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Daniel Daugherty, 5 [10-31-2008]

I remember seeing the bell or a replica at a local Ford dealership in the 50's. MY uncle worked at the dealership and took myself and other kids to see the bell one nic'ght after closing . seems like it was on a trailer being towed by a large truck. this was in Elkin, North Carolina. john shore age 66
John and Isaac Shore [10-31-2008]

It's great!
mckenzie, 6 [10-30-2008]

We just learned that the Liberty Bell is an important American symbol. We visited your site to find out why the bell is cracked.
Fabulous Fives Kindergarten Class, Grayson, Ga. [10-29-2008]

from what i read the libertybell is cookl
monterio [10-29-2008]

Good Site.
GT [10-29-2008]

anna stroup, 7 port royal [10-29-2008]

nations treasure
Anthony barends, wellington [10-28-2008]

im just doing a project on the liberty belll so whatev
Hannah, brookfield WI [10-28-2008]

I think the Liberty Bell is a very I mean very important and historic site.
Joesph Knizner, 13/Walkerton/IN. [10-28-2008]

i was so please to be able to read all the information this sight has sponsored exspecially the photo's. this sight has restored my pride in being an american.as a teenage kid one summer i gave out prezels and water to youth choirs that came to see the bell and perform.
leslie hudson, i am 38 years old, born in philadelphia, now live in orlando florida [10-28-2008]

Justin K. [10-27-2008]

why wont ya fix the liberty bell or grt a new one
christina, 13years old [10-27-2008]

qaisar, 21sialkotpakistan [10-27-2008]

Wow! I didn't know the story of the liberty bell. I find it very interesting that children petitioned it to be sent to California. This can be an inspiring story for school children. Great site!
Rossy, ny [10-27-2008]

Holly sweat, 52 harlingen texas [10-27-2008]

Derrik, age 28, Marshall, MN [10-27-2008]

Thank you for all the information. Especially being able to see the verse from the bible. This is truely and Judaec Christian country and no one should take that away from us! I am a naturalized citizen and I love this country!
Marlene M.Freda, Buckeye, AZ [10-27-2008]

Casey Brown [10-24-2008]

I love this website
Molly Williams [10-24-2008]

Gayleen Nugent, Rockwall, Texas [10-23-2008]

I is alsome to see a real libertybell I never seen one befroe
dajanae lott, 9 philly [10-23-2008]

Bob [10-22-2008]

pooh [10-22-2008]

you should make the virtual bell so you can see the bottom as well as the top
Benjamin States [10-20-2008]

it is an awsome site. we will tell others about this site.
sherry carroll [10-20-2008]

i think that the bell is pretty and it is also huge. the bell is a lot to the u.s.a
REBRCCA, 16 and i am looking for more info about the bell [10-20-2008]

i think it's so cool how the liberty bell got the crack on it and a little wierd!
monica a. buenfil, 13 and live in Menphis T.N. [10-18-2008]

I like your website, it gives a lot of info on the liberty bell. I have never seen it in person, but i would really LOVE to!
Kelly T, 15, North Dakota [10-18-2008]

gary, 18 filadelfeea [10-18-2008]

The Liberty Bell is very interesting. i love watching national treasure because i learned something new about the bell. that John Pass and Stow cast it and that the normandy bell replaced it, and that it was cast last on George Washingtons Birthday. very fascinating! there should be a movie about it but not a documentary :)
Ally, 16 nh [10-18-2008]

really amazing, thanks for the info. We'll be seeing it live on May 5-8!
Crysi and Tat, New Hampshier [10-15-2008]

From the Kindergartners "Really COOL!" "Wow" when they saw the crack!
Kindergarten Loma Vista Vallejo CA, 5 years old Vallejo CA [10-15-2008]

i love this!
CHELSEA ADAMS, snowflake az [10-14-2008]

hello! i just love the liberty bell! it is my most favorite thing ever! ya man!
Chelsea Ada, Snowflake, AZ [10-14-2008]

does it really cracked on its first ringing? if so, the originality of the liberty sound (tune) should be recorded would be the first distracted ringing. second to none ringing were void and unacceptable isn't it..therefore, its true .its genuine. no one else after first crack listeners to hear the liberty bell sounds like.
keLaOt, Asia [10-14-2008]

Manny, 58 [10-13-2008]

I want to see it someday! I imagine it is as big as my refrigerator.
sarah mirrow, 6.5 [10-13-2008]

Jessica Velesaca, 7 New york,New york [10-11-2008]

I love the liberty bell so much
kearra wallace, Grossepoint, 11, 48236 [10-11-2008]

Megan and Wesley [10-11-2008]

Very interesting. It was just what i needed for my schoolwork. Thanks!
Adison Cummings, 13 years old, Portage, Michigan [10-11-2008]

mickaella [10-10-2008]

mickaella white [10-10-2008]

jonathan berger [10-10-2008]

This isan awesome site! i think ill show this sight to my Geography teacher.
Ant, cant tell [10-10-2008]

Great information.
Gonzalo, 36 Philadelphia [10-10-2008]

i hate u
shanae, bella vista 72715 [10-10-2008]

i visited the bell 10/8/08 i was very impressed with the bell
F DAVID GEORGE, 66 / las vegas nv [10-09-2008]

Raoul Garica [10-09-2008]

Just finished watching <NATIONAL TREASURE> and I found here!
Roachard, 19 boy from China [10-09-2008]

andrew [10-08-2008]

Great site on the Liberty Bell. some very good information.
Nancy [10-08-2008]

why the nail was placed in the liberty bell?
swiss [10-07-2008]

well i am doing an essay on the liberty bell and i had to have a primary source, seconday source, avisual aid, a quote and many other thing and most of that i found and i just want you to know that this website was a big help and i was wondering if you have any other websites about other things in history like the alamo, uncle sam, or the bald eagle or anything. i have already recomended this site because of its amount of info. your website lover, molly.
molly, 13 [10-07-2008]

norbert giesing, fulton mo [10-06-2008]

I think its really great
nate, 8 omaha, NE [10-06-2008]

i love the liberty bell
emily, 11 [10-06-2008]

i would love to see the bell in person never seen it
john j o'connor, phila pa [10-06-2008]

thank you for bringing this info to the people of this great country.we need the hope that this bell has stood for,for so many year's
troy piscatelli, 35) south daytona fla [10-06-2008]

Rose E Jacob [10-06-2008]

have none yet duh
Jeff Westbrook [10-06-2008]

project on patriotic history
matthew corbell, 12,sulligent [10-06-2008]

I was teary eyed as I read some of the facts about the liberty bell. I will be using some of this for todays message. thank you and may God bless America. pastor paul mason
paul mason, 42, hot springs ar [10-06-2008]

Michael & Julie Gorman, Fort Worth, Texas [10-06-2008]

Tony villard [10-06-2008]

I have always been interested in history and maybe able to come see it fir myself so the information that is on your website was very interesting
bob bestwick [10-06-2008]

Tyler Hulett, 9 Georgia Pearson [10-06-2008]

Art Brook [10-04-2008]

That bell holds the treasure
Tristian Cooper, 12,Holland Michigan [10-04-2008]

This helped a lot with my History Project. Thx for this website. I learned a lot like the Liberty Bell went through Des Moines,Ia,I was very suprised
Taylor Mullen, 13,Corning,IA,8th grade [10-04-2008]

This site helped me a lot with my project on the Liberty Bell. Thanx! Tabitha
Tabitha, 12,7th grade [10-03-2008]

I would love to bring myself and some children to visit and learn about the libery bell
Jennifer Dourant, age 30 state Maine [10-03-2008]

I loved the book it was wonderful
Tamija Waldon, 10 memphis 08 2008 [10-03-2008]

fred kelly, 34,ny,1234567 [10-03-2008]

ur website is wonderful
bridget parks, 15 lincolnton, ga [10-03-2008]

Hello: You have set up a wonderful website. I am the granddaughter of the Rev. Simon Sipple of the Zion Reformed Church, Allentown, PA. in which our liberty bell was safely hidden there from the British. My grandfather was a minister for 50 years, and a much beloved pastor of this church for 37 years. Added to that, my first ancestor on my mother's line is Susannah Dietrich Schoeltz who fled Silesia and came with Count Von Zinzindorf (pease excuse the misspelling) to American with her 10 children, settling in Pennsylvania. I feel a lot of my patriotism flows in my veins and stems from the great line of my courageous ancestors who came to this country seeking religious freedom. I am very proud of my heritage and do what I can to make my voice hear in this day and age of unrest. Again, thank you for your great website. Sincerely Yours, Susan M. Zeller
Susan M. Zeller [10-02-2008]

ERROL OBRIEN, chicago [10-02-2008]

my name is denise and i am so awsome....................dude
dulce maria perez, portlavaca,texas [10-02-2008]

i think the liberty bell is awsome.
dulce maria perez, portlavaca,texas [10-02-2008]

denise perez [10-02-2008]

i love this website it helped me look up info 4 my home work ! thx! :)
amy, 10 in oregon [10-02-2008]

love it
Emily, 10 [10-02-2008]

I think it's to great to have the liberty bell and that people still remenber it.
meredithe, 8 [10-02-2008]

Thankyou for watching camp rock.Love all
DemiLovato, 18-ca-09 [10-02-2008]

I love it
Princess,, /11/nj/2008 [10-02-2008]

Marissa, 10,nEWjERSEY [10-02-2008]

Samantha Canfield, age, 8 Bloomington, Minnesota [10-01-2008]

michelle, fortworth [10-01-2008]

ita nice
amya braswell [10-01-2008]

i love it alsome
anonymous [10-01-2008]

I can't wait to see the liberty bell soon.
Nick, age 16 [09-28-2008]

im sorry for the bell because it has a crack on it
mama, 47 clearwater [09-28-2008]

zymone quizon [09-28-2008]

I liked seeing the pictures of the crack and learing how it happend on Washington's birthday. Thank you for all the pictures!
Sophie, 6 yrs old Texas [09-28-2008]

cool website peoples
kevin, 35 [09-28-2008]

I'll be in Philadelphia and observing the Liberty Bell in October!
Charlene L. Fisher, 27, Bemidji, MN [09-26-2008]

it is so cool
ericka [09-26-2008]

Brittany Boyd [09-26-2008]

Pie is the greatest thing on Earth.
BobManGuySoBeatIt, Age:120 [09-26-2008]

Calvin L.Reter, 76 Reisterstown Maryland 21136 [09-26-2008]

I was a student at the London Hospital Medical College from 1961-1965. This is 1/2 mile from the bell foundry. Was it not sent back for repair at some time during those dates
Will Hamilton [09-25-2008]

Just went there like 2 weeks ago,very interesting, really liked it
Robert, Vienna City (Austria) [09-25-2008]

I found out about your website through ushistory.org
Karl Schieferstein, Reading, PA. [09-25-2008]

Branda, 10 [09-24-2008]

I think this is a really good website,but I need to write an Essay on the Liberty Bell and everything is in a different section.I want to have one section where I could write my Essay. P.S.I love the Virtual Liberty Bell! Please write back!
Branda, 10 [09-24-2008]

Steven [09-24-2008]

I'd like to know of any other information on John Pass
Steve Pass [09-24-2008]

I've always been interested in the Liberty Bell and what it stands for. I wish very much to visit it one day soon.
George Garcia, 8, Brighton.CO [09-24-2008]

Very informative. Thanks
Joan Bennett [09-23-2008]

This guy must be really upset that he spelled Pennsylvania worng, I know I would! But there is a sense of mystery behind this bell....somwthing that does not sound right!
Lauren [09-23-2008]

where is the librity bell
christian, 9cranston [09-23-2008]

Vanessa Snyder, Deming, NM [09-23-2008]

james wilcoxon, 43, houston texas [09-23-2008]

go us! wooo
David Gilson [09-23-2008]

Lisa Miller [09-23-2008]

I had fun on this site because I learned a lot about the liberty bell.
Faith sharp, age8 port orchard wa [09-23-2008]

kailee [09-21-2008]

in studing the librtry bell in a group in class im readinit and i thought it was pretty cool when it cracked im not done with the book jet i love the librty bell it is so cool you should see too.
Brianna Cancio, 12 apache junction AZ [09-20-2008]

ivan paredes [09-20-2008]

miss erin lucas, 30, Center Line MI [09-19-2008]

i looooove it. especialy for my second grade project.i am 11
gary, california [09-19-2008]

megan, 12 [09-19-2008]

apirl, 17 kershw south carolina [09-19-2008]

Mrs. Kaney's Class [09-19-2008]

this is so cool to find out about the liberty bell
atarjanek [09-19-2008]

I love looking up things on the com.and I found this web site it is awsome!
Taylor, waldron [09-18-2008]

It is great reminiscence of unity & unique struggle of freedom lovers sign
Ali, lahore [09-18-2008]

Kasie Nolan, 7 years old [09-17-2008]

hey this is me quiana i think the liberty bell is so pretty and cool the way it looks
Quiana Mendoza, 11 years old bastrop tx [09-17-2008]

First Grade students in Dillingham, Alaska enjoyed this site!
Teresa Duncan, First Grade Teacher [09-17-2008]

Jane Bott [09-17-2008]

make it more interesting. more detail.
anonymous [09-17-2008]

hi i love your wab site
sara clawson, tx [09-17-2008]

Wonderful information for my students project for the celebration of Constitution day, Sept. 17, 2008.
Emilie Edquid, Chula Vista, CA [09-16-2008]

Dennis Futrell SR., Redoak Texas 75154 [09-16-2008]

I was looking for a pic. of the bell before it got the crack and trying to find out when it got the crack but I did not find it
Joseph Hingula, 28,Toledo,OH [09-16-2008]

Michelle Owens, Iowa City Iowa age 35 female [09-16-2008]

I got to this site by Natioanl Treasures. It look cool, so I said, "What the heck...let's do it!"
Christina J., usa [09-16-2008]

howard thornton, 39 lancaster,ohio 43130 [09-16-2008]

I think that the liberty bell is very interesting and i am glag its a piece of history.
ayanni brookins, 9,birmingham,alabama [09-15-2008]

I am thankful to be a descendant of Patriots that loved and defended our country.
Marilyn Johnson, EL Paso, Texas [09-12-2008]

Jennifer Daly, teacher/3rd grade in Minden, Nevada [09-12-2008]

As a member of Daughters of the American Revolution, I am relating info to Girl Scouts on Constitution Day, Sept. 17th. This is valuable information. Thanks.
Judy, tx [09-12-2008]

thanks this site helped out a lot
zhon serawop [09-12-2008]

her in collage we are doing an report togther about the liberty bell,but I thought the liberty was very butiful well gota hit the books sencerly,victoria vigil
victoria vigil, 19--france-- [09-12-2008]

dawn crabgrass, 27 dayton [09-12-2008]

this is so cool to learn about history. considering my family is from philly.
keisha, 30,atlanta, [09-12-2008]

i thought this website was interesting!
christiana high, age: 8 1/2 [09-12-2008]

Anna Lange, 13, Upsala Minnesota [09-12-2008]

I just now had the opportunity to visit Philadelphia. The feeling of finally seeing the liberty bell, and learning history again.
Saul A. Garza, 36, Alpine, Texas 79831 [09-12-2008]

Everlane [09-10-2008]

Thanks for a great site and links. We are learning about the Liberty Bell as part of a unit study on Betsy Ross.
Delisa, 40ish, homeschool mom [09-10-2008]

its an ok site its not that good but it will take up some info for the children.
Kymberlyn, Indianapolis [09-10-2008]

George W. Bush, yes its really Mr.P! [09-09-2008]

this site doesnt have very much information. and its not very helpfull for school work.
Felicia Konold, tucson,az [09-09-2008]

Fredrick L. Lechtenberg, 57 -McAllen, TX [09-09-2008]

I was born an raised 20 mins outside philly an was on here looking for a good pic of the bell for a tattoo just to remind me of home!
Russ, 27 Statesville Nc [09-09-2008]

i think you might want to put more facts on this site because im doing a report and its very hard to find easy facts!:) but i do love the liberty bell its beautiful and it describes what i believe which is of course freedom!:)
danelle [09-09-2008]

I love history
Timothy Wand, age: 57 [09-09-2008]

This country is such a great country. And, I've become more appreciative about our freedoms, and history, since I've learned more about it. I will never love a place so overwhelmingly as I do now.
FAYEANNE LARGE, Age: 17 Location: South Atlanta, Ga. [09-08-2008]

I visited to help my daughter get information on the bell. I plan to visit soon.
Theresa Mohabir, 37 brooklyn [09-08-2008]

xavier [09-08-2008]

historical objects are very precious
narendra kumar dewangan, bhopal [09-08-2008]

Did the statue of liberty or the liberty bell fall or break?
mykailah, 20, Wildomar, california [09-08-2008]

Sue [09-06-2008]

i would like to learn about this place p.s. write me back.
Madison Ava szeremet, eight years old [09-06-2008]

Michael M. Conway, 38,Bradenton,FL [09-06-2008]

Jean P. Ford, Reno, NV 89512 [09-06-2008]

Im getting ready to return home from my 2nd tour from IRAQ and would like to visit the Liberty Bell. My wife and I are planning a trip as soon as I return to States.
Michael Felker, 32, Indiana [09-06-2008]

I appreciate your site. Please visit www.project-siloam.ning.com/group/pennsylvania to see how this topic will be used to Help Other People Endure (HOPE)
Rick W. Howe, Toccoa, GA [09-06-2008]

im home schooled and this is a realy great site for the liberty bell
shianna, 13 [09-05-2008]

We visited the Liberty Bell in 2004. We had a wonderful time in Philadelphia and really enjoyed all the tourist sites. Looking forward to visiting again.
Wendye Kolles, Manly Australia 2095 [09-05-2008]

Trey Croteau, 10 1/2, Berlin [09-05-2008]

Robert M. Jones, 43 Colonial Heights Va [09-05-2008]

What cause the Liberty Bell to crack?
Zakiya N. Kangethe [09-05-2008]

dylan robinson, 13 swansea,il [09-04-2008]

tell me about it
Madison, eight [09-04-2008]

kate sorenson, 11 farmington [09-04-2008]

What a beautiful bell.
Farra Korshin, Whitestone, NY [09-04-2008]

Farra Korshin, Whitestone, NY [09-04-2008]

When was the bell first cracked?
Eileen Neal [09-04-2008]

I think that the liberty bell is a fasinating thing to learn in out history claSSES AND LETTING ALL THE PEOPLE KNOW HOW IT BECAME APART OF OUT HISTORY!
shelby, 15 Sweet spring missouri [09-04-2008]

Rob Hoyt [09-04-2008]

I was searching for information on the Libety Bell's origins. And found this website.
Margaret, Waterloo, NY [09-02-2008]

Very Cool website! very through
Autumn [09-02-2008]

Extremely interesting site full of great facts, photos, and trivia! I learned a lot!
Libby Holbrook, Moraga, CA [09-01-2008]

Enjoyed the article.
D. M. Scott, 61; Steamboat Springs, CO [09-01-2008]

that is an icon that it means freedom, peace and our future
ricardo rendon [09-01-2008]

I would think there would be a good pic of the Bell
Ronald Lupton [09-01-2008]

hugh [09-01-2008]

Richard Clark, age 45 Sanford, Florida [09-01-2008]

Lois Cowell [08-31-2008]

I have a copy of the Human Liberty Bell taken at Fort Dix in 1918 .. very fragile and don't know how to preserve it, what to do with it, etc. Anyone with suggestions I'd love to hear from you
Laura Tallman, Texas [08-31-2008]

dear sir did you knwo that the crack in the liberity bell is unusual for its reason its a greater weight than its supposed to be without the metal that soudl fil the crack itself.. nearly 30 lbs difference from the three foot crack and is still another approxemently 30 bs weight tot he bell the orginal did have,,reguardless of the hollywood replicant that was made orginaly of gold,,and hidden,.supposedly after it was dropped ..stil the bells orginal construction wasnt from gold at all,,the orginal list fo bell products from white chapoe foundey where made to contian possibly fussion energy from the arc of admerial liberity as the foundation fothe foundery is also built ont he same products like atamoney,,a specail metal that makes the possibley of bonding ggreater between metals that dont normaly bond together withotu vcracking.. the bell was stolen in 1781 approximently by the guard of england and is now hanging in the white chapple foundery... raydean wilson wislons cience research 1970 thru 2008 1002 iowa st b butte montana 59701
RAYDEAN WILSON, butte montana 59701 [08-31-2008]

i love all the info
katy poter [08-29-2008]

carol nasser, chicago il [08-28-2008]

i thought that is very cool
eric brooks [08-28-2008]

I found everything I needed
Cheyenne, 24 [08-28-2008]

the liberty bell is a wonderful part of history.
Sarah jo buchanan, Flint TX [08-26-2008]

My family and I visited Philedelphia on a vacation in 1968, and were thrilled to actually visit the Bell.
Phil Harrington, Arlington TX [08-21-2008]

wonderfull every one should see. proud to be here. go bless america

baily, kelloer [08-19-2008]

I Love The libtery bell please email me for new in formation about it keep me involedded
Kelesy, cooleemee/moorsville [08-19-2008]

Jody Stewart [08-18-2008]

Precious to me are 3 silver dollars my late Dad gave to me years ago. Dad was born and raised in Chicago and in h.s. moved with his family to Boston. Some time in his young adulthood his father, who'd been born in Leavenworth, KS to a father from Philadelphia, took him to Philadelphia and my Dad remembered holding onto each silver dollar as he passed each "through the crack of the Liberty Bell" he told me. I have no idea when the bell became out of reach to visitors but obviously Dad and Grandad visited some time before that. Now I have those 3 coins and am about to pass them on to my 3 teen-age grandaughters! U.S. history in real life!
dorrie, a New Englander [08-18-2008]

I am proud to be part of people who visited the liberty bell and I enjoyed my visit in Philadelphia.
William Robert, Toronto, Canada [08-18-2008]

My name is Dylan and I am only 5 years old, but I really like the liberty bell and am very interested in learning about it.
Dylan, Age: 5, Sandusky, OH [08-18-2008]

i love history, and this was very interesting
edie newberry, farmer city,il [08-15-2008]

tonya willimams [08-13-2008]

dear sir did you knwo that the knights fo the golden circle are a super secret society never known that was the presidents secret srvice fo the united stats according tot he golden ring around the president podium and is part fo the reason for the liberity bell.. today i own a company with that exact name because i do the research.. on the knights,, i willshortly make a movie if possibelon he matter with intent to opent he greatest archology discover fo the centery.. the tomb of the foundes fot he united states hiddeen before the declration of independence was ratified by congress fo the united states during which they congress who wrote the constitution and declaration hide a second perfect copy had written and signed bythe founders of the united states ..for the postitarity fo the democeracy fo the united states,, witgh pass stow and over, and poore,as well as paul revere..reguardless fo what has been saaid the truth has never been tested in to the matter fo the knights fo the golden circle thought to be slaver's instead fo slave savors,,from slavors,,thouhg i stil am not sure my self.. the golden knights of the white hosue,,made a difference,,the same as poore richards almanac,,that is coded with ditto language and mathmatics that is expodentual mathmatic that we the united states did not master untill 1960's and 1970's as i researched the material i found severla thng out as well abut those who protray someone else in jellosy just to be them..like hoolywood.. raydean wilson bilionairlottery@billionair.com owner ceo..1002 butte montana
dean wilson, redsekliton roc & roll [08-11-2008]

i think the libety bell is a important piece of our history.
austin harris, 12 [08-11-2008]

yoyogirl [08-11-2008]

I think this bell is beautiful
enrico, 40 [08-11-2008]

I think that it is a huge part of our freedom and that it should be honored properly. It "Rang out Freedom" "Let Freedom ring!"
Brian A.McBride, 12 760 NW Pine St Clatskanie, Or. 97016 [08-09-2008]

I think that the Liberty Bell should be moved to the spot it was at when they moved it to San Fransisco. and the employees should tell the whole story about why the Liberty Bell was made and why it was sent to San Fransisco.
Michael D. McBride, 10 760 NW Pine St Clatskanie OR 97016 [08-09-2008]

Just showing my daughter this website!
Farra Korshin, Whitestone, NY [08-09-2008]

Hello - Very interesting. Have a nice day
Sylvie Belanger, Gatineau, Quebec CANADA [08-09-2008]

Ryan P. Vercher, 29, Lake Charles, LA [08-08-2008]

Keyword Search
john shanks [08-07-2008]

Checking out the site and showing my daughter!
Kate [08-05-2008]

Lib-er-ty Bell!
Jack, 2 yrs. old (almost) [08-05-2008]

I'm planning a trip to Philadelphia and this site was very helpful.
Evelyn Summers, Tucson, Arizona [08-04-2008]

SAMMIE BETSY SMITH, trenton, nj [08-04-2008]

mary ann betsy smith, trenton, nj [08-04-2008]

its really nice to have a look at the past
Rajesh Thota, 27,Tirupati [08-04-2008]

luis prieto [08-04-2008]

It is interesting that the Liberty Bell was used after the Civil War to draw a broken nation together. I did a little research and realized why. The bell was transported and protected by 220 Continental Dragoons from North Carolina. This deed was recounted by that generation and have been largely forgotten by later generations. Here is a web site that tells the story better than I can. http://www.jamesmannartfarm.com/libbell
Jim Gillgam, Big History buff [08-04-2008]

Pennsylvania is #1!
Jobrofan#1 [08-04-2008]

Sarah [08-04-2008]

One day I would love to visit The Liberty Bell with my son Varun who is a History Buff and my husband Ravi Shankar.
Shree Pattisapu, I am 47 years old and we are from India. [08-04-2008]

my thoughts about this is that it is very intiresting about the old times and how many things has changed. in the movie natinal treasure was the declaration treally used and is tha map real and stuff
JULIA ARROYO, 14 zip code 94303 east palo alto ca [08-04-2008]

i would like to sign up for ur homeschooling.
kenque thomas, 16yrs old,philadelphia,19121,pa [08-04-2008]

Jeffrey Neubauer, 33, Fairfield, Me [08-04-2008]

Used this site to teach my 8 year old daughter about the Liberty Bell and it's history.
Weston R. Campbell, 47, Luray, Virginia [07-26-2008]

This page is just right. not too lengthly and boring. I used this page to clearify questions my 40 year old son had.
Harley J. Pettit, I'm 60 years old; living in Kingman, AZ [07-25-2008]

I saw the BELL twice I was glad I did cos its part of HISTORY!
Harvey, Minneapolis, MN [07-25-2008]

We like the bell and the song.
Caleb and Joseph Smith, Ages 5 and 4, St. Peters, MO [07-25-2008]

why did the bell cracked
khalandra willliams, 10,jax, [07-25-2008]

oscar [07-25-2008]

salote aoelua, fagaitua high school [07-25-2008]

I have a souvineer of the Liberty Bell that says, "Virginia"; why is that?
Carol Bland, Bloomington, IN [07-22-2008]

What a wonderful site thank u very much. I wasnt a huge fan of history until of the late. The liberty bell is just fantastic and the history behind it absolutely wonderful, i hope i get to see it one day!
Ngaire, New Zealand [07-22-2008]

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I like this page,it is very very intersting .
Jessica Turley, 9 years old, UK [07-22-2008]

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how did the bell get craked
essence [07-18-2008]

I enjoyed the pictures and all the great information. Thanks!
Lindsey Mosier [07-17-2008]

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i think the liberty bell is very cool!
Josaline [07-14-2008]

Stormy Lynn Snow, Americas Presidency Museum, Branson, MO [07-14-2008]

I find this really interesting
Kimberly, Virginia [07-14-2008]

If it is so possable I would like all the down load on U.S. History.
Michael Harris jr, age:39,city,Boaz [07-14-2008]

Mike Hatch, Narelle Hatch, 42 & 35 Hervey Bay QLD Australia [07-12-2008]

I was very curious about the Liberty Bell. My mom helped me google information about when and how it cracked.
Keith MacDonald, 6, Fredericksburg, Virginia [07-12-2008]

I and my brothers, Lyman and Allen, are the children of Charles Mickley Russell, a direct decendent of John Jacob. We of course, have our families. My one brother lives on the Mickley Maples farm at 7074 Awkerman Hwy in the rural delivery of Sand Creek, Michigan.
CHARLES NORRIS RUSSELL, age 71, canton .ohio [07-12-2008]

We have a Stanley metal plane used in woodwork. It has been embellished with a metal bell with the number 76, plus a crack, which we understand represents the Liberty Bell. Can anyone give us more information on this plane, i.e. did it represent an Anniversary, how old is it.
mary Zimmermann, Peterborough South Australia [07-12-2008]

My son age 13 wanted to know how the bell cracked. I googled it and thanks to your website we found the answer. Thanks.
Angel Parker, 37 Highlands Ranch Co [07-12-2008]

Great website!
Tina, 11, Biloix, MS [07-10-2008]

great history
matthew davenport [07-09-2008]

Visiting Philidephia a year and some months ago I was very content to have the opportunity to see the Liberty Bell and learn the history and what it represents.
Savran D. Clah, 29, Shiprock, New Mexico [07-09-2008]

angie oehlert, bentonville, arkansas [07-09-2008]

Tom Wathen [07-09-2008]

Let freedom ring, now and always. dvd+
David L. Jasmer, Scottsdale, AZ [07-09-2008]

jill march, ashley michigan [07-09-2008]

Unrelated to Col. John Nixon, it's nonetheless nice to see my famous namesake be remembered for playing a central role at such an auspicious occasion.
John Nixon, Phoenix, AZ [07-08-2008]

Debra Fowler [07-08-2008]

It is a symbol of our freedom that we enjoy today. I hope our freedom is not slipping away. Apathy has set in in our country.
Fred O. Ferguson, Sylacauga,Alabama [07-07-2008]

Beautiful web site--very informative. I learned a lot to teach the children in my Montessori School! Thanks
Carolyn Carroll, Black Diamond, Wa. [07-07-2008]

The Bell is AWSOME long let it ring!
Jack W, Nichols,. Jr., age45 Rex Ga 30273 [07-06-2008]

Excellent site. I enjoyed the history of the Liberty Bell. Keep up the good work!
Alan Gillen, 52, Professor of Biology, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA [07-06-2008]

OMG!i know that it is weird but i love history and i love the fact that everything in history now has an important value in the american life.
Gracie O'Connor, 12 yrs old Mason, MI [07-04-2008]

i think this page is a really great way to get more information on our history of the united states
Dorothy Johnson, 400 golflinks #26 Hot springs Ar 71901 age 24 [07-04-2008]

Thomas Mather, Montrose, PA [07-03-2008]

Thanks for all the wonderful information about the Liberty Bell. We do a neighborhood float each year and using this information, we are going to attempt to transform our golfcart into the liberty bell. This information helps us share the data as well during the drive. Laurey
Laurey Branner, Warrenton, Va [07-03-2008]

Renea, 42 yrs old Indian Trail [07-03-2008]

Patsy hughart, Rainelle WV [07-03-2008]

Great design for the website. I like the border around the first page. I am sharing some of the information given with 6 and 7 year olds after I read a book about the Fourth of July. They will learn some new facts about the Liberty Bell as I did.
Marsha Wierwille, New Knoxville, OH [07-03-2008]

We visited on our homeschooling trip and loved every minute of it! We are part of the DAR so it meant a lot to us to see the Liberty Bell. God Bless, Rose
Rose Mason, 29 years homeschooling teacher [07-03-2008]

Great site for US history lovers!
Bretty Justo [07-03-2008]

Me and family took our vaction to Virginia but, we also got the chance to see Philly and all the atractios that came along with the tour is was breath taking something you ony though that you see on tv. So it really became true to us. Vary interested something you will never forget for along time.
Avonda Guyton [07-03-2008]

We home school so this was great information! Enjoyed it very much! Thank you!
Stella cox, 44 Newcastle, Oklahoma [07-03-2008]

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It was an honour to see such an intresting peice of American History. The information and layout of the facility was excellent.
Stephen Batterbee, Age 45, Rhyl, Great Britain [06-30-2008]

Looking for information to share with my Pre- School children concerning July 4th. Thanks
Cheryl Kinard- Falzone, 46, Saint Petersburg,Florida [06-30-2008]

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I found this web site to be very infromant. I am teaching a 4th of July lesson at church. The information I found was very usefull. Thank you !
Melissa Jossey, 40 mobile, AL [06-29-2008]

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kailey holleman, 14, brownwood texas, [06-25-2008]

We also saw the film National Treasure and googled Stow and found the website Cheers Susan from New Zealand
Susan Donaldson, from New Zealand [06-25-2008]

soooooooooooooooo Coollllll! Thnxz 4 the help
Emani Cannady, 11 [06-25-2008]

I think the Liberty Bell is a very historical object. I hope to learn more!
Dina, Honolulu Hawaii [06-23-2008]

History is a wonderful thing; Americans need to embrace it during these difficult times. It is my hope that other americans visit this site and learn about the symbolism of this 2080 lb hunk of metal and charish our past;thereby, giving hope for the future.
Mark P. Harper [06-23-2008]

foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people in rich countries to rich peoplein poor countries
joe mieleszko, age 87,,North Hatfield MA [06-23-2008]

I dig the bell. Ring a ding ging. I am so very proud that the bell lives in Philadelphia. I enjoyed seeing it in November and I have returned to see it again with my 8 year old on Monday (6/23/2008)
Marcy Levin Gordon, Manhattan Beach CA [06-23-2008]

I love history My great great great great great great great grndpas grandpa was Gorge Washington so I im pretty luck to know what really happend and how it did because some books dont tell the story fully. And it says that the bell cracked the first time it rang. It cracked the first time it rand in Philladalphia
anonymous [06-23-2008]

The Liberty Bell is so cool. I was watching national treasure last night and it made me think of what would have happend if the British won the War
Gabrielle [06-23-2008]

i loved the page
skylar orr, 11,Robbinsville,NC [06-23-2008]

thanks I'm a future treasure hunter.
MB, 11 wi [06-23-2008]

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jordan, 10 [06-19-2008]

This is a pretty elaborate site I like it. the liberty bell reminds me why I'm free and proud to be an american. let freedom ring!
Joel, 19,Stanton,TX [06-19-2008]

I found this website because I was watching a film called 'National Treasure' and a young boy gave them the letters S T O W, so I typed it into Google as seen on the film. I think that this website was used in the film because it looks like the background on the website seen in the film. I think that the Liberty Bell played an important roll in American History, although I don't really know what it's all about. But going by the look of it and how famous it is, it seems very important to the people of America.
Katii, I'm 12 and I'm from England. [06-19-2008]

I'm doing an essay for school about the Liberty Bell, and out of all the websites i found, this ones the best.
Joe [06-18-2008]

one of our ancestors is supposedly listed on a plaque at the liberty bell. Can you tell me what happened to the original and why it isn't listed here?
Patricia A Scott [06-18-2008]

I'm very intrested in history especially about the Declaration of Independence.I wish i could go to see the bell and hear it ring. Although I will never hear it ring I will go see it very soon! Thanks for the website! - Natasha
Natasha, age 10 Indiana [06-17-2008]

michelle [06-17-2008]

R.L.L. Barber, Denver radio talkshow host....Boomer [06-16-2008]

Georgianna Coley Gaston, Atlantic City, New Jersey, Age 50 [06-16-2008]

William Wright, Augusta GA [06-16-2008]

"We Have a daughter turning 21 on the 4th of july, so have become acquainted with this story through looking at events of the time in order to glean some ideas for the party!" I have engraved a 'replica' for our party by the way. Thanks, Lesley V
Lesley Vardanega, Mackay Qld Australia [06-14-2008]

Just watching National Treasure 1 & 2 for the 1st time & they were talking about The Liberty Bell so I got on line at work read up on it.
James R. Hale, Age 32, Pine Prairie,LA [06-14-2008]

The Liberty bell is very important to me i am very interested in studying the liberty bell a lot more than i am now facts i know about the liberty bell are very interesting to me.
katie carmouche, New Orleans, LA [06-14-2008]

hey i love yur website, but i wanna know more about this house on high street i stay in a lot.. and i want to know the history and everyone else does to.. please write back !
Mary, 21 ecorse [06-14-2008]

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i think this website is AWESOME i'm able to get so much info off this website. other site can't compete. also the virtual bell is way cool!
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mike, 38,glendale,california [06-09-2008]

very interesting,my name is stow also but e added back when? be great to trace ancestry .......
william stowe, essex, ontario, canada [06-08-2008]

I have always loved history, For it tells us what has happened in the past, where we have been, and some of the great people who have created it. The bell was a significant important event in your country,s history and very interesting reading.
William J. Balacko, Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada {Age 73 [06-08-2008]

This is a great site.My children and I found a lot of answers to our qustions.Some things I didn't know and some I couldn't remember. Thank You.
carol lester, ohio [06-08-2008]

I thought that the liberty bell was an interesting subject for me to learn about not a lot of things catch my attention to learn about but this has had done a very good job at keeping my attention and i hope to leard more as i grow older
Zoe Mac, 16 years of age [06-07-2008]

roberta, 43 [06-05-2008]

I like history
Dakota Howard, age 12, Vancouver, WA [06-05-2008]

we loved the quiz it was so much fun wininng we had lots of enjoyment =]
jackie and iris, yonkers new york, 21,19, [06-05-2008]

Great website. I've been lucky enough to see the bell twice in my life, and it always strikes me with the same feeling of pride and affection. Thank you for honoring this symbol with such a great resource of information.
Lisa Pass, Florence, AL [06-05-2008]

SYDNEY SHAH. [06-05-2008]

---IT IS A GOOD DAY ---- POSTAGE IS 42 CENTS ----THE STAMPS (FOREVER)I purchased of The Liberty Bell are good for first class letters.I paid 39 cents.Let freedom ring.
denise willard-mihok, 60 years old CLEVELAND. OHIO [06-05-2008]

BJ Freerks [06-05-2008]

Spero che il valore della Libertà non tiri delle crepe come la vostra campana!
Ivano Simoni, 48 y.o. Bologna Italy [06-04-2008]

I decided to do the Liberty Bell because it looked like a wonderful way to learn about our history after doing some research i have decided today that i will always love and understand the significance of this Bell. Thank-You
Chandler Williams, School: Ponaganset Middle School North Situate RI [06-04-2008]

This sight has been very helpful for my report on the Liberty Bell
Grace, 12 year old [06-04-2008]

the liberty bell is cool
hannah, nj [06-03-2008]

My grandmother was a Mickley. My mother is born Anna Virginia Sites. We are all from around Fairfield, PA. We have heard many stories about John Jacob Mickley and the Liberty Bell. The story has been repeated many times at the Mickely Family Reunions. I have found an article on ezine.com regarding John Jacob Mickley and the transport of the Liberty Bell.
Mark Steven Heare, 56 yrs old, born in Gettysburg, PA, raised in Fairfield, Pa. [06-03-2008]

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taichi, i always say hello [06-03-2008]

How did the liberty bell get that crack in it?
ASPEN, i like pie [06-03-2008]

charlie [06-03-2008]

Mrs. Withers 4th grade class, Belmont, NC [06-03-2008]

ashley dosent like peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches
Hali Somers, 13, scranton, pa [06-03-2008]

Enlisted into the Air Force in 1950. Bacame a 'Senior Ground/Air Photographer' My brother, Dewitt L. Freeman, is a retired Rear Admiral.
John R. Freeman, 76 SUPERIOR, WIS; Moved to this Great Lakes 'Tundra' in 1966! [06-01-2008]

Alexxis Luke [06-01-2008]

love everthing about it
Carlos Rivera, 24year old live paterson nj [06-01-2008]

im am doing my pa project in school and i am researching the liberty bell
jamie [06-01-2008]

i want to go to the liberty bell
Alexa, 11 staten island ny [05-31-2008]

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love the liberty bell you should put more in there
sammy, 25, Seven Springs [05-31-2008]

i think the liberty bell is very cool.it makes me fell like there is more to it like theres a secrect or something.
alyssa, age 9,city El Sobrante [05-31-2008]

It's very inpornat
marygrace, 8, ny, leroy [05-31-2008]

A sound symbol of freedom
Reidar Astås, 77, Tønsberg, Norway [05-31-2008]

I am such a history buff! This is by far my most favorite site to visit when I want to read up about stuff on the liberty bell.
Reghan, 15, Nassau Bay, TX [05-29-2008]

Sweet page! very helpful, i am making a short film based on the National Treasure movies, i'm calling it "Liberty Treasure". it's based around the Liberty Bell and a "supposed" masonic inscription on it! thx lots, very helpful page!
anonymous [05-28-2008]

Is that bell real i mean is the crack real cuz i know it's not
Naresa [05-28-2008]

oliver, 36 [05-28-2008]

joe weirdo, toast, north carolina [05-28-2008]

I'm looking for a replica of the Liberty Bell for the USA's oldest 4th of July parade in Bristol RI. any ideas?
Owen [05-28-2008]

i'm doing a project on the liberty bell and need help on question for presentation?
jervashia, 15 gretna [05-28-2008]

Our class at Mark Twain Elementary School had questions about the Liberty Bell.
Cindy Cano, 37, Angels Camp, Ca. [05-28-2008]

Cheyenne, 7 Ephrata [05-28-2008]

Bells are not needed just use a foghorn
Ihate Bells [05-28-2008]

I LOVE the Liberty Bell!
Jennifer [05-27-2008]

It was very imformative and well done Thank yOu for the web page
Rebecca Salas and Don Van Dillen, St. Louis, MO grandparents [05-27-2008]

Thank God for are freedom and Freedom.
jake cook [05-27-2008]

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i already had my brithday since last march 20th the frist day of spring. I'am an spring person. I'am not an summer person.
kristin tower, 28 wolfeboro NH [05-25-2008]

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One of our favorite marches
Col C L Woodward, Richmond, VA [05-24-2008]

I really like this site because it tells you a lot of information I needed, I would really like to thank you all for providing such a wonderful site. thank you again your pal DeAngelo
DeAngelo Moss, 14 solon [05-24-2008]

It's great site if you wan to get good and accurate information.
Grace Painter-Chapman [05-24-2008]

In 2008 Penn's views on freedom of religion and support of indigenous people (perhaps immigrants, like us, too) are more important than ever-
Elizabeth Washington, Kalamazoo, Michigan [05-22-2008]

We have been studying Benjamin Franklin this week, and related topics. We wanted to find out more about the Liberty Bell. Thanks for all your help!
Mrs. Dollyhite's 1st Grade Class, Westfield Elementary [05-22-2008]

The Liberty nbell rocks!
John Brannan, 11,Warminster P.A. [05-22-2008]

i love the liberty bell
ashleigh, yucca valley [05-22-2008]

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tiffany singh, 13 new york [05-21-2008]

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Big Head [05-21-2008]

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Tyler Shields, pottstown [05-21-2008]

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This was great! send mee an email
George Bush, Washington B.C. [05-21-2008]

I will be in Philadelphia soon and want to stop by and see the Liberty Bell. I havent seen it yet.
Brenda Coleman [05-20-2008]

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i love the liberty bell! yayayayayay!
tara, cedar rapids. [05-20-2008]

i thought it was cool to learn more and help finish the report
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it was cool
Shadow Reed, 14 [05-19-2008]

I love the liberty bell!
Nick, 8 il [05-19-2008]

are founding fathers are very smart by the way the founding fathers were baptist. they wanted this country to be better than what it is today.
benjamin franklin gates, 24 [05-19-2008]

liberty bell is a great symbol of Pennsylvania!
liza gonzalez, 16 harrisburg,p.a [05-19-2008]

maria [05-19-2008]

cardea [05-19-2008]

It was interesting to learn about the Liberty Bell. This site had a lot of information and pictures! Thanks for sharing the experience with someone so far away!
Emilio Velazquez, San Jose, CA [05-18-2008]

bella, 20,kiwi,australia, [05-18-2008]

I was born in Allentown,Pa. When I was in the fourth grade I went to Zion's Reformed Church in Allentown and was grateful to see the Liberty Bell for myself and touch it. I was and still is a very PROUD moment for me, I was very lucky! This is a pice that in a few years I can share with my grandaughter. I am so proud! Evelyn Hamm-Barber
Evelyn Hamm Barber, Richmond,Texas---age 54 [05-18-2008]

Deanna Kyreakakis, Hawthorne NJ 27 age(10) [05-18-2008]

Emphasis should be given to the fact that the Liberty Bell was commissioned to honor William Penn
Richard huey [05-18-2008]

I love the Liberty Bell.It is so much fun to learn things about other things that have been around for many,many years.It is just so much fun.I HOPE ALL OF YOU KIDS AND OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS,WHAT EVER YOU DO DON~T STOP LEARNING,PLEASE!
Brookelyn, I am 11 years old,I live in Cherokee Iowa,and I go to CMS(cherokee middle school [05-18-2008]

this is like national treasures!its awesomie!
Mary Ton [05-18-2008]

This Is So Great.
Ben Franklin, 82 years old,Philadelphia pa. [05-18-2008]

I love guys!
kyle, 14 fort morgan [05-18-2008]

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diz is koo!
crystal aka rico juice, immokalee florida [05-18-2008]

Kaitlyn Young, 10,Mt.Ephraim [05-18-2008]

Jeanine, 11 years old [05-18-2008]

i thought the " liberty bell timeline " was fantaistic and i learned a lot, on the history of the bell. a special thanks for the pictures dating back to " 1915 ". super site and presentation. thanks again ......
JOHN EDWARDS, toms river, new jersey [05-18-2008]

We like to liberty bell very much! It's awesome! Keep ringing and don't give up! Bye!
TINA N JULYSSA, 16 immokalee [05-15-2008]

i think the liberty bell is nice where it is in the liberty bell center maybe they should put another bell in where she used to sit and the ringit for importat things in time
Keith Serio, 10 edison nj [05-15-2008]

Britney Harrison, 10 Sacramento [05-15-2008]

This site was quite helpful for my English report. Thank You!
Ali, 13 [05-15-2008]

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The liberty Bell is very important to the Declaration of Independence story!
casey meier, 13 princeton [05-14-2008]

i like the bell the vurtual tour its so cool
david [05-14-2008]

the LibertyBell is awesome!
Maddie, 10 [05-14-2008]

Fantastic-let freedom ring.
Joyce C. Blais, Madeira Beach, Florida [05-14-2008]

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cool! i got a lot of info for my essay
Alex, 11 years old [05-14-2008]

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marina =], palmdale ca. [05-13-2008]

Elana S., age 12 3/4, Sandy Hook, Connecticut [05-13-2008]

I think the liberty bell is cool and that it cracked and they tried to fix it is even cooler!
Grace Kuschke [05-13-2008]

it is cool
holly jones [05-13-2008]

omg. i usually HATE history, but this site is REALLY COOL! i swear, i'm soooo not a historical person, but this was awesome! =)
Ashley [05-13-2008]

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hi mommy
Eamon Fossi, 400 [05-13-2008]

in the beginig i'm sorry for my english... i'm from Polamd and i am a student now... but thimk that this site is fantastic... i was watching film ("National Treasure") and than i saw, that the man in the film is use some kind of web to serch other sites by inscribing the keywords... then i stop the film because i wanna to know what what browser did he used... that was Yahoo! site... i'll enter at Yahoo! and i inscribe exactly the same word what that guy in the film... and at the first page i saw the same page, what i saw in the film... "Liberty Bell"... thats how i found this page about Liberty Bell... when i saw it i think: wow, this is so intresting... and... and thats all i thik :) realy, this site is fantastic... and again i's sorry if in some place you dont uderstand me... i'm sending my regards... David
David, 18 age, country: Poland, city: Gdynia [05-12-2008]

Its sites like this that will teach our children our true History.
Richard W. Hill, Odenton, Maryland. [05-12-2008]

rachel [05-12-2008]

dis is kewl
fouxa, age 3 [05-12-2008]

I didn't know anything about the liberty bell before i read this website! I even went to see it, but didn't know anything much about it! thanks to this website know i do!
Stephanie, ct [05-12-2008]

doing a presentation on "voices of our Bells" and must include the most fameous..
matthew h. osterhaudt, 72....fair haven, n.y. [05-12-2008]

alex dafforn, 7, Bargersville Indiana [05-12-2008]

jason fennedy [05-12-2008]

I am doing a project about the liberty bell and by far this is the most helpful site that i have all week long. Thankyou
Halat Tahir [05-12-2008]

as long as the liberty bell is hanging america still has it's freedom
cody, san diego CA [05-12-2008]

wow i haven't take the time to see this amazing story that represent us all. this story give us a lesson we can do a lot of things, even we had difficulties.
silka, puerto rico 18 years [05-12-2008]

I was very impressed with the articals I read, I was equally impressed with the photo essay about the cross country trip the bell took. Justthe home page is very imformative, I learned more by reading this page than I was taught in school in my time, I recomend this website to all who are interested in learning American History.
Charles Gonzales, Portland, Maine [05-12-2008]

Jim Reid, Columbus Ohio [05-12-2008]

clayton, 9 arkansas [05-12-2008]

This is an awesome website. I discovered while watching a movie which made a statement I couldn't believe. Lo and behold I found this site. I don't recall learning most of this in school. Goes to prove you are never too old to learn something new.
Evelyn Smith, over 50 in Ivey, GA [05-12-2008]

Brian King, Fort Smith, Ar [05-09-2008]

I learned about the Liberty Bell. They rang it when they wanted liberty and freedom from the English. I had fun with the Liberty Bell and I liked pretending to ring it (the virtual bell). And that's all...Riley Call age 5
Riley D. Call, age 5 Rittman, OH [05-09-2008]

this bell is so awsome
sammay [05-09-2008]

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Lisa Brook, 25 lancaster P.A [05-07-2008]

Just wanted to share a story. During a class trip in 1976 from St. Stanislaus School, NJ. I slipped my way under the ropes and sat under the bell and yes started to ring it, until an old Gaurd came buy and pulled me out from underneath it. Now, how many people can say they that the rang the Liberty Bell. I was one.
Kevin M Michalik [05-06-2008]

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