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Source: Logan News Group
Date: July 6, 2003
Byline: Miguel C. de los Santos/Jason Alvarez

Free LOVE Park Issue Endorsed By Kevin Bacon

Philadelphia Native Actor Says "Share LOVE with skaters"

Philadelphia - America's Birthday, in America's Birthplace. The birth place of our freedoms. Yet, not all are free. Skate boarders, BMX Bikers and anyone adopting their causes are shunned. Shut out of LOVE Park by an administration lacking both common sense, and vision. The designer and builder of LOVE Park have said "Let skater's skate!"

Local area celebrity Kevin Bacon is weighing in on the controversy. On the U.S. History web site Bacon is among many celebs who give their support to the LOVE Park controversy.

It's become a campaign issue for Republican Mayoral hopeful, Sam Katz as well.

While many skate boarders are of legal, and voting age, they probably won't be voting for John Street, if they vote at all. Mike is a skate board Magazine photographer and free lance journalist. He pays the city of Philadelphia a "Business Privilege" tax, and yet doesn't have the privilege to skate the city. He's been fined several times, and found "Guilty" of "Public Skate Boarding".

LEGALIZE SKATE BOARDING! End the nonsense, and the hype. When LOVE Park was closed and remodeled, specially to be 'unfriendly' to skaters, Street spokesperson Frank Keel said "Tough, get over it! It's Over!". He may be saying that again to his old buddy John when they wipe away the tears on election eve and count up the number of votes between them and the guy who wins.

Some of those lost votes may be skate board, BMX Bike riding, X-Games participants who didn't like Street, Keel or their politics toward skaters.

Kevin Bacon said "Let's keep Philadelphia alive and vibrant" he says we can respect our history and embrace the future as well. "Let's share LOVE Park with the skaters" he said. As Philadelphia celebrated it's 227th Birthday this weekend, skaters were still not extended the "Liberty" of skating LOVE Park.

Currently, many skate at Dilworth Plaza on the west side of City Hall. That's been the site in the past of ludicrous "Police chases" of skaters. Once apprehended, many skaters have had their board "Confiscated" or impounded. They are written up and fined and must plead "Guilty" to the charges and pay what was a small fine. Now, City Council, in it's all powerful, infinite wisdom has seen fit to "Triple" fines.

All in Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love. The home of LOVE Park. The "Place That Loves You Back". Well, brother, if that's your love, please show us some hate.

There will be a dialogue regarding the future of LOVE Park hosted by Young Involved Philadelphia on Wednesday, July 9th at 7 PM at Seiss Community Center 2111 Sansom Street.

Be there! Show YOU Care.

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