park situation is overwhelming ignorance. I am more than willing to sign a petition. Dave
David Witczak, Portland, OR [11-17-2003]

free love park
Matt Marcinko, Glendale, AZ [11-17-2003]

Philip Ritti, Sacramento, CA [11-17-2003]

Bring more kids to center city so that they grow up loving the city as I do.
Sally Lihotz, Philadelphia, PA [11-17-2003]

Free love park, its an amazing piece of art and craftmen ship, dont destroy whats beatiful
Ken, nj [11-11-2003]

love is sick one of the few places in philly you can go off and not get bored im sure it bothers people but its a sport like any other give is an arena if ur not gonna let us enjoy it elsewhere
Michael Riddick, Bear, Delaware US [11-11-2003]

I think they should not take away the privalage of all those cute skateboarders they have a right to do what they want,and petition on what they want. I SUPPORT YOU CUTE SKATEBOARDERS! WIL ALL THE LOVE,EUNICE CRUZ*
Eunice Cruz, age:13 san diego,CA [11-11-2003]

Never skated Love park but was gutted to hear it was closed to skaters. Recently heard that it may be coming back from oblivion in sidewalk skateboarding magazine. If this is true then it can only be a good thing for skaters worldwide.
Nathan Dangerfield, England [11-11-2003]

I traveled to Philly all the way from San Diego just to skate the infamouse "Love park" terain. Untill I got a ticket for 300 dollars, it was the best fifteen minutes of my life.
Danny Forte, San Diego California [11-11-2003]

I live in a small town with limited skateboard spots,,,they opened up a park but all it is a spine and a halfpipe and a rail..over the years i have noticed my fave skate spots get "shut down" such as LOVE PARK is,,,so please keep this great recreational skate spot free to skaters. Cameron Jacobs, age 13
Cameron Jacobs, Leamington,Ontario,Canada [11-11-2003]

free love park.....
Todd Ayre, Cape Coral, FL USA [11-11-2003]

i think we should have at least one good spot to sk8 that we are a loud to sk8 a speaicaly love park a legend.
mike plantus, Windsor Ontario, Canada [11-11-2003]

Just want the place back to skate
chris anderson, Richmond, VA [11-11-2003]

Damn the man!
Janine Feeney, cinnaminson, nj 08077 [11-11-2003]

love park rocks... open it up agian
Eric Newell, New jersey [11-11-2003]

Justin Namon, Miami FL, [11-11-2003]

I have never skated at the park, but i would sure like to. So I hope everything works out so I can plan a skate trip down there.
Rob Hytinen, Warwick, Rhode Island [11-11-2003]

way to go, can i still ride my bike in the city?
Michael Kingston [11-10-2003]

Kevin, Kent, Washington [11-10-2003]

Would you rather us be drug dealers are kids having fun?
Tyrone Taylor, Dayton, Indiana [11-10-2003]

You must free love park, for the sake of my boyfriend. He wants to visit LOVe park and skate it SOOO bad. it is rediculous that someone would close down the skate park. it seems as if there were a coffee house across the street from the city hall, they wouldn't close it down. Skateboarding is a lifestyle, and if you dont close all the coffeehouses across the block or the street from the city hall, then there shouldnt be a problem with skaters skating love park
Emily Butler, Hoover Alabama [11-10-2003]

Georgia Todd, New York, New York [11-10-2003]

Melissa Cobb, New York, New York [11-10-2003]

Plese consider things from our point of view!
Jen Conrad, Warrington, Pennsylvania [11-10-2003]

mark kelley, skaneateles, ny [11-10-2003]

Dion DeFranco, Philadelphia, PA [11-10-2003]

free love park
Nadr Chapman, St.Louis [11-10-2003]

Love Rose, Mississippi [11-10-2003]

Johnny Smith, New York [11-10-2003]

love park rules my a*
jeron rose, alaska [11-10-2003]

don't close the park
John Sack, Anchorage, Ak [11-10-2003]

love park rocks
john minnery, alaska [11-10-2003]

dont close love park you b*
josh miller, anchorage [11-10-2003]

dont close love park dont close it
jason edwards, anchorage [11-10-2003]

dont close Love Park
Naythyn Scott, Anchorage,AK [11-10-2003]

Open that s* back up!
Ben Brptherton, Anchorage Alaska [11-10-2003]

rock on
Sam Herron, Anchorage, AK [11-10-2003]

Contact me if you want to get the skatepark going in Fenton again
Greg Johnson, 9486 Longmeadow, Fenton [11-10-2003]

I think skateboarding sucks. So does Nick Moore
Carrie Johnson, 9486 Longmeadow, Fenton, Michigan [11-10-2003]

Skate boarding is what we do and love is where its at..
Tony Millan, Nanticoke PA. USA [11-10-2003]

I skated love park 3 years ago, seems like a long time but its still fresh in my memories because it was almost as great as Heaven. Everything was perfect. All i got to say is free love park because its what skating In Philly is all about.
Travis Nieslen, Shreveport, LA [11-10-2003]

I´ve been there twice and I believe in Love.. Freedom Park.... Keep skateboarding...
Dalmo Rogerio Paiva Barbosa Ferreira, Brazil [11-10-2003]

Just heard about LOVE being given back to the skaters, good luck and hope it turns out for the good cos things across the pond in England arent lookin too great. getting tickets for no reason and s* like that. Hope you guys get it back. props go too every one who petitioned to give it back too the skaters even the guy that built it sayed it was useless skate proofing it cause skaters could re-interpret it to suit them. Good Luck.
nixy, Aughnacloy, Northern Ireland [11-10-2003]

I have never personally skated the park but i've seen pros skate thier all the time. They have enjoyed it for years, why get rid of Love?
Landon Albright, Evansville, Wisconsin [11-10-2003]

those who were not fortunate enough to have been skating before the ban on skating was created at love park need for it to be reopened to us or else we will never have the pleasure. Its f* ironic that its called love park and has the statue of the word itself standing as the main attraction when the skaters, those who love it most are not even allowed to enjoy it.
Rob Engle, Long Valley, New Jersey [11-10-2003]

the first skateboarding spot that i had evcer heard of was love park i also learned that it was in philly and about how many skaters lived out there jus to be able to skate love park taking love away from the skaters is a very dumb idea look at stevie willaims he went and moved all the way from philly to california because love got shut down this will continue to happen unless love is freed soon there wont be ny reason to go to philly anymore and it will become another hik ass town to the future generations that no one will ever hear of
cody porter [11-10-2003]

whatever! this website is the best!
alyssa trull, galena park, tx [11-10-2003]

Love Park is a great place where skateboarders from all over can come together make new friends, skateboard, hang out and have a good time i think freeing love park would be a great thing to do
Michael Downing, Wauseon Ohio [11-10-2003]

Love Park belongs to skateboarders.They made it become known all over the world.Skatebarding is not a crime!
Mário Kasper, portugal [11-10-2003]

just do .it
nuno miguel nunes marques, lisbon,portugal [11-10-2003]

André Oliveira, Oporto, Portugal [11-10-2003]

RODERT DIXON [11-10-2003]

Today's broke skaters are tomorrow's voters. There's enough of a population aware of and working for LOVE Park that compromises would be both reasonable and feasible. The premises on which opposition to skating in LOVE is based are bias against the stereotypical destructive youth, not the reality. Free LOVE.
XO Jennifer, New York, NY [11-10-2003]

Free love park and philly wil live again
Ryan petro, westchester ny [11-10-2003]

The park is a great place to skate.The park isnt used for anything special so they mine as well just make it for skateboarding.
Mike Kessler, Baltimore,MD [11-10-2003]

hey everybody whats up. first off, i just wanna say hey to every skater in america, do what u love to do. i think that love park shud efiitely be re-opened to th public. i u think about it, not only skaters came, but familys came also. i know cause i used to live in philly. i skated there every chance i got. i lost my job cause i decided to skate the best spot in the world. id say thats my fault. when was there, the families, would gather around the fountain and watch the skaters have fun and encourage us to keep trying our best. they didnt hate us for always being there. i remember this one family actually became the filmer or should i say filmers of the video our friends were making and if this family is reading this, thank you for being a part of my video and skateboarding itself. skateboarding became my life when i was 7 years old, and it still is. im 18 now. i miss love park even though im here in georgia. if they decide to reopen it, then the city would be doing a big favor for the community. theyll keep the kids from doing drugs and committing crimes. if the cops would decide to fight crime instead of hassling us, then there wouldnt be many killings or robberies, but no, there goal in life is to piss us off. skateboarding is not a crime, but a hobby, a sport, a way for teens to get together and have fun. so i say, open up love park now and give what was once our right to skate back to us! well never go away, well keep coming back for more and more. the more u hate, the more we skate. the bigger u are, the harder they fall. skateboarding is our life and u cant take that right from us.
joey, fortson ga [11-10-2003]

i skate love...........I need to skate love .........whats the deal..........i make the city money when i skate love............i have to eat ........i have to pay the meter........FREE LOVE PARK
muchleon, new jersey [11-10-2003]

tj bennett, finksburg, md [11-08-2003]

love park is the best place on the east coast for skateboarding. I beleive that if it is opened for skateboarding and organized correctly, it could be a gold mine for philadelphia. I have taken the 3 hour drive just to skate it many times, and i love it.
devin collins, fairfax virginia [11-08-2003]

Morgan Moss, Houston, Texas [11-08-2003]

why they bad people want to destroy this great spot???
MO, poland [11-08-2003]

wake up philly... bring back the love...! damn !
h-st, Montreal Quebec [11-08-2003]

mark, minnesota [11-08-2003]

free love park, f*** the pigs
NHF [11-08-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK, ive only skated there once and in one session, i fell in love with this spot, please dont take away from our counter culture
Chip Kirby, Shallotte,NC [11-08-2003]

love park should be freed to skateboarders. Its the only real place you will see in every magazine every video and now they close it down. Theres no need for that mess. The goverment should give one good piece of land that is actually street skating and not some crappy wanna be remake of a street spot with super waxed up ledges and 3 inch high rails
Tom Bruger, st. petersburg florida [11-08-2003]

Man, I never got to skate LOVE, and the way things were looking, it appeared that I never would. Hopefully the election will go well and LOVE will be reopened. I'm 15 years old man, I skate because it is just what I do. I would love to skate LOVE. But I can't afford to cough up $300 for something that doesn't affect anyone negatively. Skateboarding is just something we do. It shouldn't be illegal. The city wasted millions of dollars in renovations, that didn't change anything. Now who is really harming the city. That money could have went where it was most needed, like schools, or fixing up the streets. No one complained about the skating at LOVE, as they did about more important issues. So instead all that money got wasted. Not a good call people. Free LOVE Park
P. James, Portland, Maine [11-08-2003]

It would bring many people to philly because young skaters like myself who need a ride can get one from parents/family which would bring them to philly and wouldn't just stay in the park while they skate, they would go around and do stuff. This would happen while at the same time older skaters would come and not just skate love but go to other places in philly. Its a win win situation if they would just give it a chance.
mike, new jersey [11-08-2003]

joe webb, philly [11-08-2003]

love park is part of skateboarding history. taking it away is just taking away a part of skateboarding. have some compassion and give back our love.
arthur, chicago, il [11-08-2003]

i have pretty much nothin to skate but what i find and build. so i look forward to the roadtrips and summer vaction so if there is no phili then there is no hope. wouldn't you rather use skate some where well lit and safe then to hit the streets and not have help if we need it. we must ressursect LOVE now bring the POWER BACK
scott silvester, clovis new mexico [11-08-2003]

If you want to keep us of the streets give us a place to skate
JP Aughe, Conowingo,Maryland [11-08-2003]

i just started skating like a month ago and i want to skate at free love skate park and get better. Free love park is pretty sweet i havent ever been there but i seen it. i want to skate there some day were i skate the cops suck they arrest us if we skate any weres in this town. i skate in belvidere nj its not bad skating but there could be better. i think they should open free love park. FREE LOVE PARK!
Andrew Mucklin, bangor pa usa [11-08-2003]

free love park!
Nick shea, Canada [11-08-2003]

let bTa and friends skate! :-)
*D*, burn [11-08-2003]

I have skateboarded at love park and the atmospeher is great. there is a lot of comrodory there it truly is a love park.
Brookes Skinner, London Ontario [11-08-2003]

it has always been a major plan in my life to visit love park. i live in ohio and it isnt that far away. the minute i heard it was being taken i flipped. i already made a plan to go. free love park!
kevin, trenton, ohio [11-08-2003]

love park should be re open
lindsey [11-08-2003]

maybe someone could build another love park somewhere and make it a skatepark
undisclosed, undisclosed [11-08-2003]

ok someone needs to do something there hasn't been any real action toward getting it reopened we need to stand out not just post stuff on the internet!
undisclosed, undisclosed [11-08-2003]

free it for brian wenning
chert [11-08-2003]

free love patricks right that place is on many videos. that place looks better than any other place to sk8. obscenities
max a, livingston tx [11-08-2003]

Bob was here.
bob, Alaska [11-08-2003]

god i hate the stupid mayors takeing the best skate parks away. ive never been to your guys's skate park i really do iheard nothing but good about the park and i hope you get the ban of i really do well if you guys wanna discuss it with me my aol instant messenger redek87
joe, mesa,az [11-08-2003]

love is the s*
Tim Dolan, Ballwin MO [11-08-2003]

love park rules bring it back theres nothign else like it
matt wright [11-08-2003]

free love!
Jeremy, Mays Landing NJ [11-08-2003]

i think skateboarding in love park should be allowed i mean it was a great place for skaters to hang out and skate and if skaters skate there it keeps them from commiting robberys and other acts of violence skateboarding is an art but it cant be if you take away the artist paint or canvas well im just saying bring back love park -brandon ogden-
brandon ogden, altamonte springs florida [11-08-2003]

love park is tight and i hope you burn whoever trys to tare it down.
Pat is king, Naperville, IL 60563 [11-08-2003]

if you take it away i will be upset.
Sean Furr, Pittsburgh, PA [11-07-2003]

free love park! <3
danielle, san diego, ca [11-05-2003]

yea, free love park, i was there on sunday and them b* kicked me out
Kyle Arc, New Jers [11-05-2003]

its hard to find a skate video without footage of love park lets keep it that way
patrick, tennessee [11-05-2003]

loe park must become liberated!
David P., va [11-05-2003]

David P. [11-05-2003]

Love park is great to skate cause of the ledges, rail, and stairs. there are other place to skate around philly but love park or fdr would have to be the best i also know if love park opened up the skaters wouldnt be on the streets as much.
Stephen J. Wagner, Reading, Pa [11-05-2003]

Pat benson, auburn new york [11-05-2003]

Angelo Ciurlino, philadelphia pa [11-05-2003]

free love park
mark [11-05-2003]

although i never had the pleasuree of riding in the LOVE skatepark i have to say it is crazy of any city council to cancel landmarks like this one, think long and hard, because this action has already reached The Netherlands! skaters/BMX-riders/and other people who enjoy funsports will unite!
stee witte, breda, province of brabant, the netherlands [11-05-2003]

you should let skateborders in the park
kechi stubblefield, houston,tx [11-05-2003]

People should skate where they want.
EDMUND BETZ, HOUSTON Tx [11-05-2003]

love park is a spot where i dreamed of to go once now it's death it's a dream that can't be forfilled,that's a shame don't mind the spelling
niels cuyvers, Wuustwezel (Antwerpen) Belgium [11-05-2003]

Steph Tremarki, upper darby,pa [11-05-2003]

let skaters skate man
Eryk Bracken, cheney wa [11-05-2003]

love for love park!
ward van den bogerd, belguim, antwerp [11-05-2003]

love park was the only place that i could just zone out and skate by myself there was just so many great spots
james, roebling, nj 08554 [11-05-2003]

Love Park is part of Skateboardings history and should remain open to skateboarders.
Fr ederick Alexander Nelson, Isle of Palms, South Carolina [11-05-2003]

I love skateboarding just as much as any skater out there. One of my goals is to go to philly some day just to skate at the LO park. Its an monument to skaters everywhere and VE especially me. Please save the park! Tony Clement age:17 Big ups to the DC skaters and all they have done to help save the park.
Tony Clement, Windber PA,USA [11-05-2003]

parks like this keep skaters out of the streets i would know theres no park in my town so the skaters go down town and the cops drag them out this is constently going on creating a stressfull city.
steven thomas strandberg, stillwater, mn [11-05-2003]

"free love park"
steven strandberg, eden prairie, mn usa [11-05-2003]

I've seen Love park be skated by all the pros its an amazing spot that i want to skate soon when I come by Philedalphia its basicly a skatepark so make it one.
eric lundquist, Caledonia Ontario [11-05-2003]

zack dugan, allentown p.a. [11-05-2003]

love park, is a historical place for skateboarding, and should never be torn down, it will be a historic site 20 years from now
brian sin [11-05-2003]

LOvE was great, and really one of the best things in skating. I hated to see it go down.
RJ, randolph, NJ [11-05-2003]

i am a hungarian kid and i know that skateboarding unites all of us here and that(skateboarding) is our freedom.the government puts its hand on everything. same with skateboarding. while it makes benefit of us on the TV it also does the same thing with the tickets in LOVE PARK. i think it is time for us to write the Second Declaration of Independence and free what is most important!
Mark Hatvani, Milford [11-05-2003]

LOVE should be open to skateboarding because it is a national monument it skateboarding, it was even in the most popular skateboarding games and videos.
Andrew Behe, Hershey, PA [11-05-2003]

c'mon philly. bring back the love.
nicole, ny,ny [11-05-2003]

Keep LOVE park, let all the kids keep skating it.
Tommy Sylvester, Riverside, California [11-05-2003]

Free Love Park! Skateboarding needs a place to just skate at and Love Park is just that. Some people say it's like a person died [Love Park] when they shut it down. It's a legendary spot and should be kept to have as historical reference as well. Please Free Love Park............
Cesar Fernandez, usa [11-05-2003]

The fact that the city of Philadephia would close something that was an asset to the city is just inane!
Susan Wood, Allentown, PA [11-05-2003]

ive never been to love park but i eventually want to skate it and not be ticketed for it.
matt, kansas city,ks [11-05-2003]

Love Park is a great place for all skateboarders of all ages to do what they love:skateboarding. Skateboarders should'nt be robbed of what was once a great place to make new friends and be a part of something that is truly great.
Billy Johnston, Pittsburgh, PA [11-03-2003]

Galen Brill, Menlo Park, California [11-03-2003]

I want to come to love park one day and rip up!
Nathan, Australia [11-03-2003]

Make it skate friendly. Design stuff skaters can't wreck rather that obstructing skaters.
Natalie Treloar, Sydney, NSW, Australia [11-03-2003]

ive never skated love park, but the photos and with it in video parts, i dreamt of skating it. love is history for skaters and always will be. i say open it back up and let skaters dreams come true by reopening it.
joey, fortson georgia [11-03-2003]

tony pizzo, lindenwold [11-03-2003]

Free Love Park!
Zack Wheeling, u.s.a. [11-03-2003]

I've never actually skated in this park (cause for me it's not very nearby... me living in the netherlands and all) but I've seen it on the X-games and it looks like a damn good spot to skate! I know ho hard it is to find good skate spots, so if you have one you don't wanna give it away...and fining people for skating, come on... So, when you love to skate, love park! ....and that's all I have to say 'bout that! Jesse
Jesse van der Meulen, Breda, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands [11-03-2003]

free love park
Mattias, belgium [11-03-2003]

as i know, love park should be a the place of peace
Krystian Maj, Pulawy, Poland [11-03-2003]

free love park, where else where the skateboarders go? to the un-skateable skateparks? No matter what you do with love there will always be problems. People enjoy watching skateboarders. Let them STAY!
justin steube, la vista, ne [11-03-2003]

i think skateboarding should be unban at Love park. skateboarders should be able to skateboard free and independently whereever they want to. skateboarding for life!
scott kroll, Warminster,PA [11-03-2003]

I myself have never skated at love park before...but I would hope that the park will one day be back to its former glory so that I may skate there some time in the near future. Being a skateboarder myself I know what kind of damage ledges and whatnot take after being skated and I believe that it is understandable that the local government in philadelphia doesnt want this to happen to their park...but I also think that the ideas on this site will help keep love park as nice as it has always been... good luck in the mission to take back LOVE... mike skinkis
mike skinkis, vestaburg pennsylvania [11-03-2003]

free the park, i need to skate it
Keith DaCosta, Newburg, NY [11-03-2003]

LOVE park is one of my favourite spots all over the world. LOVE park is a combination of my 2 favourite things in the world; love and skateboarding
Timo Verm, Belgium [11-03-2003]

Love Park should be open to skateboarding for the youth of Philly and the surrounding area. Not only is it an amazing skate spot, but it is also at a central point of the city, as well as public transit, so it allows kids from all over to just hop the train and bus and meet up with different kids at the park. Thus more social interaction between the kids and an oppurtunity for kids to do something constructive
Reid Uhrich, 2109 Locust St., Philadelphia, PA 19103 [11-03-2003]

I think Love Park should be free for skaters to skate because there is really no other places to skate. Skaters get kicked out of EVERYWHERE we skate. I skated Love and it is a great place to skate. FREE LOVE PARK!
Lou Trunk, glenside, PA [11-03-2003]

cops suck they tack all are f* skateparks away and leave us stranded with no where to skate... i say we should take there badges
Cory neidert, Wheeling,West Virginia [11-03-2003]

justin, akron ohio [11-03-2003]

free love park!1 free love park!1 free love park!1 free love park!1free love park!1 free love park!1free love park!1free love park!1
edward krystopowicz, philadelphia pa [11-03-2003]

Matt Rafferty, Rosemont Pa [11-03-2003]

i havnt even sated at love park and i would still die for that place to still be sktaed
Aaron Jedlicki, anchorage alaska [10-31-2003]

the love park is the spot wonderful a dream for any skaters
luis, mexico,distrito federal [10-31-2003]

love park IS FREE for you damn skateboarders, stop written in saying that you can't skate there b/c you can after business hours. wake up and lay off the pipe.
philly baller, phila [10-31-2003]

When skateboarding is outlawed then only outlaws will have fun.
Derek mills, Toledo,Ohio [10-31-2003]

uhhh yea stupid ppl trying to shut us down everywhhere F* THEM
Charlie, kennesaw, GA [10-31-2003]

I have never skated love park before and i only want one chance to show my stuff to a sponsor but i love to do what i do and meet new people. put this place back up for skating. i want a chance to skate it and meet you guys i am in a cool city but too much damn stoppers. i will sure to go pro in about 4-5 years look me up then, Ryan Hudson.
Ryan Hudson, San Diego, CA [10-31-2003]

it's so cool i mean its even on thps 2 so its isnt just a park
stefaan van parys, meulebeke (belgium) (europe) [10-31-2003]

LOVE is one of the best places to skate. There is an overwhelming feeling of inspiration when skating there, and it always gave me something to do and a place to jam with friends. One of my favorite things about skateboarding is the way that riders transform banal sites of civil engineering into dynamic interactive environments. Objects are subverted and skaters find new and more creative ways to utlize these stuctures. It's an exciting process and an even more exciting sport. The LOVE park is one of the best examples of a community cooperating in such a process, and it holds a historical value beyond that of its mere construction and asthetics. It is a mecca, and a cultural icon. Let it be free and stop persecutin minds outside of the box.
Zach Michels, Minneapolis, MN [10-31-2003]

bring us back love park its puts the history in skateboarding
Brad wood, glasgow ky. [10-31-2003]

Love park is a great historical place for skateboarding, people come from around the world to skate it, it is a tourist attraction as well as a place to skate, Free Love
Sean Rash, Horsham, PA 19040 [10-31-2003]

LOVE PARK was made for skating, and kept kids out of trouble.
eric gordon, virginia beach, virginia [10-31-2003]

john street is g* 4 closing love park
rich smith, phila [10-31-2003]

Love Park is part of Skateboarding History. I seen in 1000 of video parts and it had evalute the skateboarding level so much. And i dreamt of skating the famous spot and even planning to move there so OPEN FRIGGIN THE LOVE PARK FOREVER. Peace
Leon Van Ta, Houston, TX [10-31-2003]

i wanna skate here some day
Luke, ontario [10-31-2003]

Save LOVE!
Ian Rosenberg, Cooper City, FL [10-31-2003]

I have a son who is a skateboarder and believe it is a great means of transportation and exercise. He's in his 2nd year of college on a scholarship and uses it to get to and from his classes now. It is not a crime. He even allowed his exchange student friend to bring it to India for the summer because they've never seen a skateboard before in his town.
Lorraine Restani, Half Moon Bay, CA [10-31-2003]

free love park! im a girl and loves to skate i think everyone should have the experience to skate at love!
Kim panzer, baltimore, md 21234 [10-30-2003]

free love park.....
kevin lam-moc aka chinese man, northeastphilly,philadelphia [10-30-2003]

Love was the park, it kept the young kids off the streets and off drugs. For them to close it down is just wrong
Brian Von Feldt, crown point,Indiana [10-30-2003]

mark b, minnesota [10-30-2003]

Love Park was one of the gnarliest skatespots for the skateboarding community, and I would love to see that place be freed from those pigs.
Jimi Campbell, Richmond, Virginia [10-30-2003]

free love park
damian, newcastle de [10-30-2003]

free love park
TOM K., philly [10-30-2003]

Skaters out there need love park Not letting them skateboard there is like them not letting you do what you do
Keelan McCormick, Canada, Nova Scotia [10-30-2003]

Free LOVE park and Free Willy that fat f* whale
andrew r, d [10-30-2003]

Skateboarding is so illegalized everywhere now a days that we need somewhere that is true street! i have never been to LOVE but i've seen it in many videos and I have heard rumors that the city was going to tear it down, which i hope is merly a rumor, i think that it would be a sin to tear down such a work of art. i would support any petition to try and save such a beautiful thing.
mike felder, lowell, IN [10-30-2003]

Like Kalis said, Love Park is simply the perfect spot. The fact that it is out of the way of business and everyday commerce makes it all the more ideal to skate. It has always been a dream of mine to skate there, much like EMB or Hubba, but now that notion has been made an impossibility. I hope that we can find a way to fix authority's problem with skating, and as long as figures of importance (arcitects, mayors, etc.) try to understand us, we continue to make strides down that road. Keenan R.I.P.
Harry Pearson, Greenville, NC USA [10-30-2003]

im so happy loe is back in action
joe Appaluccio, sparta, NJ [10-30-2003]

I never got to skate love park and by the way things are going i may never get a chance to. i think its crazy that the city would try and take away a spot for skateboarders to come and have fun. they think if they just shove all the skaters in a skatepark they can skate and the city can control it and thats wrong. love park is a big part of skateboarding history and they want to take it away.
Brock Adcock, Louisville Kentucky [10-30-2003]

KATIE QUINN, ocean city md [10-30-2003]

skateboarding made this park famous.
Joe Christian, 3134 Oak Ave Youngstown, NY United states [10-30-2003]

let love park go
cory neidert, wheeling wv [10-30-2003]

Surfin the sidewalks, poppin flips and hovering above spinning decks,...skateboarding. We know how you feel Philly, R.I.P. Central TV, Birmingham, England. Good luck with the liberation and keep grinding your axe's deep into the night, haha!
Ciaran Sherlock, Birmingham, England [10-30-2003]

i have never skated love park before, but this summer my mom was going to take me to phili just for the purpose of skating LoVE, but with all the bacon there it will be kinda hard but i will at least ollie the fountain gap before i get kicked out.
gio rodriguez, texas, united states [10-30-2003]

Free Love Park cuse love is free homerBD
homerBD, France [10-30-2003]

keep it, love it, skate it! i love love!
meg heriot, franklin, MA [10-30-2003]

keep it open. the more time kids spend at LOVE park skateboarding, the less time they spend doing drugs or getting drunk. the worse that will happen is a few broken wrists or twisted ankles. and besides, it's gunna happen anyway so dont fight it
kevin sullivan, franklin, massachusetts [10-30-2003]

michael johnson, Broken Arrow, OK [10-30-2003]

Paul Yeakey, Broken Arrow, OK [10-30-2003]

free love park
fat matt, t-town [10-30-2003]

free love park
nathan keegan, boston [10-30-2003]

Matthew Adel-Arnold, Teaneck, New Jersey [10-30-2003]

Hey, i think Love Park should re-open to skateboarders because skateboarding is here to stay and i guess no matter what people do or what they try skaters are always gunna find a way to skate what they want and what they see. Love Park is just a dope place to skate for all aged skaters that love to skate and are willing to succeed in what they are doing and are willing to do what it takes to step it up.
Corey L'Heureux, Lloydminster SK [10-30-2003]

mike poppiti, concord north carolina [10-30-2003]

free love park! love park is not only good for the skaters but for the town as well. A lot of people went on road trips to Philadelphia just to go to Love Park. So by closing love you also lost a lot of oney
jason goncalves, plymouth mass [10-30-2003]

love park has been a big park of skateboarding to me. i think its a great park for people to just get together at and skate their hearts out. its for people who love what they do. skateboarding. dont take that away from us!
gabs, florida [10-30-2003]

Love Park was intended as a symbol of brotherhood of man. Are skaters not human?
Reed Bonnet, Indiana, PA [10-30-2003]

Belinda Amaro, Philadelphia, PA [10-30-2003]

Chris Bryant [10-30-2003]

i skated there a week ago, FREE eka eka LOVE PARK!
Brian Panebianco, Horsham PA [10-30-2003]

let love park live!
Gareth Warlik, Mackay, Queensland, Australia [10-30-2003]

They should bring back love park because i need somewhere to put my new helmet to good use.
shaun williams, williamstown NJ [10-30-2003]

You can never take it away from skaters. So why not just let us skate and have a good time. Skateboarding is a far better alternative than drugs.
Dave Wolfe, ma [10-30-2003]

its the heart and soul of skateboard society. its a vital organ that was just ripped out, its hard to live without something as important and meaningful as love
aPo, franklin mass [10-30-2003]

i think love should be able to be skated without being bothered by authority to keep kids out of unwanted skate spots in which we could get in trouble for skating there. I also think it should be kept open to allow skaters from all over to experience the thrill of LOVE.
scott wolf, franklin mass [10-30-2003]

Joe Randolph, Cincinnati, OH United States [10-30-2003]

LOVE was it.
Ryan Brake, charlottesville, virginia [10-30-2003]

Erica Hestin, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [10-30-2003]

hey ive never skated it before and i would really like to with out fines cuz im comming up
Gino Chiarello, Merrill,Wisconsin [10-30-2003]

Johnathon Williams, Philidelphia, PA, USA [10-30-2003]

Matt ross, Grand Rapids MI [10-30-2003]

I still want to skate it
Roberto Suttora, Münster Germany [10-30-2003]

I do not support a scateboarding crowd. I'd rather see more flower arrangements and more aloaf sitting.
Mary E. Cohen, Kunkletown,PA [10-30-2003]

Love Park made the history through years and years of world skateboarding, not only in the States. You can ask any skater around the world, everybody has been dreaming at least once, about skating Love Park. Be sure that if I and my friends ever fly to the states, Philly is going to be the first place we'll skate in, so don't give up!
Diego Valdecasas, Bologna, Italy [10-30-2003]

although i've never skated the i think it's bulls* that skateboarding isn't legalized in love park
willem, eindhoven, holland [10-30-2003]

Erin Temple, Richmond, Virginia [10-30-2003]

Nora Haydon, Boston, MA [10-30-2003]

Heather Weikert, Mt. Holly, NJ [10-30-2003]

If the ban at LOVE is not lifted, there is a chance that I may have a heartattack. The reason being is because I haven't skated regularly for some time now, therefore i am turning into a barrellass........Please lift the ban or i fear that i may be passing on to a better place...t
timothy, philadelphia, pa. NEPA is where the heart is... [10-30-2003]

Love Park was the best place to skate in the entire world. I have skated in every major city on the east coast, Canada, San Fran, LA, San Diego, France, England, and Spain. None of the skate spots or parks in any of those places compared to Love Park. Love Park was the Mecca for street skating. It had everything to skate and it created nothing but the most talented skaters. I hope and wish for the park's return everyday, because I, like many other Philly skaters, had to move away in order to keep skating. If Love comes back, I will imediately return to Philly and skate Love Park everyday. - ROB
Robert Williams, West Chester, PA, USA [10-30-2003]

I have never been to love, but i hold it as a great icon to the skateboarding youth. I wanted to travel to philly to skate. I would have been one of thousands bringing more money to the city, but i guess Mayor Street thought that money was a bad thing. Cheers
Matthew Pigott, toronto, ontario, canada [10-30-2003]

Matthew Pigott [10-30-2003]

YOU CANT KILL SKATEING... so why try. Free LOVE Park. ;D
Dmitriy Latnikov, NE, Philly [10-30-2003]

Skateboarding should be allowed at this particular park, however should be regulated by rules to insure no damage.
Justin Milligan, Radford, Virginia [10-30-2003]

free the love park! i want to skate there
peter, heerlen,the netherlands [10-30-2003]

People should realize that skateboarding is a sport that will be much more fun than football or soccer or baseball and that since football players have plces to practice there specific positions in different places, i think skaters bikers and skateboarders should be alowed to skate and have a good time
Jim Bunting, Riverside, New Jersey [10-30-2003]

I think LOVE park is a historic skateboarding landmark
Buff [10-30-2003]

I seen Love park skated in every video i have watched and i so stoked on skating it until it gets banned. Thats why i am siging this petition to re-open Love park. Skate 4 life.
Josh Wood, Grosse Ile, MI United States [10-30-2003]

free love park
erik, washington dc [10-30-2003]

free love
JOn Ellis, watauaga tx [10-30-2003]

For the LOVE of it. it will never be gone
oscar arias, bradley beach n.j u.s [10-30-2003]

Philip Mazzola, Newport News VA [10-30-2003]

Gotta bring love back to philly
J.C. Frankenfield, Springtown, PA [10-30-2003]

Though I've never actually been to this park, I've heard quite a lot about it and it seems like an awesome place!
Krista C., Nevada, USA [10-30-2003]

Skateboarding is way of life. It is our passion. It is our love so therefore love park is our passion. Let skateboarding be free.
Eric, Apex, North Carolina [10-30-2003]

Even though I live in Oregon, and I know that most likely I will never get the chance to skate love park, it is a great symbol of the future of skateboarding. My friend was more angry when they renovated Love park, than i have ever seen him before. It means a lot to everyone who skates.
Michael Maloney, Portland, Oregon [10-30-2003]

Michael Maloney, Portland, Oregon [10-30-2003]

Just let 'em skate.
John Marino, St.Louis, MO,United States of America [10-30-2003]

i think love park should sk8 freindly we should be alould to sk8 the i love it when i first sk8ed hter i would sk8 ther almost every other weekend
Richard singh, ne phliadelphia [10-30-2003]

Jene Stewart, Glendora, Nj 08029 [10-30-2003]

I think Skaters should be allowed to skate LOVE park. it provides a nice invironment and atmosphere for skaters to do what they love to do the most. Imposing a ban on skating in the park isnt going to get rid of the problem. Skaters will just go elsewhere in the city (perhaps a more dangerous location) and do it elsewhere. so why not let them do it safely in a way that still benefits the park?
Greg Roseberry, Georgia [10-30-2003]

free love park
Dan Vogedes, Vernon, NJ [10-30-2003]

I've never been there to skate but i was there one time for my school and i saw people skateboarding and i thought it was cool and that is what infulnced me to skate. FREE LOVE PARK!
Mike, Marlton NJ [10-30-2003]

Cameron Smith, Paris, France [10-30-2003]

Free love park! Its the sole reason Philly is where its at... LO VE EFIL ROF~FOR LIFE
Michae El-Rayes, Reading, PA [10-30-2003]

now that LOVE park is free, we must free Beanie Sigel. let sigel run the streets again.
Cecil B. Moore, N.Phila [10-30-2003]

ive bin skating for 3 years and ever sinse i seen love park on tony hawk 2 i have a dream of skating ther but now the goverment of pilly is desiding to be gat i say just make it a skate park free love park
angelo, calgary [10-30-2003]

i think love park should allow skaters to ride freely
Alex McCutcheon, Newport, RI 02840 [10-30-2003]

The Kids Are Alright.
Andrew, everywhere [10-30-2003]

let us skate!
chandler, philly pa [10-30-2003]

Love needs us skaters...we are it's light
Dan, philly [10-30-2003]

I love love park it is my fav place to sk8 i think we should get it back we found it first and we should get it back
Ricky McDonald, westville nj [10-30-2003]

me and bam wanted to go down there to shoot the new haggard movie but we couldnt because the not nice people down there took it ALL away i have an idea make it into a gigantic skatepasrk and make it free. pros from all over would flock to this place of beauty and maybe be and my pal bam and ryan would heard down there later bill
bill [10-30-2003]

Mark Hetherington, Toronto, Canada [10-30-2003]

How can Philadelphia destroy something that kept kids out of trouble.
James Campbell, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [10-30-2003]

Love Park is most definetly the best spot that skateboarding will ever have or had. I'm monving to Philly by Mai with a friend that used to live there, because of LOVE.
Ali Khsohravani, Atlanta,GA [10-30-2003]

LOVE park has been a big part of skateboarding.Everyone!, get it together and bring back the LOVE in our lifes. LOVE PARK R.I.P.
Michael Gallego, La Habra, CA,U.S.A [10-30-2003]

Free love park
Kevin Warren, Virginia Beach, Virginia [10-30-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK, having skating legal at love would bring so many people and help the economy. So Make it Legal!
John, Virginia Beach, Virginia [10-30-2003]

LOVE park rules! Shows some love and skateboarding will return it!
Chris Enns, Morden, Manitoba, Canada [10-30-2003]

I don't skate. But I know that this is a landmark in pop culture and should not be limited to certain activities based on what people in higher positions believe are publicly acceptable. Free LOVE Park.
Michael Southee, springfield, va [10-30-2003]

its one of the greatest skateplaces ever made for kids who have a passion to street skate dream about a place like love park to skate and one day in the next 4-years i too will be able to skate it
allan miller, wisc. rapids, WI,usa [10-30-2003]

free love park, the pigs are mean
Cory M [10-30-2003]

mike rosario, flint,mi [10-30-2003]

bring love park back
patrick calabrese, wellington [10-30-2003]

i went there one time and couldn't stop thinkin of the stuff that went down there. That place shouldnt have to be a memorial. It should still be skated!
Colin Allen, Virginia Beach, VA [10-30-2003]

I am looking forward for Love to be re opened, i will come visit the city and skate the legend if it is
Mark Konarzycki, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [10-30-2003]

skateboarding for life, kerry getz kickflip the love gap in to the fountain, jump of a building
Nathan Grant, Barrie, Ontario, Canada [10-30-2003]

I am a skateboarder from Canada and i heard that they are trying to re-open LOVE PARK to skaters. I think that they should re-open it because oviously the people want it and the skaters of Phily deserve it.
Adam Barter, Nova Scotia, Canada [10-30-2003]

Never got to skate there. And really wants to.
Reilly Schlitt, Bellevue, WA, USA [10-30-2003]

Though i have never had the oportunity to skate LOVE I will someday. Since I am a skater i was sad and and angry at the atrocitis comitted there. I hope that the P.T.B(powers that be) can find it in their hearts the right the wrongs that have been comitted in the city of "brotherly love". thank you.
Seth Whitney, Camp pendelton [10-30-2003]

It's really hard for me to belive that something keeping kids "out" of trouble is illegal. It's wrong and unjustifiable.
Miguel Charles, Havertown, P.A. [10-30-2003]

Please keep love park i my self have not skated there but i want to so keep it for me and other generation to come. thanks
Mike Franklin, Blue Bell Pa. u.s.a [10-30-2003]

Free love park.
Josue C. Gallardo, Monterrey,Mex [10-30-2003]

Anthony Taylor, Philidelphia, PA [10-30-2003]

we need a place to chill and skate or we will get tired of the rule and skate there anyway.
Justin Hummel, Iowa [10-30-2003]

Free Love park, no one is in anyone's way.
Wayne Dancie, Auburn, Oh, USA [10-30-2003]

its been my dream since i started skating to go to love park but since i live in texas it is quiet hard but when its summer i visit my grandma up north and its close enough to go to philly and skate. You know things have gottewn big when people plan to make road trips to go skate a place. you need to open love park to the skaters.
Jimmy Graham, Victoria, Texas [10-30-2003]

I've never sk8ed LOVE park but i would love to one day so open it to the sk8ers! ! ! (please)
Xavier Veal, Jamaica, New York [10-30-2003]

I moved to Philly to skate love... BRING IT BACK!
Tanner Comfort, Philadelphia, PA [10-30-2003]

i got the chance to skate LOVE once in my life, it was one of the greatest places to be. i cant wait to go back when it opens.
matt fisher, abington [10-30-2003]

love park is great but i always get ticketed when the bike cops get me i know have a record there and i can't go back. do your best i hope you are succesful. p.s if you see a toy machine butcher with independents audo bonds an black panthers at the police station take it and send it to 619 north manetta point pleasant nj 08752
erik holmgren, point pleasant nj us [10-30-2003]

Free love
Skilly from philly, lebanon pa by way of PHILLY [10-30-2003]

m. Prouza, Praha-Czech republic [10-30-2003]

I'll probably never get to skate Love Park, but there might be a day wehn I get to and I want to be able to do so without fearing to cops.
Joey Sergent, Sidell, IL [10-30-2003]

love park is the greatest spot in he world...even in ital it is considered a mecca and all the skaters i know wanted to go there....if they re-open it mabye us and other skaterboarders will have ht possibility to make the pilgramage to more important for the locals though! FREE LOVE PARK!
René, milan italy [10-30-2003]

Kim Jack, Rising Sun, MD [10-30-2003]

Jay McGettigan Jr., south st. philly [10-30-2003]

Jaime Sandoval, Whittier, California [10-30-2003]

glen hayes, Akron ohio [10-30-2003]

Aaron Hurwitz, Carlisle, PA 17013 [10-30-2003]

im a sk8boarder and i think parks should be for everyone.
jobin george [10-30-2003]

I sign this petition for all skateboarders, Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis....
MIKE COUTU, Montreal, Canada [10-30-2003]

Free Love Park "RIP LOVE PARK:
Mike Russell, Squamish,B.C., Canada [10-30-2003]

i have never been to LOVE PARK... [I have never even been to USA...] but ever since i saw it in a skate video it is my biggest dream to skate there... Keep it alive cos' maybe one day i'll go there ;]]] FREE LOVE PARK!
Tomek Agnieszczak, Piaseczno, POLAND [10-30-2003]

bring it back.
Kyle Taylor, Roseville, CA [10-30-2003]

The money used in attempts to stop skateboarding at LOVE could've been used to solve so many other problems. Skateboarding isn't a's a lifestyle and if you think that having a few rent a cops around will stop us you're wrong. The more you tell someone "don't do this" or "don't do that" the mroe an individual will want to go and explore it, test his or her limits. It's the same thing with skating at LOVE you tell us not to, only more will come. We don't want another skatepark that LOOKS like LOVE, we want know there is something wrong when the park can be empty with only one individual and a handful of skaters and that one person is calling the cops telling you that it's illegal, even though we're not particularly bothering him/her by skating. There are so many problems with the city of Philadelphia...skaters aren't one of them.
Joseph L. Miles III, Go to college in N. Philadelphia, PA.. originally from Long Island, New York [10-30-2003]

Remy Nelson, Vineland, NJ [10-30-2003]

free love park
hank hebert, [10-30-2003]

Please free love park it is the sign of our times and part of our culture. Love park symbolises everything skateboarders stand love and peace, we go there and have a good time. The pros and the newbies together having fun, making friends, getting better at our sports and most importantly staying out of trouble. I may only be a 14 year old kid from england but I know skateboarding is a good thing a driving force away from drugs, crime and all the other bad things in this world we have to stand together and make our voices heard. LOVE PARK FOREVER.
Greg Lyle, Okehampton, Devon, England [10-30-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK. or else.
Stephanie Kao, Philadelphia, PA [10-30-2003]

Love is almost back. I used to skate love every day and when it closed I pretty much stopped skatting. Id love to be able to pick up my board and skate love again.
Ryan Beppel, Philadelphia, PA [10-30-2003]

i LOVE LOVE park hehehehehehehheeh....... free it
Zac Driscoll, Menomonee falls [10-30-2003]

Free love park.
GNARMAN, usa [10-30-2003]

lovepark is the best spot in philly next to city hall. I would rather have lovepark free then anywhere eles in the world.
Scott Araujo, kensington [10-30-2003]

free love!
lil b, Langhorne PA usa [10-30-2003]

Love Park è skateboarding. Bring back the Love.
Bea Sugliani, Milan, Italy [10-30-2003]

Love Park...word
Eric Olson, New Jersey [10-30-2003]

Love park is one of the greatist things ever to happen to skateboarding, and becuase of shallow minded people that steriotyped skateboarding and skateboarders it is gone. people suck!
Bill Cook, horsham Pa [10-30-2003]

Make philly the east coast's skating capitol! It would be great for the city.
Emerson Breneman, Truro, Mass [10-30-2003]

God damn it FREE LOVE PARK!
Cj, Lafayette Hill PA [10-30-2003]

i've only skated love park once, for about five minutes. or should i say, long enough to get a ticket. but there is just a certain feeling that comes to you if you are a skater, in the area of the park, its like a skateboarding mecca. all i can say is free the damn park, and long live skating.
brian bell, staunton, virginia [10-30-2003]

Love park, is a part of the Skaters world....Nobody loves ours Cities like us.... Free Love Park
Cristiano Amadei, Italy [10-30-2003]

get the skaters back in the park NOW! Sign my petition too, mucho thanks.
Justin Jones, canada [10-30-2003]

let people skate love
Chris Holmes, Farmingdale NY [10-30-2003]

I really hope to see Love Park get its freedom. Its been such a dream to one day skate there and hopefully it will be fulfilled one day. I give my love, respect, and hope to all of those who are involved in freeing Love Park.
Brant Mallow, Tarboro, NC USA [10-30-2003]

in nearly every skateboarding vidio ive seen its nearly got abit of love park in it there for you would get a lot of torist just from skateboarding in philly
aaron, wollongong australia [10-30-2003]

you all suck u dumb idiots i hate all of you
jessica, clementon nj [10-30-2003] homepage

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