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The Liberty Bell

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kourtney yarber [12-31-2008]

the liberty bell is so cool i love it very much
sierra, 19 [12-31-2008]

arturo [12-31-2008]

i thinks its was prerty col.
bob, 22 la ca [12-30-2008]

It's Beutiful and it filled us with such pride. It reminded us why we are americans why we came to this country and takes us back to the roots of it all!
The Benitez', Fort McCoy, FL [12-30-2008]

Just interested in out history and I always seemed to be amazed
Jerry Hicks, 46. w/m Farmington, MIssouri [12-30-2008]

Tim Bradford, 51, Everett, WA [12-30-2008]

this is an amazing website. I LOVE IT!
natalie [12-30-2008]

je rouve cete cloche magnifique j'aimerai la voir
chloƩ [12-29-2008]

What was John Stow's middle name?
Janice [12-29-2008]

I think that the Liberty Bell is beautiful and this is the first time that I have ever sen the Liberty Bell in my whole life.
Tammy Banks, 34, Lindsay, Oklahoma [12-29-2008]

It is nice to meet american culture.
Andres Felipe, Age 23, Medellin Colombia [12-29-2008]

I think its one historic bell that has a lot of history about america independents and i ve read about how it was made and i think its something all eyes has to see.
Uyi osa obayagbona, 24,benin city,nigeria [12-29-2008]

this is the coolest thing that was ever made shale it last for all times
William Edward Slape [12-26-2008]

Great site. I was not aware of the timeline and all the re-casts. Great history. Thank you,
Christopher Faist, Kirkland, WA [12-26-2008]

lighting strikes, liberty is the division between deadheads and masons, when our nation's alchemist is free
jacob christopher jamerson [12-26-2008]

i love america! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
mason kuppler, 12 years [12-26-2008]

I think its really cool and very very interesting.
riley, 8 yrs old-Sudbury,ON, Canada [12-24-2008]

constance johnson, 58, Maryland [12-24-2008]

Ivan R. Carter, 33yrs old Detroit,Mi [12-24-2008]

how are you? i am fine
Alyssa, ft.stwert geoarg [12-22-2008]

Cool site, the bell interactions is great. We'll be visiting next week!
Franco, Sarasota, FL [12-20-2008]

i am a second grader. i seen the liberty bell at the collage(MSU) IN WICHITA FALLS TX. at the fanasey of lights.i haeve been asking questions about it. thank you anna
anna daniels, 7yrs [12-20-2008]

I think the liberty bell is awesome! it has so much history in it
Nicole, 12, Bay Shore, NY [12-19-2008]

Alex Murray¢¾ [12-19-2008]

Thank you. My fourth grade students wanted to know how the bell cracked, and I didn't know. Your page came up easily.
Cheri Minahan [12-19-2008]

Sydney Davis, 14, West Branch [12-18-2008]

Mathew Thornton [12-18-2008]

this is site rocks!
kenny, apache junction [12-18-2008]

marissa purzak, 13, santa clarita [12-18-2008]

i just watched national treasure for like, the 87th time [its my FAVORITE movie], and i just decided to search around and learn more about our history!
Heaven, Wisconsin [12-18-2008]

anonymous [12-18-2008]

i hate history and my history teacher....gilmer
katie bagwell, 18-centerville tn [12-18-2008]

Why did they decide to build the liberty bell, and was it a symbol before or after the crack.
jane eades, Tulsa Oklahoma [12-16-2008]

Just doing some reasearch~my boyfriend "noticed that the liberty bell was cracked while watching Monday night football". Just wanted to gather the correct facts in the story to educate him LOL!
Tosha Miller, Kenny Searles, 30 yrs,33yrs. Kalamazoo Mi [12-16-2008]

Mateusz Nowacki, Poland £ód¼ [12-16-2008]

This liberty bell is so cool.
Adam Meade, 19. Catlettsburg,ky [12-16-2008]

i like the liberty bell a lot
ALEXIS, 10 flordia [12-15-2008]

As a former represenative of this great state I find the bell to still rank as one of the top links to our past. Let us not forget about why and how this country was founded.
Richard Lee, Virginia [12-15-2008]

Very Informative.
Kagiso, 25, Johannesburg, South Africa. [12-15-2008]

whats my name
mm, 13 canada [12-15-2008]

i think this website is very good, i found the info. i needed, good job!
Fredward Benson, 96, Alaska [12-15-2008]

I LOVE your website...... It rocks!
Suzanna Bell, I am 23 years old and I live in North Carolina. [12-15-2008]

the bell ROCKS!
corissa, 14, henderson [12-15-2008]

Not as much as you thought!
Kara Miller, 14,Omaha,Married [12-15-2008]

when i came to know about the liberty bell i was soooooooooooooo much attracted to it
AKSHIT, indore,india [12-15-2008]

Learn more today about the liberty bell than I had known in 59 years. Thank You
conley cornell jr., age 59 urich mo. [12-15-2008]

kenneth pitch duncalfe [12-15-2008]

nathan [12-15-2008]

ss, ss [12-10-2008]

i think this info is sooo cool it is so neat just to read about the historic facts of piladelphia. :)
christinaclark, iam 17 and live in phoenix arizona [12-10-2008]

why was the liberty bell cracked
shireen cherry, 46 [12-10-2008]

what is story beyond the crack of the liberty bell is it true that the free mason among the member of the templar?
johnmariearomin, 36yrs.old doha qatar [12-09-2008]

kyler, none [12-08-2008]

parks, Newark, NJ [12-08-2008]

I am in 2nd grade and I know a lot about the liberty bell. I would like to tell you about the liberty bell. Well 1st I would like to tell you where it is located,Philadelphia,PA. 2nd I would like to tell you how it was cracked. After the liberty bell was made it cracked. Some boys tried to fix it but it cracked again.
madison, 8 west virgina [12-08-2008]

Thanks for putting together so much educational info - our 4 year old is fascinated with the bell
Ward Family, Rocky RIver, OH [12-08-2008]

aliya zahir [12-08-2008]

i iam relly like the liberty bell
alexis, 11 florida [12-06-2008]

the liberty bell is cool
harlee, 12,rolla [12-06-2008]

robert smith, 63 years old [12-05-2008]

why is the liberty bell so inportant to the us and why is it displayed where it is know
meghan, 11 tennesse sevir county [12-05-2008]

it was cool when i went on fell trip and to see the one and the new one
kelly mote, 17 years old my address 3443 cr 912 jonesboro arkanses 72401 [12-05-2008]

love liberty bell im writing a report on it this website is everything i hoped for!
hannah [12-05-2008]

i think the website provides a lot of information and is very well laid out
Lianna, Massachusetts [12-04-2008]

Great website very helpful on my liberty bell project
Nathatlie [12-04-2008]

da liberty bell is 1 of my fav things in da world i lubb 2 study bout it n talk bout it so i hope i actually get a good grade on da project were doin!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)! !thank u guys i lubb your liberty bell!:)
amy nicole garcia, 15 [12-03-2008]

amy nicole garcia, donna [12-03-2008]

kasey [12-03-2008]

paige [12-03-2008]

sage [12-03-2008]

Katie, 24, adrian mi [12-02-2008]

Dear Liberty Bell I think you are nice I ever seen I love you love Noelle.
Noelle Vangilder, 7 a.z.m [12-02-2008]

al [12-02-2008]

Haleigh, 16..oklahomacity [12-02-2008]

Im doing a report on the liberty bell, ive learned great facts, hopefully i will learn more!
jasten lopez [12-01-2008]

More information on John Pass and John Stow, where their foundry was located.
LeRoy Romero, Denver Colo. [12-01-2008]

Tyler Nielson, age14 utah [11-30-2008]

may be itvery historical bell,i m like to this bell,may be in my my life i 'll see this bell... okay it is ...
harishmishra, 19-mumbai-india [11-30-2008]

i think the liberty bell is so cool
samantha, 17 [11-30-2008]

tusharphad, 23 / india /pune [11-30-2008]

who wanted the liberty bell to be made
anonymous [11-27-2008]

This website is wonderful and I enjoyed the 1915 pictures very much. I was thinking that it would be great if the bell could cross country again by train. I don't think schools teach my grandchildern about the Liberty Bell.
Linda Longenecker, Woodsboro, Maryland [11-27-2008]

i used this web site for an essay thanks!
faith [11-26-2008]

coy.blankenship, detroit mi [11-26-2008]

Nick S. [11-26-2008]

dakota has an report due on the liberty bell and we came along your web site to help us out
vickie and dakota burnswick, 36 9 1/2 oswego ny 13126 [11-25-2008]

Resising at 314 Ocean street Hyannis Ma Just here today to say Happy Holidays 2:02 A.M.
David George DeLancey, D.O.B. 12-27-1961 Dorchester Ma [11-24-2008]

John Pass was my Great Great Great Grandfather.
Kenzie Pass [11-24-2008]

its cool something that old still looks good
stephen lucas, tannum sands australia [11-24-2008]

PATRICIA ANN MANGUM, Houma, La. [11-24-2008]

Isabella, 8,waukee,Iowa [11-24-2008]

McCoy, age 10 Missouri [11-24-2008]

this sutff is awsome
devin, 11 clovis nm [11-24-2008]

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this website!
Caitlyn Alyssa Lovit, 16;Algonquin, IL [11-24-2008]

its okay but it needs to be more easier to understand i think but over all i do like it! hAVE A GREEEEAQT WEEKEND
Katherine, 18 [11-24-2008]

how did the liberty bell get its crack. AND WHAT ARE SOME OF THE STORIES ON HOW IT GOT THE CRACK
Christopher Harr, age 11 Sady City [11-21-2008]

The Liberty bell is cool!
rachael lee, age:10 [11-21-2008]

What a sight to see.
Amy Elrad Silver, Chicago, IL. [11-21-2008]

I wanted to see the Liberty Bell since I can not go to Philadelphia any time soon. I am going to learn about it in my special class.
William, 14, Poland, [11-20-2008]

the liberty bell rocks my sox
kelsey [11-20-2008]

Timmy Durben, oh [11-20-2008]

It'sa nicewebsite
Isabella, 8,Iowa,Waukee [11-20-2008]

Happy Holidays I'll be ringing the Salvation Army Christmas Bell within the Hyannis area of Cape Cod Ma with christmas music under the Hat till next time 1:53 P.M. E.S.T. 11-19-1008
David George DeLancey, Art Economics History Hyannis Ma d.o.b.12-27-1061 [11-20-2008]

chastity [11-20-2008]

I didn't really know anything about the liberty bell until now
Parick Koehr, 13, Warrenton, VA [11-20-2008]

andrew kurdziel, 41 attalla alabama [11-19-2008]

I love the history of the bell! It is the coolest pert of history!
Jennifer T, 13 peoria [11-19-2008]

i remember bumping into the liberty bell when i was visiting in 1959 it was in a hallway just sitting there in the corner by a staircase with wood piled up against it. it was the most thrilling time of my life.
art lavaique, 60//ridley park pa [11-19-2008]

Joe Nickel [11-19-2008]

yazmin, 35 yrs. murray ky 42071 [11-19-2008]

I like it a lot
anonymous [11-19-2008]

i thought the masons made the idea of liberty
nate, 8 years old, omaha, NE [11-19-2008]

How the Liberly Bell broke
yazmin, 35 yrs. murray ky 42071 [11-19-2008]

This is terrific information. More citizens should be well versed on the history of our country and the many, many components that helped shape it. LEARN!
D.J. Alba, 53, New Jersey [11-18-2008]

samuel maerz, 14 [11-18-2008]

i think that it is cool
kayla [11-18-2008]

Teresa Jordan, Asheboro NC [11-18-2008]

I think the Liberty Bell is fascinating. Check out my website @ www.polergoo.webs.com
Collin Blatt a.k.a. Abram Eulem, age: 11 city: Brown City state: MI zip: 48416 [11-18-2008]

We are studying the Liberty Bell in Social Studies.
McKenzie King, 8 [11-17-2008]

kinnaya, 19Tuscon [11-17-2008]

I heard about this bell while watching the movie with Nicolas Cage ("Der Schatz der Tempelritter"; I don't know the original title) on TV, an I am quite surprised to read about the real story about the bell. Greetings from Germany! Andreas
Andreas, Germany [11-17-2008]

very interesting piece of colonial history.
david &sheena yeats, 60&61 aberdeen scotland [11-17-2008]

Liberty is not free. Support the men and women of the armed forces who voluntarily put their lives in harms way for your freedom.
Richard D. Holloway, Devon, Pa. Served in the Marince Corps and the Army [11-17-2008]

Writing a puppet show for Christmas service at church and using Pip, the Allentown Churchmouse puppet (replica) Pip will tell the story of the Liberty Bell and then draw similarity to Christmas Bells announcing celebrating Christ's Birthday!...Christ who brought freedom from the sins of the world...
Melba Funk, Liberty, IL 62347 [11-17-2008]

Nice site! I wonder how many people know that the Liberty Bell March was written LONG before Monty Python's Flying Circus used it as an introduction?
Pastor Tom Bird, Du Bois, PA [11-17-2008]

Thank You for showing us the Liberty Bell. We liked the Liberty Bell March song, and hearing what the bell sounded like. We learned the Liberty Bell is really big and has a crack.
Mrs. Eaton and Mrs. Powell's 1st grade class, Arthur W Edwards Elem., Havelock NC [11-17-2008]

I love the liberty bell but who made it?how?where?
Tearny kinnevy, 9 co [11-14-2008]

l.b. is awsome
melanie, charlotte [11-14-2008]

I homeschool my grandson & granddaughter. My granddaughter, age 7 years old, wanted to know how the Liberty Bell was cracked. She was fascinated with the presentation in her History book but felt the info was incomplete. Tomorrow we will use your article for our lesson. Thank you for having a good perspective on the history of the Liberty Bell.
Dawn Kuric [11-14-2008]

liza [11-14-2008]

dillion poore, 11 eldorado [11-14-2008]

why are you reading this
kennedy and india [11-14-2008]

to make it more interisting i can give you the full story of the liberty bell when it was brought from phil. to allentown and hidden in the old christ church on hamilton st.
KERMIT AFFLERBACH, orefield pa. [11-13-2008]

Elizabeth Pletzer, 12 years old, Turtle Lake,WI [11-13-2008]

interestingg,,,i wouldd so do the liberty belll...ohh waitt i alreadyy diddd
aubrey, 16,california [11-13-2008]

i thot it was cool
emma [11-12-2008]

It's cooi
Madson, 12 [11-12-2008]

I thought this sight was very interesting. What got me to the sight was after watching Nat'l Treasure i thought 'did they really put in a search engine 'STOW, Declaration of Independence' and, they did this sight was one of the top results. Thanks for the Info!
Mary Rhoades, 12, Missoula, Montana [11-12-2008]

We had a replica of the Liberty Bell visit us today and the weather would not permit the full presentation. I thought I would print our some information for my second grade students.
Jan Davis, Mabank, TX [11-12-2008]

i think the liberty bell is awesome and needs to have a big day when we celebrate it
rachel, 13,santa maria [11-12-2008]

Very informative sight. We were discussing how the bell got cracked when we were watching the eagles on tv
gregoryhibbs, 44 middleport ohio45760 [11-10-2008]

I remember in elementary a truck driving by my school with a bell. We were told it was the Liberty Bell. It was early 40's. Was this a replica?
Ann McReynolds [11-10-2008]

anne brown, 11 [11-10-2008]

Bryan Faulkner, Lexington, KY [11-10-2008]

Nicolette, 11, Moses Lake WA [11-10-2008]

i am doing a report on the liberty bell and i used to think it was boring now i think it is really cool.
madison, 12, fort wayne, indiana [11-10-2008]

Great site:)
Andrea Madrigal, 24, Kansas City, KS [11-10-2008]

chupeta enriquez, 19, chulajuana, ca usa [11-08-2008]

maria diaz, 24,antelope,ca [11-08-2008]

As many times as I have seen it with my children, grandchildren, out of state visitors and even a family visiting us from Great Britain, I still beome emotional walking though the Liberty Bell display. I find the video especially meaningful, and I know much effort goes into keeping that video relevant and inclusive in nature. I do remember, however, that there was a section in it that showed notable visitors to the Bell from around the world, which seems to have been taken out. I recall this section with fondness and would like to recommend that you consider returning that short piece to the video. Visitors from other countries watching the video would be thrilled to see someone they recognize from their native country standing next to the bell at an earlier time. Jim Pollock.
Jim Pollock, Philadelphia resident all of my 60 years. [11-08-2008]

it was full information
LYDIA JONES, 21 boston,ma [11-08-2008]

In 2007 I visited the Liberty Bell while I was on vacation in New Jersey. it was very interesting to see the Liberty Bell in real life.
Riley, Illinois [11-08-2008]

This is a very informative site
Warren Henderson [11-08-2008]

Holly Deegan, Saint Peter [11-08-2008]

I just loved going to Philadelphia and seeing the Liberty Bell.
Rachel F Garcia, downey [11-08-2008]

The site was very helpful and informational! It helped me with my homework.
Samantha Hineman [11-08-2008]

we love the liberty bell! yes we do!
Dakotah Kuhns, 7 [11-08-2008]

We love LIBERTY.
Dakotah Kuhns, 7 [11-08-2008]

Jorge Rodriguez, Savannah,ga [11-08-2008]

Thank you so much for the information about the Liberty Bell. We wanted to learn about it and your site taught us a great deal. And the virtual bell is simply amazing! Thanks again!
Brandon and Dad, 9 and 39 [11-08-2008]

never been there but i am studying it for knowledge bowl!
mKlu, 11 [11-08-2008]

I love the little bell i ordered (its so heavy for its size) and will now order one for my mother. Anyone reading this, buy the bell. I found this page while doing research and enjoy the site greatly. I recently sent a nephew here to research his homework.
D. Harris [11-07-2008]

The Liberty Bell has more visits than the st.louis arch
Heaven, st.louis [11-07-2008]

Theis site helped me EXTREMELY on my middle school Liberty Bell project!
Suzie [11-06-2008]

Wow! i am making my 8th grade history students make a model of the liberty bell and write some facts about it...and this is one of the websites I have requested them to look at and read from! I love this website it has so much accurate and educational facts! Thanks so much, Mrs.Pink
Mrs.Pink, 8th grade History teacher [11-06-2008]

anonymous [11-06-2008]

It has helped me no my research thank's!
Sandy, bethel,N.C 10 [11-06-2008]

i need more info please!
allison, 11 1/2 [11-06-2008]

I love the liberty belll
Katylin Freedle, 11 [11-06-2008]

I love it! :)
Lianna Natola, age 13, Massachusetts [11-06-2008]

I love the way the bell looks. carlie ann spires
carlie spires, 10 greensboro NC [11-04-2008]

My 6 year old boy is learning about the presidents in school,and wanted to know who broke /cracked the bell.So we are doing a little research on this.
Louise Balich, 43 and 6 Tucson,AZ [11-04-2008]

vote no on prop 8 !
Rad Hague [11-04-2008]

Jessica, 22 caldwell, idaho usa [11-04-2008]

why did the workers or people make the liberty bell for what perpese
Nichelle Gloria Fairley, 10, Queen Creek, Arizona [11-03-2008]

corey downs [11-02-2008]

Your information is great! Thank you for it!
a girl from Ukraine [11-02-2008]

Buy a Liberty Bell