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Source: Young Involved Philadelphia
Date: July 13, 2003
Byline: Troy Madres

Press Release: Absence of Street Representative from Forum

Young Involved Philadelphia aims to engage and educate Philadelphians about all perspectives on a given topic. We sought balance at our July forum about Love Park, as we do at all events. We invited skateboarders, business people, and politicians that have all weighed in on the issue. We were delighted to have the Skateboard Advocacy Network, Dan Keating, the Katz Campaign, and Ed Bacon present. We wish that our fifth guest, a representative from the Mayor's office, had come as scheduled.

YIP originally contacted Mayor Street's Director of Scheduling via fax over two weeks ago. We never received a response. Shortly thereafter, we contacted the campaign in attempt to invite a representative. We were advised then that Campaign Spokesman Mark Nevins would likely attend. Had he been unable to attend, however, YIP was assured that the campaign would send another representative.

Naturally, YIP regrets that not all perspectives were represented at the forum. The Street campaign has apologized for their apparent miscommunication. Subsequent to the forum, Mr. Nevins has indicated his eagerness to discuss this issue at length with our coalition leaders. His eagerness to meet has endowed us with renewed confidence that the Street campaign will do everything it can to address our concerns and reopen LOVE Park to skateboarders.

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