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May 31-June 2, 2003

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free love park!
Jay Flippen, Norfolk. Virginia [06-02-2003]

Brad Senosk, Worcester Massachusetts [06-02-2003]

love park should be for use by the skatboarding community... you have torn down many hearts as long as love park
Taylor Moseley, Tampa, Florida, USA [06-02-2003]

who ever conciderd this is a idiot cause all the stores around love get so much money from the skaters its not even funny and u should se what they think of this.
mike, tampa florida [06-02-2003]

skateboarding is a form of art, skateboarding keeps kids on a straight path to future, and off the streets, why take skateboarding away? its just a sport like basketball.. why dont you go knob the basketball quarts?
taylor mersereau, arch cape, OR [06-02-2003]

cody rawlinson, calgary, alberta, canada [06-02-2003]

I went to Love once. It was truly one of the most moving experiences of my life. I am a skateboarder, and I will always be a skateboarder. I used to want to move to Philly when i grew older, but now I can't even think about that once inviting city without a bad taste in my mouth and a shiver sent down my spine. Free Love Park, and legalize skateboarding. Hey, at least it's not harmful like cigarretes. Ban those instead!
Gabe Tennen, Montclair, New Jersey [06-02-2003]

just leave the skaters and their spots alone for pete's sake! goodness gracious
Rebecca, nc [06-02-2003]

kristina lane, Richmond, Va [06-02-2003]

Free Love Park it's incredible to skate and brings profits to all shops around Philadelphia. It is good for the city and the kids.
Kevin Doyle, West Chester PA [06-02-2003]

The city of philadelphia conveniently waited until after the "X-Games" pulled in millions of dollars to destroy love park.
Maxwell Jones, Tampa, Florida [06-02-2003]

Mac Branton, Exton, PA [06-02-2003]

damn you need to reopen it. who in their right mind would want to close down wanna of the biggest attractions of philly and piss off so many people. it'd be like ohio closing down cedar point. have a heart damnit.
Max [06-02-2003]

I have never been to love park, but i bet that skaters are using it to more potential than anyone else there could even dream of. It is part of the skaters' way of life. if they take it away, they will just find kids doing nothing, or doing something they will regret. keep love park.
Trevor Marzella, N. Kingstown, RI [06-02-2003]

LOVE Park should be reopened for all of us who have not yet been able to experience it and would love to in the future.
Matt Corso, South Euclid, OH [06-02-2003]

20 mins from love and love it. It would be rad i heard the new mayor runing wants to re-open it. We skaters bring in so much money, I know i must have spent at least 30 bucks at that mcdonalds and like 200 at nocturnal, Its all business and thats what bring just give us our spot back the way we left it
Kevin Criscuolo, West Chester, PA [06-02-2003]

even though i live in such a great city as NYC, we don't have anything nearly as good to skate as LOVE. LOVE park was always my favorite place to skate, and i would take trips just for that purpose. some hour and a half long drives from the city were worth it.
Isak Buan, New York City, NY [06-02-2003]

A million dollar project to make the park better, the Grass pastures! Move to JERSEY fool, What you should have done is added a million dollars to allow us to skate there, "I guarantee if you walk up to any of the store managers near love they will tell you that they want to keep skateboarders in love" something Almost what KALIS SAID. You could have refurnished the park, made it better for The youth Who was the majority whom wanted it TO be a place to skatebaord, If you skateboarded you would agree, Mr. Mayor what disrespect, are you not bringing to the skateboarders,You disrespect us we disrespect you,
Alex Gaudio, nj [06-02-2003]

free love
bill cunningham, mars,pa 16046 [06-02-2003]

i don't feel like making the trip to philly without love.
jesse robbins, boston, ma [06-02-2003]

free love park
micke stein, philadelphia [06-02-2003]

libbi hipple, philadelphia [06-02-2003]

free love
nick langley, philadelphia [06-02-2003]

you have to reopen love park, since i started skating, ive drempt of skating love. dont most cities encourge people to follow their dreams?
jamie barbehenn, liberty ny [06-02-2003]

Of what use is a government that doesnt provide for its community? The polititions of Philadelphia need to realize that its citizens need Love Park and all of the history that goes along with it.
Brennan Ponder, Birmingham, Alabama [06-02-2003]

hannah, cinnaminson [06-02-2003]

I've only been able to visit LOVE once, and it was one of the greatest moments of my life. The infamous LOVE park cannot be taken away, so many hearts will be shattered.
Jonathan Tokarz, Chicago, IL [06-02-2003]

You closed this down because of skateboarding and although this may not make sense to you but one day of skateboarding for someone at Love Park is much more fun and gain than anyone else can think to reach from that park
Peter Moulton, Wenham, Massachusetts [06-02-2003]

free love park
Tyson Tucker, NEvada City CA [06-02-2003]

Bill Rafter, williamstown nj usa [06-02-2003]

Cameron Smith, Sydney, Australia [06-02-2003]

I think skaters like me should be aloud to skate in LOVE park because skateboarding is an art not an annoynce.It's a public park anyway, not like its private property.
Bryan Smith, Tampa,Florida [06-02-2003]

Your so worried about a bunch of harmless skateboardeds doing a sport on their field. I dont see you going and kicking kids off a field or destroying one... NO! Your so wrapped up in the idear that this is a bad thing, and continuing to do this may cause revolt and misconduct in the cities. When you have a bunch of drug deallers in the project letting 10 year olds shoot up on heroin. And you end your task force units to disperss skateboarders. NO i think i is time your city and the rest of the country gets its priorities in order... LOVE PARK R.I.P.
Pat Walsh, Hanover Massachusetts [06-02-2003]

Ian Littleworth, Manhattan Beach CA United States [06-02-2003]

It just isn't the same without LOVE.
Ryan Coulson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [06-02-2003]

Duncan Overstreet, usa [06-02-2003]

Free LOVE, or else!
Ben Wormald, Frederick, MD [06-02-2003]

free love!
Steve, South Brunswick NJ [06-02-2003]

robert, ralaigh, NC [06-02-2003]

love park has brought me to your wonderful city many times now there is no reason to go. think about how much press and money skateboarding at love park has brought the city of philadelphia
bob hall, annapolis md 21401 [06-02-2003]

Steven James, Philadelphia, PA [06-02-2003]

legalize love park make philly a better place
michael arriola, midlothia va [06-02-2003]

Skate to be free, skate to be me, i'm no killer, i'm no theif, why can't they just let me be?
NJ local [06-02-2003]

Love park is beautiful. I used to skate there when my dad died and had nothing left. It helped me get my life back together and I miss it sencerely
Mark Stinson, Philadelphia [06-02-2003]

Benny Davidson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [06-02-2003]

where's the love? dont destroy love park.
Ryan Franks, Seattle, WA [06-02-2003]

Open love park
Akil Walker, Bala Cynwyd PA [06-02-2003]

x games gave philly tons of money because of sk8boarding let sk8ers sk8 love
Ryan Thompson, philly [06-02-2003]

Give the park to the skateboarders, it's everything they need.
Julien Strasfeld, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada [06-02-2003]

Juan Posadas, Sacramento, CA [06-02-2003]

Free LOVE PARK! i started skating 2 years ago and shortly after i started i heard of love park and saw all the ledges steps rails gaps but most importantly the brothern of everyone and how people talked of how the place could seriously just change the way of thinking for you and skating. PHILADELPHIA GIVE SKATERS BACK LOVE PARK PLEASE, I WANT TO FEEL THOSE FEELINGS AND SKATE, SKATE LOVE PARK! R.I.P. LOVE!
alan patke, Reading, Pennsylvania [06-02-2003]

I belive that they should reopen love park as a half skate park half park. Put the skate park in the middle where the stairs and ledges are, and put the normal park around it. This is a great idea. LP4EVER
Andrew Henderson, Folsom, California, U.S.A [06-02-2003]

Eric Storm [06-02-2003]

J Christiansen, New Orleans, La [06-02-2003]

free love park
Dylan, Saskatoon, canada [06-02-2003]

Love park is great for kids.
Jonathan Granoff [06-02-2003]

im only 14 so i cant go to LOVE PARK yet, but i see them pros skating there in there ads and every time i see love park it just gets me so excited hoping that i will get to go there when i get older. Well now that they closed the park i got really sad and a reall, really, mad! i hope that the state of PA opens the park so i can complete my goal, SKATE IN LOVE PARK!
JP Peguero, dedham, Mass [06-02-2003]

I just don't think it's at all logical to ban skateboarding at LOVE park. There's just too many more reasons to let it be than to ban it.
Eric Logan, Tacoma, Washington. USA [06-02-2003]

Jacob Brown, Indianapolis [06-02-2003]

I visited Philly for one reason, to skate Love Park. After seeing Love Park in countless videos and photos, I just had to see the place for myself. Since the shutdown of Love Park to skateboarders, I no longer feel the need to visit the "City of Brotherly Love".
Ben, Los Angeles [06-02-2003]

It seems quite ignorant on the mayors part of finding a better solution for todays crime. I use skateboarding to keep out of trouble and have fun. Being rejected like this gives me nothing left to do with my time and what happends to teens when theres nothing to do? DRUGS and CRIME is where allways gos when teens are bored with there lives. Thanks for nothing Mayor street. Philly has no LOVE.
Mr. Dibbs, Philadelphia, PA [06-02-2003]

Making it legal to skate LOVE park will be a big step in skateboarding for Philly. Have skaters even done anymore more than to come to LOVE to skate? It's all we want to do. It's showing that Philadelphia cares about it's youth and would rather see them skateboarding, then doing somethin even more illegal like smoking or whatever.
Bruce Weaver, Kendall Park, NJ [06-02-2003]

make it skateable.
ian angeles, los angeles, ca usa [06-02-2003]

Love park for life!
James Yukawa, Culver City, CA [06-02-2003]

Lets buy up the place!
scott bernard, richmond virginia [06-02-2003]

Free it!
Lindsay Bertino, Cinnaminson Nj [06-02-2003]

Eric A. Moore, Bridgeport, PA [06-02-2003]

I think LOVE Park needs to be open to skateboards. Philadelphia wants to attract young people to the city, and this is the best way to do that. Skating there doesnt destroy the property, and skateboards are not hasseling anybody there. It's a place where kids can meet the pros that they look up to in the skate industry, and its a place where they can go and be themselves in a fun, artistic, and postive way.
Rebecaa Agauas, Sterling Heights, MI [06-02-2003]

Its rediculous that they redesigned love park just to keep skaters out of it. Most of the local stores surronding love park got most of their business from skaters, why would the city take something good for both the community and the skaters and change it. What they should do is declare it a free local skatepark, so then the stores surronding love park might get more again and skaters will have a place to skate and express themselves.
Tom Kaiser, Smithtown, New York [06-02-2003]

It is one of the best skate spots in the world and it is a big piece of skateboarding history, it should remain a skate spot. Skateboarding at the park did not bother the people there, i bet they even liked to watch people skate there. please make it skatable agian.
frankie [06-02-2003]

Sandro Casadei [06-02-2003]

It's a big staple in the skateboarding world. When people think of skateboarding they first think of LOVE and for that reason it should stay up. The west coast already has ruined a famous spot no need to ruin the only one on the east coast.
Stephanie, Richmond, VA 23233 [06-02-2003]

give skaters a chance and open the park to them again
Carmen Strauss, Philly, PA [06-02-2003]

Love Park was destroyed a part of our skateboarding culture was destroyed
Tom Love, ga [06-02-2003]

Matt Schnurr, Tempe, AZ 85284 US [06-02-2003]

Guillaume Martinez, Paris, France [06-02-2003]

Fuh sho!
alex hinds, winnipeg, MB, Canada [06-02-2003]

Love Park should be turned over to the skaters of Philadelphia. It has brought in tons of money. I know dozens of skaters from North Carolina who come up to Philly just to skate there. They will stay the weekend and go skating at Love. When the designer of Love Park protests and states that the park was made for all people and skateboarding should be allowed, that should be a clear enough answer. Also, John Street used the park for his own use and then took seizure against skaters by force.
Brad Jones, Winston Salem, NC [06-02-2003]

Love Park is such a popualar place to skate and has made Philly known for it. Bring back skating there because everyone misses LOVE park.
Darren Smith, BC Canada [06-02-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK. Love is what made philly and what ruined Philly. Love is what kept Philly skaters and skating alive. Once LOVE was taken away I don't see any love left in philly.
Adam Toscani, Cinnaminson [06-02-2003]

Adrian Harwood, Seattle, WA [06-02-2003]

Love Park alone has brought in probably hundreds of thousands maybe millions of dollars for the city due to tourism, it is a good thing for skateboarders and the city.
Billy Lang, Boston Massachusetts [06-02-2003]

Jon Morrell, Bowling Green, KY [06-02-2003]

Its not fair that we dont get our eay with anything exspecially one of the most historical skateboarding sites
Sam Buttrick, Milford,CT, USA [06-02-2003]

Ryan Snow [06-02-2003]

Michael Hill [06-02-2003]

Garrett Sutton [06-02-2003]

Nate Hart [06-02-2003]

PJ Medrano [06-02-2003]

Benny Salazar [06-02-2003]

Josh Machado [06-02-2003]

Chris Goulet [06-02-2003]

Andy Ohlin [06-02-2003]

Mark Desouza [06-02-2003]

Callan S. Cotten [06-02-2003]

free love park!
Jimmy Wright, Richmond, VA [06-02-2003]

kristen holtz, chicago, il [06-02-2003]

dylan walker, saskatoon, saskatchewan canada [06-02-2003]

save the park...the youth of this nation are the future...the youth of any nation are the future...if you don't save this park, all those young people will grow up paying taxes elsewhere...somewhere they can skate...or somewhere that doesn't stink of oppresion
Mary Reilly, Staten Island, New York USA [06-02-2003]

LOVE Park should open again. It is a big part of the skate community. Free LOVE Park
Pat, Grand Island, NY [06-02-2003]

If you don't rebuild LOVE you will destroy the greatest place on earth!
Charles Codere, Montreal, Quebec, Canada [06-02-2003]

Theres no love for love...Theres no love for skateboarding! P.S. A-town kids are coming up
warren zeyen, auburn Ca 95603 [06-02-2003]

What`d love park ever do to Philly? bring it money?.....oh horrible! dummies. Just let us skate again.
Jessica Goodwin, Atco, new jersey [06-02-2003]

first time i skate love was insane never have i seen that many people skating the same spot kind of surreal and a lot of fun
pete comerford, millstone, new jersey [06-02-2003]

Im a skateboarder from Canada and it was always my dream to go to Love Park.I guess i cant really do this anymore.Im not sure if the city realizes this but it is one of the most legendary skate spots in history amd to stop skating there is just really lame.I also dont know if the city knows how much this place meant to everyone.I mean i dont even live in Philadelphia or have even skated Love Park and im still really sad about what happened to it.You have to think about what the city is actually doing.Why shut down a place that means so much to people and has so much history,just so people can walk through it without seeing skateboarders.I mean is it really worth it? Tourists sure as hell arent going to appreciate Love as much as skateboarders do,so why go to all the trouble? If Love Park was closed I really doubt that any tourists or people that walk through it occasionaly, would care at all.Skateboarders on the other hand,obviously have a true love for that place and are really bummed to see it go.So city hall,if you see this,take into consideration what we're all saying here.
Luke Norrad, Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada [06-02-2003]

Without the skateboarders, Love Park has no love. I'd rather walk the extra couple blocks to Rittenhouse Square to people watch.
Colin Helb, Philadelphia, PA [06-02-2003]

Love Park used to be full of life, full of energy. It became it's own life force. Today I go to Love park and see maybe 3 people walking through the park on their way to catch the bus. The park has no life. There used to be hundreds of kids skating there at once. There was so much positive energy flowing. Non-skateboarders would stop as they passed by to watch the locals try some amazing tricks. LOVE was the main reason the X-Games came to Philly. The city made so much money off the popularity of the park, but within months looked the gift horse in the mouth. Skateboarding is not just a hobby, it had become a multi-billion dollar industy that brings tourism and encourages success. The closing of Love park caused every skateboarder's heart to ache and leaves us with a piece of the puzzle missing. Also, I think that those pink planters infront of the ledges are much uglier than some black wax marks on the edge of the ledges.
Andrew Garrett, Miami FL / Philly PA [06-02-2003]

Mayor Street shut down Love before I ever got to skate it. Re-open Love for shralping, crailtap told me to. And open up more skatable parks, not skateparks, Philadelphia's skatepark designs eat severly weak beef, more granite ledges with hidey holes for the bums!
C S Burns, Lawrenceville, NJ [06-02-2003]

love park was not built to keep people out of it.
james link, phoenix, AZ [06-02-2003]

Give it back!
Joe Temple, Chatham, NJ [06-02-2003]

How would you like it if you were told you are not allowed to drive around or else you'd be arrested,get a fine of $300, and have your car taken? Thats what I thought. FREE LOVE PARK
Rob Feeley, Boston, Massachusetts [06-02-2003]

Skateboarding is a positve activity for people of all ages. Most cities spend thousands of dollars to build a skateboard park. Most of the time the parks they build are messed up in one way or another and kids are bummed because with that much money they could have built something good. With LOVE park, it is something that the city already has. They don't need to spend thousands of dollars to build something else if they would just let skateboarders skate at LOVE park. The design of that park is so much better for skateboarding than most of the skateparks that were made for skateboarders. Really, What is the big deal with letting skateboarders skate in LOVE park???
jeff henderson, huntington beach, ca usa [06-02-2003]

It sucks that you guy's want to tore down lovepark. i didnt get to skate it!
Alexander Ærthoj, Denmark [06-02-2003]

Dan Watson, Saskatoon, Sk. Canada [06-02-2003]

closing the park to skaters was one of the dumbest political decisicions i've seen made in a while. free love
jane branicky, philadelphia, pa [06-02-2003]

Free it, why build another skatepark when you have the perfect one right there!
Brandon Bramhall, Boonton, NJ [06-02-2003]

So much for "the city of brotherly love".
Charley Feher, Virginia Beach, Virginia [06-02-2003]

Love park is the reason I kept skating. I always wanted to move to philly just to skate there every day. But now cops have to go up and tell kids not to skate there. That park is boring without skating. And besides its a public park and they should let kids skate there. Im 13 and I live in Houston,Texas. I've skated Love once but cops came up and told me "get out of here" so i did. And I think thats wrong im just a kid trying to skate in peace.I have the same problems in houston. Its hilarious when they tell skaters to leave and theres crack dealers all through out that park still. Its a shame. Cops have nothing better to do but to kick skateboarders out of a PUBLIC PARK when there just trying to have a fun.Re open LOVE PARK.
Stefan Barudzija [06-02-2003]

skating is reclaiming!
Aron Rontatalo, Umeå, Sweden [06-02-2003]

free love.
Zac Hissem, Moorestown Nj, USA [06-02-2003]

The heritage that LOVE holds for skateboarding is immense. Me and my friends one summer were gonna fly out to philly just to skate LOVE park. Give it back!
Sam Grinsted, England [06-02-2003]

Banning Skatboarding in love park has to be one of the worst decisions the city officials ever made. Love was featured in Tony Hawk Pro Skater, The X-games street corse 2 years in a row, and its been shown in almost every skate vied ever made. To not allow skateboarding at love is almost a direct los of $$$$ for phili. Free love
Steven, Corona CA [06-02-2003]

Who really appreciated LOVE Park more than skateboarders? I promise you nobody did, who cared about LOVE that lived in Philly? No One, not one single soul, besides skateboarders, LOVE gave skateboarders LIFE, and skateboarders gave LOVE the same. Only skateboarders had LOVE for LOVE.
Tyler Huff, Myrtle Beach, SC [06-02-2003]

free that s* up, sakters need to progress and learn new tricks, whatbetter place to do it than at love!
scott s, oshawa ontario [06-02-2003]

i love skatebaording more than anything,i always saw love park in so many skate videos and it was my dream to some day skate it, and now i cant.
ed cieslak, long island new yorks [06-02-2003]

I am sitting in the school library supposed to be looking up WWI information, but instead i am signing this petition.It caught my eye thanks to I myself wanted to skate LOVE park one day, in hopes of seeing its wonderful skating terrain. They need to open the damn place back up. It provided a place for teens and kids to hang out, escape their reality of troubles, and do what they love most : skate. When people skate they forget about every other thing that is going on in the world (war, terrorism etc.). Why is it such a crime to have an outlet for all of your agressions and frustrations? They might as well take my sketch pad, computer, and all the other material items that bring me joy. Skating has brought me to look at things more artistically, and become more open to the idea of meeting new people. Now i am just one person out of a small town in WI, think about all the people in Philadelphia, PA. There is a much larger population of skaters there then here. If all the people think the same way i do, then think of all the hearts that break because of the closing of LOVE park. Even the spectators who watch the sport with great admiration. Those people will now do something else, like sit at home and play video games all day. Re-Open LOVE park, so i myself can see it and skate it, and make new friends that think the same way i do.
Adam Beris, Cudahy, WI [06-02-2003]

love park is badass please let us skate it
mark, west covina, ca usa [06-02-2003]

I've been to Love Park a few times, and both times I was able to see many of the pro skaters that I would normally only see in videos. It was quite amazing. You could go there and just skate with them. I was actually going to move to Philadelphia just to skate Love, but since it's demise, I settled on Boston instead. Love Park was what skateboarding is all about, average skaters and pros alike, united under a common bond, to skateboard. Free Love Park.
Tom Atencio, Boston, Mass [06-02-2003]

have respect for skateboarders,have respect for or sport
tycho posthumus, Amsterdam,Netherlands [06-02-2003]

I think you should resurrect love park because i've been skating for 5 years and i've always wanted to skate love, but now i can't it was a public park so i don't see why it was illegal to skate there. SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME!
Cody Lonchar, Battle Creek, MI [06-02-2003]

Brasher Robb, Cleveland, Mississippi [06-02-2003]

i had love growing up and others should have it too...
Chris Burgess, Georgia [06-02-2003]

Petter Eklöf, Sweden [06-02-2003]

Love park is sick, it was just plain sick. So much history has gone down there. It's built for skateboarding, period. Not only bringing in tourists, LOVE also brought in, well, love. It brought people, skaters, etc. together, all for the love of skateboarding. Bring it back!
matt Walker, Gresham, OR [06-02-2003]

How can skateboards destroy granite steps? Since the city has failed to open an alternative site, the mayor should re-open Love Park to skateboarders.
Mark Peruso, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA [06-02-2003]

i think that the love park should be a street skate park. f* the government
christoph, vienna,austria [06-02-2003]

I don't live in Philadelphia but I've been to Love Park and it has helped me increase my skills get sponsered and yet it mightof helped me become a professional skater quicker. Love Park is the home of the best Pro skater Kerry Getz and he became one from skating at Love Park and it should be opened again to let younger less experienced skaters become better at a place many people have. If you have to make every one sign a paper saying you guys aren't responsible for falls and breaks.
Kasey Worley, Cheyenne, Wyoming [06-02-2003]

ken roberts, philadelphia, pa [06-02-2003]

theresa roberts, philadelphia, pa [06-02-2003]

maria marvasso, philadelphia, pa [06-02-2003]

charles marvasso, philadelphia,pa [06-02-2003]

get rid of mayor street/ reopen love park to skaters
theresa marvasso, philadelphia, pa [06-02-2003]

Jonathan Collins, Philadelphia, PA [06-02-2003]

Ric, Cheshire, England [06-02-2003]

Anna Fitzgerald, Philadelphia, PA [06-02-2003]

I can't believe such an epic spot is being ripped from our grasp!This seems like an EMB replay... FREE LOVE PARK!
Mekael Dawson, Florida [06-02-2003]

Jake Travisano, Baltimore, Maryland [06-02-2003]

Eric c Early, Livonia, Mi 48152 [06-02-2003]

Let the Kids Skate.
Hugh Allen, Philadelphia, Pa. 19116 [06-02-2003]

Love Park looks so rad. I haven't skated there but I know how much it means to the skaters. Love should be open because spots like EMB have closed or change entirely. Skaters need real life structures to skate. They shouldn't be limited to indoor ramps and rails. Many things have gone down at Love and are so memorable and meaningful to many skateboarders. I hope love park will re-open.
Aki Vo-Ta, Singapore [06-02-2003]

I am 48 years old do not use a skateboard (could never stand on one) and work in Center City. I believed LOVE Park is a International Civic space which should be open to skateboard users. It would be one more tourist destination for our City! Free Love Park
George J. Ahern, Broomall, PA [06-02-2003]

even though the city banned skateboarding at LOVE there must of been a solid reason for it, i still can only see a some sliught reasons why eg: wear and tear of the ledges but once again this place brought so many people from all over the world to come together and share there intrest.
Daniel Purnell, Newcastle, Australia [06-02-2003]

I'ts like closing disneyland for chrissakes
Lee Harvey, Belgium [06-02-2003]

when i was about 10 or 11, my family made a trip to Pennslyvania to visit some relatives. i had just started skating at the time, and was waiting to visit the famous Love Park. Sadly, i never made it on that trip, but my parents told me that when i graduated from high school, i could drive there myself. I have now graduated, and Love is gone. i seemed to be able to hold up to my end of the bargain. Philly didnt.
dave Giesbrecht, omaha NE [06-02-2003]

It's just the best spot in the world and skaters should be allowed to have fun at a place they really appreciate.
Denis Bolduc, Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada [06-02-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK!..... us skaters dont do that much damage
Garett Chappell, Lompoc CA [06-02-2003]

D money, Wynnewood PA [06-02-2003]

nicholas peterson, chicago il. [06-02-2003]

I never got the chance to skate LOVE park, but a lot of skaters that I look up to were regulars there. Guys like Stevie Williams, Kerry Getz, Josh Kalis and the like. For years, Id dream of going to Philly, skating LOVE, and running into someone whos magazine ad or poster is on my wall. I never got the chance though, because the city closed it down. If this petition will help open the park up to skateboarding, then I am all for it. Too many famous(and unfamous) spots have been decimated by city officials who damn near hate us simply because we ride skateboards. Open LOVE again so that me, and thousands of other kids who missed out the first time around can skate it.
Justin Rosier, Flossmoor, IL, 60422 [06-02-2003]

maureen harrigan flanagan, Philadelphia, P [06-02-2003]

I always heard how love park is a great place to skate and ride a bike, but i was never able to go there. I go down to Philadelphia every summer to ride and it is a place that i would love to experience.
Bill Frank, Naugatuck, Connecticut [06-02-2003]

one LOVE
dana ericson [06-01-2003]

I don't skate, but that has nothing to do with my support for this movement. Philly always talks about trying to keep college graduates here and being a "cool" place to be, and then the leadership (read: John Street) are so out of touch that they turn an international treasure into a septic, valueless urban park that can be found anywhere. Bring back the LOVE. Peace
Matt Lammi, Philadelphia, PA [06-01-2003]

Closing LOVE Park to skating, etc. was one of the most short-sighted, "inside the box" decisions I've ever heard of. I generally like Mayor Street's positions, but he certainly erred in banning skating and spending close to a million dollars to remake the park. Open it back up for skateboarders, before the we lose the world's interest (and, Mayor Street, before you lose my vote to Sam Katz!)
Bill Harvey, Philadelphia, PA [06-01-2003]

LOVE PARK: Once there was excitement and urban vitality, right in the center of the Place that Loves You Back. I always thought "excitement" and "urban vitality" were what Philly was fighting FOR???!
Mitch Deighan, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, Pa. [06-01-2003]

Love Park is essential to the skateboarding community. Closing the park will only do the great city of Philidelphia a disservice. First embarcadero, now this.
Travis Greene, Temecula, CA [06-01-2003]

tom formica, philadelphia [06-01-2003]

Put it back the way it was. Another reason to back Sam Katz.
M Welch, Lower Gwynedd, PA [06-01-2003]

I never got a chance to skate LOVE park, but It's always been one of my dreams to go to Philly just to at least skateboard through the park. I think what the city did was possibly one of it's biggest mistakes considering they could've saved millions of dollars, and their reputations. They would've been better off blowing up the liberty bell.
Dre McCarthy, Scottsdale, AZ [06-01-2003]

As i allways walk through love park at night i felt safe knowing that many teenagers were around. now that their gone i feel scared at night crossing the park... now without the youth i feel unsafe.
Maria Maskin, Philadelphia PA [06-01-2003]

Love park is a fun place to skate.
Ian Cox, Moorestown N.J [06-01-2003]

Open the park what do you have to lose? All it does it attract people and money to the city? Is that bad?
Matt Lesbirel [06-01-2003]

Philadelphia has a site of historic and international proportion in Love Park that could, if skateboarding were supported instead of criminalized, benefit both the bleeding economy of the city as a whole and the troubled lives of young people who may have few other options for relatively inexpensive drug-free recreation. Instead, the city administrators offer Philadelphia's youth more of the same oppressive support of a small cartel of the rich against those outside the channels of political power that is demonstrated in their financial assistance in the building of unnecessary glitzy new sports stadiums for the athletic establishment while underfunding Philadelphia public schools. Apparently government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich is alive and well in the city of confraternal cronyism.
Allen Kerkeslager, Faculty, Saint Joseph's University [06-01-2003]

Hey im written this letter from Friggin idaho to show how much i care! let me tell you, i need love park Back! i used to live in philly but we moved because me and my brother(who both skate) stopped enjoying philly because Love was gone. Thanks a lot mayor street maybe this time you can get out of office and help a good cause for once! REEOPEN LOVE PARK!
Jack Black, Boises, Idaho [06-01-2003]

Hello, I am a 58 year old woman who is just writing this to help these skateboarding youths out. when i used to walk to JFK plaza, I would enjoy the laughter, sounds, and noises of fun experienced by the skators. but now that their all gone, ive lost the point to visit the plaza because of lack of amusement. Face it!this park is boring without it. I dont feel safe at night now there because it is alone and more dangerous. The presence of skators there reassured me that i was a well protected old woman. I believe the stripping away of love park for our youth was an injustice to kids everywhere and this landmark should be immediatley restored to its old glory.
Glenda Holfied, Philadelphia, PA [06-01-2003]

they should re-open that shiz:-D
Lizz, Jersey [06-01-2003]

Open it back up, : )!
Andy, Dublin, OH [06-01-2003]

Brad A., hope mills, nc [06-01-2003]

Love Park has been one of those places that you just dream about skating and me and my friends have dreamed of that day since we saw kids throwing tricks down there...but when it was shut down,it hurt us too. Just to think that we wont see anymore of our favorite pros throw tricks down
marcus hall, aurora, il [06-01-2003]

Love is a awesome park and it should be free or people should burn for saying not to be free.
Haein Lee, orem [06-01-2003]

why waste money on a new skatepark when they already have a perfectly good one?
Ryan Stephany, Nashua, NH USA [06-01-2003]

Jason Biggs, CHerry Park, NJ [06-01-2003]

ANgry MAN, angryville, pa [06-01-2003]

billy hannigan, homewood, alabama [06-01-2003]

please reeopen love park! thanks and good luck
James Johansen, Narberth PA [06-01-2003]

all parks should be free
daniel taylor, apopka florida usa [06-01-2003]

LOVE park has been one of the places on my list to visit ever since I heard about it. Skateboarders all over the country feel the same. LOVE park is an essential part of philly and needs to be reopened!
Jay Klimala, Tampa Florida [06-01-2003]

i think we should let skatboarders skate at love park because where all the good people skate and if you dont let them skate there you will end there career
Rory Villagracia, hercules california [06-01-2003]

nathanile, orlando, florida [06-01-2003]

we need love park,,,skaters come from all over the world just to see love park. some people from china,africa,fiji,canada, come to usa just to see love park .that is like a skateboarding land mark and really important too us. FREE LOVE PARK!
alfaaz ali, hercules ca,usa [06-01-2003]

Elliott Oliver, Hercules, California [06-01-2003]

I think LOVE should be re-opened to skateboarders because it is such a momumental place, every skateboarders knows of LOVE.
Danny Stein, Larchmont, NY [06-01-2003]

Free Love park!
Gautam Sachdev, San Francisco, California [06-01-2003]

Even though i don't have the skills to skate LOVE, but my heart goes out to everyone affected by the renovations and the stupid laws. Fight on
Isaac Unson, Phoenixville PA [06-01-2003]

Beth [06-01-2003]

Michael [06-01-2003]

Phily sucks now that LOVE park is closed ... it should be re-opened imeditatly ... many dreams of kids are shattered now and re-opening LOVE park will attract a lot of people to philly ... RE-OPEN! so skaters dreams can be accomplished and everyone will be happy. Frank
Frank Davis, Bridgeton, NJ [06-01-2003]

Ever since I've been seriously skateboarding I have wanted to skate Love and the day that I heard it was destroyed actually hurt me. It was like a dream of mine had been crushed.
Bray McKelvy, Roeland Park, KS [06-01-2003]

yeah i have skateboarded down at love park for most of my life and hope thst some day this all gets resolved soon so i can skate down town without getting ticketed.
chris dolan, media,PA [06-01-2003]

free it, best place in the world
Tom Mizell, Gainesville, FL [06-01-2003]

Bray McKelvy [06-01-2003]

the park is important to a lot of people in the skateboarding community so love park should let any and all recreation go on there...whether it be skateboarding or not.
geoffrey Alpizar, Traverse city, michigan [06-01-2003]

love park must be freed!
John Sgro, Cinnaminson Nj [06-01-2003]

Free Love
Tanner Toft, Bridgeton,NJ [06-01-2003]

Even though I don't live in Philly, I know that it has been a long standing dream for skaters such as myself around the world to come to LOVE and skateboard. You need to have a place like LOVE in your city because you need to encourage the act of skateboarding. To some people, such as myself, skateboarding isn't just something I partake in every day of my life. It has made me a better person. It has kept me away from drugs and alcohol, it has made me more out going, and willing to meet people of other races and cultures, no matter what the background. Skateboarding is a common background amongst many young individuals, and when you take a part of that away, it ruins the experience. If you don't give back LOVE, the city of Philadlphia needs so seriously consider some other alternative area designated for skateboarding. And I dont mean a small skatepark for the whole city to congregate at and have police supervision the entire day. I mean an area that can be skateboarded freely and shared with the rest of the community at the same time. One small skatepark does not work for a large city, and this I know. Living in Long Beach, California, we have one skatepark on the edge of the cuty where every skateboarder is expected to skate. They are not wanted anywhere else. We are not lepers or some crack dealers trying to ruin the city, we are skateboarders. I hope that you take my suggestions into serious consideration. Thank you for your time.
Bryant Stanton, Long Beach, California [06-01-2003]

Kate, Cinnaminson. New Jersey [06-01-2003]

Iam a 49 year old non-skater and the park should not have been taken from the kids. The park was just about always occupied with kids/people and not just during office hours for the 'out of town' folks. How do I know this? Because I have lived several blocks away in The Sterling for 10 years. I walk by the park at all hous as this is my neighborhood. Turn the park back for the kids. Allow Philadelphia to be known for a little more than the conservative, no chance taking town it once was.Keep us moving forward as a 'real' international city.
Robert Barton, Philadelphia, PA [06-01-2003]

Take it from Edmund Bacon, the now 93 year-old designer of LOVE Park. The allegations that skateboarders cause any appreciable real estate damage is "a cooked-up issue, a big lie." Banning skateboarding treats young people like "criminals". - Philadelphia Inquirer Where is the "LOVE"? Mayor Street should have renamed it "HATE Park".
Corey Sagenich, Center City, PA [06-01-2003]

I used to love sitting in Love Park, relaxing and watching the skateboarders! It's obscene that the mayor spent our money to destroy something this positive for everyone. I'm 55 years old and think it's great that kids are skateboarding!
Gloria Rohlfs, Philadelphia, PA [06-01-2003]

love park is great, made good frends there and skated sick spots
FLorence waggaman, lower merion [06-01-2003]

LOVE is skateboarding. Going into the city on a summer evening and skating LOVE is the best thing ever. I dont want it to end, so something needs to change. A protest should take place, all skaters need to go there at the same time, without their decks and protest, I think it would make a difference.
Michael Leary, Downingtown PA [06-01-2003]

Dalia Vann, Potomac, Maryland [06-01-2003]

Michael Plank, Camp Hill, PA [06-01-2003]

As a skater myself I find that the destruction of LOVE park for skaters is yet another destruction in our history. Its a chapter that has been finished, yet needs to be continued. I never got a chance to skate LOVE park, but would love to be able to. I myself have made a shirt that says Philly has no LOVE on the front and on the back says R.I.P. LOVE. I hope to spread the word around enough to keep alive its memory and hopefully bring it back some day. Spread The WORD! FIGHT THE POWER FOR YOUR RIGHTS! R.I.P. LOVE. (but not for too long)
Jonathan Blank, Silver Spring, MD [06-01-2003]

One of the reasons I chose to go to college in Philly was LOVE. Bring it back. Sam Katz for mayor.
Hao Nguyen, Philadelphia, PA [06-01-2003]

I just moved out of Philadelphia yesterday with the demise of Love Park being one of the biggest reasons why I left. They say America is the land of the free but I find Europe and many other places to be much more free. I travel on a constant basis and nowhere else do the cities enforce laws on such an outrageous level towards skateboarding. It would be great to see a city in the U.S. do something at this level for skateboarding which has done so much for the city. At the same time this would make a better name for the city in return bringing an influx of only positive reactions for the city. This would do much more for Philadelphia than I think the people realize.
Tim O'Connor, Morristown, NJ [06-01-2003]

Cyndi Bohn, Cinnaminson, NJ [06-01-2003]

vote for sam katz. He said he'll reopen LOVE
bill, Lionville [06-01-2003]

LOVE PARK is great for skating. It should be legal. it is not dangerous and it is a large tourist spot
Josh, Irvine, CA [06-01-2003]

Tom Hess [06-01-2003]

when you have the chance to bring new people to our city and their money; is it smart to shut down the place they want to visit? Is this the leadership we have? No wonder we are going back-wards
Robert Greway, Philadelphia Pa. 19136 [06-01-2003]

LOVE park was the best thing to ever happen to skateboarding. And the city took that away from us, for what reason? Keep the LOVE alive...Free LOVE Park.
Bill Falco, Sayville, New York [06-01-2003]

It's good for Philly and the users. Go back to using it for the skateboarders.
a mcdermott, montgomery county pa [06-01-2003]

Free LOVE Park!
Will, Cypress Tx USA [06-01-2003]

Love park's the only reason i wanted to go to philly, three of the happiest days of my life took place there
primo flores mejia, Tijuana, BC, Mexico [06-01-2003]

free love park!
Walter Sharp, Bridgeton, NJ [06-01-2003]

I live on both coasts - splitting my time between Berkeley and Philadelphia. I am also a native of Philadelphia. When LOVE Park was in full bloom as a skating mecca, I began to believe that Phildelphia had finally begun to shed its parochialism and stodgy ways. Kids here in Berkeley would speak of the city in glowing terms - all because of LOVE Park. I find skaters to be extremely interesting young people. They want very much to be part of the community, rather than being pushed off into the margins. The damage that was caused by the skating was more than made up for by the good will and enhanced reputation that the city enjoyed prior to the heavy-handed actions of the maayor.
Edd Conboy, Berkeley, CA [06-01-2003]

I am not sure that the "powers that be" understand the importance of Love Park to the skaeboarding community. We are trying to promote Philadelphia as a vacation spot and yet removed one of it's best assets. Free Love Park!
Darlene Martin, Philadelphia, PA [06-01-2003]

Give the park back to the skaters! Why spend tax money on a park when you have the perfect mecca already at hand?
chris d., mt.laurel,nj [06-01-2003]

LOVE Park belongs to the young. Plenty of places for Center City officeworkers to eat. Why not just bar skateboarding from 11a-2p, and accomodate both groups?
Adam, Queen Village, Philadelphia [06-01-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK. LOVE park is one of the most popular skate spots In The U.S. So let the skaters have it back. Reopen LOVE to skateboarders
Matt, nj [06-01-2003]

Jim Rollenhagen, Grand Rapids, MI [06-01-2003]

Monica Kampf, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [06-01-2003]

Anything bringing young people together in groups that is a fun thing to do is necesary for our future. While I'm 81 years old I can remember the frustrations and problems of being young. Becoming an adult is difficult so the young people need all the support possible.
Jack Alexander, Doylestown, Pa. 18901 [06-01-2003]

---Making skateboarders hunted criminals...More fugitives roaming our streets and schools ---Stopping people from skating on a single city block...$8,000 that the city doesn't have. ---Making skaters look at phili with fear...Thousands of dollars lost from tourism. ---Mayor Street taking the love out of brotherly love and Love Park...Priceless. Love Park is in every skate magazine, movie, and even videogame. Why the hell did Philadelphia stop that publicity?
Nathan T. Fried, Riverside, NJ [06-01-2003]

Love park was an era itself. it was a piece of skateboarding history thast will never be forgotten and the city actually had the nerve to take it down right after they hosted the sdummer x- games street comp there.
Jake Craig, memphis MI [06-01-2003]

destroying love was stupid its better than most skate parks that we have have able so reopen it
kenneth moran, Ardmore PA [06-01-2003]

Hey I BMX but LOVE Park still meant a lot to me. Now that Philia's Mayor has "renovated" it, it is no longer the mecca it used to be. I say Philia should donate LOVE the aggressive sport people everywhere.
Michael Moran Jr., Ardmore PA. [06-01-2003]

Restore skateboarding to LOVE Park! It brought great international appeal to our fair city. The city has plenty of "sitting" parks. This one should be retored to its former glory. Please.
Karen Stover, Philadelphia, PA 19130 [06-01-2003]

When i favertie place to go was love park but now if i try i cant or i get takin away..its b.s..let us skatE!
terrance, cinnaminson, NJ [06-01-2003]

Bring Love Park back for us skaters!
Spencer Nuzzi, Franklin Lakes, NJ [06-01-2003]

Ryan Gee [06-01-2003]

they wont change it back, those bastards cant undo what they have done, people should take some real action, like people on strike do
martin, cinnaminson, NJ [06-01-2003]

love park rules! ive skated there and every ledge is awesome. i love the feeling of kickflipping on the ledges or nose sliding them. PLEASE DONT CLOSE IT DOWN! ITS APART OF SKATEBOARDING HISTORY!
joe, usa [06-01-2003]

free love park!
Eric Mamel, Tampa, Florida [06-01-2003]

im only 14 and scence i heard of love park i wanted to take that 2 hour drive and skate there when i get my license but now theses idiots want to close it down,we can't let that happen
Jeremy Coyle, Scranton,PA,USA [06-01-2003]

If it is known globablly, it can only bring prestige to the city. The damage can only be the figment of some wild imaginations.
smith, david j, Berwyn, PA 19312 [06-01-2003]

Once again the city government showed how it's out of touch with the residents and visitors of this great city yet listens to big businesses. This whole debate is a reflections of why this city keeps losing residents.
Craig Stover, Philadelphia, PA [06-01-2003]

OK this is how i feel about the situation. Long ago some skaters noticed what a perfect place Love would be to skate. They skated there and many more people started skating and moving to Philly just to skate Love park. The city got mad because the skaters were ruining the ledges and stuff. They built a skatepark that was horrible. The skaters fixed it up but it still couldn't stop people from skating Love because of how perfect it is. So the city just bans skating from Love ignoring the youth. Here is a very obvious solution: Make Love a place just for skateboarders. That way there won't be any skating anywhere else. (hardly) The city doesn't have to spend anymore money fixing Love or other places due to skaters, rollerbladers, bixers ect. Also if Love is already ruined and will cost millions of dollars to fix just give it to the skaters and build a new place like Love somewhere else. Also one of my dreams has to skate Love but that might not come true.
Cody Porter, Jackson,MI. [06-01-2003]

Bring skateboarding back to Love Park. I've never ridden a skateboard but this park was an icon to a younger generation and should be restored to it's previous state.
Dean Amburn, Philadelphia, PA [06-01-2003]

show me your love!
jack searls, perth, western australia [06-01-2003]

Free Love Park to skateboarding so I can plan a roadtrip there once I get my liscence!
Andrew Canning, Wooster Ohio [06-01-2003]

Theresa Daly, Philadelphia, PA [06-01-2003]

free love park.
mathieu gibeault, montreal, Qc, canada [06-01-2003]

quite frankly, I feel that we are not the real hazard;the homeless people that sleep there and drug pushers are the real source of the bad name that love hasd gotten. the police just needed a more obvious target.
kyle burton, hamilton nj [06-01-2003]

I have officially retired my skate due to bad knee, and taken up a purly philming side to the sport, however, LOVE is the sickest of sick on videos. Living in california, i have not gotten to ever experiance it, but it looks nuts, and WAY fun. skaters should be aloud there whenever they please as long as they are respecting the rest of the people there, because that is what it is all about.
Jordan, Irvine, CA [06-01-2003]

I live in Britain and I've never been to Philidelphia and sadly probably never will. However, Love Park is an international renowned skate spot and it would be a great shame to deprive all skateboarders of such a seminal place in the history skateboarding. It sounds as if the Philly government need to start listening to the people who have elected them and BRING BACK THE LOVE!
Peter Crack, Northampton England [06-01-2003]

Finn Lily, Ireland [06-01-2003]

I might not live anywhere near love park but its been a pleasure to see such an amazing place in many skate videos, somewhere i would have loved to skate, free love park.
Sam Gurr, England [06-01-2003]

Free Love!
Grant Raenn, Seal Beach CA [06-01-2003]

Alan Huang, Irvine, CA, USA [06-01-2003]

Free LOVE Park
Paul Guerra, Torrance,CA [06-01-2003]

Love Park is the skateboard mecca sk8ers every where know about it and dream of sk8ing there and sk8ing the same spots there favorite pros did before they were known if u take the skateboarding out of love park not only are u destroying a big chunk of skate history also your showing that you want the money of sk8ing but dont apreciate sk8ing by giving us the park by means of the x-games only to turn your back and take it all away
ian wilson, Rolla Missouri [06-01-2003]

charles chatov, woodstock ga [06-01-2003]

love park has been a phenomenal part of the skateboarding scene for many years now. although i have not skated it myself, i think that the local economy would be boosted if you kept love park, as hundreds if not thousands of skaters go there every year. and also it is perfect for skateboarding.
luke casperson, brisbane australia [06-01-2003]

Get Mayor Street out of office. Free Love.
Ken, Philly [06-01-2003]

Even though i come from maryland, i feel the pain of your skaters, we too have had handrails skate-stopped and ledges and stairs barred from our use. Dont destroy our LOVE.
Nate Casteel, md [06-01-2003]

love r.i.p
Todd Mortenson, International Falls Minnesota [06-01-2003]

please open LOVE i have driven up there all the way from florida just to skate there and im sure im not the only only one. LOVE is a piece to skateboarding if it is gone forever skateboarding will be changed forever
michael, west palm beach,florida [06-01-2003]

I've never skated love park but I sure know the impact it has had on skateboarding.Destroying it is a sin!
Justin Allain, Moncton N-B [06-01-2003]

watchin all the videos before love park was destroyed made me want to skate it sooo bad, and ive always been like, "when i get a car im goin there RIGHT away," and now that its gettin destroyed it just bums me out, we need love park! forever...
andy rossetti, natick MA [06-01-2003]

LOVE is a piece of skateboarding. Everyone who skates knows about it and some even pilgrimage there. Skating wouldn't be the same without it. FREE LOVE!
Seth Rosetter, Minnesota [06-01-2003]

Love Park so many people to philly it is like the capital of skateboarding.I went there like a year ago and it was the best time i ever had.It seems that it brings a lot of tourist to the city to so they need to FREE LOVE PARK!
Zeke, knoxville [06-01-2003]

To the city of Philadelphia. I cancelled my road trip to philly because of the loss of this park. I spent my hard earned money in a city that is not so disrespectful of its youth. think about that and the thousands of others who did the same as i.
Brandon Brown, Leander, Texas, United States [06-01-2003]

Free Love Park
Kyle Verboomen, Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada [06-01-2003]

Please keep love park, one of the best thing that had happen to skateboarding. Love park brought a lot of skateboarders together. Many skateboarders had great times when love park was around. I also want love park to stay so one day i can come and skate the legendery LOVE PARK.
nick bastani, wellesley, Ma, USA [06-01-2003]

Dude like last year I graduated and wanted to go to philly to skate the world famous lovepark,but i never got to go so i hope i can help in any way.
Jerel Williams, tampa,fl [06-01-2003]

i want it back!
emily, philadelphia. pa [06-01-2003]

I think LOVE Park should be open to skateboarders.I been there a few times to skate and it's awsome.In my town almost everywhere you go there no where to skate, it's banned everywhere and LOVE Park is one of the hottest places to skate. Takin that I way from skaters is like hell.I think that LOVE Park should allow skateboarding.
Zach Rivard, Rochester, New York [06-01-2003]

Brittany, New Jersey [06-01-2003]

Lee Ann Slade, Vancouver BC Canada [06-01-2003]

I personaly love watching josh kalis and other pros skateing up love park. by taking it away you are keeping pro skateboarders from doing there job. there job is to skate, and just film, so please take the ban off.
Billy High, mesa, AZ U.S [06-01-2003]

Evan Cuttic, Downingtown PA, United States of America [06-01-2003]

Tom, Downingtown PA [06-01-2003]

i've heard so much good stuff about love park infact it's givin philly quite the rep.
Anna Rusinowski, Toronto Canada [06-01-2003]

Save the park!
Adam Scott, Natick ma [06-01-2003]

Maria Norman, Philadelphia PA [06-01-2003]

Free LOVE.
Marie Daniels, Charm City [06-01-2003]

greg yotsin, philaselphia pa USA [06-01-2003]

I think its obsered that the city is taking away such a great peice of history. Why not make it a skatepark? If the ledges and what not are eroded big freakin whoop. Then jusat let skaters skate there. I don't understad why the govener is so obtuse, and i never will. He should not be in charge of anypublic things because he knows crap about handiling them.
Brandon Doane, new smyrna beach, florida U.S. [06-01-2003]

James Hoover, Sacramento, Ca [06-01-2003]

i always wanted to make the trip to skate LOVE but now its gone and the skaters of Philly are just going to annoy even more people skating other spots.
Matt Martin, Sharon, Ma. [06-01-2003]

free love park, for the good of the skaters and people
jan lizak, natick, mass, usa [06-01-2003]

Ive seen love park and i also watched it on the X-Games skaters love it not because of its popularity but because it just calls you out I have skated there and it was the best place Ive ever been to.Free LOVE
Z cham, Clarksburg,West Virginia [06-01-2003]

I'm a west child, but who doesn't know about Love? Mayor Street is a blind man, blind to the future. We are the future. Free Love.
Ed Hoffman, Orem, UT [05-31-2003]

Jon Reddon, downingtown pa, united states of america [05-31-2003]

I came to Philly all the way from cleveland to see the infamous Love Park, even though i wasnt able to skate it, i saw the wholesome skateboarding atmosphere that it created, and how much fun everyone was having. once i found out that it was being closed off permenantley to skateboarders, i was devastated that i would never be able to skate there again. maybe i will again someday...
chris sherron, Cleveland Ohio [05-31-2003]

Jon, ROckville, MD USA [05-31-2003]

ive wanted to go there ever since i started skating, then i finally flew to philly from california and skated there for a few minutes, well woth it. it was a dream come true.
Thomas Teal, victorville, CA 92392 [05-31-2003]

i saw on the news yesterday that the next mayoral canidate if elected will legalize skateboarding in philly and make love skateable.
Ron Lenzi, willow grove,pa [05-31-2003]

Love Park is the best place to skate
Pat Barnickel, Wall, NJ [05-31-2003]

just like EMB...Love4life
Miles, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA [05-31-2003]

LOVE park is a piece of skateboarding history, destroying it is like destroying a part of skateboarding. Its just not right, it cant be done.
Joe Mondoux, Ontario Canada [05-31-2003]

Give skateboarders back what was truthfully theres,show some love...
Eric, Webster, New York [05-31-2003]

Love Park was a great, safe, and fun place to skate and meet up with friends from the area. Love was a piece of EAST COAST history and it's sad that it's not there.
alex dedote, ny, ny [05-31-2003]

i want to ride love park agian so open please open it up. Us bikers need a place to ride
anonymous, Philadelphia, PA [05-31-2003]

This park is a nessicity to not only the skaters of the east coast, but also the true, hardworking citizens of Philidelphia and surrounding cities.
Seth Levy, maryland now, texas before [05-31-2003]

I always wanted to go all the way to the states to skate in the love park. You should keep it. So many people love that place.
Glenn Jørgensen, Copenhagen, Denmark [05-31-2003]

i think that instead of being total aholes, they should reopen LOVE park for skaters.
derek wilks, philadelphia,pa [05-31-2003]

No Love for love park plus i wanna me kalis and williams.
Curtis Daley., Needham, Mass. United States Of America. [05-31-2003]

Tara Kinchen, Goldsboro, NC [05-31-2003]

Mayor Street is being very hipocritical. he spends so much money on making sure no one has fun skateboarding yet he is a greedy man so lets the x games come to town and get a big fat check
kevin kray [05-31-2003]

Reopen LOVE! give us a place to skate & work on lines & never vote for philys current mayor ever again.
steven m. ayers, bushnell, florida. [05-31-2003]

I think that LOVE PARK is an excellent place for young skateboarders to skate, it keeps them off the streets and will only heighten the popularity of LOVE PARK
Avi Loren Fox, Narberth, PA [05-31-2003]

i have been skating for a long time and have witnessed this before-- RIP EMB -- i think the city should let you guys skate there. i myself have never sessioned love park, but i have heard many stories about it, and i've seen it in sk8 mags and videos for most of my life. and from i've seen on t.v.--x games-- the sport that takes place at love, gives back to love and the community around it.
ren dozier, albany, new york USA [05-31-2003]

elizabeth redling, philadelphia, pa [05-31-2003]

Mike, West Chester [05-31-2003]

I have always dreamed of skateboarding in Love Park after seeing how great it was in some of my favorite skate videos like Jump Off a Building. I never got a chance to skate Love before it got turned into some piece of grass or whatever they did to it. I think that they should reopen Love and give skaters everywhere a chance to skate there.
Jim Robinson, Chadds Ford, PA [05-31-2003]

free love
Mike Matthias, Villanova, PA [05-31-2003]

I've been wanting to go and skate LOVE Park ever since i found out about it. Then when i found out that you could no longer skate there i was devastated. Now i can't do something i've wanted to do since i was 10. Unless you reopen LOVE Park.
Nick Lau, Bedminster, New Jersey [05-31-2003]

love skatepark is one of the best skaeparks there are.It wa sthe first skatepark i skated wsa where i landed my first boardslide,my nose grin,and has good memories for me,when i used to live near there,i would everyday go and skateboard,with a group of friends.if u close it down,then your breaking a lot of skaters park was one of the reason i wanted to skateboard,when i was little i use to see my older broters skate there,it hurt me,when i had to move away,because i wouldn't be able to skate there anymore,but every summer i would go up there and skate.Please don't destroy all my memories,by closing it down.
Teresa, valrico,fl. united states of america [05-31-2003]

George Blankin, Jenkintown PA [05-31-2003]

free love park
chase, tampa florida usa [05-31-2003]

Love park was ruined by political assholes!
Connor, toms river,nj,usa [05-31-2003]

rakeypoo, philly pa 1072 [05-31-2003]

whoever would close down love park should be shot, its one of the only truely excellent places to sk8 in the city, tearing it down would ruin everything, LOVE PARK 4 EVER!
Brian McCabe, Natick Ma [05-31-2003]

Charlie Adams, Charleston, South Carolina (USA) [05-31-2003]

if you really care about the youth, free love park!
Chris Grady, Natick, MA [05-31-2003]

Love Park is a symbol of skateboarding, and the city of Piladelphia. Skateboarding helped bring millions of dollars into Philly, its time Philly did something for skateboarders.
Ryan Parks, Atlanta, GA [05-31-2003]

Free Love park!
Ben Burwell, MN, Eagan [05-31-2003]

dont take love down, its a major part of skateboarding history
Ty, Edmonton, AB [05-31-2003]

Sam Katz for Mayor-get street outta there. I hope this gets through to all of the ignorant fools like street & his friends-cuz we ain't going nowhere.
Tahnee Cooper, Everett, Wa, USA [05-31-2003]

i live in Australia and have never skated love park.but as a skater i know how important love is to the skateboarding community. in canberra where i live, security guards are generally ok with skating. you can skate inside a shopping centre and not get kicked out, for crying out loud! my vision, a world where skating is accepted, even embraced by the non skating public. FREE LOVE PARK. the end
Nicko, Canberra, Australia [05-31-2003]

taking away love park is like taking away a big part of skateboarding. i mean love is like a huge street skate spot and open it back up again.
Brandon Oba, honolulu, hawaii [05-31-2003]

Why would they want to kill the pretty much the main atraction to the city. Thats bogus. They should realy consiter makin it a sk8 park again. Aaron
Aaron Silvis, Fruitland Park,Fl [05-31-2003]

there's no other spot i can think of that allowed skaters to change the sport so much. bring LOVE back to philly.
Alex Markarian, La Crescenta, Ca [05-31-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK... I want to see more coverage from there.
Auston Bunsen, Ft. Lauderdale Florida [05-31-2003]

I don't see a point to closing any skate spot cause it will just get fixed up(to our standards)and we will skate it again.Not all people are lawsuit crazed jerks who want money. Be logical.
Auston Bunsen, Florida [05-31-2003]

free love park!
dustan ellingwood, portland indiana [05-31-2003]

LOVE Park is a major tourist attraction and an incredible skate spot. By renevating it, Philadelphia just lost many people and much money, but if Philly doesn't care about their youth, then they can just go ahead and keep LOVE park from being visited from millions to come. I was planning on visiting Philly this summer, but since I can't skate LOVE, I definitely am not. Hopefully someone that can do something will read this and acknowledge that skateboarders are human beings.
Pat Binkley, Indianapolis, IN [05-31-2003]

Free love it is a symbol of peace and prosperity in the skateboarding world.
matthew robichaud, richmond Hill, Ontario, canada [05-31-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK, they dont understand that place ws a fing sanctuary. It needs to be skated.
kyle beram, natick mass 01760 [05-31-2003]

If i spoke my thoughts about LOVE park closing it wouldn't be pretty.Thank-you and have a nice day!
Megan Samar, Glenolden,PA [05-31-2003]

bo caruso, wilton, ct [05-31-2003]

The fact that LOVE park is closed sickens me.
Christine Shaw, Glenolden,PA [05-31-2003]

I feel that LOVE park should have never been closed in the first place.
Mary Samar, Glenolden,PA [05-31-2003]

I think LOVE park should be re-opened to the public, I like to sit in the park and read, and I enjoy watching the boy's on their skateboards, It is very entertaining.
Theresa Anne Shaw, glenolden,PA 19036 [05-31-2003]

Tracy [05-31-2003]

to ban skaters is like banning bike riders from footpaths. Dont think that will be happening any time soon so why the skaters!
tyson, Burpengary, Queensland Australia [05-31-2003]

Do it
Rob Feeley, Boston, MA [05-31-2003]

Stop the oppression And may the GOVERNMENT Catch a Fire
Chi chi, tampa, florida [05-31-2003]

Raffael Santos [05-31-2003]

I don't skate but I feel its an icon to people who do skate. Why demolish an icon for thousands of people? I think it should stay.period.
Matt Rupp, Vernon, NJ [05-31-2003]

Daniel Cline, Philadelphia, PA [05-31-2003]

Keep the LOVE and free the park.
Andrew Williams, Lutz, FL USA [05-31-2003]

open love park cause its all you got
George F, California [05-31-2003]

love park rules and must live on!
Pir Granoff, Philly PA [05-31-2003] homepage

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