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The Liberty Bell

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Soooo Cool
sportygirl1742 [04-30-2008]

I am also a Leaser and looking for more of the same. There was a large family of Leasers that lived here, some decendents still here. Loretta
Loretta Darnall, 76--Atlanta, Il. 61723 [04-30-2008]

Annabelle olson [04-30-2008]

i thought that your time line was extreamly helpful! thanks
savannah [04-30-2008]

I think you guy's should go to philadelphia. (LOL)
Pedro Miranda, 31 [04-30-2008]

fer, 23 [04-30-2008]

i like government
Adam Martinese, 50 [04-30-2008]

I love the liberty bell!
Nathaniel [04-30-2008]

i love the red sox
brandon volino, 21 [04-30-2008]

Need to know the complete stoey of the liberty bell, and why there is a crack in the liberty bell itself
Sheila Broughton [04-30-2008]

Pete Mendez, 63, san antonio,tx [04-30-2008]

I used this website for more than the Liberty Bell. I used it for my history project on Pennsylvania. I person think we woyld be lost withoutit and getting abd grad, Now that my part of the job is hopefully NT and NH will have there prt fiished!
Project_In_Need_Of_Finishment, 12, Florida [04-30-2008]

that is so cool.GO RED SOX
nick popp [04-30-2008]

Offers good info for all research!
Ashley [04-30-2008]

Hi. This paage is really good I wish that I could see what is symbolizes though.....
Dragon [04-28-2008]

I'm excited that the Liberty Bell is now 255 years old. I visited this website to get information for a school project. Some day I hope to visit the real Liberty Bell.
Ty Grooms, 8, Westerville, Ohio [04-26-2008]

TJ Gingerlowski, Scranton, PA [04-26-2008]

Te ibety bell iss a impotat histircal ting inn or hisstery.
Cong le Peon, 21 New York, New York [04-26-2008]

i think the liberty bell is great
susan, 11,aloha or, [04-26-2008]

Needed some info about the Liberty Bell for my Spring Program. This site provided the info I needed and more. Very interesting
Joyce Hart, McAlisterville, PA [04-26-2008]

where was the liberty bell made in pennsylvainia
susan, 11,aloha or, [04-25-2008]

i would love to visit the liberty bell
Marlena Oliver, 12, Memphis, [04-25-2008]

i like the liberty bell
mackenzie0914@gmil.com, fl 8 [04-25-2008]

i think this is so great
mika lashay [04-25-2008]

jill, aurora, co [04-24-2008]

I say that it is a big beel.and I would like to ask a question why was the bell cracked?
AREAKIA BRONNER [04-24-2008]

ericaconey, 11 albany ga [04-24-2008]

yay liberty bell!
Shaylei Willadsen, 14, Wyoming [04-24-2008]

Hi I came to this site because I need information on the liberty bell pronto! Big report do tmr!
Jes [04-24-2008]

It was really cool and it was informational but not as much as I thought it would be.
Brittani Alig [04-24-2008]

My name is Christal Fruge'I think it's cool that my name stands for something..
Christal Fruge', 18, Crowley louisiana, [04-24-2008]

samah, 19 plano TX [04-24-2008]

I visted the Liberty Bell as a child, I was about 10 years old at the time. I enjoyed reading up on the history of the bell. Maybe some day I can make a return trip and bring my own children to share in the history of the Liberty Bell and what it means to us as citzens and our nation.
Lynn Turner [04-23-2008]

I think that it is sooooo very fasinating to to learn about something as unique and cool and historic as this!
Natassha Morales [04-23-2008]

Brett Teller, 9 [04-23-2008]

jamiah budwine [04-23-2008]

kylee is doing a report 4 shcool on the liberty bell so send me some information on it
kylee harris and haley neighbors, 11 [04-23-2008]

This website is pretty cool. But I think that it should say why the liberty bell is so important and how long it's been around. That can make it a lot easier for reasearchers or students. The answers may be on this website. I can never be sure. But if it is it should be more obvious. Thanks for your time,Kara
Kara [04-22-2008]

Hi.I need to make a report on the liberty bell and my teacher said we can go on a website and I chose to go on this one.And I hope I can do well on this.
Sienna, Walnut Creek [04-22-2008]

Its very cool my niece is going to vist the Liberty Bell soon andI'm coming with her so thats why I'm on this website!
Taylor, 21 new york, [04-22-2008]

I think the liberty bell is unquie because it's a symbol of freedom
tyler mccolllum, 16,Dalton [04-22-2008]

I think the Liberty Bell is very,very interesting! I love learning more things about the Liberty Bell! I can't wait to learn more about it! Learning Student, Zaira
Zaira, West Paterson,10 years old [04-21-2008]

More people need to the Patriotic spirit shown in these photos.Thank You.
Stephanie White [04-21-2008]

I think that the Bell is a wonderfull piece of art and means so much to the people of America. Having the chance to actually see the Bell would be a absolutely great expierence. this website was the best source of information for my research paper.and i thank whoever took the time to sort facts from myths.
Marissa, 16...California [04-20-2008]

You should make an inprovment by making a vertual museum that tells the history of the Liberty Bell. Tell how the crack occured because some people probebly don't want to read all those words all day.
courtney, F.C.Martin K-8 Center [04-20-2008]

evelyn rivera [04-20-2008]

peyton mcavoy [04-20-2008]

My granddaughter is doing a report on the Liberty Bell, and this has been very informative. Thank you.
Judie Hurd, 54 years young. [04-20-2008]

The Liberty Bell was stupid!
Kaya Winik, Brea 11 [04-20-2008]

I drew a picture of the Liberty Bell and showed my Uncle Randy. I then asked him why they din't ring it anymore? Why did it crack? What's it made out of? Why did they keep it, They should have thrown it away! So, I asked Uncle Randy to explain and he showed me all of this stuff. From Bristol Leehan 2nd Grader at Settlers Way Elementary Sugarland, TX Entered by her Uncle Randy
Bristol Leehan, From 2nd Grader at Settlers Way Elementary [04-20-2008]

i think this site and is awsome and it is a great way to learn about american history.i think people should also check out this web site. also i think the people who made this site should put more interesting games on here
Garvy, F.C. Martin K-8 Center [04-20-2008]

i think that this was a very interesting artical and that the school should make the kids of later years do this to.
Michael, F.C.Martin k-8 center [04-20-2008]

i think this site and is awsome and it is a great way to learn about american history.i think people should also check out this web site. also i think the people who made this site should put more interesting games on here
Garvy, F.C. Martin K-8 Center [04-20-2008]

This site is really cool.It tells everything about the Liberty Bell!My favorite part is the virtual tour of the Bell!
Jamileh, F.C Martin k-8 Center [04-20-2008]

Some students and I visited your page. We especially liked having the music playing while we were reading
L. Schmidt [04-20-2008]

the liberty bell is an exiting and unique peice of work and i like it very much.i would like to visit it.it is to me the nicest peis of history
kito march, frank c. martin [04-20-2008]

I learned a lot about the liberty bell and a lot about Benjamin Franklin. I also learned about some famouse people who got burried in the Christ Church Burial. This virtual tour was really neat and cool.
Roynicia, Frank.C.Martin I.B K-8 Center [04-20-2008]

It made me sad because I did not go to phili. I imagened that the people who are in phili. I like the virtual liberty bell. The rest was pretty ok I guess. But it should of been like you create a person and you walk around.
Nagee, Frank C. Martin K-8 Center [04-20-2008]

This tour was very fun and i enjoyed it. It told me a lot of history about mostly the liberty bell.
shannon, frank c martin k-8 center [04-20-2008]

I love this site. It helped me learn a lot about the liberty bell. The virtual bell thing was my favorite. I felt like a was actually spining the bell.
Lemara, Frank C. Martin K-8 Center [04-20-2008]

shannon, frank c martin k-8 [04-20-2008]

it was cool man
khayaam,, 11,fF.C. Martin k-8 center [04-20-2008]

Aliah [04-20-2008]

i felt like i was in philly
alexandria, frank c. martin k-w center [04-20-2008]

The Liberty Bell is so cool!
Kyle, Frank C. Martin K-8 Center [04-20-2008]

It is very interesting how the descendants of the signers of the declaration of independence tap the bell 13 times along w/ other bells across the nation.
Timothy B, Frank C Martin K-8 Center [04-20-2008]

I think the liberty bell is an amazing piece of art work. It is neat how it traveled through the middle of the United States of America,and I think it is a very important piece of history. I am also glad it is still standing today.
Janna Vanderveer, 12 years old/Palmyra,VA/22963 [04-18-2008]

This was a great section I even got to hear the Liberty Bell. I am glad that I came to this site
Mytasia Dallas, F.C. Martin k-8 center [04-18-2008]

i love history and i would love it if you people came to our school and tell us all about it. if you do want to our school name is NES the zip code is 01951. i hope to see you soon
Carly Morrison, 11, Byfeild [04-18-2008]

i learned a lot taking a virtual tour and im glad i have knowledge about philadelphia since i didnt get to go. i liked the virtual liberty bell. that made me think i actually was in philadelphia.
Sophia, F.C.Martin K-8 Center [04-18-2008]

I love National Treasure
Maurice [04-18-2008]

This really is a true virtual tour! I actually felt like I was in Philadelphia.
Khara, Frank C. Martin K-8 Center [04-18-2008]

i love the historical facts
Tierra, frank c. martin [04-18-2008]

It was a wonderful virtual tour. I hope to do it again sometime.
Melissa, F.C. Martin K-8 Center [04-18-2008]

I love it.
Tara Terry, F.C.Martin [04-18-2008]

this virtual tour is poppin!~!1 11111
TAYLOR, f.c.martin [04-18-2008]

this virtual tour is such bananas b.a.n.a.n.a.s!
SHANIECE, f.c.martin [04-18-2008]

the liberty bell is awwwsooomeee!
kenneth [04-18-2008]

i just visited philadelphia with my classmates and it was beautiful. the liberty bell was truely awesome.........
preeti, paramus, 14 years old [04-17-2008]

this site is amazing this is helped a lot with my oral report
jessie, il [04-17-2008]

Jacob Michael [04-17-2008]

I love the librerty bell! It is one of my favorite monuments
Lekia L. Davis, why do you need to know? [04-17-2008]

I was looking through your tour photos, and the map of the 1915 trip because I recently found several flyers from the trip. My question is if the bell stopped in Ogden before coming to Salt Lake City, or if it came to Salt Lake City at all. The flyers I have are all printed Ogden, UT 1915. If you could help that would be great.
Eric, slc, ut [04-16-2008]

it was amazing
Ethan clemente, 14, East China .... [04-16-2008]

hi. this for a report.boooo
Lois, 1000000 [04-16-2008]

i think the bell is cool
dana, 11 jenison mi [04-16-2008]

Let freedom Reign as our for fathers invisioned
Peter D Foster [04-16-2008]

I think the liberty bell is cool and I bet it 's loud.
ruth samson [04-16-2008]

kaleb johnson [04-16-2008]

i like your website it's enjoyable to read and very very interesting and exciting
Dora Meador, 50,franklin indiana [04-15-2008]

Your website was very interesting and a great read!
J. Regalado, Chesterton, In. [04-14-2008]

Adnarimna, 22 chicopee st [04-14-2008]

CHEYANNE, 12 whittier ca [04-14-2008]

You should put on your site where the inscription comes from.
Katy West [04-12-2008]

The Liberty Bell means freedom just like the Statue of Liberty. Freedom is a precious thing. As an American I am very proud. I support what our country tries to do for other countries as far as freedom. We all deserve that. God is with us all.
Dorene Robertts [04-12-2008]

Dorene Robertts [04-12-2008]

karleigh [04-12-2008]

sierra [04-12-2008]

derek [04-12-2008]

andrea, 13, salina, kansas [04-12-2008]

cool website great for my brochure
samantha [04-12-2008]

thanx for helping me
andrea [04-12-2008]

awsome website! i am very fond of the Liberty Bell!:)
sally [04-11-2008]

wow i'm young but all that historty is amazing but i know some stuff about the liberty bell but now i know more! here some more history the capitpal buliding in D.C. well NO other building can be taller than that building thats some history is aren't it!
Janet, 10 years of age, Rantoul,IL; [04-11-2008]

jodi fiermonte, 35, syracuse, new york [04-11-2008]

i think that the liberty bell is really important to us because it stands for strenth,braveness,and there is a lot i have to say but i might take up the rest of the room.it was nice giving out my thoughts.
KRISTINA JENNINGS, 22,st.louis, [04-11-2008]

This is really cool!
Taylor Darrow [04-11-2008]

gisselle [04-11-2008]

my name is liberty smith and I think liberty bell is cool yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
liberty, 7, london [04-10-2008]

hannah, hannah [04-10-2008]

i love this website!
pete, 20 albany [04-10-2008]

You saved our LA project! Thanks!
Ashliegh [04-10-2008]

My Gram was a girl of 7 when the bell came through Pocatello, ID in 1915. She remembers the people lining the train track,sitting on the via ducts and waiting until 10 pm to see it on Sunday, July 11, 1915. They threw flowers onto the train platform while it was there for half an hour and as it passed. She recently celebrated her 100th Birthday! I looked up two articles written in the local paper and there were 20,000 people who came to Pocatello, at that time a VERY small town, to see the Liberty Bell. I am trying to find some photographic evidence of this event for Pocatello and Idaho. If you can help me I would appreciate it!
Liz Grover, Pocatello, ID [04-10-2008]

Hunter [04-10-2008]

wow i love this site!..=]
Heidi, 12 [04-10-2008]

I am using this to teach in my classroom
Ezra Foner, 76,West Bloomfield MI 48322 [04-09-2008]

I think that it's weird that Pennsylvania is spelled wrong on THE bell
Amanda Myers, 14 Intercourse Pennsylvania [04-09-2008]

We enjoyed seeing the Liberty Bell.
Mrs. Powelson's Class, Harlingen, Texas [04-09-2008]

whoa! i didnt know pennslyvania was spelled wrong.... :) love ya
Jess, 13 [04-09-2008]

hannah, 12,tn [04-08-2008]

i am looking for some facts on the libetry bell so I decided to look here after googling it.
lindsey, 11 years old [04-08-2008]

Tracee Larsen [04-08-2008]

Thank you for helping with my homework.
Morgan Page, Age 7 Lemont, Illinois [04-07-2008]

I am doing my third grade govt project on the liberty bell.
Cole, 8, Elgin, Illinois [04-06-2008]

the liberty bell is so cool.. i cant believe that Pennsylvania is spelled wrong on it!
katie [04-06-2008]

I like to learn of our past history!
Chelsea, age=11 [04-06-2008]

i think mi teacher would love this webite
carlonda walter, 13,new orleans, [04-05-2008]

how the bell got cracked?
KATEYGOLBECK, age 9 1/2, michgan [04-05-2008]

I just come across with the movie The National Treasure by Nicholas Cage and my kids keep on asking about the bell all the clues in the movie since I got a limit idea I could not give them an outright answer so this is the reason why i'm interested with the history of liberty bell please help me up on this....need more informations thank you more power.
DON VENCER LIM, 43years old Iloilo City Philippines [04-05-2008]

The reason I was on this website was because this festival in our city, the Whistle Stop Festival, is asking all of the 6th grade in our county to draw something to commemerate our troops. On my drawing I've got an eagle and 2 flags. I needed something else, so I chose the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell is a very important, symbolism wise, to the United States of America. This is a great website! I love the 3-D Liberty Bell, it helped a lot. Thanks!
Alexa, age:12 state:Mississippi [04-05-2008]

The Liberty Bell is Cool! I looked at the Liberty Bell.
Trevor Foster, Age 6 from Orchard Park, NY [04-05-2008]

^-^ awsome website~! It helped me a lot with my essay! LIBERTY BELL ROX MEH SOX xD
Mari-Chan, Miami [04-05-2008]

I saw the liberty bell like 2 years ago ti was fun n i live next to it so i can see it any time it was fun
Cassandra, Philadelphia,PA [04-05-2008]

I'm showing my class [third graders] this site on Monday!
Susan Vessely [04-04-2008]

the liberty bell is awsome
kiki, east ridge,11 [04-04-2008]

Gracious Lord God Almighty Thank you! Holy,Holy,Holy Lord God Almighty who was,and is and is to come!
David M. Devericks [04-04-2008]

i thank the liberty bell is cool
bobby heater [04-04-2008]

its awsome!
bill [04-04-2008]

George Bush, washington dc [04-04-2008]

i like the philadelphia tour.it was very interesting and a great experience!The liberty bell was so amazing to see in person!
Monica, allentown [04-04-2008]

jacob [04-04-2008]

The Liberty Bell Seems Awful.... SWEET!
Katie [04-02-2008]

I like this web site really good. I like to learn about the Liberty Bell. I am on this site to learn why the Liberty Bell has a crack.
GKB [04-02-2008]

I gEt To SiGn ThE gUeSt BoOk! ThIs Is FuN!
Kaleigh, x vcxn bkvc [04-02-2008]

alli t. [04-02-2008]

joann zavala, 8,oceanside [04-01-2008]

I am writing to see where I can find written documentation on The Bell to be welded in the 1960s time frame. It was being considered by the authorities of the time to repair the crack so it may ring again the E Flat note. Jack Taylor a well known for his welding and Brassing skills was to be commissioned to repair the Liberty Bell. But the authorities had feared that it would not be able to with stand the pre heat of the bell prior to welding the crack. I am Jack (Alfred) Taylor's son. I would appreciate any assistance in this inquiry. Kind regards, Jerry Taylor 972-494-2162
Jerry Taylor, Dallas TX [04-01-2008]

i came to this sit to find imformation casue i have to do a speech on a great american landmark and i found the imformation i think..thanks.
lexi [04-01-2008]

I work in a Mental Health for Older People ward in a general hosptital. We were reading out some famous hoaxes from the Museum of Hoaxes ( it being April 1st. here today).One was about the Libery Bell and several of our clients were curious about the Bell and its history, etc. This information has been easily found on your web-site . Thank you for the site -it is informative and user friendly. Best wishes.
Denise deGroot, North Shore Hospital,Auckland, New Zealand [04-01-2008]

I love liberty bell so much I am wrighting a repot on it
maria, age 10, city milwaukee [04-01-2008]

Miss Inlow's First Grade Class 2008 [04-01-2008]

megan, 11 [04-01-2008]

only looking at this site coz i have just seen NATIONAL TREASURE
ian chave, 22 uk exeter [03-31-2008]

Thanks for the great information. Why does the crack appear to have been drilled out?
Daniel P. Roth Jr., 12 yrs old, Toalmas Hungary [03-31-2008]

ww, nc [03-30-2008]

R Laird [03-30-2008]

i need all subjectsw
christopher A morris, 11 richvamond va [03-30-2008]

Bill Kesel, phelps, n.y. [03-30-2008]

This site has been very informational. Thank you!
Jesalyn Mitchell, 13,Patterson,Louisiana [03-30-2008]

The liberty bell is awesome!
Kyler, chicago [03-30-2008]

i like your web site!
jackie [03-28-2008]

I love the liberty bell
zachary loar, 11 fort worth [03-28-2008]

dontori [03-28-2008]

Braley, hola [03-28-2008]

josiah, i am 14 and sexy [03-28-2008]

naomi [03-27-2008]

our daughter had find the connection between the liberty bell and declaration of independence. this site was very helpful. thank you
ANGIE [03-27-2008]

STEPHEN liber, 99 [03-27-2008]

morgan [03-26-2008]

i love the liberty bell
Annie, morley [03-26-2008]

i just think that the liberty bell is one hunkey dorey bell. i <3 the BELL! i have my birthday partys as close as i can get to the bell. i go every weekend that i can! GO LIBRITY BELL! !YEA! !1
Alice Tinker- Noodles, philly [03-26-2008]

i luv history.....liberty belll lmaooooo
bla bla bla [03-26-2008]

Thank you for the sight. We learned a lot.
Ms. Mitchell's 2nd grade class [03-26-2008]

I has helping my 5yr. old kinder. do his homework-they're having a week of studies on the Liberty Bell. I found this site interesting and helpful. Even I learned-I loved the pictures of that era.
lupe johnson, sacramento, ca [03-25-2008]

it is the best web site i have ben on
summer deniossrff, ocoee [03-25-2008]

i love learning about the decloration of independece.
megan watts, 13, newtown, ct [03-25-2008]

kassandra torres, 11 years old,orlando, [03-25-2008]

I am doing a project in Social Studies on the Liberty Bell and the American Revolution, and this website has helped me A LOT!
Daniella, 10, Miami, Florida [03-25-2008]

unlike my sis i dont think u rock! u suc all u do is lie u butthead i hate u more than u kno! u butts ! ! ! ps u make me sick so
KIANA BUGHAM, 12 my sister is tamara of atlanta she was the one who wote the the letter saying at the end ps u rock! [03-25-2008]

i had a essay to right on a land mark and i chose the liberty bell at 1st i couldnt find any info that was usfull till i found this one it really helped and i got an a it woked out great u should always come 2 this web site thank u love tamara ps u rock!
TAMARA, 13 atlanta [03-25-2008]

i love how the bell is a symbol of our country just like the flag and im going to do my project on it!
megan, 11 [03-25-2008]

im realy interestead in history and i wish to learn every thing about history i possibly can
nicole [03-24-2008]

the liberty bell iss very interestinnng
ccc [03-24-2008]

you should have a video of the amicen syemblis
caitlyn, 7 sharsburg ky [03-24-2008]

I knew most of the story about the train wreck in 1902; Charley Rosenberg is my great grandfather. I found all the other info quite interesting.
John Callahan, Prospect Park, PA [03-24-2008]

im a delperdang and proud of it .i want my family . email me please.
nicholas john delperdang, 53,costa mesa,ca [03-22-2008]

I love your informaton
maddy, 8 waukee [03-21-2008]

no comments yet
lito panganiban [03-21-2008]

I have a question. why there is a crack on the bell?
fadi khoury, 38 year-old from toledo, oh [03-21-2008]

I work at a school and I think this is a terrific site to teach the students learn about us history.
mandy ehlig, 26, phoenix [03-21-2008]

How did the Liberty Bell crack and the Liberty Bell March sounds really good so tell me how the bell cracked if you know
Brittany, 13, Petersburg,WV [03-21-2008]

Ap97 [03-21-2008]

The liberty is a symbol to remember for years to come.
D. R .Edson, 45,easton,pa [03-21-2008]

I want to see the movie
sappor richmond, 15years,ho [03-21-2008]

visited the city when I was young now my granddauther wants to come see it.
Eleanor McClure, Linwood, Pa. [03-21-2008]

The Liberty Bell is a very appriataed part of our history, it is very important! Without it we wouldn't be the same 50 states!
Maysen [03-19-2008]

hello, I love this page because I find all the answers for my report.Thanks for this page! Bye
Blaire Dykes, 10 Port neches, Tx. (03-18-08) [03-19-2008]

the liberty bell is amazing im even doing a speech on it!
julie, 10 florida [03-19-2008]

what were the words on the liberty bell
amanda, orlando [03-19-2008]

I am moved to tears, we don't have to allow anybody to offend our liberty. God bless America and Europe. Thanks for this beautiful site.
Salvatore Chiapparo, 60, Finale Ligure, Italy [03-19-2008]

I never knew that the bell had been recast. This is a very informative site. Thank you very much.
S. Brown, 45 Indiana [03-19-2008]

I'm doing a speech on the Liberty Bell, and this site has given me tons of information. I found out a lot of cool things that I never knew! Thanks y'all for having a great site!:-)
Chyna [03-18-2008]

i admire this page because it tells me important information for my oration this site is really helpful thank you
dana, Orlando [03-18-2008]

what a truly wonderful site thank you for sharing and all who enjoy and learn who enter i pray someone i can see liberty bell in person!
PAM POLINSKE, milwaukee, wi [03-18-2008]

Sydney Woodrow, 14 il [03-18-2008]

its old get over it
whitney batten, cerro gordo [03-18-2008]

Daniel Hough, 13, Monroe, NC [03-18-2008]

bob, elephant, cheese, and bananas [03-18-2008]

This site is a wonderful and very educational site.
Christopher Hough, Wingate [03-18-2008]

The liberty bell is a strong symbol of freedom and liberty and the crack in the bell should not show failure but that the bell will be remember by that crack just as the united states history will be remember just as the bell will be with the crack
Lennon, age 10 [03-18-2008]

glauber diamantino, 26, lowell ma. [03-18-2008]

We think the liberty bell is cool. Wow its been around for so many years. My parents are taking us to see it soon
Sarah and Sydney Barrena, 8 Manalapan,nj [03-18-2008]

Thomas Firestone, 67 Dayton Nv. [03-18-2008]

i wonder if there are real treasure
jakaih, 10 /philly [03-18-2008]

The declaration is useless
Leo Biette [03-18-2008]

Very informative site. I appreciate the preservation of this information. (For the last post....there is a detailed explanation or speculation on the misspelling). My ancestors have stuggled for liberty since my descendent John Howland.... Thanks again
Christopher E. Shields [03-18-2008]

The liberty bell is a strong symbol of freedom and liberty and the crack in the bell should not show failure but that the bell will be remember by that crack just as the united states history will be remember just as the bell will be with the crack
Lennon, age 10 [03-17-2008]

i cant belive there is a crack in it
morgan, 15 years old [03-17-2008]

pray for peace and goodwill to mankind forever.
michele kelsay, martinsville,in.46151 [03-17-2008]

the liberty bell is a great piece of american history. is the bell related to the masonic history? i would like to visit it one day.
JEFFERY HOLDEN [03-17-2008]

Brenda Sisco [03-17-2008]

i have never been to see the bell, will make it a family trip this summer. god bless our militry family and the united states.
GEORGIA MAE OSCAR, 65, hagerstown,md [03-17-2008]

Steve O, Biddeford, Maine [03-17-2008]

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this website is a cool way to learn new things. the pictures rock. i still wanna know why they spelt phillidelphia wrong. might as well keep looking. by the way, i know i spelt it wrong too...dont laugh! :(
you wish you knew huh?, mars [03-14-2008]

Thank you for informing us about the Liberty Bell.
Ms. Turner's Third Grade Class, Omaha, NE [03-14-2008]

I love this sight because I am in the fifth grade abd I am doing civi oration.I am doing it about the liberty bell. This sight gives me everthing I need.So I just wanted to say...THANK YOU SO MUCH! This website means a lot to me.
Aaliyah, 10,Fayetteville [03-14-2008]

we are studying the liberty bell and george washington at school and i like looking up things like this.
Meagan Barber, 10yrs old LaGrange Ga 30241 [03-14-2008]

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^____^ AWESOME SITE! I <3 this site! It told me everything I wanted to know! =]
Andy McClone, Age 13, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [03-14-2008]

i am doing a school speech on the liberty bell so i came here i got some good info thankz
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Kristan Olden [03-14-2008]

this is really cool i liked the interactive part
Forrest [03-14-2008]

for my school project. My mom and i loved all the information. Thank you!
Paige Botson, Age 8, Marblehead, Ohio [03-12-2008]

This is a cool website.
Ryan Brown, age 7 [03-12-2008]

i luv the liberty bell
ali is cool, eden prairie [03-11-2008]

It was fun reading about the Liberty Bell, and it was very interesting as well!
Anonymous, Somewhere on Earth [03-11-2008]

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Just looking up information to share with my class.
kennedy thornberry, 7 years, west libery, kentucky [03-11-2008]

Great history information. They should teach this in school like they used to.
Betty I Ray, age 76, Mabton, WA [03-11-2008]

it was very interesting.
RaWr, 1000 [03-11-2008]

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nothing was on this sight that was really use full. My teacher recamended this site, and now I think she is nuts. It doesn't even put who made the thing! BYE!
brianna, 12 yrs old [03-11-2008]

I have not seen the bell but i would love to see it
Kailey, 10 Brentwood,Ca [03-11-2008]

The liberty bell rules
Unknown [03-11-2008]

I really like this website. Although I would like it to answer questians a little more in depth. Maybe links to other places that have that information. I think that is one way to make this website better. THanks. P.S. Hi mom! (My mom helped make this website)
Chanhassen, New York [03-11-2008]

I think it was very enteresting
Toni Ottone, 7 yrs old [03-10-2008]

Rachel I was doing a project on it too!
shelby, 92 jk [03-10-2008]

Before reading this site I knew that the Liberty Bell ment freedom and Liberty and that it had writing on it and that it was cracked. But that was all I knew. My school project got me to look up info on it but I wasn't really excited to do it. That was until I learned what it was really about. I thought it was made just for the Declaration of Independance. Now I know that it was made to celebrate the original Pennsylvania Constitution. Thank you for all the information and getting me totally amazed by it!
Melanie, 14 [03-10-2008]

Skylar, 14 [03-10-2008]

Reading about how the bell was cracked
Chance, 5 years old, Pittsboro, NC [03-09-2008]

its weird
anonymous [03-09-2008]

Alisa Maxfield, Cumming, GA [03-09-2008]

Rachel, 11,i was doing a project on it [03-07-2008]

i am using this site for research for the Essay ''The modern woodman'' i hate this essay but love the Liberty Bell ! woohoo
AMANDAA<3 [03-07-2008]

i thank that they shoud have free stamps becouse i have a prochet i wont to pot the liberty bell stamp.
mariah [03-07-2008]

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the liberty bell is awesome guys are hot!
miranda & jessica [03-07-2008]

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Rusty Siemens [03-07-2008]

I thought that this website was really amazing! I really feel that people could learn a lot about this site.
Paul Isaac Morales Jr., age:15, city: Carhtage,IL, address: 1180 N. Co. Rd. 2200 Carthage,IL 62321 [03-07-2008]

Help's me with my homework/project. Thanks
PEACHOUT [03-06-2008]

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Tim DeYoung, 37 [03-06-2008]

I am a History Buff. This spring my husband and I are taking a History tour. The Liberty Bell is first on our list, so this web site helped me a lot. thanks. After this will be the Statue of Liberty.
Felisha, Albany, Ky. [03-05-2008]

I am doing a report on Pennsylvania. Thanks for the information and the pictures. This will be very helpful. I am in the fourth grade.
Kathryn Hart [03-05-2008]

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abba, 37 [03-05-2008]

it was an okay site...the only reason i went on it was for a school project, otherwise i would've never been on this site...

Thanks for being here.
Amy O'Connell, 35 yrs, Somerville, NJ [03-05-2008]

Hey Wat It Do?
Mya, 13/Bainbridge,GA [03-05-2008]

We home school and come here often to look up things. Today it was the Liberty Bell.
Christy Franklin, 39, Gardner, Kansas [03-05-2008]

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tina beckers, 31yrs, newport, TN [03-04-2008]

I really like history because it is really neat to learn about it and right know I am learning about the liberty bell.
Samantha Lee Palermo, Chippewa Falls Wisconsin [03-04-2008]

well wat can i say im a history buff we need to keep and tell our kids the history of america
steve lechner, 39 muskegon michigan male [03-04-2008]

I found it to be very educational and informative. I also found it to be very touching and emotional!
James Dilworth, III, 44, Hillsboro, Oregon [03-04-2008]

angelica bays [03-04-2008]

this page did not help me at all! i want to know who built it, why it was built, and where it stands today.
erika, 14, jackson, new jersey [03-04-2008]

Kyria A. Perez, Teacher NYC [03-04-2008]

frank carte, 27/savanna, ill [03-04-2008]

i think the liberty bell is a very important landmark! i also think it is very intresting
Jenna, 24 [03-04-2008]

Zachary Rendon, 9 Years OKC,OK [03-04-2008]

I think that you should make a movie about when the revolutionary war was going on and put the liberty bell back up in its tower in independence hall.
Matthew Parker, 17 years old [03-04-2008]

jaimee, 18, Laurel Hill, North Carolina [03-04-2008]

Hello to my fans! If you are reading this, I am so proud of you all. I think history is an important part of life. I want to let you all know I am in to history, and I think you shoud all learn it. I am glad you came to the website. Your the best fans!
Kiera Knightly, Love history! [03-04-2008]

Well, I think the liberty bell is dumb. it shows what "clever" craftsmen we are. It is dumb that they would show off our mistakes. The liberty bell is soooo completely stupid. ITS CRACKED! Why don't we show off another bell that isn't cracked?? I think we should remake the bell. Note- Hey boys, I'm open for anything. Email me! kisses!
Thelma Lou, Mississippi [03-04-2008]

Mark Flick, 40, Muncie,IN [03-04-2008]

troy [03-04-2008]

i like the liberty bell!
angelyca, 11,cardale, [03-04-2008]

Sorry don't have Internet but at school. Anyway thank you for this sit becaus of it I have learnd a lot and it saved me on pop quiz on The Liberty Bell.
Danielle Irene Stires, 13, Eagar AZ [02-28-2008]

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caleb dassoq, 11,beloit,wisconsin [02-28-2008]

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123, 789 flanagan [02-28-2008]

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awsome the liberty bell is really cool
makayla [02-28-2008]

Like the music. Wonderful photos!
The Varney's [02-28-2008]

I think that the liberty Timeline is very help very help full. Thank you.
Mary Schwartz, 28595 366st Le Sueur [02-28-2008]

Love this webpage! It helped me with me project! Thanks
Jane [02-27-2008]

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CABBY CAMERON, 13 ky hopkinsville [02-27-2008]

i live in philly and its amazing!1
benny slikki, 76, philly,pennsylvainia [02-27-2008]

I cant believe the liberty bell was re-casted two times.
Alyssa, 13 from greensburg, PA [02-27-2008]

i't cool and fun to learn about the liberty bell.
Gabriela Guerrero, 7yrs old, port saint lucie [02-27-2008]

Who is Thomas Lesters
chloee, blah [02-26-2008]

great site, used it as a learning tool for my daughter
carrie & rebecca, love Pennsylvania! [02-26-2008]

the bell is like so old! why would we use a bell to simbolize freedom? maddie i love u. the world is more than dirt. music is happinezz. im really bored and i want to live in Idaho when i grow up with a lot of horses and trees and no one else around and im gonna comit suicide when i get older so i dont have to die of cancer or stuff and cj is a dork. WATCH YOUR OWN LANGUAGE U PIECE OF SHIZ!
neigh savannah, 13, jedi in training, horse whisperer, [02-26-2008]

im only doing this so my life can have meaning
CJ Carter, 13, clifton [02-26-2008]

this is a cool website! im doing a report on the liberty bell.
emily, 12 [02-26-2008]

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tori tracy [02-26-2008]

The Liberty bell is big!The bell cracked.The bell was bigger than I thought!Bells Rule!
Lucy, 2nd Grade [02-26-2008]

i thougt that the liberty bell was so small.
victoria, scarsdale ny [02-25-2008]

do you have any more on the liberty bell? If so please send to hatcherfamilyia@yahoo.com thanks amanda
amanda hatcher [02-25-2008]

steve [02-25-2008]

Joe [02-25-2008]

History is really interesting and has it's catches. It is really amazing on how it stands out today and just little things like the bell or the declaration of independance make me want to explore more into the history wold. This is a really teaching site! Great work guys!
Charlie Chapplin, 100 yo [02-25-2008]

erika courson, 17 hasville kansas 67606 [02-25-2008]

hated it
steven tilsner sean andris connor woodall tommy wilkinson louis panella and he rest of mr willards calss [02-25-2008]

i like this site. it is very infrormative. im going to link this site to every kid in my school. Rock on icarly!
Audrey, ohio [02-25-2008]

Dear Sir/Madam.I had read about the Liberty Bell,in a Book and as I am attracted to Libertarian Ideas and things associated with it,I decided to see this site.I think this is as Important as "The Statue of Liberty".When I come to the US,I will make it a point to visit and see the "Liberty Bell".
Vinod Menon, 42 yrs, Asia,-India-Kerala(South India),Palakkad(Kerala) [02-25-2008]

Albert Juliano, 18 [02-25-2008]

i liked the liberty bell because i love histoy about long time ago so i want to kown what happen when i was not born
chelsea, 8yearsflwpbkirkrd33406 [02-25-2008]

mary kelley, 55; Chicago, IL; retired Postmaster [02-24-2008]

I think the liberty bell is cool but I couldn't find it. But I'm not going to give up to finding it. I really wantted to see it bu7t I'm going to look for the Icon and I'm not going to give up now.
Jordan, 8 South Bend [02-23-2008]

mrs. halliday's 4th grade class, evans, GA [02-23-2008]

Ian Yoffie, Kirkland,WA [02-22-2008]

i luv da liberty bell
khalil taylor, chester pa [02-22-2008]

candy emfinger [02-22-2008]

I throughly enjoyed everything on this site, and one day I hope to visit the bell. I have never been to any place of historic mention, but hope to in the near future. The Liberty Bell is on my list. Great job on the web site.
GEORGE TAYLOR, 47, Horn Lake, MS [02-22-2008]

The Liberty Bell is one of our great momuments throughout all american time and has been treasured by many. Even the crack makes it more dignified because the crack is a symble of how even if somthing is flawed, it can make it unique in many other ways.
Bo Vance, 17 Ephrata Washington [02-22-2008]

it was wounderful but add more details ile what it was made of, why it was made, and the one thing i was exspting was were the crck came from.
breanna smith, 10 [02-22-2008]

My daughter was curious about what was on our stamps after sending out her valentines. We found your site and watched the 1915 photoshow and read the stories and facts. Thank you for this fun information. Heather
Heather & Emma Stenner, 40 and 4.5 [02-22-2008]

This site is so awesome and organized. The sound of the replica of the Liberty Bell was very cool. This website helped me with a social studies project a lot. Thank You! Wopila tanka!
Jenn, ga [02-22-2008]

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michelle, hi [02-22-2008]

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I looked at this site with my Grandpa as we are learning about the Liberty Bell in class this week. Grandpa and I both thought this was a great learning site. Thanks!
Cole Oster, 7years old, Castle Rock, CO [02-22-2008]

you rock
jake, 11 [02-22-2008]

It was wonderful to stand in front of the Liberty Bell and to know the history, I felt very proud to be a American.
MARGIE BRADFIELD, 68 dallas, texas [02-22-2008]

i love this websites.
damen, 87 pilly [02-22-2008]

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the liberty bell is so cool.
savannah, 8, phoenix [02-20-2008]

This is an awesome site and helped me a lot with my Civic Oration I had to do for school. Thank you to who ever made this site. Let Freedom Ring!
Victoria Smith, 12 [02-20-2008]

This web site was the most informative I've visited on the Liberty Bell. I've learned a great deal and plan on sharing this with my family.
Kimberly Lopez, 30 yrs old, Huntington beach, Ca. [02-20-2008]

Charlotte White [02-20-2008]

your website is awesome! who in the world came up with it in the first place? History is one of my favorte subjects. I cant believe the pics. are from 1915. This website ROCKS!
Allie Orr-Zody, 11 Greenfield oh. [02-19-2008]

The Liberty Bell is my favorite national symbol because it, like us, is beautiful and flawed. AWESOME.
Michael Haberlein, 26, Grandville, MI, Awesome Human Being [02-19-2008]

mikey [02-19-2008]

add more info
jewel abdon, 11,highlandhieghts,41076 [02-19-2008]

b, 55 ny [02-19-2008]

Had the great pleasure to be in Philadelphia in 1963 and visited this historical site.Right now,living in Aranjuez,Spain and suddenly I remembered the famous Independence Bell.Thanks.-
max seligmann, Born 2nd June 41 BsAs Argentina [02-19-2008]

hgjh [02-18-2008]

allie westenberger, mukwonago age 10 [02-18-2008]

Why did it break?
hunter ewaskey, 4 [02-18-2008]

I'mgoing to visit it in the spring.
blake ewaskey, 7 [02-18-2008]

ingrid lashley, 37 lake montezuma az [02-15-2008]

Megan [02-15-2008]

ive always loved the old ugly/dumb bell
blandon, 89 [02-15-2008]

Mike Friske, 10, mukwanago [02-15-2008]

The Liberty Bell is cool send back. Love, Cynthia
cynthia, Little Rock [02-14-2008]

Who was Thomas Lester
Rueben Silvas, Mobile, Alabama [02-14-2008]

Deybe Alvarez [02-13-2008]

I was born about an hour away from Philli and I visit my dad every summer. He lives about 45 min. away from philli. But it wasn't until last year that I saw the liberty bell or any of the amazing places in the wonderful city of Philadelphia. At first glance the liberty bell looks small and, well, nothing special. You look more closely and it's amazing, you can see the crack and can pratically feel the history in it. It was amazing. That is definitely one memory I'll treasure forever. It was sooo cool to see a peice of American history. A symbol of everything we, as Americans, hold dear. The things Thomas Jefferson wrote of in the Declaration of Independence. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Shelby, 13 [02-13-2008]

I want to know how the liberty Bell cracked. I am doing this activity for extra credit in reading class for school.
Mariah [02-13-2008]

I never knew the liberty bell was so interesting!
McLean,Kaitlin, Cincinnati,Ohio [02-13-2008]

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg! i love history it is my passion! i want to marry sam adams!but im too late! ='[. i use this site for everything. well thanks this site means the world to me!
Rachael [02-12-2008]

Carina, 9 [02-12-2008]

Just wanted to show my daughter that it really existed & was part of history.She`s 6 and has just seen National Treasure,from Walt Disney.
Tania Robinson, 37,island of mauritius,indian ocean [02-12-2008]

I visited your website to help my 7 yr. old son, Nicholas with a report he had to write. He had to choose an American symbol (U.S. flag, American Eagle, Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, etc.) He chose the Liberty Bell and is quite fascinated by it. Your website was very helpful, and we found it to be packed with everything we needed to know. Thank you!
Mary Dettmer, 35 yrs. old, Dallas, Texas [02-12-2008]

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Jenna, 11 new Providnce [02-12-2008]

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shelby [02-12-2008]

JAMES, 7 MNiop [02-11-2008]

Love it...
Chad Smith [02-10-2008]

I can not believe that the liberty bell is not rusted because it is over 250 years old!
Morgan Hook, Age 8 Jonas, Pa. [02-10-2008]

david noeske [02-10-2008]

steve harris [02-09-2008]

this was cool but some words were too hard. glad my Dad was here to help me.it would be cool if there was a kid one too.
kristy jebavy, mason, ohio; age 8 [02-09-2008]

direct descendent of decl of ind signer john hart
WALTER HART, 56 [02-08-2008]

this website was fun
Jesse Foster, 13 [02-08-2008]

Lyn Jarvis [02-08-2008]

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maddie Amans, 14 grand junction colorado [02-08-2008]

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yo momma, 99, bahamas [02-08-2008]

in what year was the liberty bell made in?
GRISELDA, 8,villas [02-07-2008]

I think this website would be sooo much more useful if you would use an easier vocabulary.
Michelle, middle school [02-07-2008]

Will be visiting your great city on the 20th of febuary,2008. Can't wait to see the Liberty Bell.
MARY LAVON HUBBARD, 1320 hayes ave. n.w. russellville, al 35653 [02-07-2008]

I have a project of the liberty bell.
steven, 10 [02-07-2008]

I really think that this webstite is really intereasting. It helps a lot. Because my profesier is making us right a 1,500 word essay about a famous land mark.
Nene [02-07-2008]

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monty zachary [02-07-2008]

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sarah mclean, erie [02-06-2008]

i think the liberty bell is cool. and that is why im doing my report on it.
Jordan, 10,green vally [02-06-2008]

this agood websit
jasmyn, 11,fayetville, [02-06-2008]

I thought the bell rung on July4. Mabey I thought it rung on the day after it was delfered. But any way now Iknow. When was it delfred. Now I know when it was delfred on May the forth. [By Tyler Rogers.] Maybe it got craked by it got droped that could have done.
anonymous [02-05-2008]

i love this page because it helps me with school and i am actually writing something about the liberty bell right now.
morgan conran [02-05-2008]

I need lots of information on Emily Stowe, so I thought this site might help.
vithyaa, age=10 city=Ottawa [02-05-2008]

I think the Liberty Bell is cool my dater is doing a poject on the Liberty Bell .
delaina, 34,w,v, [02-05-2008]

Alissa Cornelius, 13, west allis 53227 [02-05-2008]

jaquial campbell, nc [02-05-2008]

I think that the Liberty bell is something everyone should see atleast once in their life. I saw it as a young child and plan to take my children there someday soon
Melissa Quinn, Ft. worth TX [02-04-2008]

I wanted to find out about how the bell got its crack and the site was able to tell me. I think it is cool!
eric kleinhans [02-04-2008]

Michael DenBier [02-04-2008]

I think the liberty bell is awsome.Once I had to make a speach on the liberty bell it came out perfect.
genesis montes, 10, orlando [02-04-2008]

i think its a great part of history and children around the world should learn more about it cause it is an important part of American history
Sydney Drew [02-04-2008]

As a Philadelphia native living in Florida, I still enjoy hearing about my hometown and the history it holds. It was a great priviledge to take my son to see the Bell on vacation and Independence Hall. It put in context history for him
Steven Fischer, 41, St Augustine, Fl [02-04-2008]

i love history
samuelstevemaggard, 32.wise v.a.iam32 [02-04-2008]

My grandson of 7rs. saw the Liberty Bell on the coin and is extremely interested. He lives in Calif. so he does not know of it History. Is there any way you can help him to learn of this great time in the History of Pennsylvania?
Jean [02-03-2008]

Hey! OMGSH! At my school, we had a state project, and I got Pennsylvania as my state! I was so happy because I would get to talk about the Liberty Bell!
Lilly [02-03-2008]

just courious, because i never paid attention in school in my history class. and i was watching a movie about hidden treasures. they typed in stow independence the liberty . so i went to my computer and typed it in, and ended up here at this web site. thanks.
MARGARIT AARRIOLA, 48yrs. old/ lithia fl. [02-03-2008]

This is a great web page. My 11 year old grandson is coming to visit me in two weeks. I thought it would be a good idea to take the speedline into Philadelphia and visit the Liberty Bell, etc. He's from out of state and has never seen any of this.
Sue Rodgers, Westville,NJ [02-03-2008]

i really like this web site please put more
shaunalee, 12, anaheim, ca [02-03-2008]

I am going to see it in APRIL
Alex [02-03-2008]

i like history.
DEREK LANCASTER, scottsdale,az [02-03-2008]

Reading about the birth of our great nation is always a source of inspiration for me. I am constantly amazed at what visionaries our founding fathers were. They put pen to paper and created a nation that would become the greatest nation on earth. They created an environment that would foster freedom like no other country could imagine. The fact that we as Americans have accomplished more in 230 years that any other nation has in all of recorded history stands as great testimony to the power of FREEDOM. God Bless America..
Robert Eberle, Sacramento, Ca [02-03-2008]

I got on this site for homework and thought it was very intresting
Avery Ross, 8yrs Ray ohio [02-03-2008]

it is cool
ebony burrus, america [02-03-2008]

i want to know if i can actually find something from those times and be actually known for it...
Adrianne, 12,memphis,tennessee [02-03-2008]

Alena [02-03-2008]

delaina, 34,wv, [02-03-2008]

Patrice Giordano, Garden City [01-31-2008]

i love history
STEVE MAGGARD, 32.wise v.a. [01-31-2008]

truth and liberty is it for all
DON BLACK, 47 feb 1960 [01-31-2008]

Will Foster, 10,Goldsboro NC [01-31-2008]

There's a lot of History in this Bell. It's awesome.
Brenda Marie R. Peña, Chula Vista, California [01-31-2008]

its good to have knowledge abt this... Thanks
John, 24 yrs [01-30-2008]

tyler nelson, 15 [01-30-2008]

angie, a [01-30-2008]

Eric, 11 b-town Kentucky [01-30-2008]

Well,how about we celobrate the liberty bells birthdate.
Noah, No [01-30-2008]

why did they name it the liberty bell?
Ryan J, 10 [01-30-2008]

Clinton Vannadall, 18, clarkton MO [01-30-2008]

Dylan Williams, 15 [01-30-2008]

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Cristina, 10 years old! [01-30-2008]

Chris K. [01-30-2008]

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chelsea, 10 tomball [01-30-2008]

This is cool:)
Morgan, 9,Chapin [01-30-2008]

I used to live in P.A. and I saw the bell
Emily, 11,chapinSC [01-30-2008]

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anthony pham, city [01-29-2008]

My wife and I are in a retirement home and at supper someone asked questions about the crack in the Liberty Bell, where it was cast, etc. We thank you for the info and music on the Internet!
Evan T Mathis Jr, 82 Atlanta Ga [01-29-2008]

Great website! It reminds me of why I am so proud and honored to be an AMERICAN!
gina whitaker, 37, dobson, nc [01-29-2008]

I wish that poeple were still as they were ...and the bell still meant something to them.
Loretta Smart, Haverhil MASS [01-29-2008]

National Treasure movie brought me here as well. Pretty Funny
Jay Metcalf, 41, Milwaukee WI [01-29-2008]

We can't wait until America lives up to its Motto.
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Alfred Senibaldi, Boston, Ma. Born & Bred 1956 [01-28-2008]

I got interested in reading about history after watchin National Treasure starring Nicholas Cage. I didn't realize how interesting History could be until then. I think the younger generation would enjoy history if we fictionalized some aspects of it.
Gina Joseph-Scott, 32, Orlando, FL [01-28-2008]

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This is very interesting. I was watching the movie National Treasure and was inspired to seek more information regarding the Liberty Bell.
jmunn, 45, [01-28-2008]

To the person who wrote (the bell should be in every home) I just wanted to say to them that it is and has been sense it was brought home. Long live Freedom, and America. God Bless You All
Girard Wallis, Portland [01-28-2008]

I was watching National Treasure which lead me to this site. Pretty coooool love history.
Girard Wallis [01-28-2008]

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We thought the Liberty Bell was great. It was fun looking at the photos.
Joe [01-28-2008]

I am looking for intelligent historical information that doesn't get all wrapped up in sentimentality
steve brown, 57 Holland OH [01-28-2008]

before I leave tthis great world I will visit the Liberty Bell !
Mike ONeill, Queenstown,Md. [01-28-2008]

I seen this Bell on the movie NATIONAL TREASURE with Nocolas Cage and thought i would see if it was real, and what do ya know it is!the USA has so much exciting history, it's much more interesting than what we have in australia! the movie was great buy the way, if you havent seen it, SEE IT ASAP. CHEERS CARLY. ;)
carly henderson, 21, warrnambool, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA [01-26-2008]

I couldn't believe that Yahoo search engine would point a searcher to these sites first while looking for "Stow". Awesome, totally!
Dane Selby, 58,jacksonville, Fl,&IL [01-26-2008]

I think that U.S history is so cool! I love this time period the most thought, I think, because of the Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell and all of the other wonderful historic items from this time period! Thanks! ~Christie
Christie, 13 [01-26-2008]

Wildcats, Little Rcok, [01-26-2008]

We want to know how the bell cracked. We enjoyed the photo of the baby crying in the photo essay! How did they lift the bell and put it on the truck? It is so heavy! Write us back! Thank you, Wildcats
Wildcats, 3rd Grade Class, Little Rock, AR [01-26-2008]

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I think this website is very helpful when you have social studies homework... Especially on the Liberty Bell! Thank you!
Rachel, 12 [01-25-2008]

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i am doing the liberty bell for my schools speech and i think that it will be very fun
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why was Pennsylvania misspelled on the Liberty Bell?
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i will ask if you could send me a copy of the decleration of independance my address is 2273 brega ln morgan hill california 95037 and a copy of the silence dogood letters
david rivera, 14 morgan hill ca 95037 [01-24-2008]

the bell is interesting
alex, milwaukee [01-24-2008]

Thank you for your great site! I found funny and important things about the Liberty Bell here. I'm sure it will make learning about this great symbol more exciting for my students. I really like the Normandy Bell's sounds!
Rachel Cooper, teacher - Roseville, MN [01-24-2008]

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this is great.
hannah [01-24-2008]

i just watched the movie "national treasure". one of the bad guys googled "pass and stow". i decided to. makes you wonder if the Masons really have hidden a treasure.
paul allen tomicich, 60, redmond, wa. [01-23-2008]

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Very interesting Things I had forgoten about the liberty bell which I learned in school.
Vernice Johnson [01-23-2008]

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this bell represents the freedom that our ancestors fought for
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This emblem of freedom is a beautiful reminder of what we all share in our freedoms and what it means to Americans. It does to me.
Virginia Cook, Born in the city of Brotherly Love. [01-22-2008]

I want to see the liberty bell
.jkl, uk [01-22-2008]

The Liberty Bell is just one icon that so many Americans take for granted. Remember those that died for our freedoms and think about where America would be today without those willing to continue protecting this great country. Thank you to our US service men and women for such precious gifts.
Ginger Rogers Baldwin, 38, Juliette, GA [01-22-2008]

I love historical information... especially U.S. history. The Liberty Bell is a great symbol from U.S. history.
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I want to read the fascinating history of the Liberty Bell. Thank you for this web site.
Doris Wooden [01-22-2008]

I thought it was wonderful to be so close to a touchstone of American history.
William D. Stockwell, Alexandria VA http://www.ilovebelleview.com [01-22-2008]

Looking at all the crowds, it seems there was massive turnouts and much excitement at all the stops, I wasn't taught about this great historical event in school, but I will teach my children.............Thank You!
John Delperdang, 48year old Californian [01-21-2008]

Just wondering if I'm a possible desendent of Mr. Pass, as my grandfather who was named Thomas G. Pass or orginated in Penn. & was a founderly molder by trade. I would be pleased if you could provide me with any information regarding this. Thank you for your time. William Pass
William Pass, 80, lompoc, CA [01-21-2008]

I am writing a report for school.
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ive seen the liberty bell and its so beutiful i just dont know how it got cracked...
Aaron, 23 [01-20-2008]

I been to the seethe Liberty bell years ago, but really interested ibn how it got cracked.
David Breining, 67 Muskegon,Mi formerly from Pa. [01-19-2008]

An extremely noted and popular figure in colonial American history, Benjamin Franklin graced the obverse of US half dollars from 1948 to 1963. The Franklin Half proofs were issued from 1950 through 1963. The obverse of the coin was designed by John R. Sinnock. The reverse of the coin is adorned with crisply stamped likeness of the ever-loved cracked Liberty Bell and was adapted from a design by John F. Lewis. Some good historical info on the bell can be found at ushistory.org Thank you. This site is not only awesome, it's valueable.
Tommy, Louisiana, USA [01-19-2008]

I think the Liberty Bell is the most beautyful thang I have ever seen! I love the Liberty Bell! Also who made the Liberty Bell?????????????????? How did it get it`s crack???????????????????? Also how did the Liberty Bell get it`s name?????????????
Autumn Piazza, Springdale AR,72762 10 [01-19-2008]

i love this website
kelsey, 22, dickinson nd [01-19-2008]

We are in 4th grade. We read a story called THE THIRD BELL and we liked it, it was a great book. The book was funny when the second bell made a funny sound and had to be fixed again. We like how you show the Liberty Bell. Thank you.
Jackie, Juan, Jose, Jennifer & Mr. Sacks, Spruce Street School, Lakewood, NJ [01-18-2008]

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Watch the movie National Treasure,It is great to learn about American History.
Rashree Dhaniram, South Africa [01-18-2008]

allison, 32 wv [01-17-2008]

i am doing a report on the liberty beel and i think it os cool how it has a crack do you know if they are going to replace it or not?????
Cristea, pa [01-17-2008]

I really liked this site! I enjoyed learning more about the Bell! Thank you so much for alowing my sister and I to enjoy this site!
Gracie [01-17-2008]

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I never knew the true history of the bell, thanks for the information.
Kim, Fairfield, Ca [01-16-2008]

i have read the site and think you should write how the crack in the bell was "cracked"
Madison McEntee, 11,Covington,La [01-16-2008]

Wow. That was an amazing website and eerything about was just magnificant! i love it. im going to keep going over it again and again forever and ever
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It is truly a wonderfull piece of history,I would have liked to be there,and feel the experiance,Thank you.
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Ilike timeline you got on the website.I also like the way you'll made the Liberty Bell Picture.
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it was a wonderful experience. and i would not at all mind coming back. infact that would be wonderful. i love it and i recommend the staff for keeping it the way it it. accessible to the public
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i thought this was neat my son came home from school with papers on the bell and this web sire made it easy to show him information about the bell and he got to see better pictures..
RACHEL W, 28 live oak fl. [01-14-2008]

Jill, 6 - Ohio [01-14-2008]

Pastor Roger Anghis [01-14-2008]

The image of the bell do not show it in Independence Hall. And that it was moved to the new place on the other side of the street .
George E. Hanstein Sr., phila. PA. [01-13-2008]

i enjoyed learning a few stories about the liberty bell that i was not taught in school... infact it was completely new to me that the liberty bell had made such a journey across our great country. thank you for creating such an informative website
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Page is great...site is great
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Am interested in the Liberty Bell crack, I've forgotten my history.
Skip Phillips, 74, Sarasota FL [01-08-2008]

I love you bell
lala [01-08-2008]

I saw National Treasure also and its a great movie, so is the second one. I heard the two dates on the first movie (1846 and 1876) and had to research it. I got the privilage of seeing the bell for myself when I was 15. I would love to see all of our great American History again! It was totaly awesome!
Jessica, 24, California [01-08-2008]

your web site is awsome
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im doing a project on the liberty bell im on this website gathering facts to help..... i love the interactive bell it helps to see the shape nd what it actually looks like... thanx destiny
destiny johnson, 14-keywest [01-07-2008]

Why is their a crack in the liberty bell? What clause it to crack into the bell in the first place? How good of shape is it now into 2008?
Troy Laytart, 18 Alexandria Ky [01-07-2008]

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Thanks for all the help...i think you should include how it affected people then & how it affects people now...like why they annually go on pilgrimages to see it.
Cc, 13 [01-04-2008]

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Brilliant link to history & based on "Freedom".
David Bullock, From London [01-01-2008]

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