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Douglas Kicklighter, Myerstown, PA [12-31-2010]

how much it ways is 2080 pounds!
makayla, age 8 [12-31-2010]

I grew up in Phile but moved at an early age. I am 52 now and just read the history of the liberty bell. Thought I knew Phila history but realised how little I really knew until I read this site. Fir instance I didn't know in 1777 the bell taken down and hidden in a church basement in Allentown PA. I also didn't know what Pass and Stow was on the Liberty Bell for. Thank you so much for this site.
Tom DeMarchis, 52 yrs, Las Vegas NV [12-28-2010]

The bell means freedom, wish we could all be free and have our right in my country
Akindele Jide-Akinwale, Lagos, Nigeria [12-28-2010]

i alway been insteresting in the decalatio of inpendence
GAIL ALLISON JACKSON, 45, bellamy,al [12-27-2010]

I was surporised that the word STOW looking in Google would come up with the Liberty bell?
Jerry Zak, 65, Honolulul, Hawaii [12-27-2010]

the liberty bell is a part of our great nation a nation that i love so much.. i thank GOD for all that we have and all we are..
richard, 46 ocala [12-27-2010]

John Sgambellone, 62yrs Delaware,ohio [12-27-2010]

nicole lynn trotter, 8yr gallatin,tenn.37066 [12-27-2010]

Very important part of history. I ythink everyone should visit and read this information.
Gloria Scott, 35, baton rouge, LA [12-27-2010]

I thought it is very interesting and i would like to learn more
Cyrian, Enfield [12-27-2010]

I wanted to see a little more about what the Liberty Bell stood for. In America, we have a lot of tradition, and History, all there to DISCOVER...
Bob Thompson, 48 [12-25-2010]

Very nice presentation. A lot of cool facts on here. There is a lot of history behind the Liberty Bell.
Travis Gue, 21 Frederick, Maryland [12-25-2010]

i'm gifted in school and have 3 brothers and sisters who are also gifted
haley williams, 8 cocoa, fl iq 160 [12-18-2010]

Merry Christmas check out www.Anciently DeLancey I'm revising and adding every day.
David George DeLancey [12-18-2010]

Seth Butticci, 11 [12-17-2010]

i love the liberty bell
hobo joe, 20 [12-16-2010]

RUTH M REDDICK, 47age, Wildwood [12-16-2010]

mary wold, 62 [12-16-2010]

its really intresting i live in Montana now but i love to look back on the amazing history that comes from this great state
liz thomer, 16, Quakertown, PA [12-16-2010]

Cool and thank you.
Caleb, Montana [12-16-2010]

I turned 54 at 1159 A.M. today. Punchbowl Volcano,Honolulu,Hawaii.Tripler Army Hosp. I thought I would look into what the Liberty bell stands for in America. Thank You L.E.R.
Lyle, 54 [12-14-2010]

this is awsome
porter, 79 [12-14-2010]

Interesting to read quite an important piece of history. Am trying to trace my Family tree. I have managed to go back to 1732 but then the path fragments. I have seen evidence that one member of the distant tree (Edward Pass) was supposed to have left Plymouth in 1668 for America. I was wondering if anyone has been able to trace back the history of John Pass. Any information would be greatly received.
David Pass, Nottingham, UK [12-13-2010]

Conner Pogalz, 15 Dodge Center [12-09-2010]

Victoria, 10 [12-09-2010]

pansy looney [12-06-2010]

anonymous [12-03-2010]

Thanks for this website...God Bless America
J. Nell Beck Truitt, Historical Researcher [12-02-2010]

On the liberty bell why was it misspelled for I thiught that on the liberty bell was it spelled pennsylvania
wendy sells, 59 years old fortuna [12-02-2010]

When the Liberty Bell claim to war I tell "PRESENT!". And all Spirits of U.S. Freedom smile into my soul:)
maria beatrice corato, Rome, Italy. Born Vicenza Italy. May,6,1949 [12-02-2010]

Alexis [12-02-2010]

I am in awe of this story.....we just see too little of it TBN Christian network showed a special on it recently...What a rich heritage we have!
Wanda Murphree, Abilene, Tx. [11-30-2010]

i love it
Ana, 16 [11-30-2010]

my 5th grade students love this website
Shanda, atlanta [11-30-2010]

I can't wait! It was so asome!
Meghan [11-26-2010]

i think that the liberty bell is a very important bell that they used in the past=)i am really interested in history and that is why i like the bell so much!i am also interested in being a history teacher when i grow up! By:jessica Higgins
jessica higgins, New York [11-25-2010]

liberty bell is awesome
faith warrior, gfig uieh [11-25-2010]

I love the liberty bell
porter, 11 [11-23-2010]

im in iss and it is very neato
Hamill Williams, highland park [11-23-2010]

I think the Liberty Bell is cool.
lauren, 7, Lubbock [11-21-2010]

beth mcguigan, Philadelphia [11-20-2010]

i love the bell.
kristi, 32arizona [11-20-2010]

brienna limeburner, 8 me [11-19-2010]

I visited the liberty bell! I did a report on the liberty bell. and my favorite subject is history! I am homeschooled! bye.
Brianna, age:10 city:cocoa beach [11-17-2010]

your cool
logan [11-17-2010]

logan [11-17-2010]

cool 3d bell it looks real
3d bell lover [11-17-2010]

I am doing a research project on the Liberty Bell.This site helped a bunch!:)
Nicole [11-17-2010]

mo, palm beach gardens [11-17-2010]

I have been
kathy Cannon, 51, female Salem, UT [11-11-2010]

Lori Rosa [11-11-2010]

I just thought it would be cool to sign in da book, but da liberty bell is pretty sweet to. Why is there a crack in da bell????
Micah, 12, Utah [11-11-2010]

I thought it was really imformative about the theorys of the crack of the bell
cody mcdaniel [11-11-2010]

I think that it is wonderful that this bell is still around and still able to be viewed by all who are interested! it is a very important part of our history! God love us all! I also was amazed to read that they actually moved the bell to Allentown, PA to hide it from the British while they were reclaiming all bells and melting them down and making cannons out of them. Come on! CANNONS?? Give me a break!
Frank M. Montana, Age = 50, Born in Cherry Hill, NJ and now living in West Deptford, NJ with my wife & 2 kids, Julia & Frankie [11-09-2010]

Happy Thanksgiving
David George DeLancey [11-09-2010]

I Love the Liberty Bell
Ashling Hankins, 6 [11-09-2010]

I love Philadelphea and I've been there, but I found out a lot of things, but I'd like to know where they ordered the Liberty Bell from.
Steve Ketner, 42 Sligo [11-05-2010]

its amazing piece of history
Trevor Godfrey, 24, Roma Qld Australia [11-04-2010]

This is Amazing
Marshall Davidson, Miami-Dade county [11-04-2010]

i would like to see the liberty bell in person.
Brittany, 13 West Palm Beach Florida [11-03-2010]

i love the liberty bell
kayla, 13 yrs old [11-03-2010]

in class so bord have to look for this info
kevin lane, 16,counce.wight [11-02-2010]

i like this
sally, 21 [10-31-2010]

i do not know about the liberty bell
sally, 19 ohio [10-31-2010]

This is a very good website that tells all about the Liberty Bell. It helped me enrich my knowledge on it. Thanks! The Liberty Bell Rocks!
Sonya Lao [10-31-2010]

Mark tokarski [10-31-2010]

connie.stuart, teacher dilley Texas [10-29-2010]

i like the liberty bell
anthony jabre santos, 12 [10-27-2010]

i have the honour to be invited to philadelphia to speak in a gathering about sudan unity,i am so lucky that i will see the liberty bell''''''''
RUSTUM A. MUSTAFA, 65years-independence mo [10-27-2010]

I love The Liberty Bell!
Mariana Marrufo Estrada, Mexico (20 years old) [10-27-2010]

what an honor and a priviledge to meet you david.
derek freshour [10-26-2010]

Maria-Regina Caputo, Monmouth Junction, NJ [10-26-2010]

it is a very interesting symbol of the u.s.a.
maisy [10-26-2010]

I have never had the opportunity to visit Pennsylvania or the historical sites in the area. However, at a church service I attended two weeks ago, the pastor was speaking of freedom and mentioned the Liberty Bell and that it has scripture embedded in it from Leviticus 25:10. I was curious as to why this particular verse was quoted. It was very well explained at this site. Thank you for your website and the very interesting & important information it contains regarding our Nation's beginnings.
Joan Rapp, Pompano Beach, Florida [10-26-2010]

Happy Halloween
David George DeLancey [10-25-2010]

alex rive, 15 [10-25-2010]

Getting ideas for my first grade classroom: songs and poems of this patriotic symbol.
Brenda, teacher [10-25-2010]

nikki thompson [10-22-2010]

I am proud to say "I Was There!"
Charles L. Gray, Jr., Harrisburg, Pa [10-21-2010]

is the liberity bell a national monument
anonymous [10-20-2010]

shielow [10-20-2010]

a good website
shielow, newton [10-20-2010]

Heather Gammache, 35, Shillington PA [10-18-2010]

Sandra Feno, Surprise, AZ [10-18-2010]

Wonderful web site. My family visits often for info and facts (often to settle an argument...lol). Thank you for promoting American history and freedom.
Maria Johnson, Age 43, Somerset, Ky. [10-18-2010]

jalyne, 7 [10-15-2010]

This icon is one of the most important symbols of American Independence. Let it spririt sounds continue to inflame the desire of the American people for independence, freedom and justice.
kevin christensen, 61: Sparks, Nevada [10-15-2010]

This was some good information for my daughter report in the first grade.
TelisaGross, 34 Kinder LA [10-15-2010]

I love the bell and it has a lot of History. I have an old one.
myra Bosler, oxford mi [10-14-2010]

i think the liberty bell is interesting because, the bell's strike note is e flat. im doing a report at school with it!
Ainslea Hensel, 9 stoneboro pa [10-12-2010]

when did the crack get in the liberty bell
boss [10-12-2010]

how did it get it first name
anonymous [10-12-2010]

Aundra Murphy, 14,louisville [10-11-2010]

What happen to the metal from the Liberty Bell? I heard that they made jewery from it? Is this true?
Marge Schilling, Sandwich, Illinois [10-07-2010]

neat site- the 1915 pics are great
Amber, Carlisle, PA [10-06-2010]

how did the crack get into the bell
nathan eagle, port huron mi 48060 [10-06-2010]

it is cool becouse of the history behind it
austyn eagle Ist, port huron mi 48060 [10-06-2010]

that it is so cool
william eagle, port huron mi 48060 [10-06-2010]

we think the liberty bell is so cool, becouse it was made by jone stow.
steve eagle III, port huron mi 48060 [10-06-2010]

Arvid [10-06-2010]

the liberty bell made of glorey and buty!
joann blagg, 39 yeas old St.Louis.MO [10-06-2010]

I'm doing a report so im using these facts for my project on The Liberty Bell.
Ana Paula Vinueza, age 9 Hot Springs,AR [10-01-2010]

I have pictures of myself touching the bell in 1975 when it was displayed in the south stairwell of Independence Hall. It is one of my fondest childhood memories. What a wonderful and informative site this is.
Joe Maleno, native Philadelphian [10-01-2010]

I think this information is not clear enough for me
Sofia [10-01-2010]

James M. Quickfall, 71yrs. Vancouver [09-30-2010]

Justin Randolpj [09-30-2010]

Thanks for the info!
Joy, Los Angeles [09-30-2010]

i think on the facts page you should put more stuff about it like, why was the liberty bell creatied, and how did the big crack get on the liberty bell, what caused it, maybe when it was made, I don't know. just pust facts about the who, what, when, where, why and how. From, Kaitlyn P.S.- hopefully my advice will help!
Kaitlyn, Des Moines, Ia [09-30-2010]

Elizabeth Comire [09-27-2010]

This site is amazing. So many facts that helped me on my Essay. I had no idea there were 4 bells, I thought that there were only 2. Thanks for all the info.
Meagan, 12 Florida [09-27-2010]

we loved it i did not know that there where 4 liberty Bells
Ariana, ga [09-26-2010]

michelle [09-26-2010]

jarom eason, 12 salt lake [09-25-2010]

I've bought this bell and it was awesome. It resembles the original Liberty Bell and the famous crack. What an honor is must've been to ring the original bell. Long live Liberty and God Bless America!
Anonymous, Montgomery,Al [09-23-2010]

anthony [09-22-2010]

Thanks for such wonderful information. This website was used to help one of my students at Franklin Middle School with his homework. I learned a lot, too!
Leslie Jones, 30, Cedar Rapids, Iowa [09-21-2010]

I'm doing a project on the Liberty Bell. And this site helped me soooo much! Thanks! :)
Ashlen, Van Buren, AR [09-21-2010]

it is intresting to learn about the miss speled word and the crack.
Dark Shadow, 35 [09-20-2010]

Emma Lansdell, 17,Foreman,Arkansas [09-20-2010]

I wanted history regarding the crack in the Liberty Bell. Thanks
Tracy Laven, Wewahitchka, Florida age 58 [09-17-2010]

We are the Ashman Eagles, a K-2 public school in Richfield, Utah. We have salvaged the old school bell from a previous building remodel and have now hung it in our front foyer. Our "liberty bell" signifies the importance of education for the preservation of liberty--both personal liberty from ignorance as well as from all forms of ignorance in our society and culture.
Teresa Robinson [09-16-2010]

nadia galvan, 32 yrs.,houston tx [09-16-2010]

Sherry Warner, Haysville, KS [09-16-2010]

Great site.
Mrs. Smock's Class, Monroe School, Casey IL 62420 [09-14-2010]

I hope my grandchildren will get a chance to see this great American Symbol. Then they will know that their daddy was a great hero.
Kathy, Ontario Oregon [09-13-2010]

love the bells
ian matthew, lauderdale lakes, fl [09-13-2010]

Melinda, Los Angeles [09-13-2010]

Deborah COLEY [09-13-2010]

I visiseted Independence Hall In 1976 and saw the Liberty Bell.
David Christopher Galagan, Portland Oregon 51 [09-13-2010]

It is very cool, I learned about it today in school (1st grade) Mason
mason kennemer, 6 Yrs Old, Lafayette La [09-10-2010]

Michael thinks it is cool and wants to visit Philly to see it in person
Daddy Butchand Michael, 7yrs [09-10-2010]

This is an amazing website. I love the pictures, they are very creative. I like the liberty bell, is a good thing. It is interesting that the people in this pictures resprent our history. God Bless America!
Tyler Gray, Peebles,Ohio [09-10-2010]

Thank you for your website :) We learned about the liberty bell and its unique history.
Peebles High School World History Classes, Peebles, Ohio [09-10-2010]

Mary Johnson, Detroit MI 48234 [09-09-2010]

hallo people.i luv the bell.it not shiny.
Kallie Bardy, 13,Drumright,OK,74030 [09-09-2010]

I love the bell
Marissa [09-09-2010]

this was so exciting
rebekah, 11,chicagoIL [09-02-2010]

The liberty bell is one of our last, completely American symbols, and has its' own character and mythology that shouldn't be lost and ignored!
Josh Branson, 41, Grand Junction, CO [09-02-2010]

check this out
kamal, 18,punjab,india [08-30-2010]

hahahahahahhahhah i have no idea why im doing this but oh well! lol :))))))) gahahah!
Rae Piscitello, 14 st.pete [08-28-2010]

Great Music and Information
Dave Quirk, 77 Yrs, Great Falls, Montana [08-28-2010]

Eleanor S, 10 [08-26-2010]

Claudino Escalera Jr., 55 Cleveland,Ohio [08-26-2010]

Every child in America should be taught the truths and the facts behind the liberty bell along with the rest of our history. I was never taught this and I am thoroughly enjoying learning it now, but am sad that I didn't learn it many years ago.
Anita Usher, 44, Chandler, AZ 85224 [08-26-2010]

Raymond Standley, 14, corpus christi, tx [08-25-2010]

This bell has national recognition. It is a broken bell and yet it's meaning is significant. It tells a bigger more important story than it ever would have not broken. My life has been shattered by my abusiveness, my family leaving me and cosequently me attempting to poison myself with alcohol. I can have significant more important story out of brokeness, also. The Liberty Bell brings to my life hope.
matt arntson, 45 Dickinson, ND. [08-25-2010]

Igor Zhadan, Drezna [08-23-2010]

Mon-St-Hilaire 14 novembre2010 Age 14 ans
Bonin Chales-Etienne, 450-446-7826 [08-23-2010]

i just thought it would be cool to have my name i the book! :)
brandi summers, 15 years old..ozark arkansas [08-21-2010]

It is amazing, the story of Liberty Bell
Shellyann Banwarie [08-19-2010]

Carla Louise Gray [08-15-2010]

This site is very informative. In fact, it should be a reqired site for all students.
Gloria Worthy, Memphis, TN [08-15-2010]

how did the bell got the crack? i want to know.
makayla, n.b [08-15-2010]

thank you so much for a very informative web site.
Andrew Stubbs, age 52 Pasadena Md. [08-13-2010]

Frank Kreitner, 61 National City Michigan 48748 [08-10-2010]

alfredo rojas [08-09-2010]

william norris jordan jr, 49 phila pa [08-09-2010]

lourdes arjona [08-02-2010]

sean p dill, 44,youngstown,ohio [08-02-2010]

Kristina Bennett [07-31-2010]

Who moved the Liberty Bell from Philly to Allentown, Pa. during the Revolutionary War?
anonymous [07-30-2010]

david e. huaman, 61, tobyhanna, pa.18466 [07-29-2010]

I'm working on my family's genealogy, and just found Anna Stow married to William Henry Key, an engraver at the Philadelphia Mint. My dad always said that we were related to the Stow who cast the Liberty Bell. Wow! It might be true!
Beth Smith [07-27-2010]

The Liberty Bell represents the Founding Fathers courage in declaring our independence from England's tyranny. It means the beginning of our nation. I love my country and hope pray that the inscription on the Liberty Bell "Procliam Liberty throughout the land" will go on meaning what the purpose of America is to all freedom loving people of the world. Along with this we must remember to pray and be ever vigilant for the cause of freedom. We have a replica of Indepence Hall here in California at Knott's Berry Farm. In a special alcove by the stairs leading to the bell tower stands a replica of the Liberty Bell the biblical scripture "Proclaim Liberty throughout the land" bell and the crack on the side. During the school the children are treated to an enactment of Patrick Henry's speech for fighting for our indepenence where he proclams "Give me Liberty or Give me death". Further they are treated to and enactment of Abigail Adams and how through her and her husband's letters they encourage each other Her husband, John Adams was in the fight for our right to indepedence and she shared his love for their country as well as for God who gave all men the inaleable right to Life, and Liberty. She of Course was a strong and kind woman was for a woman's right to speak her mind with love and gentleness with the courage of her convictions of Goodness and mercy that comes from the heart of God. There is also an enactment of the Second Continental Congress for open to everyone in which the decision to declare our freedom was voted on after arguments were presented for and against by representatives from each of the 13 colonies. They included, George Washington who presided over the congress and Thomas Jefferson and John Adams and Benjamin Franklin. After two weeks they voted to write a declaration of independence. Five of the representatives were chosen to form a committee to draft a document that would be our Declaration Of Independence. Among the five were Benjamin Franklin and John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. We visit this 'Independence Hall' evrytime we go to Knott's Berry Farm,. In fact in order to remind us of our fight for independence we pruposely go to Knott's Berry Farm for this reason. Because of the leaders in power over Ameirica inclding our President Obama and his congress we are about to lose our feeedom and everything that America and freedom means to the the hearts all human beings. These people are not trustworthy to be on side of Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness, not even for themselves. They do not know even what they are doing to their own souls. By denying freedom to others by complete government control they too will be controlled by their own chains that they have made for themselves and us and America and the whole world because they have denied the God that gave us that right to freedom.
Patricia Spillman, 72 Glendora, California [07-25-2010]

The bell is one of the real symbols of our freedom. Isn't that still worth fighting for?
Teri Cook [07-24-2010]

Wonder if this history is taught in today's schools? Grew up in New Jersey, learned about the bell, but this web. sight tells you so much more. I very much enjoyed my travel's through the site. Thanks so much
Nancy Anderson, 76, Grass Valley Ca [07-24-2010]

denise ann bowser, n/a [07-24-2010]

This site is amaizing. I made a 100% on the test.
Robert Brown, 18 [07-24-2010]

It was amazing to read through the history of the Bell. I have to visit the bell.
Ganesh, 40 [07-24-2010]

Amaizing to have this simbol of liberty in your countrtry! I´m from Colombia and is interesting to know the Pennsylvania history. It is a great treasure....
Diana Moya [07-22-2010]

The bell is one of the real symbols of our freedom. As a vet as are many of my family, the bell is important to be guarded as a treasure of the USA. Be glad living in country that loves its place in the world as a hiding place for others who love peace and liberty for all. God bless the USA.
Lawrence Halter, 57, St. Louis [07-19-2010]

Great story and I look forward to bringing my son to Philly to see the bell and have a cheesesteak.
Jason lee, 35 [07-19-2010]

she's a grand olde bell
LILLIAN HOLLINGSWORTH, little rock arkansas [07-16-2010]

why is the leberty bell so important
logan [07-16-2010]

My husband, 13 yr. old grandson and I will be visiting the Liberty Bell this summer. I have a photo of me standing in front of the Liberty Bell when I was 16. Just a few years ago. Looking forward to visiting your city.
M. Sutherland, 72 Michigan [07-16-2010]

sara Owid [07-15-2010]

Have enjoyed the National Treasure films, Saw a show on NVCC (No. VA Community College) cable by Annenberg group about presidential powers, etc. (with Gerald Ford and contemporaries). The show used the "Pass and Stow" engraving and I knew it from the National Treasure film. Hope to make it to see the Liberty Bell soon.
John M. Tincoff Jr., 59 yoa; living in Vienna, VA; off to Afghanistan for 1 year about Aug.21, 2010. [07-12-2010]

I saw the movie national treasure and it peaked my interest when they typed stow on thier lap top for clues.
darrell pinson, 47 atlanta g.a. [07-10-2010]

its a cool bell
john saunders, 42 [07-10-2010]

Kevin D. Dille, 50, layton utah, USN [07-09-2010]

magnificent, beautiful, awsom
martha smith, 60 tallahassee, fl [07-09-2010]

Virginia Young, Age 84, Cleveland, GA 30528 [07-09-2010]

I visited the Liberty Bell when I was a kid and everyone had respect for it and could touch it. In our family history, one of our grandfathers was the one who saved the bell from the British.
sandy allen, 61, Eddystone, Pa. [07-06-2010]

KEN BAKER AGE75, warrenton, mo.63383 [07-06-2010]

Now that I am older, it makes me realize how important our History is. I enjoy learning and seeing the site around my country. I am proud to be an American whom lives in the United State of America.
B. E. Hebert [07-06-2010]

Peggy Bailey, 59,West Virginia,07 0452010 [07-06-2010]

Everyone in our country needs to know this history!
Kathy Shackelford, 59, Temple, GA [07-06-2010]

I want to know more abou the liberty bell. could you send me some information about it? Why is it called th eliberty bell?
Alison McLeod [07-06-2010]

Our minister preached about the Liberty Bell Sunday and I wanted to read more about the history. Very interesting....
Margie A. Camper, Lexington, Virginia [07-06-2010]

I have often wondered if I am in some way related to the John stow who re-cast the Liberty Bell. My relatives come form South Jersey and Pa. Does anyone know if John Stow who died in 1754 had any children. Any info is appreciated. Thanks !
Charles S Stow Jr, &! Elizabeth, La. [07-06-2010]

Thank you for a wealth of information that I had forgot or did not know. Our Pastor mentioned Lev 25:10 and I wondered how it applied to July 4. Thank you. R
Roberta Wesley, Wellington FL [07-06-2010]

Jerry Bergmann, 61, Scottsville. Ky [07-04-2010]

MARGIE FIORE, new york [07-04-2010]

Thank you for this great information.
Jeannette McNeill, age:69 Bridgeport, Ct 06606 [07-04-2010]

Liberty and Freedom should never be taken for granted. To many lives have been lost and will be lost in the future to protect this country and the flag that flies over it.
Bruce Lash, Columbia City, In. 46725 [07-03-2010]

John Sage, 70, Garland, TX [07-03-2010]

I am impressed by the proclamation of our freedom on the liberty bell, yet because of rejection of God we are slowly losing these freedoms.
Rita Magana, age 70 Pineville,La. [07-03-2010]

My wife Susan just visited the Liberty Gell in Phili.......She is from Indonesia (Jakarta) and loved the History.
George Flores, Arlington Tx [07-01-2010]

not much is made of our freedoms today--everyone talks of how bad it is--not how much we have in this country.
WILL YOUNGS [07-01-2010]

I was very pleased to see your web presentation of the 1915 rail travels of the Liberty Bell. From your map, it appears that the Liberty Bell may have made a visit to Los Angeles on its return trip. Since I live near Los Angeles, I have kept a look out for any photos of this event. I have seen one photograph, captured in a Flickr photostrean by Ron Felsing, of the Liberty Bell visiting Redondo Beach California. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ron_felsing/4119308196/ This photo appears on page 23 of the photostream and appears to be the only one of the event. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ron_felsing/page23/ The photograph has written below it a statement that this event occurred in Redondo in 1913, but I suspect the date is an error and that this is likely part of the 1915 Liberty Bell travels. I would be interested in any knowledge you might have regarding this event. Thanks again for the web presentation, Don Heflinger donald.heflinger@gmail.com Torrance, CA
Don Heflinger, Torrance California, Los Angeles County [06-30-2010]

it was great the bell was beautifull i love you (webmaster)
qwerty, age 27 city london [06-30-2010]

ron michael, 19, manila [06-30-2010]

On 7-4-10 Bedford Acres Christain Chruch will read the Dec. of Ind. during our morning service, and in our hearts and minds we will hear the Liberty Bell ring. May God continue to bless the USA and may we never forget how we began.
John T. Morford, Age 64 Carlisle, Ky. [06-30-2010]

Hailey Sulenes, 17, Erie KS 6-28-10 [06-29-2010]

I love the Liberty Bell stamp. I think the Bell stamp and the Flag stamp shuld be standard.
Gretchen Bell, Midland, TX [06-29-2010]

I'm researching the bell ringing tradition for a 4th of July program to be put on by my DAR chapter and the Colorado National Guard, as part of the national bell ringing to take place at 2 p.m. eastern, started by the Philadelphia chapter of the Sons of the American Rev.
Gina Moore, Greenwood Village, Co. [06-29-2010]

Can anyone tell me where the Normandy Liberty Bell is currently located?
Richard Hamlin [06-29-2010]

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It would be nice if a replica could be made to sound off today if for nothing else so people all across this nation could hear it, because we are about to loose our Liberty! and our Freedom! possible our Nation! It's time we stood up for our founding Fathers and our Nation,our children and our grandchildren and more than all that--- Our LORD.
Robert Fowler, Texas [06-16-2010]

I read about the 1915 tour in a diary of my great aunt, written in 1915. She resided in Lima, Ohio and went to see it when it stopped there. Wonderul photos.
Grove Sandrock [06-16-2010]

I found this website interesting,and enjoyed learning about the bell, Wathing National Treasure made me interested in American History.
Thomas, Ormskirk, England [06-13-2010]

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I really liked the route of the old trains. That was a bonus to the photos trip. Thanks
Lisa S, Independence, CA [06-08-2010]

My wife and I visited Philadelphia to see the "bell" twelve years ago with our duaghters. We went back after they moved it to it's present home. What a great opertunity for Americans to see such an important part of history.
G. Zawislak, Illinois [06-08-2010]

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Our Sunday school class was studying Leveticus 25:10 and I knew the quote about proclaim freedom came from an important part of early American history, so I googled the quote and was directed to your website.
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Every American should see this relic of American History.
David Cannon, Flowood, MS [05-30-2010]

We love our liberty bell!
Jacqueline M. smith, Philadelphia, PA [05-29-2010]

I've been to independance hall and saw the liberty bell. I would recomend taking photographs for proof or memories. I may be in fourth grade but i know a lot for my age
Andrew Hitt, 9 [05-28-2010]

I love learning about things like the liberty bell. at the moment i am watching National Treasure a good movie for people who love history and some fiction
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I teach reading and my 6th graders are reading a story about the making of the Liberty Bell. I found your site so I can show them more about the bell. They were especially concerned about where the crack came from.
Valerie Mackowiak, Dunkirk, NY [05-20-2010]

i love reading history on the bell been here a long time pleses i want to be a member and help with the bell
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Every year our church (Calhoun Baptist) has a celebration service for the Fourth of July. This is always held on the last Sunday in June. I have to make a booklet on patriotic facts about our country, such as the Statue of Liberty, Declaration of Independence, signers of the Declaration, among other things. The Liberty Bell is one of the things I like to write about and the information given here will certainly be of great help. Thank you for your contribution.
Yvonne Walker, St. Matthews, South Carolina [05-12-2010]

i love the bell.
sam, 23 [05-12-2010]

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Pasquale Galante, 63 [05-09-2010]

My Great-Grandfather was on that trip from Philadelphia to the Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1915.He was invited to travel with the Liberty Bell as representative of Philadelphia. Our family has one of only 5 picture albums left of the trip. I am very proud to be part of this history, if only through my families photographs of this historical event.
William Fow, 69 yrs. kissimmee, Fl. [05-09-2010]

My thoughts are that the liberty bell is the biggest bell i have ever seen!and i have seen a lot of bells.
mackenzie, 9, ar [05-09-2010]

My kids loved all the pictures that you had with the Bells journey to California!
Rachel C, 22, Chelsea AL, Teacher [05-09-2010]

I am in the 3rd grade and I was interested in the Liberty Bell. I liked your page. I liked the video of the bell ringing. I had never heard the Liberty Bell before.
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Alyce Macdonald, North Carolina [05-03-2010]

I visited the liberty as a kid in the 50's so I'm really looking forward to seeing it again in Oct. of this year. Every American should see it.
Stephanie Windham, age 61, San Antonio,Tx. [05-03-2010]

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Taylor revis, 13 [04-28-2010]

My daughter, who happens to be in second grade and is very smart (She brought home her progress report yesterday and it's impossible to do any better than she did. They only get numeric grades in 2 classes in her school, and she got 2 100%s.) She came home from school today and remembered me telling her that I lived in PA as a kid. She asked if I lived in Philadelphia. No, I explained that PA is a big state, but I had been there to visit. She asked if I had seen the Liberty Bell. I told her I had, and she thought that was cool. She asked me why it was cracked. I told her it was because of the weather's effects on the metal, her father told her it was during a restoration. I told her actually, it had been so long since I had studdied about the Liberty Bell that I had forgotten and we would have to look it up to find out what caused it to crack, so that is why we are on this site.
Cynthia Krautwurst, 32, Gaffney SC [04-28-2010]

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Was watching "National Treasure" and the "Bad" guys Googled STOW Deceleration of Independence.
Demetris McAdoo, 16, Smackover, Ark [04-26-2010]

God bless America
ronald lamb coward [04-25-2010]

At a time in our Country when our Congress is so devisive and seemingly anti-bipartisan, this was exceptionally interesting for me to read. Everyone in Congress should read it (mandatory reading) re our "Liberty." I would suggest especially that the Governor of Virginia would learn a lot from reading these words. Thank you, Ella Snow
Ella, Newport Beach, CA [04-25-2010]

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I remember reading that Benjamin Franklin got off a boat in Philadelphia and bought three loafs of bread and gave two away and then met some people, borrowed some books, and started printing. Philadelphia is the only church not yelled at by G~d in the back of the bible in Revelation. Other intriguing questions remain...but are probably beyond my danielle payscale.
Sean De Feudis [04-06-2010]

I didn't realize the Liberty Bell was that big. As a Navy Veteran, I think the Liberty Bell and The Statue Of Liberty are a big part of our heritage. Thanks
Dan Rice, Buckley, WA [04-06-2010]

I remember as a child in the early 70s being allowed to touch the Liberty Bell. Just took 2 of my children to visit & they were just as Impressed as I was impressed as a child.
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