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Source: Philadelphia City Paper
Date: June 5-11, 2003
Byline: D. Michael Blackie, Logan

Letter to the Editor: Blackie Loves Love

Thank you for ["Love (Park) is All They Need," Daryl Gale, May 22, 2003]. I've witnessed police chase down and ticket skateboarders and act like they were the most vile and cruel of all culprits while at the same time our neighborhoods go to hell. And still we laud and honor hizzoner John "Safe Streets." The mayor who closed Love Park, outlawed skaters and their craft, diverted money from the X-Games to support his insanely popular Operation Safe Streets and still was honored with our votes on Election Day. What a pity!

Well, at least Philly has "alternative" media, because we sure don't have too many alternatives when it comes to "status quo" pols and their cronies. Let's see if any of those who fended off contenders in this race embrace the new population of Philadelphia, or if they will still use the old "divide and conquer" methodology. With all the wide open space Philadelphia has available, the least it could do is build a damn decent skate arena for the segment of our populace that demands it!

And as for Safe Streets Don't all our neighborhoods deserve that same level of protection, every day? And, if not, why not? homepage

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