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Source: wpvi Action News
Date: May 30, 2003
Byline: wpvi

Katz Welcomes Skateboarders

Sam Katz has found an issue he hopes Philadelphia voters will love.

The republican candidate for mayor vowed today to "liberate" Love Park and make it once again a haven for skateboarders. Joined by a group of skater-boarders and former city planner Ed Bacon, Katz criticized Mayor Streets decision to close the park to skateboards.

Katz said he would look for corporate sponsors to help pay to make the park skate-friendly again.

After making sure no police were around, Katz tried out a skateboard, without benefit of helmet or pads.

A spokesman for Mayor Street called Katz a "classic political opportunist" who is ignoring the people who want to enjoy Love Park without competing with skateboarders or other sports enthusiasts. homepage

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