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July 16-31, 2003

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Free Love!
James H. Yukawa, Culver City, CA [07-31-2003]

free love because it is a part of skateboarding culture, it is an icon; ever seince ive known skate spots, ive known love park and by making it un-skateable, is taking away a great thing.
chris owen, canton ny [07-31-2003]

i f* love LOVEPARK it was the best place to let skaters free themselves from this s* ass Government..then they go and shut it down..f* that...reopen that s*..I go there all the time(well use to) FREE LOVEPARK!
jake mowday, Coatesville,PA 19320 United States [07-31-2003]

i like using love park for skateboarding.its a good place to skate and chill.its really nice there. i love to skatew there.
kurt erhardt, rochester, New York [07-31-2003]

i've never been to love park myself.. but a lotta mah friends who skateboard have.. nd they say its the shyt.. and i've heard a lotta good stuff about love.. so i think that they should re-open it.. peace easy
Allyssa, Unionville [07-31-2003]

they shouldnt close love park for skaters because history has occurred there with hundreds of pros and other random skaters. R.I.P. LOVE PARK. sk8r 4 life
todd crawford, pa [07-31-2003]

love was one of the best street spots i evr skated
john santaniello, monson massachusetts [07-31-2003]

Nathaniel Oliver, Nova Scotia, Canada [07-31-2003]

Gwen Gundrum, Pottstown, PA [07-31-2003]

When I first started skateboarding I saw a few pictures of LOVE park. And ever since then I've been wanting to skate that spot more than any other spot in the world. When I heard it was gone I was crushed. Please open it again.
Patrick Broberg, Copenhagen, Denmark [07-31-2003]

Give it back
Josh Clement, Winston-salem,North Carolina,United-States [07-31-2003]

Free Love Park
Robert Peters, South Philly [07-31-2003]

I have never been to love park, but ive seen it on TV, like the X-games comp that went down there. By the way that was one sick competition. But Love park is like the most loved skate spot ever. You just cant take a place like that away. Maybe if they even just fixed it up, so the skaters couldnt ruin it. But either way, you cant take that place away. Free LOVE Park.....
Kevin, Elyria OH, USA [07-31-2003]

Chad Kinsey, north Canton ohio united states [07-31-2003]

free love park
Matt Foley, Philly>crossan [07-31-2003]

moira mosley-duffy, haddonfield NJ [07-31-2003]

Several years ago we took our then 10 year old son to Philadelphia specifically to skate at Love Park. He's still skating and proudly refers to the time he got to skate with Love. It's an institution - you need to reopen it to skaters. We want to come back!
Terri Bax, Cincinnati, OH [07-31-2003]

skateboarders need love park for any of the damage by wax and grinding that has ocurred is not going to get any whorse.
Thomas, Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada [07-31-2003]

For once that i was coming to Phily to skate i was upset that i couldn't skate that well-know park.
Marie-France Gravel, Montreal, Quebec,Canada [07-31-2003]

Chris Ferrell, Taft, Tennessee USA [07-31-2003]

Where's the LOVE ya'll? Keep the LOVE park, yo. I want my boys to be able to skate there. Thanx :)
Laurel Falvey, Turnersville, NJ, USA [07-31-2003]

Love park is f* awesome to skate, it needs to be opened to skaters again
Lou Grabov, NewJersey [07-31-2003]

They should open love park to skaters because I never saw anyone falling and complaining and wanting to sue them. We lost lots of east coast skates since love park closed to the west coast.
Matt, New Jersey [07-31-2003]

suckas...let the skatas skate...but don't let the hatas hate...word i'm like woah when poo poo slips into my throaguht ahhhh legos eat hot dogs!
pat, california [07-31-2003]

david urdiales, napoleon ohio [07-31-2003]

John Villegas, New Stanton, Pennsylvania [07-31-2003]

getting rid of love park for us would be like getting rid of the football hall of fame for football players
Gary Hauser, New Stanton Pennsylvania [07-31-2003]

to all of phillys board members, think about the growth of this sport and how much profit it makes...actualy just screw all the logical s* i just sayed and open it back up so i cant have a chance to skate it
matt o, jax, fl [07-31-2003]

If youth is given respect and a place to enjoy themselves there will always be less trouble in the way of crime. Youth should be given every chance while growing into adulthood. When older they will in turn help the youth of that time.
John Alexander, Doylestown, Pa. 18901 [07-31-2003]

skateboarding is not a crimen
jesus, new york ny [07-31-2003]

Kathleen Turner, Moorestown, NJ [07-31-2003]

Love park used to be a place to go see a new, up and coming sport. Skateboarding has made tons of money for Philadelphia (The X Games for one example). Perhaps the City should consider how much they profit from this new sport. I'm sure it more than makes up for the minimal amount of money that goes towards up-keep of Love park.
Megan Kearney, Newtown, PA [07-31-2003]

You've taken away something you can't give back...the park will be put to use instead of just looking at it.
ryan jameson, san francisco [07-31-2003]

i think that love park should be freed and made so skaters r allowed to skate there without breaking the rules.
Blake McMillan, Walnut Creek, CA [07-31-2003]

Without love park, where do u want philly people to skate? They will just get arrested skatin other spots around the city and it will piss off cops all over the place. Being a skater myself, i know how bad the lack of a skatepark is so let skaters have their place to mess around and they will leave the rest of the city alone. LOVE is a positive place for skaters to be and its a part of philadelphia's history.
Scott Jory, Walnut Creek, CA [07-31-2003]

free love park, i live in cali and i went out to philly to see nocturnal skateshop and love park even when love park was closed. free love park.
Mac Akin, Alamo, CA [07-31-2003]

Don Thompson, Carlsbad, CA [07-31-2003]

JOHN KEEFE, columbia heights, mn [07-31-2003]

J. Joe, Philadelphia, PA [07-31-2003]

Rock on!
Joe Pacini, Philadelphia, PA [07-31-2003]

Stephanie Johnson, Philadelphia, PA [07-31-2003]

give us more skate parks and the kids will be happier. happy kids equals happy parents equals happy world. peace be you'll.
STEVEN MASTROPAOLO, huntington beach, ca 92648 usa [07-31-2003]

WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAYOR STREET??? Everyone wants to make kids stop doing drugs and get into sports. Well if you would have opened LOVE park to skateboarders, you would have helped the sport grow as well as tourism in the city of Philidelphia. I know i live in Canada, but i have seen LOVE park on T.V and have only dreamed of being able to skate something so perfect for skating, that wasn't even intended for skating. It has gotten to the point that almost every city in Saskatchewan wants to make a skatepark that is designed like a miniature LOVE park. All that i know is that if LOVE park does open up i will definately be there within the next 5 years.
Terrance Hoppenreys, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada [07-31-2003]

Shelby, Flagstaff, Az [07-31-2003]

Free Lover Park...
Curtis Daley., Needham, Ma.,...,USA. [07-31-2003]

i started skating at love. i used to love the envioment. there would always be kids there. we would just skate and have a good time. we never really bothered anyone. people just have to face the fact that skating is here to stay. i dont understand what the city was thinking when they closed LOVE. i am depressed now because thats where i learned everthing. it is like it was just ripped away from me and other skaters. i really cant understand it at all.
jim, philadelphia pa [07-31-2003]

i skate love just about ever day. it had a great envioment. there would always be people skating there. and it is a bunch of bull s* that the city has done nothing for us. i mean it has been a year and nothing has happened. and i know if they try to make a park or something it will suck ass. they should just open it again and just have some rules. then ever one will be happy.
jim simpson, Philadelphia PA [07-31-2003]

i always wanted to skate Love park and if it wasnt open i dont think i would ever have a big reason to visit Philadelphia and i just think a lot of people think the same so it should be open to skaters because Philadelphia will get way more tourism and the city knows that means more money
derek baumgartner, burlington, wisconsin [07-31-2003]

i am planning to go on a road trip with the Spaz Skateboard team next summer and we always dreamed of skating Love park and if it was open we would totally stop in Philadelphia but if its not then New York will be the highlight of the trip
tony lafranzo, burlington, wisconsin [07-31-2003]

i have seen Love park in a lot of skate videos and me and a couple of my friends started a skateboard company called Spaz skateboards and we are thinking about having a road trip next summer and if Love park was open then Philadephia would definatly be one of our stops on our road trip
joe baumgartner, burlington, wisconsin [07-31-2003]

Ronnie Iezzzi [07-31-2003]

free love park
Dillon, Tampa, Florida [07-31-2003]

lyla_kaplan, 1435 poorhouse road, downingtown [07-31-2003]

what is stevie williams gonna do without love park? where will tim oconnor go to make fun of people??? where will i skate when i decide i wanna go to philly????
scott schulman, conifer,colorado [07-31-2003]

When i was in highschool, my friends and i would come to Philadelphia every weekend to skate LOVE. It's too bad kids today do not have the same opportunity. Let's get it back.
Josh Kirschner, Southampton, NJ [07-31-2003]

I am not a skateboarder but I do want to see skateboarders return to LOVE Park - as I work close to the Park. The other day I saw someone wearing a shirt that said Free LOVE Park. Anyone know where I can get one?????????? Oh yeah, Mayor Street sucks!
Stephanie, Philadelphia PA 19134 [07-31-2003]

i would give my life to free love park so that my children and their children and their children and so on would be able to skate it
Charlie, sydney, austrailia [07-31-2003]

Matt [07-31-2003]

keep the love...for real man...FREE LOVE PARKKKK!
justin miranda, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada [07-31-2003]

Having skated LOVE only once, it's a very fond memory that will stay with me forever - these types of good memories are what ones youth is all about! They are the future, and you must give respect ot earn respect.
Scott Cox, San Clemente, CA. [07-31-2003]

i've skated love park before and it was great! i wish my town had a place to skate like that. we aint got jack for street skating. i hope to visit the city of brotherly love again, and can hopefully skate love park again. love park forever!
justin cox, lake tahoe, ca. [07-31-2003]

It's really sad that those who aren't influenced by skating have the power to remove skating a form of art and expression from the famous "Love Park"
Phil Jones, Newport Beach, CA [07-31-2003]

im not signing this jus becuze im a skater .. im signing this as a voice for freedom.. its crazy how im a good kid good grades in college and im doing good for myself .. but when i get on a skateboard i get prosectuted worse than a drugdealer would that sells on my block.. crazy huh ? never been to love but plan to go there soon .. let the skaters skate there home .. dont take something away that means little to the citizens around.. from what ve been told that place was jus full of bums and skater and eventually skaters just becuze the bums didnt wanna be there with the skaters.. im rambeling but i know my opinion may be understood by others
jah jah brown, bronx newyork city [07-31-2003]

I live in Philadelphia and have had to deal with John Street's idiocy for a long while now. While he has done some wonderful things with city housing, and certain renovations, there are a lot more than he has screwed up, and one of them is love park. Old people don't come downtown to hang out in love park; only the skaters did, and now that that's closed, he's lost a huge asset for Philly. The city already is sub-par; SEPTA sucks, we have a stand-still job market, and poor education. Bring back Love Park, or Philadelphia is just going to go down the social toilet.
Laur, Philadelphia [07-31-2003]

im only 10 years old and ive seen love park on almost every skate video ever!.....i wanted to be able to skate this spot when im eighteen
J rodriguez, san antonio,texas [07-31-2003]

Geneva VanCampen, Huntington Beach, CA USA [07-31-2003]

Just make a skatepark
Derek beers, Fort Collins Colorado [07-31-2003]

Free Love Park!Yeah! For the skaters and not the haters!
Miryam, Lake Forest, CA [07-31-2003]

Anthony., Newport beach CA ..... [07-31-2003]

Love park should be re-opened to skaters because where else can we all go? I visit philly to skate a lot and you get kicked out everywhere but if love park was opened, its such a great spot for skating that a lot of skating at other places would probably decrease. We aren't really harming anything ... just let us have our fun.
Kennon F, Carlisle, PA 17013 [07-31-2003]

Skating Love park is so amazing, it needs to be re opened...
Jason Smith, Costa Mesa, Ca [07-31-2003]

christina bejarano, Costa Mesa California [07-31-2003]

keep he park its narly
hicham t, dalecity,va,US [07-31-2003]

i seen videos with love park in it it looks good to skate
Devin Law, woodbridge virginia [07-31-2003]

Chanea, Sanford, FLA [07-31-2003]

Love Park was the most awesome skate area I've ever been to, and I know a lot of skaters were crushed when it was closed down. Reopening the park would also keep skaters away from other banned areas.
Antoine Rahatt, Woodbridge VA [07-31-2003]

jessyca, triangle va [07-31-2003]

Hugh Montgomery-Jones, Triangle Virginia [07-31-2003]

just moved from philly to jer-z. love was a skaters mecca! it was a great place to ride! bring it back!
michael sheel, surf city new jersey [07-31-2003]

Erin Moodie, Narberth, PA [07-31-2003]

No matter what actions will ever be taken, skateboarding will never die, so just accept this fact and let people like myself enjoy our passion for skateboarding.
Jeff Gendell, Washington, NJ [07-31-2003]

Jacqueline Conlon, Haddonfield, NJ [07-31-2003]

It is pointless to ban skateboarding in such a perfect place. People come from all over the country to skateboard at LOVE Park.
joe vicett, Carlisle, USA [07-31-2003]

Linda forbes, arlington,texas [07-31-2003]

us skaters will fight for our right to skate. we will not quit. free love.
steven kapral, walnutport pennsylvania [07-31-2003]

The only more unfortunate injustice than a skateboarding ban, is a skateboarding ban in a park called LOVE. If you could simply "skateproof" the benches and such so that it couldnt be scratched or damaged in some way would you do it? Will you? or will you then find another reason to prevent skating at LOVE? With all of our technology I would think we could somehow prevent scratches on a marble bench, true? The negative persona around skateboarders is truly unfortunate considering the fact that i cant remember the last time i heard about that professional skater who attacked a police officer for a traffic stop or got busted with a kilo of cocaine in their vehicle. What would you do if you werent skateboarding? Possibly run drugs for your local drug dealer. Sometimes you have to ask yourself if the positive outweighs the negative. Not to mention the police officers who are paid to patrol the park 24 hours a day to prevent that skater from scratching up one of those new wooden park benches. When I'm offered crack walking down the street minding my business, I know there are far more areas in need of police surveilence. We are often looked at as "trouble makers" or "misfits" of some sort. I'm sigled out as that type of person simply because of that negative misperception some have of skaters. I am kicked from place to place on a daily basis, unless I am in a "designated skate area" such as a skatepark. We aren't selling crack, we aren't getting wasted or destroying things for fun, we are simply doing what we LOVE and thats skating. Last time I checked it was legal to skateboard. Skateboarding has undisputedly brought revenue and people not only to Philadelphia but many surrounding areas and LOVE park is the reason I moved from North Dakota over a year ago, just before the park was closed for renovations. Appreciate what it's done for the community and let us appreciate it as well. We Love LOVE, just like you do. Dont forget, it's our park too. I still go to LOVE, only now i dont go to skate. Last time I was at LO
Brandy Quinn, moved to south jersey from north dakota primarily to skate LOVE [07-31-2003]

I recently visited Philadelphia and was able to see Love park, a friend of mine explained all the measures taken to keep skateboarding out and I just feel that these measures are discriminatory and a waste of money.
Diana Domanski, Daytona Beach, FL [07-31-2003]

LOVE was the best. I met Kalis the first time I went there. It was the best place to skate and it will always be. We must get it back!
Greg Mele, Marlton, NJ [07-31-2003]

I think Love Park should definitly be brought back like how it used to be. Philadelphia's Mayor should be greatful, because a lot of skateboard video's featured skaters skating Love Park, and i bet a lot of skateboarder's skated there and probably bossted up tourism! So i mean, where do you go wrong?? Thanxs, Shawn Mills-Local skater "skate 2 live, Live 2 skate"!
Shawn Mills, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada [07-31-2003]

My friends are from PA and also I work in the skate industry....let the skating commence!
MIa N. Hylton, San Diego, CA [07-31-2003]

If it wasnt for skating i would probally be doing something dumb like drugs. Free LOVE for the sake of skating
Will, new jersey [07-31-2003]

Bring love park back,if u dont skateboarding will progress in a way u dont want it to. i never got to sk8 love park but i would like to some day. If u take love park away u will upset many people!
ANT, Oxnard, California [07-31-2003]

Mousie [07-31-2003]

free love and history in it self let us sk8 and do wat we do best dont crumble the history of love and us sk8ters with it. sk8ters around the world come and visit philly and sk8 the spots they all come becase of love dont take that from us let the history of love set free. FREE LOVE LET US LOVE TO
eddie cruz, bronx ny [07-31-2003]

LOVE park should be opened as a skate park
freddy obrecht, lutherville, maryland [07-31-2003]

free love
ED [07-31-2003]

jenifer loesch, phila [07-31-2003]

The new park looks horrible. It seems unfinished, run down (with the boxes all over the trees, etc). My tax dollars down the tubes in redesigning this park to keep skaters out, which was a bad idea, and now it looks worse.
Emilio M Recio, Philadelphia, PA 19107-6100 [07-31-2003]

bring it back
michael wilson, Houston,Texas,U.S.A [07-28-2003]

i have never skated love park but i want to someday
bobo brenner, goleta [07-28-2003]

that f* sucks they did that s* ive never had a f* chance to skate there f* that.
john thebeau, granite city illinois [07-28-2003]

If someone doesnt free LOVE i will die of starvation! LOVE PARK is my food! i need it to live! to survive! philly has just killed off its population because of no more LOVE i need KALIS'S tre flips to live! dont do this to me philly! dont do this!
George Kamel, Boston [07-28-2003]

i've never skated b4, i'm just doing my part for a good cause and for Ki, Joe, Ryan, Will, Shannon, and every other skater in the world
Corinne Mongelli, Philadelphia, PA [07-28-2003]

Adam Norgsn, Boerne, TX [07-28-2003]

Kristin K, Boerne TX [07-28-2003]

skate or die
grant gold, boerne, Tx. 78006 [07-28-2003]

with love from it up
Mike Meyer, Conifer CO, USA [07-28-2003]

ever since i started skating about 3 years ago, i noticed that love park was probably the most well-known and most frequently documented spots in skateboarding. i also thought it looked like loads of fun. so i made it one of my goals to come and skate love park when i turned 16. to come and be able to skate the most famous spot in history, with some of my favorite pro skaters like josh kalis, keery getz, and ricky oyola, would just be an amazing dream come true. but now that dream is gone. unless the city of philadelphia can take the steps to ensure love park is skateable once more. because im sure that there are many more with the same dream as i to come and skate the park.
chris carpenter, denver, colorado [07-28-2003]

Will Martin, Austin, Texas [07-28-2003]

Mark Thompson, Rutland, Vermont [07-28-2003]

love park is the best place ever for skateboarding. everything is so perfect. and come on whats it gunna hurt if you let people skate there. i mean sure it might make a mark on the ledge, but people only use that place to eat lunch and bums sleep there. RECONSIDER MAYOR STREET
John Note, Langhorne PA 19047 [07-28-2003]

i think this love park sounds pretty damn kool and i love skateboarding so anything that has to do with in ! later
kelly, elizabeth NJ [07-28-2003]

i never skated LOVE park yet but it has been my dream ever since i started skating.LOVE park is probably the most historic street skate spot ever made.if u take LOVE away your taking a lot of skaters dreams away at the same time.FREE LOVE IF U KNOW WATS GOOD FOR YA!
Anthony Tomasetti, around phily,PA [07-28-2003]

mike malkin, Danvers MA [07-28-2003]

f* authority & their intentions of banning our right to recreation.
alexa cooper, Salt Lake City, Utah [07-28-2003]

Free Love Park. Let skaters skate it again and bring back a major part of skateboarding.
Matt Topolski, Milford, DE, USA [07-28-2003]

Nobody loves that park more than skateboarders
Kristian Oliveros Rico, Spain [07-28-2003]

I think its g* that they banned skateboarding and not biking or inlining they r just discrimining aginst skateboarders
craig patrick, conway,AR. united states [07-28-2003]

I didn't even get to skate it yet!
Nathaniel Ferry, Wilmington, Delaware [07-27-2003]

free love park
pete innis, philadelphia [07-27-2003]

well love park is really great its of skateboarding history i think it sould be left the way it was but if that cant be done make it into a skatepark
Paul lavigne, texas leaugecity [07-27-2003]

It's supposed to be all about brotherly love! Banning the skaters is no different from if blacks were to be banned from LOVE.
Brandon Anderson, San Angelo, TX [07-27-2003]

"Tough, get over it. It's over"? Sounds like the most arrogant person in the world. I'm sorry to see that obscenities will be censored, so I suppose I can't really make my point clear enough...
DP, Menlo Park, California [07-27-2003]

i hate how everyone is so closed minded about how skateboarding ruins how things are and is disturbing or any other bull sh*t, i've seen how love park is and how much good skating can be done, sometime i would like to visit philly and skate it but i guess thats not possible unless...
Paul Sullivan, Westborough Massachusetts [07-27-2003]

Laura Kent, Newport, PA [07-27-2003]

LOVE was great for skating!
Jennifer Corriher, china grove, nc [07-27-2003]

i think we should be able to skate love again
DAkota Wert, Mechanichburg P.A USA [07-27-2003]

Keep all public places free to skate
John Gilboy, albany NY [07-26-2003]

Love Park is a large part of skateboarding history, you can't just take stuff like that away. It just goes to show hows peoples minds work that aren't skaters.It's like a tourist attraction, so why not benefit from it rather than tearing it down, make some dough.
A.J., Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada [07-26-2003]

I can remember growing up in Calgary, AB.. reading all the magazines and watching the videos with my firends.. dreaming about what it would be like to skate love park. Love park for me was the first thing that came to mind whenever I heard the word Philly.
Matt Hemsing, Vancouver, BC Canada [07-26-2003]

let us sk8
Nick Barba, avondale PA [07-26-2003]

I think this idea is amazing! It would solve a lot of problems.
Steven Etheridge, Oxford, GA [07-26-2003]

yo i think thats f* up i mean ive never been there but ive always wanted to skate there. Love park was one of the hottest spots all my fave skaters skate there stevie williams josh kalis and kerry getz
sherod smith, atlanta georgia [07-26-2003]

i would like to skate at love park in the future
domink gatniejewski, Poznań - Poland [07-26-2003]

Ivy, China Grove, NC [07-26-2003]

Greg Nichols, San Diego, CA [07-26-2003]

Tony Preto, Akron, Ohio [07-26-2003]

If the architect has shown his support for skateboarders to come and skate on the his work then surely it's up to him whether they skate there or not and... if, when the X-games was held there and it raised lots of money for the city then that's cool and it shows that Love Park will attract skateboarders from all over the world and will make more money for the city. In conclusion, err... free Love Park! Yeah... Keep it real. You have support from England!
Alex Lydon, Birmingham, England [07-26-2003]

yeah free Love Park. Would Love to be able to skate there...
Ross, Birmingham, England [07-26-2003]

umm free it man
kyle christensen, mt. laurel new jersey [07-26-2003]

i hope to came in love park one day... Love park free
Alessio, Milan, italy [07-26-2003]

a few years ago my mom went to philadelphia and asked me what i wanted as a souvenir she was sort of confused when i said i wanted a picture of love park but she took it and i was happy she was confused on why something so widely known would be destroyed for little or no reason ......and she said if it was ever rebuilt we would take a trip up there together so i could skate it, good luck
hunter hebert, lafayette louisiana united states of america [07-26-2003]

I have never bin to Love Park but i have seen many videos about it. These videos inclued "Anthology" and "The Reoson". From what i have seen love park is a skate heaven. I would love to skate there some day and see many other people skate there.
Trevor Hast, Hortonville, WI [07-26-2003]

i racked on the rails in miami! it hurt!free love park
F, miami, fl, us [07-26-2003]

BW switch back 180 gap dogg
scott quintavalle, olkland park, fl, us [07-26-2003]

wenning!switch back 180 what the jeff
dustin burke, pomao beach, florida [07-26-2003]

free love park, i never skated love but always dreamed of doing it, when i heard that the city was doing all this crap to make it skate proof ithought what saddened the city would do this to their youth and skating culture...
David, Chicago [07-26-2003]

seen this place in lots of videos, would love to skate it someday. with all these bans maybe i never will. i have money and i wan't to travel, no love park= lost tourism
john kelly, thunder bay, ontario, canada [07-26-2003]

Never rode Love park, but I wish I could have.
Johnny Woodie, China Grove, NC USA [07-26-2003]

william bullard, china grove, nc [07-26-2003]

Public space is everyone's to share!
Talia Kaufman, Calgary, Alberta [07-26-2003]

I have never skated that b* but I always wanted to get out of Texas and f* that place up. Its a damn shame that some c* s* are trying to hate on my skate.
Brandon Wright, Austin, Texas [07-26-2003]

From what i have heared from friends who have skated LOVE park, it ws the s*!
Michael Rivera, Waterville, ME [07-26-2003]

free love park!
mike harris, waterville, maine [07-26-2003]

skaters forever!
Skyler "POOP" Vanek, Oregon [07-26-2003]

The idea of shutting down the one thing that millions of kids have come to Philly to visit is just silly. When i was 16, i took off one summer with 500 dollars just to go to love park. I ended up staying for about a month and was the happiest guy in the world. I was even planning on moving there some day, but now after the idea that skateboarding is useless in Philly I'll move somewhere that the community supports skateboarding.
William Dalton, wellsville, ny [07-26-2003]

What happened to this being a FREE country!
Marie-Luise, Philadelphia [07-26-2003]

If I were mayor, these are the issues that I would tackle: 1) I would perfrom a total overhall of SEPTA. In New York, we call the people from the suburbs including Long Island, New Jersey, and Westchester the "Bridge & Tunnel Crowd." They come in to work during the day and party at night at then return to their bedroom communities to rest. Everyone in Philadelphia is part of this Bridge and Tunnel Crowd whether they live in Philadephia County or not. One cannot survive in Philly without an automobile. Everyone drives drunk; there is no other option. SEPTA is inefficient and dangerous. In New York, the transit system is very efficient and safe. A good transit system is a direct reflection of the quality of the politicians in office. Spend money on SEPTA rather than destroying Love Park. 2)Philadelphia has made the mistake of creating the "Sports Complex." They have subjugated all sport's activities to the periphery of the city. The FDR Skatepark was accepted by the Philadelphia politicians because it too expelled sporting activities to the extents of the city. Philadelphia has effectively expelled life from its center. The center is empty. One must escape the city to enjoy city life. 3. Why does King of Prussia exist? In New York and Washington D.C., one must enter the city to find the finest apparel and furnishings. In Philadelphia, one must leave the city. Philadelphia is constantly pushing its occupants outwards. Why is Philadelphia so unsucessful? The politicians do not understand what makes a city sucessful: 1) South Street is sucessful yet it is not. It's existence proves that only at the edges of the city can life exist. 2) Pat's and Geno's are sucessful yet they are not. Their existence proves that only at the edges of the city can life exist. 3) Delaware Ave is sucessful yet it is not. It's existence proves that only at the edges of the city can life exist. 4) Love Park was sucessful, now it is not! 5) Philadelphia is unsucessful! Don't blame the politicians, blame yourselves! You are the ones who voted them in or chose not to vote them in. You are the ones who sat idly by and watched this happen. It is easy to complain in hindsite, it is more difficult to have the forethought to prevent such a thing to occur.
Richard Garey, Manhattan [07-26-2003]

i see it kinda like banning tourists from the national mall in washington, dc.
john sullivan, arlington, virginia [07-26-2003]

Sarah Kupperberg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [07-26-2003]

Make LOVE completely skateable, and legally so. Show love by giving skateboarders somewhere to do what they love. Skateboarding keeps kids off alcohol, drugs and out of gangs and violence.
Marco Forni, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. [07-26-2003]

andy mullen, 17 [07-26-2003]

Love Park is the greatest skate park there ever was by taking it away from the skateboarding world you are destroying a huge part of the skateboarding legacy FREE LOVE PARK
Joe Quinn, Westville, NJ [07-26-2003]

chris pacini, blenheim nj [07-26-2003]

free love park!
Matt Hunt, Philadelphia [07-26-2003]

This city is beautiful it offers great food, good neighborhoods and fantastic arts.But it's parks don't get much attention. How can a city offer so much yet take away skateboarders macca. These boarders brought attention to other boarder and others world wide on the beauty of this city.
Julio Nieves, 170 W Laurel st [07-26-2003]

i grew up skateing there"my prime or whatever the f* you want to call it". respect is what it's all about. that is why it should be opened again out of respect.
Louis Metal, New Jersey [07-26-2003]

Free up the Love.
Darin Howard, sf, ca [07-26-2003]

Love Park is beautiful. Please don't let it go to waste. The skateboarders of the world need and deserve it!
Jay Monson, Emmons, MN [07-26-2003]

I support Love Park being open to skaters.
Adam Walczak, Denver, Colorado [07-26-2003]

In the context of skateboarding the place is a historical landmark, plus the efforts of Philadelphia to stop skating are well known to every skater across the country. Some of the stories that the skaters/citizens of Philly have about the mistreatment they get from police are amazingly horrible. Give these skaters a chance, give them a back there place to skate. I am sure that they will be thankful.
Travis Russell, Metro Atlanta [07-26-2003]

By taking away Love park, your taking away a piece of skateboarding's history.
Danica Jordan, San Diego, CA [07-26-2003]

Love park has been a catalyst of the progression of modern street skating. It is an historic place, and has bred such skaters as Oyola and Gall-who promote skateboarding for what it is-a positive, fun and life-changing activity.
Mark Hewitt, Coventry, West Midlands, ENGLAND [07-26-2003]

Jennifer Schwerin, South Philadelphia [07-26-2003]

open that s*
nikki guns, dallas [07-26-2003]

I live in Northern Liberties and work at 1500 Sansom st. I see skaters at the office buildings and city hall every day on the way home from work. They all want to be in love, but will get ticketed. Banning skating in love park has not made the skaters disapear. I am a skater, skateboarding and inlining for 13 year from the time I was 13. Back then being kicked out of skate spots time and time again was exactly the same. Why can't the city understand that skating is good recreation, exercise and activity for our youth. It is creative an independent. It teaches self-reliance and encourages one to challenge ones self. These are all values we wish were being taught in our schools, but are being discouraged in the streets. If a youth wants to pursue track or baseball or football our society provides avenues to follow. Schools build athletic fields and gyms and no one thinks twice. If you wan to pursue an extreme sport like skateboarding or inlining, there is no where to practice, or hone your ability. Providing a place for this sport to be exercised safely should be a concern of this city's administration. Non one complains when street puts up another baseketball court. As for Love Park itself, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania are spending millions trying to draw young ambitious people to the area and retain young professionals. Shutting down arguably the most famous skatepark in the world, does not send a message of progressive, edgy, young, urban development to the masses. And be sure, its not just kids out there skating, Keith IT Manager Age 26
Keith McGinnis, philadelphia, PA 19123 [07-26-2003]

Free Love Park! I'm especially fond of the sentiment that we should encourage skaters to skate somewhere like this, as opposed to office buildings and the like. After all that effort to have the X-Games in Philly, and considering the history of the park, it doesn't reflect too well on Philadelphia to ban skating from Love Park. Be Progressive! Be Tolerant! Be Forward-Thinking! Free Love Park!
Jake Humphries, Wilmington, DE [07-26-2003]

Love Park has become apart of skateboard history and it would be a shame to stop the skating that took place there. People from around the world know about this park and make plan to visit the city of Philadelphia just to skate this spot. Most kids that skate there are interesting in one thing, skateboarding. Not fighting, not looting just skateboarding. It will help to keep the kids off the streets, parent will know where their children are, its an all around benefit to all in the city of Philadelphia. Thank you for your time.
Jerry Ardoin, Atlanta, Georgia [07-26-2003]

if the park can be maintained so that both skaters and the general public can both benefit, then why not? it's so typical that something cool in this city would be shut down.
Mishel Cobb, philadelphia, pa [07-26-2003]

Even the designer of Love park would like to see it opened back up to skaters. The city had the X games there and it helped to make a lot of money for Philly. That wouldn't of happened without the Philly skate community. Give a little back to the skaters, who helped bring some money to the city.
Jon Nicholson, Eugene Oregon [07-26-2003]

LOVE park WAS a great park - it HAD skateboarding mixed with a gorgeous city view, a landmark sculpture in pop culture, and a great fountain. There was no where else like it. Since the park has been "cleaned" up, I never go there anymore. Skateboarding, and the legacy of LOVE park was a great element of this city. Allowing skateboarding in the park put Philadelphia ahead of the game in being a progressive,"we value everyone" city. When skateboarding was banned, part of the Philadelphia's charm and appeal disappeared. Bring back skating to LOVE park!
Kim Wunner, 2738 South 16th Street Philadelphia, PA 19145 [07-26-2003]

Patrick Malpass, Fair Haven, NJ USA [07-26-2003]

Brian, Waren, NJ [07-26-2003]

free love park it was street skating heaven, everyone better vote for sam kats too plz! i dont see them tearing down tennis courts or basketball courts without rebuliding them until something else nicer free love park
edward krystopowicz, philadelphia pa [07-26-2003]

If Love Park is a symbol of libery and freedom, we should be alowd to skateboard there...
Kate Korson, New Jersey [07-25-2003]

I have seen Love Park in Magazines and videos and always wondered what it would be like to skate it. Love Park should be open to all skaters. It is one of the all time best skate spots to skateboarders around the world. I have had the same issue with our very own skate spot in Jacksonville (Bull Park). They closed it and now it is un-skateable because they cut grooves in the stairs making them not skatable. I know how all skaters that ever skated love park feel. FREE LOVE PARK!
Nick Cutler, Atlantic Beach, Florida [07-25-2003]

The city is hurting itself by Banning love park to skateboarders. Not to mention how visually awful the new "Skate- Unfriendly" instilations are. I don't think I would have gone to college in Philadelphia if love park didn't exist or existed the way it does now.
Dan McVeigh, Phila PA [07-25-2003]

joey wagner, california [07-25-2003]

save LoVe !
Kraig Wood, Mechanicsville Virginia [07-25-2003]

f* the mayor
anonamas, chester [07-25-2003]

Bring it back!
Troy Madres, Center City [07-25-2003]

Bring love back from the grave!
Adrian Langley, Modesto, California [07-25-2003]

chris hill, Moorestown, NJ [07-25-2003]

waddup, i think you'se should open up love bak to us for us skaters... we never hurted any1 it was a place that we could all go and skate n not get INTROUBLE, its better then going out n robbing houses and duing vandalism it keeps US KIDS outta TROUBLE people and i no every1 here is on with me and every1 that posted already is right! so i think u should open Love back up cause its the greatest place to skate and we dont hurt anything
bob read, Williamstown, NJ [07-25-2003]

"Tough, get over it. It’s over." Frank Keel small words from a small man, bring back love park. i would never go to philly without love park. You welcome the x-games and then take away skateboarding? whats that?
Chris Rose, Edmonton, AB Canada [07-25-2003]

save love park!
Calvin Yorker, Kennett Square, PA, United States [07-25-2003]

Never once has a skate spot ever been so cultural. I made trips every weekend just to skate Love Park. I've met so many people from all over the world who came just to skate Love Park. For the sake of skateboarding, and for all of us skateboarders out there who truly love the sport as a freedom of expression and style- let Love Park be free.
Michael Roskos, Hazleton Pa [07-25-2003]

I had been planning a trip to love park. That was all over when they tore it down!
David Dokter, Okemos, MI [07-25-2003]

Free as a bird!
Adia Speer, Philadelphia, PA [07-25-2003]

I have worked in Center City all of my adult life. Keep Love Park open to the skaters.
Beth McCarthy, Chester, PA [07-25-2003]

I have never skated there and i want the chance to and plus if it was already being skated why not leave it that way?
Ari Kormano, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada [07-25-2003]

Why close down one of the best skate parks... many people will be disapointed n sad if you do this... so please dont. you'll make a lotta people happy if you dont
Krystine Erickson, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada [07-25-2003]

free love park
sean, Drexel hill PA [07-25-2003]

ali palumbo, moorestown, nj [07-25-2003]

Yasmine Abbassi, Mahwah, NJ US [07-25-2003]

I have faith that if they put their minds to it, the city could find a way to keep Love Park open and beautiful to skaters and non-skaters alike.
Mark Gardner, Warrington, PA [07-25-2003]

Love Park for skateboarders is an asset for the whole city as city planner Ed Bacon has pointed out.
Joan Sage, Philadelphia, PA [07-25-2003]

PLEASE! for GOD SAKE I HAVE TO SKATE THERE! PLEASE! I am 300% that everybody is hungry to skate there besides the park itself is looking for more skateboarder's souls please i want to be part of it. thanks peace and LOVE 2 everyone who LOVEs PARK.
Emmanuel Rodriguez, Allentown, pa [07-25-2003]

Free Love
Dan, New Jersey [07-25-2003]

love park needs to go back to the skaters. skateboarding is such a positive thing, and skaters dont have bad intentions, they just look to have fun. love park provided the fun that many skateboarders searched for. free love park., connecticut [07-25-2003]

Love park is the greatest thing to ever happen to skateboarding, If you were allowed to skate at love park again just think about all the kids that would stay out of trouble,It would bring a lot more visitors just to hang out at love and see who was skating there.Please,Open Love Park For Skaters
Josh.K, papillion,Nebraska [07-25-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK. People dont appreciate it as much as skaters do. turn it into a legal spot to skate.
brian edwards, tinley Park illinois [07-25-2003]

give it back!
Melissa [07-25-2003]

love park is for skateboarders. down with pigs.
awcawe, a;cj4oi3j4gh [07-25-2003]

LOVE PARK is the best place for skateboarding that was ever made on thw east coast, and they need to just leav it alone for god sakes, and just leave it the way it is...i mean...its the best place to learn and skate since its, perfect terain for skateboarding, which is why i think there should be signs there that say, SKATE BOARDING PERMITED....... Marc
Marc Bills, Carlisle, PA [07-25-2003]

LOVE is a huge part of skating's history and from what i've seen looks like a killer place to skate. IF that many people can care about that place, then Philly shouldn't destroy it. its just not right
PSYCHOskate4000, New Providence, New Jersey [07-25-2003]

Tim Gilbertson, Hinton Alberta Canada [07-25-2003]

screw the people trying to shut ya'll down.
Tray Walker, Easley, SC [07-25-2003]

I myself have never really skated Love Park but I have some friends that have. I have always wanted to skate Love but I heard it was to be destroyed that dream ended. If there is an effort to reopen it to skateboarding, I'm definitly helping out. SK8 OR DIE!
Dusty Landers, Easley, SC [07-25-2003]

that park would be much better off in the hands of skaters than anyone else. without them it will probably be filled with old drunk guys pissing on the ledges... here in new york they skate-proofed the ledges at Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the last time i went there i saw a homeless woman defecating on the ledges...
joseph gallagher, new york city [07-25-2003]

Christopher Perri, Phila. PA [07-25-2003]

Stephanie Springer, Roseville, Michigan [07-25-2003]

I think Love Park should allow the skateboarders of Phillie a place to skate to get them off the sidewalks and roads that could casue an accident.Or else make a nice skate park somewhere in the city which would give us skaters a good place to ride. R.I.P. Love Park
Kyle, Lancaster,PA [07-25-2003]

want us off your privrate property then support the Love Skatepark!
Mike Telo [07-25-2003]

taking away LOVE park is like taking away a piece of every skateboarder in the world.
Ricky Whiteman, Jacksonville, Florida [07-25-2003]

i always wanted to skate love so i hope it will be open
Derek Tippeconnie, Anadarko, Oklahoma [07-25-2003]

kimber vansant, Philadelphia, pa [07-25-2003]

I know some friends that have been there and ive been through there ive been skating for ever and there are so many youths invovled that they would better recognize the city and the fullfillment it has to expand a more productive love,,, as well as other thrill seekers,,, if any 1 thing should be done in my mind ... is at least put down some regulations and maybe a fee or 2 not just skateboard but as well bicycles and rollerbaldes,,, hell even freestyle walking... those people that were a part of my generation all loved that park and now the newer genration are only hearing stories of how great that park really is,,,, WAKE UP LOOK TO THE KIDS AND THE FUTURE OF ALL <<<<< plain ol redneck
jared johnson, honea path,,,, south carolina [07-25-2003]

just read the daily news article about the drafting of the LOVE park plan. it is a great idea! for our mayor to oppose this idea is ridiculous. especially when on the opposite page "mayor praises alleged drug dealer" appears. it is an election year, i vote. mayor street needs to open his eyes and ears. skaters of the park have devised a plan that shows promise and respect for others who will use the park. good luck!
sherri bunting, philadelphia pa [07-25-2003]

J Perkins, Atlanta, GA [07-25-2003]

I've been a resident of Philadelphia for eight years (24 yr. old), and grew up in Allentown - my first trips to Philadelphia were as a young teenager because of skating lOvE - I miss getting off of work downtown around 6 and just sittin in lOvE smokin'a cigy during the fuzz's shift change watchin' what seemed like hundreds of skaters tear up the streets (and not all hacks, either!) LoVe defines this city and should be freed for the pEoPlE! free love park. . .
Jill Holden, Philadelphia [07-25-2003]

I think they should keep it because its a grate park
greg vic, Canada Ont. [07-25-2003]

hi every body!
david goudreau, lawrence ma [07-25-2003]

Whenever I walk past LOVE park, I see so much potential for a very "happening" spot for Philadelphia's youth. The proposed plan is a good one. We should make further offers to business entrepreneurs who could profit substantially from a new design for LOVE park that would attract many more people than the present one does. I envision this area as bustling with life in the evening, generating revenue for local businesses that thrive on youth taking advantage of philadelphia's night entertainment. The night life of delaware avenue and olde city isn't for everyone. A new LOVE park design would deter local underage college students from resorting to illegally cunsuming alchohol for a good time. The city needs to offer more recreational facilities to drive it's youth's creative energy.
John Vanore, Philadelphia, PA [07-25-2003]

Shane Leggio, Baton Rouge, Louisiana [07-25-2003]

no comment really except that i hope love park gets reopened.
jane, usa [07-25-2003]

when i got older i wanted to skate the love park but now its gone and it suks i was lookin gfowerd to skateing the love park and mabe move nere there but now i am not even thinking of oven there love park was like the reson peopl went to phily n now its gone cheep
Anthony Pallazola, lawrence MA [07-25-2003]

I dont even really know where to start...Philly(LovePark)was an architectual gift for skateboarders.Ive been a skateboarder for eight years and everytime I could scrap money together for a roadtrip, PHILLY was my first choice. Love was a mecca, and anyone in this country who skates or knows someone who skates is familiar with the special bond between the park and the city.I was in France last summer and I had the oppurtunity to meet a lot of French skaters, the first question everylast one of them asked me "have you skated love"? And i'd put five on it that all of them knew only one city in the United States...take a guess.I don't understand why the mayor of philadelphia wants to eliminate the ecomnomic boost of skateboarding related money making, media hype (xgames) the city endorses yet refuses at the same time. Destroying Love while allowing the xgames street contest to be held at the mayors house across the street. F* that lousy money grubbin politician peice of s*...Government is corrupt. All they have to do is put up time regulations for skating in the park...skateboarders especially the locals whould embrace and respect such a politically savvy move for mayor whats his face.The pros will leave eventually no matter what they say. That was east coast in your face hardcore street was HYPE LOVE PARK R.I.P City of Brotherly HATE ill never come back
Kellen Summers, Dayton, Ohio [07-25-2003]

The best spot I've ever LOVE back up to skateboarders. We dont hurt anybody all we do is skate. If you're not gonna open LOVE back up to the skaters then atleast let the skaters in Philly build our own skatepark somewhere along columbus blvd/delaware ave where no body can bother us and we cant bother anybody else.
FredWarD dA ShyT, Philadelphia PA [07-25-2003]

i have never been to Love but i see it in all of my skate movies, mostly in Alien Workshop's Photosynthesis. People think that just building a park is going to help but a skate park has limeted space and a park just isint the same once skateing is legaized agin my friends and i will defenantly be taken a road trip.
Ben, Rock Hill, SC [07-25-2003]

i wanted to skate love
joe smith, new york [07-25-2003]

love parks awsome so they philly should just let us skate there
jon bean, Philly [07-22-2003]

Love Park is the best skatepark in the whole world and is known all over the world through skateboarders and non- skateboarders. Even if you do not skateboard most people liked love how it was, and you are also driving out young adults who skated love, and that can affect the city also. Only i you knew what love was to us skateboarders you would change and let us in. Even with what you have done to love we still skate it and we always will even if you and the cops give us a hasle love wll always be skated so free love park. It is like a home to us skateboarders!
Rob Ghisu, Philadelphia [07-22-2003]

the city should build more skateSPOTS.....
ILYA FAYTELSON, los angeles [07-22-2003]

Alana Allekotte, Moorestown, NJ [07-22-2003]

I am the mother of a 15-year old skateboarder I feel that skateboarding is a way of life and it should be expressed wherever they want. They dont harm anyone, they just love it and do it with a passion. Therefore, I feel they should open the park up to anyone and everyone.
Lucy, Mahwah, NJ [07-22-2003]

I feel that the park should be open to skateboarders because they really have nowhere to skate. That what keeps my kid in check. Pleaes open it up to them
Margarita, Saddle River, NJ [07-22-2003]

I've been skateboarding for about two and a half years and theres never been a spot quite like Love. I got tickets and chased out of love plenty of time because its the greatest place to skate. PLease rebuild LOve and let us skate there.
jack patterson, Drexel Hill, PA [07-22-2003]

why dont cops worry about the real criminals
Erik Kutzer, Troy, New York [07-22-2003]

Sick Place to skate
Nick Karpov, Toronto Ontario Canada (aka Sars Town) [07-22-2003]

French skaters are with you!
Maxime lopez, marseille france [07-22-2003]

I never sk8ed it and I want the chance
joseph lucas, Peoria AZ [07-22-2003]

needa a new mayor who as actually stepped foot and a boad before and who knows the joy of skateboarding. than the situation would be completely different. Or if not that than atleast someone who cares about the youth in philly.
David, Lancaster, Pa [07-21-2003]

if they didnt want skaters to skate there they should of put all that good stuff in there
Kevin Barrie, canada [07-21-2003]

free love park
justin schultz, lapeer, michigan [07-21-2003]

jordon bowling, cedar springs, MI [07-21-2003]

open the city's brotherly love to all, including the skaters. it is not right that we should be persecuted so unjustly
Jim Blaney, Philadelphia, PA [07-21-2003]

love park all the way i have only skated there once and i went from england just to go there love park rules love park r.i.p or not?????????? also when i when to love park i saw a naked women in a flat that was dope
cub, england [07-21-2003]

Jo, Philadelphia, PA [07-21-2003]

i have not been to the love park but i had heard so many cool things about it and was hoping to go there at some point
mark carter, england [07-21-2003]

this is incredible
lexie, new jersey [07-21-2003]

Evan Nabors, san antonio, TX [07-21-2003]

Eric Plewinski, Lake Mary, FL [07-21-2003]

Skaters are people to give us equal rights to the park
Jimmy, williamstown, nj [07-21-2003]

I have skated LOVE PARK before, Its great and if you havent skated there, i suggest you get your ass out there right now. Its unbelievable. Its a great place. So don't wreck it you b*s.
BRANDON NOBLE, akron, ohio [07-21-2003]

Dave Beddome, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia [07-21-2003]

show some love
simon planzer, New Zealand [07-21-2003]

i tihnk there should be skateboarding aloud there. i never got my chance to skate it. my dad was going to take me there for my birthday and a few days before is when they closed it down and banned skateboarding. what a birthday gift. it will take all the skateboarders away from other places in philly. i live in allentown but i've been to Philly plenty of times and stood in LOVE PARK. its awesome and nice looking. skaters these days dont want skateparks with ramps. we want ledges, stairs gap, etc. we should be allowed to skate and maybe take into consideration that there is a patrol to keep an eye on things. but dont take away a place where we skate and sometihng we love to do...
Patrick Shively, Allentown, Pennsylvania [07-21-2003]

People always say you are what you love AND LO park is what i love OPEN it for all the people who VE love to sk8. SK8 DONT HATE
Aaron Carter, Sullivan ME [07-21-2003]

Alex Kembitzky [07-21-2003]

Love Park was an amazing place to skate and the ledgened needs to live.
Gregory Kownacki, Springfield, Pa [07-21-2003]

I have been to Philly a few times and believe the park should be opened to skateboarders. It is a recreational activity/sport and should not be considered a criminal act.
Bradley Wasserman, Chicago [07-21-2003]

Not a skater but am aware of the notorioty of love park in skating circles. The park should be open to skaters. Perhaps a new mayor is needed.
Michael Rector, Downingtown, PA [07-21-2003]

I hope that we skateboarders can get our home back.
Scott Padden, Okemos, Michigan, USA [07-21-2003]

Ever since I got into skating.. I've always known about Love Park. Its a legendary spot with a life of its own. I'm not really sure what all even happend there, but its skateable looks hold itself. I was in awe when I heard it was closing down.. It not only ruined my hopes for a perfect skate spot.. but took the one thing out of Pennsylvania that makes it interesting. Bring back Love Park.. Bring the movement back to Pennsylvania.
Ryan Redding, York Springs PA [07-21-2003]

Kelly, pennsylvania [07-21-2003]

Love park is a good street spot.They need to stop taking them away,and replacing them with packed skateparks.Don't get me wrong skateparks are a good thing,but they can't substitute a good street spot.
John F Sullivan, Rescue,California [07-21-2003]

The closing of LOVE park to skaters is simply the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard in my life. Period.
Jim Carter, Memphis TN [07-21-2003]

dont hate the player hate the game. uhhhh no i dont know what it means either.
anthony guiry, oxford, england [07-19-2003]

Kade Madsen, Sparta NJ [07-19-2003]

Joe Landis, Roseville, MI [07-19-2003]

save love park man
frenches, santa rosa, CA, [07-19-2003]

save love park man
damn it carl, santa rosa, CA, [07-19-2003]

save love park man
timmy the scarf man, santa rosa, CA, [07-19-2003]

save love park man
lucas goldstone, santa rosa, CA, [07-19-2003]

I wanna be able to skate love park and be at a famous place were skaters can gather and have fun in a awesome city like philly
Kris Szumowski, Cinnaminson NJ [07-19-2003]

Skateboarding is poetry in motion.
Jason Cassidy, littleton CO USA [07-19-2003]

I flew out to Philly several times just to skate Love Park. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of great people. I'm getting older now but, I still like to visit Philly yearly, whether I get to skate or not. Love park introduced me to Philly and I think it does a lot for the city's tourism industry. Free Love Park!
Sam Milianta, Cedar City, Utah, United States [07-19-2003]

Give the skaters some LOVE!
Olle Norqvist, Krylbo, sweden [07-19-2003]

joe graziano, east setauket, ny [07-19-2003]

Love is a legend, it will never go down in our Minds and Hearts!
Kyle Richardson, Wellsvile, N.Y U.S.A [07-19-2003]

Skating is too much fun and don't take it away
Keith Walters [07-19-2003]

Skating is one of the best thing for young people now and it needs expand.
Michael Hodges, Columbus, Ohio [07-19-2003]

Everyone vote for Vincent Kling! But besides that...I think they should open Love park again because skateboarders like to skate right? And they like to have a place that is GOOD to skate at. And according to everyone else...the LOVE park was a good place to skate and do other yea umm stop torturing skaters and open the park back up!
Danielle Frazetta, Bloomsburg, PA [07-19-2003]

Bring back Love park, it's loved by the Skateboarding Community!
Joe Roxbury, Lebanon, Nj [07-19-2003]

hank house, north little rock,AR United States [07-19-2003]

EJay Day, Fairbanks, Alaska [07-19-2003]

you have to let us be who we are. its not fair to not give the skaters a place to go, when u give a million places for basketbal players or any moron that throws a frisbee. other wise skaters are just gonna be in plaes they shouldnt be, its just logical to give them a place to go to be with other skaters.
joe zietlow, okemos MI [07-19-2003]

Although I have never had the chance to skate Love Park, all I have heard about it is the fact that when it was built, it was built for everyone, and that includes skateboarders, so they fact that they banned skateboarding from it is completely hipocritical. I think that love park should be open to skateboarders too, and hopefully this petition will give me the opportunity to skate the historical spot someday.
Tyler Lydon, Tampa Bay, FL [07-19-2003]

don't ban LOVE park! please
Matthew Negard, Dumfries, VA, USA [07-19-2003]

Bring the skaters!
Samuel Patton, Berlin, NJ [07-19-2003]

Love Park was the mecca of skateboarding. The obstacles and oppurtunities provided there are incredible in their complexity and diversity, which made this place one of the most fun and interesting places to skate. The park made you feel alive and you could feel the energy there. Please do not take this place away from us. The positive influence it maintained since it has been skated has definetly made it worth a few scraped and waxed ledges and rails. It was neither unattractive nor inconvienient to keep the park the way it was. I believe this action of removal was out of a general fear and angst towards skateboarding. Do not hate what you do not understand. Thank you for you time and bring back Love Park to its former glory.
David Chester, Okemos, MI, USA [07-19-2003]

I think it's stupid that the government or whatever is gonna renovate Love Park! Let's keep it the way it is. Cuz a lot of people skated there! so let em skate. what wrong with skating?? tell it to me and the rest of the skate community. :P
Niek, The Netherlands, Zutphen [07-19-2003]

As a more experienced skateboard, I have realized that when you think of skateboarding you automatically think of LOVE park. But now that it's gone it just seems sad that nobody will ever skate one of the worlds greatest skate spots of all time. Whats gonna go next? Barcelona? Why do people get so angry over people have a great time doing what they love? Skateboarding.
Matt Neber, Mesa, Arizona [07-19-2003]

I may not ever go to LOVE but i feel for all the skaters in Philly who used it as their training facility, as a fun place to skate and hang out with their friends. I know what it's like. I've seen time and time again, spots getting a skate-proof makeover in my hometown. I for one am tired of all of this B.S. When are people going to realize skating is not just going to go away like some stupid trend. You can't use your creativity when your skating a fabricated skate-spot(skateparks). Nothing is more real than cruising down the side-walk, seeing something skateable and skating it. It doesn't matter what it is. A building, a curb, a planter, or even...a park. People have to realize Skateboarding is here to stay, end of story. I give my full respect to anyone who is doing their part to keep the LOVE alive.
Max VanBlaricom, Hawthorne, CA [07-19-2003]

Love f*en rulz u d* c*
Adrian Langley, Modesto, California-United States [07-19-2003]

Open Love Park PLEASE! Its A sweet skate spot And i want to skate it...
Diamond Cannon, painsville Ohio [07-19-2003]

my brother is a hardcore skater and i skate once in awhile also...i think its bulls* how skaters can find an amazing place to skate like love park and then be kicked out and not allowed back happens way too often...they should put an end to all the no skateboading allowed bulls* signs also...them things are popin up like crazy. pretty soon its going to be illegal to even have a skateboard...f* that s*.
Sarah Shovlin, Bloomsburg, P.A. [07-19-2003]

LOVE PARK IS RAD! Except dem pig's damn there everywhere i brought my board there to get a few shots in front of the signs and there they were yelling at me it sucks all i want to do is skate is that so bad?
joel, Davisburg MI [07-19-2003]

i live miles away but somday i would like to go on my skatboarding jurney and revist the famous spots and soak up the coulter of skating wich is so strongly alive in love park email me bak
joel reed, perth western austraila [07-17-2003]

Open it back up, it promotes life and energy at the heart of the city!
Tarik Khan, Philadelphia, PA [07-17-2003]

If you're not going to shut down street halfball, wiffleball, basketball games then how can you shut down skateboarding, a sport that gave the city millions in dollars and untold PR with the International ESPN X-Games in town the past two years. Don't pee down my back and tell me it's raining! Vote for anyone but Street in the next election.
Michael Haston, Suburb of Philly ... weekly FDR Park user [07-17-2003]

ireland doesnt have very many good spots. i always dreamed of traveling to love just to skate it... but now that dream is gone. let us skaters have love park. they were a part of it.
anonymous, Limerick, ireland [07-17-2003]

I think that the love park have an important part on the history of the skateboarding. I am don't agree whit the laws and prohibition about this sport, finally, is a sport, very different to the other sports like football and soccer. The only difference, is that the skateboarding born at the finally decades of own history. Maybe if the skateboarding has born on the 1800's, the events will be different.
Jonatan Hernández, Puebla, México [07-17-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK! It is completely unfair that the gov't can stifle and attempt to ignore the voice of so many. This is a democracy. Love Park is government land, give the people what they want. There is no reason not too. The destruction caused by skateboarding can be avoiding with provisions which would be seemless, making the park skateboardable, enjoyable, well maintained and vibrant. My family is going to Philly next summer for an Irish Dancing competition, so im hoping its legal by then so i can skate one of skateboardings meccas. i dont even care, ill still go there.
Gavin Bryson, Burlington, Ontario, Canada [07-17-2003]

Matt Fletcher [07-17-2003]

Andrew Look, Pleasanton, CA [07-17-2003]

All I can say is that hardly anyone bu skateboarders got to LOVE park anyway, so leave it to us!
Lawrence West, Philadelphia [07-17-2003]

I have seen that park in a million videos, and its incredible. Let us skate it.
Harold Bell, Beverly, Ma. USA [07-17-2003]

Mary Lloyd, Flushing, MI [07-17-2003]

Love park should be used by whoever wants to, why is skateboarding a criminal activity in some peoples eyes?
owain boardman, u.k /birmingham [07-17-2003]

Give me Love or give me death.
Jonathan Black, Rock Hill, SC [07-17-2003]

its not safe to skate anywhere elese and love is just the spot... Let skaters skate make it a real park for us.. pay more attention to crimes and murdders than just some guys with skateboards
dontae benjamin, baltimore [07-17-2003]

I have worked at 1617 JFK blvd(Suburban Station/1 Penn Center) for a few years now. I am a skateboarder that works for a fortune 500 company directly across from LOVE park, and where I spent much of my youth. I honestly am still amazed that the city of Philadelphia would deny itself the free opportunity to bolster its image with that park. It is just another in a long history of steps the city has taken to make it the most unattractive places in the country for young people to live. The city wage tax continues to go up. Businesses continue to move out to the suburbs. The whole plaza around love park from broad street on the other side of center city to 17th street has to be one of the most poorly utilized spaces in the history of this country. I think Philadelphia's leadership is on a twisted bender that only hitting rock bottom will cure. The changes need to happen from the heart, out to the blighted neighborhoods. The city is just not there yet. The pink flower pots are the saddest shade of pink.
Chris Braun, Philadelphia, PA [07-17-2003]

JuS FrEE L(/) BaCk To uS v E
sTeVe, LoNg iSlAnD [07-17-2003]

Don't spend anymore money on it, just open it to the skaters. The love park sucks without the skaters
Samantha, Philadelphia, PA [07-17-2003]

i never skated love park but it looked perfect, everybody went there from all around the world i would too if i had a car or money, it was one of my life goals to skate there, love park definetly expressed love to skateboarders, people talk about don't do drugs don't do anything ilegal, people WERE TO BUSY SKATING OVER THERE maybe now that the mayor banned it people got depressed and started doing those things if u know whats good for philly u shouldn't have banned it that was most likely a tourist attraction, i could go on forever but i gotta go, so please bring it back my voice might not make a difference but please think about it
amaan khan, houston tx [07-17-2003]

it ridiculous to ban skateboarding in any urban sprawl. if you wish to clean up cities, ban vagrancy and homelessness. you/they could even staple job applications to bums faces while theyre asllep so when they wake up they literally have a job application staring them in the face. open your hearts and minds, come down from your seats of insrutable power, and join the rest of us in the real world. (stop being so f*ing selfish)
eric batson, radford virginia [07-17-2003]

love park is awesome
caroline davis, nj [07-17-2003]

Jessi Metzger, Philadelphia, Pa [07-17-2003]

LOVE is a huge part of skateboarding history that cannot be taken away. I've never been there but have heard numerous stories from my friends about how sick it is!
Lins, Liverpool, England [07-17-2003]

love park!
Josh Giberson, Moorestown [07-17-2003]

Let the kids have a place to skate! You can't change it now. Love Park is now for skaters. Just accept it and let them have there place to be...
William Bennett, Bucks county PA [07-17-2003]

Max Schwager, Venon NJ [07-17-2003]

Steve Schwager, vernon NJ [07-17-2003]

Love park should be opened to skaters instead of just being shut down
Jonathan Adames, Bronx NY [07-17-2003]

The city has nerve to ban skating at Love park, and then turn around and host the X games there.
Craig, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada [07-16-2003]

Im pissed that i may never get to skate love park and so is the crew.........o and F**K again for good luck John pow matty hogg gary ethan hesi potter
john cunningham, chester-le-street Co Durham England [07-16-2003]

long live love!
paul, Cork city [07-16-2003]

We all have to rise up against authority to get heard since this dosnt seem to be working so lets go and protest untill they put it back together and let us skate!
Rob [07-16-2003]

i just say free lovepark to who ever government or people who can make it sk8able again if your that important every day sk8ers wish and dream of sk8ing it were all not wrighting this s* for nothingman! FREE LOVEPARK EVERYDAY PLEASE TRY! i still sk8 the place around the fountain areas its still sk8able people still sk8 it whenever they dont power warsh the wax of the ledges. like 30 guys everyday man its stupid whydont they just open it all make everyone happy and people will stay off the streets man it just ruined lives when they messed it up.we still sk8 it till this day! FREE LLLOOOOVVVEEEE!
derek, baltimore [07-16-2003]

It belongs to us guys. Regardles off what you say. Few, if any, people use it for lunch breaks and what not. If anything we provide entertainment.
Keith Morrison, Philadelphia, PA, 19136 [07-16-2003]

yo love was the best spot for sk8in evrey vid i waTch i used to see stevie n his crew tair those ledges up i wish i gotta chance to sk8 it but they closed it down. LOVE R.I.P FREE LOVE
Tyreese King, catawissa pa usa [07-16-2003]

no spot is safe park is what skateboarding is about. FREE LOVE PARK
nate smith, altoona, iowa [07-16-2003]

nice park open
matt, hillsborough NJ [07-16-2003]

I think everyone should be able to rollerblade, skateboard, or bike in LOVE park. I mean extreme sports is becoming America's pasttime. Its a fun and healthy way to enjoy yourself. Not all skaters or bikers are punks, like the majority of people see us as. We just find these sports more attractive than traditional sports like football and soccer. If we're not bothering anyone, I don't see what the big problem is, so please let us skate LOVE park.
kyle, nj [07-16-2003]

Love park is a famous skate spot. Its one of the best spots ever for skateboarding. Love Park was like a skaters version of a baseball players field. Its an important spot. I know now that you have some lame skatewave stuff there. well thats what my local park has to, and we hate it. Nothing is better than cement. Its real street skateboarding. Well skatewave stinks, but its all we can get around here. so bring love back, and give us ur skatewave stuff. Our city is to cheap to give us a real park.
Chris Petry, north canton, ohio, usa [07-16-2003]

let us skate
quinn, south jersey [07-16-2003]

Love Park is a dream for every skaters that love to skate street, it s perfect and it's been skated for so many years! I never skated Love Park but I'd love to, maybe one day I hope. Let the skaters free, let Love Park free, it is part of skate history and it must stay for every generations of skaters! VIVE LOVE PARK!
julius, Toulouse, FRANCE [07-16-2003]

brianna, cary nc [07-16-2003]

Andrew Hohns, Philadelphia [07-16-2003]

i think closing love park is a big was one of the best skate spots in the world!BRING IT BACK!
dan ragland, baltimore, md [07-16-2003]

I feel alone in my ideas and I believe that others should try to help me become one with the community...
Andrea, usa [07-16-2003]

I think love park should be opened back up to the skating community.
James Green, Baltimore, MD [07-16-2003]

NaRsKaTeS, visalia, CA [07-16-2003]

I love the love!
Greg Bartholomew, Brighton [07-16-2003] homepage

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