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im watching the movie national treasure and i want to know more about the liberty bell
TYRONE G LOUKAS, las vegas [01-13-2013]

I remember visiting the Liberty Bell center a few years ago with my family, but I only now came to visit this site after I read a fictional story where the character visits this location (hint: d5pa8vg). Good site, and I really enjoyed the MIDI file of the Liberty Bell March! /)
Jordan Olling, Age 22, Danville, CA [01-13-2013]

anna, alamosa co 20yrs [01-13-2013]

I just picked up a replica liberty bell from a huge Family Thrift store in my area. It's a glass bank, actually, the kind i remember as a kid, no plug on the bottom and you have to shake it to get any change out of it! the print on it is small and hard for me to read but i saw "Pass and Stow, Philadelphia, MDCCLIII" on the back and I didn't know what some of that meant so I googled it and here i am :) I was born and lived in Northeast Philly for a short time of 5 years but was back often to visit family. I've been to the bell but one time, and it was so long ago i mostly forget. i need to go see it this Spring, would be nice to visit Philly for the day anyway!
Danielle F. Marin, 42, Newport, DE [01-13-2013]

Thank you God for USA
judy chance, 48 tennessee [01-13-2013]

its very historical and it just gives us a lot of info on the liberty bell:)
s.mcilroy, 13 [01-13-2013]

Talia Genova, none of your buisness [01-13-2013]

i have to be here because im doing a project
Melanie [11-29-2012]

i want to know more about the bell
jack garren, cherryvile n.c. [11-29-2012]

Great piece of American history
Robert H., hoptown,ky [11-29-2012]

Phyllis southall, 56, Gonzales, LA [11-29-2012]

im doing it for school
ranesha, 10 taylor [11-29-2012]

God Bless the United States of America and everyone out there!
J, Roanoke,VA. [11-29-2012]

What a great piece of American history! People today should remember what this country used to stand for!
Robin Royak, 47 Santee,CA [11-29-2012]

lance cameron [11-15-2012]

liberty bell represent our freedom which was stands for the people who are oppress by those people who neglect others peoples rigth.
valentino l. namba, gifu ken 505 00046 minokamo city 1-2-14 nishi machi bevery hills 302 [11-15-2012]

whitney, temple [11-15-2012]

I am seven years old and this is my school project. I am interested in learning about our history and what the bell means to us citizens.
Lorelei Roeger, New Albany School, Ohio [11-08-2012]

Nice information that I will share with my 5th grader.
KH Barkhurst, 56 Dolores, Colorado [11-08-2012]

Hi..I've never seen the bell but hopefully I will in January..It's beautiful..
Mary Hernandez, 53 [11-08-2012]

I love the liberty bell
kristin, 36 [11-08-2012]

We can't wait to see more about the Libery Bell.
Mrs. Groos' first Grade Class, First Graders [11-08-2012]

Yes I am of the Stow family which is fifty % of the makers of this great historic bell. Want to learn more about it. This site is very informative. Thanks
Craig M Stow [11-08-2012]

Robin, 44 [10-24-2012]

Trying to help get more infomation for my grandchildren.
Linda Rhine, Whittier, CA [10-21-2012]

Great info! Now my 5 yr old wants to ring it!
kimberly t, vinton, la [10-21-2012]

Informative website.
Donna Mailman, Nova Scotia [10-21-2012]

luis jaquez, 15 ault, colorado [10-21-2012]

Great site, thanks for the reference material. Taking 320 eighth graders to Philly on a field trip, and this material is great for setting the stage!
Ben Krasnoff, Aberdeen, MD [10-15-2012]

ulysses jaquez, 12 years old ault,colorado [10-15-2012]

david,hill, 12,ault,colorado [10-15-2012]

gideon salamanca vera, san jose city,nueva ecija,pilipinas [10-15-2012]

Walt Bryden, Bay City Michigan [10-15-2012]

I once did a report and ushistory.org and this website really helped thanks!
Amy, 11 [10-15-2012]

Looking up information on our family tree, wanted to know if it was true, that John Jacob Mickley helped move the Liberty Bell. Thank you for the information.
Dawn Hoffman, 49 [10-15-2012]

It's a great site about U.S. history.
Niloybrata Rakshit, Agartala, India [10-15-2012]

Weather is cold, rainy and stormy
Fadir [10-15-2012]

I was interested in learning about the Liberty Bell and this site helped. Now I want to go see it.
Avery Peterson, 6, Elk Grove [10-07-2012]

Thank you for helping me with my homework. I used these to help me with my report.
Carter Diamante, 7yrs Grove City, Oh. [10-07-2012]

connor, 16 [10-07-2012]

I was there many years ago. An awesome place to go
Sandra L James, 83 [10-07-2012]

The website was informative, but can be a little more inviting. By inviting I mean that it can use a bit more color or make the size wider because right now it only fits half a screen. This website does help a lot though :)
Emily, 12 years old [10-07-2012]

Your history of Independence, fascinated me.
Joha Bin Hassan, 52yrs, Singapore City [10-07-2012]

hi, idk [09-30-2012]

carl richburg [09-30-2012]

it is kool
sarah, 13,hamlin [09-25-2012]

a big pic on this page
Lucaswatson, hamlin,wv [09-15-2012]

.sarah dolin, 13 [09-15-2012]

Just an amazing piece of history love it
marilyn simmons, 47 meiden ct [09-14-2012]

lea [09-10-2012]

Danielle Temple, 12, Owosso, Mi. [09-07-2012]

Mrs. Kabage's 2nd grade Class, Seymour, MO [09-07-2012]

I think the liberty bell is a symbol of our nations freedom
Trinity, Texas [09-06-2012]

You have some great information here! My only suggestions is to not have pictures that change, they should just stay the same. It's really distracting. Also red is an annoying color, and some people can't see it. And also can your page take up more of the space in the browser window? It seems all scrunched to one side. Anyway, I love the work you've done. The Liberty Bell is so cool.
Hannah-Riley Blessing, 38, Portland, Oregon [09-06-2012]

Im just here to Sign :)
Joseph Romero [09-06-2012]

I learned a lot of interesting facts from this website that I didn't know!
Dianne Allen, Ludlow, Ky [09-06-2012]

Great History/Story
arthur, Dublin, Ireland [09-06-2012]

I think that The liberty Bell is an amazing monument, and that the history behind it is just remarkable. I am happy to live in the United States. If it were not for the People of the Deceleration of Independents, We would not be the best country around. Gog Bless.
Bryan Meinberger, Windsor [08-31-2012]

I like your site. I even learned more than I did when I visited back in High School. I think it's great to have info out there like this accessible to most anyone. Nice work!
Kelli, 34 from Dayton, Ohio [08-31-2012]

the LIBERTY BELL should mean a lot to everyone but a lot of people have forgotten what this symble stands for. We need to reeducate the young generation.
t, Gary [08-31-2012]

vary good and a lot og help
daniel, 17 SanDiego [08-31-2012]

I live in Philadelphia and rarely get a chance to visit the Liberty Bell. I was there last year and in 2009.
Sondra Greenberg, 69, Philadelphia, PA [08-22-2012]

We had the opportunity to see the Bell this past summer. It was an amazing experience to bring history to life.
Tammy Walsh, 39, Burlington, Ky. [08-20-2012]

Nice website. God bless.
Alan Thomas Vonderhaar, 31; Pekin, Illinois [08-16-2012]

1910ther are cluad tham into the bell.
Zak p, 25 [08-16-2012]

My wife is a descendent of John Pass and I have heard the tale of the Bell recasting several times and just came to research it.
Thomas Moorer, Raleigh,NC [08-16-2012]

Michael Tripp [08-07-2012]

Great site--so full of information pertaining to my favorite state--Pennsylvania!
Jeannette L. Green, 84 years old, born in Pennsylvania [08-07-2012]

Awesome article... have a Liberty bell in my possession and just wanted to learn a little more about the words incribed on the bell.
Laura Harmon, Macon, GA [08-01-2012]

I love learning history
Marquita George, 28, Little Rock AR [07-30-2012]

Looking for visiting it.
Ramiz Kameel [07-24-2012]

the liberty bell is cool how did it crack? who made the bell
trinity smith [07-24-2012]

Loved it! Thank-you!
lori Barreto [07-16-2012]

As the British began to lay siege of Philadelphia, Ben Franklin had the Liberty Bell put into a cart and sent to his friend, Mickley, for safe keeping. Mickley's wife was a Troxell. When it was safe, Mickley sent the bell to Allentown.
Richard K Troxell, 83 [07-12-2012]

Mark A. Symanowicz, West Reading, Pennsylvania [07-02-2012]

As the British began to lay siege of Philadelphia, Ben Franklin had the Liberty Bell put into a cart and sent to his friend, Mickley, for safe keeping. Mickley's wife was a Troxell. When it was safe, Mickley sent the bell to Allentown.
Richard K Troxell, 83 [07-01-2012]

Derek Wrost [07-01-2012]

Thanks so much for this finely crafted resource. I host tours at the 1683 Caleb Pusey House in Upland, PA and am constantly exposed to horribly distorted information from visitors about Philadelphia history, including references to the Liberty Bell. You would not believe the places that I have been told that the Liberty Bell has resided. All wrong.. . Again, thanks
H. R. Peden, Aged 70; Home in Upland, PA; Board Member of the Friends of the Caleb Pusey House, Inc. [07-01-2012]

Rev. Jim Brosius [07-01-2012]

Joseph Norris Myers [07-01-2012]

we will be visiting here the end of july. i wanted to read about the liberty bell.
CHERRY ANDERSON, greenville [06-28-2012]

Also loved it and went and saw it!
Allison Calli Brown, 101 [06-28-2012]

Elysee Brighton Tsepete, 27,harare [06-28-2012]

My Sunday school teacher ask us to find information about the Liberty Bell.
Sylvester Crosslin, 67,Texarkana, TX [06-24-2012]

me & my mom are watch national treasure & are looking up all the facts throught out the movie, the site was an awesome help, yaaaaa
Keanu B Brooks, 15, North Las Vegas NV [06-23-2012]

Loved all the information, facts & statements.
Tina L Bond, 41, North Las Vegas NV [06-23-2012]

Love to see it in person
Joseph King, 46, Scotia, NY 12302 [06-23-2012]

I asked my granny about the crack in the bell. she looked it up on this site. Very helpful. Thank you
Sean Sailor, 8 years old. la quinta,ca. [06-15-2012]

It was cool for a school project (college of course)
Navive, 27 chester [06-15-2012]

It is great to be an American.
Vincent A Gallo, 9 yrs old [06-12-2012]

As a native of Philadelphia I constantly stay tuned to this station WURD. It is always a learning experience for me. The facts about the liberty bell are interesting and I never knew the history of it but....I do now!
Sondra, Atlanta, GA [06-12-2012]

luella revitt [06-12-2012]

Garry l Davis sr, 54 wilson nc 27883 [06-12-2012]

I have an original Liberty Bell photograph of the Liberty Bell taken at Camp Dix. Would you know what an original may be worth? It is framed and on the back of the frame are the details of the photograph, which states how many men, dimensions etc. Please feel free to contact me if you would have any information @mary.crouse@wellsgfargo.com
Mary Crouse, Iowa [06-12-2012]

I want a bell.
Liezel, 30 [06-06-2012]

This info is great for school projects!
Sanya [06-06-2012]

i really love to learn about the liberty bell!
bri, grand rapids [06-06-2012]

Isabela Flores, 11, Burlington, WA [06-06-2012]

Someday I want to vacation there to see all the history.
Justin Cessna, Wichita, KS. [06-06-2012]

I like this site!
Jay, 89 fortcollis [06-06-2012]

Kay Carl Champions Rm\. 53, 4th Grade - Las Vegas, Nevada [06-06-2012]

I grew up just outside of Philadelphia and made several trips as a youth to visit the Liberty Bell. Those visits and the immortal words inscribed on the bell will forever be etched in my mind. May she forever stand as our symbol of freedom!
Phil Sutherland, age 65 [06-06-2012]

I have a acquired many photos and memorabila from my great grand parents estate. In going through some of it I found an itinerary that was sent to my great great grandfather of The Liberty Bell from San Francisco to Philadelpha in 1915. I have not had a chance to really read the info and I have no idea of his connection as to why he was sent this info. He was a Dr. in Dallas, TX at the time. A form letter was included in the booklet signed by Charles Seger, chairman. It is really an honor to have this and read of history taking place. I am glad I could pull up some information of all this on your web sight.
Jeanetta Ellis, Palestine, TX [05-22-2012]

John Wagley, 25, Colorado Springs CO [05-22-2012]

love the artical
anonymous [05-22-2012]

Emily Roberts, 35 [05-22-2012]

Awesome facts I didn't know!
Kelly Connolly, 7, Las Vegas, NV [05-22-2012]

its amazing how it was made the way it was.i always thought it was so cool that it had that humungous crack in it so if you could tell who ever made it he/she was very lucky also could you tell me who made it next time and PLEASE PUT MORE INTERESTING things in your facts my friend ashlee requeested it .anyway here are my questions for you, how long did it take to get published why was that man with the wierd hair cleaning the bell while it was ringing isnt that DANGEROUS LOVE MICAH/P.S. AND ASHLEE
micah [05-22-2012]

The liberty bell is outstandto learn about
Shawna [05-22-2012]

Judith Styranka [05-22-2012]

Extremely helpful. Thanks!
Holly [05-22-2012]

Thank you for allowing us to view the bell virtually.
Mrs. Armentrout's 5th grade Class, Fresno, CA 93707 [05-22-2012]

marcus [05-22-2012]

matthew, 11, [05-22-2012]

Mic [05-22-2012]

It is very interesting
Sara, 13,Muskogee, ok [05-22-2012]

i love the thoughts of leaving the bell cracked
coty, 12,toney [05-22-2012]

It's so wonderful to have things that reminds us of the freedom America has gained over the years. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the liberty bell taking the trip across the United States. Wonderful website-Charlana
Charlana Smith, 24, Winter Haven, Fl [05-22-2012]

I am a first grade teacher and we are doing a presentation on The Liberty Bell for our school!
Mrs. Karen Taylor, Ashland, MA [05-22-2012]

very good
skylar quackenbush [05-22-2012]

Sadie Sorgatz, Litchfield [05-22-2012]

Nice site, Always heard stories about the bell, but wanted facts. Thanks
EHarper, 38 [05-22-2012]

I don't think anyone can justifiably offer any suggestions for improvement to you for your website or anything else, it seems, since you do such nice work! There's nothing I can come up with...just keep up the good work and may you be blessed for inspiring other Americans.
Darrell Eugene Bartlett, I'm 56 and I live in Middletown, CT and love collecting U.S. Coins. [05-01-2012]

i love the liberty bell
nikki [05-01-2012]

God Bless America my home sweet home, there is no place like home, Ma apple pie and the American way.
Marguerite Barton, Roselle IL. [04-30-2012]

joel levenson, 67-Columbus Ohio [04-30-2012]

What a rich history that our counrty has and how it was started. all should know this history for the early developing years of our country. "Let freedom ring".
David Lee Welzenbach, Waupaca, Wisconsin 54981 [04-30-2012]

jafel mcerya, 10,China [04-30-2012]

cool cat
gibry nayna, 34,Salem Oregon [04-30-2012]

i am old
magea jides, 199 [04-30-2012]

magey mogly, 16 [04-30-2012]

My Great,Great,Great,Great Grandfather was John Stow who worked with John Pass
Dan Stow, California [04-30-2012]

Need info for the students.
Beverly Benn, Teacher in Washington, DC [04-30-2012]

i love my friend marlene nd dc is alwsome
kiara w, 11 durham [04-30-2012]

i love dc i never been but i love it
kiara w, 11 durham [04-30-2012]

Ny'Asia Green, North Carolina [04-30-2012]

chanel [04-30-2012]

This website was great. It was cool to see the pictures of the bell. It was fun to learn about the history of the bell.
Mrs. Jurosky, Third Grade Class of Our Lady of Peace in Clarks Green Pa. [04-25-2012]

After researching my genealogy I have discovered that my ancestor Henry bartholomew took part in keeping the bell safe- pretty awesome!
Tracy Werley, Allentown PA [04-25-2012]

Juan Zapata, 10,North Carolina [04-25-2012]

keion via [04-25-2012]

michael katiyo [04-25-2012]

Jordann monroe masonnnnn, 10 durham [04-25-2012]

Zarya Moore [04-25-2012]

Ny'Asia Green [04-25-2012]

Washingtion D.c is awesome! !
cierra, 10 [04-25-2012]

kimmond, 11 [04-25-2012]

Mrs. Rouse's First Grade Class, six and seven years old [04-25-2012]

hi this is marlene ive been to dc it is so buttiful
marlene, 11 years old [04-19-2012]

I love Washinghton D.c
cierra [04-19-2012]

There was 2nd liberty bell cast and it was in church in Santa Fe, NM - what is story?
Janis Blackburn, 70 - Annandale, NJ [04-19-2012]

Helped a lt with the assignment that I have to do.
Nicholas Marlatt, 14 [04-19-2012]

Curtis Chamberlin, 55, shelton wa. [04-19-2012]

We enjoyed the website! Thank you!
Mrs. Clark's Class, 7, 8,9 year olds in our class - Kinston, North Carolina [04-19-2012]

I am writing an essay on the Liberty Bell.
Tabitha Seaman, 17, Tuscumbia Alabama [04-19-2012]

Great sight. Am using the info. and playing the bell sound for my kindergartners.
JoAnn Clark [04-17-2012]

when i saw it with my chouer we all loved it. please send me pictuers.
Destany Kessler, 11 rocester [04-17-2012]

Our 2nd grade class at Decherd Elementary is doing a research paper on the symbols of the United States, and mine is on the Liberty Bell. Thanks for all the information.
Camille Stewart, 7yrs old, Decherd, Tn 37324 [04-16-2012]

here for the firefighter funnerals, love the city and people
Wayne Everitt, brampton fire dept [04-15-2012]

since i went on a field trip today in the independence hall at 4,12,12 i learned all about this bell
shanell, 10 ca la [04-15-2012]

I had to find things about the bell, and this site helped a lot
Noel, 13 [04-15-2012]

Lysiane, Virginia [04-15-2012]

Thank you for creating this website!I've always wondered about the Liberty Bell's defects and now I know all about them!Thank you over and over again!
Jenny, Madison,WI [04-07-2012]

Came here for a school project. This really helped. Thanks :)
jessica, Florida [04-02-2012]

Robert R Fogarty, Trinity [03-31-2012]

KIMBERLY [03-31-2012]

best website to learn about the liberty bell!
TINKERBELL, 15 oh [03-28-2012]

thank you so much, this web site helped me learn a lot about our nations great bell! thanks!
Grace, 16 [03-28-2012]

Greta S. [03-28-2012]

I'm interested in the Liberty Bell and learning more about it. How it was dropped and cracked and in what location. Thank you.
Ruby Cobb, 85 Saint Louis Missouri [03-26-2012]

Wonderful website!
Deedee Summers, 65 Saint Louis Missouri [03-26-2012]

Timothy Kramer, Carlisle, PA [03-24-2012]

I love the Liberty Bell!:)
Zarina, 10 New York [03-24-2012]

The liberty bell is awesome!
Hannah, 10,crawfordville fl [03-23-2012]

yea this site is cool it's helping me with my studys.
Angela Coleman, age 56 Hartford ct. [03-22-2012]

kk, m [03-22-2012]

this is cool it helps my little 9 year old third grader
jessi lyn murphy, 32 elizzabethton [03-21-2012]

Katie [03-19-2012]

I thought this site was cool because it showed where the Liberty Bell traveled to. My mom thought this site was cool because of the history of the bell.
Sebastian Gomez, 10, Manteca, CA [03-19-2012]

prabeeshp, calicut kerala [03-19-2012]

Karen Marty, Age 62 from Colorado [03-19-2012]

I love the Liberty Bell it gives me hope and faith in the world
Samantha, Wyoming [03-15-2012]

i saw national treasure 1 & 2 and love the movies because i love history. found reading this info very interesting, keep up the good work
Phil Chilcott, bundaberg Qld Australia [03-15-2012]

why did the liberty bell crack
christiana, miami [03-14-2012]

;k;k,k, miami [03-14-2012]

I love learning about our national history. Thanks for the work that is put into maintaining this website.
Amy Leggett, 41, Cumming, GA [03-13-2012]

Thank you for all the information! I need it for my class poster.
Alyson Bachler, 6 yr old, Las Vegas NV 3-11-2012 [03-12-2012]

love it
justice, 27 hampton [03-10-2012]

hi abby
Emma, 8 look out moutin [03-09-2012]

i lerned a lot
tarun, georgia [03-08-2012]

Very interesting, a beautiful piece of American History. Thanks to my special friend John for reminding me of our history.
Tami [03-08-2012]

My Kindergarten class has been studying American Symbols. We throughly enjoyed your site and they especially liked hearing the link to the ringing bell! Thanks!
Pollyanna Moorman, Boca Raton Florida [03-08-2012]

Love the Liberty Bell. Wish I could see it.
Luke Foster, 9 years old [03-06-2012]

This site is very nice to look at and show the kids
Josie, Orlando Florida [03-05-2012]

I'm watching National Treasure on tv. Wanted to know what Pass and Stow was. Thanks.
Rebecca Fletcher, 33, Farmington, ME [03-05-2012]

Qué interesante historia la de la Campana de la Libertad. La primera vez que oí de ella fue en "How I met your mother". Fascianate!.
Toni, Madrid - España [03-04-2012]

Click here for guidance

Was looking up how liberty bell cracked.
Renee Jones, Mukilteo, Washington [03-04-2012]

rose daddino [03-03-2012]

tamyakearney [03-01-2012]

i think that is the beat thing that i ever learned! and i love it!
brianna [02-29-2012]

i really like this site
kyonna, milwaukee 13 [02-25-2012]

i think that this is really intresting to learn about. i am doing a project on it.
paige [02-23-2012]

I love this website as a Soldier and history buff!
SSG Upshaw, 42, Ft. Bragg NC [02-23-2012]

this is for blondes
abby graham, 13 [02-23-2012]

I love our history and will never forget seeing the Liberty Bell and Independance Hall.
Wilma Lee Steele, 60; Matewan, WV [02-22-2012]

amanda jackson, age 7 blue springs, missouri [02-21-2012]

This is nice. It is a good material for students who are audio learner especially students with disability.
MariaPriscilla, US Virgin Islands [02-20-2012]

andrea long, 9 FT. Oglethorpe GA USA [02-20-2012]

It s very inspiring I am so blessed of what our forefathers did
Danial khaling, 68 [02-18-2012]

My six year old son, coming home from school said," mom did you know that the liberty was rung on George Washington's birthday... and was never rang again because it has a crack on it,..." he proceeded to ask if I would get him books and papers about it. I was so delighted that such an icon in history has caught my sons eagerness to learn. Let freedom ring!
heather, 27 boonville in [02-17-2012]

Heather kreston, 36 yrs old from New Jersey [02-14-2012]

proud of our forefathers value of liberty,and Great faith in our Great Lord God Jesus Christ. Proof of our nations true history.
Jim Allen, col.Ohio [02-12-2012]

this is a awesome facts
pickle, 45 [02-11-2012]

I love love love this website (:
reid bennett [02-11-2012]

hey! im chase!:)
chase marini [02-11-2012]

this website was very helpful
pickle, 45 [02-08-2012]

We like your web site.
Cedarville Kindergarten Classes, 5 and 6 years old [02-08-2012]

Kimm, los angeles [02-07-2012]

What heritage we get from the Bible.
scott carter, 82 [02-04-2012]

Larshion [02-03-2012]

Mrs. Pattison, Somonauk, IL [02-03-2012]

When tne liberty bell first rang did it crack
anonymous, 10,pueblo.co [01-30-2012]

i hope to do good on my report. i think i learned a lot and i enjoyed my visit thank you for the tour.
robert boyer, 6 yrs canton, mi [01-28-2012]

the crack is so big
avery, 10 [01-27-2012]

This article gave me all the info I needed to complete my project. It is very reliable and I'm thankful to the author of it. Thanx!
Brittanni, 15, Mechanicville New York [01-27-2012]

i love chicken
lizzie, rock island illinois [01-27-2012]

studying for school and find your website very informing :)
julia bay, 13 [01-26-2012]

i love the liberty bell
marlee, 21 sclocamb [01-26-2012]

kelly [01-25-2012]

i would joun
dashawn, 9 colorado spring [01-24-2012]

Karen Willis [01-19-2012]

qawiymayes [01-18-2012]

Help spread the word about Let Freedom Ring! Celebrate the Annual Let Freedom Ring ceremony. Let Freedom Ring™ is a nationwide celebration honoring those who helped achieve our country's independence during the American Revolution. The Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution and its Color Guard began stewardship of the event in 1969. Richard W. Thorington, then President of the Society, said at the time, that "Let Freedom Ring" was established to "revive the spirit of patriotism" and to provide "a dignified ceremony which will have important meaning for millions of Americans who love their country and have faith in its future." The official National Bell Ringing Ceremony is initiated at 2:00 p.m. EDST at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Other time zones should ring in accordance with their location throughout the region. Sign up to host a Bell Ringing Ceremony at your location. For more information see link: CLICK
Susan, Littleton [01-17-2012]

Did you know that each state has a "Liberty Bell Replica". See link: CLICK In 1950, the United States Department of the Treasury assisted by several private companies selected Paccard Foundry in Annecy-le-Vieux, France, to cast 55 full-sized replicas of the Liberty Bell. The bells were shipped as gifts to states and territories of the United States and the District of Columbia to be displayed and rung on patriotic occasions. This was part of a savings bond drive held from May 15 to July 4, 1950 with the slogan "Save for Your Independence."
Susan, Littleton [01-17-2012]

i want you to write me back becuase i can find out about the liberty bell
ashley, 24 chester [01-17-2012]

where is the liberty bell at
nicole, 21 chester [01-17-2012]

was the crack formed because of faulty creation more info please
Jacob Wilson, 9th grader North carolina [01-17-2012]

Catherine.b. [01-16-2012]

alexa bailey, age 5 Surprise,AZ [01-13-2012]

Stephanie [01-12-2012]

Det var med stor ærefrygt vi så kopi af Liberty Bell under vores rejse til Jomfruøerne i foråret 2011. Den var ophængt i frihedsparken på Sct. Croix tror jeg nok det var??
Bodil Staun Paaske, 64 years, DK Denmark [01-12-2012]

Just an amazing piece of history.
John Caudill, 46, Aurora In. [01-12-2012]

Jessie krivec [01-08-2012]

Carol Mauermann [01-08-2012]

Looked and did not get the info on how the Bell got cracked . I would like to know ?
Michael HUNT [01-08-2012]

i think the bell is cool and is easy to remember the name the liberty bell
courtney, talbott tn [01-05-2012]

i really like the liberty bell history & i think it should be rang on every president's birthday
derek, 16 talbott boy [01-05-2012]

kellyl, ilsedd [01-03-2012]

The liberty bell is the bomb!:)
Joe S, f [01-03-2012]

Io sono italiana e siccome studio la parte dedicata alla storia americana alle scuole superiori mi sono appassionata a questa bellissima campana:La Liberty Bell
Giada, 14 Anni Studio in corso:Storia Americana [01-02-2012]

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