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Source: the skateboard Mag
Date: December 8, 2004
Byline: unsigned

Where's The Brotherly Love?

After years of thoughtful lobbying and hoop jumping in hopes of gaining access to skate spots and the eventual legalization of skateboarding in downtown Philadelphia, not only have Philly skaters been met with closed doors and negative bureaucracy, but now snowboarding (backed by some fairly deep pockets) has been given free reign of the urban steeps.

The over-manufactured "Liberty Rail Jam Urban Snowboard Event" will be taking place this weekend, directly in front of City Hall and just across the street from the iconic Love park, with literally tons of snow being trucked into place specifically for the derivative, pommel-horse affair.


With yet another questionable move (the latest and most obvious since turning down DC Shoes' $1 million check for LOVE park maintenance), the skaters of this great city, the skaters of our entire country, as well as countries abroad, have effectively taken another slap in the face from Mayor Street and the city's managing director Phil Goldsmith.

The entire skateboard community sees your quick-buck motivation, gentlemen, and it doesn't look good.

We know you guys are in your second term, so you're gone soon, anyway. But here's a message for any future political candidates out there — skaters, their friends, and their families vote with their hearts

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