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Source: Philadelphia Daily News
Date: February 2, 2004
Byline: Editorial

We Got Your Wiffle Right Here

Philadelphia Magazine Challenges Us To A Game. We Accept.

Sometimes an editorial board's gotta do what an editorial board's gotta do. And this is one of those times.

This month, Philadelphia magazine columnist Noel Weyrich chastised both the Daily News and Inquirer editorial boards for supporting skateboarding at LOVE Park.

According to Weyrich, "when they're not wringing their hands over the importance of preserving Center City's quality of life and business environment, both daily newspaper editorial boards... have championed the rights of these street rats to wreak destruction on public property."

Actually, what this page supports is a compromise that would allow skateboarding only during certain hours. That compromise, put forth by the Independence Hall Association, Young Involved Philadelphia and the Skateboard Advocacy Network, is under consideration at City Hall, according to Phil Goldsmith, managing director.

Either way, for reasons that elude us, this monthly magazine decides to criticize our support of the LOVE Park skateboarders in the middle of winter, when even the winos have abandoned the park. Was the July edition already filled?

And in a pathetic attempt at getting attention, Weyrich has formed something called the North Broad Wiffle Ball League and has challenged the boards to a game in front of the Daily News and Inquirer building this Thursday at noon. According to Weyrich, this will give "both editorial boards a chance to prove that their editorials are more than just middle-aged suburban hipster posturing."

Well, we can't speak for the Inquirer, but this board is going to wring our hands over some Wiffle bats.

Bring your Wiffle balls, Noel. You'll need them. homepage

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