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June 6-11, 2003

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Justin Mitchell, Mt. Morris, MI, United States [06-11-2003]

im planning on taking a skating trip there. its the best just be glad thats all you have to deal with with most of the skaters.
pat, boise idaho [06-11-2003]

andrew, corona,CA [06-11-2003]

mark karinja, west orange, nj. [06-11-2003]

keep love alive
ben, Stevensville, Michigan [06-11-2003]

I have been skating For 4 years and i have seen love in sow meany skateboard videos and mags it really bothers me that I well not see love being skated but some day mabey I well
Michael McDaniel, Evansville, Indiana [06-11-2003]

Alright, i never got to skate in love park cause i live so far and then finally when i got old enough to be able to go to it, they had to screw it all up. I mean common what the hell is the problem with people skating some places? i isn't biking, it doesn't ruin everyhing so i think that maybe they should give the whole thing another try (with skating)
Eric Sheehan, Pennsylvania, (Richlandtown) [06-11-2003]

Any skateboarder, skating fan, avid ESPN watcher, or person with any grasp of the world of skateboarding knows that Love Park is a mecca, a legend. Love made skateboarding what it is today. Careers have been made at this Godly park. Skateboarding has given to Love and to Philidelphia, all we ask in return is Love park to be freed.
Landon, Fort Myers, Florida [06-11-2003]

Even though i dont live in the states, Id wanna get as many skateparks in the world as possible! Skteboardins my life! 180 nose slide
Ryan Gartner, Newmarket, Ontario,,Canada [06-11-2003]

dude whats the use of getting rid of LOVE? its a skaters paradise. you can take the skater out of LOVE but you cant take LOVE out of the skater.i never got a chance to skate LOVE but i have seen so many amazing skateboarders and photos from it. i really want to skate it and if people like me also want to come to skate there too. Love Park is part of our history, upbringing, and culture. If you close it for good, all that goes with it. FREE LOVE PARK!
Bubba Lacy, Virginia Beach, V.A., U.S.A [06-11-2003]

I don't skate, but it's a harmless...and entertaining to watch. Skaters aren't beggars or theives, and they aren't hurting anyone, so BRING BACK THE BOARDS!
D. DeLuca, Wilmington, DE [06-11-2003]

I skated in Love Park a while back, and I would hate to see that place never be skated again. Love Park is an awesome place for skaters to come and have fun. The ledges and the huge stairs are great to skate, and you often find it cool to say "I skated in Love Park". This place needs to be opened to skaters. It's such a perfect place and it's a legend too. Skating Love Park is a dream that many skaters have frequently.
Alex Craig, Rochester, MI [06-11-2003]

I grew up outside of Philly. When I was a kid that place was a dump the skateboarders brough life back into it. FREE LOVE PARK!
Johnnie Truesdale, Fort Lee, NJ [06-11-2003]

free LOVE
Ryan Watson, Harrison Arkansas, USA [06-11-2003]

love park was f* awesome
Ryan Koptis, Mt. Holly NJ [06-11-2003]

In a time where major metropolitan areas are losing their cacophonous identity to Hard Rock Cafes, Tower Records and its ilk, skating in Love Park gives us a new vestige of local character. Free Love Park.
Ian Vaflor, Yardley, PA [06-11-2003]

Dude return love to us we dig that place and we want it back!
Brian Harper, New Albany, Indiana 47150 usa [06-11-2003]

i have dreamed of skating at love park for years. it be the memory of a lifetime to skate at such a perfect place. millions agree im sure and this would promote philly's economy in a very sagging economy
abram coetsee, bay area CA [06-11-2003]

Philly took the X games milked millions then ban the single most popular action sport that brought them this extra income. Cmmon that aint fair. I live in the UK ive heard of LOVE park i wouldnt know what Philly was if it wasnt for skate videos. THERES A VIDEO GAME LEVEL BASED ON IT BOYS.
Douglas Forsyth, Scotland UK [06-11-2003]

I grew up in the Philadelphia area, went to college and graduate school here as well. One of the reasons that I stayed for so long was the community of artists and skaters that I know and love in this town. That is gone now and I am thinking about leaving too.
jonathan Stein, Philadelphia, PA [06-11-2003]

Free love park.
Jim Smith, Chesterfield [06-11-2003]

I took a trip to philly back in 1999. and love was the best spot i have ever been to. free it. it will just be a magnet for bums and vagrants now
william burns, Belfast, Northern Ireland. [06-11-2003]

Love Park is part of our history, upbringing, and culture. If you close it for good, all that goes with it. Please do the right thing!
Brody Carrington, Philidelphia [06-11-2003]

free love park
Kevin Findlay, Rochester N.Y [06-11-2003]

i never got a chance to skate LOVE but i have seen so many amazing skateboarders and and photos from it. i really want to skate it and if people like me also want to come to skate there too. i hope we can.
TOmmy KOdama, no. stonington ct [06-11-2003]

Let the kids skate!
Jennifer McHugh, Philadelphia, PA [06-11-2003]

I'm French and I've never gone to Philadelphia to ride Love Park(it's my dream..).But it's my favourite spot in skate videos.I hope it will re-open soon.I miss you Love Park !
estelle, Lyon,France [06-11-2003]

reopen love for the skaters
Tyler DeKemper, Franklin, IN USA [06-11-2003]

Love Park goes hand in hand with skateboarding. Both are a part of each others history. Without Love, we might have never heard of many of the Love skaters that made it. Skaters that heavily influence skateboarding. Just like Love does.
Benn Stockton, Des Moines, Iowa [06-11-2003]

Give it back. (looks awful now, anyway - it's shameful)
Susan Gould, Hatboro, PA [06-11-2003]

love park is a huge part of the skateboarding culture, i recently bought josh kalis dc's and i knew he was a veteran of love park, free it naahhh!
loz, deal, kent,england [06-11-2003]

I think Love park should be given back to the skaters, unless they want to build them a kick ass skate park
Curtis Phillips, Knoxville,Tennessee [06-11-2003]

Give it back!
Morton F Plant, Philadelphia,PA [06-11-2003]

Please open Love Park back up. I live for skateboarding and am well aware of Love Park's history from magazines, skate videos and even the "X-Games". When someone say's Philly - LovePark is the first thing to pop in my head. I have never been to Philly, but just like other big citys, I am sure it should be the least of there problem. All this over a piece of wood with some skates? Thank You
Chris Ray, Reno, NV [06-11-2003]

So, what's up with you? You seem pre-occupied to supply the youth with a radical version of what the history of Love Park means to them. What of what it means to a maturer generation; So, what's up wth you? You seem hell bent on publishing the comnments of the radical youth....will this ultimsately serve your purpose? Is it not Katz and mature adults like myself that will have the final influence? Yet, you neglect to post our responses My son, who was a regular at Love Park and featured in 6 national magazines has become weary of the fight, he asks me why I continue. I tell him that I do it for him., for Phlia.
denise lenherr, melrose park, pa 19027 [06-11-2003]

when did skateboarding become a crime? i cant love park and it was perfect for skateboarding, not letting people skate love park would be like building a halfpipe in park and tell people not to skate it.
Sean McDaneld, Wellsville Kansas USA [06-10-2003]

it was a life long dream u dont want to take away a life long dream
Jacob Young, wellsville ks [06-10-2003]

Julia Anne Rowe, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [06-10-2003]

david johns, orlando Fl., usa [06-10-2003]

Jowell Tan, Singapore [06-10-2003]

I watched many skate videos and used to dream "one day i wish i could travel to Philadelphia only to skte that perfect skateboarding paradise" i still dream about it, next year i'm planning to travel to US, I was planning to go to Philly and skate Love Park, but with the ban and the police watching all time i'd rather not... i guess i'll have to step that part of the journey.
Marcos Laprebendere, Buenos Aires, Argentina. [06-10-2003]

imabyatch, mianus,maine [06-10-2003]

hey man show the love give us love park back you know what else were just havin' fun sorry to make you mad
shawn rinkenbaugh, augusta kansas [06-10-2003]

i seen love park millions of times in skate videos. It's such a good place to skate that they put it in a video game. the only reason i want to visit philly is to skate love park. Love park is known WORLDWIDE! by skaters and even people that from some other country are pist because they can never skate it
marcus, smyrna ga [06-10-2003]

love park rocks and set it free and let us have some fun!
shawn rinkenbaugh, augusta kansas [06-10-2003]

I have never skated Love Park or even been to Philidelphia, but this is a place I would come to if I knew it would be open to skaters. Thanks. Brad
Brad Smith, Jakarta, Indonesia [06-10-2003]

love love park
matt carter, Petaluma California [06-10-2003]

Love was the best skate spot ever
jeff keyser, Iowa City [06-10-2003]

joe medaglia, s.i., n.y. [06-10-2003]

Save the love park
Daniel Onufer, Issaquah Washington [06-10-2003]

never got the chance to skate love many other aint that a goddamn shame?
Andrew Koptis, Mount Holly, NJ [06-10-2003]

love park must stay! williams, kalis, getz, they need love park, ive always wanted to skate there, its given so many great photos, like kalis's front side nose blunt slide on the elevated barrier, with the love park logo in the background, it was amazing...............
stuart, d.c [06-10-2003]

matt montalvo [06-10-2003]

Here we have a situation where each person who wants to FREE LOVE PARK can make a difference...If you believe that to re-open LOVE PARK to skateboarding would make the world a better place, PLEASE, if you live in Philly and are of voting age, register to vote, and VOTE FOR SAM KATZ FOR MAYOR...and if you don't live in Philly but know someone here who is voting age, PLEASE, write or call them and ask them to register to vote, and to vote for SAM KATZ FOR MAYOR OF PHILADELPHIA!
Mitch Deighan, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, Pa. [06-10-2003]

Does This Petition Go to The Reopening?
Kyle Brubaker, Coatesville,PA [06-10-2003]

free love!
B.M., pa [06-10-2003]

free love!
BRETT [06-10-2003]

I was gonna sk8 at love on my way thru philly a few yrs ago but i was asleep on the way thru so my parents just went on thru....i highly regret it now....if only i had stayed awake another hour... (_justin_)
Justin L., Endicott, NY (United States) [06-10-2003]

open up
jim geduldick, bergen county nj [06-10-2003]

I skated Love Park a few years ago. I'll never forget it, I saw Kalis ollie off of a ledge to 50-50 on a barrier. Love Park really is a mecca to skateboarding (it was even in a video game), it would just be wrong to take our mecca from us.
Matt Longobardi, Blacksburg, VA [06-10-2003]

LOVE needs to be re-opened, it's part of skating history and taking it away is like closing the statue of liberty or something to that effect.
Jeremy Shannon, Millville, Ma [06-10-2003]

Society takes skateboarding the wrong way. They need to learn to accept it we mean no harm, if we "destroy" a couple sheap ass concrete ledges, WHO CARES? Its all in fun. Why should any state tell us what we can or can't do, cause they already know we will do it anyway. Look at the other lame ass things that states spend money, and they're worried about the few hundred dollars in ledges that can unite all types of youth. The youth is your future,and no matter how many laws you make, skateboarding will still be around forever. Make it easier for you and for us and just let Love live.
N/A, Philly [06-10-2003]

Spread the "LOVE"! Bring Back Love park, even though I live far away from it, and have never been there, I like many of the other people here, dreamt about going there, grinding the nice waxed ledges. the goverment has ruined our dreams and shattered our hopes. guess i gotta immagine what is would be like.
Anthony Frenette, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [06-10-2003]

T. Jackson [06-10-2003]

Tom Noonan, sellersville, pa, us [06-10-2003]

The day I turn 16 I want to be able to drive up to Love and sk8 it...
Nick S., Chamblee, Ga [06-10-2003]

Brett Schoenewald, pa [06-10-2003]

I'm so upset that I nver got to skate there and they're already keeping skaters from going there. It's a public park, I don't know why you're not alowed to skate there.
David Velazquez, Jersey City, New Jersey [06-10-2003]

love park is awesome
blake eaves, keller, texas [06-10-2003]

Best street spot ever riden!
daniel lecompte, valleyfield, quebec, canada [06-10-2003]

Went i went to US to visit some relatives, id take the subway to Love Park everyday just too skate, that place is like heaven for skaters. FREE LOVE PARK!
Yaro Sikhovets, Toronto,Ontario,Canada [06-10-2003]

heritage is one of the final freedoms in this wonderful country. if the youth are allowed to embrace that heritage in a way that allows them to be free than the U.S. of A. could be a mush better country to live in!
Joshua David Webb, Snohomish, Washington [06-10-2003]

even if im from philippines i'll still support in freeing love park..its our history...
nathan malaki, philippines [06-10-2003]

john street,and the like are bitter old men"chasing the kids off the lawn". john street has to go. hes the worse mayor this cities had since rizzo. just let the kids have the park! its a no-brainer.
BERNARD MCDONALD, philladelphia [06-10-2003]

love park is phillys symbol for skateboarding qithout it skateboarding will perish from the streets of philly
bill crouthers, phila, pa [06-10-2003]

Dan Restivo, usa [06-10-2003]

Philadelphia needs all the help it can get. Add in my daughter is a Pennsylvania resident and soon to be voter.
Richard L. Miller, Manassas, VA [06-10-2003]

Tyler, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [06-10-2003]

even though i am a rollerblader, and me skating LOVE would not be a necessary safe thing for me to do, i belive taking away that place is very wrogn and needs to be corrected, it is a vital part of skateboarder's history.
sam logan, charleston, sc [06-10-2003]

Love park is a part of skateboarding history. Doing what the government did was just out of spite and pointless why waste money to spite others. Love park was fine they were no problems, well at least no visible problems. It just looks so horrible and ugly (the 'new' love park)even as scenery. It is horribly set out and is completely and utterly tasteless. Free love park!
Kay, Birmingham, England [06-10-2003]

Free LOVE park. If something is bringing in good money to our city why would you destroy it just because some people dont like it.
Max McWilliams, Philadelphia, PA [06-10-2003]

Dustin Raysik, Southampton Pennsylvania [06-10-2003]

i like skate boarding a lot i do it as much as i can and after hereing about this it is stupid let them have is you might aswell
kyle gooch, england [06-10-2003]

free love park
edward krystopowicz, philadelphia pa [06-10-2003]

I used to skte love everydy with kalis, and he tought me everything i cn do now at love park. FREE LOVE !
Devin Bickel, levittown pa [06-10-2003]

even thogh i never skated love park it was one of my dreams to skate there some time in my life and when it closed i was so surprised and mad that i could never skate thereand if it opens to skateboarding again i might be able to make that dream come true
Jon Kersley, truro,nova scotia,canada [06-10-2003]

get back LOVE i skated there once and i loved it bring in Katz
alex [06-10-2003]

open lovepark back up...what is that, not love...i know that.... losing the most famous skate spot ever...instant message me on my screen name jbagsk8 if you are for the same cause
john bagnato, port washington new york [06-10-2003]

Allen Edgecomb, Vernon, Connecticut [06-10-2003]

Even though I grew up skating in the Midwest, I remember dreaming up road trips and LOVE Park was always on the lists of places to hit. Unless LOVE is free, this will never happen for me and generations of skaters to come will miss out on the legacy that is LOVE Park. Make it happen!
Nate Combs, Noble, OK, USA [06-10-2003]

livin up to my words skate fo life!we love u love park
JOHN EVERETT, bakersfield,ca [06-10-2003]

LOVE Park belongs to us. You can't take it away from us. That's like taking our souls!
Adam Maki, Cheyenne, Wyoming [06-10-2003]

I've been skating in many different country around the world and i can say that there's no place like the LOVE PARK.
Olivier Patenaude, Valleyfield, Québec, Canada [06-09-2003]

I think there is nothing better than providing skaters of all ages a place where they can be off the streets and can take part in their sport with out being hassled by police officers and other officals.
c., ohio [06-09-2003]

Dude I live on the other side of the world, but seen the Love Park in loads of skate vids. Don't close down the Love Park cause I wanna try it out some time. Dude man, SAVE THE LOVE PARK!
Sp0ke, Hong Kong [06-09-2003]

Free the park.
Colin Thistle, Quakertown PA [06-09-2003]

sk8ers will always b round! dont ban the park...ive been there, sk8ed there and it wuz pretty awsum!..give it bak to the ones it belongs to..sk8ers! but yea, remember... !once a sk8er, !alwayz! a sk8er!
Diana Cabrales, new york city, u.s.a. (u've prob heard of it) [06-09-2003]

Lauren, tampa, FL u.s. [06-09-2003]

free love park
Conrad Bankowski, Hong Kong [06-09-2003]

Skaters deserve this.. Love Park Was A peice of our community... ... good luck..
Will, New York [06-09-2003]

Re-open it! It was always a dream of a few of my freinds and I to skate there, and we were all really sad when it closed.
taso, Dallas, Tx [06-09-2003]

closing love park is wack. there taking a huge peice of history away from skateboarding in what there doing.
wes hause, florance south carolina [06-09-2003]

Stop discriminating against skateboarders.
Peco, usa [06-09-2003]

Pat Maguire, Natick, Massachusetts [06-09-2003]

Dude, you can't get rid of Love. My buddy Kevin went there a few years back and told me how great it was and this summer I had been planning to visit it while in NJ with Shaun and Rusty. Stop the ban! Please!
Matt, Southwick, Massachusetts [06-09-2003]

love park rox please open it
julian, boston,MA [06-09-2003]

let the park be "loved" by future generations of skateboarders!
jerren parker, kettering. ohio [06-09-2003]

luisa wilson, la mirada, ca [06-09-2003]

skateboarding isnt a crime, really what r the sk8ers doing they r injoying a sport that they love and dont harming anything or anyone while they r doin it so instead of goin out looking for criminals the cops go around stopin sk8ers tryin to have a good time what the f* is that? all i have to say is free love park and f* you phili cops
shaun doucette, greenwood, nova scotia, canada [06-09-2003]

god plz let love park reopen!
steven alger, O'Fallon Missouri [06-09-2003]

I have skated love park many times. It is a HISTORICAL momument of skateboarding, it is world reknown for skateboarding everybody who skates knows what love park is. Tearing it down was like tearing down a national momument. "Destruction of Property" is a lame excuse for I have more power than you and I am going to take what you love away from you. It's garbage.
Joe Aftanis, Hainesport, New Jersey [06-09-2003]

Im startin to loose hope here. I dont think the mayor is gonna admit he was wronge. Katz better be elected because if he isnt ithink im gonna end up killing myself and im serous
Rob, philly [06-09-2003]

LOVE Park must LIVE!
Pedro, Portugal [06-09-2003]

open it up! skateboarding is not a crime!
Seth Murray, South Vienna, Ohio. [06-09-2003]

running from the cops and guards will never be the Love for all the front-truckers
Jay Henry, San Diego and New Jersey [06-09-2003]

Do It!
Rachel Stephens, Bucks County [06-09-2003]

good luck to you all.....
Kevin Heffentrager, Quakertown PA [06-09-2003] frum canada.and im a girl. During the long winter season, we sit and read magazines, watch skate videos over and over, and ruin our basements. While we watch those videos, we dream of skating places like the love park. Everyone who knows about the love park wants to skate it, or at least see it. If its gone, what is there left for our poor souls to dream of? love park.
michaela, manitoba, canada [06-09-2003]

I skated love park in summer 2001 with my brother Chris. It was a great feeling to skate a spot that so many pros have been to. It would lighten my heart to know that LOVE Park has been deemed skateable once again.
matt good, mashpee, MA usa [06-09-2003]

I know I live far away, however, I travel the world frequently, also visiting skate spots on my way. I know Love Park as one of the most famous spots in the world. Skaters everywhere talk about, dream of going there. Many make the journey all the way to Philidelphia. Some even have the DC shoes with Love Park on the box (I have a pair). Is it not better to have this place, to attract younger kids to skate, to see the pros like Josh Kalis skate there, just to hang with friends. Is this not better than having them stealing cars, selling drugs or hanging on a street corner. Love Park is an inspirational place for skaters, a place for certain people to let loose and release their passion through something they truly love. I'm not the greatest skater in the world, and I never will be, however, I know how it feels to have your local spot, a place where you've grown up skating. It's an immense feeling. And the worse one when it's taken away. Please reconsider. Kell
Kellie Simpson, London, UK [06-09-2003]

Love Park is skate history. I live in israel and haven't had the oppurtunity to skate the park but as a skater i feel it must reopen... hope for better times.. peace, -Andy
Andres F, Israel [06-09-2003]

love was the best place on the east coast. it was so much fun skateing there in april even though cops chased us out every 10 minutes. No matter what they do they cant get rid of us love park lives
eliot tsui, clifton virginia [06-09-2003]

I went to the X-Games right around LOVE was closed I mean wut is up with that me and my friends planned on skating it. That was almost the whole reason of the trip.
Glenn Cook, Portland Michigan [06-09-2003]

Just get off our backs and let skaters skate
Mason Orfalea, Santa Barbara CA, USA [06-09-2003]

I've traveled to Philly before JUST for Love Park.
Kevin Miller, Cincinnati, Ohio [06-09-2003]

Chris Miller, Cincinnati Ohio [06-09-2003]

Reopen LOVE Park for skateboarding, please!
STUART M. HAMMERLE, Philadelphia, PA [06-09-2003]

David Larson, Wilmington NC [06-09-2003]

I have seen the photos and videos but never have had the chance to skate it in person. I still want the chance to. Please keep it open for all skaters not just for me.
James Degnan, Derry NH [06-09-2003]

A park is a public place and should be enjoyed by everyone, including skateboarders. I don't see any "love" in making skateboarding unlawful there. Since skateboarders aren't allowed skating in plazas and schools and such, don't you think we should be allowed to skate in a public place? Of course, thats why its there. Philly held the X-Games there and even had a competition in Love Park. That must had made the city a very large amount of money. So isn't greedy to take skateboarding away AFTER they made the money? Eh?
Jacob Mound, Longwood, FL [06-09-2003]

love park rules !
Bryant Castens, Columbus, New Jersey [06-09-2003]

Reopen LOVE park and i will be visiting Philidelpia with a group of my friends.
Matt Hartzel, Michigan [06-09-2003]

Keep the LOVE park alive, it's one true icon of today's skateboarding, it's already a legendary palce, keep it so!
Wouter, Helchteren; Belgium, Europe [06-09-2003]

yes, free love
Bob Shmo, Glen Mills, PA [06-09-2003]

Mads Jacobsen [06-09-2003]

This place should be opened back up so ppl can skate here again. it looks like an awsome place to skate if it were to reopen i would have to go there sometime. i agree with daniel wallace.
xXxsevenfoldxXx, Atlanta, GA [06-09-2003]

Shibs, walpole, MA [06-09-2003]

It is really sad that the city of philadelphia has taken this legendary park away from the skaters. Would you take madison square garden away from the knicks?? Well that is what love park is comparable to in the realm of skateboarding. It is a proving ground for skateboarding, if you are a skateboarder in the industry who doesn't live in cali, odds are you're from philly. And above all else it's a place where people can have fun, because that is the essence of what skateboarding is about. Skateboarding is also a positive activity, I have made every friend I have ever known through skating, and skating has been the best thing in my life for 7 years. It also kept me out of a lot of trouble when I was younger, because I would rather go skate than do anything in the world. I think you should re open love park to the skaters, because closing or destroying it would be a loss to all of us. And to everyone who never got to skate there, it would be a tragedy, because love is probably the best skate spot in the United States.
Ian March, columbus, Ohio [06-09-2003]

I live all the way up north and even I know love park but not from what it mita been before it was skated but becasue of what it was for skating... think of the tourism? do you think youre going to get everyone to visit a hole in the ground?! reopen love
Ryan Pryor, St Johns NL Canada [06-09-2003]

I dont feel that skateboarders are doing anything wrong by skating at Love Park.
David Eisele, Rexburg,ID [06-09-2003]

You'd be stupid not to allow skateboarding. This way cops don't have to worry about kids skating on the streets. Everyone is all worried about skateboarders, what about the h attics that shoot up in there? The skateboarders are the only ones around to regulate that from happening. Now that the cops are grabbing the skateboarders, there is nobody to run the druggies out. I think the politicians need to put things into perspective and realize where their priorities are, and skateboarding in love park shouldn't be something to worry about.
Tommy DeMaria, Hartford, CT [06-09-2003]

Please free love park for the skateboarders of the world. It is an atheletic endevour that encourages creativity and demands commitment. Both of which are essential for survival in this world as an adult. I have skateboarded for 24 years now and am a creative and determined individual. Make an impact on todays youth and let them develop their individuality and initiative. Help us nurture our future adults. Fitness, determination, creativity and, above all, respect for each other.
Kenneth Toft, Ames, Iowa [06-09-2003]

That is wrong so i signed it.
Caitlin Drinkwater, Tampa, Florida, United States [06-09-2003]

Free Love there is no point ruining it. its just filled with bums no one really uses the place except for skaters
R.J. Finnegan, Lake Hopatcong, NJ, United States [06-09-2003]

Anthony Sherman, Harrisonburg, Virginia, U.S. of A. [06-09-2003]

I'm not a criminal, forgive me that the productive, positive hobby that I participate in is a burden to the social setting that we are alienated from. FREE LOVE PARK FREE SKATEBOARDING!
Chris Harris, N. Cape May, NJ [06-09-2003]

vanessa zeoli, skippack, pa (work in center city) [06-09-2003]

Please,reopen the love park. It's just perfect to skate. please
Hendrik, belgium,Waregem 8790 [06-09-2003]

Where will Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis go now...?
Ari Shiffrin, Phoenix, Arizona [06-09-2003]

love park needs re opening to rollerbladeing/skateboarding
Tim Parker, Cambridge England [06-09-2003]

say goodbye to love
steef, holland,dutch [06-09-2003]

its a legendary spot where legendery tricks hasve gone down.... you cant kill it
hunter stephen, canada [06-09-2003]

you guys suck, i mean what was the F***ING problem before?
Pam Wallace, Ashland Oregon [06-09-2003]

Yes, Yes, I know that i'm on the other side of the country but i had dreams of moving to philly and skating LOVE PARK one day and you ruined that dream, and to the "police" that "gaurd" love park, i'm sure that the man-power there can be used to acomplish a lot more then stopping some skaters, another point, if we're not skating then we're either working, sleeping, watching TV, and then maybe even breaking the law. skateboarding is something that keeps kids off drugs and out of trouble, i know, i was one of those kids and i still am, if it wasnt for skateboarding i would have way to much free time on my hands and just end up getting in trouble, what was the problem with us there anyway? (and i dont want to hear about how you where spending money on it and all that) frankly people that take away a perfectly healthy and even, i want to say "beutiful" sport as skating disgust me, i'm 14 years old and i spread the LOVE SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME!
Daniel Wallace, Ashland Oregon [06-09-2003]

Zach Opie, Hosham PA [06-09-2003]

alex [06-09-2003]

free love park!
daniel mitchell, denver colorado [06-09-2003]

love park should be opened up again. it's a skatespot good enough not just to say good bye to, its worth a fight. for the good of skateboarding.
colin piethe, walnut creek, CA [06-09-2003]

open it!
Dave A. Jurusik, Ocean View, DE [06-09-2003]

Skateboarding brings in 2 MILLION DOLLARS and then you shut down the very thing that we come to see. *SHLING* Whats that? Oh its just the the knife in our back.
Chris Cormier, Edmonton, Alberta Canada [06-09-2003]

Free Love and free skating
Jerry East, Anadarko, OK [06-09-2003]

let them skate there, skateboarding is not a crime, its a thing of beauty, its a crime not to let people skate there, so please let them skate there it will make them happy
Jared Clark, orem, UT [06-09-2003]

I don't live in philly but if i did I would share some comments with the men that run that place and give them a little bit of what i thought about them and ask if they would like their office complexes removed and see how they thin about that.
Adam Stump, Upland, Indiana, United States [06-09-2003]

LOVE Park is the reason for many of the pro skateboarders today. everyone wants to skate there, and for pete's sake..pedestrian's loved to watch skateboarders there!
Erik Fox, Van Buren, Indiana [06-08-2003]

Rob Wilke, Burbank, IL 60459 [06-08-2003]

justin owens, ca, u.s.a [06-08-2003]

Ashley Trovinger, York, PA [06-08-2003]

free love
will nye, san diegoj [06-08-2003]

i am a rollerblader, and very good at gaps and ledges, but not the best skater at rails. and this is a place for both of the 2 aspects i said. and what are we doing to the people of philly. were not vandalizing there cars or home, were just skating, having fun, doing what we do best. think of it as,you not eating, eating is skating to us, never get enough, and always need it. im not saying there isnt other places 2 skate. but that is one of the best street spots there is. and...we need it. so reconsider nowww!. because me n my team want to skate it and improve.
Rob Plamodon, newburyport, massachusettes [06-08-2003]

brandon Wisnieski, Livonia, Michigan [06-08-2003]

T.J Lee, North Syracuse, NY, U.S. [06-08-2003]

Wheres the love for LOVE park??? open it back up
Alex Thompson, Virginia Beach Virginia [06-08-2003]

love is skateboardin history and makin it unskateable makes me wish i was dead!
Ian LaRochelle, New York [06-08-2003]

Eric Yeager, Collegeville, PA [06-08-2003]

free love babbbaayy baabbbbaayyy
corey miller, bryn mawr [06-08-2003]

skateboarding is the best. noone should ever take it away from us
bob, pa [06-08-2003]

Courtney, Quakertown, PA [06-08-2003]

Give us some love, free love park.
Wayne, Edmonton Alberta Canada [06-08-2003]

yea it realy sucks the they have closed the park.. never been there to skate it but had many plans on making the drive to visit many times once i begin to drive...... shame
Cody Dillow, fishersville VA, [06-08-2003]

pete, lower merion, pennsylvania USA [06-08-2003]

I think you really need to consider the benefits weigh them against the problems of your "solution." Your citizens need reasons. What justification have you given to your own people for this action? Is this democracy? Shaping up a city does not imply tyrannical decisions, nor should it.
Michael Lance, Rockville, Maryland [06-08-2003]

I lend my support to the re-opening of Love Park
Tim Ashdown, Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada [06-08-2003]

How come the original designer wants it to go back to skaters, but none of the counsel members have enough respect for the guy to grant his wish?
Chris, Philly [06-08-2003]

Isn't it kind of obvious that when the creators of LOVE park say that skaters should be part of LOVE park, that at the very least, out of respect for the founders of the park, that should be done? Don't expect solidarity without toleration
Evan, Quakertown PA [06-08-2003]

Dallan Wieliczko, Innisfail,Alberta,Canada [06-08-2003]

rj, u.s [06-08-2003]

Legalize it.
Andrew Frehs, Columbus, OH [06-08-2003]

free love park...
Bill Ganter, Chalfont PA, USA [06-08-2003]

Jeff Stevens, glendale arizona [06-08-2003]

Larry Kaufman, Amherst, MA, USA [06-08-2003]

Scott, Ohio [06-08-2003]

Please let the skateboarders skate there, they werent hurting anybody or anything. I wanted to skate there someday, along with many other skateboarders around the country, and now we all missed that oppurtunity.
Eric, Phoenix Az [06-08-2003]

love park looks like the best street place to skate in the united states. the skating already went on for years so the damage can't get worse. positive expression by the extreme sporters who practiced and dedicated themselves to skating at the park. definaltey should be free to use by the community.
dylan dingle, phoenix, az [06-08-2003]

Dude, free the park! If kids are busy skating, they will be doing something positive with their lives, instead of crime. Love Park is the heart of skating and skating is art. Don't take away their chance to be something great.
Kristopher Flannery, Effort, PA, USA [06-08-2003]

Open it up. NOW
Stephen Roe, England [06-08-2003]

love park was awesome and chris cole switch frontside flipped it! It was sick
Michael Fernandez, Crete,illinois [06-08-2003]

i have never skated love park,but from skatemags and videos i have seen what a dream of a skatespot it is.i hope something is sorted out in the council of phily and the 'rebirth'of love park becomes true,so then someday myself and others from the UK will get a chance to skate it...R.I.P.
Nick Siridis, bournemouth,england,united kingdom [06-08-2003]

i my self always wanted to skate love park i hope they realize what they have done and put it back to the way it was they even thought the x games were a great thing for them wtf and why isnt espn trying to help save them
nate, iowa [06-08-2003]

Chris Martin, Rockville Md USA [06-08-2003]

Freyja Howe, E. Dummerston Vermont, United States of America [06-08-2003]

Open up the F-ing park, that was one the places me and mt friends were gonna skate when we're in college. If you don't open it im sure sk8ers around Philly are gonna find some other place, hmmmmmm like the city council building?
Selorm, Rockville, MD [06-08-2003]

i skated love park only once and i wanna skate it again
Adam Brown, Philadelphia [06-08-2003]

Eric Sanden [06-08-2003]

Skateboarding Isnt a Crime
Elliot Bowen, West Grove, Pennsylvania [06-08-2003]

This is a pretty awsome park although i havent skated here i think that i would I think that many many people would come back if you reopen the park you would probably get even more because the skateboarding publicity is growing more and more each day
Nicole Laird, pennsylvania [06-08-2003]

David, Clinton, New Jersey [06-08-2003]

Jon Millstein, Stratham, NH USA [06-08-2003]

In the summer of 2001 I planned a trip to Philly in the summer of 2002 mainly in hopes to skate LOVE park. When I arrived it was covered in grass, trees, wooden benches, and powerwashed ledges. The second I coasted on my board because I was tired, I was pleasantly greeted by a police officer screaming "Get the hell of that skateboard and get the f* out of here!" Thank you Philadelphia for the warm welcoming.
Eddie Hamlin, Woodbridge, VA [06-08-2003]

i want to be able to skate love some day. never got the chance before, but i want to get that chance.
benji white, holton, michigan USA [06-08-2003]

marty Borowsky, Bala Cynwyd, Pa [06-08-2003]

We love love park!
Wes Baxter, Syracuse, New York [06-08-2003]

I am so thankful that I had the chance to skate love park during my one and only Philadelphia visit. Although I was only there for an hour, I will never forget the friendly people (skaters and non-skaters), the city, and the park itself. It would be a true pity if younger skateboarders were not allowed to experience love and it be reduced to the "remember when" stories of older skaters.
Nels Tooker, Dillon, Montana [06-08-2003]

james douglas, Ithaca NY [06-08-2003]

this spot is a f*ing spot for the skate lovers.they come from aroud the world and love tis spot.we don'tbroke anything, we's so simple.
julien, Melun, France [06-08-2003]

It's good to hear that there is a chance of love park re-opening for skateboarders. I hope this goes through.
Garrett K., North Wales, PA [06-08-2003]

free da park arrest the criminals
Danny Kobiela, Peoria Arizona [06-08-2003]

LOVE PARK KICKS ASS FOR SKATEBOARDING > i haven't actually been there myself, but from all the videos with stevie williams and josh kalis and bam margera, it sure looks hella fun! if love park is lost, so is a chapter in the skateboarding history book. love park represents fun, freedom, and most of all: love. please give love back to the skaters. someday i hope to be able to go back there myself, and skate love. someday... someday... someday...
Trevor Dorrity, Spirit Lake, ID [06-08-2003]

I actualy was planning on making a road trip to philly with some friends, but that was before they got rid of LOVE park.
Tim Pool, chicago, IL [06-08-2003]

Free the park!
Ryan McCall, Telford, PA [06-08-2003]

I'm not to aware of the attractions in philepalphia but I skateboard and if I had any reason to visit the city it would be to skate love park. bring more youth tourism to your city, FREE LOVE PARK.
scott legrove, ottawa ontario canada [06-08-2003]

I always wanted to skate love when i was older
Scott Hoelzel, rsm, ca [06-08-2003]

Give it back!
Cee, md [06-08-2003]

Maybe Mayor street could close down the liberty bell or the art museum next.
Clark Murter Jr., Sharon Hill P.a. [06-08-2003]

what would you rather have kids do skateboard are commit crimes if they skateboard they will have no time to commite a crime and skateboarding is not a crimme.
David Baker, Darlington, sc [06-08-2003]

Megan Pray, Quakertown, PA [06-08-2003]

Jenna Bartholomew, pa [06-08-2003]

pat martin, phila. PA [06-08-2003]

Open the park
Ryan Andrews, Quakertown, Pa [06-08-2003]

um yea free skatepark
Tim Ducellier, Quakertown, PA [06-08-2003]

Free The Park!
Bryan Grasso, Quakertown PA [06-08-2003]

Galen Hall, Quakertown Pennsylvania [06-08-2003]

Jenna Snyder, Quakertown, Pennsylvania [06-08-2003]

Michelle Gauthier, Quakertown, PA [06-08-2003]

free love park
Eddie, Dumont New Jersey [06-08-2003]

free love guys, what else was happenning in that park that skateboarding was so detrimental to?
darren bjarnason, calgary alberta, canada [06-08-2003]

ive never been their but how can i go if its no OPEN TO SKATE
Mark Spera, brewerton New York [06-08-2003]

Kurt Walters, Charlottesville, Virginia [06-08-2003]

Tim Dineen, Cranston, RI [06-08-2003]

ive never been there i probly wont ener go but i love skating and i hate the lame @$$ "government"
some guy, savannah, ga [06-08-2003]

free love park for the skateboarders
Dave Kausek, San Diego, CA [06-08-2003]

For shame........
Sebastian Tomczak, Minneapolis Minnesota [06-08-2003]

My great grandmother saw me skateboarding in love park in the summer of 2001. She said skatebording was the most amazing and imposible thing she had ever witnessed in her life time. She told me to keep for my goal till it comes true. She is dead now. Love park is the center of skatboarding.
David Felts, davenport iowa [06-08-2003]

nick sultana, wheatley heights new york [06-08-2003]

I miss all the good video footage and pictures from Love Park.
Jamey Fleege, Lincoln, Nebraska [06-08-2003]

Matt Hunter, Portland, OR [06-07-2003]

Mark Collingwood, Fairfax, Virginia [06-07-2003]

lucas lalonde, canada [06-07-2003]

Eric Carlisle, Valencia, California [06-07-2003]

Love park is one of the reasons I started skateboarding.
Dustin Simmons, Ravenna, Ohio USA [06-07-2003]

I have never been to love park, but I planned on going to skate with some of my favorite pros. I went there the day it was closed. Thanks "free" govt.
Allen Dillard, Trenton Michigan [06-07-2003]

"City of brotherly LOVE"?
Donald Falken III, Waldorf, MD [06-07-2003]

If you dont lift the ban I'll sue the pants of the city of Philladee and all surrounds suburbs!
max murder, Portland Maine [06-07-2003]

NO BLADERS! just skateboarders. free love park
rob, philly [06-07-2003]

open love park back up...that place is full of history...its important to the skate community all over the world... thats the place where a lot of skaters have made there mark on the skateboarding name a few...CHRIS COLE STEVIE WILLAMS, ERIC KOSTON, RICK MCCRANK, JOSH KALIS, the list can gone on for hours...jus FREE LOVE PARK
Ben Ocampo, Santa Rita...GUAM [06-07-2003]

i think it's completely rediculous, the revenue that brought to the local area now finally has a chance to be seen what skateboarding did to the local businesses. oh well add it to the list the emb of the east
Airman Steven Laclair, Pope AFB, NC [06-07-2003]

Love park cant be taken away from the skateboarders its like our home ... Theres nothing better than being able to go somewhere thats actaully worth skating aka LOVE PARk !
Samantha, mount olive nj [06-07-2003]

when we had LOVE park, we were free. when we had LOVE park we wouldent skate the rich mans house down the street. we skated at LOVE. but since its gone, i guess were back to the rich guys house.
chris [06-07-2003]

Dan Bowden, Li ncoln University PA [06-07-2003]

I've never got a chance to skate LOVE Park, and after all this commotion, didn't think I'd get to. But now there's a possible chance. I hope I get that chance.
Trevor Senhouse, Glenside, PA [06-07-2003]

Jeff Broderick, rockledge pa, usa [06-07-2003]

ive never visited love park but i was very upset to hear it was closed before my friends or i ever got to skate it. i really hope this works and ill try to get more people to sign the petition.
Christopher McQuinn, newburgh, ny [06-07-2003]

Save Love Park
Scott Casne, Cinnaminson,NJ [06-07-2003]

love park needs to be brought back to the skaters. i was there the other day and i think it looks horrible with all those pink planters put up that serve no purpose. put it back to the way it was. love park is for skating and thats how it has always been. FREE LOVE PARK!
Mike, Toms River NJ [06-07-2003]

when I get old enough, I want to come to Philly and skate LOVE park, so don't close it!
thomas vandenbergh, Belgium [06-07-2003]

Tyler Schneider, Pennsdale, PA [06-07-2003]

it stinks that skateboarding was made illegal at love park.
Vince, michigan [06-07-2003]

I have visited philadephia many times with my family before 2002, i was in love with the city of philly for what it had to offer. I have no visited philly since the shut down LOVE park, simply beacuse of that reason. If the city actualy realized how many more people there are like me, they would have left it open because, firt and foremost they have cutdown a huge integral part of the tourism they so desire.
Garrett Riffle, clinton, NY [06-07-2003]

it was an awesome spot everbody went there it was oh so cool
chris reed, sc 29209 usa [06-07-2003]

bring back deh love park! its got to be deh damn vidja games
ryan oleary, hell [06-07-2003]

i think it would be great not just for skateboarders but bladers to
Greg Clark, malvern pa [06-07-2003]

Love Park is like holy ground, not just for skateboarders, but for all of those who inline as well. The first time I went to Philly to skate, my friends and I were unable to visit love park, as well as other areas of the city. To take away something that has helped these sports to evolve, and that so many people enjoy is ridiculous. Anyway if Love Park is taken away from skaters, then all that will happen is skaters will go somewhere else where they're not wanted, or not supposed to be skating. Problems like this occur all the time all over the country, but skating still pushes forward. Sure, every time a place like Love Park is taken away skaters might be beaten for a whie, but when we come back it will only be with more support and determination than before. - Think about it
Brandon Crockett, Frederick, MD [06-07-2003]

John R Stoll, Pensacola, FL, USA [06-07-2003]

love Park is a legendary skate spot,,,,the park is one of the best places to skate...the damage to the curbs is done and cant get any worse,,,the park has been put to good use by skaters and it keeps people coming to philly....tourism of the sort....let us skate it, id even be willling to pay to skate it....
kenneth amargo, pensacola fl [06-07-2003]

Christoph Bauer, Gemeinlebarn, Austria [06-07-2003]

anthony yue, las vegas, nevada, united states [06-07-2003]

Steve Ladavat, Pittsburgh, PA [06-07-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK! What did it ever do to you.....
Joseph Pautler, Rockville MD [06-07-2003]

I think it´s sucks! open the park. Skateboarding is here to stay, and this place is so f*ing cool.
Marcus Nilsson, Ödeshög/östergötland/sweden [06-07-2003]

love is so funn to skate... please let it free to the poeple of the u.s to skate and have fun... skating is not a crime it should be a llowed
dude, nj [06-07-2003]

I havent been lucky enough to have skatyed LOVE before,and to have that chance would be great. I admire every photo i see in the mags,and hope and pray that one day I could be there myself.
Bill, Burbank, IL [06-07-2003]

LOVE park to me is a place where anyone can go to have fun. Skateboarders, pedestrians, and buisness people all could go to do whatever they pleased and not be bothered. But taking LOVE away from skateboarders is not fair. Other people can still have it but skateboarders have no place in it. Please free LOVE
Cameron Brown, Portland, OR [06-07-2003]

give back what is ours since skateboarders are obviously the only ones that appreciate it
Chris Kasper, Allentown, PA [06-07-2003]

i think we should get it back, becuase i will never go there, but just for the sake of people who do
jon, lewiston, idaho [06-07-2003]

Nick [06-07-2003]

Free Love Park!
Ryan, Raleigh, NC [06-07-2003]

Zach Dulmage, Peterborough, ontario [06-07-2003]

Are we ever gonna hear from anyone about this or is it just a complete waste of time?
Rob Feeley, boston, ma [06-07-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK, we deserve to skate it
Kris Eckman and Kent Shearer, Wabash IN US [06-07-2003]

Love Park helped birth what skateboarding is today. Love Park is a crucial part in skateboarding history. You kill Love Park, you kill a part of all of the skateboarders around the world. It's pretty insane how you have the X-Games there one year, and the next year you're tearing it down. People always say how skateboarding is not a crime, well... now it is if you skate on the Park. You're destroying our culture.
Hunter Thornton, Charles City, Iowa, USA [06-07-2003]

Give us love park back! skatboarders made love a national landmark. People from all over the world come to philly to skate love, its in movies, video games, and everything else. Do the right thing, and give it back to skateboarding.
Will Williams, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [06-07-2003]

umm..dont shut it down
kaci, south carolina [06-07-2003]

dude kalis is the love park so he can do more buttery tre flips and noseblunts!
George Kamel, Boston [06-07-2003]

Chase Standifer [06-07-2003]

Free Love
Brian Swallick, Jackson, NJ [06-07-2003]

Skateboarding is the bomb! how can anyone not LOVE it... i might not do it, but i like to watch it and so lets support these skateboarders! Rock on Man!
Simone Taylor, Landrum, SC [06-07-2003]

Im doin this so that I can one day make it to LOVE park and skate
elias, taylors south carolina [06-07-2003]

There are enough skaters that the least you can do is consider building a public facility for the skate boarders specfically at least. With the positive attention the park has received from skate boarders though, the park itself is well deserved for the boarders to have back.
Stan Hwang, Philadelphia, PA 19104 [06-07-2003]

Daniel Acosta, new york city [06-07-2003]

tim, bucks county [06-07-2003]

dont close it! skate bam skate bam margera rox!
Jared Guitard, thunder bay, canada [06-07-2003]

Courtney, Philadelphia [06-07-2003]

free love park, its the greatest and i never got the chance to skate there!
Shortie, United Kingdom, England [06-07-2003]

free it!
Chris, Rhode Island [06-07-2003]

Skatestopping Love is so stupid. If there is a cop there almost 24 hrs a day, in 6-8 years they will have doubled the amount spent renovating it.
George London, London England [06-07-2003]

yo the parks pretty cool so let us skate there
Jeff, jackson n.j [06-07-2003]

Free Love Park! It is one of the best urban environments for street skateboarding.smooth flatgroung with ledges in a city is incomparable to any boring skatepark.Love Park is an international skateboard monument and has been on the itinerary of every skater.It's a perfect spot and ripping it down would be a crime! Peace.
Pete Dean, Sydney Australia [06-07-2003]

open love park! we need a place to skate love park has it all!
Ross fairfield, riverside,ca [06-07-2003]

Ryan Hamblin [06-07-2003]

free love park
Sheikh Nohman [06-07-2003]

Nathin [06-07-2003]

Layla, Tampa, Florida, usa [06-07-2003]

Jess, Mississippi [06-07-2003]

i luv to skateboarders having great fun.
jimmy, tampa,fl [06-07-2003]

It's not a crime to skate. Skate or kill?? Which would you perfer?
Brandon Durkin [06-07-2003]

Free LOVE park for the sake of all who enjoy skating at the park.
Jason D., Kettering,OH [06-07-2003]

Lorraine, Rochester minnesota [06-07-2003]

WE NEED A SK8 OARK...............BAD! BOARD OR DIE lol!
Sarah, Landrum,SC [06-07-2003]

john pierce, lafayette ny [06-07-2003]

Miranda Johnson [06-07-2003]

Derek Thompson, Edwardsville. Illinois [06-07-2003]

Rafael Guerrero, Chapin, South Carolina [06-07-2003]

Heather Greene, Landrum, South Carolina. [06-07-2003]

Cassie, Landrum, South Carolina. [06-07-2003]

i skateboarded at love park anf it was the best times i ever had
greg schumann, [06-07-2003]

i just wanted to support the petition for LOVE because it is a legendary spot that i would like to skate
westley grannis, west end, nc [06-07-2003]

FREE LOVE DUDES! I'm plannin on stoppin' in philly for my senior road trip next year, and i wanna skate the love baby, yea!
Josh Fain, Landrum, SC [06-07-2003]

Out of all the years ive been skating ive been looking forward to skating love park and now i have lost that chance to do so, OPEN IT
Jason Kinney, Aurora, IL [06-07-2003]

Honestly i never skated love park, but when john street made it completly illegal, i felt betrayed. John Street used to fight for the people and now hes turned agenst one of phillys greatest groups of people. I was very hurt by this, skateboarding will never be the same till LOVE is back. We all want LOVE park back, yes we may be a "nusence" but kids have to have fun, skate boarding is what kept me off drugs. If Philly took our fun away what does that say about them?
Brian Fuller, Quakertown PA [06-07-2003]

Their actions are ironic considering the name.
Bryan Combs, Charlottesville, VA [06-07-2003]

wheres the love?
will green, swarthmorewood PA [06-07-2003]

Vive Love
Kieran Quinn, Oak Lane [06-07-2003]

thats b/s. your not going to be able to stopp them from skating. thye will do it anyways. You may as well show some love.
John Fanit, Detroit MI [06-06-2003]

free love for old man mob
john "mob scarperia, moorestown nj [06-06-2003]

Free love park.
ian mosley-duffy, haddonfield NJ [06-06-2003]

nick micros, olean n.y [06-06-2003]

I say FREE LOVE PARK because it seems a lot of people like to skate it and i don't see whats so wrong with skating lover park. FREE LOVE PARK MAN!
Dana, Lapeer MI [06-06-2003]

free love park
Russel Laird, New Zealand [06-06-2003]

LOVE park is the best skatespot we could ever ask for. Skateboard shouldn't and doesn't threaten anyone using the park. Skateboarding attracted far more people with little to no work for the city, and the ban and renovation are a huge mistake.
Bobby Malone [06-06-2003]

I support the efforts to allow skateboaders in Love Park
Robert Green, Haddon Heights, New Jersey [06-06-2003]

ok, i'm tired of all of these skate haters. what have we ever done to them? we are just simply doing what we love to do. i have no yet skated in LOVE, but have heard about it everywheres i go, and i live way up in canada. my dream was to skate LOVE in 4 years or so, but that kind of got washed away. no1 minded the skaters, and some actually enjoyed watching them. i do not get why everyone hates skatas... but anyhow, all i'm saying is think of the history of the park, i'd feel like s* to be the one who made the decision of shutting it down... ... damn... skata.... hatas...
chris parent, saint john, new brunswick, canada [06-06-2003]

Brett, pa [06-06-2003]

LOVE is heart of the skateboard they jus messed it all up
Cody Loukola, thuinder bay, ontario, canada [06-06-2003]

Steven Kawazoe, md [06-06-2003]

dont close the dam park down insted of putting a dam cop's looking out for skater's that skate it. they should put them to do some real work like catch some killer's, rober's, or rapes not skater's that the worst think they do is destroy some allready grinded leges "gime me a brake."
miguel hernandez, long beach ca [06-06-2003]
Robert Foster, Pennsylvania [06-06-2003]

free skaten every where
james wilson, halifax,nova scotia,canada [06-06-2003]

The love park kicks so much a$$ i cant wait
john stanley, knightdale nc [06-06-2003]

Love Park is one of the greatest places to skate ever if you skateboard your dream is to someday bust out some sick tricks at Love Park. The real crime isn't skating at Love Park but preventing people their sheer right to have happiness. Love Park should be open to all skaters and if it isn't remember that those preventing it should be shunned upon. If they were skaters they would want the same thing all of us do Love Park open to all skaters.
David Ivey, landenberg,PA [06-06-2003]

Love Park belongs to EVERYONE, including skateboarders. Although you politicians say that the ledges are being destroyed, the skateboarders would not allow that to happen. Many skateboarders fill in cracks using "bondo" like substances so that they may enjoy another day of skateboarding. There is no REAL reason to ban Love Park to skateboarders.
Frank Park, Buffalo Grove, Illinois [06-06-2003]

Matt m, New York City, New York [06-06-2003]

i love the free love park! my friends love to skate and they love it there! i want them to be happy! open it up!
Caroline Davis, Moorestown NJ [06-06-2003]

By taking love park your being totally foolish
martron [06-06-2003]

you should allow love park to be used for extreme sports. you allow people to play football and basketball in parks, and in the streets, but i dont see you taking there places to play away, but you take away the places where people do extreme sports. and again look at all the parks for other sports, you should build free parks for the extreme sports too
Donald Gasper, Pottstown, pa [06-06-2003]

John Barrett, Oxford, MS [06-06-2003]

Trevor Jacques [06-06-2003]

I post this so the US skaters will get the park back!
Mari, Oslo, Norway [06-06-2003]

love park was the only real home of true technical stylish skating. i never skated it, but i would give anything if i had the chance to session it.
John Barrett, Oxford, MS [06-06-2003]

4rm the begining of my skating i have imagined 2 cruise love park.that dream has been shattered by the lawmakers in Philly it has been 4 yrs since i started and that dream still exists 2day.i still hope it comes true.
John Duncan, waterford ny [06-06-2003]

Taylor Fritz, San Antonio, TX [06-06-2003]

It deserves to be reopened.
Caleb Walker, Cleveland, TN, USA [06-06-2003]

free LOVE!
jason emert, central square, NY [06-06-2003]

Love rocks.Bring it back Holla
Skip Richards, Pottstown PA [06-06-2003]

owen danoff, washington dc [06-06-2003]

skateboarding just feels to empty without love park. RIP!
Erik Toll, Englewood Colorado, USA [06-06-2003]

LOVE Park was the one symbol that made Philadelphia cool and noteworthy to the rest of the world. By returning skateboarding to LOVE Park Philadelphia will revive its energy and excitement
Ben Abshire, Tulsa, OK, USA [06-06-2003]

They should definitaley open it back up i have always dreamed of sk8ing it. Its like the best place thats naturally there.
Dillon Barron, Douglasville GA [06-06-2003]

reopen it!
aubrey, georgia [06-06-2003]

Ben Graham [06-06-2003]

william sansom, Parkstone,England [06-06-2003]

Rory O'Hara, England,UK [06-06-2003]

Raul Gonzalez, Brandon, Florida [06-06-2003]

Josh Matos, Philadelphia, Pa [06-06-2003]

Huh I don't live in Philly, or have skated LOVE park, but I know how ti would be if my favorite park were taken away. FREE LOVE PARK!
JO schmo, Dorothy, Kansas, Totoville [06-06-2003]

awesome skate scene let it live, let it live!
Jake Fowler, Punta Gorda, Florida, United States [06-06-2003]

free love park! where are skaters suppose to go now?
Pat Findley, philadelphia PA [06-06-2003]

Denise Lenherr, Melrose Park, P.A. [06-06-2003]

gives the skaters back love park its not right
eric, woodridge,illinois [06-06-2003]

I am a rollerblader but Love park meant a lot to the skateboarders in Philly and it keeps the skateboarders out of the really good spots in philly. o ropen the spot cause i want to 540 the love gap to.
Jeremy Theopulos [06-06-2003]

LOVE Park is a major part of not only skateboarders lives, but the lives of the American people too.
Stuie Enscoe, Port Washington, NY 11050 [06-06-2003]

I never actually got to visit love, but I always wanted to. There isn't much to say, except it should be opened back up.
Nigel Branch, Jackson, Michigan [06-06-2003]

Well people should open it because when you think about it the park is aprat of history and every skater should skate there cause skateboarding will never DIE and Love park shouldnt be that way
sean, Bell Gardens, California [06-06-2003]

adam [06-06-2003]

Per, Sweden [06-06-2003]

re-open the Love park
Keith, u.k [06-06-2003]

dude love park is the best urban spot like almost ever we definetly have to be able to skate there. that spot is ever skaters dream to do what we call a butter @ss line
Tim White, marlton new jersey [06-06-2003]

i never got to skate love park cause i live in england but to wacth rob drydek josh kalis stevie willams rip that place apart on videos just make me hype to go and skate and plus you cant tear the place down even the guy that built the place has skated it and anthor thing undrcover cops busting kids for skating hasnt the police got more important things to do but then all that ive just said is stories from skate mags so idont know if this is change anything but i would think its a great shame that the older genoration {authories} would want to supress somthing so creative as skateboarding theve already got emb dont let them take love
james mclaughlan, cambrigde england [06-06-2003]

I really think that you guys should bring love park back. It was one of the best places to skate and is a classic. Its in video games and is talked about very much. I dont see why they shut it down, I mean skaters are just having fun and can put on a show right? Well im signing this petition in hoping for it to come back. Thanks
Jason, Tulsa, OK [06-06-2003]

Love was a worldwide spot, not a local scene, it was more than even an American spot. Skateboarding has been robbed of one of its favorite homes! Swampz
Swampy, England [06-06-2003]

people need to stop hating on kids having a good time. we're getting out, we're getting fresh air, we're staying away from drugs and violence. and yeah, a few benches or ledges get gnarly some times, but look what the same generation that took away LOVE are doing to the world, they're destroying it. if anything, we're saving the earth by causing minor surface damage to a manmade structure instead of poisoning the earth. hypocrites, stop hating.
David MacAffer, Dundee, Scotland, UK [06-06-2003]

LOVE park was what young skatebaorders used to dream of skating. Now what do we have to dream of? Reopen LOVE to skateboarders and give us hope that one day we will have the opportunity to skate this legendary place.
Andy Wissman, St Louis, Missouri [06-06-2003]

The average person who walks through a city doesnt even notice things like ledges, stairs, and handrails; they are just there. A skater sees those things in a totaly different light. Its almost as if the architect designed the "obstabcle" just for you. What is the problem with skaters hanging out a Love park? So they are taking a small chunk of the city and making it their own. In todays world creative people need an outlet and Love park gave a very passionate counter culture a place get to know each other and perfect their craft. For some of those kids thats all they have. Their skate spot, their friends, and the love of pushing their selves to the limit; doing things on a wooden board that seem physicaly impossible. Its art in motion as far as they are concerned. They are not damaging the park they are painting lines. They Love their art, and they are drawing lines with love and passion on objects that the average joe takes for granted. Skaters from around the world go to Love just in hopes of skating along side of some of their favorite pros. Video footage of people skating Love Park has inspired masses to go outside and push themselves, resulting in massive self confidence gains for scores of kids who didnt think they had a place anywhere or where good at anything. Taking away Love Park is like taking away a paint brush from an artist. Why stomp on an entire generation if indiviualistic talent kids? Its like taking a giant step backwards.
Stu Duncan, Minneapolis, MN [06-06-2003]

ive always wanted to go, but now theres no chance. give me a chance!
Andrew Olivera [06-06-2003]

Over the years, Love Park rose to legendary status among the worldwide skateboard community. It's affect upon the sport is indescribable and can only be understood through first hand experience. Love Park may very well have been the most popular place to skateboard in the world. The park was made for the public; yet those who happened to ride a board with four wheels attached to it were apparently not considered part of the public. Where did the decision to make the park unusable for skateboarders come from? Once again, certainly not from the public. There was no outcry by the citizens to stop the skateboarding. The park's very creator rode a skateboard across Love to show his disapproval of the city's decision. The level of influence this one public park held upon an entire subculture is astounding. To render this park unskateable was to destroy a monument for millions across the globe. Unfortunately, never once was a valid reason given for the actions taken against Love Park. Love Park should be restored to its original state.
Wesley Miller [06-06-2003]

mike smith, media, PA 19063 [06-06-2003]

I went to love park with some friends, it was great. I loved it. I kept waiting until I could go again. I was going to go this summer. Suddenly, i wasn't going this summer. Thanks.. bring it back
Polly Manalow, Dover, Delaware [06-06-2003]

I skated Love a few times, and I loved it, I really miss it. Please bring it back.
Billy Gunther, Dallas, Texas [06-06-2003]

Love Park was my best friend, but now i am lost. A part of me is gone. I am nothing. I need it back. Everybody does. There was no reason to do that. It was fine. Skateboarding is not a crime.
Trent Williams, Pittsburgh, PA [06-06-2003]

I've never skate love. I'm a young skater who would really like love to stay so that some day when I'm good enough and I can come to love park and expierience it's greatness. It'd be sad to leave it unskateable. To skateboarders, it's the equivelent to taking down a famous landmark that represents a country.
Jackson Yoder, usa [06-06-2003] homepage

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