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August 7-30, 2003

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if you open love park back up, then skateboarders will not skate at businesses as much, they will be skating there
Ben Gear, middletown, OH 45044 USA [08-30-2003]

I think that skateboarders feel they have a lot of freedom. They ruin parks and make the parks unsafe and un-enjoyable.
Natasha White, Orange,California [08-30-2003]

As a skateboarder growing up in the 90's every good skate video was based at some point in Love Park. Half of the lure of the park was the fact it was located in the middle of a bustling city, a city which appeared for those not from it, as an oasis, a place in which skateboarders were not chased away or berated by other users of the park. As an aspiring architect and city planner(in my second year of a graduate program, working on my thesis) Love Park could truly be one of the trailblazing urban parks, welcoming its youth, rather than alienating them. As far as destruction of property goes, there are several ways to counteract that and even prevent damage while still encouraging skating. Even though I may be a professional adult by societal standards I will keep skateboarding until i no longer m physically capable of doing so and i would of course like to skate Love my next time in Philadelphia regardless of the $300 fine.
Michael J Wall, Chicago, IL [08-30-2003]

I think not sk8in the love park is crap because ITS SO0o0o beautyful 2 sk8
Skylar Hoffman, West Milton PA USA [08-30-2003]

Skaterz have been there for a long time. If someone buys it from the city they could just leave it as it is or improve it and make money off of it.Live to Skate, Skate to Die!
Alex Herrera, Fort Worth, TX. [08-30-2003]

josh mallory, phialdelpiha [08-30-2003]

Brian Newton, Cincinnati [08-30-2003]

I went there to go skate LOVE Park. It took me two hours and it was tore down. I was pissed! I had to go right back home. I think it should be open to all skaters.
Josh Kimmerle, Baltimore, Maryland [08-30-2003]

I was born in Philly and grew up traveling over frm Jersey to skate Love. It saved my life. While other kids were out experimenting with drugs and booze and such, knowing something was always going down at Love worth seeing, I stuck with skating. Love forever!
Adam Canfield, San Diego, CA [08-30-2003]

i have not sk8ed love park yet and some day i hope i wioll what ive seen in skateboard videos and magazines,love park seems to be the most atmoshperic place to love...
nick siridis, bournemouth,england,u.k. [08-30-2003]

skateboarding is an art form just like love park is an art form, its a shame that the city is so unwilling to support skateboarding while holding an extreme sports contests in the city
Adrian Haas-Heye, west windsor nj [08-30-2003]

come on man dont shut the love down that place is was were i learned how to sk8 board that were i meet my first girl friend and when my parnt would piss me off that were i would go to get away from every thing so pleas for the sake of philly dont shut it down
dustin campbell, olathe ks usa [08-30-2003]

if u dont let skateboarders skate at love they going to skate somewhere else.who are we hurting if we skate there. love bring every 1 together in a peaceful way
J.S., lowhill pennsylvania [08-30-2003]

Zak Robinson [08-30-2003]

free love park!
joe warner, west deptford nj [08-30-2003]

i think i mightve already signed this, but im not sure. anyways, bring back LOVE. that was my main reason for making the move.
Keaton Macon, San Bernardino, CA [08-29-2003]

Love Park is an amazing cultural phenomenon. The way it brings the youth together in such a positive way is unheard of. This shouldn't even be an issue, the youth of the world needs Love Park to skateboard.
Matt Selego, Tampa, FL [08-29-2003]

LOVE is more than just a place, LOVE is a sanctuary, even here in atlanta people know about love park. love is a piece of our history, and history cant be replaced.
matthew reeves, Atlanta, Georgia [08-29-2003]

sick man we're the public, we should get to skate there. that wuld be the s* DUDE
Michael, new york [08-29-2003]

phillip engle, kennebunk maine [08-28-2003]

Ben G., new york, new york [08-28-2003]

sergio brizio gonsalez [08-28-2003]

I have to pee.
Ian Page, Erie, PA [08-28-2003]

I've gona all the way to philly to skate Love and I want to do it again.
Nate Matheson, London Ontario [08-28-2003]

Jerrica Misiakowski, Westampton, New Jersey, USA [08-28-2003]

C'mon guys, you can't take Love Park that's where some of the best skaters in the world go to show me a thing or two. Where's the love?
Sean Chavez, Phoenix, Arizona 85009 [08-28-2003]

Kevin, Shawano, Wisconsin, US [08-28-2003]

Free Love Park.
Brad, Philadelphia [08-28-2003]

All i want is to skate.
Billy McGovern, ny [08-28-2003]

it is not as good as it used to be
mino, huntsville al usa [08-28-2003]

Jason Morrell, Atlanta, Georgia [08-28-2003]

miriam, philadelphia, pa [08-28-2003]

i grew up watching love park in skatevideos and in magazines. it seemed to a mecca for skateboarding and provided a spawning ground for amazing professionals. My friends and i hoped to one day venture over to that neck of the woods but were shot down when the city ruined such a beautiful place.
JIM O'BRIEN, Redmond, Washington, USA [08-28-2003]

All I can say is that in my 13 years of skating, I have never seen such a stupid decision come from a city, except for maybe turning the Brooklyn Banks into a parking lot.....
Jamie, nj [08-28-2003]

i went to love park and skated for 20 minutes and got a warning from a cop for skateboarding there. It was awsome to skate there.My mom took me there for vacation cause i wanted to go so bad and i went to the nocturnal skate shop and the elite skateshop.And it was the greatest summer of my life! f* the mayor for banning skateboarding FREE LOVE PARK!
chris jones, fillmore,n.y. [08-28-2003]

Free Love Park, R.T.F.
Theo Raedschelders, Maaseik, Limburg, Belgium [08-28-2003]

Free love park! Nothing else to say...
Sven Schlager, Rastatt/Germany [08-28-2003]

skateboarders today do not want to be fenced in in some extremo gomer x-park. they want the real thing. we are constantly being told where and what to skate, getting harassed and paying fines for doing what we love. let the skaters have one victory, bring back love park.
james highers, new orleans, la [08-27-2003]

free love suckas!
David Bradburn [08-27-2003]

Nick Pierson, usa [08-27-2003]

Love Park was a skateboarding epicenter. Without it, you would more then likely not have so many talented pros and there most certainly not be as many skateboarders. And because of the City of Philadelphia's decision to renovate the area and ban skateboarding, you are taking away a part of skateboarding's history, and Philadelphia's. Free Love Park.
Ryan McGovern, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada [08-27-2003]

Elias Lichtenstein, Westford VT [08-27-2003]

if the city cares about there youth they should let them skate there
bob, u.s.a [08-27-2003]

love for skaters, skaters for love
george stanford, philly [08-27-2003]

I have visited Philly many times and watched kids rip up Love Park and City Hall, but I never brought my board. Since the closure of Love I feel like an idiot for not bringing my wheels along. However I plan to move to Philly soon and to be able to skate Love would be a dream come true. Thank you for what you are trying to accomplish, hopefully it will work.
Thomas Flowe, Newport News, Virginia [08-27-2003]

Nick Quigley, Canton, MA [08-27-2003]

skating is not a sport its a way of life, people thing they can stop us skatin the streeets by building skateparks they dont know that we can never be taken off the streets because street skating is what started all this and it be with us till the end... LO VE
kevin flagler, horsham pa [08-27-2003]

Love Park is an ideal skatepark
Sheldon Tefft, Wilmington, NC [08-27-2003]

Amber, center valley, pa [08-27-2003]

Paul Gonella, United Kingdom [08-27-2003]

i dont see why we cant skate a natural skate spot that is world renound when the designer that built it wanted us to use it so us skateboarders use it the best way we can. dont take love away for good. not many people actually use it anyway.
keith sickler, alloway n.j. [08-27-2003]

People all over the world come and skate there. It shouldn't dissapear.
Bart Vergauwe, 8480 Eernegem, Belgium [08-27-2003]

found it hard to physically go there, but it was on my top ten list in life. God bless Love! when the grown ups (cops) respect the kids, the kids will have a better example to follow. catch my drift???
evan kuzava, littleton CO 80120 [08-26-2003]

ya i want a park for boards only
Frank, lansing illinois [08-26-2003]

Colin Moran, Collingswood, NJ [08-26-2003]

love park rules!
shawn fanning, Philadelphia PA [08-26-2003]

Skateboarders make love park what it is.
mike t., helena,al [08-26-2003]

LOVE is one of th emost famous spots ever, its knowen world wide, takeing it away would be like how we got the world trade center taken from us, dont be a terrorist support skateboarding.
chris foster, las vegas, nevada [08-26-2003]

y the hell shud we get a 75 doller fine for just sk8ing
jack, delran [08-26-2003]

love park has been the best spot round,cabt find neother like it, LOVE park for life
jason roman, clementon,new jersey [08-26-2003]

Where Is The Love YO!
josh knack, MIchigan [08-26-2003]

i love philadelphia like the next guy . . . but the city needs to stop shooting its feet. i can't imagine that it has many left . . .
Carlos Garcia, Wayne, PA [08-26-2003]

Hey PLEASE FREE LOVE PARK!This park has to be one of the biggest things in skateboarding.When the city shut down love it was a very depressing time for us skateboarders.If it's called Love Park wheres the love for us skateboarders.More skateboarders go there than tourists for all over the world.Now that we have no place to skate we have to skate at skateparks that aren't so great and rip you off.SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME!We need to skateboard there this is a job for people!
Evan [08-26-2003]

Doug Arno, Carthage, NC, USA [08-26-2003]

ummmmm.. EXCUSE ME! yes you! WHY cant people skate at love park? i mean really?!?! who cares? for what reason are you not allowing people to skate??? i have a lot of friends who skate and um yea they should be allowed to skate wherever they want without being chased away by the cops.... i mean i could understand if its like a safety hazard or something, but is it?....I DONT THINK SO! just let people be themselves and do whatever they want! you government people should be open towards other peoples opinions so stop being against people who skate they dont bother you! FREE LOVE PARK!
MEGHAN!!!!!!!, philadelphia [08-26-2003]

u cannot do this i no where u people live i'm planing to visit u during ur sleep hope u don't sleep right at night cause i'm comin
brian, 5054 hunters ct. south bensaelm pa,19020 [08-26-2003]

free love park!it was one of the best spots for me to ride
Mike, Bensalem,PA 19020 USA [08-26-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK.. why did u close it down anyway? i mean i dont skateboard but a lot of my friends do and im doing what i can to help and the park is kool too who knows i may learn how to board and stuff and i would love to skate there and i've been there with my friends just to hang as they skated u need to free it!
lauren, Bensalem [08-26-2003]

ive been sakting for about 4 years n ive skate at love a bunch of times... theres soo many pro's that visit there just to skate and little kids that just start can ask them questions and stuff and to get inspired like me.
anonymos, philadelphia PA [08-26-2003]

You should free love park becuse it is the most famous skatepark around i was going to skate there but theyu closed it down I want love park to be open for all skaters with out cops cursing you off and chasing you out!
joe, pennsylvania [08-26-2003]

I've never skated in LOVE park but from a bunch of people I hear it's awsome the y should definetly reopen it because half the time people were there to skate or watch people skate not eat lunch so open LOVE park again
Kathleen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Untied States of America [08-26-2003]

Before Love Park had become all skateproof and stuff, everyone who skated there had a good time. I also have skated there, and I miss that park. Now the park is completely ruined for no good reason. FREE LOVE PARK!
Steven Cosgrove, Port Jefferson Station,NY [08-26-2003]

Chelsea, Usa [08-26-2003]

even know i live 5 hours away from love park i believe it should be free to sk8ers. there is no reason why it should be banned from sk8ers. No one really does anything at love park besides sk8ing. anyway the place is called LOVE PARK, why cant you show love for sk8ers who just want to sk8 somewhere. any way if sk8ers were aloud to sk8 there, they wouldnt be rouming the other streets of philly and they wouldnt be pising off other people sk8ing at other plazas where sk8ing is banned because they would be sk8ing at love park where sk8ing would be aloud. it would be a beautuful thing love, juke
juke, orange county new york [08-26-2003]

im sick of getting tickets for skating FREE LOVE PARK give it back to us!
James Harris, abington Pa [08-25-2003]

it was obvious that when the city took away love park from skateboarders they had no idea how big this place was in the world of skating. so now that they are being educated on this i think they should re-think their decision about taking away Love Park from the group that appreciated it the most.
Billy Dresher, buffalo, ny [08-25-2003]

I think that it should be legal because of the fact that niw all thw skaters will have some where to go to skate in philly.
chris raimonte, auburn, NY [08-25-2003]

skaters should definatley be allowed to skate love park
cory ferraraccio, auburn, new york [08-25-2003]

I find it very depressing that the park's architect 92 year old Edmund Bacon has openly protested against the deconstruction of Love Park yet his cries and the thousands of others that mirror his have gone unheard by the governing bodies in Philadelphia. Love Park was created to promote tolerance and positivity and those ideals have been ripped up and discarded just as the concrete that was used in the park. This is a wonderful petition and I support it whole-heartedly.
Marco Braunschweiler, Omaha, Nebraska [08-25-2003]

nicholas sample, fort worth texas [08-25-2003]

Never skated it.Dont matter really.The fact that LOVE is gone is enough to upset any skateboarder.Its become a part of our lives.Watching the AWS make love to it in PHOTOSYNTHESIS.Seeing BAM and his crew f* around there in CKY2K.Cathing glimpses of it in HEAVYMETEL.LOVEs been in 99% of skate videos! F* man, I'm so f*ing sick of these citys trying to snuff out all these skaters!LOVEs been made another statistic of america's quest to limit all skating to skateparks only.Well, F* These Skateparks, and F* The City Ordinance! Keep Skateboarding where it belongs! IN THE STREETS! skate or die.
Rex Nichols, Daytona Beach,FL [08-25-2003]

love park brings much business to the surrounding stores and is a tourist attaraction for skateboarders. It would be a crime to not protest. this ban is ridiculous.
kyle lubbe, newtown PA [08-25-2003]

Please free Love Park, I have only been skating for a year but, everyone has been telling me how fun it is to skate there. I feel deprived, and feel as though my civil rights have been taken away.
Rich, Westmont, NJ [08-25-2003]

skateboard. love. philly.
josh kohn, philly [08-25-2003]

Andrew Jeffery, Clifton Springs New York [08-25-2003]

Free love park! Its pathetic how city officails can take away a peice of skateboarding history! We will always find differant spots to skate so why cant they just allow it instead of sayin well skaters ruin s* cuz we dont...its notta place for families to enjoy....who wud enjoy sitting on dirty concrete anyway? the only reason they took it away is to try to stop skateboarding........f* them!
Ryan Kilmartin, Bethel,Ct [08-25-2003]

kids need to have somewhere to go to get away drugs and stay off the streets away from crime. skaters never hurt anyone. its a sport that a lot of kids enjoy and i'd rather see them doing that then burning down churches and all the other horrible things adults think we do.
joseph maniscalco, auburn, ny [08-25-2003]

I skated love park once, its a world wide known skate spot recenised by skateboarders all over the world. This is like taking away candy from a little kid. FREE LOVE PARK!
Pat Phillips, phelps NY [08-25-2003]

Brandon Avola, ambler, pa [08-25-2003]

Since i was a f*ing little kid ive wanted to skate Love bring it back u a*holes.
James Kerr [08-25-2003]

I've never been, and will never be to LOVE, but it's a wonderful skate spot and all the skateboarders in the area would be lucky to skate it again
Travis Bailey, Dallas, TX [08-25-2003]

let bTa skate!
*D*, the burn [08-25-2003]

Derek horwath, davis, CA [08-25-2003]

free the g* d* park you bunch of f* wads!
Derek sprouse, roanoke va [08-25-2003]

I'm a skateborder for two years (I'm 13). I love this place (but I never have been there. There is special magic in LOVE park becouse skaters from ol Philadelphia meet here & skate. This place is teriffic! Don't steal LOVE Park! It's our home, home of skateboarders!:) Soryy for my English,- I'm just learning it from 3 years. Doom
Dominique Wyka (from poland), Muszyna, Poland [08-23-2003]

Skateboarding is not a crime, free love park =)
Aaron Righter, Grenloch, NJ [08-23-2003]

Skateboarders should be welcome at love park, we are using the park, and having lots of fun. It's harmless.
Jimmy McDonald, Bethesda, Maryland [08-23-2003]

I have never skated love park and dont want to be deprived the oppurtunity. Street, the uncultured idiot that he is is trying to take away the greatest sport known to man, by taking away a park that defines philadelphia as a skating mecca. We have thousands of playgrounds, but only one real skatepark, fdr. screw street let me skate and my brethren. Skating is life man and it is not only a sport it is a culture. So skaters, vote katz! FREE LOVE PARK!
matt, philly [08-23-2003]

I agree Free Love Park!
Courtney Stitzman, Philadelphia [08-22-2003]

Love park is real skateboarding keep it that way.
Tito, Orlando, Florida [08-22-2003]

i think skaters should be free to skate at love park
Seth Trump, Millville,PA [08-22-2003]

Craig Evans, Arlington,VT [08-22-2003]

free love park
Bobby Brazen, White Lake, Mi [08-22-2003]

Love park should allow skateboarders to try and keep kids in one place and not all over the city standing on street corners and doing drugs. This could be a good thing for the people of philadelphia because it will keep more kids off the street and keep them occupied by doing something most of us love to do.
Cody Higgins, Williamstown New Jersey United States of America [08-22-2003]

jackie spillane, delran,nj [08-21-2003]

love park is for everyone including the skateboarders.
matt spillane, delran,nj [08-21-2003]

where else can good skaters, the not so good skaters and the pros all reunite?
amanda luehrs, ohio [08-21-2003]

yo man, free love park, it offers skaters a park to use so if for no other reason that! yea bod bod!
Ian *hak hak hakaka* simmonds, united kingdom [08-21-2003]

Ive never had the pleasure to skate love park.I see it in almost every video and every magizine.It had everything.Ledges and stairs.All in one location.I was planning a trip to this "Skateboard Mecca" of sorts with a bunch of my friends.we were gonna be able to skate the place where we all saw the pros skating.Then we heard it got shut down.So we cancelled out trip.It really sucks that theve taken this from the skaters.i only wish i had the pleasure of skating it.LOVE PARK R.I.P.
Seth Gaffney, New london,Connecticut [08-21-2003]

Billy Garrison, Winder, GA, USA [08-21-2003]

free love park now!
phillip, Canada [08-21-2003]

Free LOVE Park John Street or you won't get my vote!
Robert Baldry, Philadelphia, PA [08-21-2003]

love park is amazing
Mark Paterson, aberdeen, Scotland [08-21-2003]

I think that this is absurd. Why would anyone in the right state of mind be against something that so many people are passionate about? Skaters coming up with ideas to preserve the park shows that all they want is to help LOVE and do what is right. Obviously Mayor Street has something against people that choose to skateboard, which is something I'm sure he has no idea about. Hopefully this will be re-considered, and everyone can get along, skate, and have fun. Why be against something that is just for pure fun? No violence, no abuse, just recreation... I think it's also downright embarassing that the few political figures against this (as shown) idea, are the minority.
Brad Fickeisen, Northport, NY [08-21-2003]

I am in full support of trying to free LOVE park. It was a great thing for skateboarding. Statistics show repeatedly that the majority of reidents in Philadelphia are in support of skateboarding in LOVE park and do not mind it. I wish the very best of luck to liberating LOVE park. If there is anything I can do to help in this act, I will be there.
Tim Fickeisen, Long Island, NY [08-21-2003]

Share the LOVE. Skateboarding sure does!
Andy Owens, Burlington, Ontario, Canada [08-21-2003]

What the F* is the big deal with skating? We get treated like criminals when all were doing is tryin to stay out of trouble! What the F*! What is it that you see us having fun and you have to block it off from us so we will go and do something else like drugs and s* like that? You people spend all this time trying to figure out why teens do drugs and get in trouble. Why dont you f*in look right in front of you and see that were not doing anything wrong and it's def. not worthy of a 100 dollar ticket. You arent setting a very good tone for us growing up you stupid bastards. Just f* off and let us skate.
Rob Feeley, Natick, Ma [08-21-2003]

Ken Hoyle, Harker Heights, Texas [08-21-2003]

Kris Richardson, spencer WV [08-21-2003]

save love park for the skaters!
sarah purcell, philadelphia, pa [08-21-2003]

Lisa Petitte, Collingswood NJ [08-21-2003]

Love was amazing. So many tricks and runs were filmed there. It is the biggest loss to skateboarding as we have it now. RIP Love Park
William Holt, Bishop Stortford,Herts,England [08-21-2003]

keep love park going!
jackie, nj [08-21-2003]

there aint no love in the heart of the city :-(
Javier, Pennsauken, NJ [08-21-2003]

Love Park is a historical monument to skateboarding. Freeing Love Park with regulations would be an ideal thing to do. It could bring revenue to the area and people from all over (including Japan)would come to see it and skate it. FREE LOVE PARK!
Merrill Slepica, Yokota AB, Japan [08-20-2003]

Skatebarding Is Not a Crime and everone knoes it love park is 1 of the best knoe place all over the world you can use the visitor center to sell love park hats, shirts, wrist bands, etc. Me and my friends got arested a few months ago for skating at a barbra shop, but the owner of the parkin lot said we coud skate their we told the barbra and the cop he told us we could skate there but he ddnt belive us.and we dont feel lik paying to get in a place to skate so we go to philly to skate and we always get chased so please thimk about doing something good for a change please.
Robet Fizmaurice, Runnemede,NJ 08078 United States [08-20-2003]

kristen toppi, new jersey [08-20-2003]

i think love should be open to skaters we need sum place to hang out at.
thom ping, rockford il united states [08-20-2003]

please open LOVE again, i have been wanting to visit it for the longest time now.
alex pennachcia, usa [08-20-2003]

Breakfast Skateboards @
Ryan Battle, Albany, New York [08-20-2003]

curt sharp [08-20-2003]

Sk8ing is not a crime! Sk8ers have rights too. Its an art, Lovepark should embrace it!
Jen, Bensalem, PA USA [08-20-2003]

Free love park its the tightest place to skate in america and if it stays shut down its gonna make some other places look bad because us skaters wont have anywhere else to go. I live in Nebraska and theres not many skate parks here and if we skate somewhere else we get tickets and in big trouble with our parents. Ive only been to love park 2 times but it was cooler than any other spot in omaha.
Gabe, Omaha NE [08-20-2003]

Jon Rabe, Papillion, Nebraska [08-20-2003]

Eric Sazer, Philadelphia, PA [08-20-2003]

albert bancroft, delran nj [08-20-2003]

LOVE park was built for everyone to enjoy, encluding skaters. The city needs to come together so we can reopen it.
sean, delran,nj [08-20-2003]

mike, delran,nj [08-20-2003]

the people that are taking away love park are all dream crushers
amanda, ohio [08-20-2003]

I always wanted to skate love and now i cant. im outraged that the x-games was the last time love was open to skateboarders. i think the mayor is a fink too.
Pete marchio, Omaha Ne [08-20-2003]

Bring it back!
Chris Johnson, Avondale, PA [08-20-2003]

Bring back the skateboarders! and get rid of the awful pink furniture!
arlene matzkin, Phila, PA [08-20-2003]

free Love park
squid, jaxon Tn [08-20-2003]

skateboarding is fun and its stupid banning it. keep love park alive
Phillip Lin, ca [08-20-2003]

Hey, I wish you luck in your endeavors. I'm glad to see that you passion has given rise to action. As I read your sight, I was concerned to see that you haven't given us a balanced view of the issue. I believe that your website is one sided. I would like to know what the other side feels about the issue. Good Luck, Brian
Brian, Hatboro, PA [08-18-2003]

LOVE Park is a public park. The public has made its choice, keep skateboarding alive in LOVE Park. Embarcadero was demolished making the San Francisco hot spot completely unskatable, businesspeople enjoyed watching, skaters enjoyed skating it. San Francisco's economy experienced a heavy recession soon after. Coincidence? Skateboarders are creative artists, business savvy, educated people. The ability to see the world differently than others is what leads to progress. It seems youthful progress is what Philly needs. Exhalt those who enhance environments in positive ways. Allow the art form of skateboarding to proceed in LOVE Park.
Terence F., Venice, CA [08-18-2003]

Lew Wilson, Miamisburg ohio [08-18-2003]

Skateboarding rocks and I support anything about it! Shred on!
Greg Deptula, Marlton NJ [08-18-2003]

Jim Peebles, gibsonia, PA [08-18-2003]

I used to skate LOVE almost every weekend before they closed it down. It was a great place to congregate with other skateboarders and also to develop your skills as a skateboarder. It kept skateboarders off privately owned properties and out of the streets.
Steve Helms, Drexel Hill, PA [08-18-2003]

love park owns dont be mean philly government
evan treece mills, chevy chase, md [08-18-2003]

LOVE was always an awsome spot to skate, i think that the mayor taking it away was a big mistake, its not like any one was getting jumped or harrassed. it was just the gnarliest place to skate, and i know a lot of people who would do any thing to get it back...
shane, broomall, PA [08-18-2003]

You all suck for screwin up love park go to hell or fix it
Allen Barroso, Allegany,Newyork, USa [08-18-2003]

It brings so much happiness and aesthetics to philadelphia. Free your mind and love park will follow
Ty Ryder, Albuquerque New Mexico [08-18-2003]

I just moved to the Philadelphia area, and i was really disappointed with what's happened to LOVE. I don't understand the reasoning. It can't be beauty, because those new planters look horrible. If it's safety, then you'll have to explain why it's okay to have 100 kids bodyslamming eachother in the fountain like I saw when I went down there for the fireworks. What once was a cultural mecca has been reduced to an ugly plaza with 2000 flushes blue water in the fountain. I just don't get it.
Matthew Kilcline, Ambler, PA [08-18-2003]

bring love park back...let ppl skate...unless u want all of us to juss go sell sum crack or sumthin instead.. since the park is closed...OPEN LOVE PARK AGAIN...........
ryan, chesterfield, va [08-18-2003]

man i love skateing and i love skateing love park. now cut the s* and open it.
Taylor Sweigart, columbia, MD [08-18-2003]

The legalization of LOVE Park would substantially reduce the amount of skateboard traffic at private businesses. From what I can tell, the only thing the $1 million renovations have done is reduce the amount of people you see frequenting the park. With the exception of maybe lunch hour. Mayor Streets reasoning for the ban on skateboarding in LOVE Park was to give it back to the people. In reality he took it away. Lets give the park back to it's people.
Beto Alvarez, Philadelphia, Pa. [08-18-2003]

keep fighting the fatcats at city hall
bill townend, tadcaster north yorkshire england uk [08-18-2003]

William Andersson, Umeå, Sweden [08-18-2003]

whats wrong with you philly, all we are doing is riding on skateboards and you treat us like criminals. after all of the times cops have kicked people out and gave them tickets and they still come back, can you not realize that love must of been important to skateboarders. people would travel all the way to philly just to go to love. REOPEN LOVE PARK to SKATEBOARDERS for GOOD
brandon smithson, fredericksburg, VA [08-18-2003]

A.H, love park [08-18-2003]

Michelle Brown, allegany, ny [08-18-2003]

Why close LOVE park?
Markus, danmark [08-18-2003]

Love park is a sick place to skate. It will never be the same. Security 24 hours a day makes it hard to even put your board down.
Spank, Newtown CT [08-18-2003]

neil trenbeth, toronto [08-18-2003]

Let us skate
kevin kohls, novi, michigan [08-18-2003]

love park is skateboarding! to take it away is a crime within it self. you really destroyed something great. give the world of skateboarding and all that is good to every human being, back what we all want and deserve. -ryan e connoy
RYAN E CONNOY, dover, de. [08-18-2003]

Love Park was a skateboarding Mecca, like Marseilles or Barcelona. A lot of skaters I know (myself included) had planned a road trip with Love as the main destination. Imagine how much revenue for the city skaters like me and my friends would have generated. Giving Love the axe was a mistake. Now I'll just head to Vancouver instead. -Mike Lynch "Where's the Love?"
Mike Lynch, Banff, Canada [08-18-2003]

Best place in the country I have ever skated...true
Chris, Dayton, OH [08-18-2003]

Bring it back.
nick vicari, Ca [08-18-2003]

Love Park is a landmark in skating. You wouldnt tear down any other land mark right? So whats so different here? And you certainly cannot make a skatepark out of it because it would be different, with pads and stuff. You just have to bring it back to the way it was.
Ian Flanigan, Simi Valley CA, USA [08-18-2003]

I think this sucks that they screwed around with love park and made it not skateable.The city doesn't understand that people are going to still skate ther. I saw Kerry Getz skateing there at love when they put up the pink planters (to stop the skaters from grinding the marble.)That shows that you should free love park. I'm 13 and I never got to skate there because they screwed up the whole love park so u can't skate it
Benny Milano, lansdowne P.A,U.S.A [08-18-2003]

Never say no to some sweet sweet looove....
Bibby Job Bibby Job Job, The Love Park(Where people meet for interesting amusement) [08-18-2003]

we need love park back its the only nice park that is in the east coast. ive never been there but i ive seen it in videos and stuff... i understand about under the bridge but everything else should be back open. were just going to keep skateboarding at school at peoples houses businesses until we have a gearless park so were not stuck with pads
Jesse C., nj emrson usa [08-18-2003]

Eddie Graham, Illadelph north phillthy [08-18-2003]

RICKY DORMOI, philadelphia, pa [08-18-2003]

Heather, Monroe, LA [08-18-2003]

stephen summerhill [08-18-2003]

I really would like to say that Love Park should be reopened to the skateboarders. They have brought so many people to visit our beautiful city and to see whut our city has. Many people around the entire WORLD know Love to be a famous SKATEBOARDING spot...And now it has been takin away..whut about the young children who dream of skating there and their future...It's not fair... FREE LOVE PARK!
Bob, philadelphia pennsylvania [08-18-2003]

I believe that love park should be free'd. It is well known for skateboarding. It is known all over the world, and it should not be ban...
Dan Simpson Jr., Collingdale Pa. [08-18-2003]

Steve Carpou, Babylon NY [08-18-2003]

keep the love park
Josh, Canada [08-18-2003]

Janis Purins, Riga, Latvia [08-18-2003]

Why is Mayor Streets Picture and quote posted on the Viewpoint? He is the one that shut it down. All do respect, take that OFF. Bring the energy back to LOVE Park!
Steve Fabbri- Hubris Industries, Philadelphia PA [08-18-2003]

My little brother and his friends skate there. It's a good place for them to go and do what they love.
Rachel Morrison, New Jersey [08-18-2003]

if i could skate love all day, whenever i wanted, without having to worry about police, i'm sure i'd get a lot better at skating ledges. man, i can't skate ledges to save my life.
jorge, the farms out west (chester springs, pa) [08-18-2003]

Let us have our fun before we get old and arthritis sets in our knees and we get old and crabby and sit around all day complaining about how our knees hurt and can't skate anymore
Mark Gormley, Lancaster, PA [08-18-2003]

Jason Vieira, Boston, MA USA [08-18-2003]

free love park, skaters come from all over the country and the world to skate it. It would be a shame to see it go to waste.
david cervantes, lake villa, IL [08-18-2003]

free love park! love park is the best!
Justin Quirante ( Lil JQ), Moorestown NJ [08-18-2003]

Shawn Gibbins, collingswood nj [08-18-2003]

The city should re-open Love to skaters. Skaters are wat drive in a lot of the citys money. When they get hungry and thirsty they buy stuff from local shops and they even show up to the X- Games when they are in Philly, spending tons of money there. It's only fair that we get Love in return.
Vince, Collingswood, NJ [08-18-2003]

hillary rossell, Bellmawr, Nj [08-18-2003]

Mayor John Street is a racist. He cares only about making the city a place for "his people," not youth or Philadelphia as a whole. I'd like to see the city take action to preserve a nationalally recognized skating facility. Skateboarding is as much a sport as basketball, not a crime, as John Street is making it out to be. As a democrat, I fully intend to vote republican in the upcoming mayoral election.
Christine O'Neill, phila pa [08-18-2003]

Cmon! I love skating and Love is a great place to do it. Skating is an alternatively for drugs, violence, and wrongdoings for today's youth. Keep the kids of the streets and in a park instead. Free Love.
Cary Davis, Philly [08-18-2003]

love park is the s* thats all i have to say
mike melidona, spring tx 77388 [08-18-2003]

There is nothing more that skaters in the suburbs of Philly would (LOVE) more than freeig LOVE Park for skateboarders. I remember the first time I skated LOVE Park. It was amazing. The ledges, the stairs, everything about about seemed unreal. The problem was me and my friends could only skate for a short period of time since the cops were around and chasing us away within ten minutes of us being there. I am 15 and have been skating for almost three years. I recently stoped due to other things that took up most of my time, but once I herd that it might be opened to skaters once again I was on my feet and preparing once again for the day when we, the skaters, will be able to roam free on LOVE teritory. People (especially cops) just don't understand the way we feel about skating. We get such pleasure and joy out of skating that it just cannot be described using words. We will go to any height just to grind that rail, or kickflip a set of stairs. Its a passion that grows on us like ivy grows on stone. Its an honor for us that Kevin Bacon is behiond us on our petition. I think he might understand that we are not criminals or druggies ( as some people presume) we are just kids following our passion. My mother recently informed me that Kevin Bacon's father was arrested for skateboarding at love park back in the day. This could be a contributing factor in his support for us. God bless and FREE LOVE PARK! - BRIAN -
Brian, New Jersey [08-18-2003]

Ben, u.s. [08-18-2003]

nicole griner, bridgeton nj 08302 [08-18-2003]

I think we should make Love Park a skate spot again because its where everyone connected. Its where all types of people could go and get along and just have fun. Since the shut down of Love everyone has been seperated and it hasnt been as much fun.
Dan Artuz, Collingswood, New Jersey [08-18-2003]

Im signing this because my friend,Chris,him and a couple of his friends used to go up to philly to skate at the love park. Chris also cant get a lot of money,so the money he makes is used for things he needs,having fun shouldnt have a price on it, THANK YOU
Sally Senski, Mount Holly, New Jersey [08-18-2003]

open the park to skaters.
Sonja Trauss, Philadelphia 19123 [08-18-2003]

Give the park back to the skaters..Power to the people Skating is better than drugs and homeless. Don't let Philly become just another Skater Hater.
Scott Shaw, Baltimore, MD [08-18-2003]

If LOVE gets reopened to skaters, I will be movin to Philly, if it doesn't I won't because LOVE is really the only thing would make me wanna live there.
Rory Graybosch, easton, pa/west sayville, ny [08-18-2003]

Since when is harmless fun against the law? Its been ok to skate there before, so why not now? We do nothing to harm others. If your gonna kick out the harmless skaters, then kick out the harmless bums that live there also. OR would that be wrong? Kicking out ppl that have no place to live. Well what about the people that have no place to skate? Think.................
Mike Moeller, burlington nj [08-18-2003]

Tiffany Landick, Oaklyn, Nj [08-18-2003]

Open up Love park to skateboarding and give the kids somewhere to skate where they won't hurt private property or bother Philadelphia citizens. Why pay for a new skatepark when there is already a great one built. Let Love park be a symbol of Philadelphia's love for everyone, even skateboarders.
John Entwistle, Collingswood, NJ [08-18-2003]

I live two hours from Philadelphia, but have never skated Love Park. Even without ever stepping foot in the park, I felt the strong impact it had on skateboarding. Love park can be seen in numerous skateboard videos, and the LOVE sculpture can even be seen on a skateboard shoe box. The city of Philadelphia deciding to go through with this renovation can be called nothing other than BULLS*. The city is biting the hand that feeds it. Do you really think that the XGames would have come to Philly without Love Park? No way. The X-Games were responsible for giving Philadelphia the strongest economy it has seen in decades. Philadelphia shot its self in the foot. and its not going to stop skateboarding.. all those same skaters will just skate somewhere else in the city, only to get hassled.
Peter Seif, Danville, PA USA [08-18-2003]

Life is short why take away something from those who find their only happiness in something so harmless. LIve it up have some fun. I guarantee youll feel a lot better.
nicole clemons, usa [08-18-2003]

I think they should open it up to skaters. I agree with the donation thing going you would be able to keep things updated and new not all run down. I also like the idea of the cafe. It gives the skaters/other people a place to go on their break from work or skating.
Scott Conley, Oaklyn, New Jersey [08-18-2003]

Living about 15 minutes driving distants from Philadelphia, I hear stories from my skateboarding friends about how much fun it was to skate at LOVE Park, and how whenever they would go it would be the most fun, and best time they had ever had. After I had heard the news about LOVE park being shut down, all my friends that skateboard were so bummed out, it made me sad. I think it is almost inhuman that LOVE Park got shut down, I'm not even a skateboarder, but I love watching people skate. FREE LOVE PARK!
Joe Randazzo, Collingswood, NJ [08-18-2003]

Ross Quicksall, Southampton, New Jersey [08-18-2003]

If your not going to open it back up give us something like it, not some cheap park, something real just like there is at Love
Brandon H., Collingswood NJ [08-18-2003]

Marissa R., Anderson, South Carolina [08-18-2003]

free love park cuz im tired of runnin from the cops
chris castro, mt holly nj [08-18-2003]

I am a native Texan and I have enjoyed watching professional skateboarding progress and thrive through LOVE for years. It was a sad day for the entire skateboarding world when LOVE was no longer. Many people's lives had to change becasue of it. Philadelphia lost residents. People moved away. People stopped visiting. LOVE has been a skateboarding mecca for as long as I can remember and if it ever were possible to make compromises to allow skateboarding back in the park, I know for sure that we, as a skateboarding community would respect whatever measures we would have to go through to make it a park for everyone to enjoy. Please continue to make Philadelphia the city of LOVE and not discrimination. Some kids play basketball, and we ride skateboards. We are not criminals. Thank you. Anthony Long
Anthony Long, Boston, Mass [08-18-2003]

free love so original
Elliot, Harrisburg PA USA` [08-18-2003]

Love park is so famous, and I hope that the government will come to it's senses and re-build it. If love park was re-built, I would definetly fly down just to skate it.
Nathaniel Lam, Halifax Regonal Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada [08-18-2003]

vote sam katz for mayor mayor street is a moron
mike glancey, west chester pa. [08-18-2003]

I wanna skate LOVE. Free it now
Willie Nedrow, Summit,NJ [08-18-2003]

Free Love Park. I remember about 3 years ago my brother took me to love parj after he bought me my first skateboard. i couldn't even ollie. but i was watching some local kids skate there and thinking maybe one day i could come back and skate here and be just as good. I never got the chance to skate love due to the ban and renevations. So i say Free Love park to all the skaters.
Victor Aristeo, Cinnaminson, New Jersey [08-18-2003]

love park is apart of our history...skating is NOT a crime! free love park!
Julia Pileggi, Philadelphia, Pa [08-18-2003]

Adam Walczak, Denver, Colorado [08-18-2003]

I was always envious of the skaters in Philladelphia because they had such a great place to skateboard. This great place was/is Love Park. When I found out that they were being shutout from skating there I was angry. I thought how could someone shut these guys out from doing something they love in such a great place. It looked to me as if the skaters not only respected this place but also protected it. To them this was their second home. It's sad that it was taken away from them. I hope with all my heart that they get their home back.
Aaron Bravo, San Francisco, CA [08-18-2003]

Free love park, it will bring more people to the city of Philadelphia
Nigel Stoner, Harrisburg, Pa [08-18-2003]

Do everyone in the state of PA a favor and FREE LOVE PARK.
Adil Kim, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA [08-18-2003]

i think skateboarding should be allowed at love park because its just a sport and no one should have a right to ban a sport that many people like from an awsome spot to skate such as love park. So Screw Skate Stoppers
Kurt Cullar, laredo,texas [08-18-2003]

do whats right
Robert Spiegel, Lumberton NJ [08-18-2003]

I've never skated there but I want to have the chance to be able to in the future. LOVE is a part of skate history and tradition
Jeremia Bijacsko, Hainesport, NJ [08-18-2003]

Matt Owen, Lumberton, NJ USA [08-18-2003]

i see love in all the vids and it looked like a sick place to skate.the only people that enjoyed love was the skaters and now they tore it down. a replica is being built in ohio, josh kalis will be heading up the new free LOVE. and questions go to
dave martin, michigan [08-18-2003]

bring back the love biatch.
Mel, aston, pa [08-18-2003]

Rebecca Stryjewski, Philadelphia, PA [08-18-2003]

we love love
manny allison, Philadelphia,PA [08-18-2003]

free love park (test skate team represent)
Marcus Marrero, Philadelphia,PA [08-18-2003]

This was an institution for skateboarders lives. So by taking it away all your doing is putting an undeserved tear into many of my counterparts eyes. so please let there be another day of skating at the most beutiful place known as Love Park once again.
scott johnson, Los Angeles [08-18-2003]

i have never been to the love park, but despretly want to go and feel what so many skaters have felt before when at the legendary spot, free the park
dayne, melbourne, victoria, Australia [08-18-2003]

Love park was one of the best spot's and hopfully still be one of the best street spots skateboarding history. when skaters were there they actully the park safe.REOPEN love park please.
Kyle Synder, Chicago, IL [08-18-2003]

There is no logical reason to ban skating in LOVE. I plan on going to Temple University next year and I would like to hit up LOVE every other day when I dont have classes.
Brent Altman, Tampa Florida [08-18-2003]

It's a shame to have the city ruin this area for teenage skateboarder. As a mother of a teenage skateboarder, there is virtually no where for him to skateboard. He is basically a good kid and loves the sports. He would never think to damage private property; as he knows and respects others. I vote to bring back Love Park for those teenagers who love the sport and just need to release a little energy and have a good time. Lighten up Philadelphia! Is there no where in the city of Brotherly Love for a teenager to have fun??? Remember what it was like to be a kid yourself.....
Lisa Hempsey, Philadelphia PA [08-18-2003]

It will never be tha same as it used to be but do something to keep it alive PEACE
John Goodridge, Edmonton Alberta Canada [08-18-2003]

i have never sk8ed love park but it looks like an unforgetful experiance hopefully i can stop there on my way back from WOODWARD! again
brian, michigan [08-18-2003]

Brian Jahns, San Diego, CA [08-18-2003]

turn it in to a sk8 park hahahahahah.NOW.peace and love.
kody ross, woodbridge,va,22191, [08-18-2003]

dont ruin what is one of the only good places to sk8. honestly what is the harm in kids sk8ing a park known for it? keep the park for sk8ers.
jennifer chase, beverly Ma [08-18-2003]

free the love
drew burgo, collingswood,Nj [08-18-2003]

rock, skate, roll, bounce......
Andy, Philly, PA [08-18-2003]

Skaters need a place to skate or else an entire city will be errorized (i.e. sepastopol, california) In Sepastopol skate boarders have no place to go so the entire city became a skate park, they hate that even more. GOT THE HINT??!
Oly, Santa Rosa, CA United States of America [08-18-2003]

love park is the greatist spot i ever sk8 in my hole life and im sk8ing for 16 years allready.i made a round trip across the u.s. and lovepark...... im in love
ivo lamers, amsterdam the Netherlands [08-18-2003]

People used to come from all over to skate, and some just to watch. SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME. Free LOVE Park!
Lizz, South Jersey [08-18-2003]

free love
mark poirier, usa [08-18-2003]

There's no reason that skateboarders should be denied access to LOVE Park. It's an international skating symbol - still - and should be permitted to retain that status. Not allowing skaters to use the park for a purpose that's been endorsed by previous mayors and, more importantly, the DESIGNERS of the park, just helps to illustrate the current mayors short-sightedness and inability to attract a younger generation of Philadelphians to live - and stay - in the area. I never thought I'd vote Republican, but because of this issue, along with others, you can bet I'll be voting for Sam Katz in the upcoming mayoral election. While I don't agree with him on everything, on the most important issues, such as attracting a younger generation to Philadelphia, he is head-and-shoulders above Street in every way. Regards, - Nick Robalik 215.563.9595
Nick Robalik, Philadelphia, PA [08-18-2003]

they should just give the park up to the skaters, iv'e skated there and i can say it's just to amazing to destroy
matt, waikoloa hi [08-18-2003]

David Bursky, Wynnewood, PA [08-18-2003]

philip raushel, mcguire afb nj [08-18-2003]

Sham Journey, Fort Wayne, IN [08-18-2003]

Love park was the greatest spot i ever skated in my life. no matter what the atmosphere you were in just made you pull anything. R.I.P.
Eric Barthmaier, Bensalem,PA [08-18-2003]

i hope by this time next year LOVE will be reopened to skaters
ron lenzi, willow grove,pa [08-18-2003]

Give us back what was once ours
Bill Hempsey, Philadelphia PA [08-18-2003]

Free love park... please.
Mitch Depew, Moorestown, NJ [08-18-2003]

Free Love Park. It looks terrible in it's current state, change it back and give it back.
brandon gray, philadelphia Pa [08-18-2003]

f* the bulls* man free LOVE park
Colin Guare, rye NH [08-18-2003]

Nathan K., Wheeling WV [08-18-2003]

I think if you can live on the ledges, and smoke crack in the park, you should be able to skate the park.
David Gates, Bishopville Maryland [08-18-2003]

whats so wrong about skateboarding that theyre gonna close down one of americas historical parks? it makes no sence i dont see anything wrong w/ skating at love park
dave white, portsmouth nh [08-18-2003]

Love Park is forever.
Carl Nunes, Santa Barbara, CA [08-18-2003]

new york may be bigger than philly but the years ive skated in newyork have not equaled half the fun i have had skating at LOVE the one time that i was there. free love park
Oscar Hays, Ney York [08-18-2003]

I have long supported skateboarding and the free expression of sport whether that be individual or team oriented. Love Park has become synonimous with skateboarding across the country and brings people from across the nation and internationally to experience what Philly has to offer that community.
Julie Carney, Richmond, VA [08-18-2003]

open the f*ing park mayor street should be kicked out of philly for what he did. ppl closing parks happens all the time around here but some ppl just brake the gates n go in and skate or bmx. the goverment cant tell a skater he cant skate in a park when u see two little kids on skate boards and he doesnt say a thing. we get a 50 dollar find for skating in our town. its so f*ed up. FREE LOVE PARK.
Josh Sciarra, West Grove Pa. [08-18-2003]

My name is Rick Dormoi I am 41 years old and have taken up skateboarding (inspired by the Philly X-Games) two years ago as something to share with my 13 year old son. The City's only skate park FDR is not a place for beginners and intermediate skateboardes like us to lean and ride. I love spending time with my son skateboarding, but Philly has little place to offer. I was spending quality time skating with my son one day in a local school yard near my home and a cop car pulled up and said we had to leave because of Mayor street recent laws against Skating on city owed property, yet is was O.K. for bike riding in the school yard and just about anything else? The cop was very nice and only doing her job and after my questioning admitted the laws were stupid. We respected the police and left the yard. Dose philly care about keeping it's youth out of trouble and occupied with a non violent sport? I bet they had no problem with all the money the city made when the X-games were here skating in front of City Hall. How Ironic and hypocritical can it be? Please change the law and let my son and I skate LOCAL at Love park! I see more positive than negative If you undo the law. The city should embrace the world wide popularity of Love Park. It has the potential of becoming an even bigger proud image and attraction for the city if it is supported and organized for skaters. I hope other adults get to read my words and step up to change things. Thank you for reading this.
Richard Dormoi, Philadelphia, PA [08-18-2003]

Love Park needs to be put back to the way it was, so everyone(not just the good skaters) can enjoy what the politicians took away.
Mark Mason, Collingswood, NJ [08-18-2003]

Jellybean, Philly.PA.USA [08-18-2003]

Amber Hinshaw, Philadelphia, PA [08-18-2003]

bring back the love in philly give back what was ours and get rid of john street.
carlos otero, philadelphia, pa [08-18-2003]

i think that they should change love park back into a skatepark because if it was a skatepark before then they should keep it that way so i will support anything to get back love park.
mike giampietro, atco,nj [08-18-2003]

i dont understand why a city would put so much money into stopping skateboarding, they had to pay for the undercovers, for it to be redone, and everthing else just because the ledges had some black wax on the edge of it. SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME. there is no reason we cant skate it and especially no reason to get a ticket for it. i am sure the city will build and sports arena for any sport or any hobbie but skating, but love hasnt been the only place city's have wasted there money on, all over baltimore they are doing the same . they are terring down our spots and giving us nuthing in return but little s* parks if that. the fact is that skateboarding no matter wut will be looked upon badly and we have to make the best of wut we have. love R.I.P
stefan, baltimore maryland [08-18-2003]

Love is just epic.
Landon Buscemi, Cape Coral, Florida [08-18-2003]

I personally didn't get to skate Love Park because i was only about a year into skateboarding at the time. But i have seen the benches and the steps and the hubbas. My argument for freeing love park is the fact that skaters are going to find a place to skate no matter what. So let's make it so they don't have to skate illegally. Let's except the youth and support their interests. Skateboarding has kept me physically active and has given me a name. It is a positive sport and i would like to thank all of the diehard fans that continue to skate and/or support skating.
Dan Moeller, Bristol, PA [08-18-2003]

I think it's just stupid to ban skateboarding in Love Park. Not only did skating keep kids out of trouble, it also helped generate a lot of money for the city. Skateboarding is not only a hobby for kids anymore. Many adults make a living off of skateboarding. They don't just scrape by, but pull in a hefty salary. That money could have been used to buy houses in the city, for themselves, and family. Not to mention the skater photographers that are making money too. I have always liked watching the skaters whenever I was in the area.
Rebecca Brotnitsky, Philadelphia, PA [08-18-2003]

Joe Garner, Warrington, PA [08-18-2003]

I don't live in Philly...anymore! But, when I did it was in the "Badlands". They are still "Badlands". Safe Streets my a**, the mayor's street IS safe! I'm interning here in Philly for the Summer in Logan and Hunting Park. Like to see him walk through there at night. Everyone that shows up to the Rally on October 4th MUST register and vote! Even if you only vote to vote AGAINST this knuckleheaded mayor and his 'boyz'. He's dangerous; a little knowledge (darn little) mixed with a lot of power made this once street vendor, slum lord, deadbeat forget where he came from. He must believe that "Brotha's" don't skate board. He just got to go...REAL SOON. So, register, and vote and get others registered too. Even if you throw your vote away on another candidate, you can sleep knowing that you didn't vote for the loss of LOVE mayor. Remember the old Nike slogan and "Just Do It".
Jay Al, Miami Beach, Florida [08-18-2003]

I dont know why they just dont let us skate love park.
evan beaumont, long green, md, usa [08-18-2003]

dylan soper, palo alto, california [08-18-2003]

I have never skated love but some day hope to a lot of pros wouldnt have their status right now unless love was there. i hope to some day take a trip to philly and skate love park.
Eric Sidun, P-Burgh,Pennsylvania [08-18-2003]

let them do their thing in peace!
nikki, philly, pa [08-09-2003]

GS, Richboro, PA [08-09-2003]

i think that it would be awesome if you could skate at LOVE park. let people do what they want to do to have fun.
stephanie, voorhees, new jersey [08-09-2003]

kim rossmair, philadelphia [08-09-2003]

I am a nineteen year old photographer who has lived her entire life in Philadelphia. For five years now skateboarders have been the main subject for a lot of my art work. I once even wrote an piece for the city paper envolving some of their art work. They have inspired me to create what I have. For hours on weekends my friends and I would spend our time watching and flirting with the skaters. This city was built on the idea of freedom for all in this country and by opening the constitution center we celebrate the unique things and people that live in this city. We celebrated diversity. Skaters are apart of the uniqueness and that diversity. They have rights like everyone else. And they should not be denied those rights. And those who have found inspiration from them should not be denied either. My camera and I will be there October 4th to show our support and I hope many others will as well.
morgen rossmair, philadelphia [08-09-2003]

free love and f* john street
jim hoag, philly, pa [08-09-2003]

It could make the city some extra revenue, and in these trying times, we need all the help we can get.
Spence B., Madison, WI [08-09-2003]

i used to be proud of philadelphia, it was our city. now that they have closed love park, ive lost all my pride in where ive come from.
bobby pelletier, norristown, PA [08-09-2003]

steve gilbert, norristown, PA [08-09-2003]

people from all over the world have come to philly to skate and just see love park. now some people stay dont even want to come to the city. some of the pros that have skated in philly for years are leaving to better cities
Dave Ege, Gloucester City, NJ USA [08-09-2003]

Ashley, New York [08-09-2003]

kevin mcgovern, west chester [08-09-2003]

free the f* park DAMN! DAMN!
turd, woodbrige va [08-09-2003]

ben murphy, yorkshire, england [08-09-2003]

sarah renio, philadelphia, pa [08-09-2003]

i love skaters
Nicki Wager, Allegany NY [08-09-2003]

this sk8park is the BEST skatepark ever!
matt dillard, little rock arkansas [08-09-2003]

andrew, cheltenham, pa [08-09-2003]

i visted philly over the summer and i dont know when the last time i skated their, but it was cool and stuff. i dont know why tye city is hating on skateboarders in philly. its just this if the city puts stuff down that looks skateable it going to be skated. so free love park. one love, tj
Tj Dowell, fayetteville, north carolina [08-09-2003]

Ashley, Philadelphia [08-09-2003]

i will all was suport freeing love park i mean who gives u the right to shut down lovepark so much has happen there for skating i have never sean a skateing video with out love park in it like every pro skateboarder in the world has skated there i is legendary to skaters skaters that have never ben dream of going one day i have never talk to a skater that has not wonted to go every skater said that i have talk to would give up every thing they ownd to skate for one day at love park what yall are doing is rong and inhumen dont u know that the skaters wouldent care if they worent aloud to skate iny were else in philly they would just skate love park i mean come on y is it a big deal to let us have like one aker of philly to skate in ur howl city yall are stupid rich guys that care about iny body else but ur selfs if u dident thin u would see how much love park means to us skaters not just in the usa but all over the world so i close free love park signed jason barley
Jason Barley, Rockwall .TX [08-09-2003]

even thow i have never skated love park i have always dreamed of skateing there but then that b* mayer had to be a p* and close it i mean come on i live in texas and im mad as hell about it so free love prak some of us have not skated there yet
jeremy barley, Rockwall TX [08-09-2003]

Amanda McCormick, Mont Claire PA [08-09-2003]

I had never had an opputunity to skate love park. However i would like to .I hope that the wheels of my board will be rolling on the ground of the new and imroved love park.
ryan clark, churchville, PA, U.S.A. [08-09-2003]

Joan Baysa, New Jersey [08-08-2003]

Jennifer Baysa, New Jersey [08-08-2003]

they need to bring it back to life man since i started skating i always dreamed of skating there one day so dont crush my dream.
Billy Walsh, westerville,ohio [08-08-2003]

Skating love park was an experience like no other. The positive vibes traveling through the air, everyone is having a good time. Why prohibit happiness? Let us skate...good things come from happy people~
Nick "ZEEG" Zegel, Moorestown, NJ [08-08-2003]

free love park skaters are there 2 skate not start fights or anything like that.
david jewell, berlin nj usa [08-08-2003]

the destruction of LOVE was a shame and it took away a lot of talent and stuff from a large era of philadelhpia pride
elliott coss, moorestown, NJ [08-08-2003]

joe berndt, west chester pa [08-08-2003]

Jill Lewis, Lititz, PA [08-08-2003]

Daniel E. Whiteley III, San Francisco, CA [08-08-2003]

I want it
Tyler Beall, va [08-08-2003]

Emily Elizabeth, Rochester, PA [08-08-2003]

keep love park alive. it brings positivity and enjoyment for not only skaters but patrons as well.
andrew chuchvara [08-08-2003]

i think that everyone only has one thing to say about love park, LET US F* SKATE AT LOVE PARK!
Liz, New York [08-08-2003]

Ashleigh, pennsylvania [08-08-2003]

dylan zwack, waterfoRd, NY [08-08-2003]

Skating is good clean fun NOT CRIME
shannon anderson, wilkes-barre Pa [08-08-2003]

how can philly close love park it is a huge part of skateboardings history if someone says love park in front of a sk8er they automatically know what it is
Gregory Ioki, huntersville northcarolina [08-08-2003]

Matt Daley [08-08-2003]

Josh Kalis, a pro skater, was asked, where do you love skating the most.......he answered : "love park, skate there everyday"
Steve Wawruck, Windsor Locks, CT, 06096 [08-07-2003]

free love park, its so nice to skate there!
Devyn St.Ours, Severna Park MD [08-07-2003]

i think love park is a great place 4 skateboarding n would u rather 4 me to be sellin weed on a corna or skatin a park n doin what i do best?
stanley jackson, chesterfield VA [08-07-2003]

Bring back LOVE PARK!
Owen Simmons, New Castle,Delaware [08-07-2003]

Jeff Cunningham, Philadelphia Pa [08-07-2003]

One thing about Philadelphia that is a damn shame is the fact that no matter what the issue is, if it's good/ positive/ beneficial/ fortunate to be in/of Philly is that it gets completely messed up. Banning skateboarders from LOVE park is one thing. Permantly altering City Hall with metal railings for the X Games is another. (It all comes down to money, sadly.) But even with "re-vamping" constitution park, moving the liberty bell, and lock down on the ever-so-serious terrorist target Independence Hall Philadelphia has found a way to mess up almost everything it's got going for itself. Lastly, I'd like to mention the fact that skaters are just about the only people who use and frequent LOVE park. (Besides for the drunk or drugged up homeless who are aggressively pan handling everytime I'm enjoying the fountain and a cool breeze.) It's not the tourist round up it may have been in the past and beyond kids keeping themselves out of trouble and physically conditioning their bodies with a fun activity, LOVE park is just another place where business men and women eat lunch on sunny days 3 months out of the year.
Jessica A Brown, Philadelphia PA USA [08-07-2003]

I may have signed this petition already, but I think it was another one. Anywas, REAL skaters aren't d*heads. There's a lot of skaters who aren't 'real' thus also being inconsiderate, or frankly d*heads. This is the only good reason when it comes down to it for anyone not wanting love park/jfk plaza allowed skating again. BUT please consider all the real skaters who are good people like myself whom love park meens so much to.
Matthew, northern NJ [08-07-2003]

Jeff Oshnack, uniontown PA [08-07-2003]

free love park~!~
matt st.claire, north canton, ohio [08-07-2003]

When I was 15 I dreamed about getting my driver's license so i could go to LOVE. I am now almost 18 and maybe my dream will come true.
Paul Carman, Perkasie, PA [08-07-2003]

When I think of Love Park, I immediately think of the many friends of mine who have skated there, past and present. Why would anyone want to oppose that?
Ryan Morini, State College, PA [08-07-2003]

Mike Laine, Charlotte, NC [08-07-2003]

christopher cirillo, philadelphia, pa [08-07-2003]

I think the "rennovation" they made to Love Park was very unneccesary. It may have needed a few touch ups here and there, but the way they made it look is not attractive at all in my opinion. It was fine the way it was. That has always been a place for skaters to go and have fun. It should go back to that. Also, all the money that was spent on Love Park could have been used for many more important things. I would like to see the park go back to the way it was.
Laura, Philadelphia, PA. [08-07-2003]

Graham Waite, Quakertown, Pa [08-07-2003]

erica recto, Philadelphia, PA [08-07-2003]

Michael English, Philadelphia [08-07-2003]

it heinous to close this park coincidentally "love" park to skate boards
melissa almaraz, pacoima,ca [08-07-2003]

Alice Kintz, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands US [08-07-2003]

Susan Gail Kintz, Philadelphia, PA [08-07-2003]

Kayte Grant, Langhorne, PA [08-07-2003]

eric ziembowicz, 4717 Horger, Dearborn, MI 48126 [08-07-2003]

bring back the love n check tha site
Jon Riesdorph, Olean New York [08-07-2003]

i never got to skate love park but my friends all raved about it ppppppllllllleeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee open it again
jason, temple tx [08-07-2003]

Philip Andrews, Cork, Ireland [08-07-2003]

I was born and raised here in Philadelphia and have loved almost every moment of it. However, I feel cheated as a citizen that a landmark as famous as Love Park has been stripped of one of the things that made it so noteworthy. Not only is Philadelphia being robbed of a legend, but our city government's hypocrisy was unmasked when they banned skateboarding after hosting the X-Games 2 years in a row. I am not a skate-boarder nor do I plan to be, but I know When our city's leaders are doing a great injustice to us as citizens.
Stephen Scott, Philadelphia, PA [08-07-2003]

Alison Giardini, Allegany New York [08-07-2003]

bring back love i traveled from australia and all i got to see or sk8 was a big fence around it
lucas kennedy, sydney,australia [08-07-2003]

No One Hangs Out There, And Think The Place Is Worthless Other Then For Selling Crack. Let The Skaters Have Fun !
Rob Colianni, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA [08-07-2003]

Mr. Clarke, Please get on board!
Richard Carreņo, Philadelphia [08-07-2003]

free love.
mike drzal, philadelphia, pa [08-07-2003] homepage

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