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September, 2003

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Nick, BC, Canada [09-30-2003]

Chillin at LOVE was a must. It still is and forever should be!
Suzie Herschel, warminster, pa [09-30-2003]

I've skated LOVE numerous times, nothing bad at all happened AT ALL. No drugs, No fights, No violence..nothing..FREE LOVE
Bob Smith, Morrisville PA, 19067 [09-30-2003]

Luke Cullina, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [09-30-2003]

Ryan, Tinton Falls, NJ [09-30-2003]

love park is an awsome park and public and it should not be taken away from skateboarders i mean it gives us something to do and excersize
patrick floyd, atlanta georgia [09-30-2003]

love park is known as the best skate spot in the world. I have no idead why anyone would do such a thing to close it down. Even if we scatch up ledges and rails a little bit, is it really going to hurt the world. we hurt the world way more by just driving and polluting the air. think of it as we are having fun and be a positive person
Nathan Vise, Sugar Hill, GA [09-30-2003]

LOng liVE
shelbi, atl, ga [09-30-2003]

LOng liVE what is the city of brotherly love without the love?
eric shipton, georgia [09-30-2003]

open the park to the young again. let them skate. these activities keep these kids away from trouble. dont treat this sport as a crime.
enrique oliva, philadelphia, pa [09-30-2003]

love park should be reopen to skater. if they do that, it will lead to more tourists to come and that means more money to the economy!
kaje haug, edmonton alberta canada [09-30-2003]

Mike Muder, Pittsburgh, PA, usa [09-30-2003]

we need a place to look up to to dream to sk8!
kaje haug, alberta canada [09-30-2003]

patrick meyer, millersville PA [09-30-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK! Make it open to skaters. Restore it to how it once was. Love is a big part of people... lets keep it that way by not arresting skaters and a change this beautiful place.
Timothy Hinlicky, New Jersey [09-30-2003]

Its like all good things in life.... they just need to legalize it! KIDDING! hey just make it skatable aight, im sick of gettin busted by po's on city walks, get-a-goin KATZ!
CHRIS COOKE, Berkely Heights, NJ [09-30-2003]

love park should be open to everyone. skaters shouldn't be limited to just skateparks, you cant develop your skills in a little skatepark where the prices are outrageous. we want to skate what was meant to be skated.
Lindsay Morris, Bensalem, PA [09-30-2003]

holler at me free love park! HOLLER! -Ian(ernie)s-unit/semmi/ANDREALUFFAGUS!
Ian Lydon, cheltenham PA [09-30-2003]

Ian Lydon, Rowland [09-30-2003]

this to the mayor that banned skateboarding and then invited the x-games to get money and then act like your the nicest person for letting a pro ollie over you to give you a better reputation with skaters. I think thats bull crap. I moved from Maryland and always dreamed of skaeting love then you shut it down. No one else besides skateboarders even cares about it like us. If we had the non-profit fun raisers to keep love maintained, I dont see why your being such an Idiot about it. I mean if they even opened a shop to get money from love, that helps tourism. Then you have like parents from out of town dropping their kids off their while they want to see the historical city and give you more money for their tourism. I just think that you dont have anything beteter to do but annoy kids.
Justin Caudle, Royersford PA [09-30-2003]

LOVE park is one of the most famouse skate spots in the world. It should definanly be freed because skateboardes made love what t is now but whne they FREE the park they need to take those nast ass looking planters away from all of the ledges around. And give it back to skateboarders.because bikers are allowed to be there i was there with some friends and they kicked us out but not the bikers and they d more damage witht there pegs SO JUST FRAEE LOVE PARK
Tom, Media PA [09-30-2003]

Anthony Bills, Akron, Ohio [09-29-2003]

i don't understand it...why would somebody close love park if it's already messed up!they will have to spend much more money for closing and reconstruciton then they would if they would of keep it like it is now.Love Park realy has the best spots and it would be a shame if they would close it down.
goved, Slovenia [09-29-2003]

Chris Muise [09-29-2003]

when i go to the USA for a holiday next christmas i want to be able to skate love if its not open philly is not on my travel list.
Simon Orr, Sydney [09-29-2003]

free it
bryan bowie, Carlsbad CA [09-29-2003]

brad, santa barbara california [09-29-2003]

Nathan Sick, Arlington, VA (Washington DC) [09-29-2003]

love park is the best spot i skated at my whole life and i hope we get it bak soo for right night LO VE PARK R.I.P
Mark Richards, Atco N.J [09-29-2003]

Stephen Bondio, Pennsauken NJ US [09-29-2003]

Josh Rex, Bay City Mi [09-29-2003]

I think the love skate place should be open to skateboarders becasue it has been a part of skateboarding for a long time. It was once one of the bestplaces to skate.
Cole Ross, Buford, GA [09-29-2003]

LOVE park is the greatest skate spot on the eastcoast and where is the love when you close it off for skaters
erik may, columbia maryland USA [09-29-2003]

It was a dream of mine to skate LOVE when i was a little grom now my dream is being shut down. Keep LOVE alive! Keep the dream alive! sk8 4 life
dan fontaine, colchester VT united states [09-29-2003]

mayor street is a back stabber. he freakin let the x games there and then next day he took it all away
jeff thompson, horsham PA [09-29-2003]

no one uses it and it was the best place ever to skate, to embark in the future of skateboarding you need somewhere to embark it at, LOVE isnt just a historical landmark, LOVE is a park, a place where friends or family can come together and have fun, doing no matter what, skateboarding, biking, etc... so free LOVE park and just let us have our fun, like anyone else is with the park.
brandon gilbert, pittsburgh PA [09-29-2003]

Free LOVE, Pleeease!
Kyle, Phoenixville, PA [09-29-2003]

2 roll 4 life 7
julian fried, phoenixville [09-29-2003]

Free LOVE Park! Just when I thought I could skate the LOVE, LOVE was closed free LOVE.
Stephen Bondio, Pennsauken NJ US [09-29-2003]

skateboarding is not a crime
marko zumer, slovenia [09-29-2003]

Jenyse, Moorestown [09-29-2003]

kevin dougherty, philadelphia pa [09-29-2003]

marc bills, Carlisle, Pennsylvania [09-29-2003]

I have never been to Philadelphia, not even U.S. but I have seen so many good video parts filmed in LOVE PARK that I do not want it to go away. I think if LOVE PARK goes it will be a great loss not only for the people who actually have a chance to skate there but for the whole skateboard community all over the planet. Skateboarding is a positive thing and that is why i think it should not be a problem to allow it.
Luka Dasovic, Slovenia, Europe [09-29-2003]

Topher [09-29-2003]

east coast skateboarding= love park
Shawn Gaillardet, Oakham MA [09-29-2003]

ive been watching skateboarding at love park since i was a child, and have always wanted to travel to philedelphia to ceck it out in person. the fact that love park was accidently made perfect for skating is a miracle of nature,and should be celebrated
william james scheel, stillwater minnesota [09-29-2003]

Surfers have their waves, basketball players have courts, and baseball players have their fields; so why can't skaters have their streets? Skateparks continue to be built, but do not fulfill what a skaters desire to skate in the rawest form. There are no bowls in streets, there are ledges, stairs, and rails. Making another use out of something is a form of art. What is the scratching of paint to anyone, the only reason anyone really cares is because of money, the route of all evil. Everyone is so hyped up about getting sued after someone get hurts, they seem to take away what others enjoy. Do not take away love park from skaters,but Make it the park TO skate. It's a natural skate spot and taking it away is like taking candy from a baby or taking streets away from cars. Without it, there is no joy.
Joe Barral, San Diego,Ca [09-29-2003]

Hey i want to be able to skate LOVE PARK! Plain and simple. Give me some LOVE
T Martin, Maine [09-29-2003]

Tray Boozer, Anniston, Alabama [09-29-2003]

ill drive every weekend for the next year to free love park
Joey Clark, Herndon Va [09-29-2003]

Let skateboarders skate in love park come on now.
Matt Gwizdala, Bay City MI [09-29-2003]

I've never been there but it looks like a nice enviornment and and nice place for skaters and everyone to enjoy the beautiful park together
Mike SMith, Mickleton NJ [09-29-2003]

Martin Košir, Slovenia Ljubljana [09-29-2003]

LOVE Park brought Philadelphia the X Games. The damaged caused by skateboarders is miniscual compared to the damage done to the roads by cars. Shall we ban the cars, too? LOVE Park outta be open to youth, something philadelphia seems to forget about. How can kids not turn to drugs and crime if they are constantly having their avenues of recreation stuffed by the city government?
james robinson, 42nd and powelton, philadelphia, pa [09-29-2003]

Jonas Kristoffersen, Norway [09-29-2003]

age: 72 work status: retired The acheivements of these youngsters on their skateboards is inspiring and reinforces Philadelphia pride! Give the park back!
Simpkin Vandermort, Philadelphia [09-29-2003]

I make monthly visits to Philly, and I always walk by LOVE on my way to City Hall. There is nothing going on but kids skating, and people standing there watching us. I'm pretty sure it was the same way at LOVE. It sucks the city has to be ignorant about LOVE being skateboarded, and that they treat us like criminals.
Ricardo Figueroa, Washington DC [09-29-2003]

THe greatest spot cANNOT BE CLOSED!
klemen pravdic, dravograd SLOVENIA europe [09-29-2003]

what the name of the park? LOVE. theres no love if its not free. Love park lives on.
jason harrison, westwood nj [09-29-2003]

set him free
Matej Počervina, Jurka vas 24, Novo Mesto [09-29-2003]

i thought they destroyed love park if not then .. well open again! ive never had the prevledge to skate there is a historical land mark fer godsake! don't tear it down!
CAelum, CAli FF [09-29-2003]

The only way to a better tomorrow, is to start with the youth of today.
Larry Scherer, Bellefontaine,Ohio [09-29-2003]

love park...the illest spot ever.
JAMES COLEMAN, atlanta, ga [09-29-2003]

Erin, Michigan [09-29-2003]

I love the idea of making the old visitor's center a skating museum. Philadelphia should embrace the skaters who want to spend time in the park - not ban it.
Kathleen, Philadelphia [09-29-2003]

Kate Krieg, Bay City, MI [09-29-2003]

ive signed this once! and i will sign it again
amanda L, ohio [09-29-2003]

love park is the most recognized skate spot in the entire worldwide skateboarding community. ive seen more footage of pros skating there than any other 5 spots combined. the death of love park is the death of an era. free love park.
logan, canada [09-29-2003]

I've skateboarded before and it was fun!
Raquel Velasquez, Bay City, MI U.S.A. [09-29-2003]

Chris Ritsen, Flint michigan [09-29-2003]

give love park back to the skaters. that was one of the main reasons to go to phili to skate love park. with out it phili wil never be the same!
mark perez, jersy city, nj [09-29-2003]

there has to be a way that bussness people can still use it to eat lunch and not kick out the skate boarders that made it what it is today
Brad Boston, Philadelphia PA [09-29-2003]

love park is awesome
David van tuyl, anchorage, alaska [09-29-2003]

they have roads for cars bike trails for bikers sidewalks for walkers there should be a little something for the skate boarders too =) good luck
Jolene Kuna, philadelphia, pa [09-29-2003]

keep love park about the love! LOVE!
Alana, Philadelphia, PA [09-29-2003]

The park is called Love Park.. Love the skaters and love their lifestyle as much as they love your city and being a part of it.
Erin Minnich [09-29-2003]

free love park please!
Nathaniel odom...... illmatic skateboard crew 916, sacramento,ca,usa [09-29-2003]

love park should stay its been a proving ground for that skating comunity. History has taken place at this historical location. Love should stay.
Jeremy Beaudoin, green bay wisconsin [09-29-2003]

save love park
Bradley Smith, Grand Rapids, MI [09-29-2003]

Love Park is the shrine of skateboarding in the North East. Without it we lose all our history and all our icons. GIVE US BACK OUR HISTORY
CK, allentown, PA [09-29-2003]

let us skate!
James Jones, Danville, Illinois [09-29-2003]

i think that the suits would be nuts not to reopen love to us skaters. i mean everyone knows that it keeps all the druggies from dealing in the park. REOPEN LOVE YO! PS-i skated love, and it is SICK!
Delia, Philly PA [09-29-2003]

when i was about 8 years old i remember going to love park and watching the skaters. it was really good. now that i have been skating for 3 years i want to go back and skate love park.
morgan, australia [09-29-2003]

Children need places to play - closing love park is like closing down your local playground and putting police tape on the jungle gym.
Susanne Dachgruber, Capistrano Beach, CA [09-29-2003]

Matt K***, Georgia [09-29-2003]

End the HATE! Keep the LOVE! I wanna skate that place before i die!
Matt Buglo, Redford Michigan [09-29-2003]

i love to sk8 and hope that they free love park.
dane federer, tempe az [09-29-2003]

i think people should b allowed to skate at love park for many reasons: *skateboarding is fun *skateboarding is better than john last but not least because i said so!
quincy the badger, houston, TX [09-29-2003]

i dont have much to say other than please allow me and other skateboarders to skate and enjoy Love Park. Skateboarding is not a crime
Michael Mckeown, China Spring, TX [09-29-2003]

If it wasn't for skateboarding at LOVE PARK, I would've never had the pleasure of visiting Philly! Believe that.
Scott Emrick, Huntington Beach, CA. [09-29-2003]

skatin rules above all
matt hatfield, sacramento C.A [09-29-2003]

it suchs they have closed the park down because now instead of the park being used as a skate spot its now just were bums hang out. the park was put there for people to enjoy it and thats all we were doing
tyler dibella, malvern pa [09-29-2003]

free love park you po pos
Dane federer, Tempe, Az [09-29-2003]

Please reopen Love Park to the skaters. I was the only reason I ever went to Philly.
Christopher Phillips, Highland Park, New Jersey [09-29-2003]

ummmmmmmm yea, no just put just put ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok. love park is a thing of beauty and it should be alowed to skate at
john, phoenix arizona [09-29-2003]

i really feel that it is a right of passage to be able to skateboard at love park. and i also think that if you are going to ban skateboarding then you sould ban walking, running, bicicles and anyhting else you can think of. thanks a lot, Eric Fockey
eric fockey, houston, texas, [09-29-2003]

LOVE is all you need.
Zachariah Dean, Timberville, Va, USA [09-29-2003]

Alex Durie, Rochester New York [09-24-2003]

Eddie Wilkinson, San Antonio, Texas [09-24-2003]

don't break love's heart.
jake tierney, st. louis, MO. [09-24-2003]

You want to help kids don't you? Keep em off drugs and out of gangs? Give em a something to do-- give the kids a place to skate.
Paul Cochrane, Ventura, CA 93001 [09-24-2003]

most of the world wouldnt agree with closing a watering hole, why close off the skaters flow?
Ian Howsare, PIttsburgh,PA [09-24-2003]

Love Park was a great place for skateboarders from around the world. It has been in almost every skate video I have ever seen. Love Park is a part of skateboarding that cannot be destroyed.
Joey Byrne, Birmingham, MI [09-24-2003]

Love was the ultimaate in skate spots...BRING IT BACK!
Ryan Lynch, Woodbury, Nj [09-24-2003]

Free LOVEpark.
Vegard, Norway [09-24-2003]

I love skateboarding
Ryan Rounds, Marinette Wisconsin [09-24-2003]

love park RIP
Justin Homa, Marinette, WI [09-24-2003]

C.S., Cherry Hill, NJ [09-24-2003]

share the park
scott, san francisco, ca [09-24-2003]

Love park is one of the best spots in the world and if they took it away from philly all the skateboarders would just find some other spot to rip then the city would have to close that to so it would just make it harder on themselves
Kevin Johnson, Raliegh NC [09-24-2003]

east coast!
jason park, la,ca [09-24-2003]

City Councils: LOVE ain't controllable, and neither are we. Peace.
Kenji Tanaka, Tokyo [09-24-2003]

stop saying no skateboarding and say GO skateboarding. Kids need aplace where they can go. Skating is not delinquent.
Tami Thompson, Orem, Utah [09-24-2003]

free love never qiut
nathan, dallas texas [09-24-2003]

I have worked at a skatepark for 3 years and I have realized how unjustly skateboarders are treated. They deserve LOVE park.
Loren, boston, ma [09-24-2003]

free love park!
KEN AIBA, ny, ny [09-24-2003]

I will soon be going there and i hope it is open for skateboarding because my friends have been there and they said it was more awesome than any park in California.
Craig Coldewey, Apple Valley, CA [09-24-2003]

LOVE PARK WILL BE SKATED! we can't be contained. we can't be silenced! Skateboardin for life P.S. Easy the **** up we just wanna skate! it's your fault(the city) for buildin such a sick *** spot
Mickel Dori, chicago, illinois [09-24-2003]

John Degnan, New Jersey [09-24-2003]

ive always wanted to skate LOVE, and I cant see any faults with that after 3pm on weekdays and all weekend plan, that would be wicked! FREE LOVE
Matty, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia [09-24-2003]

skate parks are the awesomeness and so many people kick butt and have madd funn on them so if you want people to smile and bee happi then keep it open ; )
Jenny, Lumberton NJ [09-24-2003]

Angela Micucci, Philadelphia, PA [09-24-2003]

free love park
ryne doty, lancaster california [09-24-2003]

love is the s* us skater mad it famouse f* the police they no s*
james ranallo, union beach,new jersey [09-24-2003]

it's a international known spot. give it back. free love park
jeff maze, chicago il. [09-24-2003]

I have never skated at love park but i always wanted to.The closing of love park is the end of a era.It was a skateboarding mecca and could be reconized by any skater anywhere.FREE LOVE PARK!
chris gallo, hurley,ny [09-24-2003]

LOVE PARK is the heart of philadelphia skateboarding. hi mom!
Mike Loftus, West Chester PA [09-24-2003]

Skaters need a place to feel welcome instead of outcast. Re-open LOVE park.
dustin bythrow, Omaha, Nebraska [09-24-2003]

Love Park R.I.P.
Ryan Shorosky, Manchester, NJ [09-24-2003]

let us skate! fo sho!
felicia vasquez, Bay City [09-24-2003]

Let is have fun and skate love park!
Adam, Essexville, MI [09-24-2003]

Jeremy Sturgeon, pittsburgh pa [09-24-2003]

love for life
Geoff, NewJersey [09-24-2003]

Iv'e been there befroe and the atmosphere is exetremly positive! This is a good thing.
Michael De La Rosa, Miami, Fl, US [09-24-2003]

I have never gotten the chance to ckate love park, and i really want to get that chance, so fro myself, and countless other skaters out there, love park needs to be free!
Chaz Conner, hamilton township, NJ [09-24-2003]

free love park!
Tim Fitzpatrick, Mercerville, New Jersey [09-24-2003]

free love park!
kevin dickson, hamilton nj [09-24-2003]

free love
Bobby, saginaw michigan 48609 [09-24-2003]

go skate parks! yah!
Kate Sob, Bay City, Michigan! [09-24-2003]

Let us skate it!
jasON, Texas [09-24-2003]

Mark Lewis [09-24-2003]

save it man! its part of our history and i love to go by it and see some pros ripping late nite! peace dawg
Jhoovar [09-24-2003]

I used to live in wayne pennsylvania and i used to skate Love every day. Now i live in california and still wish i was skateing love. When i heard it was unskateable i was destroyed!. For the sake of skaters everywhere please make love skateable. I would move back again just to skate love
Drew scavello, Irvine california [09-24-2003]

don't close the "freaking" park. i want to be able to skate there again on my next roadtrip. i hate people who close good "poop" for no reason. "freaking" flamers.
david bradley, williamsport, PA. [09-24-2003]

We would't close a baseball field because kids are playing why close love when people skate
Brendan, United States [09-24-2003]

LOVE PARK CAN'T BE LEFT IN THE DARK! it needs to be opened up and and G'dup from the concrete up,all the homies that skated there had so much fun,but now im stressin cause i got myself a gun,dispite the death of big pun i keep my music turned up loud cause im proud to be part of the crowd that is supportin LOVE R.I.P
Jayson Decker, surrey,British Cloumbia, CANADA [09-24-2003]

If it wasn't for the friendly skateboarders, Love Park would just be a haven for junkies and drug dealing. Free Love Park
Phil, Chicago, Il [09-24-2003]

Kris Vanriper, Bay City, Michigan [09-24-2003]

skate or die!
Luca, Alfonsine, Italy [09-24-2003]

Free LOVE Park. The city took in millions of dollars from the X-Games yet it seems like the government's goal in existence is to stifle the creativity and recreation of the city's skateboarding population.
Michael Zapantis, Philadelphia, PA [09-24-2003]

dont kill the future, embrace it. skateboarding wont die!
tim davisson, joliet, IL [09-22-2003]

Erik Edward Davis, Eatontown, New Jersey [09-22-2003]

Andy Johnson, Bay City, Michigan [09-22-2003]

Anthony Savarese [09-22-2003]

if its possible to keep it legal, all the better for the local skate community. God bless
sid tapia, sydney australia [09-22-2003]

love park shouldnt be a place where only certain groups can go to have fun. the city should let the park be used for whatever the community wants, and shouldnt be restricted to certain forms of entertainment.
geoff alpizar, traverse city, MI [09-22-2003]

open it freaking bastards i skate their every summer and winter! south philly fo life mcllelan street
albert ansley, florida [09-22-2003]

Dennis Apker, lewisburg pennsylvania [09-22-2003]

Would you rather have your kids being crack heads or glue sniffers? There is nothing wrong with skateboarding so FREE LOVE...
Jacob Dailey, Rochester, NY [09-22-2003]

rick woods, bay city, michigan [09-22-2003]

lets the skaters skate!
ethan melazzo [09-22-2003]

free love park
kevin inskeep, bay city michigan [09-22-2003]

i have traveled to philadelphia several times mainly to skate Love Park. politicians fail to understand that this is a new and growing sport that brings TOURISTS and can be a boon to local businesses. please consider reopening LOVE and i'll be back. thanks, ben
ben goeke, san francisco [09-22-2003]

love park is awsome, dont kill it
bradley pait, bladenboro, north carolina [09-22-2003]

=) I agree
Kristen Castaneda, Bay City, MI United States [09-22-2003]

Travis Adcock, Bay City, MI [09-22-2003]

uve got kids smoking pot and drinkin beers..gettign nothin done to them. u got good kids going out and doing what they love(skating) at a cool place and u gotta f* with them. let love be free. its america.
ryan costanza, rochester new york [09-22-2003]

free the park ... you are killing skateboarding.
zack shepard, rochester, ny [09-22-2003]

Why would they tear down a symbolic peaceful place like love? let kids skate there. would you rather them be out somewhere shooting up?
Ben Dailey, Rochester, NY [09-22-2003]

PRO-SKATING IN LOVE PARK! freedom is love, and that means freedom for everyone, skaters and otherwise.
kata, massachusetts [09-22-2003]

Mitchell Hartman, Philadelphia PA [09-22-2003]

skateboarding won't stop
Bruce Beauchamp, bay city, mi [09-22-2003]

love park is smaller than it is in videos.
Jimmy Collins, Wilmington, DE [09-22-2003]

for obvious reasons this park should be open for skating!
Nathan Wells, Wilmington, DE [09-22-2003]

Ok kids, the mayor pimps skateboarding to make some cash for the broke city of Philidelphia during the X-Games. Then turns around and slaps Phildelphia's skateboard community by destroying the only reason the lame X-Games were held in Philly. Politicians are scum. Love Park should be reopened to skaters. No skatepark the city builds will compare. If you remeber FDR skatepark in Philly. It was built by the city. However when first built it was absolute garbage. It took skaters taking matters into their own hands to fix the park and make it good. So the city has proved incapable of building skateparks. Not only that but by destroying Love Park they hurt the tourist industry in Philidelphia. Skaters from around the world would travel there just to skate for one hour. If Love is not reopened there is no reason for skaters to visit philly. So bottom line reopen the park you idiots, the only people who cared about the place were skaters. The city is behaving like first class Nazis by destroying an unapproved art form. If this does not work out Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis should build there own replica of Love Park in another city, somewhere more accepting of artists.
Ted Cangero, Binghamton, NY [09-22-2003]

Jessica Covieo, Linwood, MI [09-22-2003]

ERin, Michigan [09-22-2003]

free love park because skateboadrng is lifelong fun.
ryan moore, 16 lake shore dr. [09-22-2003]

Free love park!HOLLA!
Anthony, London, U.K [09-20-2003]

I personaly have never skated at LOVE, but know that it is one of the best skate spots in the country. But I am signing this for Philly skaters and so I can hopefully skate there some day.
shithead, Chicago [09-20-2003]

FREE LOVE! Im from england and i know all about Love Park and have seen it again and again on film. Love is one of the best spots in the world and i hope one day i will be able to skate there. Love Park would not be what it is if it werent for skaters so FREE LOVE!
Joel, Watford/London, UK [09-20-2003]

Amy Peyrot, Baltimore, MD [09-20-2003]

free love park
andrew, agoura hills,california [09-20-2003]

It's just skateboarding. I swear Philadelphia, as a whole, cares more if you skateboard then if you commit a felony. Just let us skate at Love Park. We're just having fun and it's you're fault that it's so damn awesome for skateboarding.
tom bateman, woodbury new jersey, U.S.A. [09-20-2003]

Jordan Allen, green bay, WI [09-20-2003]

Ian Weekes, New York, NY [09-20-2003]

Skaters made that park famous. Let them use it.
Jim Nirella, Pittsburgh, PA [09-20-2003]

Ronald L. Smith, Mayville, NY [09-20-2003]

John Arbelaez, Eatontown NJ, USA [09-20-2003]

Mandie Hoffman, Bay City,MI [09-20-2003]

Brittany, Bay City [09-20-2003]

April, Bay City, MI [09-20-2003]

share the love and save LOVE PARK
bean the machine, s.a. texas [09-20-2003]

Robert Haney, Midland,MI [09-20-2003]

Violating the designer's intent only destroys the park and angers the citizens.
Sarah Sheber, Philadelphia, PA [09-20-2003]

LOVE park is an internationally recognized part of Philadelphia, and a draw for many tourism dollars. The social and economic benefits of allowing skaters in LOVE park far outweigh the costs of grinded granite steps and benches. I hope that Mayor Street and the Council members will be smart about this and open LOVE park back up to skaters. Maybe the Linc will get to host the X games if they do!
Hannah Scardina, Philadelphia, PA [09-20-2003]

Brady Jester, Mount Joy, PA [09-20-2003]

free love park!
miranda wilson, riverside, nj [09-20-2003]

Alex Macey, Butler Pa [09-20-2003]

Daniel Maguire, Butler, Pa, [09-20-2003]

Nathan Cass, Hartland, Wisconsin, USA [09-20-2003]

jake Johnston, Wisconsin [09-20-2003]

lets do this.., is the greatest so much the reason i ever visited philly and it definitly made the trip,.,.,..,
michelle pezel, vancouver canada [09-20-2003]

lora, england [09-20-2003]

emily, England [09-20-2003]

skating is indeed an artform and a way of life....give the kids a creative outlet thats not crime and vandalism!
Nina Malina, Watford, Herts, England UK [09-20-2003]

Hannah Peel, Watford, UK [09-20-2003]

I hope LOVE gets Skated real soon! Ever since i started skating i've wanted to go there,i still want too.For godsake FREE LOVE!
David Yap, United Kingdom,London [09-20-2003]

helen bradshaw, england [09-20-2003]

i think it wod b gd if it was used as a sk8 park
megan, watford [09-20-2003]

i am signing this for louis
Fay, london [09-20-2003]

ive seen love and think that it should be open
Joshua Wiens, Niverville MB Canada [09-20-2003]

skateboarding is kick ass LEGALIZE IT!
jonny fortner, anchorage alaska 14233 old seward hwy. 99515 [09-20-2003]

i live far away yet i still know about this place, it is a part of skateboarding culture and is even included in skateboarding computer games as you are probably aware, i would love to be able to skate it but never got the chance im sure there are others like me who would want to. Obviously people who go there will spend money in the local area so not only is it a good place for people to skate it will probably help surrounding business. even in the small town where i live people have troubles with where they should skate, most skaters mean no harm and just want a nice plae to go, hang out with friends and generally have fun.
Daniel McClure, england [09-20-2003]

its a perfectly good skateboarding area and they should let the skaters use it freely.
jack bowers, england [09-20-2003]

Vicky [09-20-2003]

bring back love park! ive never skated it and live in england but having it skate stopped was a terrible blow to the skateboarding world, it was one of the best skate pots in the world. where is he love? brin it back!
Oliver Rolfe, watford, england [09-20-2003]

i havnt been to america let alone love...but it looks so sick the amount of endless runs. if this mayor thing works out im down there! love!
louis, london [09-20-2003]

FREE love
Manuel Allison, Philadelphia, Pa [09-20-2003]

Skate or die forever!
Jake Westfall, nr, oh [09-20-2003]

i think they sholud let skater in the park
holly norwood, texas usa [09-20-2003]

J Wheatley [09-20-2003]

LOVE Park is a park shared with everyone, people want to skate there, they should be able to, as long as they obey the rules, who are they hurting?
Vanessa Terramiggi, Fulton, New York [09-18-2003]

I think Love park should definately be open to skateboarders. Love park is one of the best spot to skate for us. Even though skateboarders knew they were going to get tickets for skating there, it was still worth it to skate there anyway. Everybody should be allowed to go to love park, skateboards or not.
Josh Krzywonos, Highland, MI [09-18-2003]

I've never skated love park, but I want to some day. I just hope it's still around.
nikhil murthy, irvine, ca [09-18-2003]

Love park was a symbol of skateboarding. thAT WAS PART OF SKATEBOARING.
Kaleb Marshall, Glendale AZ [09-18-2003]

I have never been to Love to skate before, but I see that so many people have enjoyed skating there. My girlfriend now goes to college in Phili, and when I go to visit, I was dreaming of skating Love and taking pictures of great skaters there. Someday, I shall skate Love.
Jim Cook, Ronkonkoma, New York [09-18-2003]

Ian Nugent, Cape May County, NJ [09-18-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK! I've skated there a couple times but the cops always came so I ran for it. But it ROCKS anyway. Id rather be fined than not skate LOVE! The ban should be lifted!
Steve S, drexel hill, pa (next to philly) [09-17-2003]

dont destroy love, its one of the most recognized things to skaters and is hella awesome!
tyler gruen, green bay WI USA [09-17-2003]

Okay, I've only seen pics of LOVE and seen some of the best skaters and bikers there. Now that it's closed down, I have given up hope of getting any better because all I really wanted to skate was LOVE. Why skate anywhere else but the best?
, Philly, PA [09-17-2003]

keep it alive. ::nods::
Lisa, bay city, mi, usa [09-17-2003]

Blake hall is super hott!
Samantha, Essexville, Mi. :) [09-17-2003]

I think that they should allow skaters to skate love park just because they are practicing their sport. Im a biker but its basically the same thing. every one should be allowed to tear it up at LOVE
Cody Thomas, Norwood, Ohio [09-17-2003]

even the architect wants the skaters to have fun
Mark, nj [09-17-2003]

keep it open its liek a national land mark
Luke Riedy, Lackawanna N.Y. U.S.A. [09-17-2003]

RYAN KUERBITZ, michigan [09-17-2003]

love park has to be set free! if it wernt for love there wouldnt be street skateboarding at all. i got mad love for love park keep it open!
Blake Hall, saginaw michigan USA [09-17-2003]

i didnt get a chance to skate it when i visited philadelphia,but i did go there and walk around looking at all the ledges and stairs and its so perfect. Why after all that time of people skating love would they just suddenly rip it down it was a wonderful thing for all the philly skaters and its a wonderful thing for any traveling skater aswell. I know people who have driven 4 hours out of their way just to go skate love and within ten minutes get booted or harrassed by a police officer. Skateboarding is not a crime! If a few people wanted to go play catch at love they wouldn't get harrassed or anything they wouldn't get told to "go play catch at a baseball feild,thats what they were built for" they would just continue playing catch. Why do many citizens look upon skating as a burden when its and active sport that takes hard work and dedication,also people dont realize theres a career in it and when love got ripped down many of the city's top pros [some making more money than the people in the huge office building right near love] left the city cause thats where they would skate. So allowing skaters to skate love would be the best thing for the skaters of philly and visiting or traveling skaters. I just wanted to say that.
jesse hill, trumansburg NY [09-17-2003]

Even though i have never skated LOVE i feel for everyone that has and misses it. Dont mess up peoples lives coz to thousands skatin is there lives. Dont destroy a very big part of skating. FREE LOVE PARK.
Darren Watson, scotland, uk [09-17-2003]

i was flying to new york but i had majot layover in u know i had 2 check out love was amazing...i have never skated somthing as great as love park.......we are all gona miss it.....R.I.P Love Park
Ryan, long beach california [09-17-2003]

free love park!
nick rudd, bethesda, MD [09-17-2003]

I think it is just plain stupid to ban skateboarding from that great park. I wish our town had a skatepark, and if we did have one and it got banned, the whole youth would turn to other means, such as drugs and violence to escape everyday stress. By banning skateboarding in that park is take away the freedom of the individuals who skate and their 9th amendment rights. I hope the city council board and Mayor Street will seriously reevaluate the situation and think again about how the ban will seriously affect Philadelphia's tourism(especially the x-games), economy, crime rates, and the culture of the youth around the city. Thank you.
John Shim, Starkville, MS [09-17-2003]

John [09-17-2003]

Well im not really all that great, but id like to have LOVE when i do become good enough.
sean paul salas, rosenberg, tx [09-17-2003]

Robert [09-17-2003]

Skating Love Park is one of the greatest pleasures in life.
Bruce P., Los Angeles, CA [09-17-2003]

i think love park was a national monument for skateboarders as is the american flag reprsenting the the country. People say skateboarders are all rough and a*holes but really they are just a bunch of people looking to have a good time, read the newspaper once in a while, if you did around my town you would see in there about a year ago in our headlines in big letters local skateboarder saves drowning victim. Skateboarders get a bad rap from everyone and it is horrible. Skateboarding is slowly fading away again you can tell by your local park and your friends only the same ol people skating once again its died out.
Jimmy FLathau, Essexville, MI U.S.A [09-17-2003]

F* those tight a* people who won't let 'em skate!
Cory Kazonovitz, usa [09-17-2003]

forget the other park, open LOVE
Dean Mazured, Voorhees, NJ [09-17-2003]

philly has no love! free love park
joe warner, west deptford new jersey [09-17-2003]

Free Lo ve
Ryam Dixon, nj [09-17-2003]

I and my friends have traveled to love park(which is a long drive from eastern Maine) to enjoy a few great hours of skateboarding on quite a few occasions. it is a shame that after a few x-games, a few bad attitudes, and a heck of a lot more dollars, that philly would turn their brotherly backs on skateboarding. ESPN and the skaters didn't choose philadelphia as an X-games location because of the great weather, so why leave us high and dry. BRING LOVE BACK!
zackary adams, bangor, me [09-16-2003]

Love Park is a great park were tons of skaters pro's and am's skate. It is a great park to be at. Please open it!
Jason Alexander Wildhagen, Quinnesec Michigan [09-16-2003]

Love park is way too important to be shut down!
christopher, bay city, mi [09-16-2003]

please bring back love park for all skateboarding to enjoy again for all the kid's!
Nathaniel Odom, Sacramento,ca,usa [09-16-2003]

free the g* park
brandon, burlington [09-16-2003]

We have to keep this ledgendary skate spot alive. I have not had the pleasure of skateing there but if the ban is raised I'll be down.
ben harmon, Watsontown P.A. [09-16-2003]

david palmatier, scarborough, on [09-16-2003]

LOVE is love.
KC Kalinowski, Bay City, MI [09-16-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK, give us back all the fun and good times we used to have! we never hurt anyone
PHIL ROBBINS, Philadelphia [09-16-2003]

let the skaters get their love back...they got nowhere else to go...nothing as good as LOVE was...cheers
S. S., Sydney, NSW, Australia [09-16-2003]

it is a great place for people to skate, have fun, and just hang out with their friends. even if they close it to free skateboarding, they should at least make it a skatepark of it's own and charge people to skate there and make money for the city. but it is still PUBLIC property and the skaters should be let to do what they want.
Steve Rose, Essexville, Michigan USA [09-16-2003]

I love LOVE park for skateboarding :)
Megan, Tinton Falls [09-16-2003]

i dont skate but i suport the sport and i would sell my soul for the ablity to stand on a skate bored without fall on my head so wack a wangster .
tripinface, mounmout nj [09-16-2003]

love def should stay open its a great skating park nothing can beat it.
Andrew Rasizer, 22 glassboro dr. tinton falls, nj 07724 [09-16-2003]

I dont skate but i have friends who do so it would be awesome if the park was open
Ryan Koptis, Mt. Holly NJ USA [09-16-2003]

what would we do without love?
stephen roberts, tinton falls, nj [09-16-2003]

I have never gotten to experience the ora around Love Park and I would like too. I feel Love Park along with Philadelphia are icons in the skateboard community and should remain that way.
Joseph Modoni, Eatontown, New Jersey [09-16-2003]

I can't believe how much of a prick the Mayor of Philly really is! I live about 2 hours away from LOVE, and it has always been a dream of mine to one day be able to skate there. I guess that dream was dashed once that stupid, low-life, of a "Mayor," wasted a good chunk of the city's money destroying it. I say bring back LOVE in all of its' glory, so that the skaters of Philly have atleast something to be happy about.
Kyle Butler, Centre County, Pennsylvania [09-16-2003]

Jillian Puleo, Philadelphia [09-16-2003]

if u dont open it il b very dissapointed
malcolm c, toronto ontario [09-16-2003]

free love park
Gigi rabnett, toronto ontario [09-16-2003]

I haven't skated love park yet but that has been one of my goals since i started skating to go there and skate then i hear they shut down love park i can't even describe the anger i felt, i hope many people sign this petition to help free it cause i still hope to skate it some day......Sk8 Or Die
Justin Rieker, Austin, MN USA [09-16-2003]

although i'm not from philadelphia..i believe this situation is pay taxes to fund that park...therefor you have rights to skate it...nuff said
Matt Driscoll, Auburn, New York [09-16-2003]

i think that LOVE park should be reopened to the skaters no more piggys runin around chasing us out. im 12 years old and have still not been able to skate their but im not nor should anyone else let the worlds biggest screw up stop me and all other skaters from going there. especially the ones who havent skated there yet but want to. i truly think its wrong to make it illegal to skate their. i have skated in plenty of places where it was illegal but i didnt let it stop me and this wont stop me from skating there either but i think it would be nice to have them save me the trouble of having to then go out and buy a new board. it is because of skaters that JFK plaza is so well known and recognized all over the country. if they want it to be lost in history and never be remebered then their doing a good job. thanks for your time and remeber to never let pigs stop you from using your rights to be free and do what you want. FREE LOVE PARK
Kyle Monnett, Alsip,IL [09-16-2003]

hell yea i am all for this s* i think that it is a mad good cause
chris post, freehold nj [09-16-2003]

i think it's cool, as long as it's respected, once that is gone shut it down
TIM WENBURG, lexington [09-16-2003]

Please don't close the park to skateboarders!
Shauna Lewis, Tempe, AZ [09-16-2003]

I have never actualy been able to experience love park for myself, but from watching countless amounts of footage from there i can almost touch the atmosphere. i would have loved to have skated there, and i can feel for the pro's or anyone who loved skating there because one of the best spots in my town has been closed down, much to our disliking.
Ian Harris, St Albans, UK [09-16-2003]

Save love park. R.I.P.
Dave Zaleski, Detroit Michigan [09-16-2003]

Make love skateable again. Its a travesty that skating should be trafficed and controled by cops. Its a park, let people skate it.
Jim Anton, Bristol, PA [09-16-2003]

I've been there once. From that think the whole JFK plaza is phenominally perfect.(including Dilworth Plaza)
Zach Greenberg, New Haven, CT [09-16-2003]

free love park
Alex berhow, Omaha nebraska [09-16-2003]

when i first got into skating, i remember one of the frist videos i ever watched was some trasnworld vid, but i remember the part when josh kalis described why he loved love park so much, after i saw that video i planned that i would visit love park one day, but now thati heard that they grassed it in, my hopes have been shot down, i cant beleive that the mayor would go to such lengths to prevent people from skateboarding at love,i know that this petition will go through and restore skating at love so i can fufill one of my all time goals and visit one of the best skatespots in the world.
eric maldonado, bakersfield california [09-15-2003]

Savannah Curry, San Jose, Ca [09-15-2003]

Ive skated with josh a few times and i know he loved love park so i figured i would sign this for him and other skaters that loved it. I wish i would have had a chance to skate it and hopefuly they will re open it or something along those lines. Good luck and im happy to help in the little way that i have.
Chaen Mercer, Grand Rapids Michigan [09-15-2003]

love park is what skating needs and i no some other people could care less but having no place to skate and having love shut down just makes us more of a hassle to the cops so keep the most historical place in the us for skating open -todd klepacki 13
Todd Klepacki, Hinsdale,Illinois [09-14-2003]

Dan Hoerner, Grand Rapids, Michigan [09-14-2003]

love park must reopen,ill have sex with the mayor ;o..jk, but really it was a sweet park
ja-of-the-cob (pronounced "jacob"), gr mi [09-14-2003]

i think its a load of crap that they did this i am friends with josh kalis cuz he had to move back to his home town of gr just cuz of this. this was all the skaters had this was there life in philly the mayor is a really dumbs* for pulling this crap if they dont open it to skaters soon i am personally going to fly to phlyy and talk to layor street then i will skate love untill they ticket me until they cant anymore
tim hoerner, grand rapids michigan [09-14-2003]

Blaine Verdie, Newtown, Pa [09-14-2003]

free love
Mike Strenger, Doylstown, Pa [09-14-2003]

free love
Doug Berk, Newtown, Pa [09-14-2003]

free love
Mike Cole, Jenkintown, Pa [09-14-2003]

i myself have never been to love park, and it's been one of my long time dreams to skate there, and now that i have the opportunity to do so, love park is no longer available, there is no doubt in my mind that there is a huge amount of people who venture to love park due to the history and celebrity of the park, and the city of philadelphia, i cannot see why the city would turn away so many prospecting visitors to the city, this is one of the most anti-social displays by a community I have ever seen. Being from Toronto, Canada, and due to the recent events that have plagued Toronto lately, it just goes to show the value of tourism in a large city. I believe that if Love Park is reopened, there will be a huge surge of visitors, and people looking to become residents for the first time, or come back after Love Park was closed.
Mike Philp, Oakville, Ontario, Canada [09-14-2003]

Re-open love park cause it would be and is a great deal to all of us who love LOVE park.
Scott Fulton, York, Pa [09-14-2003]

i think they should just leave it to the skaters and keep it opened and they should make the skaters do different things to keep the park clean and fun and interesting.
chris alfaro, east chicago, indiana [09-14-2003]

Love park was one of the things that got me into skateboarding. I was riden past it and i just saw so many kids haven fun. i never got to skate it and i wish it would come back if only for a day. please bring it back keep it cool so people can skate without worry. thank you LOVE PARK R.I.P
Rob Sturcke, Hamilton New Jersey [09-14-2003]

Keep the Love park alive! Maybe open it up to skaters after 3pm, so the elderly can feel safe in the morning.
Brian, De Pere, Wisconsin [09-14-2003]

Love park has been one of the most influential skate spots in skateboarding history. It has bred amazing skaters and it has been a dream of mine and many others that one day i will be able to skate at love park and just look around and experience it. Love Park could have been a haven for skateboarding a place where you didnt have to worry about security guards or angry business owners. Taking it away will not stop will not slow skating will only make it stronger and we will have to skate the banks, the museums, or the random stair set at business.
Mike Anderson, San Antonio, Texas [09-14-2003]

Love park should reopen to skateboarders, because thats what parks are to the people that utilize them.
Steve Faraone, Cranston RI [09-14-2003]

andrew dascenids, moorestown nj [09-14-2003]

Jon Jolly, bentonville arkansas [09-14-2003]

i wanna sk8 that s* so bad so open it back up please
big bird, ontario california [09-14-2003]

Sam, 3683 partridge ln [09-14-2003]

i hope you of the town think well of your fellow skaters and youth and bring back the love of love park. u could make a lot of money if u did.
Kevin Rennes, Green Bat, Wisconsin, USA [09-14-2003]

Annie, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [09-14-2003]

free love park cuz it is one of the best places in the world to skate and i highly doubt any skater here thinks differently!
AB, Shawano WI [09-14-2003]

Love Park rocks. Sk8boarding rocks. Sk8ers need Love Park. Love Park belongs 2 da public sk8ers. SAVE LOVE PARK! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Juan Pablo, Midland,TX [09-14-2003]

can't people realize that skaters mean no harm and just let them express themselves in peace
Bryan Magnuson, Green Bay wisconsin [09-14-2003]

love park is a proving ground for all types of skaters.bring it back!
rhys bainham, norwich, norfolk, england [09-14-2003]

Closing LOVE Park to skateboarders only reaffirms my belief that Philadelphia is run by old thinking politicians who lack the creativity needed to revitalize the city. LOVE Park was a spontanous creation that should have been celebrated. Not just during the X Games. Is it any wonder why people leave Philadelphia and dont come back. City Council should should try a new motto "If is boring, its Philadelphia". SLevin
Sherry Levin, Philadelphia, PA [09-14-2003]

let love stay
Aaron M, Green Bay, Wisconsin [09-14-2003]

skating is an art
Trent Stellflue, seymour wi [09-14-2003]

Where is the love?huh?Bring Love Park Back to the Skaters.
Billy, Canada,Ontario [09-14-2003]

matt mccarten, toronto [09-14-2003]

free love park
john kearney, needham, massachussetts [09-14-2003]

Dennis Condon, Boston [09-14-2003]

dude, LOVE park is one of the best parks ever, having known because I've been there. you cant take down love park, i mean, you'll destroy the local skate scene and whatll happen to the kids who want to sk8 now? please, just let it a skater, and i know what its like so keep it alive....i skate to live, live to skate
Kelly, Mississauga,ON,Canada [09-13-2003]

I hope that they free LOVE park because it looked like a good spot for the skateboarders, I've never been there but someday I wanted to go there and check it out.
Cody Edlund, Green Bay, WI USA [09-13-2003]

justin moshaty, auburn, new york [09-13-2003]

Free love park it is one of the few spots that self deemed itself a legend, without love Philly is not complete. im sure you made a lot of money in your economy by the skaters and pros staying in philly for one main reason,to skate and to do so they eat at your resturaunts, stay at your hotels and just bring that fun loving atmosphere to the place that we deem a legend. please free Love.
Brett Van Effen, Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.A. [09-13-2003]

Yves Marchon [09-13-2003]

What's the point? Love park has provided many people with great things. Me, as a skateboarder has never gotten to skate Love and my family was planning a trip to Philly at some point in the future, and I know I won't get to skate it now. Love park is considered one of the greatest spots ever and taking it away is a horrible blow to the skateboard community. My one letter probably won't solve the problem but it's one letter with will hopefully help out. Thank you
Paul Vandersteen, Green Bay, Wisconsin [09-13-2003]

Skating isn't a crime
eric koeppel, wisconsin [09-13-2003]

It has been a dream of mine for sumtime now to visit love park and just stand and look around and be in the same spot that stevie and kalis and all of my idols would rip up. Just to sit there and look at the long four and picture brain wenning doing a sw backside 180. The thought of me never being able to skateboard there is just heart breaking, please bring back love park and bring back the dreams of many people.
Matty B, Green Bay WI [09-13-2003]

i am a young skater n the fact that love park might b gone realy makes me mad all i want is to be able to skate the ledges that so many pros like brian wenning have skated and hopefully one day i might if it is still there pls do not get rid of love because all we have in this world is love.
vassile sabev, toronto ontario canada [09-13-2003]

Alex Chmielewski, Lincoln,Nebraska [09-13-2003]

Brandon, Columbus Ohio, USA [09-13-2003]

amanda caprio, nj [09-13-2003]

Todd Renae [09-13-2003]

Time changes people like the ocean changes the beach, slowly and with great force. For thousands of years many great men and women have changed and worked for many of the wonderful things we enjoy in culture today, a free nation, a choice, electricity, cars, television, telephone, and rock and roll. These are the changes of younger generations new and healthy minds unafraid to make a mistake or to be flexible. Their predecessors have always ridiculed these younger generations yet they change things for the better, kept things fresh and try new things. In an age were people are more liberal to new ideas and acceptance of unusual lifestyles. It seems strange that a sport that has been around for more than 40 years is viewed by the city as terrible and destructive. The city would say shame on those skate boarders that make trouble by vandalizing and destroying city property. And I will say shame on those who pick on today’s athletic, avant-garde, and professional skateboarders. Yes skateboarding is a professional sport; it is no longer small business. More people ride skateboards than play baseball. AskMen listed skateboarding the top best workout in sports. After 911 the world was supposed to have a whole new outlook on life. Its not question of whether a kid is riding a skateboard instead of doing drugs anymore. Do we as a really need to focus our efforts and money to try to keep skateboarding away from Love park. Is that our top priority? Is that your good deed? Get over it mayor street! Help our culture don’t dismiss it. It’s like someone told me once when I scoffed at a homeless man, “he has to go somewhere”. Well where would you like America’s youth to go. Lets try to help people not discourage them. E Smith Designer
e smith, new jersey [09-11-2003]

kevin durkin, Succasunna, NJ [09-11-2003]

free love park
marshall ford, 38 ball orad, mountain lakes nj, 07046 [09-11-2003]

safe love park!
Janine M, usa [09-11-2003]

free love park!
Bobby Lowther, Glassboro,NJ [09-11-2003]

they should let skaters skate there i mean c'mon its a peice of wood on wheels!
Bobby Lowther, Glassboro,NJ [09-11-2003]

ive never skated love park but ive always wnayed to.
chris rohan, anaheim [09-11-2003]

I have never skateboarded before, but I am very familiar with the culture and have many friends who are avid skaters. These skaters are merely trying to express themselves in a place where love and expression should be promoted. These new laws and fines are a direct violation of our constitutional right to express ourselves in whatever way we want. SKATE ON.
Dan Grodnitzky, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [09-11-2003]

Pat Benzing, Phoenixville Pa. [09-11-2003]

free love park!
justin kleiner, atlanta, ga [09-11-2003]

i haven't been able to skate LOVE park yet i've been planning on driving up to skate there but now theres this bull about not being allowed to skate there and one mayor agrees it should be fine to skate and the other is a jerk and has too much free time, and doesn't understand that it's our lifestyle and thats what we do to have fun unstead of doing drugs and other things. FREE LOVE PARK so not just i can skate it buut so that EVERYONE can skate it again. -Pat-
Pat Weber, Chicago, IL. [09-11-2003]

LOve park is the heart of skateboarding. very famous pros such as kerry getz grew up there, he was then vans triple croWn champion,it also also attractes many tourists who want to skate it, please, free love park
John Traver, Clifton Park NY [09-11-2003]

word of the wise, katz may be for love but he's not for us. its an obvious way to gain the 'youth' vote and put phillys reputation back where it should be. look into the mans politics. other organizations are fighting for love, its not about your vote, its about support. i'm coming down with my board from nyc for the rally in october and i hope all you cats on this list do the same. **plus where else could 13 year old girls go to meet hot boys.
adrianne., nyc/ philly bred [09-11-2003]

Jordan hansen, collingswood, nj [09-11-2003]

do it
Zach Lawson, Gray,TN America [09-11-2003]

Without LOVE being skateable, less skaters have been going to Philly. The skateshop in Philly got 50% less buisness after LOVE was made un-skateable, so the economy is also hurting, not just our skate scene.
Brandon Griffith, Port Deposit, MD [09-11-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK... this park has been a huge influence on skating and will continue to be... ECSM...joinTHEmilitia..-
Andrew Devansky, washington DC [09-10-2003]

I think that LOVE PARK is the best skateboard spot of the world......FREE LOVE PARK!
sérgio, portugal [09-10-2003]

hi dudes.. ime fr0me the end 0f the w0rl in a little country in eur0pes tail..p0rtugal. i never sk8ed l0ve park c0s i actually never left p0rtugal lol. But the dream standed alive until i read that it was closed to skaters.. well maybe my dream is coming alive again! l0ve park a sp0t s0 special f0r skaters w0rldwide.. i have MACBA right next d00r in spain but l0ve park has amazing vide0 parts als0. my fav0urite skater, j0sh kalis sk8ed l0ve park all the time... well i dunn0 what else to say c0s my english sucks! bye all and heres my trbute to the p0ssible reb0rn of l0ve park.
oscar maia, portugal [09-10-2003]

André Oliveira, Portugal [09-10-2003]

Skateboard is important against a world full of drugs. "Legalize Skateboard!" :) Skate is a synonim of friendship and fun.
Pedro Filipe Xavier Mendonça, Portugal [09-10-2003]

I there sk8ers all around the world. like you, I'm a skateboarder,so here is my contribution for you. skateboarding forever. props for all the skaters
Ricardo Trindade, Grândola, Portugal [09-10-2003]

philip mengeling, il [09-10-2003]

Matt West [09-10-2003]

set love free!
Kevin McMahon, philadelphia, pa [09-10-2003]

sweet and tangy, kinston [09-10-2003]

LOVE Park was and will always be the greatest skate spot in Philly forever. LOVE R.I.P.
Josh Brown, Bensalem, PA [09-10-2003]

WHAT HAPPEND to the rally at love park, it was takin off the site..does this mean its not gonna happen?? please contact me...please some one answer!
pills, philly [09-09-2003]

Why destroy LOVE park??? to me LOVE is a skating heaven
Chad Rodenhauser, Marietta, Pennsylvania [09-09-2003]

free love park!
Dan Morris, Galloway N.J. [09-09-2003]

I moved to philly in 96, told the parents it was because of school but it really was to skate. I skated LOVE all the time and knew plenty of kids that moved to philly just to skate. I got sick of running from cops, and started skating fdr and have since moved out west because cities put skate parks up like they're baseball fields, free and fun. Philly needs to open up their eyes and minds, look at cities in colorado, oregan, washington, etc. philly used to be a mecca, but that has been changed. good job. philly sucks. FREE LOVE PARK GIVE IT BACK TO THE PEOPLE WHO USE IT.
dd, west side [09-09-2003]

save love park u biznitches
luke heater, ny city [09-09-2003]

dude i have been there right before it was closed and i want to skate it again
jared toups, Green Cove Springs, florida [09-09-2003]

Love park means so much to every skateboarder in the world. It disgusts me that ppl would take so much away from a group of people that just want to have fun!
Maxwell Barna, Keasbey NJ [09-09-2003]

Please open it again i've never skated it but my dream would be to skate it. I want to go to LOVE. I also want to see more footage of skaters like kerry getz, stevie williams skating there. PLEASE OPEN.
Ash, It would be Philly if they re-opened LOVE park [09-09-2003]

alese coddington, mexico,ny [09-09-2003]

Please bring Love Park Back to skaters
Tim Richards, Willimantic,CT [09-09-2003]

please open a place to skate. you take love noe give back..
jeremy inebrand, northern liberties [09-09-2003]

I think you should free LOVE PARK ... I've only skated thier one time but who cares about that this is about us n wat we like to do FREEEEEEEEEE LOVE PARK!
Philbert, Philadelphia PA [09-09-2003]

love park is a landmark in the skating world
Tim Williams, omaha nebraska [09-08-2003]

The only reason I would ever go to Philidelphia would be to skate Love Park.
Andrew Bankston, Metairie, Louisiana [09-08-2003]

I live and skate in Nashville, and I have never personally skated LOVE Park, I have heard great things about it though. I also am looking forward to skating it whenever I go up to Philidelphia. FREE LOVE PARK!
Joe Scala, Nashville, TN [09-08-2003]

Free love!
Luke Slizewski, Maple Grove, MN [09-08-2003]

I visited Love with my friend Mike and it was the most amazing innovative spot.It had every street essential.Once Love is replenished and i do believe it will be opened again skaters will come like tourist to see Philly and sk8 love.Its a great thing to see that people are actually in to what was going on at love with the sk8rs and how they stoped going.Alot of people there were very in to what us skaters were doing.I hope this petition works.
Jasyen Shelton, Odenton [09-08-2003]

Open it up! Keep the LOVE.
Phil, nyc [09-08-2003]

alex jarden, wayne, pa [09-08-2003]

reopen it so when i grow up i can come skate the lengedary park that all my favorite pros skated.
doug siehr, manitowoc, wisconsin 54220,usa [09-08-2003]

Skateboarding in Philly has saved my life...skating at love must have been the best feeling i have ever expirenced. Just because of the brotherly LOVE there, all the skateboarders are down to earth and really nice people, it is definetly the best place to skate on the east coast. One LOVE.
Jack Kroemer, Bethlehem, Pa. [09-08-2003]

William Anderson, Philadelphia [09-08-2003]

I am construction work in the city of Philadelphia. I have one son who skateboards. Recently I was talking to a young man in center city about skateboarding. He told me about the battle of Love Park, and what the city has spent my tax money on. As a voting citizen I am not very pleased. Love Park looks terrible the minimalist Design of the original architect is covered over by a cheep set of benches, a couple scattered grass patches, and a handful of shabby planters that look as though they were purchased at a local hardware store and thrown in place, rather than custom built from granite. Love Park is famous all around the world, not because of William Penn or Benjamin Franklin, but because of a time period and a place that is now lost. It is up to the city of Philadelphia to embrace the skateboarding community as if it were any other sport and make love park the capital of all skateboarding spots, that will one day be cherished as much as independence hall.
Joseph Salotti, north east [09-08-2003]

I think that skateboarding has become a more recognized sport for not just kids but professionals, so why cant the city recognize it. It seems last year when the city was making big bucks from the x-games it was OK to skate board. I was surprised when I took the kids to see it, how truly professional everyone was. They didn't seem to be the renegades described by the city. Now that the x-games are gone the city has not encouraged skateboarding, but instead spit in the face of today's true-life superheroes.
bill smith, philadelphia PA [09-08-2003]

im goin to LOVE to skate now...theres no stopping skateboarding
D D'Addario, philly, PA [09-08-2003]

harry metz, 910 bent lane erdenheim, PA [09-08-2003]

Free Love Park
Fraser Cameron, British Columbia [09-08-2003]

Seth Dowdell, yardley, pennsylvania [09-08-2003]

free love
jordan [09-08-2003]

Matt Pierce, Smithfield, Virginia [09-08-2003]

i think the mayor of philly should allow skaters to skate love park. when me and my friends visited it was so amazing. we were finally visiting one of the most famous skate spots in the world. a spot where almost every pro or am has been. even non sponsered skaters go there. it gives you a chance to progress. when you land a trick at love park it gives you a feeling of accomplishment. knowing that you are doing tricks pros have done, in spots that pros have skated. what apalls me is that fact that...when your skating at love, the citizens of the town or the local tourists watch you in astonishment. they dont care that you are skating. they cheer you on and give you some kind of motivation. they are respectable of your space needed to pull a sick trick. and all the skaters there when i visited were also respectable of the bystanders space. not getting in their way. and none of us were disrespectful. another thing i hate is that everyone thinks that all skaters do drugs. well if we werent allowed to skate anywhere thats probably what we all would be doing. becoming potheads and selling and smoking illegal drugs. but all we want to do is skate. and skate we will. whether love park is free or not.
mike paronto, odenton, maryland, usa [09-08-2003]

kurt licence, arizona [09-08-2003]

Dude, I want LOVE park to be reopened so bad. Thanx, Adam
Adam F. Norris, Clyde,NC [09-08-2003]

always that i remember USA remember love park
Julian gaviria, Colombia [09-08-2003]

i think it's dumb to have cops crack down on skate boarders. skate boarding is being free!
RichardMikeyKetlo, fraser lake/B.C/canada [09-07-2003]

Lisa, canada [09-07-2003]

I'm curently finishing my last year in high school and wish to travel to LOVE park and skateboard there, i have heard so much and have seen so many videos and pictures about the place and it looks amazing. FREE LOVE PARK AND MAY IT REST IN PEACE.... Jeremy Boyd Student
Jeremy Boyd, Toronto, Canada [09-07-2003]

sup? lol lata!
Courtney a.k.a ºşəЖЎº, Calgary, Chestermere [09-07-2003]

Nicky Michaylov, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [09-07-2003]

mike tremblett, toronto, ontario, canada [09-07-2003]

Free Love Park.
Thomas Berry, St. Thomas Ontario, Canada [09-07-2003]

I believe it would be a positive step towards promoting open-mindedness and the embracing of our youth and culture. It seems that in most European countries they encourage and promote new and creative ideas and I believe there is a direct correlation to the lower crime rates and violence. It is when we supress the minds of our youth they become despondent and will go to great lengths to get what they want whether it is detrimental to themselves or others.
Michael Mancini, Orlando, Fla. [09-07-2003]

Ever since I started skateboarding LOVE park has been an image in my mind of what skateboarding is all about, a perferct spot in the perfect city with all the perfect people. But then when I found out LOVE had been torn apart and skating had been baned I was at a loose. Even though I had never been there I still felt as if a part of myself had been stolen away. Stolen by a group of hipocritical government officials with no clue what LOVE had brought to their city. The reopening of LOVE park would be a monumental step toward the acceptance of skateboarding in the world today and would secure a future visit from me and many more to the great city of Philadelphia. FREE LOVE!
Nick Sturm, Stow, OHIO [09-07-2003]

Let them skate da park...don't close it down!thats f**king bullshi*
Kayla, Liberty Township,OH [09-07-2003]

LOVE Park was such a big part of skateboarding and should be brought back!
Chris Kaetzel, Loveland, Ohio [09-07-2003]

Love park is where I learned mostly everything I know about skateboarding. It is a great place for skaters to go and learn from each other. Open it back up before we open it on our own!
Justin Kramer, Mullica Hill NJ [09-07-2003]

I moved to Philadelhia when I was 15 and fell in love with the City. My 19 year old is a student at Penn. My 16 year old is an avid Skateboarder -- both are A students who do not do drugs or alcohol. Why ruin such a good thing. Bring back Love Park.
Margaret McFarland, Takoma Park, MD [09-07-2003]

Though I have never been there, I know what a precious spot it is. Skateparks just dont match up. Skateparks cater to people who like ramps and transitions, but LOVE Park is the prime for street skaters, who enjoy going anywhere and finding a nice ledge. My brother now attends college in Philly and I was looking forward to sessioning.. but it looks like that won't happen :( FREE LOVE PARK!
Zachary Benton, Washington, D.C. [09-06-2003]

free love park...mayor john street ruined a great thing...he killed philadelphia love park
ian pearce, berwyn pa usa [09-06-2003]

I "love" to skate and have seen a lot of great fotage at love and wish they would free it
Dane Federer, AZ tempe usa [09-06-2003]

I have never skated at LOVE PARK but from what i have seen of it in magazines and skate vidios its looks like a perfect skate spot. I think that if they let people skate there at one time why all of the sudden are you going to take that away from them its not there fault. I would love to skate there one day but i doubt that will ever happen i think its wrong to close LOVE PARK.REOPEN LOVE!
j wood, Albemarle, NC [09-06-2003]

Let them skate!
Rich Kiker, Quakertown, PA [09-06-2003]

give em the right to skate in da park
tracy, uk [09-06-2003]

bring it back
nick pittroff, cincinnati [09-06-2003]

Vlad chimson [09-06-2003]

I think it's f* bulls* about colsing down the love park. Why dont those pigs go catch petefiles, or gangbangers or something. Let us skate u f* pigs, when u dont with ur golden showers maybe you would reconsider u f* fat a*.
George Killer, Toronto, Ontario [09-06-2003]

Love park without a doubt should be re-opened, and be allowed to skate. As one of the world best skate spots many peoples dreams have been crused due to this rational decision.
George Karatigin, Toronto, Ontario [09-06-2003]

It was a sick park and everyone knows that X games even pakced up and LEFT philly after it closed. I cryed when i heard it closed for my dream of someday skateing it was crushed. i just it does reopen to skaters so someday i will travel out and skate the sic sic park. skate till death Oi!
Mark, il [09-06-2003]

why take love park away it gives us a place to skate and keeps us of philly streets.
Evan Weichert, portdeposit, MD [09-05-2003]

Love is where some of the best boarders come out of. Love is a place for kids to go and not get in trouble for doing something that they love to do. we can't go anywhere to board without getting into trouble. Please let us have Love and keep us kids from getting into trouble.
Kelly [09-05-2003]

fuck cops
john, granite city, il [09-05-2003]

I think ou guys need to let skaters skate love park again.I t wasent hurting anyone or anything so just let them skate!
Ian Muldoon, Louisville, KY [09-05-2003]

That place is awesome. Reopen it!
Nicholas, Louisville [09-05-2003]

I skated love about two years ago.I couldnt beleive what where i was skating at. ALthough i am much better at skating then iw as back then, it was one of the funnest times ive ever had skating. Love was the perfect place for skating. There was no stores or buildings in it that would have the owners hassiling us. It would have been perfect if the cops didnt care. The mayor made a foolish mistake. I used to think he was an ok guy but now i think hes a ignorant bastard. Look how ugly the park is now the trees are like covered in card board boxes! It looks like s* the grass is stupid as s* its just randomly there. IT LOOKS HORRIBLE. Its so obvious that they just rebuilt it so that we couldnt skate it. They didnt give a crap about what it looked like.The skaters are harmless there never harmed anyone. Andim sure the homeless enjoyed watching us. The mayoer is deemd a fool until he rerenovates it to make it skateable! free love park.
Matt Eiraldi, Berwyn PA [09-05-2003]

me and my parents went to philadelphia a few years ago and at once when i saw the LOVE i felt it to the true love for skateboarding lies within that cement on wich we skate we need ot do something about this and instead of making a skatepark lets LOVE park stand and let us tay and grow with it because as skateboarding progresses more into the future more skaters like myself will wnat to feel the love there between skaters
CHASE TIPPIN, collingwood ontario cananda [09-05-2003]

Andy Hoppe, Akron NY [09-05-2003]

free LOVE park. thats all there is to it, or build a free park with similar obstacles as LOVE.
Joe Kostrick, Pittsburgh PA [09-05-2003]

I based a vast amount of my college decision on the sport I love, skateboarding. I currently attend Temple University. Philadelphia seemed like the perfect place for me due to its thriving city atmosphere, good schools, and tremendous skateboard scene. However, with the renovation of Love Park, that once thriving scene is becoming less and less alive and causes college students and others who skateboard to not invest their time, money, and education into the city of Philadelphia. Do us all a favor, Free Love Park so everyone can be happy with Philly instead of just the stupid politicians who run it.
Ranier, Philadelphia, PA [09-05-2003]

I went to Philadelphia two years ago with my dad, mostly to see love park and skate there. We hade a great time. When I later heard that they were shutting down the place I felt bad.
Jens Forsberg, Stockholm, Sweden [09-05-2003]

LOVE is one of the best skate spots in the world. Skaters get more from LOVE than any other group hangin around there. It s disgusting to see it taken away from them like that.
Lui Chen, tokyo, japan [09-05-2003]

man i have nevery heard of phily until i started skateig i saw love park in most video's and made me whant to go just to skate it once in the reason video looking at all those guy's having fun made me wish i was dont close it down i thought this was america the land of the free. open the park stop acitng like we live in a 3rd world contry.
miguel hernandez, long beach ca 90806 [09-05-2003]

Collin Dierolf, Reading,pennsylvania [09-05-2003]

im planning a trip thier for oct 3 it would be great to be able to skate somewhere without pressure from citizens and cops to stop skating i mean were people too and we should have the right to do what we want in public areas you cant close the "public" off to skaters so please give it back
dustin finn, new york [09-05-2003]

Richard Dymond, Bettsville Ohio [09-05-2003]

you cant wreck it, love is legendary, although i have never been there i have been wanting to, a skatepark could never compair to the abliliy to skate in love, street is hard to find, that you can just use and have no one bother you and let you do your thing with out paying an entry fee
Ryan Bennett, wayland, ny [09-05-2003]

Gina Ott, Millersville Maryland [09-05-2003]

I am a huge fan of skateboarding and of active teens. If this park is opened to the skaters again, it will benefit EVERYONE involved. The city would be getting a potential tourist attraction, possible revenue from donations, and may be regarded in higher esteem. The skaters would be stoked to have one of the narliest spots around back again, and may feel more a part of their community because of the history of the park.
michelle morris, santa rosa california [09-05-2003]

i wanna skate love park more than anything when i graduate im going down there to skate so hopefully its there
Kyle Nowlin, canada [09-05-2003]

free love for Bmx and Skateing we all love the paRK AND WANT IT FREED FORM THE CITY
Ray Capati, Philadelphia [09-05-2003]

Love park has been a major part of skateboarding since i started 7 years ago. I always wanted to go there, but never had enough money. Love Park is one of the largest attractions to your city and it's only going to cost you more money without it. If anything, make it a public skatepark, do something with it, just don't take it away.
Jake Sharar, Denton Tx [09-05-2003]

hell yeah reopen it all the legendary skateboarders use to skate there how could they do such a thing by closing the park down so yeah plz re open it sincerely yours kyler mechefske
Kyler Mechefske, Canada northbay ontario [09-05-2003]

i want the love park back for skateboarding cause i want to have a chance to skate it some day. please, thank you
Luke, Lynnwood, WA, USA [09-05-2003]

William E Derouanna, Parkesburg Pa. [09-05-2003]

Open it back up to skating! Where can skaters go besides bad skateparks??
Drew R, Chicago, IL [09-05-2003]

chris young, oak park illinois [09-05-2003]

Let the love stay there....
joseph a marrone jr, Boston MA [09-05-2003]

i never got a chance to skate at love park...all i can say is that i would love to skate at love park. FREE LOVE PARK
Matt Fahey, berwyn, pennsylvania, usa [09-05-2003]

King hard [09-05-2003]

steve croteau, brooklyn, ny [09-05-2003]

To lose a pulic meeting place and a most enjoyed plot of land by the masses, is the result of a corrupt and denial government. To rise up and defeat this foe will be the only way to get the park back! Give us the park back, or suffer the consequences of street skating and sidewalk grinding! The youth, and young at heart, band together to this great goal. Represent us correctly, or be remembered as a malignent representative of the common peoples.
Lawrence M. Stroup, Indiana [09-05-2003]

what happend to the rally at love park, it was takin off the site..does this mean its not gonna happen?? please contact me
BRANDON, ambler pa [09-05-2003]

tim herne, wenburg nc [09-04-2003]

LOVE is a great place to skate and its amazing that today, after all those years of use, its now an "issue". There is definitely a middle ground that can be reached to keep LOVE open to skaters. It used to be that if you go to philly, you HAD to stop at LOVE(and usually stayed)
Curtis Kozielec, de [09-04-2003]

Mike Skigen, Denver, Colorado [09-04-2003]

let skaters use the park it is already ruined
eric, atlanta,ga [09-04-2003]

free love park
jim gable, chagrin falls, OH [09-04-2003]

Ashley, Waverly, OH [09-04-2003]

Been to Love Park, not to skate but when I was in Philly and it is perfect for skateboarding. I hope to skate there one day but that's not up to me. Free Love Park!
Patrick Biebel, Audubon,PA [09-04-2003]

Keep the skaters in the park. They are as "Philly" as the cheesesteak!
Erik Mitchell, Philadelphia, PA [09-04-2003]

Erin Mosura, Orlando, FL [09-04-2003]

man ive heard how awesome love park is,ive been wanting to skate there,but ya had to close it down.ya need to FREE LOVE!
david, garland,texas [09-04-2003]

love park is a historic place for skateboarders too and having the place skatable and working with the skaters could greatly boost tourism and or publicity.
Andrew Molnar, West Bloomfield Michigan, united states of america [09-04-2003]

We're all entitled pursuit of happiness, and skateboarding is our pursuit of happiness, and shutting down LOVE is interrupting hundreds, maybe thousands of people from pursuing happiness.
James, Cinci Ohio [09-04-2003]

i went to that citi and i went to love park i think you should give love park to skaters i did a dark slide on a ledge and a cop took my board away i want it back
mike, i live in canda ontario [09-04-2003]

free love park !
matt charbonneau, ontario,canada [09-04-2003]

Ben Marshall, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey [09-04-2003]

I always wanted to visit love park because it looked like a very cool place to hang out with a lot of meaning behind it. i myself skate, and it would be my dream to one day roll around on where so many pro's have been. Plus the majority of skateboarders brings in a lot of Money to local businesses, so please, for all that is good, Free Love park and make it a fun filled place that it once was.
Brandon Miller, Altadena, California [09-04-2003]

Eric Hood, Thousand Oaks, CA [09-04-2003]

skateboard for love
andrew bates, parksville british colubia canada [09-04-2003]

love park is a great place to skate and here is no reason it should not be reopend for skateboard use.
Jackson, San Francisco, CA [09-04-2003]

It's kinda s* having so many skate spots and not being able to use them for a while cuz ull get into s*. A Skate spot that u can go to all the time is kinda nice, cuz it gets gay going to the same spot every time. Theres more and more skaters now and We need more skate spots. Open Love park back up, to keep skaters wanting to skate, cuz most are getting in trouble, and all they are doing is skating. OPEN LOVE PARK BACK UP!
Courtney, West Chester,Ohio [09-04-2003]

danny, west chester oh [09-04-2003]

Love park is an awesome place to skate and i think it should be open two whoever wants to be there
Alex, Bensalem [09-04-2003]

Alex Misenko, Bensalem [09-04-2003]

One love TO LOVE park and all those relentlessly fighting to get it back SKATE OR DIE
Chris Commodari, Kennett Square,PA [09-04-2003]

Casey, las vegas nv [09-04-2003]

mike taher, Nj [09-04-2003]

Free LOVE Park!
Emma, u.s.a [09-04-2003]

joseph ruggiero, hampton bays, new york [09-04-2003]

bring love park back!
Brian Svully, Sickerlville NJ [09-04-2003]

jaclyn deluca, philladelphia, pa [09-04-2003]

free love park!
brian mcmanus, philadlephia pennsylvania [09-04-2003]

i want you to open love park cause y'all dont know what its like to have something that you love closed down
suzie [09-04-2003]

let love park open again- its stupid to ever even THINK about closing it in the first place do us all a favor....and just open it
amanda, usa [09-04-2003]

FREE LOVE, whatup bill orsi i wanna skate love, so does the whole city of albany
nolan fedorow, albany, ny [09-04-2003]

I think everyone should be able to skate there becuase its a great park
kyle, bensalem, pennsylvania [09-04-2003]

Ever since I started skateboaring in the 8th grade I have wanted to skate LOVE. The first video I saw LOVE in was CKY2K. That was one of the first vids I ever saw. I always wanted to hit that ramp Kerry Getz did and manual the whole ledge. Now I'd have to pay a huge fine just do skate a place I've always dreamed of for probably 2 min. I think closing LOVE is a big mistake and the government should realize that they blew it.
Steve Dolmage, Rochester Hills, MI [09-04-2003]

drew wise, milford ohio [09-04-2003]

free love park
Ami, ny [09-04-2003]

Every Year A new soccer feild is opened for soccer players a foot ball feild is made for foot ball players a skate park is made for park and vert skaters but we wont love park back because it was one of a kind and there is never a spot that is street that we can skate at if this park was re opened the would be less damage done to places where there are malls Buissnesses and other place we shouldnt skate
Alan, Millburn N.J [09-04-2003]

WHY? Seriously, what was so wrong with kids having fun, not interrupting anyone, not causing trouble, and just having fun as a group amisdt teh inner-city choas around them? YOU SHUIT IT DOWN. You (the city of Philadelphia) left these kids no outside spot to skate where friends could gather with a common interest and where we could meet new people. Now there are spots which we get yelled at for skateboarding and that just gives skateboarders and even worse representation of themselves, but where else can we go?? Parks?? of course maybe IF THEY WERE FREE! Ive been skateboarding for 3 years and all i know is that LOVE Park was the greatest place to hangout, skate, and have an awesome time with friends. Sure i understand the ledges were waxed and black and torn apart, but people got used to it for i dont even know how many years, and then suddenly out of nowhere you decide to close it! its just really sad and you really need to re-open the place of fun for all skateboarders and kids from all around, w/e i hope this letter makes a difference, and if it doesnt, well this still wasnt done in vain, please re-open Love Park
Eric, Berwyn, PA [09-04-2003]

let us skateboarders use the park, if we skate in the streets, we get kicked out and have the cops called on us, if u let us use this park, the everyone will be happy, skateboarders and skate-haters
ricardo, philadelphia, PA [09-04-2003]

If its name is LOVE Park then why cant you guys share a little love with the skateboarders if u cannot then why did you name it that....????
Michael Whitaker (agian), Cincinnati,ohio [09-04-2003]

if u free love park my nickname big kank wont be here nemore unless i can go to love to skate it get hurt and have the big kank
Big kank [09-04-2003]

let us skate!
justin johnson, canton illinois [09-04-2003]

Why would you ruin something is keeping kids out of the real trouble in life. Those aren't the pricks stealing stuff, or breaking into places. Banning skateboarding from there is the same as banning a kid from throwing a football, you have the same concept. So by just throwing away a place for them to skate you are further incouraging them to do stupid crap, when you could be helping. I don't live in Philly nor do I skate, but all my freinds plan there vacations around going there and to let them not skate it is like planning a vacation to the ocean and not being able to swim in it. Personally I think it's very stupid to take away something to them and fine them for skating when they are doing nothing to harm you or the place, but doing what they love. And part of your citys known for that park, maybe not by older people, but I know mass skaters whom dream of going to that park and skating it, so maybe instead of being rediculous and taking away a spot for them to skate you could encourage it, and encourage them to be doing something right, instead of inflicking the idea in there heads that what they are doing is wrong, because I don't know about you but I'd rahter have thousands of people skate at a park, a public place, in which they should be able to use, than have them doing something tahts truely illegal and hurts your city. So stop being stupid about the situation and let them do what they love, and try having your "cops" actually enforce something thats harming this world. All in all, you have got to realize that you are making a worng decision when you have people from all over the world, like belgium, telling you to open it back up, so stop being blind and realize you're doing something completely naive here. I know a little bit about the sport, how popular it is, and we believe there is a great market for it in this area. It is a real sport, the people who do it are real athletes and they are very serious. John Street Mayor of Philadelphia ok i got that from your main page, and that guys a real hypocrit, because he is saying they are real althletes but yet taking away what is the equivalent to a stupid tennis court or football feild. He beleives there is a "market" for it, doesn't he realize that skateboarding isn't about the "market" because I know many people who'd rather skate the nearest freee park even if thats 40 minutes away, than go to a park where you have to pay and the park isn't really all that great. If even the architect of the place is saying he wants skateboarders to enjoy it, why should one mayer who isn't gonna be around forever, ruin the fun for thousands of people, now and to come, because even when he isn't the mayer there are still gonna be people who want to skate and because of his dumb decision they willnot be able to. Stop ruining something thats influencing kids to be better people and start taking action on things that will actually affect the people of your city positivly. Your not just effecting your city, your effecting something that unites all kinds of people to one common love, people that can't even speak the same languages have one thing in common, they all love to skate, so stop taking away something that unites people, which if I recall is what america is about, and start focusing on something that will change the peoples lives in a good way, not taking something away from them, in which doens't hurt you one bit but maybe lose some of your tourism,which gives you more money and from your stupid quote about the park, it looks as though that seems to be your goal.alright im really done signing now
amanda, cincinnati, oh [09-04-2003]

Ive always wanted to skate Love so bring it back
James Kerr, Westminster, Co [09-04-2003]

they should re open love becase its a kick ass park
brooks, natick [09-04-2003]

i think they need 2 reopen it ill hammer it when im old enuff 2 drive peace FREE LOVE
ryan m, illinois [09-04-2003]

brittany knapp, 13585 [09-04-2003]

keep love park alive... skateboarding lived for that place... needs to be opened back up...
ryan caster, cincinnati, ohio [09-04-2003]

I really think it is stupid that u guys took away love park from skateboarders.... skateboarding is not a bad thing its not like were killing someone by riding on 4 wheels, ive been skateing for three years now and when i get kicked out of places people treat me like i am an evil person just cause i am having fun doing what i love its not like i am killing someone by skating we are just having fun and do you like taking that away from us? Why take skateboarding away from love park if its a place to have fun at and keep people away from doing other activities that are worse like drugs,alcohol,stealing... please realese LOVE PARK to skateboarders
Michael Whitaker, Cincinnati,Ohio [09-04-2003]

Jon L, West Chester, OH [09-04-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK!, free love park! [09-04-2003]

You should have never shut love park down to skaters. I think its bull s*, what was the point? The word on the streets is that now only bums go there and sleep. I came up from Fl,to philly. I heard you couldnt skate love park any more. I was pissed. Once again I think its bull s* that you cant skate there, it was like a legend, now its gone, and should be back. I have heard some people skating there, and they have been aressted and got huge fines for just being there on a skateboard, its f* retarted. Just re-open back to the skaters, NO ONE else even wants to go there, only dirty bums. LOVEPARK R.I.P.
Daniel, Jensen Beach Fl, [09-04-2003] homepage

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