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June 3-5, 2003

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When love park gets opened once again, it will be the first and largest step to street skating among citizens. If Philly can open a park to skating, so can other places across the nation.
Adam Schulgasser, Scottsdale, Arizona [06-05-2003]

I'm 14 and I've been skating for two and a half years. I remember watching the AWS video, Photosynthesis, and thinking how much I'd love to skate love park. Hopefully, if this petition gets passed, I one day skate those very tempting ledges.
Shane Garmany, San Jose, California [06-05-2003]

i think love park should not be torn down. it's a fantastic monument that puts the focus on brotherly love. isn't that what philidelphia is known for? plus many many skateboarders have grown up there. that's where they sharpen their chops. that's where they practics. it's a landmark, and i want it to be around when my kids grow up.
Edward Wieland, Langhorne, Pennsylvania [06-05-2003]

Quit discriminating
Clayton Anderson, Livermore CA [06-05-2003]

Free love park
rodney, philadelphia,PA [06-05-2003]

i think they should give love park back its one of the sickiest places to skate and chill thats why its a great tourist attraction
andrew le, philly [06-05-2003]

Ryan Jordan, Hawthorne,Ca,U.S.A [06-05-2003]

JOHN MOTTA, arizona [06-05-2003]

adam geraty, dolgeville, new york [06-05-2003]

Well lets see that place has been destroyed ruined and trought on by many in the days. When they renovated the park they put grass and stupid benches in thus doing nothing to the ledges and making it look worse than it did before. So why not just give it back i mean kids skate right across the street at city hall
Steve Iacono, Ridley Park Pensylvania [06-05-2003]

dont just free it for skateboarding free it for anyone with wheels under theme.
Jonathan Terry, moscow,pa [06-05-2003]

i'm from georgia, a long way away, but my favorite things to watch was videos of Josh Kalis, Kerry Getz, Stevie Williams, and the sleu of other pro sk8ers that formed their amazing styles while sk8in love. One of my dreams was to move to philly and sk8 love everyday. Then along came the renovations. I believe that sk8ers have done nothiin but bring people all around the world to philly, benifiting the city. SK8BOARDING IS NOT A CRIME! FREE LOVE PARK!
Cody Nobles, Douglasville, Georgia [06-05-2003]

sk8 and destroy
steven marshall, columbia south carolina [06-05-2003]

Andrew Voigt, Bloomsbury, NJ [06-05-2003]

i havent even got to skate it yet.
sean, jacksonville fl [06-05-2003]

D MULHOLLAND, phila., pa [06-05-2003]

Matt Boyle, Pitman, New Jersey [06-05-2003]

Love Park was the S*
Steve Sedlak, West Chester PA [06-05-2003]

Love park was a awesome place ta skate. They needz ta open it bak up ta public! It was all b.c of doz damn bikers!
Denise K, Philadelphia [06-05-2003]

I skated city hall but never love. I still want t o skate it and I think this is the stupidest thing the city could do! I think we should give it time and if we dont get it back, we take it back!
Brian P., Horsham, pa [06-05-2003]

Nathan Hahn, Los Angeles, CA [06-05-2003]

Collin, Wyncote PA [06-05-2003]

Skateboards sgould be allowed to skate at love park becouse skateboarding is not a crime and it keeps kids away from worse crimes. FREE LOVE PARK
Joe Gaynor, Monroe, CT U.S.A [06-05-2003]

leave it open that is truly a part of skate boarding history so bring it bACk
classified mystery, somewhere FL [06-05-2003]

Chris, Carlisle Pa USA [06-05-2003]

Kathy Cantz, Philadelpha, PA [06-05-2003]

never been there,but hope to one day.PLEASE Reopen!You cant take away Skateboardings most influential spot!
Marty Palkovic, Aurora,Illinois,US [06-05-2003]

free love park!
Bryan Benasich, Millburn, New Jersey [06-05-2003]

free it
Marcus Forsyth, Lacey, WA United States [06-05-2003]

I never got to skate there but I would love to skate it to death, free LOVE dude..
Jordan, Dallas,Texas [06-05-2003]

I couldn't agree more with what is posted on this site. Being a resident of Philly my whole life, I found nothing more pleasurable than that of LOVE PARK and seeing all the children(as well as some adults)having the time of their lives. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any support I can be of assistance with. Keep Hope Alive, LOVE PARK will be open again. Mayor one-term can't hold us down!
joshua phillips, Philadelphia [06-05-2003]

free love park!
Matt Lonneberg, Cobble Hill,B.C . Canada [06-05-2003]

I always dreamed of moving to, or at least visiting Philadelphia. But after I discovered how they took advantage of their skateboarders with the X-Games, and then banned skateboarding in Love Park, I lost any previous interests to go there. Any city that does not appreciate a constructive activity such as skateboarding, but tolerates it just long enough to line their pockets because of it should accept that they are simply not connected to their citizens. We all speak out against the actions of the city of Philadelphia, and we insist that skateboarding be allowed once again in Love Park.
Jesse Bracewell, Portland, OR - USA [06-05-2003]

love park is the best
Randy Turner, Ca [06-05-2003]

Neal Tuley, Cherry Hill NJ [06-05-2003]

Free Love Park.
Danny Evans, Airdrie, Alberta, Canada [06-05-2003]

Love Park was a staple for many of today's greatest skaters to improve and learn. Thousands of today's skaters dream of sessions at this park, and none will get to do their tricks at this great skate spot. Stevie Williams, one of today's most stylish skaters, pictures himself doing any new trick at Love and now that's gone. I was hoping to go their and do some tricks myself. Where's the LOVE? It's in Philadelphia with a bunch of trees and bushes blocking our way. Please give us back our park.
Erik Frenz, Topsham, ME [06-05-2003]

Philip Adams, Newport News VA [06-05-2003]

Huy [06-05-2003]

I loved skating LOVE park. It was the only place to meet new friends in philly right away. Everyone was so nice to each other and everyone got along. Now skateboarders roam all over the city passing by and remembering what the GOOD times were like beforethe renovation.
Jonathan Swales, Yardley, PA USA [06-05-2003]

FREE LOVE i used to skate there a lot, i did a lot of my first stuff there,i lost 5 boards and 600 bucks in fines their
Pete Thoms, Newtown Square PA [06-05-2003]

i think they shoulden't have changed it at alll they should have let it the way it was and opened it for skatin
Pete Thoms, Newtown Square PA [06-05-2003]

free love park!
h. claytor, Kanasas [06-05-2003]

Keep Love Park, I rollerblade and I've only been to Philly once, but the spot is dope and it's a cool place just to hang out, no harm is being done by anyone who is using it for rollerblading/skateboarding.
Liam Gallant, Paris, Ontario, Canada [06-05-2003]

Love Park in the heart of Philly is one of the most influential skate areas in skateboarding history. It's in videogames for cryin out loud! Us skaters look back at video footage and say to ourselves"Damn i wis i had the chance to go there before it was gone" GIVE US BACK OUR LIBERTY! FREE LOVE PARK!
Porter Thomas, Lake Charles,LA [06-05-2003]

Put the money back
Richard Farris, Hollywood, ca, USA [06-05-2003]

Nathan vanderWaa, holland [06-05-2003]

Doug Des Autels, l.a. c.a. [06-05-2003]

Sebastiaan Titos, Schiedam, The netherlands [06-05-2003]

I´ve never even been to the states but i wanna go to phill y when i grow older and i wanna skate love park sooo bad!
Mattias Linder, Sweden [06-05-2003]

free love park!
Travis, sulphur,ok,usa [06-05-2003]

Rob Feeley, Boston, Mass [06-05-2003]

free love park, give it back to skateboarders.
Jerrod Phillips, Oceanside, CA [06-05-2003]

Love park is a place for all people to show their personality and creativity through skateboarding, free love park
Drew Hancock, caledon, ontario, canada [06-05-2003]

well we have NO skateparks and id like to visit love but its gone now... bring it back... free love
john rose, bridgeton, new jersey,usa [06-05-2003]

Never been to LOVE park, but have sceen it in a lot of things, show the kids some LOVE!
Martin D. Szeljack, Troy, Michigan,USA [06-05-2003]

im a skateboarder and i think that they should ban skateboarding in love park. rollerblading is fine but skateboarding ruins the parks and a lot of people who do it are real jack-asses.
adam robert, philly [06-05-2003]

Awesome place dude! Only been there once though....still its worth freein
Gustaf Sjöstrand, Sweden [06-05-2003]

this spot was so nice!the skaters in the movie were doing a lot of crazy tricks in the love park.i hope the love park will be rebuilt because i want to go there someday.
benjamin lachance, repentigny,quebec,canada [06-05-2003]

I skated love once and it was sick. It has so much history os skating and it was not fare to take it from the skaters out of nowhere. Love must be reopened because there is still many sessions to be skated there
Josh Katz, Portsmouth, NH [06-05-2003]

Dan Wood, uk [06-05-2003]

Alright, Love Park was the center of attention. Now, all that's there is cheap flower pots they bought at IKEA.
Jeff DiMarco, Moorestown, NJ [06-05-2003]

please keep that park there so we can keep rolling and having fun u old farts....
ICANROLLBACKWARDS, nyc, ny [06-05-2003]

After all the business skateboarding and the x-games brought to philly you'd think they'd be somewhat aprecciative and perhaps even expand the skateboarding base in philadelpia. But in stead they show no gratitude for the thousands of dollers pumped into their city from tourists and the x-games and close down one of the main centers of skateboarding on the East Coast. A*holes should do more than give us s*ty sideparks spread across the city, Give Us Back LOVE!
john hanle, washington, dc [06-05-2003]

Why would we get rid of LOVE that place rocks and if you are going to get rid of it hold demo there or something
Logan, Kansas [06-05-2003]

nick genova, toronto canada [06-05-2003]

keep it open
matthew leeb, edmonton, alberta, canada [06-05-2003]

Surely the last consideration of elected representatives is the cost of provision of safe environments for children. The first leap should be the decision based on the principle, the next should be the challenge of implementation. Good luck.
Pilib Mistéil, Belfast [06-05-2003]

i have been there and its a great place to skate
steve, mese,az [06-05-2003]

Free Love Park
John [06-05-2003]

Love park is a rollerblading park also, dont foget us
Kyle Golden, West Chester PA [06-05-2003]

"In PHILADELPHIA, what is true'LOVE' is that skateboarding has become too popular to ignore..........the verdict is in!"--Josh Kalis Verdict Commercial~ Please set Love Park FREE!
Jay, Hong Kong [06-05-2003]

Stephan Connelly, Gladwyne Pa [06-05-2003]

free,love park
3s0, Slovakia [06-05-2003]

free love
Patrick, Iowa City [06-05-2003]

Christophe PROME, Montpellier FRANCE EUROPE [06-05-2003]

Love park needs to be there for the other generatinos of up and coming skaters.I have been to cali, and texas, and new york,but nothing showed me love for skating more than the city of brotherly love and LOVE PARK! KEEP IT OPEN!@!@! from your boy skating in Tampa Geoff Holcombe WESTSIDE!
Geoffrey Nils Holcombe, tTampa Florida [06-05-2003]

Love park is the heart of skateboarding. why would you tare it down just to redesign it just keep the orignal as a skate park and make a newer more technilogically advanced, better looking park for citizens.
Mike Bowlin, 25 Reeves Rd. Henrietta, New York 14467 [06-05-2003]

Love park is great it should have ever been closed
Cecelia Samar, Glenolden,Pa [06-05-2003]

it is love park, you're either gonna re-open it, or models of it as skateparks will pop up all over the u.s.....or we will just buy it from the government....ahahaha
blair burns, huntington, wv [06-05-2003]

Love Park was great until it was shutdown. Many memories happened there
Seth Duffy, Bedford, PA [06-05-2003]

I've postponed my trip to Philly since they closed LOVE. My team had planned on going (and spending $$, hotel, food, etc) but why go now? What's more important, community youth, or perceived destruction of cement?
Rob Woelkers, Detroit, MI [06-05-2003]

love park has been a great attraction to skateboarders from all over the world. Love Park should be brought back as soon as possible.
Yohei Miyazawa, Los Angeles, CA [06-05-2003]

LOVE park is great place for skaters and it should be open for further generatoins to skate it's massive ledges and steps.
Eric Bouda, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [06-05-2003]

we have a skate park in hkongkong just like love park and we cannot skate there ! just let us have our fun
kevinjames, hongkong [06-05-2003]

open love again ive been there once and planned to go back it was a great place to skate and the people never complained
A.J., Holbrook MA [06-05-2003]

i visit philly every summer the LOVE park is one of my favorite spots to skate
edward gilley, roseville MI [06-05-2003]

Go to hell!
Tim Houghton, St.Nazianz, Wi [06-05-2003]

Tim Jenkins, Bancroft, ontario canada [06-05-2003]

let them skate!
c.m, wellesley ma [06-05-2003]

darren tomlin, sydney australia [06-05-2003]

never been there but it sounds like a great time.
Pete, Upstate NY [06-05-2003]

never been there but it looks like a good time.
Kris, Upstate NY [06-05-2003]

I hate all this people how wont let us skate at their buildings.Why don't they just let us do want will like to do. I also don't think thats right if they catch us skating on their ground they will take are skates away. Skate is my life. They are going to destroy my life if they do't lets us skate.
Luke Juhlmann, Marlton, New Jersey [06-05-2003]

the only way to have freedom on the streets is to keep the park open for the people.
justin campbell, 616 main street mayville wisconsin [06-05-2003]

you dont know me but, i go to the park everyday to sit and relax while watching the birds, and even those skater kids. I see no harm in having the skaters maintain the park, if they plan on skating there. Theres no need to close a park i've been coming to for thirteen years. The park is still used by the public just as much as those kids skating, of course they are a little wild, but nowhere as much as kids are at other parks in the city. Please keep the park open, THANK YOU- for listening and have a nice day.
mike johnson, NY, newyork [06-05-2003]

i love love park...
alex, china [06-05-2003]

Gregg Itzko, Jenkintown, PA [06-05-2003]

I'm not a skater, I've never been to Love Park or America even but to me its still blindingly obvious what needs to be done - WAKE UP AND FREE THE PARK!
Kevin Hegarty, Belfast, Northern Ireland [06-05-2003]

Eric Wisener, 10863 Academy Rd. Phila., PA 19154 [06-05-2003]

Andrea Jones, Modesto, CA [06-05-2003]

I am a sk8 mom and want to tell you it has improved my son's life immeasurably. He has grounded himself with well rounded friends, has developed strong ties to the community and when they are street skating act as kind of cultural ammbassador to the city. Thank you citizens of Philly.
Leslee A Crate, Seattle Wa [06-05-2003]

Where's the love?
Henrik Hoeg, Hong Kong [06-05-2003]

Going to love park after we graduated was going to be out senior trip. But cause it got shut down we had to changes plans. a very terrible choice to make. Open it back up.They received tones of money because of it.eK
Eoin Kirby, Phoenix,Az,Maricopa [06-05-2003]

i think the skateboarding ban is absurd. things like skateboarding are gonna save the kids of the future from becoming bums and junkies. all we wanna do is skate. were not hurting anybody... we just wanna skate. we could be doing so many other things that are 10 times worse then skateboarding. FREE LOVE PARK!
Bryan, New Jersey [06-05-2003]

steven, p.a [06-05-2003]

Skatin is not a crime
Miguel Calayan, Paranaque, NCR, Philippines [06-05-2003]

I never had a problem with them
John J Davison, 1901 John F. Kennedy Blvd. #2812 Philadelphia PA 19103 [06-05-2003]

free love park, i have never skated there, one day i wish too. let it be with us.
joey tavares, califonia [06-05-2003]

Free love Park, I to want to skateboard there some day. but for now.. Don't tear it down.
Joe DeSouza, California [06-05-2003]

There is no love in love park right now
Rob Matsinger, Lansdale, Pa [06-05-2003]

stupid government!
Melissa, brooksville, florida [06-05-2003]

josh, united states [06-05-2003]

Jeff, in [06-05-2003]

Please! It was great! I dream og going up there when I can drive!
Shannon Johnson [06-05-2003]

ive never skated at love park, and if it was reopened i would fly all the way there, just to see it... and skate it, peace
meetch, santa barbara, ca [06-05-2003]

I think Love Park should deffenitly be brought back. It was a historic place that many of today's top proffessionals cames to skate at.
Paul Johnson, Carson,CA [06-05-2003]

bring the love to life!
Bob Bois, knoxville tn usa [06-05-2003]

sam beck, sioux falls, south dakota [06-04-2003]

love fo life
Alex Curnutte, Urbana, OHio, USA [06-04-2003]

Ashley, farmington, minnesota [06-04-2003]

Chance, dc [06-04-2003]

skateboarding is a great thing. it helps younger kids to stay away from harmful things. its just an activitie much like any other sport. it'll keep them away from the wrong crowds and drugs and such.
Chris, Brick, NJ [06-04-2003]

LOVE Park was just reconstructed and is absolutely beautiful. Although, I feel for the skateboards being ejected from ground they thought was theirs, the city of Philadelphia finally has a beautiful inter-city park where one can go on their lunch hour or break without getting run over!
Jennifer Marshall, Philadelphia, PA [06-04-2003]

Jim Anderson, Washington, DC 20009 [06-04-2003]

jake rockwell, philly [06-04-2003]

jose luis senchurian, paraguay [06-04-2003]

I never had a chance to skate love and the will forever be an empty place in me because of this, free love, for the new generation.
Mike Philp, Oakville, Ontario, Canada [06-04-2003]

brittiany durkin [06-04-2003]

chuck marvasso [06-04-2003]

bob smith [06-04-2003]

philly needs love!
roy redenbacher [06-04-2003]

free love will get the cops off our backs(skateboaroders).its like they got nothing else better to do but chase us.they wont have to do that if they justFREE it.
doug gangloff, PHILADELPHIA,PA, u.s [06-04-2003]

Just open it we need some where to sk8 that is good besides city hall
Ryan, philly [06-04-2003]

reopen love park for skaters. and dye the water pink.
Sarah Katzianer, Philadelphia [06-04-2003]

yea u should open love for the skaters....its not like you've done anything eles for us. You promised us a park in the gave us a couple ramps and a bench...thats messed up
Lisa, Phila. PA U.S.A [06-04-2003]

Let skateboarding flourish... So many others wrongfully take away from skateboarding and to ban the sport in LOVE Park would be the wrong choice and the wrong messege.
Tony Romano, Adrian, Michigan [06-04-2003]

FREE LOVE love was the s* you could of made so much money off that too
John Schlicher, Philadelphia PA [06-04-2003]

free love make it legal it would be a great place to harbor all the skaters in the cracks of this city
keith [06-04-2003]

free love park!1
richard cluff, philadelphis penn [06-04-2003]

jude, philly [06-04-2003]

free love park
Ryan, phila, pa, usa [06-04-2003]

free love park please
benjamin, new jersey [06-04-2003]

Love is a sick spot, let it be
Tom, nj [06-04-2003]

free love park man! no limitations! skateboarding is not a crime!
Vicki, Jackson, Nj [06-04-2003]

Free Love!
howard seidman, the homeland [06-04-2003]

love park is amazing... and skating is a culture popele come from all around to skate it and wacthy it.... skating is a lifestyle not a crime.... let poeple skate it
chris, freehold nj usa [06-04-2003]

don't shut it down... all of my friends from philadelphia really enjoy skating there, and would especially like it if they didn't have to keep an eye out for those cops that thinks it's their duty to harass kids for having fun... atleast the kids skating there aren't out doing drugs and killing people.... so why does it matter so much that they skate there? keep the LOVE alive.. peace
Ryan White, Atlanta, GA [06-04-2003]

love park was so amazing i love skatebaording with my freinds. we didnt want to cause trouble or anything just simply have fun
tj, newjersey [06-04-2003]

Bring Love Park back. everyone felt the sting of that place shuttin down all over the world. stupid government doesn't know anything. now the Philidelphia legislature is gonna be remembered to our generation as the one that shut down a part of skating history.
Dave, Anchorage, Alaska [06-04-2003]

one LOVE
dana e, boston [06-04-2003]

kevin burke, Gettysburg PA [06-04-2003]

i always have wanted to skate LOVE park and i want a chance for when i have my licence its a dream of mine still please let my dream come true dude
Kyle Nowlin, Nipawin Saskatchewan CANADA [06-04-2003]

free love park!
David Koenes, Grand Rapids MI [06-04-2003]

i dont think they should tear down love i enjoy watching that spot in the vids and they shuldnt take it down just because skateboarding i think its wack.people dont know how hard it is to find a skatespot nowadays. if they opened love t skateboarders then skaters would have a place to go and will not have to worry about getting kicked out.
Dan Skinner, parma ohio [06-04-2003]

Love Park is the skate mecca.
Sam Lawrence, Glendale, AZ [06-04-2003]

let the kids have love. think of the trouble they might get into otherwise
kp, philly [06-04-2003]

marc, boston mass [06-04-2003]

Andrew Lavigne, Halifax, Nova Scotia [06-04-2003]

I will be moving to that area over the summer and would love to watch the skateboarders do their work there. It is a big attraction and everyone knows about it. To not allow any skateboarding there is ridiculous, it's what practically made the park.
Barbara Yu, Trumbull, CT [06-04-2003]

open love park foo.
Jimmy Bach, fullerton, CA [06-04-2003]

I loved when I visited to Center City watching the teens have fun. I enjoy watching skateboarding.
Joyce, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [06-04-2003]

maybe we should take away everything you have and then say "tough, get over it, its over" SKATE OR DIE!
john, philly usa [06-04-2003]

ive never been there but it looks like an awsome place to skate and ive always wanted to go since they took the s* down some of us skaters will never know what its like so thats why i want love park to come back,
bryan dusch, rockville, maryland [06-04-2003]

jeremy kulousek, pittsburgh, pa [06-04-2003]

is there no LOVE in philly?
chris, east hanover new jersey [06-04-2003]

I have never skated at Love Park, but I have seen what it looks like from 411 and pictures from my friends. The place looks great, it's like a Skateboarding Heaven.
J.D., Olney, Maryland [06-04-2003]

I read the article where even the guy who founded the park protested against kicking skaters out. Love park is a public park, and therefore everyone should be allowed. I bet people take their pets in there, where they probably do their business. Lemme ask you this. What is more annoying, skaters getting in your way, or stepping in dog poo?
Brandon Anderson, San Angelo, TX [06-04-2003]

Philly profited millions from the X-games and the least it can do it give it's skateboarders a natural place to skate.
Jack Reinhart, Athens, GA [06-04-2003]

As a normal skater of DC, i know the immportance of having a centralized place to skate. I skate pulaski park a lot, it's perfect. It has marble ledges, stairs, ledges that go down stairs, and plenty of other stuff. We can get our boards taken away easily, and even though i've never skated love, i would love too. Love park seems like one of those places where it's all about skating. I'd wanna go there, meet up with some locals, have fun, chill, and skate. Thank you Katz for supporting us! We need it in this society who's mostly against us.
Martin Szczepanik, Washington D.C [06-04-2003]

free love park!
chris patrick, akron, ohio usa [06-04-2003]

Deirdre McAliskey [06-04-2003]

I hate it when these things happen. it seems lke whenever im skating people are always yelling or giving me the finger, telling me to get off their property. If they gave us back love, we could skate there rather then on somebody elses property or wherever.
Jeff DeVerde, bala cynwyd, pa [06-04-2003]

drop bush not love park sk8 all the time evrywhere
nemo, Rockville MD [06-04-2003]

Frances Koniers, Glenside PA [06-04-2003]

Max, Rockville maryland [06-04-2003]

dude this is so uncool. whyd they tear down love. i was planning on skating it when i got my license. like total road trip then they tear it down uncool
Mariano garza, combes, texas, USA [06-04-2003]

Mariano Garza [06-04-2003]

I WANT LOVE PARK BACK BIA..... skating is the coolest thing on the planet naw.. sex is haha but i want love park back
Eric Brooks, Rockville Maryland, USA [06-04-2003]

Love Park got torn down not long after I had started skateboarding (I started in november 2001). In fact, the first time I had heard of Love Park is when I heard about it being torn down. Ever since then I have heard many great stories about how great and fun the skating is there. Also I always hear about how so many sk8ers would jsut come together to have fun and skate there. It's supposed to be one of the best skate spots on the east coast too. Everybody says Love Park is an amazing skate spot. My uncle works about 5 minutes walking distance from Love Park, which would let me go there to skate if Love is turned back to normal. Skaters don't even do anything bad. Banning skaters from there is the wrong thing to do. Letting us skate there doesn't even bring any problems. The way I see it, we don't bother any of you, so all of you people and any other random and picky pedestrians shouldn't bother us. We should be allowed to skate there with no (cop) problems. Free Love Park and let us skate there.
Ben Hessel, Rockville, Maryland [06-04-2003]

free love park!
raytard, ontario,california [06-04-2003]

Love park was a skateboard mecca not to mention a major source of money into Philadelphia. Skateshops and related business' in the area have had 50% less sales as a result of this closing. Allowing kids to skate their would only decrease the chances of them skating elsewhere, some place where skating is not allowed. I may not be great with words, but I think you get the idea.
Mike Benson, Philadelphia, PA [06-04-2003]

elliot ziegler, charlotte north carolina [06-04-2003]

Daniel Mahony, Noosa, Australia [06-04-2003]

Hye yall, let me tell you a little somethin!I used to be broke and sad. I basically lived in Love park, because it was the only home i had. Yknow why? well, i made a lot of bad decisions growin up. hangin out with the wrong people, gettin into drugs, going to a college that i didnt like and droppin out, yknow the whole freakin life story of a hobo right, thats whats you thinkin!? well one day i was tendin my one business in the strange and skaters were all around me man. Now im young and broke and i see these kids havin the best time and i realized this was the s*. I made freinds and Love park basically turned my life around. I stopped sellin drugs and messin with people. skateboarding gave me a better attitude and i quit all the things which got me to where i was. but now, im sad, yeah im a better person, i got my own house, i got my own job, but Love park is gone and i sorrowfully miss it. Those skaters got me off my ass and im thankful fo r that and im thankful for love park. But now its gone and ive lost all respect for Mayor street that i once had. FRee Love paRk Yall!
Kendal Freeman, Philadelphia PA [06-04-2003]

Robert [06-04-2003]

I first skated love when I was in the summer of 1994, at the time and still to this day we have a park similar to LOVE, I thought of Philly as a second home for a couple summers cause i would come up so much and LOVE was a big reason for going. Now that its gone my desire to come to philly has died over the past year.
Paul McElroy, Washington, DC [06-04-2003]

Frank, Quebec, Canada [06-04-2003]

Anthony Carroll, Colmar, pa [06-04-2003]

If the suits in cityhall could perhaps remember for one minute what it was like to be young then perhaps they could see that skaters are not a bunch of lay-abouts wearing weird clothes, but see that, in fact, they are all individuals and in actual fact a nice bunch of kids who just happen to want to skate. On behalf of my nephew Patrick Kerr, and on the day of the first anniversary of his death, I would appeal to cityhall to make facilities available for skaters so that no other kids get hurt on the roads. Thank you. Paula Kerr, Belfast, Ireland.
paula kerr, Belfast, Ireland [06-04-2003]

Leif Akaji, lihue,HI,USA [06-04-2003]

free love park !1
igal verbitski, tel aviv israel [06-04-2003]

free love park
Brian Shima, philly [06-04-2003]

Douglas J. Bucci, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [06-04-2003]

All you need is love.
Rian Campbell, Philadelphia, PA [06-04-2003]

Medium, East of Philly PA [06-04-2003]

I've never been to LOVE park but i see it in all the skate videos and i hear about it all the time. I want LOVE park to be opened for skateboarding because I want to skate there and see what all the hype is about. LOVE park brings people from all over the world to Philidephia, so just to skate there. A reopening of LOVE park to skateboarding is very important for the city of Philidelphia.
John Chiodo, Downingtown, Pa [06-04-2003]

Maria Yu, Trumbull, CT [06-04-2003]

Free Love Park man seriously...Mayor Street may have a tough time this November trying to get re-elected. Let our generation have something like LOVE to remember and to know Philly by. GENRE!
Ford, Mays Landing, New Jersey [06-04-2003]

please free LOVE so that future generations will have a chance to see the history that went down and so that LOVE'S era shall live on.
Eric Walton, 11350 W. Crimson Ln. [06-04-2003]

After watching both X-Games that were held in philly, I feel that they should leave the park the way it was and bring it back to the public. Love park is the reason why people like Kerry Getz and Josh Kalis became pro. Who knows what impact it can perform on other skaters, but we need to keep this park open. Its what we live for, its what we'd die for. This is skateboarding and this is who we are!
Mark Z, Vaughan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-04-2003]

francisco fernandes, portugal, lisboa, cascais [06-04-2003]

free love park! i've never been to love park but it's famous, all around the's a mytical spot for every Earth resident! love Benjamin Rare Skateboard Feelings
benjamin, Paris, France [06-04-2003]

free love! word!
Andrew Matthews, Livonia, Michigan USA [06-04-2003]

Bring back Love Park. The young people belong in the center of things, close to the train station and buses not stuck on the river with no public transportation. Skate Boarders financially support the city, they have money to spend and do it. In addition it introduces them to a friendly center city, its restaurants, etc. and could induce them to attend school here and maybe remain as tax paying residents
Lolly Crowther LaGreca`, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103 [06-04-2003]

I got to LOVE the day they put the fence up after trying to get there my entire life. Biggest dissapointment of my life. If even the designer of the park is protesting this why is no one in city hall listening? From my experience with Philly it has the worst city hall ever, look at the damn streets- I've never seen a more confusing city plan and I'm from St. Paul Minnesota where they got drunk at the planning meeting.
Michael Ferstle, Chicago, IL USA [06-04-2003]

Hey, you really need to consider bringing Love back to normal... It's better to have your kids getting exercise in a historical place rather than let them roam around and start smoking or something!
Mike Duggan, Northville, Michigan [06-04-2003]

Love Park was one of the greatest places for skateboarders. Though i do not personally skateboard i feel a passion for this issue for other reasons. I understand that skatboarding was banned because you felt that it decreased the parks beuaty but i ask you who is the park supposed to be beautifull for and why was it built in the first place. Im assuming that the park was meant to be a place where residents could enjoy themselves. I can assure that the use of Love park by skateboarders is far larger than any other group, not because skateboarding turns people away (as we know from the x-games it is a spectater sport) but because it is just another park to them where nothing can be accomplished or enjoyed, but to skateboarders it is a place where they can excersise, have fun and stay out of trouble. Since skateboarding is obviously the main attraction of love park and brings it far more use than any otheractivity why destroy it? Why make it less used? Why sacrafice tourism? What is your favorite sport? How would you feel if someone told you you couldnt participate in that sport?
J. Nottingham, Washington, DC [06-04-2003]

its awsome there my family wanted to got htere just to love and thats what got me into skateing
Lazaro Reiche, DOrchester ontario canada [06-04-2003]

JEFF ISACKMAN, philly,pa [06-04-2003]

JOAN ISACKMAN, phila, pa [06-04-2003]

MARIE SZOLLOSE, philadelphia, pa [06-04-2003]

HELEN JEANNE ROBERTS, philadelphia, pa [06-04-2003]

Love Park was probably one of the funnest places I've ever skated. FREE LOVE PARK!
Sean "Meeko" Watson, Dana Point, Ca, USA [06-04-2003]

save love park
Danny Howerton, Odgen UT [06-04-2003]

Love Park is neceesary to the skateboarding and aggressive rollerblading communities. It offers kids to express themselves and experience freedom. Show us that you care. Peace
Brian Raffuel, Princeton, NJ [06-04-2003]

For as long as i can remember Philadlephia has meant LOVE park. I was actually interviewed by the local news station about the closing of love to skaters, even though i was from the DC area. it was a big deal when Love was shut down, i know that i havent returned to philadelphia to spend my money in that city since the closing of love park. peace...
Eamonn Bourke, Alexandria, VA [06-04-2003]

Chris Reichert, Fairfax, VA [06-04-2003]

david hill, philadelphia [06-04-2003]

I rollerblade. And love park though i've only skated it once, is history in itself. Everything is flowing and smooth. People meet there to hang out and skate, or what not. It is a symbol and a huge part of both the skateboarding and rollerblading communities. I seriously think that the city of Phila. should re-think what they've done. And know that it isnt harm we are doing, its just a new way of expressing ourselves.
ian keaggy, nashville, tn [06-04-2003]

free love
Steve Bujnowski, brick, new jersey [06-04-2003]

Let love be free.
Dan Layton, Naples,FL [06-04-2003]

Mike Wittman, Cocoa Beach, Fl USA [06-04-2003]

There's no reason not to let us skate in love park. It's what is meant for. I mean if we have a freedom of speach then we should have a freedom to skate.
Danny Barrett, cuyahoga hts, ohio [06-04-2003]

Gordie Hendrick, Albany, NY [06-04-2003]

They should open up LOVE park soo that we can sk8 it again and not go do drugs or get introuble skating something else.
Gerardo Mendoza, Santa Barbara CA. [06-04-2003]

I think love would bring in a lot of money to that area. Plus it looks so rad, i have allways wanted to go. someday i will, if it is reopened.
Clif Hawkins, magnolia nc [06-04-2003]

To whom this may concern. I'm signing this pettion because I myself feel that with the city puting a ban on the skateboarding at love park it not only lowers the potential growth of profiet with housing but also kills tourism. See, you may fail to reconize the type of revenue you could make with allowing skating at LOVE. When LOVE was around and skateboarders could skate there many skaters from all over the country would come to Philly just for the experiece of skating the historic LOVE park. Also I know Love park was the reason for many skateboarders to move out of there area to Philly when they were old enough to. LOVE park is historic to the skateboarding industry. FREE LOVE PARK!
Mike Dockry, Bangor, PA [06-04-2003]

Greg Kieffer, Old Tappan, NJ, USA [06-04-2003]

free love park!we need it!
Sheep Man, hk [06-04-2003]

Love park forever!So many skate pro's started in the love park, is it so hard to give skateboarders one non-skatepark spot!I mean a street spot.
jasper, Leiden, the Netherlands [06-04-2003]

In loving memory of Patrick Kerr - Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division 25.
Janice M. Miller, Philadelphia, PA [06-04-2003]

There no reason why LOVE PARK should be closed 2 skate boarders..... LOVE PARK IS A PART OF SKATEIN!
KLAP, Philly P.a. [06-04-2003]

I think it is neccasary to re-think the skateboarding ban on Love Park. Skateboarding means the world to many kids. It keeps kid from doing bad things like drugs. think about it, kids could smoking pot in the woods or skateboarding? which would you rather the youth of our nation do?
Ricky Serret, Philadelphia, PA [06-04-2003]

For most of the past fifty years, Philadelphia has been little more than a decaying second-tier city. In the end, this has been mainly attributed my urban planner to the fact that after five-thirty, Center City is dead. It's completely empty. No one really lives in Center City, and everyone who works in the office complexes either lives in other neighborhoods, like Rittenhouse Square, or on the Main Line or in New Jersey. This is exactly why most New Yorkers consider Philadelphia a more dangerous city than New York, because there is a safety in population. When skateboarders decided to make use of JFK Plaza, until then just another boring, institutional example of bad urban planning, they created a very real magnet in Center City. The X Games, which brought thousands of dollars into this city (the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, where reservations are between $250 and $600 a night, was fully booked during the games). In a dramatic reversal of tradional urban white flight, people from the suburbs, in addition to those from all over the world, came to Love Park in large nubers. A quick search on Google produces talk about Love Park on websites in German, French, Dutch, and Japanese. But Philadelphia's mayor, whose arrogance in such matters matches that of former New York mayor Giuliani's, decided that such was not an appropriate use of public property, and as a result, Philadelphia is once more deserted downtown. It's a pity that all those fans of the park's actual use live in Europe and Asia; they won't have the pleasure of voting against Mayor John Street in the next election.
Michael Hartman, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania [06-04-2003]

jon, toms river, NJ [06-04-2003]

keep it up!
Neil Lopez, Bayshore,new York [06-04-2003]

I think LOVE Park is one of the best skate spots in the world though I've never been there.Maybe it's because I like Kerry Getz.But who cares.In fact,it's really amazing spot and I wish ShangHai will have its own LOVE Park.But it's just a dream.when I heard that there was a governmental skateboarding ban in LOVE Park,I were very sad and angry. At first,I thought skateboarding in China is very hard. But at that time I thought I were wrong.Skateboarding in U.S.A is not evry easy too.The government couldn't do that.LOVE park belongs to all skaters.It's the symbol of Philadelphia, and everyone knows it.I wish Philadelphia government will reopen the LOVE park.And mabe one day I'll be there and skate.But now I know it's just another dream.We love LOVE park,we need LOVE park,please reopen it!reopen it!reopen it!
Kassem Lue, ShangHai China [06-04-2003]

John McGreevy, West Chester, PA [06-04-2003]

I think you should reopen the park because my life long dream was to skate it up there and if you reopen it my dream will come true!
Reece Johnson, Wales Maine USA [06-04-2003]

Kate, Philadelphia, PA [06-04-2003]

uh.. save it
sean gilsinan, wellington, florida [06-04-2003]

ive never skated love park but ive always wanted time i got my license they tore it to shreds.
nick gillem, highland, michigan [06-04-2003]

Tom Kuypers, Noord Brabant Netherlands [06-04-2003]

i dont skateboard i rollerblade but i still think that shutting down LOVE Park to skaters is hella shady...keep it open!
austin brown, bloomfield twp MI USA [06-04-2003]

Mike Cronin, memphis NY [06-04-2003]

jeremy gary [06-04-2003]

james tarrant, vic [06-04-2003]

Love Park is probably one of the most unique and amazing natural skate spots ever. I don't see why they just leave it as it is. The facts are there, and Love needs to be freed. Word. Peace to all the Philly heads who've lost a spot. There's always space for you guys in London.
Ralph Lloyd-Davis, London [06-04-2003]

i havent skated it, but im sure tere are people around the area who are missing it so im thinkin about them.
nick holliday, perth, western australia [06-04-2003]

i have been to love and tha place is pretty fun and i understand the history behind it. so let it reopen
eric miller, east stroudsburg, pa [06-04-2003]

Skateboarders get more enjoyment and use out of love park than anybody else. It has proven to be a very significant landmark as a part of skateboarding history. It is too much of a good thing to be lost. really not much harm comes out of people skating there. the ledges are already unreparable beyond belief, yet i wouldnt call it damage as much as a marking of an activity or the ledges being "worn in." It is a great safe place for skateboarders to consolidate and also can be quite amusing for the passers by.
Matt Phillips, Silver Spring, MD [06-04-2003]

Love park is the ultimate skate spot. I would like to be able to skate there sometime when I visit the States. Maybe next year I'll have an internship there and I would visit Philly for sure.
Gosse Oldenziel, Delft, the Netherlands [06-04-2003]

I never had the chance to skate @ Love Park, perhaps some day it will be legal for skateboarders to skate there...
Steven, Netherlands [06-04-2003]

danny wild, ocean grove [06-04-2003]

I love Skateboarding thats my reason!
marco schiffhauer, duisburg, fu.. Germany [06-04-2003]

Teo Kuhn, Bratislava, Slovakia [06-04-2003]

people came from around the world to see LOVE park injecting $$$ into the economy there. With the skating ban less activity will be happining there, local skateboarder residents will move from philly, less people will visit from other countries cities etc. I think the Mayor has made a mistake
tom stedman, Christchurch, New Zealand [06-04-2003]

Dean Brophy, Sicklerville, NJ [06-04-2003]

Whetever I can do. I think it's great you guys are taking the initiative with this petition. Basically I'm not coming to Philly untill I can skate LOVE!
Joey Young, Visalia, CA [06-04-2003]

Even though love park was never really ment to be a skate park it is so unpreditable and unreasonable event. I dont think that love "skate" park should be shut down. It gives us the chance (as young skaters in this world) to actually do something in our lives and with our lives. It ridicouls just to suddlenly want to shut town one of the greatest skate parks in the world. I just really think it is unfair and dosent give us a chance to skate and do the thing we love most about our lives is to SKATE. SKATE OR DIE SHUT DOWN THE PARK AND DIE!
JessiKa, Phoenix, AZ [06-04-2003]

DACLIN JEREMIE, lyon, france [06-04-2003]

David Hansen [06-04-2003]

Love is dead. Rendered unskateable...It was fun while it lasted...
Brian Daukulis, Phoenix AZ [06-04-2003]

Love was amazing and it doesn't matter whether its legal or not, I will always skate there. It should be legal.
Ron, Philly [06-04-2003]

I`ve skated Love park since 1989.There is so much skateboard history from it.The first pro skateboader from Philly is Ricky Oyola.He turned pro in 1994 for Zoo York.He is still a current pro that supports a family in Philly by riding a skateboard.He has even begun his own board brand out of the city, called Traffic skateboards.
Ronnie Gordon, Haddon TWP. New Jersey [06-04-2003]

free it, people love skating
Justin Reed, penn [06-04-2003]

Brandon Hoffman, San Diego, California [06-04-2003]

Love park is one of the best skatespots i've ever been to. Love park and skateboarding go hand in hand. Love park should be reopened to the skateboarders.
Peter Trapasso, phoenix, arizona [06-04-2003]

I think you people are completely wrong. You don't know how skateboarding effects some people. YOu people are oblivious to the fact that this is to us as little league was in the 60's and 70's was to some. You treat us with disrespect adn we are humans not animals. When a creator of Love Park rides through the park on a skateboard, you know you have made a mistake. Thanks for nothing.
Luke Sheetz, Indiana [06-04-2003]

Being an east coast skater I always looked to philly, love park espically as a mecca. Having a friend that grew up in the area that was friends growing up with some of the now more well known skaters from the area didnt help to decrease the places attraction to me. I got sort of a second hand history from someone who lived it and it was always awesome to hear his stories about the area and stuff that went down at the park. I had two chances to skate there before the new "ban" was sent in place and I'm glad that I got the chance, it was an amazing feeling the skate along side anthony pappalardo and pete eldridge. See thats what was so amazing about love park it was a place where you could go to skate learn and be around some of the most amazing skateboarders in the world, maybe even get a chance to talk to someone you really looked up to face to face just hanging around the park. It was and still could be an amazing place and its ashame that skateboardings future at this point, wont be able to enjoy it for themselves. FREE LOVE PARK!
Jamey Sutton, Richmond VA [06-04-2003]

anthony dobron, langhorne pa usa [06-04-2003]

yeah~~~~~this is good to re-opened to skater i live in hk,i skate in hk ~~~` i can tell that skateboarding no a crime dont stop it please~~~~~!
Gilbert, Hong Kong [06-04-2003]

I really want to skate this place.
Bobby Deming, Tucson, AZ [06-04-2003]

I am sick and tired of people always bagging on skateboarding!, skateboarding this and skateboarding that, there a lot more worse things you can go after! I hate it, this world will go the distance to make the world a better place, they will go and do what ever they think is right without asking what everyone else thinks I dont know about the world, this state, or even this universe, but the only thing that i got to say is that skateboarding is life being a skater is every kids dream, skateing is a art, and i dunno about any cop, or any skater hater, or any government, or old person trying to tell me what I am, the feeling of skateing and landing the sickest trick, doing the sickest line, is the greatest feeling there is, skateboarding is what i do, skateboarding is me, its not something I cant do theres no such thing as not skateboarding just do what you like, do what feels good, dont listen to what anyone else has to say Its funer that way OH yea... and free love SKATE for life, live to skate! skate forever
skateboardingfaith, Redding ca [06-04-2003]

Free Love park! What looks better, a park with some scratches, or no park at all
Jordan Jones, Covina California [06-04-2003]

Love Park wasn't meant to be renovated. It attracted so many different skaters across the world and it really had no reason to be messed up. It's not like they were doing anything wrong or starting any kind of trouble. It was just skating.
Paul Imperio, livingston, nj [06-04-2003]

love park is part of skateboarding history, skateboarding history is part of contemporry history.. besides, better skateboarder than crackheads (by the way its bikers that ruin ledges)
andres duarte, caracas, venezuela [06-04-2003]

I have worked at the Municipal Services Building directly across the LOVE Park for over twenty years. I have observed all the occupants of the LOVE Park during this time. I believe that you should make this a skateboarding park, because of all the people that utilize this park, (other than those lunching in it) the skateboarders have found the most use of it. When you speak of liabilities, do they pose anymore threat than those who bathe in the fountain pool? Teenages, when hurt are least likely to acknowledge that they were hurt when participating in sporting activities? Does this create anymore liability to the City than some person saying they tripped over a crack? I ask the Mayor to be innovative and make this a skateboarding park only. Maybe, we could provide seating for spectators and spots for vendors (additional revenue via licensing for the City) this could become one of the outdoor areas where tourists gather for a taste of something they don't find at home.
Lorraine A. Davey, philadelphia, pa 191114 [06-04-2003]

it has been a year since my nephew, patrick kerr, passed away.he and his brother loved love park so much they traveled about 15 miles out of their school district to attend a school near it. this is a statement to the attraction of love park. in a city of few modern attractions,its a crime to ignore a skate park that has aquired legendary status. remember patrick kerr
Steve Broderick, Phila.Pa. [06-04-2003]

love park is a skateboarding mecca. its better than any skatepark and has enough of a history to fill a museum.the history doesnt mean much to a non-skateboarder, but thats the same for any specialised topic. i wouldnt be able to appreciate the history of the battleground of the battle of the somme, because im not into world history. what i'm trying to say is that non-skateboarders dont recognise what LOVE park means to us, so just leave it for us to skate and we can all be happy
kevin, Hong Kong [06-04-2003]

LOVE park has been a great inspiration to the skateboarding community. Some of the big name pro's have come straight from LOVE and without it, they probably wouldn't be here. Also the hypocritical ways of Philadelphia angers myself. They host the X-games for 2 straight years, mainly because of LOVE, and then after they are done with that they renovate and make LOVE rendered "unskateable" which is VERY hypocritical. Philly should reopen LOVE and leave the skateboarders alone we know how to take care our precious spots.
Sam Gordon, Richmond VA, USA [06-04-2003]

toymachinek, san jose, ca [06-04-2003]

love will prevail
Chris Spiegel, Ocean Township, New Jersey [06-03-2003]

I am not a skateboarder, but I think ther shold be a law protecting them... I rollerblade on the street sometimes and nobody ever bothered me... so why should skateboarders be punished for loving a sport which harms nobody (but themselves sometimes... ;o) )
Emilie Valiquett, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [06-03-2003]

Free Park.
Brian Eberhardt, Jacksonville, FL [06-03-2003]

skateboarding is not a crime
Charles Marois, Gatineau, Québec, Canada [06-03-2003]

ra pa pa pa open it back up
ville valo, finland [06-03-2003]

Love Park is a skate mecca. When people think of skating they think of Love. Lets keep the Love going and re-open it.
James Enniss, Phoenix, Arizona [06-03-2003]

Tom Andris Jr, Philadelphia, PA, USA [06-03-2003]

Patricia Andris, Philadelphia, PA, USA [06-03-2003]

Joseph Andris, Philadelphia, PA, USA [06-03-2003]

TomAndris, Philadelphia, PA, USA [06-03-2003]

Pat Andris, Philadelphia, PA, USA [06-03-2003]

i LOVE LOVE park....keep the LOVE going!
elon shomaker, charlotte, nc U.S.A. [06-03-2003]

bo golden, beech island, sc united states [06-03-2003]

danielle, wesley chapel, fl. [06-03-2003]

The skaters make that part of the city feel safe. It's nice to come into town to see that part of the city alive at night instead of a ghost town
Anthony Colagreco, Havertown, Pa. 19083 [06-03-2003]

i love LOVE park its a great place for a great crusty girl like me please free it!
cyndy bohn, cinnaminson NJ [06-03-2003]

I have seen so many skate videos with LOVE Park in it. It has to be one of the dreams of all skaters to get the chance to skate there. Its a part of skate history. Why is it now that their closing it... You need to give it back to the people who love it most. The Skaters.
Abbey Whitney, edgerton, ohio [06-03-2003]

I was going to pack up a bunch of kids in my van last year beacuse my son is into Skateboarding and it was his dream of skating love park. thanks for saving me a hole heep of money. maybe one day you will come to your senses and relize you are blowing millions of dollers out the window. yours truly Joe Teles
Joe Teles, Orangeville Ontario Canada [06-03-2003]

hayden ball, reno nevada [06-03-2003]

i never had the chance to visit love park. i heard it was great. i was anticipating so much to go there this summer until i found out it was tore down. what has been done is crap. theres no need. so what if there are sk8ers. let them be. we dont see u tear down busy intersections because theres a lot of cars there
Veneet Grewal, San Ramon, ca, Usa [06-03-2003]

Let everyone skate the park, but remember not to limit the ban to only skateboarders.
Phil, Sterling, VA [06-03-2003]

love park rules
Ross Maloof, annandale, nj [06-03-2003]

that park is the shizzle.they should have more rollerbladers
Helton Siqueira aka BRAZIL, lexington, kentucky [06-03-2003]

Love park should be promoting love... when all its doing is breeding hate.
Chris, Princeton NJ [06-03-2003]

Let it go. Better to have the youth there then the crack heads chilling there. The only problem you got is the crazy druggie bums at city hall.
Kris Shacochis, Collingswood, New Jersey, USA [06-03-2003]

Nick Hannis, New Jersey [06-03-2003]

i like cheese sandwiches
dan gleesack, livingston [06-03-2003]

Free LOVE park
Gabe Holm, Amherst Ma [06-03-2003]

i skate philly all the time but never got the chance to go to LOVE because of the stuff they did to it i think its a premiere place and if they reopened it they would show how much they care about kids anf stuff...also skating keeps a lot of us outta trouble so if u shut that down think what ittl do to us
Paul Winnicki, New Jersey [06-03-2003]

dax fitzgerald, memphis tn [06-03-2003]

does the name of this legendary skate spot not show what people need to express towards skateboarding, one love, one life, skateboarding.
rory brennan, wellesley massacusetts [06-03-2003]

I used to Skate at JFK awhile ago, before the ban, years before the ban. i don't recall any problems with passers-by, until newspapers and populus people made statements of "possibilities" about a danger, then it became a overnight hazard. Skaters have graced "LOVE" Park for years before this was brought to attention. The only problem I faced was when members of the Philadelphia Police Department had filed about 10 skateboarders into a 'paddy-wagon' van, handcuffed everyone, and drove to 54th and Market and opened the doors and let us all out. We had to make our way back to JFK to then find our belongings stolen/missing and also were never returned our skateboards. Them cops need to get their drivers tests taken over, they were a little rough on those turns. Thank You. Save LOVE.
Dave Connelly, Philadelphia PA [06-03-2003]

yeah man..i heard bout the bad news...but u noe...yall got support from here man... So live it up...someday...u gov officials...r gonna pay sooner or later...psych!...PEACE !
Reemo, Singapore [06-03-2003]

free LOVE
John Gilbert, Pleasanton, CA, USA [06-03-2003]

Keep love park alive, those who love it would hate to see it go. There are many, and I am one of them.
Schuyler Smith, Pittsburgh, PA [06-03-2003]

see this book for an enlightened viewpoint: Skateboarding, Space and the City: Architecture, the Body and Performative Critique by Iain Borden Skateboarders do damage to the facilities at the park. that cannot be denied. However, skateboarding adds a vitality - a human element - to the city's architecture. Furthermore, any externalities (violence, drugs, etc.) can be penalized under other statutes. Those who skateboard peacefully are helping the city by keeping the park safe at night, adding a vitality to the city, and attracting tourism. Skateboarding bans do nothing but further the youth's dissatisfaction with the establishment. Pushing them aside will do nothing but force them to withdraw. LOVE park is an opportunity for the city to constructively work with the future voters, leaders, and residents of the city.
Steven Boender, Ann Arbor, MI [06-03-2003]

ALec Holst, Newtown, PA USA [06-03-2003]

i rollerblade but i still have mad respect for skateboarding and love was a great place to skate.(even though i got hassled mad time cause im a fruitbooter)but i still think the place should be skated by everyone skateboard, rollerblade and bikes . philly does and will allways have prolly some of the best rollerbladers, skateboadrs and bike riders in the underground scene then any other city and they are just trying to close them love for skating and even open the other places they tryed to replace love with so we can get some diff s* to skate in the city.even though skate spots are very limited in philly i would never trade living here for anywere.
scott, springfeild pa [06-03-2003]

Ever since i was little i have wanted to skate LOVE park. I used to live in Philly, but wasn't good enough to skate LOVE. I hope one day my dream will become a reality.
Colin Anhut, Cary, NC [06-03-2003]

Devalina Guha-Roy, Philadelphia [06-03-2003]

James Baduini, Moorestown, NJ [06-03-2003]

ROLL 'til your body says NO! That will always be the mentality regardless of the city's lock-down on the park.
DoctronZero, 856 [06-03-2003]

Were LOVE to be reopened and food vendors of some sort set up within a given area around the park, money brought in by hungry skaters, bikers, and skateboarders would be endless. If restrictions or guidelines for park use are necessary, then simply impose a curfew that states everyone's to clear out between 10p.m. or 11p.m. If the city is willing to cooperate with skaters, the skaters would of course be willing to cooperate with the city.
Matt Dougherty, Collingswood, N.J. [06-03-2003]

i think its great you guys r tryin to re open love park... hope it turns out for the better.. i'm 13 and i have been skatin for 3 1/2 years and ive never seen such an effort to help out us skaters....thanx
joshua matos, philadelphia, pennsylvania [06-03-2003]

Free LOVE park, even the designer wants it open to skateboarders.
Ben Tuttle, Greensboro, NC [06-03-2003]

if mayor street is really committed to making Philly a city that attracts young people, he should walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. i personally cannot understand how a mayor who has procrastinated on really important issues should have taken away this park from those who really want and deserve it-at lightening speed-heretofor only reserved for the stadiums!what's up john-john????!
mary a meloscia, philadelphia pa 19144 [06-03-2003]

timothy willis, seattle, washington [06-03-2003]

Ashley Wilson, Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2003]

People go to love park for a little while just to walk around and see what its liek then they leave and never come again, skaters go there to have fun and always come back cause they love LOVE Park, plus the local business's are probably making more money off skaters than other people.
Ben Stewart, Burlington, New Jersey [06-03-2003]

Your city needs to wake up and realize what an amazing opportunity there is here for everyone in the Philly area.
Alex Clarey, Pittsburgh, PA [06-03-2003]

free it up
nick, ny [06-03-2003]

I moved to this city to skateboard, and if love were to reopen it would be amazing! Let me know what I can do to help!
Summer LaClair, Phila, PA [06-03-2003]

love will stand strong legal or not
cisco ramos` [06-03-2003]

I signed this petition the other day and left a comment, but want to ask everyone who cares about FREEING LOVE PARK to ask every Philadelphian they know to register to vote, to help elect the person who will bring back the LOVE to Philly: Sam Katz for Mayor of Philadelphia!
Mitch Deighan, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, Pa. [06-03-2003]

Love Park is part of skateboarding history. please don't take that away from us.
Lawrence Wong, San Ramon, CA, US [06-03-2003]

grew up in phila. lets keep the park
BERTHA BANISTER, newport news va [06-03-2003]

Love Park is the one of best and most known skatespots in the world.. its even in tonyhawks proskater 2 for playstation. its the best street spot in the U.S
Tim Reardon, Philadelphia Pa. [06-03-2003]

Ryan Lay, Mesa, AZ [06-03-2003]

Elliott Kim, Riverside, CA [06-03-2003]

free the park
Nick Kirkikis, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [06-03-2003]

love park r.i.p.'s!
colin mcdonough, bridgewater, nj [06-03-2003]

The destruction of LOVE park not only killed skateboarding, but it killed Philedelphia. Noy nearly as many people go up there anymore than when LOVE was up. The only people at LOVE besides skaters are drug dealers and bums. How come Philly leaves them alone but hassles skaters. Ive been to LOVE many times but havnt even been to philly since its been renovated. When i skated love i saw pops,wenning, and other philly rippers. It was a great experiance skating there and being there. Your hurting more than skateboarding, your hurting phillys economy.
jake mendelson, baltimore,md [06-03-2003]

Chris Baltz, Silver Spring, MD [06-03-2003]

Love Park is a world reknowned skateboarding institution.
Monica Matilla, Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2003]

Maureen Bradley, Elkins Park Pa [06-03-2003]

Free LOVE park.
Blake Reimers, Santa Ana CA [06-03-2003]

Love Park should be open for use by the skateboarding community. It will help to keep skateboarding in a safe environment.
Bettye Dennery, Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2003]

Keep parks free, skaters are people too
Matt Quilliams, Norcross, GA/Glasgow, Scotland, UK [06-03-2003]

Give kids a safe place to skate
Renee Cunningham, Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2003]

Banning skateboarding and remodelling Love was one of the stupidest and most one sided things the city of Philly has ever done. "Let's host the X-games at Love Park, bring in a ton of cash and then remodel it and strictly enforce the skating ban! Yes, we'll take advantage of the skaters and fill our pockets with tainted Xgames loot. Haha, those dumb little jerks, now they'll have to sit and watch as their spot gets exploited by ESPN and redone so most of it is unskateable. Ah, the yuppies will love sitting in an environment free of kids on skateboards destroying property." Who was it that cleaned up Love by getting most of the junkies, crazy vagrants, and other kooks out of Love? Yup, the skaters. Do they realize that? They want to quarentine all the skaters in these new parks going up everywhere(don't get me wrong there are loads of good parks I've skated, but there's more to skating than parks.) keep an eye on us and keep us out of the streets, good luck. well, another great spot has been taken from us. RIP, Love Park, EMB, and most of Vancouver. Remember, skate stoppers aren't too difficult to remove.
mike freeman, n. sutton, n.h. [06-03-2003]

Free Love park!
Colin Kay, nyc, ny, usa [06-03-2003]

In Memory of Patrick Kerr
Andrea Farrell, Philadelphia [06-03-2003]

I think the city of philadelphia, would like to receive the economic growth skateboarding brings to there city.
mike patton, orange, ca [06-03-2003]

ERIN DENNERY, philadelphia,pa [06-03-2003]

Free Love Park! GIve me a reason to move back to Philly!, Albuquerque, NM, formerly Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2003]

LOVE should have never been made skate proof in the first place. Without LOVE there is no place where skateboarders can come together and just hang out.
Sam Collins, Georgia [06-03-2003]

love should be replicated in a different location to make up for the broken hearts
dustin cytacki, madison heights mi [06-03-2003]

Michael Brooks, Philadelphia,Pa,19111 [06-03-2003]

Skateboarding is very important to many people. Let them skate LOVE.
Sylvain Malfroy-Camine, Arlington Massachusetts, USA [06-03-2003]

I hope they re-think the decision and open LOVE to the skaters again. And it will give a chance for other kids to skate the park if they haven't skated it.
Jeff Martinez, Abilene,Texas [06-03-2003]

Its the only reason any skateboarder goes to Philly..
Ron Gustifield, Chicago, IL [06-03-2003]

Jeff [06-03-2003]

People should be able to eat their lunch in a park without being overrun with skateboarders; however, these kids are our future and if skateboarding will help bring them to Philadelphia then we have to open the door. Love Park is known worldwide by the skateboarding community - it could be famous for worse things. Free love park.
Kimberly Lingerman, Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2003]

I have never been to Philly, but I'm a skater, so I know what it feels like for the skaters who have skated LOVE. PLEASE RE-OPEN IT! In 15 years I'm gonna rock that place:)
Marcell, Budapest, Hungary [06-03-2003]

keep love alive
david fisher, port st lucie florida ...jersey native [06-03-2003]

Kathleen Eiser, Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2003]

we (as skateboarders) have a sixth sense of seeing the beauty of a city that no one else is able to see. philidelphia skaters have seen that beauty at LOVE park and demonstrate their love for it every day. before LOVE's attraction to skaters, it was just an area of concrete benches with a fountain. now after years of love for LOVE, mayor street has taken the money skateboarders had made for him and used it to spit in our faces. what he doesn't realize is that LOVE has always been ours. we made it what it is, and street needs to realize that.
Alex Aho, Michigan [06-03-2003]

free love park< that is the epicenter for all flavorful street skateboarding< by tearing love down and reconstructing it, you might as well tell the philly skateboarding youth to cause havoc, because with out a home to perfect their skill, hang out, and be happy, thats exactly what they are going to do
thomas wardlow, surprise az [06-03-2003]

Thankyou for opening love park for a skatepark I appricate you doing this and thankyou.
TOM Reardon, Philadelphia Pennsylvania [06-03-2003]

I think that it is just rediculous that it has been closed for skateboarding I think that we should get every and any one who does skate to all go to the office of the one that made the choice to shut it down and skate the f* out of the f*in place/office/biulding/ where ever it my be. go there with like 200/300 kids and show them how much it really means to us. troy pacaud I manage a skate shop and I would love to see the love open peace out legit trix skate shop
troy pacaud, north bay ontario canada 140 king st W p1b 5z7 [06-03-2003]

I always wanted to skate the best skate park in the world and that was love park. However,I never got to. Instead of wasting money on buliding a new skatepark just legalize it at Love. It is that simple. Please bring it back so all the street skaters worldwide can expirence one of the best street spots ever.
david smith, phoenix,az [06-03-2003]

LYNN DUFFY, philadelphia,pa [06-03-2003]

JB Garcia, Dallas, Texas USA [06-03-2003]

Reinout Claes, Maaseik, Limburg, Belgium [06-03-2003]

free love
lee berman, longmeadow, ma [06-03-2003]

Living in Cincinnati I never had a reason to go to Philly, but then my younger sister went to U of A for school. On a trip to visit her was when I had my first Love Park experience. When I say experience I am not kidding, you walk up and see all kinds of people from all over the world skating, even some of the top Pro Skaters. Imagine walking up to a basketball court and seeing Jordan and Kobe playing one on one- that is the type of experience I am talking about. After I returned home the thought of Love made me want to go back immediately. I was able to spend a lot of time with my sister(which was great), but I also got to share in the Love experience over and over. I might have never been able to partake in those cherished memories if not for Love, please bring LOVE BACK.....
Tony Heitz, Cincinnati, Ohio [06-03-2003]

Please let us skate LOVE park again, skating LOVE park kept many people from doing illegal drugs other bad things
Nigel Stoner, Harrisburg, Pa [06-03-2003]

bill wilson, toronto, ontario, canada [06-03-2003]

Give it back.
Ender, Atlanta Georgia [06-03-2003]

because of skateboarding and other sports the city made tons of money after hosting the x-games. then they shut down a huge piece of a community that has gotten them a ton of money and publicity. this makes no sense. love park is a part of skateboarding history and should remain open to the skateboarding public.
peter zimbelman, Hudson, Ohio [06-03-2003]

Michael Silver [06-03-2003]

Open Love park to Skateboarders. Rememebre what this City and country are based on. Give the children a place to play.
Robert F McCool, Philadelphia Pa [06-03-2003]

Free LOVE park. Why do the big shots in Philly want to deprive the youth of a fun and healthy activity that will distract them from gangs and drugs? it is just amazing and useless to take away LOVE park even if I live way down in California.
Paul Jimenez, Inglewood, CA [06-03-2003]

Love park is a great place to skate I went there a few weeks again and I want that place open plaese bring back love for us.
Neil Lopez, Bayshore,N.Y [06-03-2003]

Free Love to skateboarding for it is skateboarding.
Chris Gilbert, Phoenix, Arizona [06-03-2003]

LOVE Park is great. It needs 2 be open to skateboarders.
Me, Tampa,Florida [06-03-2003]

Jennifer L. Reed-Pinnelli, Philadelphia, PA - USA [06-03-2003]

I think that LOVE park is a great place for the kids to skate. They need a place where they can hang w/o getting into trouble. It is also a prime spot for the city to see the kids in action and get an appreciation for their sport.
Tricia McCoy, Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2003]

Free Lovepark !....... No spots in the world will be killed !
mazs, Hong Kong [06-03-2003]

Keep LOVE park open for skateboarding!
Maura Keenan, Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2003]

This needs to stop. All the money they made off the X-Games. VOTE FOR SAM KATZ!
Kevin Bartley, Lewes, Delaware [06-03-2003]

Mary J. Flannery, Jenkintown, PA [06-03-2003]

love park kicks ass free love park
glen, auburn maine [06-03-2003]

free love park!
Andrew DiSarno, Port Saint Lucie, FL. U.S.A. [06-03-2003]

LOVE Park....Built to last.
Chris Pollard, Philadelphia,PA [06-03-2003]

I grew up in Chester County and started coming to Philadelphia in 9th grade in order to skate at LOVE Park. My curiosity of the city grew from there and I discovered its other splendors. After high school I moved to California for college, and now have decided to move back to Philly to live. I made the move from California to Philadelphia because Philly is a great city. Free LOVE Park, keep Philly great!
Ben Horner, Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2003]

if it can be still opened again as a skateboard park WITHOUT any additional cost to the city, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?????
Mary Jane Powell, Philadelphia, Pa [06-03-2003]

hi my name is Hung .i miss Love park .
hung, philadelphia pa [06-03-2003]

Dominic Gambino, Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2003]

Justin Sheehy, Sherwood, Oregon [06-03-2003]

Love Park was a monument for skaters, ever since the begining years of skating. Nobody travels long distances to visit the park except for skaters... I know a few kids who have spent quite a few dollars to go skate it up, holmes... love park for life.
Robbie Kurcz, prescott, az [06-03-2003]

My first memory of LOVE Park came after talking to some man at a coffee shop. He was an older gentleman interested in mentoring young adults. He was very interested in skating and the benefits it endowed to its participants. Anyway, he told me that later that day there was to be a skate "show" with a DJ at LOVE Park. And so I went for lack of a better thing to do, myself not being a skater. The show was nice. It was exciting. Years later I realized through an acquaintance that skated just how important LOVE Park was to the skate scene. He showed me skating magazines that changed my view that LOVE Park was not just a local phenomenon but a national and international one as well. I even heard that it was featured in a video game. Well, I may not have understood the fascination behind the park but I knew it existed. It still does. Why a mayor would opt for revamping a park that had so much cultural value - a park that obviously was working and attracting people to its confines - I'll never know. But I am sure that the park should be restored - with improvements made so that a majority of the people can appreciate its offerings - in a way that skating and its well worn culture can continue to reside in this historic Philadelphia icon.
Tiberius Coale, Drexel Hill, PA [06-03-2003]

John Sabback, Philadelphia PA [06-03-2003]

skateboarding is a way kids express there feelings i think its wrong to ban skaters from love park thats like telling them that skateboarding is wrong thats why they shouldnt close love park
Barbara Broske Baldacci, richmond, VA [06-03-2003]

leo, sydney Australia [06-03-2003]

Keep LOVE alive
rory burns, Burlington ontario canada [06-03-2003]

The city is single handedly destroying a world recognized park. Just think of the possibilities in terms of visitors from other countries who would be willing to take a vacation to Philly based solely on the existence of Love Park. I know friends who have travelled down south in order to skate there and I probably would have myself. Families would be willing to travel based on that location alone but instead of using it for the public citizens of the area, they would prefer to pick and chose who is able to use the park. Skateboarders are citizens as much as anyone else, they should have the right to skate there. Make it Right
Marc Landry, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada [06-03-2003]

skateboard or die
erik beckmann, peoria, az [06-03-2003]

free love park!
paul kobriger, san diego, ca [06-03-2003]

i grew up skating that place. its filled with thousands of memories. dont let them take it away from the new kids.
bob clark, wilmignton, nc [06-03-2003]

amazing sk8 spot
AJ MARKSBERRY, tempe, arizona [06-03-2003]

lucas, budel nl [06-03-2003]

Eric Blair-Broeker, Cedar Falls, IA [06-03-2003]

Joshua Lewis [06-03-2003]

ben price, louisville, ky [06-03-2003]

I am a twenty four year old elementary school teacher, graduate student and lifelong skateboarder living in philadelphia. I grew up skateboarding in philadelphia and, following college, I returned to this city primarily due to the skateboarding community here that has become my extended family. That family has roots in LOVE Park as do I. Skateboarding is the most powerful and positive experience in my life. Its what made me who i am, made me stay in tune with youth culture and become a teacher and it's made me look at the world in a creative way my whole life. Free Love park.
Adam Salo, Philadelphia PA [06-03-2003]

Skaters need love park i love seeing footage lines etc. from love park its an amazing skate spot to take it away is an outrage i was planning on going there this summer its horrible
Ryan Gundy, Sylvania, Ohio [06-03-2003]

I've been skateboarding now for 4 years and it's the greatest thing ever. Ever since I started,I had heard of this "Love Park".I saw it first in a skate-video, and it was one of my life's goals to go there and skate, just once even.When I heard of Philadelphia's ban on skating at Love, I was crushed.It was a dream of mine to go there.I think that the ban should be dropped.It will do the city of Philadelphia a lot of good and bring in a lot of money if the ban was dropped.This is something that needs to be done.
Nate Pierce, Menomonie, Wisconsin [06-03-2003]

From the skaters all over the world who has seen from a backseat the rise, fall and would be resurrection of this great Philly symbol... symbol of today's youths expressionism and individuality... keep it free for anyone to do anything out of it... free it for Love, do it for Love
Breen, Singapore [06-03-2003]

love park is somthing that always was there and should stay there.
frank pokigo, blasedell ny [06-03-2003]

Please bring Love back to the skateboarers, it is a Mecca of skateboarding. Bringing this park back stands for everything a skateboarder believes in.
James Concannon, Darien CT, 06820 [06-03-2003]

Thad Schroer, Fayetteville, NC [06-03-2003]

Ryan Sanderson, Ann Arbor, MI [06-03-2003]

Love Park is famous and a definite tourist attraction. The city shuld allow the skateboarders.
Phyllis Matilla, Wyomissing, PA [06-03-2003]

Sarah Anne Matthews, Ambler, PA [06-03-2003]

I live in New Zealand, have never set foot in Philadelphia, yet Love Park has to be one of the most recognisable and memorable skate spots I or anyone has ever seen. Since about 1994 Love Park's blocks have been the setting for some of the most amazing skating of all time, witnessed indirectly by me via video footage. If it has touched me this much thousands of miles away, imagine what it has done for skaters on a local and national level. Bring it back.
Dan Kircher, Auckland, New Zealand [06-03-2003]

LOVE takes up a huge part of skateboarding's history. So much has been done there. Like Josh Kalis said, LOVE is more popular with skateboarders than it is with tourists, and skateboarders are the ones who keep the stores in business. If Philadelphia decides to keep skateboarding banned from LOVE, they'll be making a huge mistake.
Charlie King, Camden, SC [06-03-2003]

skating love park was one of the greatest moments of my life, why would they take that away.
sam huff, durham, NC [06-03-2003]

Just waiting for the day when it's legal to skate at LOVE again.
chas one, London, England [06-03-2003]

We have to free love park back to all the skaters cause thats where skaters could all mett up and skate for hours and not get hasseled by cops FREE LOVE PARK!
Roger Vargas, Bayshore,New York [06-03-2003]

Why ban the same people that brought that part of the city to life. It is now, because of skaters, that Love park is known world wide. Free love park and keep the legacy alive. Thank you, Todd Rogerson Canada
Todd Rogerson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-03-2003]

free love park
Hunter smith, tampa, florida, usa [06-03-2003]

I never got to skate Loves Park, but I can say one thing. As an active adult skateboarder who is a teacher in Illinois, I know money is always tight in cities, so why would you not want to use Love Park as a skate park? All you have to do is allow it. It has everything people want already there at no extra cost to you. Why build another place when there already is one. This is a win win situation for everyone. The skateboarders will be ecstatic and the politicians that support this will look like heroes to everyone, plus, it would save money. Any person in this day and age can get a long on that bandwagon. Skateboarding has brought so much to Philadelphia, via the X Games, so it is economically viable. All the politicians have to do is OK it and everyone wins, the skaters, politicians, and tax payers.
Eric Neubauer, Rockford, Illinois [06-03-2003]

stop the maddness, get the cops on skateboards. We need a solution. stop the opression and rise up. SKATE FOR LIFE. ONE LOVE. LOVE FOREVER
Gari Kneeland, Bath, Maine [06-03-2003]

Love Park was the main attraction of stopping in PA while in the US...One of the best skatespots in the world.
Kevin Parrott, London, England [06-03-2003]

I wanted to skate the LOVE somedays, but if they close it, my dreams will be unfullfilled.
Attila Haraszti, Slovakia [06-03-2003]

I'm the mother of a great teenage son, I've watched as he and his friends have been repeatedly banned from skateboarding, pretty much every where they go. The are serious about their sport, and Philadelphia needs to support them just as it supports baseball, football etcetera....It's a disgrace that these have fewer and fewer places to go.....Get the park back!
Lisa Collins, Roxborough/Phila., PA [06-03-2003]

love was good
john, langhorne pa [06-03-2003]

skateboaridng is natural let it be there to
drew mclaughlin, nj [06-03-2003]

SKateboarding is not the same with out love. There needs more love for the skateboards. Show some love Philadelphia.
Cooper Kaminer, Philadelpia [06-03-2003]

I was saving money to go to love park after my graduation but I will heve to change my destiny because of those idiots.
kenn volbrecht, ghent, Belgium [06-03-2003]

I think love park should be reopened because it will bring in more revenue for the city of philadelphia, and also keeps kids off the streets and off of drugs.
Chris Falcone, Devon,pa [06-03-2003]

Free LOVE Park
Merrie Hayden, Media, PA [06-03-2003]

Free LOVE Park.
John Hayden, Media, Pa [06-03-2003]

Free LOVE park
Josh Manny, Media, PA [06-03-2003]

I never had the chance to skate LOVE park because of destruction.
matt canan, Columbus, Ohio [06-03-2003]

this is just another recent shift towards actively searching out ways to restrain peoples freedom in america, and another reason why i probally won't be visiting your country any time soon.
scott fitzgerald, naha, okinawa, japan [06-03-2003]

Bring back the skateboarders
Ted Hall, Philadelphia [06-03-2003]

The city has made LOVE park totally sterile with its "improvements". Let the skateboarders come back.
Kathy Hall, Philadelphia [06-03-2003]

Tristan, France [06-03-2003]

hi! I my dream is to go to philly and skate lovepark! and also go to new york and skate BUT love park maN! I would like to talk to anyone who live in philly! mail me if you live there! //Mike from southern sweden
Mikael Skånberg, southern sweden (outside malmoe) [06-03-2003]

Vince Tschaikner, Innsbruck, Austria [06-03-2003]

love skateboarding!
Martin Brauner, 8200 Aarhus N - Denmark [06-03-2003]

Marcus Carr, Lakewood, California [06-03-2003]

Jack Asher, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-03-2003]

A person with enough financial backing could most likely build a full scale replica of LOVE Park. I am certain that it would attract people from around the country raising tons of money for it. It is obvious that the original will remain the best, but a LOVE Skatepark would still be great. Just think, a LOVE Park without any hassel.
Ryan Schorman, Dallas, TX [06-03-2003]

love forever
Tyler Enlow, Carpinteria, CA, USA [06-03-2003]

Love Park is the best place to skate in the history of skateboardng. I think about it everyday since it has been "skateproofed". I dream about the day skateboarding will be back at Love, and I believe you can make that happen, that is why I am signing this petition.
Robert Williams, West Chester, PA [06-03-2003]

josh lopez, glendora california usa [06-03-2003]

throw that negativity away and make way for a truly positive day. one love.
jeremy dePrez, south portland maine [06-03-2003]

love park is a huge part of skateboaring and its history. i think the city should do something to at least try and make up for what they did to love park.
chris ramsey, bellaire, tx [06-03-2003]

My son and his friends enjoy skateboarding. There isn't anywhere for them to enjoy this sport. They are chased from every location. They built ramps and used parking bollards under I-95 in an area away from homes and businesses. Someone had the city come and remove everything. They are told they can skate at the "Lakes". How many people does the city expect to accomodate at the "Lakes"?
MARY LUTZ, philadelphia pa [06-03-2003]

I live in iowa, a forsaken place for skateboarding is in the smaller towns, where skate spots aren't available. Though we have few spots, most people in the city have embraced our prescence as a good one, they think its a good thing, and that we're staying out of "real" trouble. But now that skateboarding is very popular around the country, for some reason, the friendly people of our town of 1500 are already petitioning me and my friends, a group of about 15 people, to stop what we're doing, just because we're "destroying" mabye 400 dollars worth of property. I realize the empty feeling that the skaters of Phily felt when they got the shaft from Street a year ago. People must gather and fight, because it is very intollerant of the local governments to ban a sport, that is shaping hundreds of youths and adults careers.
eric ehlers, Holstein, Iowa [06-03-2003]

love park is a big role in skateboarding everytime i see a video it is in there. because of this love park is more heard of than the liberty bell(sort of, not really) but im sure if you ask a kid who skates if he knows about "love park" he will say yeah and how fun it looks, but if you ask him if he has heard of the liberty bell he will look at you and say oh yeah that is that big bell with the crack in it. so if you took away love park that would be like talking away a chunk of skateboarding.
john russell, philidelphia, pa united states of america [06-03-2003]

Craig Sobeski, Toronto, Ontario, Canada [06-03-2003]

resurrect love park
Danny Prew, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [06-03-2003]

Brandon, Monroe, WI [06-03-2003]

matt lynch, plano, texas [06-03-2003]

Thats just * how there goin to take away a place to skate
COrey Henderson, richmond, va, usa, [06-03-2003]

bad decicion, bad bad, ur city if falling upside down, its going into the dump, look how ghetto it is and how much industr love park could of brought to your city, you screwed us with x games and ur gonna get screwed now, u may not hear this a lot from a 14 year old
Romek Rasenas, Boston, Massachusetts [06-03-2003]

out of all the cities in the world, philly is at the top of my list for cities to visit because of love park and its legendary skate scene
Brett La Cour, Kennebunk, ME [06-03-2003] homepage

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