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Source: Philadelphia Daily News
Date: June 3, 2003
Byline: Editorial

No-Parking Zone

SAM KATZ, seen here campaigning for the dude vote, is the latest to hop on — and fall off — the political bandwagon in a move to bring the skateboarders back to LOVE Park.

The logic of which still eludes us.

A place dedicated to a small special-interest group, and one whose use discourages wider public use and actually damages property, seems to defy the very idea of "public park."

The debate has re-emerged, no doubt, because the alternate site promised by the mayor when he closed the park to skateboarders and opened it to Center City workers and residents (at least those who like lunching amid liver-colored cement block) has yet to emerge. In fact, plans have stalled, so the 'boarders feel rightfully dissed and probably betrayed.

Meanwhile, we'll keep our eye on a city across the Delaware doing its best to suck away our city's resources. Next stop, LOVE Park, Camden? homepage

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