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May 22-27, 2003

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Joe Smith, Phila Pa [05-27-2003]

Love Park is an important piece of skateboarding history, and should be made free and legal to use by skateboarders.
Cameron Bailey, Kirkland Lake, Ontariom Canada [05-27-2003]

Adam Wuestenhagen, Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin United States [05-27-2003]

Jonathan Kimsey, Newnan, Georgia, U.S.A. [05-27-2003]

because of LOVE there are may skaters out there and if wasnt there there would be as many in the future i dont want to rob the next generation of skaters of LOVE and i would love to skate it myself one day.....FREE LOVE!
Emmanuel Martinez, Longwood, FL [05-27-2003]

LOVE has brought much publicity to philadelphia with it being featured in many videos. For this same reason, LOVE has also brought many tourists. If you take this away, philadelphia will lose in the long run. please re-consider and allow skateboarders to use LOVE park.
colleen kelly, melrose park, pa [05-27-2003]

No more love no more philly
Dan Mcdaniel, tampa florida [05-27-2003]

Without love, philly is nothing.
Jackson Glass, tampa florida [05-27-2003]

Collin Prosser, Tampa Florida [05-27-2003]

Griffin Phillips, Tamarac, Florida, USA [05-27-2003]

kerry roane, prichard WV [05-27-2003]

From a stand point of the city; Love Park is what got them the X-Games deal, and has brought a lot of revenue to the city. How can you turn your back on such a thing.
Adam Karch, Champaign, IL [05-27-2003]

free love
Scott Uhlfelder, Jupiter, FL [05-27-2003]

jay avinger [05-27-2003]

save love park. dont let a great skate spot be torn down!
Brad Dillon, Eden Prairie Minnesota [05-27-2003]

free love park!
logan wade, Auburndale,Fl [05-27-2003]

free love!
chris long, ventura ca [05-27-2003]

i urge you to reopen love park to the skateboarders of philly and the world travelers who are brought to love park because of the "skate-ability" of the area. it brings people together and allows different folks to intermingle and better understand one another. love park is famous world wide as one of the greatest skate spots in the world. don't make it another EMB. skaters need places to go and it keeps kids from doing other less desireable activities. i've never had the pleasure of skating love park, but i plan to one day. please help that dream come true. thanks, paul
paul mallett, seminole, FL [05-27-2003]

free love, everywere else to skate is beat
RAY WARD, philly [05-27-2003]

Delon Tio, San Francisco, Ca, United States of America [05-27-2003]

william j. costello, bourne, ma [05-27-2003]

LOVE park should defitnaly be reopened, it would be a huge thing in the city and a very blatant move that would show the youth the city cares about them. SAVE LOVE FOR PAT!
Luke Schulze, Worthington Massachusettes [05-27-2003]

I skated at love park plenty of times and it is the one place that i can stay at all day and skate and have fun it brings a lot of people together as one and everyone has fun.
tyler heilman, jenkintown, pennsylvania [05-27-2003]

i think it was a great shame to renovate love park. It was a great place to skatebaord and have a fun day. hopefully it will reopen to us.
Elliott Coss, moorestown, NJ 08057 [05-27-2003]

philly ain't got no LOVE!
pete enderle, philly, pa, [05-27-2003]

i have several friends who loved to skate at LOVE park. Its really ashame that now its just an ugly piece of crap that no one cares about. they should just let kids skate there so it goes to good use!
Jessica Brubaker, Philadelphia, PA [05-27-2003]

Give them a place to skate, it's a park, nothing more. I mean does somebody really care so passionatly about some ledges, I mean even the architect who designed it, was disturbed by this news, if he was, what does that say. Come on and give it back.
Massimo Cavedoni, Irvine, Ca [05-27-2003]

Love Park is the very heart of street skating and it deserves the opportunity to beat again with the sound of skaters.
Don Jehlen, Asheville, NC [05-27-2003]

i just don't get it what did skaters do to be treated like this!
Brian/joseph, Kingston Ont .Canada! [05-27-2003]

Brendan Kerr, jenkintown, pa [05-27-2003]

Matt Brouwer, Los Gatos, CA [05-27-2003]

Travis Hickok, houston, texas [05-27-2003]

ive never been to the park. they should open it back up 2 skaters cause u have to wear pads and pay to skate at most parks.
ryan gilbert, bellmawr, New Jersey [05-27-2003]

LOVE park without skateboarding is just another place for people to deal drugs. Instead of taking out a positive and active part of the park, let it be how it was. One of the only perfect places to ever skate, hang out, and enjoy the outside air. What is so bad about that?
Bryan Keller, Wilmington, NC [05-27-2003]

the place is the best, don't get rid of it
Casey Alvarez, santa rosa, ca, usa [05-27-2003]

Frank, Middletown,MD [05-27-2003]

kevin quackenbush, philadelphia pa [05-27-2003]

i go to LOVE when i visit my fam kid whaaat!
meagle, plant city florida [05-27-2003]

why take away from your city . I have a 83 year old grandma that loves to watch the skating in the park,
pal kundrat, chicago [05-27-2003]

ive never been to the park. they should open it back up 2 skaters cause u have to wear pads and pay to skate at most parks.
ryan gilbert, bellmawr, New Jersey [05-27-2003]

rocky rinaldi, philadelphia, pa [05-27-2003]

chris grieff, naples, fl [05-27-2003]

Yeah Love park was a HUGE part in all skate vids..i never got to skate love park, but id love to. Love Park brings a huge coverage for the city also. It is a major attraction and it brings a place for all skaters to come together and to just have a great time. You should never do anything that would prevent such a thing. It brough pros, AMs, and just us everyday local skaters together.
amanda luehrs, chillicothe, ohio [05-27-2003]

Love park is a canvas and skateboarders are paint.
Matt Price, Mesa, Arizona [05-27-2003]

Kevin Tinnell, Cortez, FL [05-27-2003]

love patk is an extremely impertant part of skateboarding, and i dont know what skateboarding would be like without it
marlin brown, raleigh nc [05-27-2003]

I have been a resident of Phila. for well over five years. The city is a symbol of American freedom. Why not let freedom ring in Phila. for ALL?
s. Trocci, New London, Ct [05-27-2003]

ive been to love park once and skated and got kicked out by a security guard. but ive also seen it in TONS of skate videos, i think the city should take love and make it for the public and skaters, i mean now its covered with grass and i bet hobos hang out their. i think they should let skaters skate and not worry about them and go worry about rapists, drug dealers, and murderers, not skateboarders
marcus hyde, chesterfield, va [05-27-2003]

This means a lot to skateboarding and if we could have a place just like it without getting hassled by the cops it would be the best idea someone could think of. People love skateboarding and should respect us but we should respect them to. This will bring a new vibe in the area. And skateboarding will be more expressional.
Eduard Demacek, Bradenton, Fl [05-27-2003]

i think what the mayor did was terrible. a big part of skateboarding is gone now because of him. a big attraction is also in sarasota and being a teenager i have always wanted to skate love but unless love is reopened i will never be able to. it was a really big dissapointment for me when i heard about love being closed.SO LETS GET TO GETHER AND REOPEN LOVE PARK!
casey gerry, sarasota, fl [05-27-2003]

skating is very important. its apart of us all. keep kids off drugs. we need skating! don't let this be the downfall of the youth.
aaron lemelin, thisisnotimporttant but saving the youth is keep us off drugs [05-27-2003]

Nate Smith, Omaha, Nebraska [05-27-2003]

Being a 42 year old skater, I've made a few road trips to LOVE PARK. The skaters are the best thing for the park. If the people concerned concentrated on the drug dealers and left the skaters alone, I wouldn't be signing this petition! all the best! GOOD LUCK! Tom Coad
TOM COAD, Belleville New Jersey USA [05-27-2003]

why close something that brings joy to people when causes no harm!
Sharon Safanov, Philadelphia, PA [05-27-2003]

Cody Sedelmeyer, raleigh NC usa [05-27-2003]

uh ive seen that place in a bunch of videos and that place looks like an awsome spot and if phili breaks it down then you can forget all that commerce that skateboarding brought to love park and surrounding areas, so by tearing it down consider that area of phili a dead economy
Everett Diuguid, Raleigh, NC, US [05-27-2003]

Juan Liriano, port jefferson station, NY 11776, USA [05-27-2003]

Dont close this park down to the skaters, it gives them a passion to express their love for the sport. Its such a big part of so many peoples lives, and being from Australia and in my 14 years of skating, this was one of the main spots i wanted to visit and feel the essence. I aint getting any younger, we are just skaters, we are just human... we are just trying to live life and be happy doing our own thing. We aint criminals. Peace, ONE LOVE! andy 2 tha c
Andy Croker, Sydney, Australia. [05-27-2003]

I'm a skate shop owner, my husband pro skated for quite sometime.....Skaters need the park-DON'T take it away Free Love Park do you want them skating on your local curbs, they deserve to have LOVE park
Tamara, Oxnard CA [05-27-2003]

for everything skating has brought to philly.. show LOVE.
christopher cardoza, ny ny [05-27-2003]

Love Park is an American icon and is important as well as a useful place in American, why tear down, when you can build up?
Damian Rowe, Allen, TX [05-27-2003]

Free LOVE!
Paul Weaver, Warwick, Rhode Island [05-27-2003]

i haven't been to love park, but all i know is that it shouldn't go down
craig dueck, steinbach manitoba [05-27-2003]

I havn't skated at the famous LOVE PARK but i have seen skate video's, magazine pics and articles on it everywhere. I have also seen the great joy found on the faces of everyone who have skated there. Legends of the sport have come and gone from Love, learning new tricks and creating new memories of happiness forever. I was going to visit Love this summer to experience this great park myself until i heard of the new skateboard ban. If so many years pleasure can come from a park, than this park must must be a masterpiece created not only for spectators but skaters as well. Creating a skateboarding ban would be nothing but a disaster and a waste of a dream and a way of life for some. Peace out Love (hopefully, not forever), Andrew James
Andrew James, Longwood, FL [05-27-2003]

Re-open LOVE, I don't even skate and I want to see it open again.
Liam Wilson, Philadelphia, PA [05-27-2003]

Bring it back!
Douglas B. [05-27-2003]

dont ban it! where would i skate?
Scott Faringway, usa [05-27-2003]

LOVE was more than just a skatepark it boosted the tourism in the Philadelphia a lot. And it was the most legendary skate area on the planet
Jonathan, Tampa [05-27-2003]

kyle whitaker, Tampa FL [05-27-2003]

moondoggy, Chi-Town [05-27-2003]

love park is an awesome skatespot. why ruin for everyone across the globe?
Ben Littleton, Selma NC [05-27-2003]

I'm all for this, I've got a "Free Love Park" T-Shirt on right now
Seth Kennedy, Ohio [05-27-2003]

Tom Harmon, Bear Delaware [05-27-2003]

Sean W. Fink, Williamsport, PA 17701 [05-27-2003]

Let it continue to be used for skateboarding.
Aries McGinnis, Folcroft, PA [05-27-2003]

L...O...V...E...i have never skated love before but just seeing people skate it and hear about people skate it makes me so jealous that they live,live near,or just got to go to it.alot of pros use like it is part of them and it has become part of them for if it were not for love park pros like bam margera,kerry getz,stevie williams,etc... may not have been see love is such a great park ive heard about kids makin friends when they were skatin at love and i have made friends just talkin about love please let it be skateable again!
mike matier, port saint lucie,florida [05-27-2003]

I used to live and philly and was born there. I look forward to moving back, and I want it to be skatable! Please! Support Love Park!
Chris, Westerly Rhode Island [05-27-2003]

Ben Williams, Essexville, MI [05-27-2003]

LOVE park stood for something special. It was one of the world's most famous skateboard spots. There was no harm in it's existence as a skatespot and should not be changed due to someones perception who does not belong there anyway. Give LOVE back.
Ryan Gorman, Bradenton, FL [05-27-2003]

Great skate spot that should be open for people to skate. There shouldn;t be someone banning something that brings tourism to their town.
Michael Schoen, Marco Island, FL [05-27-2003]

people should be given equal rights just like everyone else, skateboarders deserve a place to skate.
ALEX CORNS, brooklyn park, minnesota [05-27-2003]

Love park should be open to skateboarders. If it was then the city could attract more people to it, thus making more money.
Alex Levin, Lafayette Hill, PA [05-27-2003]

free love park
JUSTIN NALLEY, michigan [05-27-2003]

if you dont give it back to the skaters its just going to become a waste land for bums and druggies, which is even put it to some use and give it back!
sean brabham, tampa florida [05-27-2003]

free lovepark.
ron retiro, san bernardino,ca [05-27-2003]

They should keep love park because it means a lot to skateboarders across america. I've been skateboarding for about a year now. I know I'am not the best but I speak for all of us and I say keep LOVE park.
Brandon Campbell, Shamokin, Pa [05-27-2003]

love 4 life
Mark Johansen, San Diego, CA [05-27-2003]

Though I don't live in Philly ... I wanted to make the journey there in the future to visit the park. Sadly, this may never happen unless the park is reopened to skaters.
Joel Martinez, Orlando, Fl. [05-27-2003]

just let it be we can have at least one legal spot to skate then we wont have to go all over the place!
nick marcisin, florida tampa [05-27-2003]

pat bagnell, hatfield, pa [05-27-2003]

love park is the most popular skate spot in the us you cant deprive philly locals, all they want to do is skate. Its all we do in california but we dont have LOVE
Sam Hale, Goleta, California [05-27-2003]

Please let us (skateboarders) have Love back. We still love LOVE park. It will always hold a special place in the world of skateboarding.
Jacob Richter, Philadelphia, PA USA [05-27-2003]

Tim whitaker, nj [05-27-2003]

free love! best spot in the USA!
ross norman, santa barbara, CA [05-27-2003]

What else are they going to do with it? People still go to Love and hang out and enjoy it even if they don't skateboard. In all the videos of Love there are kids in the backgroung playing and having fun or people watching the skateboarders. People still went there to enjoy the park. Skateboarders ruined nothing. They just skated there. Someone truthfully tell me what skateboarders did to the park to make them want to tear it down.
Justin, Aberdeen, NC [05-27-2003]

Kylie Thorne, Saint Marys, PA [05-27-2003]

Legendary to anyone who skates. Provides good positive activities for kids and adults alike. Keeps kids out of trouble because they're skating, instead of drugs or crime or worse.
Christopher Phillips, San Diego, California (USA) [05-27-2003]

Peter Fettich, Ljubljana, Slovenia [05-27-2003]

Chris Dunn, North West England [05-27-2003]

William Vallow, mi [05-27-2003]

I don't skate at Love Park (it's just a little way over the Atlantic for me), but I know there are lots of skate videos that I really like filmed in Love Park and I know a lot of skaters like skating there, so it should be saved. It's probably bringing in a lot of tourism too (skaters and non skaters), so keep it!
Andrew Attah, Bath, UK [05-27-2003]

free love park its the best place to skate in the world and who cares what cops say a fine for skateboarding, man f that. legalize skateboarding its not a crime!
kyle stetser, levittown, p.a. [05-27-2003]

Elaine Gill, Philadelphia, PA [05-27-2003]

I think Love park should be skatable, it has been around for the skater's forever, why take it away now just because mayor street's want's to try to do something right why take something away from the skateboarders. How come he wont do something else like try and stop all the crime that is happening. I mean mostly people have nothing else better to do but pick on us for skateboarding, some of us are trying to make a living in the world, and film, photo's and love park helped out a lot of people..
Michael, Northeast Philadelphia [05-27-2003]

Love Park was my 2nd home
Ron Crawford, Phila Pa [05-27-2003]

I used to live in Philly for the past five years, and LOVE park was one of the main things that drew me to the city. The closing of LOVE park was one of many reasons that I decided to leave the city. If it were to be reopened, I may once again think about moving back, but not until then.
Jonathan Finnegan, Albuquerque, NM [05-27-2003]

I've skated at love countless times in the last 3 years. Nothing in philly compares to it. The feeling you get when your there is unbelieveable, when i'm skating there is like a new world, theres people from all over the place just skateboarding, for the love of it. Once when i was there i saw a guy with crazy dread locks i asked him where he was from, he was like "Jamaca" i said what the hell are you doing here he said "I'm visiting family in georgia and i drove up here just to skate LOVE PARK. Enough said.
Ed Delahunty, Springfield PA [05-27-2003]

christine shaw, glenolden pa [05-27-2003]

Jeremy Nellis, Emporium, PA [05-27-2003]

Joseph Rohleder, Bellevue Nebraska [05-27-2003]

this sucks i have visited love park for 3 years,the next good spot for skating is barsalona spain
Paul Sambuev, delta, BC, Canada [05-27-2003]

fight the good fight, philly. give Street hell! Skate forever.
Brian Kiser, Abilene, TX [05-27-2003]

Why not just make it into a skatepark. Now its a home for vagrants. Skaters should have gotten it. I dont understand what the point in tearing it down was.
Justin Turcotte, Red Deer Alberta Canada [05-27-2003]

If you're trying to make the city a destination spot and attract more visitors, it doesn't make any sense to close Love Park, which is internationally known among youth culture.
Sarah Thompson, Philadelphia, PA [05-27-2003]

Jeff Proctor, Alpine, CA [05-27-2003]

god built it for skaters.
John Reisen, Ringwood N,J, [05-27-2003]

save love!
gabe lonsberry, lakeland FL [05-27-2003]

bring LOVE back to the skateboarders
Nick Bernardi, Ellisiville Missouri [05-27-2003]

LOVE park was to skateboarding in Philly, is what love is to life. Without out it there real reason to live. Hence, now that LOVE park is gone I don't really go to Philly anymore.
Phil Chadbourn, Bethlehem, PA [05-27-2003]

looked like a lot of fun...
daniel loxton, montclair NJ [05-27-2003]

I love LOVE park.
Joel Godden (Palisades), uk [05-27-2003]

becki kiss, bethlehem, pa, usa [05-27-2003]

tom Bailey, Newport RI [05-27-2003]

give it back to the sk8ers!
jennie laws, melbourne australia [05-27-2003]

free love
willy snyder, concord NH [05-27-2003]

im asian..i didnt skate or step my feet at love park but when i heard the news..i dissapointed that the love park is the heaven of all skatespot has been unskateable so FREE LOVE PARK!
Mohd "kecik" Ridhwan, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, MALAYSIA! [05-27-2003]

Tin Tran, Whitmin, MA [05-27-2003]

best place i have ever skated and i want to skate again
timothy mcdermott, silver spring maryland [05-27-2003]

Whether the city wants to accept it or not, LOVE Park IS the city skatepark of Philadelphia, and it provides a healthy and conained atmosphere for skateboarders young and old alike. Not only will it become an eyesore and a drug carnival, but also it will create a very large stink with skateboarders not just in Philadeplhia, but also around the world. They(We) will not stand quietly while a part of our culture is destroyed. So keep the people of your city happy, and PRESERVE LOVE PARK!
Kevin Chesser, St. Mary's County, in Southern Maryland [05-27-2003]

growing up i always wanted to go to love park, i would look at every picture of love park for like 20 mins, i watched photosynthesis like a million times to see the LOVE footage, but how can i go there now with all this s**t that's going on. All we are doing is riding a piece of wood with some skates on it, (quoted from a skate video, that a bum says) what type of s**t is this, what is america coming to man. R.I.P LOVE
jason hodges, sydney, new south wales, australia [05-27-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK because i want the chance to skate it oneday....
Andrew, Adelaide, Australia [05-27-2003]

if u want a lot of kids to do drugs a die then do what they did to love park.
aaron mcmullen, haleiwa, HI [05-27-2003]

I think love park should stay open so the people of the world can admire its beauty and its place in the city of Philly, thanks
Andre Ferreira, Irvine, CA [05-27-2003]

Free the best skateboarding location of the east coast.
David, Pitman, NJ [05-27-2003]

Jonas Hauert, Prangins, Switzerland [05-27-2003]

Since ive started skating way back in 95, ive seen the sexalicious pics of people lovin the LOVE. So since then even tho i suck so hard still after all these years, LOVE is a place ive wanted to go since i started and this ban is throwing a wrench in the the gears.
Will Joines, Wilkesboro, NC [05-27-2003]

LOVE park was a place for good people to have a good time doing the thing they love,skateboarding
jake knapp, Sammamish, WA [05-27-2003]

The place dreams are made of........
anonymous, DeKalb Illinois [05-27-2003]

andrew whiteside, lexington SC [05-27-2003]

As far as I know, skateboarding in LOVE Park has never been legal. The police just couldn't have been bothered with enforcing such a ridiculous rule before. Crime and social issues were always more important to the previous Mayors' and police. I guess they have solved all of Philadelphia's poverty and crime and have time and money to spend on trivial issues such as what the city's skateboarders are up to. What a Waste. Free Love Park.
Brian Herzog, Upper Darby, PA [05-27-2003]

skateboarding has done nothing for Philadelphia except good things. it's brought money to local businesses and kept many kids that would be into drugs or crime into skateboarding.
Nate [05-27-2003]

free LOVE park, i wnna sk8 it still
andre, Cameron Park, CA [05-27-2003]

Give it Back!
Ricky Oyola, South Philadelphia [05-27-2003]

though i have not set foot in love park my whole life, it has had a huge impact on me. seeing it in magazines, videos, it's a part of a life style. I just wanted to go and skate there someday, until i heard the news that it was being closed off to the skateboarding community. i just dont see how it could be that much of an hassle to the city. I guarantee that if you asked any of the stores along the park if they wanted skateboarders to leave, all would reply with a no. it would be a very good move to bring back love to the skateboarders.
Nate Manzanares, denver colorado [05-27-2003]

They should re-open Love to skateboarding.
Justin Clanton, Mt. Morris MI. [05-27-2003]

jordan, bristol, ct [05-26-2003]

max, irvine [05-26-2003]

Benny Wong, Staten Island, NY [05-26-2003]

Chris Aldridge, Midland, MI [05-26-2003]

LOVE was always one of the most unique and appealing places to visit in Philadelphia, due to skating in the park, bringing it back would be a great move!
Capri Roth, New York, NY [05-26-2003]

Love park is the hottest spot on the east coast. It needs to be free to everyone.
Jeremy Menard, Raleigh,NC [05-26-2003]

Lets free the city of timely ideals dealing with skate bans and anarchy. Lets grow as a city of love and not as an idea of old folks homes and unwaxed ledges. I see it all the time on billboards and t.v. shows, " stop the hate".
mark roth, the hole [05-26-2003]

save love park!
Quincy Morris, santa barbara,california [05-26-2003]

I've toured Europe twice now in Pennsylvania's pop-punk band, Digger, and I've met atleast one hundred skaters who only know this state for Love Park in Philadelphia. What a shame... The bums make the place look even worse. Does the city of Philadelphia want Love Park to be famous for something? Or do they just want it to be known as the place across from City Hall where the homeless, drug addicts, and drug dealers sleep? Please Declare Independence on Love Park for skateboarders. Keep them in one piece, off the streets, and off of drugs.
Michael Clarke Kelly, Emporium, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. [05-26-2003]

Bob Horning, Renovo PA [05-26-2003]

richard holland, salt lake city, utah [05-26-2003]

dan goldbacher, sweetwater nj [05-26-2003]

When I think of LOVE Park, I think of the sound of skateboarding. Kids who love to skate, love LOVE Park
sarah Horning, west chester, PA [05-26-2003]

Give the kids something better to do than drugs!
Sara Medeiros, Assonet, Massachusetts [05-26-2003]

Free Tibet!
Jon Nelson, new york [05-26-2003]

Brian Lacko, West Cornwall, CT [05-26-2003]

Love park, along with FDR, is undoubtably the reason that the X Games were held here for 2 years. Without Love Philly wouldnt have made all the money from hosting the X Games. It's not fair that the way they repay the skateboarders of the Philly area is closing down it's major skateboarding attraction.
Dan Ware, Boothwyn, PA [05-26-2003]

I don't live in Philly, but I wanna hit that park sometime. Why not?
Baby Dyson, Bellbrook Ohio, USA [05-26-2003]

Kevin McCall, Denver, Co [05-26-2003]

I think love park should be re-opened for skateboarders it was one of the best places in the world to skateboard and it was all about hanging out with your friends and skateboarding and having a good park is a part of skateboard history that has been torn apart......skateboarding in a park is better for kids to do instaead of smoking weed and joining gangs......think about it!
jonathan lopez, San Antonio, TX [05-26-2003]

Love park is what skateboarding is all about.
Ryan Thomas, Solvang, CA [05-26-2003]

FREE LOVE man c'mon its the best place in the world
Cody Green, Canton, Ohio [05-26-2003]

I believe that by keeping love park open for the people that truly admire it, would be better then destroying such a historical piece of the skateboarding world we know of today. Please keep love open for the sake of us kids. -Zach h.
Zach Harrison, Santa Barbara, CA [05-26-2003]

Matthew Latchford, Wilmington, DE [05-26-2003]

I don't live in Philly, I'm just trying to support the cause. Skateboarding shouldn't be banned anywhere in the US.
Karch Coon, Irvine, CA [05-26-2003]

Sam Scales, greensboro, nc [05-26-2003]

free love park! no love for philly with out love., roswell georgia [05-26-2003]

LOVE Park is the most amazing place for skateboarding ever.
Ryan Delmar, Getzville, NY USA [05-26-2003]

One day when I get good at skateboarding I will go to Love. Just like one day when I play a little basketball, I want to play in Rucker Park. That is how great Love is.
Howard Watts III, Las Vegas, NV [05-26-2003]

OPEN LUV SO WHEN I GET OLDER ILL GO OUT AND SK8 the absolute h** out of it.:)
Colby Holloway, Garner, NC [05-26-2003]

ive never skated Love, but i assume it would be quite the experience. If the mayor wanted to stay in office, he should realize that re-opening love park to skaters should be the first step. Also, if he had any common sense, he would realize that the Tourist dollars brought in by skaters and events such as the X-Games are a great boost to the economy of Philadelphia.
Dan K, Long Island [05-26-2003]

you can't take away something that has made skating history. Some skaters haven't even got a shot to skate it so they shouldnt tear down something that belongs to skaters and the people.
Adam Cintas, Dewitt, Michigan [05-26-2003]

Although I haven't been blessed with the opprotunity to skate at LOVE park, I have heard about and have witnessed it's sacred architecture and it's condescending vibes through skateboarding videos, magazines, and media coverage. While it was designed for the 9-to-5 business person to sit and stuff their faces at lunchtime, it turned into to much more. A mecca for skateboarders. A place where skateboarders of all ages, races, etc. could do the one thing they loved. Now it is closed, despite the millions of dollars that it has brought to Phillidelphia. Mayor John Street has bitten the hand that has fed him and his city. Now, every skateboarder that doesn't find anywhere else to skate, will turn to drugs, violence, and other activities which go against our manditory social principles. A million skateparks could be built for the skateboarders of Phillidelphia, and it couldn't replace LOVE park. The skateboarders of Philly, and the world plead to you, John Street, the city council, to please open LOVE park once again. Please give me a chance to skate there at least once in my life. FREE LOVE PARK!
Brandon Getty, Stockton, CA [05-26-2003]

LOVE love's skateboarders. skateboarders love LOVE park.
andrew orr, oswego ny [05-26-2003]

LOVE is great. Bring It back. Great place to meet people and skate. Support this. Philly was back on the map because of LOVE.
Mike Beiter, Virginia Beach [05-26-2003]

LOVE forever!
David Leb, Raleigh, NC [05-26-2003]

I think that LOVE Park should be re-opened. I think that it will bring money to the city. I would definitely go because I have always wanted to skate at LOVE Park
Matthew Bland, North Carolina [05-26-2003]

Free LOVE.
Greg Kenton, Moorpark, CA [05-26-2003]

save Love Park, please, i never got a chance to go, and consider my life as a skateboarder incomplete because of that.
James Meyer, Cary, NC [05-26-2003]

Do it. I would lve to go there and skate. It has always been a dream for me.
Eric Marquez, North Carolina [05-26-2003]

Please open Love park.... its the best place to skateboard in the world! whats better.. having kids doing somethin else n possibly getting into trouble or letting them have love park! i say love pak lol
Brian Scully, South Jersey [05-26-2003]

wylie robinson, raleigh, nc, USA [05-26-2003]

Crow Jonah Norlander, Denver Colorado [05-26-2003]

harrison reese, lake forest, california [05-26-2003]

give it back to the people, keeping it locked up from skateboarders is wrong and hypocritical.
Scott Russell, Baltimore, Maryland [05-26-2003]

shutting down love only creates more problems
Jeff Sokoloski, Detroit [05-26-2003]

trevor beck, franklin,ma,us [05-26-2003]

AJ, Detroit, Michigan [05-26-2003]

It's a shame to do away with such an imporant skatespot in skateboarding's history. We felt the same loss out here for EMB. Skateboarding is so sought out now as corporations and the movie industry is influxing it's mainstreaming. It seems a bad decision on the city's part, to do away with it as it may prove lucritive in the future due to it's fame. I highly recommend giving the famous Love Park back to the skaters. Thank you.
Clarkie, Editor, Santa Cruz, CA [05-26-2003]

i traveled with some friends on a roadtrip to Love Park about a year and a half ago to skate there, and we had the best time ever. We go super good footage, and now its closed. LLOVE PARK NEEDS TO OPEN TO SKATEBOARING!It is a vital part of it. When Love Park shut down, a little piece of Skatig died. Scincerely, Eric Sndyer
Eric Snyder, Kennesaw Georgia [05-26-2003]

Have you seen some massive decline in the popularity of Europe, despite the fact that most European towns allow skateboarding in all public places?
Luke Gardner, Saint Louis, MO [05-26-2003]

LOVE Park is a part of history. But most importantly, LOVE Park is a part of skateboarding. Taking it away is taking away is taking away part of the sport.
Ryan Proch, Kentwood, MI [05-26-2003]

Love Park is a current example of the abuse of Philly's tax dollars. Mayor Street is just a prick with a lot of power with no thought of the community. I wish I lived in Philly just so I could not vote for him in the next election.
Ben Smart, New Hampshire [05-26-2003]

I think that love park shoulden't ever be closed for skaters because then word of love park doesn't get around and people from west coast don't even know about our parks here
James, Tobyhanna pa Untied states of america [05-26-2003]

I'm fifteen years old, a skater, and have always dreamt of going overseas. one of my priorities was to go to Love park and skate there, just to experience a part of history. to me, love park isn't just another skate spot; love park is THE skate spot. I know I'll be crossing my fingers hoping that this petition makes a difference.
morris cesana, NSW, Australia [05-26-2003]

Clint Kaio, Camarillo, CA [05-26-2003]

Justin Ponce, Camarillo, CA [05-26-2003]

love park is the basis of skateboarding on the east coast. we must bring it back.
matt goodwin, camarillo, CA USA [05-26-2003]

Love Park was cool, skateboarding made it art
Nate Taylor, Northern Virginia [05-26-2003]

i've never skated love park but it looks fun, I think philly should let people skate love park.
Rio Bissell, Santa Barbara CA [05-26-2003]

Will Macfadyen, Santa Barbara, CA [05-26-2003]

Love Park blew ass. Brooklyn Banks 4 life!
John Zano, New York City [05-26-2003]

Give us some LOVE and free LOVE Park!
James Carson, Santa Barbara CA [05-26-2003]

Skateboarding in LOVE park should be allowed. It is to the youth of America what the Liberty Bell is to adults. It generates a great deal of revenue for the city through tourism and at one time, the X-Games, and that is worth a few chunked up concrete ledges from an economical standpoint. Sometimes aesthetic beauty must be sacrificed in order to cater to matters of significant importance.
Jonathan Denton, Biddeford, Maine [05-26-2003]

Bring back LOVE. It's been a monumental skate spot for many years, and is a part of skateboarding's history. I would also love the chance to be able to skate it one day. It'd be a dream come true.
Will Peck, Wilson, North Carolina [05-26-2003]

Theo Raedschelders, Maaseik, Limburg, Belgium [05-26-2003]

I am only gonna say one word: OPEN.
Phil McWain, Ogden, Utah [05-26-2003]

i would have liked to have skated love park one day. Many across the country would have. From a business perspective, skateboarders would attract more revenue from acrosss the country then any park-goers would. Skateboarders need a street oriented place in philly to skate as well. Not some half ass park designed by non-skaters. So why not use something that has been skated for over a decade? Philly should use some common sense and realize skating is a sport not just for rebellious teens anymore. Its now a sport for every kind of teen.
Jake miller, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [05-26-2003]

Have love for Love Park!
Patrick Williams, Memphis, TN [05-26-2003]

you cant commercialize skateboarding and bring the X-Games to Philladelphia and then shut down what your city is most famous for. Not to mention you had the street section of the X-games in your park
stephen sebastian, sicklerville NJ [05-26-2003]

5 more months til the next mayor election...
Kip Sita, Audubon, NJ [05-26-2003]

Zach Shelton, Raleigh, NC [05-26-2003]

love park is the most popular skate spot in the world. the fact that it was shutdown was a loss to skateboarders everywhere.the city needs to recognize skateboarders because we're here to stay and there is nothing you can do about it.
tyler clark, ontario,oregon [05-26-2003]

Shane Broda, Hearst Ontario Canada [05-25-2003]

im only twelve and love park has been a fantasy for me. If you take this historic skate spot away from us your taking away a part of our history.
nick rzepski, Chadds Ford, Pa [05-25-2003]

I was planning to visit Love Park when I was older and had the money. Its just that perfect that it would make someone from South Australia travel to another continent to skate one spot.
Matt Ziegeler, South Australia [05-25-2003]

I hope to skate LOVE park someday. So free it!
Chris Smith, Hammonton NJ [05-25-2003]

Adam Lawson, Ypsilanti, MI [05-25-2003]

i dont understand mayor street. wouldnt he have more important things to do than just worry about LOVE park? who cares if some kids are skating at Love park! at least theyre not getting high or graffiting walls or getting drunk or having underage sex. i think LOVE should be brought back to its original form and be opened to skateboarders. Love Park brought a lot of income into the city. all of the tourists who stayed at the hotels and ate at the resturants. considering how many people came to skate LOVE, all the money went to the city for hotels, food and staying there. Philly got SOOO much money from all the skaters, and ten they just close it down. Can you say, Goodbye Income. All the money from skate tourists is well enough to rebuild the park to its original condition, and reopen it. without LOVE, philly will never be booming again.
Bruce Wendell, Valencia, CA [05-25-2003]

i dont know why so many people think skateboard is bad sure some may smoke pot or some stupid drug like that but i dont my friends dont. Is that why they closed love park cause of the way we act, dress, or do? I hoped someday that i would visit love park ever since i herd about it but now they closed it all i ask is to re-open it theres nothing wrong with skateboarding.
Robbie Romero, spring, texas [05-25-2003]

free Love park!
Sean, ny, usa [05-25-2003]

The only thing I think of when i think of philidelphia is Love Park. It is a total loss to get rid of it. It was the only thing i'd ever visit Philly for.
Kevin Burtch, Long Beach, CA [05-25-2003]

LOVE is for the kids...bring it back.
Steve Kerr, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [05-25-2003]

Love Park has always been a place to go and skate, and meet up with other skaters there also, who showed you something maybe you didnt know how to do, or a diffrent tenique. Then it got banned, you need to bring it back so others can watch and learn like me and my friends did.
Kim, Sicklerville, NJ [05-25-2003]

I went to the Philly area for a hockey tournie last year and got a chance to skate the park for a little bit. It was probably a month before it got closed down and I was amazed at how many people were there, from little grom kids with helmets to people like Josh Kalis and Brian Wenning. They need to bring it back.
Tyler Teass, Roanoke, Virginia [05-25-2003]

We deserve to use the park for our purposes just as anyone else is allowed to. Or are skateboarders not valid enough of a community to use our rights? Workers complain they don't like the noise from skateboards on their lunch breaks, but love park is in CENTER CITY and if u expect peace and quite than all i have to say is that your a complete and utter idiot. THANK YOU
Andrew Kacsur, Allentown, PA [05-25-2003]

If people are looking for peace and queit, they shouldn't be in the city. You are hurting an entire genre just to let a few businesspeople eat at love, it is not fair.
Steve Weis, Bridgeton, New Jersey [05-25-2003]

I think that skating should be aloud in Love Park.
Josh Houtz, Lebanon,Pa [05-25-2003]

Love Park was amazing. I traveled all the way from North Carolina a few times with some friends just to skate LOVE. now that it is gone I see no point in returning to Philadelphia. To put it simply the city made a costly mistake shutting down the park to skateboarders.
Travis Knapp-Prasek, Raleigh, North Carolina [05-25-2003]

Emily Stephens, Philadelphia, PA [05-25-2003]

I never got to skate at LOVE park and would love to be able to now, but i can't. It would be great if the park was given back to the skaters
Jon Graney, Wilmington, Delaware [05-25-2003]

Philadelphia is trying to attract more and more people but I don't know if a constitution building or the other new building that looks like a Nazi crematorium is the best way to do it. Just let us ride.
kyle, Olde City [05-25-2003]

love is the greatest skate spot in philly, we defenilty all need that place back i used to go there like every weekend and i miss it so much that place was the best everybody was staying out of trouble up there and just having fun skating a lot, there's no better place like love park.
matt enriquez, zebley rd. boothwyn pa 19061 [05-25-2003]

Has any one forgotten the ten of millions the x games brought to philly?
Stephen Reinsmith, Atlanta [05-25-2003]

Koen Taselaar, Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands [05-25-2003]

Bring it back.
Eric Melo, Ottawa, Canada [05-25-2003]

Cops are skate nazis . Panhandlers and vagrants are free to bum change and urinate at Love but you cant ride a skateboard there?Where is the brotherly love now?
Matthew Malovic, San Jose, CA [05-25-2003]

jaime morgan, pasadena, md [05-25-2003]

Without skaters at Love Park what's Philly really? I mean What other acteives are there or ways to meeting new people. Without LOve Park being for the skateboarders then Phillys an empty place, because Love Park is the only place where everyone of all different walks of life. And Mayor John Streeet is an idiot for banning Love
angela, philadelphia [05-25-2003]

I think it was an awful idea to ban skatboarding from Love Park. I was there the night they demolished it and in so many ways I noticed how Love Park actually brung the youth together. Not only did it bring the youth together, it brought many adults. I see no reason why they shouldn't take the ban off of Love Park. It was a world known skate spot and I truly don't think it caused that many problems in all honesty to put a ban on it for so many people. FREE LOVE!
Brian Ingram, Deptford, NJ [05-25-2003]

Katie Fetterman, Barrington, New Jersey [05-25-2003]

Love should be open for the skaters
bill pyle, Wenonah NJ [05-25-2003]

Street needs to give us skaters Love Park again.
Devin Miller, Encinitas, California [05-25-2003]

Drove 900 miles to skate LOVE park with my son.
Jon Bootow, Nashville,TN [05-25-2003]

Deanna Sanders, Phila, PA [05-25-2003]

Andrew K, East Stroudsburg, PA [05-25-2003]

Brian Jackson, Anchorage, Alaska [05-24-2003]

free love y'all
Adam Rominger, Philadelphia [05-24-2003]

Jim Stansell, Wilmington, DE [05-24-2003]

chris fee, philadelphia, pa [05-24-2003]

I never got the chance to skate Love Park but all my friends had. When the oppurtunity to skate Love actually came about for me they skate proofed it and what not. The city made a big mistake. They pissed away a lot of money and for nothing. They not only ruined it for skaters but for normal people. I hope it gets back to the way it was so I can finally skate the legendary park
Cory Boland, North Syracuse NY [05-24-2003]

People should be allowed to skate freely in public parks. Free LOVE
Jereme Lentz, Elwood, NJ [05-24-2003]

free love!
Joe Bressler, Cleveland Ohio [05-24-2003]

mike tafaro, philly, pa [05-24-2003]

Bring back The  LO
Paul Jakob, Philadelphia, PA [05-24-2003]

free love park!
mark berkheimer, allentown PA [05-24-2003]

love park rocks hard and thats where skating should stay
den, south jersey [05-24-2003]

I work in Center City and pay taxes to do so. I feel I have a right to use the park in a way that I will enjoy it.
Michael Vona, Sicklerville N.J. [05-24-2003]

skating's gotta be kept legal *somewhere!* let's keep it legal at LOVE. ^-^
Heather North, Milwaukie, OR [05-24-2003]

I am one the young recent college graduates to live in philadelphia because of skateboarding but I am not going to stay if the city continues to make me feel so un-welcome. One of the major concerns always expressed by the anti-skateboarding element are how the business people want to be able to eat their lunch in peace. Why does'nt the city just not allow skateboarding during the hours of 11am to 2 pm? Then we could skate in peace when no one else is using the park.
Benjamin Jones, 4122 Chester Ave. Philadelphia PA 19104 [05-24-2003]

Destroying LOVE park would be just like destroying NYC's central's an important and memorable landmark to Philadelphia...if not just as important and significant as the Liberty Bell. I'm all for keeping it.
Mark Malazarte, Orlando, FL [05-24-2003]

Cities evolve and grow in ways that are often not planned or expected, yet it is this unexpected pooling of like minded individuals that eventually create yet another facet of that gem we call a city. Peace.
Tom Welsh, Philadelphia, PA [05-24-2003]

John Street is an idiot.
Joe Benzon [05-24-2003]

russell c johnson III, 808n 64th st phila pa [05-24-2003]

Let Freedom ring.
Brad, Philadelphia, PA [05-24-2003]

Another 5 months til elections...
Kip Sita [05-24-2003]

Jillian Sacchetti, Bellmawr, NJ [05-24-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK! Love Park made skateboarding what it is today and vice versa! Woodland Action camp supposedly is making a replica of LOVE...but I say, Philly's already got one...just let us skate that one! Peace
SCOTT, California [05-24-2003]

Louis Gagliardi, Nj [05-24-2003]

open reopen love park
scott wright, logan township, nj [05-24-2003]

Free love!
Jeff Sanders, Deptford, NJ [05-23-2003]

um...just let the kids skate...damn man its not ugly-fying the city to such a point where it has to be banned...everyone plays a part in destroying the city, but let's blame the skate kids, because they aren't your average joes! and lets put the ugliest pink flower pots you've ever seen into love park!"...god i love this city!
j-dunn, south philly [05-23-2003]

Rob Schlegel, Marlton, NJ [05-23-2003]

free love
JASON, killadelphia,pa [05-23-2003]

open love park to skaters
Lola Kharn [05-23-2003]

Andy Kurowski, Narragansett, RI [05-23-2003]

Jordan, Palm Bay, Florida [05-23-2003]

We need this park really really bad. This brings people to philly.
Bill Godlhahn, Norwood,Pa [05-23-2003]

Will Lind, Renville,MN [05-23-2003]

free love !
michael mcnulty, bowie, maryland [05-23-2003]

Kate Ibsen [05-23-2003]

I think bringing back love is a great idea. people don't go to philadelphia or any other city for that matter, to look at ledges. It's time for the government to take notice.
Michael Swann, Phoenix Arizona [05-23-2003]

Let the kids ride!
D. W. Fairman, West Chester, PA [05-23-2003]

Love Park was my sole reason for visiting Philly when I was 17 (1996). Going there was like making a pilgrimage to the East Coast skateboarding capital. All of the best skaters on the East migrated to Philly mainly because of LOVE Park and the community that it facilitated. When I first went there it was overrun by bums drinking and trying to hustle. Slowly over the years I began to see it being filled with more and more talented skaters until it was full with world class talent almost daily. When skating in LOVE park was shut down by the construction crews Philadelphia's skateboarding community and larger youth culture suffered a major blow. To be totally truthful, Philadelphia does not have much to offer many young people. LOVE Park was an attraction that Philadelphia can not afford to lose. It is shocking that Mayor Street could turn his back on skaters in Philly, HIS CITIZENS, after seeing such a huge amount of money from the X-Games. How much more justified does skateboarding have to be? You could rebuild that park many times over and still have money to spare for what Philly received from ESPN. LOVE Park was an unnattractive, nearly useless plot of land before skateboarders discovered it. They changed it from a center for vagrants to a worldwide capital of talent for America's new sport of choice. What do they get in return? Exploitation and eviction. Shameful.
Ross MacWhinney, Oakland, Ca [05-23-2003]

I grew up in Bucks County and went to College in Philly. I Skated throughout my youth and Love Park was the place to go. Love Park was the first attraction that brought me into the city. I guess this is all part of blight removal by the Street Administration. It was a Rubbish idea to get rid of such a great attraction.
Steve Minton, London, England [05-23-2003]

Thank you to the members of the Independence Hall Association for your support of the LOVE Park skaters.
Liz Kerr, Jenkintown, PA [05-23-2003]

- Love Park with skateboarders = a lively unique urban space that attracted young people from all over the globe and injected year-round 24 hour activity in the city's corporate business district that was otherwise empty and devoid of life after hours and on weekends. It cost the city almost nothing to maintain, and in return provided the kind of publicity and global PR that simply cannot be bought. - Love Park after the anti-skating renovations = an empty, ugly park with cheap temporary concrete fixtures, shabby little patches of hastily laid down turf, filled with virtually no people or activity whatsoever at any time of the day or week. What would YOU rather have in the city?
William Hayes, Philadelphia, PA [05-23-2003]

keep the kids in the park and off the dope
felix epperson, lahaina,HI 96761 [05-23-2003]

While I can't skateboard for the life of me, I think the skateboarders need to be allowed to return to LOVE Park. Their presence in the park shows a vitality and is certainly A LOT more interesting to watch than the flowers grow. As usual, Philadelphia can only seem to do those things that will HURT its growth, rather than make it better. If anything, the city should have CAPITALIZED on the use of LOVE park as a skating mecca and make it a tourist destination. Now it's just a place for people to eat the lunch?? Woo hoo. THAT is entertainment and a tourist draw? Not.
Skip C., Center City, Philadelphia, PA [05-23-2003]

no LO ... no VO !
Nola Darlin, Philadelphia, PA [05-23-2003]

I think it's incredible that we've taken an internationally-known tourist attraction and literally just thrown it away. Only in Philadelphia!
Joe Braunschek, Rydal, Pa 19046 [05-23-2003]

Blaine McDaniel, Pittsburgh PA [05-23-2003]

Free Love park!
Chris Hartline, south jersey [05-23-2003]

you should def free love park... it was the shizzy for all skaters, around the world. mayor street is such a hypocrite and if his idea of attracting young people to philly is shutting down love, then he has something else comming his way
Carolyn, Pennsylvania [05-23-2003]

I do not skateboard but see the changing of a naturally occurring landmark as shortsided and counter-intuitive to the City.
E J Freda, Philadelphia, PA 19104 [05-23-2003]

The only reason I at lunch at love park was to watch the kids skateboard. Better to be skateboarding at Love Park than on the corner. When election time comes around again I'll remember this. Think of the kids of Philadelphia.
Mayo Thompson, Philadelphia, PA [05-23-2003]

Ray Thompson [05-23-2003]

love park was much better when it was full of skaters and others. love park is known the world over, it is even featured in a hit video game (tony hawk 3) what is with those ugly pink planters anyway?
thom, philadelphia pa [05-23-2003]

Brian Bizjack, 5704 E. 79th St. Tulsa, OK [05-23-2003]

LET THE SKATERS BACK IN LOVE PARK! They are much more polite than the homeless! They are less noisy than the traffic that surrounds the park, and they are a hell of lot more entertaining to watch than the water in the fountain! Bring back the entertainment. Bring back the notoriety. Bring Love Park back for the skateboarders! FREE LOVE PARK!
Lisa A. Gangloff, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [05-23-2003]

Michael O'Brien, Philadelphia, PA [05-23-2003]

Jessica, Philadelphia [05-23-2003]

Like many young Philadelphians, I am SO OVER the city's present leadership, and the hypocrisy they evidence time and time again. The LOVE Park situation is a great example of this, and will be remembered on Election day. Free LOVE Park!
Susan Ream, Philadelphia, PA [05-23-2003]

LOVE Park was an international destination (much like the liberty bell). The city acted so foolishly and ignorantly when then spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to "get rid of the skaters". Skating provides a positive and healthy outlet for kids in a time when activities for kids are already so limited. Not to mention it will soon become an olympic sport. We could have utilized Love Park to foster our city's reputation as a great place to skate. We should stand behind that as a city not outlaw it. How ridiculous and narrow-minded. We talk that we are for the kids but the city doesn't care and that is obvious!
Lauri Kochis, philadelphia [05-23-2003]

Debbie Kinkead, Phila.,PA 19125 [05-23-2003]

I used to love roller skating in LOVE park, and watching the skateboarders, people should be allowed to have the space for skating, it's one of the things that makes Philly what it is.
rachel, austin, tx [05-23-2003]

Ian Calder, new castle, Delaware [05-23-2003]

I think young people need energy releasers. They can channel thier energy into skateboarding or crime. I would rather have kids skateboard than rob me. The problem is that the city hasn't provided a large space where these young people could challege this art. Instead of putting a space together like californa has for the youth, they are spending big dollars about just talking about it. Let's clear a big area of land and begin building so ramps etc.. and see if the kids don't relocate. Do you really think they want business people looking at them and being annoyed. Let do some things for the kids.
Anne Czajka, Philadelphia Pa. [05-23-2003]

Love Park Loves Skaters.
Lee McElhenney, Philadelphia, PA [05-23-2003]

long live love! free love park!
Francis Derrick, Philadelphia PA [05-23-2003]

Nice presentation!
janis Weiner Heller [05-23-2003]

The whole reason for having parks is so that the general population can have a public space. Public space is essential to freedom and the evolution of culture. When the city bans skateboarding, they are taking away our freedom. It is also sending a message that the city of Philadelphia doesn't like it's own residents and citizens.
Tony Loverde, Santa Clara, CA, USA [05-23-2003]

Make skaters, not haters...
william pinder, swarthmore, Pa [05-23-2003]

I'm not a skater, but I still think that skaters can add to the excitement downtown. If we are supposedly trying to attract younger people to the city why would we get rid of something they are already familiar with that attracts them to Philly?
Joe W, Philadelphia [05-23-2003]

I used to skate love all the time. I grew up on LI. I still visit friends and skate philly.
geoff hendrey, san francisco, ca [05-23-2003]

Free Love Park
Denise Blauser, Philadelphia [05-23-2003]

Jayfar, Philadelphia, PA [05-23-2003]

What are the alternatives for kids to do in a park in the inner city? Dope. Play chess (yaright). Run from the law.
colin choy, azpx sk8brds, phx, az [05-23-2003]

we should close down all places kids hang out. that way they will have nothing to do and cause some real trouble. GIVE THE KIDS A BREAK, LET THEM HAVE FUN!
Lou Williams, philadelphia, pa [05-23-2003]

John Street made his worst political decision when he shut down love park. He's a hypocrite. He complains that no young people are staying in the city & is trying to get them to stay, but then he pulls a stunt like this. Love park was world famous, now it's just embarrassing. And what's so horrible about the skaters having a place to hang out? They're not hurting anyone. And don't get me started on those hideous pink planters!
Michelle McKnight, Philadelphia, PA [05-23-2003]

Free Love Park. Now go skate.
Timothy Riley, Monroe Twp., NJ [05-23-2003]

Derek Riddle, West Phila [05-23-2003]

Free Love Park.
Timothy L Foden, Washington DC [05-23-2003]

Bring it back.
Jason Teetie, Philadelphia, PA [05-23-2003]

Let them skate! there are enough parks in center city for sitting on your arse.
Andre Bustamante, Philly [05-23-2003]

John Simpson, Audubon, NJ [05-23-2003]

LOVE is an integral part of PA skating as the pools of AZ is to us. I've skated for over twenty years and now my children skate. LOVE is a place for families to pass down traditional family values of the new millennium to thier children and grandchildren. Philly should step up and turn LOVE into a skater designed modulated environment. If I were mayor of Philly, I would jump at the chance to create a world class urban innovation.
Robert Locker, arizona [05-23-2003]

give love back
ryan brewton, downingtown pa [05-23-2003]

The redesign of Love was a huge mistake and a waste of money. Love Park made Philly a destination...too bad too many in City Hall were too short sighted to see that. Bring it back!
Patrick Dougherty, Philadelphia [05-23-2003]

I am psyched that i found this site. i cant write a lot right now because im at school and im supposed to be doing some project or whatever. but let us skate there again!
Chris Wright, Blackwood, NJ [05-23-2003]

Philly needs to attract young people, and closing down Love runs contrary to that goal. I'm not even a skater, but I don't see how having a world class venue in your city is a bad thing?? Free Love Park.
Chris Doerr, Washington DC [05-23-2003]

banning skting at love is similar to the craziness that people had thirty years ago when they thought rock and roll was devils music. ridiculous. i used to enjoy trips to philly, now there seems to be no reason to go anymore.
jurgen, pittsburgh [05-23-2003]

Job Itzkowitz, Philadelphia [05-23-2003]

I frankly think that the city is cutting their noses to spite their faces because this is going to backfire just like the Motor cycle pipe law the was instilled on south st a few years back when they saw the money being lost it was droped like a nad habbit So MAYOR STREET GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS your not gonna win this one give the LOVE back to the people where it should be. (ALSO I AM NOT A SKATER SO.....But skating is an awsome sport to me and to many people ion this city of brotherly LOVE!)
Gregory M. Lattera Jr., Philadelphia Pa [05-23-2003]

chris fireoved, lansdale, pennsylvania [05-23-2003]

Manuel Gschwend, Europe [05-23-2003]

mike spencer, san francisco [05-23-2003]

there are so many reasons to ressurect love, and i really cant think of any legit reasons to ruin it the way it is now
mike stein, south philadelphia [05-23-2003]

elizabeth, philadelphia [05-23-2003]

Margaret Kip, Syracuse NY [05-23-2003]

i dun skate but all my friends do so FREE THE PARK! ha
JaY [05-23-2003]

Dante, Philadelphia, Pa [05-23-2003]

Sure, y not? Let them have a place to skate
Sarah, Philly [05-23-2003]

Victor, Quakertown, PA [05-23-2003]

Don't deprive what you don't understand. Free LOVE Park!
Jesse Nicholas, Drexel Hill, PA. [05-23-2003]

free love park.
Steve, Philly,PA [05-23-2003]

J. S., Philadelphia PA [05-23-2003]

Kevin DiTrapano, Warrington, Pa [05-23-2003]

free love!
Michael Vivas, Philadelphia [05-23-2003]

Free Love Park
Ezekiel Lim, Doylestown, PA [05-23-2003]

words cant describe how fun love was.
Tim Hadik, Allentown, PA [05-23-2003]

Anthony Lower, Philadelphia, Pa [05-23-2003]

I'm not so sure that I'm rejoicing at the city's attempts to pacify skateboarders with a sketchy park built after destroying a world-famous skate mecca.
Erik Endres, Evansville, WI [05-23-2003]

SK8t boarding is not a crime
david runkle, Elkins Park, Pa. [05-22-2003]

It is far better to contain it than it is to ban it.
Robert Moskal, Phila., Pa. [05-22-2003]

Hello my name is Thomas Lopez..i am an owner of AZPX Skateboards and a crew member of HARDCORESKATEPARKS.COM LOVE is a very important territory to skaters and obviously to locals in Philly.I have one true testimony of skateparks..they reduce crime! its a fact.The legends of LOVE Skatepark have spread all the way to the west coast. Please consider the skaters will be destroying Philadelphia skate roots. Skaters for Skaters..we ride together we stick together.
Thomas Lopez, Phoenix,Arizona [05-22-2003]

Both of my boys skate. I grew up in Philly. Met my wife in Philly, had my first son in Philly. Though I no longer live there, I truely have a place in my heart for the city and raising two skaters, would have loved nothing more then to take them to one of the most sacred skating spots in the world. Have a heart Free Love park.
Rick Baskin, Sellersville, PA [05-22-2003]

Justin Nicholas, Drexel Hill, PA [05-22-2003]

I also have never skated Love, I just turned 6......and yes I skate, in fact I rip it up! Give me and my generation a chance to LOVE "Love Park". Skaters rock! (My mom helped me type)
Brigham Baskin, Sellersville, PA [05-22-2003]

Kyle Ramthun [05-22-2003]

I never got to skate love, I am 10. Free Love park today so I can skate it tomorrow!
Brent Baskin, Sellersville, PA [05-22-2003]

Love park, love skateboarders!
Suzi Baskin, Sellersville, PA [05-22-2003]

Im 17 years old and i just read an article in the news about pink water and the love park fountain. Well, i agree with the comment made that "if Mayor Street can spend $1 million dollars on ugly pink potters, then he can fix up the curbs with metal plates for grinding". If Street knew anything about skateboarding, he would have supported skateboarding. Skateboarding has kept me clean from drugs (including alcohol). It seems nowadays getting high is what people do. However, skateboarding is the antidote for the situation. I admit, I was caught up in the drug scene for a while, and even went to rehab, but this "frowned upon" art known as skateboarding saved me. In the last 2 months I've been clean and serene, frontside flippin' and trying front foot impossibles :) Let's face the facts : If you want a cleaner environment, sacrifice your idol, Unused ledges to us skateboarders so we can do what we love.
Rory Holland, Abington, PA [05-22-2003]

it's ridiculous that Mayor Street doesn't realize how important Love Park is. It's the most important icon to teens today. I barely now anyone who's visited the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall, but almost all my friends have been to Love Park and have skated there. I was so upset when they made this absolutely moronic decision.
Erin, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

bring back love park
steve shelly, philadelphia [05-22-2003]

Love Park accomplished everything a PUBLIC park should. It was consistently utilized by both philly residents and tourists. It was a canvas for expression and art.
David Gillanders, Orange, California [05-22-2003]

I have been to Love Park on numerous occasions for business and pleasure, and have very much enjoyed watching the young people skateboard....
Lori J. Reed, Emporium, Pa 15834 [05-22-2003]

I think that they should let any who wants to skateboard let them but I think that they should make each person sign an agreement that if any one that gets hurt if would not be the city's fault, but I also think that if that place is a good attraction to skateboarders that they should charge a litte money to go into Love Park and skateboard. I think that the least the city should charge is 1 dollar and the most should be aboud 5 dollars, because the lower the price the more people will come,and the more money the city would make.
nonskateboarder (monkeys rule), United States of America [05-22-2003]

free love
Roy El-Rayes, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

free love park
Hao Nguyen, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

sad to see such a place tainted with horrid pink. restore it back and let the kids have fun.
Pierre Richardson, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada [05-22-2003]

I have been working hard to help the skaters of Philadelphia for quite some time now. I beleive that this city needs free public skate spaces for skateboarders and to also reopen LOVE to skateboarders. The city has nothing to loose in this, other then the pride of one ignorant Mayor Street. Thanks.
Brian S. Nugent, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

Skateboarders brought positivity to love park.
Jacob Falcon, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

Let the kids skate, and bring the sun dial (once at Penn's Landing) to Love Park. Keep up the good work.
Matthew Suchodolski, Cinnaminson, New Jersey [05-22-2003]

Michael DeLucia, Pittsburgh, PA [05-22-2003]

as bobby puleo said "skateparks were made to solve the problem which is street skating" - EMB already died and more spots are stopped everyday, keep love alive!
chris barton, ossining, NY 10562 [05-22-2003]

just get it back, it was built for us....
tom johnston, enniskillen, co.fermanagh, northern ireland [05-22-2003]

Donna Blair, Sea Girt, NJ [05-22-2003]

Love Park was the one of the few things I had to look forward to when every year when I travel to Philadelphia to see family and friends. Please Please allow skateboarding there. If skateboarding were legalized in LOVE I would probably move back there. That is how much it meant to me.
Richard Devont, Baltimore, MD [05-22-2003]

They are killing history. Plain and simple.
Ryan Lancello [05-22-2003]

Hilary Shanks, Ozark, Missouri [05-22-2003]

open it up yeah alright
dan miller, emporium pa, 15834 [05-22-2003]

i skated love on gasp! inline skates, but my son and his friends are skateboarders who skated there regularly, and are devastated over the loss of love. bring it back! we miss it!
helen, collingswood, nj [05-22-2003]

Free LOVE Park!
Nancy Parsons, Philadelphia PA [05-22-2003]

Michelle, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

The CLosinbg of love park to skateboarders exemplifies the narrow mindedness of the city goverment. On one hand Mayor street wants to make philadelphia a destination, but then he destroys what attracts people. Just becasue something isn't being used for what it was origianlly intendedfor dosen't mean the new use is necesarily bad.
Jason DiLuzio, Fishtown [05-22-2003]

Since LOVE park has been skateproofed, I have no longer had any desire to visit Philadelphia. Reopen the park to skateboarding, and you will be reopening the door to a lot of young tourist dollars!
mike niebo, Jersey City, NJ [05-22-2003]

first of all, city officials should have recognized Love's value as an international skateboard attraction years ago, but instead they choose to turn their backs on the youth of the city, deciding to line their own pockets and those of their campiagn supporters. The Mayor and most of the other city politicians are sending a terrible message to the community: by banning skateboarding and charging exhorbitant fines they are telling us that we are criminals, instead of a valued part of the city's culture. This only serves to create tension between officials and a large part of the voting public (skater's over 18, parents of skaters and others who support and relize the value and potential of our children instead of trying to break them down) and to foster resentment toward the police who are forced to waste their time chasing skateboarders intead of real criminals. Some of these old, uptight, windbag polititians complain and spout statistics on how much damage skateboarders cause to property, yet they have not spent one dime repairing or replacing so called "damaged" property. The changes to Love had nothing to do with repairing skateboard damage, but only served to try to block skaters from skating there. Love park should never have been closed to skateboarders (the only ones who ever made good use of the park in the first place) and should definitely be re-opened to them now. HEY MAYOR STREET, I'M A SKATEBOARDER, AND I VOTE! Don't you have an election coming up?
greg brauch, philly [05-22-2003]

Tiffica Benza, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

I've always wanted to skate love park, its one of the most famous spots in the world. Pros visit their all the time, it must pull in lots of money for the city. Why ruin that?
Towelie, Boston [05-22-2003]

free love park!
Jack Fitzgerald, Georgia [05-22-2003]

I never got to skate Love Park, because I never had the ride or anything and I always thought I would skate it eventually. Now that I can actually get there it's dead. The only people that went there were skaters anyway, and it just looks ugly now. Many people went to watch the skaters there and it attracted people from all over the country. It's really the city's loss to ban Love, because it made some major money for them. That is gone now.
Callum Hanlon, Moorestown, New Jersey [05-22-2003]

steve wacker [05-22-2003]

Bring back love park!
Matthew Benjamin, Washington, DC [05-22-2003]

Free LOVE Park or build sanctioned skateboard parks WITHIN the city! Stop building basketball courts, more people skate! Build skate parks if you want to have the youth active in legal after school activities!
David Rizzio, Plymouth Meeting, PA [05-22-2003]

Mary Madeira, Wyndmoor, PA [05-22-2003]

Bring it al back. I got a fine for skating down there. Cops should bust criminals, not 15 year old kids
Denis Zecevic, Philly fool what u think [05-22-2003]

aesthetics rules the world! besides that, they should amolish the ban on skateboarding all together so we can skate at city hall too. its not just love because city hall brings a whole other aspect to street skating. cops should be solving murders not busting us for skating!
kevin curran, center city! philly! [05-22-2003]

My son skated in Love Park as a teenager, and waxes nostalgic about it still. I think Mayor Street is being pig-headed about this whole thing- my son and his skate buddies were all good kids who've grown up to be responsible adults. They never vandalized anything, never willfully or maliciously destroyed anything, never harassed other people who were at the park, or anywhere else, for that matter. I say open it back up- for heaven's sake, this is the same town that hosted the X-Games- isn't it????
Dawn Evans, Millerton PA [05-22-2003]

Slap some metal on the edges of those ledges and nobody can complain about damages. Put up some bleachers and picnic tables and nobody can complain about not being able to eat their lunch in peace. Make the move to open Love to skateboarders and allow Philadelphia to be one of the most progressive cities in the country.
Robert Reed, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

free love park!
anonymous, Doylestown, PA [05-22-2003]

I hope that the general public can become better informed about the nature of skateboarding and thus have a clearer understanding of why Love Park is exceptional. It will be difficult to explain the nuances and history of a subculture that many people view only as noisy and vandalous.
Scott Kip, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

michelle miller, morton, PA [05-22-2003]

I have never, nor will I ever use a skateboard. But as a 40 something professional living in Center City, it is hard to ignore the energy and fun that these street athletes add to the urban landscape. I tried to get close during the X game demos to enjoy the buzz ...but the crowds of FAMILIES were too much. And I won't even try to comment on the "refurbishing" of the park, an urban design crime if there ever was one. To have a world renown attraction without spending a penny on marketing is a coup any city would do anything for...lets acknowledge the obvious, get ahead of the pack, and open up LOVE park for those who REALLY love it.
John Beres, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

Please return the skating legacy and the overall character of the Philadelphia community, FREE LOVE PARK and let our culture be known.
P-Nut, Philadelphia [05-22-2003]

legalize it!
Jason Macias, philadelphia, pa [05-22-2003]

My nephew used to love to skate in Love Park. He and his friends are very good kids. Why complain about kids and not give them a safe place to have healthy fun?
Barbara Paul, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

LOVE park should be open to skaters again. While mayor street seems to hate skateboarding so much, he loves the money and publicity the city gets from it. He has been talking about a schyukill park for a year now and still no park. Please, vote to reopen love park to skateboarders.
Jake Werner, Phialdelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

Kirk Dianda, Laguna Beach, CA [05-22-2003]

I know that skateboarding is not a crime...give the kids and young adults a place to skate. Love Park is it!
Karyn Kernagis, 820 N. Bucknell, St, Phila., PA [05-22-2003]

Free the park but don't hold your breath. Mayor Street is like a rabid dog once he takes a position. It's sad.
anonymous [05-22-2003]

FREE LOVE PARK...PLEASE...I lived in Philly for a few year and attended college there. I would go down to love park and there were a lot of homeless and hookers there. (this looked really nice for the city) Why not skateboarders? I now live in LA and there are at least 10 skate parks open to the public. I love to visit Philly but if I am at risk of losing my skateboard I will just go to the jersey shore and party. Well please free the park and let it be what it once was.
Dave Edwards, Los Angeles Ca [05-22-2003]

It's time for the planters to go... give the park back to the kids!
David (city wage taxpayer) Gross, Bensalem, Pa [05-22-2003]

I believe that Mayor Street was wrong when he took this park from the Skateboarders. You constantly hear about the city trying to keep people from leaving and things like this are what is driving them away. This was an internationally known park because of the skateboarders. I say give it back.
Dolores Kingston, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

I am a 30 year old professional artist/educator that lives in the city, went to school here, and works here.I could have gone anywhere after graduation, but I chose to stay, skateboarding being a reason to stay.But with advent of the closing of LOVE park, I can see Mayor Street and his cronies do not care about a large segment of the younger population who vote, pay taxes, and give to the community and economy at large.I feel as though they do not care about these issues, even though it will greatly effect the city if large groups of people leave because of a hostile environment for young people, especially skateboarders.This is why I am looking for employment elsewhere, where I am regaded as a person, instead of some "vandal" who destroys property.If it was not for skateboarders, LOVE park would be drug,rat, and trash infested.People actually came to Philadelphia (from nearby, as well as internationally)becouse of LOVE park.Just something to think about before you go and vote next time.
Christopher Sweeney, Philadelphia [05-22-2003]

J. Goebig, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

Typical Philadelphia to be so dumb as to not realize the historical, societal, and economic benefit to keeping Love Park open.
Mike Lafferty, Cherry Hill, NJ [05-22-2003]

I grew up in Philadelphia, and Love Park was somewhere I went in high school to hang out with the "skater boys." I have many fond memories of the park. It was a clean, safe, drug-free place where I could meet people, have fun, and get some exercise. Philly should realize what a treasure that park is. It should not only be reopened, it should be celebrated. It was a world-famous icon (it's in a video game!). I remember meeting people from all over the country who would stop by the park on their tours of Philly landmarks. Why was the park closed in the first place? It was a mistake then, and not reopening it is a mistake now. Philly doesn't have a whole lot going for it in terms of fun spots for young people. I know, I lived there. Love Park was a wonderful place where kids can be outside, get some exercise, and meet people. Again, why was this closed in the first place??
Beth McCollum, King of Prussia, PA [05-22-2003]

Denise Gross, Philadelpha [05-22-2003]

where's the LOVE?
jessica, philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

It was asinine for them to take the park away. Philly politicians manage to screw up everything they touch. Here is a place that people flock to and they tear it up. Aren't attractions what Philly needs?
Daniel Loftus, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

David Temkin, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

This is just more evidence about how Mayor Street doesn't get it.
anonymous, Media, PA [05-22-2003]

Jeff, pa [05-22-2003]

LOVE Park is the best skate spot ever
Jake Williams, Buxton, Nc [05-22-2003]

on a visit to a friend in california my wife was revered by her friends teenagers because she worked one block from love park. i was not though i worked one block from the liberty bell. wake up mr. mayor!
rich e., philadelphia [05-22-2003] homepage

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