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i am more interested in learning history now than i ever was in school. i would really love to visit this icon
sarah, 29, ohio [06-30-2009]

Teresa and Tyler Hiatt, Tucson, AZ [06-30-2009]

Very cool
Patti Italiano [06-30-2009]

My birthday is July 8,1960 and I have always felt close to the Liberty Bell. Thank you for this website! Sincerely, Miss Mary Q.
Mary Elizabeth Quesada [06-29-2009]

Phil Puzzanchera, 40, Sarasota [06-29-2009]

"Explore the Bible" Sunday School lesson for 6/28/09 is about our freedom in Christ. Our freedom as a nation was secured by our forefathers in order that we could freely exercise the freedom that Christ died and rose again to give us.
Doug Morris, 65, Temple, Texas [06-29-2009]

Long live the USA!
Robert Schlitter, San Mateo CA 46 year old male [06-29-2009]

Ralph Sloan, Willoughby, Ohio [06-27-2009]

Love to learn about our history.
MaryAnn Sipe, 39 [06-27-2009]

With pleasant memories of my visit to Philadelphia on 6 July 1976 when I met and spoke with Her Majesty The Queen outside the Independence Hall. I was visiting my US cousins during the Bicenteenial Year.
Sev Milazzo, 699 Malabar Rd, Maroubra, NSW, 2035, Australia [06-26-2009]

I saw the Liberty Bell in 1976
David Smith, 51 Clinton AR [06-26-2009]

I like the site! Gives a lot og valuable info.I am taking my 12 year old grandson in a week and wanted him to read some info before we left.
Nancy Gerstle, 60, Lawrenceburg, In. [06-25-2009]

Thank you for this informative website. I am looking for information to speak about for a Women on Mission Luncheon to be held in July celebrating our nation's independence and our freedoms and our freedom in Christ. This site is a great help. Our Theme is: The Lord is Our Banner and His Banner over us is love. (adapted: Exodus 17:15, Song of Songs 2:4; The Holy Bible). May Our Lord Bless Our Great Nation.
Shirley C. Powell, I am a 70 year old Christian woman who loves freedom and liberty [06-25-2009]

James Colton, 30 anchorage Alaska [06-24-2009]

We are a nation founded on faith that there is something better. Let us continue our persuit. http://www.tangle.com/view_video.php?viewkey=710d93689e7e2b835734&utm_source=newsletter0618&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weeklytopvideos
john mathews, age 57 Douglas, GA [06-24-2009]

To me, even though I am only 10, the Liberty Bell and other historical artifacts seem very interesting to me. I like to study artifacts even though I have never seen one. I study artifacts on the internet. Truthly, the Liberty Bell is the most interesting artifact I have ever seen. It's interesting to me because there is an inscription on the bell which could lead to many other things.
Angela Gwen Rosario, 10 years old, Sinajana, Guam [06-24-2009]

you all are doing a great job with the historical facts of the revalutionary times,I just wish a lot more people my age took the time to read and show as mutch interest in our history's past like I enjoy doing.Thank you for all your hard work and efforts to show us our heritage.
William Johnson, 35yrs,Bristol,Va [06-24-2009]

this is do cool .......coolios
yazmine rivera, 12,springfield [06-24-2009]

i like it
ryan sexdrive, 11 springfield [06-24-2009]

that a old bell i love it
rneee, glenburn [06-23-2009]

CAL SHUMMON, the WINDY CITY [06-22-2009]

Brotherly-Love BROTHIRLY LOVE The spirit of brotherly—love is expressed in a familiar saying of life: I shall pass through this world but once. Any good thing, therefore, that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer it, or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.
Frank Williams, 47 [06-22-2009]

live and die for the truth
lorinda maes, las vegas [06-21-2009]

very informative.learned a lot of things i never heard of before.
glenn berland, 44,co springs,co. [06-21-2009]

vry intresting site, enjoyed it very much
william & debra Gronke, age 55&53, Patterson ny [06-21-2009]

I recently conducted an oral history interview of some family members in our town (Calvert, TX) who were told as children that their grandmother had seen the Liberty Bell come through Calvert Texas. Can you confirm that any route that the bell traveled would have been through Central Texas, specifically Robertson County, Calvert, TX?
Fran Lamb, President, Calvert Historical Foundation [06-21-2009]

very independent
brandon chapman, 14 [06-20-2009]

Nice site, Everyone NEEDS to see the bell in person,surrounded by so much history!
Chris Cucore, Holiday, FL [06-20-2009]

Pantsy Peterson [06-20-2009]

its jst assume. a actually a thg whch is worth tresured...
jairaj jagtap, 19,pune [06-20-2009]

My 6 year old son in first grade asked me what the Liberty Bell was made of and that is how I ended up here. Now I have added your fine site to our favorites and I'm sure we will be stopping by frequently in the future. Thank you so much!
Steve Moses, Ardsley, NY........06/18/2009 [06-19-2009]

Allie, 11 [06-18-2009]

I'm just really interested in the Liberty Bell. We talked about it at school and I wanted to learn more. I love the fact that despite the old crack running up the side of The Bell, it's stood strong for many a year. I guess it goes to show that minor imperfections are nothing to get down about. Heck...I love the USA!
daniel, Im 14 and I live in Royal Oak, Michigan [06-17-2009]

i love learing
Zennovia, im just learn about it [06-17-2009]

Grandson of W.S. Trinkle who took the photos of the Liberty Bell's journey to San Francisco and back.
Jeff Trinkle [06-16-2009]

Robert Himes, 77 years old...Plano,Tx. [06-16-2009]

Sarah is interested in the Liberty Bell and on our next visit to Philly she would like to come and see it. She is 4 years old and very smart and a nice girl.
ken & sarah & becky roberts, lynchburg, va [06-15-2009]

Thank you for your informative web site.
Richard Tscheschke [06-13-2009]

oooooooooooooooooosssssssssoooooooooommmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee liberty bell
Kason James, 10 years wilkes-barre [06-12-2009]

i just seen it today and thought it was the most beautiful thing in our country i have ever seen..it repreesnts the birth of our country.i have 5 tours in iraq and believe i contributed to the safety of it
rusty sills, 50 [06-12-2009]

Thank you for a very informative and well designed site. I very quickly learned some new facts and verified an old conviction, that the Liberty Bell indeed became an icon for abolitionists.
Mike Fleming, Miami, FL [06-11-2009]

I want to take a trip to see the liberty bell. I hope I live long enough. This is a very interesting artical.
Janet DeWilde, age 65, Pelham, AL [06-11-2009]

I think that this is the best.
Aylyn, 18 Silver Spring [06-10-2009]

I just saw the bell today in Philadelphia for the first time in my life. It was an honor. I was born in Cuba. I left my country in 1968 because there was (and there is not yet) any freedom. I certainly can appreciate the difference.
Rogelio Ulibarri, 59, Royal Palm Beach, Fl [06-09-2009]

Angela Patterson, 40, Whitehall PA [06-09-2009]

<3 peace out!
cody holland, 18 [06-09-2009]

<3 peace out
Louis Santillo, 19 [06-09-2009]

thiz zite iz wak
Mark [06-08-2009]

Sherry Orchard, Phoenix, Az. [06-06-2009]

Very informative.
Donald Morgan, 73; San Francisco, CA [06-06-2009]

i cant wait to vist the liberty bell
amanda [06-06-2009]

i have a bell pencil sharpener that says 1753 on it. my dad gave it to me when i was only 5 yrs. old. i was wondering if you could show me it in some kind of museum gift shop it is on now. info: it is 2 3/4 inches tall,2 1/4 inches wide from left to right,& 1 3/4 inches back to front.
dorian vicario, 8 yrs. piladelphia [06-04-2009]

what a symbol our freedom,our justice,overall character of a nation representing the greater good;global values & the rebirth of what we lost.once again respect;honor of creator and creation.
cal shummon, http://www.veteransforthegood.vpweb.com [06-03-2009]

The Liberty Bell can't ring on the computer.
Omar Christian Williams [06-03-2009]

coll info thanks for the informatation
avianna, Staten Island [06-03-2009]

This is awesome. We are doing a project and this is perfect.
Abby Boyd [06-03-2009]

i think the bell is the best thing that ever happend in ohio peace out !
HALEY HUGHES, 11 [06-03-2009]

i cant wate intill i can see the liberty bell i am 8 years old and doing a report on the liberty bell
Cheyenne Brady, seal beach [06-02-2009]

i think it is cool beususe iam doing a s.a about liberty bell
anonymous [06-02-2009]

I enjoyed the page very much. I learn some new stuff and thats alwlays cool. I love learning things about Amercain History. You guys did a Awsone job, keep it up.
Mary Crow, 52 years young Geronimo, Ok. [06-02-2009]

how did the liberty bell get cracked ?
stephanie, age:8,morrow [06-02-2009]

Our class is learning about monuments. Thank you for the nice site. Mrs. Williamson's class
Mrs. Williamson's 1st grade class, Iron Station Elementary [06-02-2009]

I LOVE History!
Dane Maricich [05-31-2009]

Mark Minnick, 55 / Neosho, Missouri [05-31-2009]

io credo che i padre fondatori della costituzione americana, avessero un gran senso morale e civico roberto momi rodriguez
ROBERTO, 27 perugia italia [05-29-2009]

This website really has a lot of neat information and pictures about/of the Liberty Bell! Which was perfect, because I have look up info on it for an oral report I'm doing. [: -Thank you, Taylor
Taylor, 13, wi [05-29-2009]

wanted my children to learn more about the liberty bell.
alma garcia, 33, florence ky [05-29-2009]

lani, 7 [05-28-2009]

Liberty Rules!
Nick Digiovannantonio, 13, Royersford, PA, [05-28-2009]

Thank you so much for this information :) really great site!
Mariah S., 14, Washington state [05-28-2009]

isaac [05-27-2009]

Found exactly what I was looking for--thank you
Mike Steele, 61 years old-Tucson, AZ-school teacher [05-26-2009]

Paul Greenbaum [05-26-2009]

very interesting site.An important part of your countrys history so must be maintained.
john quick, kilmarnock scotland [05-26-2009]

i can't wait to see with my own eyes
christopher cush, paisley [05-26-2009]

Scott Hester, Johnson County, TX [05-25-2009]

we plan to visit the Bell this sumer
Gerrie [05-25-2009]

i thout the web siet is cool and that the liberty bell is very interestien.
kaleb, 10 salem oregon [05-24-2009]

michelle salyard, Austintown ohio [05-22-2009]

brad, 20 ky [05-22-2009]

Fran Wldman, sped teacher [05-22-2009]

Kaitlyn Talbot, 13, Fairhaven, MA [05-22-2009]

Cheyenne Brady [05-20-2009]

I think the LIberty Bell is very fascinating. It tells a lot about our nations history. I am currently doing a project on it and I enjoy learning about it.
Nicole, 13 [05-19-2009]

I want to be a member of the liberty bell
Sandra De Guzmam, mamatid cabuyao laguna [05-18-2009]

how the liberty bell have an crack is this true it fall so that the bell has an it is beautiful i wish i can visit the bell becau i live here in phillipines.
adrian a. salazar, 11 [05-18-2009]

hellooo libbberty belllll
Bryce Engel [05-18-2009]

anonymous [05-18-2009]

Brandon Miller [05-15-2009]

how did the crack get in the bell
bella, 9 tx,diana [05-15-2009]

Hi! I am Kaitlyn Ward and I am in the 6th grade and go to Roosevelt.. We are going to Philadelphia as a 6th grade field trip..and the liberty bell happens to be one of our major exibits that we will be visiting.. I was just wanting to know something and this may sound like a dumb question to you but here it goes.. I was wondering how the bell really got its crack. I know you meantion somee info about this topic but it's not specific enough.. Thank you, Kaitlyn :)
Kaitlyn, 11 [05-15-2009]

hi this site is AWESOME it really helps me in my life.
hi, hi [05-15-2009]

i love your website
Blayne, 8,Jeromesville [05-15-2009]

Cassidy Gerry [05-15-2009]

Ashlee Sunderland [05-15-2009]

this site is heartwarming
franci branci, my age is a secret [05-15-2009]

this really warms my heart this it the coolest site ever! but the virtual liberty bell dosent work
Bob Bongo, age 72+5=my age [05-15-2009]

this is awesome
anonymous [05-15-2009]

hi, 139 [05-15-2009]

so amazing with such an outstanding history!
Irasema Torres Mendiola, 32 yr old/Hereford, Tx 79045 [05-14-2009]

Isabel, pa [05-14-2009]

Darrell Tobin, Grove City, Ohio [05-14-2009]

Laci Meservey [05-14-2009]

karina [05-14-2009]

I love your i thoughts in the liberty bell.
kendra, 9 [05-14-2009]

i think your website really helps me on my socialstudies homework!
mggie dunny [05-13-2009]

I was searching for facts about the liberty bell for my granddaughter. This was what she was looking for.
Dolores Anderson, 67, Artemas, PA 05-12-2009 [05-13-2009]

I picked the liberty bell as my patriotic symbol for my third grade report. I took a wedding bell from Michael and painted it as my replica
Cheyenne Brady, 8, seal beach, ca [05-13-2009]

i love this
CECILIA, 12 [05-12-2009]

It was totally educational and interesting.
Brianna Oliver, 9 years old, Greer,S.C. [05-12-2009]

freedom is what the liberty bell means to me.plain and simple
j . peihl [05-11-2009]

when did the liberty bell die anyways
tt [05-11-2009]

i think we should get rid of the librerty bell we can;t use it anyways
tt [05-11-2009]

Superb history of our country. Every citizen should read the history every month to know and understand what a great country they live in.
Joe Tucker, 62 New Jersey [05-11-2009]

I think that it must be heavy. It means to me that the Libety Bell must have gone through more than one time getting it right. I want to go there to actually tap the Liberty Bell. The bell represents that we have our own country and we get to have our own rights, unlike England. You guys rock.
Jorie Medeiros, 11 Chehalsi, Washington [05-09-2009]

My sister helped me with this project. I love the Liberty Bell!
Zachary Lantz, 7, Orange, CA [05-07-2009]

This was a very helpful website for my brother! He has a school project on the Liberty Bell!
Courtney Lantz, 19, Orange, CA [05-07-2009]

jennifer, 12 years old and lives in ny [05-07-2009]

robin [05-07-2009]

LAURA [05-06-2009]

this is a realy good site. it has a lot of good reliable information
Blake Andres [05-04-2009]

hey peeps irs trudy! (from icarly)
Trudy [05-04-2009]

"God Bless America"
Brice Stroneski, Cromwell, CT [05-04-2009]

My boyfriend and I are comin out there to see all the sites and this stop is one of the most exciting stops we will be making. We have never been to philly and now we get to go together. We are soooo excited.
Rozelyn Bohrman, Bozeman, MT 59715 [05-01-2009]

Very good lots of info on this web site thanks for this info thanks
khurram shahzad, london [05-01-2009]

I hear the liberty bell is getting a new home is that really true.{i need to know}
Victoria Elizabeth Krause, 09,kingsford heights,indiana [05-01-2009]

it is great and so cool'ps looks nicr
anonymous [05-01-2009]

i love this website this website is very informational.
jemon golfin, tampa,fl [05-01-2009]

Jarad Algiere, 13,St.Clair Mo [04-30-2009]

is it gonna be possible for a foreign citizen to visit the liberty bell in philladia
Ali sankano, 25 years,in the city of banjul,the Gambia [04-29-2009]

shazia chaudhary, 29 philadelphia [04-29-2009]

i thought this was helpful information to help me in my essay for school thank you a lot!☺☺ also i love the liberty bell... and i have also seen the national treasure film and i think this is a brilliant website thank u a lot!☻
destiny caudillo, oklahoma city,oklahoma [04-29-2009]

This has really helped me on my state report
Alex, Fremont, California [04-28-2009]

Terrence Howard, Baytown, Tx [04-27-2009]

I love the Liberty Bell
Gabby [04-27-2009]

jessica, 10 [04-27-2009]

Very good place for Chinese torists! very much informashun and learning of the America!
Yang [04-27-2009]

i've watched National Treasure films and i thought i'd look it up what a brillant website. i find it very interesting. i re-enact the Americcan Civil war
Caroline Worley, 34 England [04-27-2009]

maggie [04-27-2009]

Madison!!!! [04-27-2009]

Hey I was wondering if the liberty bell meant anything sexual?
Corie Rose [04-27-2009]

this web is so wack and borin it sucks!
Mhz.New york, unknown [04-27-2009]

you ROCK!
sydney, 11,in [04-24-2009]

how speashl is it
miranda england [04-24-2009]

I just read a book about the Liberty Bell. I want to learn more. Thank you for sharn with me.
Ashley Jessup, 6 [04-23-2009]

bri marie, 15,malvern,female [04-23-2009]

Randy Davis [04-23-2009]

keith [04-23-2009]

likeee i love this website just as much as my friend bridget. likee its so freakihn cool. i just dont like the like learning partt. because like i really miss my boyfrined wait. what was i talking about?? never mind. well let me give a few shout outs to my friendssss. brittany, madison, shelby, kristen, jordan, micheal, ariana, bridget, mercedes, myriah, ashleigh, bayleigh, anddddddd mandi!@ lol byeeezzzz
kaylee smith, 19 [04-22-2009]

ummm i like love this website. likeeeeee its awesome. likeee i dont do a lot of studying but this is pretty coollll. yeah i love it! (:
bridget lipnick, 23 [04-22-2009]

hEY(: its ariana lizbthie comin to grace this website with my name. come visit me at http://www.facebook.com and look me up under: ariana lizbethie and you will see me with my bestie baker county bobcat cheerleader brittnay Riyley. send me a friend request or just text me if you dont know my number...to bad! lol my heart belongs to a superhero(= peace and liberty bells rox! arianaaa. <3
ariana lizbethie, 13 [04-22-2009]

I think that this website is very educational too all of us students hereat bcms because it gives us a chance to learn more about our country and some of our historical monuments and thing.thank you
lawrence tate [04-22-2009]

i think this website is very engenous because kids like us need this learning for school and civics which i make an A in lol
anthony james, 13 macclenny fl [04-22-2009]

the liberty bell is awesome!
ArianaLizbethie[=, 13 [04-22-2009]

i think that the liberty bell is a very important part of history and that yes it should have its own website. my favorite thing about the liberty bell is the mystery crack. because no body knows how the crack got their. so yea its really cool(:
ariana lizbethie(:, 13 [04-22-2009]

i thought the page was cool keep up the good work okay
shanteria Small, 14 jax fl [04-22-2009]

The liberty bell is one of the indepentent things in this country.Many peoplr forget what it means to be an american and thats what this historical bell means to me.
james van meter, 13 northlauderdale [04-21-2009]

i love the betsy ross tour it was awesome
Marissa Barber [04-21-2009]

i think the liberty bell is very important to our nation.we should all respect it and that it should stay the way it is,to not change it or rebuild it ot repaint it.it's a very important landmark and should be there for ever. for our children and there children and other generations.
Brynn, Philadelphia [04-21-2009]

love the Liberty Bell and what it stands for in our American Culture!
Merri Kaplan [04-21-2009]

I came to this website in search of information for a research paper- Too bad this can't be my only source!
Patrick A [04-21-2009]

it sucks?????
hi1234, 89 brooklyn [04-21-2009]

this helped me on my report. =]
Courtney [04-21-2009]

Thank you for all you do to remind us about our history and if we work together whare we can do!
1stSgt Bernard Beard USMC (RET}, Manila RP [04-20-2009]

mica rose gancos [04-20-2009]

Cindy Bernard, 20, POS, Trinidad [04-20-2009]

Your site helped me so much with my homework, thanks a bunch!
Eric Hoyer, 11, Orlando Florida [04-19-2009]

jared, 14,Stockton, [04-19-2009]

I was watching a movie and they were looking for a code on the liberity bell. with the word stow. i just thought i would check it out. I typed in sow declaration of independence and the bell info came up. It was quite interesting to see some things in movies are real.
MissVee Senior, 67,tacoma, WA [04-18-2009]

Thank you! This was very helpful to our homeschool studies.
Rebecca Flannery, Georgia [04-18-2009]

history will always be apart of us no matter what.
amanda rodriguez, 18, new braunfels, [04-18-2009]

Emily, 10, Boston,MA [04-14-2009]

ilove the bell its sooooo historic(i mean the crack.)
unknown [04-14-2009]

you guys rock like totally!if u were a grl id kiss u
blake, 22&brooklyn [04-14-2009]

james oliu, 8 west palm beach fl [04-14-2009]

it is really intresting to learn how the Liberty Bell came to be.
Ambyr, F.C. Martin K-8 Center [04-13-2009]

The Liberty Bell is so amazing and the history behind it is awesome.
Kyla Miller, 15, Arlington,WA [04-13-2009]

I have been to the bell when I was stationed in Philadephia in 1986. I believe every american should visit, and take in a part of history to better aquaint themselves with the happenings of the time. It is like you step into the past when you visit Philadelphia History areas. i.e. the Bell, Ben Franklin home site, etc
John Fitzgerald, Fairfield, Iowa [04-13-2009]

Tried the search as per National Treasure movie - cool that it works. How awesome is this!
Kath Quinn, Sugar Grove, IL [04-13-2009]

Thank you
deborah lynn finney [04-13-2009]

jhonrei [04-13-2009]

ilove you
jalil golestani [04-13-2009]

Jane Morrison [04-13-2009]

it looks awsome
hanna, 9 /chatsworth [04-13-2009]

Great sight. Thanks
Maggie [04-13-2009]

Allan Case, SFC (ret) US Army [04-13-2009]

maybe you can make more facts on the enternet for the libertybell thanks!
alexandra moore, new jersey [04-13-2009]

myles, 22,pa,blandon [04-09-2009]

monica [04-09-2009]

denise [04-09-2009]

L [04-08-2009]

Melinda Larzo, Chino Hills, CA [04-07-2009]

hi i am a 8th grader who loves liberty stuff so i am doing a repport on the liberty bell i was woundering if u can send me some picture on it that whould be great and also tell me why the crack is on it i think is was from an earthquake but im not sure thanks have a great day
Ashlyn Pochop [04-07-2009]

heyyyy. who cares its a bell.
laurenn, 15, and your mom [04-07-2009]

kristin, 8ohio [04-07-2009]

awesome web
jake, 21 bronx [04-07-2009]

This site is awesomee! i like it see yah
Marina, 23 argentina [04-06-2009]

A friend in Canada requested information and I came online to look it up. This site provided great facts to share with him. Thank-you.
Louise Ansell, 69 years old.. JJacksonville,Fla. [04-06-2009]

Liberti Wagoner Morris, North Webster, IN, [04-04-2009]

keron [04-04-2009]

I thought that this website was very resourceful.It also gave me interesting facts that i did not know about. My favorite part of the tour was the Virtual Liberty Bell.
Diana, Frank C. Martin K-8 Center [04-04-2009]

i really liked visiting the liberty bell it is real old but is fun to go out with the family.
rodrigo perez, 15years old blueisland,ill [04-04-2009]

I really enjoyed taking the tour and i reall like the vitual liberty bell.
Anais, Frank C.Martin K-8 Center [04-03-2009]

I love the virtual liberty bell.
Barbara, F.C. martin k-8 center [04-03-2009]

Thank you for letting me on your website.It is is really helpful for my workpage.
Brianna, F.C Martin K-8 Center [04-03-2009]

Thanks for letting me come here because I learned a lot about the Liberty bell.
Trent, F.C Martin K-8 Center [04-03-2009]

This has been very awesome learning about philadelphia
Kourtnie, F.C. Martin K-8 Center [04-03-2009]

Trent [04-03-2009]

This has been really nice learning about the Liberty Bell And i am really happy to have the chance to learn about it.
Jayla, F.C Martin K-8 Center [04-03-2009]

I enjoyed showing all the pictures to my 4 year old grandson and my 99 year old dad. They both enjoyed them. I had a small model of the Liberty Bell that my grandson was playing with which spurred the idea to look it up on the internet. Thanks for all of the information.
Molly L. Shaw, Age 67 Clarksville, TN 37043 [04-03-2009]

the liberty bell has a bad past but,it had a good future of people celebrating it
Derwin, F.C.Martin K-8 Center [04-03-2009]

the libertybell is a great source of history too bad i could never hear it
Alexandre, F.C.martin K-8 center [04-03-2009]

I throught it was good expert i can not find how much it cost to get in soo u need to change that
hunter, missouri [04-03-2009]

I like the past
Rylee, grade school [04-03-2009]

jamey stowe, 33,dainelsville ga 30633 [04-03-2009]

This site is so helpful when writing an essay. i cant wait to see the bell myself
Abella, 24, Santa Barbra CA [04-03-2009]

The Liberty Bell is extremely important to me and I am going this 4th of July I'm going to hear it ring at exactly 2 p.m.and cheer like theirs no tomorrow!woo hoo u.s.a u.s.a u.s.a!
sydny, F.C. Martin K-8 Center [04-03-2009]

I will love to go to SEE THE LIBERTY BELL some day .
lsabella, F.C Martin K-8 Center [04-03-2009]

I think that the Liberty bell story is amasing
Garvey Larrieux [04-03-2009]

i love this website.
genesis, FC Martin K-8 Center [04-03-2009]

cool website
Cameron and Imran, FC Martin K-8 center [04-03-2009]

hi miss requena. you are the best teacher in the world
nicole, FC Martin K-8 Center [04-03-2009]

what the heck is the name of the real liberty bell
Erik, FC Martin K-8 Center [04-03-2009]

I thought it was a very fun experience and I learned a lot. Thank you for giving us this chance to see the vertual Philidelphia>.
Samantha, FC Martin K-8 Center [04-03-2009]

brandon and i are very impressed and proud to have a great bell to represent the U.S.
tomo&brandon, F.C Martin K-8 Center [04-03-2009]

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i love the liberty bell!
Miranda, 72, New York city [04-01-2009]

God Bless America!
The Rangel Family, Michigan [03-31-2009]

Tricia deserved to see this!
Mary [03-31-2009]

mike mccoy, millington,tn. [03-29-2009]

my son is 10 years old and is facinated by the story and the bell, we for the first time will be taking a road trip this spring break to take him to a piece of history... thanks for a piece of history
DJ Delgado, Lakeland, FL [03-27-2009]

I liked learning about the Liberty Bell and got to do a report about it. It was awsome.
Chantelle James, 11, De Forest, WI [03-27-2009]

pretty bell [:
kiaraLiz brito, 13 ri [03-27-2009]

Heath Edgerton [03-27-2009]

Why didnt Benjamin Franklin and his son talk even though they were loyalist and a patriot? By the way im 9 years old.
chelsea [03-26-2009]

it is a nice bell
julio, 91/texes [03-26-2009]

demianna hill [03-26-2009]

i need information abotthe liberty bell also pictures thank you.
alexandra moore, n.j 10 yrs [03-25-2009]

We are learning about Benjamin Franklin in our reading book this week. My class and I decided to research the reason for the crack in the Liberty Bell. We would appreciate any additional information you have on the Liberty Bell, the history of the city, and information about the importance of Ben Franklin in our country's history. 211 S. Mockingbird Lane, Lockhart, TX 78644
Mrs. Hartmann, Third Grade classroom, Bluebonnet Elementary Lockhart, TX [03-25-2009]

i love learning about history.
tori, 9,byron, [03-22-2009]

Greg Kensrue [03-22-2009]

I liked learning about the Liberty Bell.
Craig U., Medford, NY age 9 [03-22-2009]

kylie [03-20-2009]

I think the Liberty Bell is amazing. Was it World War 1 or 11?
John Chang, i choose not to [03-20-2009]

This website helped me a lot with my research project and also helped me learn why it is so significant.
Kylie, Pennsylvania [03-18-2009]

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Junior Rios, Kennett Sq. PA 19348 [03-17-2009]

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I am researching information for a school project my 10 yr. old nephew has to do.
Jim Taylor, 64 yrs old, Amityville, N.Y. [03-17-2009]

i wqnt to see it
ankit, 22,indore [03-16-2009]

I have been shopping and downloading information to put items in my 5 yr old grandsons Easter basket as he is a huge fan of the National Treasure movies and has seen each one at least 20 times. He remembers everything especially the parts about the liberty bell and clock tower and declaration of independence. He carries a makeshift tubular to carry what resembles a parchment replica of this document. I am purchasing these items so he can have the real deal. Hopefully he will be this enthusiastic when he gets older. This site gave much helpful information that I could use in my quest. Thank you.
Rita Decoteau, 61 Springfield, MA [03-16-2009]

This is my savior! IN a pinch for a big project and this saved my hide!
Ashley, 13, Hazleton, Pennsylvania [03-16-2009]

I love learning about the Liberty Bell.this is wat i like! :)
Kara, 11,Greenville [03-15-2009]

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its really cool
sydney [03-15-2009]

Kaleb H Bright, Keller, TX [03-13-2009]

Garrison wBright, Keller, TX [03-13-2009]

How did the crack get there?
joshua, 6 [03-13-2009]

it is intresting how the liberty bell craked and first rung!
isabellitha, modesto,california [03-13-2009]

first bell made. how did they make it?
hailey, 8 [03-13-2009]

jonathan, 7y/o, opelousas, la, [03-13-2009]

hi! ---pretty cool! helped a lot with my homework! thanks! keep up the good work! i love that you have so much information! maybe you could make one a little less wordy though!-its ok for me though! thanks again! :)
Courtney!!!!, Illionios [03-12-2009]

This is awesome
Kalitta Scarborough [03-12-2009]

We loved looking at the bell traveling the US!
Mrs. Decker's Fourth Grade Class, Fourth Graders [03-12-2009]

I think the liberty bell is a great way to remember the past and this site gives you a lot of imformationabout the liberty bell.
yoori, Queensland [03-11-2009]

gugeula [03-11-2009]

Very helpful site for my son's homework project. Thank you.
Mary Ann Hoying, Grosse Ile, MI [03-11-2009]

I am doin a project in school i have to make it out of clay! we are learin about colonial times
Michelle [03-10-2009]

Andrew Fritz [03-10-2009]

I will be visiting in July
Laurie Buniger, 53, Grand Junction, CO [03-10-2009]

I'm getting very interesting info. to give my 2nd talk about our Liberty Bell. Back in the 1970's, I commissioned two replicas (1/5th and 1/9th scale), also from the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in London.
Bob Dalby, Merrillville, In [03-10-2009]

gladys, 13 versailles [03-10-2009]

we liked being able to hear the Liberty Bell march. Thanks!
Bob and Judy [03-10-2009]

i like the bell
ShiloDeMay [03-10-2009]

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Excellent web site. Very informative.
Bill Williams, 48, Newark, DE [03-09-2009]

The Liberty Bell rang when the Declaration Of Independence was being signed.
Andrew Fritz, 7,Unionville,MI. [03-09-2009]

I want my family to see this beautiful bell so much.
Jacob Beyerl, 7,Gibsonia [03-09-2009]

very interesting site, watching national treasure and had to look u up,will be revisiting and learning more asap .,x x x
gary wilkinson, wickford england [03-09-2009]

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i like the liberty bell
miranda, nothing [03-09-2009]

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The Liberty Bell is a symbol of our country. It has a big crack in it.The first time they rang it,it cracked.
Landon Young [03-09-2009]

This cite is so cool. I'm glad you take the time to give us information about America's famous bell.
Leroy Smith [03-09-2009]

please add (if possible) why it was rang and approxipitly when.
angel, 13 [03-09-2009]

I am doing a report on the Liberty Bell and I think that this sight will help!
Sam, 11 [03-09-2009]

I visted this sight but i do not like it
Corey [03-09-2009]

As America's favorite attractions, we today, need to hear her ring, more than any time in history!
spencer Gilmore, orangepark florida [03-09-2009]

the liberty bell rang for freedom and i like that becuz i have a lot of freedom. i'm doing a report on the liberty bell and this website gives me a lot of information about the libert bell. thxz a lot for giving this information about the liberty bell and the independence hall. ?. did the liberty bell move around the world so everyone could see it on a train. thx for information!
Brenden Troy Revelles, 8,ca.united states [03-09-2009]

Brenden Troy Revelles [03-09-2009]

luke petros [03-03-2009]

i dont like math but i like history
kk lowery, 11 winnabow nc [03-03-2009]

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The Liberty bell is a wonderful symbal of our American heratige.
John, Bangor Maine [03-03-2009]

i thought that the bell had got shot
mya, 8 [03-03-2009]

this website is one of my favorite because of its optionnel settings and the historical time line.Thank for your convienence I will come to this website again and check it out more.
Tyler, 8,Newfield,NJ [03-03-2009]

i think that the liberty bell is the bost buetifulles thing but i was watching a movie and it said that the liberty bell has a clue to a tresure.Is that true?
sebastia, 10 [03-03-2009]

David Nelson, Sioux Falls SD [03-03-2009]

who actually made the liberty bell and how did it come to have a crack on it?
amie, 15 england [03-03-2009]

Doing research for a children's book. This website provides great information. While the Liberty Bell is a great symbol of our liberty, we must make sure liberty rings and remains in our hearts!
Susan Walworth, Peachtree City, GA [03-03-2009]

Want i think about the liberty bellcomes to my heart itstands for freedom and when the conlets came to this country they wanted there freedomthen askedif they coulod have a bell but did)nt know who was going make thebellthey asked arou8nd but kniow one new how2 to make the bell the want the liberty bell means to me .lourenabarton
lourena barton, 59 29 johnson ave uniontown penna 15402 [03-03-2009]

John C. Ward [03-03-2009]

I'm doing a report on the Liberty Bell for school and this sight helped me out a lot! Thank you for this nice set-up and everything! I'm sure with this information I will get an A! Thanks!
Anna Katherine, homeschooled 6th grader [02-27-2009]

hi i like the liberty bell
sydney wagner, hi [02-27-2009]

does anyone want to re ply to jordan
anonymous [02-27-2009]

Wow! I looked at those photos and I had never seen better pictures! I didn't even know the Liberty bell went to San Fransico! I couldnt belive tomas edison was in frount of it! Thanks for your help with my report!
JubJub, Age 10, Oakley, CA [02-26-2009]

We love the liberty bell!
Ms. Johnson's 2nd Grade Class, Arkansas [02-25-2009]

kaya, lexington kentucky [02-25-2009]

Try again. You think you've made a great thing. I am at my wits end. This is only worth the trash can. Who would read it?!
Someone [02-25-2009]

A good website that would help people all over the USA to gain information about the Liberty Bell. I would be proud to be the maker of this website, but,unfortunately, I am not.
Mrs. Schubert, Age 36 [02-24-2009]

Bob Giannini [02-24-2009]

In the 1970's I had the pleasure of visiting Philadelphia -Liberty Bell; Ind. Hall; etc.. Now, 71, as President of Camp Sherman, Inc., Chillicothe, OH...I'll be in touch as we develop the Camp Sherman, Ohio Memorial Museum & Campus ~WW I Cantonment 1917-20. In the mean time please visit our website (always improving) www.campsherman.org Considering your TIMELINE entry for 1917, what do we need to do so that our websites may post a refernce a link to each other?
John R Doerres, Chillicothe, OH [02-23-2009]

Archana [02-22-2009]

I liked design of a site, the author the very clever :)
vasiliy79, [02-22-2009]

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christian stimmel, 13 [02-21-2009]

what the hell was that? huh?
abi yount, age 10 lee's summit mo 64082 [02-21-2009]

My grandson asked how did the Liberty Bell crack? So, this was the answer and more! We learned a lot about the bell and its history.
Betty Dennis, Tucson, Ariz [02-21-2009]

:D good site, thoughts,
Alexandria Rene, Murfreesboro [02-21-2009]

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Georgina Saxon, nashville tennessee [02-21-2009]

i miss it so much love the liberty bell love alexs
alexis, ydsydudyd [02-20-2009]

This is a well organized and very informative site. We will use this information both in our classroom and at our daughter's bat mitzvah her theme is patriotism.
Suzanne Ware, Orangeburg, SC, homeschool teacher [02-20-2009]

As a child I heard this stuff but as an adult I can truly appreciate it.
Julie Lipsey, Texas [02-20-2009]

Visited there when I was a school girl from Elizabeth, NJ Never will forget it
Loretta Little, 73 Greenville, SC 29662 [02-20-2009]

This site was very informative. My students really enjoyed the photographs and facts! Wish we were closer to be able to take a field trip to it.
Mrs.Guadarrama, 1st Grade Odessa,Tx [02-20-2009]

Thanks for the history
Kurt Jerofke, Milwaukee, WI [02-20-2009]

Amy, 16 [02-20-2009]

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i love bells
francine, 19 pa [02-17-2009]

My children are older. Wanting them to explore more on history seeing and reading and learning. All families should visit historical sights.
Bridgett Nesmith, Bronx, NY [02-17-2009]

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Amazing that you could get any of the information that you desire about our nation's history. One great educational site on the history of The Declaration of Independence and The Liberty Bell. Excellent!
James, los angeles [02-14-2009]

This is awesome!
Arissa Huffcutt, age 9 [02-14-2009]

lots of fun.
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melaena young, 12yrs, fresno,california [02-14-2009]

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JILL, 19 califona safway [02-11-2009]

The Liberty Bell mean freedom to me,I'm seventy (70)years old and no what freedom mean,Peace of mind,
Alice S Gordon, 1641 Glenview-Mphs,Tn 38106 [02-10-2009]

Great site. Family visited the bell in 1976. My brother and I were just discussing the history with our kids this past weekend which led to me looking up this site.
Steven Krueger, age 48, Eureka, MO [02-09-2009]

Cool, I'm teaching a bible class to first and second graders concerning Leviticus 25. And, this fits the lesson excellently!
Pam Woody [02-09-2009]

Stephen Crosby, 33, ocala fl [02-09-2009]

This page is so cool i dicided since i was going to see the Liberty Bell I should look it up first! TTYL
Bryanna West, Fort Smith Arkansas [02-09-2009]

i think that the liberty bell is amazing
elizabeth grant, 16 [02-09-2009]

Used your site in my social studies class, thank you!
K.Shelley [02-09-2009]

I'm looking up some info for our Cub Scout meeting tonight, featuring the American ABCs.
Leta Davis, Kittitas, Washington [02-09-2009]

I am looking for a way, to see how the liberty bell meating is going like if it is going bad or good! Many Thanks, Tatem Resutek
Tatem Resutek, age:9 city:wenatchee wa. ect:98801 [02-09-2009]

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chloe [02-06-2009]

great website the liberty bell is awsome
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I am trying to find Patsy's death with Tessa.
Lydia, 9,Morgantown [02-05-2009]

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TessaKenney, 9Fairview26570 [02-05-2009]

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Kit Bell [02-04-2009]

Michelle, 40, Philadelphia, history lover [02-04-2009]

The Liberty Bell ROCKS!
Anneliese Eve, I love horses [02-04-2009]

anonymous [02-01-2009]

i need help on finding the map on the back of the declaration of independence
Tatem Resutek, age:9 city:wenachee wa. [02-01-2009]

I am working on a program for our Bell Meeting. One of the chapters of the American Bell Association. The info is good but I wanted to use the quiz but am unable to dowload it for printing. Guess I will have to write it out.
Betty Wright [02-01-2009]

Why is are liberty bell important.And on the liberty bell was pensylvania really not spelled right.Were is it located in penslyvania.When did it ring and when did it actually cracked.Is the liberty bell something we like keep in mind for example is it like a holiday do we like have feasts.One more question what day it cracked and what year it was and finally and did the liberty bell crack on a day on a war.
Andrew T Hall, 8 Clinton [02-01-2009]

This website rocks!1!1!
Aksel, 13 [02-01-2009]

this was a very interesting website =)
carrie annette [02-01-2009]

the bell is really cool because it is really big and that it has a crack! How much does it weigh for Petes Sake!
Payten Correia, 8 yrs old [02-01-2009]

I am homeschooled and today we learned about the Liberty bell. I was wondering why nobody can stand on the bell anymore?
Bentley Brodwolf, 8 Shell Knob, MO [02-01-2009]

Kimo [02-01-2009]

i think it is so very fasinating
nina puglisi, 20 Taree NSW [01-29-2009]

mike, 98 [01-29-2009]

Didn't know much about the bell but my daughter's homework helped me with this one.
Andrea Santana, Puerto Rico [01-29-2009]

Denise Sheldon, Cub Scout Pack 152 Grafton, Ohio [01-29-2009]

John Cline [01-29-2009]

Just wanting to find out things about our Bell.
Tom Bourlier, 66 - Petersburg, Virginia [01-29-2009]

its great to learn as much as you can about the declaration of independence
natasha, 34 [01-29-2009]

The virtual liberty bell is boring every thing else is cool
Anthony Wade, 13, Newton [01-29-2009]

The Virtual Liberty Bell is really cool to actually look at it without being there.
Jayce Darrah [01-29-2009]

My family has told the story all my life of the saving of the Libery Bell from the British. How trilled I am to see this story in print.
Nancy Mickley Halsema, decendant of John Jacob Mickley [01-29-2009]

After years of playing Sousa's march, I've finally got around to investigating the Liberty Bell. This is a fascinating and informative website - the virtual bell is very impressive. Thank you.
Graham Byers, Lincoln (the original one) England [01-29-2009]

best bell in the world
JAINAM, 18, surat, gujarat,india [01-28-2009]

no comment, I just stopped by because I was curious as to which state was misspelled on the liberty bell
Dee Kemp, age 67 Missoula Montana [01-28-2009]

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kiana, 11 [01-28-2009]

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Alex Malloy [01-28-2009]

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i think that the information on the liberty bells is very amazing to know that you know about it so much itsjust great.
harry, England wallsal [01-27-2009]

National Treasure 2 rulez!
Collin Corning, Appleton, WI [01-26-2009]

Excellent web site.
Frank Emmerson,III [01-26-2009]

Since I am a crackpot myself, it seems only fair that I pay homage to my sister bell.
Laurent Belanger, 45 years old, Sainte-Foy, Quebec [01-26-2009]

its interesting that nobody comments on the use of lev. 25;5 as the basis for calling it the liberty bell. you read the constitution look at our money and yousee that the founders used Godly principles as the foundation on which to build our country. its sad that nobody considers this or seems to care.
frank thompson, 53 henderson nv [01-26-2009]

monica martinez, 12 [01-26-2009]

Thomas Bertram, 36, Gilbert, AZ [01-23-2009]

this site is like awesome,George .W. had to have been embarssed on his birthday when the bell cracked!anyway tis website is cool and an important part of history!:)
cutie_pie_2015, 11,hillsboro,45133 [01-23-2009]

interesting topics is the past.history is where we came from.it will always be a part of each others life.we all came from history.
roel jose, 38 philippines [01-23-2009]

Been watching 'Treasure Hunt' with Nicholas Cage and wanted to see if the Liberty Bell really was the first entry on Google when you enter 'STOW' and it was!
Andrea Stanley, 35 from Malta in the Med [01-23-2009]

Wonderful site!My grandfather Earl Gwyder Jackman was 4 summers old in 1894 and was held up by Mayor Edwin S. Stuart to touch the bell. I would like to someday ring the bell myself. History says there is no living decendents of signer James Wilson but I have a newspaper clipping that says my grandfather is the fifth decendent and comes from a long line of patriots dating back to the war of 1812. Again, this is a wonderful site with great information and history.
Richard Jackman, Age 59 Anderson Ca [01-23-2009]

what a great day for the USA and the world now we have president obama. justice, honesty and civil rights for all.
rob humes, 47, oxfordshire, UK [01-23-2009]

Obama Rox!
Collin Blatt, 11 Brown City, MI [01-23-2009]

Nice site. Your recording of the march should be by a band, not a keyboard.
Alan Jemison, yes and yes and yes and no [01-23-2009]

We are using this site on Inauguration Day to study America's symbols.
Kim Garcia, 45, San Antonio, Texas [01-20-2009]

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Paul, 67 [01-20-2009]

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Arous med, tunisia [01-20-2009]

I am proud to be an american. And as lond as I live, I will teach my children and grandchildren to respect and be proud of this beautiful nation. We are planning a trip to Phillidelphia in the near future, I'm hoping to be able to visit all the places of history.
Patricia Bennett, Phoenix AZ [01-20-2009]

We love studying the Liberty Bell. It is a great symbol and landmark for our nation.
Ms. Rice's 2nd grade Class [01-19-2009]

my daughter has been fascinated with the liberty bell since 6 and i finally got or have internet but we slowly want to enjoy it while it lasts with the economy the way it is.but, i have a little rep.and she loves it and shes nine now.thanks for having this great site.
missy brokenshire, 36 coaltownship,pa.17866 [01-18-2009]

Joyce Boswell, Missouri [01-18-2009]

All these years I thought I knew all there was regarding the Liberty Bell. It goes to show you that you are never too old to learn.
Linda Zaleski, Age: 61 [01-18-2009]

This is so cool
Mikayla [01-16-2009]

we shall proud on history of "liberty bell"
Himanshu sharma, 18yrs,delhi,india [01-16-2009]

This is cool!
anonymous [01-15-2009]

dalton anderson [01-15-2009]

My husband & I are looking forward to visiting historic Phillidelphia this June. It's a trip I've ben wanting to take for years. the history of our country truely has us facinated. Do you have any recomindations of what to visit first?
Thomas & Cynthia Swearingen, 40, Greensburg,Pa.15601 [01-14-2009]

I learned about the Liberty Bell today and thought it was interesting. There's just one question, How did the crack in the Liberty Bell get there? That's all.
Olyvia Nguyen, 10, Barnsdall, Ok [01-14-2009]

this is tight
laurenS, bloomington [01-13-2009]

i thought that this website did not give enough information.
Jasmine Clyburn, 17, [01-13-2009]

I am a 2nd teacher and we are studying the Declaration of Independence. I am wanting to find out how the Liberty Bell cracked.
linda hughes, jesup, ga [01-13-2009]

I am plan on visiting Philadelphia soon. I didn't realize the city housed so much great history to see. This is a wonderful site!
Roslyn Chambers, Birmingham, AL [01-13-2009]

I just found a family history that traces my grandfather's family to John Stow. I believe his daughter married my great, great grandfather....very cool.
Liz, 44, South Jersey [01-13-2009]

i want to learn more please help me with informations. thank you.
keval patel, india [01-13-2009]

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this is a very well put together website with a lot of insightful information about a very important symbol of our nation's history
vanessa, 14 [01-11-2009]

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v, 46 [01-11-2009]

mickie lorenze, age:15 city:new york [01-11-2009]

this wesite is pretty good for research
stephanie, 13 south dakota [01-10-2009]

I am a 57 year old grandma and I enjoyed this site, I love history. I showed this to my granddaugher and she was very interested in it too. I wish there was more info. on John Stow, since I believe he is my ancestor. God Bless! Diana
Diana Donaldson, Minier, IL. [01-10-2009]

Tristin Kastle, 12 [01-10-2009]

WOW impressive
bdhjbff, tx [01-09-2009]

the liberty belll is awsome
candy [01-09-2009]

Pam Hall [01-09-2009]

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andy halterman, 22 crocked LN basement [01-09-2009]

kelli, 9,bosten [01-08-2009]

We learned how big the crack was and where the bell is. It was interesting listening to the bells. Thanks for the interactive website we scored 7 out of 10 on the trivia. Moline was one of the cities of Illinois visited which is not too far from here. Peace!
Erin, Corbin, Logan 8th Grade Social Studies Class, Bushnell, IL [01-08-2009]

Just wanted to get some facts about the Liberty Bell, was very useful Thanks
Vanessa Akpojiyovwi, Houston TX [01-07-2009]

There is a lot of great pictures of the history. We viewed this website after reading a book about the Liberty Bell in Social Studies. It was so interesting to hear the bell tones and see the city and maps it traveled. Thank you!
John Bowman & Ms. Segura, Bushnell, IL [01-07-2009]

I Like It Very Much
George [01-06-2009]

I am so excited to learn about the liberty bell.
Breanna McGuire, I live in Wisconsin and am in fifth grade [01-06-2009]

We thank God for giving us our freedom!
Ms. Bittinger's Third Grade, Everman, TX [01-06-2009]

tyler [01-05-2009]

wanna know..did liberty bell stop at any hotels on allentown rd???if so do you know which ones.was born at rising sun hotel 3/2/40.grandfather owned it at this time.rumor has it that bell stopped here...just joe
just joe, green lane,pa..3/2/40 [01-04-2009]

The page ''The Liberty Bell Wreck - Extracted from an article by Gene Hull'' is interesting. Who was Gene Hull and where did this article orginally appear? I'm encountering difficulty confirming some of the statements in this account. Thanks for your feedback and have a fine '09! Frank Scheer www railwaymailservicelibrary org (add dots)
Frank R. Scheer - Railway Mail Service Library, 58 - Boyce, Virginia [01-04-2009]

USA land of free(masons) and home of brave one
Branislav Lugonja, 28,Belgrade,Serbia [01-04-2009]

My son wanted to know more about the liberty bell and how the cracked happened and i had to look it up so he would be happy. I thank you one and all for having some information on the crack. We are hoping this summer to go and visit the liberty bell. What a great piece of history we have.Thank you the st laurent/Nolting
James, Brittnay, Heidi, (ages14,5,36 ) st johnsbury vt. 05819 [01-04-2009]

Jianna [01-03-2009]

My 11 yr. old was deeply impressed by the information on this website and by the ringing of the Normandy Liberty Bell. She is now excited about studying more about the Liberty Bell. We homeschool so any information that you could provide for building a unit study on the Liberty Bell would be greatly appreciated.
Sonja West, We are from Southeast KY. [01-01-2009]

I thick the liberty bell is a great piece of history.I can not wait to see it.
Tayci Moore, Durango, CO [01-01-2009]

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