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The Liberty Bell

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Rachel Rainwater, Somerset [12-30-2009]

Linda Mickley [12-30-2009]

Enjoyed viewing this site, great job. What a great way to view such a wonderful part of history, I hope to be able to visit the Liberty Bell one day, but until then this has been wonderful. I will return to see more at a later date
Sheri Cranmer, Moreno Valley, Ca [12-30-2009]

i love it. thanks for the history lesson and god bless you.
david burton, 39, buffalo,ny [12-30-2009]

My curiousity was peaked while watching national Treasure A very well documented site with a lot of information to help all become more acquainted with our nation's history
James Savage, 54, Ammon, Idaho [12-28-2009]

Richard W. Rainwatre Sr. [12-28-2009]

warren smith, 58/ ct /06339 [12-28-2009]

Tim Campbell, 35, Alvin, Tx [12-28-2009]

I think this is a great site & beautifully captures the story, timeline & reality of the Liberty Bell.
Alyssa, 33, Boynton Beach, FL [12-28-2009]

The Libertey bell means so much to me thank you for this web page. Cassandra Bidwell
Cassandra, 15 [12-28-2009]

Damon White, 55 Ramsey Road [12-28-2009]

Wilbert e Ricks, Rocky Mount N.C. 27801 [12-25-2009]

cool web site.
Gary S Pigeon Jr., 46 Fairmount ND [12-25-2009]

excellent site for a teacher and her students, Shannon and Martezz
Jane Ross, age 51, Erie, PA [12-25-2009]

I am curious to what ever became of the beautiful bronze stands that the Liberty Bell use to rest on.They were beautiful and i dont understand why they were seperated from our treasure bell. I dont like the 2 silver poles it sits on now and its a shame the stands were taken away. Could you find out what happened to them? Thanks Ron Delby
Ron Delby, Ivanhoe Va [12-19-2009]

My Mother passed away in Philadelphia 12-7-09 with my Brother,sister & I were with her. The 3 of us had a wonderful Sunday and the Liberty Bell has become a special icon for us.
Linda Gardner, Bloomsburg PA [12-16-2009]

Great site. i learned items that i never knew. i am a direct decendent of John Jacob Mickley. the family has always been proud to have our name conected with such a historical item. The bell represents the freedom that this country was founded for by our forfathers. I have always told the story of the wagon trip to other people because they never knew the history of it. its a interesting story thats not in modern history books. I have in my library of books the original history book that describes the journey of the wagons. If it wasnt for the forsite of the revolutionaries, the bell would have been lost forever. Thank God for them.
Dale Mickley, Gainesville Florida, former-Lehigh Valley Pa. [12-16-2009]

Enjoyed the photo essay (& these comments). Looks like it took the Rock Island rails thru my hometown (before my time). Here researching our Family 1892 Bible (dvd coming together) for the brothers, sisters and cousins. The Leviticus 25 quote brought me here via the Google. If your in Philly GO .. and take the IndyHall tour. My best bell shot http://www.dotphoto.com/Go.asp?l=grfxplus&P=&AID=5287182&IID=191039169
Greg0658, 51yo Oglesby IL USA [12-16-2009]

i am going to see the liberty bell in july 2010
kaiyana, brunswick [12-15-2009]

the new nation under its kind of government, faced grat problems,how should the work of the government be stared and carried on?could the new nation get money to pay its debts?Could the the goods that its people needed in order to live?Could this nation get aLong with with other nations? Wise Leaders would work to solve these problems and to duid a stron foundation for the future
Kevin Kinser, Cleveland TN [12-14-2009]

Cool website. I am using the info for an s.a. at school about democracys
???, /???? [12-14-2009]

what happen in 1967 with the bell.i want to know the history of the bell.
cloe [12-14-2009]

Hannah Young [12-14-2009]

I think that ive learned enough to learn why the liberty bell had the word "Philadelphia" spelled wrong please send back!
Blu, 9 [12-12-2009]

ilieit when the liberty rings
ABILENESNYDER, 13 [12-12-2009]

steven, 0563182 [12-12-2009]

britney, 0563182 [12-12-2009]

the liberty bell will remain one of the great symbols in u.s. history and will forever reverberate freedom in our hearts
victor prestegiacomo, pittsburgh,pa [12-12-2009]

Aaron Stuart, Buckeye, AZ [12-12-2009]

Shaun heffner, 28 years old copperstown NY 13326 [12-10-2009]

ashly [12-10-2009]

I have for a very long time wanted to see The Liberty Bell....hope that day comes soon. Thanks for your web page...very informative.
M'Liss Ferlita, Tampa, Florida [12-10-2009]

I realy like it
cara, 35 [12-10-2009]

ANABEL, 14 [12-09-2009]

was the bell ever replaced
zackary [12-09-2009]

Liberty Bell means freedom to me.
Ahreyeh J. Beasley, 6 [12-09-2009]

My thoughts are that the Liberty Bell is 200 years old, and I would like to go see it.
Anabella, 6 years old [12-09-2009]

i would like to know more about the bells histpry
joe golembiewski, 85 west haven ct [12-08-2009]

Krystal Glover, Loranger, LA [12-08-2009]

katharine [12-08-2009]

Amber Hellwig, Yuba City, California [12-07-2009]

Robert W. Pease III, 315 Ella Dr, Lothian, Md. 20711 [12-07-2009]

JUDITH RAPIER, 58, west plains, mo. 65775 [12-07-2009]

Tonia Beck, 52,murfreesboro,tn [12-07-2009]

eric sowder, louisville ky [12-07-2009]

phila is first in the world thank GOD for the bell something to be proud of for ever an ever proud to be from phila born an bled till my deathlonden has big ben we had the real BEN franklin GOD bless the bell an keep her safe for all to enjoy as much as we do
ralph flores, 49 south st. phila pa [12-07-2009]

Fascinating facts about our history. I truly enjoyed it.
Bill Foley, 65 [12-07-2009]

JADE, ALEXANDER & KALLE, 9 5 29 [12-04-2009]

Hey got a a+ on my liberty bell book report! tank u ushistory.org!
Sierra [12-04-2009]

I am doing a project on the Liberty Bell, help :p
Starr Horvath, Idaho, [12-03-2009]

I loved this site and used it for an oral report. Thank-you for making this site! It helped a lot and don't worry, I gave you credit for your work! :)
Patricia, Grade 8 [12-02-2009]

I love 2 study the liberty bell! I love u liberty bell!
Sierra, 10 years/st.louis [12-01-2009]

All your information is very interesting. Much better than any other source I have come accross. Thanks.
Bernie Hite, Fairfax, VA [12-30-2009]

Katey Woodward, Forest of dean. Gloucestershire. ENGLAND [12-30-2009]

this was a very informative site,anyone who has a project to do, we recommend this site.
alfred dishon, james strickland, 13 and 49, raeford,nc [11-27-2009]

ASEAN [11-25-2009]

Going to see it tomorrow. Can't wait
Jody Weeks, Ontario, CA [11-25-2009]

luke, bastrop 78602 tx [11-23-2009]

haylee rogers, 15 bastrop,tx [11-23-2009]

shelly, 16 [11-23-2009]

Michelle E. Cagle, Wills Point, TX [11-23-2009]

im not even american but i love history and this is such an interesting site
Haleigh, 14 Dublin [11-23-2009]

We never tire of visiting the essential icons of our nation's fine history ... we always pay our respects to the Bell, Independence Hall and our Founding Fathers when we visit Philly. But wow, I lost track of the number of apologies we had to wade through to get through to the Bell. We can't have two histories for two cultures and remain a unified country that thinks, acts, believes as one. Enough, already.
Geoff Giordano, Cedar Grove, NJ [11-23-2009]

William Key, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA [11-23-2009]

i have a plate that has a picture of independance hall. it has a blue background. just wondering if it is worth something and i'm willing to sell it
fred mckay, apt. 4- 5 king dryden on. canada [11-20-2009]

What has become of the liberty this bell was to proclaim? Intrusive government, usurping power never Constitutionally granted to it, purposefully destroying the dollar to reduce the U.S. to 3rd world status to facilitate forcing a world government upon us. Our industries gone, education in the pits, profligate Senators and Representatives spending like drunken sailors, enslaving our next generations to the rest of the world while ignoring waves of illegals pouring in to take the jobs which have not yet been outsourced. Presiding over the mess is an obfuscating, lying puppet serving bankers, fellow traveler with lowlife child prostitution enablers in ACORN and anyone else whose vote is for sale. The bell was one of those good ideas which never came to fruition. God save us from the socialists for they have the approval of their own consciences.
Richard Mealey, Maui, Hawaii. [11-20-2009]

aubrey [11-19-2009]

Hi there. I sell photos on ebay and just list a great vintage photo cabinet photo of the liberty bell on its travel in the late 1800's early 1900's ebay name is - tonyvogrig item number is - 230401095638 Might be something you are interested in.. take a look TONY from canada.
TONY [11-19-2009]

I am studying the liberty bell for school. I want to know some facts about it. This is a good website.
Kerriauna, age 8, Arizona [11-19-2009]

Hello, our daughter is teaching English in Japan. Last week we bought 12 bells and were wondering if you would have any pamphlets in Japanese? Our son will be taking our grandson next week for a visit, he will be giving the bells as thank you gifts to the teachers of the Jr High she is presently teaching at. thank you
Alda Sr, Mom,Warminster Pa [11-19-2009]

Liberty Bell is a great symbol of freedom. One question in 1915 trip to CA was that the only time the bell left Philadelphia?
Robert Forbes, 59, Hillsborough NJ [11-19-2009]

Von Lyons, Houston, Texas [11-17-2009]

God Bless America
Jeremy Joyner, 18, Houston [11-16-2009]

Just interested
Lora L Murray, 49, Wichita KS [11-16-2009]

It is fasinating and I love everything about "American History"
Timothy Wakeman, 54, Greeley,colorado [11-16-2009]

How old is it and i have did lots of research on this page thats again .....
Emily Haley, 10 years old [11-16-2009]

i wish i could of heard it ring i bet it was great!
chris ludwig [11-16-2009]

Looked at my stamps and forgot exactly why there was a crack in the Liberty Bell?
Rick Kise, 55 Palm Bay [11-16-2009]

Jon Hancock, 209, philidelphia, [11-16-2009]

SCOTT W.HANGGELI, 50 egg harbor, nj [11-16-2009]

I went to see the Liberty Bell when I was a very young child,but I don't really remember any of the experience. I would like to visit it again one day, maybe even take my grandchildren. This site is good it shows a great picture of the Liberty Bell.
Kay Crook, Chatsworth, Georgia [11-16-2009]

Anthony, 51 mass [11-16-2009]

i'm studying this in history and the virtual thing is so cool!
kaitlyn anderson, guntersville, al [11-14-2009]

blake tedford [11-14-2009]

i hate obamas guts and the liberty bell is awsome
christion roy [11-14-2009]

zach, 10 baltimore [11-14-2009]

i love this bell and how its in front of Independence hall.
Emily Solkovits, 13 Palo Cedro,CA [11-14-2009]

Today we learned about the Liberty Bell. We liked the bell and we loved looking at the pictures from the past.
Mrs. Sanzo's class [11-12-2009]

that every one should see the bell
shamia, 21 [11-11-2009]

Riley Rich, 7,NoviMI [11-07-2009]

i am curiouse of the history of the bell,i also did not know pa,was mispelled.it symbolizes our freedom,however spelling doesnt really matter does it?.
anna marie vinnacombe, age 72 [11-07-2009]

Tyler [11-07-2009]

Matthew [11-05-2009]

I Love The LIBERTY BELL! thank you for a visit to your great city!
kaitlin, 11; baltimore, maryland [11-05-2009]

Awesome! I love the details of your site. I don't think that there is any question that I had about our Bell that you didn't answer. I rate it as "A+".
Roosevelt Kilpatrick, Rome, NY [11-05-2009]

I look forward to visiting the Liberty Bell with my family and celebrating our American heritage that we value so much. Thank you for providing a wonderful website where we can bring this piece of American history into our home.
James Brown, New York [11-04-2009]

I really liked the pictures and getting to see the crack in the bell. Thank You.
Logan Tolbert, 6 Marion, Va. [11-04-2009]

My grandson, who is six years old is very interested in history. He ask me about the liberty bell, so we went to the internet. He was very excited about the facts. Thank You.
Linda Shuler, 58 Marion,Va. [11-04-2009]

Tim Hartwick, 41, Little Rock, Arkansas [11-04-2009]

anonymous [11-03-2009]

amen to liberty! lol
Kayla Colson, 16 Idaho [11-03-2009]

Cookie C., 9 [11-03-2009]

kari simpson, abilene, TX [11-02-2009]

I am teaching about American Symbols and found your website is what I needed. Being able to hear the bell, and see the bell in 3D is great. My young students will love it! s
Cassandra Williamson, 34, lumberton, MS 1st grade teacher [11-02-2009]

I loved the bell well ive never been there but i hated doing a report about it but to be there iheqfo;f ue eoqureouhfjdh i would like it! ! ! ! ! !
Katie Tobey [11-02-2009]

y do you have a big branebell
julia.m.derose, [7 [11-02-2009]

hee hee i luvv the liberty bell
Madyson, 12 [11-02-2009]

I recently visited the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.As an American History fanatic,it was extremely moving.It was a very moving experience to stand with all that history of my/our beloved country.GOD BLESS AMERICA!
J.R.Reagan [10-30-2009]

i think that the liberty is cool!
rafael, Salem, Oregon [10-29-2009]

the liberty bell is someting really exicited to learn about as as an seventh grader exspecially when you come from the same place it was made and you have not a clue 'bout it and you need facts for a test!thank you for his wbsite
Arkadien Cross Rose, 13,okc,seminole,zip:74868 [10-29-2009]

Great educational information!
Kelly & Zoe Gross, Colorado [10-29-2009]

DAVID JENRATH, 7 [10-27-2009]

hi peeps
lauren [10-27-2009]

rayhona, rayhona akramova [10-26-2009]

cool. If there's a meesuem, i'm so there
nickiyannah emmia [10-26-2009]

Hi my name is kristen and im from ky and my teacher in 5th grade she was a non stop social studies teacher
kristen, 11 ky [10-26-2009]

nessa, ny [10-26-2009]

Ellice, 13 arlington tx [10-26-2009]

cynthia [10-26-2009]

Have been there will hopefully be there again in September 2010 with our Senior Group
Mary Bilby, Coffeyville,Kansas [10-26-2009]

i luv this bell.....!
cheyane, johnsoncity tn [10-22-2009]

Hi peple I live in wv my name is ariel I hrde a bawt the Liberty bell. I hrde a bete I read abawt Liberty bell.
ariel, 7 years old from wv [10-22-2009]

i really enjoyed looking at this page,which shows a lot of information of the liberty bell.
johnny monderen, 15 franklinton north carolina [10-20-2009]

william funovits, pittsburgh, pa [10-20-2009]

I really liked the facts. I posted them in a document that I made and printed them. I am going to show them to my class.
Ryan Young, 7 years old, Bucks County PA [10-19-2009]

cool good info.!
Abrown, 13 [10-17-2009]

We are Making a Flag which will include a picture of the Bell, The flag is for the SAR Texas Society Liberty Chapter.
Bill Robinson, 76 Mission, TX [10-15-2009]

The Liberty Bell reminds me that even though it is mute it promotes freedom just by hanging in its place for all to see. God Bless America, and may she remain the land of the free with liberty and justice for all.
C. Barnett [10-15-2009]

i thank the people that make it possible for our kids find info to help them in learning about history of our beloved counrty
tammy hayes, 34 king city oregon [10-13-2009]

ho cooL!
angel, 23,gre [10-13-2009]

jordan, 8jndfhtfrnjuhj [10-13-2009]

I LOVE this website! I used it for my project and it had so much information
Marissa [10-13-2009]

Just learning about the Liberty Bell for our homeschool!
Ruthi Cohen Joyner, nc [10-12-2009]

Sierra Tesch-Moore, Montgomery, IL [10-11-2009]

I think The Liberty Bell is cool I would ring it once in the morning and once at night
Faith, 10 Sandwitch [10-11-2009]

im doing a report on the bell for my 8th grade project. i hope this web site helps me a lot
reagan goulla, 13 years old, mannassas va [10-11-2009]

I think that the Liberty Bell is A GREAT symbol in Amrica.
Johanny Lojano, 10 years old [10-11-2009]

The Liberty Bell is really important for me and I know it is.
Johannt Lojano, 10 years old [10-11-2009]

i love the movie decliraction of independents!
Marahhuua [10-08-2009]

What is the relationship between the movie "National Treasure" and the Liberty bell? Because the movie "National Treasure" is one of my favorite movie, and I'am very much interested about the history of the Liberty Bell.
Runeil Chris R. Ruano, Age 16, from Dipolog City Philippines, [10-07-2009]

kathy irwin, remington, indiana [10-06-2009]

While using a chat site I came across another user with the surname of Pass. When I chatted with him he told me about the Liberty Bell, him being a descendant of John Pass of Pass and Stow. I hadn't known a member of the Pass family was involved. I'll be telling my family - probably no relation of ours but - you never know....... Very interesting.
Sara Pass, age 51, Essex, England [10-05-2009]

Very Interesting
David Johnston, Age 50, From Covina, CA 91722 [10-05-2009]

yo the liberty bell is the coolist thing evae
4545456454 [10-03-2009]

Judy Losee [10-03-2009]

i want stamps about the liberty bell
vanessa, New York City [10-03-2009]

chynna gilreath [10-03-2009]

mckenna french [10-03-2009]

i love u kirsten
Taylor Tidwell, 18 [10-01-2009]

wow i love tanner
kirsten smith, 17, Bloomingdale [10-01-2009]

Great information. I just love our history!
Ismail Chammout, Dearborn, Mi, 48126 [10-01-2009]

This website is very useful & informative!
Julia [09-30-2009]

the liberty bell is so cool
Sara [09-30-2009]

I need info about the liberty bell?
Naomi Ballenger, 11,Maysville [09-29-2009]

great site to explore history and help kids learn about the history of the bell
James Reed [09-29-2009]

The Liberty Bell is a symbol of the United States and we enjoyed taking the virtual tour of the bell.
Mrs. Harvey's first grade class, Virginia [09-29-2009]

"Proclaim liberty throughout all the land" was to be stated on this holy day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. Those of Anglo-Saxon-Celtic origins, are descendants of Manasseh, the son of Joseph, who have become the prophesied single great nation.
David Ben-Ariel, United States [09-29-2009]

Both my children were born in Philadelphia just blocks from this incredible icon. We gave our daughter the middle name, "Liberty", because she was born in the birthplace of Liberty. Thank you for a great page on the Liberty Bell, I am bookmarking it and will explain more of the history of Philadelphia to my children (age 6 & 3) using all the information & pictures collected here.
Lizabeth [09-25-2009]

Today,in school we learned about the liberty bell,and the justice bell.for our question on hmwk it asks would u prefer to see the liberty bell or justice bell?what would u choose?
cappamikey [09-25-2009]

I really think its cool so many people are tying to keep history alive its one of the coolest things when you find out that you are possibly realted to important poeple in history thats what brought me to this site i found out that i was realted to one of the people who made the liberty bell so i had to find out more thank you for this site its REALLY cool!
Harley, 13,Iowa [09-25-2009]

i love the design of your site its so different then the other sites that i've been to i REALLY like it
Harlie, Iowa [09-25-2009]

Great information
Gwendolyn Basker [09-25-2009]

This site indeed is very informative. It helps people know the great events and the story in the history of one's place. Thank you for the info.
Emma Alforja, 53 yrs Philippines [09-25-2009]

Michelle Bonta [09-25-2009]

i would like to live one day in philadelphia cause its the democratic city with respect from teacher of english from kosovo arben the place of franklin the genious of elecrics
arben mehmetaj, 36 yrs kosovo peja [09-23-2009]

i am very surprised for good because this bell united the peace of usa states between south and northern states is is the ymbol of freedom with respect for usa benny from kosovo
arben mehmetaj, 36 yrs kosovo peja [09-23-2009]

I think it is awesome that we can actually look up a piece of history and show kids what it really looks like, not some drawing in a book.
Donna C. West, Houston, TX [09-23-2009]

thank you for doing all this hard work just to inform us
anonymous [09-22-2009]

I love this website. It's great and awesome for school projects!
Jessica J., 12 years [09-20-2009]

Skylynn(:, 13 [09-18-2009]

The Liberty Bell is very interesting.
Carisma Mercado, 10, carteret NJ [09-18-2009]

Very interesting!
Mrs. Shaw's 2nd grade class [09-18-2009]

i love history! I'm doing a collage on what America means to me and i saw the liberty bell picture and wondered why there was a crack in it I asked my mom and brother and they both had different answers so I typed it in on Google and this is where it brought me.
megan, 11 virginia [09-17-2009]

olivia, 11 [09-17-2009]

Pretty COOL!
Hannah, 11 [09-17-2009]

Sean, 12 Industry,PA [09-17-2009]

i think the liberty bell is very cool i did my report on it
sonjah, bastrop [09-17-2009]

M. Troy Weinstein, Opelousas, LA [09-17-2009]

dear sir ithink wantyou are doing to keep are history alvie is great by teaching thought the luiberty bell like you said .let freemdom ring, iwould loove to learn more about the liberty bell .pa that all ihave to say about the liberty bell. take andmay god bless you all. a friend lourena barton
LOURENA BARTON, 60 uniontownpa 15401 [09-17-2009]

bganzer [09-14-2009]

Lisa [09-14-2009]

I thought that the Liberty Bell is a great torist attraction and I believe that it is well worth going to go and have a look at it.
Daniel Durose, 16, Burton, England. [09-14-2009]

where is the liberty bell from taryn favaro mead washinton
taryn favaro, 16 mead washington [09-11-2009]

I am a homeschool mom and teaching my 3rd grade daughter about American Symbols. She actually asked for a lesson plan on the Liberty Bell! She wanted to know more about it-which led me to your great site! THANKS!
Michelle Mann [09-11-2009]

anonymous [09-11-2009]

i love this page so much i'm glad i found it on my homework assignment
hayden wells, 11 lawrenceburg [09-11-2009]

i want to read about the crack
hayden wells, 11 lawrenceburg [09-10-2009]

This brings me back the rich history of our Founding Fathers,brought pride into my heart and a foundation of American the greatest Nation.Truly is a National Treasure.God Bless
Segfredo Convocar [09-10-2009]

Just Throw Obamacare Under the Bus!
Mark Eberle, Redmond Wa 98053 [09-09-2009]

ron j johnson, 68 yrs old,longview,wa [09-09-2009]

cindy holcomb [09-09-2009]

I like it bcoz it is very old. It is very beautiful.
Vivek Ahirrao, sangamner,dist-ahmadnagar,maharashtra,india. [09-07-2009]

great website, very informative! keep up the good work!
anonymous, w. alexandria, ohio [09-07-2009]

My thoughts are that your website is extremely useful for me to see the actual fact of The National Treasure (Movie).
Nay Lynn Aung, 19 Years Old, Yangon, Myanmar [09-07-2009]

I want to come see the Liberty and other surronding historic places.
Dorothy Baggarly, 69 Beaver Dam KY [09-07-2009]

i loved going to the liberty bell it was fun
markell anderson, 12,philadelphia,pa 19145 [09-07-2009]

The history of the Liberty Bell will remain indelible to me. It was really indeed a very informative and very educational. I like very much its history and I regret much that it cracked the first time it was struck.
ASTER N. GABIETA, 62 yrs old, Philippines [09-07-2009]

Just looking for the history about the bell.
Bruce Mittelstedt, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [09-07-2009]

Had to do speech for girl scout troop. Love the website. All my questions were answered learn things I never knew
Larriann, 38 [09-07-2009]

the bell rocks!
amber tinsley, spartanburg,16 [09-07-2009]

123,,hffh [09-07-2009]

Hello! I would like to ask this of you fine folks, I seen the movie of national treasure. Is any of this (True)! Thank you!
Scot Rognlie, 53; Malvern, PA [09-07-2009]

seth elijah mason [09-07-2009]

Good website, recognized the music but not from it's title but from the Monty Pyton Show....sorry. Thanks, nice website.
Donald Hind, Ottawa Canada [09-07-2009]

Found your website by watching the movie the National Treasure. Found the movie and this site to be very interesting.
dianne sparkes [09-07-2009]

When I was a child my parents took me and my sister to see the Liberty Bell, I just didn't remember all the facts about the bell, thanks for the refresher. Great website!
janice kern, Ridgecrest CA [09-07-2009]

my husband found a small replica of liberty bell with inscription hudson essex on it he found this in the 1970's any ideas as to what this was from
pamela carlise, mobile alabama [09-07-2009]

Seeing the Liberty Bell would be great,I love history.Iam so glad to beable to visit this web site,thank you. Patricia S. Thomas
Patricia S. Thomas, 60-Zanesville,Ohio [09-07-2009]

...Let Liberty and Freedom keep on ringing for the young and the old................ Thank You so very much for creating for this web site...!
Linda B., Monmouth, Oregon [08-28-2009]

Michelle Legaspi, 26,f,philippines [08-27-2009]

Thanks to all involved in putting this great site together. Reading the timeline,I was struck by the parallels between our bell's sometimes precarious survival and our own. May it be that both are ordained to persevere and prevail. I'm going to ask Seattle's Museum of History and Industry if they have any data on the train stop at Seattle
Wayne M. Ballard, 64 Lynnwood,Washington {the other one} [08-25-2009]

Great info!
Mitzi Alcala, Lindsay ca [08-25-2009]

LEILA, 21, mississippi [08-25-2009]

Very much into learning past history and clues!
Bryce W Cox, tn. [08-23-2009]

Paul Buckwalter, Pittsburgh, PA 8-22-09 [08-23-2009]

Stephen hedger [08-21-2009]

I just fininshed watching National Treasure again. I just thought I would look up about the bell myself.
Diane Deteau, Plano, Texas 75023 [08-20-2009]

nicole lambert [08-20-2009]

It was cool! We liked hearing the bell and looking at the 3D bell. We learned about the crack and the last time it was rung.
Ascension Lutheran School 2nd & 3rd Grade class, Tucson, Arizona [08-19-2009]

i like to see what the liberty bell looks like
amanda shank, marietta PA 17547 [08-19-2009]

Always remember our history. and look forward to our future.
MM3/SS Andrew Werner, Pearl Harbor, HI [08-17-2009]

Here's a thought; Having an appropriately sized informative plaque positioned next to the already placed flag pole stationed in front of all American schools,to educate, or inform, or remind every school child and adult of the sacred wishes and sarifices of this nations forefathers. Small expence, BIG payoff. And if I may; An icon of this web site placed on the desktop of every students school computer.
James Clinton Helms, 57 years, Riverside,CA 92506 [08-17-2009]

I think that liberty bell is the best more people should love it like I do.
jeanette powell, 58,baltimore maryland [08-17-2009]

Bobby McDougale [08-17-2009]

Visited with 11th grade U.S. History classes - Tanque Verde High School. Made the icon much more interesting than a mere picture.
Sharon Akridge, Tucson, AZ [08-17-2009]

I think it is great, I believe that American history is being overlooked or not mention, I was talking to a teen who never heard of Eisenhower, I am asking permission to send this to some of my church friends and to some with young children...thank you Jerry O'Neal. jerbear1@centurytel.net
Jerry W O'Neal Age 70, usa [08-15-2009]

idk what this is anymore .
Keondria Collins, 17 Columbus, Ga [08-14-2009]

jiiim fogarty [08-14-2009]

I have had the chance to go and see the liberty bell in all of it's glory several times and still love reading about it. Thanks for having a site like this.
Angie, Wilkes-Barre, PA [08-13-2009]

dear sir i think the liberty bellshould be the sign of freendom for everyone that standedshould have resped of our united states and that goes for the liberty bell.lourena barton
lourena barton, uniontownpenna age 60 [08-11-2009]

this website has a lot of detail information. it has a lot of stuff that I was curious to know and ans my ques. now i've seen the bell up close so I know what it looks like. I would recommend ppl to do the research on this and also go check it out. a nice family outting and good history lesson for children.
Danielle, 30, easton pa [08-09-2009]

We were studing the liberty bell in homeschool. Thank you for the informaton.
Jessie Palmer, age9, Kirksey KY [08-07-2009]

gunnar kopkie, 6, arizona [08-07-2009]

Ralph W. Graham, age 56 city Chattanooga, TN [08-06-2009]

my name is mary taylor. i am a mother of 4 kids. the baby of the 4 of them is 4 years old. her name is liberty belle. i wanted to give her a name that was strong and stood for something good. when i tell people her name i always get the same reaction, "i love that name." i know that when people hear it they think of the liberty bell n think of what it stands for and all it means. well this is our story i just wanted to share it with yall
liberty belle taylor, 28 years old, pasadena tx [08-04-2009]

I liked looking at the picyures of the Liberty Bell and I wish I could see it soon
ROBERT MALLOY JR, 7yrs old, Ashland, Pa [08-04-2009]

I think my Family line goes back to the John Pass that had the foundry. I have a copy of painting showing John Pass in front of foundry with Beb Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and others. If any one has a print fo this I wounld Like to have a copy made. Richard Pass
Richard Pass, Born Jan. 1, 1930 [08-04-2009]

My kids are very interested in the history behind the bell.
The Funovits Family, United States [08-04-2009]

I think Liberty bell is very interesting.
Barbara Zaw, 17.Mandalay [08-03-2009]

The inscription speaks volumes for what our Founding Father's intended for us. Freedom granted to us by our Creator. Unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The government we have today is closer to the King George III of England that out forefather;s fought against in The War Of Independence. Why? Taxed to much, regulated to much, told what we can and can't do at every turn. Let us strive to return to the Founding Father's dream of true liberty. This is a great site for children to learn what our true heritage is. Truth is something that is lost in the halls of congress, The White House, and the media.
Tim Graham, 49 Ohio [08-01-2009]

Thank you for this site. Having access to such important information regarding our history is vital to our society.
Jennifer Webb, 32, Mesa, AZ [07-29-2009]

I lived in New York in 1969 when I was in 1st grade and while we were there we went to see the Liberty Bell. I will never forget it. It seems like it used to be in a brick enclosure of sorts, it seemed much bigger in my memory than it does in the pictures on this web site, but I am sure it is because I was so small at the time. It is nice to have symbols like the bell to remind us of how precious our freedoms are. For many years I had a little liberty bell that I got during my visit and I usually kept it on my dresser. My dad was in the army and we never finished unpacking before it was time to pack up and move again, so I am not sure where that little bell is now, but I cherish the memory of the time I got to go see it in person. Thank you for this website.
Charlotte Laborde, 45 yrs old, Livingston, LA [07-29-2009]

i am so glad to see that some people still care about our history.thank you
amanda greer, wesson,ms [07-27-2009]

My daughter is excited to go see the Bell. We have been doing a study on the Bell. We can not wait to see it in person.
Cheryl McAnally, Springfield MO [07-27-2009]

The Liberty bell reminds me so much of the bell my father would ring at the church on Sunday morning. And having a the stamp is just a wonderful thing. I just love stamps. it is just so wonderful to have a stamp of the Liberty Bell.
VIRGINIA GADDIST, hephzibab, ga [07-27-2009]

This was one of the most interesting pieces of history. We thoroughly enjoyed it and the people were great to help with questions.
Debra Byers, Statesville, NC [07-25-2009]

interesting facts! we were debating on how it got cracked. we were all wrong.
diane gravelle, age 60, connecticut [07-24-2009]

gillian Saldaris [07-23-2009]

when i went a few yrs back i thought i was very cool
TRECHON PATTERSON, 15 sicklerville,nj [07-23-2009]

Beth hart [07-21-2009]

The Bell is another example that our country was and is founded under the principle's of God's teachings and will.
Rock Wester, 68, Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. [07-20-2009]

I think the Liberty Bell is pretty. I went to Philidelphia to see it!
Felicia Anderson, Exton, Pennsylvaina [07-19-2009]

this is so brillant for a 11 year old to think of this and share it to the public. keep up the good work elijah.
barbara mccorn, va [07-19-2009]

i love the liberty bell it is beatuifal and lovley
ahviance collins, mexico [07-16-2009]

i love the liberty bell it is beatuifal and lovley
ashley sasaki, mexico [07-16-2009]

Sandra Malone, United States [07-16-2009]

I hope some day to see the liberty bell
Mark Stilgenbauer, augusta ga [07-14-2009]

Colin Ross [07-14-2009]

Bob Wright, Oklahoma City, Ok. [07-10-2009]

what caused the crack in the bell
rocky [07-10-2009]

Stefanie Rodriguez, Miami, Florida [07-10-2009]

anonymous, cadwater sckool [07-09-2009]

anonymous, sabreacrisler [07-09-2009]

the liberty bell is a veary instresting artafact that is why i am looking at it in college. ;-)!
Bella Swan, 18 forks Wash [07-09-2009]

I am a very proud person who hails from Pipersville Pennsylvania. I was privledged to see the bell twice, once with my Australian husband, whom I introduced many beautiful and special places "America starts here". I now live in Australia, but Pennsylvania is still home and I am proud to call Philadelphia home! Liberty means everything to me and the price that was paid and still being paid is precious I hold it very dear! Long live the spirit of Liberty and God Bless America!
Cherie Cox [07-08-2009]

Very detailed information.Doing research for my inlaws visit to your fair city. Found all the info on this page. Nicly done.
Abbey, Whitelaw, WI [07-08-2009]

Mike Dean, Mendota Illinois [07-08-2009]

Just reading others thoughts; trying to understand Liberty and how it applied to all and not just the few...
PERRY K WASHINGTON, 52, Madison Alabama, Male, Negro [07-08-2009]

Visited the bell several years ago-it is awe inspiring and a wonderful tribute to our forefathers.We live in a country without equal in the world.Lucky to be an American.
Arthur Seideman, San Lorenzo,CA. [07-07-2009]

We all gaurd our freedom in the westom world. How lucky we all are !
Mr Jesse Bridge, age 86 langport. Somerset. UK TA10 9PR [07-07-2009]

We went on this website because of the movie National Treasure. They searched for the liberty bell with the key word STOW and we did the same to verify the movie's search results... They were true.
Heather House and Blake Thordarson, Ages 20 and 23 [07-07-2009]

Thank you for this information. It is so exciting and interesting to read about our American history
Doris B Kutz, 65,Allentown,PA19109 [07-06-2009]

I want to know all history about "The Liberty Bell".
Niloybrata Rakshit, Age-25; Town- Agartala [07-05-2009]

great site
Paul, baxley ga [07-05-2009]

robert sanda, 77 [07-05-2009]

ken [07-05-2009]

The history of the liberty bell is very interesting to me. I would love to see and take pictues of,but I probably never will.
sabrina kamphues, I am 14 [07-05-2009]

Dave & Mary Darrow, Omaha,Ne [07-05-2009]

The Liberty Bell means freedom,justice, and more-home.I used to live in PA, so now it means a lot more to me than it did when I lived where it was.
Elsa c. Micklin, 8 years old,Mission Viejo [07-05-2009]

I am interesting in learning more history concerning the Liberty Bell for Spiritual reasons and also I was born and raised in Philadelphia and never been to visit the Liberty Bell and now living in Harrisburg Pa for several years it was spoken over me an now I was embarassed that I never visited it or knew what it meant so here I am.
Michelle [07-05-2009]

elle [07-02-2009]

alexis kiser, 13 blythewood sc [07-02-2009]

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