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Source: The Skateboard Mag
Date: July 2005
Byline: Alex Kline


Love Park, one of the greatest spots in the history of skating, has been arrested and shackled by hideous concrete planters, never to be sessioned again. Though definitely down, the spot is not out, and thanks to web sites like, a fierce fight has been mounted to free Love Park from its oppressors.

The web site is easily navigated and full of information, testimonials, and arguments for returning skateboarding to Love Park. One of the best quotes comes from Edmund Bacon, the man who conceived Love Park in 1932. Though an old dude, our man Bacon ain't no crotchety geezer. Bacon argues:

"I am deeply disturbed by the hypocrisy of City Council. After decrying the drugs and crime of our young people, it then adopted legislation forbidding the one harmless thing that young people had developed strictly on their own, the wonderful national network of skateboarding focusing on LOVE Park."

He gets it!

Our man, Vincent Kling, the architect of Love Park, backs him up as well, stating, "I built this place so that people could enjoy it. And that includes skateboarders." Amen, Brother Kling!

The site also features arguments against skateboarding in Love Park from knob heads like Councilman Darrell Clarke and Mayor John Street. Personally, I think these politicians are crooked and corrupt, probably bought off by rich developers. How else could they be opposed to a plaza that generated so much positivity, and, dare I say it, love?

The web site isn't so much made for skateboarders, but rather for the general public. The purpose of the site is to show that skateboarders aren't hooligans, but rather thoughtful, creative, athletic individuals, and that their presence contributes to the well-being of Philadelphia, rather than detracts from it.

One of the best features on the web site is Edmund Bacon's original drawing of Love Park, conceived as part of his architectural thesis at Cornell University. The site also features the original blueprints of Love, should anyone wish to replicate the plaza in their backyard.

Also featured are quotes from skaters all around the world who've visited Love, and a petition with over ten thousand signatures that's pushing for the liberation of Love.

As city governments step up the fight to ban skateboarding, so must skateboarders fight back to keep it legal. This web site is the perfect example of skateboarders getting involved in the political process, collecting strong arguments in favor of our cause, and speaking out to the world in a mature and sophisticated manner. Hopefully, the city of Philadelphia takes note and realizes there's only one Love. homepage

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