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Robert Indiana at LOVE Park

Robert Indiana created the "LOVE" sculpture that provides the popular name of LOVE Park (which is officially called JFK Plaza). Read more below the video.

Robert Indiana is an American sculptor and artist. Born in Indiana in 1928, (birth name Robert Clark) he moved to New York City in 1954. There he became associated with the Pop Art movement (much to his displeasure) and created imagery and sculptures inspired by commercial art blended with existentialism into what he called "sculptural poems".

Indiana's iconic work LOVE was first created for a Christmas Card for the Museum of Modern Art and was included on an eight-cent postage stamp for the Postal Service in 1973, the first of their regular series of "love stamps." Sculptural versions of the image have been installed at numerous American and international locations including in Philadelphia’s JFK Plaza, which is better known as LOVE Park in honor of the Indiana sculpture which overlooks the Plaza.

The LOVE sculpture holds a special place in the heart of Philadelphians and has been the backdrop of many a marriage proposal as well as inspiration to the thousands of skateboarders who used to make pilgrimages to LOVE before it was controversially deemed off limits to skaters in 2005.

Margaret Chew Barringer, founder of American INSIGHT, a non-profit organization that produces historical documentaries about Philadelphia's history, is in the midst of producing a documentary called "Robert Indiana: Full Circle" about the artist’s life and work.

Please enjoy the clip and be sure to visit American INSIGHT's website to learn more. homepage

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