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May 28-30, 2003

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free love park! please i beg of you!
Jake Kramer, Omaha Nebraska [05-30-2003]

Im tired of waiting to see love park change its new barren corporate like ways to something noticeable and fun again! This petittion has saved us all! THank you and please get this message to people who can finally understand that skateboarders need a place to go and that this is LOVE PARK!
Jared Bensington, Sacremto CA [05-30-2003]

A few times i skated at love park, and it was the best experience ever! I loved it with every ounce of heart and soul i had but not my favorite place is gone. This is not only a tragedy for skaters in PA but for ordinary people whove visited Love Park. Yea, maybe they dont see it in a skaters point of view, but they will notice that its a historical landmark. The skating attention will atract the eye and sooner or later will recline to watch these reckless youths (like myslef) Have a great time at those grounds that I will never forget. Sadly, it is gone, and i must live with the fact that the authorites would rather have more football feilds than love parks where kids can REALLY enjoy what theyre doin.
Jack Mehoff, Kimberton PA [05-30-2003]

please reopen love park!
Jack Kendall, Havertown PA [05-30-2003]

PLEASE FREE LOVE PARK! FOR THE SAKE OF SKATEBOARDS NATION WIDE! I BEG WITH TEARS! WHAT A PLACE IT WAS FOR ME AND NOW ITS GONE! I COULDNT BELIEVE WHEN I HEARD THE NEWS, I ALMOST NEAR FAINTED! AHHH THE AGONY. But anyway, thanks for making this petition and i hope you get my sad, heartbroken plea because I will never forget the Love I had for Love Park!
Mike Gerardi, Doyelstown PA [05-30-2003]

When mayor street took away Love Park,there was a harsh blow felt by skaters all around pennsylvannia and even around the nation. Most commonplace people would not know that love park is one of the most highly celebrated skatespots in the world. Everyday, people would skateboard there, enjoying their favorite pastime and loving every second of it. Skateboarding at love park meant a great time. An not only the fact that it was a great spot praised by all skaters, it was that it was one of the few places in philly to go as good as it. Were there any other skateparks in the city of Philly then, are there now? Besides FDR, which is a skate mecca in itself, Love park was the only solution who kids in the city who didnt money for a train, or transportation to a skatepark out in who-knows where. But there was a solution, and this was Love park. But police began to crack down. TO crack down on a pastime involving a peice of wood and four wheels created only by sheer enjoyment. Now Love Park is gone. Gone only by the fact that people way up in philadelphia government care about a scrap on a ledge, or a marking on some stairs, or a sign that skateboarding has hit it. IS this considered VANDALISM? Can it get so materialistic that it just doesnt matter if this is one place where skateboarders can go to make freinds, to get off drugs because of the fun of skateboarding, and most importantly, the enjoyment of the kids who go against the grain a little but and go out of their way to have a good time????? But another thing that worries me most, doesnt the city council of Philadelphia have more important things to worry about!? DOnt more issues need to be resolved? How about poverty, violence, drugs, real vandalism, budget, abondement in norh, south, and west philly.....the list goes on and on. Yes, i have regard for other people, and maybe some reasons are justified for the closing of love park, but I dont see why i cant pick up my skateboard, get some money for the train and skate at a place now only dreamed about because it
Julian Horner, Bryn Mawr PA [05-30-2003]

jimy bob, phily pa usa [05-30-2003]

Love Park was a meeting grounds for skateboarders all over the world. Love Park is the one place that has had the most impact on skateboarding over the years and to actually think about how horrible it is for the skateboard culture to lose something that important saddens me. I hope that Love Park doesn't get destroyed just because of the image that skateboarding has been given. Now that skateboarding has become more mainstream you think that shutting down skate spots like Love Park would not be something that skateboarders would have to worry about.
Adam Herbert, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada [05-30-2003]

frreeeeee ittt please!
TONY HAWK, sanfran ca usa [05-30-2003]

mallory, plymouth mtg, pa [05-30-2003]

open love god it was so good

free love park!
jeffrey halstad, butte, mt [05-30-2003]

Skateboarding rules and it shouldn't be restricted like it is
Brandon Langille, nc [05-30-2003]

Rebecca Guenzel, Philadelphia, PA [05-30-2003]

STACI WELCH, Mount Airy, NC 27030 [05-30-2003]

Phil Perrault, Oviedo, Florida [05-30-2003]

HR 4 life
robert robach, orlando FL US [05-30-2003]

Love park is the best place and you really shouldnt do this to such a monumental skateboard spot in the history of skateboarding, it should just be made for skateboarders, it would be a lot easier
Chris Field, winter park FL [05-30-2003]

Love Park was a sanctuary for kids to express themselves freely without having to deal with the crowds of normal city spots and the dangers of some neighborhoods. It was foolish to ban skateboarding because you are just pushing people to migrate closer to your own front steps-support skateboarding and free thinking because expression is what fuels new innovative ideas. Thanks
Brett Davis, Chicago, Illininois [05-30-2003]

What are you thinking when you take down the best street spot in america?? think twice and realize all the money and profits that skateboards bring when they come to LOVE park.
Jan Schuster, Vernon B.C. Canada [05-30-2003]

Why did the government band skateboarding at Love park. IS it the fear of Vadelism. Skateboarders just want to skateboard. Besides the crime rate sky rocketted when Love park was band. Skateboarders are trying to find a good place to skateboard, but it resulted in getting yelled at, spit on, put down, curse off, beat down, chase by the cops....and more.........True love is Love park.
Nathan Sitterley, Reisterstown, MD [05-30-2003]

open it up!
Frank Johnson, Berwyn, PA [05-30-2003]

Josh Heck, Centralia, Washington [05-30-2003]

Nick Fantasia, Auburn, NY, 13021 [05-30-2003]

dont you have any love for love park
jarrod foecking, seffner fl [05-30-2003]

love park rules
thijs leegwater, Amstelveen, holland [05-30-2003]

Keith Wilkins, Philadelphia ____ Pa [05-30-2003]

Im from florida and have forever dreamed of taking a trip up the eastern coast to check out the great sites(which of course includes skate spots), with LOVE park gone, that trip would never be the same.
Kyle M, Jacksonville, Florida [05-30-2003]

I wish i could skate LOVE PARK! It looks so amazing.
Chris Burbidge, Milton Keynes, England [05-30-2003]

who needs a large granite and marble park to eat lunch in?
Aaron Stein, Bala Cynwyd, Pa [05-30-2003]

I grew up watching people skate LOVE.I saw the evolution of skateboarding there and taking it away is like taking a small part of me.
Javier Rivera, Lorain,Oh [05-30-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK and keep the water PINK!
Patty Encarnado, Philly [05-30-2003]

Love Park was a major factor in why I became a resident of Philadelphia about three years ago. Since then, thousands of my tax dollars have been spent on "renovating (destroying if you ask most)" Love Park in the attempt to remove skateboarders, which I as a skateboarder and former frequenter of Love Park am deeply opposed to, and strongly support the legalization of Love Park. I believe that this would benefit not only the skateboarding community, but the rest of the city as well- giving skateboarders a legitimate place to have fun off of others' private property.
Jared DesRuisseaux, Philadelphia, PA [05-30-2003]

LOVE park is a great place but it got shut down
David Nelson, ellicott city, MD [05-30-2003]

just open it back up
wes c., dallas,GA [05-30-2003]

love park is an amazing skate spot it has kept many kids off the streets. through skateboarding kids have been kept off the streets and have not been doing drugs and such. philadelphia has a drug problem like any other city and by allowing kids to skateboard in love park can decrease this. skateboarding has done a lot of good for a lot of kids bring back the old love park
matt wright, pequannock, nj, united states [05-30-2003]

free love park
Neil Cammarano, Piscataway NJ [05-30-2003]

I was gonna visit Philly when I get out to the US but I'm definately not now. Although Im sure there a lot of other good spots in Philly, but LOVE was the epitome of skate architechture, and now skaters who used to skate there are being forced to skate spots that might not go down so well with tha police. so bringing back LOVE will generate more tourist skaters such as myself, less skaters skating elsewhere in Philly, and Philly will return to being a capital city in the skate world. gooday.
Christian Sancto, Kent, United Kingdom [05-30-2003]

LOVE Park brought both revenue and enjoyment to citygoers. As a resident living in the suburbs of Philly, I would travel in to skate LOVE before they closed it down. Now it is an abandoned plaza, complete with bum rugs and useless, ugly planters. Bring LOVE back!
Balint Otvos, Audubon, PA [05-30-2003]

Love Park was such a great place for me to meet new people. I never thought anything could have so much fun. When you skate around you feel like you are a part of Philadelphia. It's such a good feeling. Free love park yo!
Wesley Buck, Bethlehem, PA [05-30-2003]

Free LOVE Park!
Julie, ringgold, Georgia [05-30-2003]

Aaron Long, Chattanooga, Tn [05-30-2003]

Love Park was a huge skate spot were skateboarders from all over could meet and skate. If you think that is a reason to shut down a place that is more than just skating to the skateboarders than you have some problems. FREE LOVE PARK. ROOKIES movie coming out in westerly go to the website soon there will be but for now go to FREE LOVE
Billy Soares, westerly RI USA [05-30-2003]

How could you just close an awesome park that not only skaters, but the world really loves? I mean, it was in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 also. I disgrace people who do things like this. How could you even be American?
London, Valrico, FL (USA) [05-30-2003]

Here in my town all we have to skate is a picnic table outside the local shop and we had planned a trip there to skate something great but because of those monsters in office we dont get to skate there whick pretty much ruined our trip(we canceled it anyway).
Cole Webster, Ringgold GA [05-30-2003]

i've only been to love park one time and it was a trip that me and 4 of my friends made to philly just to skate love and some other spots but love was priority #1. and it's not like we spent a lot of money or anything but that was 3 years ago and the main reason we have not been back is because you can't skate love. i know i'm not the only one that has not made a return trip because of that would think the city would want all the tourist money that comes from skaters coming to stay in hotels catching trains,cabs buying food ect. you would think it would be good for the city. but what do i know i just ride a skatboard.
TIM RUMPH, west palm beach florida [05-30-2003]

Jeremy, Champaign, IL [05-30-2003]

Ever since i first laid eyes on Love Park I have wanted to ksate there, and now this goes and happens. It totally ruined a lot of things i had planned. It needs to be reopened to skateboarding, who knows what could happen if not. For your safety and mine, reopen the thing.
Michael Husty, Tampa, FL [05-30-2003]

skateboarding is harmless. ban things that really f* s* up like bush, suvs, oil, and war,.
tyler seth copley, ceredo, wv. 25507 [05-30-2003]

Kevin Schuck, Lakeland, Fl [05-30-2003]

josh kalis put it best: josh talking to security guard at love park: "i guarantee that if u ask any of these stores or shops up around here if they think skateboarding should be banned, theyd say no... and i guarantee that more skateboarder tourists come here to see love park than any other kind of worldly tourist comes to see love park". lovepark as a skatespot, was, if anything, good for philadelphia.
julian mazzola, boston, MA [05-30-2003]

James Coughlin, Philadelphia, PA [05-30-2003]

Love was more than a park it was a community. I would travel from NYC to Philly regularly if that community were re-united by the re-opening of Love Park.
Lee, New York City [05-30-2003]

love park helped build a community of friends and experiences and now that community is gone
HB, Philadelphia, PA [05-30-2003]

i have never skated love park, but some day i will and very soon b/c i have faith that maybe someday it will be the way it used to be, i may never get the chance but in my dreams i will get to, as will many other spots that dont exist anymore, or might fall to the destruction of somebodys ignorance, peace to everyone and those who have a open mind about the world
Chad M., hamlin, iowa [05-30-2003]

Love Park was a great place for skateboarders to get together. It was a natural skatepark. The city didn't have to build anything in its place to appease skaters. It was already in existance. I frequently visit Philiadelphia and whenever I pass Love Park it looks empty. I think the desicion to have it changed was a bad one.
Kenneth Del Purgatorio, Paramus NJ, 07652 [05-30-2003]

REOPEN THE PARK it means a lot to all kids in that area, hey the goverment has been given a lot of money through skating if they wish to believe it or not.... its time for them to give a little back.....its not right to close a park that kids play at just because you can get better funds elsewhere.... have a nice day
chris smith, cape girardeau MO [05-30-2003]

To reopen LOVE park is to reopen a chance for the youth to be in a safe environment and away from what is being given to them in todays modern society.
Cris, Miami FL. [05-30-2003]

One Love!
Chris Knight, Tampa FL [05-30-2003]

Mike Leon, Tampa, FL [05-30-2003]

I havent had the pleasure to skate LOVE but its cool that theres still hope. If this works im goin for sure and hopefully Anthony Pappalardo will be killing it there again.
Daryl Nilsen, Detroit Michigan [05-30-2003]

Alyson Weitz, Philadelphia, PA 19144 [05-30-2003]

we need it to skate. all you folks who want to close it need to die
Jonathan Mandel, cary n.c. [05-30-2003]

Daniel, Raleigh N.C [05-30-2003]

love park was a place to get together and share a passion with others. make it ok to skate love.
luke koch, easton pa [05-30-2003]

jenna [05-30-2003]

Vela [05-30-2003]

Destroying love park is like destroying the dreams of hundreds of thousands of skaters who never had the privlage of skating it. Not to mention the fact that skaters made Philidelphia a much larger amount of money due to the X-games. They take and refuse to give back, well I think it's time they gave back, and if everybody signs then we WILL have love park back again!
Andrew Meyer, Tampa [05-30-2003]

I have been to Love Park once and was given a ticket for standing in the park with a skateboard. If the city of brotherly love embrace it's potential, it could be one really nice place to skate. I hope Love becomes a spot that skateboarders can go to again with out all the hassles. Free Love Park.
JP Guilbert, Queens, NY [05-30-2003]

Re open it every summer i go to philly
troy ansley, wellington florida [05-30-2003]

By closing Love Park I feel that a magor part of skateing has died.
John Hadden, Tampa Florida, 33605, U.S.A [05-30-2003]

I think we should reopen Love Park. It may be the second most famous tourist attraction (next to the Liberty Bell) in Philadelphia. If you're concerned with any damage the boards might create, then charge a $2 fee to enter the park. This would more than pay for any upkeep and maintenance of the park. This has also now become a political issue. I can see people voting for a political candidate just because he favors bringing Love park back. It shouldn't come down to this, but some people feel so strongly about it that it probably will.
John Fisher, Phila, PA [05-30-2003]

I have been skateboarding for 4 years now, and I have been to love park and I love to skate there. It has to re-open.
Matt McGinn, Westville Grove, South Jersey [05-30-2003]

There was no need to destroy Love Park, it could have just been handed over to skaters. Even the designer for the park said Love looks stupid now. Why make a half ass park with two 1/4 and a flat bank, when there was a place for skaters to skate and be creative. I can't stand this politcal nonsence.
will nagle, oradell, nj 07649 [05-30-2003]

FREE LOVE, it is the breeding ground for the new generation of upstanding citizens, and the only place skating is at its purest.
Kealii Ho, Honolulu, HI [05-30-2003]

In one form or another Love Park has existed in my life for the last 13 years. Whether it be watching my friends skate or participating myself. Philadelphia became a hip place to be, and it seemed in some scenes to be focused solely on Love Park. We got the Xgames and all the publicity and money from the tourism because of it. Its in a best selling video game for crying out loud. It became just as philadelphia as say rittenhouse park or south street. So our mayor takes it away. for what? what purpose was gained from that? the city has spent more money policing their beloved marble then just relaxing and enjoying the worldwide respect as a center for skateboarding. I can't see how it passed in the first place. much like everything else that i felt like was ours, was taken away because of others who just didn't understand.. we need love park and we need it now.. the best thing that could happen to philly is to have it open and the mayor apologize for his folly.
joseph mckay, philadelphia pa [05-30-2003]

heather bowen, phila, pa [05-30-2003]

free love park
Rohan Pratt, Australia NSW syd [05-30-2003]

alaina, philly [05-30-2003]

I'm a skater in Vancouver and were working to uncap downtown van....two weekends ago this appeared: I sent an email to Mayor Street offering to come. A city planner who's office overlooks love called asking for advice. I skate and i am a city planner who right oversees the planning of our downtown. If i can be of any help. I ride a natural concept - the canadian beast... peace ...mike
[webmaster's note: The following was submitted on June 1, 2003] ...i've already signed this once, but i just have to add another comment....last night our 'party bar zone' on Granville Street had quite the buzz, bridge and tunnel crowd watching crews of skateboarders all over Granville. Skateboarding is a good thing. Everyone enjoyed themselves and nobody got hurt, just the odd abrasion... glad we legalized skateboarding, everyone's doin' ok with it...really
Mike Gordon [05-30-2003]

There is no question here. It's like black and white. . . to have the x games come then shut it down, its telling kids that we use you for money but dont give a crap about you whatsoever. I came all the way from California for Love Park, not Philadelphia, but solely Love Park. Whats that tell you? that other people around the world would come for the same reason. Please bring it back. Not just for the youth, but for Philadelphia too.
George Chen, Santa Barbara, CA USA [05-30-2003]

saber, iran-fars-lar -07812223623 [05-30-2003]

use to ride there all the time when i was young.....its a shame they shut it down
ReRob Shiffler, Kensington philadelphia [05-30-2003]

Love was a great park. Some of the best times I have ever had in my entire life were spent there skateboarding. The people who are in protest of allowing skaters there will most likely never step inside of the park for recreational use. The land should be put too good use, if it was built for skaters the land would get used 80% more than it would as a park with nothing more than a few trees and benches.
Patrick Doody, sicklerville, nj usa [05-30-2003]

free love park! free skateboarding!
Jon Takata, Lake Forest, CA [05-30-2003]

I bet city hall loooved getting a huge revenue boost from the X-games and I bet city hall doesn't give a * about skateboarding. It's time for them to wake up.
Dave Pacifico, Philadephia, PA [05-30-2003]

keep love a place to skate
justin jones, slc utah [05-30-2003]

as a skateboarder living somewhat near philadelphia, i had always dreamed of skating the famed love park that i had seen in all my favorite skateboarding videos. i finally got my chance to go one day with my father. i was so excited to skate when i got there i just stood in the center and watched everyone and everything there in awe for a moment. right as i was about to put my board down and start rolling around, i heard someone yell, "COPS! COPS! COPS!" having seen uniformed and undercover police chase skaters through the park in videos, i knew the drill and followed the locals in escaping through one of the exits of the park. the police remained until it got dark and my dad informed me that i had to leave. i was crushed. two months later, i read that LOVE was banning skatebording. i never got a chance to skate the place where my entire coast is most well-known for throughout the skating community. please reopen the park to skating so i still have a chance at fulfilling a dream of mine...and many, many others. thank you.
stephen metzger, lawrenceville, nj [05-30-2003]

I cant belive they tore it down. We had always planned on going on a huge skateboarding road trip. Phillidephia's love park was one of those places. I am all for the reconstruction.
Jordan Carter, alberta canada [05-30-2003]

reopen love park skateboarding isnt a crime
paT auclair, quebec, canada [05-30-2003]

love is dewp!
Travis Thomas, Maple Valley, WAshington [05-30-2003]

Love Park is god. I take road trips there every summer save it.
Tayshawn, Detroit, Michigan [05-30-2003]

dan buk, minnesota, maple grove [05-30-2003]

who cares if the ledges are chipped, the only people that ever go there are skaters and bums.
Tim Heuisler, Ardmore, Pennsylvania [05-30-2003]

Free Love Park! It's a park .. thus everyone CAN USE it.
ZM, Singapore [05-30-2003]

Nancy Williams, Raleigh, NC [05-30-2003]

your hurting the city i know at least four friends who planned on going to phiadelphia just to go to skate love park and you would skateproff if just to deter skaters from bringing money to your city
vincent bezares [05-30-2003]

It makes me sad and also angry to hear what they are doing to such an amazing skate spot.Skateboarding is my life and I grew up looking at videos and pictures of LOVE.I think that it is every skaters dream to go to LOVE.To the lucky people who are able to skate there,don't let anyone get in your way,get as many people as you can each day and just skate,they can't arrest everyone.FREE LOVE PARK!
Mike Blanchard, Corner Brook,Newfoundland,Canada [05-30-2003]

ever since i was little i always wanted to go to love park...but now that it is gone it seems like i will never get to go...skateboarding has not ruined the park..the park has givin skateboarders a place to go and do what they have fun doing without doing drugs and commiting crimes...keep LOVE alive and the overall good being of PHILIDELPHIA will be better.
Zach Imondi, San Antonio, Texas [05-30-2003]

free love!
CHase Mcaster, Argo, AL [05-30-2003]

keep love skatepark! i live in canada and it"s well known internnationally so i have no clue why you"d diminish the downtowns popularity like thid
Ihn, Toronto, Ontario [05-30-2003]

Scott Mackay, middletown, nj [05-30-2003]

Kyle Flood, Plymouth Mtg Pa [05-30-2003]

west coast - east coast
chris vosburg, wilmington n.c. [05-30-2003]

Nothing but a few ledge-edges were harmed by the skaters at Love Park, and the park felt like a much safer place back when there was a constant group of young men there, in comparison to the bum-infested horribly-decorated discusting excuse of a city park that it is now.
Nick Carter, bala cynwyd, pa [05-30-2003]

skateboarding is an art form, not a crime. free love park.
Mike Cruz, Tucson, AZ [05-30-2003]

Dan Dragovich, Berks county PA [05-30-2003]

Angela Reed, Collingdale, PA [05-30-2003]

Man it sucks that Philly did this to LOVE.It was one of the premier skate spots of the world.I was actually planning on a trip to Philly just to skate LOVE.
Jordan Poe, Abingdon, VA [05-30-2003]

Steve Tran, lafayette hill, pa [05-30-2003]

I have never skated Love Park but a great deal of footage or photos that influence my skating we filmed or photographed at Love Park. I hoped that one day i would be able to travel and finally skate one of the most infamous hot-spots in skateboarding but now that dream is in danger. I know im not the only one who feels this way. Peace, Love and Skating.
Ben Ashton, Pasadena, Texas [05-30-2003]

Kris Stathakes, nj [05-30-2003]

Show some LOVE for skateboarders.
James Evans, Universal City, Texas [05-30-2003]

Free love park. it's one of the greatest things that happened to skateboarding. you can meet so many people there...if you had it be skateable you'd have a lot more people visiting the city, not only skaters, but people who enjoy watching skating. shops would have more buisness and the city would be a better place. FREE LOVE PARK!
justin [05-30-2003]

I think re-opening a skateable Love Park is a great idea. A skatepark with the same design as Love Park would be the breeding grounds for some serious skating talent.
Dan Lidon, Bethlehem Pa [05-30-2003]

Joanna Blackwell, Arlington, VA [05-30-2003]

dont let the mayor shut love park down!
nick freche, elicott city maryland [05-30-2003]

Free Love Park. Its a World reknown skate spot and should skaters should be able to skate it without crap or hassles from cops or anyone.It was the center of skateboarding in Philly and just about The whole East Coast.They just let us skaters have it. We're doing more good for the city then bad.
John Stabile, Albany,NY USA [05-30-2003]

Yoder [05-30-2003]

give us skateboarding or give us death FREE LOVE
nathan perrault, maryland [05-30-2003]

i think love park should be open for skating because skaters need a place to skate, and if that place is seperated from all the bulidings,(a park) they can skate and not have any problems.putting skate stoppers is not going to solve anything,also they look worse than the damage acutally done to it
Kyle, Bradenton,FL [05-30-2003]

Why don't all of you freeloading adolescents (whatever your age) consider PAYING for the PRIVILEDGE of skating in what is a taxpayer-sustained park? In all the posts and all the whiny world wide press this story has gotten, I have yet to hear one person talk about taking up a collection to make this happen. If so many people around the world support this, have them send you a dollar! THEN you'll see how little they really do support your cause. Has even ONE of you DUDES thought about offering up a dime yourself? Of course not, because you live at home with your parents, don't have jobs, are spoiled and don't know the value of a dollar. So how could you appreciate the cost of repairing broken, cracked and rust-stained marble created by skateboarding? That repair bill gets paid courtesy of ME, the typical tax paying Philadelphia CITIZEN. You need to understand that in America it is the MONEY that talks; whiny babies who only know how to take from society just cry how they bin dun wrong. The taxpayers have the right to decide the fate of the park since THEY PAY FOR IT! I have paid for that right. Anyone care to join me? Oh, and to Mr. Edmund Bacon, I invite you to please take a walk through Love Park sometime to smell the weed and watch the vandalism take place. In other words, Sir, Skateboarding in Love Park promotes Drugs and Crime, which I am sure you’ll agree are far from "harmless". Peace.
A Tax Paying Philadelphia Citizen, Center City, Philadelphia PA [05-30-2003]

everything that comes from skateboarding is positive....FREE LOVE PARK!
Bill Orsi, Philadelphia, PA [05-30-2003]

LOVE, can you think of any more irony, police are locking us up for something we love, we skate at LOVE, yet we see hate, hate from cops, the law who ever made skateboarding illigal there, the guy that designed LOVE wants skateboarders to skate there. so just OPEN LOVE PARK
nathan perrault, maryland [05-30-2003]

LOVE WAS SICKKK! it should definitly get reopened to the skaters!
Shaun Williams, Williamstown, NJ [05-30-2003]

philly is the city of liberty liberty means freedom or independance, and Love Park just happenes to be in philly, we should get our right back, more like our freedom to skateboard, OPEN LOVE PARK PLEASE
nathan perrault, maryland [05-30-2003]

love park means so much to me and every other skater who's ever skated it. it would be a tragedy to the history of skateboarding if it was ruined
John Spring, Visalia California [05-30-2003]

i have never had the pleasure of skating love park. i read all the skateboarding magazines and see pictures of it though. i want you to think about what parks are for. everyone to enjoy, everyone. love park is a great place for skateboarders and is not putting anyone else in danger who is not skateboarding. so i think you should reopen Love park to skateboarders even if you have to have certain days picked out for skateboarders to ride.
nathan perrualt, maryland [05-30-2003]

i have skaed at love park many times and cannot fathom the hypocrisy of the aristocrats of philadelphia
steve perraud, md [05-30-2003]

Matt Rafferty, Rosemont Pa [05-30-2003]

yeah you guys need to FREE LOVE PARK! ill tell you why! because i havent skated it yet!
poop, ellicott city, maryland [05-30-2003]

i never skated there...but it looks awesome
kyle, columbia md [05-30-2003]

I have always dreamed of skating love park, but that dream may never be realized, and something needs to be done about it...
John Kemp, Albany, NY [05-30-2003]

Keep love park its legnedry, i want to skate there one day, what with living in england, love is the skateboarding meca of like the world. keep love and keep the love for it from everyone especilay skaters.
Byrnes, England [05-30-2003]

why is everyone so intimadated by skateboarders and the sport we love.every time we find a good spot to skate someone that knows nothing about our sport comes along and takes it away from us because all they see is a group of hoodlums destroying government property.they dont take the time to see the commitment,lifestyle,or culture in one sees the "love" except skateboarders.
Jason Fintel, Palmetto, FL USA [05-30-2003]

Its time for skaters to get involved in politics. Sam Katz has it on his platform to reopen the park to skateboarders! He realies the money that can be brought into the city with Love Park...but Mayor Street wants LOVE Park for office workers to eat their lunch. What a joke. Just look at this petiition, people from all over the world are signing it, and would come here to skate or just watch. KATZ in 2003! Get the word out. Lova ya Philly
Mike Alma, Philadelphia, PA [05-30-2003]

PJ Vogt, Haverford,PA [05-30-2003]

I cant believe that they would have the guts to take away LOVe park, one of the best skate spots ever. I skated there 5 times and it was the best skating I ever did. There are hundreds of parks in the U.S where people can eat there lunches and go for a stroll, but there arent other parks like love to skateboard at. I say screw the mayor.
Colin Crane [05-30-2003]

don't close love skateboarders need it.
ryan garshell, palm beach gardens florida [05-30-2003]

bring back the love to the cities youth.
JAMES WITT, melbourne, florida-usa [05-30-2003]

LOVE park makes Philadelphia a skateboarding mecca. What real damage are skateboarders causing? None. I'm sure the busines of Philadelphia, surrounding the plaza would agree that allowing skateboarders to ride in the JFK plaza would be beneficial to the city. It is a fact that several skateboarders from all over the world visit Philadelphia just to skate LOVE park. By forever banning skateboarding, the businesses would be loosing money and coustomers that they once had due to the popularity of LOVE park for skateboarders. The X-Games is a perfect example of how popular skateboarding is, and how important it has become. Philadelphia, PA should allow skateboarders to skate freely through LOVE park/JFK Plaza, without being arrested, ticketed, or harassed by authority. Skateboarding is simply a healthy hobby, similar to any sport, practiced by the youth of America and all over the world. It is not a crime, nor should it be. Keep skateboarding legal in the USA and keep LOVE park open for all!
Steven Garcia, Clearwater, FL [05-30-2003]

free love park
Jake London, Albany, NY [05-30-2003]

Give Love park back to the people who loved it the most; skateboarders.
Jeran Miller, Tampa, Florida [05-30-2003]

do it for today's youth, do it so youth across america have something better to do other than do drugs, just do it.
Brent Benedetto, Albany,NY,USA [05-30-2003]

bring love back to philly
anonymous, Albany, NY [05-30-2003]

Free love Park.It's one of the best known skate spots in the world and skateboarders should be able to skate there without any hassles.
michael sainato, albany,NY United States of America [05-30-2003]

I'm not familiar with Love Park, but I think this petition is for the greater good. My son is a skateboarder, and I hate it when skate boarding is banned from any areas, it's a healthy activity for today youth. My comment to anyone who is oposed to skateboarding is "well my son could be jacking your car or robbing your house." I feel that if the imposed sentence of banning skateboarding is not lifted that we will all pay for it later with many of our kids envolved in the Juvenile Court system, and with we will not only lose lives but money as well. Anna
Anna Fisher [05-30-2003]

just free love...
Bob Smith, morrisville, pa, 19067 [05-30-2003]

I walked through LOVE park not too long ago, and was accosted by a drunken bum. In fact, that's all it was. Bums and pigeons.
Jess, Philadelphia, PA [05-30-2003]

matt burgess, san diego, ca, usa [05-30-2003]

Shame on you Mayor Street! :You should be embracing these youths rather than pushing them away.
Roberta Weiner, Glastonbury, CT [05-30-2003]

open luv to skaters
Brian Smith, Ocala, FL [05-30-2003]

dude just cuz we wax curbs doesn't mean we are a demon child from hell
nick, canada [05-30-2003]

love park is and always will play a major part in skateboarding past present and future.
Robby Henry, Eugene, OR, USA [05-30-2003]

Chuck Berls, Geneva, IL United States [05-30-2003]

Bart Strang [05-30-2003]

Jeff G. [05-30-2003]

i have been to love park, and i loved it. the skateboarders did a lot of good work to keep it clean in a sense to keeping it safer for people to be in. now thats a park i would visit at night or any time.
nathan sharon, chicago, il [05-30-2003]

worry about the crack heads not the skaters...
Thomas, Santa Clarita [05-30-2003]

i have skated here a few times, but just the fact that it has made such an impact on skating and it will continue to is reason enough to open it back up.
neal wood, virginia beach virginia [05-30-2003]

me and my friends planned a visit to Love Park,but befor we could go they closed it off.We were so bummed,if it opens again we may be able to acctually skate it,witch i think would be f-ing awsome
Kyle Kamermayer, Tampa, Florida [05-30-2003]

Love park is a valuable skateboarding sanctuary where many skateboarders meet and practice, it is a brilliant skatespot and should not be taken from the skateboarding community.
andy, Ireland [05-30-2003]

Daniel Rossiter, Tampa Florida USA [05-30-2003]

I skated love a few times before they put a permanent cop in there. occasionly if your lucky on a saturday night you can skate there. hopefully i'll get to skate it on a regualer basis
Alfredo Cordova, Philadelphia, PA [05-30-2003]

kate hanchey, pittsburgh, pa [05-30-2003]

I always loved going to Love Park and watching the kids skate. It was a real, healthy community that provided skateboarders and spectators of all ages a place to come together and have a wonderful time.
Stephanie Cirillo, Prospect Park, PA [05-30-2003]

I think its pretty messed up that they let X-games come in then they just demolish the place. Dont reelect that new mayor.
crystal s, PD Springs, GA [05-30-2003]

this is wonderful, more love parks should be set up all over the united states and throughout the world for our youth!
debbie macmillan, emporium, pa, u.s.a. [05-30-2003]

you cant just tear down a piece of skateboarding history like that it needs to be restored
Ryne Heslin, Tampa [05-30-2003]

brng it back it's a great way to keep kids out of trouble and let them have fun at the same time
Michael W. Zahodskit, Phila. PA 19124 [05-30-2003]

Skateboarding for me has always been a getaway from all my problems, it would just clear my mind. I know i'm not the only skateboarder that is like this. We don't need drugs we don't need beer. We needed LOVE. On a side note the Philadelphia police officers who were on duty to stop skateboarders are to full of themselves with this whole bigheaded macho man approach. One time a officer told me after i asked him why not bust the people smoking weed and doing crack in the park instead of us skaters and his reply was " They are gonna die in some alley and you guys have money so your the ones we are gonna go after"(badge #1786). Real good for a man paid to try and help someone save their life.
Bob Osborne, Philadelphia,Pa [05-30-2003]

Lisa Nowacky, Philadelphia PA, 19103 [05-30-2003]

The X-games came to Philadelphia because of its reputation as a skating mecca. For the city officials to use Philadelphia's international reputation to bring in the mass revenue that the X-games facilitated, while locally inhibiting skate culture shows a disturbing lack of integrity. Additionally, reopening LOVE park would be beneficial to the city. Skate culture is one in which it is common and encouraged to focus on skating instead of partying. Encouraging a culture that keeps more kids sober is reason enough to support the park.
Nathan Viavant, Seattle, Washington [05-30-2003]

I'm sure I'm not saying anything that everyone else hasn't said but if you can't see the absurd hypocracy of having the X-Games in Philadelphia, glorifying skateboarders and bringing major revenue into the city, while banning skating from Love Park which is why skateboarders ever cared about philadelphia, than you need to fix your glasses.
Jonathan Barthmus, philadelphia, PA 19104 [05-30-2003]

It's LOVE park! What else needs to be said? Every skater in the world knows it.Bringing youthful vibrancy and activity to public spaces in the urban core should be in the best interest of any major city. It has been working successfully in places like Barcelona, Spain for years. A plaza that's well used, will be money well spent by the City of Philly.
Frank Daniello, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [05-29-2003]

PLEASE BEING IT BACK. ITS WAS ALL I WOULD DO ON WEEKENDS... go there and chill with friends
Neal, Moorestown NJ [05-29-2003]

keep it free
Thomas wilkins, Phila, Pa [05-29-2003]

stan silverberg, iowa city iowa [05-29-2003]

Closing off a venue that attracts young people from all over the world undermines efforts like PhilaCITY, "a joint public and privately funded events program dedicated to building and maintaining a healthy brand relationship between the city of Philadelphia and its STUDENTS and YOUNG professionals."(taken from city's press releases)
Emily Allen, San Francisco [05-29-2003]

Benjamin Jackson, Philadelphia [05-29-2003]

Free LOVE park.
andrew louder, mission, tx [05-29-2003]

Free Love Park!
Kenneth Downing, Philadelphia, PA [05-29-2003]

watching kids skating at lunchtime beats sitting in Rittenhouse any day - besides office workers already have plenty of places to eat in center city. Return LOVE Park to it's multi-use past. A sterile park is just that.
James Resta, Philadelphia, PA [05-29-2003]

love park has made great contributions to philly. because of you closing this down many familys, skaters, and children have lost something that they really love. it was a place know world wide. And since the gov. only cares about there wallets and not the freedom and happiness of their people. Many people will hate you for this and will never forget love park
alex montes, tampa, fl [05-29-2003]

dude that was the funnest skate spot for me i went there every year just to skate there. when i heard this i just flipped out my aunt and uncle live in philly. isnt philly supposed to be the city of brotherly love? well i guess not for skaters!
mike steve-o guild, tampa fl [05-29-2003]

Jonathan THornton, Bismarck, AR, U.S.A [05-29-2003]

Bill Jacobs, Greensboro, North Carolina [05-29-2003]

Marian Reed, Philadelphia, born and raised [05-29-2003]

Jeff Lasich, Clifton Heights, PA [05-29-2003]

i think love park is the best influence on kids to stay alway from drugs.But the cruel government is going to destroy my dreams of being a pro Skateboarder.
Rigo Pineda, Belvidere NJ USA [05-29-2003]

I think that sktteboarding is a great sport, especially for young people. The fact that people came from all over the world to skate at Love Park is an amazing thing. I'd much rather have kids skating than see them bored with nothing to do.
Matt Miller, Phildelphia, PA [05-29-2003]

free love park
Diana Neary, Philadelphia,PA [05-29-2003]

Debbie Nangle, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [05-29-2003]

Emidio Capponi, Philadelphia, PA [05-29-2003]

At first I was against skateboarding in the park due to the abuse of the materials and people within the park. After the renovation I was appalled. The design firm involved with the renovation and the city should be ashamed. I call for a new design that creates a skateboarding zone (away from the sculpture, so tourists do not fear for their lives) and a zone for leisure. A survey of what both parties want to use should be done. Perhaps the tourist center could be saved as a bowl for skateboarders.
Jason Lempieri, Philadelphia [05-29-2003]

bring the lovin back...
Will Schroeder, North Rose NY [05-29-2003]

keith chancey, SB california [05-29-2003]

Please Reopen LOVE park. I also posted a comment that i skated LOVE park.
John Watkins, Houston Texas [05-29-2003]

LOVE park is one of the great places in skateboarding's street history. I skated LOVE park back in '87. I rode for Schmitt Stix, Vision & Venture at the time. The thing I remember most about it was that the locals were just tearing it up and friendly.Really different from the California scene. Without LOVE park think of all the great skaters that may never have developed out of that area, the photos that would have been missed, and the great memories that old guys like me wouldn't have to share.
thom Nickelson, clearwater, FL 33755 [05-29-2003]

bring back the park!
Alan "OLLIE" Gelfand, I traval to Philadelphia often [05-29-2003]

I hope Love Park gets reopened and other spots that have been shut down follow. Kids need places to have fun, and I don't know anything better than skateboarding.
john bebout, San Diego, CA [05-29-2003]

katie wright, st marys PA [05-29-2003]

Philadelphia needs to be youth-friendly to attract residents. This means creating schools that work and more recreational areas, including skate parks. The Love Park controversy sets a precedent for how others around the world perceive our social values.
Michelle Barbieri, Philly, PA [05-29-2003]

Where can you go and meet all different people from all walks of life. I do not skateboard or BMX or anything. I went to college in the city and always stopped by Love Park for break on those warm spring days, seeing all those kids jumping and flying. Hmmm what do you think? People skating in LOVE park or people skating all over busy streets? You tell me. Its a public park and look at it this way all of these people travel from all over the world to come to LOVE park. More revenue for the city. FREE LOVE PARK.
Kevin Szymanski, Andalusia, PA [05-29-2003]

Not only were the skateboarders interesting to watch, their presence made Love Park more safe. Now the park is quiet in the day and desolate in the afternoon. We ought to accentuate the value of Love Park to young people and skateboarders. It would be good for the city's economy and it would help youth appreciate city and multicultural society. It would make Philly a lot more interesting!
Ellen Danish, Philadelphia PA [05-29-2003]

Fredrik, Europe [05-29-2003]

Ellen [05-29-2003]

fact: more people skatebard than play baseball. Our eyes should go to the future of our children not to our past childhood interests.
Juan Porrata (tito), altamonte springs Fl [05-29-2003]

open love park to skateboarders!i`m 36,i still skate,and the climate for skaters only seems to improve according to it`s financial success.we as skaters have to organise and use our heads,mouth`s,pens,to force the bureaucrats into takeing us seriously.less laws,more freedom!
bruce calkin, east atlantic beach,new york [05-29-2003]

would you rather we do drugs?
George Blankin, Jenkintown, PA [05-29-2003]

give us love park back and make a new park for lunch eaters somewhere else.
George Blankin, Jenkintown, PA [05-29-2003]

free love park!
Guy Butterfield, florida [05-29-2003]

love park has been a second home to me for years. when it was taken away from me i wanted to cry....
brian martin, wayne pa [05-29-2003]

love must be free... PEACE!
jere vesalainen, Finnland, Uusimaa, Kerava [05-29-2003]

If there were more places for young people to go and enjoy themselves, maybe they would not be as restless as they are. They were not hurting the concreate I'm sure. I would rather see them enjoying themselves than walking by and seeing homeless people laying across the grounds and benches as they do in the rest of our CENTER CTY . I would like to see them make it better than it was for them in the first place. make them use it safely also.
Rich Scardino, Phila. PA 19148 [05-29-2003]

free love park
JAMES FOECKING, seffner florida [05-29-2003]

Love park is a place of meeting new people and having a great time. were not trying to do any harm to the building, you might think were damaging it but were just doing it for the better, skateboarders arent going to smash up the ledges, just a little bit of grinding and such from here and there. But whatever that is wrong when were done, we could fix it if you allowed us to skate there.
Cuong Nguyen, Concord, New Hampshire [05-29-2003]

Reopen LOVE Park!
Jim, Punta Gorda, Florida [05-29-2003]

ik ben zeer goed mar ik kan mijn ollie maar 5 centimeter ok mag ik dan nog mee doen hehe toe je ktijgt 100 dollar als ik mag mee doen
kjell, evergem, Belgium [05-29-2003]

I stumbled across Love Park in '98 in a trip to the U.S. I had seen pictures of it in a Transworld magazine but didn't know it was in Philly and was blown away when I found it by accident. One of the most important skate spots there has ever been, and one that as a very special exception must be left open as a symbol of the importance of skateboarding in our social fabric. The most special skate spot that must be preserved.
Rohan Anderson, Brisbane, Australia [05-29-2003]

free love park nothin else to say
Tom MacLeod, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [05-29-2003]

Give it back to the skaters! The cops want skaters off the streets so they go and close the best spot in thew world, meaning skaters have to explore the streets again, which was the "problem" in the first place....
sam lodge, United Kingdom [05-29-2003]

yah, Love park is a monument of skateboarding, it's what most skaters would love to call theres, it needs to be re-opened, think about the kids, the youth of tomorrow, let them be able to skate Love park also, only positive things will come from it. Good luck from the 49th state and Boarderline skateboard shop, we're all behind you, peace "OD"
Mikael O'Donnell, Juneau Alaska, USA [05-29-2003]

I went to Philly for the 2002 X-Games, and I saw first hand just how great that city is. Even though I ride BMX, I have alway's had a great respect for skateboarding. I wonder if the Mayor and other city officials have ever went to Love Park and just sat down and watched the local skateboarders skate, with nothing more than a Coke and a smile. That city had such a beautiful gift for the skateboarding community, and it's time they give it back.
Greg Potter, Tampa/St.Petersburg FL. USA [05-29-2003]

LOVE park is the cornerstone of the skateboarding world. Why ban skateboarding there is absurd.Skateboarders coming to LOVE would be there main tourists.Are they trying to save money for all the fat people in Philly? All i know is Philly isn't showing love to their landmark. Their destroying a peice of history wether they know it or not.
J.C. Aviles, Germany [05-29-2003]

Clarence Emmons, atlanta [05-29-2003]

Parmvir Shergill, Vancouver, BC, Canada [05-29-2003]

joey fowler, moorpark california [05-29-2003]

Love Park could bring so many skaters to Philly that will buy stuff! Plus I haven't skated it yet!
Colby Strockbine, Fort Walton Beach, FL [05-29-2003]

I used to live in delaware and would go to philly a lot. All my family lives there and I have desperately wanted to go down to love but we cant anymore because its illegal. Why dont you make it a 5 dollar fee a person for and all day pass there or something? it would be beneficial to both sides. it would be better to be free, but if that's not possible then paying would at least make us somewhat happier. every skater's dream is to take a road trip down to the most amazing spot in the world-love park. shouldnt you open it to thank the x-games for bringing in all the tourist revenue?
Ben Goodkind, Alpharetta Georgia [05-29-2003]

I have yet to get a chance to skate LOVE park and when I heard it was being renovated I was very dissapointed. It is one of the most natural skateparks around so I hope it is reopened to the public so I can have a chance to visit it. Steve Burrill
Steve Burrill, Concord NH 03301 [05-29-2003]

Free Love forever. All thats there is bums anyways. Skaters need that place, it's the emb of this generation. Get the skate industry to pay money for them to free love park, like they did at wallenberg, when they replaced the ledges. Like Josh Kalis said, "ove park is the end of of a revolution"! Free Love!
cody mabe, asheboro, North Carolina [05-29-2003]

Free Love Park, it's that simple.
Sean Hennessey, Lancaster, PA [05-29-2003]

free love park!
jon blythe, norther california [05-29-2003]

why whould you shut that place down, rediculous reasons, and a dumb person will ruin it all, that so called representative should not be re-elected
Ryan Riley, Port Huron, Michigan [05-29-2003]

i hope i get to skate LOVE 1 year
Brandon shelly, usa [05-29-2003]

Last time I checked a municipal park is for the enjoyment of ALL the residents, let the kids enjoy the park as much as everyone else. Opening the park would also bring a ton of publisity to the city.
Anthony Scardino, Philadelphia, PA, 19148 [05-29-2003]

Open the park and let the young people skate, please. It is a passion for many, and they could be doing a lot worse things. And yes, it can help the economy!
Jim Venable, Inverness FL [05-29-2003]

Dont free LOVE park. we dont need to skateboard. why bother when we can be smoking, getting addicted to drugs, and do something actually illeagle? there are plenty of helpless old ladies with purses out there!
Kr [05-29-2003]

You gotta keep the park open man. Where else is my bro Jordan gonna skate. Hang tough man. You should visit CA soon.
Todd Elliott, Fullerton CA [05-29-2003]

Love is the best!
thomas wilcox, lompoc california [05-29-2003]

Sarah [05-29-2003]

Free Love park.. So I can see Stevie bust his insane tricks in new videos!
David Luhrsen Jr., Huntington Beach, CA [05-29-2003]

open love up
corey miller, rosemont pa [05-29-2003]

you have to re-open Love! i was planning a trip to philly with my crew a week before it closed. i just wanted to get the experience of skating there. so many things have been done there over the years, just skating it once would be so great! OPEN IT!
Ambrose Salmini, alpine, new jersey [05-29-2003]

This is like a national mounument to skaters
Tobias Bschorr, Clearwater [05-29-2003]

Love Park should always be open. More skaters go there than tourist. Ask anyone there its all about skaters.....dont ever let it be shut down again...
Kyle Oneil, Tampa, Florida [05-29-2003]

all my life ive dreamed of skating love park. its history is amazing and i still dream of skating where all my favorites skated.
Trevor LeBlanc, Tampa, Florida [05-29-2003]

I was born in west chester Pa. I moved to Fl. when i was only a year old. I started skating at the age of 15, i have always wanted to return to Pa. and skate some of the spots. It only makes sense to reopen Love park to skateboarders. Instead of stealing our skatespot to make it a cleaner place for residents to walk through. Build them a new park.Ours was fine the way it was!
chris considine, deland, Fl. [05-29-2003]

i think that it imperative that they open it like it is a skatepark or a place where skaters can come.
jon gulla [05-29-2003]

I love the LOVE almost as much as I love Jesus.
Jon Gonzales [05-29-2003]

You should free LOVE Park because the skateboarders had nothing to do with the vandalism to the LOVE Symbol. To me it was a setup from the govenment to blame the kids. Let LOVE be a Symbol to everyone again, including the skateboarders.
TommyBoy [05-29-2003]

Keep the skateboarders OUT!
James Britton, Bellmawr, NJ [05-29-2003]

reopen love park
trent, tasmania,australia [05-29-2003]

Joshua, trenton, New Jersey [05-29-2003]

Reallowing skateboarding is something the city should do. Tourism rates will increase, and maybe it could be used with skateboarding contests to bring more money into the city. FREE LOVE PARK.
Brendan, Macungie PA [05-29-2003]

Steph Smith, Medford Lakes, New Jersey [05-29-2003]

please reopen LOVE! ive never skated it and i want to so badly! so many kids dream of skating it, so open it.
jeff, norwich, vt [05-29-2003]

Free Love Park!
Joe Schapers, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, United States of America [05-29-2003]

They should re open love park for skateboarders because it is already messed up anyway so they should let us use it and it would attract people to move to philadelphia. Also if we didnt have that we wouldnt have had the x games here and made that money so it is helpful to everyone. People are just trying to have fun, not to go ruin things for no reason.
Eric Cooper, Plymouth Meeting, PA [05-29-2003]

pobably more skate boarders come from around the world to skate love park than anyone else
ricky martin, st petersburg florida [05-29-2003]

Love Park has advantageous possibilities to the city of Philiadelphia. It could give Pennsylvania's economy a needed boost. Tourists would come from all around, stay or live in Philiadelphia, spend money, and provide valuable word of mouth about the park and city. Also, the microscopic damage of skateboard trucks on ledges is a minuscule problem compared to how much money the park would bring in and how much it means to the skaters there. Another point I would like to make is that wax is put on ledges beforehand and the skateboards mainly grind away the wax. Also I'm sure if they had to, the skaters would wear helmets if they could skate Love Park once again. Finally, once Love has been taken away from skaters everywhere, we realize how important it is and time after (if) it reopens would not be wasted or taken for granted.
Dan Osborne, Lawrenceville, Georgia [05-28-2003]

Stephane D'Angelo, Moorestown, NJ [05-28-2003]

Love Park s a skaters dream and everyone should get the oppurtunity to skateboard at this place that would be descreibed as skateboard heaven.
Will Crowther, Bay Village, Ohio [05-28-2003]

Alex Commons, Ontario [05-28-2003]

The Beatles Once Said " All We Need Is Love " I Think That Sums It Up.
Josh Knack, Michigan [05-28-2003]

Johnny Pate, Brandon FL [05-28-2003]

Addie, Moorestown, New Jersey [05-28-2003]

come on.. this is rediculous.. just let us skate
kory Ellis, Tampa FL [05-28-2003]

scott ansill, Philadelphia [05-28-2003]

LOVE Park was a monument that was what started the uprising of skating in the last 20 is a place that all of us love and need to take part in a session at this park...i still haven't gone and hope that the park can be reopened so i have the oppurtunity for it
Daniel Witte, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [05-28-2003]

I never got to skate love, I had a chance to go 2 years ago but I passe it up thinking "LOVE will always be there, I can go whenever." Now I'll never know how amazing it really was.
Robby Komen, Chicago, IL [05-28-2003]

I used to live in Reading, PA and skated LOve many times. It would be nice to see this.
Ben Leeper, Tampa, FL, [05-28-2003]

I think that they should be allowed back in the park because, even Mayor Street cant disagree with this, this is a free country and we have a right to the pursuit of happiness.
Sk8r Grl [05-28-2003]

Chuck Rogers, oc [05-28-2003]

put love park back, regardless of whether or not it's for skateboarders, it's a staple on the city of philadelphia. new york has the statue of liberty, st. louis has the arch, and phily has LOVE PARK
Jonathan Kramer, Miami, FL, USA [05-28-2003]

free love park!
Andrew Kanapi, moorestown NJ 08057 [05-28-2003]

I use to live in Virginia, my friends an I made about 12 trips over the course of one year just to come skate LOVE park and bask in the glory of its historical skateboarding significance. People travel from all over the country to come skate LOVE a community bound by one "LOVE" we need it back!
Matthew Oakley, Fort Lauderdale, FL [05-28-2003]

Zeb Jafolla, Moorestown NJ [05-28-2003]

LOVE was a meeting ground for all ages, a place to get away from drugs and violence, please open it back up.
Chris Davis, Pennington, NJ [05-28-2003]

Lance Conklin, San Diego, California [05-28-2003]

i think you guys shattered a dream i had 4 years ago, i wanted to skate LOVE Park, now that it is not the same i see no point in going, Love Park is part of skateboarding history and the builder of Love Park skated through it remember it's the skaters(US) against Phily, you may have money and the cops on your side but we have determination and a dream to free Love park and have fun because we are kids and we just want to skate and live for it, we skate for fun, and enjoy every minute we can get of it.
Andy Rosario, Columbia, SC [05-28-2003]

Eric Stricker, Philly/Chicago/Los Angeles [05-28-2003]

Timothy Brace, Philadelphia, PA [05-28-2003]

I remember in the mid 90s when you could show up at LOVE and skate it all day with no hassle. And you would see the likes of Matt Reason, Ricky Oyola, Fred Gall and other east coast skate legends. Those were the days. It is a disgrace to ban skateboarding from LOVE. Not only should skaters of today be able to enjoy it, but it should be open to skaters simply to honor LOVE's past.
Dean Innocenzi, Trenton, NJ [05-28-2003]

Love park was not just somewhere to skate, it was a place where skateing belonged. I have never visited but the place has an auora around it that makes you long to live in a near vicinity. Show some love and reopen it for the skateboarding community. SAM ST.JOHN
Sam St. John, United Kingdom [05-28-2003]

i skated love park a long time ago on a road trip in philly and it was the only reason i wanted to go back to philly. i cant believe that skating has been banned there. that is terrible news that proves that the government officials really do care more about what they think is right than what the people whom they represent believe is right.
david smith, valrico, fl [05-28-2003]

Ive never been to Philidephia, but LOVE park is the reason I love the city so much.
Ben, Middletown MD [05-28-2003]

I'am dissapointed in the city of Philadelphia. The destuction of Love Park has made me deciede that when i graduate in one year, I will leave this city. I used to regard Philadelphia so highly when I skated there every weekend, but their seems no reason why I should keep going. I don't want to go to college here now. Philadelphia has shown me no LOVE.
Ian Mosley-Duffy, haddonfield NJ [05-28-2003]

free love park
john, venice FL [05-28-2003]

If conservative minded people would open their minds to a bit more than they do now. They might see that skateboarding, barring its few morons like any other sport football and baseball included, is such a phenomenal thing for children to do. It teaches a person persevereance, dedication, and most of all appreciation for the aforementioned. I bet none of these guys have ever tried to kickflip a 6 foot wide gap. They would learn appreciation after finally landing that trick. They would know then. Skateboarding is not destructive to an individual only uplifting and helpful to a person developement. I say Free Love Park and long live skateboarding.
Brian Hollister, Tampa, Florida [05-28-2003]

relive love
darcy bacha, Wynnewood [05-28-2003]

Mike Trofibio, Palm Bay, FL [05-28-2003]

love park is known all over the world by everyone who skates. people travel(led) to and even move(d) to philly primarily because of love park. it baffles me that people can be so selfish as list reasons it should be kept closed such as "that's where I eat my lunch" or "it's too noisy" (in the middle of a *major city*??!? come on, are you *trying* to make yourself sound assinine?).
melissa wysocki, allentown, pa [05-28-2003]

open love park for good
Daniel Parra, Santa Barbara, California [05-28-2003]

steve scott, Philadelphia, PA [05-28-2003]

Chris Young, Vancouver, BC Canada [05-28-2003]

Taking away public space from the public is a crime, I can't believe that this is happening in the "City of Brotherly Love"
Cory McIntyre, Vancouver Canada [05-28-2003]

Taylor Fitz-Gibbon, Los Angeles, California [05-28-2003]

I live in Florida now, but I'm from Jersey and use to skate Love pretty frequently. I was up there last winter and skated for about 30 minutes. Didn't get busted, but I heard that if I would have been caught it would have been pretty crazy. What's next? Pay to get on the beaches up there. Oh wait, they already do that. Free the NorthEast!
Tony Reddington, melbourne, Florida. USA. [05-28-2003]

rather skate LOVe then see the sites
john craton, California [05-28-2003]

Tom Dougherty, Philadelphia [05-28-2003]

free love park
Will Wolf, Wynnewood, PA [05-28-2003]

the day love park dies is going to be the same day a whole chunk of skateboarding goes into the history books- one l-o-v-e baby so dont let it die
jeff brady, apopka florida [05-28-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK! its the best skate spot in the known world save it.
Bryan Bankoff, Wyneewood [05-28-2003]

Since when is providing a venue for sporting events, amusement and socialization for youth a bad thing? Free Love Park.
Darcy L. Smith, Punxsutawney, PA [05-28-2003]

Josh Hissem, Moorestown NJ 08057 [05-28-2003]

hope we get it back
ashley williams, fl. [05-28-2003]

Jim Prince, Beverly, MA [05-28-2003]

Every place skaters goto skate we get kicked out. love park, under I-95, and a lot of other spots. There is only like 3 skateparks. most of them are over crowded. so either open up a lot of skateparks or let us skate where we want to skate!
James McQuilkin, philadelphia, pa [05-28-2003]

"This nation was founded on genocide, murder, stolen land, free labor(slavery), racism, classism, sexism, elitism, and greed. And not much has changed."- unknown. Free Love.
JennA*, Philadelphia, PA [05-28-2003]

i went to love 1 time and it was the best place to skate in the US. Closing it was a mistake, rethink your decision.
wil waldon, wellsville, ny [05-28-2003]

skateboarding should not be inside fences skateboarding should be free of boundaries free love park
Mike Garbe, Delran, NJ [05-28-2003]

I've never had the pleasure to skate at Love Park or really had the pleasure to visit the city of Philadelphia but i do know what Love park means to the skaters and I think it's a shame that it was taken away from them because i know famous skate places in my city of San Diego, california have been taken away from us local skaters and that sucks because skating should not be a crime it's a life style, it's more the just a sport it's an art form. Give Love Park back to the skaters =)
Maile Hartelt, San Diego, California [05-28-2003]

Jakki Roberts, Runnemede, NJ USA [05-28-2003]

tizzie, Philly [05-28-2003]

A year later and people are still trying to get the park back to us. At least there is hope.
James Hoag, Philly, PA [05-28-2003]

love park was one of the biggest spots in skateboarding. without it the skateboarding community has lost a big chunk of what it once had. this person who did this wants to get re-elected? hahahahahaha,that kinda joke should be on comic view. RJ HESS
rj hess, knoxville,TN [05-28-2003]

free love park, I look forward to skating there someday.
Luke Ivey, Marquette MI, USA [05-28-2003]

put the skateboarders all in one place not all over the city since the city closed love park
j. scardino, philadelphia pa 19148 [05-28-2003]

MIKE TERNOSKY, 838 s. mansfield ave, los angeles, ca [05-28-2003]

tara ryan, haddonfield, nj [05-28-2003]

Why would you let someone take a picture of Kerry Getz ollieing over the mayor and then close the park? It just doesn't make any sense. FREE LOVE!
Shawn Annable, Henryville Pennsylvania, US [05-28-2003]

Lots of people talk about keeping kids out of trouble, and ways to free up money for different after-school programs to have for kids when those very people took away one of the best after-school programs ever - skating in LOVE park! Stop being hypocritical! Show me a kid who's hanging with their friends skating in LOVE park, and I'll show you someone who's not causing any trouble.
John D. Scardino, Philadelphia PA [05-28-2003]

Walk, Run, Stop Agress, Obsess, Stop Hate, LOVE, Stop, rebuild
Macks Seidman, Merion, Pa [05-28-2003]

yo was LOVE Park tore down? I thought it was...? anyway, bring it back
Nate Schultz, Tampa, Florida [05-28-2003]

chris fireoved [05-28-2003]

Love Park was a place where people could come toghether and have a fun time, but to the authorities of Philadelphia it is considered vandelism. Love Park attracted tourists skateboarding or no skateboarding the fact was, we had a blast every visit.
Harrison Eckstein, Lower Merion PA [05-28-2003]

Ryan, Whitesboro, NY [05-28-2003]

Basically LOVE is phillys spot. LOVE park is a household name. Any skateboarder that has watched any transworld videos, know's love. I mean there's at least one or two tricks on every video. The place is the best. Personally I would like to go there, but I mean I live so far away maybe some day I will go there. Skaters OWN LOVE dont forget it. Fight the power.
Love Lover [05-28-2003]

When i went to love park it was the best time i ever had. Skaters need a place to skate in Philadelphia and isn't a place. Every skater around the world knows Love Park. Skateing is a crime it's a hooby.
Scott Craft, Norristown, PA [05-28-2003]

Show that you know how to please the people who actually stick around and make a living in Philadelphia...
Bill Keller, Philadelphia PA [05-28-2003]

FREE Love Park. Ban the X-Games.
Mike Del Purgatorio, Paramus, NJ [05-28-2003]

Bring it back for the skaters!
Greg Haschak, aston pa 19014 [05-28-2003]

Let the kids skate!
Melissa Hassey, Philadelphia [05-28-2003]

Please let the skaters skate and stop acting like they are criminals! Free Love Park! Give them a place to skate and they will stay off your precious streets. :-/ Why do we forget what it was like to be kids? BTW my son is a skater and I am proud of him and love him much.
Proud Mama of my SkaterBoy, Philadelphia, PA [05-28-2003]

We skateboarders must stand up together to fight such destruction. If it happens in Philly then it can happen anywhere else.
Jason Hayford, Tampa,Florida [05-28-2003]

heather williams, pa [05-28-2003]

Gabrielle Bradley, West chester, PA [05-28-2003]

free love
Mark Meeney, Glen Mills, PA [05-28-2003]

I think that any area where skaters can go and skate as opposed to skating on the streets and in areas designated for pedestrians should be kept.
Shannon Mitchell, Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada [05-28-2003]

ben wofford, fuquay-varina, nc [05-28-2003]

Steve Schack, Milford, CT [05-28-2003]

The one and only time I ever went to Philadelphia was right after Chrisitmas of 2001. It was so cold outside that my face felt like it was gonna freeze off. We left Sunday at 3:30 p.m. and drove straight to Philadelphia and didn't get there til 2:30 in the morning. Then we skated all night and all morning and drove back Monday night. We drove a total of 22 ours or more for 11 hours of skating. And it was all worth it cause we got to skate love park. Even if it was cold. The only things that attract me to Philadelphia is skating and the Rocky stairs. And you know what we are leaving once again for Philadelphia this Friday May 30th and we are staying til Tuesday June 3rd. The only reason we are going this time is to skate in Philadelphia, cause we love skating that much. Please let love be open to skaters. It may get scatched a little, but would you rather have one spot scratched a little or a whole bunch of spots around town waxed and scratched. Cause if love parks going to be patrolled all the time sk8ers and just gonna skate everything else and I can tell you that if we get harrassed a lot in Philadelphia this time we come we won't come back to skate. We are probably gonna spend over 2000 dollars between the 6 of us coming between our food and our hotels and there are a lot of other skaters who travel to Phili for the same reason. you get rid of Love and you will lose money and respect, but you may not care for respect you may laugh when you read that, and if you do that's because you have no respect for us skaters and they way we feel about skating. You probably just don't care and you just don't understand, cause you are probably rich and could build your own park, but I'm 20 years old and I'm not wealthy at all. I get by on debbie snacks and live from check to check just to get on that board again and have some fun. So maybe forget yourself for once and do something for someone else. Give love to everyone. Let people eat lunch there. Let people skate there. Let kids play in the fountain and most of all take ~Ted~ p.s. I bet no one big will ever read this letter, but if you do have some compassion and give love back. Prove that Phili cares about everyone and not just the rich hard asses who work in offices. Prove Phili cares about the skaters and ball players and the clubers and the buisness men and the kids and everone. Prove it and write me back and tell me what you think about this letter.
Ted Alldaffer, clarksville, Indiana [05-28-2003]

skateboarding is not a crime,it's an art form. Free LOVE park.
Eric Bierenbroodspot, Almere,Holland [05-28-2003]

The fact that love park even exists, despite the "lockdown" imposed by near constant police supervision was a major reason for my deciding to attend college at the art institute of philly. I feel the park is as much a part of history, not only for skaters but philly history as well that it should be celebrated as the landmark it is. I have heard people say, "oh, well why dont they just build another park to skate at instead, so its more pleasent to sit here." Thats as if to say "why dont they just tear down the lincoln monument, its such an eyesore." Love park is as much a part of skatings history as urethane wheels. I believe that if philly is so proud of having the birthplace of betsy ross, then they should be even prouder of love. Liberate love park! give love park to the skaters, and as for the haters, build THEM a new place to sit. Love is skateboarding. Brotherly love does not exclude skaters. peace
Ben Banks, Essex Jct VT 05452, but relocating to chestnut street in philly in october [05-28-2003]

Love Park is a remarkable place - anti-skateboarding measures ruin it. RE-OPEN LOVE PARK!
Robbie Benson, Tamworth, ENGLAND [05-28-2003]

I live all the way in Florida,but LOVE park is a huge thing for those people who can use it. please keep it up.
Kendra Schwier, Apollo Beach,Fl. [05-28-2003]

i love you god thank you.........
joey wilds, jacksonville florida [05-28-2003]

LOVE park is as big as the Eiffeltower in skateboarding
mischa zwaan, Fresno, Ca. [05-28-2003]

i hope to visit philadelphia and skate the park (at least) once in my lifetime. please re-open love park for skateboarders. they bring life and creativity to the place.
peter valkema, tilburg, the netherlands [05-28-2003]

Being just 19 and only skating for about 3 years now, I had missed the most of the LOVE park years. I did not miss then all though, right before its closing I was able to skate one of the most famous skate spot on the world. Sadly Philly has no LOVE, Thanks Guys! The LOVE years will be back.
Joe Lutz, Philadelphia, PA [05-28-2003]

Mike Reams, Zelienople, Pa [05-28-2003]

It really angers me that the Street Administration can be so hypocritical as to entice the X-Games into the city, with Love Park and Dilworth Plaza, make millions directly off of skateboarders and skateboarding, plus millions in advertisements ... yet once the cameras are gone they take everything that skateboarding has brought this city away from the skaters. We brought the city millions of dollars and they completely neglect it and say we cause nothing but problems and destroy property. I say decided on one point of view and stick with it. Its completely obvious that Street cares only about money. When we dont bring them millions they could careless. I bet Street spent the money from teh X-games on that beautiful face lift he gave love park. It's uglier now than it was with the "cracked and broken" ledges. We need to get street out of office, and Councilman Nutter.
Eric Barnes, Philadelphia [05-28-2003]

I know i have absolutly nothing to do with philly but i gotta support it dude. it just sucks in my opinon. my support from the opposite side of the country.
George K, San Diego [05-28-2003]

i belive that the love park should allow skaters to skate there. isn't a park for all different types of people to hang out and enjoy themselves out to forget about problems for a bit so why not be able to skate there also. To skateboaders having fun is going out and finding new places to hit or enjoying the old one already found. so why take away something that makes people happy. Trinity
Trinity brown, killeen, tx [05-28-2003]

sandi galvin, chch,new zealand [05-28-2003]

I've never been to the park and i live in New Zealand which is probably why. But i've heard heaps about it and from that i think they should definitely open it back up to skaters.
Anna Wilson, Christchurch, New Zealand [05-28-2003]

Hey There, Well I just have to say you can't close up Love skate Park. The park is totally wicked and awesome. All you chicks and guys so need to sign this petition. If the park goes down where are we all gonna skate? It kind of become a healthy enviroment for some of the skaters..Well laterz
Shar, Florda/USA [05-28-2003]

Chad Arnett, santa barbara, ca [05-28-2003]

Please let skateboarders back into Love Park, I'm driving all the way from Indianapolis this summer just to look at the legendary park. Even if I can't skate it, I'm still coming just to look around the park and relive all the memories I have taken in. Please make Love the way it used to be.
Chris Francis, Indianapolis, IN [05-28-2003]

My nephew skates the park; they have a good time and don't cause any raucous.
Cyndi Lopez-Baer, buck co. PA [05-28-2003]

i must say getting arrested for doing such an innocent obsession is not fun. if i skated love park i would not want to get arrested excpecially when i live more than 800 miles away. how do pros get away with skating all the good spots and not get harassed?? i know they get harassed but they never get ####ed. arent they supposed to give a tresspassing warning first?? ithought they were. well they forced me to skate even harder. so one day when im up near love park i would definatly want to skate it. but to get arrested for it like a criminal act isnt worth it..... nick
nick tuminello, cape coral, florida [05-28-2003]

open it back up
james jones, cape coral, fl, usa [05-28-2003]

Krista Dedrick, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [05-28-2003]

LOVE Park should be re-opened, because it's one of those places that everyone can go to, even skateboarders. And it's become home and a great place to skate for so many skateboards, especially uprising kids. Keep the place open, it's a landmark in skateboarding.
Sean Baskin, Chattanooga, TN [05-28-2003]

bring it back!
Chase McMaster, Philly, PA [05-28-2003]

Skateboarding in LOVE park has created a lot of business for the city of Philadelphia. I believe that the majority of the tourists that go to see LOVE are skateboarders. I tis an amazing training ground and in a perfect location. Why build a skatepark when there is already a perfect one built without the intentions of one being there.
Brendan Kidd, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada [05-28-2003] homepage

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