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Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Date: June 27, 2003
Byline: Steve Grandizio

Letter: License skaters to pay for LOVE Park upkeep

I don't understand why it would be a problem having LOVE Park as a skating venue.

I'm a young professional who has never skateboarded, but I certainly see the value it brings to the region. Why not charge an annual fee for a skating license? Make it $50 or $100 a year, which would help pay for repairs and upgrades. I'm sure we could sell hundreds of them. The city would not be liable for injuries under the license agreement each skater would sign.

I also love the idea of turning the old visitors center into a skate-theme coffee shop. There could be periodic appearances by skateboarder Tony Hawk and other celebrities for book signings, events, etc. Wow, this could be awesome!

The lease on the shop and the skating licenses would more than offset any costs for park maintenance. Does this just make too much sense to work? Sounds like a win-win situation to me. homepage

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