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Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Date: June 23, 2005
Byline: Kathy O'Neill

Letter: Bravo, skateboarders

It was wonderful to see our city filled with skateboarders on Tuesday. They seemed to be enjoying their urban skate, and it was fun for those of us who live here to watch them.

Mayor Street should be doing all he can to encourage these young people to come to Philadelphia. He talks about improving the image of our city, making it a hipper place. He bent over backward to bring MTV's reality show to Old City. But the city continues to ban skateboarders from Love Park and banishes them to the hinterlands of the city – under I-95, in FDR Park. This policy must change.

Many portions of the city are rather scary once the commuters go home. The city should be rolling out the red carpet for these young people who want to skate in an urban setting. They make Philadelphia safer and livelier. homepage

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