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June 12-30, 2003

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It's a rad spot and has a lot of history.
Elliott, Sydney [06-29-2003]

Love Park is SUPER!
Dušan Mikulec, Šumperk - Czech Republic [06-29-2003]

Brendan Croft, Tacoma Washington [06-29-2003]

{MakE LOVE noT War}
renie, Sydney, Australia [06-29-2003]

if you free it... they will come...
JO [06-29-2003]

Nick Smith, Missisippi [06-29-2003]

Its a part of our history!
Jeff WWalker, Portage,IN [06-29-2003]

I am all the way from Sydney, Australia - I have been skateboarding for over 8 years now and to me Love Park has always been associated with Philly - I was planning on visiting Philly only to skate Love Park - Now that Love is no more, I have no reason to visit - don't get me wrong I am sure Philly is dope but Love Park is to Philly what the Statue of Liberty is to New York (or if you skate, Brooklyn Banks) - NOW take a minute to think, if one guy from Sydney, Australia has this view point imagine how many more out of the 20 million or so skateboarders around the globe are thinking the same! FREE LOVE PARK FREE LOVE PARK
Peter Fahey, Sydney, Australia [06-29-2003]

i live all the way in southeast san diego and i have always wanted to skate love park..but now that they closed it it just brings my mood down. LOVE park was a place where skaters can just get together and do what they LOVE the most. Reopen LOVE PARK!
Jeff G, San Diego,CA [06-29-2003]

Free love park!i'm an italian guy of 15 years and the dream of my life is do some skateboarding in philly!but the last year I heard that love park will be closed. I was worried.. and now I' ll fight for the dream of my own life! free love park absolutely! good luck! C-YA! Alby
Alberto Chimenti, Turin,Italy. [06-29-2003]

Hiroshi Takeda, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada [06-29-2003]

the styleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Alessio, Cinisello Balsamo (MI) italy [06-28-2003]

They should let the kids skate, the business people should just stay out of it. If more kids get to skate their, it would draw more money for the city, but mayor might not think the way i do.
jason gillow, Livonia, Michigan [06-28-2003]

Open the park to them again you grumpy old men!
Seth Isaacson, Andover, IL [06-28-2003]

save love park
Zach Berry, arlington, VA U.S.A. [06-28-2003]

Reopen LOVE Park to Skateboarders!
Jessica Hoffman, Pittsburgh [06-28-2003]

skate rules
URLOALCOLICO, arco, italy [06-28-2003]

I've seen love park on numerous skate videos and on the x- games repeats. I started skating a year ago and would love to be able to go to love park when i'm older. I think it is unfair and unjust to ban skateboarding from love park as it is the best real steet spot in the world. Also if this hasn't made my point then think about the money it has raised for philadelphia with all the tourist industry surrounding the X - games. It would be a big blow if the ban wasn't lifted, as it would be taking away some of skateboardings heritage.
Dave Freeman, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom [06-28-2003]

Free love park is all anyone should have to say
Kyle Reynolds, Helena, Montana [06-28-2003]

Its a bad ass place!
Jessica, tn [06-28-2003]

OK, I know I don't live anywhere near Philadelphia or anything, but .... LOVE is/was like one of the biggest skate spots in the US, and a lot of the city's tourists are definitely skateboarders. all of these people will most likely leave the city if they can. The city's skater population is huge, so there will probably be an impact on the city. Nearly all of the people that go to LOVE Park are there to skate it; that's its main tourist attraction: skateboarding. I'll probably never be able to skate it, but I know there are tons more out there who would visit the city just to skate.... Without it, there are going to be problems and a lot of angry Philadelphia residents.
Ryan Pullis, North Bend, Washington [06-28-2003]

I think that if u open LOVE again skaters will love it and the city will make more money. I might move up there if u do open it again. I only wish in miami we had a love park to go to. My friends and I are kicked out of everywere and it sucks.
Jared Smith, Miami Florida [06-28-2003]

Love Park is a great asset to the skateboard world, Having been there I believe that nothing can stop what we, skaters, can do to keep this place alive.
Justin Ritchie, Canterbury,CT [06-28-2003]

Always dreamed of skating LOVE, re-open it so i can.
JD TerHart, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada [06-28-2003]

philly needs to close love to skaters about as much as they need another crazy asshole to bang the liberty bell with a hammer. ive skated love a few times with friends and its got to be the absolute best spot ive ever been to. really, whats the point in closing it? they plan to build a new skatepark on some new public ground to replace love. well, no crappy yuppie city rep-designed skatepark is gonna replace something skaters created themselves. and whats the budget for this new park? the city's gonna have to break the bank to compensate for what was lost in love. for most kids, skating public street spots like love is far better and much more rewarding than skating skateparks. why not just use the ground zoned for the new skatepark to build a new public park? love sucked as an average citizen's park, its almost as if it was designed for skating. give love to skaters and build a better, more senic place for people to feed pigeons and play with their kids.
axel wheeler, 20 miles from love, pa [06-28-2003]

Skateboarding, in many cases, saves lives. Taking away this park leaves many people no outlet with which to express themselves in a positive, athletic, healthy, creative way. Kids will turn to drugs, vandalism, crime, etc...bring back the LOVE.
Matt Solomon, Denver, CO [06-28-2003]

Ryan Erickson, Dunnellon, Florida [06-28-2003]

will merrick, charlottesville, va [06-28-2003]

V. Russo, Plymouth Meeting, Pa [06-28-2003]

free love park
eddie arnold, Dumont,NJ, USA [06-28-2003]

Even though I live on the west coast, I have heard a lot about love park. when my parents thought of moving to philidephia, i was saddened, my loss of my friends, memmories, and family, but the one thing that made happy, was the fact that love park was there. it's is such a big symbol of the skatebaording community, and i would hate it to see it lost. farwell my friends, jonathan krier
jonathan, San Jose [06-28-2003]

Shutting down Love Park is like shutting a major United States base of operation.Opening it back up to skateboarding would see joy in millions of peoples lives and open a place that would see many generations to come. Thank you, Open up the legend again.
Chris Whalen, Bettendorf, IA [06-28-2003]

ive seen LOVE park skated so much and when they closed it several companies ran giveaways if you wrote post cards saying "philly's mayor sucks". well if he closed LOVE, he must've sucked because he obviously knew how many people skated there and probably closed it out of his own personal greedy interests
shane frykholm, los angeles, california [06-28-2003]

never too many spots for skateboarding, in old europe it's very hard to find spots, let's not make it hard there too!
Fabio Sauda, Genova Italy Europe [06-27-2003]

Riccardo Rizzuto, Francavilla al mare, Italy [06-27-2003]

LOVE me do...
Justin, Oaklyn, NJ [06-27-2003]

Brian Speer, Moline, IL [06-27-2003]

free love! i love it!
Dan Gribbin, Erie, PA [06-27-2003]

whatthe hell is the citys problem they have 2 shut down love park cuz of sk8ers wtf did we do mabey wax a ledge wow mabey we were a little loud wow free love park philly has no love love park rip 2002 vince yarmlak
vince yarmlak, new jersey [06-27-2003]

i think love park should be reopend beacouse all the local skaters will have nowhere to skate
scott [06-27-2003]

Anthony morrone, sewell,new jersey [06-26-2003]

I have never skated Love Park but I have seen it in many videos, and loosing it just seems like such a waste. I can safely say that every skater feels like something has been taken froma part of them. Free Love Park.
Mic Patten, Bournemouth, England [06-26-2003]

um.. reopen it?
faith, los angeles, cali [06-26-2003]

i wanna skate love park so bad that if the shut it down the may have a massacer of every city offfical that let this happen
corey burgeson, burbank illions [06-26-2003]

elliots a good skater
Karimofdakrop, moorestown NJ 08057 [06-26-2003]

keep the park a rockin. this is history we are talking about. think of the kids man,and all the strories that are behing the park.
KEVIN ALT, upstate new york [06-26-2003]

no freeedom to skate in the birthplace of freedom, pathetic
Christopher Johnson, Warrington PA [06-26-2003]

love park was street heaven reopen it love park was philly backbone
edward krystopowicz, philadelphia pa [06-26-2003]

chris yow, perth Australia [06-26-2003]

Cade Tremain [06-26-2003]

im from venzuela and i never went to love park but as i skateboarder and understand what skaters from all around the united states and the world lost, it's a big tragedy to the skateboarding world, love park was one of the main skateboarding spots in the world. I hope someday the world understand that skateboarding is not crime and realize that is and activity as much as play baseball, basketball or soccer, i will skate untill i can feel my legs
fletcher, Venezuela [06-26-2003]

free it its one of the illist spots ever went to philly just to skate it
mike trzeciecki, chicago il, [06-26-2003]

free love park the footage alone has made me want to skate there. kerry getz is a champion for trying to save it.
ryan pomery, australia [06-26-2003]

i rollerblade, and i LOVE it
Chris Motta, Providence Rhode Island [06-26-2003]

Shutting down Love Park can only hurt the comunity but upsetting the entire skateboard culture.Every skate feels its loss because we know it could be our spot next.
Bradley, London, UK [06-26-2003]

Philadelphia's recent history has been well-versed in shooting itself in the foot. A quarter century ago, "we" put the Liberty Bell in a building that looks like a burger barn subway station. Then, "we" created the "Avenue of the Arts" and failed to fully understand and appreciate the MAIN peoples' connection to the street: the tens of thousands of people who work all year long to create a parade on New Year's Day. Now, our mayor spends almost a million dollars of money we don't have to do something that's totally ignorant, by trying to ban skateboarding from Love Park. Philadelphia has such a sad sense of itself, it IS an international disgrace. But its wonderful to read so many thoughts, here, from around the world...FREE LOVE PARK!
Mitch Deighan, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia [06-26-2003]

We need to bring love back so that all of salvation riders can go and kill it in a couple of years. Salvation, rider
Andrew Barraza, Glendale, AZ [06-26-2003]

Andrew Barraza [06-26-2003]

free love its love love the boarders
korey fredette, Columbus, Georgia [06-26-2003]

steven m. ayers, bushnell, florida, usa [06-26-2003]

I went to Philadelphia just to skateboard at LOVE park. I am 24 years old and have been skating for 14 years. I pray that LOVE park will be open once again to the likes of me. Skateboarding really has a positive effect on my life. I am moving to become a youth pastor, but will always first and foremost be a skateboarder. Thanks.
terry ferkey, Minneapolis,MN [06-26-2003]

love park used to be the jawn. now it's just a joke. save love park. save it for the people who love it and use it and play there.
jacquelyn gimbel, philadelphia, pa [06-26-2003]

i might not be from philly myself. but i have been thier a number of times. im 22 years old and ive been skatin for 9 years. and as long as ive been skating all i ever wanted to do was to go to love park. just once, just once i would have like to have gone there and skate. but i have been to afraid of getting a ticket, witch i cant afford. i guess all im realy trying to say is give back love park, your gonna make peoples dreams come true......
Barry Grubbs, Syracuse, New York [06-26-2003]

I am mad at the fact that skateboarding has gotten so serious to were they have to shut down a park. People need to get over it and let the public have fre rain of the park. As a skater i wanted to go Philly right when i could drive just to sk8 love park, but now that wont happen unless we do something about it sk8 4 ever
Ryan Fournier, Fort Walton Beach Florida [06-26-2003]

Marisa Waxman, Philadelphia, PA [06-26-2003]

Eric Galdo, cinnaminson New Jersey [06-26-2003]

...the show must go on!
simone gamba, italy, milan [06-26-2003]

I've never had the pleasure of skating LOVE but we recently had an excellent spot torn down by the city becuase kids were breaking into the building to smoke.Now, our already limited list of skatespots is even less now.I hope everything works out for you guys. GOOD LUCK!
Sheldon Grant, Sydney, Nova Scotia - Canada [06-26-2003]

free love park
frank, canton ohio [06-26-2003]

kenda, montreal [06-24-2003]

Everytime I visited family in Philly I'd go and visit LOVE. Last time I went my trip to Philly just wasn't the same with the ban on skateboarding. Hope that one day I'll be able to look forward to my trips to Philly with the same enthusiam I used. Now I don't know where to go when I just need to escape from the family for a bit. Bring skateboarding back to LOVE.
Ethan Mowery, Tempe, Arizona, USA [06-24-2003]

Oh, yeah! I LOVE the idea. By all means reopen the park! I like that TV Show, Real Videos of the World's Dumbest Morons. (You know, the one where they show some addle-headed skateboarder sailing over a 20-foot wall only to slide down a rail on his gonads or bounce off a tree and land face down on a concrete step.) The trouble is, many of the clips are getting old and boring. We need new material. I'm thinking if the police could be issued video cameras in place of sidearms and billy clubs we could get lots and lots of great footage. The only downside I see is asking the citizens of your fair city to pick up the tab for the inevitable medical expenses. It doesn't seem fair to take Granny Jones' property tax money to pay that sort of expense. Some mechanism needs to be put in place to deal with this issue. May I suggest wheeling the bloody remains over to the Discovery Hospital Channel where they could earn money for their doctor bills as subjects in a series of surgery, plastic reconstruction and physical therapy pieces... or maybe they could serve as poster children on a PBS whine-in or get bit parts in the new movie, Jackass II.
Art Leerskov, Athens, Texas [06-24-2003]

I've never been to this particular park, and it has been about ten years since I even got on a skateboard, but if there is a designated place for kids to skate at then that will lower unwanted skating in other places. Also, if we allow rules to be made that target a specific social group, not only is it discriminatory, but where will the rules stop? What's next, we won't be allowed to skate in the public streets? Will entire cities ban skating? Take back our parks!
Heather Parker, Pinole, CA, U.S. [06-24-2003]

Why open more parks at a cost,and not consider bringing back a park that means so much to so many,and wouldn't cost anything?Why not show the world that Philly has a love for skateboarding greater than any others who hold claim to that fact,and re-open a park that has significantly revolutionized the skateboarding scene as we know it.
Jazzy, Houston,Tx [06-24-2003]

Although L0ve park died it will stay in our hearts forever
ryan vacha, hamilton, nj [06-24-2003]

Just let us skate it.Come on history has been made there for skatebording. But now u have to take our history away from us? That is bull S*. LOVE PARK WILL NEVER DIE R.I.P LOVE
jake trapp, white cloud,michigan [06-24-2003]

Philadelphia's Love Park is definately one of the most perfect spots to skate. Me and my friends from local shop go there every year just to skate and shoot videos. I say this place HAVE to be opened to skateboarders, because I have no doubt that it became a 2nd home for most of the skaters around US and may be other countries.
Dmitrij Maslovskij, Cincinnati, Oh [06-24-2003]

Tom Thi, Langhorne PA [06-24-2003]

Love park was always the best place to skte and inspired me as a skater. Banning this great memorial park would show that skaters around the world would not be accepted.
Chris Lee, Clifton Park, NY [06-24-2003]

Love park has offerd so much to skateboarders for many years. Sure we may be guilty of waxing the curbs and rails but the people who tore it down are guilty of taking part of our life away. When love parke was open we just wanted to do what our life and OUR LOVE is, skateboarding.
jason Lettman, Toledo Ohio [06-24-2003]

save the skateboarding in the world!
sleppa, italy, reggio emilia, correggio [06-24-2003]

jordon zylstra, montreal canada [06-24-2003]

love park is amazing and for those people to take something that everyone loves so very much is wrong
pat, webster ny [06-24-2003]

Love Park was a f*ing shrine. So many skaters have skated love park and it's changed so many people's lives.
Justine V, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA [06-24-2003]

I hope (like everyone of us) that love park (one of the famous skateboard spot all around the world) will be give again to the philadelphian skateboarders. Open your mind and think that people all overe the world (like me) are trying to fight for the lovepark. Thanks for givenme this opportunity. Fight to skate and skate for love(park)
Claudio Guastella, Italy/Sicilia/Catania [06-24-2003]

I've never been to America in my life, so I never skated LOVE park. But I think it schould definately return because it's just an icon in skateboarding-history. It's was once one of the best spots in the world, and Philli has made a lot of money on it, so I think the least they can do is to re-open it for skateboarders. (D-fect rotterdam 4 life)
jorren, Rotterdam, Netherlands [06-24-2003]

Why did the close it in the first place?!?!
Ben coniam, Hong Kong [06-24-2003]

Matt Mason, Freeport, IL, usa [06-24-2003]

reopen luv park mybe sumday ill sk8 there
ryan, illinois woodridge [06-24-2003]

Love Park should allow access to skateboaders to skate freely without being hassled by the local police.
dustin marley, Peoria, Az [06-24-2003]

i have always dreamed of skating love and now i won't be able too
jack williams, mesquite, texas [06-24-2003]

FREE LOVE! It has a place in every skaters heart! Love has helped skateboarding progress into what it is today.
Ben Gardner, Littleton, Colorado [06-24-2003]

john street keeps the park closed caus his money man bought the old INA building and dont like to see riff-raff out side his new investment. another case of one old rich guy trying to run the lives of the common man.power to the masses. feed the poor, eat the rich. free love park
john t. familiare, phila pa [06-24-2003]

David McGraw, Stafford, VA [06-24-2003]

Monica Lueddeke, Stratford, NJ [06-24-2003]

Fabiana Sasso, Rome, Italy [06-24-2003]

Skated back in the day. Been there, done that! Left some blood. Oh so fond! B-B-B uuuuuurrrrrrrrrr! I work at CA Skateparks with Wally Holliday, (Built Cherry Hill) FFFFFRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE Love Park.
john little, 273 N. Benson Ave. Upland, CA 91786 [06-24-2003]

I arrived at LOVE in the summer of '02, just after it was shut down - it was truly sad. LOVE park for skateboarders is what Mecca is for muslims. Many have spent precious time planning a pilgrimage to the home of street skating - LOVE park, Philadelphia - only to be met by 6 feet high fences... Attract the youth back to Philadelphia! Street, show people that you really care! And if not, let's hope Katz can get it back on track. There are so many positive aspects to the reopening of LOVE - they far outweigh the negetive ones. To put it the Hinduistic way: LOVE is nirvana. When i die - that's where i'll end up. free us, Love LOVE.
Fox, Netherlands [06-24-2003]

Lauren, Ridgewood NJ [06-24-2003]

yo this is awesome.. during the destruction i helped organize protests and designed and sold shirts for benefits and to help spread the word.. i used to run a website about this too and i guess i sorta died out. im so glad you guys are goin at it, you resparked the fire in getting LOVE back. it can and will be done and the skateboarders will fight until we will. FREE LOVE PARK
Nick Bockrath, west chester, pa [06-24-2003]

Davide Angelini, Padova, ITALY [06-24-2003]

Reading needs a good park cos the little s*ty spots are all copped out and they just suck n e way!
George, Reading [06-24-2003]

Guido Magneschi, Pisa, Italy [06-24-2003]

It is necessary for people to let the park live, because it's also a bit of history for skaters and they are also people.
sahan, culemborg, Netherlands [06-24-2003]

Skateboarding for life!
William van Houtert, Culemborg, Gelderland, The Netherlands [06-24-2003]

I think that you need to give Love Park back to the skaters because people have skated there for so long and nobody ever did anything about it and people will alwayz and forever skate at LOVE PARK!
Tanner Celik, Rockledge, Florida [06-24-2003]

love park is the s*
greg davis, philly [06-24-2003]

skateboarding is not a crime!
Francesco, Vicenza(ITALY) [06-24-2003]

Gianfranco Tripodo, Naples itla [06-24-2003]

skate your town...create new concrete lines. sk8boarding is art.
federico de rossi, venezia, italy [06-24-2003]

yes free love park for skating. Karim K.K.doublekey shop . Respect
karim, cesena city from east coast italy [06-24-2003]

From what I've heard of it. LOVE is a great park that should be preserved. There is no reason to destroy what it is just because skaters are living out their dreams on the many ledges and banks.
Greg Flaig, Wellington, FL [06-24-2003]

I have visited the love park in my early years and enjoyed it me and my father were planning nother trip when it was closed we are thouroughly disappointed Dane Free love
Dane McWilliams, England [06-24-2003]

joseph soudani, rome italy [06-23-2003]

I have never skated in Love Park, but i have heard that it was one of the best skateboarding spot in all the world. Let Love Park enter again in the heart of us skateboarder. SKATEBORDING FOR EVER.
Gianmaria Scatà, via valli 5 castelcucco(tv) Italy [06-23-2003]

Who loves skateboarding, loves Love Park! Never skated ther but I always dreamed about it! Hasta La Victoria Siempre! Ciao Dug
Damiano Merzari, Lugano/Ticino/Switzerland [06-23-2003]

Free Love Park
Francesco D'Adamo, Italy [06-23-2003]

I'am a old skater (38 years) and i skated every day when a have time free, this is my passion and one reason of life,i hope the LOVE Park remain the same thing for all people and skaters. Skate forever until the end of our (all) lives.
Marco Antonio De Zordo (MADZ), Milano (ITALY) [06-23-2003]

free love park! if you read any of the testiments on the page i dont see how you could think otherwise
ben, atlanta ga [06-23-2003]

What's better than skating in the city, for free?
Andrea Martinez, Roma, Italy, Europe [06-23-2003]

do the right thing,free love park!
Marcello Guardigli, Italy [06-23-2003]

Why ban skaters from love park?? It brings the council money,brings the city tourists and brings the skaters happiness :)
Francis Dosoo, from Scotland, living in Australia [06-23-2003]

I don't skate. I think it's stupid.
Ricky Star, Portland Oregon, US [06-23-2003]

LOVE park's skate community has been nothing but positive. It gave skaters a central location to skate, meet friends and perfect the art that the city makes money off. The entire thing is ridiculous. The city should put it's police force to better use, breakup a crackhouse, jail a pimp, catch a rapist, do something constructive. That would be a lot more relevant than chasing down and ticketing CITIZENS for skateboarding. R.I.P. LOVE we miss you.
Josh Backus, Philadelphia PA [06-23-2003]

i believe love park should stay because it's a good place for people to skate and it doesn't interfere with building around it
david edwards, lakewood, CO [06-23-2003]

what happened to the city of brotherly LOVE?
andrew carroll, whitehall, PA [06-23-2003]

I have never been there personally but it is reallly messed up that you guys are trying to tear it down it should stay there so other generations can skate it and so could I.
Tim Stain, Cabot, AR [06-23-2003]

Skateboarding is my daily inspiration......
Zac Maslowski, Ottawa Illinois [06-23-2003]

love was the best skate spot on the east cost so bring it bac and if u take the skate park take the basketball courts
vince wisniewski, cinnaminson,newjersy,use [06-23-2003]

skate or die
Nick Siciliano, Langhorne Pa [06-23-2003]

I never skated LOVE it was one of my dreams as a skateboarder, but now i will never skate love park
Reed, Maine [06-23-2003]

It is unfortunate that the City of Philadelphia hasn't yet realized what they have. One would think that competent city officials would at least be able to devise some sort of agreement to let the park be utilized by all of the people. I hope that the days of progressive thinking havn't gone out with the 70's.......1770's that is. Over the past several years I have been fortunate to become aquainted with many people in the skate community from Phila. and the surrounding region. I will tell you; they are some of the most warm, friendly, helpful, creative and good people. They are full of life! What better way to demonstrate Philadelphia Freedom than to Free Love
Mark Calder, President ; Wilmington Skate Project, New Castle, DE [06-23-2003]

open love park to skaters again...i never got to skate it and neither did many others get to enjoy it so y not open it what did we ever do?
Zach Jacob, Whtiehall PA USA [06-23-2003]

krysten toppi, new jersey.sicklerville [06-23-2003]

jason kunz, mentor OH [06-23-2003]

Brandon [06-23-2003]

keep it open
Greg, kennett square, PA [06-23-2003]

Ryan Clemson, nj [06-23-2003]

Dustin Doroshuk, maple shade, new jersey [06-23-2003]

to take down such a thing would cost a lot of money and would make skaters very mad because its possibly the best place to skate in america.
andy paluchak, gaithersburg,MD [06-23-2003]

Joe Kosmas [06-23-2003]

this is my home town skatespot it needs to be kept for the likes of skateboarding.. i practically learned how to skate there.. DONT TAKE THE LOVE OUT OF -LOVE-
Drew Windon, Philly, PA [06-23-2003]

free love park
said, viareggio italy [06-23-2003]

free love park
JP Blair, Sea Girt, New Jersey, USA [06-23-2003]

skateboarding is not a crime
luca roiatti, codroipo (ud) italy [06-23-2003]

love park deserves 2 b freed
eden morrison, reading, england [06-23-2003]

free love park!
Anna Schutt, Spencer, WV [06-23-2003]

Anthony Koranda, Ames, Iowa [06-23-2003]

First time I heard something about Philly was for the LOVE Park. The Park did its job maybe way more than projected by the Architect... so what? Open your eyes Cities of the World.
Claudio Bernardini, Milan - Italy [06-23-2003]

skateboarding is not a crime......skateboarding is pure energy!
gildo fantone, pescara(italy) [06-23-2003]

free love park 4 all sk8er...
Luca, Padova ITALY [06-23-2003]

I love skate parks!
Brittney, Glendale, AZ [06-23-2003]

"Other U.S. cities are building skateboarding parks in their centers to attract hip, new residents and young professionals[...]. While these cities try to create new downtown attractions, Philadelphia already has one of the world's great skate parks, with existing international fame and prestige." It says all by itself. FREE LOVE PARK
Lorenzo Colaiori, Rome, Italy [06-23-2003]

this is true LOVE
Carroccia Roberto, Campobasso Italy [06-23-2003]

Love park rules, my friends all skated there and i have yet too
Zander Luke, charlottesville VA [06-23-2003]

free love park!
boyle, cinnaminson,nj [06-23-2003]

i have skated Love Park,which like a skateboarder was there almost everyday, i live in DE i had to drive with a friedn everytime i wanted to skate. please free Love Park!
Ryan Lucas, Camden DE [06-23-2003]

pietro vincenzi, Bologna,Italy [06-23-2003]

Jennifer Mangiacapre, Wilmington, NC [06-23-2003]

Stefano Vuerich, Udine Italy [06-23-2003]

Love Park agli skater!
Stefano Crippa, Milano, Italia [06-23-2003]

ridateci il love park!
Michele, Bussero (Mi) Italy [06-23-2003]

u shudnt shut down love park its keepin the kids off the streets n off drugs. i hav neva sk8d it but from wot i hav seen on it its looks amazin n its a good toursit attraction 4 skateboarders worldwide.
akeem bolaji, Grimsby England [06-22-2003]

Tashina Lalonde, Colorado [06-22-2003]

marco giori, Rimini Italy [06-22-2003]

i wish one day to visit n skate love park..i've been skatin 2 years n have been influenced by a lot of people n look up to many skaters..especially rodney mullen..n i'd like to help keep love park open..skateboarding for life!
patrick sandate, carson california [06-22-2003]

free love park
matt heavlin, glendale,az [06-22-2003]

Love Park was cool! All i know is that Chris Cole skated it with the best of all of us! Skateboarding lived there! The place was made for it!
Kevin ramirez, Lakewood, Colorado, United States [06-22-2003]

Nothing but great skating ever came from love and i really would have liked to gone there one day. it was kind of a dream of mine. besides it has no other purpose then being one of the best skating spots in the U.S.
Zach Burbidge, West Bloomfield Michigan [06-22-2003]

yeah ive heard about what theyve done, how they took it away from skaters but when the rebuilt the park they made it with even more ledges and coping
ethan carlson, roeland park kansas [06-22-2003]

I was thinking about attending Philadelpia University to study architecture, but i'm not to sure now. Theres just doesn't seem to be love for skateboarders there.
Wilson Newman, Winchester, IL [06-22-2003]

free love baby! I'm yet to go there, the whole world needs it.
nate garrett, canberra, Australia [06-22-2003]

free love!
Jeremy Homan, New Jersey [06-22-2003]

ive never skated love but i plan to. street will lose
jared strachan, courtaney bc canada [06-22-2003]

Free Love Park. Destroy Mayor Street.
Justin Stillman, Philadelphia [06-22-2003]

dont kill it, it is the graceland for skateboarding. if u hurt it u will hurt every skater in america. maybe thats ur goal, but if it is god have mercy on ur soul. thx have a nice day
Justin Kastner, San Jose CA [06-22-2003]

Love Park is a group of dreams, don't stop skateboarding, never!
Federico, Milan, Italy [06-22-2003]

open LOVE
Andy Hoppe [06-22-2003]

I never got to skat at LOVE but i know it was rad. Playing it on THPS i could scope out spots i knew i could hit. But know with its untimely death its all just a fantasy. I hope theis petition works
Austin Steed, Tallapoosa Georgia [06-22-2003]

It rocked! It sucks there bringing it down. they had some nice ledges! the best place ive ever skated!
Paul Mendenhall, Gap Pennsylvania [06-22-2003]

Colin Sander, Pittsburgh, PA [06-22-2003]

Dave Barnes, ny [06-22-2003]

Danny Mcdaniels, Bayshore New York [06-22-2003]

free love park!
derek wilks, wake forest nc [06-22-2003]

LUCA FERRONATO, italy [06-22-2003]

I think love park is a wonderfull skate spot and is a public garden and skateboarding is not a crime!
Mattia Lambertini, Bologna(Italy) [06-22-2003]

Skate or die!
Jeff Smith, Minnesota [06-22-2003]

As a skateboarder, i have always wished to skate love park. NOw since its closing, my dream is no longer. There is no love for love park.
Steven MEssier, Sullivanss Island SC [06-22-2003]

peace and love park
Claudio Salvatore, Rome Italy [06-22-2003]

no kiddin, it must be open
Tommy, Milan, Italy [06-22-2003]

nick, massachusetts [06-22-2003]

Levi Sebastian, Hazen, North Dakota, USA [06-22-2003]

Skating Love Park back in the day a few years ago was the best thing thats ever happened to me in my life. It was such a good place for skateboarders of all age and skill levels to just mix together in a massive skate session.
Brett Shemanski, Burton, MI [06-22-2003]

free it, & we'll get to live without being hunted like animals, and government gets tourism $$$ local buildings get less damage witlove being a centralized spot. so tell me who losses, no one it is win win
jake hanitschak, philadelphia [06-22-2003]

the love park is too great to forget it..give back!
Filippo Maturi, bolzano italy [06-22-2003]

Jonathon, Newark,DE [06-22-2003]

free love park
Nicholas Jann, boston(grew up in south philly) [06-22-2003]

Marco [06-22-2003]

Show the world that Philly's love extends to everyone. Love park... going by it day to day all it is a wasteland. Good job on wasting all your money to renovate it for nothing...
Greg Partison, Lansdale, PA, USA [06-22-2003]

ya. free love park and stuff. it's the sickest sk8 i ever seen. so like y take it down. it givs people a place to go, so they don't have to sk8 the street.
JO, santa rosa califorina [06-22-2003]

randy hobson, louisville, ky [06-22-2003]

DEDE, italy [06-22-2003]

Alessandro, Sondrio,Italia,So [06-22-2003]

Alessandro, Milano (italy) [06-22-2003]

Eric Mendenhall, Wooster, Ohio [06-22-2003]

Love will never die! :-)
Paolo Frisulli [06-22-2003]

we all want to skate love park's handrail, again. love park is not a spot. it is THE spot...please bring it back to us. we all skaters in the world love it.
marco, genoa, italy [06-22-2003]

love park must be reopened!
lorenzo meroni, milan - italy [06-22-2003]

Antonio Serini, via B.Veneziano 31, Sabbioneta (MN), ITALY [06-22-2003]

andré lucat, italy [06-22-2003]

Ricciarelli alessandro, Italy Genova [06-22-2003]

I'm 17 years old and i never skate in love park, but this is a legendary spot for the skateboarding and I will go to love park when I am 18 y.o. fight for skateboarding, skate all day...and drink all night ;)
gianluca bottini, pontemaodino (FE) italy [06-22-2003]

Alberto Morra, Turin, Italy [06-22-2003]

i love.........
janick costa, salò brescia lombardy italy [06-22-2003]

Free skateboarding!
Alessandro De Simone, Varese (Italy) [06-22-2003]

As the Embarcadero in San Francisco was "The spot of the world" during the first half of the 1990's, Love park was the same in the last years, the most famous skate spot in the planet. They both made skateboarding grow up, and even if I've never skated Love park (I've always wanted skate it) if it will get destroyed I will feel like something has gone forever.
Morris Caparco, Milan - Italy [06-22-2003]

If I ever fly to the states, that would be the first place I'd visit, so get it back!
DGV, Bologna, Italy [06-22-2003]

free love park! for ever! skate or die!
enrico coruzzi, parma italy [06-22-2003]

The love park is beautiful for skateboarding........BEAUTIFUL PARKKKKKKK! SK8 AND DESTROY ALWAYS!
Mazzu..., gallarate,Italy, varese,lombardia [06-22-2003]

Love Park is a Skatepark, and It's the symbol of Philadelphia also for us that live in Italy...I'm 21 and I don't know nothing about Philadelphia, just the Love Park, without it Philadelphia is nothing for me...
simone, pietrasanta, LUCCA, Italy [06-22-2003]

I live very far away from Philadelphia, but since I have begun to skate I have always dreammed of skate the LovePark.I pray you:do not kill my dream.
Carlo Gumina, Messina, Italy [06-22-2003]

Paolo Boroni, brescia, Italy [06-22-2003]

Don't change LOVE Park, it is the best spot!
Mauro, Como, Italy [06-22-2003]

Matteo Piazza, Italia [06-22-2003]

Love Park is one of my favourite skate spot in the world, i want to go in Philadelphia next years and see it again! All italians love this spot! Don't destroy it! Sorry for my english..
Gabriel, Italy, Milan [06-22-2003]

I wish I'll be able to skate LOVE park someday
Enrico Calvano, Modena, Italy [06-22-2003]

Andrea, Milano ITALY [06-22-2003]

elena, udine, italy [06-22-2003]

I LOVE skateboarding
Fabio Liguori, Rome, Italy [06-22-2003]

For love.... love park... se c'è qualcuno che conosce l'italiano... capisca ciò... il love park è un simbolo storico per tutti gli skaters di tutto il mondo... i video più belli le scene migliori sono state girate e fatte in quel parco... go josh kalis go... good luck
Alesssandro, Italy [06-22-2003]

we want love park for free skateboarding community! every years skate saves a lot of young guys from bad living......skate will save you! keep skateboarding!
valerio, pesaro ITALY [06-22-2003]

Amore per il Parco dell'Amore. FagaBaraga.
Osde, Cantù (Italy) [06-22-2003]

Love Park is a little piece of the skateboard story and can' t finish to give us trick and emotions
Albarelli Andrea, Correggio (RE), Italy [06-22-2003]

martino buora, Milan, Italy [06-22-2003]

Zach Feiler, Littleton, CO 80128 [06-22-2003]

To the city of Philly (all others thank skaters). In your eyes you shut down skating in a spot. In the skaters eyes, you shut down a place of expression, a place where people make there livings, and a place where much of history for skaters. To those without the skaters minds, LOVE park was only a place to enjoy a picnic, or a quick walk. To the skaters, LOVE park was a place to enjoy life. It makes me sad that we are the UNITED states yet still so divided, this was LOVE park yet those who enjoyed it most were hated. Bring it back and let skaters live and LOVE in peace.
John Nagy, Hoover, AL USA [06-22-2003]

its obvious why we should legalize LOVE park. It is perhaps one of the greatest skate spots in the world, if not the greatest.
algirdas bielskus, Berwyn, Illinois [06-22-2003]

love park without skaters not is love park
alejandro ochoa navarro, manzanillo, colima, mexico [06-22-2003]

Wheres the LOVE??
Jerry Denson, St. Louis [06-19-2003]

Love park is th4e place to be! you must open it up again please FREE love park
Jason Dill, Costa Mesa [06-19-2003]

open love park please!
Jack Handy, Philly PA [06-19-2003]

Kevin Conley, West Bend, Wisconsin, USA [06-19-2003]

when I think of philly i think of a lot of things, cheese steaks, south street, and love park. but wuts the use of closing it down, when the majority of the people going into it are bikers, rollerbladers, and skateboarders?
Jeremy Siegel [06-19-2003]

keegan smith, olathe [06-19-2003]

Chris Ludd, Philadelpia Pa [06-19-2003]

Emalie Coplan, ramsey minnesota united states [06-19-2003]

Stealing dreams from people is a crime far greater than anything the skateboarders have ever done. We need to give Mayor John Street the boot...he is corrupt and a disgrace to Philadelphia. FREE LOVE PARK!
Mitch Deighan, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia [06-19-2003]

David Shea, Kemblesville PA USA [06-19-2003]

why not? they aren't doing drugs, or raping women in the park. i thought that parks were made for, bicycling, skating, and just being free? right?
DANA, charlotte [06-19-2003]

I hope the philadelphia skaters get the LOVE park back.Especially since the LOVE park is such a historic part of the Philadelphia skaters. El Paso skaters know what it's like to get an awesome skate park taken away.
Andria, El Paso, TX [06-19-2003]

Love park is to vital a part of philadelphia's history to not be open to the public
scott migliaccio, hammonton, NJ [06-19-2003]

love park
rush gordon, haddonfield New Jersey [06-19-2003]

Skateboarding is NOT a crime! That is all.
Peter Blue, Philadelphia, PA [06-19-2003]

Emma Schwartz, Villanova, PA USA [06-19-2003]

Its not to late to undo the rift caused by placing the skateboarding ban. I am not a skateboarder myself but never did find a problem with them and actually enjoy watching their stunts. Besides, they seem to never bother anyone and it beats hanging out on the corner! FREE Love Park. After all this is the city of brotherly love - isnt it?
Rocco Vernacchio, Philadelphia, PA [06-19-2003]

The skateboarding presence at LOVE park has obviously taken away from the ideal use of the park, which is a place where old people can eat their lunch and homeless junkies can urinate on the ground. We just took a forgotten surrounding and turned it into home. After what skateboarding has given to Philadelphia, they turn around and tear this s* down. I'm sure they're going to try to take credit for FDR, when they first tried to build it that poured some concrete on some uneven ground and threw in a pyramid and a funbox. Philly needs to wake up and see that the only thing good coming out of Philly is skateboarding, because the Public Schools are already useless and the inner city kids are going to die or end up in jail. Wake up f*, re-open LOVE.
Alex Zilinski, Trenton, NJ [06-19-2003]

open the love park again!
wastson lai, hk [06-19-2003]

i never got the chance 2 sk8 love park,and so im signing this petetion in hope that it gets re-opened so i can hopefully sk8 there,and witness the legend that it is 4 myself
Daniel Rushent, Bristol,England,United Kingdom [06-19-2003]

Yo love park is the best thing that ever happened to me.. i have gotten numerous A's in school for my writtings about it and now that it is gone i dont know how im going to go on
Kevin Rentz, Delaware [06-19-2003]

scott t., louisville ky. [06-19-2003]

Bernard Anderson, Youngstown Oh [06-19-2003]

Save the tress
petra schlemlein, Washington Renton [06-19-2003]

Peter Honiotes, joliet, illinois [06-19-2003]

Alex Sperry, St Paul, MN [06-19-2003]

love park should be free to skate it wont get any worse than they just made it by fixing it so we couldnt skate.. the park should be freed so all skateboarders can skate it.
steve blithe, nj [06-19-2003]

LOVE park needs to stay open! If they tear it down, it'll be used by druggies! skateboarding needs this park! free LOVE park!
Colin Moir, BC, Canada [06-19-2003]

Please let the kids live. Street skating is an enormously freeing and life-affirming "sport". It's one of the few things that come directly FROM the youth. It's not a strategy marketed product that they've dutifully purchased into. It takes dedication and costs flesh. It is so sad (but not surprising) that society views them as a nuisance. In reality these kids will be among those who will shape and define our country in the near future (thank God) They are those who are willing to take risks to create. Those who turn first to their own minds by their living human nature. Of course they make most uncomfortable, They are ALIVE, not mearly undead. Make no mistake, they do not need your permission, they are the ones for whom Love park was designed - they are those who are capable of true love: the unequivocable and unapologetic YES to life. Your continued refusal to "allow" them to practice life in Love Park is openly representative of your fear (of them also, but more of life itself).
Erik Steensen, Boulder City, NV [06-19-2003]

I moved to phillie just to skate love i just knew that was the best city to skate. skaters don't mean any harm we just want to skate, but what do we have all you give us is some sk8 park that you sk8 for a day then your bored we would do anything to be able to skate freely, repaint ledges,scrape wax off, or even pay money. we love skating it's what we do and you love what you do. please reopen LOVE.
mike mclaren, Philadelphia, Pensylvania, USA [06-19-2003]

free love park!
Tom Heller, moorestown,nj. [06-19-2003]

Please Open Love Park for the bikers, every Tuesday I used to come down from my building to catch a smoke and get entertained by these really good skateboarders and bikers, now I just feel like I am killing myself rather than Entertaining myself
Mike, Ardmore [06-18-2003]

i was going to move to philly to attend college and to skate but after taking love park from the locals i didnt see any reason for moving. free love
joel paoletti, newark, DE [06-18-2003]

One of the main reasons i moved to Philadelphia was to be able skate famous spots like love park, in my opinion it is one of the most amaizing skate spots that ever existed in the world. And now people are trying to take this real good park from us. I think that is not right because even though the ledges are damaged, they are not going to get any worst than they already are, so there is no point at all for that park to be taken from the skateboarders. FREE LOVE PARK, in the name of SKATEBOARDING...
Fernando Ostlund, sao paulo BRAZIL [06-18-2003]

free love park
Mark Del Negro, Wilmington De [06-18-2003]

keep love open! i hoped someday to visit LOVE!
kelly sutton, fayetteville arkansas [06-18-2003]

Melissa Lambert, Lowell, Indiana [06-18-2003]

Malik Spann, Philly [06-18-2003]

skated love thats good stuff bring it back
Charlie, Canada [06-18-2003]

Skateboarding SHOULDN'T be a crime.
Matthew Minton, San Francisco, CA [06-18-2003]

The original Love Park was a blessing to skateboarders, and I'm sure that any person who has ever skated there would agree. Democracy is the voice of the people, and I think it's pretty obvious by this petition that the people have spoken.
Whitney Meers, Tampa, Florida [06-18-2003]

its always been a dream to skate love and now that its closed ill never have a chance to.
manuel garcia, houston,tx [06-18-2003]

i've skated once there and it was one of the best ride ever. reopen soon thanks
stephanie, grenoble and chambery FRANCE [06-18-2003]

Skateboarders have just as legitimate needs to use public spot as other citizens. Enforcing a skateboarding ban at LOVE is just like enforcing a lunch ban for business people, it deprives a whole group the right to live quality lives in the heart of a city. Young people are citizens as well, with the same rights and the same duties as all people. So if they pledge to skate LOVE, that pledge should be listend to.
Jon Egil Strand, Boston [06-18-2003]

conrad michael, wilmington, nc [06-18-2003]

I think that Love park should remian open to everyone, its a park, ans people can do what they like. What else are you going to do with the park if it isnt open to the public???
Stephen Jenkins, Atlanta, Georgia [06-18-2003]

Skatebording is not a crime!
Matthew, Philadelphia PA [06-18-2003]

Benji Barton, Mississauga, Onario, Canada [06-18-2003]

Danelle Florio, ny, new york [06-18-2003]

the destruction of love park means the ending of a huge part of skateboarding. many skateboarders moved to philly just so they could skate love all the time. i was going to move there myself until the renovation. i dont know how anyone could spend over a million dollars on a renovation just to stop skateboarders and make the park look worse than it did. it went from a little bit of wax on a ledge to big ugly planters that don't even match the marble with dead flowers in them all the time. this is the end of an era... a huge part of skateboarding will be gone forever... RIP LOVE PARK - FRANKIE BROWER
frankie brower, new jersey [06-18-2003]

free love park!
Peter Elser, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania [06-18-2003]

Sara Lopatin, Springfield, PA, USA [06-18-2003]

Michael Walsh, Co. Dublin, Ireland [06-18-2003]

Love is not only a skatespot, but a way of life. Bring it back, or i'll kick your ass
Adam Aviles, Frisco [06-18-2003]

I definetly believe that LOVE PARK should be opened and reconstructed to its original design. It was a national land mark to thousands and thosands of skateboarders throughout the world. In skateboarding magazine all over, pictures and editorials about LOVE PARK flooded them. I had the oppurtunity only 1 time in my life to skate there, before being chased out by a rude cop.I dont hate cops, just the ones that are rude about their job. Just because a city or place bans skateboarding, or puts up a lousy sign, people still skate there. I mean what are they thinking " Hmm, we'll put up a sign, and its going to make skateboarders leave." From being a skateboarder, i know that that is not true at all. No skater is going to be like "WAIT WAIT WAIT!,THERES A SIGN THAT SAYS WE CANT SKATE HERE, LETS LEAVE!" If the place has a variety of things to skate on, the skater will definetly skate there regardless of the law. Cops are aware of this, because they are still chasing people away, most likely on a daily bases.LOVE PARK is what kids dream about skating, well now thanks to the reconstruction, the park looks bad, and there is not any major attraction to the city of Philly. Thank you, i hope this helps influence the descision.
Michael Danko, Wilmington, DE, USA [06-18-2003]

free love park!
keith weed, houston,tx [06-18-2003]

Megan, Las Vegas, NV USA [06-18-2003]

Allison Bourke, Alexandria, VA [06-18-2003]

Skateboarding = Love Park
Sarah Bourke, fairfax, VA [06-18-2003]

do it for the babies
deirdre Bourke, fairfax, VA [06-18-2003]

kristen_bourke [06-18-2003]

Support our youth...
Kathryn Bourke, ny [06-18-2003]

Free Love Park
Edmund Bourke, ny [06-18-2003]

LOVE park had everything, rails, stairs, gaps, ledges and whatever you could put together....give it back.
Cole Frazier, Gainesville,GA [06-18-2003]

LOVE is the best park that ive ever skated, it has so many different lines. now that its closed i have to look for other good spots and skate there, even if its illegal FREE LOVE PARK
Joel Weber, Philly [06-18-2003]

nick novak [06-18-2003]

Save the park it hasnt done nothin to nobody
Andrew, Virginia USA [06-18-2003]

Yo let Love park go it didnt hurt nuthin!
Taylor, Virginia USA [06-18-2003]

this park is a great thing and should never be taken away from the skateboarding world!skateboarder already are suffering from the lack of areas to board and have to use the street and mess it up.the more parks they take away the more there city and people get messed up buy us so it is as simple as more parks less destruction!
NIC KENNEY, newcastle W.A. USA [06-18-2003]

Neo Sitrunn, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-18-2003]

Ian Mitchell, Marlton NJ [06-18-2003]

we are supposed to be the land of the free..but obviously we arent...we all have equal rights...even if we skate..just because we skate doesnt make us anymore different than the "mayor" or anyone else...if you are gonna be the land of the free...then actually act like you will be
Kolby Petrus, Dallas Tx, of the "FREE" [06-18-2003]

Dont tear the park down dammit!
Travis Wilber, Shiremanstown Pa [06-18-2003]

Phillys got no love!
Mike Olio, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania [06-18-2003]

i love L0ve park i want to be able to skate theirwhen i want with out getting a $500 fine (that might be off)and kerry getz and other skaters that make rad parts for their vidoes in love park
ryan vacha, hamilton, nj [06-18-2003]

Exactly, place is world famous
Tasha Phillips, Largo, FL [06-18-2003]

Give Love Park back to the skaters. Goverment officials shouldn't be concerned about liability and lawsuits. Reference an article that appeared in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on Sunday, June. The article was about the Pittsburgh director of Parks & Recreation. They have built 2-3 skateparks in the city, all free, no problems. There are more people at the skateparks than at the tennis courts, basketball courts, etc. And these are young kids and adults - they all take turns, look out for each other. The Philadelphia powers that be need to get their head out of the sand and do their research. They have no idea about the skateboarding culture. Give Love Park back to the skaters.
Susan Hoag, Pittsburgh, PA [06-18-2003]

John Patrick Conquest Jr, Stroudsburg PA [06-18-2003]

Frank Crenshaw, Richmond VA [06-18-2003]

free love park
David Bradburn, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [06-18-2003]

skateboarding is not a crime.
Laura Boetcher, Philadelphia, PA [06-18-2003]

save love park its the s*
Paul, jerzey [06-18-2003]

Kevin Bacon, New York City [06-18-2003]

i skated love park once and it was the best time of my life and i will never forget it. thay should let any skateboarder skate the place. i dont want love park to end up like hubba hideout if that happens who knows what will happen to skateboarding.
nick demongeot, osseo michigan [06-18-2003]

Matej Hajaš, Slovakia [06-18-2003]

Miro Gerbel [06-18-2003]

Peter Gerbel, Slovakia [06-18-2003]

Michal Illa, Slovakia [06-18-2003]

Miroslav Soska, Slovakia [06-18-2003]

Miroslav Bodis, Slovakia Bratislava Europe [06-18-2003]

Bill Abromitis, in [06-18-2003]

love was a big part of skateboarding,and hopefully it will be back again.spread the love.
Garrett Abromitis, Indiana [06-18-2003]

justin huffman [06-18-2003]

open love to the skaters
matt kolic, massillon ohio usa [06-18-2003]

Deen Shiffrin [06-18-2003]

never skated there but it is my dram to one day to. late
Tyler Enlow, ca [06-18-2003]

free love park
Taylor Fisher, Piladelphia,pa [06-18-2003]

save the park it keeps memories for everyone skateboarders and tourists if you take away love park its like taking a part of philly away
leon cichon, new jersey [06-18-2003]

though i have not skated at love park it was one of the things i have to do is skate there but now that its gone all i have to say is bring it back.
Nathan Renken, cottage grove, mn [06-18-2003]

free love park!
Charles Hung, Flushing NY USA [06-18-2003]

thats g* that they banned skating love park..thats the best oh Philly. They should definitly let it be open to skaters!
Tyler Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada [06-18-2003]

stop the hating return the loving show you have an intrest in the youth
poul evans, new zealand [06-18-2003]

skate everything
nelson jones, moorestown, nj [06-18-2003]

I've always wanted to skate at love park. Now these people are trying to ruin our spirit, hope, & courage, But our love will never die!
Grant M Jensen, Dilworth, MN [06-18-2003]

It seems to be an obvious pattern, the bigger and stronger the skateboarding community gets, the smaller the fundamental and original rescources become, maybe because of media hype and shows like Real TV, Skating is now in "John Q public's" brain as some rebellious, destructive and life threating activity that should be banned to "designated" and "safe" places (gated pad nanny havin parks). We need to stress to "Jon/Jane Q Public" that not only is LOVE park (and street skating in general) a part of our generations history but a source of creativity. Invite them to find the beauty of having more creative uses of thier own common,humdrum, everyday exsistance. It takes a free mind to accept this creativity, I pity those who can not.
Karrie, Northern CA [06-18-2003]

brett robertson, merion, PA [06-18-2003]

I'm disgusted.
Charlie Adams, Charleston, South Carolina [06-18-2003]

com on just give it back to them, they arent hurting any one, are they? i think not. Ill come down if u open it up again.
Wes bos, Burlington, ontario, canada [06-18-2003]

I've always wanted to skate love park, and now i might never will unless this petition works. FREE LOVE!
Travis Clow, Houston, Texas [06-18-2003]

You should free love park because it is a great place for skateboarders to skate because it has good spots to skate, they wouldn't get in pedestrians ways, they wouldn't cause any trouble. And skateboarders would be happy and it would keep them away from other bad things like drugs.
Craig Smith, Dedham Massachusetts [06-18-2003]

In London, we have the Southbank Complex to skate, although I'd rather be skating Love!
Lloyd Crawley, London, England [06-18-2003]

Free Love park was sick.PLEASE reopen it so us skaters can skate it again.
Ryan, Toms River, Nj [06-18-2003]

The Love park must be given back to the skaters! Its is their park! Greetings A skater from The Netherlands Called Patrick
Patrick Giesen, The Netherlands, Landgraaf [06-18-2003]

rocco sergio, phx,az,usa [06-18-2003]

The skater's need a place to skate! Please don't take that away from them! My son Jason, was a skateboarder he was on a skateboard from 5yrs. of age it was alway's a problem finding a place to skate. My Jason, pasted away June 5th. 2002 (Jay, would have also wanted LOVE PARK to be used for the skateboarding!) Linda Gerlach
Linda Gerlach, Margate, FL. Broward County [06-18-2003]

What is skateboarding hurting?
Randy Caudillo, Pittsburgh, PA [06-18-2003]

fight the power! free love!
Nick Giacobbi, mp [06-16-2003]

Free Love Park so my boy Jamie can skate there again!
Matt Doner, Voorhees, NJ [06-16-2003]

Free love park now!
kirk taylor, East hartford, CT [06-16-2003]

Patric Gegor, Eastcoast [06-16-2003]

I have skated Love many times. Love Park wasn't just a good skate spot. It was a meeting. There was never a time when there wasn't a skateboarder there. There was also such a friendly air about it. There was no competition, and you would get to know everyone there.
Mathias James Soehngen, Philadelphia Pennsylvania [06-16-2003]

Free the park. This park was rad, and soon hopefully will be. This should be taken seriously, not me just everyone in a whole. FREE LOVE PARK.
Lucas Sheetz, Indiana [06-16-2003]

Thank you for educating all the ignorant politicians about the importance of today's youth and skateboarding's role in the world.
mikey roders, troy, ohio [06-16-2003]

I never got the chance to skate LOVE....It's been my dream since I was nine years old....please make it open for skating again...that's the only reason I will EVER go to Philly...and I AM BOYCOTTING ANYTHING X-GAMES UNLESS LOVE IS FREED! Besides, I hear the other parks you built in it's place SUCK.
my name is mud, Moose Jaw, Canada [06-16-2003]

Yo philly love park ruled don't take that stuff away from the skaters of Philly. I never went to LOVE but i loved watching people skate it in videos and it looked like the perfect skaters spot. Don't kill skateboarding in the East Coast that was one of the only east coast spots that could compete or was as good as some West coast spots. Keep both coats in The Usa alive in the UK we got nothing as good as LOVE so guys don't give up !
Adam Jones, Nowich, UK [06-16-2003]

I visited Philly last year, right when Love was closed. I had always been a dream of mine to skate there, so when I heard that skateboarding would be banned from love park, I decided to do it. When I got to philly, I met one of the best, friendly skate community ever. Bring back love, so kids can share what skateboarding can do for your life.
mathieu tourneur, Marseille, France [06-16-2003]

better kids skating at an open spot, that not only brings business to the area, as lots of skateboarders from around the world go to the now lengendary love park, than kids doing drugs, its a positive thing if people tried to see it that way.
daryll griggs, Hong Kong [06-16-2003]

i fell that us kids need a skaters park to play in
james c dougherty, philadelphia pa [06-16-2003]

Love park just needs to be reopened. I know it will be someday.
Caleb NC Skater, Usa [06-16-2003]
Andrew Gwizdowski, Bristow, VA [06-16-2003]

steve bukowski, lancaster new york [06-16-2003]

frank drogowski, bound brook,nj [06-16-2003]

Free LOVE PARK man it is known around the world!
Andrew, Virginia, USA [06-16-2003]

Free love park
Dan Nguyen, Dedham, MA [06-16-2003]

Love Park is just what its called, love. Ive been there a couple of times on road trips and the locals or people also just visitng were so nice and friendly. BRING LOVE BACK!
John Herman, Wellington Florida, United States [06-16-2003]

eric hacker [06-16-2003]

Love Park is the only Philladelphia monument known by many people arround the world because of skateboarding.
Emmanuel Martinez, Paris, France [06-15-2003]

I never even skated LOVE PARK, just like I never even met Martin Luther King Jr. Even though Ive never met both things, doesn't mean they cant change someones life. I pray for Love Park to be brought back to people.
Noah Kennedy, Seattle WA [06-15-2003]

skateboarding is not a crime!
STEPHENIE, springhill, fl usa [06-15-2003]

word save love just until jeremy wray can land a 360 on it
Chris Rossong, Winnipeg Manitoba [06-15-2003]

LOVE WILL ALWAYS LIVE IN OUR HEARTS AND MINDS,taking away love it a spit in the eye of every skateboarder alive!
lucas brotemarkle, spring hill,florida,usa [06-15-2003]

love park better KEEP open, it f* kicks ass and its the best park to sk8 at!
Tahneyah [06-15-2003]

Build a new skatepark but have skaters around the town do it cuz old people suck. not pros either cuz they make it too big for the not so good people. Keep it simple, but keep it good. The SeigeMyster
CJ Mayo, Mcminnville, OR, US [06-15-2003]

Tania, Cambridge,Ontario,Canada [06-15-2003]

Annie Knight, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada [06-15-2003]

George C., Waterloo, ON [06-15-2003]

yes, love park must be freed for the skateboarding AND rolling community
Alex Thornycroft, Chicago, Illionois [06-15-2003]

Love Park was not just a haven for skaters. It helped the city. The park attracted many skaters from all over the world, who came to Philadelphia and benefited the economy. Because of the popularity of it, the xgames came to Philadelphia, earning the city millions of dollars. How can city officials ignore this benefit to the city? It's a betrayal to the skaters. When LOVE was destroyed, no one won.
Josh Peterson, Spokane, Washington [06-15-2003]

Ok yeah I dont think these people care what were saying. Were gonna have to take something they love away from them for them to understand that were not kidding around.
Rob, Boston [06-15-2003]

i love love
Adam Dearden, Edmonton Alberta Canada [06-15-2003]

Love Park rules
Chris Eaton, Wilmington, North Carolina [06-15-2003]

i think love park should be open to all skaters because it is where we LOVE to shate. it has great skate spots and many good movies have been filmed there. i think that you should think about what you are doing. you are taking away our life and what we like to do.
pat sinnott, lansdale, PA [06-15-2003]

mike little, plantation, fl [06-15-2003]

Mack Harris [06-15-2003]

i have always wanted to skate Love Park, and im going to do it whether you like it or not, and us skaters should enjoy a place to skate without being kicked out or getting in trouble with the cops.
Dylan, United States [06-15-2003]

Treavor Wieczorek, Cliffside Park, New Jersey [06-15-2003]

Jeffrey Bing, New Milford [06-15-2003]

You can't stop skateboarding why should LOVE park be shut down its pointless? LOVE is just a great spot. Skaters need ledges and stairs ta skate parks can't compare to free and open street. Nothing ever will. FREE LOVE PARK!When i saw and heard of LOVE park i knew that if i ever made it big i would skate there now this goal is destroyed we need LOVE park back
Ryan Hrnciar, Lodi, New Jersey [06-15-2003]

I don't live in PA but Love park is a symbol to skateboarders everywhere!
Zach Shipko, Pasadena, CA [06-15-2003]

Free Love Park! sk8 love park or die!
bob mcelroy, boiling springs south carolina [06-15-2003]

open that s* back up just caus this f* c* s* mayor john streake for how ever he h* u spell his name has to close it caus he doesent like skaters well f* that vote for the new guy running with him peace out
anthony chicone, cinnaminson nj [06-15-2003]

keep love park, when i watch skateboarding videos, i see many pro riders rippin it up. it makes me sad to see how philly police treat the skaters. its not fair to us (the skaters) that they have to tear it down on top of the police harrasing and being g*...
bj fehr, canada [06-15-2003]

Paul Johnson [06-15-2003]

I traveled to Philadelphia JUST to skate love park and now you have taken it's soul. The American Heritage® Dictionary defines a "Park" as: 1. a large area of land preserved in its natural state as public property; 2. piece of open land for recreational use in an urban area. If a park is PUBLIC property, are skateboarders not part of the public? And if a park is for RECREATIONAL use, is skateboarding not recreational? You have taken the youth and soul of Love Park and given it to the highest bidder. Be ashamed.
Jeffrey Mayfield, Chino Hills, California [06-15-2003]

Although I leave in Canada, I've always dreamt of travelling to Phiully to skate love. I don't want that dream to die.
Will Blair, Vancouver, Bristish Columbia Canada [06-14-2003]

Quinn Uzoaru, Cape Girardeau, MO [06-14-2003]

Scott A. Behlert, Jr., Glenolden, PA 19036 [06-14-2003]

Tom Hand, Cambridge, England [06-14-2003]

You gotta just give in, cos were gunna skate it. if you like or not!
Darren Osborne, Cambridge, England [06-14-2003]

I'm 15 and have only been skateboarding for a couple of years now and I know of Love park all the way on the other side of the country. I've seen it in videos, video games, magazines, etc.
Tim Hatch, Thatcher,AZ [06-14-2003]

I hope that Sam Katz will be elected the new mayor of Philadelphia. this would ensure that LOVE would be reopened.
Don Kahler, Philadelphia [06-14-2003]

I have never been in Philadelpia, or at LOVE park, but it shouldn't be closed to skating or any wheeled sports.
Matt Fletcher, Quinnesecc, Michigan [06-14-2003]

love park should of never been closed down. but should reopen to skaters, cause skating keeps them out of trouble! so let them skate!
Erik Rankin, Middletown, Delaware [06-14-2003]

Liberate Love Park! We dont want skateparks we just want Love!
Paul Tracy, Ho-Ho-Kus [06-14-2003]

We should reopen Love it's my Mecca
James Hill, Ho-Ho-Kus [06-14-2003]

I feel we should reopen Love park because it was a big part of skateboarding and does add some history to Philly. People that appose the legalization of skateboarding in Love park are most likely adults that had a lot of joy and fun in their era and know that they are old and depressed they want the youth to suffer. well it's our world too! With the skater toll well over 12 million this sport is here to stay and we all must recognize it. RIP Love Park!
Adrian Hurtado, Saddle River, NJ, USA [06-14-2003]

LOVE park was amazing. Now it is occupied by the homeless.
Joe Maziarski, Roxbury, New Jersey [06-14-2003]

skateboarders always get kicked out of places just for skating which is rediculous, and since LOVE park is so famous, maybe they could put food and clothing stands there to make some money if that is what they want.
Jewel Lebonitte, Moorestown NJ [06-14-2003]

it is a real skateheaven and you can make verry cool movies there, this park has a whole history
Thbiault Stroobandt, Brugge Belgium [06-14-2003]

I love LOVE, wooo
Nate Saneholtz, Ohio [06-14-2003]

Sure, I don't live in Philadelphia, or even America, but I do believe that skaters in Philadelphia need an enjoyable and fun place to skate. So if anyone actually reads this letter that can do somthing about this serious issue, please, re-open LOVE park for all the skaters that used to really enjoy skating here. Thank you
unknown, Australia [06-14-2003]

hey i never skated there but i think that those sh**s should die for closing it down like that. wut do they want us to do.maybe we should do drugs or have babbies. skateboarding has kept me busy an away for all that stuff. if they destroy these kids will have nothing but problems cause there boerd an thers nothing to do or skate so i say f* those m* f* p* an skate on
eric seelbinder, california [06-14-2003]

eric seelbinder [06-14-2003]

i actually rollerblade by the way but the point is still the same!
Sean Foote, Fishers, Indiana [06-14-2003]

free love park!
Alex Saari, Aurora, Mn [06-14-2003]

It is hard to find really good stairs and ledges that you are actually able to skate without cops busting you out.LOVE park should be reopened to skateboarding.
Zach Blackmon, north little rock,arkansas [06-14-2003]

keep love park alive
james ng, long island, ny [06-14-2003]

i think that Love Park should be free to all skateboarders because it is a landmark to us
Steve Jefferson, Sterling, VA, USA [06-13-2003]

Andrew Wild, California [06-13-2003]

Elliot Thomas, Hong Kong [06-13-2003]

save love!1
bart wallenbeck, Syracuse, NY [06-13-2003]

uhhh i was told 2 sign this
Paige Eastwood, medford [06-13-2003]

Jaime Diaz, Escondido California [06-13-2003]

free love park and all the skaters in philly keep on repping and skating and remeber SKATEBOARDING AINT A CRIME
Greg Bahr, Twin lakes WI [06-13-2003]

Keep Love park open to everyone including rollerbladers, skateboarders and bikers! dont discriminate on what they do. Dont stop something just because you dont understand it.
Nick Moore, Linden, Michigan, US [06-13-2003]

Emily Jenkins, usa [06-13-2003]

every little bit counts right
Steve O'Neill, Spring City, PA [06-13-2003]

bikes should be aloud in if it reopens
Pat, quakertown [06-13-2003] supports you!
John DeSpirito, Philadelphia, PA [06-13-2003]

Let Love be free!
Sal, Bellport Ny USA [06-13-2003]

let ppl skate there..
faith, langhorne [06-13-2003]

I WAS planning a trip to philly bt now that the most popular skate spot in america is gone Im not going. Having the X Games ther was so awsome. LIke n actual street contest. Id like to see that again
Chad Day, Manitowoc, Wi [06-13-2003]

It's been proven that the private buisneses that are in the general vacinities of love park do better when skateboarding is high in the area.
Brandon Gammage, Wildwood Missouri [06-13-2003]

ive rollerbladed it and its ill if u ban this its just wrong skateboarders need a place and it was like it was made for skateboarders so many thing its so great even for rollerblading.
Brendon, Pawtucket RI [06-13-2003]

Wow. You've taken away LOVE. Where's the LOVE!?
Dave Wolfe, Franklin, MA [06-13-2003]

Give us back Love Park NOW!
Jess [06-13-2003]

it was the best love park i ever skated and i like it it was a good place for people to eat and picnic and skate i did the skate one like many others
David Colraine, mount holly nj [06-13-2003]

Tim Walsh, Aptos, California [06-13-2003]

kristie johnson, east greenwich, rhode island [06-13-2003]

How can one respect a government that is trying to throw the children of its city BACK onto the streets? If Mayor Street cares at all about the children of his city, he'd stop worrying about his paycheck and his resume for five minutes and reopen Love Park.
Justin Van Buren, Baltimore, MD [06-13-2003]

love rocks
brad jacobson, theinsville wi [06-13-2003]

I will visit Philly again if they free love park.
Ben, Los Angeles, CA [06-13-2003]

f* pa let love park come free
mark, boston [06-13-2003]

I work two blocks from Love Park, and strongly support the return of skateboarders.
Rob Graff, Havertown, PA [06-13-2003]

embrace the children
leeann reider, 16 Bellows Lane [06-13-2003]

Brazilians saw love park in video and think . One day ill be there to skate some..but now it changes ... brazilians supports philadelphia skaters...
Aguinaldo Melo, Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Brazil [06-13-2003]

Love park is dope, where else would we skate i mean cummon f* tha cops
William DelSesto, Johnston, RI [06-13-2003]

It's just insane that one of the few things that kids can do constructively is made illegal.
Derek Yee, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada [06-13-2003]

Zac Compton, Mauston,Wisconsin [06-13-2003]

these f* are never gonna listen to us so we should just concentrate on something else like drugs!
mike, Philly [06-13-2003]

We would drive to Philly early Saturday mornings when my son and daughter were younger. Heck my kids know Philly history better from hanging in and near LOVE Park than anything they learned in school. Not to mention all the money we dumped into the local economy! Eating, staying in hotels every now and then and hospital bills! Just kidding about the hospital, I'm an old schooler! In Baltimore the only people who go to the parks like LOVE are the tourists and few of them want to see those little parks and seldom stop to read the plaques anyway. Now my son is thirteen and your gonna tell me that the only way he's gonna skate LOVE is in a video! I say fine me now because you can't stop it! Let the people who want to use the park use it! The public never really wanted to use it or the skaters wouldn't have been there. We just wanna be left alone so we can skate. Put up signs saying walk at your own risk not skate at your own risk! I am a 40 year old highly successful businessman. LOVE Park holds a special place in my skating history and in all skating history. I always like to call it Dogtown East! Skateboarding is only a crime when some politician makes it one! Just remember that everyone is a potential voter! And you younger people remember that when it comes time for you to vote. I can tell you from experience it is the only way to get what you want in this country! You are lucky to have that right! Use it and put someone in power who will correct this INJUSTICE! Everyone doesn't want a new park they want LOVE!
Karl Peck, Baltimore, Maryland [06-13-2003]

Phili cant take away an icon like LOVE park! Love park is the single greatest place to skate real street!
Anthony Carretero, New York [06-13-2003]

shaun gregoire, Springfield, Va [06-13-2003]

Like Josh Kalis told a applied pedestrian in Transworld - Transmission: " I guarantee that more worldly tourists come to Love Park to skate than any other worldly tourist!" Doesnt that make the politicians think more about it??? I always wanted to travel there to skate Love Park. Only for skate! But now i never be able to feel the Love-Ledges under my board..... :-( Greetz from Germany TheCrooks
René Schwenk, Herrenberg - Germany [06-13-2003]

Open the city up to skating.
Lawrence Nocella, Royersford, PA [06-13-2003]

Simon Blundell, Southampton, uk [06-13-2003]

i went to philly a while ago just to go to love park,now there is no reason for me to go to philly again(my family was planning to go again soon but are now not due to the loss of love park)thats all i can say
patrick burgess, coffs harbour,NSW,australia [06-13-2003]

love park!
eric feldmeier, paden city [06-12-2003]

Keep Love alive!
Trevor, Northbrook, IL 60062 [06-12-2003]

nick willaby, santa rosa, california [06-12-2003]

Yeah, dude, open Love park back up for the skaters. They give that f*ing park charcter. Don't take away what little privileges us skaters have
Peter H., san diego, california [06-12-2003]

you should save this son of a b****!
griffin fujioka, issaquah, wa [06-12-2003]

i dont skateboard anymore but i respect the sport and it can keep many kids out of drugs and bad stuff would like a higher crime rate or a park for skaters to skate in
James Wildt, Issaquah, WA [06-12-2003]

cant u tell by the number of people who go way out of their way that this place obivously has some meaning to it ?
Rob Butterfield, vancouver BC [06-12-2003]

This park should be freed because everyone around there loves it, and I loved it when I lived there! It has a place in all of us skaters' hearts!
Gabrielle Bethancourt, Harahan, Louisiana [06-12-2003]

free love park!
anonymous [06-12-2003]

I think LOVE park is a great place to skateboard, and it looks awful now! The whole spirit is gone
Alexis Graham, Philadelphia, Pa [06-12-2003]

f* you
ryan j raynor, philadelphia pa [06-12-2003]

Kristen Snyder, Mechanicsburg, PA usa [06-12-2003]

I want to skate love park later on in life so don't demolish it!
Triad, London, UK [06-12-2003]

Justin, Ohio [06-12-2003]

Mike Kravchak, Philadelphia, PA United States [06-12-2003]

love park has made philly the most popular skate destinations on earth every magazine makes a point to put philly in its pages
keith parr, pennsauken n.j. [06-12-2003]

I think that it should be reopen to skateborders becuase some of the top skater in this world came from there and it can bring money to the City and make it a better places then what it is now.
Scott Godown, Quakertown PA USA [06-12-2003]

Reopen LOVE park. This will show that Philadelphia cares about its youth and therefore will be respected for their decision. In return, they will make profit from skaters skateboarding at this wonderful landmark and everyone will be happy. This is a WIN-WIN situation folks, and that's all there is too it. Please reconsider the closing of LOVE park and all of its fellow skates. Andrew
Andrew, Grand Rapids, Michigan [06-12-2003]

Dan Lyon, Quakertown, PA [06-12-2003]

Why is it that skating is so socially unacceptable? Open Love back up and open your mind.
sean flynn, Philadelphia, PA [06-12-2003]

With the closure of Love Park, the city of philadelphia is turning its back on the legendary skaters that sessioned there and the people who visited it.Furthermore, closing this one historic spot will not deter people from skating wherever they feel.
Ian Ho-Wong, San Francisco, CA [06-12-2003]

It's a landmark in skating history we must save it. It holds so much we can't lose it like the rest of the spots.
anonymous, Jakarta, Indonesia [06-12-2003]

Why waste the money to tear it down then rebuild one for skaters, and rebuild the actual park for tourism when the tourists don't mind the skateboarders?
Mike Farina, boston MA [06-12-2003]

pls free the love park. love park what a good skate spot. i think all the skater around the world are like to skate in there. i hope one day i also can skate in there too.pleace
penny cheung, hong kong [06-12-2003]

Love Park - R.I.P.
Cory, Denver, Colorado [06-12-2003]

Joe Then, New York City [06-12-2003]

I dont think that skating harms anything. It is a way to keep youth occupied from their everyday lives of going out and getting drunk, doing drugs, and being destructive. If you take away the privilages to skate at one of the skater community's favorite skate spot, then I think you deserve whatever bad comes out of it because all you are doing is asking for trouble.
Sally, Irmo, SC USA [06-12-2003]

Devon Horne, Coatesville PA [06-12-2003]

save LOVE!
brandon colameco, kingston, MA [06-12-2003]

just want to give my support.
torbjörn ömalm, sweden [06-12-2003]

Elizabeth J. Tomalo, Forked River NJ [06-12-2003]

I wish they could just leave love park for the skaters, just think about it who cares if the skaters go there, there not bothering anyone there?
Stephen St.Jean, Ancaster,Ontario, Canada [06-12-2003]

Don't stop the Love
Cameron Kerr, Toronto, Ontario Canada [06-12-2003]

Ive visited LOVE PARK once and it rules.when i heard that it was closed to skateboarding i was really pissed.The place was a legendary skatespot.Reopen it! FREE LOVE
dioren hallums, Washington DC [06-12-2003]

Tim Bartelot, Southampton, England [06-12-2003]

While I am not a skater, nor am I a huge fan, I do know that skating brings huge revenue into this city. I'd rather have a designated skating place and have the X-Games in Philly than shelling out money because my car was parked 5 minutes past the two-hour indication. Makes you think, exactly where are the priorities here? The city, as usual, does not take the young people into account...and I for one, am fed up. Sincerely hope all the best for you Love Park guys!
Arbell Camron, Philadelphia, PA [06-12-2003]

Adam, England [06-12-2003]

WTF is up wif love park? where's the love? I never had a chance to skate there but from what I've seen and heard the s* looks dope as hell. What else is the city gonna do with the place? They might as well just let people skate there! They've been skating there since who knows when (for years) Cops need to find something better to do then to bust some kids trying to have fun ! S*!
Matt Jamison, kent, OH [06-12-2003]

i can't wait to see videos with L.P. in it again
owen tong, hong kong [06-12-2003]

Looks like a good spot from vids ive seen. Let the community have their park. Free it.
Brendan, Singapore [06-12-2003]

F* govermental propery destruction...
Ante Ossianson, Stockholm, Sweden [06-12-2003]

i have read that love park was a legendary skate spot which was a starting point for all the pro skaters out there in the states. it would be great if love park would let more people skate in it. thanks.
Ronald Tam, hong kong [06-12-2003]

To think another spot will be taken through stereotypical ignorance; this goes deeper than anyone could imagine... Free Love
Brad Mac, qld, aus [06-12-2003]

James Michael Dobson, Whitewood South Dakota (Not For Long) [06-12-2003]

Sad to see a town like Philly, a town that which this great Country Thrived on, is going against exactly what they supported over 200 years ago, change. Everything changes, lets face it, baseball was cool a few years ago, now thats changed to skateboarding, and bike riding, just let it happen, people say "You cant skate here for insurance reasons" thats crap, when is the last time a skateboarder suied a state? come on, think about it...
Ryan, Indianapolis [06-12-2003]

I am a PA resident as well as a skateboarder. Even though I live on the east coast of the state I hate that a part of skating has been taked away, that is LOVE PARK. Love park has a strong tradition to skateboarders not only in eastern PA but throughout the whole United States. Professional skaters and also just your average skateboarder take trips yearly just to go to skate that timeless and perfect spot. It is the Mecca of skateing in eastern PA and one of the best spots along the whole east coast. PLEASE SAVE LOVE PARK FOR THE SKATERS' SAKE and let them come back!
Nick Delp, Hermitage, PA, USA [06-12-2003]

Their are more important things to worry about
Ivan Jacobs, Burlington, Vermont [06-12-2003]

kevin, ohio [06-12-2003]

FREE LOVE DUDE its a LEGENDARY SKATESPOT us skaterdudes will use it well
Danny Rose, cloverdale ohio USA [06-12-2003]

love park kicks. i loved it and they took it down we need it back. much love r.i.p.
chris boudreaux, philly [06-12-2003]

matt park, amherst, ohio [06-12-2003]

mike davidson, costa mesa, california united states of america [06-12-2003] homepage

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