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Too poor to be a Republican, too smart to be a Democrat, half Hungarian by birth, I am highly perturbed by our current government and think it is time for a revolution! Was just researching history for my son when a whole lot of past history classes and teachings from my father came back, and I realized that our government is not what the founding fathers intended. However, only money talks...
Michael J. Serrage [03-31-2010]

th liberty bell is stupid
cutieface, blhhh [03-31-2010]

hope to visit Philadelphia soon and go to see the liberty bell along with the other attractions it has to offer
shane lynam, kilmacroy ballyfarnon boyle co roscommon [03-31-2010]

have been to see it hope to return another day soon
mairead horkan, cashel hcharlestown co mayo ireland [03-31-2010]

mairead horkan, cco harlestown [03-31-2010]

how did the bell crack?
janet nylander, 57 years old cameron park,ca. [03-28-2010]

Fabian Moonshadow, 13,Cincinnati,Ohio, [03-28-2010]

This sight is very cool! I am baking a cake that looks like the Liberty Bell for my Cub Scout pack and your pictures helped me. I live in Stow Ohio the same name as Pass & Stow who recast the bell. Cody Clark
Cody Clark, 9 [03-27-2010]

I was born in Philly!
Suzi Phillips, 37, Toronto, Canada [03-26-2010]

i love history! and so far this has been the best site for stuff!awsome!
Rachel, u.s.a. [03-26-2010]

Vivian Frendel [03-26-2010]

hi i love this palce bye bye bye bye
cate, 20 [03-25-2010]

Mrs. Wederquist's 2nd grade class [03-25-2010]

I like the hishtre
mangesh b . udmale, 22nd,thane city [03-23-2010]

Showing my students the Liberty Bell. These children come from low income families here in Indianapolis, Indiana
Jacci Mosley, 55, Indianapolis, Teacher [03-23-2010]

Kathy Straight [03-22-2010]

I teach my students about the Liberty Bell every year! They are fascinated with the facts. A parent visited the Liberty Bell and purchased a replica of the Liberty Bell. The students look at it from every angle!
Sandy Sibley [03-22-2010]

i liked this website i learned things about the bell i didnt know about before it it realy cool
christina liles, shelby ohio [03-22-2010]

I am an elementary school teacher looking for information for my third grade students.
Gretchen Pelle [03-22-2010]

amber [03-22-2010]

3-18-2010 I thank the lord everday for the freedom that comes from the hard work our ancestor's did,Also people coming form other countrys to american have made the u.s.a. what it is today.
Carl Walker, 49 Oroville,Ca.95965 [03-19-2010]

Joe Cornelius, Houston, Texas [03-19-2010]

Great site with interesting story and important information.
Pam Tang, slc ut [03-19-2010]

I like this site a lot because it gives you lots of information about the american revolution(:
Deja, 18 [03-19-2010]

so far so good.
kate vandegrift [03-19-2010]

billy joe [03-17-2010]

i lov the bell its asome ok
justin, ravenna [03-17-2010]

We liked learning about the Liberty Bell. We hope to get there to see it in person one day.
Mrs. Thompson's First Grade Class, New Paris, Ohio [03-17-2010]

Very good infro,Thank You.
Theresa M. Clark, 3-22-98 Holland O. [03-16-2010]

How much dose it waei?
Ava Provencher, Minasota Age 7 [03-16-2010]

Today our third graders read a realistic fiction story about the Liberty Bell. They wanted more information so I Googled "LIberty Bell."
Allisen Roberts, Nederland, TX [03-16-2010]

i love hallie halliday (((:
Shawna WoOd<3 [03-16-2010]

hallie halliday, norwood [03-16-2010]

I just want to know
Kenneth awom, 13,jos,nigeria [03-16-2010]

i think the liberty bell is kool in history its filled with history
allie, 11 attalla [03-13-2010]

The history behind the liberty bell is just the greastest information to recieve and all the other wonders you could discover about it.
Josh, 16,winter garden [03-13-2010]

tuyyttutgy, 7 [03-13-2010]

Facinating story ! !
Marilyn Humphrey, Yucca Valley, Calif [03-13-2010]

When I was little I went on a field trip to see the Liberty Bell, and I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever saw. I love going to see the Liberty bell.
Randie Snow, age:16, city:Lancaster,Pennsylvania [03-13-2010]

nice music
bruce jackson [03-13-2010]

harrison [03-13-2010]

Randy Aldred, 52, Mesa, Az [03-11-2010]

hi i am hailee. i have 7 people hoow live with me.
hailee, 6 maryon [03-10-2010]

I Luv America!
Maya Weismann [03-10-2010]

i think the liberty bell is really cool and interesting
Emily, 10 [03-09-2010]

put on info about war heros like john adams i need info
Bob, Age 1 year old [03-09-2010]

i want to know why was the liberty bell used for
nakeishy, 11 [03-09-2010]

Learning about the Ride of Paul Revere and the Revolutionary War in History class. I wanted to see it for myself.
Pacen, Age 9, South Dakota [03-09-2010]

Thanks for letting us have fun on your website we learned a lot! We wondered why it cracked the first time it was rang. We learned it is in Philadelphia, PA. It weighs 2,080 lbs. THANK YOU!
Mrs. Huhner, Mrs. Henjum's 1st Grade [03-09-2010]

Wonderful! Great site about a terrific piece of our history.
Rocko De Belldelico, Chicopee, MA [03-09-2010]

Kayleigh Ann Balcarcel, Long Island, NY [03-09-2010]

Learning everything I can about the American Revolution and the Liberty Bell is especially exciting for me. About a dozen (and counting) of my ancestors fought in the Revolution, including at least two great-g-g-g-grandfathers, Martin Wuchter and [John] Jacob Holben. And an old family story tells of a great-g-g...Uncle who helped hide the Liberty Bell from the British! (Wish I could find a list of participants...) My Dad's side of the family has many, many roots in Penn. (& other Colonies), dating back to the early 1700s, perhaps earlier. Acker, Becker, Bretz, Burger, Eberhard[t], Ebert, Fenstermacher, Good, Hartman, Hermany, Holben, Kocher, Roberts, Weigel, Weiss, and Wuchter are just some of the names from my blood-line back to PA. Can't wait for my return trip back East, and a [re]visit to so many sites. (And relatives?) Please feel free to contact me re family & local history, especially the Revolutionary War & lists of participants. Thanks to all, Thomas (Tom) Clinton Musgrave, Jr. (Grandson of Charles Alva Musgrave and Nora Marguerite (Wuchter) Musgrave)
Thomas Clinton Musgrave, Jr., b 1954 [03-08-2010]

Thanks! Just the information I needed. I am a member of the American Legion Auxiliary and I am making (or trying to) a replica of the Liberty Bell for an Am.Legion poppy display. I needed the inscription on the bell.
Betty Soldner, Toledo, OHio [03-08-2010]

Michael L. Sumrall [03-08-2010]

Kathy Kelly [03-08-2010]

abigail [03-08-2010]

peter scott, 40,wildomar [03-08-2010]

Funny how they do not state the fact that my great grandfathers land was stolen from him in the civil war and they put the Liberty bell on his land. Which to this day is still his and now ours.
Jean [03-08-2010]

I am going to teach my students about the symbolism of the Liberty Bell. I never realized it was a symbol of unity. I found so many interesting facts about the Liberty Bell here! Thanks
Jennifer C Jones, teacher 1st grade, Washington [03-05-2010]

ilove your web it gives more info than the others
Rosalie King, Kuntucky [03-05-2010]

wow..this is pretty interesting..
christin [03-05-2010]

Liberty bell history facinating :)
Helen, Uk [03-05-2010]

I present trivia questions to the school each afternoon. One of last weeks questions asked about the Liberty Bell.
karen kral [03-05-2010]

camren [03-05-2010]

cool bell
sak [03-05-2010]

pierre montoi [03-05-2010]

fatima, 20 [03-05-2010]

my bff her name is amy she do some tihgfor school.the due date march 12,2010 ok!
JESSICA BLACKWELL, 10 y old [03-03-2010]

dustin mclaughlin, 20 johnstown [03-02-2010]

This site fails to mention the renovation done by Benjamin Surrick (Franklin Institute Science Museum) in the early 1960s.
June Gold, Connecticut [03-02-2010]

Patricia Gill-Fisher, Hicksville, NY [03-02-2010]

Let Freedom Forever Ring.
Anna Brainard, 47 yrs; Ceres, Ca [03-02-2010]

Glenn Johnson, 6 [03-02-2010]

vrey good info
brattybrittee [03-02-2010]

fue un recorrido maravilloso por una pequeña parte de la historia de su país,gracias por las fotos y la explicación son buenas
MONICA, 37 años, México D.F. [03-01-2010]

I am in kindergarten at Red Oak Elementary School, Stockbridge, Georgia 30281. My grandmother is putting this information in the computer. She gave me a small replica of the Liberty Bell and I am going to print off all the information available to read for school. Thank you, Owen
Owen Robert Setterlind, 6 years old, Stockbridge, Georgia [03-01-2010]

Thanks for the fun information to answer our curious questions about the Liberty Bell.
Mrs. Byrum's First Grade Class, Summit School, Winston-Salem, NC [03-01-2010]

thank you for providing this way to express my many years of admiration for the liberty bell.The liberty bell is a symbol to me that helps me explain to my grandchildren about our county. It leds me into a discussion of the importance of revolutionary war era Americans who did so much for us.
ronald hilton gauthier, age 68, lake charles, louisiana, united states of america [02-26-2010]

I think that it's cool that it's been around for so so long and has been able to hold. It sound's pretty when ever you ring it.It is really cool. It is amazing that it can hold 2 man standing on top of it. The liberty bell is awesome.
annaclaire, fayeteville.ar [02-25-2010]

Ms. Johnson's 2nd Grade Class, Arkansas [02-25-2010]

chris, 11 geoige [02-25-2010]

Samantha Cosby [02-25-2010]

I love the 1915 photos.
bob, pa [02-25-2010]

i love you!
madison, greensburg [02-25-2010]

Proclaim liberty throughout the land!
Robert Frutiger, Michigan [02-25-2010]

Linda Garibaldi, Houma, La [02-22-2010]

Great information!
Shirley Covey, Jenks, OK 74037 [02-22-2010]

ken gruenhagen [02-22-2010]

Emilee Blakley [02-22-2010]

It looked awesome! - Jett It has been there for many years! - Alexa It's pretty! - Carine It looks cool bevause it has been there for 254 years after it cracked! - Adam It's really old! - Ashwin My class enjoyed learning about the Liberty Bell today and this website is great for young children to have an interactive lesson on a Smartboard! it
Mrs. Anderson Kindergarten class, 5 and 6 year olds from Jarman elementary in Tulsa, Oklahoma [02-22-2010]

jesse sanzari, rochelle park [02-22-2010]

Kachina, 17 Richmond,IN [02-22-2010]

Great, kid and parent-friendly website with plenty of educational information! Thank you. We are planning our family visit for this summer - your content will enrich our visit.
Sandy Beane-Fox, cape may, nj [02-17-2010]

I have this movie that I know from Liberty bell.It's national tresure.I just know it.Thanks
Rachel Lynn Rogers, 17 Nashville TN [02-17-2010]

sorry I wrote about Paul Revere's ride twice. Today I Will write a new Liberty bell Story. As February is The month we all study about famous African Americans I thought it would be a good idea to write about James Forten who was an American Hero who joined in the war for American Independence when he was only fourteen years old! James Forten Was Never a slave. He was born free. His grand father had been a slave, but he purchased his freedom and because he did so, his son - James Forten's father was born free, and he married a free woman. They lived along the coast. James Forten's Father was a maker of sails, and he taught his son the same trade. James learned when he was very young - he was only 7 years old when his father fell into the Delaware river and drowned. James worked to help to support his family. James also educated himself. He was a very learned man, quiet spoken and intelligent & quite refined as well. He had a very noble bearing. When the war broke out, his sence of personal honor demanded that he should go and fight for his country, and he sailed on the ship called "The Royal Louis" He was a Powder Monkey. That is a very dangerous job, young boys would take the job of carrying the loads of gunpowder to the men who loaded the hot cannons when they were firing them. gun powder is very explosive and many young men were killed in this position. James Forten wrote of his concern about a youmger white boy who was only nine years old with the same job ( he had joined with his brother and they were orphans) When the older brother died, James took it upon himself to do as many of the younger boys duties as he could, because he was so young, and i"it was only right". That is the kind of person he was. After only one or two battles on the Royal Louis, James Forten was captured by the Worst ship in the British Navy, The Jersey. It was here that many prisoners died in the hold, and James knew that many african /American prisoners were sold at auction for good money into the bonds of slavery in the west indies. He, who had never been a slave- was quite worried. But, he was very fortunate - because of his kind nature, and his winning ways, and his noble bearing, he causht the eye of the captain's son as he stood comfortig the young boy of nine, and another boy who was younger that he, an Irish boy named Danny Brewster who was 12, James told them it would be alright. He told them that the Angels would protect them. "Have Faith, and do not falter. Be brave. Remember that you are big strong sailor men, you are not babies. and you will be just fine.", he told them, "I am not afraid, and I am the sort they sell into slavery". The Capatain's son asked that they not put him into the hold but that James Forten should be brought to him instead. James and the Captains son talked together and played a game of marbles, and a close friendship was formed over the next few weeks. finally, the Captain, who discovered he really liked James, invited James to come to England with them - he said that James could come to England and be educated with his son, and later he would see to it that he would be set up in a trade, all that James would have to do would be to renounce America and the Colonies. James stood up and put the marbles he had just won from the Captain's son into his pocket and he thanked the Captain, and said, "I thank you for your offer, but, I joined this war for my country, and I will never forsake her, I will not become a Traitor to her.", he then bowed to the captain, and to the new friend he had made of the Captain's son, and held up his hands that he might be bound and led to the hold. later he wrote. I have never been a slave, and the only chains I ever had on me were there for only a few hours in the hold of the jersey and then were taken off, because they were needed for another man. But I have been chained to the color of my skin for the whole of my life, and it maked me different. It does not make me inferior, it only makes me different from some people, and the same as others but I am proud to be a Free Coloured Man - And I Am Proud That I was there to fight to make this country free. James Forten spent 7 months in the hold of the ship Jersey. his friend Danny Brewster became so ill and feverish, that James feared he would die. He never found out what happed to the little 9 year old boy. He often joked that a game of marbles saved him from a lfe of slavery in the indies. He also said that he learned that to some people, being coloured isn't the worst thing, for he was allowed up, and they cast young Irish Danny down in the hold. When a chance for escape was available for him, James turned it down and gave up his seat to Danny, because he was so ill. Aster 7 months, James was able to leave the Jersey. He was reduced to a skeleton, his hair had fllen out, and he was pitiful to look upon. he went home to his mother and sister who thought him dead. his mother fed him. She told him, "A little at a time son, or it will hurt you.". In Later years James grew to be a very wealthy man. He ran a school out of his home, and a news paper vcalled "The Liberator". He Said that 'Freedom shoud come a little at a time, or it will be hurtful. Freedom must come when a man is ready to work and earn a living for himself and his family, and when he is able to do for himslf all those things he expects others to do for him. If you are expecting others to do things for you, then you are not ready for Freedom, But if you are ready to do for yourself all things, then write to me, and I will buy your Freedom for you, and you will be free." James Forten used his money to buy many people their freedom. He had long conversations with Washington, Jefferson and Adams. He once wrote, In what other country can a Coloured Man expect to speak to 3 presidents? James Forten was a Man of great wisdom, so brave, so eloquent, and so powerful a speaker, he was ages before his time. I would have given anything to have had the honor to have men him.
khaetidawne, mayville, wisconsin [02-17-2010]

It was amazing to see the Liberty Bell and the exhibits explaining its symbolism through the American Revolution, abolition, women's suffrage, civil rights, and movements throughout the world, including Tibet. Truly, "Proclaim LIBERTY...!"
Rose Brewer [02-16-2010]

Collecting info for a school report for my 1st grader on an American symbol. I think I'm the one that learned the most. I visited the Liberty Bell when I was 13 in the summer of 1987 when our high school played in the Independence Day Parade and also the parade in Philidelphia. Cant wait to get my family back there so they can see the things I saw. Loved the site and all the info. VERY informative. Thank You
Mike Stephenson, 36 [02-16-2010]

yall should let us cut and paste!
Ravin Webster [02-16-2010]

This is so cool!
Kallie-Mae Walker, Age 10 [02-15-2010]

I am very lucky that my family has always kept such wonderful journals and diaries over the years. I and other family members have enjoyed reading them and learning about the lives they lived long ago, these ancestors of ours who wrote such profound things and who spoke of freedom with such reverence. These people loved Liberty! They truly Loved their Freedom! They were willing to fight and to Die so their children and their children's children and on down through all the generations could have this amazing gift! The Gift of Freedom and of Liberty! I wish I could hear the people of Our Congress speaking in the same manner as these ancestors of mine, and I am Certain your ancestors spoke the same way! If we have a duty - then that duty is this - it is to Value our Freedom and to learn from what our fore fathers did. Here is another of the"Liberty Bell's Songs" From the old journals of my Family. Dr. Joseph Warren was known as "Freedom's Spirit" by some, The Hero of Bunker Hill (He died at Bunker Hill),& Patriot of Lexington, because his spying enabled him to discover the British plans. That is what this story is about. When Doctor Warren learned that the British knew where the Americans had hidden their guns and ammunition as well as loads of gunpowder, and that they were planning on taking in out of Concord, he knew that the war would be over even before it could start if that was allowed to happen, so he sent a messenger out to his friend, a very active member of the Sons of Liberty, a silver smith, named Paul Revere, and also two others Dawes and Prescott. The Good Doctor had to lend his horse to Paul Revere. The Journey was planned by Doctor Warren and Paul Revere These men knew that the guns anamunition and the precious gunpowder had to be protected. Night fell and the three riders took off under the cover of darkness. Contrary to popular opinion, the young men did not yell out in the night air, "The Red Coats are Coming!", nor did they Cry, "The British Are Coming!", it is quite Questionalble that they would have yelled at all, as this would have alerted the British Soldiers. The three set out rather soberly and began by rapping on the doors and gaining entrance to the homes then telling the citizens inside very insistantly that, "The British are on the move!"& that the minutemen, and the continentals should get their guns and meet in Lexington on the green as early in the morning as possible. Then, it was out and back on the horse again and to ride to the next house to warn them.Somehow, as the three riders rode on,they became more and more bold and urgency set in as they rode farther into the country. Once outside of the city, it would appear that they became a little less quiet in their warnings and the three were captured by the king's men. Prescott was able to escape immediatly, Dawes escaped almost immediatly but, Revere not only had to remain incarcerated for most of the rest of the night, but he lost Doctor Warren's Horse to the British Soldiers, and he did not arrive to Lexington till just after Pitcairn had given the order to "Disperse you Rebels or I'll shoot!". The Rebels did not disperse, and Pitcairn's men aimed and fired a volley, and 8 men of Massettchusetts died. But More and More Militia arrived at Lexington, and went on to Conchord. Men Women and even children hurried to move the weapons and ammunition to a new hiding place all of the gunpowder was saved and by the time the British arrived in Concord, There were so many Continentals and Sons of Liberty waiting for them The British were sorely beaten. In Concord Emerson wrote that the first shot the Americans fired, was heard around the world!
khaetidawne, mayville,wisconsin [02-14-2010]

Doctor Joseph Warren Is featured in another of the Libery Bell songs of my Family's journals. The good Doctor was known as a fine patriot, and was one of the famous Sons of Liberty. He was also known as "Freedom's Spirit", he died at Bunker Hill. However, Warren did many noble things to bring about the freedom and the liberty that we Americans now enjoy. One of his most noted acts was to send out three riders on a crisp night to warn the minute men. His warning was slightly mis remembered over time, and the other two riders have been forgotten, as well as the fact that Warren had to lend his horse to the famous silver smith, Paul Revere. The other riders were Dawes and Prescott. (Prescott was the officer in charge at Bunker Hill) However, this is the story of the night before the battle of Lexington Green, and Concord - Paul Revere's Ride (With two others) how the 3 were captured by the British. Prescott escaped immediatley and continued the ride, Dawes escapes almost immediatley and Paul Revere has to wait several hours in custody - and to add insult to injury, he loses Dr. Warren's horse to the British. So he does not make it to Lexington until just after the shots had been fired at the Americans and 8 good men of Boston lay dead. The three men - by the way - did not say "The British are coming", nor did they say "The Red Coats are Coming!", or anything so silly as that, they - very insistantly, would go to each door and knock, demanding entrance, and would firmly announce - "The British are on the move.". The other message was for the minutemen and the militia to take their guns and gear and make haste to go and meet at Lexington. For all of the colonists knew where the guns and the powder and supplies for the war were stored away, and that if the British laid hands on them, the war would be lost before it had even started. So the soldiers made haste for first Lexington, then, after Pitcairn gave the order that killed 8 men of Massachusetts, they repaired for conchord where men women and even children had hurriedly removed and restored the newly hidden weaponry and ammunition for the revolutionary war, and the first shot that rang out in Concord that an American Soldier fired was so inspiring to Emerson that he wrote a very famous poem with a very well known line about "A Shot that was heard around the world.".
khaetidawne, Mayville, Wisconsin [02-12-2010]

good info
jasmine, irvine [02-12-2010]

Just found out Leviticus 25 is inscribed in Liberty Bell--visiting your site to find out more about it. Thank you.
Bernice Peter, age 70 [02-12-2010]

TO copy the liberty bell.
Udom, 9 [02-11-2010]

What great site. Everything & more that I ever wanted to know about the Liberty Bell.
Julie Molen, 68 - Auburn, WA [02-11-2010]

I love the Liberty Bell !
Marissa [02-11-2010]

liberty bell is a nice place i enjoyed reading about it and going to see it on my hoilday thans so much and my favorite place was the signing room where the declaration was signed. thanks. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. APWBD
Albus Dumbledore, 86 birmingham erdington [02-11-2010]

Great site!
MIss Haidle's 1st Grade Class, Cactus Elementary, Cactus, TX [02-11-2010]

The liberty bell is a cool subject
Yannis Figone, 11 pembroke pines [02-08-2010]

Iam doing a report
Zakaria Fuller, 7 [02-08-2010]

I love cheese and liberty!Rox on, rox on rox on!
Wubba [02-06-2010]

samantha Macdonnell [02-06-2010]

William Landrum, 9 [02-06-2010]

Thanks for the great information you have provided for us!
Olson School 4th Graders, Woodstock, Il. [02-06-2010]

it is a pity that the bell has a crack gould it bot be restoredas it contains a lot of history Alistair McCann
Alistair, age64 disabled disabled [02-04-2010]

i love liberty bell
lolo sale, 24 lex. monkey [02-04-2010]

Showing our South African exchange student a very neat part of our history. I had a chance, years ago to view the bell in person. The way I was treated by the parks service personnel made me feel super great. I have re-told the story for years. I wanted our exchange student to know some more facts that I may have forgotten.
Kevin Percival, 53, Oshkosh, WI. [02-03-2010]

Great reading, very informational.
Joyce Bentley, 48, Andover Ohio [02-03-2010]

Our freedom is the most important thing. This bell simbolizes just that, our freedom. Pass and Stow cast the bell and they would be proud that so many people come to see the liberty bell today.
Kaitlin, 13, Chester New Jersey [02-03-2010]

Our feedoms are slowly being taken away by the powers that be. Beware of the corporation, they are taking over !
Chris Price, Age54, Aloha Oregon [02-01-2010]

Oops, I just saw the engravings. The bell may be flawed, but as the Republic that this country was founded on...it will survive, even Obama's socialist/communist ploys!
Susan Stafford, Modesto, CA [02-01-2010]

As part of your information, which is very good, I would like to have read about the engravings on the bell and their history.
Susan Stafford, Modesto, CA [02-01-2010]

Susan [02-01-2010]

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Austin, 11,Kearney,NE [02-01-2010]

hello all
jslao [02-01-2010]

Thanks for the nice sight compisition. It was very informitive
Kent Jensen, 50yrs old, Idaho Falls, ID [02-01-2010]

Ring the bell our liberty is dying fast.
Dale R. Dugard, English [02-01-2010]

John Smith, 145, Salt Lake City [02-01-2010]

A cereal box inspired me to read about the liberty bell, because I realized that I did not know much about it. I love our countries history and love to learn more about its coming about. This website was very insightfull about the history of the liberty bell.
Emily, Salt Lake City, Utah [02-01-2010]

what a great bit of history
steve jeffs, bedfordshire.uk [02-01-2010]

The liberty bell lives up to its name. This is a perfect website for projects considetering America. :)
Olivia, 12 [02-01-2010]

katie browlieo austin [01-28-2010]

Madison Taylor Andrews, 7 Garland, Texas Ms. Reynold's 2nd Grade [01-28-2010]

i like to learn my country's history
YUKARI VISOSO, 5years ROCK HILL, SC. [01-28-2010]

I am a grad student at Drexel in the Dept./Education and we are doing a media presentation at the Liberty Bell Museum here in the little old church in Allentown. any help from you guys would be appreciated! Paula
Paula Infanti, 51 years old/nurse/teacher [01-28-2010]

Melissa Cyganek, Pensacola Fl 32506 [01-26-2010]

Wow what a great website!
Harley and Jesse Corbett [01-25-2010]

When the Liberty Bell claims I answer: READY! Yesterday, today & forever, usque et ultra vitam meam. Wake up Beautiful America!
maria beatrice, Italy, born in 1949, writer [01-25-2010]

its great all in needed
michael owen, liverpool uk [01-25-2010]

can i read about the liberty bell know
FRANK ARANGIO [01-25-2010]

watching national treasure and wanted to know if the piece of wood the bell hangs from was the original piece and found the information very interesting
Anton Gough, 32, Bradford, England [01-22-2010]

Interesting information.
Laura Salmons, Scranton, Pennsylvania [01-22-2010]

danielle wilson [01-22-2010]

i love you
isaac [01-21-2010]

In our family I am fortunate that my ancestors kept journals, so our family stories are great to read! Some of us call them "Liberty Bell Songs". In one family story the Liberty Bell sings about a couple of ten year olds who lived in an east coast town during the time when the war was going on, and about how they were minding a small group of about four or five children between the ages of 4 and 8. The children were all in the lighthouse Tower and could see all around the village and the bay. The British were on the ships, but that was how they always were, sometimes they came into the village for provisions, but not when the adults were out, and besides, the elderly shopkeepers were in their shops and the ancient baker and the oldest blacksmith in the world was in town along with his brother the second oldest cobbler was in the village too. The parents of the children who were left behind and in the lighthouse tower were all taking care of the harvest, which needed to be brought in and then stored. Some of it needed to be sold, other parts of the crops had to be Stored away for winter. From the lighthouse tower the ten year olds could see that the British were about to invade the town, and the ten year old girl told the boy to begin to beat the drum and make a huge noise, or even better, play his bagpipes and let the 8year olds play the drums and everyone must stomp around up there and pound around as loudly as they could - to make the British think there were hundreds of them about to descend upon them and attack! The 10 year old girl's plan worked, the British thought there were at least 75 men in the tower ready to pounce on them, so they retreated and returned to their ships. American Children are always saying "I can't do this or that, because I am just a Kid" - but look at what those children did, with no adults to help them to think up a plan or to be there to cheer them on, or to protect them. They did not once say "I can't". In the face of tremendous hardship, that little band of children really thought about what they could and should do for their country, and they did what they could and when they did what they could, they succeeded! I wish I could find more stories like this so I (and others)may read and learn about people who have had few life experiences to call upon to guide them and yet they have done well in times of stress or danger. Children (who also had very few life experiences to aid them in their cause) found a way to conquer seasoned British soldiers. They were either ten years old or even younger, but they certainly managed splendidly in evicting the English from their Village.
khaetidawne, 157 n. german street - mayville, wi [01-20-2010]

khaetidawne [01-20-2010]

I like your city never I've ben thouth there is heree relly spelled with to ees
mr,andmissgilchrest, 42 orlandofla [01-19-2010]

Leanna Young, Lynchburg, Virginia [01-19-2010]

i want files of the liberty bell
joseph, puyallup [01-18-2010]

It was very interesting andd different.
steve pass, 60 [01-18-2010]

Why does the Liberty bell have a crack in it? I olo9ve historical science and stuff, but I just don't know why for this one particular thing.
Alexia, 93065 [01-18-2010]

robert white [01-16-2010]

jared [01-15-2010]

I love to hear the history befre I was born its kinda interesting to hear about things like the history and the president.
Karlos Genzail Birt Jr., Grovetown Ga, 13 [01-15-2010]

I'm doing a school report on the Libert Bell. It is very interesting.
James Devin Lewis, West Monroe, La. [01-13-2010]

I live in PA but i never saw the liberty bell. Whats so special about it?
Mike, 12 [01-13-2010]

i used this site for government in school and it helped, thank you
kaitlyn, quinlan tx [01-13-2010]

gary flood [01-13-2010]

I wish for the freedom and respect for all the people of the Earth. MAN is declared to be a homo sapiens... It is for him to prove it. So far, our history says that Man is a brutal warmongering beast.
Guy-Jean Goudeau, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442 USA [01-13-2010]

I wrote Demokratia because I felt compelled to do so. Today, we American are faced with a tremendous duty toward mankind, humanity and peace toward every person alive. Respect toward humanity and peace upon our planet must be our first motivation to achieve our goal of DEMOKRATIA upon the Earth.
Guy-Jean Goudeau [01-13-2010]

I like the Liberty bell march
alex [01-13-2010]

Michele A. Ziccardi, From Philly - live in Eagle, Colorado [01-11-2010]

Where can I find any information on John Pass, family, where he lived etc. I am a direct decendant of Nathaniel Pass of Halifax,VA there must be something that ties the two together
Steve Pass [01-11-2010]

can you send me a map were it is located and were it is at. yor frend samantha i RESPECT the libertey bell love you as a freind.
samantha, patton [01-11-2010]

It's in Philadelphia, in the Historic District, one block north of Independence Hall.

i link the liberty bell is so good loking i whan to look at it but i do not know were it is at or were pt i lokated.
mary, hastings [01-11-2010]

the libertey bell looks so coll
samantha, patton [01-11-2010]

I am college student working on an assignment for school about the liberty bell. I also love the idea that the liberty bell has been put on the forever stamps.
Debbie Miller, Minneapolis, Minnesota [01-11-2010]

Harold Schwartz, Red Lion, PA [01-11-2010]

KATHRYN SNELL, bossier city louisiana [01-09-2010]

you i dont have thr information i need im just kiding u guys ruullee!
hakhann [01-09-2010]

Keagan Charles Guth, 49 yrs old from Phoenix Az [01-07-2010]

The Liberty Bell is another example of the great history of the United States. It's amazing to see what this country and its people have gone through to be where it is today.
Shannon Rogers, Anadarko, OK [01-04-2010]

The Liberty Bell represents the values, those "Inalienable Rights" for which Americans fight to defend. As the 1753 Sacred Icon of Liberty was tolled to honor Franklin, Washington, Adams, Jefferson and others at their passing, so today an exact replica traveling Liberty Bell is tolled at the concluding honors for our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Police and Firemen. For over 500 years bells have tolled bells to honor citizens who have given their lives to protect their countrymen. The Liberty Bell is the Heartbeat of America.
David Hall, belladier, 58, Fort Worth, Texas [01-04-2010]

I have a silver spoon commemorating the bicentenial of the Liberty Bell. This site has been hugely enjoyable and informative.
barbara skillen, Nantwich, England [01-04-2010]

I migrated to the USA frim France, because, mentally then Europe was stagnant and looking at its past for answers, while America is looking at the Furure. Personally I always look ahead..!
Guy-Jean Goudeau, Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA [01-04-2010]

All my thoughts and personal feelimgs regarding my country of adoptionn, America are written in the book I wrote: DEMOKRATIA, American Democracy In The Third Millennium.550 pages For better or for worse.Truth is always best said, regardless if it should hurt, so is DEMOKRATIA in America.
Guy-Jean Goideau, Born in France,writer Demokratia [01-04-2010]

it is good toknow that freedom extends to all in this country.
james mchugh, Manassas, VA [01-04-2010]

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