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i skated love and almost got a ticket but you dont need to hear about that...i just have to say that, keeping kids from skateing at the best spot ever(in my opinoin), LOVE park... kids are gonna skate no matter what... i garantee that we wont stop.... us kids are gonna skate... its like, tring to stop kids from sex... or having fum or something like that... how are you going to stop the youth from having fun?...i can tell you right now that youre not... if skateboarding isnt legalized in LOVE, and everywhere else in philly, im gonna hunt that street b* down and kick his f* @* ... j/k not really but it's cool to think about, skaters will win in this "fight" to save LOVE, a great spot to skate...and jus be your self and have fun and stuff
carlos fernandez [07-10-2003]

i just moved to philly... i used to live in maryland and i came down for the "x-games" last year and i skated love... skatein there was the best thing to ever happen to me... we skted for a long ass time then went to city hall and went underground and did those little 4 sets.... 30 min later the po-po came and the only reason we did nt get a ticket is cuz he couldnt spell my german ass last name... the next day we came back and did it again one more time cuz it was our last chance to skate before it was torn down... love park rest in peace...~*~
jeff shultsaburger, Philadelphia, pennsulvania [07-10-2003]

I went to LOVEPARK to skate.I got to skate for about 30min. and then the pigs came i went to run and a cop grabed me took my board and broke it over the ledge. thats wut happen when you skate love now!
bill livingston, north philly [07-10-2003]

Ive skated at LOVE PARK at least 10 times bfore the ban. I loved it there. Everything was perfect. I learned new tricks, i made friends with locals and pros, and no1 seemed to care about us skating! I almost accidientally hit some1. They didnt care. Their reaction was "sorry i got in ure way keep on skating. THIS BAN REUENED a lot OF THINGS.IT WILL DECREASE TOURISM! NO1 EVER GOES THERE!SKATING WAS MAKING PPOLE HAPPY!SKATERS FROM F#@$IN AUSTRIALIA WERE COMING HERE!AND ALSO MANY CLIPS FROM CKY2K,3,AND 4 WERE SHOT HERE! i used to like cops. i used to like phillys mayor who passed the ban now I HATE THEM!
Alex Costello, Jenkintown pa [07-10-2003]

damn...where to begin when reminicin' about love?...much respect and thanks to rodge, rick, and john burke for putting it on the map...too many stories...many good times... if you never skated ricky's part is the old sub zero video to see what you missed....peace to everyone in philly and everywhere else
C.L., south jersey [07-03-2003]

Morei 2 anos em Northeast Philadephia, trabalhava duro na Comcast, a companhia de TV a cabo local, mesmo cansado ia andar no love park todos os fins de semana o lugar é magico, tem uma energia que deixa qualquer pessoa animada, pronta para tentar novas manobras. O lugar é demais. Espero que num futuro proximo eles reabram o parque. LOVE PARK R.I.P....
Neto Silva, Londrina, PR - BRASIL [07-01-2003]

I grew up in Jersey. I skated Love Park from 86-89. It's devastating that younger skaters will not be able to experience such an extraordinary spot. I have great memories of taking the speedline over into Philly, going to Spike skates, skating down South street and skating Love Park. Good luck on saving an icon.
Shaun, Pittsburgh, PA [07-01-2003]

Yeah, I skated Love Park a bit, and while it was great just to be there and skate, all the pro's I saw the filming were getting hassled by cops, the ones who are suppossed to be protecting us are protecting us from something we like to do. I will die before I ever see a skateboarder thank a cop for protecting him from his skateboard, because he might have hurt himself. Is that the point of this, of destroying a park JUST so people cant skate there? I'm not epecting any govermental bodies to embrace skateboarding but couldn;t they at least make an attempt to work along with it instead of forming a stance directly opposing it? Oh, so you kids really like to skate here, well a couple of people have broken their legs and you know we cant have that, of course there are much more injuries in all other sports, according to statistics from the National Safety Council, but we've decided to single you out, why you ask? Well thats simple, because we hate you. You mouth off to cops when they steal that board you cant possibly replace with the amount of money you earn, and you make the ledges in our lovely park black around the edges. You also sometimes hurt yourself, believe us this is for your own good, we're gonna return the USA to its original values, baseballs for all children! The voters will love me! YESSSS! We need to find a compromise on this issue because skateboarders can only take so much. And you wonder why we have a bad attitude, the whole f*ing country is against us.
Ando, East Coast Canada [07-01-2003]

It was a few years back, maybe 1999 or 2000. While we had been going to FDR on occasion for a while, my son had been bugging me to take him to Love Park as well. One day we finally strolled up there. We saw skaters, we got out and my son and his friend started to skate. I walked around a bit and then queried one of the young skaters. I said something like, "are the cops ok with it?" He replied something like "they chase us out". I figured we would stay just a bit and then move on. It was'nt 5 to 10 minutes later and like a shot, kids scattered all over the place. Then like a seen out of a movie, a cop on a trail bike (motorcycle) comes flying up the steps. Shocked and startled we ran to the car and took off. After leaving the scene, I had a mixed feeling of exhileration along with dissapointment. I had always had the utmost respect for police. That day I felt like; what a waste of resources! chasing kids for skateboarding ! There's something wrong with this picture. FREE LOVE
Mark Calder, New Castle, DE [07-01-2003]

Soy de mexico, pero pronto ire a estados unidos para darle, ya que aqui no hay suficientes spots, y quiero progresar, y espero que cuando vaya se pueda patinar en el love park
Omar ( Poser ), Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico [06-29-2003]

i've been in love park in 2001 when i was visiting the states. i knew the spot from THE game and when i actually was there it was even then i could imaging; until the f*in parkrangers showed up! I skated foor about 2 hours till the 5-0 started to bugg and i just kept on skating; i told them i come from holland and i didn't knew i wasnt allowed to skate. but after i while when tha same 5-0 saw me again they tried to get us (and my friends i made there) so everybody started running uot of the park. damn 50 all over. so inventually i was in philli all the way from holland in one off the best skatespots i've been (only barcelona, berlin and prague were btter) i could skate for i little while. actually i'm right now here in NJ and i'm planning to go back there one off these days. i hope these f*ing cops dont botter any more and neither those parkrangers. pace up 2 all'a ya skateboarders!
FdMaN, Holland (the netherlands) [06-29-2003]

love park.......r.i.p!
gilby, da wak tx [06-27-2003]

i seen rodney mullen do a 360flip into backside darkslide!
anonymous [06-26-2003]

Yo nucna he paitnado en el Love PArk pero me encantaria hacerlo porque no hay lugares como el love park, uno de mis sueños es patinar en el love park, y no me gustaria que cuando llegara a ir a estados unidos no me dejaran patinar. APOYEN EL SKATEBOARD, TAMBIEN EN MÉXICO. Porque si no se va para abajo.
Manuel Silva, México City --Republica Mexicana [06-24-2003]

I have skated in love park every summer, for the last 6 summers. we have never had a problem with the authority there until the past summer. i had not known that it was made "illegal to skate there." i was very disappointed in their choice to shut down the park.
anonymous, Chicago, Illinois [06-24-2003]

i skated love park but nothing exiting happened
pierce, oklahoma [06-24-2003]

Love Park is where the skaters of philly Nj and all the other places near Philly can skate..and street had no rite to take that frum us. yea i am a gurl and i skate! and he keeps on Buliding more and more basketball cournts...for the basketball players..but what about the skaters. its not like we were like partyin all nite there..we were just skatin..yea i went there once..but it was mad cool..and for him to take that away frum us...thats just rong..b/c we should have something to do...and if he takes LOVE park away..then why dont he take the basketball courts away!?!?..
Kristin [06-23-2003]

i have skated love park some times but not much. i always wanted to try new things after i left. but then when i heard it closed, i lost all myenergy to want to be a pro skater. my last trick i remember doing was a 360 flip down the stairs. please free love park
Ryan Lucas, Camden DE [06-23-2003]

there was absolutely nothing as incredible as being fourteen, staying up all night, and going to hit love at five in the morning when it was totally peaceful and desolate. every trick i ever learned in those formative years skating was under those circumstances, the sun coming up behind the fountain and the city slowly waking up around me. it's absurd that the city is now taking that away from everyone, as well as city hall and rat curbs(philly heads know what i'm talking about). i haven't skated in years and s* like that is a major part of the reason why. FREE LOVE PARK.
the two one fifth revolution, boston(came up in philly and will always be a phillly native) [06-22-2003]

Yeah i went to love park a couple months before it was renavated. it was the sickest spots i've ever went to. i went there once, and started to get warmed up on the little 3 stairs. i saw tim o'connor, pappolardo, and getz there. then 10 minutes later i see every one running. the pigs were there. so we ran across the street. my friend said we should walk back up there and i said no but he walked any way so we followed. the next thing i know the pigs got us. we just got a warning, but we were still pretty bummed.
kurt lacko, New Jersey [06-22-2003]

i was lucky enough to skate love at least once a week for a few years. when i first started going there you never caught much s* from cops. i had heard stories of dudes who would try to jack your board or get a few bucks from you, but you never had to watch your back too bad. towards the end it didn't make sense how they'd have crazy undercover stakeouts and dirtbikes and bike cops and pickup trucks all coming through love hunting down skateboarders while obnoxious layabouts would be sitting around drinking forties and being bums. no offense to all the lurkers at love, but that's just ludicrous. they never caught grief while skaters were getting robbed, ticketed, and tackled by the police for doing something constructive. i don't know, i've never been to barcelona or stalin square in prague, but i do know that there is no place in the US like love park. Pulaski is sick, but love will always be the best. smoothest ground which you can finagle into a jump ramp? c'mon. screw mayor streets for trying to make a bunch of money off of skateboarding by bringing the X-games to town and then shutting down the greatest street spot of philly. the convenience may be gone, but the ledges are all still there. need to get on it. prop up a f* jumper over the planter! you guys are slacking. i'm going tomorrow night.
neezer, jersey shore [06-22-2003]

i fronside flipped the stairs to darkslide on the bench then 900 to kickflip manual 360 to primo grind. it was a wicked trick bra.
jonny owens, wake forest,nc [06-19-2003]

we need love!
anonymous [06-18-2003]

when the issue at skating love park dies down and they stop paying the undercovers to chill in the park and unexpectidly tackle skateboarders we will be back...frankdizzle
anonymous [06-18-2003]

i used to go to love park to skate like every weekend about 2 summers ago before the renovation and it is definetly the sickest skate spot in the world... its got everything.. ledges, stairs, gaps, manual pads, hand rail, ledge over can, bump to can,bump to ledge, ledges of stairs and benches off the 3 stair.. also the blue rail at the vistitor center which is now knobbed, and not to mention all those things are perfect marble, including the ground you ride on.. it was perfect for filming lines and it was a great meet up spot before going to other skate spots because it's right in center city. i had the most fun skating there than i did anywhere else in my life.. rip love
frankie brower, new jersey [06-18-2003]

Love park was the reason why every washington DC skater ever travelled to Philly. Simple economics defines love park as a posotive thing for the city of philadelphia. In case the city leaders are too ignorant to figure that out i will spell it out for you. More Tourists (love park skater visitors) + Money spending in your city = you really rich off of our desire to have fun in one of your PUBLIC parks. the fall of love park meant the decline of a large percentage of people wanting to visit the city of philadelphia. Now i could go on about this forever, but the fact of the matter is all i want is to be able to skate Love park again. it was one of the best skate spots on all of the east coast. i know that i and many others travelled there at least 4 times a summer to skate it, hell i've even made trips at 3am up there from DC just to skate that place. skating at love park was one of the greatest feelings you could imagine, it made you feel like you were being apart of a sub culture history that extends way back to the beginning of skateboarding on the entire east coast. to some that may not mean a lot, but to us it means everything. this isnt CA where spots are every is the nitty gritty eastcoast...where you gotta make your spots happen and hold on to them. so many great things came out of Love park that i am sure many of you will never know about, the likes of ricky oyola, vern laird, matt reason, other pro tours and visits, and just good old skateboarding...EASTCOAST represent...LOVE Park forever..come back to us....go skate
Eamonn Bourke, Washington DC area [06-18-2003]

I went to love once in my life. i drove for 3 days just to get there. and it was worth every second. free love park
Joe, Canada [06-18-2003]

I haven't sk8ed love park before,but I've seen it in vids and stuff,but everyone looks happy there.So why close it down?I mean,we are not breakin' anything,and no-one uses it apart from skater's.Just stop being so uptight about it and re-open it,or someone might get hurt.
Ginger Sam, England,essex,Harlow [06-18-2003]

i love Love Park dont get rid of it
Bob [06-16-2003]

I have skated Love Park twice and i only thought it was fun because all the pros have skated it. By the way a marble ledge is no better then metal coaping or iron angle so go buy a piece of that and put it on a box and you would have Love Park in your driveway. dont give me that crap that it isnt the same, It is!
Bob McElroy, Holland Pennsylvania, 18966 (Bucks County) [06-15-2003]

dude, its so wrong to shut down one of the most precious skatespots skaters can have fun and enjoy life (which is what skateboarding is all about) just because some of the edges on the ledges are now rounded and black with wax. Gasp! How could us skaters be so insensitive.....
Evan Stanhope, West Milford NJ [06-14-2003]

i think of myself as a veteran of LOVE park. I live only about half hour away from the park. I skated 4 times a week there. and over the summer every damn day i skated there. since the cops closed it down i was pissed. but hey what can we do. i think that the people of philly should start a voting thing to see if it should be closed down for good or it should be open. skateing in love park changed my life. it was the sickest park i every seen it was a true street skateing park. long live love park
anonymous [06-13-2003]

i went to love about 2 years ago and it was sick. it was the only reason i went to philly, and if they do not unskatestop it, i will never go there again. kalis rules!
pat burgess, coffs harbour,australia [06-13-2003]

aww love is defintly a a great moment in skateing but there are still a s* load of other spots in phillli so get the f* up and skate
kyle turpin, fredrick and rockville maryland [06-12-2003]

I was 16 when I first went to LOVE. I almost died when I stepped in just thinking of all the videos I had seen from there. I pulled my first 360 to 50-50 there and I plan to make it a 540 once the park gets reopened. ITs not fair they took it away from us. It like taking down statue of liberty. Please reopen asap
Andrew, Grand Rapids, Michigan [06-12-2003]

yo i skated love and it cool that ledges were perfect yo and the rails and steps were sick. and to take another thing from skaters when we dont have much in the first place.( thats not cool). devon h.
Devon Horne, coatesville PA [06-12-2003]

Anyone who has skated the park knows, nothing beats the feeling of rolling through love during a session on a summer evening. Nuff Said.
Tim Headache, Allentown, PA [06-11-2003]

love park wasn't the best park i skated, in fact i dont have any incredible story how i overcame one of my fears just because i went to love park. But, one thing i do have to say how un-fair this is, you give the basketball players there b-ball courts, and football players there fields...but what the f* do you give skaters, some peice of s* excuse for a skate park? love was real, it wasnt designed for just was what it was and thats all it needed to be. taking away love park is just as right as taking down the statue of liberty, cause it takes us skaters liberty away.
marty, cinnaminson, NJ [06-11-2003]

love park was the best skate spot on the east cost and now it is not there i see no reason to take it away from us kids it is not like we were there just to party we were there just to skate and if u r goin to stop us from doin that then u need to stop all the basketball player and s* in philly and if street can build a new basketball court like every month he can build us a skate park or 2 he does not have to be a dumb * all the time and not that there is no one skatin there i bet the city has lost lots of money and what the hell what the reason of the x-games commin here if they take away the world best skate spot i skate love and it was the best place to skate there was no better place then there love park rip * street and his wacked * people
vince wisniewski, cinnaminson nj [06-10-2003]

What was the city thinking when it did this horrendous act of discrimination? To take a way THE best natural skatespot (place to skate found in a city or other urban environment, when the “damage” done was insignificant. You do not see the city bulldozing other parks because of the much more visible damage of graffiti. This action is an outrage. The only reason the X-Games (which brought millions of dollars to local businesses) came to the city was the attraction of a real street skateboarding compaction. Compounded with the fact that Philadelphia promised to build a free public park over a year ago and has yet begun. My small town of Quakertown started talking about a park at the same time and they hope to be done by October. Another one bites the dust.
Ian Coley [06-10-2003]

love park is a place to skate and expand your skills. i skated there with kerry, josh and wenning all the time, and they tought me mad tricks and i have them and love park to thank for that. pat kerr r.i.p.
devin, philly [06-10-2003]

a great part of sk8in will b lost for ever. i skated love. All the skating that happened there, all the video parts it like died and went to heaven. but those stupid * had to close it. the drug dealers used it first we came in and kicked them out the the pple of philly said hell lets take it away from these vandals ex emb RIP peter
peter, silver spring MD [06-09-2003]

i skated Love for the first time about a year ago. It was one of the most exciting things i had ever done. when i first got there and saw the LOVE sign I almost had a heart attack, and all i could think about is all the video's i had watched and seen LOVE in them, and all the tricks that had been done into the fountain and on the ledges and everything else. I still cant beleive to this day that the city of Philly milked skateboarding and the x- GAYmes and all that crap for their benefit, and then took away one of the most famous skate spots in history is such crap. the city of ' brotherly LOVE' definatly isnt showing skateboarders any love at all, and its sad to think that they pay all those undercover cops to go stop skateboarders in the park, instead of stopping real crimes, and saving lives.
Jason, Syracuse, NY [06-08-2003]

LOVE PARK will always remain one of the best skateboarding spots in the world. Everytime I sessioned LOVE I was overwhelmed at the unity and fellowship that everyone portrayed. It did not matter if you were a local or an out of towner, everyone was down for everyone and the common love of skateboarding. That is and will always be LOVE!
anonymous, washington, dc [06-07-2003]

Man,i remember when i first entered that park,BOOM it was like heaven on earth.I don't understand why its called the city of brotherly love if a cop tackles a person EXPRESSING HIMSELF.BECAUSE WHEN I WAS THERE I SAW A PERSON (with a long jacket till his knees) FLASHING HIS...hum-hum GENTLE PARTS. LOCK HIM UP! THAT'S THE FREAK ENDANGERING THE MENTALITY OF PUBLIC PHILADELPHIA!Oh yeah the ledges at LOVE...They rocked. -Free Love,not criminals.
Mr. Poe, In my house,right across the street from Love Park [06-07-2003]

I've skated love before when everything was skatable. It was one of the greatest memories of my life. It brought people together doing what they like at a place thats been so legendary to the skating community. It was a mecca if you will. Everyone got along talked and complete strangers became friends instantly. Thats what LOVE has to offer and thats why LOVE needs to come back.
MIke [06-07-2003]

ya,i grew up skateboarding (mostly at love). it kept me outa trouble. you know the typical trouble teenagers get in like drinking,drugs,vandalizm ect. skateboarding at love distracted me from all that (kinda like sports or chess club or whatever jocks and nerds do that keeps them on the "right" side of the was a fun laid back way of life. but then they turned us into criminals. now if you banned basket ball do you realy think people will stop playin basketball? of course not! your just going to alienate them by turning them into crimminals.and once you have been legislated into a criminal you loose any respect for the law, and begin questioning the point of every other law. and now that its such a crime to skateboard(and im now a criminal) ive found myself spending less time skateboarding and spending more time involved with other (easier) crimes that i never would have considered had not the city of philadelphia legislated me into a criminal. next time my name appears on the side of your house,van ect. thank the city of philadelphia(and especially john street,mike nutter) for turning me into a criminal mind, making it so hard for me to go skateboarding that i must find easier(if not less productive) ways to enjoy life.
SIK ONE [06-07-2003]

I went to love park once with my friends from northhampton,PA.It was the greatest everyone was all cool and there was somany different spots it was crazy, to bad i didn't have my board i would have skated.
Taylor E., Montgomery,Al. [06-07-2003]

aww man. some of the greatest times of my life were spent at love park. i went there for the first time to skate two years ago. ive come back many times and it always warms my heart. and no matter what they do to it, they can never take my memories. vive love.
Kieran, Oak Lane [06-07-2003]

Ya i skated there once, I was on a trip and when you just go down to see where it was is was amazing too see all of these skaters haveing a great fun time. Those are good memories that are a part of us that those people that closed LOVE Park cant take away from us. Share the LOVE, Share the Park.
Terence Lowe, Edmonton [06-06-2003]

once in love i was skating and saw my first pro skater kerry getz.he was busting and thay were filming so now if you go to love you get hassaled by the po po's.And all of the hardcore tricks that went down there like reynolds frontside flipping the big 4
justin, ontario,ca [06-05-2003]

Drove out from Milwaukee, not once, but twice to skate Philadelphia. Love Park was not the only reason, but it was a big part of wanting to go. The second time we drove out there, we had little money and no place to stay. Across the street from Love, minutes after we had to run from the police, we met someone who not only showed us around the city and told us when it was alright to skate at Love, but he also gave us a place to stay for a whole week. He showed us which guys were the undercover cops watching out for skaters. You could tell by their cheesy cop mustaches, and how their eyes followed you if you looked like you were about to have fun. I actually witnessed, and filmed, a police officer literally tackle a kid who couldn't have been younger than twelve without any warning at all. For what? Riding a skateboard? Ridiculous. Nice message to send to the youth, Philadelphia. Closing the park to skaters doesn't even make sense. They cite that "the damage" is one of the reasons for closing it...well, the damage is already done, what's closing it going to do now? It's also extremely hypocritical for the city to hold the Xgames there, make millions of dollars off of it, and then shut down the whole reason that the city got the Xgames there in the first place. But politicians being hypocritical? Yeah, that never happens! We may not be able to skate there now, but when the issue dies down, and they decide that it's not in the budget to post an officer at the park all day to stop people from having fun, skateboarders will come back, mark my words.
Josh, Milwaukee [06-05-2003]

i skated love park before, but i only got to skate it a few times untill it got shut down. i learned a lot of tricks there and i hate to see it closed down with no one skating it, it is a big part of skating and should be re-opened
roy redenbacher, Philly [06-04-2003]

i never got to skate love but ive always wanted to. i had been saving up my money so i can go there then i found out that they were tearing it down. i was heart broken(and still am). if they were to make love park a skate park than everyone would be happy. and it wouldn't cost a dime
Jake, Carlsbad california [06-04-2003]

just open love! everywhere in philly sucks besides there and city hall. i'm ready to sk8 love right now. them cops can't catch me .... west falls
ryan, philly [06-04-2003]

first time i skated love park was last winter... me and my freind got up at like 9 oclock and took the bus down there to skate and there was already people there that commited to skate we skated and i nailed a few tricks it just felt good to be there because love is such a icon in skating many kids from the west coast want to skate love.. Free Love
keffman [06-04-2003]

I skated LOVE once but i have been there twice..The first time i was there it was about two weeks away from being reconstructed or whatever...My dad sat and watch as i had the time of my life...I saw so many good people there ripping...Now i want to stand by those guys who i saw there and i was inspired by to let our LOVE spread thorughout the skateboard world...So go grab yourself a tee-shirt that says "Free LOVE Park" up at Nocturnals on south street...We are all in ths together. AIM-Crailtap504 or email me your opinion.
Ford, Mays Landing, New Jersey [06-04-2003]

i skated love park 2 times it was soo gd fun i was with my 2 best friends the frist time we were there for like 2 hous it was great i learned how to k-grind there and 360flip i met a lot of good people there that inspired me to go bigger i wish i could sk8 it again with out gittin busted just one time. i hope that they build a replica of it for skateboarding that would be sweet. man i miss that place (i hate the cops i want to hit them in the head with my skateboard) it seemes the only place to sk8 in philly now is FDR. what is goin to happen next cops are goin to go to fdr and say we cant sk8 there
chris, nj [06-04-2003]

I only skated love park once. I had more fun there than at most of the spots i skate on a daily basis. I would have enjoyed it even more if i didn't have to look over my shoulder every other minute to make sure i wasn't going to get tackled by a cop.
Peter Trapasso, phoenix, arizona [06-04-2003]

I went to LOVE park during Spring Break of 2002. Me and a few friends drove for an hour and a half or so to get there. As a skateboarder, seeing LOVE for the first time is like a Christian finding Jesus himself. I was amazed when I got my first glance at the perfect marble ledges that lined the entire park. I took one look at the LOVE fountain gap (which I assured myself I would try before even seeing it in person)and was shocked by it's huge size.. It made me respect any skater that killed the LOVE gap so much more. I scoped out sets of stairs and ledges that I wanted to skate before leaving the park. There was so much to attempt, I didn't know where to start. LOVE had been everything I expected it to be, and then some. I decided to start skating the ledges surrounding the fountain. After about 20 minutes of skating a cop came running fullspeed out from his hiding spot behind a ledge. He basically slide tackled one of my friends and grabbed his board from him. Someone yelled "5-0!" and all of the skaters in LOVE bailed out. I made it out of the park and watched from a safe distance. The 4 other kids I came with went up to my friend who had his board taken from him. At this point, 2 plainly dressed women (cops) came up to them and snagged their boards out of their hands. Seeing this happen made me feel like some sort of criminal. A criminal, because I WENT SKATEBOARDING with my friends. Needless to say, the 6 of us went home 5 boards short that day, but even though our time we skated LOVE was short, it was definately worth it just to say I've skated LOVE Park.
Chris Spiegel, Monmouth NJ [06-03-2003]

Me and my boyfriend taylor fisher used to go there sometimes, and we would have a "good time" if u know what i mean
Dena Huffman, Wake Forest,NC [06-03-2003]

yeah man i sk8ed there too! It was sweet cause i did a frountside flip off thoeses stairs!
steve [06-03-2003]

Im about to go down there right now. Screw the cops I dont care
Robert London, Philadelphia, PA [06-03-2003]

LOVE PARK was the s*! Me and my friends used to skate there every time we went to Philly. We used to skate there for like 4 or 5 hours. It was like skating in heaven. Everything was perfect all the gaps and stairs and ledges I loved it. The first time i got sponsered the whole video was filmed at LOVE PARK. It is the best place to skate. When i would go the there would be other kids just having fun and SKATING. so FREE LOVE PARK
anonymous, Wake Forest, NC [06-03-2003]

we went out to the east coast from indiana and went well out of our way just to hit up Love park. it was pretty rad. i saw mike maldonado, kalis, knox godoy and anthony pappalardo. that place seemed like it was made for us.
benji, Brazil, IN [06-03-2003]

I skated Love Park for years, and when I moved to the city to go to the Art Institute of Philadelphia, I could skate Love daily. This is where everyone wanted to be, at any given time you would see Top Pros, Top Ams and major photographers and video guys all intermixing and skating with everyone. Skating is the great equalizer, people of all races, classes, and countries would come together to skate/network and make new freinds. The friends in skateboarding are the friends you make for life. I met people from all over the world, made a lot of new friends/aquaintances, made a little extra money teaching younger kids to skate and even had job and internship opprotunities all from skating at Love. It was also the place where various styles and levels of skateboarding could be found and discovered. Skating at Love definately helped my personal skating gain exposure Freestyle Flatland/Street, to the point that when I visited other towns/states people would recognize as one of the many people who skated at Love regularly, this happened to a lot of us, which led to sponsorship opprotunities and for us to take our skating to the next level. Love was and still to this day is considered a Mecca of Skateboarding although you can't skate it now, when people ask where your from and you say Philly people always ask about Love Park and respect the history that was made there. The City known for brotherly love as well as the fat city however it is also known as the Fighting City, while certain politicians/city officials and contractors pat each other on the back (Brotherly Love/getting Fat)to make more condos or parking lots. The youth are fighting this injustice (Ban) and combating this oppression through civil disobedience. Others are working towards a comprimise from both sides however that takes time and a lot of open ears from the City which seem to be closed most of the time. No matter what skateboarding will happen, every new obstacle is a new challange so they should save there money (city/businesses) and instead of trying to prevent(skate stoppers/ban/police 24-7 at Love) it they should support there local skateboarding community the money already spent on preventing it could have been used for other things like supporting skatboarding and keeping the streets safe. How safe are the streets when the people who are sworn to protect you are against you and will do whatever to stop you from riding a wooden deck with four urethane wheels even if it means endangering everyone in the process. Philly needs to get its priorities straight Skateboarding isn't a crime oppressing it is.
Freestylin, South Philly [06-03-2003]

i grew up in jersey about 20 mintues from the city but didnt start skating love until about a year after i started skating. it was really one of my first times in the city and i went with my best friend and this older kid i met the day before. he showed us all around the city and all the spots to hit. love was definalty amazing. this around 94/95 right at the end of all the fights and board theft [i heard mad stories about that place before so iw as a little sketched out to go] joe and i were in awe. he just watched everyone and didnt really skate too much. this one guy, lamar- i hink, said he used to just come here for years and just "watch peoples feet" to figure out what there were doing. it was insane there were about 50 people just skating around having the time of their lives. over the years we would go to the city almost every weekend int he summer. be ont he train by 10...8th and market by 1030 and skate until about 7 or 8 at night. love was great cos every day we went there were always mad people there. and if the cops came...everyone jetted across the street to city hall or the federal buildign with this huge domino pieces. even though i wasnt kickflipping the love gap, i was having the time of my life. i learned variel flips there and that day tried to take them to the little 3 set across the street at city hall. i still have the scars on my elbow from accidentaly doigna 360 flip and landing with both feet near the tail. i will always have those scars. forever. and i will always remember that. all the memories i have from that place. i moved down to nc about 3 years ago and when i heard about what was going to with love i was pissed. i kept asking my friends to take pictures for me of the demoliton and recostruction and asked them what was going on. thank goodness for cos they helped out with info a lot too we cant let mayor street do this to OUR spot. we need to take it back.
bob clark, wilmington, nc [06-03-2003]

I've been rollin' around LOVE since the late 80's. I've watched it slowly go from a low-key hassle-free skatespot to a world renown tourist-attraction ticket-trap. There's no possible way(short of destroying the park) that the city can hope to keep the kids from skating LOVE. It's a waste of money,resources,and time. Furthermore,I'm sure the city can find a better way to use undercover cops than for harassing skateboarders. I've accumulated about 3 tickets and 2 court appearances for "disorderly conduct" stemming from skateboarding at LOVE and/or City Hall. Skateboarding in Philadelphia is getting to be an expensive habit. LOVE played a big part in putting the east coast on the map and that's never gonna be forgotten,no matter how many planters the city puts there. One day,I'd like to be able to bring my kid there to ride without having to worry about Officer Friendly writing me a ticket. Do the right thing.
Donny Binaco, Jersey Shore [06-03-2003]

LOVE park... yo, the parents, city council all of them have had dreams, and wishes and this is a skaters dream... open it and let a lot of kids experience a dream. its not everyday that hundredes of kids come together in one place and dont destroy anything... THEIR JUST SKATING! LET THEM. let the youth of the country find something ausome and amazing. Skate hard. Peace.
rusty, coolville [06-03-2003]

when i was terring up love park i ran into some kids to skate with we started to play skate and i was up to k-grind i hit a kink and busted open my jaw, then kept on skateing the awsome park.
Jamie, Kentucky [06-03-2003]

I skated Love tonight! Two hour session with great lighting and no interruptions. It's going to be a good summer.
ROBO, Philadelphia PA [06-03-2003]

When I went to love, it was incredible. All the energy was just right there, it was just "it." There were kids everywhere, helping eachother out, having fun. I even saw a pro for the first time in my life. He was killing it too, and hanging out with the rest of the kids. Re-open it!
Gabe, Montclair, NJ [06-02-2003]

Anticipation skyrocketed as we pulled up to Embassy Suites, grabbed the new deck out of the car, and carried my two days worth of skateboard CRAP into the hotel. Went up to the room, threw the CRAP next to a TV and dashed to the enclosed balcony to get my first overhead view of this GREAT PLACE. Where's LOVE? I can't see it! Let's go SKATE! Lets GO! Three hours in the car without skateboarding once is enough to make me crazy. Eventually our boards went to the street and cruised toward LOVE. We soon realized cars don't tend to slow down when you cross the road. If you don't get out of the way the driver will hit you. Well we finally popped up some curb and cruised on the granite panels that were nearest to us. Immediately we noticed some patrolling officers, and kept skateboarding. Noticing we were not from around here they gave us the wave smack air signal like when there are bugs flying around you type style. We were like CRAP. So we picked up our deck and wandered the place you know to get familarized, this was about a week after the X games, BULL CRAP, so the cops were on that place like some redneck and his sister. So we dashed to CITY HALL, got kicked out, and went back and forth on the closest side to LOVE. I kept staring at a nicely fashioned piece of angle iron over a three set, and the planters in the way of every set, and sandblasted ledge there was. The next day came around and after skateboarding Philly for a day was enough to not want to ever leave...
The Alex Gaudio, Sussex New Jersey------Same country as you (dogg) [06-02-2003]

Yeah i went to LOVE Park it was the best experieace of my life. Me and my crew went up there to make a skate video and got some sick tricks done in that park.It Was the Greatest ever. If we get LOVE back it will the greatest again. I cant wait to skate it again. Midnight skating. If you never skated there i suggest you do. SHYDELL
Chris Shy, Langhorne PA (next to philly) [06-02-2003]

I skated LOVE after they reconstructed for like 5 minutes. I mean. I was in philly. I was next to LOVe park. I had my board. I had to. eventhough I aint the best, I had to do it. The law might be there, but the mood and mememorys will always stand.
Effy., toms river NJ [06-02-2003]

Love Park was a good place to congregate and skateboard. The features were perfect for skateboarding. We put it to more use than it would have been if no skaters were ever there. There was once a time when skating there started, and that's all that you would find, skating and rats everywhere. Skaters put the park to use when no one even wanted to walk through it. John Street used it to make more money than the actual worth of the park, so where is the problem of letting the park be skated. If it is already paid for, the city is really at no loss.
Brad Jones, Virginia [06-02-2003]

Love park is a great skate spot. Adding that 300 dollar fine for skating there is just crazy. Its not like skaters ruin the place.
Matt Lesbirel, Natick, Ma [06-01-2003]

I Skated love park a couple of times, and it was great while it lasted. I was just there recently and i put my board down, and instantly cops rushed the area. Love Park was the best place to skate in Philadelphia, and still is. So please re-open love park to the skaters it is the best park around, and it will show that you have love for your youth.
Joe Cice, Natick MA [06-01-2003]

The cars parked so many blocks up. Me and my crew are burnin down the sidewalks just cruisin smoking a stoge. We round the corner by City Hall. Before we even round the corner we could already hear wheels rollin and boards floppin everywhere. I saw that big ol Love sign. I remember the dankness,the feeling of like hell yeah,this is it man. It was March,just a lil while before they closed the joint up. Me and my friends walked up the stairs in the back,before I even hop on my board Im just thinkin yo,that was dank as Mike Manidis threw out a sick crazy steep nosegrind goin like mach 10. These are just some of the things I saw of the 4 or 5 times I went there,and for some damn reason it was always in March that I went. Josh Kalis throwin a proper back tail. Josh Kalis with a bigspin switch b\s 5050. A fine nollie flip up one of the fountain ledges with room to spare. Stevie Williams smokin a blunt with his crew and then just switch ollie over one of the cans on its side. Anthony Pappalardo just crooked grinding one of the ledges up top the fountain perfectly. Meeting Tim O Connor and then watching him switch tre while casually cruisin along. Dont forget his perfect front blunt across the ledge by the Love sign. I saw Pete Eldridge there but cant remembered what he did,it was probably something switch tho with style. Scott Kane with a switch front salad b\s 180 out down by the fountain. Brian Wenning did a nice nollie flip b\s 5050 to warm up. Oh cant forget the switch back tail to warm up either. Kerry Getz just cruisin around. Damn,of the only 4 or 5 times I went there I can barely remember half the stuff I saw there. I dont even wanna go to what I saw at City Hall back this previous March. I cant remember if Pete Eldridge ever landed that switch tre down the 6 stair. I do remember tho City Hall was slicker than ice when we were skatin and my grip tape was peaced out. My friend Ryan wont ever forget just him and Kerry skatin one of the ledges out in Love. My friend always talks about it,thanks to all the pro's a
M diddy, Hunterdon County NJ [06-01-2003]

I went to skate love park about a year and a half ago it was the best feeling i have ever had skateboarding. This is still the best feeling I have ever had skateboarding and most likely the best feeling i will ever have skateboarding. When you go there to skate there are pros there most likely everyday it is so awesome knowing that you can go somewhere to skate with pros and not have to worry about anything. PLEASE RE-OPEN LOVE PARK PLEASE! CUSTOM SKATESHOP Vineland, NJ (856)-305-4077
Walter Sharp, Bridgeton, NJ [06-01-2003]

LOVE park..the greatest thing ive ever was extremly fun and intense. So many kids we miss it it was the best place to go in the east coast
terrance, cinnaminson Nj [06-01-2003]

We use to roll up to Phily from Atlantic City and always had a hell of a time.. I lost my car keys on a Sunday and my car was parked mad long in front of LOVE.. Had to wait three hours for someone to come out.. Once they did, it was already night time and my friends grabbed there boards out of the car and started skating LOVE.. my friend Devon ollied the gap that night.. true story.
Takizzle, LP, Maryland [06-01-2003]

LOVE PARK was the funnest time i ever had.
zeke, knoxville [06-01-2003]

I only skated there once but i loved it. once you walk in there you feel pro. The air smells perfect. MY line was ollie the 2 threes then backside 180 the last set and i feeble a ledge but i got kicked out just in time to stick that line. it's so fun. and skaters just go there to have fun R.I.P. Love park free it
Jesie goodrich, Vernon NJ [05-31-2003]

i skated love park many times and it was okish
Eric Kosten, California [05-30-2003]

LOVE PARK is just a place where people of all different religions, colors, and classes can get together and enjoy a passion that they have in common. love brings many skateboarders from all over the world to philly. ask owners of the shops and store surrounding love if they would want skateboarding back at love. im sure they would.....
LUKE, 610 [05-30-2003]

I am a skater from Texas and LOVE Park was a skate spot that was seen heavily in the skate magazines & video's in the mid 90's. People like Ricky Oyola, Fred Gall, Matt Reason, Serge Trudnowski and many other local skaters helped put Philly on the map of desired skate spots in he U.S. Check out the older videos "Eastern exposure 1 & 2" . The Skate shop Sub Zero also come to my mind automatically because they were the shop in town most of the cool cats rode for. Anyone skating in the 90's at that time wanted to go and skate LOVE park and also stop by Sub Zero skate shop. I was fortunate to skate there on about 3 different trips and it was a great experience that i will never forget.
John Watkins, Houston TEXAS [05-29-2003]

i have sadly never skated love park, but i wish i could have... i passed it a couple times in the car i was noticing how much it meant to all skaters it was the most innovative spot of its time i am upset they shut it down because i wanted my chance to skate there, and learn!
peter fried, pennsylvaina [05-29-2003]

This may not be the right way to start this off, but it has to be said. I used to skip school so many times with my friends to skate Love. We felt so great to go down there so early and get a head start on the day(not to mention it's a lot better then sitting in a classes were you got straight B's). When we first got down there you could already feel the anticipation. Then it would happen; the session started and we were free. Free from school, free from worries and cares. Skateboarding for me just was always a escape for me. I didn't need or want to do drugs I just wanted to hop on my board and have fun, and Love was the spot to do it at. Anyway we would get the usual chase by a cop which added a lot of excitment sometimes, and a excuse to stop skating to stop and eat for a part of the day. Everyone knows where you had to go too, the WAWA. It was like the safe haven for when you ran and everyone knew it, even the cops. Night would come and by this time we would all be exausted, but we were having to much fun to stop. You knew time was gonna be up soon as you were gonna have to go home, so you just pushed that extra step harder. It's actually just so hard to write this cause so many memories pop into your head and you want to write them all but everything is just getting confusing to write, but those times I had down at Love were unforgettable. I only wish we could have it back. I just want to know what happend to my city? Whatever happend to looking after something that means so much to it's people. What ever happend to the city of brotherly LOVE.
Bob Osborne, Philadelphia, Pa [05-29-2003]

When I started skating, i'd look at magazines and see the philly locals skating LOVE.I looked up to so many people, especially the unknown locals who choose not to be sponsored and just have fun just killing the place.The first time I had rolled on the ground there, I knew this was the place for me. It was a place skaters from all the local towns could come and meet new friends, learn gnarly tricks and have dream sessions until late at night. One of those was like a day in heaven. But the Authorities of Philadelphia think were purposly destroying our favorite place on Earth. When I heard LOVE was being destroyed, it affected everyone I knew, Just seeing LOVE surrounded in barbed wire fences was a tragity. I hope the city of Philadelpha realizes what a mistake they have made and fix it as soon as possible.
Harrison Eckstein, Lower Merion PA [05-28-2003]

I got to skate Love Park back in 92 with Caballero while we were on tour. Man, good ledges. Philly definatly is on the top of my list as one of those places where the people where the best and the spot was top notch. Pretty rad to roll into town and hit up Love and have the locals show us around the town. Definatly the city of brotherly love. Warm freinds, cool beer! I love that city. Sorry 'bout my Bucs takin out the Eagles though. Much love to Love!
Lance Conklin, san diego, california [05-28-2003]

The one and only time I ever went to Philadelphia was right after Chrisitmas of 2001. It was so cold outside that my face felt like it was gonna freeze off. We left Sunday at 3:30 p.m. and drove straight to Philadelphia and didn't get there til 2:30 in the morning. Then we skated all night and all morning and drove back Monday night. We drove a total of 22 ours or more for 11 hours of skating. And it was all worth it cause we got to skate love park. Even if it was cold. The only things that attract me to Philadelphia is skating and the Rocky stairs. And you know what we are leaving once again for Philadelphia this Friday May 30th and we are staying til Tuesday June 3rd. And we are going to skate love and we are going to skate everywhere, cause we love skating and you can't keep us from love. We WILL skate it. There is nothing they can do about it. I may get a fine, but I don't care. I've already got the money put aside to pay it. I'm ready to skate love! I will fram a ticket that I get for skating love. Skate or Die!
Ted Alldaffer, Clarksville, Indiana [05-28-2003]

I grew up skating all over philly .Me and my brother used to go and skate Love with our friends all the time. I think some of the best times of my life were just skateboarding at Love park. My brother died about a year ago and i'll always have those memories of skating with him at Love park to think of. If there is a heaven then I'm sure he is there right now and its probably a lot like skating at Love park. Why would our city want to destroy something so perfect? They should look as a blessing. Rest in peace Pat.
Brendan Kerr, Philly [05-27-2003]

being a teenager and a skateboarder i have always wanted to skate at love. but now after renovations i cannot skate there. when i heard the news about LOVE i felt like there was an important piece of skatebording gone.but now that skating is so poular it cannot be ignored.more people came to love to skateboard than to eat lunch. i think that we all need to get together and get skating legalized in love!even the person that desighned love wants the skaters there.LETS GET SKATING LEGALIZED IN LOVE!
CASEY GERRY, sarasota, fl [05-27-2003]

I moved to the city from out of state. I went to Love park and FDR to find like minded individuals (friends). It worked out well. Cities all over are building skateparks, but to be honest I think Philly needs to cure some other ills first. That opinion only makes the revision/gentrification of love park (which was definately designed to entice people to move into the Phoenix)because the city had a world famous skatepark that withstood years and years of skateboarding and now they have thrown money away with the redesign, AND now the local skaters will not rest until a new park is built. I have rarely seen a more shortsighted decision from a government. The city needs to act for the people, from the homeless to the rich, and not just for an apartment building owner.
DO, Philly pa. [05-27-2003]

As a skateboarder, the first time stepping into LOVE was like stepping into heaven. Many of the manufactured skateparks of today still do not have the natural skatability of LOVE park. I've met some of my best friends skating at LOVE. Words can't express how much LOVE park has meant to me.
Matthew L, Wilmington, DE [05-26-2003]

I remember the first time i went to Love, It was probably one of the most fulfilling days in my life. Skateboarding is a huge part of me and getting to skate one of the most perfect places in the world really gets you pysched. I skated there plenty of times, from early morning sessions to 2 in the morning sessions and there are always people skating, until the cops come anyways. Skating at love changed the way i viewed skateboarding and to not allow me to skate there anymore along with all the philly locals and other out of towners, is just a horrible waste of that plaza. There is some wear and tear to the ledges but for being skated for almost 15 years they have held up pretty damn good. To sum it up... FREE LOVE PARK!
Andrew, Allentown, PA [05-25-2003]

skating love was awsome that place is just so danm good, i skated it a lot on the weekends it's really really fun up there they got big ledges, small ledges, little stairs, big stairs, danm man it's just so fun being able to go up there you know, oh by the way my name is matt i'm pretty close to that area up there i've been skating for like 2 and a half years i skate everyday well almost everyday pretty much and yes i would defenitly like to have love back, love needs to stay for good so that's what i have to say about that, late.
matt enriquez, zebley rd. boothwyn pa 19061 [05-25-2003]

i skated LOVE all the time. sometimes we would take the train down from doylestown. theres no better vibe then the one i got when i saw it for the first time. it was better than sex. not to mention, that we put down a killer sesh. i was heartbroken when i heard the news about its destruction
slooky, philly burbs [05-25-2003]

I moved to Center City from New Jersey to go to school at the Art Institute and to finally witness firsthand what I had seen in skate videos; LOVE Park. The center of Philly's thriving skateboard culture. This was a place where all colors, sexes, ages, classes and skill levels could come together and exist in harmony because of skateboarding. Sure, the ledges got scratched. They're replaceable. Think about that 13 year old kid who doesn't have anywhere to skate anymore; he might be getting involved in self destructive behavior since he can't focus his energy on skateboarding. He might not be that easy to repair.
mike tafaro, philly pa [05-24-2003]

I skated Love in the 80's and it was something special. I never dreamed it would become an icon. I started skating again two years ago at the age of 30 because of Love. I work in Center City and would sit at lunch time and watch people skate. Watching the pros mingle with beginers and tourist skaters made me miss the feelings this brought me. I never had the chance to skate there again. Free Love!
Vona, Washington Twp. N.J. [05-24-2003]

Love Park is a great place to skate, even though i only skated at it a few times, i still think skateboarding makes it what it is, people went there to see their favorite pros, and watch them skate, and just hang out there for the day. let us skate, so it can all happen again. I would be ok with only some skating hours, like at lunch time no skating, cause of business people, but just let us skate!
Louis Gagliardi, Nj [05-24-2003]

The main reason that I decided to go to school in Philidelphia was its vibrant skate scene. Within skateboard culture, the city has always been known to be one of the best for skateboarding. This fact, undoubtly, owes itself to LOVE. The place, within the center of an urban area, had evolved into exactly what was best appreciated by the people and this fact should not be ignored. Give LOVE back to the people! Keep up the good work guys, I sure hope I can enjoy some sessions here, with any of y'all in the future.
Andy Kurowski, narragansett, RI [05-23-2003]

I grew up skating Love Park. It was a place that truly engendered youthful inspiration. Love Park, JFK plaza, the place where the Robert Indiana sculpture is, was a true city space. A place where all Philadelphians could enjoy a break in between sky scrapers. Now it is just another plaza inspiring nothing but mixed feelings. The person who designed it, and the person who envisioned it (Edwin Bacon) don't approve of its current use. Give these artists their vision back. And return the common spaces of Philadelphia back to the Philadelphians. Make Love Park what it used to be!
Timothy Foden, Washington DC [05-23-2003]

I moved to Philadelphia because of LOVE Park. Of course, there were other reasons; school, music, and just wanting to live in a big city, but LOVE overpowered all of them. All throughout my youth I could only see it in videos and dream about skating it at night. The first time I saw it I was awestruck. I couldn't believe that someone had actually designed the perfect skatepark, completely by accident. After my freshman year at Temple, I moved to center city so I could skate to the park at my leisure. Summer nights at LOVE were incredible. Sometimes you could catch fireworks going off at the art museum and everybody would stop skating to watch. Professional skateboarders built careers around LOVE. Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis would have entire videos parts filmed entirely at LOVE. I remember one time going to LOVE and seeing the entire Girl/Chocolate skateboard teams there. They had come all the way from Los Angeles to skate at LOVE. Banning skateboarding at love park is not just an insult to skateboarders, it's an insult to every citizen of Philadelphia. We're being denied a cultural landmark for strip mall style planters and another dead, boring, urban waste.
Rob Reed, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

It's just awesome. On a bright beautiful Philly day, few things are better than steppin' on my deck and grabbin' some air at Love Park. Sometimes I showed up with a camera just to watch the numerous other skilled boarders there. Love Park skaters are just brewing in talent and should continue to hone their skills. FREE LOVE PARK!
P-Nut, Philadelphia [05-22-2003]

Love Park is more than just a park, it epitomizes a Philadelphia spirit & culture reflecting what is important to us. Skateboarding is important to us. It is our chosen form of expression and Love was/is our playground. Skateboarders popularized Love Park and Philly moreso than any ad campaign could. We started a buzz with the youth across the world that still brings people here today. Philly is a great city and people across the globe know this solely due to our massive skateboarding scene. I remember coming to Love seeing all of the pro's that grace magazine covers sipping from the same jug of water as local skaters. When you skated at Love you were a part of something larger and you felt it. Love Park was every skateboarder's home away from home and you could always go there and see some friends skating and forget about everything else except having fun. Love Park was the heart of Philly's skate scene for years and that scene is the sole reason why I chose to go to school here (Drexel grad 2003). Love Park is a skateboard mecca and many people's major reason for wanting to visit Philly. Unfortunately, with the recent illegality of skating at Love I see a reverse trend starting to send our residents and visitors elsewhere. People are now skipping right over Philly on east coast tours or trips because they don't want to end up on the wrong side of a jail cell for just doing what they love and have been doing for years prior. The toughest part of still living here is driving by Love everyday and not seeing a soul there skating. It looks ghostly and empty, lifeless. The positivity that skateboarding brought to the park is lost but not forgotten and skaters and residents alike across the world support Love Park for what it was/is, the best natural skatepark in the world. Hiding this with some grass or benches doesn't change that and not supporting it for what it is sends a clear message to the world on how Philadelphia's leaders feel about our youth.
Jason Macias, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

LOVE park is where I first learned how to skateboard. My roommates, who i still skate with, used to take me there everynight and we would skate. No matter how much I sucked, all the skateboarders were cool and helped. There was rarely an incident at LOVE park. I still skate LOVE park, and always will.
Roy El-Rayes, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

I moved here in 1993 to go to school at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. On the day I visited the school I skated over to LOVE and was so excited to see such a perfect skate spot. I had photos of the park on my walls back on Long Island and could not wait to skate there. I studied Graphic Design and stayed in Philadelphia for its thriving skateboard community. I started a magazine about skateboarding called Journal in 1996 with 3 other friends. Later I started a board company called Philadelphia Experiment. We produced a 45 min video that features LOVE Park and other Philadelphia street spots. In 2000 I became a board member for Franklin's Paine Skate Park Fund with my focus being on identity development and skatepark design. About a year ago I opened a shop in Old City called SkateNerd and have been showing the art work of skateboarders from all over the country. Please contact me if you need any more assistance in this effort. Thank you, Brian Nugent
Brian Nugent, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

I skated love park in the summer of 2001. I jumped all the three sets of stairs, i did a 50-50 on one of the ledges. This is the street skateboarding Mecca. I had such a great time skating until and inept police officer chased us out. After a half hour I was back skating. But not any more. Now if i even go near the park i will be tackeled off my board, my skateboard will be confiscated, and i will get a $300.00 fine. If Philadelphia loves young people, and wants them to stay in the city, then why do they treat us so badly.
Jake Werner, Philadelphia, PA [05-22-2003]

I never got to skate the park before it's skate stopper renovation, but grew up always wanting to go. It's been such an important place in skateboarding for more than the physical aspect... Love inspired a city of skaters that changed skateboarding in so many ways. I still got to roll around recently, but obviously in a leary fashion. Skateboarding has been robbed of an icon and Philadelphia has been forced into banning the youth on account of narrow minded views. These are important things to tackle on levels outside of the skateboarding community. Please keep up the good work. Kirk
Kirk Dianda, Laguna Beach, CA [05-22-2003]

I started skating Love in the summer of 1986. As a sophmore in high school and a then novice skater, I basked in the glory of Love Park. It was quite a gathering place, from suits, the chess players to the ever present homeless, and tourists who would always be snapping photographs of us. I will always cherish my memories of going to Spikes Skates then skating en mass to 15th and JFk. If only I had a videocamera back then to capture the expressions on peoples faces when a group as diverse as us skaters decended onto the marble slabs of the park! I wish everyone involved in saving the park the best of luck. And please don't give in, city parks are an essential gathering place for ALL people to express themselves in ALL ways, not just suits eating their sandwiches during lunch.
teahead215, Fishtown [05-22-2003] homepage

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