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October 1-19, 2003

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free love park!
Jeremy Coyle, Scranton,PA [10-19-2003]

you cant explain it......
Alex Billera, bellevue,washington,USA [10-19-2003]

LOVE needs to be brought back.
Rob S., Philly, PA [10-19-2003]

free love park!
Christa Vanet, Abington, PA [10-19-2003]

i went to philly 2 yrs ago to visit some friends of mine and i skated at loves park every day that i hade a chance to
brad pratt, fond du lac wis [10-19-2003]

Love Park should definitely have never been closed to skaters. It used to be one of the best skate spots, but now....
Phil Clark, Long Branch, NJ [10-19-2003]

Larkin Sanchez, Richmond,VA [10-19-2003]

I never got the chance ot skate LOVE park but ever since i saw it for the first time in a skate video it has been my dream to go there.
Peter Jurgens, Cayman Islands, B.W.I. [10-19-2003]

luc richard, france [10-19-2003]

Free LOVE.
Jordan Tenenbaum, Belle Mead, NJ [10-19-2003]

Love is what we love, it was our love, it showed us love. keep it alive, it is a landmark for the worldwide skateboarding community. whhy would you take away something so special, the only thing we have. please free love park.
zac tait, laurel springs NJ [10-19-2003]

i want love park to be open to all the skaters of philly and sam kats says he is gonna open it if he becomes elected but what is he isnt for real then what happens?
chris sautner, philadelphia pa [10-19-2003]

is it really reopened?
nick linde, hoboken, georgia [10-19-2003]

im me bout how u feel about LOVE-saftyinnumbrs511-i remember skating LOVE i would come every year from maryland just to skate LOVE for two days and i think it is about time we get what we should of had in the first place back
jeremiah mendez, ellicott city, md [10-19-2003]

free love
alex castro, concord,ca [10-19-2003]

love park is still skateable i go their a lot.
dave dominguez, philadelphia pa [10-19-2003]

k athryn buchanan, philadelphia, pa [10-19-2003]

John Crary, New York, NY [10-19-2003]

free it
john racks, wallingford [10-19-2003]

i think that you should reopen love because without it skaters will eventually go somewherelse and ruin that place to so just open it. plus i went there last summer 03' and it was closed and thats the only reason i really went to philly not to see the historical liberty bell but to skate
doug healey, salt lake city, utah [10-19-2003]

Matt, stratford new jersey [10-19-2003]

LOVE was the best i loved skatin the fountain ledges and the trash can gap it was the best invironment
Brendan Terry, 16 Gunning Lane [10-19-2003]

valentin, France [10-19-2003]

love park is the greatest from what i hear i wanna skate it soo bad. it is such a landmark for skateboarders, it a place where the begginers and pros are eqaul nd can skate in harmony. just free it. let us skate and be happy, thats all i ask......
eric harris, stratford NJ. [10-19-2003]

free love park!
michael white, lansing, mi, usa [10-19-2003]

free love park
andrew unruh, Canada alberta Fortsaskatchewan [10-19-2003]

Can ya feel the lovin' CAN YA FEEL IT!?!
Sarah, Miami,Florida [10-19-2003]

Thats so stupid the way they closed it down.I think that they should just let the kids skate.I mean what the hell its just skateboarding.Its not going to kill you!
Jonthan Armella, Ft. Florida [10-19-2003]

free it you coporate slobs
sam hunt, orlando [10-19-2003]

What really turned me on to the great city of philadelphia was seeing LOVE park in most of my skate videos at a younger age. It seemed like a dreamworld for skaters, what I didn't know at that time was the hassle i would later experience at love
Brian Marsman, Philadelphia, PA 19104 [10-19-2003]

I saw josh kalis skate at love park in the DC video looked pretty cool
Tom Campbell, Cambridge (england) [10-19-2003]

giv me parks.
Bryan Walks, Dawson, MN [10-19-2003]

arturo vittorioso, Italy, roma [10-19-2003]

Noah Balmer, portland OR [10-19-2003]

Joe Taylor, Livingston, Scotland, UK [10-19-2003]

yea love is free, free love will again rule the city again.
Johnny blaze, Philly101 [10-19-2003]

adam bradsell, nyc, ny, usa [10-19-2003]

yea for sure we need to free LOVE even though i live fairly far from it and havent skated it yet i plan to one day. wether it be legal to skate it or not. but making it a skater friendly park woudl be possibly one of the best things for skaters. FREE LOVE
Josh leonard, Jenison, Michigan [10-19-2003]

dont ruin a landmark for the future generations its just not right
ian, edison,nj [10-19-2003]

skateboarding is not a crime
marco [10-19-2003]

Bring back the love
Bobby Topley, Doylestown Pa [10-19-2003]

Cops should not take someone's personal property (skateboard) for having fun. The phila cops should be ashamed of themselves for letting real crimes pass right over ther heads.
Dave Hinchey, berlin N.J. [10-19-2003]

Daniele Lamanna, Milan, italy [10-19-2003]

i always wanted to skate love park,please don't make i will be only a dream... FREE LOVE PARK
FRED, rome,Italy [10-19-2003]

Selva Roberto, Torino (Italy) [10-19-2003]

kalis rock!
peppe romeo, siracusa italy [10-19-2003]

Rye Fanoni, London, England [10-19-2003]

if they are going to close it down to eneryone why not put some ramps there let the skaters have it thry love it more than the general public KEEP LOVE PARK
matthew jutson, england [10-19-2003]

Michelle Schieder, Fairless Hills, PA [10-19-2003]

im 16 ive been skating for some while now and one of the few things ive wanted to do since ive started was go there and see it let alone skate it not why tear down a peice of history everyone is usually for supporting history but when it comes to skating it doesnt work that way i remember watching movies seeing the nicest cleanest skating ever but now i will never get to exspierence this for myself... the new generation will never get to... WHY? why cant people ever see it from any other way then then there own stuck up way? PEACE ~R.I.P LO VE
Charley Coffey, ri [10-19-2003]

It is an awsome place to skate and it is known around the world. It is one of the things that used to make Philly the great place that it usedto be. Bring it back and many new things could flourish around it. Skateboarding is a big thing rite now and has been for the past 20 years. Its not going away.
Alex Wieboldt, east brunswick New jersey [10-19-2003]

i love love park this was the best place to skate please reopen it
shawn mcclister, fairless hills pa [10-19-2003]

free love
Todd Brust, Winona, Minnesota [10-19-2003]

yo..LOVE PARK has made history in the skateboarding world forever. Some skateboarding videos wouldn't have been so well if some shots weren't put in from LOVE. keep a heart open for LOVE!
Hampton, Hampton, Virginia [10-19-2003]

Paul [10-19-2003]

I have been skateboarding for while now and ever since I have started I have seen Love Park in movies and magizines. Everyone that has skated there says its just an awesome place to skate. I have always wanted to go skate Love Park but then I heard they were banning skateboarding from it. Bring skateboarding back to Love Park and you will bring the Love Back to Love Park.
Austin Gray, Huntertown, IN [10-19-2003]

that sucks!
Jody Carter, Gering NE [10-19-2003]

Give LOVE back to the skateboarders
Michael Davis, Delavan, WI [10-19-2003]

since i saw him for the first time in thps 2 i always talk myself that a day i'll skate this spot! love park must be free for for all who dream about it like me! and for all who use to ride it! sorry for my english= i'm french
Anicet Tricard, marseille (france) [10-19-2003]

free love park!
John, Friendswood [10-19-2003]

IT is not good for the park
vincenzo lanni, philanelphial /pa [10-19-2003]

Alessio, Livorno Italy [10-19-2003]

Zach Giocomo, Flagstaff AZ United States of America [10-16-2003]

Steven Rowland, Hendersonville, Tenn [10-16-2003]

I want to be able to skate the famous Love Park without geting hassled, fined, or getting thrown in jail by cops. So free Love Park
Daniel Rothrock, Latrobe, Pa [10-16-2003]

Phil Eldred [10-16-2003]

Matt Lowe, Philadelphia, PA [10-16-2003]

people just told me they liked it...
jewellll, lumberton [10-16-2003]

Cruze Gianelli, malvern,ohio [10-16-2003]

skated love park.... it rocks! also got arrested while there, officer was nice enough to give my board back... it was WELL worth the $25.00 fine! if you haven't been there.... GET THERE!
J.P. ANISKA, newark, de [10-16-2003]

jerry aniska, newark,de [10-16-2003]

back in 99'skated for ten minutes at least 20 uniformed police raided the park everyone scattered...where's the love?
sume, melbourne, australia [10-16-2003]

Bobby Spero, Phoenix, MD [10-16-2003]

amelia longo, boston, ma [10-16-2003]

Lucas Rambo, taneytown, MD, USA [10-16-2003]

so what if people skate their? Skating is what keeps me away from drugs and crime. skating saved my life
firedgk, Philly, PA [10-16-2003]

Love Parks Love was like wow
Nathan, Calgary,AB,Canada [10-16-2003]

yeah love park is free again
Mike Mee, Brighton, Michigan [10-16-2003]

I think that it is terrible thing that they banned skating in love park because at least the people were there instead of commiting crimes and doing drugs. Skating is supposed to be fun and that is one thing that LOVE park was, and this park bought joy to people.
Ryan Murray, Carrollton, Ohio [10-16-2003]

Gabriel Allison, Alexandria VA [10-16-2003]

As a skater i hereby claim LOVE Park back to where it belonged. All we need is freedom and spots to skate,nothing more. Still the same old words SKATE OR DIE.
William Zhang, Zhenjiang Jiangsu Province P.R.China [10-16-2003]

ive been aressted about 8 times and im only 14 i skated love park when i was 13 and it was great in my town theres a law that says we cant skate any where in our town and it piss's me off
max, Montclair NJ [10-16-2003]

nick, point borough, NJ [10-16-2003]

Love park is one of the greatest and well known skatepark for the greater philadelphia area why do u think the x games came to philly for the muddy skukyhill or to skate love park and city hall????
mike strupczewski, sewell new jersey [10-16-2003]

Give Love Park back to the skaters, they need to be free!
Michael Huerta, Yuba City, California [10-14-2003]

free love park
Wesley Hartmann [10-14-2003]

Stephen Bondio, Pennsauken NJ 08109 US [10-13-2003]

free love park everything is already messed up just make it into a park how it is
kurt samborski, brighton michigan [10-13-2003]

i never got to skate love park. i am writing a manifesto for my english class right now on how wrong it is that skateboarding is illegal in philly because philly is a Mecca for skateboarders all around the world. its bulls* that we lose yet another amazing skatespot due to the prejudices against us by authority. we will show them what it means to us.
rob small, ossining, new york [10-13-2003]

Skated LOVE a few times and have seen it in countless videos and magazine photos over the last 11 years in which I have been skateboarding. It is truly a historical and meaningful place to a large #of people. Recognize!
Patrick Linsey, Buffalo, NY [10-13-2003]

Free Love Park, its the best place to skate on the east coast.
Nasian, Chantilly, Va [10-13-2003]

lauren, mickleton new jersey [10-13-2003]

my dream was it skate love thanks a lot pilly
skatechild, canada [10-13-2003]

Jeremy Stevens, Hunt Valley, Maryland [10-13-2003]

What was wrong with skateboarding in Love Park? It was fun for the kids, fun for the adults to watch the kids, and there were many worse things the kids could have been doing rather than skateboarding there!
Lauren Titus, Philadelphia, PA [10-13-2003]

free LOVE park!
Josh Brown, Bensalem, PA [10-13-2003]

Christian Paciocco, richmond, va [10-13-2003]

l like to send free skateboarding videos
roberto, xonacatlan [10-13-2003]

let them skate
fix, .. [10-13-2003]

I believe that the re-opening of LOVE park to skateboarders is the first step in getting respect for the sport. Skateboarders are stereotyped as criminal drop-outs that have no respect for authority. I am a strong believer of the saying, "you have to give respect to get respect." By organizing a protest, petition, and a logical solution proves that we are not a bunch of unintelligent neanderthals. Skate hard and true.
Brett W-S, Newark, Delaware [10-13-2003]

Free Love Park.
Johnny Le, Vancouver, WA USA [10-13-2003]

free love park so that stevie williams, josh kalis, rob dyrdek, and kerry getz can skate!
Kyle Duval, Elk Grove, CA [10-13-2003]

matt [10-13-2003]

free love park
Daryl Kelly, Lake Forest, CA [10-12-2003]

John P Gribbin, Red Bank, NJ 07701 [10-12-2003]

Please, make this place the haen we have all known it to be. Take all those new tacky wood benches out and those s* red planters and leave the ledges to us. The made no effort to "repair" them yet they take one one of the best places to skate away from us. Well, its not right! Give us back our park you money hungry tyrants, no doves fly here!
jon benbow, cardiff, ca 92007 USA [10-12-2003]

open it, a lot of kids used to go there and skate and get good and actually go somewhere with it, so give them a chance just like you give soccer players a chance to play baseball and soccer players a chance to play soccer
Anthony Nardis, Mechanicsburg [10-12-2003]

Good Work! Long live skateboarding!
James Faircloth, Mechanicsburg, Pa [10-12-2003]

Have not yet skated in the park. Im sixteen and ripping and can't wait for a chance. FREE LOVE So i can SKATE IT!
Jim Grant, Suffield Connecticut United States [10-12-2003]

save the LOVE for the skaters
Bri, Suffield, Ct. [10-12-2003]

Skater haters go to hell. FREE LOVE!
Andrew Goldstein, Weddington, NC [10-12-2003]

Why chase away skaters from a place they LOVE? As if many other people would want to use the park anyway. So, a person or two walks through and says, "that was nice" and then gets on with their life. Skateboarders have adopted LOVE park.. I live in Texas, and I've heard all about it. Skateboarders almost become part of the park. Give LOVE back to skaters!
Joshua Oudin, Garland, TX [10-12-2003]

free love park!
Kevin Skukalek, Grand Rapids, MI [10-12-2003]

keep that s* alive or else skateboarding will lose a peice of its soul
Rheal wolfe, vancouver [10-12-2003]

re-open love to skaters!
chase hunnewell, grand forks afb, north dakota [10-12-2003]

it's always been my dream to skate love park.
eddie henningsen, grand forks afb, north dakota [10-12-2003]

Free L0ve! one of the best places ever
Chris Vega, Trenton NJ [10-12-2003]

why have the xgames in philly? philly doesnt care about skateboarders since they took love away.
Jeff [10-12-2003]

Can't wait to see LOVE again
Taylor Bechard, Kennewick, Wa [10-12-2003]

Love Park kicks ass and it would be a shame to ruin it! I am planning on taking road trip to skate there this summer!
Pat Shaut, Naperville, IL USA [10-12-2003]

I thikn this is bull skateboarding iksn't a crim and peopel who think it is then they shold be banished from the land skateboarding is a hobby not destroyer of property
Derek katits, Doylestown [10-12-2003]

I never been to Love Park but everything should be free for skateboarding. I love skateboarding.
Adam Thompson, Wisconsin [10-12-2003]

Skateboarders used it the most
Joe Lowery, Brooklyn, Wis. USA [10-12-2003]

lovepark was the coolest park to skate too bad it's gone here's a good idea: build lovepark obstacles in skateparks ...
Thomas D, philly [10-12-2003]

let love live
jay preston moore, chicgo illinois [10-12-2003]

Matthew Peters, McMinnville, OR [10-12-2003]

Mike O'Day, Martinez, CA [10-12-2003]

nick hyland, phx,az,85044 [10-12-2003]

free love park! its the 8th wonder of the world! skate for life peace.
casey stewart, cleveland, australia [10-12-2003]

free love park!..
peter dracopoulos, chalfont, pennsylvania [10-12-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK. That place is the best skate spot there is! That place is known through-out the world by all skaters who are english and aren't english. I seen Kerry Getz there once. We deserve to skate that place, the locals don't care so why should the f**kin law care. We aren't breakin windows or anything. SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME.
Robert Madewell, Dallas Texas USA [10-12-2003]

Whoooo LOVE PARK Rules....Whoooo
anonymous [10-12-2003]

I live in San Francisco, California. I get a skateboarding magazine every month. Often I thought (before this misery), "someday, i'll be able to skate there." But i won't be able to skate there. Thanks a lot, philadelphia. And thanks (non sarcastically) to the people behind this.
Tobias, San Francisco, California [10-12-2003]

SKATE AND DESTROY love park r.i.p.
aaron clark, st.louis MO [10-12-2003]

I used to live in Pa when I was younger . I skated Love Park and enjoyed skating there. I never imagined that in a free country the park could be taken away from the youth, who appreciated the park for much more than just the cement and stone that it was created from. It was a place to exercise, socialize and surround yourself with people of common intrests. It was a "playground" for both mind and body. I believe taking it away from those who appreciated it most of all was a step backwards in democracy. You do not realize the pain, sorrow and misery you have created. The skateboarders are the only ones who truly loved Love Park. If it were wiped off the face of the earth, most wouldn't even think twice about its disapearance, except for the skateboarders who would be in dispair. I believe Love Park should be converted into a full time skatepark. that is the only way this matter will ever rest completely. Hopefully someday Love Park will be free.
Sean Quigley, Wilmington, NC [10-12-2003]

Love park was like my home... everytime i went up there it was like my matter what time of day there would be pple from all over that i knew.. it was also a good spot to meet new pple..Love park was my utopia !
Bill Zbrozek, Clementon, NJ [10-12-2003]

gentry kowall [10-12-2003]

I would like to come and do MAGIC!
harry potter, London [10-12-2003]

William Woodson, Orlando, Florida [10-12-2003]

kyle theaker, canada, sask, regina [10-12-2003]

Love Park is an institutuion that has given so much to the art of skating, I truly hope that it can stay acessible to us skaters for many more years to come.
Mike Burrill, Minneapolis, Minnesota [10-12-2003]

I used to live in Philly... and I remember going to LOVE all the time... it was awesome. I had friends who skated and that was by far their fav spot. Now, I've been there recently... and, well- it's a boring pit of nothingness. FREE LOVE! It's the logical choice. :D.
Samantha Wagner, Somerdale, NJ ... USA [10-12-2003]

LOVE should come back...It was a greats spot to was known worldwide..its one of the reasons philly is so that its closed..theres bums sitting on the benches..i dont know about you govener people..but id rather see kids skate on those benches then have some dirty bum sleep
derrick dzierzynski, laurel springs NJ 08021 [10-12-2003]

LOVE PARK should be reopened for the skateboardes because it brings everyone together and it also brings tourism from all around the world, which is also good for Philadelphia. I myself am a skater who will visit LOVE PARK one day.
miguel monge, Los Angeles, Ca U.S.A. [10-12-2003]

Free Love Park. Why must the separation between the youth and older people in society always exist. I mean why can't our society be accepting of the activities the youth choose to particapate which are not seen as the norm. Does it scare them, do it make them jealous? What is happening to America????
Thomas Berry, St. Thomas Ontario Canada [10-12-2003]

Skateboarding at Love Park never really bothered anyone. All it brought was good. Free Love Park!
Callum Hanlon, Moorestown, NJ [10-12-2003]

free LOVE, the skaters deserve it
sam enos, palo alto, california, usa [10-12-2003]

i have waited my whole life to skate LOVE. maybe the city of philadelphia doesnt realize that LOVE is recognized all over the world as one of the best skate spots. lots of pros moved to philadelphia because of LOVE park and many have now left because of the destruction of LOVE. bring it back, right now its just a breeding ground for bums and drugs.
john enos, palo alto, california, usa [10-12-2003]

Free Love Park
Shawn Gower, Buffalo, NY [10-12-2003]

The first time I skated Love I was 14 and it opened my eyes even more to what skaing was all about. It was a great scene. I hope that future generations can benifit from it too.
Brian Donnelly, Delanco NJ USA [10-12-2003]

that place is tight so many tricks been made there and its cool looking
johns atner, claremont claifornia [10-12-2003]

im from northern ireland and havenever had the oppertunity to skate LOVE
shannon mcclean, pottstown, pa [10-12-2003]

free love park baby! sick ass ledges and stairs... especially the huge fountain set. HOLLA!
mike bates a.k.a. Toots, holden ma [10-12-2003]

Let Love Park be Free!
Lou Raczka, Alden, New York [10-12-2003]

Love Park is as much a part of skateboarding as the skateboard let it be free!
Josh Pease, Alden, New York [10-12-2003]

when i go skate LOVE i always see people from the news and people who just come out to c the us skate. It doesn't seem like a lot of people in the city have a porblem with us skating LOVE.
Mike Gentile, wallingford [10-12-2003]

The Love Park was as intregal to the character of Philadelphia as the "I Love NYC" slogan to NYC. It refect the spirit and personality of the people of Philadelphia. It's very nature suggests a atmosphere of acceptance and commen respect for mankind. Mayor Street's decision to ban skateboarding in the park directly contradicts the purpose and undeniable influence of the area. It is naive to place such a ban in the wake of renovation. This city should be respecting and serving it's citizens rather than attempting to kill the spirit of the city through a weak and misplaced political action.
Karen Derr, Manayunk, PA [10-12-2003]

Free LOVE Park
Chris Chapman, Anaheim, CA [10-12-2003]

pleese dont tare down this skatepark ive read sooo much about it online and in transworld magizene and someday i wanna go skate there but for right now pleeese i beg u and all my freinds do not tare down this skatepark
ryan, akron ohio usa [10-12-2003]

Free love park! Let there be skating!
kevin curran, 1035 lombard street philadelphia pa 19147 [10-12-2003]

I believe that skateboarding is an excellent sport and the total ban of skateboarding in Love Park simply divides the skating population with the politicians which only creates more strife and resentment between the two. Open up Love Park on certain hours to skateboarders. Trust me, skateboarders do not like to destroy their home, if they skate there on a regular basis they will work to maintain it as best as they can since it is now seen as an international skate symbol.
Nathan Jusko, Tabernacle New Jersey [10-12-2003]

Let them skate!
Cathy Faatz, West Chester, Pa. [10-12-2003]

love is the best sk8spot in the usa and the whole entire world
Joe Degenhardt, Houlton Maine [10-12-2003]

I just went to love park for the rally on October 5th and it was so gnarly beyond all belief. Everyone there was chill no matter who you are everyone gets along because of 1 thing, Skatboarding in LOVE park. For Real Where's The Love? It sure aint in Mayor Street's heart. Keep Skatin'
Mike Smith, Mickleton NJ [10-12-2003]

I have seen and heard about LOVE for the longest time and I've always wanted to be able go and see and skate the park. But now i can't because of what they have done. Hopefully i will still be able to visit it someday
joe sabo, durham, NC [10-12-2003]

I live about an hour away from phili love park is the most desired and beloved place to skate its different if it was somewhere else but taking away love park is like taking away the heart of the united states free love park
Harris Sherman, Toms RIver, NJ 08753 [10-12-2003]

Love park should be open to the public, as should most places in philadelphia. Fear and oppression should not rule. Booshaka.
Eric Manganaro, Somerdale New Jersey [10-12-2003]

freeeeeee love park!
Jamie, Pocono Mountain, PA [10-12-2003]

love park rip
Mike Loftus, West Chester PA [10-12-2003]

Never skated LOVE, But I understand what you all down there are going through, BEST OF LUCK WITH THE PROCESS OF FREEING LOVE, BEHIND YOU ALL THE WAY!
Alex Winslow, Union, Maine [10-12-2003]

Love park should be opened up to skaters. I don't think that it's right to ban skating from the park, and not have any other place to skate.
Michelle Devlin, Somerdale, New Jersey [10-12-2003]

Julia L. Bringhurst, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

Charlie Watson, Neillsville, WI [10-12-2003]

Destroying LOVE Park was one of the biggest mistakes America ever made.
Stephen Grosso, New Jersey [10-12-2003]

open love to skaters! give em something to do other than go hang around the drug dealers! give em a place to go enjoy themselves! bring back lo ve park!
TJ Bender, stratford, nj [10-12-2003]

Free LOVE Park!
Megan Miller, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

Dude, free standing skate plazas are the s* Go to hart plaza in detroit but still love has been a part of my skating experence since I started (96)
Adrian Vitou, Toledo, OH [10-12-2003]

Free love!
Ben Banks, Essex Jct, vt [10-12-2003]

love park has gave skateboarders more enjoyment than it has given to anybody else
andy schrock, cincinnati oh [10-12-2003]

I love "LOVE PARK"...It should be allowed to use it by the skateboarders! That's what I think... Bye
Mr_SkAtE, usa [10-12-2003]

nathan hickey, greendale, wi [10-12-2003]

I think love Park should be reopened i remember when i was younger and i sk8ted love it's a really sweet skatspot
Cory mcfadden, philadelphia PA. [10-12-2003]

save love
Tim Brawdy, Pittsburgh [10-12-2003]

love park is simply the best skate spot on the east coast. kids are going to skate there regaurdless of the consiquences. if it is not freed, many of these harmless skaters will jepordize gaining a criminal reputation. its just unfair.
anthony antonecchia, philadelphia, pa [10-12-2003]

save LOVE
Ryan, Illinois [10-12-2003]

Marissa Merritt, Centreville Va [10-12-2003]

Dump Mayor Street! Vote Fo Katz! Free Love!
Mike, Woodbury, NJ [10-12-2003]

LOVE park should be rebuilt and live on for ever
charlie gafken, macomb twp. mi [10-12-2003]

I am an architect in the city and I see an immense an fascinating value in allowing the natural evolution of a public place like LOVE park to happen.
Jeff DiRomaldo, philadelphia [10-12-2003]

Free the park it should be open to all. Love Park is a place for all people to go especially teens who wish to shoe thier artistic expression and by doing this Philadelphia can be a great world showcase, known for it friendliness to all. Are we still the "City of Brotherly Love" or doesn't that count to when it comes to skateboarders.
Jim Barry, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

Meghan Eng, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

LOVE forever
dennis warren, wiesbaden, germany [10-12-2003]

Jen Weckerle, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

K. H. Lyman, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

Pamela Wolfe, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

love park r.i.p
adam wardle, newcastle, england [10-12-2003]

Love Park is the best spot around. I took some skaters from Houston up there to skate, and yes, one got a ticket! BUT, it is such a wonderful spot, and it is really a shame that Philly treats its youth this way! Free Love Park!
sharolyn stanley, spring, tx [10-12-2003]

I think that skateboarding should definitely be brought back to LOVE Park. It was so well known, and just because of the renovations that were done, the skateboarding should not have been banished. I don't think that it bothered anyone before, and it gave the youth a place to hangout and it brought people together. Besides, banning skateboarding from LOVE park was stupid and pointless, especially considering that all the skaters have just changed their location to above the City Hall subway entrance...which is might I add, right across the street from LOVE Park.
Stacey Kahlenberg, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

Skatin isnt a crime so we should be able to skate where we want so we should be able to have love park back because it was a great place 2 skateboard
Guillermo Rocher, Philadelphia, Pa [10-12-2003]

Keep the skate spots alive
Andrew Sherman, mn [10-12-2003]

As a BMX rider, skateboarder, and young person, I feel that the destruction of Love Park was a huge blow to kids (both young and old) in Philadelphia. I am in full support of any action taken to restore what was lost. People need places to do what they love. Whether it's building a soccer field, basketball court, or letting people skateboard on someledges and stairs, government should provide equal opportunity for all types of activities to take place that people enjoy.
Ross H. Menze, Orange, CT [10-12-2003]

I think that is like so totally wrong to close the skatepark. Like if I lived in Philadelphia, I would so totally move. I think it's like a good thing to open the park to skaters.
Jessica Smith, Malibu, California [10-12-2003]

LOVE park is the holy grail of the east coast....don't take it away from us....don't end our quest for the holy grail.
matt seager, allen, tx [10-12-2003]

Darrel Ankton, Hell Michigan [10-12-2003]

To the city of Philadelphia: come on now, it will get more travelers to your city. that means more money. you greedy people like money, right??
Tom Glass [10-12-2003]

Do it for the cause.
Jeff Hainsworth, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

Free the park
Amy Googe, Louisville, KY [10-12-2003]

I think love park should be sk8able again because i know how it feels to have a spot taken away like that. It really sucks and thats just not right.
Steven Willmann, Missouri [10-12-2003]

Free love
Patrick Z, Ohio [10-12-2003]

I have skated Love Park before it was enforced and afterwards when me and my friends were detained by the police and our skateboards were taken. Love Park was definately one of my all time favorite places to skate.
D.S., Los Angeles, CA [10-12-2003]

I am a skateboarder myself, and i was gutted when they banned skating in LOVE even though i live in the U.K. i wanted to travel to America and skate there and many other spots around the country, it is horrible to be the only sport you get ticketed and arrested for, it is a professional sport not a little thing you do as a kid, it is for anyone and it was ment for fun and has now developed into a HUGE industry! FREE LOVE PARK!
Dan Slade, u.k. [10-12-2003]

You gotta love a hypocrite in office. Mayor Street puts on a good face and allows city skating for the X-games while the world watches. But on any other day when only Philadelphians are watching, he says f* them. If he makes money off it, he's for it, any other time he's against it. Way to be for the people that live in Philadelphia
Jeremy Chadwick, Landenberg, PA [10-12-2003]

I moved to colorado from Philly to attend college. When I was growing up,it was cool to to take a train as a little kid and hop off at Suburban Station to skate love park. Where else could you go to skate and be skating with some of the best pros in the world(Getz,Kalis,Williams) After moving out here to Colorado, it was suprising to see how little people knew about the East Coast but, everyone who skates knows of love park. CO skaters would be amazed when I showed them past footage of myself at love park.
Travis Demas, Denver,Co [10-12-2003]

My parents live in Philly because that's where i grew up. I miss skateboarding at LOVE PARK when i come home to visit. Love Park was, and still should be, a wonderful gathering place for young adults to socialize as well as showcase their talent on a skateboard in one of the most recognizable skatespots in the world.
Kevin Demas, Denver, CO [10-12-2003]

bring back the LOVE to philly
Christoph Bohn, Ludwigshafen, Germany [10-12-2003]

let us skate
zack murphy, philadelphia pa. [10-12-2003]

andrew david levin, Washington, DC [10-12-2003]

Jared Delahaye, California [10-12-2003]

I live, and skate in Philadelphia, Love park is like a second home to skaters, it attracts nothing but professional skaters and admirers, generating good publicity for the city of Philadelphia.
Jim Dessicino, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

jake alvarez, cincinnati [10-12-2003]

I never had a chance to experience the skate history at love park and would like to BRING LOVE BACK
Tyler Stabile, Lodi, Ohio [10-12-2003]

Aaron Cayer, ottawa ontario canada [10-12-2003]

i like in nj now but i am from philadelphia and i am 15 i live there till i was 12 i want love park back even if i do live in nj i still skate love i remmber the first time i want to love and it was like at 10 at night we were comming back from fdr and it was soo much fun
Dylan, 204 suzzan ave nj [10-12-2003]

We must have love back its got to happen if it doesn't a large part of philly and life will be gone for ever i feel so empty that Love is gone :(
Ross Duns, Philadelphia [10-12-2003]

legalize freedom!
christy, orlando [10-12-2003]

Free Love Park!
Alex Johnson, Illinois [10-12-2003]

Johanna Kyrklund, Stockholm, Sweden [10-12-2003]

free lo park! ve
Dante Casuga, South San Francisco, California U.S [10-12-2003]

I am not a skateboarder, all the same it makes no sense to ban skateboarding. Taking away a place that has so much meaning is heartless, unfair, and cold. LOVE PARK is a part of skateboarding, and a part of Philadelphia. Philadelphia's motto "city of brotherly love" apparently does not hold true in this case. Free LOVE and make Philadelphia the way it should be.
Nate Orsi, Ithaca, NY [10-12-2003]

bring back disco!
Donald Wilson, Wellington, FL [10-12-2003]

city council sucks man. we weren't doing no one any harm.
Dash Nesbitt [10-12-2003]

Josh Edwards, Ambler, PA [10-12-2003]

recently in my world urban patterns class we were talking about how the cities of the world have been transfering from an industrial to a postindustrial economy. more focus is placed on the entertainment industry and the tourism industry. Closing LOVE park was the dumbest thing that they could do to attract tourism. Good job philly, Good job
paul mclaughlin, temple university, philly [10-12-2003]

Adam Cary, Wichita, KS [10-12-2003]

Jordan Mooney, Wichita, KS [10-12-2003]

ahh jus freakin keep that s* sk8able
Sean, phily [10-12-2003]

Kendell, Bay City Mi [10-12-2003]

Vicki Gershon, Gladwyne, PA [10-12-2003]

Bring bak love.
hidesada, korea [10-12-2003]

Sam, philadelphia,PA,USA [10-12-2003]

hey man we need love back it was made for us all it should stay for us all were all people too we just wanna skate just like the basketball players wanna play and the football players wanna play football we shouldnt be harrassed for what we do
Zakk Dugan, Allentown PA [10-12-2003]

i went there once got stared at for havin an aws shirt on couldnt skate cuz of the gay security patrol well f them we`ll get back what is rightfully ours kats you better not be fakin cuz lemme tell you i saw and i wanna shredd it
Mike Almonti, Allentown PA [10-12-2003]

keep LOVE park! i have never been there but it is a huge spot in skateboarding and needs to be brought back!
jamie valleau, milford, ct [10-12-2003]

I skateboard, but i've never been to LOVE park. I think that its pretty stupid how its called LOVE park, yet they ban the thing thats gives me the most joy, skateboarding.
Tim Webb, Wisconsin [10-12-2003]

Free Love Park!
Eric Morley, Essexville, Michigan [10-12-2003]

I dreamed of skating LOVE one day when I was a ble to drive, then my dream was shattered. Wheres the LOVE now?
shannon johnson, Madison, WestVirginia [10-12-2003]

lucas biron, johnstown, ny [10-12-2003]

Free LOVE !
Anthony Sutera, Chicago, Il [10-12-2003]

I want to skate LOVE!
Mark Daniels, Va [10-12-2003]

Greg Martinez, Baycity,MI [10-12-2003]

LOVE Park should be kept open for all question about it. Don't mess with history.....
Sue, Marlton, NJ [10-12-2003]

Justin Naldzin, Norristown, PA [10-12-2003]

Free Love Park! Love Park is like Barcelona, you can not ban skaters from it! It's impossible, and second, it's called Love Park, not Love Park except for skaters who can't love!
Andy Warrens, Belgium [10-12-2003]

PLease free Love park. I live in London and my frineds and I are planning to come to philly to check it out and hopefully skate there!
Shah Mateen, london ontario canada [10-12-2003]

love park is a mecca for skateboarding taking away love from the skaters is a ridiculous way to show ur power as a mayor after u had getz olling over u for that press picture and s* u should give love back to the skaters that park probably brang u most of the tourists who were skaters u just made a bad campaign decision. love r.i.p. for now
vinny moscinski, toms river nj usa [10-12-2003]

Lori, Trenton, NJ [10-12-2003]

I havn't got to skate Love yet and I want it to be around so I can have that chance.
Ryan Williams, ct [10-12-2003]

The LOVE park should be a place for skateboarders to skate so let the skaters skate!
Bob de Bruijn, Nederland, Rotterdam [10-12-2003]

henry belot, Melbourne, Australia [10-12-2003]

free love park
Julie Grana, Philadelphia, PA 19107 [10-12-2003]

evan thompson, eugene, oregon [10-12-2003]

love park is the shiz and i always dream of oneday skating there!
Kenneth Macaluso, gonzales LA [10-12-2003]

free love park
Piranavan Yogarajah, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada [10-12-2003]

Pat Hughes, Rutherford, NJ [10-12-2003]

i skated at love sice i was about 9 now im 14 the firt time i went there i almost peeed my pants because it was so great and it was the most famouse skate spot in the wold to my oppinion and to a lot of other people i bet to
Shea Auman, Shillington Pa [10-12-2003]

I think that they should give back love to the skaters and try to work oround the problems even tho i dont think theres any problems and its been a dream of mine to skate love park i never had the chance to skate that place and to take that dream away really where is the love and also think of the next generation they will see pics and videos and then it will also be a dream of theres as well but its just more dreams taken away so im just trying to say free love and make some dreams come true for me and all the other skaters out there even if its on a set time limit il still be happy. but just to take it away is just wrong
brad estabrook, nh [10-12-2003]

I always enjoyed watching the skaters in LOVE Park, and hope that their presence will be permitted again.
Lara Roman, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

brad estabrook, nh [10-12-2003]

Love park is one of the reasons I moved to Philly from Grand Rapids, MI over 2 years ago. Although there are more spots than love to skate in this city, it was the central meeting spot for a lot of skaters on a daily basis. I would "love" to see it transformed back to the way I remember it when first laid eyes on it over 4 years ago, during my first visit to this wonderful city.
Thomas William Stephens, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

Sean Byrne, Chester, PA [10-12-2003]

krystina weinblatt, folsom. PA [10-12-2003]

i have to say, my best memory of love park was about a nice august morning this past summer. it was about 3 o'clock, a bunch of kids were skating, and they were teaching someone else how to olie. there wasn't a destruction going on, just peaceful skaters. and it was such an awesome vibe. it was chill.
bea, sicklerville, jersey [10-12-2003]

Liz Tymkiw, college park, md [10-12-2003]

kimmie mantuano, trenton, nj [10-12-2003]

Give the park back to the skaters!
Larry Mangel, Philadelphia [10-12-2003]

a. chin, philadelphia, pa [10-12-2003]

Erik Moe, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

Angie Miller, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

I grew up hang out watching kids from Highschool (and even in junior high) skate love park. It was an amazing palce where kids from every neighborhood, every school, every race etc came together to chill, skate and relax... it was a perfect situation that has been ruined by the city!
Shiya Mangel, Old City, Philadelphia [10-12-2003]

I've never skated LOVE park, but i always wanted to. It seems that my dreams have been crushed with all the remodeling. FREE LOVE!
Alex Tasco, Dallas, PA [10-12-2003]

love park is the best skate spot in the world, i wish i could've gone but now it's too late. The atmosphere makes love what it is more than the actual ledges and stairs. There are always skaters there willing to session with out-of-towners.
Robby Komen, gurnee, IL [10-12-2003]

I am from Philadelphia and on a recent trip back to Philadelphia I was appalled to see what it has become in the past few months. The skateboarding was LOVE.
Alexis Stephens, New York, NY [10-12-2003]

!free love!
James Costanzo, London [10-12-2003]

free that park damnit
Eric, Clearwater, FL [10-12-2003]

beth silverman, philadelphia, pa 19101 [10-12-2003]

I was only at LOVE PARK once and it was like the best thing ever, now its gone and it shouldnt be.
Stone Thweatt, Plantation, Florida [10-12-2003]

I've always wanted to skate LOVE PARK. The place is legendary for it's terrain and street culture. Please remove the ban because it's wrong to persecute skateboarders. Sure skateboarding does cause damage to ledges, but if love park is a worldwide tourist attraction for skating...there is your repair/maintenance money. The time and money wasted by philadelphia police enforcing a skate ban is wrong. Just look at how many people still skate there. Please stop wasting taxpayer money and beautiful skate-terrain. thank you Chris Dvorchak
Christopher Dvorchak, Pittsburgh PA [10-12-2003]

Jeremiah Martin, Bozeman, MT [10-12-2003]

I wanted to skate this park before i died, but now it's gone!
Joe Yetman, Chisago City, MN USA [10-12-2003]

LOVE park one the the worlds well know parks for skaters all over the world...Why ban skating at love park and destroy it? It brings in more of the city's income from the park becuase of the tourist that are there to skate. Skaters around the world come to Philly just to skate the park or just to look or touch the well-known park. When Mayor Street destroyed a piece of skateboarding history and a tourist spot it's like destroying the Statue of Liberty...Peace and FREE LOVE PARK
Amarith Ran, Pomona, Ca [10-12-2003]

brang it back!
Seth Williams, Georgetown In [10-12-2003]

When I skated love park, it was the best feeling in the world. Im sure many others agree with me. More people will be happy than upset if love park is free
Oliver Dodge, Newburyport MA [10-12-2003]

love park is so cool dont tear it down plz..........thanx
sal ortiz, denver colorado [10-12-2003]

Love Park is easily one of the largest skateboard landmarks in the world, and to restrict skateboarders the right to skate there, is taking away our rights as U.S. citizens, you should be worried about the drug dealers, and criminals out there, not the kids on boards just havin LEGAL fun, causing no harm! I live in Chicago, and many of our spots out here are being made unskatable, and face up to $500 tickets, and I believe LOVE park and philadelphia could be a stepping stone for the rest of the U.S. to follow, and allow skateboarders to skate these great landmarks! They are as much ours as they are anyone elses, and we are giving them the most use, getting our tax dollars out of each landmark! FREE LOVE PARK!
Joe, Chicago! [10-12-2003]

love parks the s*!
thomas, collingwood [10-12-2003]

Skateboarding is not a crime - it's our life. So please free LOVE will respect u more
anonymous [10-12-2003]

Free Love.
sbodnar, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada [10-12-2003]

love park should be shared with the skaters don't hours when there is not a lot of foot trafic from buisness men and women. Also the hours that it is allowed should be foolowed and respected by all skaters and buisness workers
craig hulse, ocean, nj [10-12-2003]

i am disgusted with the fact the john street shut down love just because of the skaters.i mean were not criminals just a bunch of kids who are trying to have some fun and it keeps us out of trouble. love is part of skateboarding and phillys history. so many people love that place, and not just the skaters, the people who own the shops around love park love us they make so much profit off of us and they think were great kids, buisiness people enjoy going there on their lunch break just to watch us, the tourists enjoy our presance and the locals find us being there comforting. i enjoy skating love so much that me and my friends would take our boards and skate across the bridge to philly (which is 25 minutes by car) just to skate at love. please FREE LOVE!
brit jurkowitsch, new jersey [10-12-2003]

free love park or else Philly will suck
jordan gallant, ass [10-12-2003]

The city does not know what they are doing they are ruinig skateboarding history fo ever. If we dont get the LOVE back then the history is ruined.
Jason Lanc, Los Angels, CA [10-12-2003]

i think that love should be for skating i mean think about the bikers are the ones who chip away everything but no they dont flip bout that! we did do anything and the people loved to watch us skate noone cared but like a couple of people! FREE LOVE for skaters
Bryan [10-12-2003]

Love Park, to me, is a symbol of the friendship and creativity of we skaters. I haven't been there yet, but i hope to skate there one day, and that's not gonna happen if police are everywhere giving out $300 fines... i hope Love Park can become a 'skatepark', not in that it had ramps or anything, but that it can be a place for us skaters to just skate! At least give us that much
Jowell Tan, Singapore [10-12-2003]

free love
Jeremy Sturgeon, Pittsburgh Pa [10-12-2003]

Title 10 Skatepark, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

i was planning to visit love park when i was older so i can experience the same as other skaters have and it would be nice to know that it would re-open for the skaters so i can make my wish come true thanks for your time
Felix Guerrero, san diego california [10-12-2003]

Love Park is part of Skateboardings history and should be able to enjoyed by Skaters well into the future. I was fortunate enough to visit before ban. FREE LOVE PARK.
Steve Critchley, Liverpool, England. [10-12-2003]

Variety and opportunity should be established for all, especially if it causes no harm to others. LOVE park is best celebrated by skaters, it means more to them than it ever would as another program.
Matt Cleary, Newark, DE and Yonkers, NY [10-12-2003]

i've never been there, but i toured cali and florida. i'm not coming to look at love, and not skate. i know about 15 people in toronto that have gone down to skate there. one day i hope to enjoy it. i'm trying to get the city to design our new park like that or emb without the tiles, but they're stuck in bowl with oververt mode, even though like 4 people skate vert here. i wanna skate the real love anyway.
mike essner, toronto ontario canada [10-12-2003]

I need to see all of my favorite skaters in videos at Love Park again. Free Love Park!
Kevin Ross, Livermore, CA [10-12-2003]

Kim Maroon, Jamesburg, NJ [10-12-2003]

Let the people skate! parks arn't just for feeling pigeons, there made to be enjoyed by the community, and if kids want to skate, let them skate.
Nick, New York, NY [10-12-2003]

i have never been to LOVE park before but i've seen more than enough of it to that it is a symbol of skateboarding. i guess you can call it "skate heaven". LOVE park has been opened to skateboarding for many years and should stay opened forever.
Daniel Morales, California [10-12-2003]

Don't seperate the love from the people. That just makes you totalitarian.
dave diperstein, cherry hill, nj [10-12-2003]

even though i dont live near love park, i feel that every american has his right to deisplay his talented art, skateboarding just happens to be one of them, its not a crime, drug dealing is a crime, skateboarding has become a bigger issue than drugs, no matter what you do there will always be one who will express his freewill which is given to all americans by skateboarding it cannot be stopped by the law, even if it is againts it, skateboarding is about commitment and love for the sport, many do not see why, but its not for them to see it, its for the skateboarder to see, and thats why skateboarding should not be against the law, but rather for it. open love park to all people.
elijah, florida [10-12-2003]

Justin Cannady [10-12-2003]

free love park!a skateboarders paradise!
Jesus Avina, Decatur,TX [10-12-2003]

Jesus Avina [10-12-2003]

you cant take LOVE park away from us man. This is our holy ground.
John Andresen, Bloomington Illinois [10-12-2003]

I havenīt even really go to USA, but iīm skateboarder, and skaters all around the world know that LOVE PARK symbolize that USA is one of the best countries to skate or visit...I donīt even care if i canīt skate LOVE PARK right now, but i really enjoy watching pro skaters doing amazing tricks all around the park. Donīt look us as "criminals", look us as people finding happyness in this world.
Luis Felipe Herrera, Santiago, Chile. [10-12-2003]

Free Love Park, I want to see Getz and Wenning tear it up again.
Aaron Lousma, Friendswood, Texas [10-12-2003]

ive been to LOVE many a times. its amazing. the environment, the people, the charisma its just breathtaking. i know that the youth of south jersey, and philadelphia, and many other places in america are willing to put an effort into reserving the park. Jeremy Boyer and the Youth of America
Jeremy Boyer, west deptford nj [10-12-2003]

lee sestak, brick, nj [10-12-2003]

It has been a dream of mine to go skate LOVE and now it will never happen. Philly needs to wake up and relize it would get used more than any Baseball field ever built
Kayce Shelton, Missouri [10-12-2003]

I live on the other side of the country. But when i heard that they had banned skating in LOVE park I was furious. That park is such a great skate spot.
Joey, Olympia, Washington [10-12-2003]

ive never gotten a chance to skate the park. but ive alway wanted to do it. its been a dream of mine to live in philly and skate the park every day for as long as i can still skate.
Peter Galick, Willingboro, New Jersey [10-12-2003]

I just found out about this whole ordeal today. Even though I have never been to love park, it has been a dream of mine for a very long time. It truely touches me to see so many adults and even the Mayor of philly stand up for us. Most adults think we are just a bunch of kids with no future, no respect, and just low class citizens. They think that building a skatepark will solve problems with skateboarding. But in fact, its just wasting money. Skateboarders skate places because of its history, skateparks dont have any history. A spot like love park is rare to come by, a skatepark, like Vans, is everywhere. You see the same basic setup for every park. Getting to skate something natural, and with such rich history, is a once in a lifetime thing. Places such as EMB in San Fran was just like LOVE, but they destroyed the history around that as well. I think you should welcome skaters to love park, really show us you care by giving us what we want, not what you think we want. "Skateboarders are the only professional athletes who can be arrested for doing there job."
Steve White, Cameron Park, California [10-12-2003]

Love park used to be my home away from home while attending Temple U. Best place I've ever skated.
Nam "john" Phan, Austin, TX. [10-12-2003]

SAVE THE PARK! they shouldn't take this away frome the world.
jenn, london. ontario Canda [10-12-2003]

When I lived in South Carolina....I drove all the way up there just to SEE it. Didn't care if I even got to skate it. I feel honored just to have been able to be there once.
Sean Declercq, Honolulu HI [10-12-2003]

Love Park is a beuatiful place and a social hotbed for many different groups of people, not just skateboarders. There is no reason to take it down.
Ian James Shep, Markham, Ontario, Canada [10-12-2003]

Hey first off i want to say that i can see why the city is banning love park but i think the stronger point is by all the skaters and other people who agree with this because they made renavations to fix love park because of the skaters right? well another problem is there is no where for skaters right? well how about u fix love so its skateable again and make love a skate park so u dont have to spend more money with fixing other parts of the town and spend money on another skatepark, give it to the skaters and welcome other people as well. well i hope you all read this and it helps in some way
Cody Porter, Jackson,Mi [10-12-2003]

I think the planters should be removed and love should be legal to skate at. If this were done then the skateboarding scene in philly would be much better than it is now, and we would have one of the greatest skate spots in the world back.
Ron Raymond, Ridley Park, Pa [10-12-2003]

I have always wanted to go and skate LOVE and it was almost a dream for me at the time, and now, it is a dream to skate LOVE. What good did shutting down LOVE do for Phili? IT DID ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD CLOSING DOWN LOVE PARK.
Nadr Chapman, St.Louis Missouri [10-12-2003]

it doesnt seem much like freedom is free anymore,huh?...i say they free it because its just like when you were little, your parents tell you not to do something, that makes your want to do it i say philly saves itself the trouble of wasting its time on stopping skaters, cause it never will stop them all... when skateboarding is outlawed..only outlaws will skateboard
allen henton, detroit,usa [10-12-2003]

brian Dvorak, Carlsbad, CA [10-12-2003]

Phil Unruh, Chandler, AZ 85225 [10-12-2003]

I think that the whole world should be one giant skatepark! Do you want us to skate on the streets???? Well then re-open the skate wouldn't want it on your hands when we get hit by cars due to the fact we can't skate LOVE PARK! OR ANY OTHER SKATE PARK FOR THAT MATTER! SKATE TO LIVE LIVE TO SKATE! PEACE H-DOG
Austin Habas, edina minnesota [10-12-2003]

Eric Weber, thorofare new jersey [10-12-2003]

Kelly O'Neill, Allentown [10-12-2003]

Love park has been in almost every skatevideo for years.Every city has a there own spot where everyone skates and has a good time. Love was the biggest and best spot on the eastern side of the u.s.Watching many pros skate the sacred ground helped me progress in my skating. Love park should be a place when people can go to skate street. Free Love Park!
chris, iowa [10-12-2003]

Andrew Berry, United Kingdom [10-12-2003]

Love is not just a place to skate it is a symbol of oppresion. All those statespeople know is the stereotype skateboarder not the athlete. If we let stuff like this go the skatboard population will decrees until there is not enough of us to have a voice. Lets keep this sport alive and nomatter what anyone says it is a sport and I am damn proud to be involved with it!
Bob Kendall, Longview, WA [10-12-2003]

I lived in Philadelphia for 12 years, and the skaters in LOVE Park were always a source of joy to me-- a living breathing example of the vibrancy of Philadelphia. Please don't let this wonderful thriving place be turned into an empty lifeless concrete void.
Darcy Prince, Cleveland, OH [10-12-2003]

Fight the power!
Iain Brannigan, Brampton, Ontario, Canada [10-12-2003]

love park is for the skaters...... one love
Conor O'Neill, Brampton, ON Canada [10-12-2003]

free love park!
Alan Edwards, Waskom, Texas [10-12-2003]

Free Love
will michaelson, Edina, MN [10-12-2003]

Please open this park back up to skaters so that one day i can have a chance to skate their like many befor me
Mark Ulbricht, Jacksonville, FL [10-12-2003]

Whats up? Why dont you guys come skate downtown Tucson at the blocks. Theres hardly any ever any cops and its kind of similar to Love except no marple, sorry. IF you dont know what Im talking about check out Andrew Reynolds part in the Emerica video. THe first line is at the blocks, well anyway, good luck.
Miguel Cruz, Tucson, AZ The block city [10-12-2003]

LOVE park is nothing but a homeless hangout and urinal without skateboarding. Skaters bring a unique cultural value to the city, and provide local businesses with customers from all over the world. We just don't wear suits. (some of us)
Cj Vaughan, Kalamazoo, MI [10-12-2003]

please keep love park. It's very important to all of us skateboarders out there and to kids that have never skated before.
bryon winfrey, newyorkcity [10-12-2003]

These kids if they weren't skateboarding at love park would be doing lines of cocaine and main lining special K under an overpass somewhere in philly. It's bigger than cheese steaks, the stakes are higher than mountain goats that graze upon cannabis, if the people want to skate here then let the people skate.
Tony Hawkins, Orlando Florida [10-12-2003]

This summer i traveled to Philly for two things. To see the Bell and to skate LOVE. I was happy when I found that the attempt to skate stop the park was not successful and I was able to lay down a cupple lines before the cops kicked me out. I hope to return someday and skate the park when itis legal.
Albert Ayars, Spokane WA [10-12-2003]

I only had the opprotunity to skate love once and I can easily say that if I had to choose one spot and one spot only to skate the rest of my days I would choose Love hands down
Shane Watters, Plymouth, NH [10-12-2003]

Love park is a representation of what skateboarding is all about, and for the most part the freedom to express what we like to do. It is extreamly diminishing to the city to reconstruct a park just because people are having fun in it. LOVE park 4 ever!
adam travis, Atlanta georgia [10-12-2003]

I think this is a great thing. I am one of those skateboarders that travels up to Philadelphia to skate LOVE Park. About a 3 hour drive just to skateboard, that's how much that park means to skateboarders.
Matt House, Annapolis Maryland [10-12-2003]

save love park skateboarders were the ones who enjoyed it most
anonomys, Northampton Massachussetts [10-12-2003]

Love park is a dream for all skaters to skate i dont understand why skaters are always treated like criminals for doing what they love to today you dont get introuble when you ride a bike through the love park but when somebody rides a skateboard it always seems to cause some ruckuss. I think the creater of love park made the name love because he/she wanted people to do what they love there and not get in anysort of trouble. I say we should unban skateboarding in love park to let people relize skateboarding is here to stay
John, Hasting NE USA [10-12-2003]

Alfonso Lopez, San Deigo CA Rancho Penquitos [10-12-2003]

I have always wanted to visit Philly simply because Love Park was a skateboard landmark. I can't think of any bigger draw to your city for someone like myself from the great white north. Skateboard landmarks = tourist dollars.
adam christl, toronto ontario canada [10-12-2003]

If you give back LOVE Park to skaters, We will go down there and spend money in the city... Philly is known around the world because of LOVE Park.
Luc Vandal, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada [10-12-2003]

Skateboarding for me is completley individual, but my love for skating is shared with all true skateboarders. The decision to bann skateboarding in love park is not only bad for professionals, but its also bad for Phillys tourism. i had planned to visit love park this just passing summer, but decided to not go the only reason being that there is no more love park. i believe if reopened philly will see a surge like it has never seen from out of state tourism and international tourism because love park is truley an iternational icon.
Warren Barnes, Upstate New york [10-12-2003]

I Live hours away from LOVE and i still think it should be free for skateboarders. Not to long ago i lost a very important skate spot and i know how it feels to lose something like love.I also am upsett that they build free places for people to play base ball foot ball tennis etc. but they rarley build anyhting free for skatboarders. and the only thing kids and pros had down in philidelphia dont have it anymore. Free love park and let everyone be happy again. why would you name it love if you wont even let some kids ride there boards and have a little fun there.
Jonathan DeLuca, Vernon N,J, [10-12-2003]

free love! what are they doing
dean dolan, city [10-12-2003]

free that s* now
daniel thorp, hull, england [10-12-2003]

whats the big deal LET US SKATE LOVE PARK were not killing anybody
Tyler Grillmeier, orlando florida united states [10-12-2003]

I found out about LOVE park sort of accidentally. I was in Philly doing a school project at the museums when my buddies and I got bored. We took a walk and stumbled upon the fameous LOVE sign. Suddenly it hit me- here I was standing in the very park that so many had talked about and I didn't even realize it until I almost ran into the sign! I immediately wished I had my board with me! The concrete and stairs seemed to call to me with the voices of so many skaters that had been there before me. Now I don't know if I'll ever be able to skate it...FREE LOVE !
Chris Quinn, Willingboro, NJ, USA [10-12-2003]

MattHoewing [10-12-2003]

I started skateboarding when i was eleven. i had hered about the embarcadero plaza and love park by age twelve. I am sixteen and have dreamed of skating these places since the beginning. They destroyed embarco along with my dream, but I still believe in LOVE PARK.
Charlie Hussman, Cannonfalls, Minnesota [10-12-2003]

Zach Stahl, Pittsburgh, PA [10-12-2003]

Justin Adams, sparta wisconsin [10-12-2003]

Sam Smith, Overland Park,Ks [10-12-2003]

Come On Philly... Where's the LOVE
Becky Moore, Palmyra, NJ [10-12-2003]

Love Park is one of the most famous skateboard spots of all time. The fact that it was unfairly shut down is buls*. Skaters need Love Park as much as local buisnesses need it. Love Park encourages tourism and helps the economy. I hope to skate Love Park in the near future, I never have and want to be able to in the future. Free LOVE PARK!
Lucas Polak, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [10-12-2003]

it has always been a dream to skate the dream of many thousand skateboarders all around the world is destroyed. skateboarding is not a crime!Free lovepark,fulfill the dream
lucas, stuttgart/germany [10-12-2003]

There is so much negativity about the City. It's about time we work together to showcase something positive. We should try to bring people together not give them one more thing to disagree about. LET THEM SKATE!
Liz Tronieri, Philadelphia [10-12-2003]

lovepark is more famouse internationally as love the skatepark, than it is as itself. because it gets more attention as a skatepark, it should bring more people to philly than if it is not.
mark poland, mandurah western australia [10-12-2003]

Jason Graham, uk [10-12-2003]

Ive skated LOVE a couple times, and gotten away with it, but now i would never b able to go there again, and i think this is a good solution to the LOVE problem.
Andy Smorzaniuk, Clinton, New Jersey [10-12-2003]

i have never skated love and would really love to but to see my idols my absolute heros in brian wenning josh kalis and stevie williams having to give up the one spot that they can call home is shocking what would the mayor do if all the skateboarders took over his office or his house or anything he owned this is all skateboarders have these days we get fined for rolling on concrete we get arrested for doing what we love if this is spose to be a fair world then everyone should get the smae treatment we have bigger issues then skateboarders so think what comes first and give us skateboarders a go
matt newman, australia [10-12-2003]

Roland hoogwater, Groningen, The Netherlands [10-12-2003]

Please keep love park because i was planning on traveling there to see it, it is a national landmark for skateboarding.
Quentin deVries, Canada B.C [10-12-2003]

ive skated since i was little but have never been back east. i hope that love is not taken out before i get the chance to skate there.
kit nielson, las vegas nevada [10-12-2003]

Ever since I started skating over 3 years ago I've wanted to skate LOVE park. Now me and others like myself will never get the experience of what it feels like to skate the supposed "majic" of LOVE park.
Michael Menendez, San Antonio, TX, USA [10-12-2003]

"the city that loves you back?"
Ryan Damian, philadelphia, pa [10-12-2003]

I think LOVE was a big part of skating.I certaintly enjoyed watching it in videos, i loved when people skated,especially Josh Kalis's part in the Sixth Sense video.It just looks so fun to skate even though i havent been there yet.But you have to open love again,otherwise skating is going to have a big gap in it buddies.A part that could've been there but just cause they dont want us to have fun they close it down, just so they could take it away from us.Thats as if your seeing a little 4-year old boy playing with his ball having so much fun,and then going over there and telling him he cant play with his ball there.It's the same thing.So if you idiots could see the fun these skateboarders are having,yous hould re-open for the skaters and for regular usage of other people.Please!
Michael Garcia, Inland Empire, CALIFORNIA [10-12-2003]

free love park... let us just skat!
nate, newport news va [10-12-2003]

as far as skateboarding goes, a lot of amazing things have happened in LOVE Park, and it will be a shame if a lot more doesn't happen in this gem of a skate spot...don't let it go to waste.
Andy Provost, New Hampshire [10-12-2003]

LOVE park is a great spot. John Street is a corrupted evil mayor who exploited skateboarding, cashed in on it, and shut it down for the people who are really skateboarders.
Joe Maziarski, Roxbury, NJ USA [10-12-2003]

Glenn, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada [10-12-2003]

Skating keeps kids away from all the bad things in life. Which would you rather have: kids having fun with their friends skating at love, or kids involved with violence and drugs?
Cary Davis, Philadelph [10-12-2003]

you cant touch love park, its a part of history and a part of the history of skating, it cannot b destroyed and if it is, its history and legend will live on
ryan rischack, saginaw michigan [10-12-2003]

Kathryn Fascio, Hammond, Louisiana [10-12-2003]

Matthew Fascio, Hammond, Louisiana [10-12-2003]

Lindsey, Bay City, MI, USA [10-12-2003]

Taking love park away from skateboarders is such a hypocritical thing to do, it is where most skaters choose to express their creativity on a board BUT no body stops painters from painting in a park, isnt that thier creative outlet? Well skateboarding is ours, you take love away and a part of skateboarding dies, and when you take skateboarding away from skateboarders then all you will get is a bunch of drug dealing murderers with nothing else to do. Free Love Park.
Brett, Canada [10-12-2003]

Free Love Park, Skateboarding is too big to ignore. Make Love not War.
Brett McCartney, Canada [10-12-2003]

Gabe Napoleon, Kent Connecticut [10-12-2003]

Chris Marton, Port St. Lucie, Florida [10-12-2003]

megan sherry, valley forge, pa [10-12-2003]

if philly takes LOVE away from the skaters, in a way its making it harder for pros to make a living. GIVE IT BACK TO THE SKATERS WITHOUT THE COPS
Evan Collingwood, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada [10-12-2003]

love is an awesome place keep open its a part of history
jesse koester, omaha,ne [10-12-2003]

There is absolutely no reason to make Skateboarding illeglal in love park. So what if the ledges are slightly blackend.The park gave kids a place to skate, and not to other crimes. The only people that seemed bothered are the police. The city of Phillidelphia now has thousands of skateboarders really, really, mad at them. I was at one point thinking of moving to Philly after College just for LOVE, but so much for that. Bring it back. PLease? :)
Kieran Thomson, Collierville, TN [10-12-2003]

Shaun Alvarez, Salina, KS [10-12-2003]

Love is amazing and anybody who hasnt skated it needs to be able to.
Tom, Wilmington, Delaware [10-12-2003]

free love park
mark [10-12-2003]

It has always been my dream to skate LOVE park. Now that my dream has been snatched away, I know how it feels to have something abruptly taken for selfish reasons. Love park did so much for the skateboarding world. Free Love.
Alex, nyc [10-12-2003]

skateboarding is no a crime!
Trevor Ecklein, St. Bonifacus MN USA [10-12-2003]

Kevin Swanson, Naperville, IL, [10-12-2003]

Lucas Lalonde, vancouver,british columbia,canada [10-12-2003]

ive been skating for about 4 and some years, and every since i seen my first video with love park in it, ive dreamed to skate there. i was suppose to go to philly this summer and skate it, then i heard about the bad news FREE LOVE PARK
shawn reed, detroit michigan [10-12-2003]

Life is about having fun, so why would you try to prevent it? You might say that the needs of the many (to walk around in a park) outweigh the needs of the other many, but then you're making a judgement about what is important when you should just relax and let people have fun. Don't be so worried about things getting damaged, because that's what stuff is there for. The world is meant to be used, not just looked at, silly!
Ryan Alexander, Venice Beach, CA, USA [10-12-2003]

bring back love !
matt higgins, west chester, pa [10-12-2003]

mark, philedelphia [10-12-2003]

Thats a fine idea
Patrick Jolly, Fleetwood, PA [10-12-2003]

i neaver skated love park and i know it is very unlikley i ever will .. however .. i want to support anything to do with skateboarding ..
Ron Parsley, Newfoundland, CANADA! [10-12-2003]

i wanted to go there after i graduated but im not to sure whats going on with that now
Arthur Sousa, cambridge,ontario, Canada [10-12-2003]

I have seen it on skate videos and how I can skate it when I become pro some day
Mike Scates, Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States [10-12-2003]

historical and intergral part of skateboarding history
john mazurowski, west long branch, new jersey [10-12-2003]

Love Park should be legal. I have always wanted to skate their since i saw it on a video.
Martin Baird, Lawrenceville,Georgia [10-12-2003]

B, wash nj [10-12-2003]

Skaters love where they skate more deeply than their homes. Taking that place away is like taking away a part of us and in that action you are removing such a positive aspect of the lives of everyone who calls it a home. Making skateboarding illegal means making youth illegel. Decriminalize life and FREE LOVE PARK.
Justin Van Ausdeln, Tacoma, Washington [10-12-2003]

Reopen love park
Alex, Akron Ohin [10-12-2003]

You know it's a good skate spot when it's the first one a skater thinks of.
Scott, Ontario, Canada [10-12-2003]

Fight for it! Don't surrend !
Hubert, Poland [10-12-2003]

Love park is the best spot ive ever skated and im looking forward to finally skate it again
TJ Covert, Clifton, Virginia [10-12-2003]

love park lives
Jason Smith, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada [10-12-2003]

Bring back LOVE
Paul-Michael Baillairge, Canada [10-12-2003]

Let us SKATE, Free Love Park!
Alan Gwizdowski, Washington D.C. [10-12-2003]

I grew up in philly and enjoyed every chance i had to skat Love when I moved down here to Texas 2 years ago nothing could stop me from returning to skate love every chance I got. When I heard about Mayor Street and what he has done to our own skate utopia it got me real pissed. I am willing to do whatever it takes to bring Love back to the rightful owners, us skaters.
John McIntyre, Dallas Tx [10-12-2003]

Eddie Kulb, Philadelphia,PA [10-12-2003]

Richard [10-12-2003]

well i ollerblade, and i cant remember the last time i actually went to LOVE. but i know so many people who go there daily. they have fun, period.
josh davis, hatfield pa [10-12-2003]

Share LOVE with the skaters. The skaters are the only ones getting real use out of it. Why not let us enjoy it? Governments build basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools but rarely skateparks. We found something they already built and adapted to it and now they want to take it away. I have a positive outlook however, they cannot ignore us forever. As skaters we pay taxes, our parents pay taxes and we have a right to enjoy the city. Nobody should inhibit anybody else from enjoying life and having fun unless it is detrimental to something, which skating in LOVE is not. Some people have such a hatred for a kid with a skateboard, but things are on the up and up so its all good.
Robert Angotti, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

why is skate bourding a crime i would like to the politics answer us that question. i love sk8in but i love to sk8 without having to be hasseled
mike, norwich,ct usa [10-12-2003]

My son is a bike rider here in Philadelphia. He has several friends who skateboard. These kids are not the trouble makers. They are trying to persue an up and coming sport that literally has no support in this city. Although FDR and now the X-Games Skatepark at Franklin Mills has been built, this sport is not getting the respect it deserves. Other cities have free cement skateparks where kids can come with their bikes, rollerblades, or skateboards and enjoy themselves. The city has to realize that football, baseball, and soccer are not for everyone. This city needs to address this problem and give this kids a place to do their thing.
Christine Belcher, Phila. [10-12-2003]

I think you should free LOVE Park so that skaters do not have to break the law just to skate. If you do not provide a skatepark CLOSE BY or build a dream place to skate, thats againts the law to skate your plain stupid because thats like asking you to break the law to skaters or to try to stop skate boarding!
Jesse, wynnwood, P.A. [10-12-2003]

Roman Ondriš, bratislava slovakia [10-12-2003]

andy, ohio [10-12-2003]

Rennovating love park was one of the worst decisions ever. All of my friends who skateboard wanted to visit Philadelphia for the sole reason of skating Love park, when it was reconstructed the urge was gone. If the city wants tourism then they better let skating return to Love park!
Nathan Dart, Cambridge Ontrario Canada [10-12-2003]

we do no harm. free love! never skated there, but it's like every boy skaters little dream to skate there one day. taking it away is like taking away a skating heart. We can't go without it.
cody mabe, asheboro, north carolina [10-12-2003]

i thought my dream of skating love park was dead when i heard the news a while back. but now its more alive than ever. we need to bring back this classic spot for skaters everywhere!
adrian aragon, el paso, texas [10-12-2003]

i have never skated love but i heard about it and drove past it to nj it sux i wanted to go so bad once my friend gets hi s linces we are going to love park if we FREE LOVE PARK!
Aaron wagner, sunbury pa usa [10-12-2003]

free love park
Brendan J walsh, Philadelphia pa [10-12-2003]

LOVE PARK is one of the greatest skatespots of all time. It is one of the major places where skateboarding evolved. How can mayor street let the stupid xgames be in philly when all of the sudden hes gonna slap anyone skating there with a 300 dollar fine. Thats rediculous. FREE LOVE PARK! Whats the big deal anyway. Its a skateboard for god sakes.
steve dougherty, springfield pa [10-12-2003]

free love park its a part of history
cameron, houston,tx [10-12-2003]

i have never skated LOVE but wish to in the future. i see what an effect it has on the skate scene and the city of phliadelphia. hope love park is saved soon.
taylor galloway, mt. laurel, nj [10-12-2003]

its a f* park made out of slabs of marble and granite. people odn't need an area that expensive to sit and eat their lunch.
aaron stein, bala cynwyd, pa [10-12-2003]

It sounds like there are some excellent ways to support the skate culture and protect this park. Love Park is a legend for skaters. It sounds like everyone's needs will be met with the current suggestions. Thanks, Crystal Lackey
Crystal Lackey, Richmond, VT [10-12-2003]

This is comin from all the skaters in Tring free love
Adam cartwright howell, Tring,Hertfordshire, England [10-12-2003]

i would hate to see the park go, i have watched and read so many articles on this park, i am going to see if i can get into a college down there for design and give the council board some ideas. i have never skated there but i would LOVE to!
nick ehr, marion,iowa [10-12-2003]

Elsa J. Schmidt, Buffalo, NY [10-12-2003]

I THINK LOVE PARK IS THE PARK OF SKATEBOARDING AND SOCIALIZINg. Since lovepark was built there where skateboarders And the BOOM CLOSE thats the most stupid thing. When you say philly to someone he says LOVE PARK that park with al those skateboarders Its a part of the youth and i think that those politicans dont give a damn about the youth the only thing they think about is MONEY but money isnt all FREE LOVEPARK FOR SKATEBOARDING AND THE FUTURE OF PHILLY AND ITS YOUTH Richard (netherlands)
Richard, Netherlands [10-12-2003]

free love park we love skateboarding!
Alberto Chimenti, Turin,Italy [10-12-2003]

it just makes sense.
Andrew Little, Calgary,Canada [10-01-2003]

Brian Phinney, franklin, MA [10-01-2003]

Karen Werme, Philadelphia, PA USA [10-01-2003]

I skateboard, FREE LOVE PARK!
William Reeves, Philadelphia, PA [10-01-2003]

This is a great idea, but the only thing I don't like is the restricted skating hours.
Chris Camperchioli, Cleveland, Ohio [10-01-2003]

Chris Camperchioli, Cleveland, [10-01-2003]

anonymous, west jordan utah [10-01-2003]

Save the park. Skateboarders were the ones getting the most enjoyment out of it
Roscoe Light, United States [10-01-2003]

free love
Mike Slegeir, Longview, TX [10-01-2003]

WE need to keep this place alive. It is part of skateboarding history. Closing it would be as bad as closing the brooklyn banks! -Peace
Tony Prandini, Mt. Prospect, Illinois [10-01-2003]

oyola where you at baby
Drew Davis, W. Lafayette, IN [10-01-2003]

Kristy Reed, Middletown, New Jersey [10-01-2003]

LOVE park is a place that brings all different ethnic backgrounds to unite and skate. No other place on the world can do that, thats why its LOVE park.
Matt Puhr, Chicago [10-01-2003]

love park is a public park and thus should be open to the public, opening love park is a giant step in making skateboarding a more respected sport. for this sport to grow. skaters need as many skate spots as possible, and skateparks are not acessable to all skaters
John Flynn, Albany, NY [10-01-2003]

i hope love park gets freed.
Cory Borrow, Flint, MI. U.S.A. [10-01-2003]

free love park
Toga, Pittsburgh [10-01-2003]

I have always lived near LOVE Park and it has been the biggest and most inspiring place to skate.I'm 14 and i only got to skate there once but it would be great to skate it agian and for younger generations to experience the LOVE also.Unleash the love
Brian Pyle, West Deptford, New Jersey [10-01-2003]

brian turner, nj [10-01-2003]

love park should be fread because it is part of the histroy of skateboarding no matter what the replace it with or give us different skate parks nothing will be love.. we love love park thriftstore vampire rocks andy bond
andy bond, west deptfor NJ [10-01-2003]

I live in Baltimore and never got to skate the world famous love park. I would pay any admission to skate there for a day.
henry kerins, Baltimore, MD [10-01-2003]

Love park is not Love park without the skaters. They utilized that park to it's fullest potential and made every cent spent on it worth the money. Give it back to the people who value it most.
Tim Olson, Madison, Wisconsin [10-01-2003]

Free Love park. it is symbol that draws skateboarders from all oer the world to philladelphia. People from europe come there just for love. And if kids are allowed to skateboard it could keep them off drugs and keep them foused on life. skateboarding isnt about vandalism. its about expressing yourself and jus having fun with some friends. why make this illegal. its insane. FREE LOVE PARL!
thomas karba, houston [10-01-2003]

LOVE Park is a great attraction for the city. It is something different that people cant find in other cities. Although the new LOVE Park is "businessman friendly", it will never get as much attention and use from businessmen on their lunch break than skaters.
Darrin Kall, Philadelphia, PA [10-01-2003]

Michael Shea [10-01-2003]

mitch defreitas, caruthers, california [10-01-2003]

Please dont wreck Love Park, i havnt skated there yet but i have wanted to since i started to skate 3 years ago. If anything, leaving Love alone is a good thing since it makes kids wanna skate instead of do drugs or other bad things
Chris, Menlo Park, California [10-01-2003]

I think that skaters should be aloud to skate at love park. The city has been known for the skaters at love park for years, and now alls we are known for is how John Street has taken our city and run it into the ground.
Mary Dougherty, Northeast Philly [10-01-2003]

love park is a huge part of skateboarding. it has been a starting point for some of the best pros today. either way love park has set standards for everyone and with it not being here a huge part of skateboarding is gone. give us love park back
Alex, milw [10-01-2003]

Bryant Martinez, Sebring,Fl [10-01-2003]

ive never skated Love park or been in Philly for that matter but i have always dreamt about it and someday i will skate there.
Joe Getz, Waubaushene, Ontario, Canada [10-01-2003]

gabe rodriguez, Denver CO [10-01-2003]

u should let us skate at love park i mean even the maker of it said it should be used by all ppl to tell the truth we are the only ones who use the park correctly all there is are bums and other bulls* like drug dealers we drive them away
matthew, dallas texas [10-01-2003]

I really hope the people of Philadelphia allow Love Park to be skater friendly. It was open for so many years and why should it close now.
Marcin Mazurkiewicz, Hyde Park, NY [10-01-2003]

I think it's a little late to try to save Love, but it sounds good to me anyway. always good to get back a good skate spot.
Evan Tyler, glassboro nj [10-01-2003]

i have never skated love park but just seeing it in videos makes me want to skate. i plan on takin a trip to philly in the next year to skate and love park being open to the public would mean so much to me. to skate such a legendary spot. FREE LOVE PARK!
jared russell, pittsburgh pa [10-01-2003]

LOVE is one of the most well known spots around the world. Ask any person that skates and they'll tell you all about the fun of LOVE. Bring it back so that me, and the large population of other skaters can be happy again along with the rest of the public. :]
John Clement, West Deptford NJ [10-01-2003]

Skateboarding is not Crime!
W, Budapest, Hungary [10-01-2003]

Fight for the freedom of Love Park!
Gil MacNutt, New Brunswick Canada [10-01-2003]

I have never skated love park but i know a lot of people who have. They all loved it! I think anyplace that is or has been welcome to skaters should be open for skaters forever.
Mike Andrews, Washington, PA [10-01-2003]

Mike Andrews, Washington, PA [10-01-2003]

Claudio Srica, 238 north syracuse ave. [10-01-2003]

Forever, F-resh Love.
Tommy Zhao, Wilmington, Delaware [10-01-2003]

Love Park is good and The Butt is fat.
Jim Vasiloff, pa [10-01-2003]

free love park
Matthew Reh, Philadelphia, Pa [10-01-2003]

I saw a video of love park. - I loved it. I dreamed of skate there. - But one day I heard about, that they are going to close it. I was very sad and disappointed about that. Please! Freeeee!
Andreas, Switzerland [10-01-2003]

To ban skating in such a clearly perfect place for the activity is more criminal than skating it could ever be. Bring back Love park! Some of the best of the best (hell, all) have skated it and I don't understand why it had to this far to where the park is shut down. The coalition clearly has great points, and they need to be considered. Bring back Love!
Josh Andersen, Santa Barbara, CA [10-01-2003]

Its my dream to skate the place, Free Love Park so I can come and enjoy it like so many people already have.
James Beith, uk [10-01-2003]

justin lilienthal, 9696 canterbury drive allison park pa [10-01-2003]

i have never personally skated in "love Park" but i would like to someday skate there. i consider philly as a place i would wanna visit only for the park
Matthew Hawley, Elyria, Ohio [10-01-2003]

Love is a fantastic parkand should not be restricted in its use to skaters. We have a perfect place to skate that's easily accessinle and safe. Plus it's fun.
Michael Pollard, Smithfield, VA [10-01-2003]

skateboarding is like the air that skaters breathe. without it, we cannot survive. Let us breathe and live freely.
Korey Ian, buffalo, ny [10-01-2003]

Have some LOVE for the youth. Let us skate!
Eric Pennypacker, West Chester, PA [10-01-2003]

Susan Hoag, Pittsburgh, PA [10-01-2003]

As stated by Josh Kalis in Feedback, "You go and ask these shops up and down this road here [by love park] if they'd want skateboarder banned, and they'd be like 'nope.'" I drove all the way from Texas to skate Love Park... I thank God I got to skate it before it got shut down, it was a great place. RIP.
Jordan Johnson, Corpus Christi, TX [10-01-2003]

so far, only pictures have shown me love park, but someday i hope to make it there, but only if i could skate.
alex angus, grand rapids, mi [10-01-2003]

u guys should free love park! i haven't skated there before but from what i see it looks so sick! from what i hear everyone who has skated it loves it so u guys should jus let the skaters skate it! i'd like to go to LOVE park one day and skate it with all my friends so free LOVE PARK!
Matt, Chula Vista, CA [10-01-2003]

Love Park was and still is one of the worlds most well known and sought after skate spots in the world! since i started skateboarding it has been a dream of mine to travel to one day skate at love park. Lifting the ban would bring huge amounts of skaters into philadelphia, this would benefit the status, and even the business oppurtunities of philedelphia. Love park is a part of skateboardings heritage.
Tony James, England [10-01-2003]

never skated there but i have seen o' plenty of vids there so im just showing my love for skatebaodring and respect for love park.
arnoux nicolas, milton mass [10-01-2003]

Christopher J Corson, Horsham Pennsylvania [10-01-2003]

do it
Dan Sullivan, whitby ontario canada [10-01-2003]

Call me to keep me updated on what happens. My phone number is (920)467-0417 "Peace"
Tyler Steady, Sheboygan Falls, WI [10-01-2003]

I think that it shuld be
Natalie Castro [10-01-2003]

catherine dignazio, boston ma [10-01-2003]

mikey calcagno, baltimore, md [10-01-2003]

Gavin Mullan, Belfast Northern ireland [10-01-2003]

for years i dreamed about traveling to philly to skate LOVE park now my dreams are crushed by a city's inability to understand a creative outlet for todays youth. Every minute that kids are occupied skateboarding is a minute that they aren't doing/selling drugs, they aren't robbing people/being robbed, and are loving the city which they call home for housing such a wonderful locale
Shamus Farrell, toronto, ontario [10-01-2003]

Free love park. Peez!
Robert Forsberg, Karlstad, Sweden [10-01-2003]

Iīve allways wanted to go to love park and skate so let me do that! Peace.
Jim Gustafsson, Karlstad, Sweden [10-01-2003]

Philly isn't the same without Love park. It brought together so many different people in a positive environment while providing an excellent place to skate. The options are endless and there is always something new to do. People who don't skate can't appreciate the park even half as much as skateboarders can. Without a skateboarding friendly Love Park, Philadelphia is rapidly losing its status as a tourist attraction for skateboarders and its appeal in general.
Erik Tobin, Villanova, PA [10-01-2003]

will meeker, portland oregon [10-01-2003]

Can't wait to go to Philly and see what's up.
ERIK VARHO, Anaheim, CA [10-01-2003]

simon planzer [10-01-2003]

Tell the fat office skags to eat lunch somewhere else. Last time I was there at noon, it was inhabited by vile mix of snarling administrative assistants and office wenches hoovering left-overs, oozing bile and negativity. The skaters are a blast of wild energy and hipness beyond words. Which would you rather have as representatives of your city when a tourist decides to check out what the buzz is about?
Big Mike, Riverton, NJ [10-01-2003]

I beleive if they dont lift this ban from Love Park many young people will go away from skateboarding which usually keeps them from drugs and might get them onto drugs.
Skyler W. Judd, Kanab Utah [10-01-2003]

It's my dream to skate there some day.
nicholas riedel, san diego, CA [10-01-2003]

i have always wanted to skate love park since i started skating, it has been a dream for me and a few of my friends to go down to philly and skate LOVE. so much good stuff went down at that park, it's like a historical monument or something, tons of pro's grew up skateboardig there and if it wasn't for LOVE they might not be where they are today if it never exsisted, and that for the future pro's to come,u will never know untill u let skateboarding come back to the great city of philly.
Jerry Hopkins, buffalo,ny [10-01-2003]

free love park!
Mark dido, harrisburg pa usa [10-01-2003]

lets get love back!
brian williams, williamstown,nj [10-01-2003]

Free Love Park
Derick Clark, Leesport Pa [10-01-2003]

The first time i skated LOVE was about two years ago when i was 12ish, I remember rolling up with my friends and just seeing a big fountain with lights shining and about 20 skaters all just skatin' everything there. The first time i saw the LOVE gap done i was amazed. When i heard they where remodling it i was F#<^$@# outraged. Every article that was in the paper i saved, but what made me happy was when me and my Friends desided to make a park under the bridge (the seceret spot) which was also torn down but it's cool cause now we are just growing stronger and will reclaim LOVE and every other skate spot they took from us KEVIN
Kevin Mcgonigle, South Philly [10-01-2003]

Laws against skateboarding???? fines??? the stuff we go through to have fun!
Nathan Hill, Brampton, Ontario, Canada [10-01-2003]

There is nothing wrong with skating? So what's the big problem?
Tom Mizell, Gainesville, FL [10-01-2003]

Street has no love. Love park is what makes philly, and skating at love was what made lovepark what it is. Its the most memorible spot in history.I live in new hampshire but have skated love numerous times, because my brother lives in Philly. Street had absoloutly no right to banned skateboarding. Without skateboarders at love, there would be to much drama, with the crime rate in philly, i think skaters at love was the best thing to ever happen to phillys image. Cops shouldnt be worried about skaters, kids just having fun. They should be worried about killings, drugs, murders. Street has no love and i think putting making street mayor was one of the worst things possible. I support Sam Katz 100 percent and hope he gets ellected! Everyone vote for katz!.... AND FREE LOVE PARK!
Jared Blash, Atkinson, New Hampshire [10-01-2003]

Dont ban what people Love.... Free LOVE park and let everyone including skaters enjoy its structure.
Alexis Ames, Lockport, NY [10-01-2003]

love park is one of the most famouse skate spots ever.its not like love is all about drugs and gangs and what not.ask anyone who's been there and they'll tell you. SET LOVE FREE!
chris, bayville nj [10-01-2003]

Losing LOVE is such a tragedy to the skateboarding community. So many creative and inspirational things have been done at LOVE through skateboarding alone, and rendering it permanently unskateable would be a terrible crime.
Steve Roberts, Swansea, Massachusetts [10-01-2003]

LOVE park is home to some of the best street skating ever done. Every true skater knows about love park and wants to skate there. Almost every big pro has done a memorable trick there. Taking Love park away is like taking the life from a true skater. There would be no reason to skate without love park. It means so much to every skater. It was a horrible decsion in the first place, now with the opportunity to fix it i hope the make the best decison.
Ben Keyton, LaPlata, MD USA [10-01-2003]

Shiera Ben-Dov, Costa Mesa, CA [10-01-2003]

free love park
caitlin, waldorf MD [10-01-2003]

i think love should be able to skate it was such a big part of skateboarding just to throw it all away
ronnie gebua, laplata md [10-01-2003]

free it!
andrew buhner, berlin, md u.s [10-01-2003]

I live in Mesa, Arizona and have been skating all my life. My one dream was to be able to visit Love Park, but it looks like thats not gonna happen.
Ryan Lay, Mesa, AZ 85204 [10-01-2003]

I was born and raised in center city and the park has never looked more desolate and under-used then it has since the ban went into effect. Bring life, youth & culture back to LOVE park.
George Gana, Philadelphia, PA [10-01-2003]

Skateboarding is a growing sport. Its just as important as all of the team sports that are supported by everyone. Why can't our sport get the support we need.
Mark Graner, Allentown Pa [10-01-2003]

Evan Lawrence, New York, USA [10-01-2003]

Free LOVE Park
Thuan Nguyen, Piscataway, NJ [10-01-2003]

....i like watching it in the videos
bRYAN SMITH, union city.. [10-01-2003]

Keep LOVE alive!
leonel, union city, cailfornia. U.S.A. [10-01-2003]

free love...doesnt the name tell it all?
ryan resurreccion, san ramon,ca [10-01-2003]

Skateboarding is just a sport.
Jonathan J. Denton, Biddeford, ME [10-01-2003]

Jon M., Stratham, NH [10-01-2003]

love park is the best
vlad mihalache, letchworth,herts,uk [10-01-2003]

This whole Love park thing Is an outrage. It disgusts me that u wont let kids and people skate at love but let homeless people and drug dealers shoot up and smoke up, sleep and urinate at love park and across the street at city hall. You wont do anything to them but arrest us! for skating. Yes this has happened to me. I skated at city hall one day with my friends and a cop on a bike wanted to take our boards for skating even though theres no signs that say we cant at city hall and sitting right next to us was a row of people smoking pot. Love needs the kids or simply skating in philly will have cops working overtime and then thell have a bigger headache because we will not take no for an answer. Skating is not a crime, its a hobbie or to sum even a sport just like baseball or basketball. It needs the same respect that u give those other sports and hobbies. Please bring back LOVE! every1 support!
Christian, Toms river, New Jersey [10-01-2003]

A Bostwick, Malvern, IA [10-01-2003]

free love park!...
Ryan Erickson, Dunnellon Fla [10-01-2003]

I loved LOVE. It's no fun anymore. Plus the benches shouldn't have those separations in them; just like on SEPTA, some people just don't fit in those size seats. And some people like to take a nap on a bench and that should be allowed. Bring back the love at LOVE.
Shira, Philly PA [10-01-2003]

Free LOVE!
Theo Raedschelders, Maaseik, Limburg, Belgium [10-01-2003]

Please allow skateboarding in Love Park. I enjoyed sitting there watching the kids skateboard after a grueling day a work. Some of the creative things they do are creative and amazing to watch.
Ray Thompson, Philadelphia, P'A [10-01-2003]

Even if they rebuild LoVe to be skate-proofed we'll figure out a way around it.Thats what skaters do.
James Michael Dobson, Rapid City South Dakota USA [10-01-2003]

Monica Clarke, New York, NY [10-01-2003]

Skateboarding is not a crime. Free Love Park.
Nancy Cardenas, Hatfield, PA [10-01-2003]

Since skateboarding has been made illegal, myself among others have been turned away from what once was our passion. We are now out of shape, drink too much and miss the feel of the one thing which brought us our greatest enjoyment. I support the legalization of skateboarding at Love Park. This city has forever influenced some skaters lives for the worst with such a bad decision and they should make it right before any more time passes. Thank you.
John K Smith, Philadelphia PA [10-01-2003]

monica paulina, Philadelphia [10-01-2003]

chadwick hardaway, brooklyn, ny [10-01-2003]

Kate Slovich, Philly, PA [10-01-2003]

Free Love Park
Steve Stieffenhofer, Philadelphia, Pa [10-01-2003]

Free the park. Give back to the kids and allow them to do one thing to keep themselves focused. Sure its not reading a book but it better than doing drugs. And please dont give me the song and dance about drugs and skater lifestyles. People and drugs are synonymous not just "skaters".
Brian Hollister, Tampa, FL [10-01-2003]

I have never been to love park but I was planning on making a special trip to PA just for it. If it isnt there anymore, I see no point in even going
Danny Howerton, South Weber Utah [10-01-2003]

matt beach, damascus ohio [10-01-2003]

philadelphia is a town which prides itself on being diverse + a fine place for youth to grow + learn. skateboarding is part of history just as much as football, baseball, hockey, and basketball. by shutting LOVE down, it's as if you're trying to erase a part of history. diversity + youth are what we pride our city on -- end the hypocracy + bring love park back to the city. especially to the skaters who love and respect this amazing town, love park, the history love brings + makes, and to the sport.
kim noonan, philly, pa [10-01-2003] homepage

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