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Source: Philadelphia Inquirer
Date: June 8, 2004
Byline: Various

Letters re "Money can't buy LOVE Park," June 2

Phila. did right to refuse a LOVE Park offer

Why do The Inquirer and so many others who supposedly are civic leaders support the destructive activity of skateboarding in LOVE Park ("Money can't buy LOVE Park," June 2)? As the city of Philadelphia has rightly determined, street skateboarding is as damaging to the park as vandalism and graffiti.

The damage caused to the edges of stone walls by grinding skateboard and bicycle frames is permanent, save for removing and replacing entire slabs of granite. In addition, grinding leaves unsightly stains on the stone. The recent park renovations could not repair the damage, so what makes the newspaper think that the money from DC Shoes will keep up with the destruction?

True "Friends of LOVE Park" would support a means of preventing vandalism to the park, instead of trying to find ways of subsidizing it.

I agree with the skateboarders that the city should have facilities for their activity. Instead of vandalizing LOVE Park, they should raise money for their skateboard park to be built and then turn the facility over to the city as a gift — as true civic leaders have done in the past.

Jim Shomper, Philadelphia

States of mind

So John Street is going to turn down a million bucks from DC Shoes to let kids have limited access to a public park and advance Philly's cool factor? Brilliant.

It's obvious Ken Block is from California. If he were from Philly, he would know to hire one of Street's friends or family members as a consultant to "administer" the million-dollar donation for a small fee, say 20 percent or so.

E. Jonathon Kennedy, Spring House

Offering nothing

The city is not engaging in a "stunningly backward move" in refusing the offer from DC Shoes to provide money for LOVE Park ("Money can't buy LOVE Park," June 2). The money cannot replace the granite that has been and would continue to be chipped or broken by skaters. It also does not constitute reasonable remuneration for DC Shoes' use of the name Friends of LOVE Park on a new line of shoes.

The $100,000 per year being offered is not serious money. In effect, they offered nothing.

Bill Faust, Philadelphia homepage

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