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Andres, Joliet il [01-13-2013]

I got to skate for 3 minutes before the cops came. There is no reason at all for people to say skateboarding cant be done at love park. The place looks fine even after we grind the ledges. And "20 or 30 skateboarders is safer than 20 or 30 x cons'. What people dont understand is that skateboarding is more than a sport its a way of life. Love park forever. |
Uebersetzer, Hamburg [01-13-2013]

I went to Philly for a week, just got back. Skated LOVE for about 5mim. I can die now...
RJ, North Liberty, IA [01-13-2013]

MOSES, Philadelphia [11-29-2012]

Keep up the good work! Jimmy from
cindy [10-24-2012]

I never been to LOVEPARK but drove by several times on many occasion and it looks as if they were having a concert people was dancing and the fountain of Love was changing colors as the water shot up in the air ... The crowd was having a blast, I will park my car and go to enjoy some of the fun .
Dartiesha Word, Aldan,Pa [10-21-2012]

If you feel can you support skateboarding in my country? Also please like my facebook page Tanzania Skateboarding Miracle.
Augustino, Tanzania, East-Africa. [10-07-2012]

I loved the Love Park. I loved the fountain and I saw it turn pink in October.
Patrecio, Plantaton [10-07-2012]

Hey, I love your site here. When i look at your pictures and videos its make me happy, when will u upload som new ones? Regards Kris
Gratis Spil, Im a happy blogger from Denmark [08-31-2012]

SJ, Houston,TX [08-16-2012]

Felecia Queen Stowman, Winston Salem NC [06-28-2012]

I believe that anyone of any age should be allowed to skate wherever they please, as long as they are not destroying property they should be allowed to skate, its the same as walking only faster!
Ashley Shoumake, Lubbock,TX [04-25-2012]

Matthew [04-07-2012]

I am really p--sed off that I didn't start sk8ing until I left Philly.Every time I've been back to visit, I've always had a board in my car, and I drive around LOVE PARK... Unfortunatly, for some dumb reason, it rained hard EVERYTIME I've been there, so I still never had a chance to sk8 it...
RANDY C, Born& Raised in Philly...moved to Nashville 5 years ago [03-01-2012]

Please allow skating at Love Park!
anonymous, New Jersey, Cassandra [02-04-2012]

I am a 13 year old skater that has only been skating for about a few years after quitting because of an accident on a 12 foot halfpipe. I am here on this website because I found out about this park a long time ago and I have always wanted to skate there, and I was going to skate there really soon but I just found out that it's closed. I think that closing this park down was a terrible idea. The makers of this park meant for it to be shared by all people, including skateboarders. Also, skateboarding is an activity that allows kids to be active and keep them out of drugs and other things. To the mayor and other people who don't think LOVE should be open to skaters, would you rather have your child grow up to be a skateboarder and do the thing he/she loves and turn out a success in life, or would you rather end up taking their passion away and leading them into a depression that could start a drug addiction or if it was a girl maybe they would beome a hooker when they grow up. Not only would you be doing this to your child, but all of the children who have skated and or have yet to skate this amazing park. Also, if Philidelphia wants to appeal to the youth so much, why stop the one thing that is keeping the city famous and made the city famous, skateboarding and spreading the word about love park? I hope the people that don't want skateboarding back in love park read this and find out that (not to sound cliche) skateboarding isn't just a sport, It's a way of life and love park isn't just a regular park, it is an irreplaceable thing in all of our hearts, whether we have skated there before or not.
Cole, Lumberton, NJ [01-17-2012]

Claudio, Italy milano [12-29-2011]

My name is Gregory Burek I am twelve years old and have been skateboardig for 4 years. I just went over to love park last weekend, just standing there felt amazing. I got to skate for 3 minutes before the cops came. There is no reason at all for people to say skateboarding cant be done at love park. The place looks fine even after we grind the ledges. And "20 or 30 skateboarders is safer than 20 or 30 x cons'. What people dont understand is that skateboarding is more than a sport its a way of life. Love park forever.
Gregory Burke II, Silver Sping, MD [11-21-2011]

Such a dope plaza saw a dude eat it today gaping the four block.
Phil C, Roxbury,NJ [11-21-2011]

Milagros Oliveros, United States [10-25-2011]

Thnkyou. Regards, Dave Bunce MEXICAN SKATEBOARDS MXNDOG +27790365309
Dave Bunce, Mexico [10-16-2011]

I LOVE Love Park. Gonna be there this saturday for the trans-march!
Zan Burdett, Pottstown, PA [10-07-2011]

hello philadelphia (love park)^^
paan sohappy, satun thailand [09-25-2011]

We are a nonprofit org. that participates in events for skateboarding.
Jay Jay's Skate Park, Muskegon, MI [07-25-2011]

Planning on going to visit this amazing park soon!
sabrina, houston,tx [07-12-2011]

Vikash [06-02-2011]

u suck my........... never mind u just suck stuff!
cilly nilly, 19143 [06-01-2011]

Free Love Park I <3 sk8ters!
Gabrielle Finch, Trevose [05-05-2011]

Milagros Oliveros [05-05-2011]

Free LovePark.. I want to skate it in the near future!
David, Slovenia, Europe/ Skateboarder [04-27-2011]

I am a founding member of a grassroots organization in rural Humboldt County, CA. I am also a Urban Planning undergrad from Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. Our organization, Trinidad Skatepark Alliance, is actively working with a group of 15-25 skateboarders in our community (a community of 311). Our goal is to bring a skatepark to our town, once regarded as a 'retirement community'. We are very supportive of your cause because we too understand the frustrations of any individual who is denied the freedom to pursue their passions, particularly skateboarders and skateboarding. We wish you the best on your endeavor. Lisa Espejo Project Coordinator Trinidad Skatepark Alliance
Lisa Espejo/Trinidad Skatepark Alliance, Trinidad, CA [04-17-2011]

Hello Love Park, I just wanted to know your 2011 summer events. Thanks!
Reginald Cintron, 1212 Ludlow St. 19107 Citizen of Philadelphia [04-13-2011]

As long as nothing gets harmed, I don't see what the problem is. It seems that it's their right.
Micaela, Pittsburgh, PA [04-08-2011]

theres no need to keep skating out of love park it brought people from all around the world to philly. I'm trying to get into Temple just to skate at Love Park.
Kim Scott Jr., Baltimore, Md [04-03-2011]

why wouldn't a PARK be open to KIDS ...TEENS... ANYONE who want to have fun. that's what parks are for not eating lunches the suites will just have to deal with it its not made for them in the first place!
Xiomara Fambrough, California [04-03-2011]

charlie sheen, winning [04-01-2011]

Lets stop fighting and start loving ;D
Haylie Doran, Columbia SC, Im a supporter, [03-25-2011]

where we got engaged. we cherish this park.
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mazur, philadelphia [03-15-2011]

i love Love park it the best place to go in the summer time and relax with my friends .
dasia [03-04-2011]

Tom [02-14-2011]

I moved away from Philly in 2000. I still spend a couple months a year there.My roots,my whole family,and most of my best friends are there. I started sk8ting 3 years ago, and looking at the vids,and pics of all the awesome skaters @ LOVE, makes me WISH I got into sk8-ing while I was still living there! My deepest sympathies to all my shreading brothers and sisters! KEEP THE FAITH.We'll get that awesome place back again someday!
Randy C, Born and Raised in Philly.Musician now living in Nashville [02-07-2011]

Writing a paper about how LOVE changed, I used to skate and this was a tragedy... hasn't improved from that it seems. It would be nice to see the government give the people what they want for a change.
Josh P, Northeast PA [02-01-2011]

Victor, Mexica [01-22-2011]

American Sportswear
X STYLESPORT, Bangkok [01-12-2011]

free love park
john Muzychka, philly/school [01-12-2011]

i wish i could go to philly
jillian [01-05-2011]

i wish they build a skate park cuz i get so bored on the weekends!
kaleb, philly /sk8ter [01-05-2011]

that sucks
caleb laster [01-05-2011]

Briggs, sa [01-05-2011]

this has to stop! im sick of the fat mayor not letting us skate there now kids are going back to drugs, gangs, etc and DC even gave them 1 million dollers and they turned down.. i cant belive it. FREE LOVE PARK!
CJ [12-29-2010]

Beautiful park!
Frederick Allen, Santa Barbara, CA [12-20-2010]

whats up
Gabe, Amboy Washinton [12-09-2010]

ilove to skate
jarridkeller, 18041 [12-05-2010]

free love park now!
Jonathan Allen, home [11-25-2010]

love was sick today. got up met up with the homies and shredded love for like 4 hours. there wasnt a cop in sight and some dude even showed up and kickflipped the gap, was tight. there was at least 100 kids skatin there and tons of people came to watch.
anonymous, philly [11-20-2010]

I like the plan that was come up with, because it separates the picnickers from the skateboarders, and any damgages brought to the park would be compensated for. Along with time restraints and other things, the deal is fair. Skateboarding should be allowed under these conditions...anything otherwise is simple corruption amongst the council that enforced the ban in the first place.
anonymous, Virginia [11-11-2010]

i jus love love and skateboardingi love the park.
logo design, usa [11-05-2010]

fun! skateboarding good!
kayla, north carolina [10-27-2010]

When I first heard about this I was like Dude know way... SO I was thinking maybe from what you guys did we could do that here... Because all we have here are little skate parks and they are nothing big. so do you think if we tried to get a big skate park we could by following what you guys did? Thanks
Melissa Age 11, Belton, Female Skater [10-25-2010]

Just wanted to drop a line and say I support you all 210% I work down here and have lunch in LOVE all of the time. Im in my late 20's and I seriously dont see what the big deal was. I watched 2 police officers last week crucify 2 teenage boys and actually gave them tickets. They were so rude to these boys who were enjoying the nice day off from school. Funny thing is they rolled there asses in the park on BIKES! I wanna know why their wheels are better than a boards? I dont know if the city realizes what they pissed away when they were offered 1 million dollars over the next ten years to help repair it, simply to keep the love of sk8boarding in LOVE Park! It certainly beats watching the homeless bath themselves, I mean intimately, in the fountain, and the bums asleep on the park benches! I have never once seen anyone of authority ask them to leave or give them citations!
Nancy, 1617 jfk [10-22-2010]

Hi i want it to be legal becuse i want to see some awsome skate videos at this place !
Henrik, sweden [10-18-2010]

allow skating at the park because it is the world capitol of skateoarding and if not build more parks.
pro skater adam, bensalem [10-07-2010]

i <3 love parkk !
anonymous, neww jerseyy [10-04-2010]

There arent many places to skate, if you dont want them to skate in the park, build a better skate park! :D
Jessie Rose, Tucson AZ [09-10-2010]

i dont skate i ride bike and inline skate but i feel the pain
devin lane schwindt, lawrence ks [09-09-2010]

Not sure how active this site is but I just remembered that at the 2005 love park rally, I was skating around and was interviewed by some local news channel about love park and go skateboarding day and the rally on camera. It made the final cut and I never saw it but some friends did. Did anyone see this? Any idea where I could find it?
Ben danger, VT for now, did about 2 years in philly, 15th and federal [09-08-2010]

LOVE park is iconic to the Philly skate scene. Many have mentioned skating is making a come back in main stream society. Give these kids a chance to get out and have fun with the park. Would we rather have a bunch of lazy fat kids who play video games all day? Skaters are not bad, let them have their fun. If I still could skate like these kids today I would be right there with them. My skating days are through my son, I just wield the camera !
anonymous, Galloway NJ [08-28-2010]

Love park is one of the most best creations among the skateboard community so much history has gone down taking away another spot is just making us more street hungry Love parks buisness is mainly from skateboarding aswell we pose a good deal on the community
sean, Texas [08-09-2010]

Hey! I'm a licensed NYC tour guide and I love Philadelphia! Some say it's the new Brooklyn - but I say it's a great accessible city with life to spare - except the ghosts of the old blue-haired ladies seem to want to take the fun out of it. Bring back the skate boarders!
Bill Goodhart, New York, NY [07-26-2010]

Team MEXICAN have a great new team rider, Dayne Olsen. Check him out:
Sally, South Africa [07-25-2010]

i would like to have a free concert done by my son i was wondering was this allowed
dorina, city of phila. [07-03-2010]

I LOVE this site!
Richg, The Future [06-29-2010]

skating there is back. not that it was gone to long. i am from philly and i remember when this controversy was huge and we were told we werent allowed to skate,we still did it anyway and didnt care what they they said.LOVE is back to skateboarders and not just a home for bums anymore
anonymous, philly [06-29-2010]

is there a contact email for someone involved in the movement. im a artist/dance choreographer and interested in speaking to someone about staging something in the park concerning the ban on skating. thanks and i look foward to hearing from you.
katie schetlick, new york [06-29-2010]

free L0 park VE
anonymous [06-29-2010]

im getting marry at the love park i just want to say thank for making the love park...
loveie keaton [06-29-2010]

I live in philly and me and my friends skate love park every day its almost like its not even illegal. I dont know what all this hype is about, people still skate there all the time, most cops dont even care anymore. everyones sayin free love park and all that but it is free and tons of kids skate there every day and nobody cares anymore. philly is basically sayin "screw it" and giving up because no matter what they do the skating is NEVER goin to stop there.they are basically giving up and giving it back to the skaters. And its not like we cared if they said we couldnt skate there or not because we all did it every day and if the cops wanted to fine us we just gave em fake many people that arent even from philly are sayin free love park and all that but the actual locals still skate it everyday. it was never really shut down so go skate there, nothings going to happen to you, cops dont care anymore because they cant stop us.
anonymous, philly [06-29-2010]

i am 66years old, VERY few major historical monuments recognized by skateboarders world wide. Skateboarding is fairly new. It is also among the fastest growing sports in the U.S. The reason for this is the transformation that has happened in the sport in the last 20 years i have found it.
s.c., i am the best [06-21-2010]

like i said love to skate and skateboard everyday
Brian Kibue, Exton love to skate [06-21-2010]

free love park
peter, ireland [06-03-2010]

Never been to Love park, wish, i could have been one of the many lucky people who've skated there. It's a shame how it all ended, Love park stands for many things in peoples lives, such as growing up skating there, meeting new friends, and so much more. 1 million dollers wasn't enough to keep the amazing place known as love park. But hopefully in the near future, love park will be free, and home to many skateboards who love skateboarding
Chris, Chicago,IL [05-28-2010]

love is a national land mark street skates thanks for building it
michael youngblood, wauchula florida [05-20-2010]

Hopefully fdr doesent get shut down
criscole33, philly [04-23-2010]

love was the birth place of skating.skating is not the only sport there you have bmx and roller blading
darrand, 57 hazel [04-22-2010]

i love the love park it seems really nice and i jus love love and skateboarding
katherine morataya, long branch nj [04-17-2010]

Sabrina Meauhead, Wilmington, De [04-10-2010]

in support of LOVE PARK and all the riders, including my self, who lost or were never able to ride the beautiful park, i now have a tattoo with the love sign on it. So all skaters know when they see it, hope for love is still alive.
MC Timmy, Salem, Utah [03-10-2010]

Don't give up fellow stakers!
megz, cincy,OH I love skatebroading [03-02-2010]

Love park is and will always be known for skateboarding. whether the city of Philadelphia allows skateboarding in it or not. I've had the privilege of being able to skateboard there a couple times. its perfect, the only thing that needs to change is the city's attitude about it. It's a destination spot, and the capitol of street skateboarding for the east coast. .. FREE LOVE PARK! ...
Kyle Beecher, Pittsburgh, PA [03-02-2010]

i go to philladelpiha at least once a month, and every time i go i havent had one trip where we havent had a bangin sesh at love park, but also we always endup haveing to dip from the 5-0, back in spring i also got a 75 dollar tickt at love, last time i was there my friend tyler was trying to ollie love gap and hyperextended his knee, some how this inspired to just to go balls out and try to cave man into the love fountain, i had to strait up sprint as fast as i could to get the speed to jump down it and land on my board, of course with my luck first try my tale snaped on a 2 day old board, yeah i don't even know why i wrote this im just bored in class. peep my you tube account
wayne morrison, Vienna VA [03-01-2010]

I learned about LOVE Park in my schooling, I learned about it's history and the reason for it's being. I believe this organization has a huge compact in our society. That because of it, young adults and young at heart, can express their feelings and opinions through a hobbie, a sport, a love, a way of having fun. In my experiance, skating has released energy, anger, happiness, and many other emotions. It makes me feel free(er) than usual.
Shai(y)la 17, North star Behavioral Heath Hospital, Alaska [02-25-2010]

Still hoping...
Nan Kinzler, Austin TX [02-25-2010]

I need a gril who likes to skate and is a teen. im 18
Rudy martin, Rochester ny/i love to skate [02-22-2010]

I have skated love many times and had to dip out of the security. The plan FOLP presented was fair and made everyone happy besides the uptight government. Until something changes, we will will follow the same thing of coming in, skating, getting out fast and repeat. Much Respect, free LO VE
Tyler, Langhorne, PA. Skateboarder, Filmer [02-22-2010]

Note: These entries are from 2005. We reopened the Guestbook in Feburary 2010.

I'm 24 years old and love skateboarding. Skateboarding may not be your passion but try to compare the situation to something that you are passionate about. If you have a favorite golf course you wouldn't want it taken away and compensated with a 100 square-yard, flat patch of grass with a hole. By the way if you are caught not wearing your golf gloves or golf shoes at this "new" course you'll get a ticket. No skate park will ever compensate for the current status of LOVE park. LOVE park is not only a great place to skate it is one of VERY few major historical monuments recognized by skateboarders world wide. Skateboarding is fairly new. It is also among the fastest growing sports in the U.S. The reason for this is the transformation that has happened in the sport in the last 20 years. Places like LOVE park and EMB (S.F.) are birth places of this transformation. BECAUSE of LOVE park skateboarding is here to stay. As a sport it will continue to grow in popularity and develop in complexity. IF LOVE PARK IS TAKEN FROM THE SKATEBOARDERS we will lose a landmark that has emotional and historical ties to millions of skateboarders and a sport exploding in popularity. An important birthplace of innovation will die. And all this because 'strollers' and 'lunch-breakers' don't like the sound of a kickflip back tail???? SAVE LOVE PARK! I couldn't agree more with Ken Block's statement that LOVE is "the Wrigley Field of skateboarding." I turn now to several aspects of the issue. LOVE is more valuable to the Skateboarders than it is to general public. Pre-June 2002 how many organizations came forward offering $1 million dollars to keep skateboarders out of the park for the next ten years??? NONE. I believe that the proposition involving "skate hours" at LOVE park is great. More than just the skateboarders should be able to enjoy love park. This takes me back to the 'strollers' and the 'lunch-breakers'. If Philadelphia is willing to fork out $2 million for a new skatepark, why don't they use it to make a nice scerene grass park for those who want it and leave LOVE to the skateboarders? They'll still get the $1 million from DC. The offer still stands. We need to learn to be more respectful as skateboarders. Being a jerk isn't cool it just justifies the incorrect public image of skating; however, we CANNOT be suppressed and confined. STAND FOR LOVE PARK. WE CAN COEXIST. Philadelphia residents and skateboarders alike, SAVE SKATEBOARD HERATIGE!
Jake Barnwell, Bozeman, Montana [02-10-2005]

i was 17 and me and my friends wanted to go to philly one day to skate and i remember the look in there eyes when i asked them if they wanted to skate love park they were shooked with exsitement i really wanted to go i already went with my sponser but i wanted to freak myslef out and try to acutally build a high enough rap for me to olie all the way over the love sign i new i could do it and when we finlly got there though the driveing and the caious we made it and i did it and i broke my arm it was so freaking worth it though
Jason Poulin, South Windsor Ct [02-08-2005]

Right now i live in a small town in North Carolina, but i used to live in a town right outside of Philadelphia. I used to go to Philadelphia as much as posible, giving SEPTA their workers pay. I remember it so vivedly, getting off the subway and seeing skaters everywhere, at LOVE park and City Hall. I used to love skating LOVE, not caring if people are better or worse then me, just skating. I remember goign up there one day to skate, and i saw a huge fence around the whole park. It was so wierd, the mood of the area was so solomn, skaters surronding it in awe, not believing that it was actually closed. When they finally reopened it, I remember hearing about it and goign down there the next day. The whole park was covered in ugly red trashcans, and you couldn't even walk through the park without being harassed by the park rangers. When they had the skateboard advocacy network thing i went down and protested the banning of skateboarding i LOVE park. I remember we could skate for taht day, thats it, and we had to leave at lie 6:00. I had some of the best times at LOVE park, and i hope its opened to skaters again soon. Free LOVE park!
Stephen McDevitt, Swansboro, north Carolina [02-08-2005]

i live in texas and i went on a vacation DRIVING (wich was a living hell all the way to philly) becasue i was going to go to woodward.. skate camp then my mom,grandma,my lil sis,and my lil bro wanted to "tour" the city and my grandma wanted to go to L0VE park .. so we went and all the time we were there my brother was saying "the O in love is tilted beacause love is never perfect"... i was like eh,, whatever... then i saw some skaters come and i decided to skate with was all cool in untill the bloddy coppers came and kicked us out... overall LOVE park is the best place i will probly ever skate in my life
Lalo, texas [01-30-2005]

When we went on holidays to the states, we went to California and Philadelphia and some skaters in Philly told me about LOVE park, so my parents drove me and my bro there for a skate and LOVE park is just like a dream! It was perfect and it was a good place to go talk with other skaters. And oh man it would have to be my favourite place in the world. Man i feel sorry for the skaters who live near LOVE park now, living so close to one of the best skate spots in the world and not allowed to skate it.
Shaun, Brisbane, Australia [01-30-2005]

The Love Park… So much to say about it. It was the best placed I’ve ever skated. The sets were remarkable, and they were consistent. Set after set, made sweet footy to share with boarders all over the world. Now as many people have mentioned there’s cops swarming the entire area. I know a few skaters off the top of my head that break the law and go back there. To be honest, you can’t stop us. We are dedicated to skating. I know if I wanted to go back, I would… I’d pay the damn fine, just to skate those wicked sets again… Hell, I’d pay $500.00 everyday… Just for the love of the park. So just let us be, and do our own thing… Just cause we fall doesn’t mean were going to sue you… And were not going to hurt people with our skating. Skateboarding is an inspiration, and its growing everyday, so we need these spots to skate. So please give us back LOVE, and in return WE WILL TAKE CARE OF IT. Well, FREE LOVE!
Steven Wang, Highland, NY [01-27-2005]

Esses caras são loucos em querer acabar com o skate na love park, é um dos lugares mais styles do mundo para se andar de skate, só um skatista pode sentir na péle o que é andar na love park, por isso querem acabar, pois não tem o skate no coração! f* the politics
Bruno Leite Tessele, Brasil [01-25-2005]

When i first skated love park i was 12 and it was my first team skating a real spot a true mecca for skateboarders you could say. I went and skated love for close to 12 hours with my older brother just trying everything and abosrbing the good vibes it was my fondest memory yet. I came back to love last september cops everywhere coulden't even go near the place with a skateboard so much for memories FREE LOVE
Joey, Toronto, Canada [01-25-2005]

I always hoped of skating love but the cops never leave. I hope the cops leave so that that skateboarding at love wiill hapen HELP FREE LOVE PArk
alex normandeau [01-25-2005]

I was not aware of the shuting down of Love Park. I used to skate there when I was 12, so that was in 1993. I didn't do much skating because I was a lot younger then everyone else there. I just watched and learned, my friends and I use to take the Septa train into the city. I know this story is stupid but those trips I took when I was that young were life lessons. I think the city is just stupid for not allowing skaters to skate there! I no longer skate but I'll never forget my days at Love Park!
Bill, Morrisville PA [01-25-2005]

I moved here in late June of 2004 for a new job. I was desperately hoping the Park would be skateable. First thing I did when I moved was go downtown to try and skate Love. I showed up, and no dice, damn cop guarding the place. I pass by at least once a week since June 2004 to see if I can skate it, but them damn cops are always there. Worst part about it being closed to skating is that I have no clue where all the skaters skate, what spots are good, etc., because I never see any skaters downtown to skate with or talk to about spots and stuff. It sucks to live in Philly and have to say to people "I have never skated Love Park". FREE LOVE PARK.
Miami DTM, Philadelphia, PA [01-19-2005]

Well...I live in california. i flew all the way to PA to skate with some friends of mine at LOVE. LOVE is one of the most inspiratinal parks i have ever sakted at it is just an awsome place t just chill and skate my friend who is a talented artist and is a local often went to love to just take inspiration from all the positive energy that was there and now to close it down is one of the worst things in skateboarding history! just another victom to those suit where a*holes. -LuKe
Luke, California [01-19-2005]

I was traveling the us back in 2001, being a skater philly was somewhat of a mecca for me being from england, and that summer was one of the best of my life, it was a whole new world, a free and viberant one.... that the police were like nazi's only added to the enjoyment.. I left philly a differnt person... on returning in 2002 just after the park was re-oppened it was a differnt place for me the park was an icon for a culture around the world and now it's gone the culture has lost something, and the city as well. That a city which was a main part of american independence and freedom, is now a place of oppression is a sad story that should never have been told
James Botterill, Leicester England UK [01-19-2005]

As a skateboarder, i've seen a lot of skateboard videos, and Love Park is a dream, i've never been there, but i really intended to skate there. The mayor wants to use the image of skateboarding in ads and to promove the city just like he did when made the steet x-games contest in Love Park, when the money comes to the city he's in favor, but when skaters want to enjoy the park normally, every day, he says NO, this is hipocrisy. I have pitty of this mayor because he doesn't know what is skateboarding, he doesn't know the feeling, this is why he said NO to the DC million. I hope someday They free this skateboard paradise, so then skateboarders(including me)will enjoy the city, the skateboarding, and their lifes.Free Love Park!
João Pedro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [01-19-2005]

I came all the way to PHily from israel just to skate there and i didnt FREE LOVE!
shawn I, israel [01-19-2005]

goldsmith is out, now we might have a chance! i think if DC reoffers the cash the outcome might be different, as long as the fill-in for goldsmith isnt a f*in moron! oh yeah, skatepark by the museum sounds lovely too.... lets go philly
pat, illadelph [01-19-2005]

I may live in england now but i lived in philidelphia for just over a year about 5 blocks away from love park. although at this time love park had a ban for skateboarders a=every night me and a few of my mates used to go skate. and i can safley say they were the best nights of my life and i would trade anything to lift the ban.
George Smith, Leeds,ENGLAND [01-19-2005]

PLEASE READ THIS I started skateboarding when i was 11 and now im 16.Skateboarding in Harrogate isnt too good but the thing that keeps us skating through that rainy days and cobbled ground is the fact that one day we will have a trip to Philly and be able to skate Love Park.Love Park is probably the most well known spot in the world and is just skateboard paradise from what i can see.I know about 5 guys who have travelled to philly to skate Love park which is a large proportion of the older skaters that i know (considering harrogate is a small town),so imagine how many skaters have brought money into love through skateboarding,I think the City will lose gigantic amounts of money through the illegalization of Love.Also A landmark is being lost which many people relate to Philadelphia. FREE LOVE PARK so that oneday me and my friends can visit the best skatespot in the world.
anonymous, harrogate,England [01-19-2005] thats all i have to say. these people are awesome and right now it looks like they can make a resolution.. it is now 2005, lets start the year off love.. thats all i have to say. these people are awesome and right now it looks like they can make a resolution.. it is now 2005, lets start the year off love..
Matt, ct [01-02-2005]

I have never actually skated at love park, but had aspirations of skating there. I have tried to stay up to date with what has been happening with LOVE and what City Hall has been doing to stop the skateboarding storm that has come their way. From my understanding the designer, architech, and all of skateboarding, (even some seats on City Hall's Council) Have been behind this "Free LOVE Park"! That's all fine and dandy... until you wake up and realize that us skaters have hit a road block. There is two people who hold us in check, and that is where you need to take action toward them; governmental systems were meant to be reformed to the way the people saw fit, so if the majority doesn't want those kind of people running Philly the only option is to overthrow their authority and take back what is rightfully ours (citizens of Philly)... Take back LOVE PARK! Keep me posted through email on what is going on... thanks.
Stevie J, Manchester, Maryland... [12-29-2004]

I went down to philly from Toronto to visit some relatives. I had been skating for two years and was at apoint where I could actually use the terrain around me. I had heard of Love Park and decided I really wanted to go. Although it was a few years ago it was some of the best skating I've ever done and it was amazing skating in a place that is so special to the sport. You could walk around and point out the tricks your favourite skaters did in that spot. The mayor must have know idea how important it is to skateboarders because it's not everyday someone gives you a million just to skate. I think that some of the big names in skateboarding and some of the companies should put some money together to buil a replica of the park somewhere else. it may not be the same but at least you have something like it. i know I'd pitch in some money. I hope for the best in freeing love .
Zak, Ontario, Canada [12-19-2004]

Recently home from 2 years in Central America as a missionary I wanted to see what was going on in skateboarding. X-Games came and my brothers and I thought it was fun to see some good skating in a world famous spot. Getting there and realizing that LOVE had been closed to skateboarding was unbelievable. Closing LOVE closed a true part of true skateboarding. The X-Games were awesome but what a disappointment to me and my brothers about LOVE.
Andrew, Provo, Utah Brigham Young University! [12-19-2004]

Friends and I planned go to Philidelphia to skateboard at LOVE park but we saw On video and said LOVE park is now can't skateboarding anymore. I think too bad because we really want to skateboarding at LOVE park and see Philidelphia but now there not reason to go. I hope open again because skateboarding at LOVE is dream of mine and friends. Mayor must be fool because tourist decrease. Please open LOVE park.
Kameda Kazuya, Tokyo, Japan [12-07-2004]

i have never skated love friend has he said it was the best spot anywhere...i acually planned to move to philadelphia just for love park and since 2002( the ban) my dreams where shattered and many other skaters but i would gladly get a $300.00 ticket just to skate love park for 10 min.
George, Carson Ca. [12-07-2004]

love was the epitome of what skating was all about. During the summer, i skated with pros who were there and just anyone. I eventually took it to the next level, became an am and i'm almost a pro for a company in vermont called Vube. All thanks to love. Viva la Love park. Skate or die. Free love.
marcel, love, rock, philly! [12-06-2004]

Please put me on the website. I went ot LOVE park and skated there for like three hours. While I was there, I switch backside-kickfliped the fountain gap. I was so excited. Then some stupid cops kicked me out! It sucked. FREE LOVE PARK!
Jordan Smock [12-02-2004]

love was the best skate spot I skated in. I just wish they will not make it banned from skating. p.s Josh Kalis is da bomb!
justin bertetto, lake orion, michigan [11-05-2004]

I'm a skateboarder who had plane tickets from MA to LOVE park and was ready to go just a couple months before they banned skateboarding. I was so pissed off. I'm 14 years old now and all i do is skate. Skating isnt just a hobby on the side to some people. To some every trick u do comes from the heart. You would do anything just to get an extra hour of skating every day. In this sport the feeling when u have been trying a trick for hours and u land it can be compared with nothing else in the world. LOVE park has shared this feeling with so many people and is home to one of the best places to skate in the world. When i was 12 i dropped in on an 8 foot vert ramp switch. That was the best feeling i have ever had in my life. If i could have just shared one great moment at LOVE park it would have been awsome. It was like somebody died to guys like Steve Williams when this place closed and we can bring LOVE back from the dead. What some people dont understand is that we need skating there. In my town we dont have a skate park or anything. Skating is banned from everywhere in town. we give all are effort to find somewhere to skate in town and love was what gave guys in philly a chance to skate freely. Open the place back open to skateboarding!
Luke Freccero, East Longmeadow, MA [11-02-2004]

i remember we drove hella-far to get there and when we did i was in a f*ing state of shock. its even cooler than it looks on the videos. the best thing that happend that day was, i stuck the fountain gap (didnt land it though) but love park is the s* and i WILL skate it again...FREE LOVE
maxx, cincinnati ohio [10-29-2004]

I visited one of my friends in the air force, who is now stationed in New Jersey. I have been skateboarding for about 9 years now and have always watched Love Park in videos like (eastern exposure) and the workshop vids. I have always dreamed of skating on smooth marble and ledges like those of Love Park. My friend drove me to Philly and I checked out Kerry Getz's shop, his people were cool and told me the good bars on South street. Anyways, I went drinking at Fat Tuesdays and skated Love after. Just skating there, gave me a natural high. It was about 11:30 at night and I skated for about a half an hour, luckily I didnt get arrested and the locals were cool. You guys are lucky to have such a fun spot. We have Miami down here, where there are sick spots, but you got drive to each one, but the spots don't have that much to skate in one small area. In conclusion, Love Park is the only reason why I wanted to go to Philly. City Hall needs to understand what they have there.
pete, west palm beach, florida [10-24-2004]

hey, im a 16 year old kid from NJ and i absolutly love, LOVE park. I'v skated love park a few times. every time it got better and better. the first time i skated there was the last time they had the X-games at city hall, i think it was the year 2001? i dont know, i forget but it was awesome. you cant take LOVE park away from us skaters. taken LOVE away from us is like saying we cant breath oxygen anymore. i might not be an amazing skater, or not have skated the park as many times as others have, but i relize how important it is to everyone. and what john street doesnt relize is that even if he does make it illegal to skate there, people are still gonna skate it no matter what. i just think everything mayor street is doing is rediculous. i hope he comes to his senses and legalizes it. god bless the park!
- Joe G. -, New Jersey, represent. [10-22-2004]

i skated love with my friends and we got busted but we took off. it was chill but i wish i was ther for al ittle longer, the ledges were the sickest part
chris weldon, langhorne PA [10-22-2004]

i lirned to land my first kick flip ang cruck there!1dont shut it down
evan sellers, california san clemente [10-08-2004]

it was Labor Day weekend 1990. i lived in Harrisburg PA. we zipped down the turnpike ending up in center city. cruising around, we rolled down South Street and gawked at all the posers. ended up down at the docks to kick around on some of the benches hitting everything imagineable. the whole time i wondered why there was so much car glass on the streets; would find out later. finally stepped up to Love Park close to dusk. i personally loved the hollow sound as one rolls around the flat. the ledges were perfect height for doing anything up, on or off not to mention bumps off the steel trash cans. popping up on the short outer ledge, i rolled around to the end thinking i would acid drop off. wussed out considering the end height is much taller than me (6' 2"). like any Philly journey, nothing ever goes perfect. some little local kid snatched my friends board and about 6 of us ran him down to retrieve it. those little guys can move! getting back to the car after dark, our vehicle got hit and of the items stolen, my keys for a vehicle still in Harrisburg. upon arriving home, had to pay a locksmith double for the holiday. expensive trip but well worth it. these days i ride hard in and around the greater Central IL region. click [dtown] for a look at our scene. Paul Hadfield, age 31, Decatur IL
Paul Hadfield, Decatur, IL [10-08-2004]

Love park is the best place to skate.
Shaun Carrel, Jersey [10-06-2004]

it the best chill spot and I loved skating it r.i.p
billy p, Chicago il [10-06-2004]

wtf im pissed, i was skatin love and got caught cops came out of no where. they caught like 14 of us. i got a 75 dollar fine and my board taken. o well it was worth it
nate, jersey [10-06-2004]

I was skating at love park one day and kerry getz showed up. he loves my skating and offered me a sponsership on dvs(flow team), i accepted. every week we would come to heaven a.k.a. love park. i am now 13 years old and i am ameture for dvs shoe company and the owner of dvs shoe company mike, has said that i will be in a pro standing in 5 months from now. I need to skate love park. i LOVE that PARK. Everybody reading this, if you ever want to skate with an ameture(pro in 5 months) then look for a kid always wearing dvs shoes, a flip p.j. ladd dorr mouse deck, phantom 2 and a venture truck, and i will allways have popwar wheels. look for me and lets skate. PEACE~*~*~Aaron
Aaron Palmer(ameture for dvs), Haddonfield, New Jersey [10-01-2004]

I once skated at love park cuz my boyfriend Philip told me to. He said it was this mad crazy sk8 park and it was alright. i hope to go there again with my boyfriend. LOVE PARK RULES!
Taylor Peters [09-29-2004]

I will always remember my first time at love i was probably 16 me and my friends drove 2 hours got out and looked at LOVE and almost pissed our pants. We skated for like an hour then got chased out then about 2 hours later came back it was night by then and we were skating for about half hour then heard 5-0! but we were so stuck on skating there. Well the cops drove up the steps pulled us over called our parents gave us fines and almost took our boards. it was worth every second BRING IT BACK!
Cody, York, pa [09-29-2004]

i love sk8ing LOVE park it is the best place ever to sk8 me and my friend riCKy mac. go there allmost every weekend to try to sk8 it sometimes we do and sometimes we dont. i dont know what the big deal is about sk8ing it last time we went there i kickfliped the 3 set and out of nowhere there waz a cop i waz going to run but he grabed my board befor i had a chance to but he waz kool he let me go with a warning after i came up with a bull sh*t sorty . but i know love will be free when there is a new mayor bc who els is dumb enough to pass up a mil. dollors to let us sk8 there from 3 to 5 on week days and all we want on weekends that is a deal and a half
steve-o g, westville n.j [09-29-2004]

LOVE park created a community where no matter how good or how bad you were, you were welcomed. 30-year-olds would be giving tips to 14-year-olds and everyone pretty much respected each other. I taught myself how to skate there, and even though i was some lackluster girl nobody ever gave me a hard time. it was (cheesy statement coming up) really about love. there. i said it.
Ashley Sue, north philly. [09-29-2004]

Yo man I am only 13 and I only skated LOVE twice and you know what those two timez were like heaven to me. I was just blown away how LOVE is set up the stairs the gaps everything and you know what I want to skate there again and again and all I got to say is Mayor Street should shut the F*** up and let us skate cause all I know is I am tryin to have my children there at least once cause the love is like my dream skate spot! And yo all you others out there help out and sign the petition and FREE LOVE!
Mike K, Philly,Pa [09-29-2004]

i skated love back in the 80's it was great the love sign had a solid stand we could do wall rides on it was great. i guess mayor strret would rather see all the homeless there rather than skaters!
john bubas, philly [09-20-2004]

So dad says, 'your cousine is getting married to a girl in Philly. Wanna go?' Need I say more? Bloody long flight, and all the while thinking, 'skateboarding, illegal. Only in America!' On hearing the news that I might have the chance to make a pilgrimage to this mecca of skateboarding, I was straight on the internet to determine the legalities of skateboarding in LOVE. I was fishing out maps to find the place. Obviously it's not actually called LOVE Park so no luck on the map front. It became obvious that I was just going to have to find the place by exploring. Thanks to the outgoing friendliness of you yanks, this was made all the more easy. Sat on the train with my face pressed against the window. The skyscrapers marking the center of philly loomed over the dank misty skyline. I love cities. Probably because I have lived in the countryside my whole life. So you see the chance to visit LOVE, which to me is a mystical place full of history and frequented by such dope street ledgends, I could not let pass. Pulling in to East 15th Street station, (which I had been informed was about as central as you can get.) I got off the train and climbed the spiral stairs. The very stairs that Koston nose slid in his yeah right part, I believe. Straight away, boom, dilworth plaza or whatever it's called. So I purchased one of your so called hoagies (prime) and sat in the rain on the steps. I'm sure that to the police officer I approached to politely inquire as to the whereabouts of LOVE whilst clutching my board, I must have looked like a prime suspect. So many great landmarks on the way. And there it was in the distance, that famous piece of art. I skated across the road and up to the top of the steps and just stood. Bloody hell. I read about some people that met animal chin whilst on their travels. This is how they must have felt. It was too wet to skate but I still managed to spend about an hour just rolling around in utter disbelief. I was looking at the world famous ledges and steps, and thinking back to various video parts running over what had been done in my mind. The time I spent just sitting nearly brought a tear to my eye. Looking at dead plants in dead looking badly maintained plant pots that were hiding the true beauty of a place that was once full of life, but is now dead. I felt anger at the public for just strolling onto what is now a memorial for fun and good times. Their laughter and fun disrespectful. I have only been once, but as part of the world wide skating community I feel a responsibility towards casting off its shackles and making LOVE a free space once more. Sentimental but from the heart. Cheers, Jake P.S A big 'howyoudoin' to everyone at the Grogg in Bryn Marr. I'm only twenty! HAHAHA
Jake Sweet, Cambridge, England [09-19-2004]

Hi everyone. My english isnt very good, but ill talk. My uncle lives in usa, in a flat close to love park. last time i went was in 2001. that was the best experience that i have had ever. i had good luck because i brought my skate, but i didnt know that i was going to see the skate meca, and that my uncle lived next to it. i made a lot of good tricks there, there are perfect gaps and ledges! it looks like that have made for skate... when i received the notice of love park closed, i cried, really. i thought thath skateboard wouldnt be the same without love park, and i was thinking the truth. in love park a lot of kids grew from the ground up in skate, A LOT. now, they cant make it so easily, cause in love park everyone gets help from better skater when they want, and now thats hard. so, the only thing i can do is say: FREE LOVE PARK!
FrAnCrAzY, Spain [09-19-2004]

Why is this happening? I think bacon has more power over street when it comes to LOVE. Mayor, if you ever read this, you an idiot, and i cant wait for you to fall out of office on your ass. We should devise a big plan for everybody from philly, as well as all around the US. to go to LOVE, and skate. there cant possibly be that many cops there to overpower us. Love park will be free, i no for a fact.
Matt, Derby, CT [09-19-2004]

Yo, wassup. I skated Love back when i wuz i was young'n. I would see stevie williams and his boys all the time. Ive been to Frisco, Brooklyn Banks and that stuff but Love was the best. Backside flips over garbage cans was what really sticks out in my mind. Shout out to my faves Kalis, Getz and Stevie and keep on fighting for the freedom of Love Park 'cause i know im gonna.
teagan armitage [09-19-2004]

I skated love park.My family and i went to philly it was the greatest time of my life.OK it lasted for 30 minutes or so but i met j wray and got his autogragh on my board.But we both were kicked out.FREE LOVE.
Michael Marshall, Valley Springs,California [09-19-2004]

In our continuing pursuit to advance the cause of skateboarding, we are providing free skateboard equipment and instructions to inner-city children. We believe that if more children learn abdout and participate in this sport, th sport will grow even bigger among all kids. When John Street is out of office.....gosh we all can't wait, skateboarding at LOVE PARK will be on once again. We are preparing the city's kids to be in a position to fully experience the pleasure and rewards of being able to skate in one of the worlds greatest skate spots. So just hold on to your boards people....practice often and learn more because we will skate LOVE PARK again, and this time the city's kids will be present in full force.
steven lassiter, phila, pa. 19135 [09-19-2004]

I have been skateboarding at love park i went a year ago and my board was takin away and i was fined. The thing is is that Phili's government don't want it skated at DC shoes offered one million dollars just to open it for skateboarders to be allowed to skate there thats why i ask for the people who live there and really want to skate there to vote MAYOR STREET out of office love park needs to be freed thanks
Anthony Lewis, Greensboro,GA [09-19-2004]

I live in easton, pa, but i go to college in phoenixville pa right outside of philly. ive been skating for maybe 3 years, not too long but im a fast learner. But i skated love a couple times. the first time i went there it was more exciting than Christmas when your 8. The ledges and the stairs, so perfectly set up, were just mind blowing, you dont find anything like that anywhere else. My first smith was done on one of the ledges. kickflip crooks are just such a perfect trick for the entire place. ya know, kids get together, out in public, they come from different backgrounds but they all share the same passion, its the cleanest place ever, no worries about getting into trouble, and then the mayor goes and shuts it down. now these kids have no where to go, sure, there's other parks, but none can compare Love. just the safety of the environment is enough that Street should look down on it and think to himself, "God bless this city." There's something wrong with a man who would not think that when he sees Love Park and the influence it is having on the city. FREE THE LOVE
Dave Mortensen, Easton Pennsylvania [09-19-2004]

godd*mn they just ripped the best skate spot of the world but they can't let us stop skating ni philly so bring LOVE park back it was like LOVE 4 me and the skaters now it's broken .
willy murphy, orange county [08-31-2004]

me and my friends rented a van and went all the wy to philly to get kick out the f*** out for putting our boards down on the growned so i thought it was a total wast of time and i think love park needs to be skatible again,who puttes 1 millon dollars down,loseres i would have takin the money and let people skate love.............FREE LOVE
dillon, sharpsburg,maryland [08-30-2004]

Ok heres my story, I live in Schenectady New York and this past weekend I traveled to Philly to visit my brother. On the last day of my visit with him "Yesterday" we went to LOVE park. As soon as I saw it I was amazed because I didnt believe I was going to skate there. As I was walking towards the love this skateboarder came up to me and was like dont go over there for a little while these kids just got there boards taken away from the cops, so I just hung out around the stair sets across the street. Then these other skateboarders came up to me and were like are the cops gone yet and I said there all standing around that van, about 10 maybe more cops were just standing around. So I was like whatever Im going over there. I skated around for like at least an hour or two with this kid Brian I met. The cops didnt even see us because we were blocked by the little walls. So it was around 1:15 I had to catch a bus home to New York in 15 minutes so I had to leave. That day skating LOVE park was the most amazing experiance. That place is made for skateboarding and it should be open to skateboarders forever, Obviously the ban of skateboarding at LOVE park is not working because dozens and dozens of skate boarders go there every day. F**CK the bacon..... LO VE FREE LOVE FOREVER
Ben, New York [08-25-2004]

Love Park is a dreamland. Stairs,ledges,gaps,trash cans, and marble benches. I live in the center of america and have always wanted to go to love. Now that Mayor Street is being a D##K. Kerry Getz and Bam Margera grew up there and it is a major part of skate history and F#!2ing Mayor Street F#$%ed it all up. Any person who would ruin thousands of kids dreams has a sick mind(Sick Mind A.K.A Mayor Street). Take that, Mayor. What are you gonna do next skate-stop F.D.R Dumb-A#S?
davis mattek, salina,kansas [08-25-2004]

I have been everywhere in the world and brought my skaty everywhere i go. About 1999 i went to philly i was with my cousin jack who recently switch flipped 12 stairs. He said it has never been a dream for him to skate here but it was for me. At that time i could only you know do kickies, heelies, switch kickies heelies only do 8 stair handrails i admit i was s*. But it was the best time the ledges were my favourite part and Jack (cousin) did a kickie crook on the ledge 180 out i got that on film. He then 180 kickied into the fountain. It was so s*ty filming though. He said it was s* and 180 kickie and i was like i only 180 it and landed a kickie once (What was really s* because i landed it rolled on for a couple of secs the jumped off we got that to) Just befor we left guess what jack tries switch ollie down it gets to the end snap crack. He snapped his deck and his leg. He was like "UHHHHHH, that sucked man". He was trying to stand up and i said "s*, we need to get u to the hospital" He picks up the snapped deck and throughs it away. And laughing he said "f*, now i gotta do that al over again" We went back home. I can't be stuffed talking about all the s* what happended at the hospital so yeah. Jack couldn't skate for the rest of the yeah so i had to skate with my friends who can only do 4 stair handrails and who have only switch 6 s* no affence. But a few years later Jack has built his way up to the top and he switched 12 stairs and oliied 20 stairs he isn't sponsored and you know why cause everytime i ask him why don't you get sponsored he says "Felix i am to s* maybe when i am better.
Felix A [08-21-2004]

No particular story in mind, however shutting down love park to skaters is like shutting down new york to tourists... People travel far and wide just to skate love, and there is just to much love for the park, for the sport and for the friends that all skate there together to shut it down...
Marko, New York City... [08-21-2004]

I signed this petition a long time ago. I wrote a huge sshpeel about philly and love. Well, i havent been to philly in almost three years. if love was still around, maybe philadelphia would appreciate the money i would spend in bars, restaurants and everything else. But they aint gettin sh*t from me until love is back. How do you refuse 1m $'s from DCShoes. Losers. Vote for the guy who is down with LOVE skateboarding. Getz for philly mayor! ha
Eamonn Bourke, Washington DC [08-21-2004]

i came to love park from st. louis .. its the best spot ever.. FREE LOVE
cory [08-21-2004]

in 2001 i went to philly to meet ma aunt an uncle.They brought to love because i skated an they knew i would love it.wen i got there it was like paradise...there was sooo many skateable spots that were awsome i stayed there watching pros like ma man getz an soo many others rip it up....i took pictures an allthat....when i came the next day i could only stay for like 30 minutes cuz cops came in an started arresting people i was chased by a cop an got away....i came bck this year to see it an iknew it was still cought up in all that stuff an had been changed...soo i couldnt walk by it with a skateboard in ma hand because of that ....then i come back home an find out dc offers them 1 million for it to be open again an the mayor turns it down...i jus think is he a mayor or a tyrant to do that he dont care if its right or wrong he jus hates skaters a fellow skater i say hes just tooo stupid to realize wat he past up...
sam goulas, Carencro Louisiana [08-21-2004]

i was planning to take a trip to go to love park when i turned sixteen. Then those stupid son of a b*'s banned it. i think the offering was a great offer. Who could turn down an offer like that. LOVE PARK SHOULD BE FREE FOR EVERYONE.
michael conley, akron,ohio [08-21-2004]

when was on a holiday to philly,i've been skating in the love was a amazing experience.i was fuc**** mad when the closed the love park.FREE LOVE!
ruud, holland [08-21-2004]

When i got outta my friends car and skated over to LOVE park it was the best feeling ever on a skateboard. There were a lot of kids just skating and biking around, not hasseling eachother at all. Me and my other 2 friends only got to skate for about 30 minutes but it was prolly the best 30 minutes of skating that i ever had. We even saw local pros like Kevin Taylor killin it and Jimmy Gorecki was there too. This all happened in mid april of '04 and me and my 2 friends r goin bak in august to skate that beutiful city.and John Street: stop being such a f****** bitch and let us have the park. ur dumb for not taking the 1million that was offered.idiot. neway, to all u locals keep fighting. - Tom
Tom, Amherst, MA [08-21-2004]

I used to live just outside of LOVE and would pass by a lot to go to the hospitol and such. I had seen some of these skaters on a tv show i saw and made me want to skate...i believe it was Kerry Getz doin a 50-50 kickflip out... this made me want to skate...then one day on the way to the hospital... i saw this skater that i recognized from a was Kerry.....i nearly s* my pants and wanted to skate there soo badly....but sadly i moved before i could
Colin A., cary, nc [08-21-2004]

love is awsome i remember when i saw kery getz there i was coming home with my mom and sister i saw kery and i was like aw.... kool i have ur board 2002 edition the love board hat said getz. that was one of the koolest things ever in my life. noweverytime i go to love,city hall,or nocturnal i always hope to see him . love is awsome f* mayor street.
jack, philly,pa u.s.a [08-07-2004]

I'm a Philly resident but not a skater. However, I think Philadelphia needs any good press it can get when it comes to attracting youth. I was looking through your guestbook and it looks like there are a lot of people from all over the world who have or want to skate Love Park. Y'know what would be a great way to get some valuable attention for Love Park as a place to skate? Set a date and get all your friends from all over the world to converge on Love Park for an impromptu event... like one of those flash mobs that were so hot a few months ago. With thousands of skaters from around the globe, the cops would look pretty stupid trying to make arrests and you could probably even get the national press to cover the event. Mayor Street wouldn't dare to interrupt a global youth gathering across the street from his office. Has anyone ever tried organizing this before?
Kyle Gradinger, Philadelphia, PA [08-07-2004]

I have not skated LOVE park, not yet at least. In fact the summer i wanted to go was when they decided to ruin it for us skaters. I think it is mandatory for LOVE to be skatable, i mean the damages said to be given to LOVE park each year by skateboarding was supposedly $60 thousand right? Well $100 thousand for ten years would be more than enough to repair LOVE. Not to mention LOVE being completely skateable will also bring a huge amount of skater tourists who want to skate one of the, if not THE, best skate spot in skating's history. I also highly appreciate what DC is trying to do for skateboarding, not only do they start building "skate plazas" but theyre trying to give back to skateboarding by investing money to make LOVE skateable again. In both of those things put together DC is putting millions of dollars out for skaters everywhere. I just hope they keep trying and that all of the people in philly who don't realize it already realize just how important skating just may be to the city of philadelphia. As soon as LOVE is skateable again, I'll arrive in minutes with my board in hand and ready to skate my best. FREE LOVE PARK NOW!
bill yates, jersey [08-07-2004]

ayo whats up, i just wanna give a shout out ta stevie ma main man he gonna hook me up wit DGK thanks for that. Back in the day i use to skate wit rasoul, Matt Reason, and Ricky Oyola nollie flippin the tres and #### i use to do all the #### i tryed to the fountain gap a few times but coulda stick the ladnin, i tre fliped over the cans a lot it was tight i never got caught before at love but i been chased through the streets inchs away from hittin cars but not once got caught half of the reason is bc my buddy lance armstrong i got strong arms so i gotta hit a copper once in a while iight well i miss love and i'm peacin out FREE LOVE PARK!Boooo Johnny Street
greg hetherington, glenside,pa [08-07-2004]

well im 21 years old i live like 4 blocks from love and every day i would skate love until the cops came. now that i cant skate all i do is sleep and skate in little philly parks. also if me and my friends are hangin we might drive down to new york but if love dont come back quick im gonna die
BEAU FEGER, philly [08-07-2004]

Tell me if im wrong or not, but i read about LOVE about 2 weeks ago, and according to what i read, LOVE PARK IS FREE! something about how the mayor put in these purple kickers at Love, and it just came to the advantage of making a skaters time at Love more enjoyable. There was a big rally outside of the city hall, which lasted about and hour or two, and the mayor finally gave up, and then all the skaters went back to Love and skated without any worries, and how they skated at city hall in respect for the mayor..i think this is all 100% true, but tell me if im wrong please, b/c i wanna go back really soon. thanks...
Matt Minolaio, Derby, CT [08-07-2004] Webmaster says, Were it so! Not true.

Ive been skating most of my life, and a good amount of that time was spent at LOVE. It was literally heaven on earth for skaters. I dont know why they would close it, my parents loved it when i spent time there, they knew it was good enviroment for anyone. it was a win-win situation people loved to watch the skaters, and we loved to skate it. Its very sad for me to think that my kids will never get to skate such an awsome spot, so lets free love so the next generation can skate it!
Frankie, West Chester PA [08-07-2004]

i skated @love park and it rocked...i got a ticket everyonce in a while..but i don't see how it's fair that hey don't take away baseball fields or soccor fields. We are just a bunch of people haveing fun and every time i went 2 love park all the guys that were skateing were so cool and so respective 2 me b/c i was a girl, but the cops don't care and neither does the guys in their rich offices sitting in the town hall, eating doughnuts, i hope 1 day people regret their actions and take the time 2 c deep down into us and not just judge us b/c we skate
skaterchic [08-07-2004]

first off i just want to say that love park will always be in my memories. it used to be like very weekend me and a couple of friends would all drive up to philly to skate and for some reason we would always end up at city hall. we just spent like the whole day there sometimes, and sometimes the f* cops came and kicked our asses out like a sack of potatoes. these people that are trying to shut down love park ore real idiots. the hearts and dreams of so many kids lies in the cement and marble benches next to city hall. its not a big deal to some people but to to others its like ripping their heart out and stomping on it. just some one read this and realize that love is where a brotherhood could startand people can be who they really are and go forward. jay nixon
jay nixon, sykesville maryland [08-07-2004]

skating love was the best time of my life, driving from ct was hell worth the trouble to skate love. i would kill to skate the best skate spot in the world agein. FREE LOVE NOW
mike tash, westport ct [08-07-2004]

We drove over 2 and a halv hours 2 get 2 LOVE. and as soon as i walk up the stairs by the fountain i saw a 'Skateboarding Permited fine 300". I was like wat the heck no skatin. what has philly come to if they let us skaters in there we could tear that place up again. i still wanted to bust out a trick or two but before i could even get on my board i looked ova my shoulder and a cop was there. i sick of not bein able to skate at LOVE. do philly a favor and us skaters skate at LOVE. "Free LOVE Park"
Josh, york,PA [08-07-2004]

The first time I skated at Love Park The cops where there so I had to leave (without a ticket luckily). The second time I went there I got to skate as long as I wanted to without the fuzz getting on to us. It is a really cool place to skate, and it really pisses me off that they put a ban on it.
Alex Miller, Anna, Tx [08-07-2004]

i skated at love one night with 4 other guys on ecx action sports team and i could not believe that so much stuff has been thrown down on each ledge i was looking at and the fountain gap had been hit as hard as it did. i think the city of philadelphia looks like a bunch of old losers for not letting skaters pay to skate their and pay to fix it. i mean the skaters actually kept trouble out of love now all their will be is bums and potheads hanging around it and no more kids skating in the middle of the city. if you ask me that makes the city of philadelphia look like a safe city with kids in the middle of the city by themselves. but i guess we gotta move on i will say that love is the best place i ever skated at. r. i. p. l o v e
RYAN BENNINGFIELD, wilmington de usa [08-07-2004]

I Traveled about 6 hours just to skate at the love. it was one of the most incredible things ive ever skated in my life thats were i saw my first live pro skater Andrew Reynolds he f/s flipped the fountain stair gap like it waz nothing. too bad ill never get to skate it again because of the government.
Lamar Victor, Walden NY, USA [08-07-2004]

i pretty much grew up at love park.
jesse, philadelphia [08-07-2004]

I used to skate LOVE PARK and City Hall and Logan Square, Penns Landing and the banks at 5th and market back in 1986-1989.....also skated the clothespin..BACK THEN was the beginning of the most instrumental timeframe in skateboarding....IMO...railing slides ollies to all types of grinds and / kickflips etc. ... PEACE..2 all in FILL_E,,,,currently retired from skateboarding.
RP, collingswood, NJ [08-07-2004]

well i am only 12 years old and i was with my mom at love park because it was my birthday and i wanted to skate there like i always did. I started skating and ollied the three stair which was cool to me at that time. So my friend Josh was about to try and kickflip the 3 stair. Then he got grabbed by this policeman with a yellow jacket and he said no doing that or something i couldnt hear but then he took my friends board. Josh was all mad so i just took out my second from my backpack and gae it to him. Aparentlly the cop had still been watching so he came over and took that. But that pissed my mom off so she went over and started arguing with him and he kept saying ma'am its my job i was like come on but the thing is i wasted traveling 1 hour and 30 minutes to get there only to do one trick and my friend didn't get anything so the whole ride back we didn't talk cause we were so mad. The thing is i think mayor john street or whoever is dumb because its not often you get paid a million dollars i mean i would have took and then still not open up the park if i was him SO FREE THE FREAKIN LOVE MAN
annoynomus, Like Philly [08-07-2004]

I am disappointed that the city leaders do not see what an opportunity LOVE Park is to cross the generational boundaries and stereotypes and let all ages blend in their enjoyment of the this built environment. Take the problem to the University of PA Department of Landscape Architecture and challenge them to create an environment where all the different activities can coexist. Good landscape architecture design should be able to make a space for all to enjoy this public gem. Up here in the sticks we are designing a small municipal park (.6 acre) with a garden, a tot lot, a basketball court, a skate park and a fitness area with an overlay for winter ice-skating. Certainly the great city of Philadelphia, city of brotherhood, etc etc can do better than issue tickets to their residents of whom they don't approve for simply enjoying a public park. Hey Philadelphia - take the check, exercise a little vision and utilize your intellectual resources. Cultivate the teenagers of today in their positive endeavors and they may even take care of you when you are old and gray.
anonymous, Upstate New York [08-07-2004]

I went to pphiladelphia on a holiday. I brought my skateboard from Australia because i heard there was good skate parks and read on a skate mag about a park called Love Park. I went there and it was awsome, i swear i got my first swith crook on the ledge. I didn't stay there for long maybe 15 mins but it was the best place i ever skated.
Daniel Jalowicki, Australia, Melbourne [08-07-2004]

i sk8ed love 1 time but it was a great experience for me!i want to skate love again some day, because its just a great place! FREE LOVE! nate b. age 8 23 berwin qt.
nate b. [08-07-2004]

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