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Source: Skatenerd
Date: October 28, 2002
Byline: Brian Nugent

92 Year Old Ed Bacon Skateboards In LOVE Park

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PHILADELPHIA, October 28 (10:00am) - I hate to dig up the LOVE Park issue, but today something too damn interesting happened to ignore. Late last week rumors were circulating about another protest at LOVE Park. But this time it was not only the skaters who were going to lead. 92 year old Ed Bacon was going to skate in protest of the ban on skateboarding in the plaza.

Who is Ed Bacon? For starters he is the father of Kevin Bacon. But more importantly, he is the architect who created LOVE Park, Dilworth Plaza (in front of City Hall) and the Municipal Services plaza. Basically he is the accidental genius behind creating the perfect atmosphere for street skateboarding.

So why is he protesting? Ed Bacon thinks it's a shame that the city is turning its back on skateboarders. Ed has been writing into various local newspapers including The Philadelphia Inquirer and the City Paper in opposition to the laws against skateboarders. He always angrily opposed Mayor Street and his stance on LOVE Park.

Today, bright and early at 10am, Ed called together his own informal protest. He invited City Paper, Channel 6 News and a few others that I can not remember. A few more than 30 people showed up in support. Ed gave a speech and had an assistant hand out flyers stating his thoughts.

Standing by the side of his long time friend architect Vincent Kling, Ed explained that Vincent was the designer for the park. Vincent was obviously quite proud of his work and the actions of his friend Ed.

After countless lame news questions Ed was ready to skate. He put on a helmet and requested the guidance of some friends. He then proceeded to skate toward the LOVE statue.

From a distance a few police officers were watching and waiting. Ed completed his skate and there was an awkward pause. Eventually a police office approached the group and questioned the gathering. She called in some other officers and we all stood around waiting.

All in all it was a success. Ed did it. He defied the law and skated in LOVE Park, the very park he created. A few police officers arrived slightly later then necessary and we all parted our ways. I looked over my shoulder and watched Ed sneak out of the park. No officer arrested him. No undercover tackled him to the ground. I hope he made a difference. I guess only time will tell.

Thanks Ed. You're the man. homepage

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