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Source: Philadelphia Daily News
Date: June 15, 2004
Byline: Gregory Heller, Friends of LOVE Park

Letter: Skateboard stereotyping

Re Signe's recent skateboarding cartoon:

It effectively highlighted some of the major misconceptions people have. I have recently met a large number of skateboarders. Most are employed or are college students. They are businessmen, doctors, lawyers and journalists with partners and families. They are hard-working people, making good salaries, who enjoy practicing a sport. And few of the skateboarders I know have piercings.

A recent online poll found 86 percent support for returning skateboarding to LOVE Park. The Logan Square Neighborhood Association supports it, as does a majority of City Council. Our online petition now has over 8,000 signatures from 40 countries around the world. Of course, the issue at hand is not "whiny skateboarders" but a shoe company offering the city $1 million. homepage

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