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Hello, I've been at LOVE PARK in 1998 with a friend. We've been skating a lot between LOVE and City Hall. We came in Philly because we were such real Dan Wolf Video's fan(eastern exposure). But it was even better than we thought. The spot were crazy, the locals(Corcoran,Gorecki,...) was very friendly and awesome skaters. For ending, I will say that Love Park and Philly is still my best skate souvenir and if you get it back and I'm sure you will, I will come back for sure.PEACE!
Etienne, Marseille, France [02-25-2004]

skating love is crazy.there so much s* to hurt yourself on, ya get to run from the cops, and you can land the sickest s*, its just nutz.Best place to skate PERIOD. Rest In Peace Love.......i'm still gon skate it tho
Josh Flores, New Jerz [02-25-2004]

I was there and skated on February 23 2004 was issued a ticket for $300 fine i think it is bulls* Sincerely Mark Laney JR
Mark Laney, Maine [02-25-2004]

I skate there about 15 years ago when I was staying in Philly for a week. Had so much fun skating all over the city. Open it again to skating.
Alan [02-20-2004]

I started skateboarding about 4 years ago, and around where i live, there isnt very much to skate. When me and my friends went to philly for a week, we skated love park, and im sure that we all enjoyed it. On our second day there, we got hassled by cops. (and got kicked out for the rest of the week). What were we to do? we came all the way from rochester, New york just to have a good time and skate the spots that professionals skate. We werent spray painting the curbs or anything. I just wish that people could pick their own battles instead of hassling teenagers who are just trying to express themselves. My buddy ( i wont mention his name) quit skateboarding because wherever we went we would get hassled by cops. soon enough, all of the spots that we skated were on high security, and the only place we could skate was on our stone-gravel driveway. I think that skateboarding is a great way of self expression. If everybody closes down spots, most of the youth of today would find other means to express themselves (graffiti,vandalism,crime,etc.) What im trying to say is FREE LOVE PARK!
Andy Wood, Rochester, NY [02-20-2004]

i skate there every week! free love park!
Connor McGrath, Connecticut [02-20-2004]

hi, i'm finn casey-knight. i ride for dc shoe co u.k and herion boards.Any way i have skated love 13 times and every single time it was rad .I'm 15 and when i was 11 i had learnt switch flips over it. SAVE LOVE PARK IT'S f*ING RAD PEACE OUT TO CHRIS COLE MARK APPLE YARD AND ALL THE OTHER SICK SKATERS
Finn casey-knight, England [02-20-2004]

i Skated Love for a little bit but my truck broke so i was f*ed the rest of that day but it was so perfect FREE LOVE PARK!
Adam, Langhorne [02-18-2004]

I've only skated love park once and I enjoyed it more then anything. FREE LOVE PARK is def in order. See friends were constantly being taken advantage of becasue we are not united. If people between the ages of 18-30 voted more there would be a huge change in legislation twards skateboarding and othering things. Get involved with you comunity. Make a positive contribution and that will show adults that we are people too and that skateboarding is REAL! Peace my skater brothers
Charlie, Elwood, NJ [02-18-2004]

I do have to agree with the true philly residents who know whats they're talkin about. Theres way too many kids talkin s* like they know love like they own it. Keep it to a minimum guys,and to the philly kids who skate love for real, keep it goin guys, your the backbone of this whole thing. Peace
pat, ny [02-18-2004]

i never thought i'd say this, but i'm getting a little sick of this whole thing. it's gotten too big. out of hand. it's so huge that it's not even about us skateboarders anymore. too many 'heroes' looking for notoriety have jumped on our bandwagon claiming that "bla bla bla they've skated love park and 'DUDE' it should be FREED" everyone has their stories, i'm sure. i have mine. you have yours. i don't think we need to shout them from a mountain top. i went to the "S.A.N" meetings and was partly respinsible for those terrible "free love park SAN" stickers... i did the time. i went to the redundant rallies. i sat there idlelly while annoying youth group members screamed "free love park!" into my ear while to this day i'm convinced they had no clue what they were actually saying. it's sad. you've always been able to find me at fdr. sweeping off sean miller's ramp. never bothered with love much. but i helped my friends because they cared. and now i'm not so convinced they care anymore. who knows.
Gina, philly. [02-15-2004]

i have skated love park on numerous occasions. skating love was an amazing opportunity, kids from across the county got together to enjoy a good day of skating at an amazing place. taking love away is really rediculous, kids havent sued, or shot heroin there, they just got together and enjoyed their youth. love has been a spring board for many current pros, it was a place where you could go and not be hasseled by security. i have been to places where kids start fights for no apparent reason, not once has a kid bad mouthed me at love, everyone is to busy enjoying them selves and worrieng about the next thing their gonna skate. skateboarding is life to many skaters, going out with friends and dropping hammers is a wonderful way to enjoy you're youth. ps: taking away love from skaters, is like taking away freedom from americans.
glen brians., new jersey [02-15-2004]

loves park is guy it sucks.
Rachel, bell kentucky [02-14-2004]

i stopped by LOVE park with my friends jake, mish, curtis, n mike. so there all skatin and im just lookin around for pros n s*. actually i was lookin for BW. but he wasnt there. anyway we just got done eating wendys. well we rode up to the love 4. (the fountain set). my friend jake kickflipped it 3rd shot. so i went up first shot i switch double front flip cartwheeled it
rob fish [02-14-2004]

i ve only sk8ted Love once on vacation but it was wicked sick. Free LOVE so i can go back (i will anyway)
mikey, charlotte,NC [02-12-2004]

no wonder people hate skaters, theyre becoming nothing but a bunch of posers and super thugs.. and now we've got chris cole impersonators making comments... this is getting out of hand.. no idiots should be allowd to reply on this site, its making the rest of us look so horrible.. skaters would be better off keeping their comments down to 2 words or less, else anymore and theyll make fools of themselves and hurt this initiative..
john vohn, philly [02-12-2004]

I used to skate Love often. I remember stevie williams (lil' stevie at the time) hitting kids over the head with his skateboard so he could steal theirs...I liked the rat curbs better to be honest with you, not as much there, but not as crowded.
Brian F., Philly [02-11-2004]

i skate Love every day
MArk richards, atco nj [02-09-2004]

man I used to skate Love Park like every week, but I can't anymore cause of those f* cops. Man but it's the most awesome thing skatin' Love. The best time I've every had at Love was in the summer 2001 in me and Geoff Rowley sessioned together. Geoff is f* good, Geoff is the man! FREE LOVE PARK!
Jay Capps, Philly [02-09-2004]

we skate LOVE park and we aint gonna stop
nick, rfreert [02-08-2004]

yo heres the story there was like 50 cops on bikes coming after me and my friend so we started bouncin i went towards the philly 4 and my friend got stuck on a rock and got caught. the water hadnt been drained yet but that didnt stop me i still switch tre flipped that b!tch n i dint even get wet thats when i saw brian wenning n said your the sickest ever n then i went home and had bagel bites
frankyG [02-08-2004]

yo me and my buddies used to take the bus form our little towns acrossed the river and travel to love almost every weekend during the summer or tryed too eventually the bus toll would eat away at our wallets but we didnt care love park is worth then the damn cops started kickin us out we had to run or theyd take our boards but we still went love is a symbol to us skaters. banning love was like taking skateboards right out from under us. FREE LOVE PARK
pat zuzulock, national park new jersey [02-08-2004]

hey, im chris cole, some of you might know me, i ride for Zero Skateboards, Circa shoes and in the Dying to Live Video and Transworld - In Bloom - video. I have skated love numerous times in my skating life. When i first went there i was soo stoked on the place. It was the sickest ever. Love is what helped me get me to where i am today. If u want to know all the tricks ive done over it here they are - I ollied it when i was 15 1/2. When i was 16 i fs 180ed it. At 17 i kickflipped it and bs 180ed it. when i was 20 i switch fs flipped it, bs flipped it and almost 3flipped it all in the same day.the bs flip and sw fs flip were in my parts of in bloom. i bs flipped it 6th try. I would like to mention that the only reason love is popular to the world is becuase of skateboarding and they took it away from us. FREE LOVE!
Chris Cole, pennyslvania [02-07-2004]

Ive skated love many times but im afraid to enete rpa now because i got a ticket a long time ago thus making me a wanted felon for skateboard so when u get a ticket pay it asap or youl end up like me
Will, bridgeton nj [02-07-2004]

hey i only gto to skate love for a bout 30 second but it was great. i just went up pulled a sloppy ass 50-50 n for a kool effect of my video i pulled a kickflip infront of the sign. talk 45 seconds n i was runnin from sum pigs. free love dudes n go
Dylan, Breezy point, nyc [02-07-2004]

Who the f* are all these posers? Everyone on this site is just braggin about all the s* they did at love. "Yea, I only got to try to laser flip the fountain gap once, until the cops kicked me out. FREE LOVE!" and s* like that. "I was filmin for my video and chillin with my bull Josh Kalis and s*, and the f* cops came. FREE LOVE!" Honestly, I grew up skatin love every single day (I'm 21 now, I started skating Love when I was 12), and the only people who I ever saw do anything down the Love gap was Brian Wenning and some other random n*, who got broke tryin to kickflip it. You f*s try to make yourselves sound like you're pro or somethin. I bet half you n*s never even seen Love Park in your life, except for in videos. But for those of you who do skate Love (and I know who you are), dont worry. In time, I'm sure someone will make it legal, cuz there's a f* mob of us there every day, no exceptions. They're gonna realize, they can't stop us. Love Park belongs to us.
Jahmal Willis, Philadelphia, PA [02-07-2004]

i skated love park 3 times and the 3rd time i skated thier i was trying to ollie the love gap and i was sticking it so ment times ......then wen i went back to get speed for it a whole bunch of cops started comeing from every wear so i jus said f* it and started goin and went up and ollied it and right after i lander and cop started chasing me right out of the foutian
ry dog, northend (longbranch),nj [02-02-2004]

i skated love park in is love park,free love park,free love park.yehhhhhhhhhhhh chris cole is the man
james furniss, london,England [02-02-2004]

i have been to LOVE twice, and each time i went there there were at least 3 pros there. there were maybe 50 other skaters there all sessioning the ledges and stairs, and it was just a great experience. some dude even gave me a free board for no reason. the ledges are perfect, thepeople are awesome. FREE LOVE
Alex, Maplewood, NJ [02-02-2004]

let the damn kids skate and have another donut!
andrew, philly [01-29-2004]

I skated love like 7 times, ledges were perfect, stairs were good, fountain gap was sick, (i kan say that again) that fountain gap is sick, please free love park, vitek (this kid on S.I.F friggen bs 180d the fountatin FIRST try, then vit bs heeled the damn thing..... just free it ok? oK? k kool laters
robby, Boca, florida [01-29-2004]

it was about a month ago i was there with 3 of my friends and my friend ricky mcdonald ollied the love gap,that was the sicess thing. besides when chris cole switch frontside fliped it.
rob ewing, national park nj [01-29-2004]

I traveled from england lookin to sk8 love park which seemed to be the perfect place for sk8in which it would of been if the police didnt show up. In england wen we get kiked out by the police we go bak l8er n if they come bak they would never arrest us they jus giv us a warning, I think its so harsh sk8ers cant sk8 there n e more, I got arrested just 4 sk8in which is wat i love to do and i dont think its fair, after all a footballer wouldnt get aressted for playin on the grass. I was having the best sk8 of my life theres no where like that in england and it had to b spoilet by the police please let sk8ers sk8 there i learnt so much down the stairs which i could never do in england cos there was no good stairs or ledges.
john, bournemouth england [01-29-2004]

yo everybody if your going to read any of these, read mine!not too long ago, age11 i skated there for the first time. krooked grinding those curve ledges, kickfliping and bs 180ing those 3sets. i even landed my first 360flip there. im a lot better now,age12, but thats not the point. i was going to go back there so i could shoot my sponser me video for lowrides sk8 shop. but now i can't. look,mayor if your reading this. please find the heart to let us sk8 at lovepark. skateboards are not just toys too us. there are way of life. and if you don't agree to let us sk8 there. were still going to sk8 there anyway.
MIKE M, exton,pa [01-28-2004]

Why take our LOVE man it was so nice there laser flipin down the stairs 540 flipin of the legdes man it's the best to skate. But pigs got on my case because two were standing by a legde and I ollied over them oh well aint going to stop me from skating my LOVE.It also brings back my first sponsors.
Matthew DeLaGarza, peoria AZ [01-27-2004]

I skated love about 2 months ago, until my trip was cut short by 2 police cruisers that were parked across the street just waiting and watching. And probably 4 blocks down there was a murder, and a robbery 2 blocks over. But no, we really have to focus our police force on what matters most, stopping skaters from coming together in unity and having wholesome fun together in an open public park. Thats where our real trouble lies. Not murder, not rape, not burglary, but clean fun is the criminal intent. If you look at the whole picture, if there is no where left to skate, what is there that's left to do? Drug deals, alcohol? Skating keeps kids out of the real 'troubles' of life and lets them focus on something that promotes a healthy lifestyle(exercise), and social activities. Public parks should be made for the masses that would get the most use out of them. Skaters probably quadrupple the number of users of that park then the regular folk. Which by the way, a great number of these regular folk stop by to watch skaters anyway. Its a public activity thats keeps kids off the streets. If you kick us out of one spot, we'll just go to another, so why not leave us the spot we have had for many years anyway, a spot that was already known to welcome skaters. It just makes more of a hassle for us, and for the city. Don't disperse the problem and let it wander, quarantine it in designated spots where we can hang out without fear of being chased. Granted a lot of skaters skate the entire city anyway, but if you kick us out of a well populated and incredibly popular skate area, your just going to spread this 'disease' all over town. And now you have 5 times the amounts of complaints from city places because skaters here have to find a new home. So we wander from place to place, evoking threats and police calls and complaints wherever we go. So I'm real sorry for wanting a good place to skate, maybe I'll just stick with the more accepted crime of killing people.
john vohn, philadelphia, pa [01-25-2004]

Send back LOVE man it was like the best place to skate I remember 360 fliping down the stairs laser fliping of the leadges. We want our LOVE back.
Matthew Ransum, Jersey [01-25-2004]

I sk8ed love onece when i was 8. I krooked a ledge and instantly a cop kicked me out.
Ryan Thompson, Doylestown,Pa [01-25-2004]

I skated love park once it was sick.I saw Josh Kalis making this video i think i saw the video it was the photosynethisis skate was and my friend geoff think LOVE should be FREE!
miguel cruz, dallas,texas [01-25-2004]

The first time I went to LOVE, it was like a dream, knowing that so many skaters from the worlds best to the newbies, have either skated there or have wished they could. The rails and benches where perfect, everything was like a little piece of heaven, Skating being the only thing I had going for me at the time made LOVE even more special. everyday I went I found new lines, awsome people and a great way to escape reality I never felt so in peace with myself. I loved LOVE so please, please bring it back
Johnny Knoxville*, Canada [01-25-2004]

I went to LOVE when i was on vacation in philly it was the most awesome place I've ever been to I was there all day i even broke my mother flippin wrist but i didnt care i was there as soon as i was out of the hospital
Frank [01-25-2004]

Man, I always wanted to go to LOVE. I never got a chance to becuase u b* f* told us to f* leave. Now I will never have a chance to go there. Man, just free the d* park so we all could just have fun and skate again.
Andreas R., Manheim PA [01-25-2004]

skating love 3. 4. in the morning in the summer of 97... 40dawg demons 4 life...holla...DREW, MIKE, GEOFFRO
jimmy, philly [01-25-2004]

I whent to love back in 1998 befor the ban and saw all the hundereds of kids out playing in th park some skating others not it was just a nice atmopher but now most mothers are scared to go there let alone let the kids skate there due to all the durgies and bums that are the only real users of the buthchered love park.
anonymous, west chester pa [01-25-2004]

I went to LOVE the othat day but it was all icy. Sux i couldn't sk8 it cuz it looked amazin to sk8. Every sk8r alive would wanna sk8 there. dam. chris the hell did u make the fountain gap? If uve nevr sk8d there get there now or ull die!
Ben, just outta philly [01-25-2004]

man it was the greatest i went to LOVE and i was so close to olling off this curb across the street from the park
Bam guy [01-25-2004]

Yo, i've been to love a few times. My friends skate there. I'm basically the camera guy, but i can skate a lil. LOVE park is one of the greatest places to skate. Sure it may not have a 12 stair rail and a twenty foot vert but it has a lot more than that. It has rails and ledges that are hard to match. It also has a huge following, that is even harder to match. With so many skateboarders i dont know how the park is being shut down. Dont the police realize that that is where they skate. So the ledges get a little waxed and rounded. Maybe there are a few chips. But that happens over time. And that is definately not what is gonna ruin the park. The park is great for tourists even with a few waxed ledges. I think the cops need to take a tissue for every issue and leave the sk8ers alone. Free Love
JC, King of Prussia, PA [01-25-2004]

yo me and my friends skated there and dude its dead now there is nothin to do there but im never gonna stop skating there because it the best place to skate even tho they put all those fake walls up and a fine if u skate there i just have to say one thing mayor street has no love for love park
anonymous, philly [01-25-2004]

skating in LOVE was the best thing ever!
tom, Sweden [01-25-2004]

I skated Love Park on 1/3/04. we skated for 3 1/2 hours before the police rolled up. People were taking pictures with the skaters and having such a blast. When those cops rolled up, not just the skaters left, but the people watching and enjoying their night left. Skaters are the entertainment of LOVE. We deserve to have it back.
Jimmy Foudos, Balitmore, MD [01-25-2004]

The funnest place to skate! It was like a brother hood of skaters! Much Love
skizo, sweetwater TN [01-25-2004]

I have been skating for about 5 years. I can remember from the very first time I saw a skate video, dreaming about going to love park. I have always wanted to try some of the ledges and other stuff it has to offer. I'm not good enough yet to do the fountain gap, so I want it to re-open so I can try it someday. If you have any information on how to re-open it, post it here and I will gladly help. I don't want to give my e-mail to avoid all the crap that gets sent. I want to help. Skateboarding is life!
Ben, Oregon [01-25-2004]

Were i live in Canada it snows 8 out of the 12 months in a year, i never liked indoor parks, they werent as open and free as outdoor parks. One year i traveled up to PA to check out LOVE, its the most amazing place, the sets are amazing, the people are amazing, i loved it. I went back the second time and it was close.... waste of money to travel all that far and to have a bomb like taht droped on me. Sk8ing hasnt been the same for me since, there is no other place id rather sk8 then LOVE. FREE LOVE PARK !
Nick, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada [01-25-2004]

i was in 7th and a few friends went to philly cuz another friend brought me so i figured id bring a few friends and go again. we were there skated for a bit and some ass hole ticketed us my dad got into an arguement with the jerk...nothing big sucked cuz i havent been there since and no its closed...but im hearing its open again so if anyone knows tell me
rob nj [01-25-2004]

It's really a shame see such a useful area just sit there and stagnate. After the business day closes it's just a desolate area aside from a few bums festering around. It's an eye sore to downtown and a slap in the face to the architects that created it. I know last week i took getting handcuffed with a smile, there is a power that embodies skateboarding LOVE than fines can silence.
Steve LaClair, upstate ny [01-25-2004]

Yo was at love Park like 6 or 7 times and when i went down and it was closed man i just went F-in crazy i mean i started beatin the fence with my board man. and then a cop walked by i said what happened an he said we closed love park from all you vandals they are real a-holes.
Gage Jacobs, King of Prussia PA [01-25-2004]

I skated love park once and i loved every minite of it and it was so sick then the police chased me and my cosin out of the park and about a mile more. Every body is so nice to every body else (at least skaters skateborders and bikers are).the bums scare me.
Mike Talecki, Katy TX [01-25-2004]

i skated love &360flipped the stair set i love LOVE i had my best session ever that park got me sponsored
billy, wv [01-25-2004]

LOVE is like nothng i have skated before, it ausome if you ever get a chance skate it
kyle mantle, veneta oregon [01-25-2004]

IT was the bomb dizzel at LOVE I 360spin down thier stairs wont believe this but I really acid droped of the railing of LOVE.
Matthew Garza, peoria AZ [01-25-2004]

me and my friends came to love park a number of times, and a few times we actually got good sessioning with a lot of people there, other times it was completely deserted and only for us, well shortly after one of love's famous security tycoons came up and took our boards, i think that was the last time i went to love before the official ban,, im excited to hear about this free love park situation, i will be coming to philadelphia this weekend to skate love all weeekend, thanks to everyone supporting and FREE LOVE PARK!
corey, long island new york [01-25-2004]

when i went about 3 years ago the only trick i could was a kickflip thin i went there about a mounth ago i got to do a krook grind then we got kicked out by like FBI so we just skated city hall the rest of the day
mike daka, bensalem,pa [01-25-2004]

Me and my friends were skating love for like an hour then these two skaters come up with jeans blacklabel shirts and boards all of the sudden they pull out handcuffs and start arresting peopleeveryone started running the park cleared out in less than a minute it was so crazy. Now we went there to skate the foutain and i dident even get to roll up to it before two pigs start yelling at us.
Chris Mathis, wallingford PA [01-25-2004]

I've taken four trips to Philly in the past three months. My most recent attept was last night in a five minute decision to just up and go. On our way there we managed to go sideways in a New York storm, and crash sideways into a snow bank. I continued on. About a quarter of the way there I got a flat. And all of this...was a cause for a desire to skate LOVE...
Matt Driscoll, Auburn, NY but Philly in April... [01-25-2004]

LOVE park is the worst place i ever skated. Every thing there is all to easy for me. So what im trying to say is if u havent gone there to sk8 and u want to dont couse all it is, is a waste of time.
Mike Ox Big, Anal, GA [01-25-2004]

oh man LOVE was so awesome i hit a bunch of crazy gaps and those stair sets were crazy, man i went back again cause my cousins live there and it wa closed it made me so mad well i just we had something like that here in NC
chris, winston-salem NC [01-04-2004]

The first time i ever skated LOVE was last night 1/4/04. me and a couple of my friends went we were ready to skate it first we went to city hall were i put my new deck together then we went to LOVE my friends kyle was killing it. Me and my friend Dav were skateing the 3 he k/f the B/180 down them first try it was nice. Then i was over were u walk in to LOVE and i was doing a run, i did i k/f then a fackie flip, about that time i a cop came up to me and said "get out or get locked up". i was like w/e get at me. i say FREE LOVE... SKATEBOARDERS ARE LOVE RICK milford de
ricky, milford, de [01-04-2004]

love park is the best place to skateboard so plz dont take it from us plz i live in new york but when i get out of school i am liveing there i been there lik 20 times tho i love it more then lift it self
dennis smith, syrcause ny [01-04-2004]

Ive been skatin love my whole life. Please dont take my dreams and my memories away
Connor McGrath, Connecticut [01-04-2004]

of course it was fun to skate but love was like a home to me just skate to it everyday after meeting at Nocturnal. it became my home, i got to know everyone there like family. if it reopened i would mos def come back from new york to phili. :'(
travis [01-04-2004]

LOVE was the shizzle. RIP mofo!
dee-mac-squeely, tha pharcyde [01-04-2004]

I visit LOVE almost every day and i love to see thes skaters. I think love i for all also skater
Andreas [01-04-2004]

yo i made the trip to love from aus and its the bomb hey i loved it its got so much variaty and soo many different things for skaters in different levels we gottta get it back
Adam, Australia [01-04-2004]

I come to America with family and I see great place to skate. I skate and dumb cop kick me out. I go back and other cop kick me out. I no like to skate in America anymore. FREE LOVE PARK
katie brander, Brazil [01-04-2004]

Listn i skated LOVE 3or 4 times. People come to watch you skate. the mayor loved the x games and then kicked us out right after for skating there. this is bull s*. LOVE, R.I.P the day love comes back ill be back to. rest in peace kenon milton.
jordan [01-04-2004]

i skated LOVE once, once, and i loved it. I went to go back to do the LOVE gap, blow! its closed, talk about a bummer. Well what ever i guess im going to have to be more illegal about it, or they can just reopen it, ya know
Kyle Knoblauch, levittown PA [12-27-2003]

love park for me is one of the best spots for skating i have ever seen in my life, i mean it is awesome it has everything, has gaps, little stairs, long stairs, and the awesome gap from up the stairs to the fountain, i remember when i went there, i was in "shock" because i was in the best place for skating that philadelphia has so i started skating there and it was like being in heaven because everything slides perfectly and also i saw some pro's like kerry getz skating very well.. so dont worry! we will get it back for us!
JFernando, Ecuador [12-27-2003]

well, like 1 year ago I made a trip to philadelphia with my sister, so then one day i went to love park with my skateboard so then i started to skate alone, thats because at that time i used to be very "pouser" but it was very cool, being there was like a dream because i have sawed some videos of people skating in that amazin spot so thats my history and i would do anything for being there again because that has been the best spot i have ever seen in my life
Juan M, ecuador [12-27-2003]

yo i skated LOVE it was sic. thats were i landed my first b/s bluntslide on a hand rail. bring LOVE back
luke foust, Valley of the spudlands [12-27-2003]

iskated love about a year ago and for the amount of time i was there i felt free i was havin a ball chillin and havin a great skate,love is skating and skatingis love so keep at it we'll get the love back,one of my closest friends said if u dont fight they wont back down, love will be ours again one day but we will have 2 wait for that day and if your as dedicated as u think then u will wait i promise keep rollin and peace !GET LOVE BACK!
asa [12-27-2003]

yo check this out me and my friends were there the day josh kalis was filming for his commercial about love park.Its so f* up that we cant skate there dont people realize that we made love park famous i mean if you asked any store if they want us gone i guaruntee they would say no because we give them so much more business than anyone else.and we made philly famous for people to enjoy it.ive never seen anyone at love park besides the guards that cared about us skating .if anything they enjoyed us. regular people look at love as a place to eat there lunch and thats about it but for skaters and bikers and skateboarders its famous because it is in so many skate bike etc. videos and thats wat made it famous.the ledges are already ruined its not like they can fix it now.before the skaters got kicked out it was a safe place to be and kids werent afraid to walk through now there is bums pissing every where and drug dealers who scare the hell out of me.they put those shitty benches and those ugly ass pink planters that have piss stains on them .they are really gross.this is a message to mayor street.if you ever read this i hope you see what a s* job you have done as mayor of the greatest place on instead of the terrible skaters you have bums s* in the grass. way to go u f* idiot.
tom gallagher, prospect park PA [12-27-2003]

skatin love park was da bomb! when i went there with kerry and he did that crazy double flip and we had all the generators and stuff was the best time of my life, then i got stoned and forgot all about it. it was the same time when i was high and picked the hendrix song for my emerica part. and that guy who did the backfip, that wass sooo sick! i saw it on
andrew reylonds, - [12-27-2003]

i skated love park before and it waz the best of all sucks so bad that its illegal to sk8 their.evrybody's just starting to hate skaters! why i ask? why?
kyle, maryland [12-27-2003]

Me and my boy went up like 2 yrs ago on saint patties day during the parade, there wasnt a cop in sight, then it started raining and we had the whole park to ourselves, it was slippery as $hit, but we still killed it. Other than that its always the same old $hit just a different day, skate and run skate and run, but thats just how it is. LIVE TO SKATE X SKATE OR DIE Free LOVE
anonymous, Bucks County PA [12-27-2003]

I remember the first time I ever skated at LOVE Park. It had to have been the grizzeatest time of my life. I was watchin these guys try to ollie the fountain gap so I got amped and tried it. I stuck it 3rd try and finally landed it 8th try. It was the greatest feeling of my life. FREE LOVE FREE LOVE FREE LOVE FREE LOVE
Big Steve the Maxonator, Piney Point... represent! [12-27-2003]

when i skated love with pat dan and paul it was the best time of my liife. the ledges were waxed perfectly and to top it off i saw chris cole ryan gee and kerry getz sjkating. cole ppulled this awesome kickflip off the ledge.. after that the cops came kicked us all out. its wierd the cops that ticket us at willam pen hs said we could skate there at 3, what the f***. FREE LOVE
Phil, Perkasie, Pa [12-14-2003]

i skated LOVE... its like nothing i have ever skated before i mean its like a skatepark.. people wonder why we skate there.. there retrds lol its great theres little ledges big ledges small stairs big stairs big gaps rails everything... SK8 OR DIE
justin [12-14-2003]

I was there not so long ago im there almost everyday but its been snowing so i havnt been up there to much in the last week. Love is one of the best places in the world to skate i cant beleave they are still on this sh|t. Well they took the cop out so now there are only rangers. I was at the sev right accross the street and a park range came over and was all calm and coolie and was like yo if you want to skate it you can after nine thats when we leave. No cops will do anything after nine. Im all up for you guys having something to skate. (Said by a big black man). The black cops are always the coolest i dont know y. But yea said after nine skate it up. So thats the plan. O0o yes when it snows i remember they used to let us skate there if we shuvel. SOOOOO if you in city and you got a shuvel SHUVEL IT THE HELL UP. Thank you. But untill nine theres this new skatepark i checked out not bad at all. A lil slippery but cool all the same. Its called Title 10 Right on deleware ave. There open till 11 so you can skate there till like 8 then head over to love and hit it up. Thats what i do. Well i hope everyone out there is giving donations to all the love boxes in the skateshops lets keep love alive. If you dont know what im talking about go up into Elite, Or Nocturnal or SubZero theyll tell you about it. LO VE
Ed Aleman, Philly Philly [12-14-2003]

Me and my frinds wanted to skate love for the longest time.We live in NJ and had noway 2 get there.One day we went to collingswood NJ for a skate demo.Afterwords we went to a train stationthat took us across the bridge into philly.When we were in Philly we were totally lost.We had to ask rent-a-cops for directions. Sooner or later we finally found it.It was one of our best skate trips.To this day we cant wait to go again.
matt beri, bellmawr,nj [12-14-2003]

Yo i was drinkin and drivin in Phily and i saws outsa corner of me eye a giant gap. So i pulls out my skateboard and busted out one of dose BACKFLIPs. I gotsit on camera so dont worry. And it was 1st try bolts biatch.
Dan Malvasio, a-town, pa [12-14-2003]

i was over there a few days ago when the cops came up to us and tryed to book a few of us we got or sticks took of us. I said to my frined this is one of the most amazing places to skate so may runs they all just link up. i wish he had some where like that to skate we one have 1 skate park in n.ireland i wish pros came over here ps reply to me if you have ever been to n.ireland
lee thompson, limavady, N.ireland [12-11-2003]

i sk8ed love park it was so bomb i was there over the weekend and i had to hit it its world famous! like holy shizzle is landed the 180 heelflip over the water fountain stairs it was killer! but then the popo's came and confisk8ed my board like wtf!
Cameron Jacobs, Leamington ontario CANADA [12-11-2003]

yeah i skated love quite a bit until it got closed i can still remember the time when wenning swith back 180 love fountain these where some of the best of times.
comboe, philly [12-11-2003]

well i loved being there its the best time you could ever have skating in love park
scott [12-10-2003]

me and a few friend went all the way over for a skate tour and we only got to skate the best place in the world for only 30 min. LOVE park rules for sk8en skaters never harm any one to get treated like this what u think peace out
lee thompson, limavady, N.Ireland [12-10-2003]

I visited Philly once and I had heard soo much about LOVE park that I decided to go. When i got there I noticed what an incredible skating paradise it was. I met great people it is generally a great place.....FREE LOVE PARK! Diego
Diego Cebollero, Santiago, Chile [12-10-2003]

I skated at Luv Park; it was so cool, probably the grooviest time i had in a long time. Can't wait to go again. Peace baby!
Dan Farnan, Philly, pa [11-29-2003]

2 summers ago my family went on vacation in philly so the first thing that came to my mind was...LOVE! i was so happy that i was actually going to see it. so when i got there, there were a bunch of kids and adults just having fun sk8in... i hope they give back LOVE
anonymous, parma ohio [11-29-2003]

I skated LOVE for about 15 minutes after the premiere of the ON VIDEO:Love Story;The Saga Of LOVE PARK. It was amazing! LOVE is like paradise for a skateboarder... it's utopia! LOVE is keeping kids out of trouble and keeping the bums from destroying it! Free LOVE PARK and let us have it back. Thank you Mr. Bacon for such a beautiful thing! Where's the love? Later...
Anthony Taylor, Elkton, Maryland [11-25-2003]

Last March I went on a road trip and Philly was my first stop. After 9 hours of driving I got into town and with what little energy I had left I skated. Not a word was ever said to me by a cop. I went back in September but when I went to watch the scenery at LOVE, all I saw were a bunch of boring book readers. When I think of Philadelphia I think LOVE; tatooed with scrapes and wax, full of kids with a constant sunny disposition doing the one thing they truely enjoy. LOVE is not the average book readers park and I hope it stays that way.
D2, Princeton, WV [11-25-2003]

Me and a few friends went to the ON Video Winter 2004 video premiere at the University of the Arts saturday night. It was amazing...all about love park. Kerry, brian w. were there...and a few others. Afterwards...EVERYONE skated love park around 10 that night and i was hoping to film some stuff. So many people were hyped up to skate it. In about a half hour, a few cops rolled up and everyone just stood around the park in groups just waiting for them to leave. They left and we skated again for a little while. You should get the video, stevie has the most amazing, longest line in the video, omg. Alright well later...
Tom Harmon, Bear, Delaware [11-25-2003]

We were skatin love at like 11:00pm and it was oly like 6 people there. Then the cops came ad kicked us out. i just wanna know who we were bortherin..we got kicked out for nothin.
Mark Wilso, Roslyn,PA [11-25-2003]

me and my friend matt came to the LOVE park all the way from NJ. We had a great time. We had lots of utill the police came we ran and the came back. KEEP LOVE ALIVE. LOVE is skateboarding
mike [11-25-2003]

i remember seeing love park in all the skate videos back in the early 90's. growing up in jersey i figured it was out in california. i never knew it was just a short ride on the patco speedline away. i had some great times there. meeting the old toy machine team, local philly kids trying to hustle me and my friends in games of skate for money. anyway this current situation concerning love park just gets me depressed. i still dream of the day that i roll back into the park without being harassed and maybe show the locals a thing or two this time. yeah right, philly locals are so good.
anonymous [11-25-2003]

My boys and I drove up about 2 times a month just to skate Love. The drive took about 6 hours, but it didnt even matter. Phila is a great city, but the vibes I get in Love are incredible. It is an amazing place. Skating Love on a cool summer night with the fountain misting you, there is nothing better. I dont think it will ever be the same, but get off for fighting back.
Carinci, Virginia Beach, Va [11-25-2003]

Man i used to jump off buildings there mna bring it back.
Bam Margara, Jersey [11-25-2003]

i remember like two years ago taking the train into the city and skating love for hours on end, but just the other day i tried walking in with my board and a cop on the other side of the street kicked us out, it aint fair, love has always been for skating, with all those stupid planters and benches it looks bare and it doesnt have the lively spirit it had before the reconstruction, if anything the city lost money reconstructing it, sure it looks nice but hardly anyone goes there anymore, its so empty without the skaters
aaron, wallingford, pa [11-25-2003]

I skated love a week after the away with it for like 4 hours it was awesome...then the pigs kicked us was a great session times...well lets keep working at this... WE WILL WIN FREE LOVE
Dan, phillyyyyyy [11-22-2003]

I used to skate there and before cops used to take our boards but now i can skate and they cant touch Thanks who ever got us the park back
Ryan Bournonville, Phoenixville South Side [11-17-2003]

Growing up in Jersey, LOVE was like a stepping stone. When your peers talked about going out to LOVE and finally invited you along it was like an incarnation. It ment that you were getting good and could hold your own. A true building block in life.
rsa, Santa Cruz, CA [11-17-2003]

i skated love park it was the most amazing place i have ever skated i did a lot of stuff there 2 kickfliped the 3s nolied the ledges and when i was trying to krook the ledges it was surrounded by cops so i had 2 get out FREE LOVE PARK
gregg, glenside pa [11-17-2003]

i actually skated love 3 weeks ago for about half an hour. it was the best time of my life! even though there are many ugly pink planters and s* in the way, there are a few open ledges and whatnot. its really weird cuz we were at william penn hs before that and got ticketed for trespassing by two cops who told us that we could skate love at 3, so we went and skated for a half hour with about 30 other kids (including getz, cole, gee, and other silly fools) till some park rangers showed up. a week later we went and showed up at 3 and a park ranger was there and said we couldnt skate at all. philly's f*ing law enforcement has no f*ing idea whats going on..........
pat, perkasie, pa [11-17-2003]

Yes.... love park I had the blessing of skating the park a few times ...its a shame that corporate Emerica doesn’t understand what they have done..Even though skateboarding will always continue and grow they can never take the memories many people have of the once awesome place away. Hstarcrew
darrel, sugarland,tx [11-17-2003]

i have a skated love a lot its great but now you can barely even walk in the park without a cop wondering what you're doing.
Mark, nj [11-08-2003]

I skated love park just before they got rid of it, me and my familey were in the area and I took a taxi around philadelphia until I finnaly found it. When I got there everyone was gone and I only had time to do one kickflip before they kicked me out, but I'm proud to say I skated it.
James Heid, Detroit, Mi [11-08-2003]

LOVE Park is sick I skated with Josh Kalis there once and he was goin off. Love is a place for skaters and taking it away cant stop skateboarding.
Cameron Dodd, Douglas Massachusetts [11-05-2003]

i went to love park once almost a year ago it was deffanitly the best place i have ever been there were tons of people and kids every where jsut having a good teim and if the state was so narrow minded theyd relize that there are kids skating at love park instead of at some public property and if there skating at love park they probably wont be doing drugs and other stupid things because tehy are trieng to skate good... love park is the best and always will be i hope peole relize this b4 they destroy a major place for skaters and noe sktares alike
cody cole, new york [10-31-2003]

I skate love every day
Tom Kaier, Philly, PA [10-30-2003]

I skated love park about 12 months ago and it was the best park i had ever been to.If they were ever going to clost this park id feel so sorry for any1 that hasn't skated it.
lachlan, Rockhampton/ Qld/Aus [10-30-2003]

We used to skate Love all the time, and run across the bushes to City Hall when the fuzz van rolled up. We get kicked out of everywhere Marble palace, federal building, City Hall, and of course Love. It smelled like piss but was fun to skate. When I heard about them tearing it down i was pissed, because consolidation of skateboarding out of the streets will never prevail. Now I am a student at Ithaca College and will be doing an Ethnoarchaeological Study of LOVE park and its transitions throughout time and that is how I came across this informative site.
Derek Koenig, Doylestown, PA r3prezent [10-30-2003]

I Sk8ed LOVE many times, but the last time I sk8ed LOVE was yesterday 10/27/03.I had a fat sk8 session until the bacon roled in, and then me and my friends couldn't sk8 LOVE anymore that day.FREE LOVE PARK!
"CoN"-->, Philly -RMD- [10-30-2003]

I went to philly one day with my boys and i was skatin love and everyone started to run and my friends sat on the bench and i didtn see the cop and he told me i was gonna get a ticket then he just carted me so we went to city hall and skated with Kalis Free LO VE shout outs to Steve wads and Bruce weav on that day it was sweet
phil sassaman, nj [10-30-2003]

will i wanted to skate love becouse it is my fav place to skate so i lafted city hall and want to love i got to sk8 it for about an hour and the pig's came and i ran from there back to city hall and the pig's whent there so we set and wated till they left
Ricky McDonald, westville nj [10-30-2003]

i skated love and it was the best thing i have ever skated in me entire life of skateboarding!cops and the government blow!
nadr, missouri [10-30-2003]

me and my boys hit up love on the 5th, the day of the rally. it was packed so we decided to come back when it wasnt. 3 am was the hot time for me and my crew. we were there til about 5 basically owning the park. it felt like we were the first to skate the park as a free park. it was the dip. the next day a guy at penns landing said to skate there cuz it was bust free and we got kicked out right away but its cool cuz last night the night was ours. Sevensence reppin
Mark, Harrisburg PA [10-30-2003]

love park is one of the best places to skate. But the stupid bikers chipped and roke the ledges with there pegs. Were not bothering anyone with our skating in love, many people enjoy watching poeple skate there and dont mind this is bull and shouldn't be illeagle
Derek Katits, doylestown [10-30-2003]

LOVE Park. I went there last summer with some friends on a roadtrip to the North East, filming for a skate video/semi-documentary I have been working on for quite some time now. We stayed in Philly for a week. I will never forget the astonishing feeling I had, driving through downtown Philadelphia in the rain for the first time, looking out the windows anxiously for any glimpse of familiarity from photos or videos brought to me through the skateboarding world. Suddenly I saw familiar lightpost through the rain,followed shortly by the infamous LOVE sign. "There it is!" I cried "Love Park!" Immediately we turned the car around and parked as quickly as possible. We got out sa quickly as possible and roamed around the LOVE park that we had only imagined until this point in time-this dark, rainy, Philadelphia 3AM. The rain and our tiredness from driving for hours didn't bother us one bit. Over the next few days in Philly, we desperately wanted to skate LOVE. We went during the day a few times, just to look again, but were haunted by the bike cops who patrolled the park night and day. We were unable to skate LOVE that week and I have yet been back to oPhilly. Hopefully I will go soon as I hear better and better news about the peoples' uproar to free LOVE park. I will be back, and I hope that same feeling will too.
Steve Garcia, Clearwater, FL [10-16-2003]

Yeah a year or 2 ago there was some roomers going around that love park was closed and ofcorse i have never skated it because i live in new york. Now i hear stuff about love reopening to skateboarders and even tho i havent skated it yet i garentee u i will be there sometime in a month after it reopens and i can tell already that its going to be amazing!
Steve Dester, New York [10-16-2003]

I skated at LOVE on the day of the rally (OCT. 5th) It was so rad, i've always wanted to skate love and it was so surrealistic when i was there mad masses of skaters all skating in one central area and for the most part getting along. It was the sign to Mayor Street that we WONT BACK DOWN. Put up as many skate-bans, skate-proff the whole city there will still be skaters and LOVE PARK!
MS, nj [10-12-2003]

About 3 years ago, within my first five months of skateboarding I beged my dad to take me an dmy friends to LoVE. I always heard that Love was at least legall to skate on sundays. So i went there on a sunday and i was so excited. When i got there I put down my board rode up to the ledge and 5050ed it. Next thing I know some dick cop is screaming his head off and trying to run us out. What happened to the LoVE in the PARK. Free LoVE PARK
CJ Razzuoli GIMR, Toms River, N.J. [10-12-2003]

Me,and my two friends friend just skated LOVE for the second time in a week. It was so awesome, all the ledges to grind and stairs to jump. The cops didn't even care that we were skating, cause they came but didnt do sh**. All we did was just sit down and they left. I hope i get to go back soon because skating LOVE park was the best time i've ever had.
justin, newark, delaware [10-12-2003]

that place is perfect for skating i went to phillie for vacation and we visited the park and i skated it it was awsome but those b* are gonna tear it down
john stanger, claremont california [10-12-2003]

Love was the place......some of the best memories of years past were the thrill of taking the train from the Philly burbs and skating for endless hours at Love Park......damn, skaters put that place on the map. It's a cult legend throughout the skateboarding's a shame the rules have changed over the years.....
Steve, Absecon, NJ [10-12-2003]

i was there one time and i turn around and there tthey are the pigs are on there bikes chasing me while there the ones really breaking the ledges with there damn bikes
bryan [10-12-2003]

well up until the rally i hadnt skated love park in about 4 years back when i sucked major balls and all i could do was 50/50 the small ledges and i have to say having more experience and ripping a lot harder i definately missed it a lot and hope this s* gets open soon cause i threw down some cool a* s* at the rally props to everyone who was out there and showed that they cared represent Skateboarding is not a part of is life...
Ryan, Claymont, Delaware [10-12-2003]

I skated LOVE today after the rally. We got a couple hours until the cops came. It was amazing how many people there were and how full of life it was. Then the cops came, and the place emptied out. I went back to get my sweatshirt that I left there and it looked like nobody had been there. It was my first time skating it, and now I'm depressed, because I know we won't really be able to skate it like that for a while. Hopefully Katz can be elected and we'll be able to skate there. I know I'll take the bus in every weekend to skate. We should hold a rally every week if it means we can skate LOVE and City Hall like we did today.
Cal Hanlon, Moorestown, NJ [10-12-2003]

on october 5, 2003 after the free love park rally i skated love the cops came and i stayed it was the first time i skated loand the best time
MiNi AJ, Philadelphia, PA [10-12-2003]

In ohio (columbus) there is a park just like love park, and cops dont give a s* if you skate or not. So come on here, and we will start a whole new deal. But other than that two love parks is better than one right? so keep it up!
Brad, Oh [10-12-2003]

always loved to skate love. seen too much political shortcomings fall upon that spot. saw that it apparently takes three adult cops to remove a skateboard from a 14 year old kid and that the obliviousness to the bum getting beat up across the street is standard protocol. saw a plain-clothes police officer in sweat shorts and a mets t-shirt jump out of the bushes to ambush and aprehend my friend who was visiting from new hampshire, left him with a really nice impression of our city. i just don't understand that with all the turmoil and strife rampant in other parts of this city why people would try and take away something as creative and expressive as skateboarding.
nick, philly, pa [10-12-2003]

I just got sponsored by a company in chicago and, was looking forward to someday skating LOVE. Now i cant, it sucks so much
Anthony, Chicago [10-12-2003]

i took a roadtrip with my sponsers to love 2 years ago. it was the experience of a life time. i got so much footage there. i olled the fountain gap and i was trying to b/s 180 it and i stuck one and fell and hit my head and while i was laying down cops came and arrested me. i spent the night in jail. i want to go back so abd and get the 180. it was the perfect place to hang out and all the LOVE is better than all the spots in atl. put together.
dustin swift, atlanta georgia [10-12-2003]

I skated love about a week before the fences went up and i was just rolling around the perimiter and not doin anything and some pig tackled me and handcuffed me. guess what? i have a broken wrist but i cant do much about it because apparently its "illegal" to skate there and cops are supposed to do everything to stop it. i was gonna move down from toronto, canada to just outside philly but its not even worth it anymore
Mr. Shag [10-12-2003]

la neta me gustaria patiner en el lovepark no lo desmadren ay nacieron los chingones del skateboarding, jhos kalis and stevi williams y garciAS POR SEGIR APORTANDO COSAS MUY CHIDAS AL SKATE ME GUSTARIA QUE VINIERAN ADAR UN DEMO EN MEXICO DF " SKATE OR DIE"
adrian razo, mexico df [10-12-2003]

I skated LOVE a bunch back when it was not illegal. To take a public park and ban a certain type of users to me is ridiculous. City officials will soon learn that not everyone who rides a skateboard is 14 or 15 years old (a lot are though.) The only way to get Philly to recognize that many of our are taxpayers and voters is to organize and hit them where it hurts during election time and/or by not choosing to spend your discriminary income within the city. Many people (skaters) travel to Philly or make it special stop on a trip for this spot. Organize, be respectful (as hard as it is sometimes) and you will be heard. Peace.
Taylor, Phoenix, AZ [10-12-2003]

who has the right to take love away? no planters or benches will stop us. it is rightfully our, it always was, and always will be. free love...its been so lonely.
meg, west philly [10-12-2003]

they said we could skate love like a week ago and i skated there yesterday and no cops came and i skated there today and a co chased us out to a paty wagon and those cops hopped out and tried to grab me but i ran down to the wawa but they go some other kids so they didnt worry about me.
Mike, NE philadelphia [10-12-2003]

ok heres what happen we go to love park on 10/11/03 thats like a week after the big rally thing when they told us we can skate at love so we go there and about a hour gose by and the cops come and chased ever1 out and then we talk to the cop and he said there was never a thing sayin we can skate now tell me thats not messed uppp...
Mark Richards, Atco n.j [10-12-2003]

I was down w/ some friends in philly about a month ago and we walked into Love with our boards and three cops came over and told us to leave our boards outside the park. so we did and came back in and just took pictures of the sign and they told us we weren't authorized to go there. they bitched and bitched and told us to talk to the mayor about it. f* that.
Wes, bethlehem, pa [10-01-2003]

On my way home from a family vacation I begged my parents to stop in Philly just so that I could touch or even just see a part of LOVE Park.I went to LOVE and skated a little, but quickly got shut down.It saddened me to see all those planters and wooden benches blocking everything.And all the politicians say they did it to improve tourism and stuff but all it did was attract homeless people.It was my dream to skate LOVE from the very first time I saw it in Alien Workshop-Photosynthesis, but sadly the mayor and council of Philadelphia let me down and ruined my dream...
Camper, Cleveland, Ohio [10-01-2003]

Sometimes you don't know what you've got until its gone.
henry, B-More [10-01-2003]

i was skating love once. it was great i just want so bad to skate there again. back when i skated it i sucked. i couldn't even ollie the 3 set. im defenitely going to this rally to free it. if i go there again i know it will be so sick, ill probly learn lots of stuff, cause i don't remember much thatr was there. eventually after i skated for a while, everyone started to sit up on the ledges and hide their boards, and we realized that the cops were coming, so we left and i wanted to stay so was crazy. i reaaly want to g again, and i know most every other skater wants to go, so really try to help save LOVE if you can.
harry, erdenheim,pa [10-01-2003]

hey, i think if you are going to break down a big piece of philly... i think you should listen to the people first! when i first skate love... i was scared s*less and i coming from another contry and not speaking any english..i was scared s* less, but it wasnt untill i went to love and saw how many people did the same thing i do! skateboarding! its not just a sport, its a way of living.. and its way of expression! when i skated there, for the first time in my life living here in the u.s.a., i didnt feel like an outkast! i actually felt like i found where i belonged! and for that reason i belive that love park holds a very strong part of history in my life as well others! please dont distroy a history of my and a lot of peoples past! much love and respect... love park
anonymous [10-01-2003]

i skated love it was cool . they should deffinetly bring it back . FREE LOVE.
jamie thomas, calli [10-01-2003]

Jestem z Polski i zawsze Philadelfia kojażyła mi się z LOVEPARK a to za sprawą skateboardingu. Gdyby nie ten słynny spot mysle ze nigdy bym nie slyszal o Philadelfhi
anonymous, Gdansk, POLAND [10-01-2003]

Two summers ago, I had to stay with my dad who lives in Philly for the summer. It was the best. I didn't mind taking four buses to get there daily, cause it was well worth it. Seeing Tim O'Connor and Rob Pluhuski was the coolest thing in the world, such talent in such a perfect place. I'm glad I got a chance to skate Love, it was like skate heaven. I don't understand, they spend more money to 'skate proof' it than it would to repair the skate damage for 50 years. I never saw any drugs or violence (except for the 5-0 busts), it was just pure clean fun. The down fall of an era.
Tom Mizell, Gainesville, FL [10-01-2003]

I was on a road trip with my bro and we went by love. Hung out there for like 5 hours. Just soaked up the vibe. We went to skate right before we left and acouple of bike piggys... FREE LOVE ! ... and keep the posers out. they ruined it with throwin' their boards and cussing...
Skunx, Dunnellon Fla [10-01-2003]

io vivo in italia in un piccolo paese.Ho visto Love Park in un botto di video ad esempio quello della DC...a L.P. ci puoi fare tutte le line che ti pare da qunato ho capito e c'e' tutto quello che uno skater puo' desiderare di skateare...gradinate, muretti di ogni dimensione, vorrei tanto skateare...
SWitcH^, italia [09-29-2003]

i was just skatin bout 2min there when some f#%kin cop came and a* me ;(. who's the criminal now, ha?
raped, unknown [09-29-2003]

I've skated LOVE for years and always had a good time until they made it illegal. What gets me is how when the X-Games are in town you can they suddenly ignore the law since it means ESPN rents out the FU Center and they need a place to hold the street cometition. By that bit of bullsh*t they should just let people skate there. If you work in Center City and don't know how to get around the skaters at this point it's yer own damn fault.
Sparks, Philly [09-29-2003]

we stopped and stayed in philly to get some footy and there were some bike cops chillin in love park and city hall. we couldn't get any business done. just being able to stand in the park was dope but not as ill as being able to skate it. oh well maybe i'll be able to skate it in the future when i'm on dgk with stevie and curtain remember this name cousin.
JAMES COLEMAN-TISK CREW-ILL S*!, atlanta,ga atl! [09-29-2003]

i love LOVE park it is a legendary skatespot i met 4 pros there while on a trip with my family. i was there for about three hours and it was the most memorable time i have ever had please keep love park for the future of america.
broady sherlock, minnesota [09-29-2003]

i skate love about a year ago, it was the best time of my life. Its even better than it looks in the videos. I think its crazy that they would take away a place that brings pple together, considering philly has close to the most skaters out of any city. Tear s* up at that rally brandon. peace
drew, new hampshire [09-29-2003]

I did my first manual in LOVE as well as my first 4 set. When they open it up again... i will return.
Mikael, Charlotte, NC [09-29-2003]

now that skating is banned u should just chandge the name to HATE cause obveosly all u do is discriminate....were is the LOVE
chris, pa [09-24-2003]

yoooooo I skated love with Chris Lees and Steve Lawson from Unreal in Somerville. Love is sick. Period.
anonymous [09-24-2003]

i love skatin love park it was the s* till the f* cops screwed us. us skateboards made that s* famous no one else
jimmy aka kickflip, union beach,new jersey [09-24-2003]

i skated LOVE 5 years ago on vacation coming back from washington dc. so last year i take a road trip back thru philly on the way to NYC and i get to LOVE and its f* fenced off. bulls*
bruce, mi [09-22-2003]

yoyoyo i skated love when i was a poser that place made me wanna skate till i'm 987,654,321 years old an d i'm just hopin' Katz gets elected so i can skate it cop free FREE LOVE PARK KATZ !
manny, Philly,Pa [09-20-2003]

Back in the day 4 years after it oppened I saw rick macrank do a wierd flip trick down the little stairs on a banana board when he was 8. I could barley ollie so I was pumped. Know im 38 and sit on my couch all day and watch 411 videos.
bob larence, canada [09-14-2003]

I have skated love and this is what happend. Me and my freinds decided to take the train down to philly and so we did. We got out and we went to love. It is still there but not as good. So we skated it anyway. So after about five minutes the cops chased us for about a couple of blocks and got to us. So they tried to confinscate our boards. Those p* cant take s* from us. So they took our information. They said that we would get a fine in the mail of 80 bucks. So then he got on his phone and said a bunch of bs and then he said that it was our lucky night and said grab ur s* and leave. So if u go, be careful. If u go -- run faster then we did!
Jeff, Fairless hills Pa [09-14-2003]

I skated love park once for about 40 seconds. I just tried my fist 360 flip down the huge ledge bailed 10 seconds later the cops came and i ran. Thers to many cops.
Mark reddeer, Alaska [09-14-2003]

I have skated love 100's of times, and every time i went there i would learn something new.It used to be a regular routine like evry other day me and my friend would drive down broad street, hit up cecil to warm up, then go to love and skate all day, or until the cops came, i still go down to the city to skate, but its not the same. i actually skated love after it got redone, and got arrested, over 10 cops came just to arrest 3 skaters, that was a horrible experience. I HOPE that they will bring Love back. Because it just aint the same, and i'm losing my will to skate
Jay, doylestown,Pa [09-13-2003]

i love the LOVE i only skated it once but that is all it takes once you skate it you want to do it again and again and that is why we will skate it till they make us stop. AND YOU CANT STOP THE SKATERS!
jared, jaxonville, FL [09-09-2003]

I was coming home from a road trip with a couple of friends and we were passing by philly.we decided that we should go to love since none of us had ever been there before. So we got into the city and we didnt ever have to ask for directions it was right there.We all grabbed our boards and right when we were about to get out of the car it started to rain. The rain didnt stop till the next day. So we made plans to come back next summer because it is hard for all of us to get work off. the next summer they destroyed love park. please bring it back it has been a dream of mine to go there and skate it.I've been there now all I have to do is skate it.
Tim, Willimantic,CT [09-09-2003]

i skated love for quite a few years. love was my place to get away from everything and do what i loved to do. love was the best place to learn boarding. it helps with skills. anyway, i moved and later learned that they put a skate ban on love park. if i could skate love once more it would be GREAT! FREE LOVE!
kelly [09-05-2003]

los skaters de las piedrs conocemos love park por el video dephotosintesis alien workshop adoramos love park a pesar que que en p.r. no hay skate park.. es una pena.......
jose r. roque, las piedras -puerto rico-00771 [09-04-2003]

skated love befor and after renovation, just aint the same
anonymous, albany ny [09-04-2003]

i have lived in philly all my life andprobably walked through love park when i was younger without a hint of the joy it brought young skaters.but then i found a board and realized this place as a mecca, not to be using the cliche, and saw love thorugh new eyes.the frst time is always the best.and as your skill level increases, so does your open mindedness to different parts of the was a great experience for me.but then they closed it.........this was terrible news for me.why do this?skaters tend to stay out of trouble.our chosen sport is harmless in most cases excluding the injuries we sustain from falls.why not be so vigilant against drug dealers and gangbangers?we are chased from and around philly like fugitives when all we really are are people searching for a place to skate in please.if anyone with a foot in the political door is reading this, help us free love park.
josh, philadelphia [08-30-2003]

I skated LOVE only a handful of times, but each time was a lot of fun. I had one of the best skate days ever there, and I will never forget that. It's a shame they decided to renovate LOVE, now it Rests In Pink with those lame ass planters all over. Now I bet the skaters are heading across the street and skatin city hall instead, but what do they think? That skateboarding is going away any time soon? Please, just do yourself a favor and go with the proposal Philly, because skateboarders also generate REVENUE (the magic word), and isn't that what they really want?
Jim, Piscataway NJ [08-28-2003]

film tehre all the time pretty gay that ya have to worry about a 5-0 getting ya
gus, nj [08-27-2003]

I skated love once. It was one of the most inspiring skating times in my 8 years of skating. I even saw professional skateboarder Steve Berra. This is something to deffinetly make you want to come back. Save LOVE park so we all can come back again!
Pat Phillips, phelps NY [08-25-2003]

u skated there once it was cool.. elliot coss is a f*
kyle christianson, mt laurel new jersey [08-25-2003]

I'v Skated Love Park 1 time but it was one of the best times I'v ever had in a long time. Love Park is 1 of the most visited sites in philly. Free Love Park R.I.P To
Rob, Runnemede,NJ 08078 United States [08-20-2003]

Skating love park was the best experence in my 3 years of skating it sucks because since its shut down we get in more trouble because we skate in other places not permited if we open it back up to skaters all the so called "dammage" will be confined to one area of the city not the whole thing
anonymous [08-20-2003]

I skated love park one time, pretty much right after that, it was banned from the park. Skateboarders brought more life to that park then anything in the whole city. Love park is known world wide for the skating, and now it has been taking away. If Katz wins the election...the city will be alive again... FREE LO VE
Dan, Collingdale Pennsylvania [08-18-2003]

I only got to skate LOVE once but it was the best spot to skate in Philly and throughout the world. Would the cops and the mayor rather us sleep and hang out like bums, or maybe smoke some crack on the benches. Would the cops just want skaters to be out doing drugs every day.
Mike, Bishopville Maryland [08-18-2003]

i only sk8ed there once, with my friends but of course the pigs came ruined our whole after noon for what sk8ing a public park for only an hour thats a load of s#*$ to me. R.I.P. LOVE
chris plizak, philly [08-18-2003]

i skated love about a dozen times or so. street skating has never been my forte, but the last time i went, i was bomb dropping off the head-high walls around the fountain. i had no problem nailing the 6-footer, but the next one up was too scary. i skate fdr all the time now. i have a lot more fun skating ramps, anyway.
jorge, the farms out west, pa [08-18-2003]

Hey I've skated Lov like 1,000,000 times. It was one of the best spots to skate. You could go there and skat then when cops came run over to City Hall and skate more. I don't see what all this bulls* is about banning skating. I was at the fist rally right before they renovated. It was coo,I'm down for comingtothis next one. Ok bye later.
Vince, Collingswood, NJ [08-18-2003]

I remember those days, no planters, no bolted down benches, no bulls*. What happened? Why such negativity? I skated love dozens of times b4 they screwed us over. I must say that the lines there were endless and i always had a ball at love. Ive been arrested there twice, only once to have myself locked up for 5 hours and my board confiscated. I don't see the big deal, i really don't. But all i gotta say is if yer gonna skate it now, make sure your wearin yer runnin shoes. If you can smell the bacon, then you know the cops are near. And no, its not coming from Mc Donalds.
Mole, burlington nj [08-18-2003]

I live in finland, but we have a friend who lives in philly so we traveled there,and when we wre driving in the street our friend said that Love is just around the corner. I was STOKED ! The second best skate spot, after Xgames philadelphia.
Richie [08-18-2003]

I grew up skating Love (off and on) for about 11 years now. Infact, we still skate it. A few patches of grass and some tacky flower pots are not gonna stop us from skating somthing that should rightfully be ours.... However, I feel I am getting a lil' old for the frequent cat and mouse chases.... John Street:"With all that rahrahrah your play'in yourself" Sam Katz: I hope your for real.
anonymous [08-18-2003]

I've skated Love a few times. Love was the best spot i ever skated in my life. No matter how bad of a day you were having when you were at Love you would pull tricks all day. I learned so very valuble things there. At Love, you were in such a great atmosphere that you forget everything except skating. Just pull some crazy tricks and you would have the best day of your life. I go skate the city like once a week and if they reopened it you would see me down there a lot more. Skateboarding Loves Love park and will never forget this whole ordeal. R.I.P.
Eric B, Bensalem,PA [08-18-2003]

I went to skate love and it was like a dream. Everything is there, marble forever, stairs, rails, gaps. All the things skaters need.And is the sickest place to film lines.I really do not skate that hard but I film for my freinds and our skate crew TRESS MOBB.Where I live we would be stoked to have a smooth concrete, but were we live we have s*. That is why we went to love, to do something new. So if they keep love the way it is we lose a lot for skateboarding.So please the city council of phiadelphia please change your minds about skateboarding. Thank You
David Gates, Bishopville Maryland [08-18-2003]

before we could drive we would just take the bus to philly and skate love it was one of my best memories of skateing,but now thats gone i still drive down on a regular basis to skate but its not the same without love what were they thinking with those disgusting pink planters anyway not only did they skateproof it but it looks like s*
jeremy, hazleton pa [08-18-2003]

when i sh8ted love for the first time it was so cool their are a lot of things to sk8 and its really awsome everyone who skates should visit that place cuz its just great and when i ollied the seven steps i felt great cuz josh kalis was there and i think he saw me do it soo i would be soo happy if they changed it back to a sk8 park
MIKE, atco nj [08-18-2003]

Love park was prolly the best times i will ever remember.It was pretty much the only place i felt comfortale to skate and was one of the only reasons i progressed even though iam not that good there i felt equal and was able to learn skills off local pros.i cant really say i had much to do with love park or clam myself to be apart of the people who ripped the park and who skated there everyday but i showed up as much as i could with saved up spare change from my mom to take the bus and it was always the best day of my week to go there and skate and enjoy myself. its ashame that me and other kid who skated love park before all the mess can no longer enjoy skating the place and the urban culture and the people tha you would meet.just because love is gone dosent meen ill stop skaten but it will be missed and will be rememenbered as some of my best times.although if mair cats is elected love will be back but never the same and just plan old wont be the same ill skate it but like i said not the same.non the less i hop love cOmes back and but in the end it wont be the same r.i.p love park
Sean O'D (milky), N.E Philly Tacony [08-18-2003]

i have only skated love after skateboarding has been banned from it. we only skated it for a little while then 2 bike cops came and chased us out. (they didnt catch us hahahahahahaha!)
Dave Ege, Gloucester City, NJ USA [08-09-2003]

Unfortunately I've only skated LOVE once but it was an unforgettable experience. It was a cloudy day and some friends and I headed to FDR. We showed up and it had rained and the puddles were big so we headed to LOVE. Just before we got there it started to POUR. We said what the hell and skated for a good 2-3 hours slipping all over and just having an awesome time. We were all smiling, laughing, and having an awesome time...What I'd do to be able to do it AGAIN!
Nick "ZEEG" Zegel, Moorestown, NJ [08-08-2003]

Love park was awesome we always had fun there no matter what and when they closed it everyone was just plain pissed so let us skate there
liz, New York [08-08-2003]

I have been living on JFK for over 10 years now. i never saw any kind of problems at Love. My ? is how does one get involved in helping to free the park? You need to get something really going like shirts and so on. Thanks
John, J.F.Kennedy Blvd. [08-08-2003]

SKATE, RUN, CHILL SKATE, RUN, CHILL! talkin' bout Love..
da Liks, Tha Netherlands [08-08-2003]

i skated love park a couple time and it was the s*. it has every thing a street sk8er would want. please free love park and let us skate there again. R.I.P. L O V E
Adam Kovacs, waterford NY [08-08-2003]

LOVE PARK is so hard to sk8 now that ther are cops right there by the trashedcan so we should keep sk8ing city hall so they start careing about that so we can sk8 LOVE PARK or we should just wait for the new news
ricky m, westville nj us [08-07-2003]

I skated it one time, and i f* it up
Corey Sheppard, usa [08-07-2003]

i skated love park and i loved it when noone would complain about it being damage even though we tryed to keep it in good shape. it is not like we stayed there all night making a lot of noise because we didn't. we would not want something we love so much taken away from us. we want the old love park back so we can all just have fun once again
RANDY RUCK, phila. pa [08-07-2003]

i skated love park right before someone decided to put up planters and stuff they shouldve just left it be it gives people something to do open it back up man nothing bad ever came out of it only good
chad gorby, bloomsburg pa [08-04-2003]

I used to skate LOVE every single day chillen with dgk smokin blunts chillen with josh n the rest of the crew. If this guy running in november wins the election. Me n Josh will come home! Free Love
Stevie, Hollywood [08-02-2003]

i usta skate love park but then they announced that skaters n skateboarders n all werent aloud which pretty much juss pissed me off. now i have no place to skate but a couple local skateparks which would neva equal the quantity of fun that love park has given me. sign the petition. R.I.P LOVE PARK
toddler, pa [07-31-2003]

i came from over 2500 miles to skate this place, i skate for about an hour then the cop came so i ran,they caught me and the fine i had to pay cost more the plane tictet.that sucks
tech, hollywood, ca [07-31-2003]

LOVE PARK was always the best spot for me to skate in philly. Ever since the first time i came down to skate it(97ish). SKateboarding was illegal there then but it was one of the reasons i would come down to the city every weeknd with out fail. Weather it was just hanging out, skating, or even running from the cops(which at times was fun when you weren't being assulted by them). Philly has to be one of the best spots in the US to skate. Weather it was the afro banks or FDR(which i frequent now cause of lack of skate spots) Street doesn't have a prayer on getting reelected and thank god Katz will do something about this. Hopefully Katz will listen to the kids who are passionate about skating/staying in this city. Right now i'm thinking about moving to flordia. But if LOVE park reopens i'm staying here. So Street or Katz its up to you weather you want to drive more of the next gen. out of the city. tj
Tj Farley, west chester, pa [07-31-2003]

yea i went to love once, it was dope but i got a ticket from an under cover cop. i would never quit cause a spot was closed.. but it should be opened again.. free LOVE
willyman, nj [07-31-2003]

I skated love park on several occasions in my sleep. I dreamt about that place because it looks to be absolutley ideal for the type of skateboarding i like to do. And a trip to philly was a hot topic for discussion until Love got pretty much shut down. I don't think anybody outside of skateboarding realizes how BIG Love Park is in the skateboard community all over the world.
anonymous, Alberta, Canada [07-28-2003]

The first time I skated love was about 4 years ago. I had driven all the way from Upstate New York to skate it. I met so many intersting people and couldn't believe how good this city was for skateboarding in general. Well 4 years later I live here and mostly skate FDR for lack of street spots that are safe to skate without getting a damb ticket. The city wants to know how to come up with money to fund the new love transformation..(if and when it happens) save the money we pay your asses in tickets! Well all I've got to say is I hope Katz gets elected and s* changes before I get bored of this city too.
anonymous, south philla, PA [07-27-2003]

Love was like a home to me. I skated and still skate it a lot so give us less of a hassel and free love park.
anonymous [07-22-2003]

i skated love park once switch back 180 the 3 back 5 shuv out on the rail that day was crazy even though we were kicked out twice it was a day to remember and love park is a place to remember save love park and i will be back there from england to skate it again love par r.i.p (cub)
cub [07-21-2003]

Dude when I made a visit to LOVE PARK all the way from Florida i saw Kerry Getz and Tim O'conner doing some sweetass lines. Then, the god d* "Blue Light Specials" come and everybody runs. I never had the chance to skate there cause i only come to Philly every once in a while to visit my dad. Hopefully LOVE PARK will re-open and i can skate there without worrying bout f* pigs.......R.I.P-LOVE PARK
Eric, Lake Mary, Florida [07-21-2003]

When I was about 14 I had heard about LOVE PARK. I had seen things about it and I loved it. I was already an am. by then. I went to PHILLY with my grandparents because they do buisness out of there. I went skating and I loved it. I have skated LOVE PARK at least 10 to 20 times a year considering I live in Ohio. I've met so many good skaters there such as Andrew Reynolds, Kerry Getz, Bastien Salabanzi, Bam Margera, Mike Maldonado, and more. I played skate with Bastien. He beat me but it was close. I got SKATE and he got SKAT. It was fun. But anyways, if they destroy LOVE PARK what are us skaters going to look up to. I'm 17 now and I love LOVE PARK. I have skated there since I was 14. I am not pro yet, just at least maybe a year or two before then but soon. LOVE PARK is the ultimate skating place ever. In the history of mankind. And if your in Philly sometime and you skate, check out the PHILLY park too. ROCK ON! The Used 4 LIFE, SK8 4 LIFE, SK8 OR DIE! oh yeah, I just wanna give a shoutout to freakin GEOFF ROWLEY, if you read this Geoff, I just wanna say that your my idol. I love you dude.
Kevbo, ohio [07-21-2003]

I skated Love Park several times during the summer. I would go to stay with my Aunt in Harrisburg. My fondest memory involves staying for almost a week across the river in Jersey. I would take the train every day to skate Love Park. Love Park is truly the best place to skate in the entire world. Cities need to stop spending their money to build wack street courses and cement bowls in small towns across america. They should take this money and build plazas similar to love park. Let's keep street skating alive! Viva Love Park!
Sam Milianta, Cedar City, Utah, United States of America [07-19-2003]

i grew up in south jersey, and i used to take the train to skate at Love on the weekends. I moved to philadelphia to go to school, and skateboard. It sucks that the mayor wanted to make money from the X-Games, and then took away the main reason ESPN wanted to come to Philly in the first place: Love Park.
gonzo, philadelphia [07-17-2003]

Love park is the best place to skate at. my brother and i have been skating love since i could remember. skating should never of been banned from there. i met my boyfriend there and my brother (chris) met his future wife there. skating there and skating in general is awesome. i have skated many places but none as fun as love park. we WILL GET IT BACK!
Erica, Cinnaminson, NJ [07-17-2003]

Love park was truely one of the best places I ever skated. I will never forget Love park. I would drop everything and just go if one of my friends asked if i wanted to. R.I.P.
Josh Meldrum, Cleveland OH [07-17-2003]

i tried LOVE park once, and although i was eager to go back again, the ban was set in... LOVE park was defintaly heaven for skatebaording and bmx, ive only been skating about a year but LOVE's got spots for every skill level, and i learned a lot of new stuff, just skating there for a few hours, Free LOVE! The skating generation will never stop, im just suprized the gov is to dumb to see that, but eventualy, i think we will win \,,/, (0_0),\,,/ !
Vlad Shapo [07-15-2003]

I only skated love once and tha one time i had so much fun! No one was worried about the skateboarders and everyone was having fun! The were no problem with people getting in the way or anything. It was wrong to take love park away from skaters now it is a very boring place and there is not going to be many people there for a while! Free love park!
Steven Dogan, Philly PA [07-14-2003]

I'm 35 and just started skateboarding. I did skate Love Park, but it was in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater :+). I just want to say that Love Park is known overhere as one of the top 3 skating spots, next to Marseille's bowl and Barcelona, Spain. I actually just now realised that it's the only skate spot in the list of legendary skate spots that's in the U.S. And instead of being proud of it, the city tears it down! It was an internationally renowned icon (nice word) that put Philadelphia on the international map. And then the city prohibits skateboarding. What next? Spend millions of dollars on a fresh PR campaign or spend a few thousand dollars on reviving something that was already good?
Peter de Vroomen, Huizen, The Netherlands [07-11-2003]

ok for all you who call yourselves skaters and quit cause of the renovation can s* d*! oh, let's have the mayor and cops make us not want to skate now! your lame s* like that is depressing but if you make up any excuses to quit you f* need to buy a gun and give it a b* j* as you pull the trigger! green bay represent!
adam rosio [07-11-2003] homepage

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