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Source: Philadelpia Inquirer
Date: June 23, 2003
Byline: Elizabeth Devlin, Philadelphia

Letter: Unfair Council decisions

Recent articles in The Inquirer have made me question my decision to raise my children here. A bill by Councilman Michael Nutter triples the fines for illegal skateboarding and makes skateboard confiscation permanent ("Council passes bills allowing seizure of 1,700 properties," June 13). Is that not unlawful seizure? If a convicted drunk driver can continue to own a vehicle, why is it right to confiscate a skateboard?

I realize that some property managers have complained of damage since skateboarders were banned from LOVE Park, but the simple solution is to lift the ban. Some Logan Square residents have voiced support for allowing skateboarding in LOVE Park again, but Nutter, who does not represent the area, continues to press his anti-skateboarding agenda. Where is the skatepark the kids were promised?

The Fairmount Park Commission also approved a new $10 million tennis center with "more than a dozen tennis courts" ("Park commission approves new E. Falls tennis center," June 3). To build the tennis courts, an existing basketball court will be demolished and a replacement will be built. A Fairmount Park official said efforts would be made to ensure that construction and demolition would be coordinated to minimize any court downtime. God forbid there should be any court downtime. If there is, I wonder whether Nutter will propose basketball confiscation and fines for dribbling off court. homepage

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