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August 1-6, 2003

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Danielle, Philadelphia, PA [08-06-2003]

love is history for philly.....not just for tourist but more for the makes all of the skaters come together and become friends with each other
fred renfer, philly [08-06-2003]

I never have been there but was hoping to go there to skate someday, hopefully one day i will.
Tom Nelson, Eaton Rapids, Michigan [08-06-2003]

Isaac Johnson, Cookeville, TN [08-06-2003]

Jerry Piasecki, Levittown, PA [08-06-2003]

Mayor Street says that he wanted to make Philly a more "physically fit" city. I know that skateboarding is a wonderful exercize, and I cannot fathom why Street cut Philadelphia's youth off from this sport, when his goal is clearly to embrace sports and other healthy physical activities.
Dan Keash, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania [08-06-2003]

I think you are losing a valuable opportunity to embrace today's youth. Bringing back LOVE would cause jubilation among the thousands of skateboarders in the Philadelphia area. I have skated LOVE, and it is by far one of the best parks for the sport that I have ever been to. Its natural flow and neverending supply of skateboard friendly terrain never seemed to grow boring for me and my friends. It was cool and shady, and a wonderful place to socialize with friends and fellow skaters. I was never once approached by a tourist or visitor to the park and reprimanded or complained at (with the exception of security guards and policemen). My friends and I mourn the loss of LOVE park as we would the loss of a close friend, and I hope you will see that this is the same for every other skateboarder in America.
Ben Mackall, Wayne, Pennsylvania [08-06-2003]

we need park to skate. bring it back!
Natalie Pastelak, Philadelphia, PA [08-06-2003]

I had too much fun skating at LOVE when I was younger... Bring it back so more kids can have experiences of a life time. There is too much skating history there to not let it go on. Peace
Jordan Myers, cherry hill, NJ [08-06-2003]

I think that what they did to love park is the worst and stupidest idea ever. I have never gotten to skate in it but I have family up in Phili so we go there every once in a while and I love the way it looked and now because I know that if I go there and skateboard I will get my board taken away or fined or somehthing I feel like I missed out on something amazing.
Josh Netsky, Rochester NY [08-06-2003]

john tucker, boston, ma [08-06-2003]

chelsea, philadelphia, pa, country [08-06-2003]

Public areas should be free for anyone to use.
Joe Tarr, Philadelphia, PA [08-06-2003]

Free it!
Nikki, Philadelphia, PA [08-06-2003]

love park kicks ass! free it
Bryan Piccioli, Allegany, NY [08-06-2003]

Bring back skating in Love Park -- it's part of Philadelphia's history.
Kirsten Brodbeck, Philadelphia, PA [08-06-2003]

I live in Belgium(Europe) and i've always dreamed of going to skate at Love Park. You have to keep it open. Just for me. And every other skater in the world.
Laurence Currie-CLark, Belgium [08-06-2003]

love park is a classic philly skate spot.
Christopher Wang, Conshohocken, PA [08-06-2003]

Never skated at love before, but it shares the same stature as south bank and the shell center in London. A place where skaters can go, in a safe freindly atmosphere, where the location is ideal for skating. Places where you can have some of the best days of your life doing the sport you love should be fought for. Desert the young and they will desert you.
al pasquini, kent. Great Britain [08-06-2003]

naheed simjee, huntington beach, ca [08-06-2003]

listen would you rather have skaters here in the park, or out on sidewalks? i havent had the chance to skate love park...yet. but i would one day love the opportunity to. so come on and give it back.
greg, destin, florida [08-06-2003]

Beth Rusticus, Stockton, NJ [08-06-2003]

Bethii, Philadelphia [08-06-2003]

as a new resident of Cenetr City (from Paoli) i would love to see Philadelphia government step up and wipe the egg off of it's face. The City is a laughing stock due to this gross act of ridiculousness.
robert dicks, Philadelphia [08-06-2003]

Freee the Love of Skating@
Bobby Laird, Limestone, Ny [08-06-2003]

kyle mcCormick, chesterfield, virginia [08-06-2003]

Love park was the greatest place ive ever seen. I cant amagine skateboarding had there never been such a wonderful skateboarding heaven. Who ever ordered the disustruction of it must hate philly and want it to become more like Wyoming
Aaron Frankel, Pittsburgh PA [08-05-2003]

I skated Love before and it was they try to ruin it...why? Its sad
Josh Derr, Danville Pa USA [08-05-2003]

Love park was a congragation point at where many skaters could gather and progress together in the natural street enviornment. But now, love has been Crucified with skatestoppers, and I ask everyone to do what they can to destroy the obsitcles in Love and let skaters unite and skate there once again.
john, bloom PA [08-05-2003]

street gets no LO VE
john napoli, philly pa [08-05-2003]

Christopher Gurney, philly pa [08-05-2003]

Mike Evans, Shakopee MN [08-05-2003]

I have been in the North Central area of West Virginia for a year, I have heard of LOVE PARK and it's popularity for 4 years, and I would like to plan a trip, one day, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to ride my skateboard, and to experience what Philadelphia's skateboard scene has to offer.
Jeremy Noel, Bridgeport, West Virginia [08-05-2003]

I recently visited love park, and what was once a great skate spot, has been bombarded with planters and benches. With like 20 people in the park at each time, is it really necessary to have like 50 benches all over the place? What's so bad about skateboarding anyway? Its NOT a crime! Bring love back to the way it was. Not only have they ruined a part of skateboarding, they've ruined a perfectly good park which now looks just plain goofy.
nick, massachusetts [08-05-2003]

The love we have for this park is unbearABle...dont take are park away
Keith leonard, new bedford mass u..s [08-05-2003]

Matthew Andrew, Boston, MA [08-05-2003]

I skated LOVE for the first time at the end of July. It is one of the greatest spots and it is stupid to take that away.
Justin Yaitanes, Lakeville, MA [08-05-2003]

What a great and reasonable plan this Love Park proposal is! And the best part of all—if it all comes to pass—is that there will be ANOTHER museum on the Parkway! Isn't that what Philadelphia has been trying to achieve for decades: additional museums on the Ben Franklin Parkway? Though somewhat funky and not related to the arts, this "museum of skateboarding" (or extreme sports or whatever) should encourage younger folks to go to the other Parkway museums. The old visitors center is perfect suited for the task in every way (especially since it's already built)! It should and would, of course, provide amenities to the general public as well, especially quick food and drink, which are sorely needed in Love Park. Again, this sounds like a great plan!
Harry Kyriakodis, Philadelphia (Old City) [08-05-2003]

skateboarding's not a crime
sami reiss, canada [08-05-2003]

we have few enough places to skate as it is, lets put our foot down!
mike giles, montreal,quebec,canada [08-05-2003]

Love park! ive never had the chance to skate it yet, but im going to philly next year.. and i really wanna skate it! please keep it! PEACE
ERIK SEREDA, tbay! [08-05-2003]

hopefully I'll get a chance to skate it someday....
David Wattigny, Lafayette Louisiana [08-05-2003]

I used to love skating at love park... it brought me to the city when I was young and I now go to college there at Drexel University. Skaters skate at their own risk and recognise they're at fault should injury occur.
Christopher Lindinger, Langhorne, Pa [08-05-2003]

i never would have known about Love park (or cared) if it weren't for skateboarding. Ever since i started skateing I've known about LOVE park. It is a legend to the skateboarding community and one of the only reasons that I would have wanted to visit Philadelphia. Good move Street.
Adam Filarski, Peoria, Ill [08-05-2003]

Please let the children skateboard. Much of the city is not tolerant of the kids, and Philly is a city of Brotherly Love. Let's all act that way! Sincerely Mary
Mary E Brown, Milmont Park, Pa, Delaware County [08-05-2003]

My son and his friends loved skating there. Skateboarders get a seriously BAD rap...they are actually excellent the park!
Andrew Myers, cherry hill, nj [08-05-2003]

Erika Saboe, Jenkintown, PA [08-05-2003]

I work at a historic site in Philadelphia, so I understand how important tourism is to the city. Not everyone visits Philadelphia for its history and museums. Many people have traveled from around the world to skate Love Park. All tourists, whether they are families touring Independence Park, or carloads of skateboarders skating Love, are crucial to the economy and reputation of this city. All visitors will spend money here. Love should be treated as another one of Philadelphia's important tourist attractions. I've got plenty of experience working with Friends groups and I'd be happy to help form or to become a member of Friends of Love Park.
Lisa Acker Moulder, Lansdowne, PA [08-05-2003]

A skateboard ban in Love Park is as ludacris no cycling in France or no coffee drinking in Columbia. If there's not skateboarding you might as well replace the "OV" with "AM" in the LOVE statue.
Green Aces, Philadelphia, PA [08-05-2003]

if you want to keep a kid off drugs, that person is going to need some alternative hobbies. especially in urban areas
stephen saxton, state college, pa [08-05-2003]

Andrew White, Coatesville, PA [08-05-2003]

the project one crew wants love park back check tha site
Jon Riesdorph, Olean, New York [08-05-2003]

Love Park represents a culture that is thriving and strong. Recent movements to renovate and destroy it are stipping us of this culture. These are our streets too, and it is up to us who feel strongly about our way of life to do something about it.
jim heffernan, Syracuse, NY [08-05-2003]

Nathan Clemens, Bethlehem, PA [08-05-2003]

I learned how to skate in this park. Bring it back
Matthew Smith, West Chester [08-05-2003]

End the hipocracy
Patrick Emmerich, Philadelphia, PA [08-05-2003]

Andrew Bailey, Richmond, VA [08-05-2003]

As a resident of Philadelphia for the past seven years, I am tired of this debate. Let the kids skate.
Brendan Bobzien, Phialdelphia, PA [08-05-2003]

pleaz re-open love park to skaters!
tymmac, drexel hill, pa [08-05-2003]

this would be a great oppertunity for the city to save money on the once promised skate park. they could direct those funds into areas of the city which need it. the idea to turn the old visitor center into a skateboard shrine or what. would be great- the people who dont understand soon will - best of luck
andrew scully, philadlephia pa [08-05-2003]

look. my mom even signed this petition! bring it back. you can truley see it means a lot to us.
j. o., boston, mass. [08-05-2003]

tru pray, washington dc [08-05-2003]

Eli Margolis, State College, PA [08-05-2003]

Born & raised in Philly I can't imagine LOVE without skaters....
Jessica Brown, sf, ca [08-05-2003]

Save Love Park!
Justin Moulder, Lansdowne, PA [08-05-2003]

Abby Minich, South Carolina [08-05-2003]

It is the city council and other administrative positions that decided to place this amazing attraction of Philadelphia under wraps. The skateboarding and other sports that took place at LOVE Park were not taking away from the city at all and rather gave back. If it was not for the recognition that Philadelphia had in the skate scene for LOVE Park and FDR then I highly doubt that they would have chosen Philly as the spot for the X-Games. An event that created millions in revenues for the city of Philadelphia. I am pleased though however to see that the skateboarding has moved to city hall itself, I guess they didn't think that one through entirely.
Jason Trojanowski, Philadelphia PA [08-05-2003]

They shouldnt ban skating there
Justin Crowley, niskayuna,new york [08-05-2003]

kelly, philadelphia [08-05-2003]

Judi Zimbler, Livingston, NJ [08-05-2003]

funny how th mayor will pose for a promotional photo op with skateboarder, but then fully mandate the illegality of such action otherwise
matthew wich, philadelphia, pa [08-05-2003]

Philadelphia without Love Park wouldn't really be Philadelphia, now would it?
Jesse Talbutt, Philadelphia, PA [08-05-2003]

Matthew J Franklin, Flemington, NJ [08-05-2003]

Love Park brings people from all over the country. Most of them are skateboarders. The revenues from these visitors are what the city needs!
Adrian Mercado, Parkside, PA [08-05-2003]

This park transends Skateboarders, it inspires future movie makers, bmx bikers, bladers, artists, and even the poets. having lived in philly for 3 years there wasn't ever much to do in center city but there was always a walk in the park to be entertained by the boarders, bladers, and bikers. They would film their stunts and antics while on lookers would just bemused with enjoyment. Late at night if you didn't want to take on the scary back alleys while walking you could walk through Love park which would always be active, unlike other citys. Love park wasnt' scary. It's a creative mecca to deny a youth to have a place to freely expressthem selves you might as well hand them over to drugs now, for most hope is lost.
Michael Allen, Whitehouse, NJ [08-05-2003]

Kristin Cass, Ringoes, NJ [08-07-2003]

Adam Hendricks, Philadelphia, PA [08-07-2003]

Omar Garcia, Lynwood, California [08-07-2003]

Leave love park as is!
Fred, sb [08-07-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK. Would you rather the children of your city sitting on their asses in your street or exercising to help build a less lazy, unhealthy future. YOU DECIDE.
Shannon Manley, fairless hills, pa [08-07-2003]

Philip [08-07-2003]

I have made regular trips to the U.S solely for the purpose of Skateboarding. It is the home of Skateboarding and every skater around the world has seen the U.S spots in the 411's, Transworld's, the Big Brother's etc and wants to go there for themselves to skate. Love was next on my list. Can't do that now can i? Free Love Park!
Dave Morrison, Johannesburg, South Africa! [08-07-2003]

to whom it may concern, the skating ban placed on love park is a terrible thing skateboarders, of which i am one, are misunderstood. we are thought to be mostly punk undiscplened hoodlums, this is untrue. we are athletes are sport is just misunderstood, it has a true beauty to it, and it takes extreme skill and talent we aren't druggies looking to cause trouble, we are athletes praticing our sport. why are people allowed to play baseball football basketball, etc. if you are going to ban skateboarding ban all other sports as well. as i stated earlier we aren't druggies drug use is in no way a aprt of skateboarding, it would complicate things and make us un healthy and clumsy and our skills and talets would diminish. if you don't want tourism in the city fine outlaw tourism but don't remove one of your biggest tourist attarions, the skateboarders and their beloved LOVE park, it brings people it brings business it brings an understanding of skatings beauty of skill and talent this understanding is needed. please remove the ban it is an apalling mis use of the law, and its just plain stupid. thank you sincerly a stupid punk kid, daniel peter mckeaney I
Daniel P. McKeaney [08-07-2003]

I never actually got to skate Love Park, but from what i've seen in so many videos, it's the best skate spot ever. I think it is disgraceful that Mayor John strret profitedf rom hlding the x-games there only to use the same profits to destroy the sacred spot. FREE LOVE PARK!
Haqdrien Turner, Moscow, Russia [08-07-2003]

Rich Doyle [08-07-2003]

Free love park the skaters neeed aa place to skate. You will end up getting mad when they start skating back on the streets and in parking lots
sam, greensboro North carolina [08-07-2003]

Though I am not a skater, I've enjoyed watching the skaters perform their amazing tricks at Love Park each year when I go to Philadelphia to visit friends and family. Please ensure this vibrant scene to the Philadelphia life remains.
Greg Brown, Orange, CA [08-07-2003]

Svetlana Romanov, Philadelphia PA [08-07-2003]

Teens could be out doing worst thing than skate boarding. The city should be glad we have found something postive to do with our time.
Chan, South West Philly [08-07-2003]

Bring back LOVE
Gary Decker, Philadelphia, PA [08-07-2003]

Although i've never been much more than a casual skater, LOVE is like a sense of pride. It's a place to call home, a claim to fame, and an [formerly] active monument to the ever changing face of sports for the coming generations. LOVE park is the heartstring of youth culture in Philadelphia.
Mike Cochran, Levittown, Pa USA [08-07-2003]

Alot of skateboarding has been done at LOVE park. I cannot believe that the mayor would have the Xgames there and then shut it down. I havent skated it yet, but it was on my "places to skate before i die" list. Even if they shut it down, i am going to skate there. I dont care if those pigs have to arrest me either
John Calvert, Dundalk Maryland [08-07-2003]

kevin cain, long island, ny [08-07-2003]

aly, philadelphia [08-07-2003]

Steve Aubrey, Moorestown, NJ [08-07-2003]

i love philly and one of the things i think about when philly comes to mind is love park and skateboarding. these kids could be on drugs or in gangs, yet they decide to skate. do the right thing.
scott pesek, st louis MO [08-07-2003]

Tammi Haynes, Marlton, NJ [08-07-2003]

Todd, cherry hill [08-07-2003]

Kylie Weigel, Franklinville, Ny [08-07-2003]

Save LOVE son!
Joel Gardner, Allegany, NY [08-07-2003]

John Street has a long history of thwarting progressive options, here in Philly. The LOVE Park issue, however, appears to be bringing this chronic syndrome to the forefront...and I say "thank goodness!" I think it's a big mistake for anyone to think of the mayor's office as simply Democrats vs Republicans...the issue is PHILADELPHIA, and OUR FUTURE...and IF we want to have a better four years for the next four years, there is ONLY one option: Sam Katz for Mayor of Philadelphia
Mitch Deighan, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia [08-07-2003]

Ashley L'shey, New York [08-04-2003]

Sunny Burkett, Limestone Ny [08-04-2003]

Free LOVE park
Andy Schummer, Allegany New York [08-04-2003]

Nick Ramire, New York [08-04-2003]

against skateboard destruction of Love Park
H Jacobs [08-04-2003]

Sarah Skelton, Wilkes-Barre, PA [08-04-2003]

The Street Administration should step up to the plate and return LOVE Park to the culture that granted it iconic status - skateboarding, otherwise this will be one of the crucial issues in the upcoming election. We don't want anyone to have to vote for a Republican (Sam Katz) to get this done! Peace from a non-skater.
Evan Klinefelter, Philadelphia, PA [08-04-2003]

When my children were younger, the majority of our quality time was spent in LOVE park. Eventhough the kids used it for skateboarding, does not mean that the park could not still be enjoyable for all!
Paula, Voorhees, NJ [08-04-2003]

love park should be open to skate its like the best skate spot in philly.
brad mcnemar, pa [08-04-2003]

this is stupid. let people do what they want. if they want to skate in the park then let them. why can't people do what they like? if they want to skate, why can't they. just cuase some people don't like that "skaters" doesn't mean that they have to disallow them from doing what they enjoy.
shane mckee, thornton, pa [08-04-2003]

Michael Leone, Philadelphia, PA [08-04-2003]

joey thomas [08-04-2003]

Jesse Anthony, Fredericton, NB, Canada [08-04-2003]

Kate Campbell, Medford, New Jersey [08-04-2003]

Nicole Hopman, Norristown, PA [08-04-2003]

Elizabeth Fijolek, Phx, AZ [08-04-2003]

chris o'brien, philadelphia, pa [08-04-2003]

Spent my childhood there.
Tony Smyrski, Philadelphia PA 19104 [08-04-2003]

although i do not ride a skateboard, i think that love park was very important to the skateboard community. it gave skaters and bikers a place to go and do something creative in there time.
robert eschrich, browns mills nj [08-04-2003]

lauren, west deptford, nj [08-04-2003]

i love love park, i went to philly last week and walked threw love, it was a horrible site seeing all the ledges not skatable, its a peice of skateboarding we need back
tom ramirez, toms river, nj [08-04-2003]

Jeff Meyers, Philadelphia, PA [08-04-2003]

I grew up skating in that park. It would kill me to know that kids that really enjoy skating there couldn't. I wish I could get across to people that just because you have a board doesn't mean you have drugs. Let the kids enjoy it.
Sarah Maier, ny, ny [08-04-2003]

I think that they should keep the park!
Cait, New York [08-04-2003]

mike nusbaum, paoli, pa [08-04-2003]

i used to skate there when i was a kid, i think other kids should be alowed to have the same privlage i did.
chris mackowiak, south jersey [08-04-2003]

Melanie Burnick, West Chester, PA [08-04-2003]

i don't skate, but i belieive that everyone should be able to enjoy love park
Brian Cavanaugh, philadelphia pa [08-04-2003]

bring back love.
Joey Pinkerton, Browns Mills, NJ [08-04-2003]

Jessica Lynch, Collingswood, NJ [08-04-2003]

I don't skate, but Love Park should definitely be opened for skating.
Mike Jenkins, Philadelphia, PA [08-04-2003]

Ralph Stollenwerk, Philadelphia, PA [08-04-2003]

Give it back...
Ryan Vancho, New Jersey [08-04-2003]

leave it open, skateboarding is not a crime but a pasttime
phil george, bellmawr, nj [08-04-2003]

Jamie, Browns Mills, New Jersey [08-04-2003]

to whom it may concern, while some people just see kids with boards "cuasing trouble" have focused on purely the negitive. of all the possiblities of which kids could be doin in their free time, being outside, getting some exercise doesnt seem to harmful to me. as far as injuries are concerned, they are riding at there own risk. be greatful skateboarding is a popular past time and causing complete anarchy is not.
christian walsh, plymouth ma [08-04-2003]

i grew up skating in love. everybody knew it as the best place to skate around. Although i don't skate anymore i think it is very important for it to be made friendly to skaters.
Mark Mebus, Plumsteadville PA [08-04-2003]

I just started skating a year ago and i only have a crapy town wit crapy things to skate and i would love to get to love park.
Justin Slomski, Hortonville, WI [08-04-2003]

i think love should be open cuz i wanna ollie the really big gap it should be A legal skate park rip love park
patrick, abington pa [08-04-2003]

Will Brunner, West Chester, PA [08-04-2003]

love park is skateboarding. With all of the professional skaters and skaters trying to get sponsered they need to go there. there is no reason to close love park from skaters.
ryan swick, Limestone, new york [08-04-2003]

i like the love.
dan shetron, west chester [08-04-2003]

i like the love.
Andrew Solarz, Malvern [08-04-2003]

i used to skate love park and it has just became a disaster when they destroyed it...bring it bacck
dave kunkel, marlton,nj [08-04-2003]

LOVE park was featured in a video game because it meant that much to skaters. free LOVE park.
Ryan Rayburn, usa [08-04-2003]

Megan Kemner, glouster twp, NJ [08-04-2003]

seriously FREE LOVE PARK.
Tim Roadknight, Blackwood, NJ [08-04-2003]

Trish "zuki" Kanapi, moorestown NJ 08057 [08-04-2003]

Robert Chuba, Levittown, PA [08-04-2003]

gabby verrecchio, cherry hill nj usa [08-04-2003]

yeah i dont think they should have closed love park the only pple that cared about wether you skated there or not was the cops no one else really cared open it back up and bring some more business to the city just dont destroy fdr
chad gorby, bloomsburg pa [08-04-2003]

Melissa Wagner, Cinnaminson NJ [08-04-2003]

Free Love Park.
Douglas J. Parent, New York, NY [08-04-2003]

Sean O'Connor, Philadelphia, PA [08-04-2003]

Sarah Puleo, Southampton, NJ [08-04-2003]

bryan german, west chester pa [08-04-2003]

Remove the bums and crack heads, not the skaters (who brought millions to the city with skate competitions)
Mickey DeLorenzo, Philadelphia [08-04-2003]

kris stathakes, mt laurel,nj [08-04-2003]

love park is where i was noticed
Willy Santos, rite now in china [08-04-2003]

free love park so we can skate it!
Al Woods, bradford p.a. [08-04-2003]

allee, new jersey [08-04-2003]

save it
samantha cox, philadelphia, pa [08-04-2003]

free love
Ron Shang, sandiego California [08-04-2003]

free love
Dan Canalungo, olean new york [08-04-2003]

christina, folcroft, PA [08-04-2003]

i cant stress enough how important love park was to me as a skater and as a person. philadelphia has made a huge mistake in doing away with an internationally known cultural mecca.
Michael Carney, Lansdowne, PA [08-04-2003]

Gillian Harrison, Philadelphia, pa [08-04-2003]

free love park!
alex giebel, sewell, nj [08-04-2003]

free LOVE park
craig canalungo, olean new york [08-04-2003]

Justin LaBarge, Bensalem, PA [08-04-2003]

Matt Charles, Marlton, NJ [08-04-2003]

Keith Gordon, Pennsauken NJ USA [08-04-2003]

save love park please
tony price, atlanta, ga [08-04-2003]

I am an architect who skateboards. I believe in skateboarding as an urban sport and understand that skateboarders look at architecture in ways that most people can not's about feeling your environment and finding the infinte possibilities within. As a creative act, skateboarding should be encouraged.
Stephen Hegedus, Los Angeles, CA [08-04-2003]

John Powers, West Deptford, New Jersey [08-04-2003]

Matt Williams, Philadelphia Pa [08-04-2003]

Jehan, philadelphia [08-04-2003]

love park free!
andrea achilli, san severino marche, italy [08-04-2003]

Bucky T Miller, Scottsdale, AZ [08-04-2003]

This is a great cause, i dont skateboard but i really think if there is organization to this plea then things will be changed. Good Luck!
Richard Veight, Philadelphia PA [08-04-2003]

Please re-open this place to skaters. It was truely awesome
Joseph Matchett, Lindenwold, NJ [08-04-2003]

Steve Goldberg, Cherry Hill, NJ [08-04-2003]

free it
Brian Lamay, Feasterville, PA [08-04-2003]

Free Love Park! Respect to the architect and planners who realise the vibrancy of skateboarding...Just got to make sure the tutua (politicians) see the strength of their arguments...Just because skateboarding is not part of the "corporate image" that CBDs strive for, doesn't mean that it doesn't have value in the CBD. Skateboarding culture is huge to me and Love is an icon, even on this side of the world...keep up the good work Free Love Park people!
David Patterson, Auckland, New Zealand (Aotearoa) [08-04-2003]

walter morataya, Pasadena,CA [08-04-2003]

I grew up in NJ about 30 min from center city. when i first started coming to the city in 1988 it was to skate at love park. over the years i have became a promoter of music shows, singer for a local band, and i run a small record label all out of philadelphia. i have invested countless hours into the community and helping it grow. skateboarding was a very important part of my growing up. and love park symbolizes everything i came from and the youth of today & tomorrow. i no longer skateboard, but i appreciate the sport as a culture. and philadelphia is a very important part of that culture,love park is the center for it. love park is one of the most famous skate spots in the world and that says a lot for the city of philadelphia so why ignore that?...taking LP away from the skaters says what it feels about its people.
Robby Redcheeks, West Philadelphia [08-04-2003]

Keaton Macon, San Bernardino, CA [08-04-2003]

I would go to philly with the sole purpose of skating love park.
sikander khan, ann arbor, MI [08-04-2003]

My family lives in Philly, and every summer we'd enjoy going to Love Park to watch the skateboarders. It's a positive outlet for the youth to help them stay away from gangs, drugs, and other negative activity. Supporting this park helps support the youth by giving them a chance to express themselves in a healthy, positive way. Bring back Love Park.
Kevin Hinckley, Fontana, CA. [08-04-2003]

Primo Pica, Philadelphia PA U.S.A [08-04-2003]

Danny Weeks, philadelphia,pa [08-04-2003]

ive been skating for close to 6 and a half years now,its a hobby of mine and it also keeps me and most of the other kids who skate out of trouble.Yes,some skaters are bad kids,but then again we have kids who dont skate shooting up schools,doing drugs,etc. but we always get the bad reputation because of it.Love park was the absolute best place to skate,there were always pro's skating around,helping you out or giving you tips and even when we werent lookin out for one another we still wouldnt let anyone we didnt know get jumped by the bums that would come through there either at night or sometimes during the day.The officials are taking our freedoms away from us...this is supposed to be the land of the free,but all of our privleges seem to be fading away one by one. FREE LOVE PARK
Matt Pearce, Philadelphia [08-04-2003]

chris samocki, warminster pa [08-04-2003]

Its a land for skateboarders as well as everyone else in the world. Its good for everyone and it unites people. Isnt what this country is about
Steve Vainberg, Bensalem, PA [08-04-2003]

Staci, Philadelphia, PA [08-04-2003]

Matt Miller, Philadelphia, PA USA [08-04-2003]

I grew up in love park as did all my friends, please dont take away precious child hood memories and do not prevent future children from creating ones of their own.
Patrick Doody, Sicklerville NJ [08-04-2003]

Jess Goldey, Glen Mills, PA [08-04-2003]

Marisa Reina, Bayonne, NJ [08-04-2003]

if there were more tings to do kids wouldnt resort to drugs and violence. its an age old argument but its the truth.
mike rodriguiz, philly [08-04-2003]

What's the big deal?
John Fuchs, Philadelphia [08-04-2003]

re open love park!
rachel burgos, skillman NJ [08-04-2003]

im for freeing love park.. even though im from nj i take art classes 4 days a week at moore college of art & design, a block away from love park - i miss the skaters being there. they arent harming anything.. and now even they can even raise money to clean love park up.
caitlin hayes, medford nj usa [08-04-2003]

carl cooke, philly pa [08-04-2003]

marrianne cooke, philadelphia pa [08-04-2003]

beth cooke, phila., pa [08-04-2003]

katie Cooke, Philadelphia, PA [08-04-2003]

This park has so much history. You have to re-open it!
Justin S. Hoch, Middletown, PA [08-04-2003]

this park is a part of my childhood. when i think about growing up in philadelphia, and all the summers i have spent here, LOVE never ever escapes my memories. it belongs to the kids that "LOVE" it back.
Dina Orginos, Philadelphia, PA [08-04-2003]

i never understood why they didnt want skaters on it. it brought more people to the city, and made it fun. why not just make love park a skate park officially and run it as such?
rachael carrasquillo, haddonfield, NJ [08-04-2003]

Klint Kanopka, Philadelpha, PA [08-04-2003]

i think this is a great thing you're doing. good luck
jessica merritt, new brunswick, nj 08901 [08-04-2003]

Matt McCabe, West Chester, PA [08-04-2003]

Kenny Knowles, Bradenton Florida USA [08-04-2003]

Andrew Wellbrock, philadelphia, pa [08-04-2003]

Jake Falkinburg, glen mills, Pennsylvania [08-04-2003]

LOVE skatin and quit you hatin bring back LOVE
Mike Mccarty, Danville Pa [08-04-2003]

love park was made,weather the designer knew it or not, for skateboarding, and it would be a great idea to make is a skatepark.
JD Hess, Bloomsburg PA [08-04-2003]

love park is a landmark to every skateboarder and i think it should be given back to skaters.
Keith Venarchick, Danville Pa [08-04-2003]

LOVE PARK IS GREAT FOR SKATEBOARDING! It was just made perfect. I was so mad when it closed. i love ollieing off the big ledges. and kickflipping the steps. City hall is good too!
Mike, Prospect Park P.A, [08-04-2003]

free LOVE park
Kyle, Danville, PA [08-04-2003]

free love park !
Devon Swank, Bloomsburg,PA [08-04-2003]

Iv'e been skating now for about 3 years and I've come to realize and hear that Love Park is one of the top skatespots in the world. I'm 13 and I've always wanted to go to LOVE. I've always wanted to say "I skated the famous LOVE Park". And now that is shattered, by the money-hoarding government pigs. Please free LOVE! I'll try to help!
Tim, Ambler [08-04-2003]

matt, north canton, ohio [08-04-2003]

free love!
chris massello, virginia [08-04-2003]

Keep LOVE alive. Don't kill a big piece of skateboarding.
Evan CLark, Allegany, NY [08-04-2003]

free love park.
Yang-soo Cho, seoul s.korea [08-04-2003]

free love
Clayton Anderson, Livermore, CA [08-04-2003]

We lived in the Metropolitan Building from 1997-2000 and never felt dismayed by the skaters presence in LOVE park. As a matter of fact, I drew comfort in the fact that they would be there during my walks home from the train.
Coleen Conlon-Dowd, Philadelphia, PA [08-04-2003]

jonathan maher, haddonfield, new jersey [08-04-2003]

Michel Walker, San Diego, CA [08-04-2003]

Kristen Walker, San Diego, CA [08-04-2003]

Free love park!
Daniel Markgren, Sweden [08-04-2003]

Jimmy Hovrén, Sweden [08-04-2003]

Skateboarders made Love park world famous when they brought worldwide attention to one of the best skate spots in Philly. It cost more money to build the new love park which is not skateboarder friendly then it did to repair any minor damages done by skaters. Bring back the park!
Greg Slawek, Richboro PA [08-02-2003]

Philadelphia is going down hill, they dont get any tourists, if they wanna bring it back up bring back love park.
Manas Reddy, upper darby, pa [08-02-2003]

Josh Kalis, LA, Cali [08-02-2003]

Love Park belongs to skateboarders. I've been to the park after they closed it down and the only people i saw there were cops. citizens don't use the park. give it back to the skaters.
Tony, Perkasie, PA [08-02-2003]

I wanted to skate that place at least once in my life, please let it happen.
Marcus Clifton, 2516 Vanderbilt Ave, Raleigh, NC 27607 [08-02-2003]

skateboarding is at a great loss now that love park is unskateable. i never got the chance to skate love park but there was a skate trip planned but then had to be cancled. now i can only skate love in my dreams.
JAMES HIGGINS, vacaville califorinia [08-02-2003]

sammy macomber, philadelphia [08-02-2003]

riley macomber, philadelphia [08-02-2003]

ronald macomber, philadelphia [08-02-2003]

patrick macomber, philadelphia [08-02-2003]

maureen macomber, philadelphia [08-02-2003]

mia hamm, philadelphia [08-02-2003]

rachael welsh, philadelphia [08-02-2003]

andrei visniec, philadelphia [08-02-2003]

stephen macomber, philadelphia [08-02-2003]

I think that if all the Philadelphia city officials read Dave Carnies 'Free Love Park' they would realise the size of the mistake they've made. Love park was a great park that did exactly what a park is supposed to do, it attracted people not only localy on a huge scale, but from afar as well. and create commerce in the city and a positive youthful pressence. For a city to close this down is foolish.
James Keith, Sooke, B.C., Canada [08-02-2003]

Taylor Kidwell, Chattanooga, Tennessee [08-02-2003]

FREE LOVE! If it wasnt for love park philly wouldnt be anything n to have the xgames held there was a total show of Philadelphia being a hypacrite. Free LOVE!
Steve Schmidt, Wilmington De [08-02-2003]

Love park was a legend to me even on the westcoast of Canada and it hurts me to see it be unskateable. Free Love Park
Clay Webb, Canada [08-02-2003]

Don't close love park. I've allways wanted to go there. Turn it into a skatepark and charge admission. Make some money off of it!
Jake Murray, Mandevile, LA [08-02-2003]

It is just so retarded to close Love Park. Anyone with common sense can see that the skateboarders spent more time there than anybody else. In fact, last time I went there after they "rennovated" it there was no one in the entire plaza for about 25 minutes except me and a couple other skaters that were visiting it and mourning. If the re-opened LOVE it would give us, the skateboarders, a place to skateboard and you wouldn't have to waste your police force chasing us when people are dealing crack and robbing stores which are much more offenses.
John Cameron, New Jersey [08-02-2003]

James Mscisz, Beverly, MA [08-02-2003]

What up im commin all the wat from Boston for the rally on october 4th see you there.
Rob, Boston, Ma [08-02-2003]

john rosul, mesa, az 85204 [08-02-2003]

I'm going to college in Philly because Love Park is there. Please don't make me transfer.
Jesse Strange, Brewster, New York [08-02-2003]

love park has been a huge part in skateboarding since the 80's and has shapped many of todays pro's such as josh kailis, stevie williams and rob dydrek. In almost every skate video, the park has shown its resliance as a place to visit if you are in the philly area. skating a famous spot is almost as exciting as meetin ur favorite skate pro. besides by banning the spot its only cause skaters to go there anyways and its gonna cause problems in the community. thanks for readen my little rant Sebastian Jaramillo
Sebastian Jaramillo, eugene, oregon [08-02-2003]

nathan, marblehead, ma [08-02-2003]

i've dreamed about skating love park that would be awsome if they reopened it
alex williams, midlothian virginia [08-02-2003]

free it,best place to skate ever.
Joe Reidl, nj [08-02-2003]

it should be kept because it is the best place on the earth for street skating
Josh Beever, England [08-02-2003]

i have never skated LOVE but if I could would be the happiest person alive!IT SHOULD BE KEPT FOREVER!
tom beever, England [08-02-2003]

Julie Reyna, Austin, Tx [08-02-2003]

Should be kept because it is the best street skate spot in the world
Ben watson, england [08-02-2003]

The only thing wrong we did was play with are toys, I don't get it?
Russell, Jenkintown, Pa [08-02-2003]

Free LOVE! It is THE best place to skate of all time. If it becomes skateable again I will travel from Virginia many times just to skate it.
Mark Daniels, Yorktown, Virginia [08-02-2003]

Shawn Carboy, Philadelphia, Pa [08-02-2003]

shawn brodsky, Philadelphia, pa [08-02-2003]

free love park needs to be open to sk8ers. its like the best place to street sk8.
drew runnfeldt, asheboro nc [08-02-2003]

Samuel Wayne Tolliver, District of columbia [08-02-2003]

Bring the skateboards back to love park!
Katie Dean, Philadelphia, PA [08-02-2003]

Best place on earth to skate omg what is the mayor thinking of this allow e games for the money and then ban it when all these specatators arent looking Skate for lyfe and keep skating fight must go on ok everybody!
Charles Lesaca, california la [08-01-2003]

I have only dreamed of skating love park. I have almost been able to seen what it was like in video games and magazines but I really wish that the government could see how much it means to the skating world
Austin taylor, Alberta, canada [08-01-2003]

I haven´t skated love park but if i go to the U.S im definitly would go if it would be free.
Mattias Linder, Sweden [08-01-2003]

Love is the perfect place and location for a skatepark plus it will bring lots of money to the city by the worldwide skateboarding community that will frequent the park once it returns to normal use thanks and have a great day!
Mark Carroll, Gilbert arizona [08-01-2003]

free love !
zach moser, nh [08-01-2003]

love park rules!
corey prescott, bedford ma [08-01-2003]

Love Park was such a positive location for amateur and pro skaters alike. My son was very impressed with it as a skate boarder himself. He travels from Niagara Falls, New York with some friend that share the love for Love Park. Just to be able to skate with accomplished skaters and be inspired! It definately was not a postive move that the Mayor has made. It is keeping our children off the streets and doing something creative and expressive with what relaxation time they have. Our children and working and going to school their relaxtion time skating in this park could some day turn out skate boarders as any other sport in the next Olympics. Open Love Park to skaters again and support their dreams.
Kathleen Lipka, Niagara Falls, NY [08-01-2003] homepage

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