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Source: Press Release
Date: May 12, 2005
Byline: Ashton Maxfield

Press Release: Go Skateboarding Day

Love Park Skateable Again!

Lake Forest, CA - While the above headline is not true, just imagine if it were. Imagine if Philadelphia Mayor John Street announced on June 21, Go Skateboarding Day, that skateboarding at LOVE Park was allowed again! This is the goal of the Philadelphia’s Wild in the Streets event.

Philadelphia is a city famous for its history. Skateboarding’s place in recent Philadelphia history is as culturally valid as the city’s monuments to its colonial past. Despite the vibrant skateboarding tradition in Philadelphia, skateboarders here are currently without a home.

LOVE Park, one of skateboarding’s international meccas, has been forcibly banned to skateboarders, and while a public skatepark for Philadelphia is in the works, it is still a very long ways off from being a rideable reality. In Philadelphia, the promise of a world-class skateboard park is contingent on funding (upwards of four million dollars!) that the city has no intention of paying for. Donations and sponsorships are desperately needed to ensure that the park becomes a reality and not just another dream deferred.

Wild in the Streets, Philadelphia is our way of reminding this city that we, the skateboarders, are still here and we need a place to skate now. We can’t and won’t wait two years until a skatepark gets built—if it gets built. Skateboarding will not be put on hold. June 21, Go Skateboarding Day, serves as a reminder to the world that skateboarders are an under-served populace, and we deserve attention. These streets are ours, too!

SAN (the Skateboard Advocacy Network): SAN seeks to advocate for skateboarders through organized representation and community action. SAN seeks to improve public perception of skateboarders through education, information distribution and community outreach. SAN is especially dedicated to providing positive life experiences for youth of differing communities through skateboarding.

Wild in the Streets: EmPowered by Emerica, Wild in the Streets is the attempt to gather skateboarders of every age, color and creed to converge on city streets around the globe in the celebration of pure skateboarding. The goal is to build community and raise awareness of skateboarding and the needs of skateboarders. Committed to skateboarding 100% since day one, Emerica believes that through skateboarding, people can empower themselves to do great things, not just on their skateboards, but in their lives. Emerica provides the global skateboard community with fashion and function through extraordinary shoes and apparel that identify us as members of this unconventionally inspired subculture.

This is Emerica: Since 1996, Emerica has provided no-nonsense skaters everywhere with the toughest and most functional skateboarding footwear and apparel available. Designed by skateboarders for skateboarding, Emerica products are created to withstand serious skateboarding abuse and then some. Emerica is 100% pure skateboarding.

Ashton Maxfield
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