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The Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell Guestbook Archives: November-December 2007

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your site rocks
Kassondra Gildner, 13,Whittemore,MI [12-31-2007]

very nice legend :)
Vultur Alexandru Marian, age 16 ... city Sibiu country Romania [12-31-2007]

i see today national treasure movie and i want to see more
sorin rusu, age40 deva romania [12-31-2007]

The Movie National Treasure also brought me here. Funny, I thought I would get the same search results.
Niels Heertjes from HOLLAND. [12-31-2007]

Although politically the relationship of PR with the US is a little bit complicated. I feel very proud of this Bell and all it represents.
Li, 35, pr [12-31-2007]

a most important part of our history that can not, will not, be forgotten.....
ray brazell, 9770 whitetail lane wilmer, alabama 36587 [12-31-2007]

we have a old pocket watch with the names Pass and Stow inside and the bell ingraved outside is it worth anything.
p. longwell, lancaster,ohio [12-31-2007]

I hope to recieve anything possible about history in the future if possible
Carmella DeJesus, 30, Tampa [12-31-2007]

wife and i often wondered what it looks like,and it is beutiful,it must be a terrific site to see it for real,many thanks.
ERNIE FISHER, Allonby Cumbria,U.K. ca15 6qg. [12-31-2007]

The website is very thorough and interesting.
Laurel Mack, 32, Mesquite, Texas [12-31-2007]

"The British are comming"............; on holiday very soon to see the Bell :0)
Pete Wood, Henley On Thames, England [12-31-2007]

We should defend owr rich NATIONAL history with owr lives if necesary to remind others of the inportance of liverty and democracy and how delicate LIBERTY is.
LEONARD PADIN, 27, Aguada, P.R., SPC US ARMY [12-31-2007]

Beautiful website. Thank you!
Bernadette, Escondido, CA [12-31-2007]

mandy boyd [12-31-2007]

Great site! I found it very informative and educational - thank you.
Jimmy D [12-31-2007]

multumesc pentru posibilitatea de a citi despre istoria SUA
Padurean Gheorghe, age 47,City Orastie, Romania [12-31-2007]

I can remember countless times I took trips to the liberty bell when I was growing up in Phildelphia. I still remember touching the crack and feeling the moment when I thought it cracked. I love having that connection. My kids are learning about the bell in school. We have come back to my home. I want them to have the same connection.
Chrystal Tiller, Atlanta, Georgia [12-31-2007]

watching national treasure dvd scene, seeing this site as top results on yahoo search brought me here.
vince, seattle/38 [12-28-2007]

Elizabeth Ruth Nelson [12-28-2007]

anonymous [12-28-2007]

Sabrina Banks, 21,Palm City FL [12-28-2007]

My Mommy named me Liberty Bell after the Freedom my daddy fought for over in Iraq. He missed a lot of my life so far and my name is for the freedom we Americans represnt.
Liberty Bell, 3, pa [12-28-2007]

Miley cryrus, 15 [12-27-2007]

the liberty bell is truly a national treasure
david michael wiggins, 54-porter texas 77365 [12-26-2007]

we were watching "National Treasure" one seen had the "baddies" do a google search one "stow" and your www was shown. We did the same and again your page came up. I thought this was cool.
Scott Radford, Heath Hill, Victoria, Australia [12-25-2007]

Andrea T., 21, South Bend, Indiana [12-25-2007]

Looking forward to my Vuisit to Philly Jan 11 - Jan 15, 2008.
Mistro C Sandifer, 34, Chicago IL [12-25-2007]

the Liberty is cooi and I think the LIBERTY BELL SHOULD BE IN ALL HOMES
anonymous [12-23-2007]

Landon [12-23-2007]

haley, 9 van buren,ar [12-21-2007]

i think its big and beautiful
mackenzie, 13,illinois [12-21-2007]

Hey just wanted to give a shoutout to all my friends checking this out!
The Lester Family, Dunellen, NJ [12-21-2007]

we wanted to read about the crack
Weston Thomas, 4, Damascus [12-21-2007]

I think that if the liberty bell cracked in the same place 3 times all on George Washington's birthday then there must have been some cind of spell on it or something I think that they should have made one more exactly on the day of George Washington's birthday so they could see if it was going to brake and see if all the bells were riged or if they just did not like George Washington.
Brea-Shelette Shepherd, 13,cypress, [12-21-2007]

yea i signed the guest book woooooooooohoooooo
emmanuel, 14,cypress,tx [12-21-2007]

matthew dismukes [12-21-2007]

ricki, 8 [12-21-2007]

id like more facts becousei need to do a report on the Liberty Bell and your not helping me . your the only web i can find
sierra rakes, 11,whilmington [12-21-2007]

This website is crazy awesome! LOL JK :-P
Britni, Nunnya [12-21-2007]

it was good but you should have more trivia
Dylan, 18 tacoma [12-21-2007]

Like the site it helped me with college paper
Rochelle, 21, Sacramento [12-21-2007]

SIERRA rakes, 11,whilmington [12-21-2007]

when i go to philadelphia i was felling like an artitst but the liberty bell is to big is the biggest bell i had seen in my life pass and stoww are very clever i will like to see the declaration of the independence
ricardo [12-20-2007]

I loved this page.
Amanda Webb, 24 Rochester IN Born in Franklin PA [12-20-2007]

adam [12-20-2007]

it's cool and I love seeing it!
olivia, age 7 [12-20-2007]

jake, 17 galena oh [12-19-2007]

This is a wonderful symbol of our nation. My child is doing a project on it and I think that it is phonomenal! Thank you for giving her this wonderful infromation.
Alyssa, Portland, Oregon [12-19-2007]

the liberty bell rocks! and i love jonah! !
Kow, 13,alpine [12-19-2007]

STEVE, bobvile [12-19-2007]

Who made the librtey bell. I know that we wanted fredom but why the liberty bell? we have the statue of liberty.
Nathanael Fortun, 9 Litchfied Mn [12-19-2007]

Its a pleasure to have the Liberty Bell to stand for Liberty, Justice, Freedom, Fun.
Jeanne Hill, 150, Kirksville,MO [12-19-2007]

It must of been really cool.
Cassie, 12, Kirksville [12-19-2007]

Anthonee Flynn [12-18-2007]

Emily Butler [12-18-2007]

Dakota Gaurin, 13,Fedral Way, WA [12-17-2007]

i totally love the 1915 photos. it was so freaking cool!
morgan s, 13, adrian missouri [12-17-2007]

i love u site it rocks i love the liberty bell its so cool
nick [12-17-2007]

tis wabsete wes asome
bob bob [12-17-2007]

ashley [12-17-2007]

Sarah Mattz [12-17-2007]

tootie, tooti\ [12-17-2007]

were is the bell now.
drake, 9,idaho [12-17-2007]

Nice bell!
Benjie dela Peńa, 23, Manila, Phils. [12-17-2007]

This site is very interesting. Learned things I never learned in school. Exciting and factual. Hope to visit someday.
Mrs. Karen R. Ritter, 45, yrs Mt.Zion, IL. [12-17-2007]

i hate the liberty bell it should burn in hell as always
ZACK EFRON, 19 [12-17-2007]

i think you could hold a memorial for the liberty bell every year
BRITTANY MORGAN, 11 vian [12-17-2007]

beautiful site!
faith, escondido [12-17-2007]

this is soo coool
Amber, 14 [12-17-2007]

GOD [12-17-2007]

Why don't you speak about the 54 Liberty Bell replicas ordered by the US government in 1950 to the PACCARD Bell Foundry in France?
Paccard, France [12-17-2007]

Sami Barker [12-17-2007]

I am soooo excited to be going to washington d.c. I can't wait to lear alll the history in our lives!
sami [12-17-2007]

goood thoughts
sarah, 24 mn [12-17-2007]

hi people i think that the liberty bell is really cool.
irene [12-17-2007]

trying to win a trip to Boston for school!
angel [12-17-2007]

Why hasn't the bell been fixed?
Makayla Conner [12-17-2007]

Mrs. Karon's Class [12-17-2007]

corbin mcmahon [12-17-2007]

I think this Bell is a cynbol of our countrys Freedom and Independence.
Hailey [12-17-2007]

Briana Clemens, 13,columbus,ohio [12-17-2007]

this is a great thing that is part of history and people should be part but they take it like wow it happened in the passed so y do i have to care about it
francisco pizarro jr., 13,chittanago [12-17-2007]

I'm looking forward to visiting and seeing this great symbol this weekend.
Steve Starbuck, London [12-13-2007]

I love history and getting the inside facts! This is a great site for History Buffs!
Sheri Brewer, Albuquerque, NM [12-13-2007]

This website helped me a lot for planning a lesson! I learned a bunch of things I didn't know about the Liberty Bell.
Jenna, Newark, DE [12-13-2007]

What a remarkable piece of history! Thank you for a easy way to learn about history! God Bless America!
Pam Reiger, Belle Vernon, PA [12-13-2007]

I watched National Treasure and it is my favorite movie! It taught me a lot about the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence. It was very interesting to watch. (Riley is awesome!) (So is Ben)
Katelyn, Ohio [12-13-2007]

nice piece of history
michael schield sr, 57 saint joseph mo [12-13-2007]

i found the website very interesting. i now can not wait to come see the liberty bell. thank you
nereida harris, 25, virginia beach, va [12-13-2007]

Doressa Jones, 13, Bowman [12-13-2007]

Perla Reyna, 18, Edinburg Texas [12-12-2007]

God Bless Americia!
Ronald Brooks, 65 Emerald Isle NC> [12-12-2007]

I love to see and learn about history that is very significant in our countries outcome. It's almost nostalgic just imagining being their in that period of time
Terrence Briscoe [12-12-2007]

Danielle, 27 Sioux City Iowa [12-12-2007]

I am some what of a history buff. I love learning new things.
Bob Briley, 54, Atlanta [12-12-2007]

I had a project on the Liberty Bell and it helped a lot.
Raleigh [12-12-2007]

Taylor Fink [12-12-2007]

I love the movie National Treasure! It has made me so much more interested in History!
Kristen, Virginia Beach, VA [12-12-2007]

i luv it
aubrey [12-11-2007]

I am doing a report on Pennsylvania and this sight is a big help!
Taylor Fink, Age: 12, Wesson, MS [12-11-2007]

tis was a great site that really helped me with my American History homework... thanks!
Valerie, tn [12-11-2007]

One day I would like to see the liberty bell.
Lilyanna Toohey, Age11 Anchorage AK [12-11-2007]

Benjamin Franklin is so COOL!
Kristen Miller, 10,Anchorage,AK,99504 [12-11-2007]

arron [12-11-2007]

Thank You
Holly Richardson [12-11-2007]

im from London, England and i`v got a grate interest in the history of the liberty bell
jamie mann [12-10-2007]

Even though I may only be in High School, I am very interested in the United States History. The liberty Bell is one of the most important peices and I am interested in learning much more about it. If you have more information and/or picture please e-mail me. Thank You!
Ryan [12-10-2007]

Thanks for the help on my book report.
Olyvia Macdonald, Age: 8, Charlotte NC [12-10-2007]

brian hulihan [12-10-2007]

i think learning about the liberty bell will encuarge mre ppl t learn about it
BRIA, mia [12-08-2007]

amazed, profound, great story
Hazel A Mc Nulty, 73, Michigan [12-08-2007]

maria [12-08-2007]

I'm really into old history and i've always been interested in the liberty bell and everything about it.
Sherry Weston, 20, Delaware, ohio 43015 [12-08-2007]

i wounder about many thangs that happened in history in the past and i always wanted to solve the mysters like with the liberty bell probably has clues on it and the eye on the pyramids on the back of a dollar bill so one day i would like to visit the liberty bell and see if it has unsolved things on it.
Day'Sha Thomas, i am 14 and i live in louisville kentucky and i attend carrithers middle school [12-07-2007]

I did a paper mache project of the Liberty Bell for school. I liked learning about the Liberty bell. Did you know we have a copy of the bell on our state capital grounds.
Skylar Patrick, 7 years old [12-07-2007]

Jared Loehr, 13, omaha, ne [12-07-2007]

Corbin McMahon [12-07-2007]

i think history is exciting 2 know i love it
Berenice, 12 Rogers, AR [12-07-2007]

I want to hear the bell chime. 5th grade class, T. Ousley
Brendan & Adam, Billingsley School [12-07-2007]

history is awesome
marvin [12-06-2007]

The title, "The Liberty Bell" on the site title, I think should be a tad bolder on that color of a background. But it's just a suggestion. I mean I for one cannot see it that clearly.
Shelby, 15, Antioch, CA [12-06-2007]

i need more info on the liberty bell! i am doing a report in it and need more info! like when,why it cracked and also how it cracked! thank you!
genesis, california [12-06-2007]

great sight
fabiolasoto, 13,Waco [12-06-2007]

I love Liberty
Kierstin, 10 yrs [12-06-2007]

Im in 5th grade and love to draw
Telanie Reicks, age 10-city is goodland,state is kansas [12-06-2007]

I think it is a really really really cool song.
kyelr amthor [12-06-2007]

I think that the Liberty Bell song is a really good song. Please tell the person that wrote it that it was a good idea to wright it.
Destiney [12-06-2007]

Jezzabel, 15,WI, all-time petlover! [12-06-2007]

hew were the two men that cast the bell.
Thathcer, 11 Goodland [12-06-2007]

this is a cool sight
diego loredo, 11 texas [12-06-2007]

We believe that an ancestor's name appears on the Liberty Bell. Thomas Leach Gelvin. Is there any way to confirm that and to research how that came to be? Thanks, Tom Kennedy
Tom Kennedy, Concord, Ma. [12-05-2007]

Jenna Lynn, maine [12-04-2007]

maria mardjanov, charlotte nc [12-04-2007]

i like your site
Rebecca, 11 [12-04-2007]

the liberty bell is so cool
kody lewis [12-04-2007]

why do the liberty bell like it is about to break
sadalia, sadalia_clln@yahoo.com [12-03-2007]

cassie, washington [12-03-2007]

leslie, washington [12-03-2007]

Estefany, austin [12-03-2007]

I'm a vet. nuf said
Michael J. NIchols [12-03-2007]

David Riles [12-03-2007]

The Liberty Bell is cool.
Hope Feikema, Age 9 [12-03-2007]

Thank for the info.
Rebecca, 11 [12-03-2007]

the liberty bell is a wonderful piece of history however it would have been nicer had someone not dropped it and i really like the page it is very informative . .
lexyyy, 14 [12-03-2007]

clelsea, clifton [12-03-2007]

WILLIAM TOSTEN [12-03-2007]

i have a boyfriend
ACEGIRL22, I live at your momma's house [12-03-2007]

i have seen it before
joshua churchey [12-03-2007]

spencer brown [12-03-2007]

im bored
destiny, 14.hagerstown.md [12-03-2007]

I wrote it from Poland, greetings from Garwolin Reklama, Biuro Ogłoszeń, Wypożyczalnia Strojów Karnawałowch, - Krzysztof Kalinowski www.deksystem.pl zapraszam
Krzysztof, 36 years old [11-30-2007]

Mistro C Sandifer, 34, Chicago IL [11-30-2007]

This website was realy helpful, because my fourth grade classmates are reading about the Liberty Bell in our Social Studies book.
Hayleigh Pate, 9 Fowler Colorado 11-29-07 [11-30-2007]

the liberty bell is very interesting. I think they should have a replica of it in every state so that every one can be able to experience the joy of living history. Whoever did the bell is tight!
Natalie Perez, Los Angeles,Ca [11-30-2007]

Hayleigh, 9/Fowler CO zip 81039 [11-30-2007]

What is the libery bell made out of?
Jasmine Perez, 14 [11-30-2007]

i think this is the coolest web site for history ever .
makenzie, 13 [11-30-2007]

this is awesome!
samantha, houston [11-29-2007]

how did the liberty bell get crack a second and a third time?
Appalonia, Merrill [11-29-2007]

I recently visited the Liberty Bell and this website does a fantastic job of displaying the information that the Park Ranges told me. The Bell is just as amazing in person as it is in all of the storys my teachers have told me about it!
Kevin, 16,Temecula [11-29-2007]

he is cool
james, 234vghsvvvhgVXH [11-28-2007]

hi im carla and im a dummy
Carla, 10,stamford,CT [11-28-2007]

This is a great site. It contains loads of info I needed it for my 5 pg essay nd this is he only sit I used
Connor, Memphis, age 12 [11-28-2007]

wounder how you buildt the bell
claydon, 12,upper hutt,wellington,new zealand [11-28-2007]

I think the Liberty Bell is really cool and I love that you can stand by something George Washington or Aberaham Lincoln stood by!
Sarah [11-28-2007]

this is awesome
kai samson, 14, waianae, hawaii [11-28-2007]

ethan mckibbon, 10,norfolk,N.E. [11-28-2007]

damien johnson [11-28-2007]

this is the only site were i could find a lot of information, thanks i wish other sites were like this
anonymous [11-28-2007]

Patrick Daudon: I was so honored to meet all of you in Philadelphia and perform the song I wrote, Let Freedom Ring, at the Normandy Liberty Bell presentation on July 4th..at Independence Hall. It was a great occasion.. I performed "Let Freedom Ring" at the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans with a 150 pc. concert band and choir... Your gift to honor Americans who fougth in WWII in France is so very much appreciated... We hope to have the bell in Dallas at the Presidential Library...and I'm in strong hopes that I have the opportunity to once again, perform my composition of Let Freedom Ring. HEAR "LET FREEDOM RING" written by Kay Seamayer (just after 9/11) and SEE "LET FREEDOM RING" DVD.. WRITTEN BY KAY SEAMAYER...... "FREEDOM IN AMERICA".. Thank you again for your great contribution to AMERICA... kay seamayer www.kayseamayer.com www.letfreedomringpublishing.com www.letfreedomringpublishing.com I would like to know where the bell is at this time... thanks.. kay seamayer
KAY SEAMAYER, Dallas, Texas [11-27-2007]

I think if America had to make a Time Capsule and send it to another Planet, The things that mean the most to America would certainly be things like a Baseball, a Chevy Corvette, ice-cream, Frank Sinatra music, a Gibson Guitar and The Liberty Bell, just to name a few. The Liberty Bell is just one of the symbols that America has had from the beginning that has been loved by all.
Anthony Bruce, 13-Lincoln,Nebraska [11-27-2007]

this is really going to help me with my report
jacob dorpinghaus [11-27-2007]

My daughter thinks that your website is awsome! :)
Tacey odenwelder, Indianapolis, In [11-27-2007]

I don't feel schools teach enough American History. I also feel that having websites like this help our youth learn what the schools don't teach.
Sarah Mattz [11-27-2007]

maria Roth [11-26-2007]

I have never been to the liberty bell but on pictures I have seen I is the most pretty and if I nere go as a child I will go with my cilderen of mine but that will be a couple years.I realy don't know how the crack got in it but I will hofly find out how the crack got in it.I have really ingoyed typing my thoughts to you and I can't wait untile I go to see the liberty bell!
Madeline, louisiana Missiour [11-26-2007]

I want to go to the Liberty Bell.
Morgan Murry, Louisiana Mo [11-26-2007]

I have never been to the Liberty Bell but I have heard that is is a wonderful place to go! It is a very intresting thing to learn about so I really hope I can go someday!
Ashley Martin, Louisiana Missouri [11-26-2007]

the liberty bell is very very important to me and to a lot of other people and that this site is the best site i have ever been on in my intire life and i love this site
ja 'nee 'seah, i hate losing [11-26-2007]

Great book and pictures, Using your info. for a 4th grade project. Thank you for all the knowledge. I can't wait ot visit the Libert Bell.
Victoria Gesselberty, age 10 Hendersonville, pa [11-26-2007]

Margaret K. Cook, san antonio tx [11-26-2007]

Elena AkA Queen B, arlington va [11-26-2007]

i would like to here the liberty bell if it was realy good enoghf to brake.
david wightman, im 13 [11-26-2007]

Erik [11-26-2007]

I love history, and find the Liberty very interesting. Great website. Very informative! :)
Abby J. Winn, 19, Ohio. [11-26-2007]

the liberty bell is awesome! i love history. its the best! thenk you for leting me here!
jonathan messerschmidt [11-26-2007]

get a new liberty bell
brendan, 8 eagan [11-26-2007]

I love history of the world
Rico, 13 [11-26-2007]

Haibo, Pittsburgh [11-22-2007]

joshua, age:11, wilmigton [11-22-2007]

i am curious&exiting after watching 'natoinal treasure'
fr33z44 [11-21-2007]

this website is so cool and its so much fun wating the national treasure because each time i watch it i learn more and more about the liberty bell
Asley Boatman, 14 Bloomington illinois [11-21-2007]

the best
jeremy plummer, age8/citypalmyra pa [11-21-2007]

totally wicked man!.
Holly Dolly, 14, sinking Spring [11-21-2007]

i am planing a trip for myself and my granddaughter who is 7 ears old so that we both can see and appricate this wonderful bell that start the road to our freedowm.
nedra jones, 51 years old, durant oklahoma [11-21-2007]

Kayla Shawver, St. Augustine, FL [11-21-2007]

it is so beautyful
Tationiena, 96 mississippi [11-21-2007]

I think the Liberty bell means a lot in our American history.
Courtney Crawford, 10,Oro Valley, Arizona. [11-21-2007]

Joey Koslosky [11-21-2007]

I have really visited a coooooooool web site keep it up.
Onye EZE, 33 [11-21-2007]

i luv the libety bell. god bless america. peace
dilpreet, 14 boston, ma [11-21-2007]

I like this web site. I use it because I have a paper to do for National History Day. Whenever I need it it is right at my fingertips. Thank you!
Paden Page, Marion, In [11-20-2007]

I <3 the liberty bell. i am doing a report on it in school!
Hannah Haydock, Age:10 Indpls. IN [11-20-2007]

I am doing a report at school on the Liberty Bell! My teacher said this is the first report done on the Liberty Bell since she's ben teaching(20 years.)
Hadley, Evansville,IN [11-20-2007]

Thanks for all info! I found just what I was looking for in like ten seconds flat! Love the layout. This is a very useful site!
Kate [11-20-2007]

love the site. great info 4 those who want info after watching "national treasure"
Sorrelpool, i'm a warrior! [11-20-2007]

SOooooooooooooo Coooooooooooooool
Lisa, Austrailia [11-20-2007]

This is a very informative website! Great for school reports!
Brandee, Tampa Fl [11-20-2007]

Great site-we accessed for class.
Debra Grepperud, McMinnville, Tn [11-20-2007]

Just watching the movie National Treasure with the Liberty Bell in it, and was just wondering how many other movies the Bell has appeared in.
Steven Hicks, DOB 2-2-1960,San Bruno,Movie buff. [11-19-2007]

I Love it
Mindi Harmelle [11-19-2007]

I oringinlly just went on google to see if stow's first result would be the liberty bell, and it was. I cant believe it was in Seattle at one point. It would have been great to have lived in the past and heard it's chime.
Heather Denise Smith, 19, Mount Vernon, Wa [11-19-2007]

Edward Lewis, 36 [11-19-2007]

I was teaching my son about the Liberty Bell and it's importance as a part of our heritage. I think that is very important to pass on our history to our children and how our government was founded. Knowledge, sadly lacking in the youth of today.
Tonya Constable, 34, okc [11-19-2007]

this website rooks it have every thing i need
justin [11-19-2007]

James Mclean, 34, Denver [11-19-2007]

im doing a report on it
jacob [11-19-2007]

i think it was a very intelagint and very usfull.
Joseph P E Davis [11-19-2007]

I have visited and I really liked it and I thought is was nice to go see The Liberty Bell when I was going to see some of my family and when i went to see them .My family and I all thought it was cool to actually go and see it.
Brittany Saintz, 12,Plantation [11-19-2007]

Raul G Lopez, Glendale [11-18-2007]

Thanks for the Web Site.
Will Epps, 39 in 2007 / Sparks, Nv [11-18-2007]

Bob Lindsey, 94560 [11-18-2007]

A fan of the Revolutionary War
Douglas S. White, 42 yrs. old, Thompson, Ohio [11-18-2007]

A very informative site. Thank you.
S. West, Houston, TX [11-18-2007]

anonymous, 9 [11-18-2007]

Christian Dätwyler, Lenzburg Schweiz 25 [11-17-2007]

I love that Bakersfield has historical sights. I hope it's still around for my grandkids.
rebecca plaskett [11-17-2007]

It is the symbol of the freedom that our soldiers are fithing today.
Angel Reyes, Bayamon,Puerto Rico [11-17-2007]

I just think that it's wonderful how these historical arifacts are still here today, esspecialy the declaration of independence.
Dylan Benton, 12, Corydon, IN [11-17-2007]

After seeing the movie, "National Treasure" I had the urge to check this site out. The scene where they enter "Stow" in Google prompted me to do the same.
Rick Taft, 58 [11-17-2007]

kayla, 10 macon [11-17-2007]

i think the liberty bell is the coolest thing....
Joshua, 13,jackson,michigan [11-17-2007]

I'm a history teacher. I love the website.
Jerry Shelton, Angleton, Texas [11-17-2007]

Mark Warner [11-15-2007]

Thank you for helping me sister with her homework! Keep it up!
Marcie, 10 years old. Westby Montana [11-15-2007]

Thank you for this web site and keep it up!
Jaclyn, 12 years old. Westby Montana. [11-15-2007]

i think the liberty bell is so entresting to me i think how it became iis amazing iv been to see it and i loved it i couldnt take my eyes off it!
lindsay jhonson, 15 Tampa [11-15-2007]

I love the liberty bell march and i liked looking at the Betsy Ross house a lot This site rocks
Megon Jonson, 18, tampa, [11-15-2007]

good site but you need a picture of just the liberty bell thank you
brehanna, 12 west lafayette ohio [11-15-2007]

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hi we are going to play jepppooodayy and we are looking for information about the early years when the indians came to settle in america.
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This was really kool! i had to do some research on the liberty bell and this helped a lot:)
Nicole, 11,Miami [11-14-2007]

I think the movie National Treasure is really thrilling!
Joyce, Reseda [11-14-2007]

give me facts about the liberty bell
jevonah, nj [11-14-2007]

chelsea [11-14-2007]

The liberty bell is a sign of freedom as we know it. When the sound reverberates through the air, it breathes a new gust of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Sarah C., 13 [11-13-2007]

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The Liberty is awesome. It's ashame that it cracked so soon.
Evan M, suburbs of Philly [11-12-2007]

its cool
treyterrell [11-09-2007]

Liberty Bell symbilizes freedom. First,the bell weighs 2,00 pounds of 70% copper 25% tin. Next, as tradition the bell is rung gently every July 4th.
daveena, 8 [11-09-2007]

i love that darn bell its like a symbol of our country kindaf
Resbuisha Timammonen, 11, albany, ny [11-08-2007]

I thought it was cool and interesting.
Samantha Fisher, 8years,Belleville,MI [11-08-2007]

I was inspired to view this page after I watch a movie "national treasure".Its a good thing that the one of the great symbols of American independence has been preserve up to date.I wish I could have just a moment to see the Liberty bell live.Americans are lucky to have such icons still in existence.Cudos to the good people of America.Its good for one to know his history/background.I envy the Americans.
OKOLI ALEXANDER CHINONSO, 22,ibadan,Nigeria [11-08-2007]

I've seen the bell in person twice, but didn't have the history until now! Thank you.
Dr. Edward Ames, 72, Corvallis, OR [11-08-2007]

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The Liberty Bell is so pretty
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I wish that I could see the Liberty Bell. I wish I could ring the Liberty Bell before it cracked!
Andie, 8, Dallas [11-08-2007]

I have a research project on The Liberty Bell.I was wondering if you know what it is in honor of.
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I want to learn all about this.
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history is prety cool even though i am here for a history porject i would have probably looked it up anyways since history is AWESOME! gotsta luv history!
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Who rang the bell when it cracked?
Barbara Vaughn, 62, Redmond, OR [11-05-2007]

visited when i was a child just wanted to visit the site to see if i could jar any memories
john michael grosso, 50,chesapeake,va [11-05-2007]

your website is a wonderful tribute to the liberty bell and extremely informative. my whole family loved it and we look forward to seeing the bell in person very soon!
TIMOTHY SEAMANS, resident of planet earth :) [11-05-2007]

I'm GOING to go to the liberty bell, I have found this webpage very informative.I am going to the liberty because my father has to have surgery done on his arm
Joshua [11-05-2007]

I been there 3 times. Philadelphia ROCKS!
William [11-05-2007]

cool website but i was kinda hoping for more INTERESTING facts. a great tool for school reports though.
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This was an amazing site - I loved the pictures from 1915. The Liberty Bell is very interesting.
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Liberty Bell... Maybe I'm 14-years old polish girl, maybe I don't know so much about Liberty Bell...but I love this story...Pass&Stow...It's american history...We're making it..
Abigail, Otmuchów [11-05-2007]

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I absolutely LOVE the liberty bell it tells about our freedom and i'm a kid and i cant wait to vote!
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I think this webpage is great. It is full of knowledge and leaves you thirsting for more. Please email me other sites or pages to visit. Thanks, Donnetta Gilmore
Donnetta Gilmore, age 32, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [11-01-2007]

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