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July 1-15, 2003

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Love Park is the best, although the cops and gov are too retarded to see just how many people, not only from philly love it as a hang out spot, skate spot and so on. Let us skate!
Vlad Shapo [07-15-2003]

faith n. nipps, louisville,ky [07-15-2003]

I don't think they should close it or get rid of it its one of the most well known spots ever they can't do that its part of skate history its in a game and its was held there for the x-games so just leave love alone
Jonathan Armella, Ft. Lauderdale Florida [07-15-2003]

Love park used to be the spot in skate vids. Don't let Barcelona Take over the skate mecca title. That's not america mayne
Eric Stahl, Antioch Illinois [07-15-2003]

it belongs 2 us skaters
darnell banks [07-15-2003]

i love sex
mezonezo, egypt [07-15-2003]

Caroline Paul, Bahama, NC [07-14-2003]

f* the mother f* pigs and gov., let us f* skate!
kevin zieber, Uniontown, Ohio [07-14-2003]

Logan Miller [07-14-2003]

nick, Westport, CT USA [07-14-2003]

give the park back
john mcspadden, cape girardeau missouri [07-14-2003]

Joel Thiessen, Canada [07-14-2003]

jus let ppl skate, there not criminals, theres much more worse ppl could b doin
sam, england [07-14-2003]

i visited philly in 2001 just to see lovepark... hopefully i'll be able to skate there again, when i come back one time... peace, baker
sebastian becker, chemnitz, germany [07-14-2003]

Give it back to us ...we Miss you Love Park! Skateboarding is Not A crime.
Jason Lalonde, Timnmins, Ontario, Canada [07-14-2003]

Give the park back to the boarders. It is their park and the reason Philadelphia got the X-games in the first place.
Jason Teetie, philadelphia, PA [07-14-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK! We cant just let them take away a spot that has been a major contribution to the history of skateboarding! One of my Dreams was to go on a skating trip to LOVE Park. I want to fufil this dream and make sure LOVE Park sees another day of skating!
Sean, Haverhill Mass [07-14-2003]

Ali McCrae, Edinburgh, Scotland [07-14-2003]

i am going to visit love park in july to take pictures of the destruction that the city has put upon skateboarding.
John Swiatek, Rye, NH 03870 [07-14-2003]

f**k the american polotitions and let the american people shout f**k you to them to and free love park WE HAVE RIGHTS john and the skate crew aged 12-13 hogg,gary,richard,ethan....I like the word F**K
john (flp) cunningham, chester-le-street,Co Durham england [07-14-2003]

I'm 99% for Love park. The young people need a place off the streets and walks. The other 1%. Who supervises,how secure,insurance coverage,sponsors? You'll need management to register,issue pass tags,keep records (address, age, etc.) and conduct as a non-profit club or business! Thanks
Dennis Pipher, Ripley,N.Y. 14775 [07-14-2003]

free love
alec holsr, newtown, pa [07-14-2003]

The City should let skaters have parks so the skaters dont into trouble
Cory Neidert, Wheeling WV [07-14-2003]

Alix, Bloomsburg, PA [07-14-2003]

wats the big deal about skateboarders i mean your closin a park jus because of some people who do wat they love thas bull s* man jus let people do wat they want and skateboarding is wat those people want 2 do SAVE LOVE PARK
nick moore, bloomsburg [07-14-2003]

love park was the park ive ever been to but it was actully those bikers fault they make more damage but still its been torn down when i herd this i got really mad because i was headed there to skate........... r.i.p love park
TOMMY, philadelphia,pa [07-14-2003]

nick burrows, Westport, CT USA [07-14-2003]

down with the system, love park needs to be freed. All them business suits care about is themselves. the least they could do is reason with us. to bad ill never get to skate LOVE PARK.
budd roche, wyoming, michigan [07-14-2003]

John Street is a flat out W*. He can smile for the camera when the X-games are in town. However, once the cash stream heads out of town, he pimps Love to one of his campaign contributors and attempts to make it "unskateable". Good job John! What a hypocritical ass! City hall is illegal to skate in except when he is getting paid! Good luck getting back into office Jackass!
Leo Magee Jr., Philadelphia [07-14-2003]

i went to love park last year and i though it would be a wicked good place to skate so i tryied it out and i got kicked tellin u that i want to f* to let us skate and free the love park! thanks
John Aquino, billerica mass [07-14-2003]

Give us kate spot back god d*!
Bill Justice, Williamstown NJ [07-14-2003]

dude i think its so stupid what they did. skating is important to some of us. its not like they cant stop us from skating if they dont let us skate there, were just gonna do it anyway. so just let us skate!
ashley, sicklerville nj united states (unfortunately) [07-14-2003]

Love park is the s*.
Shorty, Eagen Minnesota USA [07-14-2003]

I think its a travesty to deny skateboarders one of the last great havens for them.. LOVE park is the symbol of what is wrong with peoples' perceptions about skateboarding, and how some people do not consider it a true sport.. We may as well ban bikes, rollerblades, and strollers from the park as well.
Nicholas Coss, Moorestown, NJ 08057 [07-14-2003]

KEEP THE F*ing thing how it was, don't try to change something against people's wills
shay, Lafayette, LA [07-14-2003]

Matt Williams, Harrisburg, PA [07-14-2003]

greg, philadelphia [07-14-2003]

let us skate!
jubadya, danvers massachusetts [07-14-2003]

Love park should havenever been taken away from the skaters
ruthie falkenstein, Philadelphia [07-14-2003]

let skate there for f*s skate.
Billy Campbell, Hamilton Mass. USA [07-14-2003]

daniel desanto, deleware wilmington usa [07-14-2003]

i haven't ever even ben to pennsylvania but when i heard that love park was gone i almost started to cry for a second. i didn't actually lose anything but i felt like a chance was taken away from me.
adam mills, orange beach, alabama [07-14-2003]

i think love park is like something that should stay like it was. when i started skating i always saw it in magazines and i wanted to skate there sooo bad and when i finally ged good enough to take a trip there they wreck it and i cant skate, it really sucked when i saw it. i dont see why they closed it, its not like we killed anybody skating or did any harm whatsoever, cars on the street are more of a threat, i mean how many times do u hear about a person geting plowed over by a skatebaord on the news??? never. if they close love park from sk8ing then nobody should live becuase living is also dangerous. i know this isnt gonna open it up but maybe they can recreate it or somethin.
sean white ( not the snowboarder the skater), danvers mass [07-14-2003]

Jillian Pelletier, Beverly, MA [07-14-2003]

hey i love you sakte its the best thing ever. im not realyl good but id like to skate the best streets spot ever (frum what i have heard). SO just open it back up. it is so influencial to skateboarding and skateboardeing affects the world in one way or anthony so just don;t be a bunch of a-holes up there in the city departments or whatever cuz there is no point of closing it if everyone wants it open. SKATE-FOR-LIFE nick
Nick Ochonski, Danvers, Massachusetts [07-14-2003]

Christopher Macdonal, Beverly,Ma [07-14-2003]

Mr ed, usa [07-12-2003]

I visited Philly last year durring the x-games, and when i saw how much love park had been changed, it made me sad. i skated fdr skatepark and a dozen other famous philly spots, but love is what i really wanted to skate. i also noticed that in skate films, love park always looked so full of people. when i was in philly, i never saw one person in love park. Give love park back to the skaters!
Ryan Dunne, Roselle, ILLINOIS [07-12-2003]

i love the love park
frank, Australia [07-12-2003]

seth mull, lancaster PA [07-12-2003]

I have never been to love before but It is truely soemthing that the stupid law enforecement shoudlnt care about, in my city we have watch stations looking for cops, it's sad cops don't fight crime, but arrest skateboarders, f* thoses cops, you guys arent doing anything wrong, jsut haveing safe fun, ROb-13 years old, fromohio skateboards!
Robert Slipkovich, canfield Ohio [07-12-2003]

Love Park is some place I have always wanted to skate and hopefully i will someday.
Ryan Rose, Madison, Wisconsin usa [07-12-2003]

in my free time i go to united states and spend a lot of money there i love "love park" and thats the reason i go to usa every year to go skate in the love park now i cant go.
richard pad, mexico,mexico city [07-12-2003]

open love park man, we need a place to be and skate man
Jeremy Schillaci, Pittsburgh, PA [07-12-2003]

Love park was awsome when I went and skated during the x games I wanted to come back every day but then they screwed it up. free love!
Dan Lonsberry, Coopersburg,PA, [07-12-2003]

Hellz yea love park should go back to the skaterz.
Tanner Schwind, Burleson,Texas,United states [07-12-2003]

Love Park was one of the best spots in this world!Skateboarding isnt a crime its a sport!
Jimmy Lee, Alexandria,VA [07-12-2003]

Love Park was cool until the retarts closed it and made it unskateable. That place was definatly world famous. Love Park was in almost every skate video and every skater knows about it. Its even in a video game! Now that you cant skate it Philly will loose tourists, and money. I'm going to Philly later this summer but i cant skate any where now that love park is gone. I can only skate in FDR with out getting $300 tickets just for skatboarding. Its a sham Philidelphia lost Love Park LOVE RIP
Stephen McGee, Vernon New Jersey [07-12-2003]

what do you think??, love park has to be free for skateboarding, there's a place when you can go with your friends, a lot of guay that now can´t skate there, will begin a criminals :|
josep charlie, philadelphia [07-11-2003]

I think that LOVE park is not only for people to sit and have lunch or talk with their friends but it is a place for extreme stortists such as myself to ride and socialize. The creator of LOVE park made the park for EVERY single persone that wanted to go somewhere to do something. I believe that he himself went out onto the park on a skateboard to protest against them taking down the park because of skateboarders. Bikers as well rode there and they loved it too. The park should be loved and used as a skateboarding place and a place for people to sit and eat or whatever they wish to do. Save LOVE
Zach Ferro, Bloomsburg PA [07-11-2003]

i think u should keep love park and fix it up. even though i am not a skateboarder. i still think u should keep love park for the city.
jon witte, vernon, new jersey [07-11-2003]

love park will live!
Steve Sarica, Ocean Township, New Jersey 07712 [07-11-2003]

I've only been to LOVE Park one time in my life, but all i felt there Although rollerbladers like myself don't get much respect in most places, everyone at LOVE was nice and respectful. Even casual bystanders both day and night loved watching all the skaters try their tricks. It is ridiculous how the park is not even being used anymore. We still drive past LOVE and see how nothing is the same anymore.
Ryan Williams, Glenmoore, Pennsylvania [07-11-2003]

I Would first off all say that, mayebe you can make another skatepark, replicated of the one like LOVE, and if not, then f* the government! anarchy all the way
Jan Miranda, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada [07-11-2003]

I have never been there, but on some skate videos i've seen it looks pretty sick, so I would like to help you guys bring LOVE Park back
Jan Miranda, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada [07-11-2003]

make love park the way people remember it
brady bell, bloomfield hills, michigan [07-11-2003]

Youth and adults benefit from all types of sports, and venues where they can practice them.
Camille Lore, Weissport, PA [07-11-2003]

more skateboarders go to LOVE PARK and care about it than that whole city
toby james, reading pa [07-11-2003]

Free the legendary park
Chong, Northern Ireland [07-11-2003]

I so think that the love park should stay...i mean even the builder said he made it for everyone to enjoy even skaters, you can't take something away when people are using it, it's like taking candy from a baby when hes eating it,and then he'll start to cry and you can't get it shut-up unless you give it back...all im saying is that you could take the love park away and get a lot of negative remarks from skater or anyone!Plus society has already put up signs to where and where you can't skate,so why take something away when its local to a lot of people?!and you can skate there!?personally i've never been there but it sounds like a lot of crap!
Ashley "Chubby Cheeks", San Antonio, TX [07-11-2003]

Love Park was amazing, if Philly's gonna get millions of dollars from the X Games at City Hall, and then tear Love Park down because it was skated, then I don't know what this world is coming to.
Billy Machin, Danbury, CT [07-11-2003]

To the mayor/city: Hi, I just started skateboarding at 35 years old. When I get any good, I definately want to skate some historical spots, if only for the vibe. But you made a premature end to that. Let me ask a few rethorical questions and comment on the answers. I will be talking about 'kids', but the same goes for older skateboarders too. Do you want to do something against drug abuse? Let kids have their place where they can do something with their excess time. Kids do drugs out of boredom, not because they are 'seduced by the big bad drug dealers', or because their parents didn't control them enough, or because they are 'susceptible because of their social background'. By stopping skateboarders from boarding in Love Park, you actually *worsened* the social background of a lot of kids. I do not come from a big city, but I know that the bigger the city, the less space where kids can be themselves amongst themselves. Bad dudes everywhere, offering everything that God forbade. Instead of tearing Love Park down, you should have made it safer for kids. Instead of using the police to prosecute skateboarding kids, you should have used the police to protect the kids from bad influences. It's not just parents and schoolteachers who have to protect kids, it's the police too. And how many older people are actually strolling in the park at this very moment? More or less than there were skaters when it was still used by skateboarders? I bet there are less. So the park is now underutilised. And what are you gonna do next? Tear the park down totally and place buildings on it, simply because it's underutilised, which is your fault in the first place? You created your own self-fulfilling prophecy but blame the skateboarders for it. Sad: politics weaken the mind, I guess. I say: open the park for skateboarders and other sporters (rollerskaters, whatever), and make it safe for kids to play there. At the same time, make it safe for those few strollers (who seem to have more influence than is good for the city). Skateboarding is not a crime but a sport; a pastime. But if you treat boarders like criminals, the only thing they are going to learn from that is that the city doesn't want them to have fun and be kids like they are. That will set them up against authority, and who can actually blame them? They simply learned that authority is unfair and should be fought. And these are already kids who need freedom more than other kids. Of course there are also older boarders, but every boarder turns into a kid when he steps on his skateboard. That's part of the charm of skateboarding. It's damn hard to learn, and you really have to go back to your childhood, when you learned to ride the bycicle (everyone learns how to bycicle in The Netherlands, I learned it at the age of 4). This comment is already getting too long, but I could go on for some hours giving all kinds of pro's, and I recognize the con's too. But we in Holland have a saying: "Don't throw away the baby with the bathwater". Don't make the city a less desirable place to live just because people do damage to it. Cities are meant for people to live in, not for 'managers' to decide all sorts of cost-cutting measures and then go home to their cosy house in the suburbs to enjoy sitting in their garden. There are actual people living in the hearts of the cities, they do not have gardens, and most of those people are not as bad as you probably think. I hope anybody significant gets to read this, it is written directly from the heart... Sincerely, PeterV
Peter de Vroomen, Huizen, The Netherlands [07-11-2003]

I just read, on the "In the News" section, that Mayor Street continues to move in the wrong direction. Maybe if we can get enough people to vote, on November 4th, then on November 5th Mayor Street will finally be moving in the right direction. FREE LOVE PARK, and FREE PHILADELPHIA from the suffocating mentality of the non-visionary.
Mitch Deighan, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia [07-11-2003]

Je ne suis jamais aller skater au lovepark. A cause de la municipalité de Philadelphia, cela ne restera qu'un rêve... Les vidéos de skateboard sont là pour me rappeler la perfection de ce park où les jeunes se rassemblaient pour exercer leur passion commune. La ville de philadelphia prefère remplacer le love park existant par des espaces verts: Adieu les skateboarders et bonjour les drogués en tout genre. Où est le bon sens des politiques. P.S: Merci à tout les skaters professionnels qui nous ont fait rêver sur ce LOVE PARK (Rest in Peace).
Tom Rapit, France [07-11-2003]

ugh....jus give us a f* break......
One Finger, Philly [07-11-2003]

long live skateboarding in lover or forget philadelphia all together
Damian Tobar, Davie,Florida,usa [07-11-2003]

i finally got out to philly last summer. the only reason to go there was to skate and be in LOVE park. we drove up there and i turned to look at those beautiful letters, "love" in that cool shape with puppy dog eyes. like candy in a window. well when i turned to view my dream i was immediatly crused. there was a freakin' box surronding the love stat. and a fence around the park with the damn ground dug up. it was like getting your heart ripped out for the first time. well open it back up so i can go and rekindle my heartbreak! xoxo
shaun, dc [07-11-2003]

ive seen so much coverage on love, its grown into my life as a skateboarder and how can people punish us for doing something so positve and productive. love will always be in my dreams and and my tony hawk pro skater 2, love forever!
adam rosio, green bay wis 54301, 1419 cass st [07-11-2003]

ive never been to LOVE but wanted to go really bad but cant any more LOVE park R.I.P
Sam, Colwich, ks [07-11-2003]

Free LOVE Park
Ryan vazquez, South Hackensack, New jersey [07-11-2003]

love is awesome no one should have shut it down! love park will live on but til then r.i.p. love park!
zach jobe, north canton, ohio, united states of america [07-11-2003]

I have never been to Love park and i wont get to now... we have one of those gay skatewave parks around here and i dont think they should have replaced Love Park with it!
Alex Fry, Canton, Ohio, USA [07-11-2003]

free LOVE
brian sobiecki, tt belfast rd. timonium MD [07-11-2003]

love park is for skaters everywhere. even the guy who made it says it was for skaters now they want to tear down the only thing we have because they have nothing better to do. i come all the way from severn, maryland to skate here did it last year too.fdr is to crowded for everyone just give us one thing CITY HALL SUCKS!
Jeremiah Mendez, Severn, Maryland [07-11-2003]

One park one smile
sarah, landenberg pa [07-11-2003]

I think that what the goverment has done to love park is just wrong i mean wheres the LOVE in that. I dont live in Philly but i know that its the city of " Brotherly Love " I mean honestly what did you guys accomplish by banning skaters from it.... Nothing but hatrisim towards the goverment! Peace
Bobby, Darien, Ct [07-11-2003]

Open Love Park to the skaters, support the future!
Paul, New Mexico [07-10-2003]

gus munckel, bolivia [07-10-2003]

"I love skateboarding, and I would give a lot to be able to skate LOVE just once, even though my skills (or lack of) would prevent me from making the most of it. I have purshased bookmarks with the LOVE logo because they remind me of your cause. Peace and Love.
Gabriel Wolski, Saint Paul, MN [07-10-2003]

yo keep love park open it means a lot to a lot of people you cant just close it down, skateboarding has a lot lot of histry there too!
Brian Whitmore, Acworth, Ga usa [07-10-2003]

The city is stupid for banning skateboarding in LOVE park! although I have only had the chance to skate that wonderful place once I have amazing memories of seeing people doing amazing tricks and new that I would one day move to philly so I could skate there everyday. Now why would I want to go to philly now if im just gonna get slapped with a ticket just for stepping on my skateboard when I can just stay and skate where I live and not have to worry about someone confiscating my board. the mayor and the city council are all morons for banning skateboarding this is something i do for fun and you wanna give me a ticket for it
Jesse Farrell (age 15), Williamstown, New Jersey [07-10-2003]

Im a skater from Mexico, since the first day I saw Love Park in a Skateboard video I dreamed that someday I will visit ove park, well now I have the opportunity to visit Philadelphia but now there is no Pove Park they have taken my dream of skating that amazing beautiful spot away. I hope that they can solve the problem for the well of Love Park and for the skaters.
Raul A. Wong, Torreon Coahuila, Mexico [07-10-2003]

LOVE park's surrounding businesses would suffer great losses as many visitors are skaters. Skating is NOT a crime, it is a sport, a lifestyle and all that. Save LOVE park!
Dave, Scotland [07-10-2003]

chris bolton, kennett square, PA [07-10-2003]

I support the reopening of Love Park. I am hoping someone can show me some love----I left a bag at last night's meeting about the Park. If anyone has any info about it, please call 215-382-3671 (evenings) or 215-440-5572 (day) or email There is a REWARD. No questions asked. Thanks!
Van Thorp, Philadelphia, PA [07-10-2003]

LOVE park could not be a better place for skating. It's out of traffic, out of the way of streets,and its nnot noisy. Besides, what else is the park really going to be used for? So that business executives can eat their lunch their once a day for about 20 minutes? Thats a wast of money. What they rewally did when they spent all that money on "renovations" was to piss all the skaters off. With out worrying about how high the murder rates are in the world, they would rather worry about a few skaters in a plaza perfect for skateboarding.
Michael Garey, EAston, MD [07-10-2003]

liberez le skateboard et les the spot
Daveau Emmanuel, Nantes.France [07-10-2003]

free love park... now!
Joe, Buffalo NY [07-10-2003]

skateboarding is a force that needs to be recognized and respected.
cal egan, Albany NY USA [07-10-2003]

i visited love in 99 and the feeling of togetherness was amazing. i wish that here in columbus we had a spot where we could all go skate and meet up. to take love from skateboarding is just wrong. how many people do you think that park in its self brought people to philly? why take the park from skateboarding? what good dioes that do for anyone? tell kids that they cant skate a public park that your tax money is paying for. there trying to tell you not to skate but to go and sell crack and run with the bad crowd. what is the big deal with some waxed ledges? when i was in love i saw drug deals and just so much s* that went on that should have been cracked down on but wasnt, and then they ban skateboards, what a f*ed world that we have to live in. why do old people make all the laws about s* that they have no clue about? when will people our age stand up for what we believe in?
brad hall, coumbus ohio [07-10-2003]

i have read about and seen love park in magazines for years and one day hope to travel to philly to skate it one day so free love park.
chris franssen, busselton western australia [07-10-2003]

I don't understand it when people get so old that they cannot have fun anymore, so instead of embracing youth's abilities to take harmless advantage of their life's gifts to them, they take that away from them. Did skateboarding actually effect LOVE to render it useless? Or was it that the mayor found a way to blow something out of proportion enough to be able to pin it on skateboarders and have them removed? The skateboarders that used LOVE had incomes that far surpassed the incomes of the handfull of people that would be using the park normally. How can the government tell you not to practice your career choice, yet still force you to pay them the money you make from it?
Terry Owens, Anchorage, Alaska [07-10-2003]

love park brings a new scene and new people into the city.You should give it back so that it will actually have a purpose.
conor, baltimore [07-10-2003]

FREE LOVE FREE SKATING check out the site please
alex, toledo ohio [07-09-2003]

ive been to love park, it's a tragedy it's lost to the skate commmunity
matt plachta, standish michigan u.s.a [07-09-2003]

I just moved to philly 2 months ago and I never knew much about LOVE park.....I have been going out at night on my roof that overlooks the park and watching about 15 skateboarders swirl around the fountain thinking it looked fun. I had no idea it was a nationally recognized skate park and I think the skaters should be allowed back. I saw a few skaters out there just the other night.....It's beautiful to look at now though I never saw it before it was rennovated.....
Jen, across the st. from LOVE [07-09-2003]

In California All good places to skate are illegal, I think that LOVE PARK should be open for the fun of skateboarders around the world!
Tyler Tejeda, Ventura, California [07-09-2003]

who ever tore love down diserves to die.. i used to live there and it wa the biggest part of me ever ... now its gone?.... hell no... you suck if your with tearin it down
andrew bryant, millersville, md [07-09-2003]

i hope sam katz wins and he re-opens love and makes it skateable again. having cops on a 24 hour watch is ridiculous. there are drug dealers and rapists out there but they need the cops for skateboarders. wow. that shows the stupidity of john street.I only got to skate at love once, but now me and my friends take septa down to 15th street to City Hall and sometimes we skate at Drexel and Penn. and i really want to skate it again, back when i went there in 2001 i didnt know that much about skating and now i know a whole lot, i really would like sam katz to win.
Chris, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania(philly suburbs) [07-09-2003]

John street is a weiner. They should open love park back up so we can skate it.
Tim, Drexel Hill [07-09-2003]

Bryan OLone, Glassboro New Jersey [07-09-2003]

austin, trenton nj [07-09-2003]

Free love park, please. Do you want your kids resorting to other options, when theyre home, their skateplace is torn away from them. I am skater through and through. And another thing, im a straigh A student and a validictorian. Skateboarding isnt a source of evil or problems. Skateboarding should be the least of your worries.
Luke, Chicago IL [07-09-2003]

Eric, Hamilton,NJ [07-09-2003]

Love Park was so awesome when we were aloud to skate it. i loved it! skateboarding isn't a crime. i mean, would yu rather us, skaters, burning down the park instead? it's not that hard, and we're not going to sue yu if we get hurt bcuz it's us. it's on us, we skate on our own, it's not yur job to watch us. at least unban skating! it's better then destructing something. like, if yur dream was to be a pro skater, and the province yu lived banned it, wouldn't yu be upset? it's just a dream that some of us have, so why would yu tear that away? i know yur saying move, or just go somewhere's else, but Love Park is one of the parks that i really loved to just skate in.
Rachael marano, trenton, nj [07-09-2003]

James Zale, Philadelphia, PA [07-09-2003]

Just read the stories under "I skated Love Park" and you'll see what Philly threw away. It's not too late to fix this mess. How about some leadership with genuine vision in Philly for a change?
Niel McDowell, Philadelphia, PA [07-09-2003]

i wish i would've had the chance to skate love park but they decided to take it away from us (the skateboarders) and then blame us for the destruction of the park, which in reality we would never would've tried to destroy it it was a place for the skaters to come together and skate, which is a lot better than some other certain things we could be doing there.thats all i have to say on the subject for now D*T*F*M
pj reed, kalamazoo, michigan [07-09-2003]

alex, ma [07-09-2003]

the one place ive always dreamed of skating
nick, ma [07-09-2003]

Love Park equals skateboarding. It is an important part of the city and should be kept open for skateboarders. There are lots of city parks available for people to enjoy. Let the skaters use Love Park and continue the tradition.
Melissa Zogby, Philadelphia, PA [07-09-2003]

I am a skateboader here in the boaring town of Hillsborough and my dream is to skate love Park one day, but now I can't Free Love Park.
Jeffrey Smith, Hillsborough, N.C. [07-09-2003]

Sam Mannaerts, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium [07-09-2003]

reopen it
Chris Tarini, ney york,NY [07-09-2003]

love park is simpley the best natuaral street stop ever made
l t, oxford [07-09-2003]

Dana Lenz, Belleville, NJ [07-09-2003]

drew curcio [07-09-2003]

Love park has been a symbol of skateboarding for years, and I'm happy to say I had the chance to skate LOVE once before, and was deeply saddened by it's apparent demise. So many memories come back when I think of travelling to Philadelphia, just to skate the park for a mere 12 hours. And now to hear that there is a chance for LOVE to come back, I'm all for it, millions of younger skaters will go to the city, and remeber the time they had and be stoked on philly for the rest of their lives.
Moses Schuyler, Windsor, Ontario, Canada [07-09-2003]

Look at all thease people mayor street. Why dont you just rebuild love and make evreyone happy? You're the grinch thats why! Give christmas back! well... love park would be good.
rob feeley, philly [07-09-2003]

LOVE Park has helped skateboarding become what it is today. To take that away is like taking a part of history away. Free Love park
Kymmie Quackenbush, Scottsdale, AZ USA [07-09-2003]

I'm from Peoria, IL and even though I live so far away and have never been to LOVE park, I still feel that skateboarding should be legalized. If kids were not skateboarding, they would most likely be out doing drugs and commiting REAL crimes. Skateboarding gives them a reason to stay away from that stuff. So if skateboarding is takin away, you can expect higher crime rates and higher death counts due to drugs. Plus the tourism rate will fall dramaticaly. "SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME" Legalize it!
Kevin Fuller, Peoria, IL [07-09-2003]

free love!
Scott Russel, Baltimore MD [07-08-2003]

I drove 9 hours to go skate love for less than 3 hours right before it got closed down. It was the single most amazing experience of my life so far.
Aaron Huber, Cincinnati, Ohio [07-08-2003]

Let Us Skate In The LOVE PARK!
Alex, Montreal,Quebec,Canada [07-08-2003]

This park is amazing. You can skate, meet new people, and it is a beautiful place! Getting rid of this place, or banning skating would be crinminal! Skate s a fun activity that keeps people from doing other, bad things, and it is great exersize! This park has helped so many people, not being able to skate onything in this park would be just so so wrong on so many levels!
Jessica, Vernon, New Jersey [07-08-2003]

I never got a chance to skate at Love, and i hope someday i can. Skateboarders relize they are, to a certain extent, destroying property, but it is not much of an eye sore for the citizens of Philidelphia. I think the city should relize that Love actually brings in skateboarding tourists from all over the world, which equals money for the stores and shops in the city. I don't think people in Philly relize how influencial and big Love park is to the skateboarding world.
Spencer Hawkins, Oak Harbor, WA [07-08-2003]

keep loe park going give love park life dont let your old ages make you drift away from the young skater down with love park
christian siguenza, los angeles california 90026 [07-08-2003]

I have seen Love park in skateboard videos and i think that it should be free.FREE IT!
Marc Christian, british columbia [07-08-2003]

I have always loved watching people skate Love Park and I thought that I might be able to go there someday but not anymore
devin hakola, kihei, hawaii, USA [07-08-2003]

I want to be able to skate love. I know people down there, and they say they like to watch the skaters, even though they don't skate. love is the only reason I would go to philly. And if it were still arround i would come!
Tomas Vanhaaster, bc [07-08-2003]

you people are taking away all of our skating spots!
Gina Di Pierro, yardville, NJ [07-08-2003]

Jeffrey Stein, Birmingham Michigan [07-08-2003]

It's stupid not to open it up! Right now it just looks like crap with all the signs and s*. Skateboarding is a huge thing there and the should realize that.
Brad Bodnar, Pittsburgh, PA [07-08-2003]

Love Park is philly...
Mike Mancino, nj [07-08-2003]

this is great if we can actually get love park back
muhammed shraiteh, west palm beach [07-08-2003]

Sam, Allentown, NJ [07-08-2003]

Megan Scott, Allentown, NJ [07-08-2003]

I like to see the love park in the skateboards videos and i can't belive that it's the end.
joathan senecal, canada (Qué) montreal [07-08-2003]

Shannon Tipton Young, Huntsville, AL USA [07-08-2003]

Christopher Coppa, Staten Island, New York [07-08-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK....if you re open it then there will be less kids out on the street skating .It will deff keep kids out of trouble if they have a place to go to and learn there tricks film there skateboarding and hang out with friends.Even though im not a philly resident but i do skateboard and i have came there to skate the well know LOVE PARK .It is history of skateboarding . and id love to skate it again.DONT TAKE AWAY HISTORY FREE LOVE PARK FOR US SKATEBOARDERS
Anthony C, New York and New Jersey [07-08-2003]

it is a beauitful park and everyone desirves to feel some love let us all enjoy the park and not ban certain people
Rebecca Russo, Jobstown NEw Jersey [07-08-2003]

free love park!
whitney talamine, McGurie AFB, NJ [07-08-2003]

need to keep skate park opened...everyone loved it
amber, manassas, VA [07-08-2003]

My name is danyl and i am from Virginia. I havent bin to love park. never seen any good photos of it. But i am in a local skate team. we are all about 15. we will b trying to get some $$ for our own boards and shirts for our company. and we will b making a skate video soon just for VA. Our follow up video will b accross the country. Namley our first stop which was Love Park. We are only 15 and never even bin to philidelphia. But i wana save this spot. It symbolizes skateboarding. It has helped meny kids learn new tricks. Thats what is keeping kids from doing drugs all the time is sakteboarding. And expecialy philly cuz i know people who did drugs and then stopped for skateboarding and learned most of ther stuff at love park. That was one of my old friends i dont c anymore cuz he moved too. But just dont prevent kids from learning a fun sport like skateboarding. and dont take away a awsome spot to learn to skate rather than talkin to tyrone the crackhead. Thanx for your time and concern.
Danyl Britts, Manassas, Virginia [07-08-2003]

bobby andrews, overland park kansas [07-08-2003]

When I was a skater, LOVE park was one of few places that I wanted to skate. From the atmosphere surrounding the park to the park itself, it was a mecca for skaters. It is a shame that such a wonderful destination has been taken away from the community. One must think not only of the city, but of the rest of us as well. Just because I do not live in Philly does not mean that I am not interested in what goes on there.
Cameron Kight, Richmond, KY [07-08-2003]

The park is sick only been there once but the best experiences ever, opening the park to skating again will keep the tradition going!
Michael Valenzuela, Visalia, Ca USA [07-08-2003]

Ashley Talamine, McGuire AFB, NJ [07-08-2003]

Kelly Miller, Columbus, NJ USA [07-08-2003]

Andrea Jankowicz, Columbus, NJ USA [07-08-2003]

Samantha Coccia, Hamilton, NJ [07-08-2003]

We want LOVE Park to be for the skateboarding community.
Josh Painter, Olean, New York [07-08-2003]

Yo skated that park twice, it was great, its where i learned basically everything i know about skating today. Theres a lot of great memories in that park and there should be a lot more to come, SO FREE LOVE PARK!
Shane Lester, Springfield NJ [07-08-2003]

Alex Cook, aldergrove, BC, Canada [07-08-2003]

love park it original. Love keeps street alive were it belongs.
Andy Mellon, Olean Ny 14760 US [07-08-2003]

free love park
chris katana, lk hopatcong, nj [07-08-2003]

skateboarding is something that shouldnt be done in parks. It should be done in a skatepark or at your home and thats it.
mike, barry lakes [07-08-2003]

mike, barry lakes [07-08-2003]

love park is the bomb! i loved skating there a few years ago and i love watching runs and tricks from love in skate videos.
Andrew Lounsbury, Toronto [07-08-2003]

Skateboarding is not a crime, re open the park, brings tourist, brings money for the city and it'll make the skaters happy.
Phillip Dixon, Toronto, Ontario [07-08-2003]

It is a safe haven, a legendary park, a teaching ground and a tourist attraction to Philly that the city would be ignorant not to capitalize on. This is coming from a parent.
Shieya Evans, San Francisco [07-08-2003]

Philly was once one of the top places to skate in the US but now you never even hear about it which is very disturbing. you see it has always been hard to come up in skateboarding on the east coast. The only spots of ever having a chance of being noticed were florida and pa and newyork. Now that love park is gone the east coast scene has been downsized greatly and it is a shame. also love park has been one of the only places that kids can stay out of trouble in philly. Why is the city focusing on skateboarding whn there are much much more major problems like homeless people and drug addicts populating love park. I think that love park should be open to every and all people. The problem with skateboarders in love park was started by the city sterotyping them as bad people when they just want a place to practice like basketballplayers at the basketball court. I think mr.kling has evcellent ideas for it and he definatley has my vote. Mayor street is a hypocrite by welcoming the xgames into philly and using that money to skateproof love park. That is very wrong he should be ashamed of himself. Thank you for reading my opinion and please vote for vincent kling.
Mark Lingousky, bloom pa [07-08-2003]

free love!
Tony Rollins, centreville, VA [07-08-2003]

Stupid Comment of the year: "Tough, get over it, It's Over!" -Frank Keel (wanna-be-press-spokesperson) Regarding closing LOVE Park. [He may be saying that to John "No Vision" Street on Election Eve when they walk away LOSERS! Second Most STUPID Comment of the year: "I'm not against skate boarding, I'm against property destruction". -Councilman "Sometimes you feel like a nut" Michael Nutter as he pushed legislation to "TRIPLE" fines imposed on skaters. Philadelphia: The place that loves you back...but has sworn a death vow to NEVER give LOVE Park back to skaters. Ya gotta LOVE this town, huh?
D.M.B., (Logan-19140) Philadelphia, PA [07-08-2003]

I would like to see them take away the policy, but until they do i cant even step foot in there even if i carried my board in.
Jimmy Bunting, westhampton, NJ [07-08-2003]

Love park is not just a park. It is a skateboarding landmark. Imagine being arrested for doing what you love, skateboarding.
Cody, Vernon, NJ [07-08-2003]

Doug Paschal, Punta Gorda, FL [07-08-2003]

give us LOVE park back
Josh Sciarra, West Grove Pa [07-08-2003]

love park is skateboarding
Dave Leslie, Delta, British Columbia, Canada [07-08-2003]

Free Love Park Son!
Matt Welsh, Ft. Gibson, OK [07-08-2003]

Free Love!
Aaron Ritchie, Muskogee, OK [07-08-2003]

I went to love park a few times and had the best time ever there, love park truly was a skaters heaven, i've been skateing for about 11 years and i've never been to a better spot, i've even skated around NYC and i still think love rules, and always will. Reopen the f* park.
Craig Legault, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [07-08-2003]

i think skateboarders should still be able to skate at love park, in skate videos with love park in it, gthere usually aren't too many people in the background just sitting there, just a lot of other skateboarders. so i don't think it is as popular for tourists as it is as skateboarders
Justin smith, Baltimore Maryland [07-08-2003]

i think that no matter what they do we are still going to skate LOVE. They might think that they can get rid of us, but they are wrong skateboarding isnt going anywhere. we arent here to piss you off we are here just to have fun
Kevin Echoff, Gainesville, VA [07-08-2003]

Trent Emerson, Tourgeilan [07-08-2003]

To whom it may concern: I really hope you get the ban lifted on Love Park. My son skateboards and finding great parks to skate at are rare. We have family there and what a great thing for him to know someone wants him to use his spare time doing something he really loves. These children need a place that doesn't shun them.
Melanie D. Petcher, Elba, AL [07-08-2003]

one love
philly local, philly,pa [07-08-2003]

Although i have never been the LOVE is such an important place for skateboarding, any venture to reopen this park and give the younger genarations as well as the locals and current big name pros/ams/flows a channe to reskate it is amazing, i wish you guys luck and hope one day to skate the hallowed LO VE
Sam Lonsdale, Brighton, UK [07-08-2003]

Our city needs to be future-oriented, and look at ways of keeping young and talented individuals here - instead of educating them here and then sending them elsewhere for an acceptable quality of life. Make Philly an attractive place for young adults to live, instead of a place where an innocent pasttime is derided and prosecuted.
Dan Roth, Philadelphia, PA [07-08-2003]

Hello skaters and friends of skaters! I am obviously biased because I have two brothers heavily involved in skateboarding. One is a professional and to them skating is very important. I see that they are involved in something that helps them stay physically active, they have many skater friends, and besides it's fun! (I want to learn a few tricks myself!) While I understand the opposing viewpoint of owners of buildings and other areas where business is important, if LOVE Park has already been frequented by skateboarders in the past, then if it's not causing any problems, why not let them have their fun? They are not generally out to hurt anyone, even if some of them seem a bit wild. It's better than drugs or other harmful stuff they could be out doing, right? And just think, the presence of skateboarders in a famous public place can also attract curious bystanders who could be potential customers for owners of businesses, and also the skateboarders themselves, most of them are young, and they represent a slice of a generation that will create revenue for the economy in the future. Most of them will probably remember how they were treated and if they aren't treated fairly, certian businesses might miss out on future profits. (Just something to think about)
Skaters' Sister, Walnut, CA [07-08-2003]

I skated love park in 98, and i was bewildered by the love of skating there. i must have met about 20 fellow skaters there, all happy and friendly. The closing down of it is a great tragedy for all of the skateboarding world and WILL be freed. So cops, bugger off and free love park because its the home of skateboarding in philly and not just physical but a spiritual mecca of skateboarding. There are no reasons to abandon it like what has been done. Skateboarding needs the love park and the love park needs skateboarding.
Johnny, London, England [07-08-2003]

Although i've never been to love park, but i really think that if the goverment really cares about kids, and hopes that they wont go do drugs, then letting the new generation go skate at a spot that they like is a thought, plus, opening LOVE park will greatly increse tourism rates of philadelphia by skaters everywhere! hell, if it opens up again, i'll fly all the way frm hk to go check it out!
roberto lai, HongKong, China [07-08-2003]

Free Love park, its a philly icon, let everyone enjoy it.
Leonard Schmierer, Delran, NJ, USA [07-08-2003]

walt delevich, Cary,IL [07-08-2003]

you have destroyed the beuty of the park as all skaters and people alike have known and loved for years
kevin wills, asheville north carolina [07-08-2003]

Free love.. please
Michael Monsees, Weaverville N.C. [07-08-2003]

kevin wills [07-08-2003]

if so many people skate at love park why not just make it a skate park you know if you shut it down skaters will just find another park so why not jsut keep it open for skaters free love park!
Jim scrudato, vernon new jersey [07-08-2003]

Free Love Park
Mike Kraszewski, nj [07-08-2003]

I have a lot of guys that skate, and I think they should have the right to skate where ever they want! They love to skate and let this park be open and let them HAVE FUN!
Nicole, Vernon NJ [07-08-2003]

Love park is sic as hell
Jon Hampton, Vernon,NJ [07-08-2003]

free the s* my n*
Tom McGee, Vernon New Jersey [07-08-2003]

Jesse Uriss, Charlottsville Va [07-08-2003]

kevin bacon is the greatest,and his father too.and screw city guys are lucky love park aint here in florida cus you would get your selfs beat down for doing that down here.long live love.and screw those pigs.Skateboarding is not a crime it is a revolution!-peace
Dean Mcbride, Hollywood,Florida [07-08-2003]

Ok. I've never skated here. I think they should give it back to the skateboarders though! If they give it back to the skateboarders then skateboarders will have a place to skate safely. Where I live people don't like us skating in the streets and stuff. I bet they don't there either. So, give it back for saftey before anything else.
Brittiney, Elizabethton, Tn. [07-08-2003]

Cops suck there i got in trouble there 4 just holding my board they even have cops there 24 hours
Chase Morgan, Waldwick, NJ [07-08-2003]

I always walk in LOVE park, I always see the skaters there. They NEVER bother anyone. They AREN'T defacing public property by grafiting it or intentionally destroying it. ALL they're doing is enjoying a pasttime. Let them.
Christina Suarez, Philadelphia, PA [07-08-2003]

where is da LOVE WORD
BOBBY MICHELIN, Vernon,NJ(represent) [07-08-2003]

never quit skating
Ryan Kerrins, Sussex New Jersey [07-08-2003]

closing love park is only going to invite more bums and drug dealers when u take skaters out of there if u make it a skatepark there wont be those things
ben sharritt, indiana [07-08-2003]

free love
Tristan Majewski, Charlottesville VA, USA [07-08-2003]

Jake Travisano, Baltimore, Marlyand [07-08-2003]

Joseph Rafesy, Towson, Maryland [07-08-2003]

i've been to love park but have not skated it because of the renovation and skate stopping dont to it. I WOULD LIKE A FREE LOVE PARK T-SHIRT OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT IF YOU KNOW HOW OR WHERE I CAN GET ONE.
Alex Loiodice, New Jersey [07-08-2003]

cry me a river philly, your park is just being used by crackheads now
chad bowling, waxhaw, nc [07-08-2003]

I'm 17 years old, I don't have my license yet but, the second I got it I was going on a road trip with a few of my friends to Philadelphia, PA just so we could skate at LOVE Park but, when we all heard that they were renivating it we were all really bummed. So I'm thrilled that skates up there aren't going without a fight. I hope this helps. LOVE FOREVER!
Zach Hampton, Dickson, TN [07-08-2003]

Shane, Virginia [07-08-2003]

natalie molner, roseville, michigan [07-08-2003]

i think love park was history to skateing an they took that away
kenny seigfreid, bloomsburg pa [07-08-2003]

rachael cole, cranston [07-08-2003]

no one ever got hurt skating or by a skater at LOVE PARK so why do u have to take it away!
sam kashuk, cranston, RI [07-08-2003]

Free Love Park! It was an amazing spot to skate although I've only seen it in skate videos. It's a skate heaven and in almost every past video. Keep in mind, it is a PUBLIC PARK, open to everyone. I've always wanted to skate there because of everything available. If the government was smart, they'd re-open LOVE and just let us skate there instead of banning it from skating and start all of this. I told my friends how much I wanted to go up there and skate it and then I heard it was banned. FREE LOVE PARK! It deserves to be free, skaters need a local spot to just chill and skate without worrying about security and police.
Justin Ulrich, Baltimore Maryland [07-08-2003]

even if i will never ever travel to usa i would still like to know that love park is open and get to see mad footage of it in sk8 vids, re-open it..
Matty, Australia [07-08-2003]

I live on Alexandrine Street in Mt.Morris so if your ever around. I like buff skater boys. I used to be sponsored by Team Immortal (R.I.P) owned by the none other Corey Strong. They said i was the tre-flip king cause i could do them roling 1 out of every 2 tries. We invented the TI grind. I cant skate in town though cause my mom will spaz out. I finally 180'ed off a picnic table and maybe I'll do a kickflip eventually. I got two brothers named Spencer and Ryan and my dad is the best, Sweet Lou himself. He made up the slang "bite". If your in town holla back. I usually skate with Abdu Fatta. If you dont think skating in Mt.Morris is illegal, just ask my Uncle Todd, he'll tell you! I've even skated with Jeff Lixey. I've ollied 3 stairs, chomp on that! I got to go take a poop, Peace and Hair Grease! Skate or Die! Avril Lavigne Rocks. Skateboarding Is not a crime.
Jordan Lewis, Mt. Morris, Michigan [07-08-2003]

hey people i skate as well as most if u guys do i want LOVE park back open but look at it this was u know there is gonna be some catch and if sam does win what u think its just going to be like skateable yes and no caus there is allways some catch to it caus the people that are voteing can say if he opens it up for skaters then i wont vote when no vots come in then he will close it sorry to like throw this on u guys but its the truth o yea one more thing FREE LOVE PARK
anthony chicone, cinnaminson [07-08-2003]

love park should b given bac to the skater b/c before i started skatin i was into smokin weed n gettin drunk every week end n then i gotta board n started skatin wit this kid that live near me n the only place i skated was love park b/c that is such a good place to develope the skill u need to maybe succeed in skatin basically im say is it gives us sumthin better to do than doin stuff thast will ruin our lives..and also we all dont have the money to pay to go to places that have good terrain to skate on but nothin was or is like love park
josh lowell, blackwood, nj [07-08-2003]

this was the best skate spot
john smith, la ca [07-08-2003]

I deffinitly think LOVE Park should remain the same. That park seems to be made for skateboarding. People have been skating there for a really long time, why do people care now? I think its better for people to be out skating the steets rather than buying/selling drugs or ingaging in other illegal activities on them. Skate boarding gives people a creative outlet and keeps the people who do it out of trouble (unless the cops are involved)
James Lawrence, North Carolina [07-08-2003]

Let Love Park opened to skate boarders. Peace, jb
jb, Lyon, France [07-08-2003]

i support the ban 100% . having said that, there should be a place for kids who do not want to study and improve themselves or get a job or start their own little business, to hang out honing their skills of rolling on a wheeled piece of wood! this country is falling behind on the number of mindless idiots we produce and a lack of skateboarding venues is but one of many reasons along with the lack of legalized pot and alchoholic beverages for our deprived youth. i hope your kids find a spot to practice wasting their lives and leave those empty spots in med school for my kids .
mark williams, rego park, n.y. [07-08-2003]

I have been to Philly once, I am going back this year. I have never skated love park but I have seen incredible footage from there. I think everyone should be able to skate it. It's not like were holding gunfights there. Skating doesn't hardly do anything to ledges. Thanks for your commitment people of this site. -Eddie Richard
Eddie Richard, Saugus, MA [07-08-2003]

free love park
Ryan Langiewicz, phila, pa, united states [07-08-2003]

Please allow skateboarding again in LOVE Park.
Sandi Robinson, Palatka Florida [07-08-2003]

Love needs some ove so free love park!
Chad Ryan Kennedy, Mesa, Arizona [07-08-2003]

Jessica Allen, Roseville, MI [07-08-2003]

drew hrycaj, High Point, NC [07-08-2003]

I never skated Love Park, but it was a place that I desired to go and skate there when I graduated college. Not only was closing down Love Park hard for the town but it had tremendous impact on skateboarding. All we(skateboarders) want to do is skate...let Love Park be reopened to the skateboard community. If areas like Barcelona, Spain and Paris, France can accept and even 'cheer' on skateboarders skatin' in public places, I can assure you that the same would be for Love Park. Please re-analyze the situation and realize that all the skateboard community is asking is for one spot that is historical for us to be re-opened. I'm sure that you have had something in your life that meant so much that when and/or if it was taken away you would have been bothered by it. Please take a look in the skateboard communities shoes and see how we feel. As I said, we just want to do the thing we love, Skateboard.
Brent McCann, Rochester, NY [07-08-2003]

Dan Mataczynski, Roseville, MI [07-08-2003]

dont take it down plz i love love park
chris, westport conneticut [07-08-2003]

come on. You complain about crime rates but alienate kids. shame on you.
Dan Parker, United States [07-08-2003]

this sucks skating drew ppole from around the world to come here.everyone was brought toursm!and the ban is probably why philly wont host the xgames anymore what the f@#$!
Alex Costello, Jenintown pa [07-08-2003]

Love Park is the best place in the world to skate. Don't take that away from us. Taking away Love is like taking away Madison Square Garden for basketball players. Skateboarding is a positive outlook for many people around the world. Love Park needs to stay.
Dustin H., Westerville, Ohio USA [07-08-2003]

show the love. look at all the poeple who have signed--now think about all those who still havent...
mickey, canada [07-08-2003]

Love park should be a skatepark what is the point of tearing love park down to make a skatepark when you can already have one. also it is part of philidelphias history
Mike, Westerville, Ohio [07-08-2003]

I think that they schould just f* bring back love... Love ...Peace to all skaters
janet, los angeles [07-08-2003]

yo i wanted to skate here for so long, and now those b* closed it down, im pissed open it again, i wanna see it more in videos again
Mike Mocarski, Wallington, NJ [07-08-2003]

Jennifer Davids, Aurora, IL [07-08-2003]

Right now as I see it there is a group of people laughing their asses off straight to the bank at not only the expense of the skateboarders of Philly, but at the expense of our culture itself. Once again exploited, profited from, decieved and robbed of what is sacred. How can the people who run that city look at their citizens that are fighting the closure of Love after they have just made I'm sure many many millions of dollars selling love as the epicenter of cool and say no we don't want skaters in love...apparently unless it is a best trick contest being aired globally. It is absolutely absurd, and even though I do hope this petition helps, I am afraid it is probobly too little too late and the only way this could have been prevented was to have never put whoever is making these decisions where they are today. It is a shame that skateboard culture is good enough to sell these peoples products on T.V. and hold gigantic olympic style sporting extravagnzas, but is not good enough for a place that without skating is nothing more than a haven for bums. Maybe one day the people we elect to hold office will have the same respect for our landmarks and customs, as they do for our marketing potential.
Clinton Maynard, Toronto/Canada [07-08-2003]

havent skated it ever but if they re-open it i plan to skate there
kyle innes, rochester michigan [07-08-2003]

Well i havent skated LOVE but i would appreciate it if i had the chance to, so FREE LOVE PARK! PEACE
victor, chicago, il [07-08-2003]

I was hoping to visit love park when i heard the news. Whoever wanted to stop skaters should hang his head in shame
Luke Baker, England, United Kingdom [07-08-2003]

i have no problem driving 2 hours south everyday just to skate love park.
James Hodgson, Paterson, NJ [07-08-2003]

I was aghast, more than a decade ago, at the city's non-response to the gangs of hooligans who took over what was otherwise a very attractive square in center city. It has taken a long time to right this wrong, but thank you Mayor Street for returning "LOVE" park to the public and away from the skaters and others who have destroyed it, and made it so unhospitable.
Robert Siddall, Philadelphia, PA [07-08-2003]

bring the m* f* park back you corparate b*
Lee Sowerby, England, staffs [07-08-2003]

Hey, im from the UK, my Dad lives near Philly and i was thinkin of comin over next year and i am looking to skate every main park in Philly!
Chris Mitchell, Buxton, Deryshire, UK [07-08-2003]

just leave the park it does no harm
Martin Nachev, Burbank [07-08-2003]

For 3 years I dreamed about skating LOVE park and then I read in the mags that it was going to die. Why kill the one spot that made your city so great. The vert guys still have FDR why do you rob us street skaters of LOVE?
Ward Kinkade, Peoria IL [07-08-2003]

Many people likes the love park. Business people eat lunch and watch us (the skateboarders) and even parents like it, because their children were getting excercise, and socialize. I say Free LOVE Park
Jin Kim, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [07-08-2003]

Spread the Love and open LOVE Park!
Michael Mostachetti, Goleta, CA [07-08-2003]

Hey... I havn't even been to the park but I've heard a sh*t load about it. Just let ppl skate it man.
M.S., Waterloo, Ontario Canada [07-08-2003]

hannah [07-08-2003]

William, Oklahoma [07-08-2003]

I'v never been to LOVE park but I heard it was awesome to skate at. I'm a speed skater here in Montgomery but not big like most. Skating is my life so let's keep LOVE Park open for those with the big dreams.
Brandi Morgan, Montgomery, Al [07-08-2003]

i skated love park a lot of times when i was on vacation, and i think it´s brillant. It would be a great los for the city. Bye
michael, Capelle a/d Yssel, The Netherlands [07-08-2003]

Chris Erp, Portland OR [07-03-2003]

Reopen Love, its the heart of your city. Its a horrible mistake by the government of philly, to close a tourist attraction that has payed soo much respect to them, so reopen, Love, so once again everyone can feel Phillys Love!
Clint, St . F, Illinois [07-03-2003]

Love park is one of the few places that every new and old skater knows about. I personally have only been there twice. It was two of the greatest days of my skating career. Don't shut it down....FREE LOVE PARK!
Mike O'conner, Philadelphia, PA [07-03-2003]

Steve Richardson, Ontario, Canada [07-03-2003]

I have not personally skated there,but after seeing the ESPN shows from the park,I can see where this space is a real asset to the community of Philadelphia.
JohnMargotta, Rochester [07-03-2003]

The love park should stay open
Matt Lucas, England [07-03-2003]

I've seen all the footage of skating in the Transworld videos and i think this park should be opened up again.
Marc Barnes, Macau, China [07-03-2003]

havent had the chance to go to philly and skate it but i hope to in the future
daniel haley, troy michigan [07-03-2003]

free love park!
rodolfo rupoli, Fano, Italy, PU, Italy [07-03-2003]

the creator and builder says let us be there....what more do you need...
Tanner Toft, bridgeton, nj [07-03-2003]

skateboarding has grown over the years and has reached many culture over the past decade and is growing still to this day and shunning skateboarders away may decrease the great thing that is going around this world today
willie delapaz, tampa FL [07-02-2003]

i think that love park is just as good as kona in jacksonville.... represent jax!
Jordan Holley, Jacksonville Florida [07-02-2003]

I feel that shutting Love down was the biggest mistake the city has ever made. I am the team manager of a small Philly clothing company that supports both Skateboarders and Bmx riders, and all of the people on the team, and that work for us agree that love was a place that kept kids off the streets and gave them a place to just skate/bmx and have fun. Love was a big part of my riding style as a Philly bmx rider, and I hope the city comes to terms with how big a part of the skateboarding/bmx biking community Love was. Thanks for your time, Sean Rosner Keystone Mfg.
Sean Rosner, Philadelphia Pa [07-02-2003]

Man i was pissed cuz i had not even got a chance to skate it yet.
Roman Brookins, Atlanta [07-02-2003]

Yes even a little punk from a town with less then 5,000 people in it appreciate the atosmphere of love park and the skaters in it, I am a skater and I skated there in 2001 while visiting the city for the xgames, its a sad story the its over, a crack in the government.
Jason Ketterer, Mayville, WI USA [07-02-2003]

Briggs Ogloff, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada [07-02-2003]

i'm sorry, but even the talk of putting in a skatepark in center city philadelphia would be excellent but I will never have the same buzz over it that LOVE did.. in my eyes street skating is expression, one individual can interpret the same area completely opposite. Within that environment you utilize objects that were intended for somthing completely different and let your creativity wander.. I believe that an area taylored to meet skateboarders needs takes away from creativity, the ultimate feeling there is skateparks all over america, you could build a million more but there will ever only be ONE LOVE park. thank you
Steve LaClair, Syracuse, NY [07-02-2003]

Martin Busuttil, Québec, Canada [07-02-2003]

free love
Daniel Allende, photographer, Moorestown, NJ [07-02-2003]

Yeah, my board went in the fountain and i got a ticket. love ain't all that. but people need to be social and that's where they go...crazy kids.
Chad, North Kakalaki [07-02-2003]

Skaters help support local business in the area surrounding Love Park. We help the community thrive. This park makes us thrive. Together we help each other. Let us skate Love Park, please!
Chris Sekol, Scranton, Pennsylvania [07-02-2003]

i think that love park is the best skatepark out there
Chris Maciejewski, philadelphia pa [07-02-2003]

You don't take it away unless it's fun, free, or you don't understand it. What if someone came along when you where a kid and said you had to stop pushing that metal hoop with a stick because it's not that kind of park? what is it like having no soul? and what is in the place of where your soul should be?
Benson James Harlamert, Indianapolis, IN [07-02-2003]

I have not skated Love Park. I think it is wrong for people to take away a person's chance to do something that is a pastime. Would you rather have your children doing drugs instead of skateboarding? Do you really think people would be this upset if Love Park didn't mean anything? It's a Mecca. Why don't you go tear down Yankee Stadium or the Washington Monument? You are nothing but a bunch of people who are choking on your own power. You just want to do this because you can.
John Mowrey, Northwest Ohio [07-02-2003]

go tony hawk you rule my world
sean engle, pa [07-02-2003]

I feel that that us skateboarders should be able to enjoy a "public place" just as much as pedestrians and any body else.The security and police should have better things to do and catch real vandals.Skateboarding is not vandalizm, it is an art.We do not harass people,thats an old wives tale.Hassle real troublemakers not us.LET US SKATE!
Eric Gusztaw, Stroudsburg,Pennsylvania [07-02-2003]

I'm not only signing this petition to let skaters skate in love park, i'm signing it so people finally begin to realize that skateboarders are just that and they will always be that. I live all the way in Albion, MI, a little town with a population of 10,000 at the most, and still i get kicked off every spot i go unless it's my cement and rails in the back of my house and that's bullsh*t, every other sports have there place to play. People who play basketball do, football, baseball, soccer, hockey, any sport that you can think of, and skateboarders have there spot as well it's called the street and cops don't kick baseball players, basketball players ect. off their fields or whatever so why kick us off ours? Their needs to be a law saying that skateboarders can skate on the street, the only spot available, not saying that they can't. Well I hope by signing this petition that i help open the governments, or whoevers eyes, and they start letting us do what we LOVE, i plan on going to LOVE Park one of these days, and I hope it's still over and that i will be able to skate wherever i want by then. Do all of skateboarders a favor and keep LOVE Park open, Peace
Nate Reedy, Albion, Michigan [07-02-2003]

free it for the newe generations
chris, phil [07-01-2003]

Si somos realistas. Requerimos el impossible!
Peter Brandl, austria [07-01-2003]

Scott McDonald, Midwest City, Oklahoma, USA [07-01-2003]

sup i've never been there but i've seen pot loads of pics and i've always wanted 2 skate there and the EMB if the open it up 2 skaters in 2 months i'll get 2 sk8 it because i'm going there FREE LOVE PARK
Bryan Jones, Louisville Ky [07-01-2003]

I miss the skateboarding at LOVE park. It was a tourist attraction, and skateboarding has brought this city a lot of money! The park is so ugly and pink now. I would never sit in it. All it attracts now is bums. I never see anyone sitting in it.
Melanie McCrary, Philadelphia [07-01-2003]

What the hell are those uptight ppl thinking of? I just cant wonder what the word LOVE would mean if someone bring skaters out of love park, out of the culture they do have and keep on creating. What a nice idea to do this to hinder the ones who know what love is and do what love says, we love skateboarding, we love our hopes, whatever in LOVE.
Ho Ka Fai, Macau/Macao [07-01-2003]

Love park has been a major part of my life for quite some time. I highly doubt my words will do any good, but as a local skater i must try. Love park isn't a place for hoodlums or thugs to go to, its a place where kids who enjoy skating can go to have fun and stay out of trouble.
Jordan Klein, Philadelphia [07-01-2003]

It was a dream of mine to skate LOVE park. I now cant do that. Why ruin the fun of everyone that skates it. It is now just nothing. 99% of people that went there were skaters. that is discrimination to skaters. Sure they owned it, but we paid for it from taxes. The way i see it they should've taken a vote with the public. I think skaters everywhere would've gone and voted.
Garrett Prudoehl, Albert Lea, Minnesota [07-01-2003]

Shaun Vickers [07-01-2003]

Tony Bedolla, strathmore,california,usa [07-01-2003]

Mike DiProspero, Philadelphia, PA [07-01-2003]
Jen, Warren, NJ [07-01-2003]

Without skateboaders LOVE park is empty. With skateboarders banned from LOVE park, we will just find other places to skate until we get banned from there too.
Matt A., Georgia [07-01-2003]

Free LOVE! The park was coming into more use of it being skated then sat on! Philadelphia would never be known as it is today without the skateboard history at love park! i am a very concerned person. Love is NOT private property but a public park, which means open to the public! if so then whats up with the skateboarders being band from this public place? We never caused any trouble. Alls we ever did was skate. Thats what we are out to do, but since you's have no heart we cant seem to skate a historical skatespot
Chris Dobson, Claymont, Delaware [07-01-2003]

johannah willsey, pocono summit, pa [07-01-2003]

Seems hipocritical to me that the city used skateboarding for national exposure during the x games at Love Park and then once the circus left town the city officials turned there back on the people that brought them that exposure. The local skaters are the ones that made Love Park what it is, and if it weren't for them Philadelphia would not have received that exposure. Skateboarding once again chewed up and spit out. Thank you for nothing, and your welcome for putting the city of brotherly love onto the cool map.
Shaun Noon, Pittsburgh, PA 15101 [07-01-2003]

Matthew Baranczyk, green bay [07-01-2003]

federico, trieste(italy)europe [07-01-2003]

ksua james, city of lost angels [07-01-2003]

bini robert, cremona italy [07-01-2003]

free love park!
chris wilson, columbia,tennessee [07-01-2003]

I think that the LOVE park should be repopened, because I have never seen a better skate park than LOVE park. LOVE park is a great symbol for all of us skating youth. We love going there, and it's a great place to meet fellow teenagers and get to make new friends, but I guess the city government just wants us kids to have no life, while the government gets to be a bunch of jackasses and have their way. Whoever elected those people to office has to be retarded! cuz who would elect someone to get rid of the only thing we have to do???? its an outrage! taking skateboarding away from skaters is like taking the people in office out of office, even though getting them out of office might be a good thing, but its basically taking the only thing those certain people have and leaving them with nothing!
Ben Jacobs, Auburn, Pennsylvania [07-01-2003]

free love park baby!
Paul Klemm, Newton, NJ [07-01-2003]

dont be anal about skating its gonna happen whether love park is open or not they'll still be skating deal with it
brad robbins, olanta PA [07-01-2003]

Love Park is not only closed to skaters it looks like it belongs in Miami Beach or somewhere in Dade County, Fla. At least when the fount was dyed in pink it matched the ugly color of the flower pots in the park. Who designed this? Did they do it for free...cuz if we paid, we were robbed!
Miguel C. de los Santos, Phila., PA 19140 [07-01-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK, And create other "skater friendly" environments in the city. Incorporate skate board parks and bike activity areas into the Fairmount Park Strategic Plan. E-mail comments to the Project coordinator for Fairmount Park.
D Michael Blackie, DMB Communications,-Philadelphia, PA 19140 [07-01-2003]

Dont destroy what was so great or you will lose the reputation you have gained.I am from Canada, NS, but I have visited Love in its prime, it was a beautiful thing. East Coast Pride.
Ando Hirschbach, Canada, NS [07-01-2003]

i live in australia and i have known about and watched skating viedos about love park for years now.. it is the most famous skate spot in that part of the world, all my skating friends who have travelled to the states make trips to philadelphia specifically to skate there.. it would be a shame for the city of philadelphia to loose such an internationally famous skate spot such as love park.. isn't the tourist dollar and the international recognition more valuable than some chipped concrete?? free the love!
bryan mason, adelaide australila [07-01-2003]

Love Park is going to be used a lot more by skateboarders than people who just come to sight-see. skateboarders use every element of the park to its fullest potential. what point do the ledges serve to passers-by. are they just attractive? skateboarding turns these pieces of arcitecture into art. what use are they to anyone else?
Matthew Kern, Traverse City Michigan [07-01-2003]

I don't skateboard. I wish I could but I'm uncoordinated. But hey, that's another discussion. Open the park you idiots.
Mario Zucca, Phila, PA [07-01-2003]

Its horrible that uninformed politicians make these dumb bans on skateboarding not only at Love Park but all around the country. Make Love Park a landmark for skateboarding again.
Francesco Coluccio, Albany,NY USA [07-01-2003]

i believe that you should free love park. pigs suck
brent kluchin, daphne alabama [07-01-2003]

free the park it was a great place to skate!
matt johnson, edgewater park new jersey [07-01-2003]

love park represent philly skate in the world! josh kalis is the skater love park is the spot, josh kalis do a perfect tricks love park offer a perfect ledge,stairs,rails, josh was born for skateboarding love park was born for skateboarding...............bye bye from italy
stefano, forli italy [07-01-2003]

love park!
Donnie Hatcher, Falls Church, VA [07-01-2003]

i think it is important for skateboarding
Claudio Majorana, Catania Italy [07-01-2003]

come skatin' in taranto
Paolo, Taranto - Italy [07-01-2003]

It's ridiculous that a city can close down a place as accessable and widly renowned as LOVE then expect shoddy, poorly thought out skateparks to compensate for this loss. LOVE drew skaters towards philly like bees to honey... I myself was planning on taking a journey to this Mecca, but now am wondering - is it worth it? Also, skating was used when needed and tossed away, which is ludicrous. The mayor himself posed with Kerry Getz at LOVE to draw crowds there for the X-games, to make money... shouldn't he have got Kerry ticketed on the spot? Hypocracy at its best.
Tony G, England [07-01-2003]

i haven't skated love park, but that has always been my goal. I was devastated to hear about the closure of love and desperately want to see it return. I dont love it because of thps2, i love it because of the great footage that has been recorded there. for f*** sake, save love.
kyle crossland, berkhamsted,hertfordshire,england [07-01-2003]

Free me and free love...i didnt do it officer!
M.I.A. MAE, Australia [07-01-2003]

Give us back love you political pecker heads!
Charles Noseworthy, Dumont, NJ [07-01-2003]

give it back
greg hogan, bangkok [07-01-2003]

Karen Bennink, Australia [07-01-2003]

reopen love so i can skate there one day.
adam chan, adelaide, australia [07-01-2003]

One day I would like to go skating at love park. It has been the pinacle of some of the best skateboarding and skateboarders to date.It would be disapointing to see this historic place taken from the skateboarding community.
Dan Ivett, Adelaide - South Australia - Australia [07-01-2003]

Ryan Clarke, London UK [07-01-2003]

i never skated love park but i wish i coulda..
rob, Tamworth nsw AUSTRALIA [07-01-2003]

Jim Kirk, Newark Notts UK [07-01-2003]

alec sullivan, palm desert [07-01-2003]

reopen love!
Pete solvyns, Tamworth, NSW Australia [07-01-2003]

pat burke, virginia beach [07-01-2003]

James L Smith, New Zealand [07-01-2003]

secombe [07-01-2003]

I think love park is one of the best places on the planet and it needs to be opened back up to the public. P.S. the skateboarders weren't hurting anyone.
Josh Lee, Houston, TX USA [07-01-2003]

theres nothing like LOVE PARK, theres just so much history there, if it wasnt for LOVE skateboarding wouldnt be what it is today, please make the community happy and open LOVE PARK, the skateboarding community will thank you for a long time ...
Roberto, ny, usa [07-01-2003]

The SAVE LOVE PARK rally showed Philly just how much skaters revel in this spot. If there's the slightest chance of getting it reopened I'm all for it! Bring back the skating and the great photo opportunities!
gregos, Adelaide, Australia [07-01-2003]

I would definently visit Love Park next time i go to the states if it was allowed.
Rob Boris, Australia [07-01-2003]

I skated LOVE Park and it was sick! But more than that it's boosted so many pros careers and as for watching video sections filmed there, the footage and people that skate there are amazing!
Andy Walker, Adelaide, Australia [07-01-2003]

f* all the bulls*, peeps need a place to skate, and i got my first piece off ass out there.
dan, eastampton nj [07-01-2003]

Bring back Jonah Lomu
Aslan rangi heke mia Perry, Manly Syd Australia yeh bo [07-01-2003]

free love!
Chase, Trussville,AL 35173 [07-01-2003]

Zahra, Sydney [07-01-2003]

I think that the closing of L.O.V.E. park is just the beginning of a negative epidemic that shows just how close minded people can be. I for one am saddened by the fact that one of skateboarding's many historical spots has been stripped from underneath our feet. Though I have never been to Philly, my best friend lives there and I was hoping to visit and skate one of skateboardings legendary spots. Now not only myself but future generations of young skaters may never get to experience such a treasured spot. We are going through the same thing here in Baton Rouge and everywhere else in this great country. I know that there are two sides to every situation but as long as we work together not only will we be stronger as a community but also a proud part of America's great cultural atmosphere.
chris culotta, Baton Rouge, LA [07-01-2003]

free love park
kyle pericoloso, mount holly, nj [07-01-2003]

josh albasi, cinnaminson, NJ [07-01-2003]

SAVE IT STILL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Daniel, Akron, Ohio [07-01-2003]

Love Park should be reopened to skateboarders. Even if i never get to skate there, it should still be available, as it has played such an important part in the skateboard community.
Allen Danze, Washington D.C. [07-01-2003] homepage

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