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Source: KYW
Date: June 1, 2004
Byline: Steve Tawa

Group Offers $$$ To Get Skateboarders Access to Love Park

A skateboard shoe company has stepped forward to pledge $1 million to the city of Philadelphia to support the reopening of JFK Plaza to skateboarders.

But the Street administration says the ban will not be lifted.

The concrete mecca for skateboarders known as "Love Park" has been off limits to the skateboarding crowd since the mid '90s.

But DC Shoes of California says the park, at 15th and JFK Boulevard, between City Hall and the Ben Franklin Parkway, is a landmark in skateboarding's history.

Company founder Ken Block:

"Baseball has Wrigley stadium. This is our oldest landmark for skateboarding."

The company is willing to put up $100,000 a year for ten years to pay for the maintenance, security, upkeep, and replacement costs related to skateboarding.

But city managing director Phil Goldsmith says the city will continue to enforce the ban on skateboarding at Love Park.

He told the skateboarding advocates he wants them to help curtail vandalism there and get behind a new skating park that is now in design:

"I said Love Park is great and we love it, too. But we are going through a process now — a design phase for a new skateboard park."

The new Schuylkill River Skatepark is being developed at a site near the Philadelphia Museum of Art. homepage

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