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Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Date: August 6, 2003
Byline: Edmund N. Bacon

Letter: Revolution of the young

Leslie Pappas' July 22 article "Skateboarders finally get room of their own," marks a new development in the skateboard public discussion. She managed to broaden the issue from simply what happens in LOVE Park, to present a picture of a widespread revolution not confined to the city but very much spreading through the suburbs.

This is truly a young people's revolution. In Little League, every line drawn on the field, every gesture and every move was all adult-determined. The child at any age must conform strictly to the physical fact of the field and to the adult rules and adult ideas of what is right. There is no room for any contribution to the game.

The incredibly wonderful thing about skateboarding is that is was invented by young people and adapted to the environments that they found. It does not require any predesigned environment. It is totally a creative product of young people's imagination, and all of its fine points have been developed by young people with no consultation with adults. This will develop a generation with a very different view of the world than the generation of Little Leaguers. homepage

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