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Source: WKYW
Date: May 11, 2004
Byline: WKYW

Park Ranger Attacked In "Love Park"

Two Sought On Criminal Charges

PHILADELPHIA (KYW) A city park ranger was injured after he was reportedly attacked by two skateboarders in Philadelphia's "Love Park" Monday night.

The incident occured after the ranger attempted to cite the skaters and confiscate their boards for illegally skating in the park.

As CBS 3's Walt Hunter reported, the ranger was then attacked as he scuffled with the two individuals.

Managing Director Phil Goldsmith was outraged by the incident: "The ranger should be able to be there and not be attacked like that and the skateboarders shouldn't be there — period."

Police immediately responded to the scene and the ranger was taken to Jefferson Hospital for minor injuries.

According to police, no arrests have been made and the two individuals responsible for the crime could face assault charges.

Skateboarding is strictly prohibited within "Love Park" and those caught face a $25 fine and the confiscation of their skateboard.

The attack is currently under investigation. homepage

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