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Patrick Vaughan, 44yo. Kells County Meath, Ireland [12-31-2011]

I am just curious about John Pass and his background.
Wilfred Edward Pass, 64yrs old [12-31-2011]

i am interested in liberty bell and wantb to lern more about it i have also visited liberty bell
akshara [12-29-2011]

andrew [12-29-2011]

I came to this page seeking information about foundrymen Pass and Stow mentioned in the Game, Trivial Pursuit. Thank You.
John Bickers [12-29-2011]

My husband said to take a look at the image because of the name "Stow" on the bell. His last name is Stowe.
M. Stowe [12-29-2011]

Here visiting my brother Michael in Worcester Ma and from me along with good old Cape Cod Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. In representation of a very oldish colonial family, DeLancey it would be good research to web The DeLancey Brigade and DeLancey Faction. Till Next time the research continues, and until then that final sharing time. my birthday 1961
David George DeLancey [12-29-2011]

Elena Mckay, 11, corpus christi,texas [12-29-2011]

Second visit to this site. Very worthwhile! Planning to incorporate a reference to the "inscription" on the Liberty Bell in a May 6, 2012, celebration church service. Found the "touring of the Liberty Bell" chronology and its varied history to be a tremendous information source. Would like to see the July 4 celebration enacted within each of our towns in Clinton County, IL. Thanks for your efforts! God bless you and may America bless God.
Milton Luginbuhl, Breese, IL, 70 year old retired [12-26-2011]

kelly [12-21-2011]

Rachael [12-19-2011]

Amazing information! I'll go to Philadelphia and Allentown Zion Reformed Church to see our history.
Suzan Audi, age 69; Cheverly, MD [12-19-2011]

when was the liberty bell was made? what kind of things they us to billed the liberty bell? WAS IT hard to make it? how did they put the liberty bell up in the tower if it is so hevey?
anonymous [12-19-2011]

how did the lederty bell craked?
anonymous [12-19-2011]

John Antoon, Dublin [12-19-2011]

Zhan Jiang, Champagin [12-18-2011]

I visited this site becuase my dog's previous owners named her Liberty Belle. Since I don't know Belle's actual birthday, I thought I would see if I could find the Liberty Bell's cast date. Thank you for putting up the site! :D
Beanie, I'm 13 [12-16-2011]

kelly [12-14-2011]

i enjyed the pics, this web site has helped me out a lot!
KassmirH, orange nj [12-14-2011]

i am doing a project about the liberty bell and i need help
Ana [12-10-2011]

darlene, las vegas [12-10-2011]

courtney watkins, 22, sierra vista [12-10-2011]

i am perowd
deranda, 34 [12-10-2011]

makayla, en_US [12-10-2011]

You should post when the information was published, who is the author, and include more detail like why it was built.
Jessica Pykens, 13, Philadelphia, PA [12-10-2011]

I think that your sight is good just try to update it with new information as you discover it
Dallas Absher, 13 Peachbottom P [12-10-2011]

megan, 11 [12-07-2011]

Rhonda Stafford [12-07-2011]

Camron Lankford, age:11 Sigourney ia 52591 [12-06-2011]

I got plenty of information to compleate my report for school.Thank you
Kaitlan Connor, 8 Piscataway NJ [12-04-2011]

In its early years, the Liberty Bell was used to summon lawmakers to legislative sessions and to alert citizens to public meetings and proclamations. Also to to read the decleration & church. In a democracy the people are the government, now we are not even asked for or knew. Democracy is becoming but a mere illusion. for when one citizen says don't care, you may consider the social structure (Us The Government finished. We are the Governtment so bofore they ass a law they must first come for our opinion.
Nery D. Soriano, 4637 Edmund Street, Phla. PA 19124 [11-30-2011]

the liberty bell is cool but i believe that the freemason signers of the declaration of independence where hiding clues that included the liberty bell like past and stow
brent christensen [11-30-2011]

Brad and Meghan Schow, Milwaukee WI [11-27-2011]

Nathan, Oh [11-27-2011]

I have heard about the Liberty Bell,in my school days in my country of Trinidad,but to be able to read and explain the history about it to my son and myself is an accomplishment for us both,Hope we can visit soon.
JENNIFER BARBOUR, I am 48years old,and live in East Flatbush,Brooklyn,NY. [11-23-2011]

kunkel, 63 clayton, nc [11-22-2011]

monica zapatier, miami florida [11-21-2011]

Why can we not see the bell from the street anymore?
Valerie Toms, Bradley Beach, NJ 07720 [11-16-2011]

It is visible from Chestnut Street.

the liberty bell is a sin of are histere
sam, 7 gaivils [11-16-2011]

information on liberty pcket watch made by saxon
joe brittles, liverpool england [11-16-2011]

Drew McLaughlin [11-16-2011]

Maitlynn Morrow, 8 [11-16-2011]

Arthur Johnson [11-13-2011]

My daughteris doing a project for her class and found the timeline usefull. The links were not helpfull at all. When I would click on some of them it would not open. If you could please send send us a packet with some pictures I would trully appreciate it. Thank you, Rebecca LaRousse
Rebecca LaRousse, 36, Bayou Gauche' Louisianna [11-13-2011]

It wonderful that we all can have national tresses like the liberty bell.
John Weiszbrod, 55 Springfield OR [11-13-2011]

Jazmyne Motley, 13 wheatland, Wy [11-12-2011]

This sight is great. My kids love history and the Liberty Bell is not even covered in the text books they have. This really fills in a lot of the gaps that help them really see the meaning of the bell. Thanks for this site.
Betty, Age 46, Elizabethtown, Kentucky [11-11-2011]

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hila, 9,silver spring [11-10-2011]

nicole, 11 ny [11-09-2011]

chris [11-07-2011]

hi dombo
brandon [11-07-2011]

Nice site
Harriett Robinson [11-07-2011]

Hey this helped on my liberty bell report. Thx!
Alexa, New MExico [11-04-2011]

mantravious [11-03-2011]

I am Hopeful that someday soon, I will be able to visit this great bell in person as others before me have done. I am proud to have done my part to protect the freedoms that this The Liberty Bell represents
Herman Salgado Sr, 63 years old, proud veteran of USMC [11-03-2011]

go liberty bell you are awesome @ tatem resutek: america will prevail be optomistic!
Meg Little, 14 [11-02-2011]

Here i am years after when i was at the of 9. I still have the liberty bell thing from the 1700's. But now the liberty bell is at stake. And everyone knows it to. Here in america we have made many, many enemies. The time for america to fall is coming soon. I am a true patiot. but it is coming
Tatem Resutek, Skykomish,WA [10-28-2011]

What a very informative site. I loved it.
Sarah Cunningham, 30, Salt Lake City Utah [10-28-2011]

I enjoyed learning about the Liberty Bell.
Taylore Grace Pittman, Mississippi [10-28-2011]

alyssa sowyers, new york 29 [10-26-2011]

i think the bell was so inportant
justin bieber, ny ny [10-26-2011]

i want to go to here
savannah, 8,ga, [10-26-2011]

Always been an interesting thought - Liberty Bell - why, where and when?
Mildred Belles, Hawaiian Islands [10-24-2011]

This is an exceptional site.
Kim Johnson [10-19-2011]

that's insane that the people spelled pennsylvania wrong ( don't trust my spelling either)my moms touched the liberty bell. That is before they stopped letting people do it of course. They made people stop because they were afraid that the words would, let's say mechanicly weather. Smart but irritating
casey, 11 kn [10-18-2011]

Dennis Prager challenged his listeners to Understand American History
JoNathan S Balas [10-16-2011]

its awesome to know what the bell resembles
rosie, 13 iron moutain [10-16-2011]

I love this bell.
Olivia Saperstein, Boston, MA [10-11-2011]

This web site is the best I leaned a lot about the Liberty Bell was very interesting thanks Lowell Conrad Schwartz
Lowell Schwartz, 45 Phoenix [10-11-2011]

By reading the input of some viewers, I have found some intersting statements.Such as our youth not learning about our history,the constitution and our decloration of independence.I'm an author of educational childrens books and will be releasing the 2nd book of a series called, If you got it a truck brought it. This book will be heading my constitution awareness campaign subtitled, For We The People. This book is for the ages between 7-9. If you are wanting more info about it please e-mail me
Robin Smith, Published author of educational childrens books.New Florence, Pa [10-11-2011]

I have always thought of the liberty bell as a symbol of our Country's plight for freedom, free thought, self reliance and the ability for the right to make mistakes. I am visiting now to start research of connection, if any of John Stow and Harriet Beecher Stow (an ancestor and writer of Uncle Tom's cabin). Thank you for the Website and the passion to keep our history alive. Sincerely Darin Perry
Darin and Tonna Perry, 43, Youngstown, NY [10-11-2011]

I love the story it is heart warming to hear the story of our liberty bell! ;)
Vienna, Brick,New Jersey, age 11 [10-07-2011]

I visited Independence Hall, and saw the Liberty bell a few years ago, I LOVE history, and was in awe, to see it in person!
Scotty Garrett, Cookeville, TN [10-07-2011]

Thank you for letting me know more about the liberty bell. I knew NOTHING about it before. I didn't even know when it got cracked! Now I'm an expert. Thank you!
Abbey Johnson, 15 [10-06-2011]

abby garner, 6 years [10-06-2011]

The Liberty Bell was awesome. Typed by Gramma J.
Jeremy Manson, 7 yrs old [10-06-2011]

Thank you. We are studying communities in our Social Studies Curriculum and needed info on the Liberty Bell.
Scott Schmaltz, 38, Lewiston, MN, Teacher [10-06-2011]

I wa bor in Penna. but moved away when I was about 12 yrs. old. I miss my home.
Cindy Mccoy, 55 from Cleburne, Texas [10-06-2011]

I am studying about the liberty bell at school too!
sophia jones, 9,mi [10-03-2011]

I love this site. Thanks for providing this for me in my times of need for knowing what happened on July 8, 1776 in Philadelphia.
Selena Gomez, 19 [10-02-2011]

I love Philly!
Marilynn breazeale, Big cabin, ok. 52 [10-02-2011]

Liberty Bell Crack> code looks like Map location of N. CA. Wire gram F.B. Skunk train 656 Burned Car Reading Railroad train car 777
Michael Moor, 38 fortbragg CA [10-02-2011]

I show my respect & honor on history of liberty bell. AND am delighted & inspired to see this historical bell.Thanks a lot.
mr.rabi, 24, dhaka(bangladesh), [09-25-2011]

bloomfield like hell...
nalaa, macon [09-22-2011]

I think this a woderful and greatstory of the Liberty Bell. It was well writen with all the facts. It has told me a lot about the bell that I did not know. It has also help me on an essay that I had to do on an American Symbol. I think the Liberty Bell is a great American Symbol.
Quantella Wilson, 30 [09-22-2011]

i am doing a report about the Liberty Bell at school
ben herrera, jacksonville [09-21-2011]

Very interesting. I enjoyed reading about the history of the "Liberty Bell".
Frank Arena, 59-Calgary, Alberta, Canada [09-21-2011]

what is it for
joseph flores, 14,tularey,ca [09-20-2011]

This is our country!
michael jameson, 51 hudson nh [09-18-2011]

my project is due tomarow and im steessed out hahahah
crystal mancillas, 10;austin; [09-16-2011]

phyllis [09-09-2011]

every thing I needed as a grandparent helping a child with home work
beverly bryant, 65yrs little rock ar [09-08-2011]

bob [09-07-2011]

cameron cole, 9years old Huntsville, Alabama 35806 [09-05-2011]

For it is right for man to be free
Yaw Kyei Baffour, Accra [09-05-2011]

I liked the history on the liberty bell
sidney, 11 gulf breeze [09-03-2011]

This is a great site for information regarding the Liberty Bell.
Kathleen Holmes, 40, Bear, DE [09-02-2011]

eh it broken they shounf fix it!
John green, LA,Cali [09-02-2011]

j'ai visité philadelphie et j'ai adoré votre Liberty bell, un belle exemple de liberté, les rangers trés sympathiques m'ont laissé une journée mémorable. Liberté pour tous et merci pour votre beau pays. J'espere bientôt
GUY, Dijon, FRANCE [08-31-2011]

My research on the Liberty Pole by the Sons of Liberty and the Liberty Bell by the acknowledgement of what was new in town and there comparisons continue. Of course we have two different towns here. What is Liberty? Is it the opertunity to go on. If so by what recognitions and time periods had it been acknowledged. The term Liberty is very important. It is true through my research that the term had been used before the Revolution accrued. My studies show families were in touch with each other through of course correspondences. These different erea people became attached to every day living and correspondence, although when disolutions accrue these particular people begun to adjust to yet another correspondence and acquisition. Now would be the time to see how people chose sides and confirred on detailed accountabilities, who has more then the other and how far can people be pushed to confer anothers acquisition. I suppose if more of one then the other chose to use a term such as liberty then that course would be recognised. A strong element in society to rupture the course of kind and the effect of government in a change and quality of yet another recognition. The DeLancey faction a political endity was at once in controll of the Colonial American Government, in such this effort would could of determined a balanced quality of government from Britain yet still recognizing a self government. Through time this seems through research very possible, but law and order gave a differnt coherent circumstance. Liberty may be for the opportunity that jelousy prevails yet another circumstance of society and government. In all regards it seems that commerce in view of business in the reflect of trade which consists of any good or commodity in such as one issue a countries currency could have been even in the late 1700's a circumstance of survival. Interesting how we still do business but in a particular way, meaning some actually have the liberty, and some somehow have to acknlowledge that some acknowledge that other actually have liberty. This liberty is now in effect of the liberty erea. Some liberties are unfortunate, lessened, unavailable at particular times, the bottom of the barrel, and other liberties keep passing go to yet achieve another liberty. Till Next Time with the History of the Delancey Faction and Liberties of Colonial Years. Liberty
David George DeLancey, 12/27/1961 ~ 8-30-2011 Westport Ma [08-30-2011]

i want to know when was the liberty bell last rung///
delia garza, 68 mission texas 78574 [08-30-2011]

dennis stepro [08-29-2011]

I've been told, but don't know for sure, that I am a descendent from the foundry worker--last name Pass.
Sheila Pass Kelley, Dallas, Georgia [08-29-2011]

parks g. adams, jr [08-29-2011]

The Southern States need more education on our Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell.
Luis Rodriguez, 44, Ragley, LA [08-26-2011]

bring back what this country used to stand for
sgt john m breivogel [08-25-2011]

Its wonderful to be free.
Siamak Bahrami, 47, Esfahan, Iran, Wellsite Geologist [08-24-2011]

Am interested in historical trivia.
dexter camba, 64, Philippines [08-24-2011]

52,fem,love national treasure!
jamie s. lewis, enid,ok [08-14-2011]

my city is free.
lucy, 6 maryland hts. [08-14-2011]

I m planning to go
Armando Hernandez, El Paso tx. [08-12-2011]

I like this website, I am on the Presidential family tree, this IS very interesting, thank for returning my emails.
Bonnie Beckham, History Major [08-05-2011]

I think about the Liberty Bell at the end of every Football season. NMSU was invited to play in the first Liberty Bowl in 1960. Coach Warren Woodson turned it down and we played again 1959 and 1960 in the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas
Coach Morris Hodgson, 75 yr old, Mena, Ark [08-04-2011]

Mary G. Manwaring, age 68, Hiawassee, Ga. [08-04-2011]

Douglas Gilbert Wells, 47,Destin.Florida [08-03-2011]

Smita, bensalem [07-27-2011]

amazing story
Bryant Rahm, age 13, Hortonville, Wisconsin [07-22-2011]

leonard winer [07-20-2011]

istoria voastra ma fascineaza,mai ales perioada razboiului de independenta.
ghita, 43,Romania [07-18-2011]

Let liberty ring throughout the lands of the uited states of america and hopefully someday throught the world, I pray for all the soldiers of the world not just american, all the soldiers who fight for freedom and justice, who fight for all the things we take for granted in the united states and hopefully someday everyone everywhere will have the great freedoms we enjoy here! ~Sincerly Eric~
Paul Eric Kinsler, 24 years old kingsport TN [07-18-2011]

This is exciting for me as this is my first visit in Philadelphia and if it weren't for training I wouldn't be here now. This is fantastic!
Lyn McMahill, 59, Queen Creek, AZ [07-18-2011]

I just saw the History Detectives on PBS (July 16,2011)and wondered where the crack came from.
Sharon Dixon, Sacramento, CA [07-17-2011]

im learning about the liberty bell. i like the books about the liberty bell.
noelle urdiales, 7, san antonio, tx [07-16-2011]

imi place itoria USA,bravo voua fiti mandri ca sinteti americani,aveti in spate o istorie frumoasa si monumente nationale extraordinare
ghita, 43,romania [07-16-2011]

Great site. Wish the inscription could be completely read. Thank you for all your hard work in providing this for the people.
Vernita Pemberton, 67, Eaton, Ohio [07-12-2011]

My husband was a US Marine who was in Vietnam and I just want to say, thank the good Lord for our soldiers and for our freedom here!
Debra Stringham, Age 59 Atlanta, Georgia [07-12-2011]

The Liberty Bell is a symbol of who and what we are as a nation.
cj [07-11-2011]

In this time, when so many of our FREEDOMS are taken for granted, may God, our Father, give us the knowledge and wisdom, faith and integrity to stand up for our country and our CONSTITUTION. LET FREEDOM RING!
Mary A.. Russell, Huntington,WV [07-11-2011]

Happy July 8th! A day to be proud of for both of us!
Tish, Queens,NY [07-11-2011]

Jeff Bridges [07-11-2011]

Thank you for the pictures and information. The quiz was fun. All of it very informative. SC
Stacy Calhoun, Hampton, VA [07-08-2011]

This is a very thoughtful web page. Thanks for your work and efforts. I have visited and touched the Libert Bell.
Louis Morgan, Castro Valley CA [07-08-2011]

i thinkk this website is a wonderful educational ite to learn about our history. and what you may find out maybe will surprse you when you read this website. sinceraly ashley smith
ashley smith, 18 covington ga [07-08-2011]

Henry Hamilton, Las Vegas, 56 [07-05-2011]

one of the greatest symbols in the united states of america. i teach high school united states history. our younger generation is not learning how to be patriotic. they are so addicted to computers and phones. sam

irene fickert [07-05-2011]

Trish McClure, Montgomery Texas [07-05-2011]

just want to know if this is true?
arnel c lobido, dammam saudi arabia [07-02-2011]

I love your site and have Liberty Bell art to share to donate for your fundraiser ot just to display or sell......let me know your thoughts. And at this Independence Day time LET FREEDOM RING! Elle Smith Fagan ellefagan.com 2007 Artisan from Connecticut - White House State Easter Egg Display
Elle Fagan, Elle Fagan Art - patriotsite ellefagan.com [07-02-2011]

Thanks for this web site and "LET FREEDOM RING AGAIN"
Nancy Rousey, 59y/o f [06-30-2011]

Steve Schunk, 50 yrs old Dunkirk NY [06-30-2011]

its good to keep a national monument safe and its good to be shown in hollywood films
dhwanitfuria, 17,mumbai,india [06-28-2011]

it was a magical time when i took my son for a historical vacation right after 9/11...in october of the same year...we had just seen the pentagon the day before where terrorist had used one of our own planes and destroyed the side near the interstate we were traveling...and then we stand in front of the Liberty Bell the next day....we were then and are now proud to be Americans....
vikki threatt, greenville sc [06-27-2011]

its owsom
mrimran, 23,dhaka [06-27-2011]

Visited the Liberty Bell today for the first time. It was a great experience and a dream come true.
C.F.Green, San Antonio TX [06-24-2011]

Paula Dwyer, St. George, UT [06-23-2011]

i like to watch the liberty bell
shruthi, bangalore [06-22-2011]

It was nearly a religious moment when I first saw and touched the blessed old Bell! I couldn't keep tears from my eyes. So long I had wanted to visit it, and finally I got to just a few years ago. Much of what it originally stood for has vanished from our land and culture; but the bell hasn't changed! It still stands for Constitutional Liberty, sustained by a voluntary federation of free and independent States! I am so glad it is now on our postage stamps; and I do not plan to ever use any other kind! Although its voice is now silenced; let it continue (symbolically) to proclaim Liberty to all the land; and perhaps some day the faith of our fathers will again be out hope for the future! Deo Vindice! Larry Burton
Larry L. Burton, 72 yrs. old; West Point, Ky. [06-20-2011]

Ashley Nick and Kayla, 22, 21, 7 months, New Jersey [06-17-2011]

demarkopierson, louisiana [06-17-2011]

james, 40 [06-15-2011]

Thanks for not letting the truth about our Nation's Godly Jeritage be a thing that dies.
Leroy Faz, Crystal City, TX, age 49 [06-15-2011]

Life,Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. God Bless America
Daivd Robertson, 55, Clearwater,FL [06-13-2011]

Vivian McAllister, 11,High Point,North Carolina [06-13-2011]

Love the information!On vacation,on my way to DC,Philadelphia,Statue of Liberty & Plymouth Rock.It's going to be awesome!
Robert Adair, age49.LocustGrove,oklahoma [06-12-2011]

Loved this history of the Leberty Bell. Maybe I can use some of it in an article I'm writing about the bell.
Esther M. Hedges, Martinsville, In [06-10-2011]

I feel pride for my grandfather and the rest of my family that are in the military.
Danita J Teter, 41 Tulsa,OK [06-10-2011]

Lou Viggiano, 55, West Chester, PA [06-10-2011]

i loved this
lala, 10 [06-07-2011]

This was a very interesting site, and gave me lots of facts of which I was unaware.
Lorri S, 43, Tehachapi, Ca [06-07-2011]

its totaly aswome not like me it would be a drea come true to ring the liberty bell.i would do anythig to ring it
cecia, hnjrjenhkk [06-03-2011]

Susan Metz [06-02-2011]

Could you please send me any information you have on the Liberty Bell. Thank you Dawn Rutschmann.
Dawn Rutschmann, 6001a Marion Blvd Valatie NY 12184 [06-01-2011]

Nirvana Baker, 10 years old, West Hills Ca. [06-01-2011]

It is wonderful that people of all ages can appreciate the signifacance of this historical place.
Bobbie Anderson, West Coast, USA [05-29-2011]

Live every day like its your last
john venditti, 61 nashville [05-29-2011]

Deb Schneider, Oregon City OR [05-28-2011]

albert, 36, manila [05-27-2011]

Do pass and stow have a treasure of independent
christopher, 9 years old [05-27-2011]

i love the liberty bell a lot in is so pretty
carisa mannis, 31 meridian [05-27-2011]

hi whats up is this mick that i meet in gatesville texas about in 96 at the amry i was runing truck at that time
carisa mannis, 31 meridian [05-27-2011]

I saw the Bell after closing hours on 5-16-2011. It was amazing. Cant wait until i make it down to Philly again and go in and see it from the inside.
Traci Hann, 41,Three Springs,PA [05-26-2011]

I'm Juilan Divine And i'm 11 years old and I go to Thomas G. Morton Elementary School.I'm doing an art project to make a Liberty Bell out of wire,paper,ink,and paint from Japan.It will be cool because the bell won't just be small it's going to be 6 FEET TALL.I heard and think the Liberty Bell means peace.
Julian Divine, 11,Philadelphia [05-26-2011]

My School and i are doing a project on the liberty bell, and i think its just remarkable that you have a website full of information,facts and photos about the Liberty Bell. so my classmates and i are going to be exploring your website very often for facts and amazing details about the Liberty Bell. And once again thank you! for have a whole website about the Liberty Bell.
Kyshianna, Thomas G. Morton School [05-26-2011]

hi my name in Nydaijah clark and I'am a student from MORTON Elamenrty school and im am doing a project on the liberty bell it will be 6inches tall and I thinks its going to be fun lerning about the bell that gave freedom and i hope your site help me learn more sincerly Nydaijah
Nydaijah, morton school [05-26-2011]

i think the liberty bell is so cool. In fact me and my class mates are gonna make a 6 foot liberty bell. If u would like to come see us then this is our information: thomas g morton school 19142 pa
najee graham, 12 philadelphia [05-26-2011]

we are doing a project on the liberty bell for school and i think your website is educational because it tells you were it is located,shaped and were it first came from.
ciani, Thomas g. morton schol [05-26-2011]

i go to a school called morton and we are making a big liberty bell and its going to be in a art place by tyrell bass
tyrell, morton school [05-26-2011]

wer'e doing a project on the liberty bell
malik, morton school [05-26-2011]

are school is doing a liberty bell
mikal, morton school [05-26-2011]

Julian [05-26-2011]

danyka, morton school [05-26-2011]

kennedy, morton [05-26-2011]

We are doing a project on the liberty bell.
Nicole, Morton School [05-26-2011]

I love the liberty Bell it is sooooo cool I even went to see it in person
Elizabeth Godzman, New York 12 [05-25-2011]

jhob [05-25-2011]

The Centennial bell replaced the Liberty bell in 1876. and their is also a Columbia bell.
JAMES CALVIN SMITH, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [05-24-2011]

Let Freedom Ring and may God continue to Bless the USA and our armed forces.
Terrence A. Kaliner, West Islip, NY [05-24-2011]

To me the bell means freedom. Each time that I hear storis about the bell I am proud to be an American.
Avi Olifant, United States [05-24-2011]

awesome bell
alexis, washington [05-21-2011]

Thankyou for the pictures of the Liberty Bell.I just made a Liberty Bell out of a lape shade,a coper shiny paper.I also made it out of ruber bands,waded up tissue,and a paper band with words on it.Thankyou again!
emma, 8 years old, corona,ca [05-20-2011]

emma, 8, [05-20-2011]

skylers afi [05-20-2011]

I think Philidelphia is sooo cool;! I love the Liberty bell!
Peachy [05-20-2011]

Ivisited with my school a little wile ago. The bell almost looks fake but in all it was amazing. I look forward to going again.
clara shey, age-15,Boston [05-20-2011]

I think the Liberty Bell is so cool
Jessica [05-20-2011]

it is ok i thought of the franklin institute fun!
leah, 41 [05-20-2011]

pretty......... i have always wanted to see the Liberty Bell
sarah, 69 [05-18-2011]

this bell is so amazing i love history
shane coulthrust [05-14-2011]

very interesting,i liked looking at the old photo,s
Sharon Edwards, Perth Australia [05-14-2011]

i like the LIBERTY BELL!
macayla [05-14-2011]

Very nice web site.
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I have visited the Liberty Bell personaly and it made me proud to be an American. This is a great site and great pictures. The Liberty Bell stands for America.
Rodney Jackson, 53, Price, Utah [05-06-2011]

hello i seen the liberty bell several times being i use to camp out for concert tickets at vine street
william j grayeski, 53 [05-06-2011]

Mrs. Bennett's First Grade Class [05-04-2011]

This site really helped me with my 8th grade project about a monument we had to choose one out of 20 and i choose this and it was a really good site thanks keep it up
Starr Dixon, 14,dalton ga [05-04-2011]

kate, houston [05-02-2011]

We are doing ABC's for Pennsylvania and I picked the Liberty Bell for the letter L.
Alex Bartholomew, Age 10, Bloomsburg Pa, [05-02-2011]

Matt, Hendersonville, TN [05-02-2011]

i think you need to get more info on the crack for the liberty bell
kayleigh, ohio [05-02-2011]

love it
zzzzz, zzzzzz [05-02-2011]

i love the history of the benjamin franklyn and thomas jeferson. thank you..
Carmen ortiz, Carmenortiz615@yahoo.com [05-01-2011]

i needed some informations about the Liberty Bell for my research (for may school) because in English we are studing the American Indipendece and each one of us (me and my mates) has to study a detail of it; i decided to choose the Liberty Bell because i know that is an important symbol for America. thank you for your information!
F, 18, Italy [04-29-2011]

i love the liberty bell
Ryan, 12, Hopewell, NJ [04-29-2011]

Ryan Zimmerman, Hopewell, NJ [04-29-2011]

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thayer b, 10 [04-28-2011]

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briana [04-28-2011]

The Liberty Bell is COOL! !
Nikayla Ashley, Norwalk [04-28-2011]

Coolest Website EVER!
Jorgie, I Love Puppys [04-28-2011]

I'm glad I learned so much from these people to stand up for and fight for what is right, not just for myself, but for others, too.
Savanna Cook, 8 y/o, Michigan [04-27-2011]

Chase, 34 [04-27-2011]

i think the librty bell is awesome.
amelia hadden, 10 [04-27-2011]

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it was amazing i really enjoyed it and it was the biggest swettest bell i chold think of:D so thats why i think ya,ll shold also go see it im glad i got to see it wal i was young:D im only 13:) and i enjoyed it:)
selena wygant, 13,kennith city, florida:D [04-27-2011]

I wish the lberty bell was at are school on law day
braeden, 8 milledgeville ga [04-27-2011]

I really want to go to the librity bell. Im doing a state parade at school, and im doing pennsylvania for my state, and we have to list 3 differant spots were we would go on vacation, and i put one of them the librity bell! i got a lot of info from this website thanks a bunch!
cassy vanderwal, age: 9, City: Mount Vernon WA [04-26-2011]

Good info, nice to see someone keeping people informed about our nation's history. Keep up the good work and let freedom ring.
Stephen, San Jose, CA [04-26-2011]

it was amazing
selena wygant, 13,kennth city [04-26-2011]

aaron brown [04-26-2011]

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Nancy Moe, p.o.box 122,Dayton,Ore,97114 [04-26-2011]

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abolitionists, 21 [04-22-2011]

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this site needs sound
kendelle, 8,ga [04-20-2011]

I'm so greatful for Liberty and this important symbol. It was my privilage to see the Bell in person back in 1986.
Erik Q. Brown [04-19-2011]

dude the liberty bell is AWESOME i love it and my bro even got to c it in person he is soooo lucky and i was researching about how it cracked but anyway i love the LIBERTY BELL but they spelled Pennsylvania wrong
anonymous [04-19-2011]

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anonymous [04-19-2011]

God bless and protect America.
Ji (George), 52 age, Praha. Czech republic [04-19-2011]

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I love tourist attraction. This one is nice.
Yeji Kim, Seoul, Korea [04-18-2011]

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it is good for freedom.
Peter Dong, 14 Alexandria, Louisiana [04-15-2011]

The liberty Bell is AMAZING! I enjoyed seeing it in person.
Danielle S., age 8, Wyomissing, PA [04-15-2011]

trying to find John,s father or vhildren and wife
richard pass, 81 yrs. old, live in Oklahoma [04-14-2011]

my thought is that the liberty bell is a special bell to people it's a nice bell
tryshanta [04-14-2011]

the bell is cool
joseph friend, 11 [04-14-2011]

Andrew Jardin, 30, city of valencia Bukidnon Philippines [04-12-2011]

Lizania Ascencio, Mexico, 35 [04-09-2011]

Remember visiting the Liberty Bell on a field trip in first grade. Grandma used to pass by the bell on her way to work at Penn's Landing Naval Supply warehouse. Said she was as worn out after work more than the bell- God rest her soul. What an insightful site.
Damon Nelson, 37, Philly [04-09-2011]

Manoel Valerio Pereira da Silva, Lisbon,Portugal [04-09-2011]

Taking an eighth grade class to see the bell in a couple of days. Thank you for all of the wonderful information. Hopefully the governemt does not shut down, my class would be so disappointed.
Kathy Young, Westminster, Co [04-08-2011]

It's so much bigger than we thought. We listened to the Normandy Liberty Bell replica. It was loud, but lovely.
Blanca and Jenny [04-08-2011]

I was wondering how the bell got cracked. Thanks for answering my question!
Hunter Richie, 7 yrs old, Anchorage, Alaska [04-08-2011]

Does the Liberty Bell stand for liberty?
Lexie, ia [04-08-2011]

This is a very useful search website.
Tavia Harrell, 21 [04-08-2011]

would like to have more info on john pass
ed pass, 63 ga [04-06-2011]

I think the liberty bell is a symbol of freedom and god for black,white,and for people like Harriat Tubman.
Luke Jeffrey, 8 logam [04-06-2011]

liberty bell rox !
sammy, pa [04-06-2011]

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I Love To Learn About The Liberty Bell :)
Coretta Cannon [04-05-2011]

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pass and stow what do you think that means maybe its a message
allz [04-01-2011]

Loved looking and learning about the Liberty Bell.
TRISTEN DOSSETT, AGE: 5 Madison, Miss. MRA School [03-31-2011]

The words PASS AND STOW were used on WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE. The contestant said LIBERTY BELL and won $1,000. I Googled the phrase and got to this site. The site is VERY interesting. The contestant knew her stuff.
LIBBY MORRISON, Virginia Beach, va [03-31-2011]

I am a big fan of history
hannah [03-31-2011]

what is a liberty bell.
kylee, 7 hongkong [03-30-2011]

Cheyeanne [03-30-2011]

An wonderful web site for any one who wants to know more about the history of the Bell.
Mary Smith, Teacher [03-29-2011]

cristal [03-29-2011]

Enjoyed the site very much. The 1915 Photos were especially interesting.
Gayle Garth, Member North Houston Liberty Riders, a chapter of TX Motorcycle Rights Asso., Houston, TX [03-28-2011]

I homeschool my daughter and we just learned about the Liberty Bell. We are planning a visit there.
Michele Morano, 41 years old, nj [03-28-2011]

lilly, st.marys ohio [03-28-2011]

This is a great site for teachers!
mary hamilton, 53 -- [03-25-2011]

Though being an Indian, I feel that American Independence Declaration, in itself is a master piece which proclaims, the righteousness of freedom, and individual existence for all humanity. Please do suggest websites or documents, which I can further refer to know the period during the American War of Independence.
Amitkumar Malik, 32, Ahmedabad, India [03-25-2011]

I am so amused about the history of the liberty bell butsadly I dont have the capacity to go to the united states of america
Justin Cruz, 13, Manila Philippines [03-24-2011]

I don't think many people in our country today could tell you what the inscription on the Liberty Bell is and I enjoyed listening to the sound. God bless America!
Mark Walter, 52, Fort Worth, TX School Teacher [03-24-2011]

my son is in the 1st gr he read about the liberty bell
selina hall [03-23-2011]

Thanks! This website has been such a big help in teaching about this particular US Symbol to my special needs students.
Antoinette Plaisance [03-23-2011]

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what a great symbol of what so many take for granted
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I think who ever made the Liberty Bell is thougthful
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I m interested in to see and know about the liberty bell. inspired from national treasure movie.
peeyush, bangalore [03-11-2011]

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We are learning about The Liberty Bell and are excited to search this website!
Mrs. Wellman's Class [03-11-2011]

Lora Brugnaro, Boston MA [03-11-2011]

i louue, the liberty bell
damonika farley, 19, winston salem, [03-11-2011]

I am also a descendant of John Pass, who helped re-cast the liberty bell and recently saw a post my father made on this website twelve years ago! This site is very cool.
Andrea Donahue (Pass), 20, Mangilao, GU [03-10-11] [03-10-2011]

love it
joe cougar [03-10-2011]

excited to share this site with my students
linda paredes [03-09-2011]

Wonderful website... Gave all the info I needed!
Gina T. [03-09-2011]

I believe that the count of those photo albums should now be six. My great-great-grandfather Klos accompanied the bell and we still have the photo album intact.
Christian Klos, Atlanta, GA (born in Phila, PA) [03-09-2011]

i like this page a lot it helped me with an assignment that will help me get a good grade
alexus [03-09-2011]

Awesome that something so basic and simplistic could come to mean so much to an entire nation.
JJ, Wyoming [03-07-2011]

Visited Liberty Bell @1938 at Independence Hall It was awesome and the background of our country is still awesome !.Having served in USNavy and independent duty with USMC this makes me appreciate my country more. I wish the kids now would be taught more of their own country history than what is being passed off as history and stop feeling that everything should be given to them gratis. I will try to give them more info of their own country because the leftists are really denying them a God given right to freedom.Let them learn of lfe, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Let them learn that nothing is going to be handed to them unless they work for it. Thank God we have free speech. don't let it slip thru your hands. Remember Hitler took over and look what happened. You have a duty to vote for the right party. Exercise your right and remeber your privleges of being in a free country. Don"t let anyone take it from you!
david Lane, 82nd year of life.Mahwah, NJ [03-07-2011]

grateful to be an american
charles richhart, 63, atlantic bch, fl. [03-07-2011]

I am working on my school project relating to the Liberty Bell and my Grandparent are helping me.
Alyson Marie O'Donnell, 6, Tobyhanna,Pa, [03-05-2011]

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Casey [03-04-2011]

I think the liberty bell should have a proto type so other people can have one.
neo kirby, 9,mansfeild [03-04-2011]

Good info for my granddaughter.
Bonnie Hooks Decker, Erie, age 66 [03-04-2011]

im doing some research on the liberty bell and to site this page i cant find the date the article was made
katy [03-04-2011]

Thank you for your website, currently I am forward deployed in Afghanistan. Here in the near future I will be returning to the United States and I plan on taking a family vacation to the east coast. One stop will be in Pennsylvania to take my two daughters to visit the Liberty Bell. Again thank you for your website and we will be at the Liberty Bell site in late June. Kind regards; Lewis Zepeda
Lewis Zepeda, age 37, Helmand Providence, Afghanistan [03-04-2011]

Roy Scoggins, 43 Corsicana Tx [03-04-2011]

very fun
christian [02-26-2011]

i love this
mark, 10 years, Sacramento California [02-24-2011]

Let Freedom Ring! All that is needed for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing. Thank the creator above these men did something.
Edward E. English, 53, Killeen Texas [02-23-2011]

Pat Brensha [02-23-2011]

i think the liberty bell is so cool i have to wright about it to win 1,000 dollars but thats only if i win thankyou you halped me out so well
mac [02-21-2011]

One day I will see it up close in person
Randy Johnson, los angeles ca [02-21-2011]

i wish that i could visit the great bell to smell the liberty thank you
ayoub marar, 36yrs amman jordan [02-21-2011]

we are visiting PA and look forward to seeing some of our country history. We are from Boston area.Thank you for sharing this history.
Barbara Giusti, Norwood, MA [02-18-2011]

Wonderful site! Useful Information!
Meg F, 18, mn [02-18-2011]

I wish I can see the Liberty Bell in real life for a matter a fact. P.S. I love bell's so much
Amy Belle, 31,Arkansa,May19,1979 [02-18-2011]

Micheal WINTER, age 5 Frazier Park CA needs pic. for share time [02-17-2011]

i love the lberty bell
maddy octipus, Australia 10 [02-15-2011]

Let Freedom Ring! This bell and it's echoing ring reflect our unquenchable thirst and unrelenting strife for freedom and peace. -By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty (Massachusetts seal)
Jacob Sorvala [02-14-2011]

i think the libity bell is a great thing because not many people pay much atention to it. so that means it is very exciting
Hollie palmer, 10 Australia [02-12-2011]

Love it
Hayden, 11 [02-11-2011]

The 3D bell is AWESOME!
Faith, 10 [02-11-2011]

I am studying the liberty bell in school and saw this sight as a place to find more info.!
Faith, 10 [02-11-2011]

histroy on liberty bell
alaine lineau, 19 [02-11-2011]

It is gooodddd
Isabella Newman, 16 NC Mount Airy 27030 [02-11-2011]

dustin hastings, hoover al 35244 [02-11-2011]

Ava said she like the bell, and some day go to DC and see it.
ava watson, three Russells Point, Ohio [02-09-2011]

It's in Philadelphia.

anonymous, Lufkin TX [02-09-2011]

Mike Floyd, Hot Springs, AR [02-07-2011]

My 7 year old son was asking questions about the Liberty Bell. I helped him read through your website and he is now excited and wants to go visit the Liberty Bell in person. It is great to have him be excited by our nation's history
Patty Lewis, Syracuse New York [02-07-2011]

i half 2 use this for a school project and frankly i dont like my teacher but the liberty bell is very interesting forget schol we dont need it
lexi, 11 [02-04-2011]

Posting this link on my Facebook Page: PATRIOTS OF BUNKER HILL
Tony Malanowski, Simi Valley, CA [02-01-2011]

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It was perfect. Grandson needed report on Liberty Bell and this made it very simple. Thank you for all the information.
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We are having fun learning about the Liberty Bell.
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im 90 years old the liberty bell is great
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i think this this is a great educated site about our u.s history.
Katie, stuff [01-22-2011]

All men are created equal, and the Liberty Bell gives you a sense of liberty, freedom and justice!
Stephanie Robinson, 47, Yeadon, Pa [01-20-2011]

Debra [01-20-2011]

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It was cool.
Sarah, 47 [01-18-2011]

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Love it! Very helpful for youngsters and also for oldsters to refresh our memory!
Georgia Wheeler, Oscoda, MI [01-17-2011]

This website is very helpful when you need research on the liberty bell. I find the bell very intresting. LibertBellLover
LibertyBellLover [01-15-2011]

This webiste was very helpful for research. I laso thought that the Taco Bell hoaxwas quite funny. ^.^
Bryce [01-15-2011]

the liberty bell is a symbol of freedom and liberty for our country.
SARAH [01-15-2011]

It is awseome!
Nick [01-15-2011]

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bob, ting a ting [01-15-2011]

ilike the librity bell
alexander hall, 18 ligonier indiana 46767 1218 lincoln way west ligonier [01-12-2011]

I love Philadelphia. I love the liberty bell. I never noticed that philadelphia was spelled wrong
Apryl, 15, Englewood [01-12-2011]

I always wanted to see the Liberty Bell, and finally got my chance a few years ago. I was NOT diappointed! Thank you for your hard work in preserving a great piece of American History!
Celia Miller, 43years; Rio Rancho, NM [01-11-2011]

who made the liberty bell
hobo joe, 54 [01-11-2011]

Really interesting site!
Tom Qualey [01-09-2011]

emmerson, 7,amarillotexas [01-09-2011]

I have always been a big fan of History and always wanted to pursue a career in it. I always watch the history channel on any thing about the Liberty Bell or any thing else.
Robert, 49 yrs. old Chicago [01-09-2011]

I love our history, In God We Trust
Michael Burrow, 48, Bakersfield [01-09-2011]

Thank you for having this site. It's very informative and easy to navigate.
The Rev. Maureen AtLee Hipple, Towanda Pennsylvania 18848 [01-09-2011]

nancy [01-09-2011]

seen the wrods pass and stow in a movie and they looked up and this came up so i looked it up to see if it would come up and it did thats cool
james brewer, 27 flint mi [01-08-2011]

who caried the liberty bell during the civel war
hipimoe [01-08-2011]

i love the liberty bell
hobojoe, 54 [01-08-2011]

Wonderful website. Thank you very much.
Richard Zeis, Attica, IN [01-07-2011]

did the bell ring had a different ring then all of the other sound
joshua, 13,durham,nc [01-07-2011]

i like the liberty bell it is cool. can i get information like was the bell good luck for Massachusetts
joshua, 13,durham,nc [01-07-2011]

I love the liberty bell
hobo joe, 54 [01-06-2011]

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Very helpful. Thanks to your site I got an A on my report. Keep up the good work.
Matt Freeman, 14 [01-06-2011]

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A Great Historical mile stone.
Jesus Loves u [01-06-2011]

I wonder how the Bell sounds now ?
Yadira A. Gonzalez, 14, Houston, Schindewolf Int. [01-06-2011]

Very helpful, taught me a lot about one of America's symbols of freedom.
Ben Rappold, 14 [01-05-2011]

I love the liberty bell
red man [01-03-2011]

liberty is birth right of every human being.
Misbah, 63, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia [01-03-2011]

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