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Date: June 12, 2003
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Movement To Reopen LOVE Park Gains Steam

Philadelphia's LOVE Park (also known as JFK Plaza) was built in 1960. In addition to housing Robert Indiana's famous LOVE sculpture, the park sports prized ledges and stairs, which played a role in the park became a famed skate spot in the 90's.

As a skatepark, LOVE park was widely appreciated and renowned. As proponents quote ESPN as phrasing it, LOVE Park was "a skateboarder's dream and has been featured in every skate mag you ever thought of reading". The park was also featured as a terrain in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 video game,.

In 2002 the existing skateboarding ban began to be enforced. The topic of skateboarding in LOVE Park has become a topic of debate in Philadelphia.

Skaters and citizens in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are moving to make skateboarding a part of LOVE Park once again, and have started a website called Free LOVE Park which is dedicated to informing people about LOVE Park, its relationship to skateboarding, and the importance of Skateboarders to Philadelphia and LOVE park.

We at applaud their proactive efforts to make positive changes in their community. For much, much more information, see the Free LOVE Park website at homepage

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